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July 2017

Surf & Sand Local beaches

Tech Toys Brainy play

4th of July Top spots Summer of Fun! 54 great ideas

Choose from Bowling, Trampolines, Sports, Laser Tag, Arcade Games & More!



MAKE YOUR CHILD’S NEXT BIRTHDAY AN EPIC CELEBRATION! With so many fun and exciting attractions under one roof, nobody in Sonoma County throws a birthday party like Epicenter!

Learn more and reserve your date now!

3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa







FRI, AUG 11 AT 7:30 P.M.







SAT, JUL 22 AT 5 P.M.


SUN, AUG 13 AT 2 P.M.








FRI, AUG 18 AT 7:30 P.M.

SUN, JUL 30 AT 7 P.M.

COMMON 5th Summer at the Green

Gala Celebration


SAT, SEP 16 AT 7:30 P.M.

THU, AUG 24 AT 7:30 P.M.


FRI, AUG 4 AT 7:30 P.M.


SAT, SEP 23 AT 7:30 P.M.


FRI, AUG 25 AT 7:30 P.M.




SAT, AUG 26 AT 5 P.M.

GMC.SONOMA.EDU OR BY PHONE AT 1 . 8 6 6 . 9 5 5 . 6 0 4 0





July 2017

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Dear Reader


Bits and Pieces We’re Popular! Starry Stage Patriotic Play Feed Your Joy Veggies from the Sea Pickin’ and Strummin’


14 Calendar of Events

10 Beach Bliss

26 Humor Break

Get your fix of surf and sand.


Fun for Wee Ones Children Are Everywhere

12 Tech Toys Gadgets that engage kids’ brains.

13 Tube Owls Imaginative play with cardboard.


15 A Riot of Color Where to see Fourth of July fireworks.

15 4 SonomaFamilyLife

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com


A Doctor’s ConfessiontotoPetaluma Petaluma Doctor’s Confession

Dear Friend, I wanted Dear Friend,to let everyone know what happened while I was in college. was a I wanted to let everyone know It what moment that changed my life forever. But happened while I was in college. It was a before I tell you about my experience, I moment that changed my life forever. But wanted tellyou youabout my story from the start. before Itotell my experience, I Let me start by explaining the photo wanted to tell you my story from thein start. this letter. amexplaining the guy inthe thephoto middle, Dr Let me startI by in this Taatjes. You when I meet people letter. I am theknow guy in the middle, Dr. Taatjes. in town and theyI usually say, in “Oh yeah, You know when meet people town andI know you, you’re Dr. Taatjes. You’ve been they usually say, “Oh yeah, I know you, you’re on and Ross years…” Well, Dr.McDowell Taatjes. You’ve been for serving the commuthat’s nity forme. twenty-four years! Well that’s me. We years agoinsomething hapareTwenty-six now centrally located our beautiful new pened to me that changed my life forever. office to better serve the community. LetTwenty-seven me tell you my story. years ago something I was studying pre-Med in college, happened to me that changed my lifein hopes of becoming a medical doctor. forever. Let me tell you my story. Things looking up, andinlife was good, Dr. with his sons, Hayden (left) and Henry (right). I waswere studying pre-Med college, in Dr.Taatjes Taatjes with his sons, Hayden (left) and Henry (right). until things took a turn for the worse. hopes of becoming a medical doctor. whole ball of wax. This exam could cost practic, we don’t add anything to the body I began to looking have terrible back Things were up, and lifeand wasstomgood, you $350 elsewhere. Great care at a great or take anything from it. We find interferach For a young guy,worse. I felt pretty ence but that simply isn’t system the case.and With chiroa lesser amount for chiropractic. When untilproblems. things took a turn for the fee… in the nervous remove it, rotten. Mytoback so badly thatstomach I had a practic, we don’tthe addhealing anything to the body or youPlease, bring in this article by July 2017, I began havehurt terrible back and I hope that there’s no 30, misunderthus enhancing capacities of the hard time even in pretty class. rotten. I was body. take anything it. We results…it find interference you will receive my entire new patient exam problems. For aconcentrating young guy, I felt about quality of care, just because We get from tremendous really standing miserable. The medical doctors tried differin the nervous system and remove it, thus for $27. That’s with x-rays, exam, report My back hurt so badly that I had a hard time I have a lower exam fee. You’ll get great of is as simple as that. ent but theyin only made memiserable. feel like I enhancing the healing of thehad body. care findings…the ball of wax. This exam evendrugs, concentrating class. I was at a great whole fee. My qualifications… Here’s what some capacities of my patients was in a “cloud.” not getting Wesay: get tremendous results…it really is as could cost you of $350 elsewhere. College Great care The medical doctorsI was triedjust different drugs, betbut I’m a graduate Northwestern of to ter. friend of mine convinced give a simple as that. at a great fee… theyAonly made me feel like I wasme in ato“cloud.” Chiropractic who regularly goes to monthly “I have had a problem with migraines chiropractor try. The chiropractor an Here’s whatback some of my patients had Please, I hope that there’s no misunderI was just not agetting better. A friend ofdid mine educational chiropractic seminars. I’ve as well as low pain. Even after seeing exam, took some films and then “adjusted” to say: and other health professionals, the standing about quality care, just because convinced me to give a chiropractor a try. The doctors been entrusted to take of care of tiny babies toI my spine. The didn’t hurt -- it “I have had a problem with migraines have a lower exam You’ll getI great care at chiropractor didadjustment an exam, took some films neighbors that youfee. may know. just have pains remained. After coming to Dr. Joel, actually good. my I gotspine. relief,The andadjustI soon as well as low back pain. Even after seeing a great fee. My qualifications…I’m a graduate and then felt “adjusted” that low exam fee to help more people who they have helped me tremendously. They was all medication. It worked so well doctors and othermy health professionals, of Northwestern College of Chiropractic who mentoff didn’t hurt — it actually felt good. I got need care. even take away migraines. They’rethe that to become pains remained. regularly goes to monthly educational chirorelief,I decided, and I soonthen wasand off there, all medication. It a My associates, Dr. Rose, Dr. Truong and great!” (Judy E.) After coming to Dr. Joel, chiropractor myself. they have helped me tremendously. They practic seminars. I’ve been entrusted to take worked so well that I decided, then and there, I are ready to see if we can help you. Our “I came in pending laser surgery for Now fora my kids, Hayden and Henry. evenherniated take awaydiscs. my migraines. They’re care of tiny babies to neighbors that you to become chiropractor myself. offices are both friendly and warm andmay we two Over a few months They have been under chiropractic care their great!” (Judy E.) know. just have that you low exam to helpWe Now for my kids, Hayden and Henry. They try ourI best to make feel atfee home. here the need for surgery subsided, and the entire lives. And, unlike most other in came in pending laser discomfort surgery for with two more apeople who need care.at an exceptional have been under chiropractic care theirkids entire have wonderful service, pain“Ihas subsided to a mild their never thekids “common” herniated discs. Over a few months here My associate, Dr. James Rogers, and I lives. class, And, they unlike mostget other in their fee. Our office is called REDWOOD CHIoccasional morning stiffness. Over all, I childhood illnesses like“common” ear infections, the need surgery the pain are ready to seeand if we help you. Our class, they never get the childhood ROPRACTIC wecan now have two locafeel betterforvisit after subsided, visit. It’sand a gradual asthma In fact, they and haveallerhas subsided to a O.) mild discomfort with ocoffice isOur both friendly warm and we N. illnessesand likeallergies. ear infections, asthma tions. main officeand is located at 1225 process.” (Jaime never taken drughave in their they casional morning stiffness. Over all, I feel try our best to make you feel at home. gies. In fact,athey neverlives. takenAnd a drug in McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, phone number Several times a day patients thank me are 17And and they 18! are now 17 and 19! better visit after gradualproblems. process.” is We763-8910. have wonderful service, at an exceptheirnow lives. Dr. Taatjes would love to help for helping themvisit. with It’s theira health It’s strange how life is, because now (Jaime O.) tional office is called It’s strange how life is, because now people But I can’t really take credit. you at fee. this Our location.Our secondREDWOOD location people to with see me with their back probSeveral a day patients thank me for is CHIROPRACTIC. WeBlvd., are located at 937 come tocome see me their back problems and at 225 N. McDowell Petaluma, Find outtimes for yourself and benefit from lems andproblems. stomach problems. helping them with their health problems. But with Lakeville Street and Petaluma, andnumber our phone stomach They comeThey to mecome with to Dr. Truong, the phone is an AMAZING OFFER. Look, it shouldn’t me their headaches, chronic cost I can’t really takeand credit. number is 763-8910. Call Alex, Phoebe, theirwith headaches, migraines,migraines, chronic pain, 775-2545. Call Alex, Wendy, or Chauntel you an arm a leg to correct your pain, neck shoulder/arm pain, shoulder/arm pain, whipFindYou out are forgoing yourself and benefit Brendafororan Christine today for neck pain, pain, whiplash from today appointment. We an canappointhelp you. health. to write a check to lash from car asthma, accidents, asthma,numbness allergies,in from an AMAZING OFFER. Look, ment. We can help you. Thank you. car accidents, allergies, Thank you. someone for your health care expenses, you numbness in limbs, athletic just to it shouldn’t youone an for arma and a leg to -Dr. Joel Taatjes limbs, athletic injuries, just toinjuries, name a few. -Dr. Joel Taatjes may as wellcost write lesser amount name a few. correct your health. You are going to write P.S. When When accompanied accompanied by If drugs make people well, then those P.S. by this this ad. firstI Iam amalso for chiropractic. When you bring in this drugs then those aarticle checkbytoJuly someone for your health care offering the second family member this same whoIf take themake mostpeople shouldwell, be the healthiest, also offering the second family member this 31, 2012, you will receive who take the most should be the healthiest, expenses, you may as exam well write oneThat’s for examination for only same examination for$15. only $15. my entire new patient for $27. but that simply isn’t the case. With chirowith x-rays, exam, report of findings…the



July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 5

Dear Reader


y now your family is in full school-break swing. And that means you are on parenting Sharon Gowan double-duty. Publisher/Editor Sharon@family-life.us Never fear! We have found plenty of ways to help you keep your brood busy.

“Tech Toys” (page 12), a selection of games that are both entertaining and educational.

For loads of summer fun, look no further than your local piece of the Pacific. We’ve highlighted several beautiful patches of surf and sand in “Beach Bliss” (page 10).

We hope your July is a blast!

Office Manager Patricia Ramos patty@family-life.us

Of course, everyone looks forward to Fourth of July fireworks. Check out “A Riot of Color” (page 15) for a list of places to see sparks fly. Then go to our Calendar of Events (page 14) for a whole slew of activities that will make your kids smile all month long.

Business Marketing Renee Nutcher renee@family-life.us Marie Anderson marie@family-life.us Natalie Bruzon natalie@family-life.us

Features Editor Melissa Chianta melissa@family-life.us

If your kids are more into gadgets than the great outdoors, they’ll like

Production Manager Donna Bogener production@family-life.us


Free Summer Lunch & Activities for All Children 18 &Younger Call 707-523-7903 or 2-1-1 for dates & times. COTATI

Southwest Community Park City of Cotati Rec Program Boys & Girls Club of Santa Rosa Central Santa Rosa Library HEALDSBURG Gray’s Meadow Apartments Alliance Medical Center South Park Youth Center Harvest Grove Apartments Larkfield Oaks Apartments Healdsburg Library Northwest Santa Rosa Library Healdsburg Junior High Olive Grove Apartments Salvation Army of Santa Rosa PETALUMA Petaluma Library Lucchesi Park Clubhouse Round Walk Village Downtown River Apartments Corona Ranch Clubhouse


SANTA ROSA Amorosa Village Bayer Farm Carrillo Place Apartments

SEBASTOPOL Camp CASTLE Sebastopol Regional Library

SONOMA Sonoma Valley Regional Library Springs Village Apartments Boys & Girls Club of Sonoma Valley

Web and Social Media Jean Flint jean@family-life.us

Cover Photo Cortney Lopez Photography www.cortneylopezphotography.com

Contributing Writers Holly Hester Jemma Westing

Billing Jan Wasson-Smith

Publishing Office 134 Lystra Court, Suite A Santa Rosa, CA 95403 Tel (707) 586-9562 Fax (707) 586-9571

WINDSOR Forest Winds Apartments Windsor Park Apartments Windsor Redwoods Apartments

707-523-7900 | REFB.ORG

6 SonomaFamilyLife

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com



ald McDaonnch R



Summer Day Camps

New themes & materials each month. Sibling discounts & financial aid available. Ukulele and piano lessons too.

Weekly Session 8am-5pm June through Mid August • Horseback Riding • Swimming • Archery • Counselor-In-Training • Farm Animals • Camp Cooking and more! Shuttles from Santa Rosa, Petaluma, & Rohnert Park

Sonoma County Children’s Music 867 Third Street • Santa Rosa (707) 527-7900 Enroll Online at www.childrenlovemusic.com

Camps Held at Sky Tree Ranch in Santa Rosa www.mcdonaldranch.org • 707 583-6711





Pizza...the way it ought to be. Santa Rosa

2280 Santa Rosa Ave 707-544-2828

Rohnert Park

1451 Southwest Blvd 707-795-4433


NOW OPEN Rohnert Park

6314 Commerce Blvd 707-303-7474

4501 Montgomery Dr. Santa Rosa 707-890-5033 Petaluma

919 Lakeville St 707-769-8989

Healdsburg 1051 Vine St 707-433-2911

July 2017


6580 Hembree Ln #258 707-836-1700

Santa Rosa

3781 Cleveland Ave 707-595-6505

NOW OPEN Santa Rosa

4501 Montgomery Dr. 707-890-5033

SonomaFamilyLife 7

Bits & Pieces

We’re Popular!


ord is getting round. Local readers of Sonoma Family Life ’s website know that we are an excellent resource for expert parenting advice as well as updated information on local events. But now the nation gets it, too. In a recent survey by Feedspot, Sonoma Family Life Magazine was identified as number 36 of the top 50 family blogs and websites dedicated to helping people build stronger homes. If you view this list in order of rankings from Alexa, a company that analyzes the traffic of millions of websites, we rank 7 out of 50 of these top-scoring family blogs on the planet. This means that a lot of people come see to see our digital home on any given day. If you haven’t checked us out yet, log on to sonomafamilylife.com today. ¶

Starry Stage


Ray Mabry

et inspired watching musical showstoppers under a canopy of stars. See Broadway pros, sometimes joined by children from the Transcendence Kids Camp, sing Disney and show tunes at the Fantastical Family Night at Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen. Performances run July 14–15 and start at 7:30 p.m., though you can come early for picnicking and special children’s activities. Tickets are $60–$149 and may be purchased at transcendencetheatre.org. ¶

Fantastical Family Night

Patriotic Play


ost find kids and rubber duckies undeniably cute. So it makes sense that they would both be the stars of the free Fourth of July Kids’ Parade and Duck Dash in Healdsburg. Tikes dressed up in face paint will ride bikes festooned with red, white, and blue crepe paper in the parade while fast-floatin’ plastic yellow ducks engage in heavy competition. Support Healdsburg Sunrise Rotary and give $10 to adopt a duck for the race, and you might win one of several prizes—from a cooler to a bike. Apart from ducks and kids, the day will also feature games such as a balloon toss and trike race, and entertainment by the jazz group Russian River Ramblers as well as the Healdsburg Community Band. The fun happens on July 4, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. (parade at 11 a.m.), at the Healdsburg Plaza in downtown Healdsburg. See rotaryclubofhealdsburgsunrise.org/sitepage/4th-of-july-healdsburg for further details. ¶

8 SonomaFamilyLife

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Veggies from the Sea



t may be slimy, but seaweed is great for your health. Find out how to pick fresh, mineral-rich sea vegetables at the Seaweed and Sea Vegetables for Lunch talk at Stillwater Cove Regional Park in Jenner. Learn about seaweed’s habitat and place in the food chain, identify varieties of seaweed on the beach, and even sample some vegetarian sea delicacies. The free event, which includes a half-mile walk to the beach, happens on July 1, 11 a.m.–1 p.m. Parking is $7. Find out more at parks. sonomacounty.ca.gov. ¶

Feed Your Joy

ood for the soul is on the menu at the 16th Annual Art and Garden Festival. The work of local artists and gardeners as well as a plethora of live, local music—from bluegrass to jazz—and fine food and libations will contribute to a day devoted to the simple pleasures of life. Get in on the fun on July 9, 11 a.m.–5 p.m., in downtown Petaluma. The event is free but sampling food, wine, and beer requires the purchase of a Tasting Package. See petalumadowntown.com/ art-and-garden-petaluma.html for details. ¶

Pickin’ and Strummin’

Jason Charme Photography


mong the stars in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, Del McCoury beams brightly. You’ll get to see him shine when he and mandolin virtuoso David Grisman, together known as the Del and Dawg Bluegrass Band, perform at the Green Music Center’s Third Annual Bluegrass Festival. They will be joined by renowned fiddler Mark O’Connor and the O’Connor Family Band as well as Sierra Hull. The concert will be held on July 9 at 2 p.m. in the open-air auditorium and lawn of the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park. Tickets are $12.50–$45 and may be purchased at gmc.sonoma.edu. ¶

David Grisman & Del McCoury


July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 9

Beach Bliss

Doran Regional Park

Spectacular Places for Family Fun


hen it comes to summer diversion, you can’t beat the Sonoma County coast. Lined with dramatic cliffs, its sandy beaches are the perfect stay-cation destination. Here are a few spots that we think are particularly beautiful, as well as kid-friendly. Put on the sunscreen and hats, pack plenty of water and snacks, and get ready for a day of surf and sun.

Note: Sonoma County coastal waters are notorious for riptides and are not safe for swimming. Never turn your back to the ocean, as sleeper waves can emerge in any weather condition. 10 SonomaFamilyLife

Doran Regional Park Protected by Bodega Bay, this park’s calm waters and 2-mile stretch of relatively flat beach make it a great place to build sand castles, fly kites, or take long strolls at sunset. A 1.3-mile trail winds through the park’s dunes while a rock jetty at the harbor mouth provides access for fishing, crabbing, and exploring sea life. The park features an ADA-accessible boardwalk with viewing areas, beach wheelchairs (available upon request), fish-cleaning and boat-rinsing stations, and a boat launch that can accommodate up to 20-foot vessels.

Restrooms with flush-toilets are close to the parking lot. There is a $7 day-use fee. Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash that is no more than six feet long. For more information, call 875-3540 or see parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/ get_outdoors/parks/doran_regional_ park.aspx.

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Copyright © 2002 Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman. All rights reserved. www.Californiacoastline.org

is great for tide-pooling (as is nearby Miwok Beach), while the south end features several interesting driftwood shelters, perhaps inspiring kids to build their own. (Search on “how

Goat Rock Beach Ocean waves crash against striking monoliths all along the Sonoma County coast. There is one massive stone near Jenner so close to shore you can walk right up to it. Goat Rock, possibly so named because even a goat couldn’t scale it, will surely wow kids. And if that doesn’t impress them, then the seals that rest in this area surely will. To protect seal habitat, no dogs are allowed on the beach. (Leashed canines are, however, allowed on nearby Blind Beach.) Park in either of two lots adjacent to the beach. The southern parking lot, directly in front of Goat Rock, is accessible by a one-lane road and features pit toilets. The northern parking lot, which is

close to seal habitat, features restrooms with flush toilets. Go to www.parks.ca.gov/?page_ id=451 for details. ¶


Courtesy California State Parks, 2017

Salmon Creek Beach This patch of surf and sand near Bodega Bay gets its name from the creek that divides the beach into north and south sections. The north end of the beach

to make driftwood shelters” on Youtube. org for ideas.) The beach is a protected habitat for snowy plovers, so dogs and walking on dunes are prohibited. There are pit toilets in the parking lot. See www.parks. ca.gov/?page_id=451 for details.

July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 11

They’ll learn facts about the sea and its inhabitants, too. 3+, $29.99.

Tech Toys Fun with Augmented Reality


ids love technology. And augmented reality (AR), with its ability to make 2-D objects into a 3-D experience, is particularly captivating. So why not use AR to help children learn, especially when they are prone to losing newly acquired skills over break? These games keep kids’ brains—and summer play—in full gear. Cube-tastic! uses an app and a mobile phone or tablet to help anyone learn to “conquer the cube.” After an identical virtual copy is created in the app, kids learn to solve the puzzle with a customized, step-by-step tutorial. 5+, $19.99.

12 SonomaFamilyLife

Ocean Pets pairs AR with creativity to turn every space into a virtual aquarium. Children can use the special putty and ocean templates to create their own ocean pets. Then they can scan their creations and watch them move.

TJ & the Beanstalk 3-D storybooks bring fairytales to life with the help of AR. Kids can interact with the story and become a part of TJ’s adventure. 3+, $14.99. TJ & his Magical Garden is based on Oscar Wilde’s tale “The Selfish Giant.” With the help of 3-D AR and a compatible device, this story teaches a valuable lesson about sharing with others. 3+, $14.99. TJ and His Team of Heroes is based on a Japanese folktale about teamwork and friendship. In this AR adventure, children help TJ and his friends protect the village from a wild boar. 3+, $14.99. ¶ Visit www.pai.technology and use code SFAMLIFE to get a 15 percent discount off of any of these or other Pai products through July 28.

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Crafting with Kids


Make Cardboard Sing!

By Jemma Westing


t’s really quick and easy to transform a cardboard tube into one of these lovable owls. Making a few simple cuts into the tube will give your owl feet, a beak, and wings!

You will need Cardboard tube Scissors Paintbrushes Paints Pencil All you need to do is cut, fold, and paint a cardboard tube. Difficulty level: Easy


1 2 3 4

First, make the owl’s feet. Gently flatten your tube and draw four short lines, spaced apart as shown. Make cuts along all four lines.

The cuts that you have made will create two flaps. Fold these flaps outward and away from the tube to make the owl’s feet. Now that you have folded the feet over, trim around the base of the tube. Cut away any cardboard that is below the level of the feet.

To finish making the feet, draw zigzag lines on the end of each foot. Carefully cut along the lines to give your owl nice pointed talons. July 2017

5 6 7

Next, make the owl’s beak. Using a pencil, carefully draw a V shape in the center of the tube.

Squeeze the tube a little to help you cut along the two lines. Then pry out the beak and gently fold it up away from the tube, making sure it doesn’t tear.

To make the owl’s head, press down the front and back edges of the top of the tube. Then fold them inward to form a curved head shape. ¶

Images and text of Out of the Box reprinted by permission of DK, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2017 by Jemma Westing.

SonomaFamilyLife 13


Calendar of Events

Cotati Kids Day Parade and Festival

Fun for Wee Ones


ots of festivals have stuff for kids to do, but few make children the focus. At the 25th Annual Cotati Kids Day Parade and Festival everything is designed just for little ones. On July 8, the day of delight starts off with a free pancake breakfast, 7–10 a.m., at the Church of the Oaks in Cotati. After everyone has filled up on flapjacks, mosey on over to city hall to watch the parade, which begins at 10 a.m. and runs through downtown Cotati. Then make your way to La Plaza Park in Cotati for the free festival, where, 11 a.m.–2 p.m., you can climb a rock wall, play games, peruse vendors’ wares, and enjoy live entertainment by local theater companies, as well as, of course, eat. ¶

Saturday 1 Art Spark. Every week there is a

different craft, from printing to felting to building cars. Saturdays. 2–3 p.m. Free with admission: $12. Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. 1835 W. Steele Ln., Santa Rosa. cmosc.org. Tidepool Talk. 11 a.m.–noon. Talk:

Free. Parking: $7. Doran Regional Park. 201 Doran Beach Rd., Bodega Bay. parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov.

Nuestros Parques Hike. A bilingual naturalist will lead this free family walk. Walk: 10 a.m.–noon. Potluck picnic: Noon–1 p.m. Walk: Free. Parking: $7. Helen Putnam Park. 411 Chileno Valley Rd., Petaluma. parks. sonomacounty.ca.gov. FREE Kids Garden Workshop.

11 a.m.–noon. Gardening for kids & families. Learn about growing food & taking care of the Earth. Sebastopol Regional Library.

7140 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol. sonomalibrary.org. Science Saturday. Interactive

experiments beginning on the hour: 1 p.m., 2 p.m. & 3 p.m. This month is dedicated to bubbles. Pop in to make your own bubble solution & wands, create bubbles big & small, or try out some bubble art. There will be a prize for the longest lasting bubble. Event: Free. Parking: $7. Spring Lake Regional Park.

Sports for Kids! Youth Tennis • Basketball Indoor Soccer • Fencing • Gymnastics Register at www.santarosarec.com 707-543-3737

14 SonomaFamilyLife

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Family Fun

A Riot of Color

Local Spots to Celebrate Independence Day July 2

Bodega Bay: Fireworks display by Pyro Spectaculars over Bodega Bay. 9:30 p.m. Free. Handicap parking at Westside Park. visitbodegabayca.com. Monte Rio: Fireworks Over the River at Monte Rio Beach. Big Rocky games for kids. Noon–4 p.m. Water Carnival Boat Parade and Water Curtain at dusk. Fireworks follow. (Big Rocky Games also on July 1, noon–4 p.m.). No dogs allowed. Free. monterio.org.

July 3 Sebastopol: Fireworks at Analy High School. Newly renovated stadium. No camping chairs, only beach chairs. Live music and dancing at 6 p.m. Fireworks at 9:40 p.m. $10. Ages 6–11. $5. Ages 5 and under free. sebastopolkiwanis.org. Windsor: Kaboom! Fireworks display in Keiser Park. Live music by local country singer McKenna Faith and Cover Me Badd. 4–10 p.m. Fireworks at 9:45 p.m. $10. Ages 3–17 $5. Kids under 3 free.

July 4

Cloverdale: Fireworks at Cloverdale High School. Dusk. Free. cloverdalechamber.com. Healdsburg: Fireworks at Healdsburg High School. Dusk. Free. Donations accepted. Kenwood: Fourth of July Celebration. Pancake breakfast and silent auction at Kenwood Community Church, 7–11:30 a.m. The following events will be at Kenwood Plaza Park: Kenwood Footrace 3K and 10K at 7:30 a.m. (Registration www.sonomafamilylife.com

$10–$45.) Parade at 10:30 a.m. Rotary Club BBQ and Family Fun at 11:30 a.m. kenwoodparade.com. Kenwood: Fourth of July Fireworks Hike at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Hike 6.5 miles up the tallest mountain in Sonoma Valley and view up to 18 Bay Area fireworks displays. 6:45–11 p.m. $50. Ages 12–17 $10. Not recommended for kids under 12. Space limited. Reservations required. sonomaecologycenter.org. Petaluma: Fireworks by Pyro Spectacular at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds. Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. Free. 778-4380. sonoma-marinfair.org. cityofpetaluma.net/parksnrec. Rohnert Park: Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular with vocalist Kathy Mattea and the Santa Rosa Symphony. Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center. Indoor and lawn seating. Bring a picnic. (Beverages not permitted.) Face painting, carnival games, bouncy houses, music, and food at 4:30 p.m. Concert at 7:30 p.m. Fireworks display follows the show. $12.50–$40. gmc.sonoma.edu. Santa Rosa: Red, White, and Boom. Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Local bands and children’s activities. Food and drinks. Music at 4 p.m. Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. $10. Parking $10. srboom.com. Sonoma: Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Parade and Celebration. Parade at Sonoma Plaza 10 a.m. Carnival with games and food and drink on the plaza. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Food trucks at Sonoma Police Department parking lot 5 p.m.–midnight. Fireworks at dusk. Free.

July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 15

Hair & Skin Care for the Entire Family!

Champagne Hair Lounge

7981 Old Redwood Hwy. • Cotati


Cut & Color $75 Special for 1st time clients.

Call for an appointment 707 665-5826 7 days a week

Environmental Discovery Center. 393 Violetti Rd., Santa Rosa. parks. sonomacounty.ca.gov. Seaweed & Sea Vegetables for Lunch. 11 a.m.–1 p.m. Hike half a

mile to beach to look for red, green & brown seaweed. Learn about seaweed habitat, seaweed’s place in the food chain & important safety tips for gathering sea vegetables. Sample vegetarian sea delicacies. Event: Free. Parking: $7. Meet at northwest corner of parking lot. Stillwater Cove Regional Park. 22455 Hwy. 1, Jenner. parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov. FREE Rockin’ Concerts at the Village. Saturdays. Noon–3 p.m.

Become a Member Explore Sonoma County Parks • Spring Lake Water Park – open through Labor Day • Campfire Programs – July 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 • Nuestros Parques – July 1, August 5 • Tide Pool Talks at Doran Beach – July 1, August 5 • Science Saturdays – July 1, August 5 • Seaweed & Sea Vegetables for Lunch – July 1, August 12 • Naturally Fit Classes – July 7, 14, 21 & 28 • Healdsburg Water Carnival – July 15 • Trails for Tots – July 21, August 25 • A Walk Through the Redwood Forest – July 22 • Wild-Cam Adventures – July 23, August 13 • Animal Signs & Homes – July 26 • Family Paddle – July 29, August 26 • Flutter-By Butterfly – July 29

Get Your Free Summer Activities Guide at sonomacountyparks.org 16 SonomaFamilyLife

July 1: California Beach Boys. July 2: Garratt Wilkin & the Parrotheads. July 8: Summer of Love. July 15: Funky Dozen. July 22: Rockin’ Down the Highway. July 29: David Martin’s House Party with appearance by Norman Greenbaum. Montgomery Village. 911 Village Ct., Santa Rosa. mvshops.com/events/ free-rockin-concerts-at-the-village. FREE Hora de Cuentos para Niños/ Bilingual Story Time. ¡Bienvenidos

a la Hora de Cuentos para Niños en español e inglés! Vamos a leer cuentos en español e inglés. Para niños de 0–5 años ¡Gratis! 10:15 a.m. Roseland Community Library. 779 Sebastopol Rd., Santa Rosa. sonomalibrary.org. Community Garage Sale. 9 a.m.– 2 p.m. Sonoma Community Center. 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma. 938-4626. sonomacommunitycenter.org. Sing Me a Murder. Murder

mystery dinner theater. Also July 15. 7 p.m. $68. Charlie’s Restaurant. 1340 19th Hole Dr., Windsor. getaclueproductions.com. Another Openin’ Another Show.

Transcendence Theater. Broadway pros performing musical favorites. July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Weekends. Thru July 2. $45–$145. Jack London State Park. 2400 London Ranch Rd., Glen Ellen. transcendencetheatre.org. FREE Summer Cinema Series.

Travel along with a pair of trolls who are on a quest to save their village from destruction in this recent hit comedy. PG. 92 min. 2 p.m. Rohnert Park–Cotati Regional Library. 6250 Lynne Conde Way, Rohnert Park. sonomacounty.libcal.com. Anything Goes. Classic Cole Porter

musical. Thru July 9. July 1, 7 & 8: 8 p.m. July 2 & 9: 2 p.m. $10–$30. Raven Theater. 115 North St., Healdsburg. raventheater.org.

Sunday 2 FREE Boating at the Barn. Borrow a rowboat, canoe, kayak, or sailboat & spend the afternoon on the Petaluma River. Short safety demonstration required. Sundays. 10 a.m.–1 p.m. David Yearsley River Heritage Center. 100 E. D St., Petaluma. friendsofthepetalumariver.org. FREE Bodega Bay Fireworks. 9:30 p.m. Handicap parking at Westside Park. visitbodegabayca.com.

Monday 3 FREE Fireworks Over the River at Monte Rio Beach. Big Rocky games

for kids: Noon–4 p.m. Water Carnival Boat Parade & Water Curtain: Dusk. Fireworks follow. No dogs allowed. monterio.org. Sebastopol Fireworks. Newly renovated stadium. No camping chairs, only beach chairs. Live music & dancing: 6 p.m. Fireworks: 9:40 p.m. $10. Ages 6–11: $5. Ages 5 & under: Free. Analy High School. 6950 Analy Ave., Sebastopol. sebastopolkiwanis.org.


July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 17

Kaboom! Live music by local country singer McKenna Faith & Cover Me Badd. 4–10 p.m. Fireworks: 9:45 p.m. $10. Ages 3–17: $5. Kids under 3: Free. Keiser Park. 700 Windsor River Rd., Windsor. windsorkaboom.com.

Tuesday 4 Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular. With Kathy Mattea

& the Santa Rosa Symphony. 7:30 p.m. Lawn festival, including carnival games, bouncy houses, face painting & food & music: 4:30 p.m. $12.50–$40. Sonoma State University. Green Music Center lawn. 1801 E. Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park. gmc.sonoma.edu. FREE Fourth of July Kids’ Parade & Duck Dash. Youngsters encouraged

to dress in costume & ride decorated bikes, tricycles & wagons in parade. Live music. Games, races & face

painting. Special guest appearances from Uncle Sam, the Russian River Ramblers & the Healdsburg Community Band. Duck Dash Races organized by Healdsburg Sunrise Rotary. Adopt a duck: $10. Prizes for fastest ducks. 10 a.m.–1 p.m. (Parade: 11 a.m.) Downtown Healdsburg. rotaryclubofhealdsburgsunrise.org/ sitepage/4th-of-july-healdsburg.

following events will be at Kenwood Plaza Park (200 Warm Springs Rd., Kenwood): Kenwood Footrace 3K & 10K: 7:30 a.m. (Registration: $10–$45.) Parade: 10:30 a.m. Rotary Club BBQ & Family Fun: 11:30 a.m. kenwoodparade.com.

FREE Healdsburg Fireworks. Dusk. Donations accepted. Healdsburg High School. 1024 Prince Ave., Healdsburg.

Fourth of July Fireworks Hike. Hike 6.5 miles up the tallest mountain in Sonoma Valley & view up to 18 fireworks displays in the Bay Area. 6:45–11 p.m. $50. Ages 12–17: $10. Not recommended for kids under 12. Space limited. Reservations required. Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. 2605 Adobe Canyon Rd., Kenwood. sonomaecologycenter.org.

Fourth of July Celebration. Pancake

FREE Petaluma Fireworks. 9:30

FREE Cloverdale Fireworks.

Dusk. Cloverdale High School. 509 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale. cloverdalechamber.com.

breakfast & silent auction at Kenwood Community Church (9637 Channing Row, Kenwood): 7–11:30 a.m. The

p.m. Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds. 175 Fairgrounds Dr., Petaluma. 778-4380. sonoma-marinfair.org. cityofpetaluma.net/parksnrec.

Merryhill School


6 weeks – Pre-K 2

The perfect balance of learning and play




Parents receive daily reports and photos, accessible through email and our new Links 2 Home® mobile app.

• • • •

Safe, nurturing environment Enthusiastic and caring teachers Links to Learning curriculum Ongoing parent communication

Merryhill School 4044 Mayette Avenue Santa Rosa, CA

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, August 5, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm mayette.merryhillschool.com


490108352, 49000448

18 MH_SonomaFamilyLife_Jun17_7.18x4.56.indd SonomaFamilyLife


6/7/17 12:17 PM July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Red, White & Boom. Local bands

& children’s activities. Food & drink. Music: 4 p.m. Fireworks: 9:30 p.m. Ages 12 & up: $10. Ages 5–11: $5. Veterans: $5. Under 5: Free. Parking: $10. Sonoma County Fairgrounds. 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa. srboom.com. Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Parade & Celebration. Parade: 10

a.m. Carnival with games & food & drink: 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (Food trucks at Sonoma Police Department parking lot 5 p.m.–midnight.) Fireworks: Dusk. Sonoma Plaza. 453 1st St. E., Sonoma.






Discover your parks -


Download your FREE guide at sonomacountyparks.org

Wednesday 5 FREE Wee Read. Baby/toddler story time with stories, songs & movement. Ages 0–36 mos. 10:30–11 a.m. Rincon Valley Regional Library. 6959 Montecito Blvd., Santa Rosa. sonomalibrary.org. FREE Cuentos y Cantos—Bilingual Story & Play Time. Exploraremos

cuentos, cantos y rimas en inglés y español. Explore books, songs & rhymes in both English & Spanish. Ages 0–5. Para edades 0–5. 5:30–6:30 p.m. Rohnert Park–Cotati Regional Library. 6250 Lynne Condé Way, Rohnert Park. sonomalibrary.org.

Thursday 6 FREE Melted Crayon Monogram Masterpiece. Using their first initial

monogram as a basis, artists will create a Zentangle & melted crayon masterpiece. Presented by area teacher Monika Scoby. 2–3 p.m. Sebastopol Regional Library. 7140 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol. sonomalibrary.org. FREE Stars Under the Stars Outdoor Film Festival. Thursdays.

7 p.m. Pre-show concert. Film at dusk. Mexican food & wine available for purchase. Thru July 27. St. Francis www.sonomafamilylife.com

Discover your PARKS.

Hike 5 trails and get a free T-shirt! June - September Share your photos with #SonomaCountyParks #TrailsChallenge and win REI trail gear or parks memberships. July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 19

Winery & Vineyards. 100 Pythian Rd., Santa Rosa. stfranciswinery.com.

Friday 7 Flynn Creek Circus. Through July 9. Acts from US, Canada, Belgium, France, Guatemala & Turkmenistan. July 7 & 8: 7 p.m. July 8: 3 p.m. July 9: 1 & 4 p.m. See Thursday 27 for Windsor performances. $12–$50. Luther Burbank Center for the Arts. 50 Mark West Springs Rd., Santa Rosa. flynncreekcircus.com. Crazy, Awesome Science! Fridays. 2 p.m. $12 (admission to museum). Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. 1835 W. Steele Ln., Santa Rosa. cmosc.org. Funky Fridays at the Hood.

Summer concert series. July 7: The BluesBurners. July 14: Gator Nation. July 21: Soul Fuse. July 28: The

Poyntlyss Sistars. Bring a blanket or low-back chair & picnic. Beer & wine available for purchase (no outside alcohol). 7–9 p.m. Concert: $10. Ages 18 & under: Free. Parking (at the Los Guilicos complex off of Pythian Rd.): $10. Hood Mountain Regional Park. 1450 Pythian Rd., Santa Rosa. funkyfridays.info. FREE CD Mandalas. Using

beads & glittery paint pens & up-cycled CDs, artists will create their own mandalas ready to hang in a bedroom or in a breeze. 3:30–4:30 p.m. Cloverdale Regional Library. 401 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale. sonomalibrary.org.

Saturday 8 FREE 25th Annual Cotati Kids Day Parade & Festival. Parade: 10 a.m.

Begins at City Hall & proceeds thru

downtown Cotati. Festival in La Plaza Park: 11 a.m.– 2 p.m. Features live entertainment, games, food & craft vendors, activities & more. La Plaza Park. 15 W. Sierra Ave., Cotati.

Sunday 9 Green Music Center’s Third Annual Bluegrass Festival. Featuring

Del & Dawg Bluegrass Band, Mark O’Connor & the O’Connor Family Band & Sierra Hull. 2 p.m. $12.50–$45. Sonoma State University. Green Music Center lawn. 1801 E. Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park. gmc.sonoma.edu. FREE Petaluma’s 16th Annual Art & Garden Festival. Music,

food, wine, art & garden. Tasting packages: 11 a.m.–5 p.m. $25–$40. petalumadowntown.com/ art-and-garden-petaluma.html.




Hairspray, Jr. Lion King, Kids! July 21, 22 & 23



Authentic Kung Fu Training • Chinese Language & Painting Acrobatics • Games & Fun Summer Activities

July 28, 29 & 30


Call (707) 523-4185 Today! 20 SonomaFamilyLife


707-338-2233 • www.Wu-Academy.com 1880 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Riotously funny and dangerously inspiring... An all-human, all ages blast! FREE CHILD TICKET WITH ADULT PURCHASE USE PROMO CODE: NINGRATML LIMIT 1 PER ORDER, ONLINE TICKET PURCHASE ONLY

YMCA Summer Camps are in your neighborhood! We have Summer Camp Programs in:  Petaluma  Rohnert Park  Sonoma  Santa Rosa

Check out these specialty camps we have this summer:

Fine Arts Camp (July Only!) - Rohnert Park July 3rd—July 28th Super Science Camp - Santa Rosa July 3rd—August 11th Call or visit us for more details

Sonoma County 707 Family Y  1111 College Avenue  Santa Rosa 544-1829 707-545-9622  www.scfymca.org The Y is a non-profit community based organization. Financial assistance is available.



July 2017

SonomaFamilyLife 21

Thursday 13 Cross & Crown Lutheran School 2 - 5 years Preschool Jr. Kindergarten – Kindergarten 1st through 6th Grade

CCLS - PSP Private Satellite Program K-6th

REGISTER NOW FOR 2017-18 (707) 795-7863

www.crossandcrownschoolrp.org Preschool license #490100475

Mom & Dad Please Put Your Affairs in Order

Friday 14 Gypsy. A classic musical about

the original stage mother. $22–$43. Thursdays–Saturdays: 7:30 p.m. Sundays: 2 p.m. Thru July 30. Production by Sonoma Arts Live. Sonoma Community Center. 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma. sonomacommunitycenter.org.

Nominate Guardians for Minors Wills & Revocable Living Trusts Powers of Attorney Meet at Your Home FREE Consultation

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available


Maria Grace Wilson, Attorney at Law mgracewilson@mgracewilsonlaw.com

Live Storytelling with Joe Wos.

Meet cartoonist & storyteller Joe Wos, who will perform stories throughout the day. Wos will also share & sign his new book, A-Maze-Ing Animals: 50 Mazes for Kids. 10 a.m. Free with admission to the museum ($5–$12. Ages 3 & under: Free.) Charles M. Schulz Museum. 2301 Hardies Ln., Santa Rosa. schulzmuseum.org.

Friday 21 Trails for Tots. Bilingual, outdoor

Fantastical Family Night.

Be Prepared • • • • •

FREE Concert Under the Stars. July 13: Kalimba. July 27: Wonder Bread 5. 5:30–8 p.m. Montgomery Village. 911 Village Ct., Santa Rosa. mvshops.com/ events/free-concert-under-the-stars-atthe-village.

5 p.m. Admission: Free. Parking: $7. Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach. 13839 Old Redwood Hwy., Healdsburg. parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov.

Transcendence Theatre. Inspirational evening of Broadway & Disney music & dance. Special performances by the kids of Transcendence Kids Camp. Arrive early for special pre-show activities. Thru July 15. 7:30 p.m. $60–$149. Jack London State Park. 2400 London Ranch Rd., Glen Ellen. transcendencetheatre.org.

Saturday 15 Healdsburg Water Carnival. Food,

music, swimming & games. 11 a.m.–

program. Read stories, sing songs, go on a short walk & create a nature-themed craft. Ages 3–4 with an adult. 10–11:30 a.m. Program: Free. Parking: $7. Helen Putnam Park. 411 Chileno Valley Rd., Petaluma. parks. sonomacounty.ca.gov. FREE Family Movie Night. 4–5:45 p.m. Central Santa Rosa Library. 211 E St., Santa Rosa. sonomalibrary.org. Hairspray. Teens Summer Theater Camp production. Thru Jul. 23. July 21 & 22: 7:30 p.m. July 22 & B Mî `ƒ

Mention this ad for

Free Month

Call for details

It’s not just

Enrolling for Summer Camps


It’s confidence for a lifetime! • Tumblebug Program for preschool-aged children • Boys & Girls Classes Recreation 6–12 • Camps and Birthday Parties!



22 SonomaFamilyLife


redwood empire gymnastics

Ask About Our Premium Wine Storage 6001 Commerce Blvd. Rohnert Park



EXPRESSWAY STORAGE Mention this ad for:

50% off for the first 12 months

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

23: 2 p.m. 6th Street Playhouse. 52 W. 6th St., Santa Rosa. 523-4185. 6thstreetplayhouse.com. Man of La Mancha. North Bay Stage production. Thru Aug. 6. Thursday– Saturday: 8 p.m. Sunday: 2 p.m. $36. Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center. 50 Mark West Springs Rd., Santa Rosa. lutherburbankcenter.org.

Saturday 22 FREE Jubilee Klezmer. Ancient to modern klezmer & a large repertoire of traditional Israeli music. 2–3 p.m. Northwest Santa Rosa Library. 150 Coddingtown Ctr., Santa Rosa. sonomalibrary.org. Elaine Lucia & Friends. Audiences who love Astrud Gilberta, Alison Krauss, Brandi Carlile, Joni Mitchell & kd lang will enjoy Elaine Lucia’s music. 7:30 p.m. $10–$15. Sebastopol

Center for the Arts. 282 S. High St., Sebastopol. sebarts.org/index.php/ performing-arts.

Wednesday 26 Animal Signs & Homes. 3–4 mile

hike to look for signs of who makes the park their home. Bilingual (Spanish/English) program. Ages 6–9 accompanied by an adult. Event: Free. Parking: $7. Shiloh Ranch Regional Park. 5750 Faught Rd., Windsor. parks. sonomacounty.ca.gov.

Thursday 27 Flynn Creek Circus. Through July

30. Acts from US, Canada, Belgium, France, Guatemala & Turkmenistan. July 27 & 28: 7 p.m. July 29: 3 & 7 p.m. July 30: 1 & 4 p.m. $11–$50. Keiser Park. 700 Windsor River Rd., Windsor. flynncreekcircus.com.

©P N


Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (STS)

Friday 28 Lion King Experience Kids Edition.

Youth production. Thru July 30. July 28 & 29: 7:30 p.m. July 29 & 30: 2 p.m. 6th Street Playhouse. 52 W. 6th St., Santa Rosa. 523-4185. 6thstreetplayhouse.com. Iron Kids Fun Run. l mile and 1/2 mile. Ages 3–13. 9 a.m. $15–$20. Courthouse Square. Santa Rosa. Register: tinyurl.com/ybntn8je. On-site registration; debit/credit cards only.

Saturday 29 Family Paddle. Learn basic paddling techniques. Bring your favorite paddle-powered vessel or rent one at the park. Reservations: $15 per person plus $12 to rent a 1- or 2-person kayak. 8–11 a.m. Spring Lake Regional Park. 393 Violetti Rd., Santa Rosa. parks. sonomacounty.ca.gov.

Fall 2017-18 Preschool Enrollment

Where would you like to go? You can fly direct, connect, and enjoy. Seattle (SEA) - Portland (PDX) - Los Angeles (LAX) Orange County (SNA) - San Diego (SAN) - Phoenix (PHX) San Francisco (SFO) - Las Vegas (LAS) - Minneapolis (MSP)

Currently Taking Enrollment: • Children’s Circle 2.5-3.5+ yrs. • Kinderclub 3-5 yrs. • Montessori in Motion 3-6 yrs. Quality Affordable Preschool ● 7:1 ratio ● Credentialed Experienced Teachers Windsor Parks & Recreation 9291 Old Redwood Hwy. Bldg. 300D www.townofwindsor.com/preschool

Book your tickets today at:



July 2017


SonomaFamilyLife 23




Training & Day Camp Live Action Role Playing! kids learn to act out stories & adventures in an imaginary world. Ages 8–18

Super Kids Camp

707-569-4859 Sebastopol fanwar.com


n the Fourth of July, dazzling pyrotechnics won’t be the only thing to light up the night. So will the music of country Grammy-winner Kathy Mattea and the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra. See them both perform at 7:30 p.m. at Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center in Rohnert Park. Bring the kids at 4:30 p.m. for carnival games, bouncy houses, face painting, and fun food. Then settle in either the open-air auditorium or lawn for the concert, which will end with a grand fireworks display. Seating is free for children ages 12 and under on the lawn and for children ages two and under indoors. Others may purchase tickets for $12.50–$40 at gmc.sonoma.edu. ¶

A full week of camp Call, email, or check out our website for details.


superkidscamp@sonoma.edu www.sonoma.edu/campusrec/programs/skc

un FBlast! Weekend

Sign up online for our weekly enews featuring the best family friendly weekend events.

Swim and Smile


n summer’s heat, water is something to celebrate. You can do just that at the Healdsburg Water Carnival. Take a dip in the Russian River, ride on a boat shaped like a swan, and play in an inflatable water park, all while listening to live music. The free festivities will be held on July 15, 11 a.m.–5 p.m., at the Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach in Healdsburg. See parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov for details. ¶

24 SonomaFamilyLife

Got Art? We Do!!!

Painting • Drawing Cartooning Mask Making Glass Staining Silk Painting Wood Burning Mosaic • Clay

Celebrating 25 Years


Sparks Will Fly

Fun weekly themes, field trips, swimming, rock wall climbing & so much more!


Classes • Camps Birthday Parties 5435 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park • 285-2002 www.scribblesandgigglesart.com


Summer Camps (707) 538-2000


Lessons & More!


stefan cohen

At Sonoma State University

An exciting, recreational & educational experience for campers, ages 5-11.



(707) 538-2000

Teaching the art of the sword Sign up for our summer camps today! Santa Rosa



July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com

Classified Marketplace Camps





We can help! 




Play-Well camps are happening throughout Sonoma County! 510-289-9909 justin@play-well.org • www.play-well.org

La Cantera Racquet & Swim Club

Summer & Afterschool Junior Tennis Programs

Leap forward

With The Creative Curriculum® preschool!  Paternity and Child Support  Order Establishment   Payment Collection Services   Payment Tracking and     Accounting   Child Support Modification   

Watch your child learn & explore… Health &Interpersonal Nutrition, Relationships, Motor Skills,Self Serving 2-5 year olds Interpersonal Relationships, Self Confidence, and Cognitive & Academic Skills. & Confidence, and Cognitive PRICING & Academic Skills. REGISTRATION:




PRICINGwww.scfymca.org & Health & Nutrition, Motor Skil REGISTRATION: Interpersonal Relationships, S

Office The Y isConfidence, a non-profit community based organization. and Cognitive 3273 Airway Dr., Santa Rosa • Lic. #493009227YMCA Program 707.544.1829 Financial Assistance is available. www.latticepreschool.com Academic Skills.

Program of First United Methodist Church Year-round • Play based Ages 2 - 5 (Pre-Kindergarten) Excellent Teacher-Child ratios Open 7am-6pm


YMCA Office b io’s Program Since 1981 707.544.1829 Montessori School

Preschool•Kindergarten The Y is a non-profit Parent-Toddler Class community based Ages 18 months organization. to 6-years

Financial Assistance is available.

25th Anniversary!


Summer Tennis Camps and Summer Swim Lessons Call or go online for our brochure!

Preschool & Child Care Center


Educating the Whole Child

3737 Montgomery Dr. Santa Rosa

Montessori Education Inspires ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Joy of Learning Order & Detail Concentration Grace & Courtesy

2427 Professional Dr. • Santa Rosa Near Steele Lane & Hwy 101



NEW STUDIO OPENING Fall Session August 14th All ages & styles:

Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Character Contemporary • Hip hop Break dancing • Mat work Fit flow fusion • Hip hop animation Empowered Artist Training Adult tap & hip hop 607 Martin Ave, Suite 105 Rohnert Park www.ArtisticMovementCenter.com


The Y is a non-profit community based organization. Financial Assistance is available.

preschool@fumcsantarosa.org www.fumcsantarosa.org/preschool License#490110699

Afterschool Mon. & Wed. 4 Classes - $50


Part Time /Full Time Care

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: Health & Flexible Nutrition, Motor Skills, Plans Available

Diane: 546-7012


Like Us On Facebook

SANTA ROSA 2590 PINER RD. Serving 2-5 year olds


Sonoma County   Child Support Services  3725 Westwind Blvd., Ste 200  Santa Rosa, CA 95403  

Part Time2590 /Full Time Care PINER RD. Flexible Plans Part TimeAvailable /Full Time Care Flexible Plans Available Serving 2-5 year olds


What will your kid build this summer?

Montessori in Motion & More!

The Bridge School. Located in Central Santa Rosa, 1625 Franklin Ave. Year-round full/half–day. Rich nurturing environment. Center based program for ages 3–5 with separate 2’s program. Caring, qualified teachers. Julie & Andrew Day; owners. Lic.#493005697. 575-7959.

Kinder & Preschool 3-6 yrs. Montessori In Motion: 3–6 yrs. Children’s Circle: 2.5–3.5+ yrs. KinderClub: 3–5 yrs.

Now Enrolling Register at the Parks and Recreation Office 9291 Old Redwood Hwy., Bldg. 300D 838-1260 • townofwindsor.com/preschool

July 2017

Playtime Daycare/Preschool Join our loving family. Spacious playroom, large yard, meals provided. CPR & first aid certified. M-F. Infants & up. Call Wendy 539-7524. Lic. #04746.

SonomaFamilyLife 25

Humor Break

Children Are Everywhere Surrendering to Summer Chaos Play is a full-time occupation for the author’s kids.

By Holly Hester


t’s become almost impossible to write. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s not that I don’t have things to say (regardless of how trivial). It’s not that my incessant need to be heard has diminished. It’s that my children are here, staring at me, all the time. They are staring at me right now, as I write this. No school. No camp. They had a couple of camps in June, but July and August are camp-less. They have settled in at Camp Holly, where I am apparently the activities director, frivolity coordinator, and banana split on-demand chef. My children see Camp Holly as a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week camp, where writing of any kind is not permitted. During the school year, I wake up at five and write until seven, when I wake up Buck for school. (He goes to school five days a week.) On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Emerson and August go to their homeschool program, and I get another eight hours of writing in. By the end of the week, it adds up to a pretty decent amount of writing time. Now those Tuesdays and Thursdays are gone. I still could write early in the morning, but the kids stay up so late. It’ll be nine

26 SonomaFamilyLife

o’clock at night, and I’ll be squawking at them to get off the trampoline. Sometimes I’ll look at the clock while I’m reading August a bedtime story and realize it’s 10:30 p.m. He’s five. That’s not a Dr. Sears–approved bedtime. By the time Bill and I get to

You win, summer. I will release my inherited German rigid attributes and become more, let’s say, Italian. bed it’s after midnight and I cannot, just cannot, get up at 5 a.m. I am not a robot; I have organs and things that need rest. So as of today, July 1, I’ve officially given myself over to summertime. You win, summer. I will release my inherited German rigid attributes and become more, let’s say, Italian. I will practice the fine art of doing nothing. I will not be too disturbed if I don’t blog constantly. I always have things to say, but if I cannot get to my computer every day, I will say them to the lambs. So far,

they seem to be a pretty receptive audience—or at least better than the goats. The last I checked, they were climbing on the trampoline. So, dear computer, hopefully I will see you soon. It might not be tomorrow. Or the next day. Or maybe it will be. I don’t know. That’s the thing about summer. You have to jump into its delicious unpredictability. Arrivederci ¶ Holly Hester lives in Sebastopol and writes about life on her blog, Riot Ranch. Find her book, Escape from Ugly Mom Island!, on Amazon. The author’s goats take to the trampoline.

July 2017 www.sonomafamilylife.com


Learn About Martial Arts


FOR 2017-2018 SEASON

August 12-20 Beginners to Advanced Musicians Elementary through College Ages Join an orchestral program that has been training young musicians for 50 years!

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

Submit your audition request and learn about our programs at: srsymphony.org/Education/Auditions

Wednesday, August 2nd Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market 5-8:30 p.m. • FREE

Interactive Martial Arts Lessons Karate • Aikido • Judo • Taekwondo Jiu-Jitsu • Kickboxing • Fencing Kung Fu • Tai Chi • Tang Soo Do

CAMP EPIC Sports & Entertainment Camp SUMMER CAMP: JUNE 12–AUGUST 4 NON-STOP FUN FOR KIDS AGES 4–12 Including Soccer Trampolines Entertainment Basketball Bowling Attractions at Flag Football Laser Tag Dodgeball & More FLEXIBLE REGISTRATION OPTIONS


LUNCH & SNACK AVAILABLE LEARN MORE: playsportscity.com/epicfun

learnIng struggles: one mom’s story learnIng struggles: one mom’s story

“I just couldn’t go “I just couldn’t go through another school through another school year lIke the last one!” year lIke the last one!”


sixth grade in the fall, or to high ccording to Karen, mother of school in a few years! I began looking two school-aged boys, homeforgrade a solution.” work was ruining their lives. sixth in the fall, or to high ccording to Karen, mother of summer, enrolled Jacob “Every night I would come schoolThat in a few years!Karen I began looking two school-aged boys, homea LearningRx brain training home from and their spendlives. hours for ainsolution.” work waswork ruining program. She Karen discovered thatJacob helping my kids with their homeThat summer, enrolled “Every night I would come teach (or reteach) work,” remembers. the time in aLearningRx LearningRxdoesn’t brain training home fromshe work and spend“By hours information and ideasthat like tutoring we got it wastheir timehomefor bed.” program. She discovered helping mydone, kids with does. Instead, brain training programs oldest son, was in LearningRx doesn’t teach (or reteach) work,”Karen’s she remembers. “ByJacob, the time consist ofand intense mental 5th done, grade.itHis ideas(but likefun) tutoring we got wasteachers time fordidn’t bed.” see a information exercises strengthen skills (like problemoldest because was an Instead,that brain training programs Karen’s son,he Jacob, wasAinand B does. attention, memory, and logic) “But they weren’t the aones at consist of intense (but fun) mentalthat the 5th student. grade. His teachers didn’t see brain that uses strengthen to think and learn. homebecause watching exercises skills (like problem hehim was struggle,” an A and Karen B “Going through program was says. “He memory, andthe logic) that the student. “Butunderstood they weren’tthe thematerial ones at in attention, life-changing forand us,”learn. Karen says. class—the that itKaren took him brain uses to think home watchingissue himwas struggle,” Several weeksthe into 6th grade, to do the work.” “Going through program was says.forever “He understood the material in Karen asked aboutsays. his day at At the endwas of 5th of life-changing forJacob us,” Karen class—the issue thatgrade, it tookone him school.weeks “It went good!” He grinned. “I Jacob’s teachers told Karen, “Your son Several into 6th grade, forever to do the work.” volunteered to do some is athe pleasure have in class, Karen asked Jacob about hismath day at At end of to 5th grade, one ofI just problems on good!” the board.” wishteachers he would talk more!” school. “It went He grinned. “I Jacob’s told Karen, “Your son Karen to couldn’t believe That was another red flag. At homevolunteered do some mathher ears! is a pleasure to have in class, I just The boy labored for hours over had plenty to say. Why wasn’t problems on who the board.” wishJacob he would talk more!” homework andbelieve felt tooher insecure he participating the classroom? Karen couldn’t ears! to That was anotherinred flag. At home class was not volunteering When Karen thought about that— Thetalk boyin who labored foronly hours over Jacob had plenty to say. Why wasn’t in class,and he was alsoinsecure getting his and the manyinhours of homework— homework felt too to he participating the classroom? done record time— she Karen knew something needed to talkhomework in class was notin only volunteering When thought about that— without any also helpgetting from her in class, he was hisat all! andchange. the many hours of homework— “To have lives totally change “With all the hours I had doneour in record time— she knew something needed to spent on homework because thisfrom program just homework, I felt that I had been without anyof help her atisall! change. amazing,” says thistotally happychange mom. through Looking “To have our lives “With all 5th the grade hours myself! I had spent on forward,IIfelt didthat NOT wantbeen to go to because of this program is just homework, I had amazing,” says this happy mom. through 5th grade myself! Looking forward, I did NOT want to go to

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