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Happy Holidays! O pe n u n t i l D ec e m b e r 24

th The Cider Keg 1231 Hwy 24 S. at Vittoria

fo r yo u r l as t m i n u t e s h o ppi n g n e e d s.


Left to right: Marissa Edwards, Mateo Mungal, Travis Geetes, and Maggie Campbell. Article on page 11

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Happy Holidays from the Norfolk Hub!

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Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year

From the staff at Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forgetâ&#x20AC;Ś Dirt Dollars last until 2pm December 24th! NOTE: We will be closed from Dec 25, 2011 to March 10, 2012 See you in the spring!

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NORFOLK HUB, December 20, 2011 page 2

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say thank you and to wish you the very best for the new year. 22 Peel St., Simcoe • 519-428-4650 •

Norfolk Hub Box 189, Simcoe N3Y 3N0 Phone: 519-428-1777 Publishers: Dave & Monica Scott Any reproduction of this publication without permission is prohibited. Opinions and comments within this publication are those of the writers and not necessarily that of the Norfolk Hub.

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hristmas Gifts for the Shelter

By Dave Scott At Curves in Dover, there is always talk about circuits, as in training… but last week, a circuit of a different sort was underway. Some of the ladies had gotten together and were busy making up gift bags for Women’s Services. The leader of this unruly bunch was no other than Pat Grant (from the Hub). For a number of years now Pat has organized the group, collected donations from the good folks at Pharmasave and Roulston’s, knitted scarves, and asked the ladies of Curves to bring in donations as well. I

watched the ladies go to it… using assembly line precision they put together fifty bags for the shelter. Each containing scarves, a toy, and assorted goodies… all meant to help the folks at the shelter have a little brighter Christmas. The ladies worked away, sharing a few laughs and enjoying their time together. Pat informed me that upon completion, she and her husband, Murray, would be delivering the gift bags to the shelter. Thanks to the ladies at Curves for doing their part this Christmas and helping others!

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ear Santa: Is Rudolph’s nose red already? This year I would like a stuffy penguin and a robot penguin. Love, Jake ear Santa: I have been very good this year. I would like some new clothes and a baby doll for Christmas. Love, Xavia ear Santa: This year I would like to tell you that I love my family very much. This year for Christmas I would like a teddy bear. I also want to tell you that I have been a very good girl this year. Love, Samantha


like two movies Smokey and Happy Feet. Love, Kyle ear Santa: This year I have been good. I have also been a good friend. I would like the reindeer to come live at my house. Love, Kayla ear Santa: This year I would like a DS for Christmas. I have been a really good boy and would like some toy cars. Love, Josh ear Santa: This year I would really like some colouring books to colour. I would also like some markers to colour with. I would also like to make sure that my friends have a good Christmas to. Love, Jaycob ear Santa: This year for Christmas I would like a Hot Wheels Set that can go on my wall in my bedroom. I would also like my mom to help me hang up my stocking. Love, Jayon



Mrs. Malo’s Kinderoos West Lynn Public School

Left to right: Drenise Cowlard, Pat Grant, Fran Rayner, and Mary Reid.


ear Santa: I have been a very good boy this year. I like to help mommy and daddy at home. This year I would like a transformers toy. I would also like a monster truck to play with. Love, Noah ear Santa: This year I would like a Santa toy to play with. I would also like to tell you that I have been a very good girl this year. I also really like to dance so an iPad touch would be nice to put my music on. Love, Lily ear Santa: This year I will make you homemade cookies for you to eat when you come to my house. I will also leave you a glass of milk. I would






ear Santa: I would like to tell my family that I love them. This year I would like a little pony for Christmas. I also would like a teddy bear to cuddle with. Love, Holly ear Santa: This year for Christmas I would like my family to have a bigger house. I also would like a can of pop. I have been very good at school this year. Love, Helena ear Santa: This year I want to tell my family I love them. This year for Christmas I would like a piggy game. Love, Harlow ear Santa: This year my mom and dad took me to see the lights in the park. This year I would like a desk for Christmas. Love, Gabrielle ear Santa: For Christmas this year I would really like a Nintendo DS. If possible I would also like a toy



car. Since it is cold here in Canada in the winter I would also like a winter sweater. Love, Evan ear Santa: This year I have been helpful at home. I would like a toy drum for Christmas. Love, Emma-Lynn ear Santa: I have been a good boy this year! This year I would like a toy car for Christmas. I would also like broken door. I would also enjoy a colouring book and some markers to colour with. I might also like an iPad touch. Love, Chancey ear Santa: This year I’m going to leave you a present at my house! This year for Christmas I would like a toy car. Love, Alexis ear Santa: This year I would like some new lego. I would also like to thank mommy for taking care of me. Love, Alex



NORFOLK HUB, December 20, 2011 page 3

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From All Of Us At SouthCoast Hyundai B renda H udson


Paul H enderson

njoy the moment!

By Dave Scott 2011 went by very fast… the days, the weeks, the years, all seem to be going by quicker than I want these days. I look in the mirror… and I am not getting any prettier… the lines are starting to show… the mind never seems to stop working these days, almost like it is in overdrive… physically, I feel great… maybe the best shape of my life. I guess it boils down to seeing our children grow… for me that is the biggest measuring stick… my daughter half done high school… my son in grade six, nearly as tall as his mother. Every time I turn away just for a second, they grow even more.


S outhCoast Hyundai 519.426.1515 121 Queensway East, Simcoe ∙

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Our conversations around the dinner table seem to be growing by leaps and bounds… their questions - better yet - their answers truly amaze me. My daughter’s working a part time job and isn’t always home for dinner… I truly miss that sometimes… her choices and her personality grow stronger every day (just ask her mother). We all want what is best for our kids… and we cannot keep them young forever… and these days it becomes truly about capturing those moments together. For myself in 2011 my moment came when I pulled myself from the water at Turkey Point after the 10km swim from Pottahawk on

Labour Day. I didn’t tell a lot of you, but about 7km into the swim, I tore a tendon in my shoulder and it was all I could do to push through the pain to finish the swim… and when I finally did finish, the first people I saw were my son, daughter, and wife. My son playing in the water, my daughter standing knee deep, which looked waist deep on my wife… the emotion of the moment, overwhelmed me… and all I wanted to do was hug them… I

rendition of Santa Baby… followed up by, In the Wee Small Hours, in which vocalist Laura Swyers joined in sounding incredible… after one more tune, it was the Grade Nine Band’s turn… these fresh faced musicians displayed their talent after only four months of learning their instruments… playing a total of six numbers, some of which were Jingle Bells, The Little Drummer Person, Up On the House Top. Rounding out the festive evening was once again the Grade Ten Band, which played The Santa of Seville, Silent Night, (in the dark) Hippo the Hero, which Laura Swyers lead with vocals while playing a ukulele

Seasons Greetings

We really appreciate your business and we want to extend our best wishes to you. May the holidays be merry and may the new year bring you happiness and success. from the staff and management of the

Erie Beach Hotel

19 Walker St., Port Dover • 519-583-1391

Wishing everyone Safe and Happy Holidays!

Sincerely, Dave, Monica, Erin and Lirum



Little Christmas Music

By Dave Scott My family attended the Christmas Concert at Simcoe Composite School, Wednesday evening. The musicians did an amazing job… kids from grade nine right up to grade twelve. The concert kicked off with the Grade Ten Band playing and sounding wonderful… next up the Junior Stage Band, who finished up with A Jazzy Merry Christmas… followed by a stirring vocal solo (Where are you Christmas) from Lauren Fulton, which was very cool… the Senior Stage Band took the stage sounding fantastic… among their numbers was a

was reminded at that moment just how important my family is to me… so take a moment this Christmas to reflect on your year… pull those memories closer to your soul… and enjoy!

• • • •


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as the rest of the band joined in… the evening finished with A Holiday Swing Along.

Congrats to all the Bands and their teacher Mr. McGoveran on a delightful evening!

May the happy music of Christmas fill your days with harmony. On a joyous note, we say “thanks” to all of our great customers & friends! 77 Queensway E, Simcoe

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year... from our family to yours Mike, Sheena, Riley and Leanne, Jane, Megan, Kelly, Aisja, JoAnne & Maggie

Dover Apothecary “A Different Kind of Drugstore” Michael Marini, B.Sc. Phm. Pharmacist 328 Main St., Port Dover 519-583-3784 1-888-233-8111

NORFOLK HUB, December 20, 2011 page 4

Big Splash Mrs. Pond’s Kindergreats West Lynn Public School


ear Santa: Our friend Lyncoln is sick today. Please bring him a cars toy. He likes dinosaurs too. Please bring Barbies for Lyncoln’s sisters. We hope he is feeling better soon! Love, the Room 8 Kindergreats ear Santa: I will leave a carrot for Rudolph. I would really like a lot of toy dinosaurs or to go back in time to dinosaur time with Noah. Thank-you Santa Love, Lennon ear Santa: I am wishing for a skateboard please. My sister would really like a microphone. I like to sit on your lap! Remember when I saw you flying in the sky last year! Love, Madeleine ear Santa: I hope you are not too busy right now. What I really, really want for Christmas is (you might already know from the park light up) a puppy that can walk by itself with a leash please and thank you. I love you! Love, Maggie ear Santa: I would like Imaginex T-Rex and Velociraptor please. My sister would like a dolly and maybe some other girl stuff. I will leave some regular chips for you and some white





milk. I will leave some carrot sticks for the reindeer. Love, Noah ear Santa: Are you bringing Rudolph this year? I am wishing for a toy dragon. Mommy and Daddy would like to go camping in the winter! I will leave 2 different cookies and chocolate milk for you! Love, Nolan ear Santa: I hope you bring me some presents while I am sleeping! I will leave some treats for you. Do you like bacon and eggs or sandwiches? I will give you a present too! Love, Onni ear Santa: How are your reindeer? I am wishing for some skis and my sisters love Barbie dolls. My baby brother would like something about the Toronto Maple Leafs. I will leave chocolate chip cookies for you! Love, Damon ear Santa: Do you exercise? Do you like to go shopping? I am wishing for my own robot named Sahaily. Please bring Harry Potter movies for my big sister, but don’t tell her! My little sister would like a story about 3 kittens. Love, Alondra ear Santa: Is it really cold at






With Warm Regards We may provide the heat for your home, but nothing warms our hearts more than thoughts of the many good folks we’ve had the privilege to serve this past year. Happy Holidays!

Heating • Air Conditioning • Electrical 49 Park Road, Simcoe 519-428-4000 Tillsonburg 519-842-4000

d and b clim ate c a r e @ k The heating and cooling professionals who CARE Comfort • Accountability • Reliability • Excellence

the North Pole? I would really like some hair dye for Christmas to make my hair different colours. Can you bring that for my baby sister too please? My brother Sam likes pirates and my other brother likes Batman, Love, Audrey ear Santa: How are your reindeer? I am really wishing for a Barbie doll named Rapunzel please and thank you. My brother loves Ninja Lego! I will leave some carrots out for your reindeer. Please bring my mommy and daddy a new canoe. Love, Aurora ear Santa: Remember when I saw you at mommy’s party? I would really like a game for my game thing and my mommy would like a sparkly cup please. I will leave a treat for you, but it will be a surprise. Love, Berlyn ear Santa: How many reindeer are you bringing this year? Please bring me a little puppy that can walk all by itself. My mommy and daddy would like a new GPS so they can find Florida. I will leave chocolate milk and cookies.




Of The Week!


ear Santa: I will leave some kind of chocolate cookies for you. I am wishing for Mario Kart. Please bring Lego for my brother and girl stuff for my baby sister. Is Rudolph coming with you this year? Love, Eric ear Santa: I want to know how long the elves work before they can have a break. I am wishing for a stuffed doggy that barks and a Barbie car and a Barbie with wings. My sister wants a pony and a Cars book. My brother just wants baby boy stuff. Love, Kaitlyn ear Santa, Is Rudolph helping you this year? I would like a Mater Monster Truck please. My sister would like more dolls. We will leave cookies and white milk because that is your favourite! See you soon! Love, Jace ear Santa: I hope you have nice trip! I am wishing for a toy train with no eyes. Please bring a toy bunny and a sled for my brother. I will leave soup and crackers for you! Love, Zander


Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

95 Queensway West Simcoe 519.428.6328

Season’s Greetings May this joyous season bring you success, good times and happiness.

From Evelyne Waters, Leigh Hall & Carla Sywak Thompson Waters Funeral Home Ltd. 102 1st Ave., Port Dover • 519-583-1530



We would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! from the staff and families... Queensway Veterinary Hospital 415 Queensway W, Simcoe


May your holidays be rich in love and friendship and the year ahead be filled with joy and peace from all of us at CAA CAA South Central

Auto Ontario Simcoe Store Insurance 519.426.7230 8 Queensway Dr. E. Travel Simcoe, N3Y 4M3

Love, Emma Lee

Great Christmas Idea!! Jeweller y!

Simcoe Vintage Antique Chic Canadian Made 361 M ain Street, Port D over • 519.583.9433 M on -Sat : 11am-5:30 pm & S un 11am-4:30

Harmony ~ Comfort ~ Peace May the gift of the season last throughout the year. Season’s Greetings from all of us at

Wishing You & Yours a safe & wonderful Holiday Season Tillsonburg

335 Queensway W 39 Oxford St 519-842-2200 519.428.0491


From All of Us to All of You... There’s no place we’d rather be than part of this fine community. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Happy Holidays from all the staff at Canadian Tire, Simcoe!

Just a friendly reminder Simcoe Canadian Tire will be closed Christmas Day & New Years Day, but open Boxing Day from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year! 39 Colborne St. N. Simcoe, N3Y 4N5


CANADIAN TIRE SIMCOE 140 Queensway E • 519-426-1513

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Christmas Store! -

next to our mall entranceway

Have a question or comment for Coach Scot? Email to:

Canadian Tire Simcoe Proud Sponsors of...

Sports Good

361 Main St., Port Dover 519-583-3100


The staff and clients of Final Touch Hair and Body Care located on Park Rd, Simcoe made a wonderful donation to the Simcoe Caring Cupboard. They provided the food bank with many non-perishables to stock the shelves for the upcoming winter months. Photo: Kim Scoyne accepting the donation on behalf of the Caring Cupboard from the Staff.

HERicanes give back to the community Norfolk HERicanes OPG Peewee red house league team went shopping on Saturday night as part of their Christmas party. The girls went to WalMart to pick angels from the Angel Tree of the Children's Aid society of Haldimand Norfolk. The girls found some really great gifts for their kids and were excited to be shopping for those less fortunate than themselves.


77 Queensway E, Simcoe 519.426.8084

Ma rk Sh i e l

77 Queensway E, Simcoe 519.426.8084

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nd wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year! Season’s Greetings a • Employee Benefits Consulting • Group Retirement Savings Programs • Corporate and Personal Insurance • Investments and Retirement Planning • Financial Consulting Services

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rapping up at West Lynn

By Dave Scott The Kindergarten classrooms at West Lynn Public School looked like Santa’s workshop last week as Mrs. Pond’s Kindergreats and Mrs. Malo’s Kinderoos were busy putting the finishing touches on gifts for their parents… songs were sung, cards were made and

the presents were all wrapped just in time for Christmas… Oh and the cookies were eaten! The kids had a great time… and the teachers wanted to thank all the wonderful volunteers who help in the classrooms. Merry Christmas West Lynn!

In this joyful season...

warm thoughts and happy smiles are our wishes for you and yours. May this Christmas greet you with all its good tidings & warmth.

Merry Christmas 70 Victoria Street, Simcoe

519-426-4440 Toll free 1-800-465-0291

Always willing to lend a hand Members of 1st Waterford Cubs, Scouts and Ventures adopted a local family in need of a little Christmas help by donating toys, books, food and clothing. Photo, standing, left to right: Lucy Whitbread, Josh Belshaw, Sierra Shoup and Kristen Forsyth. In front

left to right: Tyler Tuomi, Dan Town, Paul Town, Matthew Forsyth, Luke Macdonald and Jordan Porrier.

NORFOLK HUB, December 20, 2011 page 9

ID96N>H6<DD996N IDG:;A:8IDCI=:<>;IHL:=6K: :c_dnndjgi^bZl^i][Vb^anVcY[g^ZcYhi]^h[Zhi^kZhZVhdc LZ^ck^iZdjgkVajZYXa^ZcihidYgdeWndcZd[ djgd[[^XZhide^X`jeV2012XVaZcYVg!dgXVaa id]VkZdcZbV^aZY# BX@Vn>chjgVcXZ;^cVcX^VaHZgk^XZh>cX# bX`Vn#[^cVcX^Va#hZgk^XZh5hjca^[Z#Xdb

<Vgn;#BX@Vn8AJ 7gZci6#BX@Vn768;E *&."*-'"&)%& '(,BV^cHi#! 9Za]^!DCC)7'B)

*&.")'+")*.* '(EZZaHi#! H^bXdZ!DCC(N&H&

The Residents and Staff of Norview Lodge want to wish all our families, volunteers and community partners a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Your many acts of kindness do much to enhance the quality of life for all our Residents and are sincerely appreciated. We look forward to your continued support in 2012.



ick McCall KIA and the Carriage

By Dave Scott The Carriage that is displayed prominently in the showroom at Rick McCall KIA in Port Dover has recently been filling up with gifts for children. The gifts will be donated to a local nondenominational church to be handed out to children who might not otherwise receive a gift this Christmas. Shown in the photo, is sales person Sonya Greenslade, displaying some of the toys that have been donated by local folks in our community. It is hard to believe that

e h t m o r F staff at k n a b a i t Sco coe Sim

everyday, children go without. It is great to see the folks at McCallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s taking the time to help others. The KIA Carriage has been a symbol of Christmas spiritâ&#x20AC;Ś from carrying the KIA Colouring Contest

Winners in the Santa Paradeâ&#x20AC;Ś to now, being filled with gifts. It has been about bringing smiles to children this Christmas seasonâ&#x20AC;Ś it truly represents the meaning of Christmas and giving! Awesome KIA!


Your Home Town Dealer with a Small Town Touch

May your home be filled with the joy of family and friends this holiday season. Hwy 6 E., Port Dover


May all your wishes Maytrue all this yourholiday wishes come season come true this Merry Christmas from all of us holiday at Norfolk

Tractor. season May all your wishes Merry Christmas from all of come us at Norfolk true this holiday Tractor.season Hwy 3 West Merry Christmas3503 from Ontario all of us at NorfolkSimcoe, Tractor. 519-426-1090

3503 Hwy 3 We

3503 Hwy 3 West Simcoe, Ontari Simcoe, Ontario 519-426-1090 519-426-1090

NORFOLK HUB, December 20, 2011 page 10

Proud Sponsors of O ur Farms... Our Families 494 Main St., Hwy. # 3, Courtland • 519-688-0909 •


orfolk Nature otes

By MARG WERDEN Christmas Tidbits Every year, I spend some time before Christmas going through several dozen Christmas books and magazines that I have looking for new decorating and recipe ideas. At the same time, I also find little tidbits that are sometimes useful and other times just interesting trivia that may or may not stick in my brain. Here are a few of them that you can use in either a practical way or as little bits to throw into a lagging conversation.

Natural air freshener Instead of using the chemical-laden manufactured air fresheners in containers that end up in the landfill, here is a natural air freshener that makes the house smell wonderful and can be disposed of in the compost pile: Mix 4 cups water with 2 tablespoons ground ginger, 1 tablespoon ground allspice, ½ cup ground cinnamon and 10 to 20 whole cloves in a pot; it will stain, so be careful which pot you use! Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer, adding water as necessary. Do not leave the pot unattended and do not allow the pot to simmer until dry. If you buy the spices at a store that sells in bulk – just when is The Bulk Barn coming to Simcoe??? – this is a very inexpensive air freshener and the house will have a very nice aroma. And it’s environmentally friendly!

Pulling Santa’s reindeer not a job for old males With the exception of Rudolph who, by virtue of his name must be a male, all of the other reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh may be female. Reindeer, which are known as caribou in North America, are the only deer species in which both sexes grow antlers. However, since adult males shed their antlers in the fall and since Santa’s reindeer all sport a good set of antlers, it stands to reason that they are females, or possibly adolescent males, both of which shed their antlers in the spring. Reindeer live in the Arctic and Subarctic regions of North America and Eurasia. Reindeer have unique hairs which trap air providing them with excellent insulation and keep them buoyant in the water. They are very strong swimmers and can move across wide rushing rivers.

Thanksgiving Jingle Bells The song “Jingle Bells” was originally composed to celebrate Thanksgiving, which in the United States is celebrated at the end of November and often marks the beginning of the holiday season. The song was written in 1857 by American songwriter James Pierpoint for his church choir in the Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusetts. The song was so popular at the Thanksgiving service that it was performed again during the Christmas services. According to the Medford Historical Society, the song was inspired by the town's popular sleigh


races during the 1800s. The word jingle in the title and opening phrase was apparently meant to be an imperative verb, as “jingle the bells!” In the winter in New England in pre-automobile days, it was common to adorn horses' harnesses with straps bearing bells as a way to avoid collisions at blind intersections, since a

Norfolk Nature Notes Sponsored by Acorus Restoration

M Chri erry stma s

S i m co e N atu r al F o o ds 519.428.2077 • 10 N orfolk St S , S imcoe


horse-drawn sleigh in snow makes almost no noise. The rhythm of the tune mimics that of a trotting horse's bells. However, “jingle bells" is now commonly taken to mean a certain kind of bell.

At this Festive Time ... We at Bachmann Personal Injury Law Wish all of you A Joyous Christmas. Please remember, if you plan to celebrate with alcohol, take a designated driver. Stay safe and keep everyone safe.

39 Kent St. N. #5, Simcoe, ON 519-428-8090 •

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Reindeer, known as caribou in North America, are found in Arctic and Subarctic regions around the world.

Health Tip of the Week Visit the rmstro Loose A Le af Te asn.g Clinic and try our selec tion of Healthy A g re at g ift ide 519.426.4275 a t h at k e ep s o n g iv i n g ! 55 Kent Street South, Simcoe

Proud Sponsors of Our Farms... Our Families

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Victoria Eldercare 220 Victoria Street Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 4T2

Companion Visits  Overnight Companion  Vacation Companion 519.426.7300 Errand & Appointment Companion  Medication Reminders  Household Chores

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Solution: 18 letters

Beard Believe Blitzen Children Chimney Christmas Comet Cookies Cupid Dancer Dasher December Donner Dreams

Elves Eve Gifts Hat Ho Ho Ho Jolly List Merry Milk Morning Night Prancer Red suit Reindeer

Rudolph Sack Saint Nicholas Sleigh Smile Stockings Toys Treat Tree Vixen Wish

Solution: Gifts of time and love (are the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.)


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eeterville helps others this Christmas

By Dave Scott Kids… where would we be without them? They remind us about what is important. They keep us focused on helping others. They don’t let adult imposed obstacles stand in their way. Kids just know that we all need to help others… they do not care about all the grown up stuff that stands in the way… they discover a way to help. I find it funny… for kids, it is

instinctive to want to help… then we grow, make ridiculous rules and things seem to fall apart… leaving the next generation of kids to straighten it out. Perhaps we need to remember… watch our kids… listen to what they are saying… it is odd that as adults we like to complicate issues… but to a child the answer is simple and like always the right one. This past week I had the opportunity to visit Teeterville Public School

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and see what the students were up to. Of course they were doing their part this holiday season, helping in our community with a food drive, and helping the children in Attawapiskat, a community along the shores of James Bay with a winter clothing drive. For our own community the food donations were pouring in to help the Delhi and Waterford food banks. The students had organized a Halloween dance in which can goods were brought in. They also had classroom collections of canned goods brought by the student body. The kindergarten students along with grade eight students were going

from room to room collecting. The Teeterville Student Council stepped up and organized a clothing drive for kids in Attawapiskat who are struggling this time of year and need assistance. The student council sprang into action and in a week had collected an unbelievable amount of clothing, boots, coats, mittens, sweaters, hats and snowsuits to send north. See what I mean… no hesitation… just helping others… doing the right thing! To the students of Teeterville, ‘Thank you for setting a positive example for the rest of us to follow… well done!’

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