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Photo, left to right: back - Doug Schram, Roger Schaffer, David Maddison, Pat Milne and Brandon Williams absent Mike Hache, front - Melissa Uberig and Kim Scoyne. Article on page 10.

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erry and By Dave Scott

Now-a-days, by the time you are in high school you are suppose to know what you want to do with your life… it hardly seems fair. To this day, I still don’t know what tomorrow will hold… it isn’t that a regular job wouldn’t be nice… but there are still so many different things I want to try… maybe we should give our kids a break and let them have a few different life experiences before sticking them in a box. Hmm, let’s expand on that life experience thing… I sat down with Terry Sheppard (Sheppard Furniture) a few weeks back and our conversation sorta’ got back to his childhood… I have known Terry for a few years… but did not know the family background. Terry’s grandfather came from Hamilton in the early 1900’s, bought land and began farming… actually at the ‘halfway house’ between Port Dover and Simcoe. Nine children were raised, one of which was Terry’s dad. Farming was the way of life at the ‘halfway house’ and all of the Sheppards were involved… it was during this time of Terry’s youth that he learned some early business lessons… for example, when you took your produce to market… if it did not sell you threw it out… working at the market provided Terry

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Debbie with the opportunity to develop customer relations and immerse him in a business environment. Well Terry met Debbie (Robinson) and the relationship bloomed. Terry left the farm in 1973 and picked up a job at Lindsay Furniture Store on Colborne Street in Simcoe (now the home of Sheppard Furniture) the Lindsay family had opened the store in 1936 and when Terry began to work there, Harold Lindsay’s two sons, Bob and Don, were running the business. With a good job under his belt Terry and Debbie were married in 1974 and settled in. Learning and doing everything involved in the business (delivering, ordering, customer service…) he enjoyed his job… gaining experience and becoming part of the community. 1988 rolled around and Bob and Don asked Terry if he would be interested in taking over the business… Terry and Debbie decided to go for it. Debbie who has a natural eye for decorating and with Terry’s background in business the couple knew with hard work they would succeed. Sure, there was that fear of the unknown and with a young family… it was a risk… but the couple never looked back… their daughters growing up in the

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Terry and Debbie Sheppard, owners of Sheppard Furniture. business. Terry laughs thinking back to the big boxes that the girls would have fun playing in at the store. Terry and Debbie maintained that quality and high standard the Lindsay family had instilled in the business, while adding the latest fashions of the time. The couple knows the furniture business inside and out and when a customer enters the store, Terry and Debbie are sure to make the experience a positive one. While sitting with Terry, it was easy for me to see why their business has continued to grow…

our conversation went from our kids, to business, to community, and well to future. In all aspects Terry understands and appreciates his life. This is who Terry Sheppard is… it is where he wants to be… it is what he and Debbie do! As we started into this story I talked about kids figuring out what it is they want to do with their lives at a young age… I don’t know if it was Terry’s dream to own a business, but I do know it is what makes him happy… and before we start telling kids what they should be… maybe we should let them look at what they could be happy at.

It’s all about people. 519.426.4773

28 Colborne Street N., Simcoe, ON N3Y 3T9

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Proud Sponsor of... Coming Events! ➤ VOTING HAS STARTED!! FANS DON’T JUST CHEER… THEY VOTE!! SIMCOE TEAM FINALIST IN BMO TEAM OF THE WEEK CONTEST!! The U11 Meat Wagon Golden Eagles team, a Simcoe and District Youth Soccer Club team, is a FINALIST in the BMO Team of the Week 2011 Championship. The team was selected from hundreds across Canada and is vying for a grand prize of $125,000 towards a Clubhouse


ver the past few years, the Canadian dollar has flirted with – and even exceeded – parity with the U.S dollar. When our currency is strong a vacation home in Florida, Arizona or California or even a family trip south of the border becomes much more affordable. David Pass, Financial Advisor To put today’s currency conversion rates into perspective, just eight and a half years ago, on January 21, 2002, the Canadian dollar hits lowest point in 50 years, trading at US$0.6179. Back then, something that cost at US$1,000 translated into CAN$1,618. You’ll do much better than that today. Heightening the attraction of using a relatively strong Canadian dollar to get more for less, the U.S. economy has been battered by the global recession and, although housing prices have started to rebound in some markets, the housing crisis that precipitated much of the financial turmoil of 2008 and 2009 has left its mark. Markets such as California, Arizona and Nevada saw housing prices soar while the real estate market was booming – and then drop precipitously when the crash came. They’re still struggling to recover. And Canadians have taken notice. According to the National Association of Realtors in the United States, Canadian buyers accounted for 18 per cent – the largest share – of international real estate purchases in 2009. In 2008, the proportion was even higher, at 24 per cent. As in previous years, in 2009 Canadians tended to focus on sunny states such as Florida (35 per cent), Arizona (23 per cent) and California (10 per cent). The median price paid by Canadians for U.S property that same year was US$205,800,


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at our soccer park + a $5,000 donation to a charity of our choice. Register and vote for the Meat Wagon Golden Eagles once daily during the voting period of August 1st to 15th at: http:// Let’s put Norfolk County on the map!! ➤ Flower Show Exhibitor Programs - The Simcoe & District Horticultural Society’s Flower and Vegetable Show Exhibitor Programs are now available for any interested Adults or Youth exhibitors at Eising Greenhouses, The Information Centre or by calling Dave at 519-443-4807. The Flower show will be held on Wednesday August 10th at Cedarwood Village. ➤ Decoration and Memorial Service - St. Andrews United Church, Vittoria, Ontario, Sunday August 14, 2011 at 2 pm. Minister Cheryl Fitch, Special Music. Everyone Welcome ➤ Plan on attending the Annual Corn Supper


he Lure of the South

and 81 per cent paid cash rather than taking out a mortgage. Looking beyond the enthusiasm, however, there are a number of factors Canadians need to consider before they leap into the U.S housing market. First of all, as with any investment, it’s important to determine with your advisor whether buying U.S property fits into your longterm plan. A second home is a major financial commitment and there’s much more than the purchase price to consider. You’ll have to pay for ongoing maintenance and repairs, utilities and insurance year-round, even if you’re only living in the property for a few weeks or months. Insurance, in particular, can be a major expense in hurricane-susceptible states such as Florida and earthquake-vulnerable states such as California. Furthermore, property taxes can be significantly higher for non-residents than for U.S residents in some locations. In addition, there may be longer-term tax consequences to consider. If the property generates rental income, you’ll need to file tax returns in both the U.S and Canada. You’ll have to file tax returns in both countries when you sell the property too, whether or not if generates rental income. At that point, you may be liable for capital gains taxes. And, after death, U.S. property may be subject to non-resident estate taxes. This just skims the surface of the tax issues you need to consider before investing in the U.S real estate. It’s critical to seek the guidance of a tax advisor with experience in this area and to carefully weigh the pros and cons. However and wherever in the United States you’re travelling, travel emergency medical insurance is essential in case you need medical treatment while you’re outside your home province. Many companies offer either single-trip plans that cover you for one vacation or multi-trip plans

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at Memorial Church in the picturesque village of Port Ryerse on Wednesday, August 17th. Serving from 5 to 7 p.m. Menu is: Hamburger, Corn, Coleslaw and Beverage. Yummy dessert is $2.50 extra. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Bring along a nonperishable food item (or two) to add to our Food Bank Collection! ➤ Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk and Tillsonburg would like to invite you to come out for a day of fun at the 20th annual Crime Stoppers Charity golf tournament on August 18, 2011, at the Greens at Renton. Held in conjunction with Central Erie and Haldimand Insurance Broker’s Associations, the tournament helps to raise funds for the local crime fighting program and aids programs like Student and Seniors Crime Stoppers. If you would like to join the tournament, sponsor a hole, donate a prize or volunteer, please call 519-426-3434 ext 7451. See you there!

that cover you for several trips within one year. Make sure you keep your policy number, telephone numbers to call in an emergency and policy documents with you at all times while you’re outside Canada. Other types of insurance that can protect you from the costs Judie Rice, of travel plans gone awry Financial Advisor include trip cancellation and interruption insurance, baggage loss, delay and damage insurance, and flight and travel accident insurance. Overall, our relatively strong dollar makes this a very tempting time to “buy American” – whether that means investing in U.S real estate or indulging in a U.S vacation. Either way, the key is to do some upfront research and ensure that your decisions fit into your long-term financial plans. David Pass and Judie Rice are Financial Advisors with Manulife Securities Incorporated and Insurance Representatives with Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. Manulife Securities Incorporated is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. David and Judie can be contacted at 25 Harvey Street, Tillsonburg ON, N4G 3J7, 519-842-8000 or 1-877-496-2770, or judie.rice@ Excerpted from Solutions Fall 2010 edition. David Pass and Judie Rice, Financial Advisors, Manulife Securities Incorporated 25 Harvey Street, Tillsonburg ON, N4G 3J7, 1-877-496-2770,


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4 Are You Tough Enough? swimmers and runners training off Dover beach.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (Dr. Seuss) Camp Trillium

By Dave Scott Wednesday evening, as usual, the Are You Tough Enough? swimmers and runners hit the water off Dover beach… focused on their training, preparing for September 4th, when they swim from Pottahawk to Turkey Point and then run 10km to Long Point Eco-Adventures. Months of hard work and dedication bringing them closer towards the ultimate goal… swimming and running to raise funds for Camp Trillium… but in the back of our minds this Wednesday night was special, we were on our way to visit… a great place afterwards!

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! (Dr. Seuss) Like I said, afterwards we were heading over to Camp Trillium for a tour and visit. Our group had decided a while back that the funds raised from our swim and run would go to Camp Trillium in Waterford.

Debbie VanDalen Broker

215 Chapman St. E. Port Dover

Bus: 519.583.1912 Fax: 519.583.9837 Res: 905.779.3752

Looking at the following quote from the Camp Trillium website (, you get a better understanding of what it is that they do there: The Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre offers and promotes recreational experiences to bring children with cancer and their families together. The Trillium Centre provides an environment that normalizes relationships and experiences, helping children and their families in the healing process and enhancing their quality of life. Camp Trillium operates two sites in Ontario. Oddfellow and Rebekah Island, formerly Garratt’s Island (since 1989), near Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton, and Rainbow Lake (since 1997) in Waterford. Camp Trillium also travels to ten different Ontario cities, operating Day Camp programs in the summer. Throughout the year, Youth Groups and Trillium in the Community programs are offered in several major centres. More children than ever before are surviving childhood cancer; however, the devastation of their diagnosis and their treatments have major implications for the whole family. Camp Trillium has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1984. It is apparent that the support and recreation we provide is truly necessary. Childhood cancer affects the whole

family; therefore, our population includes: children on treatment, children off treatment, brothers and sisters of patients, bereaved siblings and parents. Our group arrived and was greeted by Marci Shea-Perry, who is the Executive Director for Camp Trillium. As Marci talked, we could hear the kids having a grand old time inside the auditorium as they enjoyed the talent show that was ongoing. Marci took us through the facility, explaining the functions and the importance of the camp... the medical cabin, arts and craft building, sleeping cabins, rock climbing wall, boat storage area overlooking the lake… to the high ropes, all surrounded by the beautiful trees that wrap around the camp itself.

It’s opener there In the wide open air. (Dr. Seuss) After the tour we headed into the auditorium to catch some of the talent show… the kids and the leaders were having a blast participating and singing… clapping and enjoying the moment… you could feel the energy in the room, it drew you in. I looked over at our group and saw smiles across all their faces… they were feeling it to.

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Thompson Waters Funeral Home Ltd. Funeral Director: Leigh Hall Business Manager: Carla Sywak • Family owned and operated • Serving Port Dover & surrounding area for over 100 years ~ We’re here to help ~ 102 1st Ave., Port Dover • 519-583-1530

MPP, Haldimand-Norfolk

Travel with Toby@TobyBarrettmpp

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Participants and leaders at Camp Trillium.

Out there things can happen And frequently do To people as brainy And footsy as you. And when things start to happen Don’t worry. Don’t stew Just go right along. You’ll start happening too. (Dr. Seuss) We stepped outside (our group collecting their thoughts) and listened as Marci explained how the camp functions. She let us know how the kids come from all across the province, make friends for life and how they return year upon year. Then she introduced us to four leaders in training who have been attending the camp for years. They all agreed they loved coming to the camp and that they had made many friends over the years… and are always excited about returning… they explained that, ‘kids are kids here’… they are with their peer group and they can talk about their illness or how it effects them and their family.

You won’t lag behind, because you’ll have the speed. You’ll pass the whole gang and you’ll soon take the lead. Wherever you fly, you’ll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. (Dr. Seuss) The leaders head back to the auditorium, our group begins to chat, amazed at the kids… knowing we will succeed in our swim… and raising funds…. inspired by the children… realizing that our tough day at work and training… wasn’t so tough after all. I slip away from our group and head back in to where the kids are watching the camp leaders act out a skit that involves interaction from all the campers… their faces are locked on the leaders, the smiles are endless… the joy pouring out… their issues fade away… just kids at camp…

And will you succeed? YES! You will indeed! …KID, YOU’LL MOVE MOUNTAINS! (Dr. Seuss) I quietly fade out and join our group… we all realized we had just been part of something bigger then all of us… Camp Trillium and its campers had given us more then we could ever give them…

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your lake is waiting. So… get on your way! P.S. if you would like to donate... please stop by Scotiabank in Simcoe or the Runners Den in Port Dover - all proceeds to Camp Trillium.


So Brockbank or Nancy or Wayne or Chris or John or Bill or Kristen or Dave or little Annaleise Carr,

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Ron r Stee p e

77 Queensway E, Simcoe 519.426.8084

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LEON’S FURNITURE s ' n C o h ari Le tie s Events! SIMCOE 24 NORFOLK ST. 519.426.0270

Long Point Eco-Adventures support the Simcoe Caring Cupboard on Norfolk Family Day! Left to right: Kim Scoyne, Leah Dreyer, Jenell Scoyne, Gillian Pond and Alex Townsend.


aving F un in the R ain

By Dave Scott The rain came down, but the folks who ventured out to Long Point Eco-Adventures to take in Norfolk Family Day last Wednesday did not seem to mind. Long Point staff Garrett, Ben and Bill did a masterful job of keeping the adults and kids involved in their many different programs… from the reptile booth, to checking out images from the Hubble, to delicious campfire

Fish Fry Fun in Port Ryerse.

Nora takes part at Norfolk Family Day at Long Point Eco-Adventures.

desserts… to what is edible in the forest. There was a survival program and knot tying courses with a repel demo of the side of the building. Everyone enjoyed the hotdogs for lunch and at the end of the day Ben Allen won zipping for himself and three family members. If you get the opportunity check out all the cool programs available at Long Point Eco-Adventures… it is not just zipping.


ort Ryerse Bell Tower R estoration

By Dave Scott The Port Ryerse Bell Tower Restoration Project had a successful Fish Fry last month! For this month the group has planned a Corn Supper, Wednesday August 17th (serving 6:00 to 6:30 pm) and all are invited. Tickets will also available at the Corn Dinner (for only $20/ticket) to enter a draw to win a Bruce Steinhoff original painting… Bruce is an

accomplished artist worldwide. If you are interested in the History of Port Ryerse, advance sales of the Port Ryerse History book, which will be released May 2012, can be purchased for $30. All in all, another great event is planned for Port Ryerse next Wednesday, so pop down and enjoy the hospitality. For more details call 519-428-1611.

It’s who you know. 519.426.2551

28 Colborne Street N., Simcoe ON N3Y 3T9

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C l a r k ’ s P H A R M A S AV E Whitehorse Plaza 454 Norfolk Street S, Simcoe



Health Centre 216 West Street, Simcoe


Family Medical Centre 381 Cedar Street, Simcoe


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August 5th to August 11th, 2011

CLARK’S PHARMASAVE at the Whitehorse Plaza, 454 Norfolk Street S, Simcoe 519 426-6580

5th to Augustst 11th, Augu 11 20

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Big Splash


orfolk Nature otes


How far did we walk? I remember hearing this question quite often after a day of hiking with the kids and I have to admit I often wondered myself just how far our hikes had taken us. Now, with the help of the internet, this is easily determined. A website ( allows you to go just about anywhere in the world, mark out your trail, and find out exactly how far you travelled or will travel. There are simple and easy-to-follow usage instructions (see lower left of screen) and three different ways to draw the map: one for walkers using streets, one for cyclists using streets (making sure no one-way streets are travelled in the wrong direction) and a nonstreet, point A to point B method that can be used on trails. Using this website and the “satellite” setting on the map, I used our own trails, which conveniently show up on the map, to mark a 3-kilometre hiking course to use. Daily would be good!

Turkey Point Watershed Reserve Campaign The Long Point Basin Land Trust (LPBLT) has launched a new campaign to secure, restore and protect an 80-acre parcel of land north of the Turkey Point marsh. “The property is a former orchard and protecting this piece of land will help protect the whole watershed and make habitat for wildlife,” explained LPBLT’s Director of Conservation and Science Gregor Beck. “Forestville Creek, the largest stream draining into the Turkey Point marsh, runs through the property and the eastern branch is the only major piece of the stream that is without forest cover. It’s a missing link for the rest of this wildlife corridor.” An August 2010 report by The U.S. Nature Conservancy, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service ranked the Long Point-Turkey PointNortheast Coast as being among the top 10 "biodiversity islands" in the Great Lakes basin, highlighting the area's ecological significance and priority for protecting threatened species. “Although a relatively small area, it is ecologically in tact,” Gregor said. “As a result, the restoration

Dr. Alan Plater Dr. Geoffrey Manchester Dr. Stephanie Landry


415 Queensway W., Simcoe (Hwy. #3, just west of Hwy. #24)

of such a key piece of the wildlife corridor is very important.” The campaign hopes to raise approximately $150,000 by fall. “We have an offer for the property in place and have most of the funds to purchase it in place,” stated Gregor. “We’ve been fortunate to have received some major grants to launch the campaign, but we welcome any and all support from the public.” In addition to the purchase price of the property, the LPBLT needs to raise funds to cover taxes and the cost of restoration. “We also want to put a long-term stewardship fund in place for the property,” Gregor said. “Unlike other properties we have acquired, this one is as much about what is there now as what is going to be there in the future ecologically. The exciting part of the project will be the development of a conservation management plan that will outline what we should do and not do in terms of habitat restoration.” Gregor believes that ultimately the property will contain a variety of habitats, from forested stream banks that connect the neighbouring forests to oak savanna to shrubland and open country habitat. “We envision a mosaic of habitat types that will recreate natural linkages from the forest to the marsh. There are several ponds on the property that are home to turtles, waterfowl, and other wildlife. Increasing the size of the habitat means wildlife doesn’t have to move as far from their summer to their winter homes. There is a need for more interior forest because a lot of wildlife is adversely affected by living on the edges of woodlots and wetlands.” One of the priorities will be the restoration of forest cover along Forestville Creek. “This will reduce erosion, siltation and run-off along the stream and hold back water during spring floods,” Gregor explained. “Protecting headwaters of streams helps to ensure better quality and quantify of water and helps maintain the base flow yearround.” The forest cover will also help maintain Forestville Creek as a cold-water stream. “Cold water streams are generally better oxygenated, are healthier, and are more likely to support fish such as trout,” Gregor stated. According to Gregor, the Turkey Point Watershed Reserve campaign is a commitment to the future.

519 426-1111

Of The Week!

A weekend of free family fun is planned for the second annual Forest Fest on August 13 and 14. “This piece of property will be a valuable contribution to our green space that can only get better in the future.” To find out more about this project or to make a donation, go to the LPBLT’s website at www. or send your donation to LPBLT, P.O. Box 468, Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0.

is unveiled, and the Turkey Point forest is rededicated to Dr. J. H. White.

Free family fun at Forest Fest Just in time to celebrate the International Year of the Forest, the second annual Forest Fest is being presented by the Port Rowan/South Walsingham Heritage Association. The event will take place on August 13 and 14 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) on the grounds of the St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre (Hwy. 24 at Forestry Farm Road). Among the activities planned to celebrate all things wood and forest related are a wooden boat show, demonstrations of sawmilling, chainsaw carving, green houses, and green roof technology, children’s activities, horse-drawn wagon rides, retriever dogs, and guided trail tours. Several well-known foresters of the past will also be remembered when a biography of Dr. E. J. Zavitz is launched, a memorial to Dr. Zavitz

The Long Point Basin Land Trust has launched a campaign to secure, restore and protect a former orchard north of the Turkey Point Marsh.

Norfolk Nature Notes Sponsored by Acorus Restoration

The 8th Annual George Baldock Memorial Classic Would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who participated and generously supported this year’s tournament. Included are the following businesses who through their generous donations sponsored this year’s prize table. Because of all of you we were able to generously donate to the Cancer Support & Resource Program of Norfolk.

Thank You Again! We Look Forward To Seeing Everyone Again Next Year Volunteers Barb Binder Kait Ferguson Crystal Lauwerier Mary Argo Dave Kruegar Melody Ross Joanne Defreyne Mike Ross Sponsors Armstrong Clinic Bansil Landscaping Barb Binder Bob Ferguson - Royal LePage Budd’s CIBC Simcoe Clark’s Pharmasave Cooper-Tyme Ferris Funeral Home Final Touch Fitness Future Automotive Hanselman Claims Inc.

Sihler Baldock Spencer Ferguson Sue Baldock

Long Point Eco Adventures Mark’s Work Warehouse McKiee & Farrar, Gair & Tri County Ontario Power Generation Respiratory HomeCare Solutions Roulstons Rexal IDA Serafina Simcoe Optomist Club Suprun Wealth Management Tyler Horton Wiebe Design

A Warm Thank You To All Personal Prize Donations Made By Friends & Family

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Smarty Pantz


Health is in our Nature Heidi Armstrong

Sean Armstrong

Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer

itamin C has several actions that may offer protection against cancer V and or other serious illness. It protects cells and their contents, including DNA, from damage. Vitamin C also helps the body neutralize

environmental pollution and toxic chemicals, it enhances immune function, and it inhibits the formation of cancer-causing compounds such as nitrosamines, found in processed meats. Vitamin C preferentially kills cancer cells. It is not toxic to normal healthy cells and can be given at very high doses without harm to the patient. The use of vitamin C as a cytotoxic (cancer cell-killing) agent has been used for over 40 years. Intravenous therapy means to administer a substance or drug directly into a vein. Vitamin C taken in capsule form by mouth cannot achieve high enough blood levels to kill cancer cells, thus the use of intravenous therapy is necessary. Therapeutic dosages of 25 to 100 grams have been used regularly to eliminate cancer. It is impossible to consume that dose by mouth. Optimal absorption of capsule doses by mouth is 1000-2000mg per hour. Generally people will experience diarrhea at higher oral doses anywhere from 2000mg to 10,000 mg (2-10 grams), depending on their individual bowel tolerance and tissue saturation. When vitamin C is given through IV no diarrhea occurs. Blood levels of 350mg/dl must be maintained for therapeutic results to be achieved, and this effect lasts between 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending on the person. Oral routes cannot guarantee a constant serum level. Vitamin C given through IV lends itself to controlling this vital variable in order to ensure cytotoxic levels within the blood. None the less, intravenous vitamin C is a safe therapy. It does not have side effects such as hair loss, nausea, diarrhea, or fatigue. IV Vitamin C can be used safely along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat cancer directly, decrease side effects from conventional treatments and increase treatment outcomes. Recent trials have demonstrated combined effectiveness of IV Vitamin C when used with Gemcitibine chemotherapy. Your Naturopathic Doctor at the Armstrong Clinic can answer more questions, and determine whether IV Vitamin C is the right therapy for you. *References available upon request.

pros Gardening Tips

Dave Zeldon


Back To Xeriscaping

here has been a renewed interest in creating a sustainable landscape with plants that will survive dry periods on their own, without a heavy reliance on supplemental watering, fertilizer and other maintenance tasks. This past July, much like the summer of 2007, gardeners have grown weary trying to keep lawns and prized specimens alive through the extended period of drought and have been seeking solutions. The term xeriscape simply means creating a landscape design that has been carefully tailored to withstand drought conditions. It comes from the Greek word “xeros “ which means dry, and of course “scape,” as in landscape. Here are some key elements to consider when incorporating xeriscaping into your landscape.

1. The Lawn Area:

The lawn is an important part of any landscape as it provides the background that enhances the overall effect of the home and the various gardens and landscape features. Titanium Tall Fescue is more drought resistant than many other lawn grasses such as the traditional kentucky bluegrass or perennial ryegrass. Fescue roots penetrate deeper into the soil also are more disease resistant and wear tolerant, making it ideal for heavy foot traffic areas and recreational areas.

2. The Soil:

To help plants develop long roots: add organic matter deep into the soil, which helps the plant retain moisture and adds nutrients; plus water for lengthy periods rather than shorter ones so the water can penetrate well into the ground. Also cover the exposed soil with five centimetres of organic mulch (leaves or shredded bark) to conserve moisture.

3. Choosing The Right Plants:

Some garden plants have adapted to dry conditions better than others. These generally include plants with long tap roots that can find buried sources of water; succulents that store moisture in their leaves; and still others with silvery foliage to reflect sunlight, a waxy coating to lock in moisture, or woolly leaves that help conserve moisture. Here are some draught-tolerant plant suggestions: Grasses Bluestem (Andropogon spp.) Little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) Maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis) Sedge (Carex spp.) Tufted hair grass (Deschampsia cespitosa) Perennials Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia spp.) Blazing star (Liatris spp.) False sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides) Lamb’s ears (Stachys byzantina) Mullein (Verbascum spp.) Poppies (Papaver spp.) Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) Russian sage (Perovskia)

Sea lavender (Limonium latifolium) Spurge (Euphorbia spp.) Stonecrop (Sedum spp.) Thrift (Armeria spp.) Yarrow (Achillea spp.) Common thrift (Armeria maritima) Alpine sea holly (Eryngium alpinum) Blazing star (Liatris spicata) Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) Verbascum (Verbascum spp.) Shrubs Bluebeard (Caryopteris spp.)


814 Cockshutt Road, Simcoe, One kilometre south of Renton

Butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii) Mock orange (Philadephus spp.) Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) Smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria) Sumac (Rhus spp.) Trees Honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthus) Junipers (Juniperus spp.) Oaks (Quercus spp.)

Simcoe: 55 Kent Street South


Radial Shockwave Therapy Radial Shockwave Therapy is a new treatment option for those that are affected by conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bursitis, achilles tendinopathy (commonly known as achilles tendonitis), tennis elbow and calcific tendinitis as notable examples. Radial Shockwave Therapy works by effectively breaking down tissue in a controlled manner to allow the targeted area to heal properly through the regeneration of blood vessels. It has shown to be successful in the treatment of chronic pain. A pneumatic generator physically delivers the shock wave to the skin, where it is transformed to sound energy and delivered to the targeted area. The use of shock waves makes the treatment completely non invasive and is well tolerated by patients. The effects of shock waves were discovered several decades ago after it was noticed swimmers in the Pacific ocean were affected by the detonation of mines although they were well out of the blast radius. As the scientific community grew more understanding of the effects caused by shock waves, and medical technology advanced to a sufficient level, the medical profession was able to harness the power of shock waves for therapeutic uses. Results can be felt after only one treatment with a large improvement becoming evident after a months worth of treatment, on average tissue regeneration takes place after three months. With radial shock wave therapy, patients are in and out the door with treatments typically only taking between five to ten minutes. Anyone who may think radial shockwave therapy may be right for them should contact... West Street Health Centre, Simcoe • 519-426-8330 Waterford Medical Centre • 519-443-6663 Dr. Thompson B.Sc.D.C. Chiropractor

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NYCA After School Program registration! For Lynndale, Westlynn, Elgin, Bloomsburg & St. Joseph’s Wednesday, August 31st 1-6pm & Thursday, September 1st 11am -4 pm A ll Registrations at Elgin Ave Public School



is a Not-for-Profit Charity With a Licenced After School for anyone surviving cancer). For more information or to

Program, Recreational Camps & Adult Fitness Programs (The Fitness Room Donate Today, Call 519.428.0160 Charitable Tax Receipts Available

acobs helps the Caring Cupboard

By Dave Scott Every morning we climb out of bed wondering what the day will hold for us. Most of us grab breakfast and head for work! But what about if the cupboard was bare‌ and we had no money‌ how would we get through the day? Last month, Melissa Uberig and her fellow staff at Jacobs (contractors at Esso) decided to help the Caring Cupboard. For three days they came to work an hour early (6am), stood at the gate and collected donations from workers heading in for the day. The Jacobs Group was able to collect $944.14 for the Cupboard. Melissa explained that she was inspired when she attended Jacobs’ Beyond Zero program, out West. The program itself is based around safety in the workplace, and creating that culture of caring for each

other at work and in the community‌ a sense of pride within the company and its employees. Kim Scoyne, Director of the Simcoe Caring Cupboard, graciously accepted the donation and thanked Melissa and the other volunteers who came in early and collected the donations. Kim also wanted to remind folks that the Cupboard always needs donations, especially anything for the kids‌ juice boxes, cereals, and canned fruit‌ any non-perishables will help.

is free

Doug Schram, from Jacobs, felt that this was a good time to help the Cupboard and said Melissa took the lead in organizing the event. He said that when Melissa asked if he wanted to be involved, he thought it was a good idea. The staff at Jacobs and the Caring Cupboard wanted to thank all those who gave and helped out. To the Jacobs crew, ‘Thanks for getting up a little earlier‌ putting breakfast on a table‌ and making someone else’s morning a little brighter!’



12: 23(1




P: 519.583.3969 E: Laurie Rutherford B.A. Dance R.A.D. Teaching Diploma


TUESDAY AUGUST 16, 2011 THURSDAY AUGUST 18, 2011 5-9pm at the studio

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Solution: 29 letters

Boreal Broadleaf Canopy Carbon Cones Coniferous Cover Deciduous Density Ecosystem Fire Foliage

Green Habitat Hikes Hinterland Jungle Leaves Nature Nuts Plants Rainforest Reforestation

Roots Saplings Seedlings Seeds Shade Soil Trees Understory Walk Watershed Woods

Solution: The creation of a thousand forests (is in one acorn.)


Long Point Eco-Adventures


Zipping for you & 3 other friends!*

M ail ballot to Box 189, Simcoe, ON N3Y 3N0 or email your name, phone number & ’Let my eco -adventure begin ’ to Draw Date: September 5, 2011 *M ust be 18 years of age to enter

Name: Phone: Email:

Wonders of the U niverse!!

August 24, 2011

They’re so adorable when they’re having fun. (So are the kids.) At Timbits Soccer, everyone gets into the game. Kids make new friends, and parents have fun cheering them on. Your local Tim Hortons is proud to support all the boys and girls who play Timbits Soccer in Norfolk County.

Join Terrence Dickinson; Canada’s leading authority on astronomy this summer at the Long Point Eco-Adventure Centre for a special dinner and exclusive tour of the night sky. Travel to the distant stars and explore the possibilities of new planets, discover galaxies nebulas and star clusters. Veiled in pristine darkness and surrounded by forests, fields and wetlands observers will have unobstructed views of the many celestial wonders found in the summer night sky.

Call 877.743.8687 to book today!

Zip Lines - Nature Programming Canoe/Kayak Trips - Star Gazing Tours Let your eco-adventure begin!

© Tim Hortons, 2011 877.743.tour

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New Passat Arrives This Month $ 00 23,975. D

es e l i TDI ected proj

61 mpg

Time to step into the st New 21 Century Beetle g n i m Co ! ! n o So

144 Queensway East Simcoe Ontario N3Y 4K8 PH 519-426-6150 FX 519-428-4283 TF 1-800-265-2812

Volkswagen Authorized






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