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“The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.” ~ Tibetan proverb “Solvitur ambulando.” (It is solved by walking.) ~ Diogenes “If you can walk to the fridge, you can walk.” ~ Charlie

I am walking purposefully every day in preparation for a 10-day race next June. So far, I have been out on the roads and the Lynn Valley Trail for a minimum of 6K and a maximum of 20K every day since September 11. I am doing it as training for the event, but, at the same time, the potential health benefits are absolutely remarkable. A good walking regimen can have a profound effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. The list of pluses is long: Walking is important for the health of your heart. As it is cardiovascular exercise, it raises the heart rate, strengthening the muscles of your heart. Walking is important for keeping your bones strong. As we age, our bones may begin to lose density. Bone density is the amount of bone mineral present. A depletion of bone density leads to osteoporosis. Exercise helps to retain bone mass. For those who have not been exercising at all, the easiest way to start is by walking. Walking can help to improve your joint mobility. Regular exercise, like walking, eases joint stiffness. What makes walking excellent is that it is a lowimpact form of exercise, less stressful for the joints than running and less likely to result in injuries.

Walking can help eliminate backaches. Many backaches are the result of poor posture and prolonged strain. Spending a lot of time sitting places a strain on your back muscles, especially if you do not have a chair with solid back support. The strain of keeping the back upright in a seated position for long periods can leave muscles tired and aching. Walking breaks are recommended. Regular exercise strengthens the core back muscles. Walking can help to relieve high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the result of strain placed on the body’s arteries and veins as the heart pumps blood. If the pressure is too great, the walls of these blood vessels might be weakened. This can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. A stronger heart can pump the blood needed through the body with less effort. Walking can help you manage blood sugar. High blood sugar is the result of having high levels of unused glucose stored in the blood. This poses a potential threat. Insulin from the pancreas helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. When the body can’t process insulin and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, there is a high risk of developing diabetes. Exercise can be a key to healthy levels. As the heart rate rises, the body starts to use more of the glucose in the blood. Glucose feeds the muscles, which allows them to keep working. Walking can speed up your metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body converts food into energy. When you start walking, your muscles start working and need

fuel, which the body metabolizes. This will minimize how many unconverted fats and sugars are retained in the body and help you maintain a proper weight.

decreases anxiety, which is often a factor in insomnia.

Walking can improve your lung function and health. Increased activity requires the lungs to supply more oxygen to the body. The lungs are strengthened and become less susceptible to disease.

Walking can help you live longer. It reduces your risks for many diseases that may shorten your life, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary diseases, digestive disorders and hormone imbalances. Walking can help an obese person lose weight.

Walking can help to reduce stress levels. Exercise produces endorphins and hormones that make you feel positive and energized. Walking can help keep you looking young. Blood flow to the skin heals sores and helps to keep the skin moist. Well-hydrated skin is less likely to wrinkle. Walking is good for exercising your foot muscles. A sedentary lifestyle will cause the foot muscles to weaken.

Walking will help your overall endurance and probably your mood if you’re feeling down.

Aren’t the benefits of walking quite remarkable? If need be, perhaps this holiday season, you can give yourself a special gift, the gift of investing in your own health. Walking may not be the full answer, but it certainly seems to be part of the answer. For me, it is both functional and pleasurable. What’s not to like? Reference: Medical News, December 2018.

Walking can raise your good levels of cholesterol. Physical activity increases the flow of HDL (good cholesterol) around the body, making it better able to find and absorb the LDL (bad cholesterol) and get it to the liver. Walking is an excellent way to improve your digestion. The increase in blood flow as a result of walking stimulates the digestive system to work faster. Walking can help to improve your sleep patterns. It may reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and also lengthen the time spent sleeping. Walking

Christmas Grettings to you and yours at this time of reflection, bonding and celebration.

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Sprinkle each day with glitters of happiness and let your heart brim with the jolliness of the season! How bad is this injury?

Achieve your New Year's Resolutions like a pro! BESTBALANCELIFECOACHING.cacom

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Like water off a duck’s back… let go of the small stuff. Enjoy the moment.

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Keeping you on your toes in 2024!





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The staff at Blade Salon wish you and yours a very

Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year!

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Randy and I want to say thanks for another exceptional year. We had our hands full with several tribute shows. We lost many great artists in 2023. We look forward to 2024 and taking an indepth look at the words and the meanings behind the classic hits of the 50s, 60s, and 70s during the coming year.


For our December 2023 show, Randy has reached out to jolly old Saint Nick and asked for his top five favourite Christmas songs, so scan the code and join us for the December 2023 Christmas Show! Let's hear what Santa thinks!


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Let your days sparkle with joy and your heart overflow with festive cheer!

Big home changes that become cost overruns. Justin from Pro Builder Inspections explains.


Holiday health, understanding each other!

Understanding addiction and how CMHA can help!



Night driving. Amber warns us to be prepared!

Last-minute Christmas renovations! What can be done?



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Life Heros Miracles in the making!

Barb Anstead, RNT, Metabolic Balance Coach

So many things in life are seemingly inexplicable. People all over the world face a vast expanse and a variety of obstacles and conditions on an everyday basis. Life "Heros" are constantly facing challenges of such life-changing magnitude, overcoming things they are told can't happen, and yet, they overcome. Defying odds, finding resources deep within, advocating for themselves or a loved one. Over the years, I have been honoured to meet many people who humble me and boggle my mind with their resilience in life. I'm sure you have as well. Conditions, ailments, accidents, illnesses, and experiences of all manner, yet people find the determination, dedication, bravery, willpower and grit to overcome what seem to be insurmountable odds. We are all truly so much stronger than we are aware of. I am continually humbled by the amazing and indomitable human spirit at its best. We are energy – our cells are informed, instructed and

define our unique qualities and abilities and the tools we provide ourselves with. Is this why dis-ease, illness, injury, pain, resilience, and recovery are so diverse? Our response to situations and how we think, feel, or react will inform our cells! A common diagnosis for a dis-ease, illness, injury, ailment, etc, despite the prognosis, therapy or treatment, will have a very different impact on every person. It will manifest and be experienced in a completely individual way. Our response to things is key and yet can be very elusive when it comes to understanding. I truly believe that the desire or expectation of a positive outcome, nurturing my response to things, can manifest and resonate a higher likelihood of positive outcomes at the cellular level when applied on the deepest level. Spontaneous remission, offering encouragement, prayer circles, and positive energy are more powerful and beneficial than we can measure or qualify scientifically (so far), though many amazing minds are working in this direction. This isn't all rainbows, unicorns, lollipops and denial. It's the bravery of acceptance, education and empowering ourselves. Being honest means equating daily habits of nutrition, healthy relationships, sleep habits, hygiene, fresh air and activity, and mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, but check-in and be honest with yourself. Are the choices and thought processes supportive or destructive? What do you want for you? What do you want for your loved ones? What are your tools, biggest challenges, greatest strengths, who are your people, and what are your expectations? Do you have a realistic starting point or a plan to make these desires a reality? Because that is where the miracles happen, that elusive connection and what we are informing our bodies of at the cellular level!! It isn't just the physical and tangible. It is the thought patterns and beliefs we hold as well. Life throws curveballs. We get tired, worn out, and stressed to the extreme, but nothing snuffs our inner light, like lack of hope, isolation, and fear. We make choices in response to these hurdles, blows, breath-taking scares and traumas. They can elicit fear, anxiety, anger, grief, and disbelief, to name just a few. The difference in surviving, growing, and learning is whether you pick it up and wear it like a cloak, have it "overcome or become" you. Facing challenges will never be easy. Facing something head-on, expanding your knowledge or perception, staring down and learning about the difficulty you are confronted with creates an entirely different response in your hormones. Stepping out of "fight or flight" mode and allowing yourself the grace and space to make educated, calculated decisions will fortify your body and brain, inform you at the cellular level, and reinforce and build your defences, all the while keeping them at arm's length rather than being overcome. Self-knowledge and self-care are not selfish. Supportive health strategies give you the strength and bandwidth to act selflessly in our global responsibilities toward one another.

Barb Anstead RNT | 519-410-3544 | | 453 Queen St, S, Simcoe MICHAEL MARINI, B.Sc.Phm. Pharmacist 328 Main Street, Port Dover 519-583-3784 1-888-233-8111

Dover Apothecary “A Different Kind of Drugstore”

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Wishing you a healthy season that MICHAEL MARINI, B.Sc.Phm. Pharmacist 328 Main Street, Port Dover shines as 519-583-3784 | 1-888-233-8111 brightly as the holiday lights! MEDS CHECK SERVICE AVAILABLE Call to book your Free Consultation today! Refill your prescriptions online at

doverapothecary . ca Challenges and obstacles will necessitate changes if we are to learn, grow and overcome. Stress unmanaged, above all else, robs us of our health and happiness. Learn what tools, strategies and resources are available for you or your family. The time we have is now. It's all any of us have with any certainty. Support yourself, challenge yourself, and preserve your identity and autonomy rather than "handing over the key" and succumbing to the idea that anyone can know you better than you can know yourself. Recognize your critical role as a citizen of this world, that discovering selflessness creates magnificence and will attract a ripple of wonderful things to you.

In this Holiday Season, may you recognize, witness and connect with the miracle within each of us. I wish you good health, wisdom, resilience and patience for yourself and others. Pay good deeds, kindness and generosity forward. May we find Peace in ourselves and toward one another. Please enjoy the season with moderation, balance, respect and wonder for the miracle that is you. Health is Holistic and requires ongoing maintenance and attention in all aspects and areas of our lives.

' Kaley’s Restaurant Kaley’s Kakes & Katering! 33 Robinson’s Street Simcoe N3Y 1W3 226-440-3444

~ Jeff, Lucia, Rob, Jason, Jennifer & Blake

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Good Redden Klosler presents ...

Remembering Pat Grant

March 3, 1936 – September 8, 2022

144 Queensway EastSimcoe • 519-426-3010 •

Hello, I’m Kevin, and I am here with Alex from Yummy Freeze. What made you decide to open a store like this? There are products in various locations throughout Haldimand-Norfolk, but we are taking those products and evolving them. We are infusing them with baked goods, using different kinds of candies and infusing hot chocolates with fruits. What products do you offer? A lot of different candies like Skittles, gummies, Jolly Ranchers, taffy and fuzzy peaches. We have baked goods that we change up every day, ice cream, hot chocolate infused with strawberries, raspberries and smoothies. What are your hours of business? Right now, we are open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 10-7 and Saturdays 10-5. How do you make the freeze-dried treats? It depends on what kind of treats we are making. When you put the candies in the machine, it uses a vacuum pump and starts a drying process. With fruit, we start a freezing process, and when it reaches a certain temperature, we start the drying process.

What are your company’s goals? Just to keep the community happy. Thank you for your time! Happy Holidays to all!! K����


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