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New Chef at Pocono Farms

Our Community

Hello! My name is Michael Gruner. I am your new Executive Chef at Pocono Farms Country Club. First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here. I've been professionally cooking for the past 15 years in casual upscale to fine dining establishments. Prior to coming here I was at the French Manor. My schooling was done at Luzerne County Community College and from there I had the privilege of working with many talented chefs. I enjoy all different types of cuisine with Italian being my favorite fare. Food has always been a passion of mine, and to be able to bring family and friends together to create smiles and laughter from it is even more of a delight. In my spare time when not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my family and working on projects at home. I look forward to meeting everyone in the community. If there are ever any questions or dietary needs please reach out and contact me. I look forward to working with everyone here at Pocono Farms and once again thank all of you for the opportunity.

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B.O.D. M eeting S chedule


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Getting to Know You M eet


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Calendar of Events M arch C alendar


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2014 G olf S chedule

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SAVE THE DATE Cinco de Mayo Party May 3rd

Kentucky Derby May 3rd

Mother’s Day Buffet May 11th

182 Lake Road Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania 18466 POCONO FARMS COUNTRY CLUB FROM


From Your Board of Directors

Thoughts from the Manager

by mike elbert

By Dave Timko

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. With the way this winter has treated us here in Pocono Farms, I sure hope that adage holds true. At this point, I am positive we are all waiting for the warm days of summer as we get into spring this month. Over the next few months, the board will be gearing up for the summer as well and working to continue the improvements we have achieved. Our management team held the community breakfast in February which is a great way to keep up to speed on the future plans for our community. Keep an eye out for the next one. In the immediate future we will be monitoring the garbage collection transition. County Waste is our new collection company and will be providing enhanced services with no increase in cost. Each member of the community will be provided new cans, one for garbage and one for recycling, and both will be collected every week. However, with this increase we have realized a need to expand collection to Monday and Tuesday. Half of the community will continue to receive service on Monday, while the other half will be transitioned to Tuesday collection. We believe that this is a tremendous benefit to the community. As the weather warms, we begin to think about our summer amenities and activities. The Scranton golf show was scheduled for March 1st and 2nd and we are confident that our presence at this event will continue to grow our membership. We have seen steady increases the last few years and are confident that trend will continue. Additionally, our grounds team reports that the course has weathered the winter well to this point, which is another reason to hope for an early thaw. Our recreation department also continues to succeed this winter. The wing and chili cook-off, Winterfest, casino bus trip, and Sunday dart league have all been tremendous events. I am looking forward to what Joe has in store for us this summer. Please make sure to check on any new updates. The pool, beach, tennis, and the community garden are also preparing for the coming warmth and we hope that you are looking forward to another year of great things too. We continue to work hard to provide great programs and amenities while at the same time facing the challenging economic situation of the region. To this point we have been successful in our efforts, but we continue to ask for the help of the community in supporting our determination to keeping Pocono Farms a premier community in the region. As we emerge from the lull of winter, please remember that as you patronize the restaurant, play a round of golf, or enjoy a hotdog at the pool, you are helping to support every one of your neighbors’ ability to enjoy our great amenities.

BOARD LIAISONS A&B, Environmental, PublicWorks Rich McCormick Communications Collette Houston-Ong CrimeWatch Peter Volpe Elections/Nominations Wayne Meyers Finance Steve Bunker Golf Brian Cavanaugh House Rich McCormick Long Range Planning Bill Weimer Pool Bill Weimer Recreation Collette Houston-Ong Tennis Mike Elbert AD-HOCS Insurance Frank Milano Fitness Center Mike Elbert Community Garden Brian Cavanaugh Marketing Appointed as needed COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Collette Houston-Ong Linda Penett Linda Becht Marianne Stephen Sally Wachowski Peg Scott Sue Miller Ginny Day NEWSLETTER COORDINATOR Denise Wilson 894-4435 ext. 106


DEPARTMENT HEADS General Manager 894-4435 ext. 100

David Timko

Accounting/Office Manager Lorraine Daviduk 894-4435 ext. 103 Golf Pro 894-4435 ext. 110

Kyle Monahan

Greens Superintendent Adam Herman 894-4435 Executive Chef 894-4435 ext. 130

Chef Michael

Food & Beverage Director 894-4435 ext. 132

Katrina Weithman

Activities Director 894-4435 ext. 113

Joe Sprovkin

Director of Security Artie Furman 894-4435 ext. 105 Building Coordinator & Compliance Director 894-4435 ext. 104

Richard Savage

MAINTENANCE 894-4435 ext. 160 (voicemail only)



Soon, the weather will change, the snow and ice will melt, and we will start to see all of the sights of Spring. Most of which are good signs – tufts of green grass, onion grass popping up, birds chirping, cleaner vehicles, and so on. One bad sign of spring arriving is that the melting snow reveals all of the garbage along the roadways. Our Activities Director – Joe, in conjunction with the PA Department of Transportation and Keep America Beautiful, hosts our roadway clean up day at the end of April. This has been a successful event over the past few years and we encourage all of our members to volunteer. Along with a sense of pride knowing you have helped out, you do get a nice t-shirt and a hot lunch after everyone is finished. Please watch your emails for future announcements regarding this event. As with every spring, as soon as the weather breaks, the maintenance staff will work on cleaning up roadways within the cul-de-sacs. We use a fair amount of cinders each winter and we usually wait until there is a day with a little drizzle or light rain. Waiting until there is a light drizzle keeps all of the dust from flying around. Once the weather really breaks, we will also start to clean up of the amenities in anticipation of their use by members. We hope to see you soon!

182 Lake Road • Tobyhanna, PA 18466 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Frank Milano, President Richard McCormick Mike Elbert, Vice President Collette Houston-Ong Steve Bunker, Treasurer Brian Cavanaugh Wayne Meyers, Secretary Peter Volpe Bill Weimer

It finally happened – an old fashion Pocono winter with lots of snow, wind, and cold temperatures! Then there are the effects of all of those things – ice jams on our roofs, which causes leaks within our homes, ice in the parking lots, on the walkways, and encompassing our vehicles. We have a solution to all of that ice – lots of ice-melt. And it never fails, we have just as much outside as we do on our wood floors and entryways thanks to the dog and kids. It seems as though this winter is going to hang on for a little while longer thanks to that groundhog named Phil.

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Crime Watch Activity Report BY ED AALBUE & RUSS KELLY

As of this writing, the extreme cold weather last month has gone and we are expecting to warm up to about 40 degrees. Last month with the snow, ice, and cold temperature, plus the holidays, our patrol operation was down. During the month our drivers patrolled the community for 54 hours. Our patrols are down to 11 drivers. Good news, we added two new drivers to our group the end of January. Welcome to Ginny Day and Joe Desberg. Thanks for joining us. Last month there was a report of a break in, in the T section of the Farms. It was reported to the Pocono Mountain Regional Police and they are investigating. Here is something GOOD TO KNOW — For all of us traveling on the highways, this is good advice: A MESSAGE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MICHIGAN: Situation—while driving on a rural road, I saw an infant car seat on the side of the road with a blanket dropped over it. For whatever reason, I did not stop, even though I had all kinds of thoughts running through my mind. When I got to my destination, I called the police and they said they would check it out. This is what the police advised even before they went out to check—there are several things to be aware of. Gangs and thieves are now plotting different ways to get a person (mostly women) to stop their vehicle and get out of the car. There is a gang initiation reported by the local Police Department where gangs are placing a car seat by the road, with a fake baby in it waiting for a woman, of course, to stop and check on the abandoned baby. Note that the location of this car seat is usually beside a wooded or grassy (field) area and the person (woman) will be dragged into the woods, beaten and raped, and usually left for dead. If it’s a man, they’re usually beaten and robbed, and left for dead. DO NOT STOP FOR ANY REASON! Dial 911 and report what you saw. Don’t even slow down. EGGS MIXED WITH WATER: This could save a life. If you are driving at night and eggs are thrown at your windshield, do not stop to check your car. Do not operate the wipers and do not spray any water because eggs mixed with water become milky and block your vision up to 92.5%. You are then forced to stop beside the road and become a victim of the criminals. This is a new technique used by gangs, so please inform your family and friends. These are desperate times and these are unsavory individuals who take desperate measures to get what they want.

The official publication of the Pocono Farms Country Club AssocIation, Inc. PUBLISHED BY NIKI JONES AGENCY, INC. 39 Front Street • Port Jervis, New York 12771 P: 845.856.1266 E: Articles appearing in The Weathervane are presented as a community service. They do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher or of the Pocono Farms Country Club Association, Inc. The publisher and the PFCCA disclaim any liability for any advertisements published herein, in no way endorse or guarantee these ads and reserve the right to reject any ads submitted. Position of advertising in the newspaper is not guaranteed.

In the Farms PFCCA Office Hours Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm & 1:00pm - 4:30pm ID Badge Picture Hours: 8:30am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm Capital Improvement Fees on transfer of property: House: $1,252 Lot: $626 Building Regulations: Permits are required from the township and from PFCCA. Please check with the office (894-4435) as to your specific needs. • Building permit required from respective township and PFCCA before construction begins • Construction permitted from 7am - 7pm Monday- Saturday – excluding major holidays • Resale certificates are required. Fee is $200.00 Refuse Collection: Curbside pickup on household trash and recycling is done on Monday’s and Tuesday’s beginning at 6:00am by County Waste 570-382-3304. Please refer to the pickup list on our website to determine your pickup day. Major holidays that will affect your collection day are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When those holidays fall on a Monday or Tuesday, garbage collection will shift by one day. County Waste will only pick up household trash and recycling. If you have any other items to discard, please call them at 570-382-3304 to set up arrangements. Animals: Dogs must be leashed or on owner’s property at all times. Wildlife, such as deer and black bear, are common at Pocono Farms. We ask that you NOT FEED any wild animals. Emergencies: For ALL emergencies including medical or fire please contact 911 first, then contact Public Safety at 570-894-4435 x105. Weathervane DEADLINE NOTICE In order to produce a better newspaper for the Community, a Weathervane submission deadline has been established. All articles, announcements, classified ads, etc. must be submitted to the Newsletter Coordinator on or before the 5th of each month for publication in the next issue of The Weathervane. Submissions made after this date will not be considered until the following month. Your cooperation is appreciated. Publication of articles is subject to the approval of the Communication Committee.



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Getting to Know You By Marianne Stephen

Meet the Stultzs: Tommy, Vanessa, Madelyne and their dogs Barley and Hopps What a delightful time I had interviewing this lovely couple, who, after 15 years of marriage, show so much love and respect for another. Tommy is Pennsylvania born and bred, growing up in Pottstown, Pa with a very strong Pennsylvania Dutch influence. He has an older brother who along with Tommy’s parents still live in the Pottstown area. Those of you who know Tommy are aware of how funny and how much fun he is. After hearing his story, I now understand where that comes from. His family played all the time and that tradition continues today. They make up action games that involve fun but also may incorporate a little bit of danger, or challenge, as Tommy would say. Tommy’s parents built a new home recently that includes a basement with a 10-foot ceiling that is big enough to have a 75-foot hockey area. Vanessa says that weekend visits include a list of games that Tommy’s mom and dad have created and it is just fun– fun – fun while they are there. All ages participate. One of the Pennsylvania Dutch influences is that Tommy’s family were hunters and every year all the guys in the family (multi-generational) would go on a getaway to a family cabin called Cappos Kookie Koop for a week of hunting and frivolity. This tradition included a Grand Poobah who dressed for the part and acted accordingly. Tommy was allowed to go when he turned twelve and there was a ritual initiation, but you will have to ask him about that story (sounds like fraternity hazing to me). Another fun tradition of the family is the passing on of a giant ceramic foot (with six toes) that gets moved for every occasion. Tommy and Vanessa got the foot when they were married and the previous holders had to decorate it appropriately for the occasion. It is apparently very large and ugly and they were happy to decorate it and move it on for a cousin’s baby shower.

Vanessa was born in Connecticut and her claim to fame is that she was the first baby born in 1974 and her picture was in the paper and her parents received many prizes. How fun to be a celebrity at birth. The family moved to Corona, Queens where they lived in a 2 family house with her mother’s parents. She has an older sister, Christine Laino, who also happens to have a vacation home in Pocono Farms and her parents now live in the area as well. In Queens, they lived a block from Shea Stadium and would frequently see the players and get their autographs and they used the World Fair’s site as their play area. She has many fond memories of that time. When Vanessa was 16, she and her family moved to Pocono Farms East. Her parents had honeymooned in the Poconos and liked the area. Her Dad is a butcher and worked in the family business and commuted to NY six days a week for about 14 years. Then, about ten years ago, he opened up Corona Butcher that is located in Swiftwater on Route 611. Let me put in a plug as you must visit if you have not already and you might run into Tommy who works there sometimes. Vanessa became familiar with Pocono Farms as a teenager as she worked through high school and college in our administration office. She has great memories from that time, as all the ladies who worked in the office were so nice to her. She was also a waitress in our restaurant and remembers wearing a bow tie and that Ray Carlson was the first person she waited on. After attending the University of Scranton for English Literature, Vanessa switched to ESU for Elementary Education. She has her Masters as a Reading Specialist and all her coursework for Educational Leadership. She has worked for

Pocono Mountain for 18 years and Dave Miller from the Farms was her first teaching partner. Dave’s daughter, Meghan, was one on Vanessa’s best friends and Vanessa spent many hours at the Miller house. She still visits and loves the bookcases filled with books in their home. Vanessa has taught multiple grades and for the last ten years has been an Instructional Support Teacher. In layman’s terms, she analyzes data and does assessments to determine if each child is learning at his/her instructional level. Tommy attended Montgomery County College with a major in accounting but felt that accounting was more law than numbers and he loves numbers so he switched to ESU to major in Math. He picked ESU primarily for the skiing opportunities as skiing was his huge passion at the time. He was also hoping to find a wife, which he did. Tommy and Vanessa met when they both had a summer job as RAs on the same floor for an Upward Bound program. Vanessa first noticed Tommy when he was skateboarding down the hallway. Notice the theme of fun? They both seemed to know right away that they would marry which they did in 1998. They claim they are opposites and as a result have taught each other a lot. Vanessa has taught Tommy to calm down and Tommy has taught her to have fun. Whatever the combination, it sure works. I have focused on the joy Tommy experiences in life but I want to point out that he has faced several huge challenges in his life. The first is that he suffers from the speech diagnosis of stuttering. He has stuttered since he was child and although he was teased very early on, he found friends who supported and defended him throughout his school days. As an adult, he attended a six-month treatment program at Hollings Institute that taught him ways to overcome some of the pitfalls.




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2013/14 Board of directors meeting schedule all meeting times are 7pm unless otherwise noted

Thursday, March 27th Friday, April 25th

Vanessa says that the hardest part is that people think it is because he is nervous or not very smart and do not realize it is physiological. Unfortunately, two of the words he has trouble with are both his and Vanessa’s names. Tommy says that his impediment has given him a much better sense of humor and taught him to be more compassionate towards others. The second challenge is a diagnosis of Lateral Epicondylitis or more commonly called tennis elbow. Tommy’s was triggered by extensive computer usage. Tommy was enjoying a career that he loved and well as the hobby of gaming. Tommy was a CAD Engineer, (CAD = Computer-Aided Design). He would start with a blank screen and make components/parts that would be fabricated out of metal, assembled and shipped. This position required perhaps a million clicks a day. In addition he was a serious gamer who belonged to a clan that specialized in WWII games (ask him about the BNKR Clan as the gaming world is all new to me) and he had gaming friends all over the world. His world came crashing down when the diagnosis forced him to give up both his job and his pastime with no hope of returning to either of them. He still suffers from it and certain actions such as holding a pencil cause him great pain. The good news is that it does not affect his golf.

Wednesday, May 21st Friday, June 27th Friday, July 18th Saturday, July 19th - 10am Annual Meeting As approved at the 7/31/13 Reorganizational Meeting managed to serve as PTO President for Madelyne’s school and said she loved every minute of it. Tommy did not play golf when they moved here but has since taken it up and serves on the golf committee. Vanessa has played in the Luau tournament and thinking she might take it up in the future. What impresses me most about Tommy and Vanessa is that they face adversities but do not let them hold them down. They don’t just find fun every day but they go out and make fun. They are joyous and it is infectious when you spend time with them.

The timing of the job loss turned out to be about the best it could be as Madelyne was born and Tommy became a “Stay at Home” dad. Tommy liked being home with her and (you guessed it) created adventure games to play every day. She currently takes both karate and fencing and enjoys watching the UFC fights. Madelyne also loves participating on the PFCC swim team each summer. Vanessa describes her as a force to be reckoned with. She is very talkative, a good reader and loves to play Dance Party with Vanessa. She won a Kindle last year after reading the most books in her school. She is a happy kid with her own imagination. Now that Madelyne is in school, Tommy has a business fixing computers – no need to call the Geek Squad, just call Tommy. Both Tommy and Vanessa love living in Pocono Farms and enjoy a nice circle of friends and are grateful for all of the amenities. Vanessa loves the pool and is happy that playmates are always available for Madelyne. Vanessa serves on the recreation committee and belongs to a book club. Although very busy as a working mom, she WEAT H ERVA NE


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Pocono Farms Events




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Pocono Farms Events



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Board of Director’s Candidate Application The Nominating and Elections Committee request from all board candidates, a completed candidate profile – see form below which can be obtained in the Weathervane, on the website or picked up at the Administration Office. You may submit a separate sheet of paper with your responses. Your information will be published in upcoming issues of the Weathervane and on the website. Please be aware that one very important requirement for candidacy is the attendance. You will be required to attend monthly Board Meetings, General Membership Meeting and assigned Committee Meetings. As stated in the By-Laws (Section 5.7) “Any Director who is absent from either a total of four (4) regular meetings or three (3) regular meetings in succession, of a twelve month period, commencing with the August organizational meeting, shall be deemed to have resigned…” This year, there are three seats available on the Board of Directors, three for a (3) year term. Board candidates must be 21 years of age, an owner of record and be a member in good standing. Name:________________________________________________________________________________ Pocono Farms Address_________________________________________________________________ Permanent Address:____________________________________________________________________ (If seasonal or weekend member)________________________________________________________ Primary Phone Number________________________________________________________________ How many years have you been a member of the Farms?____________________________________ Candidate Profile What is your occupation?_______________________________________________________________ Please describe committees, clubs, volunteer work and other activities in which you have participated.__________________________________________________________________________ Describe any skills, talents, or specialized training, which as a Board Member, you feel will be beneficial to the community.____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ What is your motivation for seeking a seat on the Board of Directors?________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ If elected, in what areas do you hope to influence the Board concerning the direction and governance of this community?__________________________________________________________ Why should the membership elect you to the Board of Directors?___________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Applications must be submitted to the Nominating/Elections Committee, c/o the Association Office by April 18, 2014, or postmarked no later than April 17, 2014. CERTIFICATION: I_________________________, if elected, will bear my full share of the work of the Board and intend to serve a full term. Date:________________________


This year’s Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 19th at 10:00 am. Location TBD




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County Waste Takes Over Residential Garbage & Recycling Pick Up As of December 2013, our residential garbage and recycling hauler - Panther Waste, was sold to County Waste. County Waste took over all of the equipment and staff from Panther Waste. This is good for us as the same drivers are still running the routes within Pocono Farms and new drivers did not have to be trained. County Waste was based out of NY and CT before expanding into Northeast PA. County Waste is a leader in its recycling efforts and we are excited about the possibility of expanding our recycling program. Part of this expanded recycling effort will be the distribution of what are known as “toters” or “carts”. Each home will receive 2 – 65 gallon carts. One for recycling and one for regular trash. These carts are equipped with wheels, a lid, and a handle for easy transport. The recyclables are listed as single stream, meaning that all recycled materials go into one can, including cardboard. Additionally, the recycling will be picked up every week. You will no longer have to refer to the calendar as to when to put out your recycling. Both cans go out each week. There are a couple of benefits to recycling each week: 1. Your recycling will not stack up for two weeks. 2. We should recycle more. 3. Less items will end up in the regular trash because we ran out of room in our existing recycle can. 4. There will be less garbage going into the landfill. 5. There is no cost to us for these cans, unless you lose them. County Waste is providing them at no charge. To accomplish this for the entire community, it will be necessary to expand the pick up to two days. Half of the community will be picked up on Monday, and the other half of the community will be picked up on Tuesday. Please refer to the list on the reverse side to determine what your pick up day will be. Although it may be a minor inconvenience initially until we get used to it, we believe the benefits outweighed this initial time it will take to get used to the pickup days. The following describes how the cans will be distributed and on which days the pick-ups will commence. The cans will be distributed at the end of your respective driveway and be recorded as being dropped off. As they have been picking up the trash for over two months now, they have the route sheets with them that they know where they have been picking up trash during that time, thereby knowing where to distribute the “new cans”. Tuesday pick up • Refer to the list on the reverse side to determine if your pickup day will be TUESDAY. • The can distribution for those homes with a TUESDAY pickup will take place on Saturday February 22nd and Sunday February 23rd delivered by County Waste. The first day of pickup will then be TUESDAY, February 25th. Monday pick up • Refer to the list on the reverse side to determine if your pickup day will be MONDAY. • The can distribution for those homes with a MONDAY pickup will take place on Saturday March 1st and Sunday March 2nd delivered by County Waste. The first day of pickup will then be MONDAY, March 3rd. When County waste delivers these cans, there will also be additional information with these cans regarding the use, how they should be set out, the benefits of recycling, etc. Once these cans are delivered, and effective on the start date listed above, these will be the only cans that will be picked up. If you have any questions about extra cans, or large amounts of trash, or additional items to be set out, please call the number below. For those that winter in warmer climates, once you return for the season, you will need to contact County Waste, 570-382-3304, and they will deliver your cans for you. As a convenience for you, County Waste will also take your old plastic cans/bins if you wish to dispose of them. The dumpster services and times at the maintenance yard will not change. We will have a map available in the Administration office for your reference if you have any questions or if you are unsure about the day of your pick up. PFCCA Administration Office 570-894-4435. In addition, County Waste will also be distributing information regarding the recycling and how to place your cans out for pick up. For instance – they ask that your cans be placed out with the serial number facing the road and that both cans be 5 feet apart for pick up by the automated trucks. We have about a month before the implementation, so if you do have questions, please ask. We truly believe this a great change.

REFUSE COLLECTION: Curbside pickup on household trash and recycling is done on Monday’s and Tuesday’s beginning at 6:00am by County Waste 570382-3304. Please refer to the pickup list on our website to determine your pickup day. Major holidays that will affect your collection day are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,Thanksgiving and Christmas. When those holidays fall on a Monday or Tuesday, garbage collection will shift by one day. County Waste will only pick up household trash and recycling. If you have any other items to discard, please call them at 570-382-3304 to set up arrangements.



2 014

Monday Pick u p Adams Mo h awk Alg o nq ui n Mo h i can An tler N ettle Apach e Ono ndag a Arbutus Ottawa Arth ur Palami no Aster P h easant Beaver P i ne Valley Black Bear Po ppy Blue Jay Presi denti al Bunny Quai l Ch er o kee Rem i ng to n Co lt Ro o sevelt Crescen t Ro se tree Cro cus Rug er Cypress Salamanca Dai sy Savag e Dale Sem i no le D o e Seneca Ei senh ower Seven Nati o ns Enfi eld SHAWN EE OVAL Fai rway Si o ux Foxg love Skyto p Gro usse Pt. Sq ui rrel Hemlo ck St. Reg i s Ho g an Star Ho neysuckle Susq ueh anna Hunter Tami ment Iro q uo i s St. Tuli p Jackso n Tutello J efferso n Oval Vi o let Kennedy Wash i ng to n Ki ng let Wh i te g o o se Larkspur Wh i te Tai l Laurel Cres. Wi g wam Le h i g h Wi ldflower Li lac Wi nc h es ter Li nc o ln Wo o d D uck Lo st Meadow Manli ch er Marli n Mi nq ua Ci r. Mi nq ua Tr

Tu esday Pick u p Apple Balsam Beech Blackfo ot Buck Run Canandai g ua Cayug a Cedar Ch amplai n Ch andus Ch erry Ch es tnu t Co nc o rd Co nesto g a Cotto nwo o d Co un try Club D elaware D o ug las Fi r Ech o Lake Fai rway ( 107, 111, 115, 117, 119, 121, 125) Go o se Po nd Hi cko ry Ho unds Ear Huro n Ki lmer Lake Larch Oval

Laurel D r. Laurel Vi ew Le af Lo cust Lo ng wo o ds Mo h ansi c Mo nro e Navajo Oakvi ew Otse g o Overlo o k Owasco Panth er Paupack Pebb le Beach Pi er Pi n Oak Po plar Red Maple Sandy Seq uo i a Spruce Spyg lass S tag Sug ar Maple Wh i te Bi rch Wi llow Wren


Round by Round

2014 Golf Schedu le Member E vents

BY tim holland As we approach another golf season, I hope this finds you warm, healthy and happy. It’s been one of the strangest winters that I can remember and I have been living here for my entire life, but we’re on the downside and getting prepared for a great golf season. We have taken your suggestions and made some changes to the tournament schedule as well as the formats for the upcoming season. The changes are as follows: The member guest has been changed to a two day affair, due to outstanding response we received last year. The committee is working on the format of the tournament, but we will keep you informed. The committee has decided that we will go back to the qualifier for the men’s club championship. We tried a new format last year and the response we received from the membership was that they preferred the previous format. The committee strives to provide the most enjoyable, competitive, golf outings and we take all comments received by our members seriously and implement what we believe is in the best interest of the membership.

• Monday, Apr 28th Spring Aerification • Saturday, May 10th IceBreaker Invitational • Saturday, May 24th National Scramble • Sunday, May 25th 9-Hole Shoot Out • Friday, June 6th Fun Nite • Sunday, June 15th Parent / Child • Saturday & Sunday June 21st & 22nd Member / Guest • Saturday & Sunday July 12th & 13th Handicap Tournament • Fri.-Sun., July 25th-27th Member / Member • Saturday, Aug. 2nd Club Championship Qualifier

• Sunday, Aug. 3rd Club Championships • Saturday & Sunday Aug. 9th & 10th Club Championships • Saturday, Aug. 16th Luau • Monday, Aug. 18th Fall Aerification • Friday, Aug. 22nd Glow Ball • Saturday & Sunday Aug. 23rd & 24th Senior Club Championships • Friday, Aug. 29th thru Sunday, Aug. 31st Ryder Cup • Saturday, Oct. 11th Fall Fling • Saturday, oct. 25th Turkey Bash

OUTSIDE E vents • Saturday, May 3rd • Friday, May 16th • Tuesday, May 27th • Friday, May 30th • Wednesday, July 2nd • Tuesday, July 15th • Monday, July 21st • Thursday, July 24th

Sanofi AGA John Moore NEPWGA Open Day VFW Lake Naomi Golf Outing NEPWGA Invitational Big Bass Lake PPGS Pro Am

• Thursday, Aug. 7th • Tuesday, Aug. 26th • Saturday, Sept. 6th • Sunday, Sept. 7th • Saturday, Sept. 13th • Saturday, Sept. 20th • Saturday, Sept. 27th • Sunday, Sept. 28th

Dutchman NEPWGA Open Day St. Anns Waldo’s Suosso Denny Sanofi Jim Marcks Outing

pocono fa rms co u ntry clu b

Golf schol a rship application Student Name_________________________________________________________________ Name of Parent________________________________________________________________ Pocono Farms Address______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Primary Address______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Primary Phone Number______________________________________________________ Pocono Farms Phone Number______________________________________________ School Graduating From_____________________________________________________ GPA_____________________________________________________________________________ College Choice (Top 3)

1._____________________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________________ 3.___________________________________________________

7000 Lake Road, Tobyhanna, PA 18466 • 570-894-4435 • 570-894-3529 fax •




2 0 14

To qualify for th e sch o lar ship yo u m ust: • Be a high school senior • Be a resident of Pocono Farms Country Club Association • Have a grade point average minimum of 2.75 • A copy of your transcript must be attached to this application • Homeowner must be a member in good standing with the Association (no past due balance) • Or be on a payment plan for current years dues Please attach a short description on how you feel you qualify for the Scholarship Award: • Include a description of your community activities and/or volunteer work • School activities • Employment history Please have this application in to the PFCCA Administration office by 4:30pm on March 22, 2014. Date of interview will be April 5, 2014 Applicants will be notified as to the time of day for their interview.


Thirsty Thursdays

6:00—8:00pm Each Thursday we have a different beer special! Ask your bartender or server for details

Phone: 5 70 8

March 6th Vegetable Stir Fry $11 Served with Asian tossed salad and fresh baked bread.

March 13th Baked 3-Cheese & Macaroni $10

With ham and honey glazed carrots served with tossed salad and fresh baked bread.

March 20th Handmade Square Pizza $9 With a variety of toppings served with Caesar salad.

March 27th Salisbury Steak $11

Topped with gravy and sauteed onions, served with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, tossed salad and bread.

To reserve a table contact Katrina 570-894-4435, ext 132



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Bringing families home to the Poconos since 1988


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Pocono Farms Weathervane  

March 2014

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