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Newburgh, NY 12550 PERMIT NO. 335

102 Conashaugh Trail Milford, PA 18337 570-686-4000


CLCASSOCIATION Board Approves Compactor Relocation Project


Š Copyright 2014 102 Conashaugh Trail Milford, Pa 18337 P: 570.686.4000 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Director Director Director Director Director

John Crerand Joe Kistle Reggie Iglesias Fred Kline Michael Bulger Brian Hamilton Bill King Josef Lalor Bob Weed


Jeanne Calabrese


Liz Sori Administrative Assistant Dawn Cuneo Book Keeper

by: Jeanne Calabrese

Relocation of the compactor area has been a topic of discussion in the Community for a while. When the compactor was originally set up, being close to maintenance and necessary three phase electric were big factors in its placement. It was also close to the member exit and the original mail area which made it convenient for members. With an increase of full time members comes a bigger demand for using the compactor. Parking for the area is limited and it can be challenging to maneuver due to limited sight and the amount of traffic entering and exiting the Member Only entrance and exit. Another concern with its current home is that on the other side of the fence, only feet away, is the pool area, particularly the baby pool where it could prove not so enjoyable on a hot summer day. The search for a new spot began last year. Factors such as convenience, ability to maintain and service the area, proximity to neighbors, aesthetics and electricity needed for its operation had to be considered. The area will also house the recycling bins which are currently located between the mail box lot and office. CLCA owns three lots adjacent to the mailbox area which is the proposed new site for the compactors. During their January meeting the Board of Directors approved preliminary plans and a $50,000.00 budget for the project. On the surface, moving the compactors appears to be a simple task. The reality is that there is a lot of work involved which includes permits, zoning hearings, installation of concrete pads, security fencing, gates, lighting, access lanes, parking area, security cameras, landscaping and electrical work. Additional requirements may also be identified through Township inspectors. While exploring permits needed for the project we were informed that the first step is to combine the three lots to the existing lot where the mailbox area, office, bus lot and security building are located. Requests for the lot combination have to be reviewed and approved by Pike County and Dingman Township. A surveyor has been hired for the purpose of drawing up the needed plans for the lots being combined. Once the lot combination is approved then applications must be submitted to Dingman Township for a zoning permit and any hearings needed for this project to proceed. Updates will be provided to the membership as they are received.


Site Supervisor Officer Officer Officer Officer

Ray Kelejian Sue Reinhardt Mark Shurdom Bill Brulotte Eric Crawbuck


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CLCASSOCIATION Heads Up! Road Ban Ahead! Important Information, Please Read by Jeanne Calabrese

It’s that time of year again to remind everyone that road bans are imminent. Although we made it through three quarters of January with no significant snow for the entire season, temperatures did drop and roads have frozen. Many of you know the drill for this annual event. However, others may not be so familiar with the bans or the restrictions that come with them. These seasonal restrictions were enacted to minimize the impact to roads by heavy vehicles. Some local roads outside the Community have road bans that run between specific months each year during the late winter and early spring. The posted bans limit the weight of vehicles traveling on those roads and vary by location. We too have road bans within the Community and want to make sure that all of our members are aware of that fact. Unlike roadways outside the Community, our bans do not run for a three month window. We are permitted by law, a total of eight weeks for a road ban during which time vehicles with a GVW(gross vehicle weight) of 10,000 pounds or greater are not permitted to enter the Community. The bans may run eight weeks consecutively or separately and are based on weather conditions. For example, we could get a strong thaw in February where a ban will be instituted and then it is followed by a deep freeze which could put the ban on hold. When the time approaches for a road ban, maintenance personnel will inspect conditions and advise when to institute the ban. Every effort is made to give as much notice as possible before a ban is imposed.


While it is only an estimated window, and can be altered by weather conditions, bans typically run in mid February or March. Ban notices will be posted at the entrances, via the LOOP and on our Facebook page at conashaughlakes. Please feel free to call the office if you do not have access to the internet. Please keep road bans in mind if you are ordering furniture, appliances, building materials, nonemergency septic cleaning or services in need of vehicles greater than the prohibited weight. Alert your carriers of the ban. Many if not all delivery companies are aware of road bans and the need to use smaller vehicles during the ban period. Despite annual reminders of the ban, some members schedule deliveries that are not permitted and say they “didn’t know”. There have been past occasions where members were required to meet a prohibited vehicle at the front gate and unload a delivery and transport it to their residence using their personal vehicle. Please note that emergency, fuel, utility company and CLCA Maintenance vehicles are exempt from road bans. Do not attempt to circumvent bans by meeting trucks at the member entrance and permitting entry with your gate card or buzzing them in via the guest gate. All deliveries and guests are to use the main entrance. This is clearly posted at the member only entrance. Parties will be held liable for any damage caused to the road by unauthorized vehicles and a trespassing violation will be issued. If you have any questions regarding road bans, please contact the office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome to Conashaugh Lakes! Hello and welcome to Roger Homer and Luray Engel who relocated from Matamoras Pa. We hope enjoy your new home and our Community.

The results for 2015 House Decorating Contest were as follows: 3rd Place: The O’Toole Family (105 Hay Road) 2nd Place: The Henry Family (195 Oneida Way) 1st Place: The Conklin Family (118 Braxton Way) Congratulations to the three winners!! I look forward to seeing all of the houses again next year. P.S. remember to nominate yourself or your neighbor to be included. There were so many houses that weren’t nominated that looked amazing.


CLCASSOCIATION Office Notes Jeanne Calabrese

It’s hard to believe that we made it through two thirds of January before having a measurable snowfall. As this is being written, the East Coast of the country is battening down the hatches for what is predicted to be a storm of historic proportion. Nebulous reports all over the internet and on television have a lot of people wondering. Of course our area is predicted to have somewhere between zero to nine inches, so, we’ll see. After the past two winters it would be fair to say we could use a break. Some notes of interest in our Community since the last issue of The Conashaugh Courier

September: Tax Sales There was an upset tax sale on Wednesday September 23 at 10:00 a.m. with a total of 23 Conashaugh Properties on the sale list. Liens, mortgages, unpaid dues are not removed from properties sold at upset sales which may have resulted in none of the properties being sold that day. USDOT Random Drug Testing We renewed our contract with Foley Services. Foley is the third party administrator for our random drug testing for maintenance employees. Random drug testing is a requirement of USDOT and mandatory. Our current 3 permanent and one part time maintenance employee who hold CDL’s participate in the program. Electric Meter at Back Gate CRL Electric removed and reset the meter located at the back gate. They also grounded the junction for the fountain in Seneca Lake. This work was done in a further attempt to control damage from lightning in the back gate area. There haven’t been any thunderstorms since the work was completed to test results. Compactor Relocation Explored Research Begins It was necessary to research the type of electric needed for our existing compactor area. Our trash vendor, Waste Management was contacted but since they were not the installers of the equipment, they had no records.

with this project (see article). Many enjoyed the court that day and continued to do so afterwards. Positive feedback for this amenity was received. Community member Len Maruca has taken on heading a Bocce ball league for our Community. (see article). Bocce Balls are available to borrow from the office. Budget Passed- New Board Members Elected Budget passed 85 Yes 36 No Board Candidates elected: Michael Bulger, Bill King, Joe Kistle Following the Annual Meeting the Directors held elections. The 2015/2016 Board of Director/ Committee Liaison lineup is President, John Crerand, Security Vice Pres., Joe Kistle, Maintenance Secretary, Reggie Iglesias, Communications Treasurer, Fred Kline, Finance Director, Michael Bulger, Recreation Director, Bill King, Environmental Director, Josef Lalor ,Design Review Director, Bob Weed, Rules and Regulations

October Can You Hear Me Now? Community Members attending the monthly Board Meeting suggested that the Community explore feasibility of a cell tower in the Community. The benefits expressed would be better cell reception and income for the Community. A third party vendor for Verizon visited the Community for the purpose of exploring areas within a radius for such service. There hasn’t been an answer from Verizon as to whether or not they are interested. Nevertheless, construction of such a structure comes with zoning hearings and Community input. These projects can take well over one year from start to finish. Plow for 2012 Chevy A plow was purchased for the previously purchased 2012 Chevy Pick Up. The total cost was 7461.53 tax included. Security Following a suggestion made during the Annual Meeting, Security personnel began parking their personal vehicles during the day and the Security vehicle at night in the maintenance yard. Lighting was installed in the area by Maintenance.

An informal conversation with a Dingman Township inspector revealed that CLCA will need zoning permits for relocating the compactors from the current location.

Board Member/ Strategic Planning Liaison Appointed Following the elections in September there was still a vacancy on the Board of Directors. The Board appointed Brian Hamilton to that position. Prior to his appointment to the Board, Brian participated on the Security Committee. He also assisted the Rec Committee where his wife, Barbara is a member.

Bocce at CLCA Official The Bocce court was completed by the day of the CLCA picnic. Maintenance did a beautiful job

Tree Removed There was a very large, dead tree located on CLCA owned property at the intersection of Iroquois and

CRL Electric was on site for an unrelated project and the repair person inspected the compactors and confirmed they are 3 phase.


Flatbrook. The tree began shedding large sheets of bark and dead branches. Since it was located very close to power lines, an outside contractor was hired for removal. Wood was left for members to take. Compactor Relocation Project : Dave from maintenance located and identified the corners of the properties owned by CLCA (behind office/mailbox area) and began working on a design for the area with an emphasis on smooth traffic flow while maintaining good aesthetics (leaving tree buffers) so not to create an unattractive area for neighbors or members/guests entering the community.

November Fire Damaged Home-Seneca Demolition of the fire damaged building completed by independent contractor. Property returned to undeveloped status. Dues Collection of current year (2015/2016). Seventeen files totaling 27,151.06 (not including current year dues) were referred to Sunrise Credit on November 6th. Review of files for referral to Magistrate commenced. Audit As occurs each year, Accounting firm Beck, Gogolski and Poska began their audit of CLCA’s financial records and preparation of prior year’s taxes. The audit typically continues through the end of December, beginning of January with results reported in early February. This is a major annual project where all income and expenditures are reviewed by the auditors. Dams $800.00 Conashaugh Lake Dam Fee bill for 2015/2016 was received. DEP sent out billing early to allow communities to include in their budget planning. The payment for this fee is July 1, 2016. The bill is on diary for payment in June 2016. DEP also requesting that road dam on Flatbrook by the enhanced wetland area a.k.a. Beaver Pond be registered as a dam. Engineer Services Pennonni Associates began research into the DEP claim that this is a dam. Signage “Pick up after your dog signage” was installed at the front lake in response to concerns by members. Same signs were previously installed at the ball field and courts. Please pick up after your dog flyers were distributed on facebook and loop with a copy posted on the bulletin board. A stop sign was installed on Cree at the intersection of Seneca on November 10th in response to concerns expressed by Security Committee members. Private Property signs for front (Seneca) Lake were installed in response to request from the Rules and Regulations Committee. Signs read that the lake is for use by residents only and no trespassing. CONASHAUGHCOURIER • WINTER2016

CLCASSOCIATION Trash A review of trash totals after the close of the 2014/2015 fiscal revealed an unusual spike in the cost of trash. The tonnage though increased was not as significant as the cost. Bills for the past year were pulled and reviewed and it was discovered that we were overcharged for trash. Apparently sometime after our contract renewed, Waste Management began sending our bills electronically without consulting with the office. Since it is not our practice to do banking/billing electronically WM was contacted and paper bills were requested. The timing of increased charges appears to coincide with this change. All bills were reviewed independently by WM and our book keeper. It was calculated that $7488.97 in overcharges were made. Reimbursement of the charges will be received via credits. Our contact at Waste Management has assured us that the proper adjustments have been made to our account to ensure proper credit and billing.

not. There are two ways in which the gate closure is operated, either by the timer or by ground loops.

2016 Pike County Moth Suppression Program Findings by the Pike County Conservation District reveals that CLCA did not have the required number of healthy egg masses. The state requires there to be a minimum of 250 healthy egg masses per acre to be eligible for the spray program. This is good news as there are zero funds coming from the state to subsidize spraying

Gate Card Project Please see article on this topic. It is very important for members to respond to any requests by the office to update vehicle information. All issued cards must be accounted for and failure to do so by time specified in the correspondence will result in your cards expiring. Individual contacts are made with members. Updates will be posted via the LOOP and our Facebook page.

December Security United American Security notified us via invoice that the radar gun was calibrated by Guth Laboratories. A dash cam was installed in Security’s vehicle. A previous camera malfunctioned and was returned to the manufacturer who was unable to repair it but replaced it with a new camera. Security continues to be alerted to not allow drivers to park in the entrance of the community for the purpose of dropping off or picking up students. Signs were ordered from Build A Sign. Please note that due to the area being where snow is plowed during the winter, sign placement will need to be reviewed. Gates An increase of tailgating was reported to the office. Our gate security company was contacted to see if there is any additional equipment (ie electric eyes) that can be installed to have gates close. There is

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Closing times for gates decreased. Signage warning of no tailgating and fines ordered for installation at both entrances. Tailgating, regardless of whether or not you reside/ own here is not permitted. If you are found doing this you will be fined $150.00. If you break a gate doing this an additional $40.00 fine will be issued. Deliberately breaking the gate for entry to the Community is $200.00. Roads Crack Sealing Wayco was in the community sealing cracks on Oneida (from pool to Iroquois) on Tues Nov 24 and Weds. Nov 25 With the weather cooperating, Maintenance crews were out cleaning ditches and cutting back brush.

Gate cards are not to be shared with contractors or unregistered Associates. All members need to be aware there are electronic records of gate cards as well as calls from the guest gate.

Associates that based on criteria set by the DEP that the roadway (Flatbrook) falls under the category of being a dam. We were also informed that we may qualify for a waiver to register the dam. Criteria for a waiver included if the road (Flatbrook) existed before 1979. Maps/surveys were located dated 1969 and 1978 that clearly show the road’s existence. Copies of these maps have been sent to Pennoni for the application for a waiver. Boat on Overbrook The boat located on lot 403A a/k/a 115 Overbrook Run was observed as off its dry dock on the morning of Tues Dec 29. There were high winds, ice and sleet overnight. The boat appeared to have blown over/from the wood stumps where it was mounted. According to documents posted on the property, it is up for Sheriff Sale on May 18, 2016. There have been a number of Sheriff and one Tax sale announced for this property with no change to its ownership status. The Mortgage Company, Wells Fargo was contacted and we have been informed that they cannot do anything with the boat until the property forecloses. Additional written correspondence putting Wells Fargo on notice of risks and possible liabilities have now been sent to Wells Fargo Mortgage in Maryland and Wells Fargo Corporate Offices in San Francisco.

Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy and Safe New Year.

Trash The dumping of trash at the compactor or recyclables, whether those areas are open or closed is prohibited. Violations carry heavy fines. The areas are under surveillance. If you arrive to the compactor area and find it is full, call Security 1-800-682-4722 and request for the guard to report to the compactor. If during office business hours, call the office 686-4000. On that same note, if you have jammed your trash into the bin, and it is obvious that there is no more room in the compactor, please call these numbers so that the compactor can be run. Sunday is a busy day at the compactor it is observed that a lot of people bring a lot of trash, some bring as many as one dozen bags in one trip. This seems to occur more often in the winter when storing of trash is more tolerable due to cold temperatures. If you are doing this please be aware that it is taking up a lot of space and leaving others to deal with a lack of compactor space. Please try to make regular trips with your trash. The compactors are open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., and Sundays from 12:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. That is almost 100 hours of available dumping time! Flatbrook Way - Dam We were informed by our engineer, Pennonni PAGE 5

CLCASSOCIATION Gate Card Updates All members are required to update vehicle information on a regular basis. There have been requests in the past included with Annual Meeting Ballots and in the Courier to update information. Updated registrations are required when replacing or adding vehicles to the home fleet. Members are also requested to return cards for vehicles no longer owned. Updated registrations are also required for members who moved here from another state and have since changed from their former state to Pennsylvania. The Security Committee recommended that once again an update be performed. In early January the office began contacting individuals to provide update vehicle info for gate cards assigned to their property. Updating the office data base is a time consuming task. In an effort to start updating that information without a full-out stampede, there will be a number of phases taking place. The first phase which is ongoing involved pulling vehicle information for residents whose vehicles were registered at the office more than 90 days ago with out of state registrations. This applied to homeowners who reside in the Community full time. If you are in this category and haven’t been contacted yet, you will be contacted by the office and requested to provide updated registrations for any vehicles that are registered to your property for gate cards. Please note that there is a time limit for providing the requested info/documents and that if there is no response within that time limit, your gate cards will expire. Updates for out of state registrations are nearing completion, the next phase will be announced via the LOOP and Facebook. Thank you

Fall Dumpster Day Two dumpsters were used to collect close to ten tons of trash during the Fall Dumpster Day collection. Thank you to our Maintenance Crew and Community volunteers who made this day another success. The 2016 Spring Dumpster Day will be announced shortly.



CLCASSOCIATION Thoughts for Me and You-2016 1. Keep yourself, your children, your neighbors, and your pets safe *  drive more slowly  (the road I live on is Overbrook) *  stay to your side of the road (I predict a head on collision someday) *  don’t allow just anyone into the community (know who you are letting in) *  know your neighbors - check on the elderly *  microchip your pet (it is heartbreaking when notices appear that a pet has been lost) *  train your dog to return when called (cats are able to do this too) *  don’t declaw your cats (for obvious reasons) *  keep all cats indoors (there are natural predators out there) 2.  Be grateful for the members who do a great deal to develop a sense of community in Conashaugh *  join a committee *  participate in activities *  say thank you 3.   Attend Board meetings *  show up *  voice your concerns appropriately *  vote *  pay your dues 4.  Safeguard your environment - many of us moved here for a reason *  avoid noises that bother your neighbors (you know what kind) *  know what your teens are up to *  don’t litter - I see cups and bottles especially in the summer *  scoop up after your dog

Thank You For Donations! Chief Master Sargent Kyle Hordyszynski,, 4th from the right, of the Civil Air Patrol Squadron 201 collected donations for the Gino Merli Veterans Center in Scranton. Thank you to everyone that provided donations. Members of Conashaugh Lakes donated a large amount of books, DVD’s and toiletries that will be gladly used by the veterans.  Thank you and Happy New Year.

Please pick up after your dog. No, it’s not a rule. It’s the right thing to do. Thank you.

— Your neighbor on Overbrook



CONASHAUGH NEWS Solving The Mystery of The Barefoot Man of Conashaugh Lakes Our Own Jean Forichon As far as Hollywood, well, the truth is that when he first came to America in 1985, he thought he wanted to live in California. That soon changed when he fell in love with New York City where he attended Columbia University and graduated . A famous Hollywood movie star, Jake Gyllenhaal, also attended Columbia University. Which may be the closest that Jean has ever come to a career in Hollywood.

By Valerie Ferlauto

I think he knew the day would come when a stranger would approach him to ask for an interview. The purpose of the interview, is simply to solve the mystery of who he was and why he was barefoot. His immediate response was, “I am me of course!” I told him that he is our local celebrity, our neighborhood mystery man. The most talked about stranger in our community. He said, “Yes, please come to my home and we will talk”. For those of you that have moved here after 2010, Jean was not barefoot. With shoes on, he was remarkably different in style and verse. His French accent and his long hair have set him apart from your average Conashaugh man, long before the introduction of bare feet. When I arrived he welcomed me into his home. For a barefooted man, his home is normal in every way. Beautiful to the eye and warm and welcoming. Out of respect to his bare feet, I was going to offer to take off my shoes. However he quickly escorted me into his dining room and graciously gave me a comfortable seat. I quickly slid my feet under the table not sure if my shoes made him uncomfortable or not. I asked him if he knew of all the theories that are being told in our community about him. He shrugged and said perhaps. I offered to tell him what I had heard. At this point his lovely wife Maureen, appeared, not barefoot, just shoeless, wearing white athletic socks. She was eager to hear the theories, claiming that she thought she had heard them all. I will mention a few here, there are more, as there should be. Every celebrity has less fact then fiction that surrounds them. Almost all of these theories have been discussed by strangers to me, at the mailboxes. Jean has made a huge impact in our community just by opening his car door and walking to his box, barefooted. I have been making this same journey for almost eight years and I am sure no one remembers me as the lady with the shoes on. First theory: he belongs to a religion that doesn’t believe in wearing shoes.

Second theory: he really isn’t French - but a Russian Spy and the hair, mustache and bare feet are a disguise. Included in this Russian Spy theory is the belief that he is a chemical engineer working on some top secret chemical. Along the same lines, the theory that he is in the Witness Protection. Third theory: he is a Hollywood writer/director/ producer who lives here for the quiet so he can work in peace - barefoot? If you have assumed any of the above theories, or any theory I haven’t mentioned, let me be the first to tell you that you are wrong! Jean Forichon is none of the above - he is so much more. He was born, barefoot and without mustache, in France. Shortly after birth he learned French (not Russian), to this day, he still speaks French fluently. Mr. Forichon attended a private, all boys, Catholic (not some unknown barefoot religion) boarding school in France, shoes were part of the curriculum. Jean considers himself to be a devout Catholic. When a fellow parishioner suggested to his priest, Father Paul, that maybe they should buy him some shoes, he took it with good humor and remains grateful that someone thought enough of him to want to take care of him.

One very bad thing about bare footing here in Conashaugh Lakes is running on the roads. Especially when the little gravel rocks that are there after a snow and ice storm. Jean told me that they really aren’t comfortable on his feet. He asked me if I knew what kind of damage those little rocks do to our snow tires...seriously ,could his feet be stronger than our snow tires? How does the world outside of Conashaugh Lakes approach those famous bare feet? Fortunately, Jean’s career in BI (Business Intelligence) gives him the advantage point of working from his home in his bare feet. He does take those bare feet with him wherever he goes and finds little or no objections to them. The stares and gawks he gets from passersby doesn’t seem to affect him either. Although he did tell me, his three wonderful children Kathleen, Britney and Ashton are a little embarrassed. They ask him if he could just sit in the car and wait for them, no need to get out! Maureen told me that she originally thought he was going thru a midlife crisis. Then, with a twinkle of love in her eye and pride in her voice “he does it because he traditionally likes to go against the grain.” Jean misses his homeland. The food, wine, and family he left behind so many years ago are calling him back. He was there recently for a family visit and he told me that running ten miles a day there was easy on his bare feet. Although his father was very surprised to see his bare feet in attendance everywhere they went, he didn’t object and admired his son’s unique barefoot stand. Jean will tell you, if you ever ask, that he does it because he is not afraid to be different. Jean says, “People are always worried about what others will say.” He doesn’t care what people say or think about him. Having spent a few hours in his home talking about bare feet, his life, his wife and children, I can tell you that he is truly a unique man. Talented, devoted Father, loving husband, musician, a true barefooted Cosmopolitan man!



CONASHAUGH NEWS Knights of Columbus - Food for Families and Friends For families and individuals who are undergoing financial difficulties or in need of socializations. A nutritious home cooked meal will be provided the first Sunday of each month at St. John Neumann Parish Hall from 2:00 till 4:00 p.m. Schedule/Menu February 7 March 6 April 3

Chicken Parmigiana Roast Beef Spiral Ham

For Reservations Contact: Parish Secretary Joan Dingee (Mon,Thurs & Fri) 9:00- 2:00 Knight Bob D’Elia (Tues & Weds)

570-775-0681 570-775-9826

Please leave your name, telephone number and the number of persons attending when making reservations.

The deadline to submit Board of Director applications for the 2016/2017 fiscal year is May 1, 2016. If you are interested in running for a position on the Board, please submit your application and any required documents by that date. Criteria for Board Applicants can be found in the CLCA By-Laws. Thank you.

CONASHAUGH LETTERS THANK YOU! Thank you to all who came to the CLCA Children’s Christmas party. This year we had the best turnout in the five years I have gone. It was great to see all of the kids with such big smiles. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Barbara Hamilton for all of her help setting up the event and help running it. Thanks to her help, everything went perfectly. I would also like to thank the Decker family for generously helping us with Santa this year. He was truly amazing and I think I speak for everyone when I say we were in awe. I think we had the real Santa with us :) And finally, thank you to Jeanne for finding the time to brighten each child’s smile with her beautiful face painting. The kids absolutely loved it and she made sure everyone had a chance to get something painted on them. I look forward to seeing everyone next year!! Jessica Olcott





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2015 CLCA Kids Christmas Party



CONASHAUGHNEWS This One Is Just Right Everyone remembers the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. How she would test the porridge, the chairs and the beds until she found the one perfect for herself. A number of members in the Community began reporting damage to their septic mounds and the pipes on them. Vandalism? Unruly teens? Unfriendly neighbors? The phenomenon was a little weird. Who does this?

Attention Seniors Each month the Pike County Area on Aging issues a newsletter. We share that newsletter via the LOOP. Printed copies are also available at the CLCA Office.

Well it is possible that the culprit in the mysterious damage could have been a bear. This information all came quite by accident during with a conversation with another member who mentioned a bear was tearing up their septic mound. Following that conversation the only thing to do was check GOOGLE. There weren’t a lot of facts on this topic but in one discussion it was mentioned that “bears eat the most disgusting decayed animals they come across so why would a septic system deter them?” There was also some thought that bears smell fats and other grease that some people pour (but shouldn’t) down their kitchen drains. Also learned was that garbage disposals are not a popular kitchen appliance in these parts maybe because the debris passed through them can take up as much as 50% of a holding tank. While the bear theory may be a lot of speculation, it seems to make sense which leads back to the Goldilocks story. Be cognizant of what you are putting into your septic system and how it can result in costly repairs either due to break down or becoming a bruin breakfast. For information regarding septic system maintenance visit: Sewage.html

Are You Selling Your Property? Please be advised that Resale Documents are required for all property sales before the property closes. If you are an owner selling your property and have any questions on this subject, please contact the office.



OUTDOOR & RECREATION Dear Dog Owners Please do not allow your dog to remain outside to continually bark, regardless of whether it is day or night. It is disturbing to others and wrong. It is also a violation of CLCA Rules and Regulations and subject to a fine. Members who are on the receiving end of these serenades should make an attempt to speak with the owner, if this is not feasible or has proven fruitless, please feel free to file a formal complaint with the office. This can be done in person by completing a complaint form at the office or by sending an email to or Please include your name, time of incident(s) and location of dog .If there is a dog actively barking during office hours, please contact the office 6864000 (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.// Sat until 12 p.m.) so that Security can be dispatched to the location. Security can also be contacted 686-1130 when they are on site(typically 8:30-10:00 weekdays and until 12:00 weekends). Thank you.

Tree Removal In Conashaugh As a friendly reminder, tree removal requires a permit from the CLCA Office. To obtain a permit, 1) i.d. tree(s) with ribbon or other nonpermanent means. Do not paint trees to removed. 2) Contact the office to request permit at least two weeks prior to the date when removal is to take place (exception for emergency situations). Maintenance will inspect the marked trees and report back to the office. If the removal is approved, a permit will be issued for posting on your property. Please be advised that tree removal requests for the sole purpose of fuel will not be granted a permit.


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Please include a description of the item for sale along with the asking price and your contact information. You may also include a photo (jpg). Call the office at 570-686-4000 if you have any questions.

PR O PER T Y FO R SA LE Lot 5212, Section 18, Seneca Drive, 1.54 Acres. $27,000 Cash Only. Call Denise Daniel 848-565-0826.

Security Com Center 800-682-4722 If you find the compactor full, call this number and request the guard on duty to report to the compactor. Office Phone Number (business hours 8-4 daily, 8-12 Saturday) 570-686-4000 DO NOT LEAVE TRASH

Thank you!

Lot 1903, Section 9, 1.12 acres. $21,000 Contact: George (347)680-2422 Carmen (347) 424-8840 or Tashlik Real Estate John Dalessio (570)369-8937

Lot 6110, Section 18 Oneida Way 1.55 Acres $23K – Negotiable Please call Christyn cell #718/809-1777

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Contact Dennis Mooney VP Company Recruiter Positions open all offices



NOTICE We have been alerted by Sunrise Lakes Community that members from our Community have been having their late bus high school students dropped off in their community instead of Conashaugh. Please note that this is creating a lack of space for Sunrise’s members to park and is not permitted. Sunrise has requested this activity to cease immediately. Tickets will be issued by Sunrise to violators and if needed taken to Magistrate court. Thank you.




New Bocce Court A Success! By Len Maruca

Our 1st mini season is over and it was a real good time for everyone. See pictures of winners. A very special thank you to our maintenance department (all of them) and Jeanne’s help encouraging us all. We have a bocce court that is perfect. Bravo! Please contact me to sign up for the 2016 season. My email is

Bocce Court Construction




Up and Coming Pitcher! Liam O’Toole (Milford, PA) plays for Fielder’s Choice 9u Baseball out of Sparta NJ. He pitched 3 out of the 4 games in the December 29th and 30th December Dome tournament at Diamond Nation. In the 1st game he struck out 8 of the 9 batters he faced. In the 2nd game he struck out the side in the last inning for the win. In the championship game he pitched a complete game for a 1 hit shut out. He won MVP for the tournament. The team finished the year with a record of 52-5.

Friendly Reminders Please follow all traffic flow signs for the mailbox and school bus parking lot. These are both one way travel areas. All vehicles must remain parked while the afternoon Elementary and Primary buses are present in the parking lot. Parking in the Community entrance for the purpose of dropping off or picking up students is not permitted. The parking lot is not a playground. Please do not allow children to play there, before or after school. Thank you



OUTDOOR & RECREATION 2016 Gypsy Moth Update - Bad News, Good News? Applications to participate in the 2016 Pike County Moth Suppression Program were submitted late last summer and Field Evaluators from the Pike County Conservation District conducted their inspections during October. It was determined that we were not eligible to participate in the program. Although we met a majority of the criteria needed to be eligible to participate (sufficient land size with more than 50%

Important Reminders Regarding Snow

forested and with trees favored by the moths) we did not meet the criteria of having enough healthy egg masses. The state requires a minimum of 250 healthy egg masses per acre. Not being infested with eggs is good news! Prior to learning of our ineligibility for the program, the PCCD published that there were zero funds being subsidized for the program by the State. As of this writing that is still the case. This will make it quite costly for those who are eligible at $54.00 per acre. With Conashaugh having 1,000 plus acres, its lack of egg masses is even better news. For more information about Gypsy Moths and suggestions for controlling them visit

Please note that overnight parking on CLCA roads is not permitted. This is especially important during snow events as doing so creates a hazard to our maintenance workers and a risk of damage to your vehicle. We are aware that the slope of some driveways makes it very difficult to exit and enter with ice and snow. If you need to park at the end of your driveway, please keep vehicles at a minimum of four feet from the edge of the road. Shoveling and plowing snow onto roads from driveways and cleaning snow off vehicles in the road creates hazardous conditions and Safety Violations subject to fines. All property owners using private contractors to remove snow are responsible to for alerting them of this regulation. Keep kids and pets safe. Please do not allow them to play on or near snow banks along the roads.

The website for the Pike County Conservation District is Their phone number is 570-226-8220.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our roads safe.

570-828-2306 800-634-5964 1506 Route 739

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Serving Milford Dingmans Ferry and Pike County Pennsylvania



OUTDOOR & RECREATION Waking The Garden From Its Winter Sleep February is the bridge between winter and spring. March can come in like a lamb and go out like a lion or the reverse. In any event it’s the perfect time to survey the effects of winter on your landscape. Late winter is a particularly good time to prune ornamental trees because you can really see the structure of the tree. Pruning for dead wood is appropriate to address any time, but it’s especially easy to identify what’s dead this time of year. Remember those perennials you purchased at the end of the season? They are especially vulnerable to heaving so if a bit of mild weather comes along, it’s a good idea to push those heaved plants back into the soil and tamp the dirt lightly with your foot. Any ornamental grasses left up for winter interest should be cut back before they come out of dormancy. Trim with shears, a string trimmer or a mower on the highest setting.


Evergreens such as azaleas, hollies and most other fast-growing broadleaf evergreens renew most vigorously in spring, so prune them now. Cut back to bare wood, if necessary. You primarily should be cutting back things that have been winter-killed. Do drastic pruning of old shrubs that have become a nuisance such as rhododendrons that are blocking a driveway, walk or window. Azaleas can be cut to about 6-18 inches high. You will lose this year’s flowers. But they will grow back into full, small shrubs in one season. Trim back spent perennials that were not done last fall this includes verbena, mums and black-eyed Susans. In spring lavender, sage and butterfly bush are easier to see what parts of the plants have died over the winter and which branches need trimming. Some insects and disease-causing organisms can winter over and emerge again in spring. Now is the time to spray a dormant-oil insecticide or fungicide. Besides reducing the necessity for more spraying during the growing season, spraying now will ensure the least negative impact on the environment. If you don’t want to use a petroleum-based product, you can make your own by mixing 1 cup vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons liquid soap and slowly adding 1 gallon of water. Use a clean sprayer. If you didn’t clean your garden tools and equipment last fall, now is the time to check their condition, repair or replace them. Clean, sharpen and oil shears, pruners and other cutting tools; wash rakes, shovels and hand tools; sand and oil wooden handles. House plants will react to longer days and brighter light at this time of the year by putting out new growth. The end of March is a good time to pinch them back to generate new growth and to thicken them. You can begin fertilizing again with a diluted solution of soluble house plant food. Turn your plants a quarter turn each week to make sure all sides receive adequate light and to keep their shape balanced. Mist or spray your houseplants to clean away the winter’s dust, prevent Spider Mites and add a little humidity. Remain vigilante in watching for insects and pests. It is much easier to win a “bug war” if you are aware of the infestation in its early stages. If you do a few tasks over the next few weeks, you will get a head start on the season. Happy Gardening from the Ladybug!





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