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Crazy Good

Ready to be Bowled Over? Sarah Warburton ho loves running up and down the aisles of the grocery store, lugging bags home, chopping veggies, seasoning meat, and cooking rice? All that work can leave you too tired to eat! Ditch the kitchen and find the fun with your family and friends at our favorite new hot spot, Kublai Khan’s Crazy Mongolian Stir Fry. Jovi Yousef Beiz, Chief Operating Officer says, “You dream up


with your friends and leave the cooking to us. All you have to use is your imagination or one of our complimentary recipe cards to make exactly the meal you’d love to eat.” Legend has it that centuries ago Mongolian warriors sliced meats and vegetables into thin

extraordinary service.” Everyone agrees...Kublai Khan is insanely delicious! Raise a Khan ‘Tini with cherry vodka, Cointreau and Sprite or Mongolian Vacation with Coconut, Rum, Peace and Pineapple and savor chicken lettuce wraps or a light and crispy “Honeymoon” appetizer of jalapeno stuffed with crab. Even “Future Warriors” will find a bowl of noodles or a chicken nugget just for them. Jovi says, “We want to be a place you can meet for a business lunch, a family meal, a ladies night out, or on a date. At our Grand Opening, we were thrilled to host a crowd that included Sugar Land’s Mayor James Thompson, Jan-Michael Jenkins from the Chamber of Commerce and my own good friend, Brian Covault. Every time you walk through our doors, we promise crazy good atmosphere, food, and service!” Kublai Khan “Crazy Mongolian Stirfry” 281-565-7277 15830 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478

the dinner and we’ll do the work. Our mission is to make you happy every time!” Your hostess will welcome you to your culinary adventure and your sherpa–that is, server–will treat you like royalty. Ready for a delicious adventure? Use your menu as a road map and design the dinner of your dreams. As you take your bowl and survey the choices, you can see for yourself the freshness of the high-end proteins–like seasoned pork, shrimp, calamari, Angus beef rib eye or tenderloin, chicken and tofu–and the crisp fruits and veggies like snow peas, broccoli, Shitaki mushrooms, pineapple, mango, mint or cilantro. Finish your creation off with fresh ground spices and your choice of over twenty made-from-scratch sauces. Jovi says, “Relax

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strips with their swords and cooked them on huge round shields over roaring bonfires. Jovi says, “Our Mongolian grill reaches temperatures of over 650 degrees and cooks over thirty meals simultaneously. Using our ‘recipe cards’ or your own imagination you can create coconut curry, zesty orange, spicy Szechuan, Caribbean or Italian inspired dishes. You can have your bowl served over white or brown rice, three different kinds of noodles, or crisp lettuce. My background in fine dining at the MGM Casino really cemented my belief in using the best, freshest, whole ingredients, and offering customers

13708 Northwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77040 20940 Katy Freeway

Taking theOuch Out of Your Life


Sara Warburton ocal accountant Dan Martinez of Dan Martinez & Associates, a sales and use tax consulting firm, had been living with an old injury; a ruptured, herniated disc, since the 1980s. Some days it hurt more, some less...until the day he reinjured it recently moving a baby grand piano. He says, “After that, I couldn’t

even walk. My regular doctor gave me pain medication, codeine, but it didn’t help…it was really getting worse and worse. I stayed in bed for a couple of weeks; I just couldn’t get up. I have an accounting office and I was going to work in a lot of pain. One of my staff saw me trying to work flat on my back and recommended acupuncture.” At Sugar Mill Chiropractic, I ended up in the office with Dr. Michele Miller. She took one look at me and said, “Wow, you’re in bad shape! Let’s fix you up.” I asked if acupuncture would help, but she recommended starting with an immediate MRI due to the severity and longevity of my condition. When it showed a herniated disc, Dr. Michele recommended the Lordex. They told me it would take twenty sessions, so I decided to start right away. After my first five treatments, I was still in a lot of pain. Without telling them, I decided the following week to see a surgeon. He said, “Man, you’re in bad shape, you need surgery!” I told him about the Lordex and he said it wouldn’t work, not a chance. I went through the preliminary work for surgery, but the whole time I kept up with my Lordex appointments. On Thursday morning, one week before surgery, I’d had eight treatments...and I woke up with absolutely no pain, like a miracle! Before that I’d been walking around the house pushing a rolling chair like a walker, but that day I walked around just fine. I kept getting better and better, so I cancelled surgery and never looked back. Now I do just one maintenance treatment a month and I feel great...I’m even playing golf again! My wife, Terry, actually had back surgery

six years ago...and they told her that after five or six years she might need it again. She started having pain in her legs and couldn’t sleep a wink at night. Now we go together to get our Lordex treatments...and she’s totally pain-free and sleeping well! When I was going through the first treatments, I talked with people in the waiting room and asked them how long it took to feel better. They told me the Lordex might take eight sessions, it might take ten, it might take the whole twenty, but it will work. Now I’m a believer, too. Being free from pain has given my wife and I back our lives...without narcotics, without surgery, and without delay! It’s been an amazing experience.” Sugar Mill Chiropractic and Acupuncture 281-494-1690 Sugar Land Spine and Disc, 281-491-3472 54 Sugar Creek Boulevard, First Floor

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Changing Futures

Donnielle Carter ori Follett once thought she knew her future and there was no way to avoid it. After working with Dr. Baltazar of Sugar Land Vein Specialists, that future has now changed. “Varicose veins were hereditary in my family. I had at least 3 generations of them on each side of my family. I thought was doomed!” she said. Nightly legs aches and not wanting to wear shorts during our hot summers combined with some not so gentle prodding from her mother, Lori sought out a solution for her varicose veins. “My mother’s had begun to ulcerate around her ankles and I feared mine getting to that point.” A recommendation from a friend of hers led Lori to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Baltazar. Having a self-described “white-coat phobia” Lori was nervous at her first appointment. But that quickly disappeared and she felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Baltazar and was impressed with his knowledge. Her mother, who had had a vein procedure done elsewhere, accompanied Lori to her appointment and even she learned things from Dr. Baltazar that the other vascular surgeon never explained. Dr. Baltazar is a highly respected and admired Vascular Surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Surgery in General Surgery with a special certification


in Vascular Surgery. He was even once voted the “most supportive physician” by the hospital staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. Utilizing his talents in the area of Vascular Surgery he has chosen to specialize in varicose veins so that he can provide the most up to date and the best treatment available. Lori’s treatment consisted of 3 morning appointments in a row. She was extremely nervous for her first treatment, “Dr. Baltazar has a great bedside manner and he made me feel like I was the bravest person that had ever done the procedure.” By the third morning she was so comfortable with Dr. Baltazar and the virtually painless treatment that she laughed when she described the appointment, “They were working on the back of my legs so I was laying on my stomach listening to my IPod and doing a crossword puzzle!” Recovery was quick and she already wants to have more varicose veins taken care of. “And I’ve already bought 4 pairs of shorts!” “I tell anyone who will listen, ‘Go see Dr. Baltazar and get your veins taken care of. It isn’t a future that is inevitable.’ I even sang his praises to a stranger at a grocery store who noticed my band-aids and asked if I had recently had a varicose vein procedure done.” Varicose veins are not something you’re “stuck with” or something that you have no choice about inheriting. No matter what your family history is, the future can be changed. And futures are being changed daily by Dr. Baltazar, call today for your consultation and see what possibilities your future holds. Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS Sugar Land Vein Specialists 281-201-0400 4660 Sweetwater Blvd Ste 130

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Body by Ahmadi

The Professional’s Choice

before - size 18

Donnielle Carter

after - size 8 Visit and see Dr. Ahmadi explain the Lipotuck procedure in his own words during a television interview

before - size 14

after - size 6


f you want the best, you look to see what the professionals are choosing. Where does Bobby Flay go to dinner? What would Angelina Jolie wear tonight? A local medical professional wanted to get some body contouring done so he started asking his own questions. After his investigation, he had no hesitation in making an appointment with Dr. Ahmadi, “I researched the field and he is one of the best in the country.” The gentleman was also impressed with Dr. Ahmadi’s specialization, “I came to Dr. Ahmadi because as a medical professional, I know that the surgeons who perform the most of any procedure usually have the best results. The results and outcomes from Dr. Ahmadi’s work are amazing!” Dr. Ahmadi is a double board certified plastic surgeon and Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While he performs many surgeries one might expect to find at a plastic surgery office, with Dr. Ahmadi expect the unexpected. He has invented the amazing and revolutionary procedure called the Liptuck™. The Lipotuck™ blends together a traditional tummy tuck with liposuction to give you stomach contouring and a streamlined waist all in a single procedure that provides an enhanced body shape with more ease and quicker recovery. One of the most notable differences is that the

Lipotuck™ attends to the upper abdomen, hips and love handles areas that a traditional tummy tuck does not. The fellow male medical professional was so impressed that he had the Lipotuck™ himself and couldn’t be happier with the results. “Overall I am so glad I chose Dr. Ahmadi for my care; I will be back for my other medical/ surgical needs.” He goes on to say, “To top it off, he is kind, caring and a gentleman. I also cannot say enough great things about his office staff, medical assistants and nurses. They are courteous, smart, professional and really do care about their patients.” How lucky did we get to have one of the best plastic surgeons in the country right here in Sugar Land? If you are considering body sculpting of any sort don’t you want to go to the surgeon that medical professionals trust and return to time and time again? Then make your appointment today with Dr. Ahmadi, and let him assist you in sculpting not only your body but also your life.

before - size 14

after - size 5

Avante Plastic Surgery 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112-A Soldiers Field Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77479

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Owners Mike & Barbara Alexander

Everybody Wins A

re you struggling to find a solution for a well-loved senior who may need a little extra help to stay independent and continue to live at home? Mike and Barbara Alexander, owners of the new Fort Bend location of Seniors Helping Seniors, say “Our in-home service offers loving, compassionate non-medical services for seniors. Those who give care and those who receive it share a relationship that enriches them both–everybody wins!” You deserve to get the help you need... from someone who’s happy to do the little things that make a difference. Any day, any hour, you can get companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, help with doctor’s appointments, yard work, home maintenance and small repairs, overnight stays/24-hour care, shopping and errands, recreational activities and many other customized services as well as assistance with respite care for people caring for loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Having someone to depend on for help is important...having a friend you trust is invaluable. Maybe you want to give back, while supplementing your income. Barbara says, “Whether

you need a hand or you want to offer your services, give us a call. The really beautiful thing about Seniors Helping Seniors is that our care providers range in age from early fifties to late seventies. They are active, vital people who are interested in helping others. We like to say they have the heart of a volunteer, but are compensated for their time. We have retired nurses, school teachers, mechanics, and homemakers who love providing care and building bonds with those needing help.” Mike says, “Barbara and I had the experience of caring for my aging parents in another city, and even with the help of good friends, it was difficult. This experience gave us a deep understanding of the challenges seniors and their families face as they strive to balance aging and independence...and we believe Seniors Helping Seniors is the perfect solution for your seniors’ care when you can’t be there.” Would you like to give or receive care? Call Seniors Helping Seniors at 281-261-8107.

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Mike or Barbara Alexander 281-261-8107

Declare Your Independence! Donnielle Carter uly is one of the hottest months of the year in Fort Bend County and it’s also a time of celebration! It’s the month where we celebrate our nation’s independence from British domination. This July, why don’t you declare your independence from that dominating energy sucking monster in your house that is your old a/c system? Brian Jackson, owner of Jackson Air asks, “With the high temperatures, is you’re a/c system keeping up? Does it seem to run all day? Are you afraid to open your electric bill?” Now is the time to declare no more high-energy bills and no more bad air! As Sugar Land’s oldest independent Trane dealer, Jackson Air is excited to announce an exciting new offer to help you declare your independence and stay comfortable. When you upgrade to a high efficiency Trane system like the XL20i, not only can it save


you money it will make your house more comfortable and less humidity. If you or your family suffers from asthma or allergies, then the Trane CleanEffects will help you breathe easier. CleanEffects is a whole house air filter that removes 99.98% of all airborne allergens. Jackson Air is also Trane XL 950 ComfortLink II Thermostat XL950 is a 7 inch offering 0% financing OR a high definition interactive control. The screen looks like a new XL950 ComfortLink™ smart phone. II Thermostat! This July declare your independence from The Trane XL950 ComfortLink™ II the heat, humidity, high-energy bills, polluted Thermostat is a revolutionary new unit that in-door air and your old energy sucking air has all the standard features associated with a conditioning system. This summer stay comprogrammable thermostat and so much more. fortable and stay cool with Jackson Air, BBBs Features include: a 7 inch HD color touch 2011 Awards for Excellence winner. Call screen, air quality management, a history Jackson Air for a free evaluation of your systracking program, live weather information tem with honest advice. A family owned and plus forecast, Wi-Fi capability, remote access operated business with a cool reputation – so from your smart phone or computer and you cool they have a License to Chill. can up load your own pictures for a slide show picture frame. Talk about independence…the Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer Trane XL950 ComfortLink™ II Thermostat Jackson Air will change the way we keep our homes com- 281-240-1037 fortable.

Isn’t It Time to Upcycle?


ave you been holding off on changing up your kitchen or bathroom because you just can’t face the time, expense, and destruction of remodeling? Go upscale with a green solution that looks gorgeous...the Miracle Method. Owners Jonee and Paul Barnett say, “It’s an easy way to completely change your kitchen or bathroom without throwing out your fixtures, or counters. Switching up a big surface like a counter makes a big impact on the look of your kitchen...but minimal impact on the environment or your budget. That’s why we call it a miracle!” Change up your kitchen or bath while reducing your impact on the earth, your wallet, and





your sanity. Miracle Method makes it possible (and painless) to refresh your room without tossing your old fixtures and counters. Transform your porcelain, ceramic, laminate, acrylic, or cultured marble counters…without ripping them out and adding them to a landfill! Your original counters will enjoy a professional cleaning, get scratches, chips, and grout lines filled in and sealed. Then choose a finish that looks like natural stone or request a “custom color match” to coordinate with your décor. The Miracle Method saves up to seventy-five percent over the cost of removing and replacing your old fixtures and counters…and comes with a five-year warranty to protect your investment. That’s serious green! Re-using and recycling doesn’t mean living with the same old look for another decade. Reuse your existing counters, and fixtures with a look that’s completely upscale. Hilton and Disney know the value of “Upcycling” with Miracle Method. It’s also been featured on DIY’s Bathtastic, HGTV’s Carter Can, This Old House, and the Today Show. The truth is, it looks amazing in hotels, resorts, person and on TV! Jonee says, “Our customers love Natural Accents™, a finish that delivers the look of natural stone…without the high price!”

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Going green has gone affordably upscale with the miracle of “Upcycling” by Miracle Method. Call today for your free in-home estimate. Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX

Jonee and Paul Barnett

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No Pain in Your Game N Sarah Warburton early all of our favorite summer sports can bring joy and pain. If your pain persists, worsens or prevents you from fully participating in your desired activity, come see Dr. Mark Vann, MD our local orthopedic surgeon and lower extremity specialist. He says, “Moderate to severe, gradually increasing foot, ankle, or leg pain could be the sign of a stress fracture, making it quite different from the severe, sudden onset of a more common, complete fracture. Together we’ll solve the problem…before it causes a catastrophic injury.” A stress fracture typically develops over time in otherwise healthy bone subjected to overuse by repetitive impact. Dr. Vann says, “Pre-season training, distance running, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and dance are common activities that put repetitive stress on the weightbearing bones of the lower limb and can lead to stress fractures.” The first sign will often be a dull, aching pain, sometimes accompanied by swelling. The pain typically persists, and worsens with walking and running. The last thing you want is to be knocked off your feet. Dr. Vann says, “Sometimes the only way to get back in the game is to take time off. Stress fractures may take weeks to months to heal.

Although some will require a period of rest and immobilization, others may require surgery to stabilize and promote rapid healing. As an orthopedic surgeon, I’ve got a range of surgical and non-surgical solutions to help your body work in harmony again. Enjoy an active summer with proper warm-ups, careful stretching, good hydracross training, visit to Dr. Vann tion...and a sistent pain. He says, for any perpreseason athlete with per“Whether you’re a sistent foot pain, a tennis player with heel pain, or a distance runner with persistent shin pain we’ll find a solution that’s right for you!” Mark Vann, MD Board Certified, Fellowship Trained, Orthopedic Surgeon Lower Extremity Specialist Sugar Land Medical Plaza 1327 Lake Point Parkway, Suite 520 Sugar Land, TX 77478 713-876-6518

Back to You

Donnielle Carter


hat if you could get back to the you that you used to know? The one who not only feels confident, energetic and joyful - but also looks it. Thermage skin tightening treatments can help you look on the outside how you feel on the inside. Whether it’s on your face, your eyes or other parts of the body, Thermage skin treatments help smooth, tighten and contour skin with gradual, natural looking results, as opposed to the dramatic change that invasive surgery produces. So, rather than looking like you’ve had surgery, you’ll look like you’ve been away on vacation… rested and rejuvenated. And now, Kalologie Skin Care and Medspa is proud to announce their new Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) that is 3times more effective compared to the previous Thermage system. It provides shorter procedure time and better comfort. Best of all, you can turn back the clock on your skin without rearranging your life for complex procedures or long recoveries. With Thermage treatments, there’s no surgery, no injections,

8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ July 2011

no anesthesia and little to no downtime. Instead, Thermage skin tightening treatments stimulate your body’s natural renewal of collagen, which creates subtle, natural looking results on and off the face. So you can do something great for your skin in a single treatment on your schedule and quickly return to normal activities looking and feeling fantastic. Kalologie is a first-class, full service medical spa whose services include: laser hair removal, facials, chemical peels, waxing, Botox®, Juvederm® and MD Weight Loss system in addition to the Thermage skin tightening treatments. Mangaer Jennifer Blichman says, “Our clients who have received treatment with the newly upgraded Thermage CPT™ system report that they are extremely happy with the results and are shocked by the ease of the actual procedure. And they like that we have the best prices in town.” People are walking out of Kaologie Skincare and Medspa everyday looking younger! Call today for your appointment and discover how the Thermage CPT™ can assist you in

getting back the you that you used to know. Kalologie Skincare/Medspa 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway Whole Foods Shopping Center Sugar Land, TX 77478

FREE Expires 7-31-11

40% Expires 7-31-11

Facial with Laser Hair Removal Package purchase Laser Hair Removal Buy 1 area, Get a 2nd area for FREE Call us we have the BEST PRICE IN TOWN!


40% ALL packages

Offering Our Special Brand of Care for Patients in Fort Bend County Our goal is to provide a high standard of care to every patient, every day. At St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital, we combine expertise, quality and technology with our special brand of caring for the whole person – body, mind and spirit – to serve the patients of Fort Bend County.

e Pkwy. Lake Poin t


. ngton Blvd exi Hwy .6

. lvd

F est hw t u So

B ce Tra

wy .


s am


lli Wi



kbend Dr.


Brooks St.


Sug ar L ak Creekway Dr. St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital • 1317 Lake Pointe Parkway • Sugar Land, TX 77478 • 281-637-7000 To advertise, 281-235-0600

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Chefs Go Out to Eat


Sarah Warburton


ith over twenty years as a “Sushi Man” and two previous restaurants (Kaneyama and Sushi King) under his belt, Keeper Lin is finally bringing his inventive cuisine to Fort Bend. Sushi-lovers and food aficionados like Chef Frederic Perrier of Aura are gathering at Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar to enjoy mouth-watering, fresh food in an elegant, yet welcoming atmosphere. What makes Keeper’s a restaurant where chefs love to eat? Quality! Keeper uses only Tamaki Gold rice, the number one best-selling rice in Japan and fish he personally chooses daily at the fish market. He says, “In the early morning I go out to choose the best fish, but if something like sea urchin comes in later, they’ll give me a call. I’ve made a trip to the fish company at midnight to be sure I got the freshest seafood. For quality, you can’t just place an order over the have to inspect it yourself!” Start your meal with Dobin Mushi, a soup that melts away stress while whetting your appetite. Drink the fragrant broth out of the little cup, then open the dobin (like a little teapot) and eat the sweet morsels of Sashimi-grade red snapper, fresh clam, shrimp, fishcake, chicken, shitaki mushroom and a gingko nut...good for the memory. Want a roll to remember? Try the Cowboy: tuna or salmon and avocado inside topped with blackened beef, four colors of tobiko (flying fish roe in ruby, black, wasabi, and golden yuzu) and cowboy sauce with a serious kick! Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter. You’ll swoon over the Skydiver: soft-shell crab and cucumber inside, topped with unagi, avocado, sesame, and eel sauce. Why not cool down with the hottest summer drink from Keeper’s amazing mixologist, Tia Pittman? Ask about fresh seasonal mango, watermelon, or pineapple mint mojitos...or her latest specials. Then heat things up again with beef or tuna Ishiyaki–seasoned meat or fish cooked at your table over a searingly-hot volcanic stone...deliciously dramatic! Keeper says, “We’re excited to welcome you to our Happy Hour with special prices on selected appetizers, drinks, sushi and rolls from 3-6 every day with a bonus “Reverse Happy Hour” from 9-11 Friday and Saturday night.” If Keeper is not behind the Sushi bar, at the fish company, or enjoying time with his sons, you may hear him playing violin behind the restaurant. He says, “My chefs, Freddie and Juan and I all understand and passionately respect Japanese culture. They love creating exciting fusion rolls like the Cowboy or the Skydiver...but my favorite thing to make is sashimi, letting the fish speak for itself. My international staff and I love living and working in Sugar Land... and our Japanese spirit comes through in the food we make and serve to you.” Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar 281-242-0389 4654 Highway 6 South, Sugar Land, TX 77578

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The Hidden Dangers of Crooked Teeth Sarah Warburton aybe you thought a few crooked or misaligned teeth were just a cosmetic issue, but think about these questions: Have you noticed your teeth drifting more and more over time? Where do you have the most trouble flossing? Are your gums most sensitive and prone to bleeding around your crowded, crooked teeth? Dr. Thomas Lomonte says, “Crooked teeth or malocclusion isn’t just a question of how your teeth’s an important health issue. After all, your mouth is a mirror, reflecting the general health or disease of your entire body.” Just taking a “wait and see” approach could really cause big problems. Dr. Lomonte says, “Crowded or crooked teeth are at a greater risk for


Crooked teeth or malocclusion isn’t just a question of how your teeth’s an important health issue. plaque build-up, are harder to clean, have poor root support, and have more toxic bacteria around them. Why does that concern me? Because gum disease has overtaken tooth decay as the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. And gum disease plays a role in diabetes, respiratory illness, pregnancy complications and heart disease. In fact, people with periodontal disease are twice as likely to die from heart disease than those with healthy teeth and gums. The longer you wait, the more

likely it is that the surface problem–crooked teeth–will lead to tooth or bone loss and affect your total health.” Want to be worry-free? Straighter teeth have healthier gums, easier cleanings, and a decreased risk of trauma and abnormal wear...and the solution’s super-simple. Dr. Lomonte recommends Invisalign®, the nearly invisible alternative to braces. Completely clear and easily removable, Invisalign® realigns your teeth and works with your busy life. Dr. Lomonte says, “We often see results quickly and patients love how easy it is to wear. I love knowing that straightening their teeth could be saving their lives!” Taking the first step to a straighter, brighter smile will put you on the road to better health. Dr. Lomonte says, “I want all my patients to enjoy showing the world their happy, healthy smiles!”

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend!

Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 281-530-1440 12122 Murphy Rd. 530-1440

Ride Into Summer with Alan’s Plumbing Sarah Warburton


hen summer plumbing problems dampen your mood, call the local company with the reputation and experience to get you your summer back on track. Classic American values of hard work and an honest living are still alive at Alan’s Plumbing, where they know that the only job worth doing is a job done well. Ride into summer with confidence thanks to Alan’s Plumbing. For over fifteen years Master Plumber Alan Burkhalter has provided quality plumbing service to the families of Fort Bend County. Along with his brothers, Chris and Brian, and the newest member of the team Zach Wagner, he’s made a name for Alan’s Plumbing as professional, prompt, and precise. The families of Fort Bend love getting quality work at a fair price from Alan and the guys.

How does a family business build a reputation? The same way a country does... through a history of doing things the right way and by sons following in their father’s footsteps. Every year Alan and Jennifer’s three skilled sons–Beau, Luke, and Jake–add to their experience, their knowledge, and their history with their Dad’s business. Mom Jennifer says, “Our boys have been going out with their dad and uncle since they were about eight or nine years old. A few summers ago they put in the hours to earn their apprentice plumbing licenses. Beau is working with us full time now and Luke and Jake are working during the summer with us. They’ve got the credentials, the experience...and they want to make their Dad proud and our customers happy!” Keep the water where it’s supposed to be this the pool or in your pipes. If you’ve got a running toilet, a leaky tap, a dripping faucet, or a damaged pipe, don’t wait to call 281-261-1064. Alan says, “Taking care of a little problem keeps it from becoming a big one and save you money and trouble down the line. Call us when you’ve got a plumbing problem or need a remodel this summer...and enjoy a safe and happy Fourth of July from all of us at Alan’s Plumbing!” Alan’s Plumbing 281-261-1064

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I chose MD Anderson in Sugar Land - Michelle Williams

When I had breast cancer, the world’s leading care was right here. My team of experts in Sugar Land focused only on me and my cancer. They guided me through advanced MD Anderson treatment options including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, clinical trials, and support services. They customized a plan just for me. Having MD Anderson in my community kept me close to my two boys and close to home. I chose MD Anderson in Sugar Land. Find Your MD Anderson today.

Appointments Available

There’s a Lens for That! Sarah Warburton


ummer’s here and we took a look beyond sunglasses to find new ways to protect your vision. Dr. Doan says, “Every year new contacts and glasses are developed that can do things that simply weren’t possible ten years ago. We can even custom-create contacts for extremely difficult prescriptions. Whatever

you love to do–golf, computer work, sewing, racquetball–we’ve got a lens for that!” What’s your, swimming, soccer, biking, tennis or golf? Improve your game and protect your eyes with Dr. Doan’s help. She says, “Some contact lenses give you the clarity you need and are even designed for a specific sport like tennis or golf and they offer UV filters. Your regular glasses aren’t protective goggles... they can shatter and damage your eyes. 600,000 sports-related eye injuries occur in the U.S. each year and more than 90% of these injuries could be prevented with appropriate protective eyewear. You can either choose contact lenses so you can wear protective sports goggles or let me fix you up with a pair of prescription goggles. I can treat them to offer UV protection just like sunglasses...perfect for sunny summer games.” Maybe the kids are out for summer, but you’re still hard at work in front of the computer. Glasses specifically designed for heavy computer use can reduce the strain on your eyes and keep you from getting those tension headaches. Dr. Doan says, “As a knitter, I know that close work like sewing, scrapbooking, tying flies for fly-fishing, and working on the computer can be really hard on your eyes. I have glasses precisely designed for the things you love to do. Have you been putting off getting read-

We Specialize in Children

ing glasses or bifocals because you just don’t love the look? Now you can get the clarity of bifocals with the convenient style of contact lenses. Dr. Doan says, “If you can think of a time you need better vision–on the playing field, at the computer, in the swimming pool–come and see me....we’ve got a lens for that!” Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. ~ Vision Source! 4725 Highway 6 South 281-261-2647

$179 Expires 8-01-11

exam and 6 pairs of Oasys™ contact lenses and care kit. Some Rx restrictions apply. Not valid with insurance or any other offers.

Buy one get one free

FREE Must purchase frame and GLASSES complete pair of lenses. Expires 8-01-11

Free pair must be of same Rx & equal or lesser value. Valid Rx required. Some Rx restrictions apply. Not valid with insurance or any other offers.

Family Law Bastine and Associates

...because kidz are people too

❋ Specialist in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents

“The family law firm that cares about family.”

❋ Now offering Braces and Orthodontic services ❋ Offering Oral and I.V. Sedation ❋ Se Hablo Espanol ❋ Most major insurance accepted ❋ Ask About NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200, Missouri City, TX 77459 Located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone

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The Great Flood “N

Sarah Warburton othing prepares you for flooding,” says Dr. Leslie Cohan of The Woman’s Place. “What kind of flooding? Women in their thirties and forties begin to transition from regular cycles towards the infertility of menopause–a time called perimenopause. In addition to hot flashes, sleep problems, and dryness, many women experience an alarming flood instead of their regular cycle. The first thing to know is that you’re not alone in that lifeboat...and we have a wide range of solutions.” When the tide is rising, you need to seek safety. Dr. Cohan says, “When irregular bleeding occurs, we don’t want to chalk it up to hormones without checking for a more serious underlying cause like cancer. We’ll start with taking a health history and running diagnostic tests like an endometrial biopsy or ultrasound. If everything checks out, we’ll breathe a sigh of relief... and start thinking about other solutions.” Afraid you’ll need a life jacket? Start by avoiding blood-thinners like aspirin and alcohol, soy products, and vigorous exercise. If that doesn’t stem the tide, Dr. Cohan may recommend something as simple as birth control pills or an IUD device like the Mirena IUD, a progesterone-based birth control. Women who don’t plan to have children in the future may choose a global endometrial ablation. This technique uses heat to lighten heavy bleeding and takes less than ten minutes. Both endometrial ablation and the Mirena IUD may reduce bleeding by forty to seventy percent or more.” There are sunny days ahead if your exam reveals more than perimenopause is to blame. Dr. Cohan says, “Even benign

conditions like uterine fibroids or endometrial polyps may require surgical excision. New laparoscopic techniques allow us to perform hysterectomies through an incision just the size of a dime and reduce recovery time to two weeks...but that’s not the one and only answer to the ‘Great Flood’ any more. We have a whole range of options to get you back to ‘dry land’ safely.” The Woman’s Place (affiliated with the Woman’s Hospital of Texas) 713-795-0349 16552 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479


Donnielle Carter uly is here and our nation is celebrating its freedom. When we think of freedom we tend to think of liberty, independence and being free to choose for ourselves. But what else can we have freedom from that we’ve never even considered? What about freedom from things that we don’t look forward to doing…like cleaning the house? So many people think that cleaning the house is inescapable or that it’s waaaay to expensive to even consider having a maid service do it for you. But what if it isn’t? Max McCammond, owner of Professional Maid Service in Sugar Land asks, “How much is your time worth?” And he’s not talking dollar amounts. Do you want to spend your time cleaning your house or having a BBQ with your family? And what about those hobbies that you’ve wanted to do but haven’t started because you just can’t seem to find the time? If you have Professional Maid Service clean your house how much more time would you have to enjoy your life? Whether it’s routine cleaning or a clean


up before or after a special event, moving in or out of a house or even cleaning up after a remodeling job, Professional Maid Service has many different plans to fit any need you might have and all at affordable rates. All of their maids receive the best training, use only top-quality products and are bonded and insured to give you that extra peace of mind. The company goal is to let you come home and relax in a house made even more comfortable by being cleaned by the professionals. Max adds, “Even if you clean your house you might not always take the time to clean the blinds and dust the lamp shades like our team of maids do on every visit.” Now is the time to declare your “Freedom from Housework!” Call the experts at Professional Maid Service today for your free in home estimate and find out what freedom really means as you relax in your professionally cleaned home. Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500

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Where the Locals Go

Sarah Warburton or the last twenty-seven years Paula and Taylor Auburg have lived in First Colony and they’ve discovered a few local secrets. Paula says, “Twenty years ago our little kids led us to All About Carpet because it was right next door to Shipley’s donuts. Back then, that and Randall’s were about the only things out here. Plenty of things have changed in Fort Bend, but we still come to All About Carpet. In fact, they’ve just finished work on our third house! They’re a fantastic local company that always does a great job.” Things change in the tile business from one year to the next, but good old-fashioned customer service and knowledge of


the latest products never goes out of style Paula says, “This time we remodeled our master bathroom, replaced tile in the entire kitchen, removed carpet and then put in tile in another room and redid the entry. The tile we had put in the bathroom five years ago had been discontinued...and the store that sold it is out of business. Bob did a great job of searching and finding something that was a good match. If you didn’t know, you’d think they were the same. We chose this gorgeous travertine in 18 x 18 tile throughout the house and it’s really looks beautiful!” Maybe you thought getting tile put in would take a ton of time and leave behind a huge mess. Not if you go with the right company! Taylor says, “The guys from All About Carpet spent a lot of time preparing the house before they even got to work. They put plastic on the walls and took real care not to track it through the house. I really appreciated how careful they were with our house. You can tell a lot about a company by the respect they show their customers.” “With tile, you always worry about the dust,” says Paula. “but these installers did such a good job of covering everything and containing the mess that there wasn’t even any dust in my kitchen cabinets. They clean up after themselves and are so trustworthy I had no problem leaving them in the house. They were prompt, polite, and efficient and Bob personally checks on everything, keeps in touch, and follows through. He has an eye on everything, so you know you’re in good hands.” From the showroom to the installation to enjoying your home, All About Carpet and Floors makes it easy. Paula says, “We’ve replaced the tile in our bathroom, kitchen, and floors, now we hope to replace the carpet in a few more rooms–after our two new puppies are fully trained... and we’ll come back to All About Carpet and Floors for local service that’s pleasant and professional!”

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All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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a winning team! Dr. David Braunreiter joins Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas The team at Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas (MOST) welcomes another all-star! Dr. David Braunreiter, board-certified physician who completed his fellowship training in sports medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, brings in-depth expertise and skill in sports medicine to his new position on the MOST team. As a team physician for the Houston Dynamo, Dr. Braunreiter is a leader in diagnosing and treating sports medicine injuries, with a long history of helping athletes of all levels return to full health following injury or illness. Don’t live with the pain. See Dr. Braunreiter — or one of the other board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic specialists at MOST — and get back in the action!

Call 281-494-MOST (6678) for a personal appointment today. 1201 Brooks Street Sugar Land, Texas 77478

1327 Lake Pointe Pkwy., Ste. 425 Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates welcomes Dr. Eddie L. Patton Jr.


ethodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates is proud to welcome Eddie L. Patton Jr., M.D., to their practice. “We are very pleased to have Dr. Patton join our group,” said Jeffrey A. Jackson, M.D., with Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates. “He shares the values-based, personal approach to quality patient care that makes Methodist unique and this relationship such a great fit. Our patients will benefit from his calm demeanor, excellent bedside manner and superb clinical abilities.” “It’s an honor to join the outstanding staff at Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates,” said Dr. Patton, a board certified neurologist with fellowship training in neuromuscular diseases from Baylor College of Medicine. “My mission is to provide quality and compassionate neurological care to my patients, and I am committed to ensuring that I keep my patients at the forefront of advances in neurological treatments and technology.” Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates offer diagnosis and treatment of the most common – and most complex – neurological disorders. From sleep apnea, migraines, epilepsy and dementia, to complex spine, peripheral neurological disorders and neuromuscular disorders, the physicians at Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates can provide answers and options using the latest technology and therapeutic techniques, backed by the resources and staff of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. Methodist Sugar Land Neurology Associates is located at 16659 Southwest Freeway, Suite 131 in Medical Office Building II. To schedule an appointment, please call 281-494-6387.

Millennium Town Car Service

Jeffrey A. Jackson, M.D.; Eddie L. Patton Jr., M.D. and M. Faisal Khan, M.D.

Neck and back Pain? Our Sugar Land team iS the anSwer.

Same Day Appointments Available

On Time, Every Time

The Best Black Car Service In Town 24 Hour Airport Service Corporate/Executive Hotel Transfers Personal Chauffer


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Dr. Joshua R. Akerman, D.C. Dr. Lynnette Orrick, D.C.

Dr. Jason Schell, D.C. Dr. Mark Yezak, B.S., D.C.

Dr. Scott Neuburger, B.S., D.C.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Sarah Warburton


ow long do you put up with the status quo before you declare your independence? Too many dealerships expect you to put up with frustration without representation. Don Kerstetter says, “Unfortunately, not all dealerships are created equal. At Classic Chevrolet, we’re leading a revolution with our excellent team, huge selection, low prices, community spirit…and the relaxed, decent way we treat people!” No hassle, no fuss, no hard sell. Everyone at Classic Chevy wants you to drive away in the vehicle of your dreams...and they want to give you the freedom to choose and the liberty to enjoy your entire experience. Don says, “Everyone who walks onto our lot has certain inalienable rights–to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our team’s empowered to handle your transaction from start to finish …without running back and forth to some hidden room to speak with a mysterious, unseen sales manager. Everything we do is aimed at making and keeping you you and your family will keep coming back.” Classic Chevy will be closed on the Fourth of July to allow their staff to celebrate our nation’s independence with their families. They wish all of you a happy Fourth of July and invite you to celebrate your independence from oppressive sales tactics and unseen upcharges all year long. If your pursuit of happiness includes a car that is as American as mom and apple pie, come by Classic Chevrolet and relax and enjoy the difference.

For service that’s knowledgeable, professional, and friendly...and doesn’t stop when you drive off the lot, Classic Chevrolet is one of fifty-one dealerships to be honored as a “GM Dealer of the Year” for 2010 out of over 3000 Chevy dealers nationwide. And out of the fifty-three Chevy dealers in the Southwest Houston region, Classic Chevrolet placed first in customer retention, ontime response for service, service training, and customer satisfaction...earning the title of “Chevrolet Service Hero.” “We’ve got a great team of down-to-earth folks I’m proud to know,” says Don. “Come see us anytime, celebrate your freedom to roam about our dealership and relax and enjoy the difference at Classic Chevrolet.” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 Sales: (866) 498-5485 • Service: (866) 500-1660

Can You Answer the Questions? Sarah Warburton uiz yourself...then check out the answers provided by our local expert and “Neighbor’s Choice” award-winner, Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. Who was the first to compound medicine? Dr. Campbell says, “Wish I knew! People have been compounding medications since the days of ancient Greece and Egypt. When our grandparents were young, most medications were still compounded. Over the last twenty-five years we’ve seen a rebirth of compounding pharmacies as people realized that in medicine, one size doesn’t fit all.” Are you a “real” pharmacy? Dr. Campbell says, “Absolutely! We can fill your prescriptions for traditional medications and the FDA says compounded prescriptions are ethical and legal if prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. We’re a member of the Professional Compounding


18 ~ UPCLOSE ~ July 2011

Centers of America, licensed by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.” Will my insurance cover compounded medications? Dr. Campbell says, “Every insurance company does things a little differently, but many plans do reimburse for compounded medication. Check with your provider, and we’ll supply a universal claim form, if you need one. If you’re a self-pay patient, we have access to pure-grade quality chemicals, so we’re able to control costs and be very competitive with commercially manufactured products.” How do you learn to compound medication? Dr. Campbell says, “I learned the basics while I was attending the University of Houston College of Pharmacy...and that’s when I got involved with further education at the Professional Compounding Centers of America. Now I serve as a preceptor, allowing students in the final year of pharmacy school to be trained at Campbell’s Compounding

Pharmacy. It’s my way of giving back to the University of Houston, to Texas Southern, and to future pharmacists.” What’s the number one question patients ask Dr. Campbell and his staff? He says, “Most adults want to know if I can help them with their hormones... kids just want to know if I carry their favorite flavor. The answer to both is yes!” Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

Making a Lasting

Impression Sarah Warburton


hen local guy and Texas A&M graduate, Tony Rivera, took his family with four kids to live in Bolivia for four years, oldest son David says, “We really absorbed old-school values like hard work and the importance of family while we were over there. Afterwards, Pops worked as a consultant with the World Bank until he took a job running a decorative concrete company in Houston. One day Dad contacted Bomanite of Houston about buying just one of their trademarked concrete patterns . . . and he ended up buying Bomanite of Houston itself! I’ve been working with Pops since 1993 and we’ve always got something new in the works.” Do you know if you’ve seen Bomanite’s decorative concrete? David says, “We’ve installed custom concrete at Moody Gardens as well as over 50,000 sq. ft. of various patterns & colors for L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort. For the Houston Zoo’s new African Exhibit we customized all the decorative concrete flooring including leaf and animal track impressions.” Think Bomanite only

performs commercial jobs? Think again. “We have countless residential jobs under our belts as well. We’ve mastered stamped concrete and stained concrete. And remodelers love our new textured micro-overlays which are only 1/8 of an inch thick and a perfect solution to renovate existing concrete walkways, drives, & pool decks. Reflector epoxy floors are my favorite new product. The shimmering metallic pigments produce a beautiful, dynamic color shifting floor. The color palette lets us achieve patina coppers, aged bronze, or an industrial look with nickel, or gunmetal. Even exotic looks like hot pink, royal blue, and lime green are possible. We used it for our reception area floor and even made a gorgeous tabletop and artwork for our wall out of it.” Think you know concrete? Until you see and touch the samples at Bomanite of Houston, you can’t imagine all the possibilities. David says, “We have invested a lot of time & effort to make our office very welcoming. Our front garden has a walkway of different samples that weaves its way through

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the trees to a green space where we plan to build a concrete table. We want you to come over, view the samples then have a seat and enjoy the space. The goal of the area is to infuse you with the confidence that you are dealing with a company that is firmly rooted, highly professional and committed to quality.” Sensational results start with a rock-solid company. David says, “Our installers are experts who’ve been with us over ten years. That’s why we can guarantee our work with confidence.” “Bomanite of Houston has been operating since 1976,” says Tony. “We are the oldest decorative concrete company in Texas. We have customers from years ago who call us for one job after another, because our work makes a lasting impression!” Bomanite of Houston 6617 Flintlock Road Houston, TX 77040-4318 (713) 722-0480

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Trevathan CPA, PLLC

From Stress to Success H

elping your business succeed is the main objective at Trevathan, CPA. With that in mind, owner John Trevathan is delighted to introduce Regina Rash as their new Director of Tax and Accounting. Regina has 15 years of experience as a CPA, is a small business specialist, advanced tax planner, paperless technology consultant, and is certified in QuickBooks. The skilled team at Trevathan CPA and Regina are “Full Service Advisors” aiming to take businesses out of the break/fix model into catered solutions and financial planning. The experts at Trevathan, CPA concentrate on small and medium business needs such as business consulting, accounting services, tax preparation, assistance with compilations, audits and reviews, and the full service tax and financial needs of their families. Regina will tell you, “It’s a beautiful thing to see someone go from starting a business into a success.” And she knows that each client will have different needs. “When we meet with a new client they have hundreds of questions and we help them out of confusion and stress and into

20 ~ UPCLOSE ~ July 2011

Donnielle Carter financial peace. We will analyze each business and see what they are ready to tackle, and then we tailor each solution to a client’s specific goals. We help small business owners focus on more than just compliance. We help their books become a tool for management solutions.” Regina proudly declares, “Leading a business owner who is ready to do the work to get out of stress and panic and back into enjoying their business…helping them leave a legacy… that’s the fun part!” Please join John’s team at Trevathan CPA in welcoming Regina Rash and her long time assistant, Nancy Weems to their skilled team. If the accounting side of your business is causing you stress and you are ready to reach for the next level, call the experts at Trevathan, CPA, PLLC today and find out how they can help your business succeed. Trevathan, CPA, PLLC 281-207-1333 19901 Southwest Freeway

Secrets for a Successful

Smile Sarah Warburton


has been a year of new beginnings for Dr. Katia Lemke, DMD. In August, she took over a thriving orthodontic practice established in Sugar Land since 1997 and in October she gave birth to her first son, Samuel. She says, “I’m fortunate that my husband Ernande is so supportive and encouraging. I’ve always believed that we live a happy life by doing our best work and striving for excellence. That’s the secret to successfully starting and continually nurturing your dreams.” During her four years of dental school at the University of Florida, Dr. Lemke won the Dean’s Award, the Honors Award, and the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Award. She was awarded the Clinical Excellence Award in Orthodontics for best resident at her specialty program in Orthodontics at LSU. She was also involved in extensive research in orthodontics– ceramic brackets (invisible, tooth-colored braces) and has been published in her field. She says, “Since I am congenitally missing teeth, I had braces as an adult and have implants. Between my personal experience and my interest in physics, orthodontics was a natural fit!” Braces have come a long way over the last twenty years, as Dr. Lemke’s research could tell you! If you’re most comfortable with metal braces, they’re still available and more comfortable than ever. Customize them with multi-colored elastics for a rainbow smile. She also provides ceramic braces that are less visible than traditional metal braces and are most commonly used on your upper teeth alone... as they are larger and more brittle. Since Dr. Lemke is trained in the most recent technology, you’ll have all the latest options for a straighter smile.

“We have braces that are practically invisible,” says Dr. Lemke. “You may have heard about Invisalign, which uses a series of invisible, removable, comfortable aligners to straighten teeth. I also offer Incognito (or lingual) Braces. These completely customized braces are hidden behind your teeth to be invisible when you smile. They’re popular with athletes who play contact sports, models or actors, musicians who play wind instruments, professionals, or anyone who wants their braces to be a secret between you and me!” Dr. Lemke and her staff enjoy seeing the progress of their patients. She says, “Often when we have patients come in who need braces, they keep their heads down low and won’t look you in the eye. By their one-year checkup, they’re heads are up and they’re happy to smile. Seeing that boost in their confidence makes all of us smile, too!” Taking care of your smile starts with making time to see Dr. Lemke. Her office is open late (until 7pm) on Monday and Tuesday and early (7am) on Friday. She says, “I encourage patients to come in before or after work or school or during their noon lunch hour. We schedule appointments that work with your family’s schedule.” Lemke Orthodontics 281-277-3555 Katia Lemke, DMD, PA 4907 Sandhill Dr., Ste B Sugar Land, TX 77479

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How to


Sarah Warburton

…on your electric bill every month. The first step is calling an expert who’s eager to help. After all, the energy company doesn’t care how efficient your home is; they’re happy to keep sending you bills that get bigger every month. Unless you’ve got money to burn, you should be asking yourself “How can I cut costs?”


urning off the lights and tinkering with the thermostat can only do so much. You’re sitting under a big oven right now... your attic. In the summer months the temperature up there can hit one hundred and fifty degrees or more, easily. That’s more work for your air conditioner to do and more money out of your pocket and onto that electric bill. Start by identifying the power sucks in your home with a free energy evaluation performed by the licensed, bonded, and trained green 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ July 2011


energy experts at Eco-Attics of Texas. Picture yourself taking that money and putting it back in your bank account where it belongs! Mike Busby, owner of Eco-Attics of Texas says, “If you save 40% on a monthly bill that’s usually $300, that’s $123 a month that you get to keep. Over a year, that’s $1476...and over ten years that’s $14,760. Nobody’s got that kind of money to waste, but unless you give us a call that money’s just going up in smoke.” Imagine getting paid to make money-saving changes to your home. If you act now, you’re eligible for manufacturers’ rebates and government tax credits. Getting your attic fitted with a true foil Radiant Barrier will keep the temperature within 5 degrees of the outside air. Blown-in foam insulation, a solar attic fan that runs off the heat of the sun and keeps your attic dry to prevent mold, spores, and dust mites, and an attic tent can all make a difference in the energyefficiency of your home...and your bottom line. New homes come equipped with energy-efficient features, but Eco-Attics of Texas can make any home greener... and that saves you green! Mike says, “We’ll do a free energy-assessment of your home, so you can see for yourself where your energy dollars are being wasted. We have solar screens, energyefficient windows, solar pool panels,

and our attic retrofit which will save a guaranteed forty percent on your energy bill. Switching your home over from incandescent bulbs to CFLs means using ninety percent less electricity in your lights. You can’t beat those numbers...these products absolutely pay for themselves!” Decide for yourself where you want that money to your home and your family or to the energy company. Then pick up the phone and call EcoAttics of Texas for your free home energy evaluation.

Eco-Attics of Texas, LLC 713-446-0178



ll Out


Beating the Dog Days of Summer

Sarah Warburton corching, searing, blistering heat’s finally hit Fort Bend, but you can beat the dog days of summer...with the right advice. We asked the owners of All Out A/C Chance Kamp and Bryan Bellamy how to get the most out of your A/C so you and your family can relax and chill all summer long. Chance says, “Did you know that fallen leaves, overgrown grass, or fire ants can slow down or break your air conditioner? Ants actually build mounds inside condensers and garden debris can prevent air from circulating around your outside condenser unit. Whether you need advice, repairs, or replacement, our guys will do what it takes to help you keep your cool!” Is your air conditioner choking in the heat? If you skipped your annual Spring inspection, the answer might be waiting to stare your technician in the face. An annual inspection of your cooling system may extend the life of your equipment and save you money. Bryan says, “National statistics show that over 70% of all air conditioning and compressor outages could be avoided if the equipment was regularly checked, adjusted, calibrated, and maintained by qualified technicians. You’ll get the most out of your air conditioner by keeping up with your semi-annual maintenance checks.” You won’t get burned when you call All Out A/C for help. “We don’t take shortcuts,” says Bryan. “We’ll provide you a quote, so you can see what we’re talking about and we’re always happy to answer any questions or give you tips like changing out your filters, closing your damper, and shutting the blinds or shades on south or west facing windows during the afternoon. Check out testimonials from satisfied customers on our website at” Ready for some serious cool? The experts at All Out A/C have all kinds of ways to beat the heat. Bryan says, “In addition to repairs, we offer new air conditioners with better SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)s making it easier and cheaper to cool down your house and saving you up to 50% on your energy bill. We also offer zoning systems that keep you from paying to cool areas of your home you don’t use and programmable thermostats that can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%.” The dog days are over now with the help of All Out A/C... and they’re always looking out for you. Bryan says, “Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an emergency after hours, we’ll send a technician out to make sure you and your family are comfortable. Chance and I want our customers to know we’ll go all out to keep you cool...all summer long! If you mention you saw us in UpClose, you’ll get an automatic 10% off service or new equipment.”



All Out A/C and Heating 281-238-9292 626 Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406 Did you know that fallen leaves, overgrown grass, or fire ants can slow down or break your air conditioner?

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Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Whether you have been sidelined by an injury, are recovering from surgery, or have chronic pain, we can help. Our experienced

Occupational/Hand Therapy

Schedule Now: 281-201-0405

staff of physical, occupational and aquatic therapists will work

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital*

with you to reach your optimal mobility and achieve your

16655 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, Texas 77479 Monday – Friday | 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

rehabilitative goals. And with two state-of-the-art physical therapy and sports rehabilitation centers here in Fort Bend County, we can get you on the road to an active lifestyle quickly and conveniently. We’re here to get you on the road to recovery. Call 281-201-0405 to schedule an appointment today.

Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab

*Rehab Services located in the Spine Center off Town Center Boulevard

Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas 1201 Brooks Street (and Highway 6) Sugar Land, Texas 77478 Monday – Thursday | 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Friday| 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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