Ceramics Study Club

Ceramics Study Club

Boston, MA, United States

Shards Newsletter

A Newsletter of the Ceramics Study Club of Boston

SHARDS, the CSC newsletter, was established by Jeffrey Brown in January 1998. Since then it has been published two or three times a year. It contains reports on CSC meetings, scheduled ceramics-related events such as auctions, exhibitions, and conferences, as well as other material that might be of interest to members. We strongly urge members to submit such material, including reports on ceramics events attended, books read, letters to the editor, etc. Please send material to the Editor.

Below you will find links to a Topic Index and Speaker Index to past issues of SHARDS, as well as links to each issue. After finding an item in the index, click on the corresponding issue on this page and you will be redirected to it on ISSUU, and will be able to scroll through to the requested article.