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H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S October 2019

FEMALE LEADERSHIP: The Family Secret for a Successful Business


T H E O F F I C I A L P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E N AT I O N A L H A R D W O O D L U M B E R A S S O C I AT I O N S T R O N G R O O T S . G L O B A L R E A C H . | W W W. N H L A . C O M

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feature 16 Female Leadership: The Family Secret for a Successful Business

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ONLINE TOP POST OF THE MONTH at facebook.com/NHLAOfficial BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: As an update to our earlier breaking news, attached is the English translation of the wood products targeted in the next two round of tarriffs as well as the previous tariff level for each product.

8 Inside NHLA 12 Legislative Log The Hardwood Federation is

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O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S |



National Hardwood Lumber Association PO Box 34518 • Memphis, TN 38184-0518 901-377-1818 • 901-382-6419 (fax) info@nhla.com • www.nhla.com

THE MISSION OF NH LA To serve NHLA Members engaged in the commerce of North American hardwood lumber by: maintaining order, structure and ethics in the changing global hardwood marketplace; providing unique member services; promoting North American hardwood lumber and advocating the interest of the hardwood community in public/private policy issues; and providing a platform for networking opportunities.



Darwin Murray McClain Forest Products President

Bucky Pescaglia Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co., Inc. Unique Services

Jeff Wirkkala Hardwood Industries, Inc. Vice President

Kevin Gillette Tioga Hardwoods, Inc. Rules

Brent Stief Huron Forest Products, Inc. Past President 2016-2018

Mike Powers Maley & Wertz, Inc. Industry Advocacy & Promotion

NHLA STAFF Lorna D. Christie CEO l.christie@nhla.com Amanda Boutwell Marketing and Communications Manager a.boutwell@nhla.com


Renee Hornsby Director of Communications/Editor r.hornsby@nhla.com


Melissa Ellis Smith Graphic Designer m.ellis@nhla.com

Banks Hardwoods, Inc.



Schrader Real Estate & Auction Co., Inc.

6 eLimbs


Signode Industrial Group

14 25

Fr. Meyer's Sohn NA LLC 19 11 Hurst Boiler

Sii Dry Kilns TallyExpress by DMSi

7 King City/Northway Forwarding


TMX Shipping Co.


U•Coatings, LLC


Legacy Wood Products



Northwest Hardwoods

14 WoodEye


Ohio Woods Products


Wood-Mizer, LLC

IBC Pike Lumber Company, Inc. 5 RossiGroup

For advertising contact: John Hester, Director of Membership and Business Development at j.hester@nhla.com or 901-399-7558 or Vicky Simms, Membership Development Manager at v.simms@nhla.com or 901-399-7557

■■■ Trisha Clariana Office Manager Desirée Freeman Controller Julia Ganey Member Relations Manager Rich Hascher Inspector Training School Instructor John Hester Director of Membership and Business Development Jens Lodholm Data Administration Specialist Carol McElya Inspector Training School Administrator

Jon Syre Cascade Hardwood, LLC Structure David Mayfield Mayfield Lumber Co. Membership & Networking COMMITTEE CHAIRS Stephanie VanDystadt DV Hardwoods, Inc. Membership Rob Cabral Upper Canada Forest Products, Ltd. Promotion & Advocacy Garner Robinson Robinson Lumber Company Convention Scott Cummings Cummings Lumber Company, Inc. Inspection Services Bruce Horner Abenaki Timber Corp. ITS/Continuing Education John Griffin Frank Paxton Lumber Communications & Marketing Joe Snyder Fitzpatrick & Weller, Inc. Rules

Roman Matyushchenko Associate Dean of Education Vicky Quiñones Simms Membership Development Manager Dana Spessert Chief Inspector Rachel Spiers Marketing Associate r.spiers@nhla.com


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

W W W. N H L A .C O M


That’s the casual comfort of Alder. northwesthardwoods.com

Workable. Versatile. Beautiful. Alder's casual elegance is a favorite among fans of the eclectic styles. Its rich undertones stain smoothly and paint flawlessly. While the wood has a rustic reputation, if you go less knotty it does contemporary with ease. Trust the on-grade quality of Northwest Hardwoods, America's largest and only coastto-coast hardwood lumber producer.

Image c/o Canyon Creek





s our industry gathers in New Orleans for NHLA’s Annual Convention, we are once again in the midst of what some have called an unprecedented market downturn. It is certainly not the first time we have faced such adversity.

NHLA has stood alongside our members as we faced many difficult cycles throughout our history. And we are still here, some of us slightly battered, but with a resolve that I know will move us forward. As a trade association, it is NHLA’s job to provide our members with relevant and timely information to help them navigate the brave new world in which we find ourselves. Experts tell us that even in the worst market downturns, there are opportunities for companies to prosper. We have learned from experience that the business as usual approach in our current market situation does not guarantee success. Markets change in a crisis and sometimes forever. No matter how you are making the decision to shift your business, we all have an opportunity to adapt in a way that moves the market in our favor. NHLA’s first responsibility is to provide our members with relevant services focused on their needs. We helped calm the markets with the NHLA Rules and for generations, have provided trained inspectors to ensure our members get the most value for their lumber. For our sustaining and associate members, we provide connections that help build better business relationships. Like our members, NHLA and the value it offers is evolving. We introduced the Yield Analysis program to help members get more value out of their logs. Utilizing NHLA Inspectors’ expertise, 13 members in the program have reported a combined savings of


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

millions of dollars. The new Quality Control service helps mills evaluate their overall performance and highlight areas for improvement. Both programs are focused on helping members save money. Many of our members have also asked for a renewed focus on promotion. Industry-wide promotional campaigns have been a “call to action” for associations and industry leaders for decades. Our challenge has been to coordinate such efforts in order to create cohesive messaging and programs on the benefits of North American hardwoods. NHLA has joined 17 other associations’ executives and elected leaders to work as a coalition in a collaborative promotional effort. The group is already hard at work identifying current resources, including consumer and industry research, promotional initiatives, and advocacy programs. We will also be conducting research on consumer and industry trends to create new messaging and promotional strategies. The goal; to educate a new generation of consumers on the science based benefits of utilizing North American hardwoods. We will keep you updated on how NHLA is evolving to meet your needs and feel free to contact us if we can help!

Darwin Murray, NHLA President McClain Forest Products dmurray@mcclainforestproducts.com

W W W. N H L A .C O M

See the forest through the trees The RossiGroup has been helping customers navigate the global hardwoods industry for almost a century. We have raised the bar with our new state-of-the-art Emporium Mill and kiln facilities, our long-term supply agreements, and our uniquely personal brand of customer service. We deliver a world class selection of hardwoods – including the gold standard in cherry – all sorted, milled and dried to tolerances, consistencies, and yields that were not even possible five years ago.

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Contact us today for competitive rates and unparalleled service for 40+ years! http://kingcitynorthamerica.com/ USA 1-855-682-1637 CDN 1-800-335-5394

Michael Hilburn - President mhilburn@kingcityusa.com

Lloyd Lovett - CEO l.lovett@kingcitynorthway.com


Many thanks to Ron Carlsson and his wife Susan!

USA Woods, a 30 year NHLA member, owned by Ron Carlsson recently donated numerous tools, books and other hardwood related items to the Inspector Training School’s library. Ron graduated from the Inspector Training School in 1973, as a member of the 51st class. Ron has served on the Board of NHLA, AHEC and The Lumberman’s Club of Memphis and was instrumental in spreading the knowledge of the NHLA lumber grades in numerous countries worldwide. His contribution to the library will be a new experience for many young professionals in the hardwood industry that attend our classes annually. 8

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

W W W. N H L A .C O M




Banks Menomonie, Wisconsin Yard

Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Everything. For more than 25 years, the crew at our Menomonie, Wisconsin facility has been shipping truckloads of the finest, most consistent northern hardwoods available to destinations nationwide. Our unique Wisconsin Red Oak color sort features a beautifully tight-grained

wheat-color. Many customers have found this a superb substitute for harder to source and more expensive White Oak. Discover for yourself what thousands of discerning hardwood buyers have experienced over the past 25 years. Great products. Outstanding service. Quality Everything.

Corporate offices located in White Pigeon, Michigan

B ankshardwoods.com


Tol l -free: 800-221-7776


Fax: 269-483-2483









When it comes to a state of constant growth and renewal of the world’s finest hardwoods and wood products, the only source you need to know is OhioWoodProducts.com.

Make wood work for you at OhioWoodProducts.com


740.753.5359 | info@ohiowoodproducts.com |    35 Public Square | P.O. Box 456 | Nelsonville, OH 45764 ©2019 Ohio Wood Products. 00040

NHLA Annual Conference | Booth 209

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The Hardwood Federation:

Working for You by DANA COLE, Executive Director Hardwood Federation

Welcome to New Orleans! The Hardwood Federation is excited to be a part of this wonderful event. Congratulations to the Board of Managers, Board President Darwin Murray, NHLA Chief Executive Officer Lorna Christie and the entire team at the National Hardwood Lumber Association on what promises to be another successful, exciting, and inspiring Annual Convention.

The Hardwood Federation is proud to partner with, and represent NHLA and their members in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Together we support policies that create a healthy economic environment for the hardwood community, including family businesses and small companies, lead to a fair and level international playing field, and ensure healthy and productive public and private hardwood forests.

trade war with China and the significant impacts it has had for so many hardwood businesses. Although making our message heard can feel like an almost impossible task, we must continue to reach out, communicate and advocate. Failure is only assured by inaction. The Federation is proud to serve as the coordinating voice of the industry on this, and many other issues in Washington, D.C. NHLA and their members are significant and highly valued contributors to our efforts.

Having a coordinated and united voice in Washington is critical for the U.S. hardwood industry, particularly in light of the ongoing

NHLA provides crucial financial and advocacy support to the Hardwood Federation, but at the same time, the direct participation


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

W W W. N H L A .C O M

of the NHLA’s membership cannot be underestimated, and we are grateful. NHLA members: • come to Washington to meet and discuss policies impacting the industry with Members of Congress; • educate Members of Congress by hosting them in mills, yards, and facilities to give them a first-hand look at the industry; • write letters to and call Congressional offices, raising concerns about bad policy and applauding good policy; and • contribute financial resources, both on an individual and company basis, to the Hardwood Federation’s Political Action Committee and Administrative Operating Fund, both essential to our continued success.

Keeping abreast of the issues and educating D.C. based policymakers has been and will continue to be our top priorities along with preserving progress that we have made and fending off the inevitable bad policy ideas that emerge on a regular basis. We cannot and will not be successful without the tireless energy and support of the entire NHLA team, staff, and members alike. Thank you to each and every one of you . . . you inspire us to work harder to make a difference. The Hardwood Federation staff will be at the NHLA convention, and we look forward to meeting you and discussing our efforts in Washington. Have a wonderful convention!

What’s the return on all this support and involvement? It’s pretty significant. Trade issues have, of course, dominated our time in 2019. Over the past several months the Federation team has successfully arranged meetings with policymakers at the highest levels in Washington D.C., including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, U.S.D.A Secretary Sonny Perdue, and Marc Short, Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence. Members of the industry have been at the table to directly discuss how the trade tensions are impacting their businesses and their employees. The Federation also worked tirelessly to communicate the need to continue negotiations and put certainty back into the global economy to Administration officials and countless House and Senate office on Capitol Hill. Trade is a top priority, but it far from the only one. The Hardwood Federation made significant progress on federal forest management reform, worked to ensure hardwood industry benefits in the 2018 Farm Bill Reauthorization and fought against misleading definitions of navigable waters that would have created unnecessary regulatory burdens for forest landowners. The Hardwood Federation also worked closely with NHLA and our other member hardwood associations in the development of the hardwood industry’s first-ever economic impact study, providing us with valuable data and insight. W W W. N H L A .C O M

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S |


For us, forwarding business also means:

with over 100 years OF EXPERIENCE with forest products, there’s no need to knock on

Ready to talk NHLA grading? We are. For more information visit woodeye.com/nhla

Hardwood Lumber

WOOD. When it comes to transporting paper, cellulose, and wood, we know exactly what to do. As the world‘s largest specialist forwarder of forest products, we are familiar with all the challenges that arise when transporting this sensitive cargo. And thanks to over 100 years of experience, we are able to carve a precise logistical solution for every possible need. So you can be sure: with us, your cargo is in the best hands. We look forward to seeing you at the NHLA Convention in New Orleans booth no. 804 | www.fms-logistics.com | forestry@fms-logistics.com


Strapping Machine

• Intuitive operator features. • Larger consumable capacity. • Multiple safety features. • Easy maintenance. • Innovative design.


MODULE 1 - Two weeks of hands-on training. (Module 2: Online study and Module 3: Three weeks hands-on training and final testing at NHLA headquarters.)

ITS 191ST CLASS January 7-March 27 | Memphis, TN Traditional 12-week hands-on training

Signode Packaging Systems signode.com • 1-800-323-2464 • sales@signode.com


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

Visit NHLA.com for a complete list of upcoming classes. Questions? Call Us at 901-377-1818. W W W. N H L A .C O M

FEMALE LEADERSHIP: The Family Secret for a Successful Business Close your eyes for a moment and picture a leader in the hardwood lumber industry. Chances are, you pictured a man, and that is pretty accurate. However, make no mistake, while female leaders are few and far between, they are making an impressive mark on the industry.


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

W W W. N H L A .C O M


he Pew Research Center reports that 40 percent of the global workforce is female, yet women only make up 13.8 percent of top management. There is a long way to go before the playing field is leveled in the business world, but there is a business sector where women already play a significant role: family businesses. The world’s largest, most successful, and historic family businesses are advancing women much faster than traditional companies. Women hold twenty-two percent of the top management positions in family businesses. So, what makes family businesses more willing to promote and foster female leaders? It all comes down to what the company envisions as its primary goals. Family businesses tend to focus on long-term success and growth because they want to ensure a legacy for future generations, while other companies favor concentrating on short term gains. This focus is evident when you consider the average tenure of a CEO for a family business is about 20-years,

while CEOs for public companies average about six years. Family businesses also focus on providing a more inclusive environment than non-family companies because they tend to be more invested in people and relationships as well as profits. Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods is a family business that exemplifies this approach. Twenty-six years after being founded by Nordeck and Mary Claire Thompson, three of their six children now work in the family business, with seven grandchildren coming up behind them. Two of their daughters have leadership roles at the company: Mary Lee McConnell serves as the Chief Administrative Officer while Claire Getty serves as the Chief Financial Officer. They both continue to build on their father’s vision: produce the highest-quality products and provide outstanding customer service Claire Getty believes that by focusing on long term growth, the business her parents started will continue to grow stronger each year. She ensures future growth through an understanding of the value of having happy,

“I want my employees to love their job. I want them to have a healthy work-life balance, and to do that, we, as a company, understand that life happens – kids get sick, spouses have medical issues, school lets out early."

Left to Right: Nordeck Thompson, Mary Claire Thompson, Mary Lee McConnell, Claire Getty, Nick Thompson of Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods W W W. N H L A .C O M

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S |


Nick Thompson, Claire Getty, Mary Lee McConnell, Houston McConnell (baby held by Mary Lee), Rob McConnell, Claire Getty, Benjamin Getty, Drew Getty, Ann Alyse Getty, Mary Claire Thompson, Nordeck Thompson

long term employees. Claire invests in her employees – both family and non-family by running her department in what she calls a “female-forward” manner. “I want my employees to love their job. I want them to have a healthy work-life balance, and to do that, we, as a company, understand that life happens – kids get sick, spouses have medical issues, school let out early. We build-in time for people to take care of personal issues, which creates a healthy work-place environment. This is also why we train and promote from within.” This female-forward planning works well for them. Most of their staff have been long-term employees, with many celebrating over 20-years working for Thompson Appalachian Hardwoods this year. As more women enter leadership roles, family businesses are thriving. When companies take a long-term approach with management, both family and non-family employees enjoy the benefits of working at a more inclusive organization with a significant commitment to long-term success. While gender equality remains elusive across the globe, family firms act as a greenhouse for women leaders, giving them everything they need to grow and succeed in achieving their goals to lead. Family businesses are setting a new standard in leadership: if you want to succeed, you must include women in your leadership structure. Tim Kendrick and Rhonda Kendrick Photo courtesy of Cumberland Weddings


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

Another outstanding female leader in a family business is Rhonda Kendrick, the Project Manager of Kendrick Forest Products. However, her title doesn’t reveal W W W. N H L A .C O M

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O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S |


From left to right: Troy Boriskey (seasonal signs) Son-in-Law, Kerra Boriskey(sign sales) Daughter, Lilee Boriskey (their daughter), Bev Sampson (signs - ties strings) (Rhonda’s mother), Tim Kendrick (Log Buyer) Founder, Rhonda Kendrick (Project Manager) Founder, Morgan Christen (HR) daughter, Cory Christen (Head Sawyer) son-in-law, Riley Christen (their daughter), Andrea Harbaugh (Sign production) daughter, Eric Harbaugh (Log Cutter) son-in-law, Norah Harbaugh (Their Daughter), Mary Kluesner (Event Planner) Kirby’s girlfriend, Kirby Kendrick (Log Sales) son | Photo courtesy of Cumberland Weddings

To ensure a future for the company, Kendrick Forest Products offers tours of their building twice a day. Rhonda reveals the goal behind the tours: “to promote the use of hardwoods, create brand recognition, and educate people about careers in the hardwood lumber industry.” 20

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

how much the company depends on her. She is the problem solver. Some issues take a day or two to solve, while others can take months, or years to get a handle on. Currently, she is focused on improving the efficiency of their cabinetry division and sign products. Kendrick also sets out long term plans for the company, saying, “We care about the timbers we harvest, and we do it sustainably. Company profits don’t go toward luxury items like yachts for the family. Instead, they are reinvested in the company so we can afford to hire the quality people and equipment we need for success.” To ensure a future for the company, Kendrick Forest Products offers tours of their building twice a day. Rhonda reveals the goal behind the tours: “to promote the use of hardwoods, create brand recognition, and educate people about careers in the hardwood lumber industry.” All of the Kendrick family’s kids and spouses are involved in the business, so safeguarding the company’s long-term success is paramount. The average tenure for employees at Kendrick Forest Products is 13-years or more. W W W. N H L A .C O M

Patricia Crites was a woman who stimulated networking opportunities for other women, and in doing so, facilitated their career growth within the industry. When asked what advice she would give to other women in the hardwood lumber industry, Rhonda said, “It is important to stand firm on your core values and beliefs. Don’t think about how things were in the past, but how they could be in the future. Women have different inspirations, and that is okay, we just have to be willing to speak up and share our ideas.”

Get the highest value out of your lumber. Use Contechem Stain Control Products. Without Contechem

Female leaders are role models, and their visibility plays a significant role in inspiring other women to pursue similar careers within the hardwood lumber industry. With that in mind, the National Hardwood Lumber Association will present the first annual “NHLA Women in Leadership Award” during the Convention and Exhibit Showcase in New Orleans, Louisiana in October. The first recipient is the late Patricia Crites. Patricia and her husband, John, founded Allegheny Wood Products in 1973 with a single sawmill located in Riverton, West Virginia. In the 46-years since its founding, Allegheny Wood Products has grown to be one of the largest producers of Eastern U.S. hardwoods. The award publicly recognizes the exemplary performance and contributions that Patricia Crites made as a female leader in the industry. She was a woman who stimulated networking opportunities for other women, and in doing so, facilitated their career growth within the industry. Moving forward, next year, NHLA will be taking nominations from members for the next recipient of the “Women in Leadership Award.” So, close your eyes once again and think about a female leader you know — a woman with a proven track record of contributions within the industry, who inspires others through her work, and gives back to the hardwood community through her time, talent, and resources. The woman you picture could be the next recipient of this distinguished award.

With Contechem

• Remove damaging sapstain and iron stain from lumber • Deliver bright, clean, high quality lumber • Protect hardwood lumber against damaging mold and fungi growth • Remove staining caused by oxidation and chemical reactions to metals

Visit us at Booth #500 at NHLA to learn more!


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W W W. N H L A .C O M

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S |



Seventy Percent of Cost to Manufacture Lumber is in the Log – We Can Help You Reduce That Cost by DANA SPESSERT, NHLA Chief Inspector


he hardwood industry is experiencing one of the toughest times it has faced in many years. The tariff wars, slowing Chinese economy and competing replacement products taking market share are all contributing to the slump in hardwood lumber prices.

I do understand that right now may not feel like the best time to be spending money. But I would say that the best time to invest and evaluate your operation is during a down market. Ask yourself one question, “Can I afford NOT to try something proven and different to improve my bottom line?”

Over the last 18 months, the NHLA Industry Services team has been adding new programs to assist the industry in readjusting their manufacturing processes to capitalize on areas of lost yields. As one member of our program recently stated, “We are making as much money in 2019 as we did in 2018 because we are following the direction of, NHLA National Inspector, Mark Bear’s instruction on quality manufacturing!”

I encourage you to give me a call today to discuss how the NHLA Industry Services Team and our Quality Control Services can help you succeed even in the toughest of times. Visit the NHLA Team at Booths 515 and 614 during the 2019 NHLA Annual Convention, call me at 901-399-7551 or email me at d.spessert@nhla.com.

I believe a lot of company employees either do not know how to properly manufacturer lumber from logs or they are simply doing what they have always done. As I have written in past articles, 70% or more of the cost to manufacture lumber is in the raw materials (logs), and that is where the majority of cost reduction can be made. If each process in a sawmill is monitored, and the results acted upon when they are not up to the set standard, improvements and adjustments can be made to increase overall yield for the operation. Since April of 2018, the Sawmill Yield Analysis Study has recovered $5.4 million annually, for the 13 sawmills that have participated. The results were achieved through process monitoring and improvement. Additionally, the NHLA team can evaluate and monitor the drying process from the stacker to the warehouse to find areas of possible loss. As in sawmills, the highest cost to manufacture kiln-dried lumber is in the raw material (lumber), which can be higher than 85% of the total costs. The same is true for the conversion of green to kiln-dried lumber. If each process is monitored and maximized for quality, there can be a large gain in yield, which results in money recovered. Quality manufacturing is an ongoing process of monitoring and training, which the NHLA team is prepared to do. We have a team that can customize training and testing to fit your needs with your unique operation.


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S



Every month we invite you to join us as NHLA Chief Inspector, Dana Spessert, answers your lumber-grading questions LIVE on Facebook. Please follow us on Facebook at NHLA_Official to receive notifications of our live broadcasts. The next “Live with the Chief” will be held on November 14, 2019 at 1pm Central. Everyone is welcome to send in questions in advance by emailing r.spiers@nhla.com.

W W W. N H L A .C O M

“In August, Harold White Lumber was proud to participate in one of the greatest programs NHLA has ever offered! The NHLA Sawmill Yield Analysis Study. The in-depth comprehensive study uncovered substantial areas for our sawmill to improve overall yield and reduce manufacturing costs. Our entire log and sawmill team was completely on board. I have the highest praise for the NHLA team of Dana Spessert, Mark Bear and Tony Parks. Their wealth of knowledge and problem solving was amazing. In today’s perilous markets; this is a program that every mill cannot afford to not participate in! In less than 2 weeks production, I will more than make up the cost of the study and affect my bottom line annually over $500,000! WTG NHLA!”

Ray White, Harold White Lumber

Announcing NHLA's Quality Control Services, our newest Members Only Benefit Because You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure! The complexity of today's global markets requires new tools to reduce costs and increase profitability for sawmill owners. To meet that demand NHLA is proud to announce the launch of the Sawmill Yield Analysis Study and Quality Control Checks.

After completing the Sawmill Yield Analysis study, Quality Control Checks can be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure the profits continue to move in the right direction. Check-ups include customized education designed exclusively for your mill employees.

The Sawmill Yield Analysis Program reviews the sawmill process from log selection to the end product and measures every step in-between. The purpose of the study is to enhance operations, reduce costs and help you squeeze more profit from every log.

Interested in learning more about how these member-only benefits can help your company prosper? Contact Chief Inspector Dana Spessert today at d.spessert@nhla.com or 901-399-7551.

Visit the NHLA Industry Services Booths #515 and #614 during the 2019 NHLA Convention or contact Dana Spessert today!

National Inspector Spotlight



NHLA helps hardwood companies achieve profitability and solve their top business challenges with data-driven, expert advice and hands-on training with our dedicated team of National Inspectors. How Can We Help You Reach Your Goals? Let's Talk!

Meet NHLA National Inspector Kevin Evilsizer Territory: USA - Midwest Specialty: International Inspection, Lumber Inspection, Certification, and Training Kevin is a second-generation graduate of the NHLA Inspector Training School (187th class), following his father into the profession. As a recent graduate, Kevin’s focus is on lumber inspection and certification. Before high school graduation, Kevin was already working his way through sawmills, learning how to operate forklifts, unload trucks, use dry kilns, dip lumber, cut samples, and more. He joined NHLA in 2018, which makes him one of the newest additions to the NHLA Industry Services team. Kevin can be reached at 417-260-5416 or by email at k.evilsizer@nhla.com.

To find the National Inspector in your area, visit NHLA.com.


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S

NHLA maintains a voluntary quality assurance program called the NHLA Facility Grade Certification Program. Last week Kevin Evilsizer, a National Inspector of NHLA visited the mill to grade check several packs of lumber and enroll our plant in this program. Kendrick's is now officially able to represent our product as being produced in a certified mill. We've long known that our lumber is within NHLA specificaitons, and our existing customers certainly appreciate the value our product carries, but having our facility represented as grade certified will allow for more assurance, especially to new customers, that our lumber is properly inspected. Evilszier will visit the mill 2-3 times per year and continue to monitor our quality to maintain our certificaion. — Greg Blomberg, General Manager at Kendrick, Inc.

W W W. N H L A .C O M

Noble County, Ohio

Land Auction

Wednesday, October 30 • 2pm Held at Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center | Cambridge, OH




65 Auction Tracts will be Offered as Individual Tracts, Combinations of Tracts, & All Tracts as a Whole

McClain Forest Products is BIG enough to serve and SMALL enough to care! McClain Forest Products is a leading supplier of kiln dried hardwood lumber and flooring products. Located in Missouri and northern Arkansas, our facilities produce quality Appalachian products.

Hardwood Lumber Sales Division

Flooring Brand

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• Large Mixed Hardwood Timber Tracts • Attention Timber Buyers & Investors, One of the Largest Timber Land Auctions in Ohio • Great Recreational & Hunting Tracts w/ Future Income • Trophy Deer & Numerous Turkey • Easy Access from Public Roads • Tracts Ranging from 10± to 562± Acres

Meet a Schrader Rep at the Comfort Inn & Suites (44380 West Hills Lane, Caldwell, OH 43724) for more info about the auction: Sept. 12 • 3-6pm, Sept. 13 • 9am-Noon, Oct. 4 • 3-6pm, Oct. 5 • 9am-Noon, Oct. 17 • 3-6pm, & Oct. 18 • 9am-Noon ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE! CHECK WEBSITE FOR DETAILS! Rex D. Schrader II, Auctioneer/Broker #2012000041 #BRK.2014002282 Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company, Inc. (Ohio Auction Firm) #63198513759 #REC.0000314452 #BBB.2010001376

800-451-2709 • www.SchraderAuction.com





Intro to Hardwood Lumber Grading

Intro to Hardwood Lumber Grading

Intro class to gain a basic understanding of the NHLA hardwood lumber grading rules and how the rules affect the value of lumber.

Intro class to gain a basic understanding of the NHLA hardwood lumber grading rules and how the rules affect the value of lumber.

Venue: Yoder Lumber Co., Inc. Millersburg, OH

Venue: Hocking College Nelsonville, OH

Instructor: Barry Kibbey NHLA National Inspector

Instructor: Barry Kibbey NHLA National Inspector




28-Nov. 9

Intro to Hardwood Lumber Grading

Inspector Training School Online Training Program MODULE 1

Inspector Training School Online Training Program MODULE 1

Venue: Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

Venue: NHLA Headquarters Memphis, TN

Venue: Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

Instructors: Barry Kibbey, and Kevin Evilsizer, NHLA National Inspectors

Instructor: Rich Hascher, NHLA ITS Instructor

Instructors: Barry Kibbey, and Kevin Evilsizer, NHLA National Inspectors

Module 2: Online study Module 3: Three weeks handson training and final testing at NHLA headquarters.

Intro class to gain a basic understanding of the NHLA hardwood lumber grading rules and how the rules affect the value of lumber.



Two weeks of hands-on training.

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S


2-13 Two weeks of hands-on training.

Module 2: Online study Module 3: Three weeks handson training and final testing at NHLA headquarters.


16-19 Intro to Hardwood Lumber Grading + Walnut Grading

Intro class to gain a basic understanding of the NHLA hardwood lumber grading rules and how the rules affect the value of lumber. Venue: O'Shea Lumber Co. Glen Rock, PA Instructor: Tom Byers NHLA National Inspector

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UNTRAINED EMPLOYEES ARE COSTING YOU MONEY! Employee turnover, low employee morale, and hiring new employees are costly! 40% of employees who receive little or no training quit in the first year Entry-level positions face the highest level of turnover (65-80% annually) Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Increase Retention & Morale




7-March 27


20-May 1

Intro to Hardwood Lumber Grading

Inspector Training School Online Training Program MODULE 1

Inspector Training School 191st Class

Traditional 12-week hands-on training to achieve the certificate of completion in Hardwood Lumber Inspection. Venue: NHLA Headquarters Memphis, TN Instructor: Rich Hascher, NHLA ITS Instructor


10-21 Inspector Training School Online Training Program MODULE 1 Two weeks of hands-on training.

Venue: NHLA Headquarters Memphis, TN Instructor: Rich Hascher, NHLA ITS Instructor Module 2: Online study Module 3: Three weeks handson training and final testing at NHLA headquarters.

W W W. N H L A .C O M

Intro class to gain a basic understanding of the NHLA hardwood lumber grading rules and how the rules affect the value of lumber.

Two weeks of hands-on training.

Venue: NHLA Headquarters Memphis, TN

Venue: NHLA Headquarters Memphis, TN

Instructor: Rich Hascher, NHLA ITS Instructor

Instructor: Rich Hascher, NHLA ITS Instructor

Module 2: Online study Module 3: Three weeks handson training and final testing at NHLA headquarters.


1-Nov. 20 Inspector Training School 193rd Class

Traditional 12-week hands-on training to achieve the certificate of completion in Hardwood Lumber Inspection. Venue: NHLA Headquarters Memphis, TN Instructor: Rich Hascher, NHLA ITS Instructor

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S |




Graf Brothers Flooring, Inc. is searching for an experienced Full-Time Lumber Grader for their South Shore, KY location. The qualified candidate will be NHLA trained or have equivalent knowledge and experience. Candidates who possess the ability to accurately apply the NHLA grading rules and have a minimum of one (1) year of experience grading green and/or kiln dried domestic lumber. Job Responsibilities: • Grade and mark all lumber sorted according to NHLA rules & guidelines • Communicate effectively with your team and other departments • Adhere to all safety standards and policies while performing all tasks safely and responsibly Qualifications and Required Skills: • 1-year experience grading green and/or kiln dried lumber • NHLA training or equivalent knowledge Salary: Based on experience. Benefits: Competitive pay. Matching 401K. Medical, dental, and vision insurance. Paid vacations and holidays. How to Apply: Please apply online at https://grafbro.com/careers/ Graf Brothers Flooring, Inc. PO Box 458 | South Shore, Kentucky Phone: 606-932-3117 | www.grafbro.com/careers/


Northern Hardwoods is searching for a Lumber Inspector to grade lumber (Maple, Oak, Birch, Ash, Cherry, Hickory, etc.) by NHLA standards and guidelines as well as to customer specs. Expect 40 to 50 hours weekly. Qualifications and Required Skills: NHLA Certification and/or 5 years of experience grading hardwood lumber. Salary: Based on experience. Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Competitive Pay & Production Bonuses How to Apply: Apply by sending your resume via email to Jay Andrews at jandrews@northernhardwoods.com Northern Hardwoods 45807 HWY M-26 | Atlantic Mine, MI 49905 Phone: 906-487-6410 | www.northernhardwoods.com


O C T O B E R 2 0 1 9 H A R D W O O D M AT T E R S


Robinson Lumber Company is looking to hire a Yard Manager to join our team in Winchester, Virginia. This is an opportunity to be a part of an established family company in an entrepreneurial stage of its long history, and for a motivated individual to grow both personally and professionally. The new generation of family ownership places no limits on leaders, and the company’s most successful people aim to spend the rest of their careers here, forming tight personal bonds with their colleagues. Job Responsibilities: • Run the boiler and kiln drying operation. • Supervise the stacking, drying, and air-dry yard operations of in-process lumber. • Lead the continuous improvement initiative efforts in safety, quality, and productivity at the boiler, kiln drying, and yard operations. • Coordinate with maintenance and production personnel at all levels of the site organization to continually strive for operational excellence. • Other duties as assigned Qualifications and Required Skills: • Minimum of 3 years experience in kiln processes. • NHLA Certified Grader preferred • Strong maintenance background preferred • Thorough knowledge of lumber manufacturing including equipment and boiler processes. • Thorough knowledge of lumber handling. • Strong leadership and organizational skills. • Strong analytical abilities and working knowledge of lumber handling, boiler, and kiln processes. • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work effectively in a highly interactive team environment. • Detail and results-oriented. Salary: Based on experience. Benefits: Full time, salaried position with benefits. How to Apply: Please apply online at http://www.roblumco.com/careers Robinson Lumber Company 600 N Kent Street | Winchester, Virginia Phone: 504-896-5125 | www.roblumco.com/careers

* To view current job postings or to post a job, visit www.nhla.com/industry-services/job-board.

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Pike Brand


Plainsawn White Oak

COLLECTION OF FINE HARDWOODS An inspiration for those with a passion for fine domestic hardwoods. We offer unequaled varieties with 10

Riftsawn White Oak Quartersawn White Oak

species in 4/4 thru 8/4, plus Quatersawn and Riftsawn White Oak.

Some species are available in

Plainsawn Red Oak

10/4 - 12/4 - 16/4.

100% Guarantee.

Our promise is simple: If, for any reason,

you’re not satisfied with any of our

Hard Maple

Pike Brand ® hardwoods, call day or night

and we’ll make it right! We guarantee

delivery on time even with mixed loads,

on grade, with consistent color, and kiln


dried to perfection.

Cherry Soft Maple


Yellow Poplar LUMBER COMPANY, INC. S i n c e 1 9 0001 4 574 893-4511 P.O. Box 247, Akron, Indiana 46910 Sales@PikeLumber.com www.PikeLumber.com


001 574 893-7400 fax


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