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Laurier Senior students take fashion to the

Limit! Need of more English services in Laval 0 0 0 A

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SAVINGSFOR 90FOR SAVINGS SAVINGS 90 DAYS DAYS % 19 at Laval Liberty During NPI Laval Agape’s English services consultation on Nov. Forteothers SX shown High School, a focus group participant briefs during a recap session.

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New locatioN!

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schools, said in an interview with the Laval News towards the conclusion of M a r t i n C. B a r r y the second session on Nov. 26. lthough the preliminary “It’s way beyond what we could results of a major consulta- have imagined in terms of the numtion on the availability of ber of people who came out and the health and social services wealth of all of the discussions,” added for English-speaking people in Laval Richardson. “It’s honestly way beyond won’t be ready until the spring, persons what we even could have hoped for.” who took part in the process over two An anthropologist, Richardson will be recent weekends are already expressing analyzing the responses, before creattheir satisfaction. ing a “portrait” summarizing the comments made by around 700 people who INSPQ analyst pleased took part in focus groups dealing with “The response has been unbeliev- issues ranging from access to health able,” Mary Richardson of the Institut and social services to education. national de santé publique du Québec, which partnered with NPI Laval Agape Report in the spring to stage the two consultation meet“We’re hoping to have a kind of a ings held on separate weekends at Laval Liberty and Laurier Senior high Continued on page 21 ►


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 Consumption Guide.Sedan ^2011awarded Kia Fortethe Sedan Pick Institute by the Insurance Institute forVisit Highway Safety. Visit for full 2011 Kia2011 Forte5 Small(over Car Of$20,000) The Yearand (over andbyBest Hatchback 2011. Visit forBluetooth® full details.word °The Bluetooth® wordareon mark and logo are registered trademarks are owned Bluetooth SIG, Inc.Some conditions Follow us Fuel ConsumptionFuel Guide. ^2011 Kia Forte Top awarded Safety PickthebyTop theSafety Insurance for Highway Safety. for full details. 2011 Kiadetails. Forte5 awarded Bestawarded Small Car2011 Of Best The Year Best$20,000) Hatchback Motoring VisitMotoring for full details. °The mark and logo registered trademarks and are owned byand Bluetooth SIG,by Inc.Some conditions apply to the apply to the § § ©Inc. 2011Reproduction Kia Canada Inc. Reproduction thematerial contents of thisrecycle material thetax expressed approval of License, insuran Grad and Rebate and $750 Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in thisis advertisement is believed accurate at the time print.Term For more information onand ourtrim. 5-yearFinancing warranty coverage, visit or call us atSedan 1-877-542-2886. Off 31,of2011. KIAofisKia a trademark offorKia60Motors Corporation. © 2011 Kia of the contents ofofthis without the expressed approval ofapplicable) $500 Grad Rebate$500 Program $750Program Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement believed be accurate at to thebetime of print. Forcredit moreof(OAC). information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or callbased us 1-877-542-2886. Off ers end March with 31, ers 2011. KIAMarch isprice a trademark Motors Corporation. **0% purchase financing availableto on all 2011 models on approved varies by model example on 2011 Forte (FO540B) aend total $17,465. 0% financing months. CostCanada of borrowing is $0. Delivery and destination fee ($1,455), feewithout andwritten A/C (wherewritten included. Canada Inc. is prohibited.isAll information is believedbased to beonaccurate, basedavailable on information available at the Information time of printing. Information sourced from independent third-party research. Kia Canada Inc. isKia prohibited. All information believed to be accurate, information at the time of printing. sourced from independent third-party research. ♦

See dealer for full details. “Don’t Pay for 90 Days” on select models (90-day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing offers on 2011 Forte, 2011 Forte Koup, 2011 Forte5, 2011 Rio, 2011 Rio5, 2011 Magentis, 2011 Rondo and 2011 Soul models on approved credit (OAC). No interest will accrue during the first 60 days of the finance contract. After this period over the term of the contract. *0% purchase financing available on 2011 Forte Sedan/2011 Forte5/2011 Forte Koup for up to 60/48/36 months on approved credit (OAC). Loan credit (cash savings) for 2011 Forte Sedan (FO540B)/2011 Forte5 (FO550B)/2011 Forte Koup (F0521B) is $500 and is available on purchase financing only on approved credit (OAC). Loan credi and applicable taxes. Vehicle images shown may include optional accessories and upgrades. Highway/city fuel consumption for 2011 Forte Sedan (FO540B) /Forte5 (FO550B) /Forte Koup (F0521B) is 5.7L (50 MPG)/8.1L (35 MPG). The actual fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. These estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved crite Fuel Consumption Guide. ^2011 Kia Forte Sedan awarded the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Visit for full details. 2011 Kia Forte5 awarded 2011 Best Small Car Of The Year (over $20,000) and Best Hatchback by Motoring 2011. Visit for full details. °The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are regist $500 Grad Rebate Program and $750 Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of print. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Offers end March 31, 2011. KIA is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation. §© 2011 Kia Canada Inc. Repr Kia Canada Inc. is prohibited. All information is believed to be accurate, based on information available at the time of printing. Information sourced from independent third-party research.


Optimus 2X


Gossip Pro




with 2-year Fido Agreement

436, Jean-Talon West Montreal 514 272-2355


• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011


with select 3-year Fido Agreements2

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NDP leadership hopeful Tom Mulcair reacts to ‘Plan Nord’ EXCLUSIVE

Social impact can’t be ignored, says ex-Charest cabinet minister M a r t i n C. B a r r y


remier Jean Charest’s Liberal government should be approaching its ambitious strategy for Quebec’s far north – the ‘Plan Nord’ – with sustainable development in mind and while looking at it from the standpoint of environmental, economic and social responsibilities, says NDP leadership aspirant Tom Mulcair, a former sustainable development minister under Charest.

Similarly last week, some of the strongest words of resistance yet were expressed by native peoples in Quebec’s north, who stand most to be affected by Plan Nord.

Mining interests excited

While they and nature conservationists have the most reservations about the Plan Nord, excitement is understandably growing among mining companies, given the Charest government’s intention of eventually laying down a road that would open a land-based gateway into the southern portion of the isolated northern third of Quebec’s territory – Nunavik – believed Left Quebec Liberals to be heavily laden with mineral deposits. “I won’t comment specifically on a proHaving served as Sustainable vincial plan,” Mulcair, who broke away Development Minister under Charest, from Charest and the Quebec Liberals Mulcair left provincial politics in 2007, four years ago after a controversial envi- not long after the Liberal government ronmental dispute and who is now a front took a controversial stance on the transrunner in the NDP race, said in an exclu- fer of provincially-owned land at Mount sive interview with Newsfirst Multimedia. Orford provincial park to condo develop“But I will say this,” he added concerning ers – a policy with which Mulcair greatly the federal role in the matter “The federal disagreed. During a subsequent cabinet government has an obligation to ensure shuffle when Charest offered him a lesser a certain number of things, including portfolio, he refused, and not long after the protection and preservation of our Mulcair announced he would be running navigable waterways including rivers and federally in Outremont for the NDP. lakes. It has the obligation to supervise groundwater in many instances. It has Impact can’t be ignored some obligations with regard to the far Asked earlier this week by Newsfirst north and to the community. So I think Multimedia for his overall assessment of that we’re talking about sustainable devel- the Plan Nord, Mulcair responded, “I’m opment every step of the way. going to be very careful not to com-

respect our obligations to supervise the accumulated health effects of any development, that we look at the effect on water, including ground water and navigable lake waters, and that we look at federal jurisdictions, for example, in certain areas of the north, and I’ll confine my remarks to that. “But I will say,” he continued, “that irrespective of the level of government, that whenever you do develop in an area like that, you have to make sure that you take into account the ecological, the economic and the social impact. That social impact requires you to make sure that the society as a whole is benefiting as much possible from any profits that are being made from any natural resources that are owned by the people.”

ment directly on the Charest government, because I’m now working at the federal “The other thing that I think is impor- level. I’ll make sure that we undertake to tant is making sure that to the extent possible Canadians as a general rule get a fair share of the value of their natural resources,” Mulcair continued. “Going back to the Duplessis era, it’s always been Coroplast signs the case that Quebec’s been very open to 4 colour process foreign companies coming in and taking 4mm, 2 sides 24 X 36 advantage of our natural resources. But they are just that – they are our natural resources – and we should make sure that Volume price available the Canadian public has its fair share.” Although Charest first started sending up trial balloons for the Plan Nord more than two years ago, it was only in recent weeks that he’s started to feel real heat from potential critics and opponents. For example, former PQ Premier Jacques Parizeau complained in an interview with place your order today! Le Devoir last week that Quebec is on the brink of being exploited by foreign inter450-978-9999 ests taking advantage of the Plan Nord.

Wary of foreign interests

10: $260

Chicken à la king Meal Deal $ 95





1150, Desserte Ouest, autoroute 13, Ste-DOrOthée (Angle Notre-Dame Ouest)

Suggested serving. *Taxes extra. Offer valid until January 1st, 2012. © Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée. The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 •


Opinion & Editorial Screening kids for high cholesterol a silly idea


hen you have been looking at the drug in the same way as being poor means you’re more likely to industry for as long as I have, examining the have worse health compared to someone who isn’t poor. But way diseases and pharmaceuticals are mar- most people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol. keted, packaged, and pitched to doctors and So why bother screening kids for a risk factor for a dispatients, nothing much surprises you anymore. ease that’s not likely going to hurt them, if it ever does, for One might get a little tired of seeing the same old decep- another 50 or 60 or 70 years? Because we can. tive marketing ploys repackaged and retooled, launched to The apparent rationale given at this conference is that fool new generations of consumers and health profession- statin drugs - treatments like Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor - can als, but at least it’s entertaining. Occasionally an epiphany be used safely in children. The experts say that, with rising strikes, like a bolt of lightning from a blue sky instantly obesity levels in children, monitoring their cholesterol levels elevating one to a whole new level of incredulity will only help them prevent future health problems. When I finally soaked in this idea for a while I asked myself in a very subdued voice: “Have we all gone stark ravHard to believe the pediatricians were serious ing nuts?” Such a thunderbolt hit me this past week when I learned Let’s look at some of the facts in this case: We’ve known that experts at a recent American Heart Association conference were recommending that more children should for years that selling medication to treat your “future risk” be screened for high cholesterol before puberty. And they for a disease is hugely and immensely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry, yet the benefits to health are sometimes seemed to mean it. I checked to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day because nonexistent. Statin drugs, prescribed to lower cholesterol, are among this is the kind of dastardly stuff those medical jokesters sometimes try to get away with. Sure enough, those pediatri- the biggest-selling prescription drugs on the planet. The pharmaceutical industry has invested heavily in convinccians were serious. So, apparently, concerned are they about the health ing medical scientists, patient groups and our prescribing of children, they believe it is worth screening kids for doctors to think about cholesterol as a nasty foreign enemy high cholesterol at younger and younger ages. This seems which needs to be brought down at all costs instead of a substrange because high cholesterol, one needs to be constantly stance essential for life that actually resents being chemically reminded, isn’t a disease but is a “risk factor” for a future tinkered with. While physicians will prescribe statins appropriately in disease (such as heart attacks) which mostly strikes middleaged and older people. A risk factor might affect your health men who have established heart disease, there is much con-

troversy over whether the drugs are effective in women and the elderly. As for the benefit of cholesterol lowering in kids? Those studies haven’t even been done yet. Like any drug therapy, there are potential adverse effects and patients taking statins have higher rates of kidney failure, cataracts, and liver damage compared to similar patients who take placebos. The most common effect, experienced by 20-25 per cent of statin-treated people, is muscle pain or weakness. The basic message here: you should have a clear chance of benefit before you start tinkering with your body’s cholesterol levels.

Why not screen kids at an even younger age?

So I say, if we are all going to go ahead and drink Big Pharma’s Kool Aid, why don’t we go a step further? Why should the medical profession wait until kids are eight or nine before they start screening them for high cholesterol and prescribing them powerful statin drugs? Why not screen them at a much earlier stage, and look for evidence of high cholesterol while in utero? This would help parents-to-be prepare for the arrival of their little bundle by stocking up on Lipitor-laced baby formula. Sound desperate? Perhaps not so desperate as the cholesterol empire that won’t rest until it’s convinced an entire generation of parents that their kids are pre-diseased and need to be saved by their drugs. Alan Cassels

Want to know what Canada’s health care system costs you?


he true cost of Medicare for individuals and fami- in 2011, we must determine how much an average family is lies in Canada is often misunderstood, with many expected to contribute in taxes to all three levels of governpeople thinking it’s either free or covered by our ment. The percentage of the family’s total tax bill that pays for provincial health insurance premiums. public health insurance is then assumed to match the share This misconception has many sources. In part, it stems of total government tax revenues (including natural resource from the fact that health care consumption is free at the point revenues) dedicated to health care (estimated to be 24.9 per of use, leading many to grossly underestimate the actual cent in 2010/2011). cost of care delivered. Furthermore, health care is financed Breaking down the Canadian population into 10 income through general government revenues, rather than financed groups makes it possible to show what families from various through a dedicated tax, further blurring the true dollar cost income brackets will pay for public health care insurance in of the service. 2011. Income figures are pre-tax and based on cash income, which includes wages and salaries, self-employment income A $130-billion bill (farm and non-farm), interest, dividends, private and govIn addition, health spending numbers are often presented ernment pension payments, old age pension payments, and in aggregate, which results in a number so large that it other transfers from governments (such as universal child becomes almost meaningless to the average Canadian. For care benefit): instance, according to the Canadian Institute for Health • Average cash income of $11,395; $496 paid for public health Information’s latest data release, provincial/territorial governcare insurance ments are estimated to have spent $130.3 billion of our tax • Average cash income of $25,624; $1,166 paid for public dollars on publicly-funded health care in Canada in 2011. health care insurance A more informative measure of the cost of our health care • Average cash income of $34,696; $2,328 paid for public system is health expenditures per person. The $130.3 bilhealth care insurance lion presented above works out to approximately $3,778 per • Average cash income of $43,949; $3,671 paid for public Canadian. This would be the cost of the public health care health care insurance insurance plan if every Canadian resident paid an equal share. • Average cash income of $54,339; $5,123 paid for public But some Canadians are children and dependents and thus health care insurance are not taxpayers, and Canadians certainly do not pay equal • Average cash income of $67,115; $6,663 paid for public amounts. health care insurance So how much do we really pay as individuals and families • Average cash income of $80,752; $8,567 paid for public for our Medicare system? health care insurance In order to determine a more precise estimate of the cost of • Average cash income of $98,750; $10,656 paid for public public health care insurance for the average Canadian family

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health care insurance • Average cash income of $124,579; $13,946 paid for public health care insurance • Average cash income of $241,549; $32,116 paid for public health care insurance Looking by common family types, this calculation finds that the estimated average payment for public health care insurance in 2011 was: • $10,707 for the average 2 adult family • $10,473 for the average 2 adult and 1 child family • $10,486 for the average 2 adult and 2 child family • $3,607 for the average unattached (single) individual

Good return for money spent?

It is critical to recognize that these estimates count only the direct costs of Medicare. They do not count administrative costs subsumed by other government departments that support health care through activities such as tax collection, or other privately borne costs related to the financing and operation of Medicare such as tax compliance or the private burden of waiting for health care. Hopefully these estimates of the cost of Medicare by family will provide Canadians with a clearer picture of just how much they pay for public health care insurance. With a more precise estimate of what they really pay, Canadians will be in a better position to decide whether they are getting a good return on the money they spend. Nadeem Esmail The opinions on THIS PAGE reflect the consensus of Editorial Board.

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Laval-Les Îles MP François Pilon congratulate AGAPE for Laval’s English community forum initiative It is a well known, yet troubling fact, that the growing English speaking community of Laval is having a hard time getting health and social services in English. Between 2001 and 2006, the English community registered a 35% growth in Laval. Actually, more than 40% of Laval’s English speaking citizens go to Montreal, for lack of service in their language in the Laval region. The INSPQ (L’Institut national de la santé publique du Québec), at the request of Heath Canada and with funds provided by the federal government, approached AGAPE to make a portrait of Laval’s English speaking community, and to determine its needs and priorities. AGAPE then turned to Luigi Morabito, of the Networking Initiative Program, to reach out and contact citizens, partners and various deciders involved. The goal was to get everyone together, address the lack of English services crisis in Laval, and find long term solutions.

And so was born the Laval English community Forum, with focus groups composed of citizens, on themes that are of major importance for Laval’s English community like access to health care and social services, education, economy and social and community life. On November 19th and 26th, more than 300 people answered AGAPE’s invitation to participate in the highly interactive and much anticipated event. Many partners from the Health and Social services, political and educational systems were also present to hear what would come out of these discussions. We can mention the involvement of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School board, Laval’s CSSS and ASSS, the Jewish Hospital and Montreal Children Hospital, students from McGill and Concordia Universities, Chomedey’s MNA Guy Ouellette, and many more highly appreciated partners. “I’m happy to say I was there, to witness the active implication of my constituents,

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who decided to get involved to change their world for the better”, says François Pilon. “I would like to extend my congratulations to AGAPE and the forum organizers, as well as to all partners, for the much needed opportunity they granted

to Laval’s English speaking community. I also look forward to the unveiling of the full report on the event, next spring, and will follow up closely on its conclusions.”

Canada announces Parent and Grandparent Super Visa The first applications for the Parent and • Provide a written commitment of finanGrandparent Super Visa were accepted cial support from their child or grandthis week, Citizenship, Immigration and child in Canada, including proof that Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney the child or grandchild meets the miniannounced. mum necessary income (Low Income The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Cut-Off ); is one element of Phase I of the Action • Undergo the Immigration Medical Plan for Faster Family Reunification, Examination; announced in November. The Super Visa • Submit proof that they have purchased will allow applicants to remain in Canada comprehensive Canadian medical for up to 24 months at a time without insurance, valid for at least one year; having to renew their status. and • Satisfy the visa officer that they meet all other standard admissibility criteria. To be eligible, the applicant must: • Be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian Current processing times through the citizen or permanent resident; Family Class indicate that many parents

and grandparents could wait for eight eight weeks. years or more to be accepted to Canada. For information, call your local MP. With the Super Visa, they could be enjoying the company of their family in about

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Centre de la nature welcomes new residents and winter fun

Laval’s nature park, le Centre de la nature, welcomed new residents last week. Two alpacas named Tristan and Lancelot join the growing herd of farm animals that form part of the ever popular petting zoo. Visitors can meet Laval’s newest celebrities at the farm every day of the week, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The fifty hectares nature park is one of the largest in the region. It has become one of the most popular tourism destinations in Laval, with more than a million visitors per year. Seasonal outdoor activities, sports and initiation to natural sciences are just some of the discoveries awaiting residents. The winter 30 Years at your Service!


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offerings include skating on the park’s lake. The rink surface is well maintained with a Zamboni ice machine. There is pleasant background music and skates are available for rent at the rental shop. Cross-country skiing is another nature park winter favourite activity as a 5km skiing network is maintained daily by machinery. There are also five mechanically groomed slopes made available for the ever popular sledding. A team of experienced instructors ensure everyone descends in safety. For those not bringing their own gear skis and sliding tubes are available for rent from the rental shop. The season usually starts when a snow base of at least 30 cm of the white stuff has fallen. Even alpine skiing and snowboarders are offered beginner’s snow slopes to learn their craft. A program (experience maneige) to initiate children from 5 to 8 years as of age to the joys of alpine skiing is available to residents. The program is offered free of charge by the Association of ski resorts in Quebec and the City of Laval. Ski equipment is provided free (skis, boots and helmet). However, identification will be required for the loan of equipment. This service is available from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm on weekends and by reservation for school groups on weekdays. Crosscountry skiing, sledding and downhill

skiing is available from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. The park and skating rink is open till 10:00 p.m. for the winter months. Christmas decorations and special yuletide presentations are offered at the cottage, on the farm and the greenhouse every year at the Nature Park. Christmas programming that enchants children includes visiting with Santa Claus, face painting and Christmas caroling and concerts to name a few.

Master Card for community life services

In 2011 the executive committee amended a resolution 2011/2197 to allow certain departments in the city the use of a credit card for purchases that are made online and whose primary and or sole method of payment is a credit card. The community life, culture and communication service has asked the executive for a master card account in order to procure photos, printing, graphics and computer programming services from the internet. The executive has agreed with the conditions that then be used only for specific purchases from identified merchants while also placing a maximal monthly monetary limit on the account. The office of the city’s general manager has also been authorized to use a master card account for its departmental needs.

Limited home insurance balance claimed against the city

Gilles Vaillancourt Maire - Mayor Chers amis, Au nom de mes collègues du conseil municipal et en mon nom personnel, je souhaite à toute la communauté juive de Laval mes vœux les plus sincères à l’occasion du Chanukah, « la fête des Lumières ». Que cette période de festivités renforce nos liens et qu’elle nous permette de célébrer la diversité culturelle lavalloise.

Dear friends, On







my best wishes to all members



Jewish Community for Chanukah, the “Festival of Lights”. May this celebration strengthen our links and give us the opportunity to celebrate Laval’s cultural diversity.

The home owner of 438 St. Dorothee Boulevard suffered flood damage this June 12th 2011 as a result of a major sewer backup. TD Insurance which was the insurer of record on the property evaluated the damages at $71,588.73. However the home owner policy had a limited liability for this type of damage set at $50,000. The city has determined that despite proper infrastructure installations the overflow caused by heavy rains make this home susceptible to this type of damage. The civic engi-

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Beware Roadblocks ahead

Laval’s police department is once again reminding motorists of its intention to intensify its surveillance operations against drunken driving during the festive period in December. After receiving special training the officers are equipped to detect motorists driving while under the influence of alcohol as well as illicit drugs. The risks and consequences of driving while impaired include the loss of a driver’s license, a fine, driving ban, criminal record and even imprisonment. Driving while impaired remains a major cause of accidents with fatalities and serious injuries on the roads of Quebec. Several roadblocks are coming with a regional cooperation. One such operation code named «P.A.S. alcool régionale », set up road blocks December 1st on Marius-Defresne Bridge which joins Laval to Rosemere via the 117 Highway. This police operation was jointly organized and executed with the Inter Municipal Police Board of Therese de Blainville. Police spokesmen extoll the virtues of moderation and designating a non-drinking driver in advance for the return home. This simple recommendation has been a proven strategy for safe transportation during the festive period. If anyone suspects they are impaired take a taxi or ask for hospitality if you are with friends. A good friend will refuse to board a vehicle whose driver was impaired and instead invite them to the hand you the keys to prevent them from leaving.

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neering department has noted that the street is already scheduled for corrective rehabilitation for 2012. In light of all these facts the executive committee has negotiated a settlement in this matter offering the insurer TD Insurance $47,795.11 and the home owner Daniel Khat $10,461.27 as compensation.

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Laval Transit launches study on building aerial tramway M a r t i n C. B a r r y


Among those, the towers and cables for aerial tramways can be intrusive in neighhe Société de transport de Laval bourhoods, they are sometimes costly for is commissioning a feasibil- cities to insure, some transit users will ity study to determine whether shun the cable car cabins because of fear of it would be practical to put an closed spaces, and they are slower on averaerial tramway into service in Laval. The age than buses for transporting passengers. City of Laval, the Agence métropolitaine Pierre Giard, the STL’s general manager, de transport (AMT) and Hydro Quebec all said an initial aerial tram route would run support the effort. from Montmorency station northbound to serve major areas of interest. “The route, the capacity of the cars and the frequency Metro vs. aerial tramway “The metro continues to an ideal option of service will be subject to an in-depth for us to structure public transit in Laval’s examination,” he said. Jean-Jacques Beldié, chairman of the downtown area,” Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt said during a press conference held at city board of the STL, said the project would be hall on Nov. 22. “However, it takes a lot of in keeping with the City of Laval’s goal to time to build and Laval is developing so eventually cut 50 per cent of its greenhouse gas emissions. quickly. “An aerial tramway could rapidly meet needs,” he added, “without having to set up Hydro and AMT on board any heavy infrastructures – and at a frac“The AMT is joining in this study in tion of the price – approximately $20 to $25 order to contribute toward the emergence million per kilometre, compared to $200 of innovative projects promoting energy million for the Metro.” efficiency and an increase in the role played A number of major cities in the world, by sources of renewable energy in operatincluding New York, Portland, Lisbon, ing public transit systems,” said Michel Singapore, Medellínm Rio de Janeiro and Veilleux, vice-president for planning and soon London – all already operate cable innovation at the regional transit agency. car systems similar to the one Laval wants “Hydro Quebec is pursuing its involveto implement. ment in the electrification of public transit While aerial tramways have certain dis- by supporting the Laval aerial tramway tinct advantages (they are quiet, operate feasibility study,” said Chantal Guimont, constantly, are inexpensive to build and the provincial electric utility’s director for don’t need drivers in the individual cable electric vehicle energy systems. “By makcabins), according to an information hand- ing its clean, renewable energy available to out issued by the STL they also have disad- electromobility projects in this way, Hydro vantages. Quebec is playing an active part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”


This computer-generated image released by the STL gives some idea of what an aerial tramway the transit agency is studying might look like in the centre of Laval.

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PSC leader calls aerial tram a ‘gimmick’ M a r t i n C. B a r r y


hile a proposal by the City of Laval and the STL to build an aerial tramway is now being studied for its feasibility, certain critics are already having a field day with an idea that is leading some among them to compare Laval to a concept community not unlike Walt Disney World.

‘Disney Laval’

A few days after officials with the city and the STL had gathered at city hall to announce to the media that Laval was exploring the possibility of building at least one aerial tramway line, an irreverent amateur editorial artist sent out a mass e-mail with an attached graphic lampooning “Disney Laval,” depicting several members of the Vaillancourt administration aboard a roller coaster ride. “Totally ridiculous,” was the initial reaction to the aerial tramway by Parti au Service du Citoyen leader Robert Bordeleau, who leads one of Laval’s two municipal opposition parties. “They compare their gimmick to Singapore which has about 10 million population,” he said, referring to one of the major world cities which have opted to have aerial trams as part of their scheme for public transit. “New York is about the same thing, Portland is a bit less, even Rio de Janeiro,”


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Robert Bordeleau: Electric trams is the best solution.

he added. “These are all big cities and megacities that need something like that to attract tourism. It’s more a tourism gimmick and tool, and it won’t help transportation at all in Laval.”

Neighbourhoods ignored

While the STL’s and the city’s goal would be to create a link from the Montmorency Metro station to Carrefour Laval with the proposed aerial tramway, Bordeleau said the initiative would only encourage residents in more distant neighbourhoods like St-François, Ste-Rose and SteDorothée to ignore all the efforts being made to have them use public transit, in such a way that they would do the opposite and start using their cars more often. Despite the STL’s position that major improvements these last few years in the electrification of buses have made electric tramways much less feasible, Bordeleau continues to promote the creation of a network of electric trams as the best solution for Laval’s long-term public transit needs.


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Canada poised to sign free trade deal with EU Despite economic woes in Europe, PM is ‘optimistic’ M a r t i n C. B a r r y


fter four decades of trying to start a formal economic relationship with Europe, Canada is poised to sign a free-trade agreement with the European Union next year, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has told Newsfirst Multimedia.

Effect on agreement

During an exclusive interview session with Harper in Montreal on Nov. 18, to which our newspaper was invited, the Prime Minister was asked by Newsfirst Multimedia whether Canada-EU free trade negotiations have advanced, and what effect the financial turmoil which is spreading in Europe could have on an eventual agreement. “Canada’s been trying to get a trade agreement with Europe for 40 years,” he said. “I remember when I was a boy, Trudeau was talking about getting a trade agreement with Europe, so this is a great breakthrough. Unfortunately we’re in negotiations at a time when there’s probably less to be gained from

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important trade partner, our southerly neighbour’s economy is slumping seriously. Although Canada has no wide-ranging economic agreement with the EU, in 1976 Canada signed the Framework Agreement on Economic Co-operation with the European Economic Community, the organization which preceded the EU. Less U.S. dependence Since 2009, the Harper Conservative Some economists believe that government has been negotiating Canada’s signing a free trade agreement with the EU would make this with the EU, with the goal of signcountry less dependent on the econo- ing the Comprehensive Economic and my of the United States. While histori- Trade Agreement (CETA). Canada cally the U.S. has been Canada’s most currently has a free trade agreement with the European Free Trade Association, which represents Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. According to Harper, there have been nearly a dozen rounds of negotiations with the EU. He noted that a Canada/ EU free trade agreement was promised by the Conservatives during the last election campaign.

Europe than there was at any other time previously. But that said, Europe is still a huge market and will still be a huge player in the future. So we’re going to press ahead, and I think that all the signs are that we’re going to be able to conclude next year.”

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From the left, Senator Judith Seidman, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Senator Claude Carignan.



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• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011

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PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

two biggest ones were signed by the previous Conservative government. So we had a lot of work to do, we’re now up to 14, but frankly we’re got a lot more work to do, that’s the bottom line.” As for the timing of a Canada/EU agreement, he added, “All the problems in Europe, does that put the trade agreement in jeopardy? I think it’s actually the opposite. I think because the Europeans have so many problems, they need to show some positive momentum on some other fronts. And the European Union, one of its great achievements over time has been trade. First of all trade within Europe and then expanded trade outside of Europe. I’m optimistic we’re still going to conclude an agreement.” While the signing of a trade agreement with the Europeans appears more likely than not, Harper acknowledged in some of his remarks that the Conservative government is “concerned that the uncertainty in Europe Tories signed many agreements and elsewhere is going to cause increas“We’re still on track to achieve that,” ing stress on the Canadian economy.” said Harper. “The negotiations are now However, at the same time, he said entering the critical phase. We’re down they are focusing on immigration as to the short hairs where the some of a means of encouraging growth in the difficult trade-offs have to be made. Canada’s economy. And this is important for Canada. Our government has expanded the number Focus on immigration of countries we have trade agreements “We have not in any way restricted with from five to 14. immigration during the recession,” said “I mean it’s unbelievable that when Harper, maintaining that the policy is we took office, as one of the most trade- without precedent. “In fact, if anything dependent economies in the world we we’ve increased it and we’ve certainly had only five trade agreements, and the increased the use of key economic categories like temporary foreign workers. Our government believes strongly that immigration is an essential and positive component of the Canadian economy. “We’re going to look at additional reforms where we can make it work even better. But the fact of the matter is that this is the first government in history not to restrict immigration during a recession, because we believe that vigorous immigration is essential WE WANT YOUR not just to the immediate but to the COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION’S NEWS long-term well-being of the Canadian IN OUR COMMUNITY CALENDAR!!! economy.” Email them at:






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$100,000 to help maintain home for persons with intellectual disability Gift made to CRDI Foundation by Ordre international de l’Alhambra (TLN) On Nov. 23, the CRDI Normand-Laramée Foundation received a cheque for $100,000 from the Ordre international de l’Alhambra, an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of persons who have an intellectual disability. The loan without interest over 20 years will help guarantee the living arrangements for seven persons with an intellectual disability or a developmental disorder who receive services from CRDI Normand-Laramée.

Will help maintain house

The amount is in addition to $200,000 raised by the foundation through its financing campaigns with the goal of acquiring a house in the Saint-François sector of Laval, to serve as a residential

garderie 5 etoiles Qualified Bilingual Educator Needed Maternity Replacement DEC or Attestation with 3 Years Experience Loyal, Patient, Team Player send cv to:


resource for the seven users. As André Beauchamp, the president of the Foundation and supreme commander of the Ordre international de l’Alhambra, explained, “We thought of buying the house when the owner and person responsible for the resource decided to retire. “By taking on the management of the house, the Foundation is facilitating this living space for the seven persons who have lived there several years,” he added. “These persons will not have to move or be separated, with all the stress that involves. The residents are at home here for good.” The CRDI Normand-Laramée Foundation also benefited from the logistic support of the Cité de la santé de Laval Foundation for the organization of its financing activities. “We believe a lot in a project like this,” said Michel Poulin, executive-director of the Cité de la santé Foundation. “By becoming partners, we also wanted to pursue the goal of demystifying intellectual disability.” CRDI NormandLaramée is playing a supporting role. According to the CRDI’s executivedirector Claude Belley, “These persons will be able to live here as long as they wish – this living space belongs to them. The CRDI, through a service

From the left, Paul Courville, Grand Commander of the Ordre International de l’Alhambra, André Beauchamp, Supreme Commander of the Ordre International de l’Alhambra, Claude Belley, executive-director of CRDI Normand-Laramée, Yvon Marsolais, treasurer of the CRDI Normand-Laramée Foundation, and Jean-Maurice Brosseau, Supreme Director for region 9 (Quebec). PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

agreement with the person responsible for the resource, will guarantee the maintenance of a place to live which is adequate and which fills the needs of these persons while allowing them to live their lives as autonomously as possible. This is really a very unique concept, because this purchase will create greater empowerment for the families and the persons themselves.” This arrangement is a first for the

CRDI Normand-Laramée Fondation, but one which, according to its president, is likely to be repeated in light of the results obtained. For their part, spokespersons for the CRDI and the Cité de la santé Foundation pointed out that they look forward to using the concept again in the course of developing future residential projects.

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• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011

Wal-Mart says yes to poppies Number one retailer comes through late for Legion legion on Monday to invite a member of the legion to sell poppies at the store. Feel free to advise the legion to expect ollowing some miscommuni- our call.” cation between the Wal-Mart However, by Monday Nov. 7 when in Ste-Dorothée and their Branch 216 had still not heard from Toronto head office, resulting Wal-Mart, the Laval News promptly in Royal Canadian Legion members fired off a second e-mail. “They have from Laval being initially unable to sell lost many days this year because of this,” Remembrance Day poppies at the store, we reminded the world’s largest retailer, a satisfactory resolution was reached adding that “what they (Branch 216) with the assistance of the Laval News. would like is to simply straighten this out so they can proceed.”

M a r t i n C. B a r r y


Request ‘refused’

It all started in early November with a message received through a contact form on the Laval News web site, claiming that the Wal-Mart on Autoroute 13 had “refused” a request made by Legion Branch 216 in Laval-Ouest to sell poppies at the store. “Every other Wal-Mart across Canada lets the veterans sell poppies, but for some reason this one store has refused us,” stated Lynn Mazzu. She added that management at Carrefour Angrignon in Montreal had recently done the same thing, but reversed their decision when there was a public outcry. Last week, the Couche-Tard convenience store chain also took some flak when employees at one of their outlets on Montreal’s West Island removed a Legion collection box, because the Couche-Tard head office hadn’t approved it.

Grace Ingrouville Tonin and Millie McCoy were able to purchase Remembrance Day poppies last week at the Ste-Dorothée WalMart from Royal Canadian Legion Branch 216 member Joe Morin, after the world’s largest retailer initially failed to grant permission. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Two weekends lost

On Tuesday, a voice-mail from Morin was received by the Laval News. “I don’t know what you did,” he said, “but the lady, the manager (at Wal-Mart) called me. Just for your information, they just gave us three days – the ninth, the tenth and the eleventh – for our presence at Wal-Mart on Autoroute 13 in Chomedey.” But while Branch 216 last year collected more than $3,000 in donations from six days at the Ste-Dorothée WalMart, the receipts were considerably less this time because of the shortened period. “We lost two good weekends,” said Morin, while adding that Branch 216 was still grateful to Wal-Mart because the high volume of traffic at the store makes it one of the best places to sell Remembrance Day poppies.

‘We were all amazed’

In an interview, Evelyn Becze of Branch 216 said staff at the SteDorothée Wal-Mart repeatedly turned down requests to station Legion volunteers at the front entrance of the store. “We were all amazed here at the Legion that they refused because we used to go every year,” she said. Becze said that in past years the branch had volunteers at the Ste-Dorothée Wal-Mart starting in late October, but they would be lucky now to get in a few days if WalMart finally came through. Branch 216 member Joe Morin, who does a lot of the groundwork each year on the Remembrance Day poppy campaign, said he never had trouble getting permission at the Canadian Tire and Super C outlets at the Ste-Dorothée big-box mall not far from Wal-Mart. He said the decision at those stores is made by local managers. Morin maintains he visited the WalMart store five times, during which he presented a cover letter and spoke with an assistant-manager. Despite this, he said he never got a response. Morin also claimed that, unlike this year, in years past permission from Wal-Mart came from the local store management.


Cross Country Skiing Bunnyrabbits ages 4-5, Jackrabbits ages 6-13, Challenge ages 12-17 Biathlon Bears ages 9-14 Recreational Biathlon ages 14 to adult Adults Lessons Weekday & weekend tours FREE! BIATHLON DEMO DAY Saturday Dec. 10th, 11 am to 1 pm Please sign up on-line

Confusion at Wal-Mart HQ?

The Laval News got in touch via e-mail with Wal-Mart Canada’s corporate affairs department in Toronto. A Wal-Mart representative identifying herself as Felicia promptly wrote back: “We have a long history of supporting Canadian legions throughout the country. The store has plans to contact the





Club: 393 Chemin Jackson Morin Heights The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 •


Laval honours its young athletes M a r t i n C. B a r r y


ontreal Canadiens legend Yvan Cournoyer was the guest of honour on Nov. 24 as the City of Laval paid homage to all the young people who excelled in a wide range of sports in the past year, during the annual Mérite sportif lavallois ceremony held in the Théâtre Marcellin-Champagnat at Collège Laval.

Recognizing excellence

Addressing the many proud parents and friends who came out to cheer the young winners, Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt called the Mérite sportif awards “one of the most important moments during the year in our city, because it’s when we recognize the excellence and the success of our young athletes.”

Learning experience

Noting that it’s never easy to be an athlete and that it calls for a lot of sacThe winners in this year’s Mérite sportif lavallois gather on stage in Collège Laval’s Théâtre Marcellin-Champagnat on Nov. 24. rifice, the mayor said the young people PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst who follow through to the end learn the value of commitment and the enjoyment praised the many parents who encour- suits, as well as the coaches and trainers that victory brings. At the same time he age their children in their athletic pur- who help it all come true.

Some of the male swim team members who were presented with bronze medals on Nov. 24. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Seen here with Habs great Yvan Cournoyer, far left, and Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, far right, are girl winners of bronze medallions for synchronized swimming. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Our best wishes to the Jewish community of Laval, on the occasion of Chanukah

Happy Chanukah!

Girls’ soccer enthusiasts were honored by the City of Laval for their accomplishments over the past year. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Mr. Laurent Caron Manager

Tel.: (450) 688-0900

Automated services available 24 hours.

Head Office

3075, Cartier Blvd. West

Service center

4595, Samson Blvd. 14

• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011

Boys’ soccer enthusiasts were honored by the City of Laval for their accomplishments over the past year. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Shield of Athena reaches $200,000 goal for expansion of services Gala celebration spotlights agency’s 20 years of achievements M a r t i n C. B a r r y


hield of Athena, which provides family and social services in the Greater Montreal region, especially for those impacted by violence, marked the start of its second decade on Nov. 20 with a gala attended by hundreds of guests at a downtown hotel, raising $200,000 for the cause.

From the left, Shield of Athena executive-director Melpa Kamataros, Quebec Environment Minister Pierre Arcand, former Ahuntsic Liberal MP Eleni Bakopanos and Chomedey Liberal MNA Guy Ouellette attended the Shield of Athena gala on Nov. 20.

‘Heroes’ honored

During the $250-a-ticket black tie evening at the Sofitel Golden Mile, a special tribute was held for 20 individuals, associations or businesses regarded as “heroes.” Over the years, they had a profound influence on making Shield of Athena a success. During a special audio-visual presentation, guests were invited to take a journey into the past, as Shield of Athena reviewed its 20 most important milestones and triumphs, and set out what it hopes to accomplish in the next 20 years. In addition to an evening of dinner and dancing, 25 pieces of art from local and international artists were on sale. There was also a silent auction, featuring items such as certificates to some of Montreal’s finest restaurants, sports memorabilia, jewellery and more.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

On the left Director of social services at the Shield of Athena Betty Petropoulos was one of the 20 heroes that were honored that evening. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Real Estate Agency • Independent And Autonomous Franchise

in an interview. “She has helped a lot of people in Chomedey in various ways and has worked very hard to see that services are provided to the population.” Former Hellenic Community of Montreal president Demetrius Manolakos, who was one of the 20 persons honored for their dedication, said he was proud to have been able to provide assistance when Shield of Athena Laval resident Evan Kioussis from was first getting started. Planete Mobile was also one of the Even 20 years ago, he realized the 20 heroes that were honored for supporting The Shield of Athena. organization was bound to succeed PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst since it was responding to a pressing need. “There’s room for it to expand Montreal. Now it’s grown to service with the help of a younger generation,” Future is promising more than 140 ethnic communities. The chairs of the event, Gwendolyn he added, noting that he was probably “I think it’s become an essential serAndrews Nacos and Pearl Eliadis, had one of the oldest persons attending the vice,” added Bakopanos, “although I’m hoped to raise more than $200,000 gala. sorry to say that abuse is something for the consolidation and expansion that no one should ever tolerate in any of Shield of Athena’s existing services. Milestone reached relationship, especially when children Former Liberal MP for Ahuntsic are affected. Shield of Athena deserves They met that goal in the end. “We’re looking forward to a very Eleni Bakopanos, who was also among our praise, as does executive-director promising future with expanded facili- the 20 heroes honoured for their sup- Melpa Kamateros for helping to make ties and expanded services,” Dionysia port, said, “This is an important mile- it what it is today.” Zerbisias, the honorary patron of the stone for an organization that began event and also one of the 20 heroes, as part of the Greek community of said in an interview with the Laval News. “The Shield of Athena has become a veritable phenomenon in Montreal as it provides services in many languages and to different communities,” she continued. “It is now considered as a multicultural institution in the greater Montreal area.” While his riding has many constituents of Greek origin, Chomedey Liberal MNA Guy Ouellette noted during an interview with the Laval News that Shield of Athena provides services to people of many different Michelle Courchesne cultural backgrounds. According to Députée de Fabre Ministre responsable Ouellette, Melpa Kamateros, the orgade la région de Laval. nization’s executive-director, was one Ministre responsable de of the first persons he met after being l’Administration gouvernementale Présidente du Conseil du trésor elected in 2007.


514.887.8776 Office: 450-687-4430

Simon Tsalikis Certified Real Estate Broker

CHOMEDEY 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, living room, dinning room and family room all on main floor, very spacious home with finished basement.


3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, built recently in a beautiful neighborhood plenty of living space for the modern family.

Our best wishes to all members of the Jewish Community for a Happy Chanukah

As you celebrate the Festival of Lights, may your home be bright with happiness, friendship and love.

Local MNA impressed

“Mme Kamateros has always been very close to my constituents in Chomedey and elsewhere in Laval also, providing services to the area,” he said

MNA for Fabre Minister responsible for Laval. Minister responsible for Government Administration Chair of the Conseil du trésor

Tel. : 450 689-5516

Guy Ouellette

Député de Chomedey Président de la Commission de l’économie et du travail Adjoint parlementaire au ministre des transports Adjoint parlementaire au ministre du revenu MNA for Chomedey Chair of the Committee on Labour and the Economy Parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Transport Parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Revenue

Tel. : 450 686-0166 The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 •


Collège Montmorency holds colourful annual graduation

Laval CEGEP issues 178 study certificates and 1,578 DECs


.c lqc o ho valj a l / / : http


By: Anthony Fiorilli (LJHS Sec.II student)

The CEGEP handed out 176 attestations of studies and 1,578 DECs to students who were in programs from autumn last year to the summer of 2011.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

M a r t i n C. B a r r y More than 600 people gathered in the Salle André-Mathieu at Collège Montmorency on Nov. 20 as Laval’s only CEGEP held its annual graduation ceremony for around 200 students who turned up to receive their diplomas for collegial studies (DEC) or study attestation certificates.

director Denyse Blanchet. Each of the graduating students received a lapel pin distinguishing them as alumni of Laval’s only CEGEP.

Taking pride

“You are invited to wear it with pride for what you are,” said the college’s director of studies André Lachapelle, “pride for what you accomplished, pride for being a Collège Montmorency graduate.” In all this year, the CEGEP Crowning achievement handed out 176 attestations of studies “We are here to crown the effort, the and 1,578 DECs to students who were perseverance and the talent of sev- in programs from autumn last year to eral hundred young people and adults,” the summer of 2011. said Collège Montmorency executive-

On November 11th 2011, students from Laval Junior High School and the Karigiannis family went to Ottawa to take part in Remembrance Day ceremonies. We left from Laval really early in the morning and arrived in Ottawa at about eight in the morning. Our first stop was the Chateau Laurier where we met with other high schools and listened to some speeches about the sacrifices our soldiers face every day. From there, we walked outside to the War Memorial where we participated in a moment of silence, heard a sermon from a priest and rabbi and saw the Soldiers’ Parade. Cannons were firing a “21 gun salute” and helicopters flew above us as we listened to the ceremony. We spent a good part of the day as 3PPCLI’s (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) guests. We arrived at their headquarters around one in the afternoon and spoke to some veterans about their experiences. We then listened to some speeches and an old style choir was singing old war songs. We ended the day back at the War Memorial where we were finally allowed to walk up to the memorial and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Once there, we left our poppies on the tomb. Members of Laval Liberty and Laval Junior took part in a wreath laying ceremony before heading back home. All of us at Laval Junior High School would like to express our gratitude to 3PPCLI for their hospitality and a big thank you to Chris Karigiannis’ family for sharing the experience with us!


Cheerleading has been a part of Laval Junior for many years. Betty Aliftiris, a student supervisor, has dedicated the last three years bringing cheerleading to the forefront. This year, marks the first year that our cheerleaders have joined with the Laval Liberty cheerleading squad and they are heading to their very first competition, in Ste. Hyancinthe, early in 2012. In cheerleading, you need a lot of dedication and have a lot of pride in yourself. Sometimes, it’s those small qualities that bring something to life and makes it easier to learn or perfect. Lots of people do not consider cheerleading a sport. I consider it a sport because believe it or not, we do a lot of weight lifting and gymnastics. When doing a cheer or chant correctly, your motions have to be clean and sharp; your voice has to be carried to pronounce each word correctly. It takes time and dedication to master each aspect of cheerleading. Having the right attitude, a smile on your face, self-confidence and team spirit make cheerleading a wonderful sport! Remember it takes a lot of practice but the hard work is worth it!


• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011


Maria karagianniS karagianni • 514.886.0025

Very sunny 4 bedroom cottage. Cathedral ceilings harwood floor, large solarium over looking heated inground pool GREAT LOCATION GREAT VALUE!

4427 Samson Blvd. Chomedey 450.687.4430 Helping

StavroUla kottariDiS kottari • 514.993.5010

CHOMEDEY* Semi-detached cottage situated in a quiet area. Offering 3 bedrooms, living room, dining area, wood kitchen, 1 full bath, 1 powder room, finished basement. Possibility for other bedroom or bathroom. Double parking in driveway. Close to all shopping, schools, churches, and highways. easy to show!! $264 900.

S u cc


Plus at:

ChoMeDey: SUCCeSSion! Spotless bungalow. 2 or 3 bedrooms with possibility of 5. Hardwood floors, spacious kitchen new ceramic floor, renovated bathroom, newer windows, immediate occupancy, $269,000 negotiable. FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY!

ChoMeDey: duplex 2-5 ½. roof , front doors, outside railings done. Door available in front to make bachelor. extra bedroom and Bth available to make bachelor. DBl occupancy possible. only asking $379 000.



w H at


DeniS loUkeriS loUkeri • 514.996.3221

ahUntSiC :Detached Duplex on quiet street. 2-41/2 plus bachelor. electric heating. only asking $379 000. very clean and renovated. near all amenities. for photos view MlS #8647049

roZa Chowet • 514.814.5392

co n


elliot Cohen • 514.833.4171

Detached cottage w/ 3 bedrooms same level and street level garage. renovated kitchen. lDr on main level. ag pool. large wood balcony with gazebo. near all. only asking $349 900.

1- Mike’s sub. 30 years, same owner, renovated. Top location. Projected business $1,500,000. Motivated vendor 2- Resto - Pizzeria, 50 minutes outside MTL. Projected volume, $1,700,000.


rhoDa Cherry • 514.944.4009

First time on the market. Detached split with 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, large land. Excellent location. Priced for fast sale! For more information, call roza - (514) 814-5392


Peter tSakonaS tSakona • 450.969.9999

Peggy eggy Cohen Cohen • 514.979.0918

george MalloUk • 450.687-4430

Large Bungalo 3+2 bdrms with dinning-room, dinette, finished basement and garage,new roof and more.



niCkk DiMakiS DiMaki • 514.969.5023

Ahuntsic - Prime area, renovated cott., 3+1 bdrms, large and enclosed yard, separate entrance, possibility intergeneration or bachelor. Immediate occupancy. Priced for quick sale.

Fabulous detached 4 bedroom cottage. Features large rooms and separate dinning rooms. Also possibility to have intergeneration. Act fast!

alfreDo aPariCio • 514.915.4847

DiMitrioS JiMMy JiMM PaPPiS • 514.996.7422

ChriStoS ManthoS Mantho • 514.796.1414

3- Mediterranean restaurant, 130 seats + terrace (40), unique decoration and quality. Could be used with music. Presently 11AM to 11PM.


george StathakiS Stathaki • 514.928.2777

Chomedey – Domaine Renaud. Beautiful Bungalow. Very quite area. 7 rooms. Finish Basement. In ground pool. Kitchen Renovated. 9000 sqft. reDUCeD PriCe $389,000.

Extremely well kept condo in Chomedey area wooden floors corner unit a lot of light, spacious and pleasant, fire place, air condition, first floor. Asking $218,000 negotiable. its a MUSt see!

Commercial and residential lot, the building has 4 apartments and a house of more than 6 rooms.

athena Maria SMoUntaS S • 514.804.9325

Semi det. cottage Beautiful charming home. Near all amenities. Family oriented neighborhood, Move in A1 condition. Above ground pool exceptioanlly huge backyard. Renovated. Modern kit and bath. Must see.

Serving our Community for koSta CheretiS Chereti • 514.917.1533

Les Villas de Golf - Divided co-ownership. Corner unit, 2 balconies, close to all amenities, services included grass trimming, snow removal, pool cleaning. Modern lifestyle.

35 years!

to Buy or to Sell, call one of our Professional Brokers. n The ew on maR keT

Sarah reBaCk reBa • 514.726.1800

Chomedey - 3 bedrooms cottage on cul-de-sac, large lot, finished basement with fireplace.

hao (MiChael) kUng kU • 514.962.8239

Immediate occupation, Laval-des-Rapides, 5 1/2, walking distance from Cégep Montmorency and Métro, 3 big rooms, $825/month.

anDreaS gaitaniS gaitani • 514.941.7476

Ste-Dorothee: Beautiful neighberhoud convinient location verry well maintained house with familly room on main level,wood and ceramic floors. Professional land skaping with paving stonesand lot more. asking $399,000.

antonio MaCChiagoDena MaCChiago • 514.791.6578

Condo 8 ieme etage - 5 1/2 - unité de coin - Nouv. Construction - St. Laurent -Occ. Sept. 2011 Complètes avec deux salles de bains. Services piscine intérieure chauffe, salle d’exercice, jacuzzi et sauna. Garage interieur + rangement. $ 311,900 taxes inclus.


Marvin Segal • 514.691.7263

ile Paton - 2 bedrooms, waterfront, tennis, marina. $179,000



ConStantina (Dina) BatSakiS Bat • 514.777.9682

Great opportunity for right buyer. Cottage on Bord de L’eau in St Dorothee. Call me for details

Caterina vlahoS v • 450.688.1929

hoDa iSkanDar iSkan • 514-826-5114

Val-Morin - Beautiful bungalow, few meters Belle-Neige Ski Resort. Surrounded with private lakes. Price reduced at $199,000

only for SerioUS PUrChaSerS or inveStorS income properties (Residential- Shopping Center- Offices) investment Budget 3.5 Millions and UP.

MiChel hanna • 514.910.6444

Rare opportunity for CONDO DEVELOPERS. A group of 4 Duplex and 1 Triplex + Parking. Total : 9,700 Sq. Ft. PRIME LOT LOCATION. Located Papineau / Ontario.Lease end 04/2012.

niColaS orfanoS orfano • 514.992.7161

Terrain a vendre $8 pied , nouv. St-Martin / auto. 13 - Chomedey zonage comm/ind possible multi/fam. Land for sale, asking $8 foot, on new Blvd St-Martin / highway 13 zoned comm/indust possible residential multi- fam.

linDa tarDif tar • 514.531.2130 Samson Blvd. 800 and 1000 sq. ft. commercial locations to rent. Excellent for store-front business.

niColaS hryCkowian • 450.687.4430 new on the market,this 3+1 split level has lot of renovations and improovment along the year. new bathroom and newer windows. Priced to sell $309,000

Samir abdalla • 514.991.9294

MiChel naCCaChe naCCa • 514.992.3650

Spacious split level located in the heart of Chomedey in a quite residential area, magnificently landscaped, near all amenities.


naJiB georgeS ChaghoUri Chagho • 514.823.2133

Mehran (ron) khoDaDaDi kho • 514.237.2330

Move in condition, impeccable landscaped lawn. Many renovations throughout the years: roof, hardwood floors, front windows, furnace, central vacuum, ext. deck, central a/c and much more. Amazing location close to services & transport.

ville D’anjou - Extremely clean ,2 bedroom,wood kitchen cabinets,seprate laundry room,asking only $185 000, please call for more info at 514-237-2330


Large 4plex ideal for owner occupied, circular marble hallway, hard wood floors, large cement balconies, slow combustion in family room, alluminum windows, ceramic kitchen counter, close to Aut. 15, Lachapelle bridge, schools, park,transport, shopping, very good tenants.

annete h. Biron • 514.293.2076

laval – 179,000$ - Reduced for quick sale. Three bedrooms, corner lot property, new roof 2012. Must see!



ChriStina anDreoU anD • 514.962.0990


Beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse over looking the river. for more info. contact Christina andreou 514-962-0990

DeBorah CaMPoDoniCo CaMPoD • 514.581.5494

SiMon tSalikiS tSaliki • 514.887.8776

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, family room, finished basement, in Chomedey.

This place is for your house!

Large 4+2 house for sale in one of Fountainbleau’s crescents. 2002 built property includes a luxurious landscaped land of 16732 sq.ft on the golf asking 749,000$

The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 •


Community Calendar Chanukah Party for Chomedey Chapter

On November 1, 2011,our organization, Jewish Women International of Canada, officially changed their name to Act to End, Violence Against Women. We are the same organization and Chomedey Chapter will continue to raise money to support the many services and projects in our community.

serts, as well as a gift exchange and entertainment by violinist, David Litvack. Members and friends are welcome to attend. Cost: Members $12.00 Non-members $15.00 For more info call: Rosalee at 450-681-5335

Chomedey Seniors Club Program for December 2011

On December 7th, our annual Chanukah December 1st - Kim Hershorn Party will take place at the Shaar Shalom Topic: My experience with chronic pain Synagogue , 4880 Notre Dame Blvd. Of course there will be latkes, salads, des- December 8th - Curb your enthusiasm

Send your announcements of events two weeks prior to

(on DVD) with Larry David December 15th - Games afternoon

Holy cross Armenian Church Annual bazaar

Location: Portuguese Center, 1815 Favreau corner St. Martin. December 22nd - Gregory & Tony Dec 17 & Dec 18 Super entertainers From 10 to 7 both days Traditional luncheon on both days December 29th - No meeting Come and enjoy traditional and delicious food, gift items, clothing and much The meetings take place at Young Israel more.... of Chomedey (1025 Elisabeth Blvd.). Contact: 514 862 9594 / 514 571 5044 Meetings start at 1:30 P.M. Members 2$; non-members 4$ For more info. call David Beiner at 450-681-2097

Deadline December 12th





The Art of War

My husband and I have been married three years and have one child. Problems began when we started planning our wedding. I am Catholic and he is Jewish. All of a sudden everything was an issue, from the wedding location to the bridal shower. Although his sisters were bridesmaids they did not show up for the shower. Neither did my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law also wore a white gown to the wedding. They used to have us over for family get-togethers, but when I tried to talk, she would start crying, the family would console her and I was the bad guy. My husband will fight with her, but nothing ever gets resolved. While our baby was in the hospital, my mother-in-law got mad at us for letting her mother see the baby because they were not talking. She said we should have been more respectful of her before asking her own mother to visit. Now my husband is about to turn 30. I want to throw him a surprise party as his gift. The location will be my sister’s house because it is big enough. I originally wanted a date in February, but they didn’t like that, saying it was too close to his cousin’s birthday who is also turning 30 in March. They didn’t want to rain on his parade. They wanted the party in June, so we compromised on May. They asked me to change the location and I said no for the reason above. My mother-in-law then sent me an email accusing me of “plotting and planning” the party and warning me she is also family and should be included in all the plans. She claimed she didn’t want to turn my husband’s and her son’s birthday party into a day of sadness, but she is, she said, an afterthought when it comes to the son she gave birth to. She concluded by saying how little respect I show her and how much she is hurt. Feigning magnanimity, she stated she wouldn’t mention this again but would provide the pictures and addresses I had requested. How should I respond?

Moments Précieux November 24th

i rd Happy 3 Birthday Gregor y, bab le To our litt we love you very much de Mama, Baba y tu hermano Panagioti xoxo

December 3rd

We wish our little star Nadja r! the most Happy Birthday eve of our lives! You are wonderful, the light g! We love you more than anythin XXXX

il Pat


th Happy 9 Birthday aut to our Be iful Daughter & Sister Patil ! m, Dad With all our love always: Mo !!! an Sev er & Broth

Deadline Monday 1pm

We wish Our Handsome Son & Brother Sevan a th Happy 13 Birthday. We love you very much !!! til. From Mom, Dad & Sister Pa

Free Free Free

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• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011

Regan, no one refers to organizing a birthday party as “plotting and planning.” No one uses plotting as a positive. You plot and plan a crime, you plot and plan a murder, but you don’t plot and plan a birthday party. You picked the place and date, and she changed the date. Now she is furious she didn’t get to decide on the place as well. She has taken the party away from you. This is becoming an occasion for celebrating your husband turning thirty and onethird years old, and for discomfiting his wife. Move the party back to your husband’s birthday, or the nearest weekend. Tell her, “I want to celebrate his birthday on the date you actually gave birth to him, or as close as possible to it. That would best honor him and the day of his birth.” Don’t think a grown woman in her 50s doesn’t know she is hurting you. Apparently, you are not the girl she envisaged her son marrying. You will never be that. Don’t think you will ever have the position that phantom girl would have in her life. Was your mother-in-law raised in a cave? What was her excuse for the wedding dress? She didn’t know any better? She didn’t have another presentable dress? That was an intended insult, no matter what silly excuse or lie she told about it. Treat this incident as practice for what you will need to do to stand against her as your child grows. With this woman you need to forget Emily Post and Miss Manners and turn to Sun Tzu, who said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred Wayne & Tamara


Pregnancy aids home invasion

Around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday Nov. 26, the Laval Police responded to call from a 59-year-old female resident of Firmin St. just off Dagenais Blvd. who said she had just been the victim of a home invasion. Earlier, the woman had been approached by a younger and pregnant woman who was out walking a dog. The younger woman told the victim she was lost and wanted to enter the house to make a phone call. After making the call and as she was preparing to leave, two men walked in the door of the house and proceeded to tie up the homeowner, then placed her in the bathroom. They then made a thorough tour of the house, apparently to decide what they wanted to steal. According to Laval Police spokesman Cst. Franco Di Genova, the suspects succeeded in making off with a small amount of jewelry. Apart from the trauma of being tied up and confined, the victim suffered no physical injuries. “She got very scared,” Di Genova said. “There were no knives or guns involved, so no weapons.” Afterwards, the victim had no idea what else if anything the suspects were looking for or what they took. The pregnant woman is described as white, around 35 to 40 years of age, 5’6”, with hair down to her shoulders. She had several earrings on her left ear and appeared to be seven to nine months pregnant. The first of the male suspects was described as white, around 40 years old, 5’9” tall, with curly brown hair. He was wearing glasses and was wearing jeans and a dark-coloured jacket. The second one was 16 to 18 years of age, around 5’5”, with brown hair and eyes. He was wearing a denim jacket with a sheep’s wool lining. Di Genova said the modus operandi involving a pregnant woman as bait “is something we haven’t seen before. It’s the first time we hear about it, honestly. I mean, there’s nothing that comes close to that. We’ve seen in the past the knocking on the door and once the door is open they barge right in. But is this a new tactic? The detectives are still on the case. They’re going to keep an eye on it. But if it happens again I guess it’s going to kind of confirm that it’s the next thing that’s happening.”

In terms of protecting one’s self from similar situations, he advised that anyone approaching you in a similar way should be made to wait outside while you call the number on the phone. If there’s a cordless phone, hand it out rather than allowing a stranger into your home.

Theft of A-25 bridge payments

A clerk preparing to bring a cash deposit bag filled with the day’s receipts from Autoroute 25 bridge subscriptions was robbed last week in the parking lot of the bridge’s administration building on Lévesque Blvd. East. Inside the bag, according to Di Genova, was around $10,000, although about 75 per cent of it was in the form of paper cheques. Although he didn’t know if the company that operates the bridge is taking any new measures to protect itself from similar occurrences, he gave the police’s standard advice: don’t send the same person to send deposits on the same day each week, as this only encourages criminals to watch closely and take advantage of the pattern. “Change your times, change your dates, change vehicles,” he said, “make another person go, accompany the first person with another person, but using another vehicle.” Delivery of the receipts to the bank by an armored truck would also seem a good piece of advice in this situation.

ers the handheld use of cellphones while driving. The penalty for both is a $115 fine and three demerit points.

Cars torched in Chomedey

In the very early hours of Nov. 29, two fires were set in parked cars at 108 7th St. and at 61 Léon St. in Chomedey, which the police believe were criminal. In both cases the vehicles, which were write-offs after being torched, had been parked under Tempo car shelters. Around 1:30 a.m., a woman at the first address was awakened when the alarm in her car was triggered by an intrusion. Looking out the window to see what was going on, she saw flames erupting from inside her vehicle. After watering down the first flaming car, the firemen then broke all its windows. According to Di Genova, the vehicle was totaled and the Tempo, made of plastic sheeting, also suffered damage. One of the firefighers on the scene speculated to another Laval newspaper that a molotov cocktail was used to ignite the blaze. “What kind of expertise did he have to tell the journalist that it was a molotov cocktail?” said the police spokesman. “How can you tell the difference between the bottle and the four or five windows that were broken? I will agree a hundred and ten per cent that it was a criminallyset fire, but I am in no position to say it

was a molotov cocktail.” Di Genova said he had heard nothing from the Laval Police working on the case about a molotov cocktail being found in the burned out car. “Up to now, if they had found any element that resembled a molotov cocktail I would have heard about it by now.”

Cell phone thief arrested

The Laval Police say they have made an arrest in connection with a recent series of thefts from Laval cell phone retailers. On Nov. 29, they arrested Alla Edinne Mokrane, 18, and he was arraigned at the Laval courthouse the following day. He is alleged to have taken part in the thefts which took place in July and August in Laval and Terrebonne. Mokrane, who was armed during the thefts, was accompanied by accomplices. In some cases, victims at the stores were tied up and confined. Several hundred cell phones were stolen during the stealing spree that Mokrane now stands accused of perpetrating. The Terrebonne police provided assistance to the Laval Police in helping to shut down this operation. The Laval Police are now advising residents to beware of being offered cheap cell phones by unauthorized dealers, as they might have come from this operation and being found in possession of one could lead to criminal charges.

Texting causes crash

On Nov. 28 around 8:15 p.m., a collision between two cars at the intersection of Le Corbusier and Saint-Martin boulevards put three people in hospital. Texting at the wheel is being blamed. A woman eastbound on Saint-Martin lost control of her car, went through a red light, and collided with two vehicles heading south on Le Corbusier. For some of the victims the injuries were quite serious: a perforated lung and a possible hip fracture. No one’s life was in danger, however. According to Di Genova, the woman driving the car that went through the red light admitted to police that she had been texting on a smartphone while driving. She was issued tickets for burning the red light and also for texting. Texting at the wheel falls under section 439.1 of Quebec’s highway code, which also cov-

Fine Thai

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System Includes: • • • • • • •

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Control panel keypad Motion detector Front door contact Battery Siren Transformer

T. 514-289-8585 F. 514-289-9445

Reserve now for your Szechuan Cuisine

3 private lounges 12 to 88 people


Party! 145, Promenade du Centropolis, Laval • 450-688-3033 The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 •


side h O RO s C O P e

Aries March 21-April 19__________________

Start nothing before December 13. New (not old) money matters are stalled; the logjam will break Christmas Day onward. If purchasing holiday presents, keep it simple and refundable, as lemons abound. VIPs, bosses and parents look on you kindly to December 20 – take advantage, approach, visit, do them favours, etc. (But DON’T launch new projects for them. If the boss wants you to begin a new project, diplomatically suggest a mid-December or January launch.) You impress everyone Sunday/Monday, but barriers to action remain: act Sunday eve/night. Chase money Tuesday/Wednesday.

Taurus April 20-May 20___________________

The general accent lies on mysteries, sex, subconscious urges, finances, investments and debt, and potential lifestyle changes. You’re lucky in these, though forward motion has been lacking since August. By late December delays will end – a legal, travel, educational, intellectual or international “element” will be the go-forward key. You might soon agree to wed a sexual partner. Think deeply before plunging. Make NO commitments, nor any new starts, before December 13. Lie low, rest Sunday/Monday. Your energy rises Tuesday through Thursday. Romance lies below, wants to emerge!

Gemini May 21-June 20___________________

Relationships are foremost. Your popularity and joie de vivre rise Sunday/Monday. But avoid arguments or hasty driving to midafternoon Sunday. Turn from a hard-to-convince person Monday. Retreat, rest Tuesday to Thursday. Sunday to Wednesday give a lucky boost to governmental, administrative and charity projects, and might also attract you to someone because he/she represents a rest, comfort, safety. But at what cost (to him/her!)? Your energy soars Thursday night to Saturday: contain temper. Until mid-2012, you’re quick to laugh, rage. Start nothing important before December 13.

Cancer June 21-July 22___________________

The accent lies on work, health, duties, a bit of boredom. Start nothing major before December 13. A former duty, chore or employment position might return – do it, grab it if unemployed. VIPs, parents and bosses are watching Sunday/Monday – do you best, avoid temperamental words Sunday. Your hopes and happiness rise nicely Tuesday to Thursday – life’s worth living! The Sunday to Wednesday period opens doors to friendship, travel, even the kind of romance which, though light, could lead to partnership. Retreat to contemplate, rest and heal Thursday night through Saturday.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22______________________

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22_____________________

Start nothing new before December 13, especially in communications, travel and record-keeping. A former friend appears, or you travel to revisit a familiar place. Your home life is blessed; you could, if seeking, find a domicile where affection and beauty will prevail, especially Sunday to Wednesday. Let this be a place connected to the past. (These daysalso bring tantalizing, but secret or private, attractions. Be honest, moral.) Relationships irk you to mid-afternoon Sunday, then they turn successful. But if you offer little (Monday) you get little. Wisdom, Friday/ Saturday.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21___________________

Remember, start nothing big and new before December 13. In particular, buy nothing – you are drawn straight to lemons now. Tackle chores and health concerns Sunday (much better after 3:30 p.m. PST) and Monday. Relationships offer both opposition and concord Tuesday to Thursday. Concord is more likely – and far more beneficial – as this entire week offers friendship and good conversation – with a romantic tinge. A big, lucky “concord” looms on the horizon, late month into next June. Finances, sexual urges and deep health matters arise Friday (some difficulties) and Saturday (climaxes?).

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21________________

Though your energy, charisma and clout are high, use them to tackle ongoing projects or to revive past ones – start nothing new before December 13. You easily impress others, gain their favour and get your way. If you’re single and have been hankering for some special company, contact that ex or old flame – AFTER 3:30 p.m. PST Sunday (or, less successfully, Monday, or, for more “grown up” results, after 9 p.m. Friday, into Saturday). Higher-ups are temperamental and impatient all week (until next July!) but you win them over, might even land a raise Sunday to Wednesday.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19_________________

Avoid new starts before December 13. Get plenty of rest, eat and drink sensibly. Retreat from the hustle-bustle, avoid competition. Tackle past-due obligations, especially those involving charity, institutions, the government, or head office(s). This is an excellent “clean-up and clear-out” phase to prepare you for powerful action later this month. Pay attention to home-related concerns Sunday/Monday. (Careful with tools, confrontations Sunday.) Romance, notional or real, visits Tuesday to Thursday – in fact the thrill of attraction fills the entire Sunday to Thursday period.

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18__________________

Start nothing major, relationship nor venture nor project, before December 13. Your creative and romantic juices stir this month, you ride a winning streak (yes, you’ll tend to win at cards, etc.) and pleasures abound. An old flame is near or “present.” You might feel you have been tricked and betrayed or mistreated by others, especially the opposite sex, this last decade or two. But turn around: how have you treated those you suspected? When angered or ignored, you can be cruel. “Admitting” this can clear you for future love – which is going to be stronger, longer than past love.

Start no new projects nor relationships before December 13, Aquarius. This is a happy, optimistic and forward-looking month, but you’d do better to look to the past this week. A former flirtatious friend might arrive, or the door could fling open to a goal that was once just “wishful thinking.” Dream do come true! Careful with speech, driving Sunday – after 3:30 p.m. PST, all’s well. Tuesday to Thursday accents your home, security, family and real estate. A verboten romance could attract you. Actually, romance simmers all week, then emerges Friday (careful!) and Saturday.

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22____________________

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20__________________

Start nothing, buy nothing, before December 13. You might meet former neighbours, or visit family members you haven’t seen in awhile. “Home,” whatever it means to you, is a powerful draw – especially Sunday/Monday. Though you shouldn’t buy or rent a new place (or furniture) a former abode or prospect might be a good thing. But don’t act before 3:30 p.m. Sunday. A gentle, mellow mood arrives Tuesday to Thursday. Despite your lower energy, Sunday to Wednesday offer meaningful romance, or a potent creative urge, especially if you’re in nature. Be ambitious, not forceful, late week.

Be ambitious, show your skills to higher-ups, study business and career topics, but don’t start new projects or relationships before December 13, Pisces. Money hits an irksome snag Sunday, but smoothes out late afternoon into Monday. Talk, travel, and casual meetings fill Tuesday to Thursday – and could turn enmity into an amorous bond. You have a choice now to next July – you can love, or hate. The former is more likely this week, from Sunday to Thursday. Collapse into the comforts of home or still beauties of nature Friday/Saturday. Don’t let stress cause a fight Friday.

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Jo k e o f t h e we e k ! When the wife talks

John and Jessica were on their way home from the bar one night and John got pulled over by the police. The officer told John that he was stopped because his tail light was burned out. John said, “I’m very sorry officer, I didn’t realize it was out, I’ll get it fixed right away.” Just then Jessica said, “I knew this would happen when I told you two days ago to get that light fixed.” So the officer asked for John’s license and after looking at it said, “Sir your license has expired.” And again John apologized and mentioned that he



didn’t realize that it had expired and would take care of it first thing in the morning. Jessica said, “I told you a week ago that the state sent you a letter telling you that your license had expired.” Well by this time, John is a bit upset with his wife contradicting him in front of the officer, and he said in a rather loud voice, “Jessica, shut your mouth!” The officer then leaned over toward Jessica and asked. “Does your husband always talk to you like that?” Jessica replied, “only when he’s drunk.”


Where Beauty meets the Senses


ACROSS 1. Bicycle route 5. Dangerous snakes 9. Society newcomer 12. Bill and ____ 15. Muscle strain 16. Narrow opening 17. Japanese pearl diver 18. Hold title to 19. Merganser’s kin 20. Angel’s hat 21. Scamper 22. Barbara Bush, ____ Pierce 23. Dotted, in heraldry 24. Former French coin 26. Receive 28. Fan 31. Funds held by a third party 34. Caustic material 37. Trucker’s vehicle 38. Levy 40. Timber wolf 41. Charge with gas 43. Around 45. Art historian Faure 46. Behavior 47. Paving material 49. Mountain ridge 50. White poplar 52. Employees 56. Looking glass 58. Christmas-tree decoration 59. Surprise attack 62. Intrinsically 64. Church official

This week’s


• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011



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2210 Curé-Labelle, Laval QC H7T 1R1 • 450 687 2555 • 450 687 2111 • • 20

65. Edible root 25. Posterior 66. Fruity refresher 27. Diverse 67. Final word in prayer 29. Prize 69. Grain beard 30. Shift course 70. Soccer player 31. Midterm, e.g. 72. Woodlands 32. Tokyo waistband 75. Gave permission to 33. Gloom 76. Horse’s compartment 34. Buddhist monk 77. The thing there 35. Calendar period 81. Hawaiian food 36. Coastal flier 83. ‘‘____ Any Girl’’ 39. Farmland measure 85. By oneself 42. Poison remedy 87. Boxer’s boundary 44. Roads to Roma 88. Shaping tool 48. Gradient 89. Round, edible seed 50. Like some wine 90. Black, poetically 51. Deprived 91. Luxury 53. Deeds 92. Bee’s follower 54. Ebb and ____ 93. Nosh 55. Forest-floor plant 94. Uses a needle and 57. Three-banded thread armadillo 95. Brown songbird 58. Rages 59. Civil War soldier DOWN 60. Bedlam 61. Worship 1. Go by 63. Place for a ring 2. Zenith 68. Laid-back 3. The other guys 71. Day’s march 4. Chopped 73. Saharan stopovers 5. Shade of blond 74. Sprinkle 6. Ski race 76. Old card game 7. Tactful 78. Rime 8. Potbellied ____ 79. Cathedral part 9. Bell the cat 80. Youth 10. Outback bird 11. Forehead coverings 81. Boot liner 82. Certain poem 12. Dominate 84. Aegean or Black 13. Be in hock 86. Light-switch positions 14. Before ‘‘blastoff’’



Laval Liberty Goes to Centaur


f all the emotions we have been blessed with, the one we lack the most of, and perhaps the most important one, is humour. Laval Liberty’s Enriched English Language Arts students from secondary three and four had the opportunity to experience a good laugh on November 16 when we visited the Centaur Theatre to watch “God of Carnage”, a play by Yasmina Reza. Ninety minutes, one scene, four actors; my first impression was, “where is this play headed?” However, it just goes to show that first impressions could be wrong. From the first few minutes, the audience bloomed with laughter. The play, about two sets of parents who meet to discuss a conflict between their sons in a “civilized” manner, turns into a hilarious chaotic scene of parents behaving worse than their own children. It would seem that silliness and misbehaviour, in a grown-up context, increases the comic factor; and, thus, makes the play so much more entertaining. The actors had us laughing from the beginning to end. As a special treat, the actors took time after the play to talk with students and answer our questions. It was both interesting and informative to learn much more about the piece and how it became what it is today. That play will be one to remember. By: Christina Couloulias – Sec. 3 student

Not Taking Liberty for Granted


emembrance Day is a time to remember the brave men and women who have fought, and are fighting to protect our freedom. At Laval Liberty and Laval Junior High School, this day is especially important because of our relationship with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (3PPCLI) and the Royal 22nd Regiment (R22R). At school, the students wore poppies and a student-led assembly was prepared to honour the soldiers. The assembly consisted of the National Anthem, a reading of the famous wartime poem “In Flanders Fields”, a student’s story, a brief history of the World Wars and numerous videos about modern wars and their consequences. Jessica Williams made a touching speech about her grandfather and Canadian soldier, Alfred Williams. The theatre choir sang a tear-inducing rendition of “Homeward Bound” to remember the fallen and the fighting. A moment of silence followed and then a speech by a guest soldier ended the ceremony. Meanwhile, on that same day, at our nation’s capital, 47 students from Laval Junior/Laval Liberty and Lake of Two Mountains High Schools; along with the family of fallen soldier and former Laval Liberty High student, Sgt. Christos Karigiannis; and R22R representatives, Sgts. Perreault and Kelly, witnessed three different ceremonies. At the Operation Veteran Ceremony, the coordinator of the trip, Mr. Daniel Johnson, made a speech about our school’s connection to the 3PPCLI. He said that LLHS students felt that it wasn’t enough to honour just one soldier; that we needed to help and remember his friends and family as well. This is how the adoption of the regiment began. “If there’s a day when we put our guns down [...] make it because of today.” At the National Remembrance ceremony, we witnessed first-hand what remembering means to the nation. At the 3PPCLI legion, our connection became stronger as we remembered the fallen with the veterans. The day ended with a donation to Operation Veteran and a visit to the Tomb of Unknown Soldier. At our school, on Remembrance Day and every day, we make sure not to forget the people who risked their lives for our liberty. By: Alexandra Papathanasopoulos and Yasmine Chahab – Sec. 5 students

NPI Agape Forum a total success ◄ Continued from page 1 preliminary version in the spring some time that we could bring back and summarize to the population,” she said. “As far as a final document it won’t be back quick, because it needs to go through a process of validation with the population, and also revision at the communications department at the INSPQ.” According to Richardson, the information gathered will be brought back to the community, “so that they can then look at it and discuss where they want to go from here. Are there specific issues that they feel are more important than others? And what are the priorities? And how can the community be involved in creating a positive future? It’s not so much about making demands. It’s about building a community in a healthy way.”

“It’s a win-win situation,” NPI Laval Agape’s Luigi Morabito said about the ultimate purpose of the forum.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Competing forces

While statistics strongly suggest that the English-speaking population of Laval has grown by 35 per cent in the past decade, providing local Anglophones with a solid argument to request better service in English at the area’s publicly-funded health and social service establishments, an overall decline in the status of French in Montreal during the same time frame is leading Quebec nationalists to demand that the province’s language laws be better enforced, or that new and more stringent legislation be passed to safeguard the French language. With these two sides possibly competing, Luigi Morabito, who was a key player in helping to launch NPI Laval Agape last year as a network of stakeholding community organizations, said in an interview that both needs can be met. “How do you meet both needs?” he said. “Well, according to statistics, over 49 per cent of Laval residents, whether they’re Francophone or Anglophone, no matter what ethnic background, sought services in 2006 and 2007 in Montreal.

Forum participant Heather Halman delivers a summary of her group’s comments.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

meetings – I certainly hope so,” he said.

Seeking English service

Asked what he hoped would be achieved, he replied, “I hope that the mayor of Laval and our representatives listen to the English concerns about having services in English, and also to put pressure on the provincial government to provide more English services at the medical end of it so we don’t have to go out of Laval.” Eleanor Houston of Fabreville, who also attended the second session, had similar complaints about the lack of English in the provision of health services in Laval. Houston, an Ontario resident who came to live here when her husband was transferred to Laval for a new job posting, said the local employment market is very difficult for someone who speaks only English, ‘A win-win situation’ “Whether you’re French or English, although she found others during the you couldn’t get it here and so you forum who shared her experience. went to Montreal where it was more accessible. So what we’re seeing is that Bilingual status sought if we can get more health professionDuring both meetings, the view was als, more doctors, more specialists that expressed by several people who took speak French, work in French, but that part in the focus groups that the City have a second language like English, of Laval should start taking steps to be or even a third or fourth language declared an officially bilingual municilike Greek or Italian or Spanish or pality, given the fairly even English/ whatever, isn’t that a plus for a grow- French population balance which now ing Anglophone, francophone and allo- prevails. Another observation was phone and multicultural community? that there are apparently no English It’s a win-win situation for everybody.” language programs available at Laval’s Harvey Schafer, a Chomedey resident only CEGEP, Collège Montmorency, who attended the Nov. 26 consultation or at the new University of Montreal at Laurier Senior High School, was campus. hopeful that positive developments A complaint was also heard about would result. “You know, I still say a lack of English books at the Laval that everything is political, it all comes municipal library. down to votes, but hopefully something will come from this and future The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 • 21

Laval health officials dealing with resurgence of measles

Vaccination campaign planned at secondary and grade schools

Limiting measles transmission

“The goal of the campaign is to limit the transmission of measles,” explains the director of public health for Laval, Dr. Nicole Damestoy. “We are aiming

Year of birth Number of vaccine doses to be received to be considered protected against measles Before 1970 No dose necessary From 1970 to 1979 1 dose, on the first birthday or afterwards Since 1980 2 doses, the first of which should be on the first birthday or afterwards to protect at least 95 per cent of students and school personnel. It should be remembered that the most efficient method of protecting one’s self from this disease and its complications is still vaccination.” “The open cooperation of Laval’s two school commissions, its two private schools and the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Laval is currently allowing us to plan this vaccination campaign,” Dr. Damestoy added. “The campaign will be starting in the secondary schools and will continue in the grade schools in January 2012. The goal is to finish catching up with vaccinations at the secondary schools before the Christmas holidays, while taking into account the exams period.”

Some important dates

Starting in Nov. 2011 A letter will be sent to parents and school staff on the campaign and the importance of vaccination Start of Dec. 2011 Distribution of a leaflet on measles, gathering of

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FALL 2010 WINTER 2012


ome people are just athletes; they have a sport that they love to play. Some people aren’t athletic but strongly academic. I am both. I’m a secondary two student at Mother Teresa Junior High School and part of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) while also being in the Sport-Etudes program offered.

I’m a participant in the soccer Sport-Etudes Program. I love to play sports, especially soccer and basketball. I love to push myself to do better, to learn how to improve as an athlete and to stay in shape. The reason I joined this program is because I wanted to be a greater asset to my U13 AAA soccer team. I believe that being serious about sports improves my capabilities to become a stronger athlete. I still manage to successfully achieve high marks in my academics in my ALP courses. No matter how many times people may say that it’s hard or too much work to be in the Accelerated Learning Program, I still continue to do my best because I know that I can do it. All our subjects are more accelerated or advanced in comparison to what is taught in other regular classes. It may seem hard at first but it’s like everything else in life; you got to get used to it and keep trying. Sport-Etude and ALP teaches you a lot of things that you go through in life, to be a hard worker and to never give up. But you also have to have certain qualities to handle the difficult tasks thrown your way. The four main qualities are: 1. Responsibility: Making sure you have your equipment ready. You must also organize your time well. Making sure you don’t fall behind with homework. 2. Discipline: Being serious when it is asked by your instructors. Making sure all your tasks are done on time. 3. Dedicated: You have to be willing to try things over and over again several of times, until you’ve got it right. Never give up! 4. Respect: You must respect those who are in charge of the program, your coaches who instruct you and your teachers. Participating in these two programs can get very difficult. That is why it is very good to have great time management. One of the hardest things is balancing homework and sports especially with the time that’s been taken up by the sessions. Luckily, if teachers find that you are having trouble or that your marks are suffering, they volunteer to work with you on their spare time so that you can succeed. 85926

(TLN) Measles, an illness which since 2002 was believed to have been almost eradicated, returned in strength this year. In order to deal with the latest outbreak, the public health office at the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Laval is launching a vaccination campaign against this virulent and extremely contagious disease. Still very present Measles is still very much present in Quebec. Transmission of the infection is still taking place, with 747 cases to date. Under normal circumstances only two cases of measles per year are reported. The outbreak of cases in schools throughout the province illustrates that transmission is taking place in this particular environment. But in addition, a recurrence of measles is feared this winter and next spring, which is when the number of cases tends to rise. Since youths aged 5 to 19 years represent more than two-thirds of the declared cases to date in Quebec, a large vaccination operation will be taking place in all of Laval’s primary and secondary schools, as well as in the pre-schools. It is estimated that more than 20,000 students from Laval and teachers active in the education sector (including school bus drivers) don’t have adequate protection.

Being a Student Athlete

If you think you can handle both of these programs, then go for it because nobody’s stopping you but yourself. Show your intelligence and your talents. WHATEVER DOESN’T KILL YOU, WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER!!!

Online Registration Available

By: Erika Rosanelli

Centre for Training & Development


FALL 2010

Kicking it Up At The Genesis Soccer Tournament


ive elementary schools participated in this tournament. Grades four, five and six were involved from each of the following schools: Genesis, St. Paul, Jules Verne, Souvenir and Terry Fox. Each grade had a team of fifteen students. However, what was special about these teams is that they were a mixture of boys and girls playing at the same time.

The secondary two Leadership students from MTJHS have been organizing this event for about a month. There were many different tasks to perform to put this tournament together. Many Leadership students Computers & Technology: Professional & Personal Development: animated a team, and they also helped coach the soccer players. The referees were working hard on the Computers & Technology: • Intro to: Mac, Windows, Cloud Computing, Social • Financing Your Retirement, Setting field to control the soccer game and make sure the players were playing by the rules. The scorekeepers Networking Personal Financial Goals • Introduction to Windows/Mac Computers & Technology: • Making Gmail & Google Apps Work For You • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for and statistics people kept everyone updated with the scores and the places of each team. A few students • Introduction to Windows/Mac • Microsoft Suite : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; • Microsoft Suite : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Entrepreneurs, SEO for Organizations took care of organizing the equipment for each soccer field. The administration group showed the • Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, 3D Animation, Illustrator for Fashion Design, Sitesell; • Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, 3D Animation, Illustrator for Fashion Design, Sitesell; • Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop; Of�ce hours • Singing, Drawing, Painting with Acrylics, students videos. : NEW! Intro to Modeling forand Video Games, Intro to 3D Modeling and Texturing for Video There was also one student who took pictures and videos of the tournament to show Of�ce hours : • NEW! Intro to Modeling for Video Games, Intro •to 3D Modeling Texturing for Video Games, Intro to Digital Lighting & Rendering. WordPress MondayS to Watercolour, Digital Music, Public Speaking FRIdayS future Leadership students what they will be organizing and making memories for the students involved. Games, Intro to Digital Lighting & Rendering. MondayS to FRIdayS

8:30 aM to 4:30 PM Photography: • 3D Art for Graphics & Illustration, Photoshop & Illustrator for • Creating Comic Strips, Creative Writing, • Camera Basics, Digital Photography, Creative Composition, Documentary Photography, “This has been the fifth year of organizing this tournament.” Said Irene Agosto, the principal of Genesis Photography: Scriptwriting for Hollywood online registration available Environmental Photography, Wedding Photography… as of august 2, 2010 Elementary School, as she spoke to the 250 students who participated in this tournament. Thanks to • Home Staging, Intro to Interior Decorating • Camera Basics, Digital Photography, Creative Composition, Documentary Photography, Professional & Personal Development: Photography: online registration available • Empower Your Authentic Self Mrs. Agosto • NEW! Drawing with Colour, Creating Comic Books & Online ‘Motion’ Comics, for working hard to organize this event. St. Paul Elementary School dominated by winning Environmental Photography, Wedding Photography… • Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop for Photographers, From

8:30 aM to Fashion Design, … 4:30 PM

as of augustCamera to the Web 2, 2010

Drawing with Charcoal;

first place in each grade. • NEW! Intermediate Scriptwriting for Hollywood, Writing for New Media, Improv Languages: Professional & Personal Development: for Dummies, Sketch Comedy, The Horror Genre in Films;

• Camera Basics, Digital Photography, Creative Composition, • English, French, Chinese, Japanese, For additional information • NEW! Home Staging, Beading Basics, Intro to Interior Design; • NEW! Drawing with Colour, Creating Comic Books & Online ‘Motion’ Comics, This tournament brought students from different schools and grades together within the Sir Wilfred and a complete list ofGerman, Italian or offerings, Environmental Portraiture, Wedding Photography, • Portfolio Preparation, Singing for the Beginner, Painting with Acrylics, Creative Writing. Laurier School Board. They may have competed in a soccer game, but it certainly taught them please visit our web site or contact us. Languages: Portraiture Composition, … Drawing with Charcoal; • English & French Writing Skills

sportsmanship and how to have fun! • English, French, Chinese, German, Italian and Portuguese. • NEW! Intermediate Scriptwriting for Hollywood, Writing for Spanish, New Japanese, Media, Improv 4001 de Maisonneuve Blvd West, By: Jessica Knez and Sarah Marsillo Office hours: Monday to Fridayfor from 8:30 am Sketch to 4:30 pm Dummies, Comedy, The Horror Genre in Films; 2G.1, Montreal, Qc, H3Z 3G4 514 933-0047 In collaboration with Emploi Québec, eligible working participants can receive subsidized For additional4001 information Secondary 2 Leadership students - Mother Teresa Junior High School NEW!Suite Home Staging, Beading Basics, Interior Design; 933-0047 Maisonneuve Blvd•West, 2G.1 Montréal, Qc H3Z 3G4Intro totraining for514 : HtML, Illustrator, autoCad, autodesk Inventor, Simply accounting, Solidworks. Accès direct and a complete list of or offerings, • Portfolio Preparation, Singing for the Beginner, Painting with Acrylics, Creative Writing. please visit our or contact us. 22web•siteThe Laval News • • December 3, 2011 ATWATER


• English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Laurier Senior High School Academics, Athletics and Arts

FINAL DESTINATION…Glitz, Glamour, Pizzazz, Talent

The Mod Squad parading the catwalk with confidence & attitude


Photo: Patrick Cardinal

aurier Senior High School exists to ensure that the young people of our community have access to, and are enabled to benefit from the rich and varied educational provisions at the school. The delivery of exciting, stimulating, and engaging opportunities to learn is the school’s prime responsibility. That responsibility is fulfilled through a curriculum which is appropriate, relevant, and worthwhile and which is constantly subject to review and development. There is a wide range of activities which provide opportunities to enrich the curriculum. All students are made aware of the opportunities available and are encouraged to take part, Left to right: enabling them to develop their interests, talents, Julia and levels of responsibility. Here is one of them. Sammartino, Forget Hollywood…..on November 24th, 25th, and 26th, Jordan Paradiso in this fair city, the catwalk never looked sooo good. & Chloe The students gave quite a taste of tinseltown with the Colantonio annual Show with Fashion “Final Destination”. Lights! Glamour! Action! The ultimate in glitz, glamour and talent left over 1200 spectators in awe. More than eighty-five students landed one of the most prestigious gigs in the Laurier Senior extra-curricular calendar as models and stage-hands in the show. Under the guidance and professional direction of Senior Advisor, Alan De Souza, the gracious assistance of French teacher, Patricia-Ann Clohosy, Spiritual Animator, Dominic Di Stefano, and well-known fashionista and wardrobe coordinator, Lina Varano pulled it off again. The superb collaborative event proved to be a huge success which could not have taken place without the support of all involved. The cast and crew of Final Destination who made fashion wishes and dreams come true.

◄ Continued from page 22 proofs of vaccination and consent forms, verification of vaccination booklets and organizing of vaccination sessions at secondary schools Start of Jan. 2012 Beginning of vaccinations at grade schools

Measles: A highly contagious disease

Measles is an extremely contagious disease. It can bring about complications ranging from infection of the middle ear, to encephalitis (acute inflammation of the brain), and pulmonary infections. Measles can sometimes also lead to death.

Are you protected?

All persons who have not received the required number of doses of vaccine or who have never had measles are susceptible to becoming infected. It should be noted that in general it is believed that persons born before 1970 are shielded from measles, since during that era the virus was more common in the community. The combined vaccine (RRO) against measles, German measles and mumps will be used during the vaccination operation. Since 1996, millions of doses of this vaccine have been administered in Quebec. This vaccine is safe and does not cause, in the majority of cases, any reaction.

School attendance policy

Photo: Selvin Cortez

They certainly were electric evenings boasting designs ranging from trendy, formal, wonderful to beautiful and delicate. A definite feast for the senses ranging from colorful to sensual and seasonal, the designs paraded on the catwalk went down a storm with the packed audience. The evenings were absolutely brilliant. All of the preparation paid off with a generous amount of money raised for charities such as the Breast Cancer Association, Hope and Cope Foundation, Children’s Wish Foundation, Dans La Rue, and the LSHS Community Fund. Mannequins in exhibition demonstrating that it’s about exuberant All the female and male students energy, movement, texture, and style. who modeled were excellent on the professional catwalk, which had high-tech lighting to enhance the atmosphere for the very enthusiastic audience. The fashion show also included Cultural and Hip Hop dancing from students to celebrate the creativity and uniqueness of the school. More importantly, the students were responsible for every element of the show, including the modeling, choreography, hair and make-up, Photo: Patrick Cardinal music and tickets. Principal Nick Primiano, who also made a cameo appearance looking rather debonair in the show, stated that the evenings were an overwhelming success. He was thrilled that the auditorium was filled with an audience who were highly appreciative of the wonderful modeling and the fantastic dancing that took place throughout the event. Also enjoying the event were the distinguished Diva extraordinaire oozes glamour...... guests Director General Interim, Robert Vallerand of the Sir let it snow! Wilfrid Laurier School Board; Steve Bletas, Chairman of the Council of Commissioners of the SWLSB; Vincent Auclair, MNA for Vimont; and Guy Ouellette, MNA for Chomedey. With technical aspects aside, the real heart of the production comes from the performers themselves whose dedication is seen immediately from the initial audition. Alan De Souza stated that all the models showed commitment, energy, and preparedness. Then, of course, there’s the family atmosphere—a close-knit environment. It is a unique collective experience rarely replicated anywhere else. The enthusiasm and enjoyment of the students, parents, staff, and community was definitely infectious. Dena Chronopoulos, vice principal, said that, “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the entire show. It will most certainly Left to right: live in their memories long after the show is over.” Felicia Vice Principal Sarmen Jakalian stated that this was an Rodrigues, Natasha incredibly rich educational opportunity for the students Stewartwho learned so much from being a part of the show Todaro whether on stage or behind the scenes. & Elisabeth Holme

Photo: Patrick Cardinal

And, “If your mind can dream it, if your heart desires it, if your mouth can taste it, if your eyes envision it, and if your thoughts get lost imagining it…you can have it.” This is By: Renata Isopo your FINAL DESTINATION…


In the event of an outbreak in a school, various measures will be taken to protect the health of students and staff, including withdrawal from the school environment. Persons who have not been vaccinated could see themselves withdrawn from school until the end of the outbreak, which is 14 days after the last contagious case is reported. This measure complements catch-up vaccination measures. “The decision to have one’s self vaccinated is very important,” says Dr. Damestoy. “So I invite all parents from Laval to check their vaccination coverage starting now, and especially that of their children, in order to ensure that they are properly immunized against measles.” For all questions concerning measles, the vaccine and the campaign being carried out in the schools, Laval residents are encouraged to go to the web sites: and, or they should phone Info-Santé 8-1-1.


sit here, on a wet and windy Thursday evening, waiting for the Habs to start what seems to be a pivotal three game west coast trip. It was not to long ago that December 1st in San Jose was to be the return of the Habs all-star defenceman, Andrei Markov. Well don’t hold your breath. I believe his return is crucial. the Habs have backed themselves in to a corner. Twenty-plus games in and not they’re not even in the top eight. The inability to be consistent is what plagues this team. As well as playing down to the level of their competition, losses to the lslanders, Oilers and blowing third period leads to the Sabres , Penguins and Avalanche. Markov’s return will help these issues; he’ll bring stability and leadership qualities that may be lacking right now. Oh yeah, not to mention he’s the league’s 28th ranked power player, which may be difference between a couple of losses to a couple of wins. You may ask how important a good start to a season is. Simple, the answer is “very”. The Boston Bruins came out of the gate with the worst possible start. But they have accumulated twenty-one out of the last possible twenty-two points and yet are still not front-runners in the conference. Habs fans be worried, very worried. To make matters worse, the Habs will be without their leading goal scorer, Max Pacioretty. He will be serving a three game suspension for an illegal head shot to the Penguins’, Kris Letang. It seems that Jacques Martin’s club has their work cut out for them. The Habs will be tested on this road trip by two very good clubs and one that is more desperate than them, if you can believe that. Call it what you want, but it’s “go time” and “gut-check time”. Any way you slice it the Habs must step up. Injuries, fatigue and a young defence core are all true concerns, but they are not the only team dealing with “issues”. The Habs can’t lean on excuses any more. There is an opportunity here with a blend of veterans and young talented players to make a run. Nobody will mistake this team for the Penguins or Blackhawks, the elite teams in the NHL. But without question they are not like The Blue Jackets or Islanders… or are they ? Hope they enjoy California, I know I would.

Simon Tsalikis TSN 990

Host of the “Habs This Week”

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Tintin is the intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure. huGo G | 2 hrs 07 mins | Adventure |



W W W.CINEMASGUZ ZO.COM MEGA-PLEX SPHERETECH 14 (514) 745-5566 COMPLEXE SPHERETECH - 3500 CÔTE-VERTU ARTHUR CHRISTMAS 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:20 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:25 WeekdayS 7:15-9:20 ARTHUR CHRISTMAS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:45-2:50-4:55 HAPPY FEET 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-3:00-5:10-7:20 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:40 WeekdayS 7:20 HAPPY FEET 2(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:50-9:30 WeekdayS 9:30 HUGO 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:05-3:35-7:05-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 WeekdayS 7:05-9:35 HUGO(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:55-6:55 WeekdayS 6:55 IMMORTALS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 WeekdayS 7:05-9:25 J. EDGAR(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 3:35-9:35 WeekdayS 9:35 JACK AND JILL(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(FriSat)-11:05 WeekdayS 7:05-9:05 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL) , (G)Sat-Sun 7:05-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 WeekdayS 7:05-9:30 MONEYBALL(DIGITAL)(2 FOR 1),(G) Sat-Sun 3:20-9:20 WeekdayS 9:20 PUSS IN BOOTS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:55-2:55-4:55 WeekdayS THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN 3D , SPECIAL PreSentatiOn tHurSday eVeninG, 22H00 THE DESCENDANTS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(FriSat)-11:45 WeekdayS 7:05-9:25 THE IDES OF MARCH(DIGITAL)(2 FOR 1),(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-7:10 WeekdayS 7:10 THE MUPPETS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:35 WeekdayS 7:15-9:25 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL)-1 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:003:25-7:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 WeekdayS 7:00-9:25 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL)-2 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:103:35-7:10-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 WeekdayS 7:10-9:35 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL)-3 , (G)Sat-Sun 7:209:45 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:10 WeekdayS 7:20-9:45 TOWER HEIST(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:40 WeekdayS 7:20-9:30

MEGA-PLEX dEUX-MONTAGNES 14 (450) 472-5566 dEUX-MONTAGNES - 2701 des Promenades EN TEMPS,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:053:25-7:05-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:25 GANTS D’ACIER,(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-7:00 Fri 1:00-7:00 MOn-tueS-WedtHu 7:00 HAROLD ET KUMAR FETENT NOEL EN 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 9:15 LS(FriSat)-11:15 Fri 9:15 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 9:15 HUGO 3D(V.F.),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri 1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:00-9:30 J. EDGAR(V.F.),(G) Sat-Sun 3:30-9:30 Fri 3:30-9:30 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 9:30 JACK ET JILL,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:05 Fri 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:05 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL)-1 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:00-3:257:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 MOn-tueS-WedtHu 7:00-9:25 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-2 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 Fri 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:10-9:35 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-3 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:20-3:45-7:20-9:45 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:10 Fri 1:20-3:45-7:20-9:45 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:20-9:45 LE CHAT POTTE( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LS(FriSat)-11:10 Fri 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:10-9:10 LES AVENTURES DE TINTIN 3D , SPECIAL PreSentatiOn tHurSday eVeninG, 22H00 LES IMMORTELS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:25 LES MUPPETS,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 LS(FriSat)-11:35 Fri 12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15-9:25 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-2:55-5:05-7:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:35 Fri 2:55-5:05-7:15 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:45-9:25 Fri 12:45-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 9:25 MISSION NOEL 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:20 LS(FriSat)-11:25 Fri 1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:20 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15-9:20 MISSION NOEL( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:45-2:50-4:55-7:00 Fri 12:45-2:50-4:55-7:00 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:00 THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN 3D, SPECIAL PreSentatiOn tHurSday eVeninG, 22H00 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN , (G)Sat-Sun 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:30

A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS,(13+) CHRISTMAS, Sat-Sun 9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:25(S LS(Fri-Sat)-11:25(SaLLe 4) Weekday WeekdayS 9:25 ARTHUR CHRISTMAS 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-3:00-5:05-7:10 LS(FriSat)-11:20 WeekdayS 3:00-5:05-7:10 ARTHUR CHRISTMAS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:55-9:15 WeekdayS 12:55-9:15 HAPPY FEET 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-2:55-5:05-7:15 WeekdayS 2:55-5:05-7:15 HAPPY FEET 2(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:45 WeekdayS 12:45 HUGO 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 WeekdayS 1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 HUGO(V.F.),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:05-3:35-7:05-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 WeekdayS 1:05-3:35-7:05-9:35 IMMORTALS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 WeekdayS 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 JACK AND JILL,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:05 WeekdayS 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 JACK ET JILL,(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:10 WeekdayS 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL)-1 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:05-3:307:05-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 WeekdayS 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-2 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:15-3:40-7:15-9:40 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:05 WeekdayS 1:15-3:40-7:15-9:40 LE CHAT POTTE,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:20-3:20-5:20 WeekdayS 1:20-3:20-5:20 LES AVENTURES DE TINTIN 3D , SPECIAL PreSentatiOn tHurSday eVeninG 22H00 LES IMMORTELS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 WeekdayS 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 LES MUPPETS,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:40 WeekdayS 12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-3:00-5:10-7:20 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:40 WeekdayS 3:00-5:10-7:20 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:50-9:30 WeekdayS 12:50-9:30 MISSION NOEL 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-3:05-5:10-7:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:25 WeekdayS 3:05-5:10-7:15 MISSION NOEL( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-9:20 WeekdayS 1:00-9:20 MONSIEUR LAZHAR,(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 LS(FriSat)-11:15 WeekdayS 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN 3D , SPECIAL PreSentatiOn tHurSday eVeninG, 22H00 THE MUPPETS,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 LS(FriSat)-11:35 WeekdayS 12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL)-1 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:003:25-7:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 WeekdayS 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN-2 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:10-3:35-7:109:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 WeekdayS 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN-3 , (G)Sat-Sun 7:20-9:45 LS(FriWeekday 7:20-9:45 Sat)-12:10 WeekdayS


HUGO 3D(V.F.), 3D(V.F.),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri 1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 M MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:00-9:30 DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:05 JACK ET JILL( DIGITAL), Fri 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:05 LA PEAU QUE J’HABITE,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:00-9:25 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL)-1 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:00-3:25-7:009:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:00-9:25 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL)-3 , (G)Sat-Sun 7:20-9:45 LS(FriSat)-12:10 Fri 7:20-9:45 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:20-9:45 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-2 , (G)Sat-Sun 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 LS(FriSat)-12:00 Fri 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:10-9:35 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-4 , (G)Sat-Sun 6:50-9:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:40 Fri 6:50-9:15 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 6:50-9:15 LE CHAT POTTE( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:10-3:10-5:10 Fri 1:10-3:10-5:10 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu LE VENDEUR,(G) Sat-Sun 1:20-3:35-7:20-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:20-3:357:20-9:35 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:20-9:35 LES AVENTURES DE TINTIN 3D, SPECIAL PreSentatiOn tHurSday eVeninG, 22H00 LES DESCENDANTS,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:25 LES IMMORTELS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:05-9:25 LES MARCHES DU POUVOIR(2 POUR 1),(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-7:10 Fri 1:107:10 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:10 LES MUPPETS,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:35 Fri 12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15-9:25 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-2:55-5:05-7:15 LS(FriSat)-11:35 Fri 2:55-5:05-7:15 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:45-9:25 Fri 12:45-9:25 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 9:25 L’EXERCISE DE L’ETAT( DIGITAL),(13+) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:50 Fri 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:10-9:30 MISSION NOEL,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:40-2:45-4:50 Fri 12:40-2:45-4:50 MISSION NOEL 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:20 LS(FriSat)-11:25 Fri 1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15-9:20 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15-9:20 MONEYBALL - L’ART DE GAGNER(2 POUR 1),(G) Sat-Sun 3:20-9:20 Fri 3:20-9:20 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 9:20 MONSIEUR LAZHAR,(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:15 Fri 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 MOn-tueS-Wed-tHu 7:15-9:15

only $5.50 on Tuesdays! 26

• The Laval News • • December 3, 2011

“Set in the 1930’s, the film revolves around an orphan boy (Asa Butterfield) who lives a secret life in the walls of a Paris train station. When Hugo encounters a broken machine, an eccentric girl (Chloë Moretz), and the cold, reserved man who

On vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, and his friends Gary and Mary from Smalltown, USA, discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman to raze the Muppet Theater and drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets’ former stomping grounds. To stage The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever and raise the $10 million needed to save the theater, Walter, Mary and Gary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have all gone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high-powered plumbing magnate.


Capoeira and the Circus

Physical activity among the young as well as older persons couldn’t be more important. The CAPOCIRCO school and company wants you to acquire a taste for moving while having fun, by discovering aspects of another culture, or simply by learning how to hang in mid-air with confidence and grace. All of this, of course, takes place at Centre du Sablon. Capoeira and the Circus are two distinct activities. Capoeira is regarded as one of the top-most activities combining physical and mental skills simultaneously. The different disciplines of the Circus also involve a variety of aspects while exploring the creative and artistic sides.

Vitor Silva Dos Santos Professor “Perninha” of CAPOCIRCO school

Capoeira is a martial art comprising defense movements, dance and acrobatics, all the while accompanied by music, song and percussion. It distinguishes itself from other martial arts through its fun approach and a tendency towards acrobatics. A part of Brasilian culture, Capoeira has the capacity to teach people about the Brasilian mindset and culture. Capoeira was created by African slaves who were brought to Brazil in the 17th century to work on the sugar cane plantations. To defend themselves, they concealed their selfdefense techniques in a dance form accompanied by singing and percussion. With Capoeira, many of the slaves were able to fool their masters and make their way to freedom. Today, Capoeira has become a national sport in Brazil and is also practiced throughout the world.

Capoeira is for everyone. Children can start as young as age 6. At 16 years they are considered to be adult competitors and can train to teach the younger. From Brazilian Pelourinho Group, Professor “Perninha” teach with CAPOCIRCO, kids and adults classes at Centre du Sablon for the Winter 2012.

CAPOCIRCO specializes in the arial circus. This involves: fabric (silk), hoop, fixed trapeze, spanish web, etc. Necessitating a little more mastery of the body and of its muscles, the arial circus is for everyone, although children must be at least 10 years old to become involved. Professionnal and experienced from the Cirque du Soleil, the teacher of CAPOCIRCO will give a high quality teaching to kids and adults, at Centre du Sablon for the Winter 2012.”

Don’t miss it! REGISTER NOW FOR WINTER SESSION !!!!! Milie Deslongchamps Director of CAPOCIRCO school

For more information on schedules and pricing, call us now on 450-688-8961 or check our website

Caisse populaire St-Martin de Laval

A partner for a dynamic community

755 Chemin du Sablon, Chomedey, Laval

450.688.8961 - The Laval News • • December 3, 2011 •


30 $ 133 per month or


Dining room omPLETE 9 PCs sET om ChoiCE of finishEs & fabriC Choi


5 days only


We pay both taxes

0 Tax / 0 Interest / 0 Deposit / 0 Delivery Charge / 0 Installation Charge

96 $ 89 per month or


30 $ 63 per month or

bEDroom sET bED

30 Equal Payments


Interest FREE! sofa & LoVE sEaT ChoiCE C hoi of CoLors, Chair aLso aVaiLabLE


ComPLETE C om 6 PCs sET armoire a rmoire also available




& LoVE sEaT, LEaThEr siTTing CE of CoLors, Chair aLso aVaiLabLE

96 Dining room $ 129 per month or


PLETE 9 PCs sET inCLuDing ET huTCh, a TabLE & 6 Chairs


450.1180973-7776 Curé-Labelle, Chomedey, Laval Pictures for illustration purposes only.

Promotions apply only to floor models. See details in store. Limited quantity. Limited time. * Subject to credit approval. ** From Friday Dec 2nd to Wednesday Dec 7th. Equivalent discounts to GST & PST will be accorded.

Monday to Wednesday: 10am - 6pm Thursday & Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 10am - 5pm Sunday: Noon - 5pm Boul. St-Martin Chemin du Souvenir




St-Martin Shopping Center

Boul. Notre-Dame Récréathèque

Boul. Chomedey

(between Souvenir & Notre-Dame, north of Récréathèque)


Boul. Curé-Labelle

96 $ 89 per month or

The Laval News 19-23  

Newspaper serving Laval, QC

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