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Treasure Tribune CNH K E Y C L U B

Volume 3 Issue 5

November 2013

Post-Fall Rally South 2013


Fall Rally 2013 was a

phenomenal experience. What makes it so phenomenal? Seeing each and every single division show their spirit throughout the day and repeatedly citing their cheers with pride. It was a cheerful day and everywhere you went was filled with various energetic Key Clubbers. Meeting other members from different regions is another reason why Fall Rally 2013 was great. Everyone was so friendly by showing companionship and had great sportsmanship. I had a great time bonding as a division and seeing everyone lit up their creativity with their spirit gears. It was not just a day to go all out on spirit, but it was a day where we celebrated all our hard work in our community and throughout the world. It was a day to let loose and celebrate all we've accomplished as a division. All in all, I had a great time at Fall Rally 2013. Even though we didn't win the spirit stick this year, there is always room for improvements. Don't give up! We will win it one day. Failure leads to success. Keep your lovely pirate penguin heads up. Keep waddling and fishing for service because that's how we row. -Vivian Duong



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In This Issue….! ….Pg 2 Letter from the Ltg. ….Pg 3 Month of October ….Pg 4-5 Member Spotlight ….Pg 6-7 Bracelets 4 Philippines ….Pg 8 Rose Float Volunteering ….Pg 9 Contact Information ….Pg 10 Picture of the Month ….Pg 11



Letter from the Ltg.


Ahoy Mateys!


Did YOU have fun at Fall Rally? I could not have been a prouder Mama

Penguin. I almost cried because I was overwhelmed with happiness and Pirate Penguin Pride! The results do not change the amount of fun we had celebrating service and raising funds for PTP! Thank you all so much for making my fourth and last Fall Rally the most memorable experience ever!

Wow! Brrrr, It's cold in here. There must be some penguins on the

atmosphere! We are now in our prime and I cannot wait to see what the Golden Pirate Penguins achieve this month! -Carolyn Kim



Month of October In the past month, El Segundo High School Key Club participated

in different volunteer events like the One Incredible Family Halloween Event. Several members attended this event where they had the opportunity to decorate bags with Halloween decorations and fill them with goodies for the less fortunate. This event run by the organization One Incredible Family is an annual event that our key club has attended each year. It is nice knowing that people who cannot afford to participate in what many would consider normal Halloween activities like trick-or-treating can still get something nice that will make them smile. One Incredible Family also has a Thanksgiving event which our club hopes to attend in the coming weeks. And, we can’t forget Fall Rally. Everyone who went had so much fun showcasing their spirit and our new members really got to know about the Key Club family. It was definitely an awesome experience. Now, there is only one question left. How do you feel?

El Segundo




for October 6

For the month of September through October 15

we have volunteered in four events. On September 21 we volunteered at the Salvation Army health fair. At the fair, we helped set up booths, and helped clean up and direct people to their destination. The Salvation Army Health Fair was from 8am- 3pm. On September 28th, there was an event called Lawndale Clean up. At the Lawndale clean up, we cleaned up thrash around the community and placed them in garbage bags. The clean up was from 9am-12pm. On October 5th our club volunteered at the Manhattan Beach Fair. The Fair was from 9am- 6pm. At the fair it was really HOT! But besides he hot weather, we helped out at the inflatable, regulate kids and keep the lines organized. Our last event that we volunteered for was the LA AIDS Walk on October 13th. The event started from 7am – 3pm. At the event we helped pass out food, cheer on the walkers, lead the walkers on the right path and empty out the trash bins.

2013: CICLAVIA Event. On this event K/D Key clubbers were able to volunteer by giving out water to the people who were participating. We were also able to interact with CAMS HS and help people cross the streets in an orderly fashion. October 13th 2013: AIDS Walk. On Sunday we registered for the AIDS Walk and walked approximately six miles. It was a great experience because we participated in raising money for an important cause. We met new people and became more informed on the annual walk.





King Drew

Service! KEYCLUB

Month of October Gardena high school recently had a

fundraiser for PTP at McDonalds which was a great success. We received all the profit made from the sale of cookies that night also receiving 20% of the profit made that night making a total $280. We donated a grand total of $206 to PTP at Fall Rally South




AMS Key Club has had its hands full for the weeks leading up to November in preparation for Fall Rally. Our Key Club finished October by volunteering for the city of Torrance’s Halloween festival on Halloween. Ten of our members volunteered at Wilson Park in Torrance and helped at the various booths that were there. Our club ran games, painted faces, handed out candy, and had a great time. Starting in November our club started collecting Key Club Dues as well as continued to fundraise for PTP. We finalized our list for Fall Rally the week of, and on the 9th, twenty four of our key clubbers went to Six Flags to show our spirit, and prove who the best division in Cal-Nev-Ha is. A large amount of the members that attended were freshmen, and although they were new to the club, they showed just as much spirit as the older members. We fundraised $190 for PTP, and although that is a small number, we plan to raise even more in the coming months. For the month of November our club has two projects coming up. On the 20th of November we will be having our Unicef box counting. On the 28th of November, our club will be volunteering at the Beacon House in San Pedro, a soup kitchen that serves food to the less fortunate in the community. Finally, we are planning to hold a canned food drive where members collect cans of food which we will donate to a local food bank. Closing up the month our club will be sending in our dues, and although we missed early bird, we plan to have even more members than last year. CAMS Key Club has had its hands full these past few weeks, and we plan to go all out in the name of service in the coming months.


all Rally 2013 was Da Vinci’s first one. It was an amazing experience and truly inspiring. Da Vinci is currently working on adopting a family in need for the holidays. When adopting a family, we will be helping them provide food and things needed around the household for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will, hopefully, be buying the family a turkey for Thanksgiving!


Da Vinci


Member Spotlight ! ! !

Viet Nguyen

Hawthorne’s member of the month was Viet

Gabriella Cruz T

his month or MOTM is Gabriella Cruz!! She is new to the club and has shown exceptional service. She has been working alongside with her sister, Ariana Cruz (a senior member), to make the community a better place. Although she is pretty shy, this Pirate Penguin is ready to show her spirit. She will be attending Fall Rally for the first time this year. Best of luck my might Pirate Penguin!! And

Nguyen. He’s been on of our few members who just barely joined Key Club and has shown commitment. Our club is proud to say that he is a reliable and never fails to show up for events.He is a member that shows others what the true meaning of giving back to the community. By being highly active in Hawthorne's Key Club he has received up to 18 hours which is above the average hours that our members must have as of right now. This has proven to our club that his dedication has earned him the spot to be member of the month .We appreciate having such a high spirited young man like Viet, and this is why we wanted to recognize him for his hard work.

HARD WORK Bruce Tillage This month has been filled with exciting events now that we’re in holiday season! CAMS Key Club has had numerous events, such as the Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life Event, Trick-orTreat for Unicef, and Fall Rally. One returning member and current historian, 11th grader Bruce Tillage, has truly shown a strong dedication to the club! He actively participates in all events - not only serving the club by documenting activities, but also serving the community. He constantly spreads the Key Club name both at school and in the public, which is why he is this month’s most valued member. He is a role model to many of the new and young Key Clubbers, who are excited to be part of the fun!



Member Spotlight El Segundo High School Key Club's member of the month is

Maggie Mumar.  Maggie is an extremely vital member of key club.  She is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, spirited and kind-hearted people that have ever joined key club.  At the beginning of the year, Maggie recruited amazing numbers of students to join key club.  She also creates a positive and optimistic atmosphere at every club meeting and fundraiser.  She volunteers at nearly all of key club's fundraisers and events, encouraging people to come and help support the club.  She is always aiding others and especially is a huge help to our club.  Whenever we need signs made or someone to take an extra shift, Maggie never fails to step up to the plate and take the job on.  Maggie Mumar is one of the hardest working members of the club.  She sacrifices any free time she has to help others and volunteer for the sake of the community.  She has even worked with her family to put together care packages for relief for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. That is why Maggie is essential to the success of our key club and we would be sincerely honored to congratulate Maggie Mumar as key club member of the month for El Segundo High School.

Caithlyn Torres


Gardena high’s member of the month is Caithlyn Torres. She be the hard working member man. Our pirate penguin from the tiny town of Gardena has been very committed to Key Club. As a new member and senior, she has put in a lot of work into the club. She was also the only member present at the AIDs Walk for our school. Thank you Caithlyn for representing! Keep up the good work and continue to serve.


he member of the month for the month of November is David Lopez. Once he joined Key Club, he has always been curious about what Key Club stands for and how to become more active in the club. From the start, he has shown much dedication which is very hard to find. As meetings, volunteer events, and DCMs past, he is excited and is already wondering when the next event is going to be. He is someone that is very comfortable to talk to and loves meeting new people. We LOVE how much dedicated he is to Key Club and we hope that Key Club is going to take him far and teach him valuable traits. Da Vinci is very proud and honored to call him the member of the month.


Maggie Mumar

David Lopez


Bracelets 4 Philippines Bracelets 4 Philippines is a

different way on trying the help the Philippines than giving food and money. What we want to accomplish is to make a child’s day by them giving a bracelet. In-order to give a child a bracelet, you would have to buy a bracelet. Buy one, give one. The idea was based off of TOMS the company, with the twist of giving a bracelet. When you buy a bracelet, you are giving one to a child that needs hope, and ALL the proceeds are going to the Philippines. We want to focus on kids because out of the 11,000,000 people that got affected by the Typhoon, 4,000,000 of them are kids. This is Da Vinci’s way on trying to help the Philippines with a twist. We are not taking any of the money, but donating it. If you are interested, we will be posting on the Facebook page and will be about two to three dollars with the colors of the Filipino Flag. Thanks! Help please support! -Maleko Bravo



Rose Float Volunteering

SERVE This service opportunity is a

great way to serve for a huge event that is seen internationally, have fun, and meet new people from different Key Clubs! Only 10 people from each club , meaning that 100 people would be coming from the division.

The shift is from 8 am to 4 pm.

We will meet earlier at 6am at the busses so that we could leave at around 6:30 am, being at the service event by 7:30 am so that we could register. We will post more information on the division Facebook page when we know all the details.

The event is on: Friday December 27, 2013 9


Contact Information Key Club email:


Personal email:


Carolyn Kim: Ltg.

Cell #: 310-367-4060

Paulette Mumar: N.E.

Key club email:


Personal email:

Key club email:


Personal email:

Vivian Duong: E.A.


Home #: 310-327-4238

Maleko Bravo: E.A.

Key club email:


Personal email: Cell#: 310-995-4336



Picture of the Month Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ATTENTION:

# k c 1 3

I am looking for great shots of key club related pictures on Instagram (must be yours), if you are interested to get your shot up on this page, then tag @keyclubd19n to your picture! Thanks!


# d 1 9 n

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc. www.



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