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8 THE BRIEF Editor’s note and book review.



Summer heralds outdoor living, and architects and landscape designers turn their attention to the exteriors of buildings and their surroundings.

10 INTERNATIONAL Cork House, by Matthew Barnett Howland with Dido Milne and Oliver Wilton, has won the RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize 2019.

46 KITCHENS The kitchen is one of the most intensely designed rooms in the home, demanding quality, innovation and attention to the detail.

68 DRAWING BOARD What’s new in the world of architecture and design.

The humble cinderblock is no stranger to a rural context. By demonstrating that one can use unfinished, costeffective concrete blocks to create a beautiful piece of architecture, you hopefully inspire and encourage others in the community to do the same. Dewald Veldsman, Paragon Group, Emantini Seed Bank [p34]

55 BATHROOMS As a key touchpoint, there is a wellknown tendency for people to judge an entire building – particularly restaurants and hotels – by the bathroom alone.

BLUEPRINT 12 2 PYBUS 2 Pybus in the Sandton CBD, by GLH Architects, was designed as a space in which individual advocates’ chambers or offices can be grouped as a collective.

18 PLANET FITNESS OLYMPUS A new Planet Fitness Signature in Olympus in Pretoria by W Design Architecture Studio, is designed to enrich the visual character of its setting and encourage a vital street life.

22 BARLOWORLD LOGISTICS The new head office of Barloworld Automotive and Logistics, designed by Nsika Architecture & Design,

is the first building in a new commercial office park in Irene.

28 THE HOUGHTON HOTEL The Houghton Hotel, designed by Boogertman + Partners, finds inspiration for its fluid lines in the subterranean aquaduct below the site to create an authentic sense of place and unique aesthetic.

34 EMANTINI SEED BANK The Emantini Seed Bank in Swaziland, by Paragon Architects, showcases simple construction methods and innovative use of unfinished, cost-effective concrete blocks to create a beautiful piece of architecture.

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62 SECURITY Security features include a wide array of always-necessary physical barriers, plus electronic security systems and, more commonly, whole smart-home technology systems that need to be integrated at every stage of the design and construction process.

66 DESIGNS REVEALED Recently unveiled designs and newly launched projects.

82 FEATURED DESIGN Artist and rug designer Julia Swanepoel Pepler’s latest designs for Gonsenhausers are inspired by aerial photography.

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ED'S NOTE It’s undeniable that we have some impressive projects in this issue, all of which push the envelope in their own particular ways. The Houghton Hotel by Boogertman + Partners adds a new landmark destination to the hospitality industry. The new head office that Nsika Architecture & Design designed for Barloworld Automotive and Logistics kicks off a new smart village precinct in the heart of Irene, making the first major contribution to the precinct’s sense of urban renewal. The new Planet Fitness Signature that W Design Architecture Studio designed in Olympus, Pretoria doesn’t miss the opportunity to catalyse public street life and add a strong new presence to the growing suburb. And 2 Pybus by GLH Architects presents a unusual concept in office design in the heart of the Sandton CBD. But somehow the project that stole my heart this issue is the architectural beauty that Paragon Group Architect Dewald Veldsman created with nothing but humble cinderblocks and inspiration in the design for The Emantini Seed Bank in Swaziland. Sometimes such small projects with the most extreme constraints in terms of budget and materials give rise to inspirational results – and results that can have real, far-reaching effects. Enjoy the issue – it certainly has been an inspirational one to put together!





Drawing on theory and conceptual tools from interdisciplinary fields such as ecocriticism, queer theory, art history and postcolonial studies, Civilising Grass: The Art of the Lawn on the South African Highveld offers the first sustained investigation of the lawn in Africa. In this unexpected and often disconcerting critique of one of the most common and familiar landscapes in South Africa, art historian Jonathan Cane argues that the lawn is not quite as innocent as we might think. Besides the fact that lawns suck up scarce water, consume chemicals, displace indigenous plants and reduce biodiversity, they are also part of a colonial lineage of dispossession and violence. They reduce the political problem of land to the aesthetic question of landscape, thereby obscuring issues of ownership, redress, belonging and labour. Civilising Grass offers a detailed reading of artistic, literary and architectural lawns between 1886 and 2017. The eclectic archive includes plans, poems, maps, gardening blogs, adverts, ethnographies and ephemera, as well as literature by Koos Prinsloo, Marlene van Niekerk and Ivan Vladislavic. In addition, the book includes colour reproductions of lawn artworks by David Goldblatt, Lungiswa Gqunta, Pieter Hugo, Anton Kannemeyer, Sabelo Mlangeni, Moses Tladi and Kemang Wa Lehulere. This book shows that even if the enchantment of a green, flat and soft lawn is almost universal, there are also unexpected moments when alternatives present themselves, occasions when people reject the politeness of the lawn, and situations in which we might glimpse a possible time after the lawn.

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Cork House wins RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize 2019

The BIBO express Your unlimited boiling water source Not only compact and beautiful to look at, the BIBO express is also cutting-edge, offering a completely unique and innovative solution to boiling water. It is safe to use, energy-efficient and gentle on the environment. The revolutionary design makes the BIBO express limitless; it can withstand high usage, offering endless boiling water in an instant. With its non-drip function, the BIBO express can be wall mounted absolutely anywhere. Instant boiling water is a touch away from start to finish with the BIBO express. Order yours at bibo.co.za or call 0800 00 2426.



ork House, by Matthew Barnett Howland with Dido Milne and Oliver Wilton, was announced the winner of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stephen Lawrence Prize 2019 this month. The jury report stated: Designed with immense attention to detail, Cork House is a structure of great ingenuity. Sited within the area of a Grade II Listed mill house dating back to the early nineteenth century, the Cork House beautifully reflects and respects the natural surroundings in form and construction. An entirely cork construction, with solid structural cork walls and roof, the building emits next to zero carbon. The biogenic construction of prefabricated cork blocks and engineered timber is carbon negative at completion and has remarkably low whole-life carbon. All the components can be reused or recycled, and the expanded cork blocks have been made using by-product and waste from cork forestry and the cork


stopper industry. Internally, the biophilic elements, such as the exposed cork and oak flooring, captures the light and creates a wonderfully tranquil sensory experience. In summer the skylights open to bring a sense of lightness to the space and in winter the snug interiors emanate a sense of warmth and protection. As sustainability becomes integral to all construction, this development pushes us further to look beyond the requirements and aspire to really integrate ourselves with nature. The inventiveness lies within the structure’s ease of assembly. The whole house is ‘designed for disassembly’ and can be constructed by hand. An

incredible feat by the architects to achieve such a delicately intriguing home that sits humbly among its surroundings, is sustainably sound and can be easily assembled. As the first of its type, it is truly exciting to think what this project could inspire within the architectural world. The detailing is very clever, and the structure draws upon ancient inspiration, harking back to a time when humans and nature were more intertwined. Form, function and footprint are all equally considered and respected. This is a truly wellthought-out, carefully researched project that has created a home that inspires those that are lucky enough to visit.

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Corner office 2 Pybus in the Sandton CBD, by GLH Architects, was designed as a space in which individual advocates’ chambers or offices can be grouped as a collective, drawing strength from unity with diversity. WORDS KATHLEEN WESTERN PHOTOGRAPHY CAROL STEWART


Pybus is located in the financial hub of the rapidly redeveloping CBD of Sandton, Johannesburg. The site occupies the corner of Pybus Street and Rivonia Road, and has significant presence along Rivonia Road close to the Sandton Drive intersection. The land is wellpositioned in terms of visibility within the neighbourhood, and vehicular and pedestrian access.

The architecture is articulated to draw visitors in and address the street corner. The strong L-form opens to the angled Pybus frontage, setting up an efficient and flexible modular building form on the north-western and southeastern boundaries, and presenting a welcoming face and generous garden to the northern Pybus edge. The glazed street level lobby ensures the building is not removed from its context. Continued next page



The architecture of 2 Pybus in the Sandton CBD is articulated to draw visitors in. The strong L-form presents a welcoming face and generous garden to the northern Pybus edge.



PRO J EC T # 1 2 PYBUS The arrival floor of the building creates a dynamic and active zone where staff and visitors can gather, meet and exchange ideas. The area includes a welcoming reception, waiting areas and break-out spaces, coffee shop and meeting facilities.

The building comprises a rentable office area of 11 000m2 on nine office floors, along with support amenities, including ground-floor meeting suites, a coffee shop, entertainment areas, and a beautiful north-facing elevated garden and terrace, supported by six floors of parking. The architectural expression is modern but timeless. The curtain-wall façade creates a seamless whole, even though the building can be divided internally into many offices. The openable glazing combines vision panels, allowing ample light and views, with spandrel panels to allow for plenty of bookshelves in each chamber. Integrated façade aerofoils modulate the north-western façade exposure and blinds offer personalised glare control internally. The glass façade is married with a beat of staggered vertical stone elements in shades of travertine, together with broader panels of darker granite, and planted screens ground and dematerialise the mass

of the building. Simple pared back concrete columns establish a rhythm around the base of the building. These tactile materials in their natural state set the tone for the palette inside, which combines the clean modern finishes of smooth concrete, stone, glass and stainless steel with elegantly patterned porcelain and warm timbers. At all times, the architectural focus is on creating positive, quality working environments. The arrival floor of the building acts as the heart of the scheme, creating a dynamic and active zone where staff and visitors can gather, meet and exchange ideas. The area includes a welcoming reception, waiting areas and break-out spaces, coffee shop and varying sized meeting facilities with views onto the garden and terraces, with the benefit of the option to open out into the outdoors. A central serviced walkway on each floor means that efficient offices or chambers can be arranged along either side. The angled


building corners - augmented with balconies - and the central vertical circulation knuckle provide ideal opportunities to enhance the office floors with pause areas, open-plan support staff spaces, and print and filing hubs. The co-location of collaborative spaces with the liveliness of people circulating around the building can create a buzz where incidental exchange can occur. External views are maximised throughout the office spaces, connecting the staff to their surrounds, and offering opportunities for visual breaks. Continued next page

The glass faรงade is married with staggered vertical stone elements in shades of travertine, together with broader panels of darker granite.



The design sits the building wings back from Pybus Street to create a generous garden in which to linger, and spill out as an unaffected foreground to the architecture. WSP in Africa’s Green by Design team was appointed to provide Green Star and sustainable design consulting services. The project has achieved a 4 Star Green Star Design rating and is now in the process of submitting the As Built Rating to the Green Building Council of South Africa. “It was important for the building to implement environmentally responsible design initiatives, as this is key in attracting and retaining the right tenants,” says Alison Groves, Regional Director, WSP, Building Services, Africa. A combination of sensible passive design principles and selected active technologies were used to minimise the impact of the building and its ongoing use on the environment, as well as to enhance the experience of working in and visiting the building. The design of individual offices for each advocate allows the developer to offer a high level of autonomy to the tenants. Each office is an acoustically treated private space that has access to


an openable window. This feature is quite unusual in the Sandton landscape. Manually operated blinds ensure that the direct solar glare can be managed thereby reducing the load on the air-conditioning system. Adding to the level of individual management, each office is equipped with a thermostatic control allowing the tenant to adjust the temperature to meet their individual needs. The lights are all automatically switched using occupancy sensors, relieving individual responsibility for turning off the lights and saving energy. The building seeks to represent the pursuit of business and legal practice with transparency, equity and humanity. Individual chambers or offices with their own identities can be gathered within a collective whole where strength stems from unity with diversity. The scheme offers a contemporary yet sleek and timeless design, which is both internationally referential and locally grounded, responding to the site specifics, knitting the new building into the supporting environment, and creating a generous and welcoming architectural form that contributes to and engages positively with its surrounds.

External views are maximised throughout the office spaces, connecting the staff to their surrounds, and offering opportunities for visual breaks.


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n Greek mythology, Olympus was the name of the home of the 12 Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. It was conceived of as a lofty mountaintop, and in all of the regions that the Greek tribes settled in, they named the highest local elevation Olympus. Fittingly, Olympus in the East of Pretoria is situated on the Southern slopes of the Bronberg, part of the Magaliesburg mountain range and now home to the training grounds for future Olympians: a new Planet Fitness Signature, designed by W Design Architecture Studio. Until the early 2000s, Olympus was agricultural land, but over the past 20 years it has densified and developed into a residential suburb with a combination of townhouse complexes, residential estates and freehold homes. This project is viewed as part of the next phase of the development or “settling in” of the suburb in which ancillary functions to the predominantly residential grain become viable, including retail, offices, schools and, in this case, leisure.

Continued next page



The concept for the Olympus Planet Fitness was to focus on the world outside the building: the views, sunlight, shadows, time of day and the general context.



The building is a strong new presence in a growing suburb, enriching the visual character and atmosphere of its setting, and also encouraging pedestrian life on the street.

The conceptual idea and inspiration for the design of this project was to focus on the world outside the building: the views, sunlight, shadows, time of day and the general context. Exercising outdoors is thought to improve energy levels and decrease stress to a greater extent than working out inside – but if your habitat is more concrete jungle than open landscape, this fitness centre provides all the internal functional spaces and facilities of an urban gym, and directs awareness and

Tel +27 (0)12 348 3284 Email: etjan@ingplan.co.za www.ingplan.co.za

enhances a sense of connection to the world outside. Thus, the architects dubbed the concept ‘The Great Indoors’. A defining aspect of Pretoria’s new suburbs is the isolated and abandoned streetscapes. Most developments are hidden behind a protective layer of solid boundary walls with controlled security access points. This project represents one of the first “public” buildings in the suburb. The entire building opens, visually, toward the street. The internal spaces allow

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engagement with the sidewalk, the street and the world beyond, while also allowing public connection back into the constantly moving and active internal areas that now form part of the sidewalk and, by implication, the suburb. This building is completely outward focussed in all its primary functions. At the same time, it is a strong new presence in a growing suburb. If we measure the health of a community by the vitality of its streets, then this project has already contributed to the daily life of the residents – not only by enriching the visual character and atmosphere of its setting, but also by allowing pedestrian life on a street where previously only cars were seen. As the famous Canadian urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs said, “Streets and their sidewalks, the main public spaces of a city, are its most vital organs.”

As one of the first ‘public’ buildings in the suburb, the internal spaces allow engagement with the sidewalk while also allowing public connection back into the constantly moving and active internal areas.

PROFESSIONAL TEAM CLIENT: Majestic Silver Trading (Pty) Ltd ARCHITECT: W Design Architecture Studio cc MAIN CONTRACTOR: W.F. Kroon Projects (Pty) Ltd STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: DLV Engineers (Pty) Ltd FIRE ENGINEER: DLV Engineers (Pty) Ltd ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: DLV Engineers (Pty) Ltd CIVIL ENGINEER: DLV Engineers (Pty) Ltd LANDSCAPER: Tree Traders / Intlé Garden Creation QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Matla Quantity Surveyors INTERNAL FIT-OUT AND TENANT INSTALLATION: TC RPv ARCHITECTS QUANTITY SURVEYOR: QS 360 Quantity Surveyors MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Axell Consulting (Pty) Ltd ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Ingplan Consulting Engineers


Email: admin@wfkroon.co.za Tel: (012) 803 9365 53 Kambathi Street, N4 Gateway Park, Willow Park Manor, Pretoria, 0184


19 years

Est. 2000



The permeable façade of the new Barloworld Automotive and Logistics building in Irene creates a permeable envelope that allows almost 360° views of the surrounding suburbs. A raised podium gives the impression that the building sits lightly on the site.





he stylish and modern new 5 728m2 head office of supply chain solutions company Barloworld Automotive and Logistics – designed by Nsika Architecture & Design and developed as a joint venture between Giflo, Abland and SOM – is the first building in the Irene Link Precinct. It relocates the company’s headquarters from busy but increasingly inaccessible Sandton, housing various departments in one building. The new 84 928m2 mixed-use Irene Link precinct on Alexander Road, developed by the same partnership, will extend along the N1 highway up to the Botha Avenue offramp, with the look and feel of an urban park linked by an internal landscaped

spine. It is envisioned as a new smart precinct in the heart of the tranquil landscape of Irene, seamlessly integrating a green building aesthetic with the vibrant pulse of urban living. Along with benefits such as optimised fibre links for all inhabitants, the precinct will offer specialised spaces including residential, education, retail, a hotel and medical centre as well as commercial offices in an area purposefully designed for comfort and easy access to all essential amenities. As the flagship building in the precinct, Barloworld Logistics’ new home makes the first major contribution to the precinct’s sense of urban renewal, tying it into the greater urban plan for Centurion and communicating a new vibrancy and sense of economic growth alongside the older residential character of Irene. Continued next page



Left: Landscaping and vegetation further minimise hard surface around the building and softens the exterior, creating pleasant breakout spaces for the building's occupants. Planting has been carefully chosen to minimise water consumption.



The interiors of the building, by Giant Leap, promote an agile working environment with clean lines and a contemporary look and feel. Neutral tones predominate, conveying a sense of tranquility, while corporate colours have been introduced in the furniture and specially commissioned artworks.

The building can accommodate 380 staff members over four floors and include two access controlled naturally ventilated basements. The rentable office space includes amenities such as boardrooms, canteen, gym, coffee shop and cyclist facilities. The architects had a clear vision to create a permeable envelope that allows almost 360° views to the beautiful surrounding suburbs of Irene and Doringkloof. This facade allows for ample natural light to penetrate the inner floorplates. The distinctive organic curves of the building’s exterior envelope allows it to be viewed as a soft mass instead of a hard barrier from the highway. The building is characterised by a double-glazed clear northern and western glass envelope, which benefits the internal acoustic and thermal conditions. A raised podium gives the impression that the building sits lightly on the site and provides pleasant break-out spaces to the north and south.

The exterior spaces surrounding the building have been landscaped to minimise hard surface and improve building occupant use. Trees on the podiums mimic the cantilevered building canopy to the south and allows for everyday shade use. Planting has been carefully chosen to minimise water consumption, and a dripirrigation system is monitored daily. The development has received a coveted a 5-Star Green Star Africa certification, certified in association with the Green Building Council South Africa. Photo Voltaic (PV) panels on the roof provide 25% of the building’s electricity requirements and has been designed by Barloworld Power. Special flat-laid PV panels have been used in the design in order to eliminate unsightly equipment arrangements on the roof. A Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system adds to the project team’s innovative design features in this development. The system allows for off-peak cooling, which is then stored in glycol-water filled storage vessels. Continued next page



The tanks and heat-pump chiller supply the building with the required cooling during standard tariff times and thus provides a substantial saving on energy costs. The majority of building lights have been fitted with motion sensors and all the lights are energy-efficient fittings. A Building Management System (BMS) has been incorporated into the building design to actively record and monitor services consumption such as water, electricity and HVAC. Real-time consumption is displayed on a monitoring screen that is located in the foyer of the reception area. Staff and visitors can consciously react to this display during their use of the building. Barloworld Automotive and Logistics is a milestone-


first in the Irene Link precinct and sets a high standard for the buildings to follow. Construction of the second building in the precinct will commence in the near future, also a Giflo Developments project in partnership with Abland and SOM. Dubbed Building B, it will establish its own visual identity adjacent to Barloworld Logistics, employing high-performance glazing and off-shutter concrete rendering with steel and aluminium screening. These contemporary materials blend the building’s appearance smoothly into Irene Link, without compromising its own unique identity, while allowing for seamless views between the high-energy of the highway and the southern pedestrian areas.

Below left: The distinctive curved façade presents a soft mass rather than a hard barrier when seen from the highway, while conveying a sense of vibrancy and economic growth in the precinct.

DG Consulting Engineers 9 Hibiscus Street, Lynnwood Ridge Tel: +27 (0)12 3696720 www.dgconsult.co.za

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Tel: +27 (0)12 667 2780 Email: info@insitegroup.co.za www.insitegroup.co.za


Above: A distinctive metal screen at the entrance softens the exterior of the building, while remaining light and permeable. Right: The entrance lobby interior introduces a circular motif, which is sustained throughout the interior design.


PRO J EC T # 4 TH E H OUG HTO N H OTE L The cantilevers and curves of the front entrance of the Houghton Hotel not only refer to the Art Deco heritage of the area, but also introduce the concept of fluidity that runs like a golden thread through the project.



he R870-million, 180-room Houghton Hotel in Johannesburg, designed by Boogertman + Partners, is a five-star luxury destination hotel to rival the best in the world (an ambition borne out in its recent Hosco-Audi Luxury Tourism Award). It is situated at the apex of a phased residential development, which over the past decade has developed into two “wings” hugging the perimeter of the Jack Nicklaus signature Houghton Golf Course. The hotel includes a restaurant, deli and Sky Bar positioned to optimise the views over the picturesque green lung, as well as conference and business facilities, a spa, shared swimming pool and recreational areas. In keeping with its world-class status, a design was required that would go beyond functional requirements and achieve not just a level of refinement and “wow factor”, but an authentic concept that would engender a unique experience of place for visitors and guests. Boogertman + Partners’ design concept has its origins in the idea of fluidity, inspired by the natural subterranean aqueduct below the site. The sweeping curves of the design not only soften the hotel’s exterior appearance and hint subtly at the area’s Art Deco architectural heritage, but also signify the water channel below the site. At the same time, the highveld setting has been drawn into the design by integrating architecture and landscaping to fuse the natural and the manmade elements in a symbiotic statement.

Continued next page


>> B LU EPRINT Right: The height of the Sky Bar was crucial to the design of the hotel, optimising views of the Houghton Golf Course and creating a destination for guests. The bar floor is sunken so as not to obscure the view. Below right: The hotel spa opens onto a lushly planted private courtyard with two concentric pools - one chlorinated and the other an eco pool. The planting ensures pockets of privacy without the need for stark divisions.

The design includes a series of water features throughout the site, carefully positioned to create the impression that water is flowing continuously as the site slopes from the southern end falling towards the north, and down on to golf course. The water features draw guests through the premises and acts as a subtle directional device. The curves throughout the architecture add to the sense of continuity. While the Sky Bar, which overlooks the golf course, functions as the interior gem of the design, and is perhaps the single most defining aspect of the design, out from which the rest of the architecture flows, the meandering piazza, with its swimming pools, paths and lush planting is at the heart of the experience of the building. Perhaps as a result of the scale and complexity of the design, the landscaping and vegetation provide private nooks and pockets of space that add greatly to the personal experience of the building when you find them. Subtle changes in level help to ensure the privacy of the residential units without necessitating obtrusive physical barriers such as walls or screens, while enabling their views of the piazza and golf course beyond. As a result, a sense of coherence and openness is ensured.

Continued next page



Top: The cantilevered concrete overhang at the hotel entrance includes cut-outs that allow in natural light and vertical visual connections. The organic curves riff on the juxtaposition of constructed and natural landscape throughout the design. Above: The hotel includes residential units with views back towards Linksfield Ridge.



The interior design, by DSGN, uses a circular motif, as seen here in the individual hotel rooms and the entrance lobby, with its spectacular spiral stair to draw through the fluid lines of the architecture and create a sense of continuity.

From the vantage point of the piazza, it is clear how the design language of the hotel represents an evolution through the various phases of the residential development. The way in which each level of the hotel itself has its own distinct identity cleverly breaks down the scale of the building. Devices such as the transparent canopy above the outside dining areas bring human scale to the experience adjacent to the building. The pool bar, too, acts as a transitional indoor-outdoor area between the more formal interior and the almost resort-style ambience of the piazza. Inside, a similar or related sense of scale and continuity is created with an emphasis on visual connections between levels. In the dining areas, especially, it is evident how the sense of fluidity is created with differentiated but continuous spaces. The deli, for example, spills into the restaurant which in turn culminates in the Sky Bar. In the entrance lobby, the dramatic spiral staircase not only enables vertical connections, but the circular motifs also ensure that one never encounters endless passages or dead ends while navigating the hotel. The juxtaposition of refined, high-tech materials such as glass, steel and concrete with lush vegetation is explored in another way through the use of colour and materiality. The exterior at the hotel entrance is softened by a striking metal screen, which adds to the sense of an inviting, permeable space with an emphasis on seamless continuity. The columns that support the sweeping overhangs are clustered rather than spaced evenly to create a more organic impression, perhaps like tree trunks rather than mechanistic columns, hiding the structure within the building. The application of dark colours helps to set these elements in the background, further breaking the solidity of the building’s exterior. A mesh curtain in the entrance hall reprises the concept of the metal screen for the interiors. Ultimately, Houghton Hotel presents a powerfully integrated experience of place, maximising both the identity of its highveld setting, and becoming a destination in its own right, while expressing the hidden waterway beneath its setting to create a meaningful connection with the golf course and the residential wings surrounding it. PROFESSIONAL TEAM DEVELOPER: ASVID Holdings ARCHITECT: Boogertman + Partners PROJECT MANAGER: Echo Project Managers QUANTITY SURVEYOR: Tricolt STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: MVW Consulting Engineers ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Aftek Consulting Engineers MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Adaptive Resource Engineers WET SERVICES: CKR Consulting Engineers LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: GREENinc INTERIOR DESIGN: DSGN



Above: Seen from the golf course, the Houghton Hotel forms the apex of the phased residential developments that flank the golf course. Left: A meandering piazza with integrated landscaping and vegetation forms the heart of the exterior space.

Tel: +27 (0)11 706 0443 Email: mvw@mvw.co.za www.mvw.co.za

Email: mail@boogertmanjhb.co.za Tel: +27 (0)11 790 1600 www.boogertmanandpartners.com

Aftek Consulting Engineers Tel: +27 (0)11 888 3138 Email: sidney@aftekconsulting.com



Cinderblock construction showcased at Emantini Seed Bank

The use of unfinished, cost-effective concrete blocks to create a beautiful piece of architecture at the Emantini Seed Bank in Swaziland is testament to how conventional construction methodologies, materials and non-specialised skills can be used in unexpected and inspiring ways.




he Emantini Seed Bank in Swaziland has showcased simple construction methods and innovative use of materials so as to sculpt the user’s experience in an unexpected and inspiring way. It is hoped that this landmark project, completed by the Paragon Group in August, will encourage its replication as a template for similar Seed Banks elsewhere. The Emantini Seed Bank is a hi-tech form of conservation to safeguard genetic diversity whereby scientists collect and document seeds, and then store them in a refrigerated facility, effectively creating a ‘library’ of plant genetics. The project consists of two well-insulated refrigerated storage facilities, a laboratory, amenities and a courtyard space designed to host functions. The project brief specified a tight budget. “Our success is testament to how we, as a practice, can add value to any project by making the most of any budget. It also demonstrates our mastery in design, and a capability to work in any market sector,” Paragon Group Architect Dewald Veldsman explains. Mouaz Sabha assisted with the construction packages, while Kim Newell carried out the initial 3D visualisations. Due to the budgetary

constraints, the most cost-effective construction method was to use cinderblocks. “The humble cinderblock is no stranger to a rural context. By demonstrating that one can use unfinished, cost-effective concrete blocks to create a beautiful piece of architecture, you hopefully inspire and encourage others in the community to do the same,” Veldsman highlights. These cinderblocks were manufactured locally, which means minimal transportation costs. Some of the blocks were altered by placing them on their sides on a shutter board, and pouring concrete in to form a base. These altered blocks were then used for the ‘holes’ in the wall, as well as for planters and lights. The faces of the blocks were topped off with a matt sealer. The Emantini Seed Bank is located on a private estate, and forms part of a private nature reserve, nursery and botanical garden. The main contractor was AMS Construction, under the leadership of Director Carlos dos Santos, who collaborated with the Paragon Group on the Malkerns Square Estate and Matsapha Link Shopping Centre, both in Swaziland. These projects also focused on conventional construction methodologies, materials and non-specialised skills.

Commenting on the importance of the Seed Bank as a specialised conservation measure, Veldsman elaborates that humans are eradicating our fauna and flora at an exponential rate, while the earth’s human population is rapidly nearing its limit. “The client is a future thinker, and realises how our perceived value of all genetic diversity will change in the near future, when it may be too late. “He is a keen plant enthusiast, and would like his personal legacy to be a priceless gift back to society. Thus he had this vision of popularising the idea of safeguarding plant genetics. The first step in this mammoth task has been to create a cost-effective and beautiful Seed Bank as a prototype, in the hope to inspire other like-minded people to do the same.

He is convinced that the only way to save the planet is by changing the way we think, and this project was a good place to start,” Veldsman concludes. PROFESSIONAL TEAM ARCHITECT: Paragon CONTRACTOR: AMS Construction ALUMINIUM AND GLASS: Abbeymoz, Lda

Tel: +27 (0)11 482 3781 Email: info@paragon.co.za www.paragon.co.za




TILE AFRICA INTRODUCES OUT OF AFRICA TILE COLLECTION Tile Africa is proud to introduce Out of Africa, an African-inspired tile collection, to the market. “As a proudly South African brand ourselves, we felt that Out of Africa was an excellent addition to the offering available to both our commercial customers and the retail market,” explains Frida Tugnoli, Tile Africa Merchandise Executive. Stone-look and natureinspired designs are a strong trend globally and particularly within the local market. The look is particularly well suited for use in outdoor areas, merging the lines between indoor and outdoor. As these areas require a more durable solution, a number of the tile collections within Out of Africa are hardbody tiles that effectively deliver the same or similar benefits to that of a porcelain tile. These tiles are also available with a slipresistant finish for uncovered outdoor areas, such as walkways between buildings or ‘wet areas’, i.e. around swimming pools.

Bringing the splendour of African-inspired designs into commercial spaces and homes alike, Out of Africa currently offers tile collections with recognisable names such as Lesotho, Satara and Kariba. Part of the ethos of this offering is that each collection offers a selection of products, ensuring a cohesive look. For example, the Skukuza Tile Collection includes a


hardbody tile in three colours and a matching mosaic tile, while the Stone Quartz tile collection includes a large-format hardbody tile with matching ceramic mosaic. Out of Africa further offers cladding, mosaics and cut décor tiles to create distinctive and unique designs. Out of Africa is available for commercial projects via the Tile Africa Commercial

team. “Our offering includes both sourcing of products, from tiles to sanitaryware and taps, to a supplyand-fit service ensuring a single point of contact from concept to completion,” confirms Craig Irvine, Tile Africa’s Commercial Operations Executive. For more information on Out of Africa, contact Tile Africa Commercial directly. www.tileafrica.co.za



Bringing the splendour of African-inspired designs into commercial spaces and homes alike, the Out of Africa Tile Collection includes recognisable names such as Lesotho, Satara and Kariba. Part of the ethos of this offering is that each collection offers a selection of products, ensuring a cohesive look for your project. For more information on Out of Africa, contact Tile Africa Commercial on 011 979 0327 or visit www.tileafrica.co.za/commercial.



L13, L18, L22, M10, M15


Terracrete Paver

4x4 Step Block

L11, L12, L15, L16

G e n u i n e c o m p e t i t i o n is good for the


Fr e e l o a d e r s N OT !




LOCAL RETAINING WALL SYSTEM CREATES FUNCTIONAL AND GREEN SPACE AT UPMARKET ESTATE Kanonberg Lifestyle Estate, developed by Atterbury, a national property development group, is Cape Town’s first fully integrated lifestyle residential estate, modelled on Atterbury’s successful Woodlands Lifestyle Estate in Pretoria. Eager to preserve the rural atmosphere of the original Kanonberg farm, Lize Roffey, the owner of one of the homes on the estate, was faced with tough choices when confronted with a steep and unusable embankment to the rear and sides of her property. “If I had gone for the option of erecting a solid concrete wall, I would have ended up with a 12m concrete slope,� says Roffey. “One of the other options was to install a concrete block retaining wall, with the idea of breaking up the wall and creating a softer and more natural look. Terraforce blocks offered the best solution for value of money and aesthetics,� adds Roffey. SP van Blerk of Decorton, a Cape Town-based retaining wall contractor, was appointed to install the retaining walls with Terraforce L11 blocks. He proceeded to create a set of walls that skilfully break up the embankment behind and to the sides of the house by incorporating undulating terraces of varying shapes and sizes, small outcrops with grassed platforms, as well as numerous steps that allow access to any part of the installation, even the very top of the wall. Says Van Blerk, “The wall next to the driveway had a slight level drop so we created a low wall next to the driveway for a formal look. On the left-hand side of the property we were presented with a bad slope that could not be used. To be able to take advantage of this ground, a terrace wall with various levels was built to create platforms. At the front of the house, a terrace wall was built to allow easy access to the driveway and to make it possible to turn a vehicle in front of the driveway.� A challenge was presented at the back of the house where a particularly high embankment could threaten the


pool and backyard with slippage and collapse in during heavy rains. The slope had to be cut back with an excavator to avoid creating one huge compact structure but rather various terraces that would fulfil retaining purposes and yet remain visually acceptable. The terraces are linked to each other by a 4x4 multi-step system that creates effective access and seating opportunities. Van Blerk explains that as it was an in-situ embankment, reinforcing fabric could not be used in this instance. Instead, steel reinforcing and cement stabilised sand infill ensure overall stability, whereas the bottom terraces were built with a double skin of blocks, as well as concrete infill and steel reinforcement. To add the final touches, Roffey hired Helmut Henstock from Gardening Adventures to landscape the completed installation. Henstock planted lots of perennial trailers and creepers to soften the concrete and to create a more natural look. He filled in the terraces with larger plants. Some of the platforms are enhanced with paths created by pavers and bordered by arcotis, a bushy local perennial. Henstock adds, “Once all the plants become more established and start flowering, this wall will look beautiful, covered in colour and lush green tones. The alternative is unthinkable: a stark grey concrete wall.� www.terraforce.com


by Laurie Wiid van Heerden


by Andile Dyalvane


by Laurie Wiid van Heerden


by Haldane Martin



BELGOTEX GRASS: YOUR HOME TURF ADVANTAGE As the only artificial grass manufacturer to install our own product, Belgotex Grass provides a quality service experience from conception to completion. Belgotex Grass is made in South Africa, which gives them an edge on quality. A R20m investment ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup positioned Belgotex as the specialists in artificial turf production, and the preferred choice of industry professionals. Architects, quantity surveyors, interior designers, property developers, building contractors and homeowners agree – the grass is always greener with Belgotex Grass on your side. Because, as the first locally manufactured artificial turf, specifically designed to withstand the harsh South African climate, and with 12 years of grass production knowledge and product development, Belgotex has a deep understanding of the market, customer lifestyles and their needs. Their technical capabilities allow them to produce a variety of yarn profiles, made

for superior performance and authentic design appeal, while state-of-theart machinery offers the best tufting technology, ensuring the manufacturing process is to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Then, in order to maximise production capacity and longterm market sustainability from Belgotex’s Green Star Accredited factory, the Belgotex product portfolio includes Belgotex Grass for recreational, commercial and residential synthetic turf applications, comprising: THE LUSH COLLECTION This premium collection offers a luxe landscaping solution for poolside and garden use. The natural appearance of stem, leaf sheath and node send up bunches of grass blades that are tufted using various pile heights to replicate mowing height and imitate the look and feel of real grass.

THE LEISURE COLLECTION This highly versatile, soft-feel grass is perfect for landscaping use. The medium leaf texture delivers a natural feel, while a designer root zone imitates a complex vertical root structure for a true grass look that produces picture-perfect lawns. THE DIY COLLECTION A grab-and-go option offering a diverse range of artificial grass has been made accessible to anyone eager to flex their DIY muscles. Designed for seamless integration with indigenous

NEW TUBER PLANTERS FROM INDIGENUS Indigenus has released their most affordable planter range to date in the new GRC (glass-reinforced concrete) Tuber planters designed for them by Haldane Martin. As the name implies, the Tuber sits as if it is rooted in the ground. Its solid bearing means it can be interspersed randomly, bunched as a centrepiece or grouped in large numbers to create exciting journeys through a space. The new concrete

planters also mix well with the original Iroko wooden ones. They are available in white, grey, charcoal and black and come with their own “self-watering” plant liner. Indigenus as a brand are about re-imagining planters as art pieces that allow designers to bring the natural world indoors and/or to make statements with the natural and man-made. Prices start from R3 950 plus VAT. www.indigenus.co.za


gardens, Belgotex’s deep manufacturing experience has resulted in a superior grass that’s a cinch to install. THE PLAY COLLECTION The ideal grass for active outdoor spaces, the impressive leaf texture with fine leaf blade forms a dense turf that delivers a pristine fairway-style lawn. Whether your client is looking for a turf solution to pitch, putt or simply play on, this product puts subpar lawn to pasture so that you may build their field of dreams. www.belgotexgrass.co.za



VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST Firefox manufactures a large variety of braais to accommodate both charcoal/ wood and gas braaiing options. Offered in mild Steel, 3Cr12, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel options, you will find a steel for the braai to suit your environmental conditions. A quality braai with a long lifespan is now achievable. With their extensive charcoal/wood braai range, you will find a Firefox braai to suit almost any application. Enhanced features include: • Slide-in door, functioning as a sturdy work table and reducing back strain on the user when reaching to the rear of the braai • Stainless Steel warmer and ash trays (with the warmer tray also functioning as a good-looking serving tray to the table) • Heat-deflector plate beneath

the ember tray, preventing the meat from over-cooking in the warmer tray • Internally removable spitmotor housing, allowing the spit motor to be retro-fitted at any stage • Choice of spits and spit baskets • Clip-in warming grids to suit most of our braais. Firefox has extended their braai selection, which now includes their new stylish Table Braai, utilising the same accessories as their built-in braai boxes. These braais can be easily installed into a recess or brick chimney in the wall, giving you a different effect to that of the traditional built-in steel box. While charcoal or wood is still considered the more traditional way of braaiing, gas braais are becoming


increasingly popular in South African homes today. Whether as an addition to a separate charcoal braai, a combo braai consisting of both charcoal and gas sections, or merely the gas braai alone, the use of gas braais is becoming more sought after, due to the convenience of being able to braai almost instantly. For coastal applications, Firefox offers a 316 Grade Stainless Steel Gas Grill with thick gauge 316 Grade Stainless Steel H-Burners, to provide a longer-lasting product. When purchasing a Counter Top or Drop-In gas grill

without an outer braai box, couple the gas grill with one of Firefox’s extraction canopies – with a high-powered fan to extract the smoke through the rear wall, or vertically upwards through the roof. Firefox gas grills have unique V-shaped grills that drain about 75% of the fat away from the cooking area, providing easier cooking and a healthier eating option. Fitted with a continuous spark ignitor to speed lighting and numerous cooking options, these grills are a delight for both casual use and for the serious braaier. www.braais-sa.co.za

BRAAI & EXTRACTION SYSTEMS FOR THE HOME ENTERTAINER Visit www.braais-sa.co.za to view our extensive range




Pool covers have really come into their own in the last few years and their customisation just keep getting better. The high-end property owner favours the luxury, fully automated slatted pool covers. PowerPlastics Pool Covers has just increased options at this level of the market, launching a solar version – The Solarpowered Slatted Cover. With the solar element, this slatted cover is great for sustainable living and is also an ideal solution for retrofits, with a delivery time of just 10 days. Looking at the middle of the range, another new product just launched by PowerPlastics Pool Covers is the PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller. This is the first automatic roller system for thermal pool covers in the GeoBubble range and an affordable way to automate without the cost of fully automatic slatted covers. It comes with a remote control and, also solar powered, is another sustainable offthe-grid solution. It is easily installed as a retrofit without any electrical connections

required at the poolside. Solid safety covers are being automated too, the child safety aspect being of paramount importance. A Vektor Rollup Station added to the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover makes the cover effortless to use, so there is no hassle in closing the pool again as soon as swimming is over. Convenience aside, adding a Rollup Station to a pool cover ensures correct storage of the cover when it is not on the pool. In the absence of a rollup station, pool covers are often scraped over the paving or pool edges, leading to wear and tear and causing premature ageing of the cover.


POOL COVERS FOR SOUTH AFRICAN ISSUES Zooming out, pool designs have definitely become smaller as a result of the call to action to live more sustainably and, within that trend, pool covers have an important role to play. The addition of a cover means a pool’s water consumption and carbon footprint can be reduced drastically. During the Western Cape’s recent drought, the adoption of pool covers spiked and this played a key role in helping the province keep water consumption down. It is, however, vital to ensure the pool does not have design

features that means it can’t be made safe or sustainable with a pool cover – something local builders have not really gotten right yet. The pool cover company should be brought in before the pool design is finalised. All pool covers stop evaporation and save 98% water, and prevents leaves, dirt and debris entering the water, thereby maintaining water hygiene and reducing the running costs. All pool covers save on electricity, and pool pump costs can be reduced by as much as 50%. The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover should be non-negotiable where there are children and pets at risk in the home. The cover looks great and seals off the entire pool. Water is kept cleaner, which reduces filtration times and chemical input, and the pool is hassle free in terms of maintenance. This cover meets SABS Standards and withstands up to 220kg. www.powerplastics.co.za


Setting oneself apart from the masses. Gratifying the need for uniqueness. Striking out in a new direction. This is the mission statement of AXOR MyEdition. Clear, linear design sets the stage for personal fulfilment. For one’s own creativity. A personal statement. In perfection. axor-design.com



ORIGIN QUARTZ FROM THE GRANITE COMPANY Origin Quartz is the latest offering marketed exclusively by The Granite Company in Cape Town. Keith Endean, Sales Director, says, “We saw an opportunity for a product that offers the highest specification with lifetime warranty but offered at a price that one would expect to pay for a mid-range product. So, with Origin Quartz, we are ensuring there is product that caters directly to the sector of the market that doesn’t want to compromise on quality, but is still price conscious. “We achieve this by selling high volumes of slabs in the most popular classic colours to both development and residential clients.” All of the 20mm thick quartz slabs are available in a sleek polished finish, in colours ranging from pure white to off-white, including different design elements, such as nougat-style kernels, or shards of mirror to add interest and modernity to any kitchen or bathroom. There is a range of greys that has been handpicked, ranging from a light grey with a stone tinge to add warmth, a mid-grey called Tungsten, and a darker, more dramatic charcoal colour. Recently, Carrara Whisper has been added to the range to cater for customers who are looking for a classic marble look on their countertops without the liabilities of ordinary marble with its porous nature. The Granite Company’s branch manager, Guy Michel, says, “We invite everyone to check out our colours on our website or visit our warehouse in Cape Town. We also have sample display boxes available.” www.originquartz.co.za

GROHE’S KITCHEN FAUCETS COME WITH ALL THE EXTRAS YOU NEED Innovative design is the key to improving the safety and efficiency of a modern

SMARTCONTROL Rather than a lever, start and stop the

kitchen. GROHE’s kitchen faucets offer a huge range of practical features to make all kitchens easier, safer and more enjoyable to use. Always striking a perfect balance between elegance and practicality, these solutions to common kitchen problems truly enhance your everyday life.

water flow with the button on the sprayhead using just your wrist or elbow. To control the flow from an eco-flow to a powerful jet, just turn the valve. To adjust the water temperature, gently turn the valve at the body.

EASYDOCK GROHE’s EasyDock mechanism guarantees easy retraction and smooth docking for your faucet’s spray head, every time. On some models, including the Concetto range, a magnet guides it effortlessly into place. EASYTOUCH Make multitasking easier with a GROHE touch-activated faucet like the Minta Touch, which lets you start and stop the flow of water with a single tap of your arm, wrist or the back of your hand anywhere on the spout.

ENHANCED WATER Get superior water quality directly from your kitchen faucet with a GROHE Blue Pure Filter faucet – saving time, money and the environment. GROHE ZERO GROHE Zero’s separate internal waterways provide guaranteed leadand nickel-free drinking water. Available on different GROHE faucets, such as Eurostyle Cosmopolitan, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan and Eurosmart.

FOOTCONTROL Faucets like GROHE’s Essence FootControl can be turned on and off with a gentle tap of your foot on the base unit, keeping your faucet spotless.

SPRAY TYPES GROHE’s range of pull-out and professional sprays offer an increased operating radius for maximum convenience and different spray types such as the laminar, the shower or the GROHE Blade spray. On many models, such as Essence, you can switch between two or three spray functions.



GROHE’s innovative cartridge with integrated temperature limiter can be individually set to the desired maximum water temperature in kitchen faucets such as Eurosmart, meaning you never have to worry about scalding.

For professional-grade functionality, this head swivels through a full 360° while offering the choice of a fine spray jet or a powerful shower jet. Available in the K7 collection. www.lixil.com



Enjoy the refreshing & delicious taste of the purest water straight from the kitchen tap – always cooled to the right temperature, with a choice of still or sparkling.

Now with an additional feature of the GROHE Ondus App. APP FEATURES The app can monitor; • Remaining filter capacity • Remaining CO2 capacity • Current water temperature (sparkling water) • The execution date of the last cleaning Furthermore the app provides an overview of your current storage of filters and CO2 replacement bottles.

Product Code: 31455001

Purchase yours today at: Bathco - JHB, Richmond Plumbing - KZN, Ceramica - CPT, CP&B - PE or visit groheonline.co.za




NEOLITH MAKES WAVES AT HOTEL LLEVANT manufacturing procedures and processes usually are what they are and it’s impossible to deviate. Not so with Neolith. For me this is the best aspect of working with them – they go above and beyond to ensure creative freedom for the architect.”

For award-winning architect Pau Llimona, the Mediterranean Sea has always possessed a romantic mystique. When he was commissioned by Hotel Llevant, located in Llafranc on the Costa Brava, Spain, to redesign and redecorate the whole building’s interiors, he saw the perfect opportunity to incorporate the intrinsic link between the local area and the sea into his design concept, with the help of Neolith®. FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA At the beginning of the design process, Llimona approached Neolith to discuss requirements. The Sintered Stone brand’s interest was immediately piqued by the challenge put to them by the architect. A major component of the overall aesthetic would be textured flooring, specified throughout the hotel. Principally, the architect wanted a surface that would recreate the roughness and shine of the seabed, ever so slightly pearlescent. When illuminated, the surface would reveal subtle flecks of blue and red, recalling the sparkling reflection of the bright sun on water.

This desire led to Neolith developing a unique, custommade colour that became a major design component in the project. In order to achieve the desired surface texture, a Riverwashed finish was used. For Llimona, it’s Neolith’s willingness and inventiveness


that sets it apart from other materials manufacturers. He explains, “We chose Neolith because, aside from their already extensive collection of patterns and colours, they are one of the very few brands to offer bespoke designed surfaces. Standard

WORLD OF WATER To further harness the effects of the Levantadas, Llimona focused his attention on the ceilings. Specifically, he wanted to represent the dissipating foam of a breaking wave. This would place guests in the heart of the tide itself. To achieve this ambitious stippled effect, he used layers of plaster punctuated with cleverly angled lighting to imply the gaps in the salty froth where the darker colour of the sea comes through. Rising up through the hotel from the restaurant to the rooms, the texture of the ceiling becomes smoother with every floor, emphasising the evanescent nature of a wave. The use of metal rods throughout the interiors capture the meaning behind the word Levantadas, which literally means to ‘to lift up’. Large-spec, floor-to-ceiling windows also allow daylight to flood into the building, further emphasising the cool, airy atmosphere of the hotel. Commenting on the finished interiors, the owners of Hotel Llevant say, “Pau has done an incredible job. The hotel’s interiors really offer guests a totally immersive experience. It’s like stepping into another world! A real highlight was having the opportunity to create a material unique to our requirements, one that reflected the architect’s vision – it’s something that doesn’t happen often.” www.neolith.co.za

Happy D.2 Plus. Shape, colour and comfort. Current trends unified in one new bathroom series: an iconic design of harmonious rounded corners. Anthracite Matt sophisticatedly combined or expressively contrasting. Light or dark wood tones, satin matt finishes, gently sliding handleless pull-out compartments with self-closing and interior lighting. Design by sieger design. Visit Duravit South Africa (Pty) Ltd, 30 Archimedes Road, Kramerville, Sandton, Johannesburg, Telephone +27 (0) 11 555 1220, info@za.duravit.com and www.duravit.com for more details.




Bathroom and Kitchen sealing solutions Hybriflex-540 Hybriflex-540 has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates as well as superior movement capabilities. It is non-staining and ideal for use on granite and quartz surfaces. Excellent for expansion joints both internally and externally Hybriflex-540 is paintable and low in VOC.


Available in 3 colours, in cartridge and foil pack.

Silicone-NO MF/MFT Silicone-NO Matt Finish is a neutral curing fungal resistant, durable and elastic sealant with excellent adhesion on many surfaces. It has a high UV and weather resistance. Perfect for sealing joints where mildew is undesirable. Colours available: clear, white, black, grey, bronze, light bronze, beige and anthracite/charcoal. Available in 600ml foil packs on request.

High Tack The original - permanent, instant grip adhesive capable of holding weights of up to 25kg with no mechanical fixings. For panels, skirting boards, windowsills, stone, thresholds, bathroom fittings and metal connecting joints. Low in VOC.

Visit our website for technical specifications www.denbraven.co.za or call our sales team. JHB: 011 792 3830 CT: 021 552 9674 DBN: 031 579 2375 Please contact us for further technical product information and technical assistance

Michael Berg, business manager of Den Braven Sealants South Africa, knows how critical it is to have a sound knowledge of the differences between a sealant and an adhesive, in order to enable one to select the most suitable product for the job at hand. Often, but certainly not always, the better the quality ingredients used in a product, the higher the shelf price may be. Not all sealants and adhesives are equal, and this was clearly demonstrated at a recent Den Braven workshop demonstrating the instant grip of High Tack versus another product on the market claiming to have such qualities. Some have undergone extensive technical research and laboratory testing in order to produce a product that will perform optimally in varying weather conditions. The main difference between adhesives and sealants is that sealants typically have lower strength and higher elongation than adhesives. The main objective of a sealant is to seal assemblies and joints or gaps. Sealants need to have sufficient adhesion to the substrates and resistance to environmental conditions to remain bonded over the required life of the assembly. When sealants are used between substrates or surfaces having different thermal coefficients of expansion or differing elongation under stress, they need to have adequate flexibility and elongationmovement capability.

CooleAd 18139


18139-Leading Architect & Design.indd 1

2019/10/04 8:47 AM

Sealants generally contain inert filler material and are usually formulated with an elastomeric to give the required flexibility and elongation. Sealants usually have a paste consistency to allow filling of gaps between substrates. These sealant pastes normally cure (RTV-room temperature vulcanisation) to form a durable and tough rubbery seal. This allows for adequate expansion and contraction of the filled cracks and joints once the area ‘settles’ and the sealant cures. Low shrinkage after application is often required. Durability, good weather resistance, as well as UV and ozone resistance is also required in most cases. The adhesive’s main purpose is to bind one surface to another, not to seal the space in between the objects. Berg is often asked if sealants and adhesives are paintable. Yes, there is a variety of paintable sealants in the market that can be painted over with synthetic-based paints as well as water-based paints (i.e. acrylic latex). Generally the sealant should be fully cured before painting. Good colour stability is achieved with high-grade sealants. Den Braven has been supplying South Africa with quality sealant and adhesives for almost 40 years, and has sales teams based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. They are a phone call away to advise on their range and on any technical requirements or queries you may have. www.denbraven.co.za



TRENDSETTING WALL DÉCOR WITH TEXTURED, DIGITAL PRINTABLE WALL VINYLS Modern wallpaper trends with bold colours, show-stopping images and rich textures have made a massive comeback since the floral tones and ornate border patterns of the 80s. Interior designers today have unlimited creative freedom with new-generation digital printable wallpapers. Gone are the days of limiting your client’s expectations to a couple of choices in a sample book… Explore high-resolution imagery from stock sites or

adds unique design and character to a room that simply cannot be achieved with paints. With different textures to choose from, it’s the best of both worlds for indoor and selected outdoor applications. Maizey wallpapers are fully self-adhesive, which simplifies the workload for decorators and reduces turnaround time on jobs. Contractors can now literally remove the protective backing paper on the printed panels and apply

proper bond with no lifting. Perfect for domestic, retail and promotional environments, i.e. restaurants, exhibition stands, bars, shops, hotels, offices and shopping malls, plus many other interior design and branding applications. The high-quality “top-skin” of

Whether you need to brighten up a child’s room or create a show-stopping effect in an office or shop environment, you don’t have to settle for an “off-the-rack” solution. Print on-demand with Maizey’s range of wall décor films and satisfy even

your favourite photographer, decide on the textured finish and get printing. Maizey’s range of digitally printable wallpapers are durable, easy to install and

the wallpaper to the surface like a vinyl. Provided the application surface has been adequately prepared, the specially formulated “hightack” adhesive will ensure a

Maizey’s range of wall décor films are fully ink receptive and yields brilliant colour and high definition when printed on Solvent, Eco­solvent, UV or Latex printers.

the trend-setting fashionistas. And next season you can encourage them to change their look again… with minimal cost and effort. www.maizey.co.za

M-FOAM Architectural - Rigid PVC Sheet

The ideal rigid substitute for MDF, wood, plywood and other conventional composites. Applications include shopfitting, office cabinetry and shelving, laboratories, ceilings & bulkheads, yachts or boats furnishings, bathrooms or washrooms, kitchen cabinets or interior & exterior advertising panels and displays. Available in full sheets. Thickness:12mm, 16mm and 22mm Sheet Sizes: 2440 x 1220mm 12mm thickness only in 3050 x 1220mm

Insect Proof

Water Proof

Easy Installation

Impact Resistance

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Maintenance Free

Glue & Lamination

Easy Sawing & Cutting

High Screw Holding Capability

NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION - 086 1100 420 | architectural@maizey.co.za | www.maizeyarchitectural.co.za | www.facebook.com.MaizeyPlastics




THE ‘NOT ONLY, BUT ALSO’ MUST-HAVE KITCHEN ACCESSORY A weird headline, we know. But allow us to elaborate. You see, the product we are about to introduce you to – the product we know will change not only your kitchen but also your life – is a product with so many ‘also’s’, it truly does do it all. Introducing the BIBO bar: your instant, all-in-one kettle, water cooler and filter. With just the touch of a button, gain instant access to the purest, freshest, healthiest ice-cold, ambient or boiling water. But you see, that’s not all. The BIBO bar is not only an instant, all-in-one kettle, water cooler and filter, but also… IT’S CUSTOMISABLE: We all have our preference

when it comes to what we put in a glass, which is why we customised the BIBO bar. You now have the option to set your temperature of choice with both hot and cold drinks, helping make your life that much easier. The BIBO bar also allows you to pre-set your quantity of choice, enabling you to decide just how much water to dispense. ALSO, IT’S GREEN: The BIBO bar is more energy-efficient than a kettle and can be made even more so with the use of the available sleep modes. Using a BIBO bar will also help protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and by minimising the use of plastic bottles.

ALSO, IT’S HEALTHY AND SAFE: The BIBO bar provides pure, healthy and great tasting water, using the very latest in water filtration and purification. It’s healthy to drink and safe to touch, with an added child-lock protection, making it easier for the whole family to enjoy. The BIBO zapper purification system makes the water from the BIBO bar completely clean, eliminating any need to sterilise baby bottles.

ALSO, IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE: We understand that when it comes to your kitchen, looks are everything. Which is why the BIBO bar promises to be the sexiest, most stylish appliance in there. Available in 10 different colour options, pick the one that not only fits in with your current style, but also promises to make you stand out. www.bibo.co.za

WILL YOU BE THE CAESARSTONE MILLIONAIRE? Caesarstone launches national campaign that has designers calling it the competition of the year. “There has never been a better reason to increase the value of your home… you stand the chance to win one million rand in cash!” It is common knowledge that your kitchen and bathroom spaces are the most important areas in the home in terms of financial investment and therefore ensuring that quality materials and finishes are

installed is imperative. With the surfaces in these spaces being the most hardworking items – being touched, cleaned and chopped on every day – it is crucial that they are able to handle this kind of pressure. When selecting your surfaces, the two most important things to look for is durability and longevity. The only way to test the longevity of a surface is to


select brands that have stood the test of time, and offer legitimate warranties. With an influx of imitation quartz surfaces available today, being a discerning buyer is no easy task. Built to last a lifetime, Caesarstone is the original engineered quartz surface that use the very best technology and ingredients to make a Caesarstone slab. And each slab is carefully signed off and checked individually by a trained technician – a process that does not happen with many other brands. So the quality is just unbeatable. Caesarstone is the only surface that has held a reputation as the world’s best surface for over 30 years. With Caesarstone’s latest campaign, there has never been a better reason to increase the value of your property and housing developments…

Showing the world just how much Caesarstone believes in their product and their commitment to the best quality and service, they are putting R1 million on their reputation! When you register for your Caesarstone Residential Lifetime Warranty, you will automatically be entered into a draw to win R1 million in cash. Any installation installed after 1 April qualifies and the competition closes on 15 February 2020. And if you think about how many kitchens get installed in this period, you can imagine your chances of winning are actually pretty big! Once you’ve installed your Caesarstone, you can visit www.caesarstone.co.za to register for your Residential Lifetime Warranty to qualify for the competition. Terms and Conditions apply. www.caesarstone.co.za



ATTENTION TO KITCHEN DESIGN DETAIL Restaurant kitchens today are not too dissimilar from domestic kitchens – they are stages for engaging the diner in the preparation and theatre of food. However, a restaurant kitchen is more an engine room than an aesthetic space. So how does a designer incorporate the best of both worlds? BRING THE SHOW TO THE FOREGROUND The chef at the pass of the kitchen is the conductor of his kitchen ‘orchestra’. This pass is also the bridge between the kitchen and the dining area. A kitchen planner knows therefore that the chef needs

a clear line of sight into each section, with the ability to communicate with his brigade. A well-designed open-plan kitchen, therefore, is designed with communication and flow in mind and the chef’s pass as its focal point. The patrons in the restaurant will sense harmony and feel engaged when the kitchen design is unobstructed and clearly designed to enhance the visibility of each section.

a central cooking island look magnificent, it optimises the space of the kitchen to a T. According to Stefan Gutstadt of Culinary Equipment Company, “today’s best show kitchens have custom fabricated island cookers” that are built to order with specially positioned planchas, fryers, burners, plating areas, raised salamander, water points and even built-in undercounter refrigerators.

pleasing from the outside. To this end, the designer should include enough total functional light while ensuring that the space creates a warm and inviting feeling.


USE LIGHTING EFFECTIVELY Lighting in an open kitchen should begin with the pass – special heat lamps that zoom into the pass will help keep

PLAN STORAGE TO MINIMISE CLUTTER Storage in any kitchen is important, but in an open kitchen it is imperative. Reduce clutter; and seamlessly integrated low and wall-mounted cupboards should be provided, preferably in stainless steel. Creative designers know that beautifully integrated storage spaces will give chefs all the tools and ingredients within

FLAUNT THE SPACE When budget permits, an open-plan kitchen benefits massively from a central cooking island. Not only does

food warm before being collected. Additionally, lighting inside the kitchen provides functional luminance while also needing to be aesthetically

easy reach of their station, while also ensuring the kitchen appears uncluttered from the dining area. www.culinary.co.za

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TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION BEHIND THE WALL Technological innovation, attention to detail and constant quality control, together with the desire to provide clients with reliability and safety, have always driven the design and production of Valsir cisterns. Manufactured to high technological and aesthetic standards, Valsir concealed cisterns are available in various options with a one-size-fits-all push plate. Valsir Tropea S is an innovative, state-of-the-art product: the first cistern in the world designed to reduce the noise generated during use. The experience gained by Valsir in the Triplus®, Silere® and PP3 soundproof waste systems allowed them to reach new levels of excellence in their flush systems. Tropea S is the world’s first cistern made of a soundproofing plastic material. The Valsir Research and Development

Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Tropea S is five times lower than most widely used cisterns. The internal components of Tropea S have been certified in the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute of Stuttgart, in compliance with ISO EN 3822 Class I. Tropea S is the only in-wall cistern on the market with a float valve and a stop valve certified at the top of the category in terms of reduced noise emissions, offering not just high mechanical performance but also excellent acoustic performance. In addition, much attention has been dedicated to the water-saving features of each cistern: Valsir produces a range of cisterns that generate a flush volume of just 4.5 l; it is also possible with the dual flush button on other models to choose the volume according to necessity,

extraction to ensure the perfect supply of fresh air to the bathroom, eliminating of unpleasant smells, thus ensuring clean air inside the bathroom. Ariapur captures odours directly in the WC pan, extracts and eliminates them before they spread, while at the same time eliminating the vapour generated by the shower and bathtub through the ventilation system of the extractor plate. Ariapur is extremely silent, compact in

laboratories designed a special plastic compound using a formula (exclusive to Valsir) with the aim of reducing the noise emissions from the flush cistern.

thereby avoiding wastage. Valsir takes innovation a step further with the Ariapur odour extraction system. Ariapur performs a dual

size, easy to install and fits in with all surroundings thanks to its elegant, minimalist design. www.valsir-uneeq.co.za




KOHLER LAUNCHES HONE MIXER COLLECTION ‘STRAIGHT OF THE ART’ MINIMAL DESIGN KOHLER Co, a global leader in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bath products, is thrilled to announce the launch of their Hone tap collection in Africa. One of KOHLER’s core focuses is on offering diverse products that satisfy various budgets. Enter Hone – a new range of mixers that will undoubtedly get the nod from those wanting trusted KOHLER quality at affordable prices. Bringing classic straight-lined geometry into the 21st century, the collection does away with superfluous detail in favour of minimalist form. Managing to be both understated and timeless, the Hone collection bears a reduced aesthetic that is not without the ability to evoke an emotive response. Hone is angular, but void of sharp edges, resulting in a product that’s ergonomic and gentle to the touch and eye. Of course, it upholds KOHLER’s standards of


excellence too; the single brass body, with three applications of surface coatings, provides a lasting finish that doubles that of American industry norms. Taking Hone’s performance even further, the internal cartridge boasts a ceramic disc that provides diamond-like hardness, delivering 50 years of proven performance. Combining superior construction and understated design, homeowners are promised

an enduring and stylish user experience. Available in the range are basin mixers in short and tall options, bath and shower mixers with plates and bath spouts. With its timeless and pared-back look and budget-sensitive pricing, Hone is a perfect solution to fit all requirements. www.africa.kohler.com




DESIGNER BATHROOM BY BATHROOM BUTLER Turn your bathroom into a designer space worth showing off with Bathroom

tile effect. And if the owner gets tired of it down the line, they can easily switch it up

Butler. This bathroom look is inspired by a mood-board that HEID Interior Design curated specifically for the Bathroom Butler 4600 Series Premium Collection in polished rose gold finish, and gives the space a very sophisticated appeal. Lead interior designer Hanna Lord at HEID urges homeowners not to be afraid of rich colours as they add to the opulence of the interior. Bathroom Butler suggest trying out rose gold as an accent colour for

by replacing their bathroom accessories with a different finish like Brushed Bronze, Matt Black or Brushed Stainless Steel for an instant 360-degree makeover. Just like a fashion accessory can transform one’s outfit instantly, bathroom accessories can completely make or break the overall appearance of the décor. When it comes to the finishing touches, it is the little things that count and Bathroom Butler places great emphasis on design

bathroom accessories – it will pop beautifully against the white three-dimensional

and function. www.bathroombutler.com/ za/en





THE INNER LIFE OF SHOWERHEADS How does your shower actually work? And what exactly does a ketchup bottle have to do with showerheads? Who better to ask than the engineers at GROHE’s research and development department? You might not realise it, but a showerhead has much more on the inside than the outside might lead you to suspect. Depending on the model, there is a lot of different technology built in — gears, small moving parts, valves, seals, rockers, etc. For a shower with just one spray pattern, the technology is relatively straightforward: the water shoots through a distribution system at the control, which makes sure that the same amount of water flows from the individual jet paths (nozzles). When it comes to the massage spray pattern, the technical design is a bit more complicated. Since it is simulating a massage, the water has to flow at a specific

Switching between different types of jet pattern is also no easy feat, in terms of the technology required. Here’s where the seals come in, running over a jet distributor so that the water is distributed from left to right into different chambers. The two latest shower technologies from GROHE’s Research and Development department in Hemer, Germany, are GROHE DripStop and GROHE SmartTip. The GROHE Rainshower SmartActive hand shower is equipped with both – thus making it the portfolio’s most innovative hand shower. GROHE DripStop prevents a shower from continuing to drip after it has been turned off: the clue is in the name. On the one hand, this has the advantage that water is not wasted unnecessarily and on the other hand, you do not get wet again when drying off. The GROHE DripStop principle functions like a

speed and pressure. Small turbines or paddle wheels with mini gears are installed in the showerhead so that the stream of water flows in different directions.

ketchup bottle: as soon as the pressure is relieved, no further drops come out of the nozzle. In this case, the nozzle is not simply a round opening, but a membrane


that opens and closes under different levels of pressure. Another highly technical solution inside GROHE’s new SmartActive hand shower that makes a water aficionado’s life a lot more pleasant is its GROHE SmartTip function. It makes it easy to switch between the different types of spray patterns intuitively – modes can be selected with the single tap of a button on the back of the shower. Instead of working with seals, which would require a turning motion, the GROHE SmartTip’s three valves, each smaller than the size of a fingertip, move in a tiny flat chamber to distribute the water stream into the different channels and thus creating the spray patterns. This is all proof that GROHE’s range of shower systems keeps improving, making the act of showering even more invigorating. www.lixil.com

When detail makes the difference The super quiet Valsir Tropea S concealed cistern range, coupled with an array of design push plates, made of innovative and refined materials such as glass, wood, stone and aluminium, gives you unlimited solutions to personalize your bathroom with style.

www.valsir.it www.valsir-uneeq.co.za info@valsir-uneeq.co.za +27 11 609 8284 / +27 21 557 5293 WWW.LEADINGARCHITECTURE.CO.ZA OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2019 61



TRANSFORMING SECURE ACCESS FOR SMES With the global access control market expected to top $16bn by 2025 (up from $6bn in 2017), there are definite opportunities to be had. But while many solutions providers have been mainly targeting larger organisations, it seems small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have fallen by the wayside. When it comes to managing access to their offices, SMEs are often stuck between two extremes – they must either implement offerings designed for larger businesses, or use solutions that are not robust enough to give them the peace of mind they need to protect their physical presence.

are waking up to the potential of these solutions for organisations of all sizes. However, dormakaba has developed a uniquely bespoke offering that they preconfigure to ensure the small business owner can focus on what matters – driving organisational success – instead of being tied up with administrativeheavy access control. The Matrix One system is ideal for any small business, whether it is a trade operation or law firm, a pharmacist, administrative company, or even a service organisation such as an ad agency. The dormakaba solution

smooth operations. And because the access points are not wired, rights are stored in the components themselves. This provides a more secure environment, giving security personnel a flexible way of managing all aspects of their access control. Given that Matrix One is browser-based, there is no need to install software on a PC or even run patches on the solution. It can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, laptops or desktops anywhere there is an internet connection. Once Matrix One is installed on the organisational server, it can be accessed by every device on

possible connectivity scenarios. Its inexpensive start licenses can be upgraded at any time for up to 250 employees. Matrix One

Enter the dormakaba South Africa Matrix One access solution. Designed expressly to suit the unique requirements of SMEs, this is truly an off-the-shelf offering that is easy to use, completely secure and browser-based, making it accessible from anywhere in the world. Considering that access control is the fastest-growing segment in the physical security industry, it is unsurprising that companies

leverages a perfected role concept that easily defines responsibilities across departments. Its user-friendly interface ensures security managers can view all access points without having to wade through different dashboards and systems. With Matrix One, access points link to the system via a network. Information is transmitted in real-time. But in the event of the network going down, the access points are also radio-linked to ensure

the company network. Using Matrix One means the SME does not have to rip and replace any of its infrastructure. It merely enhances what is currently there and provides an intuitive way of managing access control. It can instantly reject or grant access based on criteria and keeps all access data safely stored on the company network. It provides support for offline, access on card, and online modes – covering all

also features remote opening capabilities for the ultimately in control. By integrating with alarm systems, it can enhance existing solutions. Furthermore, Matrix One provides complete oversight of all access points in real-time. So, whether the SME requires basic access functions or door status monitoring, visitor management or CCTV camera integration, Matrix One has it covered. www.dormakaba.com/za-en

Integrated security has less of a negative impact on any building than retrofitted barriers do. “It’s why all our franchises are geared to assist architects and developers right up front,” says Trellidor national business development manager Kevin Bonner.

so for installation that blends in seamlessly, it is important to take them into account while the building is being designed.” Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters, for example, roll up into a shutter box that can be hidden in the ceiling. Automated shutters require a

Other Trellidor products, such as the see-through Clear Guard security screens, can be made to match the building’s windows and doors, including bi-fold, sliding, French, hinged, sash and other formats. “We carry out regular site

Assistance comes in the form of specifications for the full range of Trellidor products as well as associated costs. “Security barriers have differing space requirements,

power source and a cavity for the shutter box. These aluminium shutters are popular in high-end homes to provide complete lock-down at night.

visits to be on hand to help with any queries, and once the project is complete, we will do a hand-over to the client,” says Bonner. www.trellidor.co.za



Trust the world leader with your access control solution

MATRIX ONE HEAD OFFICE 2 Gravel Drive Kya Sands Business Park Kya Sands 2169 011 510 1500 086 694 2794 info.za@dormakaba.com

SERVICE HOTLINE 086 113 6762 www.dormakaba.com

Small and medium sized enterprises need an access solution that is fast and simple to setup. As an out-of-the-box solution MATRIX ONE can be rolled out in no time and easily operated via the browser.



SPECIFYING: RECOGNISING INNOVATION Creativity extends through every facet of our world; so, too, does innovation. From artisans and sculptors through to digital designers and architects, the imagination is let loose to reflect our passions, knowledge and, of course, the client’s brief. As an established window blind manufacturer, Luminos Blinds understands that its success lies in getting interior designers and architects to specify its product. Luminos Blinds has been developing cutting-edge, on-trend and environmentally sound products for the past 24 years. Their textiles and components are sourced only from the world’s best suppliers. However, getting to showcase their offering is difficult, expensive and often misdirected as their preferred audience is quite often unavailable. How should they navigate the minefield just for the opportunity to tell architects that Luminos Blinds has what they are looking for, or to introduce something superior to the usual specification? One cannot simply make a phone call. So, in an attempt to make their voice heard, Luminos Blinds joined architectural associations. But it would appear that many of these associations are captured by service providers with massive marketing budgets and aggressive strategies. The result is the exclusion of a whole other world of possibilities. Luminos Blinds calls for transformation by opening up these spaces to everyone. They have so much to offer, especially regarding Green Buildings, and would appreciate the opportunity to present new and exciting ideas. www.luminosblinds.co.za


Park Art of Rest is an inspiring example of the revitalisation of a historic building brought back to life. Various Reynaers systems were used, including Concept System 77, which is a high insulating window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security.

REYNAERS ALUMINIUM BURGLAR AND BULLET RESISTANT SYSTEMS PHOTOGRAPHY OLEG BABENCHUK Safety and security are key when embarking on a new building project, or even for a renovation of an existing property. As South Africans, we place a high value on safety and security, therefore we do not stop at electric fences, alarm systems or cameras, but look further to how products can physically enhance the safety of a building. A focus for Reynaers Aluminium is to offer aluminium systems for doors and windows that achieve the necessary burglar and bulletproof ratings to enhance safety and security. Reynaers Aluminium independently tested burglar and bulletproof systems reach ratings up to the international RC3 standard. This classification is based on perpetrator type, behaviour, area of application, risk and application recommendation. Reynaers Aluminium burglar and bulletproof systems are tested at the Reynaers Technology Centre (the biggest privately-owned testing centre for windows, doors and façades in the world) together with various independent certification bodies.

These systems are enhanced with security features such as multiple locking points with a deadbolt as an option. In addition, the hardware is fitted with an anti-drill plate and an anti-lift device. This makes it almost impossible for the perpetrator to drill the lock or break open the window using a crowbar. Your safety will be enhanced even further should you choose safety glazing instead of standard glazing. Even our glazing beads are designed to keep unwanted elements out. Other solutions that have become very popular are aluminium systems that can achieve bullet resistance ratings. These solutions would typically be ideal for high-value retail stores like jewellery stores and security offices. Reynaers Aluminium is proud to mention that with the correct bulletproof glazing they are able to achieve ratings up to RC3 and PB6. Lastly, but definitely not the least, Reynaers Aluminium offers a 10-year guarantee on all aluminium systems. Who could ask for more – safe and secure systems that are guaranteed to last! www.reynaers.co.za



SAGE The space planning, interior design and service coordination for the new Sage head office in the Gateway West building in Waterfall, Midrand, has been carried out successfully by interior architecture company Paragon Interface, part of the Paragon Group. “We conceptualised all of our designs based on how we understood Sage as a global client, but developed a uniquely South African flavour for this organisation,” Paragon Associate Dale Friedman comments. The team also comprised Paragon Interface Director Claire D’Adorante and Interior Designer Jessica Self. The client was Sage Global Real Estate team, based in France, that together with local Sage representatives collaborated towards this successful project outcome. The size of the fit-out itself was 5 500m2, consisting of three floors. The design

incorporated different features within each meeting room. This created excitement throughout the floorplates, and to get the staff to move around the building, sharing different spaces within the fit-out. The colours also varied per floor to assist with wayfinding and design differentiation. “As Sage has global space-planning guidelines for all of its projects, this made the planning process very streamlined,” D’Adorante highlights. The fit-out accommodates 550 desks, based on a desk-sharing philosophy, all in an open-plan

The success of the project, and the well-being of all the employees, is linked largely to the types and number of support spaces included within the fit-out, ranging from private phone booths to formal meeting rooms that enable Sage staff to work according to their daily needs. The fit-out also accommodates a meeting suite, cafeteria, coffee pause areas, agile spaces and a data centre. The bold use of colour and texture played an important role in the overall design. A custom-designed iconographic signage system was developed specifically for Sage, which aligns workplace functions with


the applicable workspaces.

The primary driver was using robust materials that are aesthetically pleasing and that suit the Sage brand. “As it is a global organisation, it is able to leverage off global agreements, and therefore it was a mixture of local and imported materials,” Friedman elaborates. www.paragon.co.za

Tel: +27 (0)11 482 3781 Email: info@paragon.co.za www.paragon.co.za



A ROUND-UP OF RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECTS AND UNVEILED DESIGNS STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, ACCRA A corporate head office development for Standard Chartered Bank in Accra, designed by South African practice MDS Architecture, is an iconic addition to Ghana’s landscape. Bringing the latest international trends to the fore, the 14-storey building offers 12 000m2 GLA. Donald McGillivray, a partner at MDS Architecture, says the new build is uniquely Ghanaian in identity, while ensuring compliance with international standards and design elements for Standard Chartered Bank. The building is located on the intersection of two major roads in Accra, close to the CBD and a short drive from the airport. As such it is a highly visible and prominent site. The structure offers five levels of parking to house 584 vehicles with eight floors of sub-divisible open-plan offices for Standard Chartered Bank, as well as other tenants. As such, the building design needed to conform to Standard Chartered Bank’s worldwide design criteria by applying global specifications for all their buildings. Despite ensuring compliance with global norms, the Standard Chartered building’s interior has been specifically tailored to celebrate its Ghanaian location. This identity is evoked through vernacular patterns throughout the building. McGillivray says that the design is contemporary and features a double-glazed curtain wall façade. “The parking structure is clad in a naturally ventilated screen, which brings to mind vibrant West African fabrics in the pattern design,” he says. This pattern is also infused on the glazing to the office façade through a process called fritting, which involved pre-printing the pattern on the inside face of the double glazing during the manufacturing process. “In addition to the aesthetic value, fritting assists with heat and light emissions,” he explains. The ground floor includes a retail bank and a coffee shop, which opens onto an outside terrace on the street. “In this way, the building’s ground floor becomes part of the urban fabric and integrates into the sidewalk,”

The building design includes measures to ensure that it is self-sufficient – it has full generator back-up, a borehole facility with water chlorinated from boreholes and stored in domestic and fire water tanks in the building. This will supplement municipal water and ensure uninterrupted supply when municipal water is not available. A sewer treatment plant has been

says McGillivray. Landscaping has been kept simple to maximise visibility and existing trees on the perimeter have been retained. The hardscape paving design is pedestrian friendly and maximises accessibility to the public.

incorporated on site. LED lighting has been specified throughout to save energy costs, the building is thermally efficient with double-glazed façades and a sun/shade co-efficient has been applied to the glass. www.mdsarch.co.za


D ESIG NS REVE ALE D SANDTON GATE Abland and Tiber, joint developers of the Sandton Gate precinct, are on track to complete Phase 1 of the much-anticipated mixed-use development. The first phase will include 15 500m2 commercial space, 13 000m2 P-grade office space and a 2 500m2 Planet Fitness positioned on the piazza level of the building. Confirmed tenants, who include Mimecast, will call Sandton Gate home as of 1st November 2019. “Due to the high demand following the launch of phase 1, we aim to break ground for phase 2 in 2020. We’ve redesigned phase 2 to include more retail offerings that will include a grocery store and pharmacy as anchor tenants, as well as a hotel and a holistic medical offering. Other amenities will include restaurants, coffee shops, salons and other convenience stores,” says Grant Silverman, Marketing and Leasing Director, Abland. The residential component of the precinct, which will comprise 137 units of two- and three-bed penthouses, has launched and infrastructural work and the bulk earthworks have started. With the completion of residential first phase envisaged for Q4 2020, the developers are aiming to hit pre-sale target by August this year, which means construction of the top structure will commence Q4 2019. Jurgens Prinsloo, Managing Director of Abland, notes, “With a project of this size we couldn’t ignore the need for road upgrades. Abland undertook extensive traffic impact assessments to get an idea of the traffic impact once the project is complete. As part of the infrastructural advancements, a new intersection on William Nicol between Mattie and Sandton Drive is currently underway. There will also be an introduction of additional lanes to ensure seamless access to the precinct and decrease potential congestion around the area. Ultimately, there are seven substantial upgrades that we’re doing, ranging from the Peter Place intersection, Republic intersection, Mattie intersection, Sandton Drive and William Nicol.” Phase 2 of the development will be ready for occupation Q1 2021.

THE DUKE The Mosaic Group, a housing developer responsible for redeveloping several inner-city buildings in downtown Durban, is bringing its insight, expertise and technical wizardry to Cape Town, releasing the first of 81 luxury apartments in The Duke, situated on the corner of Hans Strijdom Avenue and Lower Heerengracht in Cape Town. The hotel-living-style apartments offer stunning interiors, a rooftop deck and pool, and breathtaking views of bustling tree-lined city avenues against the backdrop of Table Mountain. The building was redesigned by architect Lisa Rorich, famous for her work on exquisite luxury lodges like Singita in Tanzania, and others in Botswana and the Seychelles. The interiors were created by Raewyn Hayhoe, known for her green-building

specialisation and luxurious eco-friendly residential lifestyle estates. The interiors feature a muted palette of charcoal, moody greens and bronze. Polished-concrete floors, Calacatta marble vanity tops and granite countertops, honed black subway tiling, and Bordeaux Oak veneers are cleverly blended with beautiful signature features like Victoria and Albert basins, amber glass pendant cluster lights, Parisian ribbed floor-to-ceiling glass screens and Meir tiger-bronze taps. The stunning views can be enjoyed from novel window-box cushioned seats. Alongside Mosaic Group, Lisa Rorich Architects and Evolution Architects, other members of the development team include DDK Design, Spoormaker and Partners (mechanical and electrical engineers), STBB (conveyancers), and Hulme and Associations (structural and civil engineers).



KATHERINE TOWERS 1 Park Lane, also known as Katherine Towers, has become a prominent feature on the central skyline of Sandton. Conveniently located in Katherine Street, the building forms part of the new mixed-use precinct, towering an impressive 20 storeys above ground level and offering expansive views of its surroundings. Developed by Alchemy Properties, well-known for their portfolio of commercial office buildings and office parks, 1 Park Lane office development comprises 23Â 000m2 GLA (gross lettable area) and includes 11 levels of P-grade office space. Finalised during March 2019 after a 22-month contract period, the project was successfully completed and is now the new corporate head office for Bidvest Bank. In addition, it provides office space for a number of other tenants such as Peregrine and Citadel. Through leading architecture and energy-efficient practices, Paragon Architects has managed to design an aesthetic masterpiece, boasting a 4-Star green building rating from the GBCSA (Green Building Council South Africa).

State-of-the-art façade elements consisting of various materials, together with glazing specifications, formed the basis to achieving a green building rating. As the appointed quantity surveyors on the project, RLB Pentad was responsible for full-scope quantity surveying services, from Stage 1 to Stage 6, including the cost control for the internal office fit-outs and tenant installations. Our proactive approach and vast experience on similar projects were key to the successful management and financial control on this project. RLB Pentad continually strives to take ambitious projects from an idea to reality, in line with our slogan: Bringing Imagination to Life. We are always dedicated to the value, quality and sustainability of the built environment. The collaborative effort between the professional team appointed on 1 Park Lane ensured the successful completion of an iconic landmark in Sandton. RLB Pentad is proud to be associated with this project, the professional team and the developer, Alchemy Properties. www.rlb.com



NO SOUR GRAPES FOR SIKA AT GRAHAM BECK WINE ESTATE Graham Beck Wine Estate, near Robertson, recently required an additional bottling and storage area. The client specs required that the floor in this new building was to withstand low to heavy traffic, as well as have an attractive and clean finish. For this, CSV Construction specified Sika’s renowned Sika PurCem® flooring system. Shortly after construction was complete, severe settlement cracking was observed, which demanded urgent attention. Epoxy Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd called on Sika’s expert advice to find a solution. Anthony Webster, Technical Sales Consultant – Contractors, recommended Sikadur®-52 ZA. This is a two-part, low-viscosity

injection liquid based on high-strength epoxy resins. To start the repairs, Sikadur-52 ZA was used to fill and seal the cracks in the concrete floors on which the PurCem systems needed to be applied. Webster then advised a three- to four-month wait to ensure complete sealing of the existing cracks, and to check no further cracking occurred. After first priming the

concrete floor substrate with Sikafloor®-161, a two-part, low-viscosity epoxy resin, Epoxy Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd applied the final PurCem floor coating. Sikafloor-21N PurCem is a multi-component, medium- to high-strength coloured polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate screed with self-smoothing properties. It was applied at a 4mm thickness on the low to

medium traffic areas. For the medium to high loading and high traffic areas, which require a more durable floor coating, Sikafloor-20N PurCem was used. Sikaflex Pro-3 i-Cure, an elastic joint sealant, was used to seal all the connection joints where the Sikafloor-20N PurCem and Sikafloor-21N PurCem flooring systems had been applied. As the original floor was in an extremely bad condition, the main concern was it would crack through the new flooring – so the correct and efficient repair was the primary challenge of this project. Sika was thrilled to be afforded the challenge, and proud to provide the solution that met the client’s needs. www.sika.com



BELGOTEX REVEALS A NEW LUXURY VINYL STATEMENT Modern African manufacturer Belgotex has launched a collection of LVT flooring that visits all corners of the world without taking anything away from these places of wonder – except inspiration. Part of Belgotex’s Specialised Products Division, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles, also known as luxury vinyl planks or LVP) is the fastest-growing flooring category in the world. The flooring specialist has unveiled a new collection comprising six designs, each with its own distinct qualities and available in colours that will suit all décor schemes. Presented in a shoot that shows the versatility of the product, how it can easily extend from residential to commercial spaces, the sets are somewhat open to interpretation but all offer the same opportunity to escape, with viewers invited to consider the past so that they might look upon a bold new future. Visual influences include an eloquent palette, unexpected texture, layered compositions, woven craft, handcrafted art, bespoke props, dusty tones and unusual directives that make

each scene come alive. This is the stuff of lucid dreams, a sleep induced by the gentle swaying of a hammock under some Mediterranean Modernist portico, dirty brights viewed under a shady palm, the shimmer of light seen on some distant horizon on a sweltering day... an old-world aesthetic elevated to create something that feels immediately fresh. And while Belgotex’s superior LVT invites us to reimagine how a floorscape can enrich our lives, referencing a rich provenance


in order to let our imagination soar, this is ultimately a floorcovering that’s pragmatic by nature. LVT is a hardwearing and resilient product suited for commercial and residential application. By mimicking traditional flooring at a fraction of the cost – and with quicker application and less maintenance required – it boasts the natural good looks of wood, marble, concrete, terrazzo and ceramics with technical superiority and a trend-led approach to design.

The brand-new collection comprised of Fortitude, Sylvan, Hardwood, Terrazzi, Morphic and Slab has mastered the art of imitation via innovation that includes hyper-real graphics and texture, resulting in an enhanced flooring unrivalled in its durability, value and performance. If you’ve ever felt that there might be something bigger beyond the horizon, this new luxury vinyl statement is your chance to take flight. www.belgotex.co.za



RVI SMOKE AND HEAT EXHAUST VENTILATION PRODUCTS RVI has always been a solutions-led company and is well-positioned at the forefront of industrial progression. The company is therefore continually involved in finding effective solutions to smoke control problems. RVI’s natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are designed to extract smoke from the interior of a building through automatically operable roof-mounted ventilators, in compliance with Part 2 of the EN 1210 I code. RVI also installs powered smoke and heat exhaust systems to enhance ventilation. These systems not only ensure that fans and cabling comply with the relevant part of the EN 1210 I code, but also ensures the company’s research and development objectives are on par with the latest international developments.

RVI ORION The Orion is a multifunctional roof ventilator for natural dayto-day ventilation. It acts as a natural smoke exhaust in case of fire – no fan power consumption required. The added advantage of the Orion is its compliance with EN 12101-2 and CE mark, allowing the designer complete peace of mind when specifying this product. The certification extends when incorporating bird screens, burglar bars and wind baffles in any combination.

AUTOMATIC RELEASE VENTILATOR Automatic Release Ventilators are designed to expel smoke, fumes and even flames. The Helm H-ARV automatically provides its maximum exhaust area under fire conditions, whilst providing a fully weathered unit in its normally closed position. It has an attractive low streamlined appearance, manufactured in embossed and plain galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium and pre-painted finishes. Installation is easy and quick on all industrial roofing types.

RVI ARIES The Aries is a multifunctional wallmounted ventilator for natural day-to-day ventilation. It acts as a natural smoke exhaust in case of fire – no fan power consumption required. Bird screens, burglar bars and flanges can be incorporated in any combination. It can be manufactured in zinc aluminium or galvanised steel and is available in a variety of colours.


RIDGE/SLOPE MOUNTED VENTILATORS (H-RV / H-SV) Ridge/Slope Mounted Ventilators are natural-extract roof mounted units. They ensure positive extraction under all weather conditions, being designed so that all rain is effectively drained. They are suitable for the general ventilation of all industrial buildings. Since Ridge/Slope Mounted Ventilators operate without running costs, so they are particularly useful in industries where continuous extraction of plant and solar heat is needed. The H-SV ventilator is commonly used throughout all types of industry and has many other applications in buildings such as schools, hospitals and hostels, where efficient extraction is required without any noise on the slope of the roof. The H-RV ventilator is commonly used throughout the industry and has many other applications in larger buildings such as warehouses and distribution centres where efficient extraction is required along the ridge of the roof. www.rvi-group.com


EARTHWOOL RAINSCREEN SLAB EARNS TWO BBA CERTIFICATES Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool® RainScreen Slab has been certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for use in high-rise residential applications and for use behind masonry. BBA certification is recognised globally and gives South African customers reassurance that the products have been rigorously tested for each specified application. The two BBA certifications cover Earthwool RainScreen Slab for use on both weathertight ventilated cladding systems and as partial fill insulation on conventional steel-frame walls with a masonry outer leaf. Earthwool RainScreen Slab is a semi-rigid Rock Mineral Wool insulation slab suitable for use on both domestic and non-domestic buildings. It is

non-combustible, achieving the best possible A1 Euroclass Reaction to Fire Classification. “Non-combustible insulation is the right choice for architects, specifiers, contractors and homeowners as it will not contribute to the development or spread of fire,” said Suria Ramnarain, Sales Development Manager at Knauf Insulation. “BBA certification ensures customers specifying or installing Earthwool RainScreen Slab can have absolute confidence in its quality and performance for buildings of any height or for any rainscreen application.” Earthwool RainScreen Slab has a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK. It offers superior robustness and durability, with a water repellent additive to preserve its integrity while

exposed during construction. It has been wind load tested by the Building Research Establishment to a maximum design pressure of 3 600Pa or 76m/s – the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. Earthwool RainScreen Slab is optimised for ease of installation. The improved robustness of the product makes it easy to manoeuvre in place, and it is designed to adapt to minor imperfections in the substrate. “Earthwool RainScreen Slab is a highly versatile insulation solution that offers superior thermal performance. This helps property owners save energy by keeping buildings warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm,” added Ramnarain. It is manufactured using ECOSE® Technology, Knauf

Insulation’s patented sustainable bio-based binder that contains no added phenol or formaldehyde. As a result, products made using ECOSE Technology are less energy-intensive than mineral wool products made using traditional chemicalbased binders, further reducing their ecological footprint. They are also odourless, softer to touch and have the best possible Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort, contributing to a high level of indoor air quality. Thanks to compression packaging, there is more product per pack, and therefore per pallet, and less packaging is used. As a result, Knauf Insulation products require less handling and storage space, helping to improve logistics and efficiencies on site. www.knauf-insulation.co.za



PLEXIGLAS GS ACRYLIC GLASS FOR BREATH-TAKING POOL CREATIONS Outside entertainment areas are increasingly becoming key focus areas, with residential and commercial property developers spending more time exploring unique designs. Pools are no longer just a functional element, but have evolved to take centre stage with creative features like curves, L-shapes, U-shapes, transparent pool walls or windows, and infinity panels being incorporated for impressive end results.

designs. PLEXIGLAS® GS Acrylic (cast solid sheets and blocks) is a particular grade of PLEXIGLAS that impresses pool specialists from around the world with excellent material quality and unsurpassed outdoor performance. PLEXIGLAS GS acrylic blocks are absolutely colourless with no green tint and have significantly greater durability than glass. Acrylic is less than half the density

without compromising any of its features or impacting on the impressive 30-year guarantee against yellowing, which is particularly important when constructing swimming pools. The UV protection inherent to PLEXIGLAS GS only displays minimal yellowing values, which are invisible to the

edges. At the same time, the low weight also contributes to making acrylic much safer. Acrylic windows with damaged surfaces can be repaired and scuff marks or minor scratches polished out, leaving the surface looking like new. PLEXIGLAS with its impressive features and unparalleled outdoor

Acrylic is the ideal material for feature finishes to swimming pool designs and can be used in small or large pool construction projects to achieve stunning

of glass and much lighter and easier to transport, resulting in a more cost-effective pool installation process. Incredibly strong and robust, PLEXIGLAS GS can be shaped

human eye, even after three decades. Important to note is that when acrylic shatters, it is, in contrast to glass, in large pieces with relatively blunt

performance, allows design professionals to push the boundaries of unique pool design, creating bodies of water with high visual appeal. www.world-of-plexiglas.com

Creating a bright future for bespoke pool and aquarium design. Invented over 86 years ago, PLEXIGLAS® is the world‘s first acrylic glass and used extensively in architectural design and construction. PLEXIGLAS® GS acrylic sheets and blocks are exceptionally strong, robust and has excellent light transmission and clarity. Less than half the density of glass, PLEXIGLAS® weights much less and is easier to transport, install and can be shaped to accomodate creative designs. With its 30 year guarantee against yellowing, PLEXIGLAS® pool installations promises to retain a crystal clear appearance and last a life-time. Contact our technical specialists for material selection and construction advice. T: +27 11 387 1940 | E: plexiglas.africa@roehm.com | W: www.world-of-plexiglas.com


Create the extraordinary with Bushtec Creations

Duba Explores Camp

CREATING ONE-OF-A-KIND TRAVEL DESTINATIONS WORLDWIDE Bushtec Creations is a specialized division of the Canvas and Tent group. It’s been over 50 years since the group first started manufacturing outstanding quality tents, and over time, we have diversified and expanded our business. Bushtec Creations specializes in conceptualising, designing, building and maintaining world-class full turnkey tented camps, lodges and resorts for the luxury travel market. Our integrated turnkey solutions have ensured that we’ve created dream destinations, from start to finish, on every kind of terrain – land, desert, mountains or water – across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia. Bushtec Creations is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of unique and innovative design on a global scale in conjunction with investors, lodge owners and architects. For us, no destination is too remote, no idea too bold, no challenge too big. Contact us on +27 (0)12 671 1117 | bushteccreations.com info@bushteccreations.com A CANVAS AND TENT company



CHRYSO VERTICART CARVES A PLACE AT THE LEONARDO CHRYSO, a global specialist in the chemistry of building materials, supplied its innovative VerticArt to The Trinity Session for an iconic artistic creation in the foyer of The Leonardo in Sandton. The Trinity Session, a creative production team, embarked on the curation of a sculpted representation of a cross-section through earth, showing the strata formed by tectonic plates shifting and colliding, to form the intricate patterns of geological formations. Marcus Neustetter, a director of The Trinity Session, explains that the project called for an earthy, robust

medium. CHRYSO VerticArt, a cementitious mortar that is designed for application to vertical surfaces, presented the ideal material. The chemical makeup of VerticArt allows for a vertically applied maximum thickness of 150mm, making it ideal for relief threedimensional (3-D) artwork. CHYRSO VerticArt was applied in various thicknesses and then carved and textured using palette knives, trowels, chisels, straight edges and wire brushes. A zero to 48hour carving window ensured that the artists had sufficient time to perfect the application and sculpting processes.

The mural was intentionally not pigmented, resulting in a realistic artistic rendition of a cross-section through the crust of the earth, creating the effect of an upwards journey though geological eons as visitors ascend the staircase. This project used 4,5 ton of CHRYSO VerticArt, covering 140m2, scaling a height of 15m (three storeys). It took eight artists, in conjunction with the CHRYSO technical team,

seven weeks to complete. “This massive and bold statement artwork is a first for CHRYSO’s VerticArt in both South Africa and worldwide, challenging architects, designers and artists to further explore the decorative potential of concrete,” says Neville Wearne, CHRYSO Southern Africa’s project manager: concrete aesthetics. www.chryso.com

GYPROC EXTENDS SAINT-GOBAIN’S GLOBAL METAL BRAND TO SOUTH AFRICA The unseen backbone of drywall systems, the steel frame, is the base for ultimate performance. Highperformance processes, including the UltraSTEEL® process, are used at the Germiston Metals plant to form a wide range of wall frame products, to

which Gyproc’s range of RhinoBoard® and Habito® plasterboards are fixed. With the recent introduction of the UltraSTEEL I-stud, Gyproc is able to offer a two-hour fire-resistant single-frame drywall up to a height of 13.4m.


Gypframe® profiles are crucial in supporting the performance offered by Gyproc’s acoustic and Habito wall systems, with industry-leading design for acoustic performance and bespoke length applications for Habito installations. Both exposed and concealed grid systems have been formed from the earliest days of the local roll-forming operation – all this manufacturing knowhow continues with the renaming of the product from the plant. Meeting the needs of local conditions is central in product development. To this end, Gypframe Essential is now available for non-fire-rated lay-in tile applications, paired with Gyprex® ceiling tiles.

Corrosion resistance is a crucial performance requirement for both wall frame and ceiling grids. Gypframe profiles offer zinc anti-corrosion coating, following local industry guidelines, and for ceiling grids provide Aluzinc coating – the well-established approach followed by roofsheeting manufacturers. Wall and ceiling performance is also impacted by screw fixing – the UtraSTEEL process central to Gypframe wall frame results in improved screw retention. Gyproc’s technical team provides product support to architects and have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding wall frame and ceiling grids. www.gyproc.co.za

Gypframe 2019-9-001

Plasterboard wall and ceiling systems’ ultimate performance depends on wall frame and ceiling grid rigidity, coupled with corrosion resistance. Gyproc’s wall and ceiling systems rely on Gypframe™ to be the backbone; you should too!



THE TITLE OF LUXURY Elite Deco Paints was established in 2017 in Amman, the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan. The founders’ vision and dedication, coupled with their high aspirations and ambitions, has resulted in the successful formation of a pioneering company in the paint industry in the GCC countries and the Middle East at large. Elite Deco Paints excels in the manufacturing and development of innovative, high-quality and environmentally responsible paints that meet the needs of a wide range of clients spanning industrial, commercial and private individuals. At inception, the factory capacity was 4 000 tons and has grown to an impressive 400 000 tons.

Elite Deco Paints pride themselves on supporting the national economy of the Kingdom of Jordan as well as their local communities – paving the way for the Jordanian youth to develop and improve their technical and technological knowhow by providing them with onthe-job training and offering employment opportunities in the company. Their partnership success with distinctive clients has been a direct result of their corporate responsibility, their enhancement of human resources, their strive to reach and maintain the highest professional standards, and their focus on sustainability in the field of paint manufacture. This has resulted in Elite Deco Paints having a presence in

all areas of the Kingdom of Jordan, with 600 showrooms and sales centres. All of the furnished showrooms have highly trained and dedicated staff to assist their clients into making informed purchasing decisions to satisfy their unique needs. Elite Deco Paints has now expanded to South Africa. Based in Kramerville, Sandton, the company’s aim is to expand to all corners of South Africa. Their commitment

Brinda Somaya, Marilyne Andersen and Alejandro Aravena

LAFARGEHOLCIM AWARDS The 6th LafargeHolcim Awards competition is open for entries until February 25, 2020. The Awards offers a total of $2m in prize money and foregrounds sustainable construction projects and concepts from architecture, engineering, urban planning, materials science, construction technology, and related fields. The Main Awards category is open to sustainable construction projects at an advanced stage of design, with a high

probability of realisation. Construction/fabrication must not have started before January 1, 2019. The Awards Next Generation category seeks visionary design concepts and bold ideas at a preliminary stage of design, including design studio and research work. To participate in this category, authors may not be older than 30 years. Students and young professionals are welcome to enter the Main Awards category with projects that


to local communities will be extended to their South African venture. The Elite Deco Paint range is available to hardware retailers and will afford retailers the opportunity to offer their customers a paint that is out of the ordinary, textured and beautiful, and a solution to their customers’ needs in a way that is unique, attractive and offers value for money. www.elitedecopaints.com

have reached an advanced stage of design. To evaluate and rank the diverse submissions received in this global competition, the five independent juries will use the “target issues” for sustainable construction. The five domains encompass the sustainable development goals of economic, social and ecological performance – but are extended to include contextual and aesthetic impact specific to the built environment, as well as an

indicator for innovation and transferability. The competition promotes circular thinking and the reduction of CO2 emissions across all disciplines. It identifies the ideas with the highest potential to tackle today’s challenges to increasing urbanisation and to improve quality of life. A step-by-step guide explains the process in detail and shows how to prepare an entry at www.lafargeholcimawards.org


INTRODUCING A GLOBAL FORCE IN WATERPROOFING TO SOUTH AFRICA BMI Coverland and BMI Icopal form part of the BMI Group, the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout Europe and Asia. As of February 2019, the innovative waterproofing product range became available to the South African waterproofing community, and at very competitive pricing. BMI Icopal brings innovations like NOx-Active bitumen waterproofing membrane that absorbs nitrogen oxide (NOx) and thereby depollutes the air we breathe. In addition our 'Metal - Faced' bitumen membrane range extends the longevity of the bitumen membrane through the application of an embossed thermo-stable attached metal foil. The initial BMI Icopal product offering includes Paraplast - a high performance

range of Atatic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen torch- on membranes. The bitumen grade used to produce the Paraplast waterproofing range has good U.V resistance, elasticity, flexibility and heat resistance making the range the contractor’s choice. The Paraplast torch-on range comprises of a 3mm APP torch-on membrane and a 4mm APP torch-on waterproofing membrane and a 4mm APP granular slate (grey) torch-on membrane. The Paraplast range of APP bitumen membranes is complimented with a bitumen surface primer to enhance bonding onto substrates and high quality silver topcoat that has a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 80. The Paraplast waterproofing range are introduced at very competitive pricing and stock is available immediately.

THE REST OF THE MULTI-PRODUCT PORTFOLIO WILL BE ROLLED OUT OVER THE NEXT YEAR AND INCLUDE BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO: • The BMI EverGuard range of TPO fleeced and non-fleeced membranes with excellent weld ability and chemical resistance for faster and easier installations on most types of large roof tops. • Single-ply and solvent free liquid applied waterproofing which is based on polyurethane resin technology, BMI Sealoflex liquid forms a seamless permanently elastic, vapour permeable membrane -resistant and that is tear durable solution for new and existing commercial areas. • The innovative Blue Roof Waterproof systems for temporary retention of rain water on roof tops. The technology allows for retention of the rain water during rain fall that can stored and used periodically thereafter. Particularly useful in areas of rain scarcity environments.

Applications for BMI Icopal waterproofing membranes include but are not limited to exposed flat concrete roofs, roof gardens systems, foundation walls, balconies, tunnels, landfills, dams & pond linings, box gutters, metal roofs, parking decks under asphalt, terraces, lift pits, paved parking areas, patios,

BMI Coverland (Pty) Ltd Constantia View Office Estate, Block 6, 2 Hogsback Road, Quellerina, Johannesburg

insulated roofs, retaining walls, sewage plants, parapet walls, planter boxes. *Correct maintenance intervals required to offer extended longevity BMI Icopal offers a standard 10 year waterproofing warranty on all its product solutions ensuring that they are manufactured 'Fit for Purpose'. BMI – Because it is never just a roof.

Contact: Lance Anderson Flat Roof Specialist T +27 11 222 7300/ 7414 | M +27 72 486 6210 E lance.anderson@bmigroup.com



Every year, the Dulux colour specialists at the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Centre in the Netherlands create a trends report called Colour FuturesTM. The 2020 report is the culmination of extensive trend research by experts around the world, and includes a series of diverse palettes around one central Colour of the Year – a shade that perfectly captures the mood of the moment. A delicate, fluid shade somewhere between green, blue and grey, Tranquil DawnTM is supported by four palettes, each featuring the Colour of the Year as the hero. The palettes are designed

PLAY PALETTE Perfect for office spaces and educational institutions. This vibrant palette, combining brights and chalky pastels, helps to create spaces where people can let their imaginations run wild, bringing transformative energy to educational buildings and workplaces.

to empower and inspire customers, while making the task of choosing colour easier. The four supporting palettes are called Care, Play, Meaning and Creativity.

them up to new levels of experience.

MEANING PALETTE Perfect for residential areas and the hospitality industry. The elemental shades of this palette of soft greys can be used in places where people go to be free from distractions, aiding contemplation and opening

CARE PALETTE Perfect for office spaces and healthcare facilities.

CREATIVITY PALETTE Perfect for residential areas and the hospitality industry. The rich, intense forest greens and earthy ochres in this palette can be used in spaces designed to

The warm, soft neutrals and pale pastels of this palette help to create mood-boosting places that help boost physical and mental wellbeing.

encourage people to be curious and creative, where people can explore different ways of doing things. www.dulux.co.za


LED PANEL LIGHTING FOR THE OFFICE When designing an office, elements like the floorplan, desks and computers are often given the most thought. Lighting, on the other hand, gets the least attention, yet it is listed as one of the biggest complaints by office workers. Poor lighting affects employees in a number of ways. It causes eye strain and headaches, making the work environment incredibly uncomfortable, which ultimately leads to a drop in productivity. A well-lit office allows employees to concentrate on their work and creates a cheerful environment for everyone to function in. To achieve this, office lighting needs to be planned and implemented strategically. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to get confused about which lighting will work best. While fluorescent lighting has always been a firm favourite for office environments, LED panels have proven to be a more beneficial approach to illuminating the contemporary office space. This is why: 1) THEY’RE COST-EFFECTIVE LED panel lighting will save you money in the long run in comparison to fluorescent fixtures. They dissipate less heat and therefore consume less energy, which will automatically lower your electricity bill. Because they operate using LED diodes, there are no tubes to replace and the need for maintenance and installation expenses are eliminated. 2) THEY OFFER QUALITY, CUSTOMISABLE ILLUMINATION Quality lighting is imperative in an office environment. LED panels instantly reach their maximum level of brightness when they are switched on as opposed to fluorescent fixtures, which need time to warm up. The reflective materials used in the panels make the light brighter, while prismatic lenses work to distribute the light evenly. This even spread of light reduces glare and allows you to illuminate the space with fewer fixtures. LED panels allow for customisation of light temperature, which is great for optimising productivity in the workspace. In an office environment, you ideally want to prevent eye strain so that employees can go about their work in comfort. For this reason, LED panels with a colour temperature of 4 000K are best. With many LED panels having dimming capabilities, you can also set them to a level of brightness that is most suitable for your environment and needs. This is especially useful when staff do digital presentations on large screens and require the lights to be dimmed. Take customisation a step further and connect the LED panels to compatible motion sensors. Large offices benefit from this feature because there are often areas of the office or hallways that are seldom used. Motion sensor lighting saves on electricity because you don’t need to keep these areas unnecessarily lit for long periods of time. www.eurolux.co.za


(re)stitched landscape


he third instalment from artist and rug designer Julia Swanepoel Pepler for Gonsenhausers, ‘(re)stitched landscape’, continues on the theme of aerial photography. “In the vein of an abstract art practice, I am intuitively drawn to my source material – aerial maps and photographs. As I deconstruct, dismantle, mix and combine elements from different geographical locations, I end up (re)stitching maps and diverse places together, creating a design that is completely detached from any single place,” says Pepler. Pepler’s source material for (re)stitched landscape has been

collected over many years, ranging from her own aerial photography to satellite imagery, maps and Googled aerial landscape and city imagery. While much of this source material is in black and white, Pepler’s choice of colour is influenced by the positive force colour plays in her own life. Rather than consciously being driven by trends, Pepler’s use of colour combinations are motivated by what excites her. For this collection, expect balanced harmonious tones juxtaposed with unexpected combinations, all in contrast to the subjects’ natural colours in nature. www.finerugs.co.za



Alania’s reputation for delivering uncompromised quality, leading technology and exceptional turn around times is underpinned by an astute understanding of and respect for the design intent.

to the last detail

Implement your projects efficiently and to the finest levels of detail with Alania. www.alania.co.za



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