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HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD HOLISTIC DENTIST When it comes to picking a dentist to satisfy your dental needs, especially a holistic one, many people find themselves in a quandary. Unfortunately, Holistic Dentistry is not a true dental specialty, and there is no oversight, requirements or governing body for holistic dentists. This means that every holistic dentist is different. It is up to the patient to figure out which dental practice fulfills their holistic and dental needs. You can safely bet that all holistic dentists do not use mercury fillings. And that one commonality is usually all it takes for dentists to claim that they are "holistic." This is why it is important for the discerning individual to research the dentist and the dental practice as well as interview the dentist on their first visit. Some dentists may even agree have a phone interview before seeing the patient for the first time. Web sites and reviews are a good start, but reader be ware: anyone can write anything they want on the internet, true or not.

by Dr. Alex Shvartsman DDS, MAGD, AIOAMT

gimmick to attract new patients? Is the dentist leading a holistic lifestyle? Is the dentist knowledgeable in important holistic protocols such as Accreditation in the IAOMT safe mercury removal, biocompatibility testing, holistic root canal therapy, how to avoid root canals, natural ways to heal cavities, etc... Is the dentist practicing 1800's conventional dentistry or is the dentist minimally invasive and is familiar with modern tooth conserving dental techniques? By asking the dentists appropriate questions that are important to you, you can gauge by the dentist response if it is a right fit for you. TRAINING & TECHNOLOGY What post-doctoral training in holistic dentistry does the dentist have? Is he a biomimetic dentist? Is he or she Accredited by the IAMOT? Does the dentist have additional degrees in a holistic and alternative health such as Naturopathy, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine or Homeopathy degrees? Dentistry is constantly changing. New, more natural, healthier, non-toxic materials are finally available. New developments in technology allow dentist to be minimally invasive and tooth conserving. How does the dentist you are choosing measure up in this category??? Is he or she golfing all the time or are they going to continuing education courses? Incredible advances in dental materials, technology and techniques have great appeal to the holistic minded individual. Chose a dentist who reflects the qualities that best match your health and lifestyle goals.

CLINICAL SKILL & PHILOSOPHY Sadly, a small percent of dentists are really adept at dentistry. This may come as a shock to most people, but the fact remains that in order to be a good dentist, one must possess exceptional hand-eye coordination. While physicians have a vast choice in specialties, less than 10% go into specialties that require great hand eye coordination skills such as plastic surgery, neuro surgery and eye surgery. While 99% of dentists HAVE TO BE microsurgeons. Unfortunately, less than 10% have that innate skill. Generally, natural born artists that can draw and sculpt well, have excellent hand-eye coordination. In addition, an art skill is extremely valuable in dentistry since dentists need to replicate the natural tooth form by sculpting and carving dental restorations. This explains why most people are walking around with fillings and crowns that look like non-anatomic blobs and have very little resemblance to the natural tooth. Nature makes teeth look Alex Shvartsman, DDS, MAGD, AIOAMT, is like teeth for a reason. Each cusp and groove in a tooth serves a purpose. Dr. Golan located at The Long Island Center for When dentists do not reproduce this anatomy when reconstructing a tooth, Dr. Shvartsman Healthier Dentistry, 260 E Main Street, Suite 109, the teeth may not function properly. It is no wonder why many people sufSmithtown NY, 11787. Call Dr. Shvartsman at (631) 361-3577 fer form TMJ problems: their teeth have not been restored back to proper or visit Howard Golan, DDS, natural anatomy! Just because one has the right mindset, is nice and well meaning, does not mean he can deliver great, pain-free and long lasting MWCLI is located at 245 Hillside Ave. Williston Park, NY 11596. Contact Dr. Golan at 516-627-1687 or visit dental care! Since every holistic dentist is different, the philosophy of their approach becomeS very important. Is the dentist a "holistic dentist" as a

Beyond Holistic Dentistry: Biomimetic Dentistry Taking Dental Health into the 21st Century! Leaders in Laser Dentistry Laser Fillings: Using the new Water Lasers, many small to medium sized cavities can now be treated virtually painlessly without shots, drills and numb lips.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment:

Laser Cavity Scanner : No more painful picking of your teeth. The DIAGNOdent, a painless laser, is over 90% effective in detecting small cavities before they turn into large holes, unneccessary root canals, crowns and tooth extractions.

Lasers offer antiobiotic/chemical-free treatment to remove harmful bacteria that can cause a dangerous ICON Drill-Free Dentistry : inflammatory response in the body, a contributing No shot, no drill, no numbness, no pain! Breakthrough factor in many systemic diseases. Lasers also speed microtechnology fills and reinforces small cavities in healing. tooth enamel.

Laser Canker Sore Treatment: Biomimetic Dentistry is the most current, science-supported approach to treating weak, fractured and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong, seals them from bacterial invasion and makes them last significantly longer. The underlying principle of Biomimetic Dentistry is conservative dentistry. We make every effort to conserve as much of your own healthy teeth as possible.

With laser treatment, painful canker and cold sores heal in just 3 days as opposed to the typical 10-day period!

For safe mercury filling removal, we follow IAOMT protocols and use safe metal-free biomimetic tooth-colored restorations


CAD/CAM DENTISTRY • All porcelain crowns in 1 VISIT! • No need for extra visits • Metal-free crowns made in our • No need for an extra shot!! • Save time and money! office while you wait • No need for temporaries


Dr. Howard Golan 245 Hillside Avenue Williston Park, NY 11596

Dr. Alex Shvartsman 260 E. Main Street, Suite 109 Smithtown, NY 11787




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Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV) The Safe & Painless Answer for HPV by Dr. Howard Robins What is genital HPV infection? According the U. S. Center for Disease Control, genital human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. There are 40 or more types of HPV that can infect the genital areas of men and women as well as the throat and mouth! HPV may cause serious health problems, including genital warts and certain cancers. While there is no certain way to tell who will develop health problems from HPV and who will not, most cases of HPV will be eliminated by our immune system before it causes any health problem. Most people who become infected with HPV don’t even know they have it. So how do you get HPV? Anyone who is having or has ever had sex can get HPV. This is true even for people who only have sex with one person in their lifetime! HPV is passed on through genital contact, usually during vaginal and anal sex. What most people don’t know is that HPV may also be passed on during oral sex and simply from genital contact. HPV can be passed on even when the infected person has no signs or symptoms. Most people don’t realize they are infected, or that they are passing HPV on to their partner. A person can still have HPV, even if years have passed since they have had sexual contact with an infected person. It is also possible to get more than one type of HPV. Most important to note is that a pregnant woman with genital HPV can pass the HPV on to her baby during delivery. What are the risks from HPV? Fortunately, most people with HPV never develop symptoms or health problems. Most HPV infections (90%) go away by themselves within two years. Unfortunately, sometimes, HPV infections can and will persist and may cause a variety of very significant and serious health problems. Health problems that can be caused by HPV include: • Genital warts which can be painful. • Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP), fortunately a rare condition in which the warts grow in the throat. • Cervical cancer. • Other rare but serious cancers, including genital cancers, and a type of head and neck cancer called oropharyngeal cancer which is in the back of throat, and may extend to the base of the tongue and tonsils. Is there a test for HPV? HPV tests are available to help screen women aged 30 years and older for cervical cancer. These HPV tests are not used to screen men, children, or

women under the age of 30 years. There is no approved HPV test to detect HPV in the mouth or throat. How is HPV normally treated? What is the success? According to the government, there is no treatment for the virus itself, but only for the health problems that HPV can cause. This is not true. The standard treatments below unfortunately often fail and a recurrence of the problem happens sometimes a year or more later. • Genital warts can be removed with treatments applied by doctors using acid or liquid nitrogen. • Cervical cancer is most treatable when it is diagnosed and treated early. Women who get routine Pap tests and follow up as needed can identify problems before cancer develops. Here surgical scraping or cryosurgery (freezing) is typically used also, unfortunately far to often with re-occurrence. • Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) can be treated with surgery or medicines. Curing RRP often requires many treatments or surgeries over a period of years. Is there another choice and if the normal treatment fails can it still be used? Yes! There is a safe and proven effective treatment that has been used in Europe for many years and now available here, called Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV). This treatment destroys the virus wherever it is living, genitally and orally outside or inside the body. Simply, it is the only treatment that does this and with no pain at all! What happens is, medical grade oxygen and ozone gas is safely and painlessly injected by trained professionals into a vein (you can’t get an embolus from oxygen, only from nitrogen gas), the extra ”O” in the ozone molecule acts like a glue stealing an electron from anything in our body that it can latch onto. Healthy cells in our body contain natural anti-oxidants that protect them against damage or destruction. Only pathogens like HPV are destroyed anywhere they are living. In addition organic ozonated oils can be used either externally and/or internally to safely and painlessly assist and speed up the eradication of this horrible infection. So please don’t wait! It’s absolutely possible to completely eliminate HPV from your body. To learn more about Medical Ozone therapy go to or buy a copy of “Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine” available at, which has testimonials on it’s benefits and effectiveness. If you have any questions about this amazing therapy you may contact Dr. Howard Robins at 212-581-0101, considered the foremost clinical expert on the use of medical ozone in North America with over 185,000 treatments performed over 22 years.

A frequent guest on the Gary Null Radio Show, Dr. Howard Robins has been helping people using Ozone Therapy for over 21 years and is considered by many to be the foremost clinical expert in North America on Bio-oxidative Therapies for the SAFE treatment of diseases and illnesses with over 175,000 treatments performed.

Dr. Howard Robins

DIV Ozone Therapy has successfully treated Herpes I and II, HIV, all forms of Hepatitis, Diabetic ulcers/neuropathy, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Candidiasis, MS, RA, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Shingles, Acne, Psoriasis, HPV, and now RSD/CRPS just to name a few of diseases and conditions. Please call and speak to Dr. Robins to find out more about this amazing treatment or and/or go to

When all else has failed, DIV Ozone Therapy may be your only hope and the answer!

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The world leader in Bio-oxidative Therapies 200 W. 57th Street • New York, NY 10019 (corner of 7th Ave. by Carnegie Hall)

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How Much Does Your Body Talk to You? Imagine if every time you ate a snickers bar, a siren went off in your body saying ‘Alert! Alert! This candy bar is not good for you! Consuming sugary snacks will weaken your immune system as we speak and will leave your body more vulnerable to infection and disease.’ Or imagine if every time you sat hunched over on your cell phone another siren went off saying ,’Watch out! As you sit here with your head kinked forward you are drastically speeding up degeneration in your spine and you are aging faster than your body is supposed to.’ Your body is not designed to send warning signals all the time, even though I wish it did! If the body worked like that, you would probably think twice about many of the unhealthy choices that you make. Would you drink soda if you knew that it destroys the lining of your stomach? Would you leave interference along the nerves that control your immune system when you know that it’s in charge of killing off cancer cells every day? Would you take a baby aspirin every day if you knew it could cause gastrointestinal bleeding? Your body is incredible but it’s not designed to tell you right away when something isn’t working correctly or when chemicals aren’t being released at the right amounts. A significant amount of cells that make up organs would have to function poorly for an extended amount of time before your body develops symptoms of a problem. It’s for your own protection because you would have symptoms every second of everyday because your body is always checking and balancing inside.

MAY 2014 1-800-NEW LIVING by Dr. Diana

It’s amazing to imagine how millions of cells, chemicals and hormones work in harmony together to keep your body running every second. This is all happening without you thinking about it! Whether you are conscious of it or not, it’s happening! Your body knows what to do to keep you well as long as you give it what it needs, stay away from what it doesn’t and remove anything interfering in it functioning. If you have interference and your body is not in a state of homeostasis, then it’s important to find out what’s causing the interference so you can clear it up and be the healthiest version of you once again. You don’t wait for your check engine light to turn on to take care of your car and you shouldn’t wait until your body has symptoms to take care of it. You take care of your body so that it NEVER HAS symptoms of poor health. Who are you leaving at home that needs to be here? Dr. Diana works with Dr. Ray Omid at Advanced Holistic Healthcare and Premium Holistic, comprehensive wellness organizations that offer nutritional counseling, weight loss programs, chiropractic care and so much more. Dr. Ray Omid is based at Advanced Holistic Healthcare, 901 Stewart Avenue, Suite 285, Garden City, NY. His other office is Premium Holistic Healthcare, 325 North Boradway, Jericho, NY. You can visit him at Dr. Omid currently speaks at support groups, civic groups, libraries, places of worship, corporations, clubs and organizations.

FREE Community Wellness Day June 14, 2014 Jericho, NY See page 6 for details

Complimentary Dinner With the Doc! Join Dr. Ray Omid as he hosts a complimentary dinner for you and four guests. While dinner is being prepared, he will be speaking about the three components to a 100-year lifestyle, how to regain life and vitality, how to have more energy and less stress, and how to prevent medical debt and protect your number one assets. If you are looking to build your health, prevent disease, reduce and eliminate medication, and or find the cause of your health concerns you definitely want to attend this event. A three-course dinner will be served. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm sharp.(No one allowed in after 6:45 pm). Dinner will be held at: Umberto's Italian Restaurant (633 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040). Dr. Omid will be hosting the Dinner on Monday night June 2, 2014 at 6:30 pm. Seating is Limited and reserved for adults 18 and over. You must RSVP no later than one week prior to the event by calling Bessi Dion @ 917-747-2795.

HEALTHY GARDENING IDEAS: Build Soil Nutrition with Probiotics!

Before Treatment with Bio S.I.

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Bio S.I. Technology Helps Restore Life to the Soil Soil health is the foundation of all life. Unfortunately, years of unsustainable agriculture and growing practices characterized by over-tilling and the overuse of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides have taken all life out of the soil. If you think of a forest, which has “black gold” or naturally occurring thick, rich humus soil, it is never tilled, fertilized or watered except by nature. It is also lush with life – bacteria, fungi and earthworms further enrich the soil by breaking down nutrients that plants need to produce roots, leaves, flowers and fruit. Just as we need healthy bacteria to help us absorb certain nutrients and protect us against bad bacteria, plants are the same way. The lack of healthy bacteria in the soil translates into a lack of nutrients for the plants which translates into a loss of vital nutrients in our food. Our society is suffering from epidemic levels of all kinds of diseases which can, in one way or another, be attributed to inadequate nutrient intake. Years of clean-till conventional farming and gardening without the use of cover crops or techniques to rebuild and restore vitality to the soil have left the soil void of life. The lack of life and organic matter in the soil combined with over-watering with chlorinated municipal water and the overuse of chemicals have literally killed the soil making it susceptible to drought and devastating erosion. Rebuilding soil is the new “Brown Revolution” and the key to successful agriculture and gardening. Bio S.I. Technology, based in Justin, Texas manufactures a complete line of liquid soil inoculants that combine a broad spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial soil-borne microbes and enzymes to help large farmers and home gardeners alike. These products help reduce toxicity in the soil, grow healthier crops and rebuild the soil naturally. The microbes in Bio S.I.'s Agriculture and Home & Garden Formulas penetrate damaged soils while digesting and decomposing leftover and poten-

tially harmful organic wastes. As the microbes digest wastes, valuable humus or carbon is created and made readily available for absorption in the root-zone of plants. Thick, lively humus layers are a staple component of vital soils. Bio S.I. Technology's Lawn & Garden products can help you move from conventional chemical lawn and garden practices to programs that use organic fertilizers, organic weed control, IPM and so on. Bio S.I.'s Agriculture and Lawn & Garden+Humus Formulas will help you get the results you want with fewer chemicals, all while reducing the negative impact on our environment and the risk to your family and pets. In addition to improving soil vigor and nutrient availability, Bio S.I. Agriculture and Lawn & Garden Formulas will help loosen soil aggregates, improve water penetration, and enhance the efficiency of applied fertilizers and chemicals so you can use less. Bio S.I. Agriculture and Lawn & Garden "Select" Formulas give you the benefits of soil microbes plus the added bonus of 4 different myccorhizae fungi. This combination of microbes and fungi expands the surface area of the rootzone and helps the plants get nutrients that would normally be locked-out and unavailable for uptake. This product also helps build the humus fraction of the soil faster because the microbes breakdown plant debris faster. "Select" formulas also give the plants improved ability to fight off diseases and pests. After using Bio S.I., growers should expect a reduced need to water plants and add additional soil amendments. They will notice taller, hardier plants, growth uniformity, brighter colors and bigger harvests. As much of the Western United States continues to battle prolonged drought causing food prices to escalate, efforts must be taken to renew soil vitality. This means a local movement starting with local growers and home gardeners. What better place to start than in your own backyard? For more information about soil, microbes and Bio S.I. technology products, please visit Bio S.I. products are available for purchase online and at select retail stores.


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THE DEVASTATING IMPACT OF CHRONIC INFECTIONS ON KIDS AND FAMILIES Our body stands at the crossroads between the micro-organisms that our body depends on to survive, and the tremendous impact these microbes and their associated by-products can have on our health. Some of the chemicals excreted or otherwise created by the breakdown of viruses and bacteria in our bodies can literally look like and take the place of the same chemicals our brain uses. The conclusion that I have made over the years is that in any case where treatments work and then stop working, it is often the result of an undiagnosed chronic infection. The reason that cases with chronic infections get better and then worse is that the microbes adapt to the new environmental stresses they encounter, namely antibiotics. I believe that the more we learn about the human body and bacteria, the more instances we will see that chronic infections, and our response to chronic infections, is creating many of the sickness we just don’t understand today. One case that we do understand is the reaction in children that have had a throat infection with the strep bacteria. Sometimes, after a strep throat treated properly with antibiotics, we will see children develop abnormal moods and behavior. Often, this means that not only will moods change, but even more extreme personality changes may develop. The child may start to like doing things that he or she hadn't liked doing before, grades may go down and interpersonal skills may be affected. This condition is known as PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections) or PANS (Pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome). The current understanding of the conditions acquired after strep infection guesses that the antibodies that were made to attack the strep bacteria also attack different parts of the brain. It looks like the antibodies attack different parts of the brain in different cases. From a common sense perspective, it would probably be more accurate to say that every infection affects the brain in every case. It will just be the degree and how long the symptoms last that may differ between the types of infections and the types of patients. Really, isn’t this a common experience with people in our lives? Haven’t you said to your kids or mom or dad that they don’t seem well? That they seem like they are getting sick because they are moody or irritable or a bit down? What you are observing in these cases is the affect of the infection on brain function. In some cases, the immune reaction that is triggering these changes doesn’t diminish as the infection clears.

breakthroughs in natural medicine free lecture January 10, 2015 Steve Nenninger, ND

by Steve Nenninger

In every case that we suspect chronic infections are the underlying cause of a client’s symptoms, there is some basic testing that must be done before any more time, effort, money or energy is wasted. First and foremost, testing for IgG and IgA food allergens must be done. We call these the hidden food allergens because the reactions can take so long to show up. If the person suffering with symptoms has one of these allergens, then that will keep the immune system in a chronically activated and over-activated state. Additionally, it will distract the body from trying to recover from whichever infection initiated the antibody production. The next test that must be done is for brain chemistry balance. This is because it is the brain chemistry that will determine how the immune system is working. We basically want to know if the immune system is all gas pedal, all brakes or neither. Without this information, it can be hard to correct the problem even in cases where we understand why the problem started. The next test that must be done especially in chronic cases, is testing for cytokine levels. Don’t get thrown by the new word. Cytokines are basically immune system messengers. The tell the immune system what to fight, and how to fight. By studying the cytokines, we can get a look at what the body is attacking as some cytokines will signal bacterial infection, others will signal parasitic infection, others will signal viral infection and still others will signal other exposures that looks like infections such as various molds and other allergens. I have had parents come to me and actually say that they are considering the possibility that they actually just got a weird kid, or even worse a bad kid. I know, yikes! But you can’t blame people that may have gone through years of doctors telling them their child was acting out, faking it, manipulating them, etc. Just because we can’t find a reason for a person’s symptoms does not mean that those symptoms do not exist or are being fabricated. I can tell you this for sure because using the approach that I outlined above has turned many of these kids with behavior problems into little angels. I am serious when I say that. Kids that were uninvolved or apathetic in spite of constant cajoling from parents are now all of a sudden knocking out top grades in school and enjoying it. And that is good for the whole family! A small online booklet explaining our current understanding of allergies is available from

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“Finding hidden foods allergies has revolutionized the way we can help people including myself and my own children.” Steve Nenninger “I can’t believe that I lived with my symptoms for so long without knowing how to help myself.” Jennifer S. “I had tried everything, including alternative therapies for my digestive problems before finding my hidden food allergy. Not surprisingly when I stopped eating the food that was killing me I got better.” John G.

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at the port jefferson village center information: Once per year I give my breakthroughs in natural medicine lecture. I reflect on all of the clients I have worked with and what has been the most effective way to recover health. I try and make an interesting lecture based on this year of cases.

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Research-Based Exercise Prescription: High Intensity Interval Training Part 7 Last installment, I presented findings from a systemic review and meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In this assessment, Weston et al. included 10 studies where individuals with lifestyle-induced chronic diseases performed either high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or moderate-intensity continuous training to improve their fitness level. Intuitively, HIIT, which involves vigorous “work intervals” performed in an intermittent manner with recovery intervals interspersed, would appear to be the last thing that these high-risk individuals should be exposed to. However, when results were tabulated, no adverse effects were reported for HIIT programs that increased cardiorespiratory fitness almost twice as much compared to the more traditional form of training. This is consistent with findings from original research that I had previously presented which supports the notion of HIIT as a viable option for everyone from athlete to cardiovascular patient. While there are many forms of exercise that involve intermittent bouts of vigorous exertion which are promoted as HIIT in “the field,” the research-supported version involves conventional endurance activities like running and cycling. Consequently, the only thing novel about HIIT is that these established exercises are performed in an atypical manner. Traditionally, endurance activities involved prolonged exercise at or below the highest sustainable pace, which means that intensity was moderate at best. HIIT is advantageous because higher levels of exertion can be encountered due to the intermittent nature of the protocol. Consequently, this approach is efficient because the overall time spent exercising can be reduced. The take-home message is that HIIT involves a give-and-take because working harder for short periods allows you to realize similar or even greater benefits while spending less time in the gym. However, the interaction between intensity and volume that is responsible for this tradeoff is not yet well understood. In an article published recently online at, Boyd et al. provide insight by investigating the degree to which the intensity maintained during HIIT work intervals can be decreased without compromising the training effect. This is important because the high level of exertion that HIIT work intervals require might be associated with negative feelings and poor exercise adherence particularly in overweight/obese individuals. If work-interval intensity can be reduced without compromising the ability to achieve time-efficient benefits from interval training, it would provide the best alternative for those unable to emotionally tolerate the high-intensity approach. Boyd et al. recruited 19 overweight/obese sedentary males between 18-35 years of age for this study. Subjects were trained on a stationary cycle three times per week for three weeks using one of two approaches — a typical HIIT protocol (HI) or one where work-inter-

by Dr. Fred DiMenna, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. val intensity was uncharacteristically low for HIIT (LO). Specifically, subjects in the HI group performed work intervals at 100% of the highest power output they could produce during an incremental test while those assigned to the LO group worked at 70%. Each session consisted of five minutes of unloaded cycling as a warm up followed by repeat 60-second work intervals separated by 60-second periods of unloaded cycling for recovery. For week one, eight repetitions were performed per session while exercise bouts during weeks two and three required nine and 10, respectively. Subjects underwent a battery of tests before and after the training program in order to identify any differences in the degree of adaptation that were present between groups. When results were tabulated, biopsies revealed that markers used to assess muscle aerobic capacity (i.e., mitochondrial biogenesis and oxidative enzyme activity) were increased to a similar extent by both forms of training. This was unexpected because the high-intensity nature of HIIT is typically thought to be responsible for these changes. However, the authors warn that their small sample size might have resulted in insufficient power to detect significant differences and, therefore, suggest that future research should investigate this issue using larger samples. Unlike intramuscular changes, whole-body aerobic capacity and exercise performance did discriminate the two forms of training. Specifically, subjects in the HI group increased their peak rate of oxygen consumption (a well-established measure of cardiorespiratory fitness) to a greater extent and, indeed, everyone in the HI group increased this parameter while only five of nine subjects in the LO group experienced this benefit. The training performed by the HI group also increased peak power output and peak heart rate to a greater extent and the oxygen consumed per beat of the heart when working at peak (i.e., peak oxygen pulse) was also increased more by the higher-intensity approach. This implies that the greater improvements in performance induced by HI were related to positive adaptations of the heart. Results from this study suggest that not all health benefits are lost by performing HIIT work intervals at a less-demanding work rate. However, greater improvements in aerobic capacity and exercise performance in the HI group indicate that a higher intensity during work intervals augments the training effect. Interestingly, these authors also found similar responses on measures used to assess exercise enjoyment, scheduling and task self-efficacy from the two forms of training. This suggests that the higher exertion required for the typical HIIT protocol does not increase the psychological stress related to exercise that could be responsible for lack of long-term adherence. Fred DiMenna is a two-time Natural Mr. United States and retired WNBF drug-free bodybuilder who has a PhD in exercise physiology from University of Exeter in the U.K. He is main or contributing author of over 30 articles listed on PubMed and serves as an adjunct professor at both Columbia Teachers College and Adelphi University. Visit him at or e-mail at

HEALTHY HAPPENINGS: Things to Do Jericho’s 1st Annual FREE Community Wellness Day Saturday June 14th 2014 Noon to 4:00 p.m. On Saturday, June 14th, at Premium Holistic (325 N. Broadway in Jericho), will be bringing you Jericho’s 1st Annual Community Wellness Day. The event will be hosted by Dr. Ray Omid of Premium Holistic and the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce. Jericho residents will come together as a community in a celebration and exploration of health and wellness. Jericho’s Community Wellness Day is completely free and open to the public. “We will be bringing together local businesses and agencies that focus on one of four key aspects of health and wellness: personal health, safety, financial health, and environmental awareness,” said Dr. Omid. Celebrated across the United States, Canada and Australia, the sole purpose of Community Wellness Day is to foster individual responsibility for health and wellness, with guidance from community organizations and businesses. Jericho is the newest community to join this program and will offer multiple opportunities for free health screenings, essential information on nutrition and exercise, drug and alcohol awareness, identity theft, financial literacy, and environmental issues. Our political leaders will be recognizing this as an important day in our community because of the many opportunities to empower people to take back responsibility for their families’ well-being. The local law enforcement will be on hand to provide important ID information for children, families and seniors; the local fire department will be providing fire prevention and safety information. Dr. Omid said, “Community Wellness Day holds one important message; I think we can all agree that the health care crisis is never going to be solved in Washington; it is only going to be solved when we come together as a community and through education and awareness, we elevate people's consciousness and give them back the tools they so desperately need and inspire them to make better lifestyle choices." “As health professionals in the community, we feel it is our responsibility to facilitate this much needed change, however, we realize we cannot do it alone. We know that many of you reading this value the future health and prosperity of Jericho as much as we do. At this time, I am asking for your support as we engage in a cooperative effort that benefits the needs of the town of Jericho and surrounding neighborhoods. Please contact us to find out how you can become a sponsor or participant of this event, so together we can make this an extraordinary day for all the residents of our community! For information on how you can become a sponsor or a participant in Jericho’s 1st Annual Community Wellness Day, please contact Dr. Ray Omid @ 516433-8720 or email

NHL POWER SKATING COACH BARBARA WILLIAMS TO SPEAK AND SIGN NEW BOOK AT BOOK REVUE IN HUNTINGTON Barbara William, the first female skating coach in the NFL, will be on hand to sign her new book, “Positive Power” on Tuesday, May 20th, at 7 pm. For Suffolk County Long Island Sports Hall of Fame inductee, and Kings Park resident, this is Williams second book. Her first book on hockey ice skating was entitled “More Power to Your Skating.” Says Williams, who has done much volunteering to help kids stay off of drugs and alcohol, “I have based my life on the power of positive thinking which will help young people and increase their self-esteem.” “Whether I trained a professional NHL player or a young hockey player, I used "positive" reinforcement at every lesson. I feel the mind and spirit, as well as the physical body, have to come together to make an all round hockey player, that is why I named my first book, "More Power to Your Skating". Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. When she was 5 years old, she saw a woman skating on a pond in a park and told her mother, "I'm going to be just like that lady." She later saw Olympian Sonja Henie in a movie. “Little did I know that a few years later, I would be coached by Howard Nicholson, Henie's former coach.” In 1977, when Williams was named the official power skating instructor for the New York Islanders, she also became the first female coach in a men's sport on the national level. Williams helped lead the Islanders to four consecutive Stanley Cup wins. She trained four NHL farm teams and more than 200 NHL players privately. She’s one of only a few women with her own hockey school. A 25-year resident of Kings Park, Williams teaches at ice rinks in Kings Park and Huntington. She is also active with ATHLETES HELPING ATHLETES, a national organization which travels all over the US teaching K-12 students about drug and alcohol awareness. For more info, or email her at: Editor’s note: Back in the day, when she played right wing with the Green Machine Eagles (1981-2), a Long-Island based women’s amateur ice hockey league, the editor of this publication took some power skating workshops with Barbara Williams. The Green Machine Eagles disbanded in 1986.


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How to Avoid Environmental Toxins Linked to Breast Cancer "Synthetic chemicals are so prevalent in a woman's breast milk today that, if bottled for sale, most breast milk would not pass FDA regulations" ~ Women's Voices for the Earth, October 1st, 2010 Research indicates women's health problems are on the rise, and this may be related to environmental toxin exposure. Household cleaning and pesticide products, common household furniture and bedding, and even the water you drink, cook with, and bathe in may contribute to breast cancer because many of the chemicals found in these items contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. According to the Breast Cancer Fund, over the last two decades, breast cancer rates have risen from a lifetime risk of one in 20 to one in eight. The onset of puberty is occurring at an earlier age among young girls, with girls starting menstruation on average a few months earlier than they did 40 years ago and developing breasts up to one to two years earlier. Endometriosis, a leading cause of female infertility, is far more common today than it was 50 years ago. Toxic chemicals that enter the environment either through contaminated water, the food chain, air pollution, or household products pose health problems for women unique from those for men. Experts estimate that between 80,000 and 85,000 chemicals are in use in the environment in the United States, yet only about 200 of these chemicals have been tested for safety. More alarming is that of these 200 or so tested chemicals, their toxicity and acute impacts have been a focus primarily on male adults within industrial environments. These chemicals that are DIRECTLY linked to diseases such as breast cancer are found in our water supply, in household cleaning products, even in the glues and materials within our furniture, carpets, and various items we have within our homes. Household Pesticides: Many pesticides, including herbicides, have been labeled as human or animal carcinogens. A common chemical in pesticides, dichlorvos, is associated with mammary tumors in rats and mice. Another, glyphosate, commonly found in weed killers like Roundup, the most widely used weed killer in the US, has been linked to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Alkylphenols: Alkylphenols are industrial chemicals used in the production of detergents and other cleaning products. They're also found in personal care products, especially hair products, and are an active component in many spermicides. Alkylphenols are endocrine disruptors that have been shown to alter mammary gland development in rats. PFOA: Perfluorooactanoic Acid (PFOA) is part of a larger class of chemicals known as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). PFCs, and PFOA in particular, are the basis for non-stick coatings on cookware, stain guards on clothing, upholstery and carpet and waterproof clothing. Waterways and ground water near manufacturing plants tend to have high PFOA concentrations. Exposure to the compounds has been associated with delayed menstruation, later breast devel-

opment and increased incidence of breast cancer. Triclosan: Triclosan is used in a wide variety of household products, including some toys, cleaning products, and household items with antimicrobial properties such as hoses, cutting boards and socks. The chemical, which is classified as a pesticide, can affect the body's hormone systems-especially thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism-and may disrupt normal breast development. Widespread use of triclosan may also contribute to bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents. Tetrachloroethylene (PERC): Tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene or PERC, is a common dry-cleaning chemical. This chemical accumulates in body fat and may therefore remain in the body for a long period of time. Studies have shown that women exposed to this chemical have an increased risk for breast cancer. Short-term exposure may cause skin irritation, dizziness and headaches. Dyes in Cleaning Products: Dyes in cleaning products are often unlabeled on the products' ingredient lists, but are often comprised of several different chemicals, some of which are known carcinogens. Although there is no data on breast cancer specifically, these dyes are rarely necessary, particularly considering potential risks. Aromatic Amines: Aromatic amines are cancer-causing compounds produced when plastics and rubbers are manufactured, when diesel and wood are burned, and when food is charred. Workers who manufacture polyurethane foams, dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors have the highest levels of exposure. These compounds can have direct effects on cell division, which may enhance the development of tumors, and one aromatic amine is known to cause mammary tumors in rodents. So, now that we understand and agree that environmental toxins CAN negatively affect women’s health, what can we do to minimize risks and maximize quality of life? The first thing to do is to understand what environmental toxins are and where they are in our homes. Consider reaching out to the experts at healthEhabitstm (, a leader in Indoor Environmental Wellnesstm, providing education, evaluations, products and services to improve the overall air, water, and surface quality within your home. Years of research, study, training, strategic partnerships, and advanced technology have prepared us to help you eliminate these indoor environmental toxins helping you achieve your goal of a well-rounded and balanced quality of life! healthEhabitats can help you have peace of mind by offerring a whole home evaluation to protect your family’s health. For that special woman in your life, for Mother’s Day, mention this article for a $189.99 whole home evaluation (regular price $340) or see ad below. For more information, visit: or contact a wellness consultant today at: 877.861.3662.

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Ancient Japanese Healing Art Offered at Holistic Health and Anti-Aging Center of Great Neck

Today, many men and women are looking beyond conventional medicine alone to keep themselves well. Increasingly, their choices include integrative approaches which address the mind, body and spirit in restoring health. At the Holistic Health and Anti-Aging Center of Great Neck, a team of Holistic Healthcare practitioners stands at the forefront of this evolution in healthcare. The center offers a new approach to wellness that combines the very best of functional medical testing, scientifically-tailored diet, lifestyle and supplement programs and expanded holistic Judy Johnson, LMT healing approaches. Patients have benefited greatly when workPractitioner of ing in partnership with their health care providers "We value our Jin Shin Jyutsu patients' experience and voice," says co-founder of the center, Michael Harris, LMT. The Health and Anti-Aging Center of Great Neck is pleased to offer the services of Judy Johnson, LMT, a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu(r). In order to bring an understanding of this healing art to the public, New Living Magazine has asked Judy Johnson some questions: WHAT IS JIN SHIN JYUTSU? Simply put it is life changing. Jin Shin Jyutsu facilitates transformation and healing by unblocking stagnant energy within the energetic pathways of our bodies. It is a Japanese Healing Art that was brought back from obscurity years ago. The ancient written records, which are part of the Archives of the Imperial Palace in Japan, show that Jin Shin Jyutsu was widely recognized before the birth of Buddha, before the birth of Moses and before the Kojiki which is the Record of Ancient Things written in Japan, A.D. 712. In the early 1900's, Master Jiro Murai revived this Healing Art after clearing himself of a terminal illness. He devoted his remaining time to the research and development of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This knowledge was then given to Mary Burmeister, who brought it to the United States in the 1950's. Mary first studied this Art before eventually teaching it to a select few in the early 1960's. Today Jin Shin Jyutsu is being taught all over the globe. Jin Shin Jyutsu translated means: JYUTSU - Art; SHIN - Creator; JIN - Man of Knowing and Compassion So the words Jin Shin Jyutsu mean: "Art of the Creator through man of knowing and compassion." Jin Shin Jyutsu is considered to be an art and not a technique. A technique is an application whereas an art is a creation, a creation brought about through our innate wisdom. "As practitioners, we simply aid or facilitate the individual's healing process. We do this by laying our hands on the body as the person lies comfortably face up on

a table fully clothed. No pressure or physical manipulation is used. Our hands are used as "jumper cables" thereby unblocking the flow of life energy in the body facilitating peace, harmony and balance in all aspects of body mind and spirit. Mary Burmeister has said that to fully know Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is a lifetime study. I can personally say, as an infant on this incredible healing journey, I have already witnessed amazing healings and transformations. On a small scale, I have seen relaxation, focus, relief from tension and pain reduction. On a larger scale, as I have had the great honor to work with very dear friends and family, I have seen paralyzed limbs come alive with warmth where before there was only coldness. I was also witness to a very dear friend who would greet me with "are we going to soar now"? He had total peace and pain relief, in his last days with bile duct cancer, during his sessions. Jin Shin Jyutsu is being used in some hospitals in all areas including the cancer department. It is a great aid in reducing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I can now attest to this as my 22-year old niece, who has the very rare synovial sarcoma and is enduring repeated day long chemo sessions, also received Jin Shin Jyutsu while receiving chemo. The side effects were greatly reduced. She did not have the typical nausea... Life's daily struggles and stresses create imbalance and disharmony within us on a daily basis. It is within each of our grasps to have peace, freedom from pain, and balance and harmony. The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is taught to the friend, family member or client so that he can learn to apply it to himself furthering his healing process. This is our inherited gift and a great blessing. It is truly an art of living. TESTIMONIAL: "As a cofounder of The Holistic Health and Anti-Aging Center of Great Neck, I have experienced several sessions of Jin Shin Jyutsu with Judy Johnson. At the very first session, I explained that I was suffering from the combined effect of stress, exhaustion, and the loss of a dear friend who passed away suddenly, as well as lower back pain. During the treatment, I felt transported to a moment of great joy in my childhood. I relived the evening of my school's Christmas pageant in 1965. I could see, hear, feel, and even smell the shared excitement and laughter of my classmates as we prepared to go home for the holiday vacation. When the treatment was over, I sat up and began to cry. The feelings of sorrow and worry had left me to be replaced by a sense of comfort and inner peace. My back pain was gone. I would say, unequivocally, that Jin Shin Jyutsu brought me relief like no other therapy I have ever encountered. I recommend that everyone experience its healing power." Michael Harris, LMT, NCTMB If you would like to experience the powerful effects of Jin Shin Jyutsu for yourself, contact The Holistic Health and Anti-Aging Center of Great Neck at 552 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11023 or call 516-829-1515. Please mention this article to receive 50% off your first treatment.

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RESEARCH SAYS NO MORE BMI AS OUR HEALTH INDEX Do you understand the difference between old and aging? The medical science community and our fitness community have two difference definitions. The medical field addresses the body's internal breakdown physiologically, while the overall population struggles with prejudice and human judgment of looking older in the mirror. Most doctors use chemical band-aids and sometimes nuts and bolts to keep the human anatomy moving, while the populace resorts to remodeling its appearance with a nip/tuck, tissue suck or reconstruct. Although I am not against a sensible, conservative, safe procedure to at least look nicer, but how can we really slow down the looking older/aging process? I want to pull people away from being victims of what causes us to do and, most of all, NOT do. Let's face it, no one wants to look old and tired. No one wants to move slow, have no energy, and be unable to do the things we used to. No one wants the "get thicker in the middle" look with narrowing shoulders. There is something about the muscle tone of a younger person that is very much missing in an older person. Truthfully, it is not how old a person is that is of concern but how aged a person appears to be. An aged person is reflected in how they walk, talk, move, stand, and respond. A younger person walks with a full quick gait, moves well balanced with a full range of motion, stands up straight, and reacts with assertiveness. The difference between being older and aging is that older is a linear measurement of how many years you have been on this earth; aging is the appearance of being on this earth longer than the true number of years. While we can lie about how old we are, we can't always get away with it as easily with the physiological aging process. So what is it that allows us to have that youthful aura? It is two simple words...MUSCLE TONE (mass) or MUSCLE STRENGTH. If you are not building it, the lack of muscle is un-building you! Recent medical research has concluded that the sterling measurement for overall health is no longer Body Mass Index, but the amount of muscle you have! (B.M.I. = mass in kg divided by the square of height in meters). It makes sense that the more lean muscle you have, the greater your strength and power will be. The body is designed to stay healthy and dis-


by John Boos, CPT/LMT

ease-free in order to service us while exercising with appropriate protocols, techniques and load. The brain is a major player in the health game. The brain is in charge of our entire body, not just our thoughts. It triggers our endocrine system (hormone responses), our sympathetic system (fight or flight), as well as our parasympathetic system (rest and recovery). It is all about survival. But the brain cannot do all the fighting by itself. It cannot lift, pull or push to protect the body. It needs the skeletal/muscle system's help. To keep our body at its peak, the brain will produce the necessary response to produce optimum health. But here is the trick...the brain requires adequate effective stress loads from the muscle system (progressive workloads or RESISTANCE EXERCISE). The muscular system and brain stem are like best friends. They help the body maintain a healthy productive existence through a vast and complex neurotransmitter universe that never sleeps or goes on vacation. A youthful vitality is evident in a younger body because of its stronger well-toned muscles supported by stronger bones and joints. The body has an economy all its own, similar to our society being strong and healthy when our workforce is full and self-reliant with a strong money flow allowing it to put that income to work. Our existence is vital and healthy when we have a strong muscular skeletal system able to be selfsufficient without unnecessary medications. Build up your muscles and life will be more fun! Add some cardiovascular activities as a bonus. A more youthful and stronger skeletal muscle system will enhance every activity you undertake. One of the most effective methods for safe progressive results is returning from the archives of bodybuilding is Volume Training. It is safe, measurable and rewarding. It is not a lot of exercises, but a lot of exercise. Look it up. Seek out a time tested, experienced person void of the sales gimmicks. Don't let your age stop you from still living inside you. Please contact me if you have any questions, and remember "LIFE IS A SPORT...TRAIN FOR IT!" John Boos is a two-time Mr. World/Mr. New York State champion. He is a Certified Personal Trainer with NSCA and ACE, as well as a licensed massage therapist and certified medical exercise specialist. For more information, visit or call 631-587-4786.


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Sayville Summer Run Series: Competing for Fun and Your Personal Best For more information or to register, people can contact Sayville Running Company (49 Main Street, Sayville, 631-589-5700) or visit the series website: **************************


Last yearʼs start of the 5K Diamond Dash The Seventh Annual Sayville Summer Series is set to start this June. Comprised of five running road races in Sayville, the series is a popular event with over five thousand participants. Each race in the series raises money for a different charitable cause and has its own unique history. Participants can sign up for races individually, or save money by registering for all five races at once. While many participate just for fun, the series is also a competition. Runners accumulate points based on their finishing times. At the end of the series, the athletes with the most points win cash prizes or gift certificates to Sayville Running Company. Talented runners from many different parts of Long Island come to participate, but last year, first prize stayed completely within one family. Colin Culhane, a track coach at St. Joseph's college, took the men's title and his sister Kerri, also a resident of Sayville, won the women's competition. The first run in the series this year is the Keith Nintzel Memorial 5k Run and Walk, which raises funds for a Sayville High School scholarship. Started in 2006, it is organized by former cross-country teammates of Keith's. They started the event as a tribute to their friend who had passed away in a car accident as a senior in college. According to race director Ryan Soltan, "Keith's goal after graduation was to become involved in higher education. The scholarship helps students in their educational needs, so in a way it helps him achieve his goal. It was important for us as his former teammates to support it. What better way to raise funds than by doing something we loved to do with Keith?" The Shwachman-Diamond Dash 5k is the second race of the series, starting at Sunrise Drive Elementary school. The run raises research funds for combating Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, an inherited bone marrow failure syndrome. It has its connection to Sayville through Dylan Kolar, a local eleven year-old boy who has been diagnosed with the disease. Dylan's family organizes the race and gets tremendous support from the local community. Jen Kolar, Dylan's Mom, credits the success of the race to "friends, neighbors, co-workers, and families that care." New to the series this year, is the Community Ambulance 5k. Traditionally held in the fall, the run replaces the Long Island MacArthur Airport Run for Veterans which will not be contested this year. The Ambulance 5k also moves to a new location, Broadway Avenue Park, along with its new date. Sayville Summer Series committee member Michael Nolan says, "We're so happy to have the Community Ambulance Run added to the series. Community Ambulance Company already donates so much of its time to help us ensure participants safety at all the other races, it seemed like a natural fit for their race to be part of the series as well." The fourth race in the series, the Race to Cure Cystic Fibrosis is in its fifteenth year. It raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the local Erin Duffy Scholarship. Erin is a Lincoln Avenue Elementary teacher who passed away after a long battle with CF. Race director Lauren Magel remembers the race's beginnings, "I am not sure that I realized the impact this event would have when we started it. It started from a conversation of doing an event in town that everyone could get involved in. That's why it is a race, kids run and BBQ. Something for everyone! 16 years later we have raised over $160,000 and CF has made big progress in helping people with CF." The final race is a 4 Miler in conjunction with the Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce's annual Summer festival. It runs right down the middle of Main Street, lined with spectators and vendors setting up for the festival. Participants hang around after the race to hear series awards, listen to live music and visit the various booths, carnival rides and shops that are celebrating the festival. For anyone interested in participating in the series, the dates and locations of the runs are as follows: 1. Keith Nintzel Memorial 5k Run and Walk Saturday June 7th, 9 am at The Common Ground on Candee Avenue in Sayville; 2. Shwachman-Diamond 5k Dash for a Cure - Saturday June 14th, 9 am at Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville; 3. Community Ambulance 5k Run and Walk - Sunday June 29th, 9 m at Broadway Avenue Park, Sayville; 4. Race to Cure Cystic Fibrosis 4 Mile Run and Walk - Saturday July 19th, 9 am Long Island Maritime Museum, Sayville; 5. Honorable John P. Cohalan Sayville Summerfest 4 Mile Run - Saturday August 2nd, 9:20 am at Sayville Running Company (49 Main Street, Sayville)

The Smithtown Running Company is set to open its doors with a grand opening celebration on Saturday, May 10th. The shop is an expansion for owners Brendan Barrett and Michael Nolan, adding to their original store, Sayville Running Company. Like its counterpart in Sayville, Smithtown Running Company will cater to runners and walkers in the community, offering shoe fitting services, excellent customer service and great local events. They will carry a variety of shoes in hard to find sizes and widths, and have staff members trained in foot analysis to ensure that anyone purchasing shoes gets placed in the proper type of support. Aside from footwear, the store will also stock athletic apparel, injury prevention and treatment products, and other specialty items important to the exercise community. Owner Michael Nolan weighed in with his thoughts on why the company opened in Smithtown, "We felt that there was a vibrant running scene in Smithtown and surrounding hamlets that was just dying for their own specialty running store. There are so many great road races, parks to run in, and high school cross country and track programs in the area. We thought our knowledge and love of the sport might be a helpful contribution to the community." Located at 91 E Main Street in Smithtown at the former site of business Cupcake Couture, the store will be managed by Mike Petrina, a long time staff member at the Sayville store. Mike grew up locally, attending SUNY Stony Brook where he ran track and field, and has experience coaching at his high school alma matter, St. John the Baptist. The staff at Smithtown Running Company plans to celebrate their grand opening with a "prediction run" at 1 pm on May 10th along with sales and promotions from various vendors. According to Petrina, "A prediction run is a fun run where you win by guessing your time, not by running the fastest. It's great because anyone can win and everyone can take it as fast or as slow as they like." There is no charge for the run and anyone wishing to participate can rsvp by emailing Petrina (

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HEALTHY GARDENING IDEAS: Books to Help You Enjoy the Beauty, Bounty and Health Properties of Plants The new book, "The Timber Press Guide to Growing Vegetables in the Northeast" by Marie Iannotti, who has run a successful heirloom seed company, offers invaluable advice for growing your own food which is easier than you think. Key is building soil nutrition. Iannotti offers a "Do-itYourself-Soil Test" to help you determine whether your soil is void of nutrition or full of organic matter that will yield you a bounty. Iannotti says "a predominantly loamy soil with a balance of sand, clay and silt is a gardener's dream." Simply use a clear glass jar like a mason jar, place three or four scoops of dirt from different locations in your vegetable garden, remove the pebbles, fill the jar 1/2 way with soil, add one tablespoon of powered dishwasher detergent, fill 3/4's full with water and shake vigorously. Let the jar sit for a few days until everything settles. Sand will settle to the bottom, silt will lay on top of the sand, clay will sit on top of the silt and organic matter will float to the top. You should have a balanced mix of sand, silt and loam and the organic matter should take most of the space at the top of the jar. Next, you should use organic soil amendments (not chemical fertilizers which kill soil bacteria). Amendments include: nitrogen (alfalfa and cottonseed meal; make sure your source is non GMO; GMO alfalfa and cottonseed are heavily sprayed with pesticides), phosphorus (bone meal and green sand) and phosphate (rock dust/colloidal phosphate). Some other tips include: how to compost (there is a science to it), mulch, create a worm bin for worm castings, which vegetables work best as transplants (basil, Asian greens, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes) and which are best sown directly into the garden (beans, lettuce, corn, carrots, cucumbers), garden planning (hills, rows, raised beds, containers) and how to do crop rotation (an essential for organic gardens to avoid pests and diseases and to rebuild soil). This book is highly recommended for anyone looking to heal the earth and become healthier in the process by turning some of that wasted backyard lawn space into a backyard bounty! For more info

Miniature gardens are fun to make and are meditative in nature. Now, you and your friends and/or children can enjoy making them together and watching them grow. "Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living Worlds" by Janit Calvo (Timber Press; 2013) offers stunning photos and is chockfull of ideas that will transport you to a whole new world. Combine the best elements of bonsai and container gardening and you have a winning combination. Whether your intention is to attract fairies, create a living work of art, or a great gift for a plant lover, this book helps you design tiny container gardens or in-ground ones, shows you how to make miniature pathways, patios, ponds and bridges. It also offers a guide on how to chose the best plants for sun or shade conditions, accessories and more. Miniature accessories (benches, fences, gazebos, water fountains, gardening tools, flower pots, fairies, wildlife, mushrooms, etc) can be easily obtained through miniature gardening or dollhouse supply websites, craft store chains, or even more cheaply at a thrift store, garage or estate sales if you put your imagination to work. For more info: Believe it or not, many of the weeds, trees, bushes and ornamental flowers growing in your yard, nearby park or vacant lot are deliciously edible and/or have medicinal qualities! With help from "Backyard Foraging," a book by Ellen Zachos, the author describes 65 plants, with accompanying photos, you didn't know you could eat (Storey Publishing; 2013; $16.95). Foraging is a free and the most LOCAL way to eat. Our ancestors did it to survive and now, we can do it for fun and health! Zachos provides important tips for identifying the best and most tasty plants to forage as well as the best parts and times to harvest them. A listing of some of the plants you could eat include: purslane (high in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and C), the leaves of sedum, an ornamental succulent; garlic mustard; hosta shoots and flowers; dahlia tubers which are high in inulin and don't raise blood sugar levels like potatoes; day lily tubers, flowers, flower buds and shoots (ever have authentic Chinese Hot and Sour Soup? Day lilies are included in the soup!); hawthorne berries (in scientific studies, hawthorne's antioxidants are cardio-protective), and the berries of the silverberry (aka Autumn olive which is an invasive plant on Long Island) offer up tangy fruits that taste a bit like pomegranates. Zachos also gives you ways of preserving your bounty, delicious recipes, and helpful resources. For more info

LEAFY GREENS AND PALEO RECIPES FROM ROBERT ROSE Fruit-Spiked Chicken Curry (serves 6) Medium to large (3 1/2 to 5 quart) slow cooker 1 tbsp extra virgin olive or coconut oil 2 onions, finely chopped 2 stalks celery, diced 2 carrots, peeled and diced 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp cracked black peppercorns 1 tsp ground cumin 1/2 tsp sea salt 4 whole black cardamom pods, crushed 1 tsp curry powder 1 firm apple, peeled and diced 1 1/2 cups chicken stock 1 1/2 lbs skinless boneless chicken thighs cut into 1-inch (2.5 cm) 1 cup coconut milk 1 banana, peeled and chopped 1/4 cup currants 1 long red or green chile pepper, minced 1. In a skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add onions, celery and carrots and cook, stirring, until softened, about 7 minutes. Add garlic, peppercorns, cumin, salt, cardamom and curry powder and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Add apple and toss until coated. Stir in stock. 2. Transfer to slow cooker stoneware. Stir in chicken. Cover and cook on Low for 5 hours or on High for 21â „2 hours. Add coconut milk, banana, currants and chile pepper. Cover and cook on High for 15 minutes to meld flavors. Remove and discard cardamom pods before serving. Excerpted from The Best 163 Best Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes by Judith Finlayson (c) 2013 Robert Rose Inc. Reprinted with publisher permission.

Roasted Green Cabbage with Roasted Garlic Dressing (makes 6-8 servings) Preheat oven to 400°F 1 small head green cabbage (3 lbs) 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 tsp granulated sugar Kosher or coarse sea salt Freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup Roasted Garlic Dressing (or your favorite dressing)

1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley leaves 1. Using a sharp knife, cut cabbage in half lengthwise. Slice each half lengthwise into 1-inch slabs; you will have 10 to 12 slabs and end pieces. Cut out core sections. 2. Arrange cabbage on prepared baking sheet in a single layer. Brush top and sides of each piece with oil. Sprinkle with sugar and salt and pepper to taste. Roast in preheated oven for about 1 hour, until tender but firm and browned. 3. Chop coarsely, discarding any overly charred pieces. Place on a serving platter and drizzle with dressing. Sprinkle parsley overtop. Serve warm.

Total Kohlrabi Salad with Apple and Walnuts (makes 2-4 servings) Dressing 1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 tsp granulated sugar 1/4 tsp Dijon mustard 1/2 tsp kosher or coarse sea salt 1/8 tsp freshly ground white pepper 1 tbsp walnut oil 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Salad 1 bunch kohlrabi (1 3/4 to 2 lbs) 1 large tart apple, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1/2 cup walnuts, toasted and coarsely chopped 1. Dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together lemon juice, sugar, mustard, salt and pepper. Whisk in walnut and olive oils. Set aside. 2. Salad: Using a sharp knife, separate kohlrabi stalks from bulbs. Trim stalks, discarding stems and center ribs. Coarsely chop 4 oz leaves; you should have about 7 cups. Set aside the remaining leaves for other uses. Trim bulbs, peel and cut into batons about 1/4 inch thick. Set aside. 3. In a saucepan of boiling salted water, cook chopped leaves over medium heat, partly covered, for about 15 minutes, until very tender. Drain and immediately rinse with cold water to stop the cooking. Drain. Gently squeeze handfuls to extract excess liquid and transfer to a cutting board. Using a sharp knife, chop leaves finely. Set aside. 4. In a serving bowl, toss kohlrabi batons, cooked leaves and apple with dressing. Scatter walnuts overtop and serve immediately. Excerpted from The Complete Leafy Greens Cookbook by Susan Sampson (c) 2013 Robert Rose Inc. Reprinted with publisher permission.


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ON THE COVER: Jessica James Have you always been fit? I started working out seriously at a pretty young age. I was 16 when a gym routine became a part of my daily life, though I must say that fitness has never been easy for me. I don't naturally like to push myself and I don't have very much athletic ability. I became dedicated to my personal fitness though when I discovered that daily exercise keeps me happy. I've noticed that it keeps anxiety and depression at bay and a strong body puts me naturally in a confident state. Tell us a little about your personal life (where you were born and raised, did your upbringing revolve around fitness? I grew up just outside of Los Angeles with every intention of becoming an actress. I finished high school early, went to an acting academy in New York, and found my way into the industry through acting in television commercials. Because my body was the way I portrayed myself to the world, I sought out yoga in preparation for a film and have been hooked ever since. Like many women, I have always struggled with managing my weight. Although it seemed like I was always exercising, I was never satisfied with my body. Yoga changed all that; it was as if, suddenly my true body emerged. Yoga has been the only way for me personally to achieve the strong and lean body type that I always admired. Is there a certain kind of style of yoga you practice and why...? My love affair with yoga has built over time and with different styles. I started practicing Kundalini yoga, then Power Yoga, then Inversion Flow, then Smart Flow and now I practice what I would call an Alignment Flow. It is really all of the previous styles with very specific alignment goals. I think yoga is a journey and the longer you practice, the deeper you will go naturally. What do you do on a daily basis to stay fit (describe in detail your activities for a typical day) I practice yoga every day for an hour and a half. Occasionally, I will take my mountain bike out for a change of pace, but a daily yoga practice is my key to personal fitness. I get to a class and work on a specific personal goal within the framework of what the

teacher is offering. For example, the teacher may be working with twists, yet my personal goal may be a focus on keeping my shoulders in integrity in their sockets. This ensures that my practice is personal and dynamic. The key to success in yoga is consistent practice; Yoga is best when practiced every day. Yoga keeps me focused and fit because each day brings both a new challenge physically as well as the mental opportunity to concentrate on the gift of present moment awareness. This purifies my thoughts, sweeping away out dated beliefs to make room for fresh inspiration. Spiritually, yoga is my lifeline, it is something I can devote myself to and puts me on my path of inspiration and courage. Yoga can be a real lesson in courage. Do you follow any specific nutritional plan? (vegan, gluten and/or allergy free, clean eating, etc) The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder has hugely influenced the way that I eat. I start my day off with lemon water, then a green smoothie. For the rest of the day, I try to eat mostly vegetables. I'm learning how to combine foods for greater energy. For example, I don't mix proteins and starches, I've cut out all cheese, and really limit my dairy intake. I try to eat raw foods during the day and the only meal that I tend to "cook," is dinner. Do you supplement, if so, what do you take and how has it helped you? The only supplement I take is a probiotic every morning. This helps to streamline my digestion and free up extra energy. On your website, you into great detail about how prenatal yoga helps with pregnancy...please explain some of the dos and don'ts and what the yoga specifically helps... Yoga helps pregnant mothers on many levels. Through my pregnancies, I most valued the weight management. It was a way for me to keep a daily fitness routine in my life without the impact or health risks of mountain biking or running. It also prepared me for labor and delivery. Yoga teaches you how to approach physical intensity, breathe into it, and then go further. I found that training to be the key to having my children naturally. Describe your new DVD “We Heart Yoga� (135 minutes; $22.95; 2014): During both of my pregnancies, I struggled to find a yoga program that addressed my fitness needs. The prenatal DVDs that I came across were all very gentle. While they were relaxing, I felt I was missing out on a calorie burn and sweat that I was accustomed to in my non-pregnant practice. My new DVD offers three different yoga sequences. A 20-minute, a 40minute and a 60-minute set. I found that regardless what trimester I was in, my energy level varied on a day-to-day basis. I have also included a 10 minute guided meditation. It is a three part meditation all designed to help on "Delivery" day. Words of advice for New Living readers: What matters most is that you show up on your mat and move and breathe! Yoga is evolving. I am always writing and posting tutorials. Become a part of the "We Heart Yoga" community and sign up on our website For more info, visit Jessica James at:, Twitter: @Jessheartsyoga, Instagram: WeHeartYoga, Photos courtesy of Paul Smith

FREE CARDIOLOGY LECTURES AND HEART HEALTH CHALLENGE One evening every month, the normally empty after-hours waiting area of the Huntington Medical Group is abuzz with the chatter of the waiting audience, the majority of whom are patients, perusing the refreshments for the evening, browsing through the materials for the night's topic and just saying hi to familiar friends and faces. Greeting each and every participant, usually by name, is Wendy Beckmann, MS, FNP-C. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the alphabet soup following her name, she holds a board certification as Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology at Huntington Medical Group along with colleagues Dr. Ramajit Bagga, Christopher Darienzo NP-C, and Dr. Raman Bhasin. Back in 2009, soon after arriving at Huntington Medical Group from St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, to be closer to home, Wendy, listening intently to her patients, embarked on a plan for a monthly cardiology lecture series. Her patients had many concerns and questions they wanted answered. They were curious as to how they could best manage their particular condition. Wendy began scheduling topics to be discussed for each session. Some lectures she would be the sole speaker; the other lectures would be in conjunction with experts in a particular area of concentration. Over the course of the last five years, lectures have included topics such as the basic workings of the heart muscle as well as its dysfunction, heart attacks, angiograms and intervention, peripheral arterial disease, congestive heart failure, electrical dysfunction, cardiac testing and interpreting results, medications, psychology, stress and it's effects on our health and nutrition (the latter has always been a fan-favorite). One lecture, a guest speaker, Nader of Bravo Nader's in Huntington, demonstrated cooking for heart health. The attendees range from teenagers to those in their 80's and 90's, with the majority being middle aged men and women who, for the first time in their lives, are dealing with the effects of aging. The typical audience consists of 30-40 attendees. Coming up May 14, 2014, at the Huntington Medical Group Wendy will hold her second annual American Heart Association's 10,000 steps a day heart health challenge! Attendees will receive a free pedometer and tracking calendar for the month. The winner will receive a grand prize of $100.00!! All attendees will be entered in a raffle to have the chance to win the wireless activity tracker FITBIT. Guest speakers will discuss nutrition, holistic heart health remedies as well as stress management. Please join us for an evening of fun and education! Challenge yourself and each other to make a concerted effort to "Walk with Wendy" for 10,000 steps a day. Those with the most impressive results are eligible to win, not only a gift card...but of course...A Healthy Heart Wendy Beckmann, MS, FNP-C works in the cardiology office at Huntington Medical Group, 108 East Pulaski Road, Huntington Station, NY. Her heart-felt care and concern for her patients reaches far beyond office visits. Keeping herself in excel-

lent health, she manages to find time, before or after office hours several days per week, to vigorously participate in spin classes, boot camp workouts, and even an occasional kick boxing class or two. Her compassion and faith abound, as she has traveled to various parts of Africa with her daughter Anna, with Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries, to provide health care annually to the underserved populations around the world. For more info, visit or call 631-425-2121.

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CODEX AILMENTARIUS - GREED-BASED “HEALTH” - Harmful Food Additives to Flood Market Worldwide by Katherine A. Carroll, Associate Editor, NHF, Health Freedom News The National Health Federation (NHF) returned again to Asia in mid-March 2014, to attend the Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA) Forty-Sixth Session Hong Kong,Food China. Last year's CCFAinmeeting, held amidst the deathNHF President Scott in Tips at Codex Additives meeting Hong Kong, smog of Beijing, preparing to speakyielded a great victory as NHF helped persuade the Committee to reduce neurotoxic aluminum by 50% in many food products and completely eliminate it in others. NHF's goal was the same this year: To eliminate more aluminum, and aspartame too, particularly based on a plethora of new studies on this killer-sweetener, some of which called for "urgent re-evaluation of aspartame” by international regulatory agencies (such as the Codex Alimentarius Commission) and to consider re-evaluation an urgent matter of public health. So when the Codex Chairman parroted the party line ad nauseam, "We have full acceptance of aspartame by JECFA3. This meeting is not about safety. Aspartame's safety is a Global standard in a Global marketplace," it was incredibly difficult to endure this bureaucratic ignorance. Later, in a side admission to me by a country delegate, NHF learned that one person was threatened with having his office "torched" if he spoke out against aspartame at this CCFA meeting! Regardless of whether this would have happened or not, NHF takes its share of risks in representing you. In a room of hundreds of country and industry delegates, NHF is oftentimes your only voice for health and health freedom - literally. At this meeting, you were well represented against International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) such as the Calorie Control Council (aspartame group), the International Sweeteners Association (ISA)(another aspartame front group), the International Food Additives Council (aluminum industry), and others. Unfortunately, the CCFA meeting was again marked by greed fueling industries' bottom line while World trade remained unfettered as most country delegates joined in a "Wall Street Wolf" frenetic elevation of commerce over health, despite Codex's stated goal of protecting the consumer via food safety. Codex Alimentarius (Latin for "Food Code") opted to continue approving its Member States' (and, importantly, their industries') export of health-killing goods like aspartame- and aluminum-laden products, among other additives including additives to food additives - all at the expense of your health. The bustling Hong Kong harbor is the quintessential image of trade and the nicer aspect of what CCFA's unspoken but clearly evident goal is: greed-based exports, much of it unfit for human consumption, with World Trade remaining open to neatly "harmonized" countries, which, in a nutshell, means loss of national sovereignty and therefore local control of your food supply. CCFA's hot debate swirled around the infamous Note 161, a footnote to the aspartame food-additive standards, guaranteeing every country's right to decide whether to permit the sale of toxic aspartame and at what levels. Those industries and their country supporters (U.S., Canada, Australia) who love aspartame, view Note 161 as a barrier to their Nazi-like plans for world-market conquest. "Get rid of Note 161 and the World is ours, ours," you can just hear them cackling. Since NHF supports the right of countries to choose, we opposed these cacklers. Unfortunately, Note 161 was destined for oblivion as the European Union agreed to a compromise permitting world-



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wide sales of aspartame-laden products under certain, prescribed circumstances (for energy-reduced foods and foods with no added sugar only). Even those limits were too much for greedy U.S., Australia, Canada, and its aspartame-industry concubines, who demanded no restrictions whatsoever. The debate over Note 161 continues. The delegates were only allowed to comment on the technical necessity of food additives - not their safety. Why is aspartame technically necessary when a safe substitute could be employed? NHF President Scott Tips argued that "it's about health and safety, not World Trade," to which Physical Working Group (pWG) Chairman Honigfort replied, "We have full acceptance of aspartame by JECFA. This meeting is not about safety. Aspartame's safety is a Global standard in a Global marketplace." Time and again Scott Tips argued, "We can use alternative sweeteners like stevia." But Note 161 was the key issue and the aspartame proponents were adamant that each country not have the right to decide on the sweetener issue but that we reach agreement harmonizing aspartame's use globally. Since Codex has considered aspartame "safe" based upon JECFA's ignorant, outdated assessment, NHF changed tactics fighting to lower the maximum allowable level of aspartame. Despite repeated challenges by Scott Tips, the toxin's defenders prevailed, relying upon JECFA's "safety" assessment as their shield. NHF has argued at nearly every meeting that unbiased science from panels other than JECFA must be admitted to the Codex process. Even plenary-session Chairman Dr. Junshi Chen admitted that JECFA needs help getting more up-to-date studies to base their decisions upon. The International Sweeteners Association argued that we "need to find consensus to move forward as we have had international trade problems over this .... The bigger issue [disregarding health notwithstanding] is not moving forward." When Scott Tips brought up the fact that we cannot just rubber stamp these standards for the sake of expediency, "moving forward," and keeping World Trade open at the expense of health, this wisdom was sacrificed in the wake of commerce chugging along to the next port with its deadly cargo. The bold truth is that there are untapped markets and populations to consume these poisonous additives first and then pay into the medical system later with their loss of health, even their lives. CCFA also discussed acceptance of a "tentative" group of food additives like Advantame. As the debate went on, JECFA admitted, "We have a real need to receive updated data on these substances." NHF joined an electronic working group that will meet throughout this year to discuss sweeteners like just-mentioned Advantame, Sweetmyx, and others, and to further debate the successor to Note 161. Sweetmyx, which was recently approved for use in food and beverages, is an artificial sweetener to which PepsiCo holds the exclusive rights. Watch for variations on the theme as aspartame is now simply being rebranded as AminoSweet and other attractive names. In the largest study of its kind, new research from Iowa State reveals aspartame's implication in increased heartattack and stroke rates among women, occurring with two or more diet drinks daily in normally healthy, postmenopausal women. 1 NHF was successful again this year in reducing and eliminating another aluminum food additive, finishing the work begun in Norway, and not selling out under pressure but firmly holding a steady course for health and health freedom - for you! Isn't it time you deepened the level of your commitment to your health and health freedom? Join us at and help to underwrite research, education, and our important Codex attendance by your donation at It is your chance to make a difference to billions in the world. 1 Vyas A, et al., "Diet drink consumption and the risk of cardiovascular events: A report from the Women's Health Initiative," American College of Cardiology 2014. Visit to watch the real reason behind Codex Ailmentarius. Multinational corporations are writing laws and making decisions that directly impact your health. They are not concerned about your health, they are only interested in making a profit. Their science is flawed and outdated and they oppose any challenge to their claims. The battle for personal sovereignity and your health freedom, a primary human rights issue, is at hand! Become educated and get active against these dark forces.

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Barbara Swanwick M.S., is a board certified hypnotist & instructor. Sheʼs a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and has been on Channel 5 & News 12 TV. NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CERTIFICATION COURSE ALSO AVAILABLE


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OZONE: The Miracle Medicine Oxygen’s reputation precedes it. The human body is largely composed of it, most of our metabolic energy production comes from it, and all our internal processes are regulated by it. In fact we can’t live without it. When every cell is properly oxygenated, the immune system can function and maintain itself relatively undisturbed. So it’s clear that oxygen is an integral piece of the wellness puzzle, but what about ozone? Only one little molecule separates it from our beloved oxygen, yet the term is bound to leave many scratching their heads. And no, we’re not talking about the ozone layer or ozone pollution. The medical ozone we speak of is known for ridding the body of toxins, eradicating sickness, and giving hope to those who otherwise would have spent their lives riddled with chronic disease. Together with oxygen, it just may be the diseasefighting superhero you never knew existed.

too unusual, but contrary to our unfounded fears, it’s not only safer than almost all traditional medications, but also effective when they have failed. As a founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) and The International Association for Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry (IAOHD), Dr. Robins has lectured around the world on medical ozone’s benefits. Ozone therapy is remarkably safe when done correctly, but there are side effects—just not the kind you want to avoid. People fall asleep easier, sleep better, and have more energy. Their nails and hair grow longer, stronger, and faster. Their complexion is healthier, and their blood circulates better. Also, it helps add endurance during exercise.

We target people who have not been able to get well using traditional medicinal care. A seasoned veteran at separating fact from fiction when it comes to his work, Dr. Robins welcomes questions and looks forward to opening doors for those who are no longer willing to accept that disease is just a fact of life. Healing happens, if you know where to Ozone acts like a super anti-oxidant and is a super detoxifier begin. that selectively, like glue, attaches to and eliminates all viruses, fungus, yeast, and mold, as well as every form of bacteria, toxic metal, and Though it is necessary to have your first consultative visit in his pathogen from the body. Dr. Howard Robins considered by many to Manhattan office, Dr. Robins has opened his home weekday mornings be the foremost clinical expert in North America on Bio-oxidative ther- for the follow-up treatments in Westbury as a convenience for those apy, who has been administering ozone therapy to patients for more patients who live in Nassau and Suffolk county. He can be reached by than 22 years. Ozone has proven so effective at treating an almost calling 212-581-0101. indefinite number of conditions because it gets to the root of the problem, the unwelcome organisms and toxins, regardless of the manifestation of the illness or the symptoms that characterize it. Since 1990, Dr. Robins has administered more than 185,000 safe Direct IV ozone therapy and Major Autohemotherapy treatments. By combining medical-grade O2 (oxygen) and O3 (ozone gas) and safely delivering it into the body, he has joined the ranks of over 45 thousand physicians in over 50 countries across the world who have successfully eliminated distressed patients from diseases like Herpes 1,2 and 6, shingles, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Hepatitis B and C, HPV, diabetic ulcers and peripheral neuropathy, candidiasis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and even AIDS. Recently, through the targeted use of ozone therapy, he was successful in significantly reducing two patient’s Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a painful condition (a.k.a. CRPS) that only worsens over time to a tolerable level, which had never been done before. Despite such a stellar track record, ozone therapy is not usually the treatment of choice for those patients struggling with disease. When they come to Dr. Robins for help, it’s usually because every other doctor they have tried has been unable to offer relief. “Big Pharma” would lose too much money if this nonpatentable medicine were readily available, so along with the FDA they have worked to suppress media attention. So while some other countries legally mandate the use of ozone in all pre-and postop instances to prevent infection, ours remains relatively in the dark, unaware of the benefits and impressive results of ozone. “Since childhood, we have been brought up to believe that ‘pills’ are the answer to all our health problems injecting a ‘gas’ into our veins sounds risky and

Long Island Therapy Available

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Lose 20 to 40 + Pounds in 40 Days! GUARANTEED! • NO Gimmicks! • NO Exercise TARGETS • NO Meetings SPECIFIC “FAT ZONES” • NO Hunger! Tummy, Bum, Thighs • NO Cravings! • NO Drugs! • NO Prepackaged Foods • NO Dangerous Weight Loss People who have followed this program have reported significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar levels. To find out how we can help you and to see Video Testimonials: We’ve CRACKED THE CODE on WEIGHT LOSS so you can FINALLY lose excess FAT and KEEP it OFF for GOOD! Our program is Doctor Supervised and is based on CERF Technology which identifies HORMONAL IMBALANCES, TOXINS and ALLERGIES that are causing you to gain and keep the weight on.

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