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JULY 22-31, 2022



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New Hope Film Festival, Ltd., 6542-A Lower York Rd., #219, New Hope, PA 18938

June 10, 2022 Dear Patron, The 13th Annual New Hope Film Festival proudly presents 66 films and 9 original scripts from 13 countries. Many of our filmmakers plan to travel long distances to attend their shows at the New Hope Arts Center, which means we expect lively Q&A sessions and lots of great energy. Our event brings together people from many backgrounds and perspectives. Every filmmaker is important and valued here, and our judges spend an incredible amount of time evaluating and discussing the works submitted for our consideration. For the second year in a row, we will screen our curated lineup via physical and online formats, so you don’t have to be in New Hope to join the celebration. Many thanks to our artists, our sponsors, the New Hope Arts Center and everyone who plans to experience our films. We hope to see you at the movies! Stay safe, Doug Whipple President New Hope Film Festival


Contents Schedule.....5 Film Lineup…..11 Sponsors and Visitors Guide…..22 Script Lineup…..27

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Cover Photo: Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid Co-Directors: Tom Dwyer and Lisa Palattella






2022 Schedule TIME




Filmmaker Networking Event

Google Meet

Team Chat - By Invitation Only

12:00 - 1:45 PM

Student Film Matinee

New Hope Arts Center Re ections 2 Stockton Ave Flu ypunk CALL NOW Severance Bay The Call of Water To the Wood The Softest Blanket in All of Dingledorf

2:15 - 4:15 PM

Music and Dance

New Hope Arts Center Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story 2 Stockton Ave My Rembetika Blues

4:30 - 6:45 PM

Short Film Program

New Hope Arts Center Tasteless 2 Stockton Ave Saint of Lost Causes One Last Glance Aion Yo Andrea Andrea Biased Composure

7:15 - 9:15 PM

Disabilities in Childhood

New Hope Arts Center Hello to Julia 2 Stockton Ave Love and Communication

9:45 - 11:30 PM


New Hope Arts Center Ferryman 2 Stockton Ave

12:00 - 1:45 PM

The Human Brain

New Hope Arts Center Mountains We Climb 2 Stockton Ave Breaking the Silence

2:15 - 4:45 PM

Short Film Program II

New Hope Arts Center American Dream 2 Stockton Ave Something in the Clouds BOXED Click My Home The Little Drummer Boy Yuanyuan Jaded

Friday, July 22 4:00 - 5:30 PM Saturday, July 23

Sunday, July 24




2022 Schedule (Continued) TIME




Documentary Double Feature

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

Local 1196: A Steelworkers Strike Raised Up West Side

Short Documentary Matinee

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

The Shaker Legacy We Decided to Become Farmers The Fantastic

Filmmaker Networking Event

Google Meet

Team Chat - By Invitation Only

Sweet Disaster

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

Tainan Fantage Sweet Disaster

Dark and Strange

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

Gregory Aghast! The Inside Outside Walking Around Grafton Sid Penrose Make Up Your Mind Break Any Spell Wake Utopia Planitia S1 7 Minutes in Hell

12:15 - 2:30 PM

Music Showcase

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

You Knew Me Money, Money, Money It Ain’t Me Gravity Black City Nights Signing O Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid

3:00 - 4:45 PM

GLBTQ Showcase

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

Cocoon Love For I Am Dead Flirting (With Possibilities) From Darkness to Light: The Peter Krueger Clinic

Sunday, July 24 (Cont.) 5:15 - 8:00 PM Tuesday, July 26 6:00 - 7:15 PM

Wednesday, July 27 4:00 - 5:30 PM Thursday, July 28 7:00 - 8:45 PM

Friday, July 29 7:00 - 9:45 PM


Saturday, July 30


2022 Schedule (Continued) TIME




Saturday, July 30 (Cont.) 5:15 - 7:45 PM

Emily or Oscar?

New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

I Mustache You Emily or Oscar?

8:15 - 11:15 PM


New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue

The Sculptor Paradisiac This Vast and Mysterious Ocean Therapy Toprak

Awards Ceremony

Google Meet

Awards and Team Chat Reception By Invitation Only

Sunday, July 31 4:00 - 6:00 PM

Virtual Screenings TIME




Various Online Screenings

The New Hope Film Festival’s Hello to Julia Virtual Cineplex by CineSend. Raised Up West Side For vouchers, please visit the Toprak Tickets page on our website or nd event listings directly on the website of our ticket vendor GoElevent.com

July 22-28 24 Hours / 7 Days

Browse homes as diverse as the films showcased here.

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7 MINUTES IN HELL Co-Directed by Shane Spiegel and Justin Reager Short, USA

A game of seven minutes in heaven lands Olivia and her crush, James, in the closet of an abandoned house, but things go from awkward to terrifying when the light burns out and something else is with them in the closet.

14 Minutes

AGHAST! Directed by Andreas Quiroga Short, USA

Four bickering college students try to nd their way out of the forest only to nd a bloated dead body.

17 Minutes

AION Directed by Giulio Meliani Short, USA

A single father and his terminally ill son spend their remaining time together exploring the boy’s biggest wish.

15 Minutes

AMERICAN DREAM Directed by Angela Garcia Combs Short, USA

A recovering addict su ers the dangers and indignities of gig work in the wealthy homes of the privileged few.

21 Minutes

ANDREA Directed by Armando Valdes-Kennedy Short, USA

When the 10-year-old daughter of a single, immigrant housekeeper is forced to choose between her dream and the needs of her family, she learns that love and sacri ce are the foundation of family.

23 Minutes






Film Lineup

BIASED Directed by Andrea Lwin Short, USA 9 Minutes

After the sudden death of a tenant, an inept L.A. property manager creates a competition by scheduling two couples to view the apartment at the same time.

BLACK CITY NIGHTS Directed by Nathan Castiel Music Video, USA

A vivid depiction of long, sleepless nights chasing the ghosts of one’s past and future, hoping the next big break is around the corner.

5 Minutes

BOXED Directed by Alyn Darnay Short, USA

A husband-and-wife dance team nds a unique way to cope with their traumatic journey to Auschwitz in 1941.

14 Minutes

BREAK ANY SPELL Directed by Anton Josef Short, Canada, USA

A teenage girl uses live action role-playing to escape from her mother, who su ers from early onset Alzheimer’s.

13 Minutes

Festival Tip: Our Google blog is where we post previews and trailers. It’s a free way to enjoy the New Hope Film Festival from anywhere. Find it by clicking on the Blogger icon found on the upper-right corner of our homepage at www.newhope lmfestival.com.





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BREAKING THE SILENCE Directed by Dara Sanandaji and Freddie Bell Documentary, USA 58 Minutes

A fresh look at bipolar disorder and mild psychosis from the point of view of someone who has learned to cope with these issues.

CALL NOW Directed by Cody Hawley Student, USA 11 Minutes

A frustrated viewer struggles to obtain the phone number for an odd shopping channel program.

CLICK Directed by Guil Parreiras Short, USA 14 Minutes

A rock singer, escaping from her abusive boyfriend, forms an unlikely friendship with a struggling photographer who has scars of his own. 13

Festival Tip: In-Person Event Tickets Patron $16.00 Student/Senior (65+) $13.50 Matinee $12.00 All-Festival Standby Pass $45.00 Virtual Event Tickets Voucher $15.00 * Our ticket vendor, Elevent, adds a processing fee to all ticket purchases. * In order to manage attendee lists, speed up lines and stay within theater capacity, venue tickets are managed from the same online tool and therefore are the same price in advance and at the door. * Limited tickets at the door, please purchase in advance.

COCOON LOVE Directed by Xiaowen Wang Short, China, USA 15 Minutes

A teenager is sent back to stay with her grandparents in her ancestral village, where she begins a budding friendship with a classmate.

COMPOSURE Directed by Eric DePriester Short, USA

An imaginative short lm about living with yourself.

12 Minutes

EMILY OR OSCAR? Directed by Chris M. Allport Art House Feature, USA 120 Minutes

A throwback comedy featuring wildly imaginative screenwriter Sam Feldman, who nds himself forced to choose between an Academy Award and the woman of his dreams.




FERRYMAN Directed by Darren Bender Art House Feature, UK

A secret club draws a young, haunted soldier into the close orbit of a beautiful but reckless woman.

90 Minutes

FLIRTING (WITH POSSIBILITIES) Directed by Garrett Zuercher Short, USA

Harley, a deaf man, is determined to gure out the most e ective way to irt with the cute hearing guy he sees in the co ee shop, which requires a bit of trial and error.

19 Minutes

FLUFFYPUNK Directed by Thomas Harman Student, UK

A documentary about the many con icts that plague real-life comedy performance poet Jonny Flu ypunk, aka Jon Seagrave.

11 Minutes

FOR I AM DEAD Directed by Patricia Delso Lucas Short, Belgium

The owner of a countryside mansion, Oscar, lives a barren life with the sole company of his unmarried maid and his loyal young Gardner. Now Oscar must confess a secret love as death approaches.

18 Minutes

Festival Insight: Audience Choice Awards are directly chosen by audience ballots. Have your voice heard and make a di erence in lm culture by coming to shows, voting, and leaving comments.










FRANK BEY: ALL MY DUES ARE PAID Directed by Tom Dwyer and Lisa Palattelia Documentary, USA 88 Minutes

A biography about the life and career of American soul-blues singer Frank Bey, who quit singing after a deal with James Brown went terribly wrong.

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT: THE PETER KRUEGER CLINIC Directed by Joe Fox Short Documentary, USA 39 Minutes

A documentary lm that tells the story of the Peter Krueger Clinic (PKC), one of the rst HIV/AIDS clinics in the United States.

GRAFTON Directed by Bryan Santiago TV Pilot, USA 26 Minutes

In this mysterious thriller, a woman gets lost on the interstate, but the town she visits for help gives her another woman’s identity.

GRAVITY Directed by Danny S. Lynch Music Video, USA 4 Minutes

A lush ballad set in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, keeps the rhythm smooth in this uptown music video.

GREGORY Directed by Ben McHugh Short, USA 6 Minutes

An elderly man sits on a park bench watching his son and granddaughter, but only the girl can see him.




HELLO TO JULIA Directed by Jenna A. Bush Short Documentary, USA

When Julia was born, doctors gave her only months to live. Refusing to accept this prognosis, her loving parents enrolled her in a unique hippotherapy program at the nonpro t Special Strides.

29 Minutes

I MUSTACHE YOU Directed by Shara Ashley Zeiger Short, USA

A whimsical comedy about Abby, a New York woman whose agoraphobic tendencies are challenged when she receives an anonymous love letter.

13 Minutes

IDENTITY: THE ANDREW NEMR STORY Directed by Jonathan Cipiti Short Documentary, USA

A journey with international tap dance artist Andrew Nemr as he searches for a place where he can just be.

23 Minutes

IT AIN’T ME Directed by Yuval Shrem Music Video, USA

The title song from Eddie Navarro’s new acoustic folk-rock album.

5 Minutes

JADED Directed by Marcia Carroll Short, USA

A week in the life of a family wrought by tragedy.

30 Minutes



LOCAL 1196: A STEELWORKERS STRIKE Directed by Samuel George Documentary, USA 60 Minutes

This topical documentary examines the daily struggles of America’s bluecollar workers, a demographic that rarely gets the chance to share their world, in their own words.

LOVE AND COMMUNICATION Directed by James Christy Art House Feature, USA 78 Minutes

Based on true events, this dramatic feature tells the story of a young couple whose son has been diagnosed with autism.

MAKE UP YOUR MIND Directed by Hayley Anne Nash Short, USA 14 Minutes

A young woman struggling with her mental health must decide whether or not to buy a new brain.

MOUNTAINS WE CLIMB Directed by Ryan Canney Short Documentary, USA 27 Minutes

In 2019, Chris Baccash earned a personal best at the Bucks County Classic Pro Cycling Race, but four months later he received a devastating diagnosis. Now he must nd the key to climbing the mountain ahead.

MY REMBETIKA BLUES Directed by M. Zournazi Documentary, Australia 83 Minutes

Rembetika music, or the Greek blues, is a music born of exile and the streets. This documentary explores the genre’s lively history and culture.

Festival Tip: An archive of past issues of this Program Guide can be found in the About section of https://www.newhope lmfestival.com.




“When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.‘ ”

- Quentin Tarantino

550 Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938 AddisonWolfe.com • 215.862.5500

MY HOME Directed by Bilal Mudassar Khan Short, UK

A Muslim woman and a homebound, prejudiced man face a wide cultural divide until Aryam, a caregiver, decides to err on the side of a ection.

13 Minutes

ONE LAST GLANCE Directed by Joe Ronca Short, USA

During the holiday season, Maura is looking to purchase an arrangement for her father’s grave, and somehow nds herself drawn to a Christmas tree lot attendant who looks oddly familiar.

18 Minutes

PARADISIAC Directed by Quentin Dujardin Short, Belgium

An elderly lady remembers the autumn mornings she once spent on a vast river in the company of her childhood friends.

4 Minutes




MONEY, MONEY, MONEY (PERA, KWARTA, SALAPI) Directed by Marvin Tablang Dumlao Music Video, Philippines 5 Minutes

A new song by Philippines Prince of Bossanova Marvin Velasquez written by Erasmo “Rusty” Mallillin. The story is about workers in all walks of life who strives to make their lives successful.

RAISED UP WEST SIDE Directed by Brett A. Schwartz Documentary, USA 87 Minutes

This revealing documentary follows the harrowing, but frequently inspiring, lives of ex-o enders, social activists and entrepreneurs on the West Side of Chicago.

REFLECTIONS Directed by J.W. HIll Student, USA 12 Minutes

Irish-American Mike Donnelly speaks on a long and storied career in the roo ng trade, a profession his ancestors entered in the nineteenth century.

SAINT OF LOST CAUSES Directed by Alex Zauner TV Pilot, USA 21 Minutes

When laid-back dog walker Tony reveals to his roommate Conner that he can psychically locate lost objects, they decide to start a business for locating lost pets.

SEVERANCE BAY Directed by Caroline Dehn Student, Australia 23 Minutes

In the aftermath of their father’s death, two estranged sons are forced back to their childhood home, where they must confront the ruins of a past they no longer recognize.




SID PENROSE Directed by Drew Dull Short, USA 10 Minutes

Charlie is presented with an escape from his deep depression when the mysterious man that he has been drawing suddenly knocks on his door.

SIGNING OFF Directed by Chandler Wild Short, USA 10 Minutes

It’s the last night at indie jazz station WJRA before its frequency is sold to a conglomerate, and in between tracks DJ Benedict and programmer Sam need to hash out their friendship.

SOMETHING IN THE CLOUDS Co-Directed by Josh Sikkema and Johnny Ray Short, USA 13 Minutes

When a 14-year-old boy witnesses his neighbor get abducted across the street, his brave decision to save her will test his mettle on the bike ride of a lifetime.

SWEET DISASTER Directed by Laura Lehmus Art House Feature, Germany 90 Minutes

A late-in-the-game pregnancy and the sudden ending of a relationship are not necessarily catastrophic by themselves. Combine the two, and it’s like throwing re accelerant on charcoal.

TAINAN FANTAGE Directed by Jason M. Tseng Short, Taiwan 3 Minutes

Using 3D and compositing technologies, Taiwanese creators combined religion, history and pop culture to create an animated journey through the streets of Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan.



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Directed by Amnon Carmi TV Pilot, USA, Israel 19 Minutes

A chef recovers from COVID-19 without her sense of taste or smell and must run a critically-acclaimed restaurant in Tel-Aviv.

THE CALL OF WATER Directed by Kaya Tone Student, USA 19 Minutes

Flung into the astral plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.

THE FANTASTIC Directed by Maija Bla eld Short Documentary, Finland 30 Minutes

In this unique documentary, exiled North Koreans describe what they imagined the outside world to be like when they watched smuggled western lms.

THE INSIDE OUTSIDE Co-Directed by Nazlah Black and Adrienne Mackey Short, USA

In this lm spin-o of an interactive trail app, Poor Trenton is having a very, very bad day as ancestral ghosts haunt her walk along a canal’s towpath.

7 Minutes

THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Directed by John Gray Short, USA 10 Minutes

All is not what it seems when father and son have a violent confrontation on Christmas Eve.







THE SCULPTOR Directed by Catherine Deptuch Short, USA

In 1974 Poland, art student Hubert is mesmerized by the subject for the class, an exchange student from California, and now decades later his aesthetic longings for her beauty are put to the test when he’s diagnosed with glaucoma.

21 Minutes

THE SHAKER LEGACY Co-Directed by David Gibson and David J. Goodwin Short Documentary, USA

This short documentary explores the design, cultural and spiritual legacies of the utopian Shaker religious sect and its impact on New York State and American history.

10 Minutes


A childish but ruthless king needs a new blankie, and the rewards are great if a subject of the kingdom can bring him an acceptable one. The downside for a blanket that misses the mark is, of course, death.

7 Minutes

THERAPY Directed by John Haugh Short, Ireland

A man undergoes therapy in order to cope with a traumatic, seaside event.

14 Minutes

THIS VAST AND MYSTERIOUS OCEAN Directed by John Bergstrom Short, USA

Jason returns from distant places unknown to nd his home in ruins, his wife Leah disturbed, and his daughter Chloe missing.

20 Minutes



TO THE WOOD Directed by Miho Kahn Student, USA 11 Minutes

Fine art, puppetry and salvaged collectibles intersect with beautiful live action lm to create a world that allows us to imagine and follow Adeline’s journey to her dream.

TOPRAK Directed by Sevgi Hirschhauser Art House Feature, Turkey 106 Minutes

In rural Turkey, a family struggles. While the religious Cemil is satis ed to live his life in poverty, Burak struggles to leave for the city and get an education. When their grandmother becomes ill, both Cemil and Burak have to make tough decisions that change their formerly simple lives forever.

UTOPIA PLANITIA S1 Directed by George Reese Webisode, USA 6 Minutes

In this tense web series, three colonists on the only Martian settlement, Utopia Planitia, investigate mysteries for a living. When a senior executive drops dead the morning after meeting investigator Cala Rodriguez in a refugee sector bar, the fallout may unravel utopia.

WAKE Directed by Brendan Kissane Short, USA 25 Minutes

Unfolding much like an allegory, Wake follows a man in two spiraling narratives as he descends into a maelstrom of strange and surreal events.

WALKING AROUND Directed by Gilles Bovon Short, USA 20 Minutes

At the end of a road, in northeast Florida’s rural countryside, a young man circles around a ramshackle trailer while mumbling to himself. Intrigued and sympathetic, a woman who lives in a neighboring Airstream tries to prod the man back to reality.




WE DECIDED TO BECOME FARMERS Co-Directed by Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick Short Documentary, USA 17 Minutes

In an urban setting where farmer’s markets and fresh produce are a distant dream, the Urban Farming Institute helps residents transform unused lots into community solutions.

YO ANDREA Directed by Brian Russell Short, USA

A middle-aged man hatches a plan to win the woman of his dreams.

7 Minutes

YOU KNEW ME Directed by Rodgers Dameron Music Video, United States 6 Minutes

The penultimate track on musical artist Leah Shaw’s album “Play Beautifully,” dedicated to her mother’s memory.

YUANYUAN Directed by Shiyue Xu Short, China

A young girl named Yuanyuan once lived in a happy home, but tensions over her unborn brother and innuendo at school about her father’s alleged a air propel her into an ill-conceived action plan.

16 Minutes

Festival Tip: Unlike typical movie theater shows, New Hope Film Festival screenings are usually followed by lmmaker Q&A sessions, giving audience members an opportunity to ask questions and peek behind the scenes of a lm.





Script Lineup TITLE



A Package of Dreams

Bradley M. Look

A boy longs to become a television horror host when he grows up, but that dream gets derailed when adulthood responsibilities force him to work with his father at a parcel service.

Amy and Angel

Julia Verdin, Deedee Benkovich

Shy 16-year-old Amy wants to dance, but her deafness causes her dream to be shattered when she’s bullied out of dance class.

Family Embers

Carlo Celestino Colecchia

Two inseparable Italian brothers, Francesco and Marco, survive World War I and go their separate ways until buried treasure is discovered in the family hearth.


David When a new quantum technology clones the consciousness of his Christopher Loya deceased wife, bringing her virtual spirit back to life, a grieving college professor now must stop at nothing to protect the planet from an arti cial intelligence that is anything but the woman he loves.


Sarah Granger

This true story of a Kansas teenager stricken by polio in 1953 follows his life from an iron lung to independence.

Preacher’s Daughter: Giant Slayer

Gregory Bonds

As the U.S. military tracks down a 14-foot, red-haired giant in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, Delta Force soldier Amanda Franklin lends an otherworldly experience in her father’s church toward the search amidst great skepticism from her colleagues.


Richard Levine, Marie Bailey

To save her child’s life, a prison psychologist must break a drug lord out of a supermax federal penitentiary.


Shannon TL Kearns

In 2008, a group of men in New York City with nothing in common except a shared transgender experience try to gure out how to support each other.

Wake of the Quasimodo

Lorna Norrise

Despite a strained relationship with his father, William feels destined to lead a legendary colony of people who hide in the high mountains. But a conniving priest after a mine of gold has other plans.