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JULY 22 - 31, 2016

! New Hope Film Festival, Ltd., 6542-A Lower York Rd., #219, New Hope, PA 18938

June 2016

Welcome to the 2016 New Hope Film Festival!

We can barely believe this is our seventh annual event, but here we are, stronger than ever on the back of another record year for submissions. This year’s lineup offers 106 Official Selections, all hand-picked by our judges, including 89 films from 11 countries and 17 scripts. The New Hope Film Festival has garnered a reputation for exceptional artistic quality over its history, and that tradition continues. We love our films and we hope you will take the opportunity to see them. Remember, you have a voice at the Festival because we hand out audience ballots for every film. Rate the films, leave comments for us and the filmmakers, and add your vote for audience choice awards. Make a difference by voting at NHFF. For more information or to ask for recommendations, simply stop into New Hope Arts Center during the Festival and speak to one of our organizers or email us at — we typically respond to all emails within 24 hours. We hope you will indulge yourself during your visit by enjoying the great restaurants, shops and inns of New Hope and the surrounding area. See you at the movies! Warm wishes, D. F. Whipple Executive Director New Hope Film Festival


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My Schedule…..46 My Notes…..47 Cover Art: America is Still the Place Directed by Patrick Gilles


Feature Column Hitting a Wall and Bouncing Back

by Valerie Patterson, May 2016

This year’s New Hope Film Festival feature column celebrates documentaries by filmmakers who, with remarkable sensitivity, explore injustice and the resilience of those who bear its weight. Three films are shining in this spotlight: The Soul of a Tree (Mari Walker), She Started It (Nora Poggi and Insiyah Saeed) and Shallow Waters: The Public Death of Raymond Zack (Jaime Longhi). The Soul of a Tree

The Soul of a Tree, the shortest of the three films, should be of special interest to followers of worldrenowned, New Hope, Pennsylvaniabased woodworking artist George Nakashima. The film’s title draws from Nakashima’s 1981 book of the same name. Los Angeles-based writer/ director/editor Mari Walker weaves together archival newsreel footage, family photos, location shots from the Minidoka Internment Camp near Eden, Idaho, where Nakashima and his family spent three years during World War II, and personal interviews to

show us the genesis of Nakashima’s transition from architect to artist. Walker’s film begins with Bill Vaughn, an architect who describes — with a surprising level of emotion — his rather random, late-in-life reconnection to Nakashima. What we learn from Vaughn’s recollections and Nakashima family interviews is how Nakashima rose above what surely was soul-crushing imprisonment by the U.S. government to forge a special understanding of wood and a connection to trees, to give up his chosen profession and become an extremely successful, pioneering artist.

Shallow Waters

In the deeply thought-provoking Shallow Waters: The Public Death of Raymond Zack, musician-turnedlawyer-turned filmmaker Jaime Longhi brings us the story of Raymond Zack, a suicidal man who on Memorial Day 2011 walks, fully dressed, into shoulder-high water in the San Francisco Bay off the coast of Alameda, Calif. What happens next

and why will stun most people who watch this film.

For a rookie filmmaker, Longhi is a creative story teller, recreating the hour-long crisis using a cleverly filmed re-enactment, audio from the many calls flying back and forth among 911 operators, citizens and fire and police and interviews with witnesses who watched from the beach and from their homes. In total, he shot about 25 hours of footage that he edited to 33 minutes. The project took four years to complete, including a year where he says he was stuck. “I had no B roll, I couldn’t go to the places where Ray used to hang out because he didn’t really go out much. He didn’t really have friends. He was seriously depressed,” says Longhi. “My biggest challenge was not losing faith that I could tell the story.”

“There were times I couldn’t get a lot of the witnesses I wanted. A lot were afraid to give testimony against the fire department. Also, I wanted to tell the story without (cont. p. 11)

We put our energy into the arts. Arts and culture organizations have an impact of more than $1 billion on our local economy. Through PECO-sponsored programs we help people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy and experience the arts throughout our region. PECO is proud to support New Hope Film Festival.

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2016 Schedule TIME




America is Still the Place

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave


America is Still the Place

11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Art and Artists

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

The Soul of a Tree

The Birth of an Artist

Stained Glass Windows

1:45 - 3:45 PM

The Working World

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Dream Job Life

An Apprentice

My Fight at 50

The Cubicle

The Mother

Second Chance

4:00 - 5:15 PM

Peer Pressure ($8 Matinee)

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

I Am Virgin

What Martha Said


5:30 - 7:45 PM


New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave



8:00 - 9:45 PM

Cops and Criminals (18+)

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Markham Tactical

Brother of Abraham


Roman Citizen

10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

The Galloping Vet

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Niyazi Gul, The Galloping Vet

Odd Relationships

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Sock Puppet

Poor George



Recently, Long Ago

Doug’s Christmas

Friday, July 22 6:30 - 8:45 PM

Saturday, July 23

Sunday, July 24 12:00 - 2:15 PM


2016 Schedule (Continued) TIME




2:30 - 4:45 PM

Music Lovers

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Mr. Bluebird

Our People

Witch In Me

Masheenee Alcketiara

Miss Teri


Dropped Bars

The Ballad of the Dreadnought

5:00 - 7:00 PM

Animal Lovers

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Little Champion, Big Heroes

Life on a Leash


Sunday, July 24 (Cont.)

Monday, July 25 6:30 - 8:45 PM

High School Education New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

2E: Twice Exceptional

Writers Matter

Poverty and Medicine

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Today is the Day

Getting Better

World of Sport

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Playing Through


The Legend of Swee’ Pea

Tuesday, July 26 6:30 - 8:15 PM

Wednesday, July 27 6:30 - 8:45 PM

Thursday, July 28 3:45 - 5:45 PM

Student Short Program New Hope Arts ($8 Matinee) Center

2 Stockton Ave

A Slice of Life


Tunnel Vision

Talk to Me

The Class Acts

Ruth’s Great Escape

Two Weeks

6:00 - 7:45 PM

Empty Space

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave


Empty Space

8:00 - 9:30 PM

LGTB Showcase

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

We Remember


Reinventing the Reel


2016 Schedule (Continued) TIME




3:00 - 5:00 PM

Primrose Lane

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

The Goodbye

Primrose Lane

5:15 - 6:45 PM

Blood & Curry

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Blood & Curry

7:00 - 9:00 PM


New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Figs for Italo


9:15 - 11:30 PM

The Frogmarch

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Downward Departure

The Frogmarch

11:30 AM - 1:15 PM

She Started It

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

She Started It

12:45- 2:45 PM

Organ Donations

Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater

180 W Bridge St


Source of Hope

Hard to Believe

1:30 - 3:30 PM


New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave


3:00 - 4:15 PM

Chasing the Light

Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater

180 W Bridge St

Chasing the Light

3:45 - 5:45 PM

Chemical Cut

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave


Chemical Cut

4:30 - 6:15 PM

From World War to Sci-Fi

Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater

180 W Bridge St

Waiting for Dawn

We’ll Meet Again

I Am the Doorway

The Surface


6:00 - 8:15 PM


New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave



Friday, July 29

Saturday, July 30


2016 Schedule (Continued) TIME




Saturday, July 30 (Cont.) 8:30 - 10:30 PM

Look Again

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave


Look Again

10:45 PM - 12:15 AM

Experimental Shorts (18+)

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave




The Great Grunklumpen Circus

The Super

Terra Incognita

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

In the News with Dan Rather

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Shallow Waters

Dan Rather: Courage Under Fire

1:15 - 2:00 PM

Film and TV Career Workshop

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

A short presentation followed by a Q&A featuring Southern California film and TV veterans Thom Mulligan and Hoyt Richards

3:00 - 5:00 PM

Awards Ceremony (By Invitation Only)

New Hope Arts Center

2 Stockton Ave

Sunday, July 31


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Hitting a Wall and Bouncing Back

(Continued from p. 4)

tying up all of the ends,” says Longhi. “I wanted to present the arguments but I didn’t want to present all the answers.” What does our treatment of mentally ill individuals say about our society? What would you do if you witnessed a similar situation? These are just some of the questions this film triggers. She Started It In She Started It, a documentary by Nora Poggi (director/co-producer) and Insiyah Saeed (co-director/coproducer), we see resilience on display. This feature-length film tracks five young women for more than a year as they seek funding to build their companies. Pitch events, networking meetings and coaching circles help, but breaking into the homogeneous world of “brogramming” and venture capital in Silicon Valley proves difficult—and, like true documentarians, Poggi and Saeed follow these women through the wild roller coaster that is launching a business, keeping viewers in suspense about whose companies get funded until the end.

As journalists, Poggi and Saeed both covered the tech industry in Silicon Valley. They saw women starting companies but never receiving recognition for their achievements. “After we met, we decided it was high time to show the stories of real women who were making it happen - which would in turn encourage more women to take the leap. We wanted them to think, ‘if she can do, I can do it,’” says Saeed.

Beginning in early 2013, Poggi and Saeed began filming for close to 2 1/2 years, completing the film earlier this year. Jennifer Steinman edited more than 200 hours of footage into a 1 hour and 30 minute film. They take us beyond Silicon Valley and New York City, traveling to France to follow Agathe Molinar, a French woman launching an online apparel site, and Vietnam, where Thuy Truong returns home to reboot after repeat rejection in California. Is the climate for women entrepreneurs perhaps better abroad than among California’s billionaire wonder boys?

The science-technologyengineering-math (STEM) fields are

among the most imbalanced in terms of women’s representation, but it’s clear that the only way it will improve is if young girls see more women succeeding in them. Poggi and Saeed feel the tech entrepreneur space is already improving for women; colleges now have investment funds and entrepreneur tracks directed at them. In the film they introduce viewers to coding groups for young girls and other organizations assisting women in tech careers. In addition to film festivals, they plan to screen their documentary at secondary schools and colleges throughout 2016-2017. More information is available at:

Valerie Patterson is the director of marketing for a regional residential real estate company. From 1997 until 2005, she worked at Dow Jones & Co., Inc. and was the producer of The Wall Street Journal Online's real estate site for both commercial and residential coverage. While at, she was a frequent guest on CNBC, CNN and Fox News.


Film Lineup


Directed by Tom Ropelewski Documentary, USA

54 Minutes

2E: Twice Exceptional follows the personal journeys of a handful of middle school and high school students in Los Angeles who have been identified as twice exceptional—gifted or highly gifted individuals with learning disabilities or differences.


Directed by Phillip Carroll Jr. Student, USA

4 Minutes

On the night of his wife's birthday, Todd's relationship comes to its inevitable conclusion.


Directed by Patrick Gilles Art House Feature, USA

100 Minutes

In the aftermath of an oil spill, institutional racism poisons a northern California town and the clean up effort.


Directed by Jacob Patrick Short, USA

7 Minutes

An Apprentice makes a statement that young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder have a place in the workforce, and that they can excel beyond expectations.

Festival Tip: Advance ticket sales end 1/2 hour before each show in order to create an accurate will-call list and prevent overbooking. The Festival can access late ticket purchase information through its new wi-fi hotspot and laptop computer.


Delivered Fresh from local family farms 1405 Main St • Warrington, PA 18976 (215) 918-3900 • 13


Directed by Quinn Saunders Art House Feature, USA

100 Minutes

A supernatural thriller exploring the themes of love, death, and the fragility of the mind. When Doug's fiancee, Lori, is killed in a car accident, he retreats to their isolated farmhouse to deal with his loss. But someone still lives there.


Directed by Daniel Higgins Student, Australia

18 Minutes

Luke, a drug dealer who lives in the shadows of Melbourne’s nightlife, is forced into the light through a chance meeting with a lost autistic man named Art.



Directed by Walid Salhab Shot on a micro budget, Avaritia uses a completely new filming technique developed over a period of three years specifically for this film. Influenced by both German Expressionism and Surrealist cinema, the film is a metaphor for capitalism and commercialism.

Short, UK

8 Minutes


Directed by Jess Farr Student, USA

A harrowing coming of age story centered on a mother-daughter relationship torn apart by drug addiction.

13 Minutes


Directed by Atul Sharma Art House Feature, USA

77 Minutes

After an arranged marriage, a woman joins her American husband in pursuit of the American dream, but soon finds herself living in a nightmare.


Directed by Amit Ranjan Biswas Art House Feature, India

101 Minutes

Two strangers, both wanting to commit suicide, meet on a bridge over the Ganges. Through powerful interactions and intense psychological journeys, both search for a sense of belonging, trust, hope and optimism.

Festival Tip: Audience Choice Awards are 100% determined by audience ballots. Get your voice heard and make a dierence by coming to shows, voting, and leaving comments.



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Directed by Miles Warner Short, USA

12 Minutes

In the midst of prohibition, a young father reveals how far he will go to protect his family when his drunken brother lands on his doorstep, an infamous gangster in tow.


Directed by Estes Tarver Art House Feature, USA

90 Minutes

Changeover is the story of a teenage girl, Haley Thompson, and her Uncle Chad, a tennis pro, who must form a new family after the death of her parents—and this requires forgiving each other’s flaws.


Directed by Geoffrey Young Documentary, Australia

60 Minutes

An Australian adventure documentary following the famous photographer Ken Duncan and renowned photo-journalist Ray Martin, who venture into one of the world’s most wild and isolated coastlines at the tail end of the wet season.


Directed by Marjorie Conrad Art House Feature, USA

83 Minutes

23-year-old Irene is an artistic misfit turned LA model searching for identity, inspiration, and a kindred spirit while surrounded by competition, absurdity, exploitation and too many nude bras.

Festival Tip: 2016 Ticket Prices at the Door Patron $12.00

Student $10.00

Senior (65+) $10.00

Matinee $8.00

Local Standby Pass $35.00

Awards Ceremony (By Invitation Only) $20.00



Directed by Nicholas Stonehouse Student, USA

18 Minutes

A lackluster vaudeville troupe decides to rebuild their show and give it one last shot.


Directed by Manuel Ceniceros Short, USA

A no holds barred interview with legendary newsman Dan Rather on corporatization of news and why he was fired after reporting on George Bush, Jr.'s going AWOL from the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.

21 Minutes


Directed by Calvin Steinken Short, USA

Haunted by the death of his friend Kim, who died on a Christmas Day battlefield, Korean War veteran Doug meets a struggling young mother and her two daughters. The love and hardship of this young family inspire Doug to find meaning in his life.

25 Minutes


Directed by Jay Adams Webisode, USA

9 Minutes

A down and out drug addict decides to make a change when he applies for a space in a sober living home.


Directed by Darrell Gurney Webisode, USA

9 Minutes

A down-home Texan Career Coach, Darrell Gurney, inspires people to overcome knockout blows and transform their lives by connecting them to their earliest dreams.

Festival Tip: Previews are available by visiting the Festival’s official blog, which is accessed through the News link at 19


Co-Directed by Marcus Lorenzo and Josh Fleury Short, USA

15 Minutes

Inspired by a true story. Young musical artist Derek Perez struggles to pursue his dreams. With the support of loved ones and despite unforeseen events, he gains courage he never thought he possessed.


Directed by Karl E. Landler Short, USA

15 Minutes

When Melanie begrudgingly agrees to give Marcel, a French mime who doesn't speak English, a ride to his audition in Las Vegas, they both have to overcome their differences to prevent this trip from becoming a disaster.


Directed by James Choi Art House Feature, USA

77 Minutes

Empty Space is a coming of age dramedy about Tom, an overweight young man who takes refuge at his grandmother’s cabin to bury years of bullying. While in town, he meets a precocious blind girl named Lilly, who shows him how to be accepted and loved.


Directed by Jae Williams Student, USA

30 Minutes

Brandon, a 17-year-old African-American lad in Boston, turns to his musical gifts to help three generations of his family.


Directed by Daniel Hanna Short, USA

16 Minutes

A mom fights the medical and legal establishment to save her daughter's life when a bone marrow donor backs out.

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Bethlehem, PA

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Directed by Bob Celli Short, USA

19 Minutes

Dora is about to enjoy a routine family gathering, but a chance question from a reporter transports her back to her small, hometown village in Italy—in autumn 1943.


Directed by Gulserene Dastur Documentary, India, Switzerland

69 Minutes

A portrait of KEM Hospital in Mumbai, a place where nothing is easy but nothing is impossible.



Directed by Hai-Tao Wu Short, USA

On her 18th birthday, Hanna finds an old music box that has a photo of her with her father, who abandoned the family when she was a child. So she journeys to reconnect with him.

15 Minutes


Directed by Ken Stone Documentary, USA

56 Minutes

It’s happened before: governments killing their own citizens over their political or spiritual beliefs. But if the People’s Republic of China is harvesting organs from political prisoners, it’s never happened like this.


Directed by Teddy Cecil Short, USA

A sci-fi noir set in a dystopian underground city on the eve of a revolution.

20 Minutes


Directed by Matthew Rowney Short, UK

29 Minutes

When Arthur struggles to deal with the side effects of an alien infection he received on a mission to Venus, summer intern Richard begins to suspect something darker is amiss.


Directed by Cody Packer Student, USA

13 Minutes

Two awkward teenagers, set up by their parents to lose their virginity, find a way to connect on their own terms.

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Directed by Brian Lederman Short, USA

18 Minutes

Gaining entry to a guarded gate becomes a man's obsession and only goal. Based on a short story by Franz Kafka.


Directed by Tim French Art House Feature, USA

80 Minutes

A broken man, haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns every year to the same small town where the fateful accident occurred. But this year, his car breaks down and he meets a striking young woman.

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Directed by John Fraser Short, Australia

A man and a woman try to escape from the afterlife.

18 Minutes


Directed by Thiago DaDalt TV Pilot, USA

12 Minutes

This is a show about a 26-year-old sassy journalist from Alabama, now working in New York City, who discovers the heartwarming world of dog parks.


Directed by Stephen Stahl TV Pilot, USA

15 Minutes

A feel good, uplifting profile of five very special dogs who, despite their disabilities, have happy and rewarding lives. 25

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Directed by Daniel O’Connor Art House Feature, Canada

89 Minutes

About to end it all, a man is visited by his guardian angel, who gives him a special pair of glasses to enable him to see whether a person is good or bad.


Directed by Manan Singh Katohora Short, USA

After dealing with a series of extreme characters during a speed dating event for senior citizens, an elderly woman meets a charming, exotic gentleman.

14 Minutes


Co-Directed by Bayley Pokorny and Jeremy Earl Short, USA

The chief of police in the town of Markham, Illinois invites a documentary crew into their station to help ease public relation concerns. But when a stakeout turns south, the police force must figure out how to handle the situation they've started.

15 Minutes


Directed by Ema Shah Music Video, Kuwait

4 Minutes

A traditional Kuwaiti girl seeking life beyond her society achieves her ambition and dream: to sing, dance, and flourish.

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Directed by Scott Stangland Webisode, USA

10 Minutes

An obeat comedy about three misfit musicians who look to the stars to find their way.


Directed by Thomas Moore Music Video, USA

4 Minutes

The Dashboard Hula Girls employ haunting and captivating visuals to accompany their song Mr Bluebird in a five story castle turned cabinet of curiosities.



Directed by Deepashri Varadharajan Student, USA

20 Minutes

After devoting her life to a career in biotechnology, 53-year-old VeraMae Volk struggles with the possibility of taking up work as a cashier to make ends meet. The film throws light on the emotional and financial implications of long-term unemployment for older workers.


Directed by Hakan Algul Art House Feature, Turkey

106 Minutes

Niyazi Gul, a veterinarian, is on the lookout for a special elixir for animals. What he doesn't yet know is that a mobster and his estranged love are also on the lookout for that elixir.



Directed by Albert Kahn Music Video, USA

6 Minutes

A young Jewish man must choose between tradition and true love when his rabbi father forbids further contact with his secret love interest, a young black woman.


Directed by Jen Woldrich Short, USA

14 Minutes

The story of a woman, just out of prison, desperate to connect with a daughter who doesn't know she exists.


Directed by Paul Wagner Short, USA

13 Minutes

Best friends Paulie and Harry are enjoying a leisurely round of golf on the local links, but after they breach course etiquette, they find themselves under fire. Literally.


Directed by Jim Harris Short, USA

25 Minutes

George lives in two worlds. One perfect, his dream world, the other, his mundane real life, a living hell. Taking drastic measures, he enacts his plan to be in his dream world forever with his beau ideal, Dora.

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Directed by Kathleen Davison Art House Feature, USA

89 Minutes

The decision to enter an unlocked home triggers an irreversible chain of events for Robin and Chris, catapulting them into an alternate reality where they are far from alone.


Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer Short, USA

13 Minutes

Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s short story The Huntsman, this short film delivers a strange and moving portrait of two lovers at a crossroads.



Directed by Michael Gorlick Student, Canada, USA

20 Minutes

Reinventing the Reel is a documentary short about contemporary independent filmmakers' attempts to change the portrayal of LGBT characters in film.


Directed by Linder Pak Short, USA

14 Minutes

A bumbling, middle-aged man goes on a dinner date with a woman half his age, but cultural misunderstandings keep him from connecting with her.


Directed by Luca Elmi Art House Feature, Italy, USA

40 Minutes

When masked criminals engage in an audacious bank heist, the intent behind the crime is even more shocking than the oense.


Directed by Thomas Bangert Student, USA

10 Minutes

Her quiet nursing home has turned into a prison, so 85-year-old Ruth needs to escape. She has the perfect plan, but can she outsmart her nemesis, the scowling senior citizen Makowski?


Directed by Tom Wardach Short, USA

33 Minutes

A depressed, unemployed man finds his true calling through a series of unexpected encounters with seniors at a nursing home.


Directed by Joshua Durham Short, USA

16 Minutes

An aspiring boxer must face the shadows that haunt him before he can step inside the ring.



Directed by Jaime Longhi Documentary, USA

33 Minutes

Memorial Day, San Francisco Bay. A fully dressed man walks into the cold shallow waters off a public beach, and waits as the tide rises.


Directed by Nora Poggi, Insiyah Saeed Documentary, USA

90 Minutes

She Started It follows five young women on their journey towards start-up success.

Pe n n s y l va n i a SHAKESPEARE


July 13 to August 7 July 21 to August 7 July 27 to August 7

The Professional Theatre at DeSales University Center Valley Campus

60 miles north of Philadelphia, 90 miles west of New York City. Easy to reach from Interstate 78 and I-476, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension.

610.282.9455 • 33



Directed by Camille de Galbert Short, USA

12 Minutes

A man prepares for his final entry onto the grand stage, only to be confronted by his inner self.


Directed by Justin Zimmerman Documentary, USA

73 Minutes

SMART is a groundbreaking documentary about Los Angeles's Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team.


Directed by Richard Tatum Short, USA

8 Minutes

Sometimes you can only hear love through an interpreter. Sometimes that interpreter isn't human.

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Co-Directed by Jim Stavis and Joe Lorenzetti Short, USA

25 Minutes

This short documentary chronicles the medical miracle of a triple organ transplant and the transforming affect it had on the donor family and organ recipient.


Directed by D. Lee Beard Documentary, USA

57 Minutes

A journey of discovery over a wide range of stained glass window styles, tracing their history from medieval gothic revival church style to Tiffany windows and on to more modern, abstract designs.


Directed by Joshua Knoller Student, USA

20 Minutes

A troubled father answers his son’s phone, then has to look deep within himself when he finds out he’s counseling a suicidal girl on the other end of the line. 36


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JEAN CHILDS BUZGO New Hope Night Bridge, (detail, 18 x 24 inches, o/c)

In Buckingham Green on Rt. 202, just north of PA 413 • 215-794-4300

Today’s finest artists painting in the New Hope Tradition!


Directed by Bruno Mello Short, Brazil

15 Minutes

There's something odd about Laila, but an invitation to a pop concert might help her discover unknown realms and feelings.


Directed by Denis Aumiller Documentary, USA

38 Minutes

The Ballad of the Dreadnought traces the rise of the Martin Guitar Dreadnought from its first 20 years of selling only a few dozen guitars to its epic transformation into a musical companion played in almost every musical genre in every corner of the world.


Directed by Nataliya Babenko Documentary, Ukraine

16 Minutes

Dasha’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy could have been her one and only destiny if she hadn’t been courageous enough to express herself artistically. 37


Directed by Michael Ofenheim Short, USA

17 Minutes

Norman works in a drab, ordinary cubicle, but over the course of an eventful day, his unique hopes, dreams and fears are revealed.


Directed by Jonathan D’Ambrosio Art House Feature, USA

110 Minutes

Lifelong friends trap themselves for a weekend in a remote vacation home for the purpose of a drug intervention.


Directed by Mike P. Nelson Short, USA

17 Minutes

A screenwriter struggling to complete a ninja script must confront the death of the love of his life in order to move on with his own.


Directed by Corri Voorhees Short, USA

11 Minutes

Set in 1930's Germany with a silent expressionist style, a struggling circus sets out to draw in a crowd and keep itself afloat.


Directed by Benjamin May Documentary, USA

80 Minutes

A film about the quixotic life of Lloyd “Swee' Pea” Daniels, a basketball prodigy who, felled by drugs and bullets, embarks on an improbable comeback that cements his reputation as a flawed hero and the greatest playground legend of all time.



Directed by Paolo Monico Short, USA

11 Minutes

When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband's death.


Directed by Mari Walker Documentary, USA

17 Minutes

World famous woodworker George Nakashima's path crossed twice with a man in Eden, Idaho named Bill Vaughn: once when George was interned during World War II, and decades later, when Bill picked up the book The Soul of a Tree.


Directed by Anthony Ruivivar Short, USA

A peek through a NYC window turns up surprising things.

9 Minutes


Directed by Willem Kampenhout Student, USA

20 Minutes

To save the life of her dying son, Liz must venture to the desolate surface and faces the monsters who drove mankind underground.


Directed by Mike DeMille Short, USA

Sometimes the right man for a manly job isn't a man.

15 Minutes


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Directed by Betsy Haley Hershey Documentary, USA

16 Minutes

Deep within Mexico, Carlos, an indigenous Tarahumara who left his community to be trained as a nurse, returns to his homeland to save babies and mothers who have been dying at a high rate during childbirth.


Directed by Joseph Kraemer Student, USA

16 Minutes

Sarah and Brandon are jaded ex-lovers who reunite after Brandon discovers that he suffers from a rare eye disorder that is causing him to go blind.


Directed by Jesse Richton Short, USA

15 Minutes

A man with Tourette’s tries to overcome his challenges and live a normal life. 40


Directed by Dani Bowen Student, Australia

16 Minutes

On what seems to be a regular family holiday, teenaged Liv’s ideas about love and relationships are suddenly thrown into doubt as she discovers her parents' intentions to separate.


Directed by Kent Igleheart Short, USA

28 Minutes

Featuring music from Grammy nominee Hozier, and inspired by real lives, this is the story of Bradley, an LGTB teen kicked out of his house after a Thanksgiving Day act of courage.


Directed by Emily Lindin Documentary, Canada, USA

39 Minutes

This documentary short from The UnSlut Project asks why the sexual shaming of girls and women, including sexual assault victims, is still so prevalent in the United States and Canada?


Directed by Cousins Richard Short, UK

15 Minutes

A young soldier and his experiences in the First World War, highlighting the hardships and horrors faced by many men who served in the British Army during that period.

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Directed by John Gallagher Short, USA

14 Minutes

After a night of debauchery, Anders has no idea what to expect when he is summoned to his estranged father's death bed.


Directed by Jacqueline Pepall Short, UK, USA

4 Minutes

London, 1941. A nervous young man approaches a girl at a working class dancehall. Just as they warm to each other, the air raid siren wails, sending everyone into a shelter. Then someone begins to hum a tune.


Directed by Susan Skoog Webisode, USA

12 Minutes

After discovering on Facebook that her child wasn’t invited to a birthday party, a PTA president, Martha, confronts the offending mother and spreads some ugly gossip.


Directed by Jacopo Miceli Music Video, UK

3 Minutes

Witch In Me is the first episode in The Funeral Of My Expectations trilogy, the new EP from singer-songwriter Cecilia G.


Directed by Nitsan Tal Documentary, USA

48 Minutes

Writers Matter is a cutting edge, inner city writing program with a unique approach. It doesn't teach children how to write better fiction or persuasive essays. Instead, it encourages them to write about themselves—their lives, struggles and hopes—in a powerful demonstration of the value of creativity in the face of modest budgets and political support.


Special Event Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree: Dan Rather On Sunday, July 31, the New Hope Film Festival will proudly present a Lifetime Achievement Award to former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather for his outstanding career in journalism and long-standing advocacy of free speech. Due to a personal commitment, Rather will make his appearance in the form of an acceptance video and the trophy will be presented to NHFF 2016 filmmaker Laurie Nadel, whose film “Dan Rather: Courage Under Fire” screens during this “In the News with Dan Rather” show.

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Script Lineup TITLE



About Bates: A Jeffrey Batoff True Urban Legend

The true story of Marvin “Killer Bates” Batoff, known widely as the King of the Jews, a fanatical, intimidating cop with gigantic arms who pulled bizarre stunts of such strength that people talk about him to this day.

Buenos Aires

Olga Rojer

A German political exile must decide whether or not to take up the fight against the Nazis in his new homeland, Argentina.

Catch the Devil

Martin Blinder

A Civil War true adventure tale of three Union soldiers, the first winners of a Congressional Medal of Honor, whose audacity and bravery trumped the superior lethal technology of the Confederate South in a daring raid in the heart of Dixie.

Festival Tip: NHFF’s films are not yet in distribution and remain unrated. However, because we strive to be family and parent friendly, any parental warnings and 18+ age restrictions are included with our online ticket listings. Bucks County Community College offers yearround cultural programming for the whole family, with a lively variety of performances, exhibits, films and lecture-demonstrations. Explore the many high quality, low- or no-cost cultural and community events offered by Bucks.


Bucks SMART. County Community College

Bucks SMART. County Community College





Dismas and Gestas

Peter Hoffmann

Two infamous criminals are caught, then crucified alongside Jesus Christ.


Martin Blinder

A well-intentioned, intellectually limited, small town political hack, only accidentally did Warren Harding become President. He took his mistress and hometown cronies with him to Washington, eventually discovering that he was presiding over the most corrupt and licentious administration in United States history.

Knights of the Shadows

Austin Priester

An Evidence Response Team member of the FBI is under investigation by her own Bureau. To clear her name, she is compelled to help a team of contractors in Yemen deal with the consequences of a failed mission and take down one of the most ruthless terrorists in the world.

Lion of the Sea

Peter Israelson

An historical saga about the sinking of the ill-fated Vasa in 1628 Sweden conjoined with a spine-tingling thriller set in modern Stockholm.

Matt and the Epic Microwave Odyssey

Michelle Sarkany The son of the microwave oatmeal king must journey through the rubble of a destroyed American east coast to find the scientists and electronic parts needed to reinvent the microwave.

My Appointed Round

Benjamin Gross

Based on the memoir of the same title by J. Edward Day, this work portrays the remarkable rise from obscurity of the JFK-era Postmaster General who revolutionized the U.S. mail system.


Chi Laughlin

Set within the milieu of 1970s professional wrestling, Palookaville dramatizes a time when the sport stood on the brink of monumental change.

Post Tense

James Vinson

A young girl travels to different points in time, confronting different ages of herself within the physical confines of her bedroom.

Reaper’s Time

Terrance Mitchell As a hurricane rocks the ocean, a Coast Guard rescue team encounters an otherworldly menace aboard a floundering vessel. Thibodeaux


George Reese

Caught in unending religious war, a resistance fighter in occupied Spain must overcome her enemies, her friends, and her own hatred to make sure an Imam can deliver an earthshaking message to Rome.

Switch Me Off

Elliot Jackson

A girl pauses a television program and forgets to switch it off. The frozen detective on the television screen is not too pleased about getting left on pause all night and resolves to take action.

Tangled Spirits

Eric P. Granger

After death, spirits ordinarily leave their bodies to meld into a fantastical spirit sphere that encircles Earth, but when a rogue comet interrupts this process, five ascending spirits become entangled and plummet to Earth.

The Fallout

Andrew Stylianou

During the height of the communist backlash in Hollywood, playwright Arthur Miller and director Elia Kazan begin a tumultuous love triangle with aspiring actress Marilyn Monroe.

Zinicala Chronicles: The Arrival

Dillon Betros

With an army of monsters pressing them from one side and refugees pouring into their homeland from the other, the leaders of the mythical land of Zinicala are forced to confront a rogue viceroy who is hell-bent on the destruction of anyone he deems unworthy. 45

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2016 Program Guide  

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