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JULY 12 - 21, 2013


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June 2013 ! Welcome to the 2013 New Hope Film Festival! This truly independent and global event enters its fourth year with a record 108 official selections from 17 countries and Antarctica. With our new documentary from South Pole Station, No Horizon Anymore, we have now presented films from every continent. And exciting media buzz continues. If anyone in the film world hasn’t heard of New Hope Film Festival by now, or doesn’t sense our momentum, they aren’t paying attention. We have come a long way since I started this festival in the midst of the Great Recession. We have the mission, the strategy and the people, but we also have New Hope and Bucks County— idyllic places in which to host a destination film festival. This organization stands for something: to discover and nurture filmmakers who have been overlooked or underappreciated in other channels, a charter that easily befits the message of new hope in our hometown’s name. New Hope is a welcoming place. Come join us! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn and discover in an historic, artistically vibrant slice of the world. ! Sincerely yours, D. F. Whipple Chairman and CEO New Hope Film Festival ! !


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Feature Column Green is Good

by Valerie Patterson, May 2013

Surya Prakash and Paolo Soleri grew up worlds away from each other, in India and Italy, respectively, but their childhoods spent in the meadows and mountains of their native countries planted seeds that would grow into lifelong reverence for nature. Prakash was so inspired by the flora and fauna of Madhira, Andhra Pradesh, India, that he became a prolific painter of the natural world around him, moving among abstraction, impressionism and other styles but always interpreting nature’s bounty. In Arizona, Soleri, armed with a Ph.D. in architecture and an apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright, had a mission to create buildings and cities that tread lightly on the environment, well before principles of green design entered the mainstream. In Surya Prakash: A Journey Through Life and Art, and The Vision of Paolo Soleri, filmmakers Sisir Sahana and Lisa Scafuro, respectively, show us how nature’s beauty and fragility generated such passionate responses in their subjects, gentle

men who seemingly could not follow any other path in their careers. Sahana, a well known glass artist in his native India and principal of the Institute of Art at Visva-Bharati University in West Bengal, is best known to film audiences as the man behind Maati-O-Manush (The Soil & The People), an award winner at the 2010 New Hope Film Festival. Surya Prakash is a less controversial story to tell, and as Sahana readily admits, it was a much easier film to make without the financial and production burdens that come with shooting a feature film. Novice filmmaker Scafuro, armed with experience as a still photographer and illustrator and a degree from Arizona State University’s College of Architecture, explores Soleri’s path from a boyhood spent bicycling and hiking in the hills outside Turin to his life as an avant-garde, Arizona-based architect. She explores with great finesse the man behind “arcology,” an approach to urban planning and building design that melds

architecture, ecology and touches of Utopian thinking with results that many people describe as science-fictionlike. In fact, Scafuro does an excellent job of uncovering some of the people Soleri’s work has inspired, including French explorer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau, Catharine Hardwicke, director of 2008’s megahit, Twilight, and an array of other films, and Will Wright, creator of lifesimulation computer game SimCity. “After I released the first version of SimCity, a neighbor of mine suggested I get a copy of Arcology,” said Wright in a New Hope Film Festival interview. “It seemed so far ahead of its time in a lot of ways. He was pointing a way toward the future where we don’t have to sacrifice quality of life while we reduce our footprint on the earth.” Both filmmakers, through the use of still photos, interviews with their subjects and in the case of Sahana, (Continued p. 11)

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2013 Schedule TIME



6:00 PM

Film Festival Appreciation 101

New Hope Arts Center

7:00 PM

The Assignment

New Hope Arts Center


Friday, July 12

The Assignment Grow Up Already Mr. Bellpond

Saturday, July 13 12:00 PM

Short Student Films New Hope Arts Center ($6)

Vein of Love The Loss Paris, Kentucky A Flight of Fancy Life Through Grey Colored Glasses The Call Sweetly Broken IRINA Louder, Please Reverie Romance Ben & Elaine

2:45 PM

Route 30, Too!

New Hope Arts Center

Route 30, Too! Girl Clown Baggage

5:15 PM

Tales of the Middle East

New Hope Arts Center

Refuge The Patriot Act When Time Become a Woman

7:30 PM

Misa’s Fugue

New Hope Arts Center

The Predator’s Return Misa’s Fugue

9:45 PM

Mad Ship (18+)

New Hope Arts Center

Mad Ship Side Effects

Sunday, July 14 12:00 PM

All Me: The Life and New Hope Arts Center Times of Winfred Rembert

All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert Stonefaced

2:00 PM

Battle: Change from Within

New Hope Arts Center

Battle: Change from WIthin

3:45 PM

Legend of Love

New Hope Arts Center

Legend of Love Curveball This is Me 5

2013 Schedule (Continued) TIME




Sunday, July 14 (Cont.) 6:15 PM

The Mercury Cycle

New Hope Arts Center The Mercury Cycle Signing Singles

Documentary Double Feature

New Hope Arts Center 1913 Massacre Unlikely Friends


The County Theater

Monday, July 15 6:30 PM Tuesday, July 16 7:00 PM

Pechorin Spaghetti for Two Saving Bella Nature of Things

Wednesday, July 17 6:30 PM

Shell Shocked

New Hope Arts Center Shell Shocked Elegy for a Revolutionary

3:00 PM

Student Film Matinee ($6)

New Hope Arts Center Mathenza Welcome Home Mikey Ananimo By and By Tree Hugger

5:45 PM

Sonny Days

New Hope Arts Center Sonny Days Kingdom of Shadows

7:45 PM

Films from Brooklyn

New Hope Arts Center One Wall Worth

3:30 PM

Student Film Matinee II ($6)

New Hope Arts Center The Road Back Until College College Recipe for Love The “IT” Factor Harvest

5:45 PM


New Hope Arts Center No Horizon Anymore

7:45 PM


New Hope Arts Center Gamers Metamorphosis

Thursday, July 18

Friday, July 19


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2013 Schedule (Continued) TIME




Short Film Program

New Hope Arts Center

Three Secrets for Success For Closure Possum Young(ish) Autumn Grace Period

11:45 AM

Eco Responsibility ($6 matinee)

New Hope Arts Center

GMO OMG Out of the Blue Ru (Water is Life)

12:00 PM

Music Video Party Shuffle

Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater

My Way Let Your Light Shine Light Old Coats Cool Bus This Could Be Fire Life in Pictures My Dream Girl Top of My Game Lost What Are We Waiting For Miracle

2:30 PM

Saturday Matinee Students ($6)

New Hope Arts Center

Brave Girl Chart Star Safe On Becoming a Man

3:15 PM

Artists and Architects

Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater

The Vision of Paolo Soleri: Prophet in the Desert Surya Prakash - A Journey Through Life and Art

4:30 PM

Stories of the Music New Hope Arts Center World

Since I Don’t Have You If I Were a Bell

6:00 PM

Christina Crawford VIP Event (18+)

Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater

Surviving Mommie Dearest A Family Dinner

7:00 PM

Documentary Double Feature

New Hope Arts Center

Out of Print The Risk Factor

9:45 PM


New Hope Arts Center

Locomotive Three Hearts to Beat

Geil of Doylestown

New Hope Arts Center

Geil of Doylestown 1000 Li

Friday, July 19 (Cont.) 9:45 PM

Saturday, July 20

Sunday, July 21 12:00 PM



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Festival Tip: Venue Addresses New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue, New Hope (the corner of Stockton and Bridge St.) Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater 180 W. Bridge Street, New Hope (just outside of town, look for the NHFF yard sign) The County Theater 20 E. State Street, Doylestown (center of Doylestown, corner of E. State and Main St.)


Green Is Good

(Continued from p. 4) re-enactments of Prakash’s early years shot in black-and-white, show viewers how childhood influences instilled a love of nature in each of these men. Prakash himself takes viewers on a tour of his former art school, and we see the progression of his career and the almost dream-like aura present in much of his work. The prolific Prakash is still painting. Since 1988, he has been the resident artist at the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India. Scafuro had access to a trove of photos and some old film footage – Soleri cut a lean, handsome figure in the desert as a young man. A range of interviews with those who knew Soleri during various phases of his career, including particularly poignant recollections from Eric Lloyd Wright and Morley Safer, tell the architect’s story with admirable balance given Scafuro and Soleri’s friendship. What is evident early on in both films is the perseverance Prakash and Soleri needed to overcome obstacles – economic changes brought by a shift in government and a rigorous academic program, in Prakash’s case, and for Soleri, a daunting situation at Ellis Island on his way to work at Wright’s Taliesin West studio in

Arizona, not to mention the complications that arose during his time at Taliesin. Sahana said in an email that he considers Prakash one of the most exceptional artists because of his discipline, honesty and commitment to his beliefs. “The nature of him inspired me to separate him from his many other contemporaries,” said Sahana. How Scafuro became the person to introduce the wider world to Soleri’s story is part luck and part pluck. In 1996, Scafuro, mourning the death of her father a few months earlier, moved to Arizona with her then six-year-old daughter, Samantha. Two days after arriving, Scafuro took her daughter to visit Cosanti, Soleri’s studio and residence in Paradise Valley, Ariz. During this visit, Soleri and Scafuro met, and a strong friendship began that lasted until the architect’s death on April 9 of this year, a loss that Scafuro still feels after talking with Soleri nearly every day. As early as 1998, Scafuro entertained ideas of telling Soleri’s story, but initially she didn’t see herself as the filmmaker. An encounter with Ken Burns changed that thinking, and between 2002 and 2012, Scafuro

outlined, interviewed, edited, found a narrator (the appropriately gentlevoiced, Swedish musician JP White), dubbed and finally had a rough cut to show Soleri in June 2012. “He grinned and smiled the whole way through. He chuckled at some of the older footage. At the end, he said, ‘bravo, bravo.’ He just loved it. I thought there might be some things he didn’t like because I tried to be objective and not saccharine, but he was happy with it,” said Scafuro. And viewers may be happy for the introduction to the work of these two men, so different in their expression, but at their roots, borne of a lifelong desire to reimagine the natural and the built environment around them. Valerie Patterson is the director of marketing for a regional residential real estate company. From 1997 until 2005, she worked at Dow Jones & Co., Inc. and was the producer of The Wall Street Journal Online's real estate site for both commercial and residential coverage. While at wsj.com, she was a frequent guest on CNBC, CNN and Fox News.


2013 Lineup Documentary Films

1913 MASSACRE Co-Directed by Ken Ross, Louis Galdieri USA 66 Minutes

Inspired by a Woody Guthrie song about 'greed for money,' 1913 Massacre tells the story of an American town's ruin. The film follows Arlo Guthrie to the town of Calumet, a once-thriving mining town on Michigan's Upper Peninsula still haunted and unsettled (100 years later) by the tragic events of 1913. This musical re-telling of the Calumet story traces the legacy of the Italian Hall disaster from 1913 to the present, when the town -- out of work, out of money, out of luck -- struggles to come to terms with this painful episode from its past.



All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert chronicles the journey of Winfred Rembert, an African American artist who recently had a retrospective in a top-tier Madison Avenue gallery who earlier in his life had served seven years on a chain gang in Georgia. His brightly colored paintings which are executed on leather canvases which Rembert also tools, a technique he learned in prison, describe life in the Jim Crow south in the 1950's and 60's.

BATTLE: CHANGE FROM WITHIN Directed by Michael Hicks USA 56 Minutes

A documentary about educator Eliot Battle and the pivotal role he played in desegregating schools, housing, and the Columbia, Missouri community. As Battle facilitated changes with quiet resolve, he faced resistance from both the black and white communities. His calm demeanor and dedicated work within existing institutions and systems allowed him to bridge the gap between the two races and change Columbia for the better.

GAMERS Directed by Christine Farina USA 80 Minutes

Ever wonder what goes on among geeks? Sneaking suspicion all nerds think they're geniuses? Find gaming really hot? Gamers is an independent documentary film that introduces the strange and varied culture of fantasy gaming in the United States. With a camera in hand, the socially-awkward filmmaker stepped blindly into many venues and approached other sociallyawkward strangers with sincere curiosity. Unsatisfied with the usual films about gamers that points at the spectacle of the 'freaks,' the filmmaker used her own experiences of exploration and discovery to shape the film, which is an affectionate look at gamers in gamers' own words. The bottom line is that chances are, someone you work with is a closet gamer.



A Baptist preacher who held thousands spellbound. A photographer who captured images of vanishing cultures. An explorer who ventured to the ends of the earth. And a life story lost...A century ago, William Edgar Geil, the first man to travel the length of the Great Wall of China, was one of the world's most celebrated travelers and speakers. Yet he remains unknown to modern audiences, even in his Pennsylvania hometown. This documentary restores his extraordinary legacy.


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GMO OMG Directed by Jeremy Seifert USA 90 Minutes

Today in the United States, by the simple acts of feeding ourselves, we are unwittingly participating in the largest experiment ever conducted on human beings. Each of us unknowingly consumes genetically engineered food on a daily basis, yet the risks and effects to our health and the environment are largely unknown. GMO OMG tells the story of a father’s discovery of genetically modified foods and his search for answers.




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MISA’S FUGUE Directed by Sean Gaston

USA 97 Minutes

Misa's Fugue is the true story of one boy's journey under Nazi oppression. Although exposed to some of the most horrific people, places, and events of the Holocaust, Frank Grunwald endured one of the most destructive moments in human history through a love for art and music that had been instilled in him during his childhood in Prague.

MY WAY Co-Directed by Dominique Mollee, Vinny Sisson USA 93 Minutes

My Way begins with the conventional “small-town girl livin' in a lonely, corporate world” motif. Yet instead of taking the midnight train to nowhere, Rebekah Starr trades her pants-suit for a Les Paul, grabs her sassy, Estonian, tambourine-banging sidekick, and hits the highway — destination: Sunset Strip.


NO HORIZON ANYMORE Directed by Keith Reimink Antarctica 77 Minutes

Fewer than 2,000 people have spent the austral winter at South Pole Station. Replete with gorgeous footage and segments reminiscent of reality TV, this documentary follows members of the winterover crew as they share their views on their colleagues, the environment, and the science that takes place during a busy year.

New Hope Proudly Welcomes

Christina Crawford July 20, 2013 6:00 PM Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater Tickets $20 Christina Crawford, best-selling author of Mommie Dearest, comes to New Hope to exhibit her new documentary, Surviving Mommie Dearest, and receive a Lifetime Achievement Award that honors her outstanding activism against child abuse and for human rights. The exhibition screening is open to the public and will include both a book signing and a Q&A. A portion of the proceeds for this exciting event will be donated to FACT (Fighting AIDS Continuously Together). New Hope Mayor Larry D. Keller and Borough Councilwoman Geraldine Delevich will present the Lifetime Achievement Award trophy at New Hope Arts Center on Sunday, July 21 during the Festival’s invitation-only awards ceremony.


OUT OF PRINT Directed by Vivienne Roumani USA 55 Minutes

Out of Print draws us into the topsy-turvy world of words, illuminating the turbulent, exciting journey from the invention of the book through the digital revolution. Ray Bradbury, Scott Turow, Jeff Bezos, parents, students, educators, scientists — all highlight how this revolution is changing everything about the printed word — and changing us. Narrated by Meryl Streep.

SHELL SHOCKED Directed by John Richie USA 63 Minutes

New Orleans is the murder capital of the United States. For the last decade, statistics reveal murder rates four to six times higher than the national average. Shell Shocked starts at the surface of the New Orleans murder epidemic, then delves into the hearts and minds of those whose lives are most deeply impacted.

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SURVIVING MOMMIE DEAREST Directed by Christina Crawford USA 71 Minutes

A documentary based on a one-woman, multimedia play written by and starring best-selling author Christina Crawford. Surviving Mommie Dearest covers not only 100 years of entertainment and show business history, but also issues of social justice.

SURYA PRAKASH — A JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE AND ART Directed by Sisir Sahana India 22 Minutes

A short biography of renowned Indian painter Surya Prakash, this film from the West Bengal region of India delivers a rich, delicate blend of aesthetics, music and rhythm.

THE VISION OF PAOLO SOLERI Directed by Lisa Scafuro USA 88 Minutes

It is the story of an unprecedented artistic quest. Born in Torino, Italy 1919, Paolo Soleri came to America to mentor under Frank Lloyd Wright in Taliesin West, Arizona. But one and a half years later, Soleri left Wright to embark on a blazing, original course of his own. Few architects have proposed more ambitious design, and been less prone to compromise. This is his story.


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UNLIKELY FRIENDS Directed by Leslie Neale USA 62 Minutes

Narrated by acclaimed actor Mike Farrell, Unlikely Friends documents victims of brutal crimes and how they, through staggering levels of forgiveness, actually befriend the very criminals who harmed them or members of their families.

Festival Tip: 2013 Ticket Prices at the Venues Patron $12.00 Student $10.00 Senior (65+) $10.00 Matinee $6.00 VIP Event $20.00 Awards Ceremony (by invitation only) $20.00 Note: Prices are for New Hope Arts Center and Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater venues only. 20

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Feature Films

LEGEND OF LOVE Directed by John Quashie USA 80 Minutes

U.S., deep in the south. The year is 1890... Racism and class warfare pervade. Eve, second generation freed slave, falls in love with Adam, the only son of Jack, a ruthless plantation owner. But not even death can tear the star-crossed lovers apart.

LOCOMOTIVE Directed by Jeremy Waltman USA 76 Minutes

A former straight-edge musician who took some minor success from a band he started years ago tries to reconnect after his solo career as a DJ takes a dive. Unfortunately, the band found a following without him, and he falls back to a former love interest, a groupie for the band, who he also left behind.

MAD SHIP Directed by David Mortin Canada 94 Minutes

Festival Tip: Advance ticket sales end at midnight before each show in order to create an accurate willcall list and prevent overbooking.

Inspired by a true story, Mad Ship is the story of Tomas Sorensen his wife Solveig, Scandinavian immigrants to the Canadian prairies in the 1920s. They are deeply in love, but prairie drought and the Great Depression conspire against them.

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PECHORIN Directed by Khrushch Roman Russian Federation 94 Minutes

Based on the classic novel A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov, this feature film maintains the main plot lines of the novel, yet follows the events not as they happen, but as they’re reflected in the mind of the dying hero, Pechorin. The chain of recollections about his life — a series of exploits that he now sees as irrevocable mistakes — becomes a conduit for deeper questions of existence. Was his life, and the hearts he won and broke, nothing more than a fleeting gratification? Was it even worth the effort?


ROUTE 30, TOO! Directed by John Putch USA 86 Minutes

A visitor from another planet and a ghost mix it up with locals and each other along Route 30 in Southern Pennsylvania.

SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU Directed by Gavin Rapp USA 100 Minutes

A backstage drama, set between the years 1975 and 1990, as seen through the eyes of the son of the female vocalist in the popular doo-wop group, The Skyliners.

THE ASSIGNMENT Directed by Cam Peters Canada 92 Minutes

Obie (Erica Marks) is second-in-command in the Vigils, an established secret organization at Trinity High School. A professor enlists the Vigils' help, wishing to use their influence to convince students to sell overpriced, fundraiser chocolates. This undergraduate student project is based on the 1974 young adult novel by Robert Cormier, The Chocolate War.


Best Wishes From

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THE MERCURY CYCLE Directed by Cody Hoerig USA 120 Minutes

In this hybrid student/professional feature, a college student steals a mysterious drug from an underground cult, consequently triggering a series of events that blur the line between past and present.

WHEN TIME BECOMES A WOMAN Directed by Ahmad Alyaseer Jordan 73 Minutes

Zad was a revolutionary, but most of his plans went horribly wrong. He finds a woman who he believes can save him, and maybe the planet. Now he's on a mission to convince her to go with him in order to rebuild what he once destroyed.



CHART STAR Directed by Kate McGraw Australia 9 Minutes

Chart Star follows Isla Baker, a young woman desperate to become a reality television star.

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Short Films

A FAMILY DINNER Directed by Peter Davenport USA

Four adult children return home for a family dinner at their parents' New England house for the first time since the eldest son's marriage four years earlier — when something happened to keep them apart.

27 Minutes

AUTUMN Directed by Susan Barry USA

Ten year old Autumn has lost her father, but the young girl finds a creative mentor and a safe space in which to mature in her artistry.

34 Minutes

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Festival Insight: New Hope Arts Center, the Festival’s main venue, began its life as a barge house for the canal that runs alongside it. The theater section used to be the hay loft for barge mules.

BAGGAGE Directed by Ivan Kander USA 10 Minutes

At a special type of baggage counter where people go to check their emotional past, one young man is trying to reclaim his lost luggage.

ELEGY FOR A REVOLUTIONARY Directed by Paul van Zyl USA 20 Minutes

Two friends oppose the apartheid-era government in South Africa. Their choice to use violence tears their lives and relationship apart.

FOR CLOSURE Directed by James Felix McKenney USA 9 Minutes

A woman facing life's biggest failures cannot fathom facing her family, too. Clinging to her pride while all else slips away, she is forced to make a last call. Can the loss of her house finally lead her home?


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GIRL CLOWN Directed by Beth Spitainy USA

A mousy secretary attempts to overcome her shyness and find true love by becoming a professional clown.

15 Minutes

GRACE PERIOD Directed Maria Della Croce USA

Set in the office of an unorthodox psychotherapist, Grace Period follows a husband and wife through a Twilight Zone therapy session.

8 Minutes

GROW UP ALREADY Directed by Richard Pragacz Keith USA

After being dumped by his girlfriend Winnie, Andy Mott is determined to win her back -- the only problem is, he's got a LOT of growing up to do.

10 Minutes

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IF I WERE A BELL Directed by Sherese Robinson Lee USA 19 Minutes

A poignant story of two brothers unexpectedly caught in a passionate love triangle with a rising, sexy, female rapper. This sensual story of love and betrayal is told through vivid, provocative rhyme.

KINGDOM OF SHADOWS Directed by Kevin Corcoran USA 13 Minutes

A film researcher gains possession of a lost silent film, then becomes obsessed with the film's long-dead star.

METAMORPHOSIS Directed by David Yohe USA 14 Minutes

Metamorphosis is a much darker retelling of Franz Kafka's classic, providing a look into a modern family's reaction to their teenage son's revelation of his new identity, a hideous, human-sized cockroach.

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POSSUM Directed by Eleanor Wilson USA 16 Minutes

On the weekend of Halloween, a chance encounter with a dead possum helps a young couple reconnect.

REFUGE Directed by Michelle Steffes USA 14 Minutes

An Iraqi man haunted by the death of his wife moves to Baghdad to start over but becomes obsessed with a suspicious neighbor.

RU (WATER IS LIFE) Directed by Shawn Small USA 19 Minutes

A film crew travels to South Sudan to spend a day in the life of a remarkable twelve year old girl, Jina Teji, who is the primary caretaker for her family.


SIDE EFFECTS Directed by Traven Rice USA 20 Minutes

A young woman, desperate for money, enters a risky month-long drug trial. In isolation from friends and family, she is taken on a strange journey that is both harrowing and life changing.

SIGNING SINGLES Directed by Daniel Keenan USA 10 Minutes

A dark comedy about two young singles who meet through an online dating service for deaf singles. Problem is, neither Alex or Jade are who they claimed to be online.

SPAGHETTI FOR TWO Directed by Matthias Rosenberger Germany 19 Minutes

From money-grubbing homeless men, to wanton barmaids and armed grocery bandits, an ordinary day becomes a significant turning point for an unremarkable man thanks to a minimal shift in fate.

STONEFACED Directed by Vivian Ducat USA 15 Minutes

African American architect, author, and professor Robert A. King is an obsessed man when it comes to gargoyles, grotesques, and other elements of building sculpture.

THE PATRIOT ACT Directed by Kyle Einhorn USA 21 Minutes

A home invasion robbery crew plan the perfect heist, but once they begin the operation, they are are waylaid by circumstances that force them to examine who they really are as Americans.

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THE PREDATOR’S RETURN Directed by Jerald Fine USA 14 Minutes

What if the newest resident of your nursing home was the same Nazi officer that murdered your entire family 60 years earlier?

THREE HEARTS TO BEAT Directed by Arthur Valverde France 15 Minutes

At eighteen years old, Sarah is subject to the daily rhythm of the violence of an alcoholic father and the needs of Maxime, an autistic sibling. 34

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THREE SECRETS FOR SUCCESS Directed by Arturo Casares Cortina China, Mexico 11 Minutes

On the day that Li is hired by the company of his dreams, he learns from his boss's wife that trust is relative, win-win situations can be biased, and the road to success contains no certainties.

WELCOME HOME Directed by Danny Donnelly USA 23 Minutes

Derrick Morrison is a young soldier returning home from his tour of duty in Iraq. This is “found footage” of his story, as documented by his younger brother, Ryan.

YOUNG(ISH) Directed by Renee Felice Smith USA 7 Minutes

During an afternoon at the beach, an elderly couple transports back to their childhood through the help of a wooden, playground pirate ship. When their adult children come to collect them, the cyclical nature of life is exposed. 35

Student Shorts

A FLIGHT OF FANCY Directed by Scott Schuler USA 6 Minutes

With their imaginations, a mother and daughter turn an ordinary forest into a dreamscape of fairies and unicorns — until the child runs away.

ANANIMO Directed by Andres Delzo Peru 30 Minutes

A handicapped teenager begins to exchange letters with an anonymous woman, then embarks on dreams of pure fantasy about the woman he thinks he knows.

BEN & ELAINE Directed by Travis Maiuro USA

Facing death by apocalypse, a fractured couple hastily tries to reconnect.

10 Minutes

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BY AND BY Directed by John C. Arnold USA 16 Minutes

By and By is about overcoming and facing your fears to change who you're conditioned to be.

COLLEGE Directed by Charles Dillon Ward USA 3 Minutes

Inspired by the theme of uncertainty in the play Doubt, this film is a visual poem and tribute to the uncertainty we all face when we move to the next stages of our lives.

CURVEBALL Directed by Jamaal Green USA 18 Minutes

Tavis and Thomas are twin brothers whose loose bond hangs by a thread. Thomas hides a deep resentment toward Tavis that comes to light when they are forced to confront the lifelong, deep-seated conflicts between them.

HARVEST Directed by Reed Carrescia USA 13 Minutes

A world-weary farmhand encounters a supernatural event that causes him to question his outlook and destiny.

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IRINA Directed by Michael Johnston Struggling with the disastrous review of her latest play, an aging theater actress transforms her apartment into her stage, her husband into her audience, and the dead bird on her balcony into an allusion to Anton Chekhov.



t shops

, restaurant



e rvic

re a 5g


18 Minutes





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LA VIE EN GRIS Directed by Stephanie Sellars France 10 Minutes

A young American actress in Paris finds herself at odds with her older French director when she fails to please him on the stage. Offstage, they unwillingly enter into a play of cultural assumptions where power is relative, and theatre and life collide.

LOUDER, PLEASE Directed by Lena Tsodykovskaya USA 7 Minutes

Michael Therault is the smartest student in class. There's a lot going on in his head, but his biggest fear is that someone will read his mind.

MATHENZA Directed by Greggor Diessner Germany 23 Minutes

Mathenza is about a powerful friendship that takes three girlfriends on a thrilling voyage. Can one enter a theater without a ticket and does cucumber peel make one sneeze? What do an apricot fox and a rhubarb snail have in common?

MIKEY Directed by Jaco Dukes Chile, USA 20 Minutes

Philip, a guy obsessed with a girl named Mikey, built the most magnificent gift he could imagine to win her heart, but instead of bringing her close, the gift would break them apart.

MR. BELLPOND Directed by A. Todd Smith USA 20 Minutes

23.7 years after his wife disappears, the once-famous Mr. Bellpond must compose a new masterpiece before a blackmailer burns whatever evidence might lead him to his wife.

NATURE OF THINGS Directed by Aradhana Modi USA 2 Minutes

We often wish to be different in order to accomplish our goals, and so does a creature living in the woods.


ON BECOMING A MAN Directed by Kevin Resnick USA 14 Minutes

An awkward young boy struggles to find his voice and deal with his mishugina family in the days leading up to his Bar Mitzvah.

OUT OF THE BLUE Directed by Matthew Stamm USA 18 Minutes

The goal of Out of the Blue is to educate the public about the issues surrounding dolphin and whale strandings.

PARIS, KENTUCKY Directed by Charles Dillon Ward USA 3 Minutes

Voicemails go awry when a college student hopes to get lunch with a girl at a writing workshop.

RECIPE FOR LOVE Directed by Gwyneth Christoffel Canada 3 Minutes

A lonely cupcake sees other objects in the kitchen enjoying each others’ company and decides that she, too, needs a companion.

REVERIE ROMANCE Directed by Christian Graham USA 5 Minutes

A man falls head-over-heels for each and every woman who shows him the slightest affection, although he never gets the chance to have the love of which he dreams.

SAFE Directed by Julietta Boscolo Australia 20 Minutes

Mia is 31 and eternally single. Yet Mia can never get past the second date because she is too scared to answer any questions about her past. Then she discovers the Secrets Safe.

SAHASI CHORI Directed by Erin Galey Singapore 20 Minutes

Bhumika, a 13-year-old Nepali girl, travels with her family friend Krishna from her Himalayan home to her first job in the city. Everything is fine until he asks her to cross the border to India.


SAVING BELLA Directed by Alyssa Achuff USA 9 Minutes

A eighty year old woman who is battling dementia develops a close friendship with her six-year-old granddaughter, Emma.

SWEETLY BROKEN Directed by Chung Lam Czech Republic 5 Minutes

This is what happens when a boy puppet gets separated from the girl puppet of his love and he needs to reunite with her.




An innocent high school student named Gabe searches deep inside himself and finds a hidden talent that makes him the next mega pop star.

20 Minutes

Directed by Nick Stern

THE CALL Directed by Brandon Ripley USA 12 Minutes

Jack must overcome his fear of his mistake to keep from losing his job, and his friendship of his crew at the firehouse.

KAYIP (THE LOSS) Directed by Mete Sozer Belgium, Turkey 14 Minutes

After a painful breakup with the love of his life, a man waits at a cafe for a lifetime, hoping she might walk in again.

THE ROAD BACK Directed by Faith Bishop USA 33 Minutes

The Road Back is a short, dramatic film written, created and directed by Maine youth that addresses the challenges faced by adolescents when living with depression and/or anxiety.

DIS IS EK (THIS IS ME) Directed by Lorienne Young Australia 23 Minutes

Tarryn Langton, a lesbian police detective in Cape Town, South Africa, is investigating a case about the corrective rape killings when she and her girlfriend, Stacey, fall victim to the crime. Based on a true story.


TREE HUGGER Directed by Olivia Merrion USA 18 Minutes

A young couple is set to move to Chicago after college, but Smith is unsure about the change. Feeling anxious, he finds a tree who understands him. But when Smith falls in love with the tree, he is forced to make a choice.

UNTIL COLLEGE Directed by Caitlin Halliburton USA 15 Minutes

A musical comedy that follows Rachel and her dynamic group of friends through their first semester away at college.

VENA AMORIS (VEIN OF LOVE) Directed by Amando Hermosilla USA 15 Minutes

James is a handsome and successful businessman who will be married tomorrow, but can he make it past a beautiful temptress and a man who seems bent on tormenting him?

WORTH Directed by Patrick Mandeville USA 22 Minutes

A young man joins the Army to please his father only to end up a prisoner of war. In the cell, he discovers a penny and begins flipping it and tallying heads/tails, leading him to consider the philosophy, attitude, and fears that imprisoned him and damaged his relationships.

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Music Videos

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE Produced by John Ryan USA 3 Minutes

The purpose and mission of their project is to go head-to-head with bullies. Lead singers Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio also launched an anti-bullying tshirt and pledged a portion of the proceeds to the Seth Walsh Foundation.

LIGHT Directed by Rene Laudi Germany 4 Minutes

Stop motion photography shows how ideas from our inner world can materialize with persistence. Pop electronica as an homage to a musician’s studio.

OLD COATS Directed by Andy Strohl USA 4 Minutes

Written as a period piece and set at the historic Deepwells Mansion, this music video for Barnaby Bright is an evocative story about romance and tragedy.

COOL BUS Directed by Albert Kahn USA 4 Minutes

A narrative for the song of the same name by the punk-rock band Vayizaku. The video depicts the band rocking out while roaming the streets in a mysterious black school bus called the Cool Bus.

LIFE IN PICTURES Directed by Herman Wang Canada 4 Minutes

The official music video for Delica-m's song Life In Pictures, from their 2012 EP.

MY DREAM GIRL Directed by Carlos Hurtado USA

A visual piece about getting close to your dream girl.

4 Minutes


LOST Directed by Matthew Varga USA 4 Minutes

A music video for the up-and-coming Philadelphia rock quintet, Rivers Monroe. Lost is a brand new track produced by Grammy winner Phil Nicolo, recalls the rage and frustration at realizing the idyllic images we create of our loved ones do not exist.

MIRACLE Directed by Marcin Starzecki Poland 4 Minutes

Deep in the night, a man shuts the trunk of his car and drives through the city. He has something to do...

THIS COULD BE FIRE Directed by Jon Reino USA 4 Minutes

Music video for New Jersey Acoustic Punk band TopSoil's new single, This Could Be Fire. Directed, shot, and edited by Jon Reino.

TOP OF MY GAME Directed by Gabriella Loutfi USA 4 Minutes

Music video of hip hop artist Papoose, featuring Mavado, directed by Gabriella Loutfi, takes place in Mavado's home town, Kingston, Jamaica and New York City. More than your typical rap video, this film portrays the culture and general feel of Jamaica, both tropical and on the streets of the Gully Side.

WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR Directed by Funk Brothers Canada, USA 4 Minutes

James Struthers, a talented Winnipeg-born musician, travels from Santa Monica, California all the way to Lake of the Woods, Ontario, stopping at some of the most scenic places North America has to offer along the way.


Screenplays TITLE


all we ever wanted was (EVERYTHING)

Shari MacDonald

A wild child's life explodes when she unexpectedly becomes valedictorian of her high school class.

American Ridge

Carl B. Clark

Small-time thief Rusty Morgan can, and will, steal everything in sight. The question is, can he steal a death bed wish for his dying father?

Halfway Home

David Schroeder

Gabriel Matthews, a twenty-year-old athlete/scholar recovering from a paralyzing injury, reluctantly takes a summer job as a live-in supervisor in a halfway house for the mentally disabled. Through a series of comic and tragic adventures, they find emotional and spiritual healing as individuals and a family.

Holy Smokes!

Lee Costanzo

Janet's great, great, great grandmother wants Janet's life...and she reaches through time to claim it as her own.


Tom McCarron

Super-intelligent teen misfits confront ignorance, betrayal, suspicion and violence as they race to find a cure for a lethal pathogen that destroys sanity.

Quest for Light

Byron Anderson

Captivated by an extraordinary star, the Hebrew Bible’s Persian priests battle evil and struggle with faith until they are transformed by God on their way to Bethlehem.

Scarlett Sunshine

Faith Brody Patane

Scarlett Walker, a jaded, young writer who leaves her New York City lifestyle behind after her boyfriend/boss betrays her, accepts an offer to work on a film project with Lenny Thompson, a wannabe film producer who happens to be Scarlett's biggest fan. Fun and adventure ensues, as Scarlett learns more about herself than she ever thought possible.

The Boy

Eric Hunsley

In this dialogue-free suspense short, a business commuter must try to find the parents of a small boy who mysteriously appears and endears himself to him.

The Still Life of Cornelius

Stefano Jay Bozzo

A dandy art professor must renounce a prolonged adolescence. While fighting decrepit Nazi relics, he will find true love.

Taking the King

Nelson Blish

In 1992, the United States launches a high speed nuclear submarine, the USS Martin Luther King, which gives the USA a significant advantage over the new Russian Federation. But Russia is determined to stop it.


Alex Sobol

A science fiction dramedy about Ray, a man deathly afraid of machines who is unaware that technology is closer to home than he thinks.

Under the Piano

Kimberly Champion

Sam is an emergency room surgeon who saves lives to alleviate his guilt over allowing his five-year-old adopted sister, Sophie, to be kidnapped when he was eleven years old.


Mid-Atlantic Films

1000 LI Directed by Eugene Park USA 14 Minutes

A Korean American seminary student prepares to give his first sermon, but finds himself constantly disrupted by an amorous upstairs neighbor, a mysterious young woman from Korea.

ONE WALL: KINGS OF CONEY ISLAND Directed by Joe Glickman USA 86 Minutes

Handball is the ultimate city game. Played at the highest level, it can be both beautiful and brutal — one player describes it as “boxing, except with a ball.” For more than 50 years, the National One Wall Handball Championship has been played at Seaside Courts in Coney Island. One Wall follows the most talented athletes you've never heard of as they vie for the coveted title in 2011.

SONNY DAYS Directed by Tom Megalis USA 71 Minutes

Youngstown, Ohio has struggled mightily to recover from the loss of industrial jobs. A group of business development volunteers — a Hungarian immigrant, an artist, a college graduate and a former mob henchman, along with their African-American mayor — look to return Youngstown to prosperity, albeit with comically different visions.

THE RISK FACTOR Directed by Diana Freank USA 72 Minutes

Many people can identify with Paul Matthews, a Lambertville, New Jersey painter who struggles to live up to his own youthful ambitions: this is a film about fame, recognition and missed opportunities. Matthews's story is at turns funny and sad, but ultimately, it’s optimistic.

Festival Tip: NHFF’s films are not yet in distribution and remain unrated. However, because we strive to be family and parent friendly, we post parental advice with our online ticket listings based on feedback we get from our screeners and judges. If you have concerns about a show, we recommend you either contact the festival for additional information or err on the side of caution.


So Many Official Selections...How Does One Choose?

Life in Pictures (Top) and Nature of Things (Bottom)

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