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Building a community guided by the Holy Scriptures, preparing it to reach out in word and deed, with faith, joy and compassion, spreading the message of hope through Jesus Christ while celebrating God’s everlasting love & grace.

October 6th is an extra-special Sunday!

Join us on this special day when churches all over the world will be celebrating Holy Communion. “The great treasure in our life is Jesus Christ who came into our world not to make us weak, but strong. Christ’s gift to us, his own life, is remembered in Holy Communion. A sacrament to share, a sacrament to treasure, and through the sacrament we are assured the riches of God’s grace and forgiveness. . . .” —sermon excerpt from Oct. 7, 2012 by The Rev. Dr. David A. Marcus, Jr. Christ Moravian Church

13 Years of . . . Worship, Fellowship, Mission, Bible Study, Growing, Learning, Sharing Lots of laughter, a few tears, and many celebrations! Please sign-up in the fellowship hall, and if you’d like to share a dish, indicate that as well.

Pumpkin Carving Night Sunday, October 27th 5:30-7:00


Saturday, October 19th Starting at 9 a.m. Come when you can, leave when you must

Some have attended summer camp here, or picnicked, or attended workshops… now’s your opportunity to give back! Please sign-up in the fellowship hall if you can participate Questions? Speak with Scott Snider at

Bring a pumpkin and carving tools. Templates, votive candles, and a light supper will be provided. Please sign-up in the FH AND this year...we’re adding a

Dessert Challenge See p. 3 of this newsletter for details!

Children’s Classes . . . check them out! Sunday morning, for children, ages 3-4 years during worship Circle time, Bible stories, songs, prayer, crafts, mission projects

Sunday mornings, for children, K through 5th grade during worship Story-A-Month studies that build on the week before, monthly mission work

Youth, Middle through High School Wednesdays, 7-8 pm Questions? Speak with Alexis Thore or Alix Bowman

Adult Bible Study Opportunities Sunday Mornings…. Women’s Study, 9:15, led by Charlotte Thore, held at The Solomon House (three minutes drive from the church)

Bible Study, 9:30, led by pChris held in the fellowship hall

Wednesdays at 7 p.m. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation in an organized, thought-provoking study. pChris will guide you using scripture, beautiful art, and group discussion.

Again this year, we’ll be participating in this exciting ministry. Watch for information on how you can help & set aside November 30th, 26, as we’ll be heading to the processing plant to help process the shoeboxes. (ages 13+)

Did you get your copy of the

in celebration & honor of Pastor Appreciation Month? Check your email—it was sent earlier in the week.

November 3rd

Extras are available in the FH also.

It’s Chicken Pie-Making Time!! The plan? — to make 100 chicken pies — you know we can do it! Where do we start? — we need folks to cook chickens so keep looking for bargains, and remember, chickens need to weigh 4 lbs., or the equivalent weight in breast and thigh pieces. How should they be cooked? — instructions are available, and should be followed carefully. This’ll help with storage and quantity projection. Mark your calendars with the following dates: • Dough Rolling, Saturday, October 19th, 9 a.m. at the church • Pie Assembly, Saturday, November 9th & Tuesday, November 12th, 9 a.m. at Paddy Wigney’s home No Experience required. Dig out your rolling pins and aprons and join the fun. Watch for sign-up sheets in the fellowship hall by the end of September. Questions? Speak with Paddy at 704-664-4667 or *Monies raised from the sale of the chicken pies goes to support various ministries of the church, our community, our Province, and the world.

Halloween Dessert Challenge

Puzzle Challenge In the Youth Room

at our Pumpkin Carving,

Oct. 27

1. all entries must be submitted by 6:00 pm on the 27th, mostly because we want time to eat them before we have to go home at 7 2. please, NO nuts — we have children/adults who are allergic 3. any dessert is acceptable — cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops — as long as it is decorated for Halloween — no witches, please :-) 4. be sure to sign-up to participate so we know how many desserts to look forward to If you want to bring a dessert, but not be part of the challenge, that works too!

Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week October 12-20, 2013


Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week focuses on helping individuals improve their quality of life as well as advance the understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions through research, prevention, and education. Musculoskeletal disorders encompass a wide range of conditions, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, bone fractures, muscle and ligament injuries, spinal problems and pain in joints, such as the hip, knee hand and foot. These conditions are among the most common causes of severe long-term pain and physical disability, and they are the number one reason people see a physician. Although some bone and joint disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis have genetic risk factors that can’t be prevented, people can take personal action to help reduce their risks or alleviate symptoms. For people with arthritis, low-impact exercise is helpful, and a properly balanced diet can help maintain healthy joints. By learning more about osteoporosis, focusing on prevention and taking action, one can alter the course of the disease. Risk factors include: Gender (women develop more often than men), age (as one becomes older the bones become less dense and weaker), ethnicity (Hispanic women are of highest risk, along with Caucasian and Asian women), body size (low body weight under 127 pounds) family history (individuals whose family members have a history of fractures or osteoporosis) other medical problems (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) hormone levels (testosterone and estrogen levels decrease with age); low calcium or Vitamin D (people need both to build bone), inactive lifestyle (bones need weight bearing, to remain healthy), and smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (smoking damages bone cells and prevents new growth; and more 2 to 3 ounces a day of alcohol may damage your bones. The warning signs of of osteoporosis are a broken bone (fracture) resulting from normal activities or during a minor fall, back pain that will not quit could be a sign that one has a spinal fracture, occurring when the bones in the back become so weak that they fracture or collapse; and loss of height, caused by a fractured bone in the spine collapsing onto itself causing one to shrink. How do you build strong bones? Getting enough physical activity and calcium, and Vitamin D can help maintain bone density. Building strong bones begins with daily exercise of at least 60 minutes for children and 30 minutes for adults. The best type of exercises for healthy bones are weight-bearing i.e. jogging, tennis and walking( which force muscles and bones to work against gravity and they put stress on the limbs.) and strength-building activities i.e. weight-lifting, calisthenics, and resistance machines. Exercises such as Tai Chi, are god because they can help improve your balance, and decrease your risk of falling. Calcium is a building block of bone and is the key to having strong bones. Dairy products and milk are high in calcium; non-dairy foods such as leafy green vegetables, soybeans, and salmon also contain calcium in lesser amounts. If a person is lactose intolerant, he/she may need to take a calcium supplement. Calcium intake is especially important for children and adolescents, when the bones are growing, and for women who are pregnant or nursing, to help prevent loss of bone density in the first place. Vitamin D helps bodies absorb calcium from the gastrointestinal and to keep bones strong and healthy. The older one becomes the more of this vitamin he/she needs. Vitamin D can be synthesized in skin from exposure to the sun or ingested in foods such as fortified dairy products, egg yolks, fish liver or in supplements.


Around the Province . . . Salem Band & Salem Swing Band, October 6 — Oktoberfest Celebration, 3:00 p.m. at Salem Square. For more info, call Eileen Young at 336-413-2180. Lunchtime Lecture Series, “Sing to the Lord a New Song! Lecturer, Nola Reed Knouse, 12:15 p.m. at Spaugh Recital Hall, Archie K. Davis Center, Winston-Salem, NC Bring a lunch if you like! Homegrown: North Carolina Women’s Preaching Festival, October 10-11 at Trinity Ave. Presbyterian Church in Durham; For more info, and to register visit: Women of Faith — Believe God Can Do Anything 2013 Tour, October 11, 12 at Bojangles Coliseum; Questions? 888-49-FAITH Simply Moravian: The Essentials for Educational Ministry, October 26 10-3 p.m. at Kernersville Moravian Church. For more info and to register: or visit From Fear to Hope: Where is God Calling the Church? Nov. 8-9 at Fairview Moravian Church. For more information and to register: or visit 90th Anniversary Mission Society Lovefeast, November 3, 3 pm at Friedland Moravian Church; Band prelude at 2:30

Discussed at the Sept. Leadership Meeting: • • • • • • • • •

Anniversary weekend, October 6th, also Worldwide Communion Day — Potluck to follow worship Stewardship Dinner attendees Church participation in Operation Christmas Child New Members, October 6th Potential Lenten program for 2014 potential mission opportunities for children Laurel Ridge Cleaning Day Worship Training plans underway new church signage on BlackFarm and Ramah

Treasurer’s Report August 2013 Income: Regular Offering $9997.50 Joyful Noise 83.03 Interest 9.01 Advertising 192.50 Music 100.00 Postage 5.00 Anonymous donation 6,000.00 Total Income: $16,387.04

Expenses: Administrative Prov. Assessment are included in this newsletter. Mortgage Please prayerfully consider where you can serve your Property Ins. church, complete the form on p. Postage 7, and return it by our Church Office supplies Council on November 17th. Kitchen Lawn Utilities Telephone Nursery Christian Ed Worship Joyful Noise Women’s Fellowship Advertising Music Check it out: Total Expenses:

And, while you’re online, go to our facebook page and “like” it: New Beginnings Moravian Church and NB Bible Buddies, our kids page

Budgeted Income YTD Actual YTD Budgeted Expense YTD Actual YTD

8610.37 2662.50 1336.00 391.00 48.71 300.30 49.39 230.00 431.36 175.58 127.50 140.21 44.45 50.00 106.63 192.50 66.72 $ 14,963.22

$ 128,200.00 $ 95,448.65 $ 128,200.00 $ 122,023.84


October Birthdays! October 3 October 5 October 9 October 19 October 23 October 27 October 30

Gage Brown Steve Ebert Adelaide Hurlbert Heather Comstock Bob Katz Angela Snider Libby Blackwell

If your name should be here, and isn’t, please let the church

Last month’s ? ——What mission was served by

George Schmidt? Br. Schmidt was our first missionary to the “Hottentots,” as they were called, of southern Africa. He arrived there in 1737 and baptized the first convert in 1742. But colonial authorities questioned his ordination by mail and closed the mission. It was not renewed until 1792. Next month’s Question — Who planted the great gingko tree in Salem’s God’s Acre? — Richard W. Starbuck Moravian Archives

2014 Daily Texts should be in shortly. Watch for information.

Looking ahead . . . Saturday, October 6 Sunday, October 13 Saturday, October 19 October 25—27 Sunday, October 27 Saturday, November 9 Tuesday, November 12 Saturday, November 16 Sunday, November 17 December 5, 6, 7 December 8

Anniversary Sunday Pastor Appreciation Sunday Dough Rolling for chicken pies (see article on p. 3) Laurel Ridge Cleaning Day — sign-up in the FH Men’s Fishing Trip to the Coast — tentative depending on sign-ups Pumpkin Night — enjoy supper, carving a pumpkin & our Dessert Challenge Chicken Pie Assembly Chicken Pie Assembly, the sequel Holiday Cards for Heroes Workshop Church Council Christmas in Davidson Children’s Christmas Pageant, during worship Godspell Field Trip

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