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Simple, Abundant Living!


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Follow your bliss!

can do to ‘be’ the change the world is requiring.


pring is in the air and look who’s on the cover for our ‘Spring and Sustainability’ edition? It’s gorgeous Cath Manuel who spoke with our much loved columnist Mary-Lou Stephens this month about how she creates a sustainable life for herself and her family and inspires the wider community to do the same. Sustainability means different things to different people, which can often create some heated discussions and division among the different groups in society. I’m wondering how all this ongoing angst actually helps nurture the planet…so you will notice that many of the articles have quite a gentle approach to sustainability with a focus on what we

“Your Magazine With Soul”


So self-sustainability and focussing on what we can do in our own backyards is an important thread running through a lot of our articles this month. I have also taken a ‘leaf out of my own book’ (or should I say ‘a page out of my own magazine’) and had a little time out to focus on what’s really important, there’s nothing quite like some reflection time to put things in perspective and slow down. I have not let my life get too serious though…it’s spring after all and life’s too short not to get outdoors a little, spend some time with Mother earth, watch a whale or two glide through the ocean and entertain some grand ideas!


New Holistic Foundation GARY DOUGLAS ON

Sustainability AMANDA DE WARREN

Animal Talk

Cath Manuel


Simple, Abundant Living!


OUR COVER Cath Manuel, pages 14-15 PHOTO: A  DORI STUDIOS

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The Joining 2013 “Be the heart of conscious community” 20th-23rd September 2013 Three days of powerful inner work, dance, music, meditation, celebration, ritual, Eldership, workshops, cabaret, laughter, love and conscious growth.

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30 Discover Your Uniqueness by Vikki Speller

6 Basil by Vicki Taylor

Ayurvedic Column by Jay Mulder 7 Lift the Lid Recipe for Kids


31 Sustainable Mind, Body and Soul! by Raelene Byrne 32 All Well and Good Again

10-11 Awesomely Organic – Savoury and Sweet Recipes by The Organic Sisters

34 A New Holistic Approach to Losing Weight

33 Sustaining Your Natural Rhythm with Vivianne Barry

12 Coconut Love Banana Split by Rebecca Mugridge

What Factors Could be 35  Compromising Your Mental Health? by Suzi Le Fanue

COVER STORY 14-15  Cath Manuel: Simple, Abundant Living


Palatable Sustainability 16  by Brit Ballard

38-39 Get Rid of Skin Care Chemicals Once and For All by Kim Morrison

36 Spring Clean Your Wardrobe with Amanda Rootsey

NATURAL ANIMAL CARE 40-41 How Can I Achieve A Better Relationship With My Pet? by Amanda de Warren

20 Can You Give Up the Vices of the Modern World? by Mary-Lou Stephens

Are these the missing puzzle pieces to…

The Joining Announcement

8-9 Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program and Frittata Recipe

18 Nurture You and Your Ideas This Spring with Jean Sheehan


 hat is Therapeutic Animal W Massage? by Dr Elaine Cebuliak

22 A Different Possibility for Sustainability: Interview with Gary Douglas


24-25 Building the Foundation of Wellness featuring Tony Sells

44 How to Relate to Thoughts in Meditation by Cameron Aggs

26-27 Winter Comes Before Spring by Jules O’Neill

45 Exploring the Global Spirit by Soraya

28-29 Sustaining Ourselves and the Planet by Robin Clayfield





ss Happine

43 HOLISTIC AS Books and more…



io Motivat

Is there a link between the gut and the brain?

For years scientists have called your digestive system your “second brain”. It is like the roots of a tree; it absorbs your nutrients and helps you to flourish. But what if you carried bacterias that released neuro-toxins, affecting the way your brain works and at the same time lowered your nutrient absorption? Researchers at McMaster University have supportive evidence that bacteria residing in the gut influence brain chemistry and behaviour. When there was a change in the gut flora of the test subjects, increased anxiety and behaviour change was noted. Digestive imbalance can cause an imbalance to your “happy hormones”.

What about heavy metals?

Do you have amalgam dental fillings? Have you worked in the mines? Or in close contact with metals such as an electrician using copper wiring? Do you use copper cookware? Or drink from copper pipes? Heavy metals are linked to depression, fatigue, erratic moods, digestive problems and other neurologic issues. HRT and use of the pill can all cause copper to increase – this is because of the high levels of oestrogen; the likely symptoms could be unexplained headaches, PMS, depression and mood swings.

Have you heard of Pyroluria?

It is a genetically determined metabolic condition. It is characterised by having elevated kryptopyrroles in the urine. If you have this condition your demand for certain nutrients (particularly B6 and zinc) is high. These two nutrients are essential for neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin and dopamine. Pyrolurics are more likely to suffer with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, temper outbursts, IBS, or strong fatigue.

Book your




Suzi Le Fanue BSc (Bmed) Naturopath & Nutritionist

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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Seasonal Soups


RECIPE JAY MULDER – Eumundi Medicine Man




very time I smell and taste basil I think of Italy. Basil originally came from India and there are different varieties: sweet basil is the culinary herb used in most Italian and Mediterranean cuisines as we know them, as well as some Asian cuisines, where as Thai basil and lemon basil are mainly used in Asian dishes. Thai basil has purple stems and the leaves are smaller, a darker green and pointier than that of sweet basil. Lemon basil is a key ingredient to many dishes in Laos. Dried sweet basil isn’t as aromatic as it is when it is fresh and is much stronger when used in cooking so that’s why it’s perfect to use in stews, soups or any slow cooked dishes. I love fresh sweet basil layered between vine ripened tomatoes, buffalo cheese, a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. YUM!

he change from one season to another may require shifting ones diet for a period of time to restore balance. The ‘watery’ quality of spring can provoke a release of accumulation from the bodily tissues. When this accumulation liquefies we can experience spring colds, allergies and respiratory ailments. So consider enjoying a delicious lightly spiced soup!

SPLIT MUNG AND SPINACH SOUP Ingredients: 1 cup of yellow split mung dahl 4 - 5 cups of water 1 bunch of spinach 1 inch of freshly grated ginger 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tbsp ghee 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1½ tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp fenugreek seeds ½ tsp hing (asafetida) Ayurvedic salt to taste

Method: Wash mung dahl under running water until water runs clear. In a saucepan bring mung dahl, water, turmeric and grated ginger to the boil. Chop the spinach and add this into the saucepan. Good to turn the heat down a little and put lid on to assist in the cooking process. In a separate small saucepan heat ghee. Begin to stir fry mustard seeds on a low heat, once they have popped add cumin seeds. After 1 minute add fenugreek seeds and hing. Turn off the heat when the fenugreek starts to darken (only takes 10 seconds). Pour the stir fried spices and ghee into the mung and spinach. Finish off with a good pinch of salt to taste.


Certified Organic Health Products

SPICE BLENDING CLASSES 7th & 14th September

• Colon Cleansing Kits • Internal Organ Cleansing Kits • Fully Organic Natural Health Support

Find me at Northey Street Organic Markets Windsor (Sundays 6am-10.30am) Also available at the Big Pineapple Markets on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday or online

High Quality – Certified Organic • Assam Green Tea • Jinxuan Oolong • Ruanzhi Oolong Choui Fong Tea • Guihua (Osmanthus) Oolong • Papaya Leaf Tea

Call Roger on (07) 5442 8655 or 0437 730 688

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• Herbal Teas – singles and blends • Pure Essential Oils

The Tea & Tummy Man 6

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Tajines I Oils I Spices Herbs I Gifts I Gourmet Foods Tajines | Oils | Herbs | Spices Gifts | Gourmet Foods

Open 6 days a week Open days a8870 week Phone75491 Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco’ Shop 4, ‘Monaco” Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

Bulcock Street, Caloundra

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Healthy, Eco Treats for the Kids OAT SLICES with Quinoa (nut free and egg free)

Ingredients: 1 cup organic rolled oats 1 cup organic Quinoa flakes ¾ cup brown sugar 1 cup natural coconut 1 cup organic rye flour 200g butter 2 tbsp golden syrup 2 tbsp of cacao nibs (optional) Method: • Mix together dry ingredients • Melt butter, add syrup • Mix melted ingredients into dry ingredients and combine • Press into a greased tray using the back of a spoon(about 1.5cm thick) • Sprinkle cocoa nibs over top of slice and press in slightly • Bake at 180°C for 20 minutes or until golden • Cut while hot and leave to cool in the tray


ift the lid on kids’ lunchboxes and discover an online smorgasbord of healthy, sustainable, eco friendly lunchbox ideas for kids. Would you like some inspiration for your kids’ lunchbox? Lift the lid on kids’ lunchboxes and discover a free smorgasbord of lunchbox photos for quick and easy lunchbox ideas, recipes and eco friendly lunchbox products. Lift the Lid aims to inspire busy parents and carers through sharing a variety of healthy lunchbox options and easily reveals how to pack ‘nude lunches’ to look after our planet. Created by Sunshine Coast Mum Beck Urquhart, Lift the Lid aims to benefit the healthy eating habits of our kids today and in the future. Beck explained, “As a mum of two young children I often wish I could sneak a peak in the other kids’ lunchboxes in the kindy fridge or be at school at lunchtime to discover those lunchbox gems!” “Each week I was challenged with

what to pack in my kids’ lunchbox particularly as my son’s care centre has a strict no eggs and no nut policy. I was also keen to improve my knowledge on how to make a lunchbox quick, easy, healthy, eco friendly, support local producers and exciting to ensure consumption, so I created Lift the Lid to help myself and others. This Lift the Lid lunchbox includes: • Homemade Mini Pizzas • Fruit Sticks – strawberry, banana, apple, rockmelon and kiwi fruit • Oat Slice (recipe on left) • Carrot Cake Biscuits • Yoghurt • Chic Nuts • Organic Popcorn • Mandarin

The Centre for Growing Sustainability (CGS) is a not for profit ecosustainability centre, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. CGS focuses on providing Education and Inspiration, to everyone within the community interested in a sustainable future.


Cath Manuel

“Inspiring people around the world to live a sustainable life, from the ground up”

“Soil to Supper” is a specialist service that creates and maintains beautiful, organic gardens. We offer Consultations, SCAN THIS Garden Coaching and Sustainable CODE TO VISIT SOIL TO SUPPER Garden Services to keep your WEBSITE garden highly productive and looking beautiful and apply ‘eco-sustainable organic garden practices’ to everything we do.

Visit for more info or phone Cath Manuel on 0408 060 997

• Sat 14th Sept – ‘Go Forth and Germinate’ presented by Jenece Drake Creative ways to grow your own plants for free. You’ll learn how to sow seeds successfully and how to propagate by cuttings, divisions and other easy methods to grow all your own plants for free. • Sat 28th Sept – ‘Creative Container Gardens’ presented by Anne Gibson A hands-on practical morning to inspire and show you how to grow edible gardens in a variety of repurposed planters. Find out where to source materials, how to turn everyday items into food-safe planters, make your own supplies and save money while creatively adding beauty and functionality in your garden. For future workshop dates please visit our website. • Every Tuesday from 9am – ‘CGS Community Day’ A fun time at CGS, sharing skills and knowledge and creating garden spaces and living classrooms. • Every Wednesday 9am-11am – ‘BIG-WIGs’ CGS Social Garden Group Creating and nurturing friendships, from the ground up. • Last Wednesday of each month 12-1.30pm – ‘Grub’s Up in the Garden’ Bring along a plate of yummy food to share at lunch. Centre for

Growing Sustainability

Located in the Old Nut Factory at The Big Pineapple Nambour Connection Road

Ph Cath Manuel 0408 060 997 •

“Healthy Soil…Healthy People, creating a secure future from the ground up” Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program


n Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Program, schools with a primary curriculum run a dynamic and innovative initiative that sees garden and kitchen classes running regularly in school gardens and kitchens, enabling skills-based learning that extends across the entire school curriculum. Participating students gain understanding of and experience in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, delicious food at school each week or fortnight, building positive

food habits and skills for life. In the Program, children within Years 3 to 7 spend regular, structured time in a thriving vegetable garden they have helped design, build and maintain on the school grounds according to organic gardening principles. In their kitchen spaces they prepare and share a wonderful variety of meals created from their produce. Teachers within the school are trained to deliver these classes, and the kitchen and garden classes work in partnership with each

other, forming a harmonious cycle. In both the kitchen and the garden, the children work together in small groups with help from community volunteers. The finished dishes are arranged with pride and care on tables set with flowers from the garden, and the shared meal is a time for students, helpers and teachers to enjoy each other’s company and conversation. The Kitchen Garden Program is a unique program, based on the intrinsic link between the garden, the kitchen and the table. The emphasis is on learning about food and enjoying eating it. No part of the Program can exist without the other. The program is also embedded in the school curriculum – it becomes a part of the school’s program for four years of a child’s life, positively influencing their attitude to food, and giving them the skills they need to take care of their personal wellbeing, for the rest of their lives. Over 300 schools around Australia are already participating in the Kitchen Garden Program, bringing this positive food philosophy to thousands of children and their families. Your school could be one of them – register to join the National Program on the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation website:

HIGH QUALITY, FREE RANGE AND GRASS FED PRODUCTS INCLUDING BEEF, PORK, LAMB AND POULTRY – free of all growth hormones and antibiotics • Everything is gluten free • High quality, all natural seasonings and flavours


4th to 6th October, 2013 Shop 12, Middy’s complex, 29 Main Street, Buderim

Phone 07 5445 1568 8

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| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

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u f

I O F a 8 1 F 2 c 1

Fr • 3 h •I p r



Serves: Makes 24 small or 12 large individual frittatas Note: All Kitchen Garden School recipes begin by setting up the chopping board and knives: first dampen a tea towel and place it under the chopping board to stop it from slipping. Ingredients: Olive oil, for brushing and sautéing Fresh seasonal produce and herbs, as below 8 eggs 100ml fat-reduced cream Freshly ground black pepper 2 small onions or one large one, chopped finely 10g feta, crumbled Fresh seasonal produce: • In summer (Term 1), use about 30 halved cherry tomatoes and a handful of basil leaves. • In autumn (Term 2) use 300g pumpkin cut into 1cm cubes and roasted for 15 minutes on an oven

tray at 180°C, and a small handful of • Add a small amount of olive oil to sage (10-15 leaves). a frying pan, and lightly sauté the • In winter (Term 3), use 10-12 onion until it becomes translucent, silverbeet leaves. Chop the 3-4 minutes. silverbeet stems and leaves into • Wash the herbs, strip the leaves ½cm slices and sauté in a tablespoon from any woody stems and lightly of olive oil for 5-10 minutes. Add the chop the leaves. sliced silverbeet leaves to the batter • Combine the herbs, onion, feta and toss through. Use a handful of and your prepared vegetable in a parsley for your herb. medium sized bowl. • In spring (Term 4), use 3-4 zucchini, • Whisk the eggs and add the cream. chopped into 1cm dice, sautéed over • Season with a few grinds of pepper; medium-high heat for about you won’t need salt because of the 4 minutes until slightly softened salty feta. (or simply grate the zucchini.) Drain • Divide the vegetable and feta mix the zucchini so it’s not too soggy and between the basins in the muffin use a handful of mint, marjoram or pans. thyme for your herb. • Pour batter over the vegetables and feta mix in each muffin basin until Method: just below the top – they will puff • Preheat the oven to 180°C. up slightly in the oven. • Brush the muffin pan with a little • Place the muffin tins into the oven olive oil, or line them with squares of for 20-25 minutes, until set and baking paper or paper cases. lightly browned. • Prepare your seasonal vegetable • Cool the frittatas in the pans element as outlined above. before removing.

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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8/21/2013 8:46:54 AM

J‘ UICE PULP’ FRITTERS THE NEXT TWO RECIPES WERE CONTRIBUTED BY ‘ORGANIC SISTERS’ A LOCAL BUSINESS CREATED FROM A LOVE OF HEALTHY LIVING AND A STRONG DESIRE TO SHARE THIS WITH THEIR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. THEY BELIEVE IN FUELING OUR BODIES WITH ORGANIC, FRESH WHOLE FOODS AND INDULGING IN NUTRITIOUS HEALTHY TREATS. Ingredients: 1 cup of juice pulp ½ cup almond meal 3 large eggs 1 bunch of fresh herbs chopped (coriander/basil/parsley etc) 3-5 spring onions (finely sliced) Himalayan salt and black pepper (to taste) Coconut oil (for frying)

Method: 1. Whisk the eggs in medium bowl. 2. Add the juice pulp, almond meal, fresh herbs, spring onions and salt and pepper to the eggs and mix it all together until it’s well combined. 3. Cook fritters in a frying pan on medium heat with a little coconut oil for a few minutes each side. and our Facebook page:


‘The Shop That Is Not A Shop’ • Consultations • Ayurvedic Medicines • Spices and Teas • Books


Eumundi Markets OPEN: 7am-1pm Saturday


OPEN: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Saturday 1/10 Main Street, Palmwoods Ph 5478 8893


organic produce, grocery, products for body and soul

11 Coral Street, Maleny • Phone 5435 2233 10

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| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

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RAW CARAMEL SLICE Ingredients: BASE 1 cup dried pitted dates ¾ cup almonds 1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil (melted) CARAMEL 1 cup dried pitted dates ½ cup extra virgin coconut oil (melted) 1½ tbsp unhulled tahini ½ cup pure organic maple syrup 1 cup raw cashews (covered and soaked in water for an hour and then rinsed) ¼ cup water TOP CHOCOLATE LAYER ¼ cup coconut oil ¼ cup pure organic maple syrup ¼ cup raw cacao powder

Sunshine Dental Care




Dr Lilian Kluge

Shop 3, Plaza Central 31-33 Plaza Parade MAROOCHYDORE 4558

Phone 5475 4866

Method: BASE Pulse dates, almonds and coconut oil in a food processor until it resembles crumbs and sticks together when pressed. Pour mixture into a slice tin lined with non-toxic greaseproof paper and press it down to form the base. Place it in the freezer. CARAMEL Put dates, coconut oil, tahini, maple syrup, cashews and water into a blender and pulse until completely combined and smooth (you may need a little extra water to help blend it but try and keep it to a minimum). Pour caramel mixture on top of the base and return it to the freezer to set.

TOP CHOCOLATE LAYER Add the coconut oil, maple syrup and cacao to a small saucepan on the lowest heat and stir until it is combined and resembles chocolate sauce (this should only take 30 seconds). Spread the chocolate sauce on top of the caramel filling – make sure the caramel is set before you do this step! Pop it back into the freezer for an hour and then remove it from the tin, slice it up and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. and our Facebook page:


“We get most of our patients through word of mouth” SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL

Because we believe passionately in Holistic Health, we practise the safest possible ways to remove Amalgam. We are fully equipped for Safe Amalgam Removal with AIR PURIFICATION, and work in a strict protocol considering your health first. The Air Purification System has high efficiency filters which remove mercury vapours, disinfectants and organic aerosols.

“CEREC” CROWNS (completed in one visit!) Here at Sunshine Dental Care we have the very latest technology, offering “CEREC” crowns. This is a porcelain crown which is prepared, milled and inserted all in one single visit – saving the patient the need to wait two weeks (requiring two visits) to receive their treatment.

ilable: Also Ava try or entis Sleep D n… You t sedatio h deep h ig il w T wit ur eyes close yo and sleep your n e relaxatio your procedur h g ou way thr ter how lengthy at m o (n lex). or comp Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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8/21/2013 8:50:27 AM

Coconut Love Banana Split RECIPE & PHOTO REBECCA MUGRIDGE – Author

WITH DELICIOUS, SMOOTH COCONUT ICE-CREAM, COCONUT CACAO CHOCOLATE SAUCE AND THE CRUNCH OF WALNUTS THESE DAIRY-FREE, SUGAR-FREE BANANA SPLITS ARE A HEALTHY AND HAPPY TREAT! Ingredients: • 1 banana per person • Chopped walnuts to serve • Desiccated coconut to serve COCONUT ICE-CREAM • 1 tin coconut cream • 1 tin coconut milk • 2 bananas • Vanilla paste CHOCOLATE SAUCE • ½ cup coconut oil • ½ cup cacao powder • ¼ cup norbu (monk fruit powder), or another sugar-free alternative like stevia or xylitol • 1 tsp vanilla paste Method: • Make the ice-cream the night before so it can set overnight. • To make the ice-cream, pour both tins of coconut into a deep


blender, add in the chopped banana and vanilla paste. • Blend together until smooth. • Pour into a sealable container and place in the freezer overnight. • Make the chocolate sauce by melting the coconut oil in a saucepan, once melted add in the cacao powder, vanilla and norbu, mix together over a low heat until it is all well combined. Taste for your level of sweetness, adjust if needed. • Remove from heat. • Remove ice-cream from freezer. Allow it to soften at room temperature. • Slice a banana in half per person. • Arrange on a plate or bowl. • Top with 3 scoops of the coconut ice-cream. • Drizzle with the chocolate sauce. • Sprinkle with the walnuts and

a light sprinkling of desiccated coconut. Serve! NOTES: • This ice-cream recipe is also beautiful spiced up by adding a tablespoon (or to taste) cold strained strong chai tea at the coconut milk blending stage. • This chocolate sauce will harden when made ahead; warm it slightly in a saucepan just before serving. Sunshine Coast-based REBECCA MUGRIDGE is an award winning author, horticulturalist, recipe creator, food blogger and busy mum with a passion for food. Her new cookbook coming soon is called, The Healthy, Happy Cookbook. You can find Rebecca, all her recipes, gardening tips, cooking events and upcoming cooking classes at: and follow her on Facebook at Author Rebecca Mugridge.

Ethical, Conscious, Local! 100% FREE RANGE, HORMONE, ANTIBIOTIC & GMO FREE

Our free range pasture fed beef primarily comes from our own farm so you can’t get any more local than that! Our chickens are supplied by Dakota Vale Farm. Dakota Vale Farm has been farming turkeys and chickens ethically for many years in the Gympie area. They are accredited, free range and fully chemical free.



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Doug and Mandy the owners of Wurtulla Village Meats bring you an exciting new deli experience to the Sunshine Coast!!

Wurtulla Village Meats

Organic, Gluten Free and Gourmet Deli Lines to entice the tastebuds!

Wurtulla Shopping Village, Cnr Nicklin Way and Piringa Street, Wurtulla QLD Ph: (07) 5493 3839

Wurtulla Shopping Village, Cnr Nicklin Way and Piringa Street, Wurtulla QLD

Phone: (07) 5437 8040

| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

8/21/2013 8:51:16 AM

“WINEGROWING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE”. In celebration of a winemaker committed to the preservation, protection and recycling of the land, its resources... and the love of all sentient beings.

Get Wines Direct proudly presents the Brancott Estate “Living Land” series. Organic Vineyards dedicated to the service of the ecosystem. • Driven by the pursuit of biodiversity, and the transformation of degraded sites into nature reserves. • Vineyards helping to usher in the return of New Zealand’s native Marlborough waterfowl and long-finned eels. • Selected organic complementary crops to promote natural diversity and a habitat for beneficial insect species. • All packaging materials 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and 100% of grape wastage is recycled as an organic fertiliser. • One third of the blend fermented using “wild” yeast for added complexity and weight, followed by malolactic barrel fermentation. • Wines are lightly fined with organic, free-range egg whites.

Taste the Difference... make a Difference! Available at Get Wines Direct is the Brancott Estate “Living Land” Organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Don’t pay $24.99 Our price $8.99 (The Giving With Devotion Foundation proudly embraces and admires the ideals, practices and principles of Brancott Estate, New Zealand.)

o1 ia’s Netailer! l a r t s u A ine online w While stocks last only. Tasting Room: 157-161 Burnley St Richmond VIC. Mon-Tues 10-6, Wed-Fri 10-6.30, Sat-Sun 10-5. WARNING. Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence to: supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years [Penalty exceeds $7,000]; for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor Penalty exceeds $600. Liquor Licence Nos. 32054699 & 36065595.

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100% money ba ck guarantee

We deliver

Australia wide for a

flat fee of $9 per carton.

8/21/2013 8:53:41 AM

Cover Story

Simple, Abundant Living!




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o Cath, dirt is vitally important. “Our soil is where it all begins. If the ground our food is grown in lacks vitality, then the food doesn’t have the nutrients we need. When we eat that food then we ourselves will lack nutrients and that’s when we can have health issues. I think for our future, healthy soil is the most important thing.” Cath is passionate about teaching and inspiring others to feel the same way about dirt as she does. She studied horticulture and permaculture but it was the birth of her sons that prompted her to delve into organic and sustainable

ways of growing food to feed her young family. In turn that has led to ‘Soil to Supper’, a range of services helping others to live a sustainable life from the ground up. She appears on Channel 10 for ‘Totally Wild’, teaches online and this year became the inaugural director at the ‘Centre for Growing Sustainability’ at the ‘Big Pineapple’, a not for profit ecosustainability centre based on education and inspiration.

b w C li e th th ti it th su

Not surprisingly, Cath talks a lot about sustainability. It’s become a buzz word these days, with everyone from politicians to poets bandying it about,

th c in

| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

8/21/2013 8:55:05 AM



but what does it actually mean to a woman who’s made it her life’s work? Cath believes that to live a sustainable life we must begin with ourselves. She encourages people to look at the way they live. Can they sustain the lifestyle that they’re living for a long period of time? Can their minds and bodies sustain it? What about their families? And can their community and our planet also sustain the lifestyles they’re living? “I teach people to start with themselves. On a global level, for any change to happen, it begins with us as individuals.”

She suggests we slow down and look at the how we’re living; the food we’re eating, what we’re putting on our skin, who we’re spending our time with and our spiritual lives, then ask ourselves, “Are all those things sustainable for me?” If we’re trying to save the planet and create world peace yet personally we’re in turmoil, then we ourselves are not in balance and therefore less likely to think about waste, or consider our neighbours or grow some food. She believes that once we live our lives in a manner that we can continue to sustain, we’ll be more inclined to consider others and consider the planet. “What’s going on within is going to have a reflection on what happens in the rest of the world,” she says. “I always say to people; if you want to live a sustainable life and care for the planet and care for others, live in a sustainable manner. Do things that bring you joy. Eat the best food that you can give your body but sometimes if you want to eat chocolate or drink a few glasses of wine then don’t be hard on yourself either. There’s got to be that balance there.” Her greatest passion is that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. It concerns her that children are going without fresh food each day, especially in this country where we should all have access to it. She hopes to inspire other women to think about the food they’re putting on the table for their family. It makes sense, that’s where this whole journey started for Cath. When it comes to growing our own food that buzz word comes in to play again. We need to treat growing food in a way that’s sustainable to our lifestyle. A lot of us don’t have the time to grow everything we eat. Cath suggests we grow the things we love to eat in the time and space we have. “I tell my clients to dream big when we’re designing gardens but start small. You need to fit it in to your lifestyle. How many hours do you actually have a week to look after your garden, your chooks, your compost? Don’t let it become a chore. And don’t stress out if you have to buy most of your food,” she says. “Stressing out isn’t healthy either.” Something that can be very stressful when we’re growing our own food is seeing it demolished by grasshoppers

and caterpillars. Cath has a unique perspective on pest and disease control. She doesn’t think about it. She refuses to give any energy to pest and disease problems. She doesn’t mind if the bugs eat a few plants or the rats demolish a pumpkin. In her opinion there is plenty for everyone. She suggests that we think positive thoughts about having a beautiful productive garden. Having that positive energy will result in abundance. Having said that she also suggests installing bird baths to attract birds to eat the pests, using lots of liquid fertiliser, making sure the soil is healthy and never, ever using sprays. “There are a lot more good bugs than bad bugs,” she says. “So you don’t want to kill any of them. Everything is in balance and we need to let that balance be.” When Cath speaks or teaches on sustainability she suggests people ignore the ‘doom and gloom’ information about the planet and our environment, pay no heed to the sceptics, and focus on the abundance we have instead. “We have enough food to feed the world, we can create healthy soil, have plenty of water, sunshine and all the ingredients to grow food, and enough for everyone. I teach people to think of abundance, not lack and then they will have enough for their family and to share.” Cath believes we’ll get to a tipping point, where over fifty percent of people globally will become aware that we all need to make a change, that we need to care for the planet. This tipping point will create the momentum for everyone else to become involved. Everyone making one change, no matter what they do, will help with this movement. “We can all make a change by doing one or two really simple things,” she says. ‘Whether it’s growing our own food, reducing our waste, considering our food miles or not using chemicals in our homes. We have to leave the soil and the Earth in a good place for our children. We don’t want to make it any harder for them when they in turn need to step up and think about their kids.” Children and dirt. It’s a natural combination. And if Cath Manuel has her way, both the kids and the dirt will be much better for it. Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

15.indd 1


8/21/2013 8:55:42 AM





or a few moments let’s put aside our smart meters and solar panels, recycle bins and retrofits, green bags and grey water and make sustainability a little more, shall we say, palatable. Forgive the pun, but I want to talk about greening your groceries. I’d like you to question your cuisine, to ponder what’s on your plate. You see, the choices you make with your chow may actually be the most significant sustainable actions you can take. It’s fun to talk about food, and I guarantee if you implement the initiatives below, it will taste better too. So without further ado, here are the top four tips for ethical eating. 1. Buy local – Do you pay attention to where your grub is grown? Sourcing food locally reduces your food miles (the distance your food travels to get to you) and therefore reduces carbon emissions. Shop at local farmers markets, food co-operatives, roadside stalls, and independent green grocers. You’ll be supporting your local business-folk too.

2. Choose organic – Yum, could I have Endosulfam with my endives please? Honestly, who wants chemicals sprayed on their food. Pesticides and other sprays interrupt ecological processes, and many are proven carcinogens or endocrine disruptors. What to do about it? Look for organic certification labels such as BFA, OGA, NASAA and Demeter. “Spray free” is second best but still pretty savvy. Consider organic home delivery and food box services. 3. Grow your own – You can’t get fresher than stepping out the back door to PYO din-dins. You won’t find more soulful nor more love filled food than from your own veggie patch. Fresher means more nutrients too, so in turn it means a healthier you. Growing food is satisfying, cheap and life-changing. I bet you didn’t know it’s also a form of political activism. Growing your own earns triple tucker points because it automatically includes tips one and two! For the ultimate in ethical eggs, consider keeping chooks. But look, if it’s all too hard start with sprouting or

Medical Intuitive Retreat 9 - 14 November 2013

parsley in a pot. 4. Avoid wastage – We are food wasters, you and I. Our country wastes 450,000 garbage trucks worth of food annually. Taking up tips one to three will help shrink your share of this spoilage, because fresher food lasts longer (hey this isn’t rocket science). Map out your meals and make like your nanna - learn how to preserve, ferment and freeze. But no one’s perfect, so to minimise your methane, work on getting a worm farm as well. So if you are what you eat, don’t be toxic, tired or carted around in cold storage! Take back what is your birth right; experience fare that is fresh, clean and flavoursome. It’s the right thing to do; and if your food is full of life, you will be too. The Living Smart Homes FOOD module will link you to local food services and events, community gardens, local markets and more. It also provides plenty of tips on how to get started growing your own food as well as advice on composting and worm farming.

comfort for women

Sunset Cruise 15 November 2013 Successful Healing Business 16 - 17 November 2013



What is Your Body Telling You? Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised medical intuitive

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible. Jean Sheehan


w. e. p. 07 5641 4009 16

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1300 66 17 66

PO Box 804, Woodend 3442

everyday • maternity • sports • sizes 8–30 • cups A–J

Business Opportunity

After 6 successful years the owners of Bodywise Underwear are looking towards retirement and pursuing other interests. Are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps you are looking for a lifestyle change, have a passion for customer service and are willing to invest your enthusiasm in the business to continue ‘supporting’ our loyal customers who appreciate comfort and well-being. This substantial online/bricks & mortar business, with large customer database, could be relocated anywhere, including as an add-on to an existing business, an inner-city boutique or as a homebased or regional business. If this well-established brand (since 1994) interests you, please contact our broker: Peter Whitelaw, 0411 107 039,

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VIBRANT Caloundra

• Chiropractic (Dr Simon Morgan) • Naturopath • Weight Loss Coaching • Massage • Yoga • Meditation • TRX | Ph (07) 5438 2008 | 2 Park Place CALOUNDRA


• Corrective Chiropractic (Dr David Hendrey) • Naturopath • Massage • Rehab Studio | Ph (07) 543 77 222

13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) KAWANA WATERS

LIVING Maroochydore

• Corrective Chiropractic (Dr Eric Slead) • Paediatric and Family Wellness • Digital Imaging • Rehab Studio | Ph (07) 5408 4224 | 506/5 Emporio Place MAROOCHYDORE

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8/21/2013 8:57:09 AM

Nurture you and your ideas this Spring! WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


id you know there are specific body parts that will sustain your personal and professional goals which are linked to the season of spring? Metaphysically spring is a time of nurturance. There are specific body parts that assist this process and align perfectly to spring. 1. Bladder – wants 2. Thyroid – devote to self, commitment 3. Small intestine – assimilation, joy 4. Kidney – relationships, coping Relating this to your professional life, the key here is to know what you want (bladder) and why you want it. If in business you want more clients, ask yourself why. Is it for money – then why, and continue. Having more money may mean more products and services to help more clients. Now we are in the kidney and discovering relationships with our self and our needs and those of clients. If I have more clients and more money, then I know I can cope with the future

challenges and situations that come with this and I know I am creating this to empower clients. This brings great joy (small bowel) as I work on my business and assimilating that this new idea needs to be nurtured (spring) will make it more sustainable for the long term for me and my clients. The body parts are now linking in synchronically to function as a whole to create my new idea, which is launched in spring. The last but key body part that is crucial here is the thyroid – you must be devoted to yourself and your idea which then will lock in sustainability to this new professional idea. The thyroid is about being your own best friend and committed to you! So how does that work for you personally? What if you have put on weight in winter and you want to shed a few kilograms? You commence a new eating regime to lose weight. However you need to know what it is that you

want (bladder) and see yourself with what you want. Next it is important to note how you will feel at that new goal, weight, size and if it will it bring you joy (small bowel). Your relationship (kidney) with yourself will be different as you will be a thinner you – can you assimilate (small bowel) that? If so, it is time to be committed (thyroid) to you, be your own best friend and make decisions around what you want (bladder). As it is spring it is important to nurture that new want. By following this regime and using your body parts you will get what you want! Happy nurturing of new ideas! If you would like more understanding of what is happening in your body, email JEAN SHEEHAN and she will answer the meaning of disease and body consciousness and a selection of questions and answers will be published next edition. Email:


Conscious Loving for Couples 10 th - 16 th Nov Sunshine Coast, Qld

Finding Love Again In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one. * Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years.

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0418 887 300

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8/21/2013 9:04:03 AM

Can you

Give up the Vices

of the modern world?



love my mobile phone. It wasn’t always the case. I refused to have one for years until someone gave me an old one to keep in the car, “just for emergencies.” The small grey oblong stayed neglected, and usually out of charge, in my glove box. Later my husband upgraded his smart phone and gave me his old one. I took it with me on a trip to Sydney and that’s where my fascination began. I used this mobile phone to find my way around, to book tickets, to find out about the movies and to text, Tweet and Facebook. It was a miracle. That phone became, along with my keys and wallet, the only thing I’d never leave home without. Where ever I go, I see people with their constant companions as well. They are unable to keep their hands off them. Even school children walk around with their heads down, thumbs moving quickly as they text and upgrade their statuses. At conferences, festivals, gatherings, even at a lunch with friends, our phones take precedence over the

real conversations we’re having. I love my laptop. I reach for it as soon as get home, sometimes as soon as I wake up, and often when there is the slightest pause in proceedings I’ll find it in my hands almost sub consciously. I’m writing on it now while having all my social media sites up, just in case I feel the need to enhance my life and work by telling the world that I #amwriting. I’m not so fond of my computer at work. It’s a bit slow but it still plugs me into the world, delivers the thousands of emails I receive and allows me to do all the things I need to do to get a program to air every day. And that’s a lot. These days it’s not enough to do an interview on the radio, it needs to be blogged, Tweeted, Facebooked, Tumblered and uploaded to Soundcloud. All of this is not unusual; it is the accepted reality of modern life. But should it be? Recently I was reading an interview, on my laptop, with Rich Pierson, the founder of the online meditation company Headspace. One

ESS IS THE IN S U B IF T A H W F LI VING? O E R U T N E V D A Order your book now in soft cover, audio, ebook. Get the first two chapters free at:

One-day class in Mooloolaba – with Simone Milasas – 12th December, 2013

For details call Shennan 0410 471 724 20

20.indd 1

of his comments made me laugh out loud. Not because it was funny but because it was true. “I genuinely feel that we will look back in 10 years time at technology and it will be viewed in the same way we view cigarettes today, and people will say: “What the hell were we doing?”. It obviously has an important role to play in the modern world, but it’s definitely out of balance.” A life out of balance is not a sustainable life. I gave up smoking years ago. Can I give up technology? Every time I look at my mobile phone should I see it as a packet of cigarettes? Each time I reach for my laptop should I view it as an overflowing ashtray? I need to use my computer at work; I couldn’t do my job without it. I need to use my laptop at home to write and to keep in touch with my publisher. But just maybe I could leave the house with my wallet and keys and put my phone in the glove box “just for emergencies.”

• Holism • Meditation • Religion • Philosophy • Science • Astrology • Yoga • Psychology • Vegetarianism • Mysticism

Present this advert to Brisbane Lodge for a 10% DISCOUNT on one book purchase or library membership The Theosophical Society welcomes people from all religions or from none, who are interested in the search for Truth as realised by the great saints and sages. The possibility for realising this Truth is present in every one of us through both psychological and spiritual transformation.

Public Meetings at Brisbane Lodge 7.30pm Fridays

BRISBANE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY 355 Wickham Terrace – Phone (07) 3839 1453

Also at Toowoomba, Warwick, Buderim, Noosa, Atherton and Interstate BROWSE OUR SMALL BOOKSHOP OR JOIN OUR UNIQUE AND COMPREHENSIVE LIBRARY

More info at

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12th-15th DECEMBER BYRON BAY You are invited to join us in co-creating a new paradigm with evolutionary leaders, scientists, visionary activists, indigenous elders, musicians and poets in a 4-day celebration of conscious evolution.







(only Australian show) and many more.

Other highlights include: Conscious Film Festival, Yoga & Dance Workshops, Kids Village, Global Food and Crafts Village and much more. Live webcast all weekend. For more info and ticket details please visit : 21.indd 1

8/21/2013 9:09:32 AM

A different possibility for


INTERVIEW WITH GARY DOUGLAS – Founder of Access Consciousness®

Q: What’s your point of view on what we are currently creating for a sustainable planet? Gary: My point of view is that we are actually not creating a sustainable planet. Instead we are trying to use up resources to get the things we think are important. A sustainable planet would be where we are contributing to the planet in such a way that it can take care of itself. Nature was here for thousands of years without us and since mankind took over there’s been the least amount of change climate wise and geologically than ever. We think we are the greatest creators. Instead, we have done massive amounts of destruction. What would it take to shift the level of superiority in mankind and ask – How can we create something different? Q: How does oneness contribute to sustainability and what can we do to be a more conscious contribution? Gary: When we function from consciousness and oneness, we realise that we are all part of the quantum entanglements where everything is interconnected. It’s the butterfly effect. We know it is true, we can perceive it. When we choose consciousness, we open that door to the world of total allowance in which we’re willing to be the contribution. Everything is included and nothing is judged. As long as


22.indd 1

there is judgment on the planet we have little chance of this being a sustainable reality or a sustainable planet. Joy, happiness and laughter are the things that heal the Earth. Not recycling. Recycling is a pretence that we’re actually trying to save the planet. All we are doing is turning things into more cardboard boxes. Why aren’t we looking at a different way? Every molecule in the universe has consciousness. If we chose consciousness all the time, it’s possible that the molecules could return to their elemental state. Q: What about people in their own back yard? What can they do? Gary: First step, laugh and be joyful. Second step, stay there. See the beauty everywhere, like a child playing for hours throwing leaves into a stream. They receive the absolute joy of nature. That’s living in the moment, being grateful for everything that comes to us and being grateful for everything that we experience without a point of view, without judgment. Instead of thinking that we live on the Earth, what if we were living with the earth? To find a facilitator near you or to find out more about Access Consciousness go to:

| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

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8/21/2013 9:11:40 AM

Building the foundation of wellness!



ell known local entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony Sells (44) is a man who inspires and contributes to humanity in some very expansive ways. He is a husband, a father of three beautiful children, an uber successful businessman (Tony is the pioneer of ‘Get Wines Direct’, Australia’s biggest online wine company) and he supports many compassionate causes to help alleviate human suffering. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has recognised Tony’s incredible charity work; where he has spent the past few years donating his time, energy, resources and finances to the Tsum Valley remote village in Nepal, which has transformed the lives of thousands. It doesn’t stop there… Tony donates to a variety of charities and groups in Australia which are aligned with his ethics and are close to his heart. Tony Sells is one of the most down to earth and sensitive souls with a great desire to bring about change holistically on the planet. He’s also your typical Aussie bloke who likes his football (proudly supporting Collingwood) and the odd drop of wine! Tony believes in the 80/20 principle with regards to a healthy lifestyle, with moderation and

Are You Treating Your Body Like a Temple? • Would you like a solution to that uncomfortable bloated feeling? • Do you suffer from that griping crippling pain of having IBS? • Are you feeling like you don’t empty completely when you have been to the toilet – the feeling of being blocked?

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments for the price of 2, $249 – usually $348 SAVING OF $99 Contact Katrina Drew NUTRITIONIST / COLON HYDROTHERAPIST

Integrative Health brisbane

…modern bowel therapies

Phone 3862 8574 or 0400 283 574 24

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| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

8/21/2013 9:15:43 AM


Ton An last the wo sha the the to b inte

for so wa lau “G like org we unc Bu but alig tea

An kno inv

balance being personally valued. The research into holistic wellness that Tony and his astute foundation partner, Andrew Dudek have undertaken over the last few years and their urgency to impart their findings and reach the mainstream world is impressive. In fact, they see sharing this information and educating the public, as a ‘moral obligation’. So it’s their vision for the foundation’s messages to be promulgated locally, nationally and internationally. This month marks a critical milestone for Tony and his dedicated team, and so it’s a great honour that Holistic Bliss was chosen to announce the official launch of their new holistic foundation, “Giving with Devotion” which will gather like minded individuals, groups and organisations to educate the public about wellness as a lifestyle choice. Giving unconditionally and with devotion are Buddhist ideals close to Tony’s heart, but he qualifies this by saying he’s not aligned with any one religious or spiritual teaching or teacher. In a short amount of time, Tony and Andrew have engaged a range of wellknown leaders in the community to be involved with the foundation including:

Jessica Ainscough (The Wellness Warrior) who recovered from cancer naturally, Sunny Kids, (a not-for-profit organisation helping disadvantaged kids), and a well-known retired missionary who is dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease recovery information, to name just a few. Many more will gather to support a foundation that can create change and usher this education into the mainstream world. Tony and his team see the work of the foundation as a way of informing and educating people about potentially lifesaving and life-changing modalities, processes and nutritional elements. In the process, mind, body and soul can be nurtured. Tony says, “The foundation will comprise of an eclectic group and cover the whole generational spectrum.” These practitioners, researchers, teachers and mentors will share their wisdom in areas such as: nutrition, emotional wellness, vitamin and herbal therapies, organics, Gerson therapy, the use of prayer, meditation and grounding techniques. They have also had biologists researching the beneficial effects of medicinal mushrooms, and are dedicated to orthomolecular fields of study.

Left to right: Andrew Dudek, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tony Sells.

Tony believes, “nature got it right the first time and nature will continue to get it right if we align ourselves with it.” This back to basics message is very much needed in the community if we are to create a long-term sustainable future. Tony and Andrew firmly believe we need to educate people about the perils of GMO food, and toxicity on all levels. There are so many alternatives and cleaner and greener ways to move forward to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and planet. Andrew and Tony’s eyes twinkled as they talked about the hundredth monkey phenomenon…where there is a critical mass that’s reached and the collective consciousness changes. Imagine a world that can operate more consciously and where we have a lush planet earth to enjoy for generations to come. If you would like to contribute to this foundation or to find out more details please contact ANDREW DUDEK on 1300 559 463 – Ext 116.

Local Psychologist Specialises in Mindfulness! Call right now and mention this Ad to qualify for one of 5 Bulk Billing Spaces*. Get first-class professional help for little or no cost. We specialise in friendly, proven help for stress, anxiety, or depression. Or simply assisting anyone seeking to live with greater awareness, acceptance, and skill. Who are we? Cameron Aggs (B.A. Hons., M. Clin. Psych) is an internationally published author in Mindfulness, and the developer of the ‘Meditations for a Busy World CD. He also runs regular  Mindfulness in Daily Life and ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes  Mindful Parenting Courses  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy Dr. Lucy Coyne – Clinical Eating Disorders Dr. Danielle McCarthy – Children and Adolescents

To discuss your needs call (07) 5451 1575

Scan this QR code to download our FREE STRESS-BUSTER APP *To qualify for up to 6 Bulk Billing sessions you need to first see your GP. Call us to discuss.

Be Mindful

Mindful Therapy Psychology Services Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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8/21/2013 7:14:21 PM


Winter comes before Spring

efore anyone can enjoy and receive long term ‘spring sustainability’ you need to be able to go through a ‘winter’. Winters are necessary in order to sustain a spring. Everything, including YOU, loves to grow. Growth takes place in different stages. Your universe only always and in all ways supports you and your growth. Winters are inevitable and there are two ways to go through them. From lack or towards abundance! My intention with this article is to show you a ‘winter’ with a different set of eyes. My intention is you embrace your ‘winters’ (the time when ‘life’ slows things down for you’, with open arms and a sense and knowing a spring will come. Growth is on the way and you will sustain it. It’s up to you and how you ‘think’ through a winter that will determine your spring. What’s a winter? When looking at your life from the outside, winter’s a time when things can appear to slow down and even stop growing. Winter is a necessary part of our life cycle. How do you know you are entering a winter? There are many ways to recognise you are entering a winter. Everything at home, in your business and your


Are you ready to change your life?

HEALING YOUR SOUL October 5th & 6th 10am - 5pm This 2-day weekend workshop is for people interested in personal change in a uniquely deep and lasting way. By releasing fear attached to karma from past/present lives, you can create your current life to be more enjoyable and abundant than ever before.

• Release karmic suffering • Reduce stress • Increase your intuition

• Use universal energy to heal yourself • and much more

Benefit from the spiritual insight of gifted Reiki Master/Teacher, Richard Giakoumis as he teaches healing that brings inner peace, wellness and abundance. Ideal for healers and can be combined with other healing modalities.


Cost $440

Spaces are limited. Book now.

Contact Richard on 0412 761 914 or email 26

26.indd 1

Love Healing? Love Dance? Then you’ll love Chakradance® It’s the world’s fastest-growing healing dance practice. And you could be the first accredited Chakradance facilitator in your area! The first stage (so you can see if it feels right for you) of our Facilitator Training programme takes just two weeks, costs just $150, and is done at home, using workbooks and music files that we supply, together with email or telephone support as you prefer. Please visit our website for details

rhythm for your soul

| SEPTEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

8/21/2013 9:18:13 AM

re sm b

m w o a y

y p to e o

a lo se W a

m a c c th y th ‘a se it



relationships are travelling along smoothly then all of a sudden things begin to change. Personally it can appear that you may feel like doing no exercise for a week, you have lost your motivation to organise your home, cooking feels like a chore and nothing is really stimulating you. It can show up in your business as your sales all of a sudden go down or plateau, no one seems to pay attention to your ads, your face book likes are non existent or your clients have disappeared or slowed right down. It can show up in your relationships as boredom, conversation runs out, lovemaking is non-existent or giving seems like such an effort. What to do when you find yourself in a winter? Ask your body if you are metaphorically entering a winter. “Body, are we in a winter?” Self-muscle testing can show you straight away. If you cannot self-muscle test give space for that inner voice to share with you after you ask your body. It can share with you through intuition, through feelings of ‘aha’, tingles or lightness. Or you get a sense of ‘just knowing’. Trust your body, it knows!

If you sense that you are in a winter, acknowledge it! Say out loud to your body, “Relax body, we are just in a winter. Spring is on the way and will be more abundant than ever before.” This awareness can make such a difference to your spring. Most of the time you begin to worry and panic.

Each time you catch yourself coming from lack, worry, anxiety or panic when things change, stop and alter your thinking and slow down your actions. Personally, you may think thoughts that take you into a lack rather than support you moving into a spring. Your thinking here and how you handle your winter makes all the difference. Winters require gentle still nurturing. You need you to choose to believe that your spring will come. More abundantly than last spring as well! Your negative self-judgments need to be positive self-talk. Your outside actions need to be inside self-enquiry. Rather than focus on what’s going wrong

or why things have changed, transfer your focus on being still and listening to your knowings on how abundant the warmth of spring is and how much you are looking forward to it. For example, each time you catch yourself coming from lack, worry, anxiety or panic when things change, stop and alter your thinking and slow down your actions. In a winter… instead of thinking thoughts like: “Oh no… I am going to get fat if I don’t exercise” …Think thoughts like, “It’s ok to rest this week. I choose to enjoy my rest.” “I better work harder this week to make up for lost sales.”… can be… “I am grateful for my business and appreciate the space to expand and breathe.” “My partner is not talking to me, having sex with me or giving to me.”… change it to “Now seems like a great time to read, write in my journal or sit and contemplate my choices.” Winters are a time to exercise patience, stop and renew before the busyness of spring finds you. The universe supports YOU!

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

27.indd 1


8/21/2013 9:19:50 AM

Sustaining Ourselves AND the WORDS ROBIN CLAYFIELD


here are infinite ways to personally contribute to a more sustainable world with a mind boggling and heartening amount of projects, groups, campaigns and opportunities on offer if we don’t already have our own ideas or initiatives.


This can be overwhelming and lead to people feeling guilty they aren’t doing enough to support the planet or confusion about how and what to contribute. Some people may simply do nothing or attempt many things at once and burn out. How can we support a sustainable world as well as our families and communities, earn a living, do all the jobs that need tending to for daily living and look after ourselves at the same time? Growing our own greens, vegetables and sprouts is arguably the single most supportive action we can take to sustain our bodies, our loved ones and care for our world in one simple undertaking. It doesn’t need to take lots of time but commitment, dedication and some design and set up are required.


Using Permaculture ‘Zones’ and Systems for Kitchen Gardens Permaculture has been around for 35 years and supports us to think, plan, design, build, work and garden using common sense, sustainable and often low impact ways to live. We can use the principles, based on how nature would do things, to address Global, National and Regional sustainability and wellbeing. They are equally as useful to support us to grow our own food to whatever degree our time, space and commitments allow. To grow and feed ourselves healthy, organic, home grown food gives us: • Abundant minerals and nutrients • Clean and chemical free food • Exercise • Mental and emotional wellbeing • Vitamin D from the sun • Fresh air • Reduced expenditure • Learning and fun It supports the planet by: • Reducing transport costs and use of petrochemicals

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati Welcome Home from Europe Evening

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently.

Music Concert, Travel Slides, Chai and Social Evening

This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374 28

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New Moon – Friday October 4th • Soul Purpose Mastery - Embracing Presence & Living Love – October 24th & 25th • Soul Purpose Mastery – Living Love Weekly Class – Begins September 12th – 9 weeks

• Music Meditation & Mindfulness INDIA RETREAT November 7th - 17th

• Raindrop Technique with YL Essential Oils Friday October 11th

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• Reducing chemical inputs • Boycotting hybrid seed companies and GM crops • Supporting local organic seed and seedling suppliers • Composting prunings and scraps to recycle and feed the garden rather than contributing to landfill • Enabling you to be more healthy in mind, body and spirit and more able to contribute positive energy Let’s take a walk, beginning in the kitchen, and venture out from there to explore many ways of sustaining ourselves and learn more about Permaculture at the same time. The idea of ‘Zones’ acknowledges that the closer we put things to the house the more likely we are to tend, pick, weed, water or visit them. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s our Zone 0, our inner Zone where not just meals are made. It can also be a garden. If you don’t have time or space to make and maintain an outdoor garden you can still grow sprouts in the kitchen. Grow them in special stacking trays or glass jars covered with mesh or cheese cloth. Pots of herbs and even lettuces, rocket or Asian greens can be grown in pots on sunny window sills or hanging baskets suspended from the window. Many kitchen brews can add health

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and nutrition, diversity and interest to a meal. Consider making your own yoghurt, white cheeses, kefir, kumbucha, sauerkraut, beer or numerous other ferments and cultures. If you don’t know some of these delicacies check out your library or the internet to learn more. Any sunny balcony, deck, veranda or courtyard can host a container garden or raised bed as can any bitumen or hard surface, paving or even a rooftop. Walls of the house, carport or shed become vertical growing spaces for beans, snow peas, peas, Ceylon spinach, passionfruit, grapes, chokos, nasturtiums, even pumpkins. Just outside the front door, in Zone 1, you may have herb spirals and clipping sprout gardens that are cut with scissors and any number of pots, containers and

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raised beds established to keep a family in greens, herbs and basic vegetables. As you create your home garden, remember to place things where you will see them or walk past regularly and give them your love and attention. They will feed it back to you in delicious ways, sustaining you as you give to our wonderful world. ROBIN CLAYFIELD is currently reprinting her book ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’. She is an author, trainer of trainers and international presenter of courses and retreats about Permaculture, Creative Facilitation, Dynamic Groups, Community Empowerment and Healthy Relationships as well as living at and leading tours of Crystal Waters Eco-Village via Maleny.

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every day of the week?

Indulge in this gentle hands on head body process that at worst will leave you feeling like you’ve had a great massage and at best will change your life.

To find a Facilitator to receive this life changing treatment or to learn the Bars for yourself go to


All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory®

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Discover your Uniqueness WORDS VIKKI SPELLER


itting at my desk, green tea in hand and my beautiful grey cat purring at my feet, I contemplate my day, my mind wandering off to the wonderful clients I had been so blessed to have seen. It never ceases to amaze me…the information held within their energy, chakra centres and physical body and the loving support around each of them by spirit even though some have been unaware of them being there. Spirit still continues to stand by, nurturing and guiding them throughout their everyday lives, waiting for an opportunity to step in and be heard. Having worked with clients for many years I am still intrigued at what shows up during healing sessions and how our deepest fears, emotions, memories and past lives can have a profound effect on how we are travelling in life. To let go of the past or that which no longer serves is a true gift, allowing you to step forward in life and be a shining light for yourself and others. There is no-one like you and there never will be again. You are unique! So if you’re not feeling your ‘uniqueness’, take the time to nurture yourself with an energy healing session, receive insight and gain valuable tools that will empower you to show the world the true essence of your being.


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Directors – Genesis: Rudran Brannock, Robin Clayfield, Paul den Ronden, Vivienne Coleman. Very Good Company: Alexander Kohl, Jason Hay, Mira Living and Brett Townsend.

A gift to community that took 11 years to create!


n Sunday 11th August a group of people gifted $18,000 and an established company to the community. For 11 years they had been working toward this day. The purpose was to create a sustainable organisation that would promote elements of a conscious culture to the general public. Every year since then ‘The Joining’, a 3 day gathering of men and women who come together to discover conscious ways of relating, has been held successfully. Then six years ago a women’s gathering called ‘Being Woman’ has also been held and is now a part of the inner work calendar in S.E. Qld. Both of these events are a part of the new ‘Very good Company’ that has been formed to promote sustainable culture and ecology. The name comes from a quote of Buddha’s. Q: “What is the fastest way to enlightenment?” Buddha: “Good company” “A conscious society arises from those who are expanded at the community level of awareness and who do their inner work together, as a community,” said founder/visionary Rudran Brannock. The Joining is held this year from September 20th -23rd. The secretary for the Very Good Company can be contacted on 0437 557 677.

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ere we are bathing in the wonderful elemental forces of nature that visit us every year to announce the arrival of spring; a time of renewal, rejuvenation, and a huge burst of fresh energy that fills lives and our body, mind and spirit. We have overwhelming urges to clean up our ‘nests’, to exercise, do a detox, open all the doors and windows to fill our life and homes with light and to clear away the stagnancy of winter. The cycles of nature move within us, and we cannot deny the deep urges that take over. What we often forget is that our spirit, or soul is also in a renewal process, but it isn’t attached to the season, or the cycles of nature, it is something that we are called to attend to on a daily basis. The evolution of self through spirit is in a constant “spring renewal” process of refining, releasing and expansion. When we dive into ‘spring cleaning’ in our physical world, we are actually doing the same thing that we are required to for our soul. We are constantly being reminded to detox our emotions, clean up our thoughts, release limiting beliefs and introduce new patterns and ways that are in alignment with where we are in life. Over the last few months, we have all been experiencing some massive energetic changes. Our inner world is calling to us, and in order to sustain the changes we are going through, we have to listen, not just with our ears, but with our whole being.

The best way to ‘hear, feel and understand” what is happening, what we are experiencing and what we can do, is to pay attention to what your body is telling you and then to follow through with actions. Be mindful that every action must come from conscious awareness. This conscious awareness is in essence the attention of being fully present, responsive, and engaged in whatever you are doing and feeling. We can support ourselves and each other with a few simple tips that can become lifelong habits and sustain us no matter what we are moving through: 1. Select foods which nurture you 2. Move your body regularly and joyfully 3. Be in nature, often 4. Ocean, sea water, salt water baths 5. Good quality drinking water, spring water is preferable 6. BARE feet onto the earth, or sand, every day 7. Body work, massages, and energy healings 8. Sleep if you feel weary, take rest None of us can escape the incredibly huge changes that we are all journeying through. All I can say from experience is to be in the NOW, pay attention to all that is happening within and around you, then act on it all accordingly. If you can manage this, you will stay in the flow by allowing the changes, instead of resistance. Let this spring season be the catalyst for change that sets a new platform for your life.

More Energy Better Health Peace of Mind When the obstacles are cleared, good health comes naturally • Counselling

• Herbal Medicine

• Naturopathy

• Bowen Therapy • NLP • Hypnotherapy • Massage Therapy • Far Infrared Sauna • Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes

Our team is on your side

67 Channon Street, Gympie. Ph 07 5483 7688 Email: Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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Well and Good



elebrate things good for your body, mind, soul and the planet at the sixth annual “All Well & Good” day on Saturday 14 September. Held on site at the Original Eumundi Markets, All Well & Good is a FREE health and wellness event – a day of education and healthy pampering celebrating nourishing foods, natural products, therapies and lifestyle choices. Listen to some of the Coast’s best professional health speakers and take in presentations and displays from a range of community organisations, sporting clubs, health and eco groups. Discover tai chi, hip hop, burlesque, cheerleading, karate, aikido, cycling, belly dancing, hula hooping, kite surfing, surf lifesaving, cricket, wrestling, chess and laughter therapy – and a whole lot more. Take part in FREE yoga, meditation and chanting classes, as well as healing and drumming workshops – so wear

something comfortable and get involved (no prior experience required). View cooking demonstrations at the Market Chef Kitchen, highlighting food that’s good for your soul. Watch some of the most passionate chefs and foodies on the Coast cook with fresh seasonal produce and organics. You’ll discover products and services including herbal medicines, essential oils, natural skincare, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, massage, manipulative therapies, tarot readers, palmistry, Reiki, clairvoyance, energy healing and astrology. There will also be some unique speakers. First up, hear relationship coach, educator and intuitive body worker Philip Millroy talk about ‘Authentic Consent in Relationships’. Then Mel Midegs will educate you about the art of face reading, Andrea Lopez will discuss ‘Every Woman’s Business’, Chirone Shakti will assist you to tune into your loved ones with Astrology, Katrina Thorpe will inform you about day spa treats and

Linn Wiggins will enlighten you about healing hormones. Join the All Well & Good Trail through the markets and learn from the many health and wellness based stalls. Make a purchase on the trail and you’ll go in the draw to WIN a pampering day spa experience for two at Ikatan Spa (valued at $675) or an All Well & Good gift hamper filled with health and wellness products and vouchers from Eumundi Markets (valued at $800+) The event runs 8am-2pm (NB yoga kicks off at 6.30am) throughout the Original Eumundi Markets site in the centre of town, Eumundi. Following the All Well & Good Day, the Bohemian Bungalow in Eumundi will host a ‘Healthy Writers High Tea’ from 3-4.30pm featuring Mary-Lou Stephens (columnist for Holistic Bliss and author of ‘Sex, Drugs & Meditation’) and Dominique Finney (author of ‘The Magic of Food as Medicine’ and ‘The Wellness Zone’). email: Visit to see the full program

raelene byrne

Medicine for your Spirit the catalyst for change

Raelene Byrne is an Internationally respected spiritual guide and mastery mentor and Director of Medicine for your Spirit – Australia

Freedom Quest Retreats


By discovering the obstacles, blockages patterns and beliefs that keep your life playing out the same scenarios, Medicine for your Spirit helps you to remember your essential truth and self and take quantum leaps forward…Healing is not something we do, it is a way of life. Raelene offers many ways, uniquely designed for each individual, in order to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter, your souls message, and to guide you through and past it. You are then able to create your next step in life with confidence, clarity and deep knowing.

Supportive Mentoring System

Highly Intuitive and spiritual with clear information on next steps and future goals (via skype and phone).

One-Day and Half-Day Retreats

Sunshine Coast. Consists of ceremonies, rituals, personal meditation, Tree of Life reading and some deep insights from the wisdom of nature Meditation Events.

Spring Equinox Labyrinth of Light September 22, 2013.

Stay tuned for a Beautiful ebook about to be released, and webinars that will support and inform you. 32

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Sustaining Your



oga Circle launched last month at the newly renovated EcomNoosa (ex-Evergreen Centre). Prospective students and the local community are invited to attend a range of classes and can make a voluntary donation to Eumundi Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Yoga Circle Founder, Vivianne Barry says, “The Eumundi Wildlife Centre is staffed by volunteers who care for sick and injured native animals every day of the year and can do with all the assistance they can get. I encourage yoga to extend beyond the mat and into the local community by supporting such organisations.” Vivianne has enormous respect for the dedication of Gill Brownhill, the founder of the centre, and her team of volunteers who rely entirely on donations to care for up to 350 animals at any time. Yoga Circle offers classes from ten teachers and therapists, including

various modes of yoga, qi-gong, massage and body therapies, and will also host visiting teachers and wellness retreats. “The aim of Yoga Circle is to bring together a collective of teachers, each with their own style and passion, to create a strong and supportive local yoga community,” Vivianne says. “It is a dedicated space for wellbeing, collaboration, knowledge and joyful community – a calm sanctuary to explore the pathways of personal health, growth and wellbeing.” “The studio provides something for every age and fitness level. From kids’ classes during school terms to gentle yoga for seniors, and from beginners to more dynamic and athletic classes,” she says. “There are classes for those who want a deep, restorative approach, or for those who want to build up strength and challenge their bodies and minds.” “Noosa has amazing teachers, and with so much to offer in terms of

UPCOMING EVENTS Sept 19 - Sunshine Beach... Enjoy a Moroccan Banquet courtesy of the ‘Wandering Chef’ before being inspired by the wisdom of Jules O’Neill from Body Consciousness® as she presents: ‘What a woman wants in a conscious man!’

connecting men with purpose Are you a man who understands that there has to be more to life than just going through the motions? Would you like to find other men to connect to that are on the same journey of discovery? This exciting new men’s group meet monthly to learn, discuss and be inspired about life, the universe and everthing in between!

For more information about upcoming events find us on facebook or meetup meetup at The Conscious Man - Sunshine Coast Phone Lyell Reck on 0468 926 828 or email

authentic yoga, health and wellbeing options, it can really become an epicentre,” she says. “In this modern life we are increasingly sedentary, with our bodies being confined and yet our minds are so far away; particularly as technology advances. In a sense we become ‘disembodied’ as we lose touch with our breath and move further away from this moment. Yoga becomes a tool to encourage us back into the present – to reconnect body, mind and breath.” Yoga Circle brings together a collective of teachers, each with their own style and passion, to create a strong and supportive local yoga community in a dedicated space for wellbeing, collaboration, knowledge and joyful community. Yoga Circle will host a 4-hour workshop with Devashi Shakti (Founder of Tigress Yoga) Sunday 6 October.

Body Consciousness


Tools that create a life of freedom and choice

Discover You and Your Wisdom! Gai O’Brien has been involved with Body Consciousness work – over 10 years’ experience

Bringing Clarity, Direction and Awareness into your decision making process

Clinic available at Noosaville ALL AGE GROUPS

Please call: 0413 425 153 Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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A new holistic approach to

Losing Weight

Holistic Bliss: How is the 12week weight loss program you are recommending different from other programs? Monique: Personally I had a fantastic result with it, lost over 25kg and kept it off for 5 years. Being so successful with this weight loss program, I’ve decided to become a weight loss consultant and now hundreds of my clients are following in my footsteps. We’ve had lots of success with it so far and believe I can continue to make a difference. Holistic Bliss: So what do you like most about it Monique? Monique: What I like about it is that it’s not a quick fix, it’s more about educating people how to eat, when to eat and how to manage the cravings. This weight loss program is more about overall health rather than looking at weight loss as an isolated issue. Holistic Bliss: That sounds great, I like that you are taking an holistic approach. Monique: That’s right, it is an holistic program, where we are supporting and motivating people as well. Now at Wellsure we are

working with a Naturopath who is also doing variety of testing for us, so we can determine which specific area of someone’s health needs to be addressed. Our Naturopath Gosia Kuszewski is specialising in digestive disorders and detoxification, using live blood analysis and other testing to determine how to correct some of the deficiencies and remove toxicity to boost the metabolism. Holistic Bliss: That’s a great idea, so the testing is really looking for an underlying cause of the obesity and the health problems, right? Monique: Absolutely. We want to make sure that we deal with the underlying cause of the weight gain, low energy, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems and digestive problems which are often present. Holistic Bliss: I guess that would help with overall health and stop the weight rebound? Monique: You are correct, our clients are not only losing weight but also have more energy, less cravings, they can focus better and feel happier overall. The most important thing is that they are keeping their weight off. Living in today’s world can be overwhelming for some people, with all the focus on weight loss fads in advertising and excessive processed foods available. We are offering not only education, but also healthy recipes, motivation and ongoing support so when they feel stuck, they can always count on us. For more info about Monique Lee’s 12-week weight loss programs please contact Wellsure or visit

“At Last… The Weight Loss Program THAT WORKS!”  Do you feel tired, bloated and unhappy with your looks?  Have you tried every program under the sun and still overweight?  Are your hormones out of whack?

Try the HCG program!! “There is no other weight loss program that I know which can deliver such fabulous results.” Dr. Sherill Sellman “I’ve lost 12kg in 23 days and feel amazing.” Tia R, Caloundra “I’ve tried every diet and never got any results. HCG really works! Lost 8kg in 3 weeks.” Kathy M, Buderim “Lost 20kg since Christmas and didn’t putting any weight on. I’m a new person.” Robert S, Mooloolaba

SPECIAL OFFER: FIRST 10 CALLERS PAY ONLY HALF FOR THE CONSULTATION!! Call today 5493 4952 and speak to a Qualified Naturopath and Weight Loss Expert, Gosia Kuszewski ND (Bach.Health Science) For more info go to


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What factors could be compromising your 

Mental Health?

WORDS SUZI LE FANUE – Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist And Naturopath


ur busy lifestyles can place stress on the body and this can also affect our mental and emotional wellbeing. From a naturopathic and nutritional perspective, I also see that our mental health can be compromised by a number of underlying factors considered below: Nutrient deficiencies. Everyone knows that B vitamins are important, but there are two nutrients that are often forgotten: Iodine and vitamin D. Iodine is increasingly deficient for two reasons. Firstly, the dairy industry can use iodine to sterilise equipment and the cow’s udder, this would transfer iodine to the milk, but this has stopped. The other reason is it may not be present in some types of soil in Australia. Iodine can be tested through pathology. It is important for proper thyroid function and essential for good mood, energy and hormone balance. Vitamin D is commonly low during winter. Have you ever wondered why you feel more down, lethargic and get sick easier during winter? It is likely to be because of less sunshine! Vitamin

D is a nutrient you get from the sun. It helps our immune system ward off infection, balance blood pressure, lift our mood and make us happy, control autoimmunity such as allergies and inflammatory conditions. Have you heard of kryptopyrroles? This is a genetically determined factor that is characterised by elevated pyrroles in the urine. It is thought that around 10% of the population have pyroluria. What this means is that your bodies demand for zinc, B6 and a few other key nutrients will be higher than someone without elevated pyrroles. This means that you may find it harder to balance your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) such as serotonin. A simple urine test is all that is needed to determine pyrrole levels. I have seen elevated pyrrole in urine of many people with depression, anxiety, insomnia, alcoholism, IBS, anger, inability to cope with stress, strong fatigue and children with behavioural issues. Stress. The key physical components of stress management are sleep and

hormones. Sleep is imperative to allowing us to handle stress better. The double edged sword is, if you are stressed you may find it hard to sleep, which makes you more stressed, which then makes you sleep less…and the cycle goes on. Two hormones melatonin and cortisol are often out of balance. When cortisol is high in the morning it wakes you up and picks you up. BUT if you are continually stressed, its “rhythm” goes out of balance. This will lead to an imbalance in melatonin your sleeping hormone. Too often I hear people say, “I have always been like this” or “I think it’s genetic” or “I eat a good diet, so it can’t be from deficiency”. We are all creatures of habit and we like to continue with the same old ways of doing things, but as they say, if ‘nothing changes, then nothing changes’. Consider investigating some of these underlying factors and changes can be made with a naturopathic/nutritional program so you can enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Your herbal medicine supplier • HAPPY • HEALTHY • HORNY • HERBAL TEAS • • HIPPY • PARTY HERBS • GIFTS • CLOTHING •


07 5479 6607


07 5412 2829 Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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s we head in to spring and shed some layers, it’s a beautiful time to do some spring cleaning. It’s the perfect way to shed some old habits, de-clutter your home, clear your head and simplify your life. I find it’s best to start with one room or area, like the wardrobe.

TIPS: • Start small and focus on just this one task. No multi-tasking! • Have fun with it, put on some music, try things on and see if you can find new ways to wear things. • Don’t be shy, if you haven’t worn something for years and you honestly can’t see yourself wearing it again

anytime soon, then bag it up and donate it to someone who will wear it. • Spring cleaning your wardrobe isn’t just about the clothes. Scrutinise your shoes and your accessories too. • Be brutal, the more you clear out, the more liberated you will feel and the more room you will create in your life to invite new opportunities and experiences. Building back up again sustainably: • Now you have cleared some space, resist the temptation to just fill it up again with useless items. • Keep your space clean and tidy and make it feel like a space you actually want to be in. Organise things. • As you are clearing items out, it’s a good time to take stock of what you might need to add. Being clear about what you actually need and what will complement what you already have will help you to start to build a sustainable wardrobe that will stand the test of time. • Try to have a list of things that you actually need on your phone or in your

purse so that if you do find yourself out shopping, you can refer to your list and spend money on things you actually need rather than an impulse purchase. • Do your research. When you need something new, try your best to support local designers and ecofriendly labels. There are so many beautiful labels in Australia that are supporting fair trade or local sewers, are using organic materials and are trying to run their business in an ecofriendly and ethical way. Start by looking online rather than just popping down to your local department store. If you don’t know where to start, check out my website for lots of beautiful fashion labels ( Happy Spring! AMANDA ROOTSEY is the Director of SHINE From Within, teaching wellness and confidence to teenage girls ( She is also an eco-model ( and the co-founder of Vegan Era (

Vibrational Essences for those seeking the next steps in Natural Healing and Self-Discovery also

Living Light Rainbow Essences Gem & Colour Combination Essences

Wholesale prices available for Practitioners – Looking for a distributor in Australia, please email rachel@luminesce or SKYPE LivingLightEssences

0011+1+519-823-2288 • 36

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A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road, ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

P: 07 3352 7772

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Get Rid of Skin Care Chemicals Once and For All

WORDS KIM MORRISON – Pioneer of Twenty8


ur skin is the largest organ of the body, and it plays an important role in maintaining good health. Did you know that you have about 300 million skin cells that completely renew themselves approximately every 28 days? Skin is like a raincoat, acting as a waterproof barrier. The most important thing to know is that skin has the ability to absorb! We see just how effective this is when we look at how drugs are delivered through skin patches. Yes, ‘transdermal absorption’ is not something a lot of people consider when they lather on their cosmetics. The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry can be quite a deceptive one. Since there is no main regulatory body for this industry, it is very loosely monitored. And action mostly takes



place if there is a public complaint. This is where we need to understand the ‘accumulation effect syndrome’. We expose ourselves to over 200 chemicals a day through our personal products alone, without taking into account our household cleaners, air fresheners, pollution, or the toxins in our food. Over time these small quantities of chemicals and toxins build up in our bodies. For those who are sensitive it doesn’t take long before symptoms of toxic build-up begin to show in ways such as headaches, chronic fatigue, skin problems and mood swings, yet for others, it can take years before their immune system may be compromised. However, because the accumulation can be slow and subtle, many people are reluctant to change their favourite products when they see no immediate reaction. What we need to remember is that we have a natural affinity and synergy with nature. Plants have been used in beauty for thousands of years, and

Look good… feel Great!

‘Ethical Choice Awarded’ HAIR COLOURS

Offering superior services at an affordable price! Extensive services available: • Hair Cuts, Colours and Perming • Facials and Body Treatments • Waxing, Tinting and Lash Extensions • Shellac Nails, Manicure and Pedicure • Formal/Bridal packages available • Spray Tanning and Gift Vouchers

Stockists of Certified Organic Products: Mukti Skincare & Eco Tan

Lush Cuts & Beauty 0449 593 239 – Main Street Buderim


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Regenerate your BODY SKIN BRAIN ORGANS with Stem Cell Nutrition

Find out how – Phone Raelene 0432 712 784

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fo a k fo a b sk is n sa c th ‘n m n th th c N

it w o p e p n m





for good reason. The proven healing and restorative qualities in the plant kingdom are not only the best things for our skin, but promote overall health and balance. Fortunately as people are becoming more aware of ingredients in skincare and marketing ploys, the public is starting to demand safer and more natural products. We just need to be savvy out there in the big wilderness of cosmetics as everyone is cashing in on the claim to be natural. In fact the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ have considerable market value nowadays and there only needs to be 5% natural ingredients in the product to call it natural or some use the chemistry definition of organic as a compound that contains a carbon atom. No wonder people get misled. When it comes to skincare products it is important to look for ingredients we can read, things we could have in our own kitchen. If we see words like paraben, SLS, TEA, PEG or DEA or even the word fragrance, we can safely put it back on the shelf knowing it is not natural. Science is unable to replicate many of the bio-active trace elements


Diethanolamine (DEA) & Tiethanolamine (TEA) PEGs (Polyethylene Glycol) Isopropyl Alcohol


Paraben Preservatives including Methyl, Ethyl, Butyl & Polyparaben


Imadazolidinyl Urea

Embrace your

Shop 3 / 8 Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra Qld 4551 PHONE 5491 8399

Collagen Amino Acids Elastin Amino Acids Epidern Oil R

remember that skin cells take on average 28 days to renew therefore you need to give your skin at least that amount of time to reap the benefits of a good skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated or too involved, and we don’t have to spend a whole heap of money on various creams and potions for all the different areas of the face. It is more important to focus on eliminating harmful ingredients and find quality products, good techniques and adopt a belief that we are worth every precious moment.


True Beauty this Spring


W: Phone: 0430 035 740


Avoid all as they are often made up of over 200 ingredients, mostly chemical

Let’s face it; with our busy lifestyles we need quick, simple and effective skincare methods that give us results. For some people results can be achieved quite quickly, especially if the skin has been out of balance. But we need to

Class sizes strictly limited – BOOK NOW!

D&C Reds, Yellows & Blues Amines


So go simple. Even starting out with an organic rosehip oil and lavender essential oil, is a great start, as these are amazing skincare products on their own. Not only is it just two ingredients but these two ingredients together are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, C and E and lashings of antioxidants.

• Personal Development Training • Professional Model Training • Holistic Environment



found in natural plant-based ingredients.


Mineral Oils Petroleum Jelly


Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (or Laureth) All solid Soaps

Propylene Glycol




Energise your skin from the inside out! For just $99

A 60-MINUTE EXPERIENCE THAT WILL HEAL AND RESTORE YOUR MIND, BODY, SKIN AND SPIRIT! Includes: • Present moment meditation tea ceremony • A luxurious Blush of First Love certified organic facial treatment • A gentle energy aura cleanse using our energy wands • A grounding hot towel infusion and acupressure point foot massage • Tension-relieving scalp massage

Shop 6, 11 Samford Road ALDERLEY Phone (07) 3352 5998 Email Website Find us on facebook – baretherapies Follow us on Instagram @baretherapies

Our mission is to help you feel great in your own bare skin, naturally Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2013 |

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h m fo h a w e T a th w sh c

How can I achieve a better relationship with my pet? WORDS AMANDA DE WARREN – Leading Animal Communicator and Psychic


have been an animal communicator for over 20 years and this is probably the most asked question of them all. Like us humans, our pets have different personalities and there is never one sure way of making a great relationship work

at its best. One thing for sure is that your pet must respect you and see you as their leader, and if that is not the case then you have very little chance of achieving a great, healthy relationship with them. It’s definitely not cruel to show them who

the boss is, and in most cases they appreciate this as it gives them boundaries and security. Our pets need to be balanced and stable, and if they don’t feel this then they may want to take control of the

Natural Vet on the Sunshine Coast • All the diagnostic and surgical facilities of a normal vet clinic • Emergency 24-hour service • Herbs, acupuncture and natural diets • Monthly health plan – unlimited consults, preventative meds posted to you – from $21 cat; $50 dog

Phone 5447 7877 • 0435 565 908 (24hrs) 42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563


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a to m a p th a w o a a b th



household – something that I have seen many times over. I recently did a reading for a lady whose whole household was held to ransom for 11 years by this very aggressive little dog. The dog ruled the whole house through bringing fear to everyone, including all the other pets. The people of this household were always too afraid to gain control and they let this little dog do whatever it wanted whenever it wanted, therefore she continued on her path of total control. The principle of us being the boss and our pets seeing it that way applies to most domestic animals, but even the more unusual pets like some kind of authority around them. That includes pigs, cows and horses. But remember that this authority is definitely not achieved through aggression or angry words as this will have the complete opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. The aggression can also cause anxiety in the pet and they can easily become withdrawn and fearful, which then causes other problems. I find that the best way to have a great relationship with your pet, whether

it’s a cat, dog or even a horse, is that they see you as the leader. It shouldn’t just be you either but all the other human members of the family too. Dogs, especially, can pick up weaknesses in us and their instincts tell them that they need to take over as the leader as they don’t want to be led by a weak energy. A calm but strong energy is always the best way to connect with your pet and they must live by your rules just like all the other members in your family. Pets are very intelligent, and without us even saying a word they know what we are thinking and can sense our moods. Owning an animal is one of the most amazing experiences for anyone and having a well-balanced and happy relationship with your pet is even better. What better way to end the day than curled up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and your favourite pet or pets beside you. You’re happy and so are they. No matter what breed they are or where they have come from in the past, every dog can become what you want them to be. This can sometimes take a little bit of work but it is definitely well

worth it in the end. If you are consistent with your rules and your energy, then your pet will see this and will be happy to blend in with all the other members of the family. I personally have a rescue dog that, in the beginning, was very challenging and it took quite a lot of work. But now he is the most loving and loyal 50kg big boy you could ever meet and everyone who meets him just loves him. Many times in the beginning we would lock horns, but I was never going to give up on him. My intention was never to break his spirit, and I didn’t do this. He just knows who is boss and so does my other big girl who is now 9 years old. We can certainly spoil our beloved animals and make their life easy, as that makes us happy pet owners too, but remember that the most important thing is consistency and what I call “The boss energy”. With this in mind and in practice, you can’t go wrong. Please give all your pets a big hug from me.

WEEKEND COURSES ON PET THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE with Dr Elaine Cebuliak Dr Kathy Cornack Physiotherapist Chris Porta & Vet Tech Ashleigh Atfield

Advanced Remedial Massage: 7/8 SEPTEMBER Intensive weekend suited to those with prior experience

Location: Furry Kids @ Play Morningside, Brisbane See our website for more info

PAWs Nurse

Ph: 3324 2291

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

20% off services

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What is Therapeutic Animal Massage? WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK – Owner of Animal Wellness


herapeutic massage is more than “patting your pet!” Massage can be exceptionally useful for calming pets, and for pets with behaviour problems. It is a useful tool for the examination process, and helps veterinary consultations to be much more relaxed for both the vet and the pet. Therapeutic massage can be an integral part of rehabilitating an animal following cruciate, spinal, abdominal or any orthopaedic surgical procedure; injury; illness; or stroke. Massage has great therapeutic benefits for allergic skin disease, immune system dysfunction and geriatric arthritis. Veterinary staff and pet owners have found that with remedial massage, pets obtain relief from pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia, joint pain, muscle cramps or stiffness, skin problems, digestive problems, and spinal problems. Massage stimulates circulation and increases lymph flow. Deep tissue pressure massage of the skin which reaches subcutaneous tissue and myofascia (the fibrous tissue that encloses and separates layers of muscle) stimulates vagal nerve endings.

These send signals to the brain that improve equilibrium of the autonomic nervous system. Balance between the activity of the two subsystems of the ANS – the sympathetic (fight-orflight) and parasympathetic (calming) nervous systems – improves blood flow throughout the body and reduces inflammation, muscle tension, spinal cord sensitization and pain. Another little-known benefit of massage is improved digestion – one of the most important functions of the human or animal body. Research indicates the vagal stimulation from massage is significantly beneficial to premature infants. It has been shown to positively impact digestive function by improving gastric motility, decreasing gut permeability (‘leaky gut’), increasing availability of nutrients from food, regulating blood insulin levels, and promoting weight gain and growth rate. Similarly, massage can improve the outlook for puppies and kittens suffering from failure to thrive after birth. Massage also has the potential to help older pets with digestive problems and conditions. Weight loss is another area where


Book now fo r a place, as they are lim ited!

Level 2: Advanced Animal Massage

Animal Massage with Dr Elaine Cebuliak and Dr Kath Cornack Massage is an excellent means of rehabilitating an animal following surgery, and it also has great therapeutic benefits for allergies, immune system dysfunction, arthritis, behavioural problems and much more. This course is an advanced intensive training weekend on therapeutic massage for pets and is ideally suited to those with prior experience – those working with animals; or in human health e.g. naturopaths, massage therapists. This module is designed for people wanting to perform animal massage as a business or in a professional basis.

When: 7 & 8 September 2013 – 9am - 3pm each day Where: FurryKids@Home > 6/338 Lytton Road, Morningside Enquiries:

3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road, Greenslopes 4120 (next to Qld Transport)


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massage can assist pets. Studies of obese rats indicate long-term vagal stimulation through massage can lead to a reduction in food intake. This suggests the vagal nerve network is capable of sending satiety (‘I’m full’) signals to the brain, effectively reducing appetite. From this we can assume regular massage has the potential to reduce food cravings in your pet, and stimulate desire for more physical activity because his or her body feels better. Various massage techniques may be incorporated into remedial physical therapies, such as acupressure, which releases blocked chi (or energy). Students that have attended workshops on remedial massage have commented on the effectiveness of myofunctional release techniques (such as cross gibre mobilisation) in helping improve mobility and decrease discomfort. Becoming skilled in pet massage will make you more attuned to picking up subtle changes in your patient or your pet.

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture Wurtulla Shopping Village Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone (07) 5493 1144



Bowen for Horses, Dogs, Cats & Humans

Ph: 07 5478 9669 Mob: 0401 814 015 Email:

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... Wisdom for Your Life

They’re off to school… now what? A mother’s guide to re-discovering herself

By Katrina Cavanough Unlike most therapists and social workers, Katrina Cavanough has an extra special gift – the ability to communicate and receive messages from the souls of those who have passed. As one of Australia’s Top 10 intuitives, Katrina has discovered a bounty of wisdom and answers to some of life’s greatest questions, thanks to those she’s connected with on the other side. A small baby that passes, a father who suicides, these stories and many more fill the pages of her new book WISDOM FOR YOUR LIFE, sharing Katrina’s most memorable cases and what she’s learnt from the people who’ve passed over. All at once inspiring and insightful, Katrina Cavanough’s WISDOM FOR YOUR LIFE is proof that death is anything but the end. Available at all good book shops and

By Margit Cruice Life Coach, energy healer and mother of three, Margit Cruice has woven thought-provoking information, universal principles and her own life examples to create an inspiring book for all mothers. Each chapter stands on its own with pertinent and important information to consider. Complete with practical tools and techniques, this book includes everything from redefining our life vision, love and connection, to being creative.

New Chakradance DVD!! Now you can Chakradance from the comfort of your home!


omAs se m a en ag n’ in az s D in a e y

Natalie Southgate, who has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast has brought this amazing ‘dance class with a difference’ to Australia and you can see why it’s been a hit all around the world. The DVD allows you to let go in your own space and connect with the essence of who you are, gently allowing your body to move in the way it desires, releasing blockages and tension. Throughout the DVD there are a group of chakradancers exploring movement with music for all the specific chakras so there are no set dance steps or set ways that you are told to move. This allows freedom of expression and you are also gently guided about each chakra by the dancers. For more info go to:

Make the connection with


Amanda De Warren


Specifically written for mothers whose children are at school, Margit includes plenty of relevant examples. Many mothers will relate to the issues of losing confidence in themselves during that period of being at home with little ones, as well as needing to redefine who they are and what they want out of life. By answering questions throughout the book, you will begin to take steps to rediscover the spirit within you. and book available through Amazon

Bring out the Angel in your dog!

Tickets already sell ing – don’t miss out BOOK TODAY!

GOLD COAST – October 3-6 • Face to Face Readings • Pet and Animal Expo • Pets in the Park BYRON BAY – October 12-13 • Selena Hill Psychic Fair • Face to Face Readings BRISBANE – October 31-November 3 • Message From Beyond Show • Face to Face Readings • Talk to the Animal Show • Animal Communication Seminar • One-Day Inner Peace Workshop MALENY – March 21-22, 2014 • Soul Rejuvenating Retreat

View Amanda’s event calendar on her website for more details and online bookings or call 0434 713 615

Any dog, any age, any problem, any time, and in your home. Once only fee with ongoing free support for your dog’s whole life. Written guarantee. Natural techniques, no harsh methods. Obedience and behavioural issues, puppy training. Since 1989.


y a

g o n n a

SIMPLE, DIRECT c a l l ®



1800 067 710

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How to Relate to

Thoughts in Meditation



n the process of training the ‘puppy’ of our attention, a primary benefit of meditation is that we learn how to leave our thoughts alone. We start to play with the possibility that we don’t have to change them in any way. It is okay for thoughts to be there when we meditate. We just let them be. They will settle by themselves. More important than asking the waves of thoughts and emotions to stop rolling, is to experience ourselves as the calm presence that is in contact with all of that – to be the watchful still depth of the ocean floor. The trouble comes for us when when we start judging ourselves for how we are – or when we get so caught up in our thinking, that we forget that we are meditating. And yet even this is not a big problem – because as soon as we have recognised that we have become distracted – we are already back. How convenient! As an old friend said to me, the

trick with meditation “Is to be willing to fail one-thousand times, and to know that one is not a failure.” This kind of perspective is not natural for everyone. Many of us feel like we need to be good at things straight away – that we need to get it right first time round. This is okay, but in many ways meditation is the opposite to that. It is the willingness to get it wrong, to be lost, to sit with the nonsense of our own mind, and to make peace with that. Not through

t with Came

THE ROLE OF LOVE IN M ron: EDITATION There is no deep me

ditation in the absence of love. Unless we are working to develop a deep sense of self-acce ptance, we will not go below the surfac e of the chattering mind . To go below the level of discursive thi nking, to where the wave s of thoughts and emotions are felt mo re keenly, we must be in tou ch with a place in us that is loving . Love is the channel thr ou gh wh ich our mindful awareness trave ls.

Crystal Light Bed The Crystal Bed combines pure quartz crystal energy, light therapy and spiritual doctors to heal us on all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Benefits of the Crystal Light Bed: • Manifest your desires! • Chakra and energy balancing • Assist physical ailments, such as cancer, hormone imbalance and pre/post surgical healing • Mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety • Emotional obstacles • Spiritual healing and development • Freedom in all areas of life

19 Coral Street MALENY Book on-line


44.indd 1

CAMERON AGGS has over 17 years’ experience with meditation. He has completed 15 x 10-day Vipassana retreats and teaches regular classes on meditation. He is also a Clinical Psychologist with Mindful Therapy Psychology Services.

Another Mindful Momen

John of God

Crystal Bed Custodians, Tanya Kurzbock and David Anderson

making it better or different, but through accepting it as it is. As the same wise man said: Acceptance is the very best starting point for change...

Phone (07) 54 999 476 or 0418 496 574

email Like our Facebook page to stay connected –

W ia NE tral us A to

QuickZap & ®




“THE LEADING NAME IN THE FIELD OF FREQUENCY-TENS-THERAPY-TECHNIQUES” Used by many alternative practitioners, dentists and doctors around the globe for pain therapy, health care, combatting infection and cleansing


Join Inventor and Manufacturer MARTIN FRISCHKNECHT as he launches his revolutionary device on his FIRST TOUR OF AUSTRALIA Sydney • Melbourne • Canberra • Brisbane • Gold Coast • Sunshine Coast • Townsville

Over 250,000 SOLD worldwide!!

DON’T MISS THIS EVENT! For enquiries or to register contact

Inner Glow Health Products – (07) 5449 0600 |

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Exploring the

Global Spirit

WORDS SORAYA SARASWATI – Soul Purpose Mastery – Living Love


ur ‘Peaceful Hearts Tour’ has come to an end in Greece. Terry and I have travelled to 14 countries exploring Germany, Moscow, the Eastern block, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, the UK, across to the beautiful Bahamas and on to warm sunny France and Greece. We have shared our music and hearts with thousands of people in concerts, gatherings and Soul Purpose Mastery workshops. We have visited sacred sites; from ancient spiral caves in Romania, the Camino de Santiago path in Spain, the lavender fields and ancient castles in Southern France, the Tor and Chalice Well of Glastonbury/Avalon and the Acropolis and Temples of Apollo and Athena in Athens and Delphi in Greece.

desire to know, magic flows into each moment propelling us beyond the known to new levels of understanding and experience. My voice has awakened and as I sing the doors of my heart are thrown open. The sound of the flute with the breath of my beloved Terry elevates me to heavenly states as we share the love that flows through our connection. The great mystery unfolds with perfection.

Each moment has been wonderful and it is a precious honour to be supported by the universe. Each day is bliss to share our music and journey through Soul Purpose Mastery globally. I have realised that in releasing the

They reflect back to me the inner workings of the universal human experience. Their suffering has been my own and so to bring the comfort of exploring truth together is loving myself more and more, for we are one.

More than ever before I feel inner freedom, inner beauty. My soul purpose of embracing presence and living love is a reality. The Global Spirit of sharing love and space with people is perfect and as it should be. Each new friend that comes to share themselves in our work is beloved and precious.

I cherish this realisation. I also love that each one of us, who, bound in the web of intricate soul connection defies distance and boundaries and across the universe we find each other. There is no barrier that cannot be overcome if the soul desires freedom of truth and the flesh is willing to throw off the old cloak and dagger of untrue stories and their defence. If we can truly become naked and vulnerable we can meet love in the freshness of each new dawn. I am so grateful for my life and all those who have shown me how to explore, to fall and to rise in love. I am grateful to have had the courage to explore the false stories that have kept me bound, and to shine the light of truth so that these misperceptions can fall away. As a shining being in a ‘Universe of Love‘ like the lotus that arises in the mud we too can blossom in full beauty as we reach out and hold the light.

Home and Health Feng Shui Assessments with RICHARD GILES Feng Shui Practitioner, Geomancer and Astrologer

Mobile: 0408 517 796

• Have your home assessed • Check your office environment • Find the negative Earth Energies affecting your property • Explore Richard’s new book – ‘Your Personal Guide to Feng Shui’

Contact: Richard on 5435 0158 Email: Web:

DREADING HAYFEVER AND ALLERGIES? FEELING RUN DOWN? Would you like to see a happier and healthier you this Spring? Then Mystical Essence Can Help! We are a TRULY holistic practice, focusing on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit!

Contact: Theresa Pedersen on 0402 097 271 to discuss your health requirements, and organise your first appointment

Private Health Fund rebates apply to some of our therapies

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8/21/2013 9:53:48 AM


Holistic Modalities: Massage, Shamanic Healers, Inner Child Therapy, Reflexology, Readings, Holistic Chiropractor, Egyptian Oil Healer/ Reader, Meditation Classes, Guest Speaker Evenings, Alternative Lending Library. Holistic, Natural and Spiritual Products: Crystals, Oils, CDs, Clothing, Jewellery.

Phone: (08) 9529 2888 Email: 9A Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham, WA


Then book in today for an Aroma charka balance back, hand and foot zone treatment harnessing the therapeutic power of 100 % pure essential oils, 55 minutes for $65 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 9am to 4pm and Saturday 9am to 12 noon.

Call Debbie Bingley 0410 076 223

Also Offering Access Bars, and Reiki by appointment.


Where magick starts and the veils to the Spirit World part! • Psychic, Mediumship Readings • Reiki and Spiritual Healings • Spiritual Counselling • Past Life Healings • Meditation and Spiritual Development • Workshops

Shop 1/1371 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt Central Phone: 0419 762 504 Email:


Voice of the goddess A singing group for women Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm Maroochydore – new members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!


HOT STONE MASSAGE SPECIAL: Deluxe Hot Stone Massage Package $65 Buderim. Mobile Massage Parties from $20pp. (Ladies, Couples, Pamper Parties – Buderim + Mobile Available)

Angie Dand 0419 977 969


46.indd 1


Integrative wellness centre where Eastern and Western Medicine Meet. Our services include: Acupuncture, Beauty Treatments and Waxing, Bowen Therapy, Chiropractic, Counselling, Homeopath, Integrative GPs, Intuitive Health Coaching, Kinesiology, Massage, Flower Essence Healing Therapy, Naturopath, Occupational Therapy, Yoga and Dance Classes, a large range of health and wellbeing products and MORE! Specialising in women and family health.

Suite 1B, Ground Floor, The Edge East, 10 Lake Kawana Blvd, BIRTINYA Phone: (07) 5438 8387


Full and half day. Tap in to your inner Guidance System. Sunday 22nd September, Thursday 10th October Sunshine Coast (upcoming other areas)

Angie Dand 0419 977 969


With Jules O’Neill Monday 14th October Friendships and Connections – Fun and play!

Phone: 0449 220 855


With Jean Sheehan Tuesday 3rd September – 6.45-7.45pm – $10 Peregian Beach

Phone: 0400 673 563


With Jules O’Neill Monday 9th September – Creating connections that support YOU – People YOU receive from...

Phone: 0449 220 855


With Caithe Cameron Tuesday 10th September – 12.30-2pm – $10 Coolum Beach

Phone: 0400 673 563


12th September – Colours in Your Soul Workshop – Energy & Chakra Workshop 15th September – Reiki Level 2 Workshop 25th September – Children’s Crystal /Energy Workshop

Phone: 0417 643 435 Facebook &


20th October – Pendulum Workshop

Phone: 0417 643 435


A fun-filled, informative weekend to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. $300 includes all meals, accommodation + 6 FUNshops. Camp Duckadang, Linville, Qld 8th-10th November, 2013 Book early to avoid missing this empowering retreat.

Phone: Caithe at Celticai Studio with your enquiries (07) 5496 6249


30th November – Magical Mapping – Vision Board Workshop

Phone: 0417 643 435 Join me on Facebook

CAN’T FIND A COPY OF HOLISTIC BLISS? Why not subscribe for just $33 you will receive a 12-month subscription (11 editio ns) and a copy will be posted to you!!!

Check out our new website

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Wellness Clinic

Counselling and Natural Therapies • Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP • Organic Skin and Body Therapy • Reiki and Remedial Massage • Body Consciousness • Naturopathy and Nutrition 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Phone today for an appointment

07 5471 2201 •


Are you a sassy entrepreneur?


Intuitive design and print services for your logo, website, business cards, flyers, banners, signage & facebook pages... just to name a few!

Call: 0413 374 634

• Psychic Medium • Angelic Reiki • Beauty and Massage • Salt Lamps • Crystals and Giftware

Shop 2/14 Beerburrum St, Dicky Beach

Phone 0449 792 690

Oceana Massage  Kahuna

   

 Lomi Lomi  Deep Tissue

Want to bring back the spark in your relationships?





f of

s fir


Experienced massage therapist combines styles to offer a whole body massage to relax the mind,body & soul.

Mount Coolum Phone 0423 945 062

Initial Session

$99 Save $51

Reflexology In Caloundra

with Courtney

Would you like to connect with you and your body?

Courtney Alexander Crook

Discover Tantric Sex with integrity?

Diploma of Reflexology Reiki Master

Loving you and open up to the flow of life…

PHILIP MILLROY Relationship/Sexuality Coach & Educator Sunshine Coast/Brisbane

0419 171 664 •

R.A.oA., A.A.M.T., B.A.A.


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8/29/2013 7:02:05 AM

Holistic bliss sept vol 50  

Holistic Bliss Magazine September 2013