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IS FINANCIAL STRESS Affecting Your Health?

Be Emotionally Intelligent


From Struggle




Volume 128 ISSN: 1836-8840


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From the Creator of HBM...

Money and finances’ can be a sensitive area and as soon as the media announced we were in a recession last month, many went into fear and doubt. I also saw and felt a similar energy back when I created the magazine from scratch over 11 years ago, during the start of the Global Financial Crisis.

others. There are many inspiring articles this month from people doing just that… If you are reading this edition and wondering why money is being covered in an holistic, spiritual type of magazine, it may be time to look at the energies connected with money and spirituality. We have chipped away at this over the years and it still remains quite a charged topic; so I will go into more detail via our Facebook group ‘Holistic Blissers’ for the month of October and please join the discussion. What if you could create what you would like to have with more ease, without the health issues, and without working until stupid o’clock every day in a job you hate? Most of us know the old ways aren’t working anymore. And our frequency is the key to creating more in all directions. Being grateful for what we have, means more of that can show up and it might be in ways that we least expect! Enjoy the cover story about gorgeous Kath Orman on pages 20-21. Kath is way more than a financial planner, she is an holistic facilitator and has much to share about this month’s topic.

It takes courage and the ability to keep being ‘as present as we can be’ during these times, so as to not buy into the constriction. Have you ever asked a question when things seem hopeless? Asking questions allows new possibilities to show up and allows your energy to expand. Having assistance, support and facilitation so we can keep vibrating in our unique way, means we can keep being the energies of creation and also be there for




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& Money Finances FEATURE

IS FINANCIAL STRESS Affecting Your Health?

Be Emotionally Intelligent


From Struggle




Volume 128 ISSN: 1836-8840






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FOOD FOR THE SOUL 06-07 Charred Red Cabbage ‘Crumbles’ BELINDA MACDONALD


Red Lentil Dhal



Protecting yourself against bowel cancer JOEL GRACE


Growing abundance and saving money MORAG GAMBLE



HOLISTIC BUSINESS 12 You can have it all… money AND love SAND MEW

13 Creating your millionaire mindset

COVER STORY 20-21 Kath Orman: Financial Success with Heart ANDREW DUDEK



Attitude Abundance & Action KATH ORMAN


ealth through connection W with spirit and inspired action


From struggle to success


manifesting spiritual teacher A and mentor LINDA WILLOW ROBERTS


3 ways to shift your reality to abundance

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25-28 Enlightened Changemakers 29

Emotional happiness around money JULES O’NEILL


What is really important in life? DR CARLOS SANCHEZ




The fear factor – money and finances JOHNITA FRANCIS







Be emotionally intelligent with money

I mprove your performance for improved profits DR LIZ ISENRING


Money, money, money or… patterns, patterns, patterns DEB BELL



you making it about the Are money?




How empaths can flourish in the great awakening REBECCA-LEE

42-43 Oneness and self growth in times of uncertainty TATIANA SAVERY



How is financial stress affecting your health?


legance and possibilities E for the Coast


38 Feeling the Earth beneath our feet MARIE SLOCOMBE

How can your animals bring you money? VIV ADCOCK



From fig to purple, Part II

High vibes for health and healing DR RENEE O’DUHRING

46 HOLISTIC AS… Books and more 47

DIRECTORY Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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Brisbane’s biggest one-stop shop for all your



• THE destination for your Certified Organic and natural supplies • We buy DIRECT from our farmers • All our sausages and smallgoods are made IN HOUSE • Large range of paleo, gluten-free and sugarfree products


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only th e best w

ill do


97 Flockton Street, Everton Park Qld 4053

(07) 3353 8541 www.tmporganics.com.au info@tmporganics.com.au


Sonya has an incredible knack for unravelling layers of the human spirit. She connects with her guests on a deep level, takes them to a place of vulnerability and that’s where they will find the gold. This inspirational podcast will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It’ll be raw, honest and heartfelt. There’s swearing. To listen go to the Podcast App or https://ecotan.com.au/podcast/

| OCTOBER 2020 | Holistic Bliss


| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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Charred Red Cabbage ‘Crumbles’ RECIPE BELINDA MACDONALD

SERVES 4, FAT SERVES = 1-2pp (oil + coconut yoghurt + sunflower dukkha) Ingredients: Red cabbage, cut into wedges (90g pp roughly, 1 inch thick slices) Drizzle of melted coconut, avocado oil or olive oil Few sprigs of rosemary for roasting or herbs of choice Salt and pepper ½ cup (125g) coconut yoghurt 4 tsp of dukkha (recipe below) 4 tbsp sumac pickled onions (recipe below) 10g-ish per person or a dollop of sauerkraut Fresh herbs or micro greens to garnish Method: Preheat oven to 200°C. First up, prepare your cabbage by cutting in half and removing the core. Divide the cabbage into about 1 inch thick slices and spread them onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Drizzle with oil, rosemary and season well with salt and pepper. Bake in the

oven for 20 minutes until the cabbage turns a bit crisp on the outside but not burnt. While your cabbage is roasting you can make your dukkha (just make sure you watch the seeds or you’ll be throwing away burnt bits!!). Now you can prepare the fresh herbs and the sumac onions. When everything is prepared and cooked, you can assemble the cabbage with your cold coconut yoghurt, topped with your sunflower dukkha, then dollop on a pile of sumac pickled onions and fresh herbs! Easy and delicious!! SUMAC PICKLED RED ONIONS ½ red onion thinly sliced 1-2 tsp sumac Juice of half a lemon Combine all ingredients and infuse for several hours in the fridge, it’s as simple as that! Delish served with ANYTHING! Lasts in the fridge for a few days! DUKKHA 2 tbsp sesame seeds, toasted 2 tbsp sunflower seeds, toasted

½ tbsp coriander seeds, toasted ½ tsp cumin seeds, toasted 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp smoked paprika ½ tsp black peppercorns, crushed ½ tsp flaky sea salt (stirred through at the end) Toast all the spices individually, so that all get the same amount of care and love for a minute or so, until fragrant. Either by hand in a mortar and pestle, or using a spice grinder, crush the spices to create a course crumb. Fold through the sunflower seeds (for a chunky dukkah), turmeric, smoked paprika and salt then place the mixture into a glass jar and store in the fridge. Enjoy this dukkha sprinkled over salads, avocado, eggs, soups and stews or try with my roasted red cabbage crumbles!! BELINDA is the head chef on our September cover girl, Deborah Murtagh’s 30-day Ketogenic Challenge. To find out more please visit: www.deborahmurtagh.com

Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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Ingredients: 4 cups red lentils/split mung beans 1 large brown onion 4 cloves garlic 1 tbsp each of garam masala, ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin, chilli powder 3 cans chopped tomatoes 4 cans coconut milk/cream 1 bunch coriander 3 sweet potatoes 4 tsp salt Method: Soak lentils 3+ hours , then rinse. Sauté chopped onion and garlic for 5 minutes, then add spices and salt. Add tomato and coconut milk and bring to boil. Add chopped sweet potato and lentils. Cook until soft, then stir through chopped coriander (stems and roots). www.twppalmbeach.com.au

keen to get clean? STAY HEALTHY THIS SPRING Colonics are the most effective way to holistically detox, cleanse and hydrate your body. COLON HYDROTHERAPY CAN ASSIST WITH:

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Constipation • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Weight Loss Bloating and Indigestion • Fatigue • Headaches / Migraines Sinus and Allergies • Bad Skin / Acne • Psoriasis / Eczema Candida • Anxiety • PMS and Hormonal Imbalances

with every

3-pack of colonics 8

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Phone (07) 5326 3537

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| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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Protecting yourself


bowel cancer



ot only is bowel cancer Australia’s second most common cancer, it is sadly also our second deadliest cancer. Whilst about 30% of cases are genetic, it’s considered that most result from lifestyle choices. So it stands to reason that overhauling your diet and health regime can put you in a better position to protect against the onset of lifestylerelated colon cancer. Bowel cancer is usually preceded by growths called polyps, which begin on the inner lining of your bowel. If undetected, some types of polyps can become invasive cancer. Why is it often lifestyle related? Your liver and gastrointestinal systems process all the toxins your body absorbs, whether it be from your food, drink or the environment. Without complete and effective elimination through these channels, the toxic waste can cause problems for your body if allowed to build up over time. Polyps, cysts, and cancerous growths are all

possible results of a blocked and stagnant digestive system. Consuming a high red meat diet – particularly processed meats like bacon, sausages, ham and salami put you at a greater risk of developing bowel cancer. The World Health Organization classifies processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen, suggesting there is strong evidence they cause cancer. Similarly, a high alcohol intake, smoking, or being overweight/obese are also considered high risk lifestyle factors associated with the onset of bowel cancer. Signs and symptoms If you notice a change in your bowel movements, alternating between diarrhea and constipation, have abdominal pain or see blood in your stools, it’s wise to consult a doctor especially if you’re in the over-45 age group. Whilst these symptoms are common amongst many other inflammatory bowel issues and are likely not indicative of cancer by themselves, it’s still best to inform your doctor for investigation. Other signs to look out for include unexplained weight

loss, rectal pain, a lump in the rectum or blood in the urine. Preventing bowel cancer Given that many cases of bowel cancer stem from lifestyle factors, the good news is your likelihood of developing the disease is largely within your control. Reduce your risk by eating a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, eliminating processed meats from your diet, limiting consumption of red meat, quitting smoking, moderating alcohol intake, and exercising to achieve a healthy body weight. I also like to have regular colonics to keep my colon as clean as possible, minimising the risk that anything sinister might develop. It’s believed that 99% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully if detected early enough. Unfortunately, less than half of cases are detected early. Maintaining good health and keeping a close and regular relationship with your doctor are the simplest things you can do to protect yourself! www.sunshinecolonics.com.au

Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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14/09/2020 7:10:39 AM


Growing abundance


saving money



t’s official. Australia is in its first recession in almost 30 years, and we have no idea how long it will last. We are starting to think differently about money and finding ways to stretch each dollar further. Exploring different ways to meet our basic needs is critical to finding a real sense of security in this time of financial uncertainty. REDUCE SPENDING Weekly food bills can be a huge chunk of your budget, particularly if you’re choosing healthy, fresh organic food. But you don’t need to skimp if you create your own edible permaculture garden. Begin with the fast and easy-to-grow plants like salads, kale, tomatoes, pumpkins and herbs – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can have a green oasis. If you don’t have land, start in pots or join a local community garden. RESILIENCE IN A GARDEN Access to a food garden is about local resilience. Not only can it help you save money and eat fresh, nutrientdense food, it can also be a place of

inner resilience – a peaceful oasis where you can recharge. So much evidence points to how gardening makes us feel calm, happier and more connected and purposeful. GETTING STARTED The first thing to do is make compost to divert your food waste into food for the soil life. Happy soil life will support strong and happy plants and help your garden thrive. Next, set up a diverse no-dig permaculture garden. Imagine being able to wander through your garden, picking what you need and finding what looks good that day – the freshest seasonal organic herbs, salads, vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts and herb teas at hand whenever you want. SUPERMARKET IN YOUR GARDEN An Indigenous elder once told me my garden is my supermarket. Moreover, if you don’t need to go shopping as much, you’ll save money because we inevitably come out of a shopping centre with way more than what was on the list.


GET INTO THE GIFT ECONOMY You don’t have to grow everything yourself; that would be impossible in a small garden and hard work. Trade with your neighbours. And don’t stop there – swap clothes, share tools, exchange childcare favours. With an enlivened gift economy we can cut our spending by more than half. So grow what you can and share your surplus. Put a free-box at your gate or have friends over for a jammaking or fermenting afternoon. Join apps like Spare Harvest and Share Waste. Create a local Facebook group to facilitate exchange further in your neighbourhood. Maybe you are feeling the pinch already; maybe not. Either way, voluntary simplicity makes good common sense, and permaculture is full of great ideas to help you get there. MORAG is one of the world’s leading permaculture teachers with an abundance of online resources to help you. Sign up to her newsletter to receive her fabulous guide: 12 Tips for a Thriving Edible Garden. www.ourpermaculturelife.com

The Healing Mirror Podcast Conversations with Inspired Souls

H E A LT H A N D W E L L N E S S We l c o m e To A N e w Yo u !


Bowen Therapy Pregnancy Massage Relaxation Massage Hot Stone Massage

Bowen Therapy is a safe, holistic physical therapy effective for: • Back and Neck Pain • Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Sports Injuries • Sciatica • Stress and Anxiety • Relaxation • Arthritis • Increases performance in sport and exercise


WANT TO LEARN BOWEN THERAPY? Email or phone for more details on our next class intake.

P: 0475 840 541 | E: greenvalleybowen@yahoo.com.au Miami Business Centre, 2190 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami, Gold Coast

www.greenvalleybowentherapy.com.au 10

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• Free Online Non-dual Global Satsang • Music Songs and Mantras for Peace • Non-dual Spiritual Clarity Sessions

www.sorayasaraswati.com www.terryoldfield.com

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ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR GARDEN THIS SPRING… Queensland’s largest landscaping and potting mix supply company located at the foot of the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. Bassett Barks is one of the Sunshine Coast’s best kept secrets. 100 acres sitting amongst the beautiful mountains – we manufacture all our products here on site. Everyone is welcome to come and visit – we supply to the public. We also supply to the Wholesale Growing Nurseries, Landscape Supply Yards, Schools, Parks – we even supply products to Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney, as far as Cairns, Singapore and even Papua New Guinea. We enjoy people coming to visit with their trailer or truck, or with just a phone call we will also arrange delivery.



07 5496 9133 • bassettbarks.com.au Mt Beerwah Road, Glass House Mountains Queensland

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12/09/2020 5:58:56 AM


You can have it all…

money AND love



o you sometimes feel like you need to choose between areas of your life: money or purpose, success or family, a good income or doing what you love, security or freedom? Are you blocking your success because you fear getting too busy and not being able to keep up? Do you find it difficult to switch between work and home life with your loved ones? Are you finding it difficult to let go of micromanaging your team, although you crave to scale and create more success and freedom in your life? Deep down, you believe everything is possible and we can have it all – more fulfilment, money, success, time freedom, connection, purpose and impact. But for some reason, it just hasn’t happened to the extent you’re dreaming of yet. This phenomenon gets referred to as Split Brain Hemisphere Syndrome. It’s based on the fact that 40% of our subconscious thinking is

governed by 40 generations that came before us. This takes us back to the 5th and 6th century! In those days, you were either born into a ‘spiritual role’, living in monasteries and being looked after with food, or the role of a worker in the fields without a chance to even think about anything other than daily tasks and struggles. Today, our bodies (as a representation of our subconscious) often still hold these memories, which get triggered in certain circumstances and situations. Our brain hemispheres govern these two types of being: the creative and spiritual, versus the structural and systematic. Most of us tend to lean more towards one aspect than the other, despite having both within us. Many years ago, I too thought I had to choose between ‘love’ and ‘money’ – until I realised you can have both by ‘marrying our brain halves’. To do so,

we need to rewire our mindset into an abundance mindset. We need to release all the conditioning, beliefs, patterns and traumas that keep our brain halves separate, so they can unite and work smoothly together as one integrated being. This is how I managed to overcome near bankruptcy and build a multi6-figure business based on living my purpose: I’ve been helping thousands of people globally transform their lives and businesses by freeing them of their emotional baggage, conditioning and upper limits. That way, they’ve been able to increase their purpose, flow, wealth and impact with ease and inner certainty. This is possible for you too. We deserve to have it all. Together we rise. SAND MEW is an Author, Speaker, Holistic Transformational Mentor, Spiral Practitioner and Uplevel Specialist for conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs. Take the Brakes off! www.SandMew.com


A Tale of a Spiritual Adventurer

The biggest Spiritual and New Age Expo

THE LIGHTWORKERS FESTIVAL 15th and 16th May 2021 Brisbane RNA Showgrounds Hosted by Deb Tawhai, Deep Water Spirit and Michelle Milne Cook, The Witch of Moons Lane.

Featuring International and Australian psychics, healers and mediums. Amazing stalls, speakers and workshops. BECOME A STALL HOLDER or join our already growing team of psychics.

To purchase a 2-day pass go to: 12

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Join well-known speaker, writer and medium Linda Willow Roberts on a magical journey of self-discovery as she moves from crippling selfdoubt to complete trust in the spiritual world. With her trademark humour and infectious ability to seize every moment, Linda shares how she journeyed into an unknown future filled with magical mysteries, fairy tales, and enchanting history.

I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards Linda has used 31 years of spiritual and life experiences as a visionary to bring these unique and magical cards to fruition. These simple-to-use cards are easy to interpret and you will be partnering with Spirit to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. Live on purpose, choose your destiny!

www.facebook.com/Willowswayoflife To purchase the book and cards visit:


| OCTOBER 2020 | Holistic Bliss


| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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Creating your

millionaire mindset



he first step in attracting abundance is changing the way you think about money. You have to think abundantly to become abundant. Everything that comes into physical reality is first ‘formless energy’… all around us in the metaphysical, but not yet solid enough to be seen. You can tap into this energy through your mind, that’s how you ‘place the order’ for what you desire. Holding an idea in your mind is the first step to attracting it into your physical world. The problem is, most of the time you’re thinking of what you don’t want, which causes the thing you don’t want to actually happen and then you wonder WHY things don’t change year after year. Change your thoughts and you change your world! We’ve all heard of people who have nothing, then win the lottery and become millionaires, only to find a few years later they are back to nothing, and often have even less than before.

And… how many times do you hear of a millionaire who experiences a downturn in the market, or makes a bad business decision, or goes into bankruptcy, only to find a few years later, they’re back to being a millionaire. That’s because one person has a millionaire mindset and the other doesn’t. So where is your mindset? Do you have a prosperity consciousness or a poverty consciousness? You can tell me whatever story you like, explain about your background and past ‘horror stories’, share all the reasons why you have a prosperity consciousness, and why the money just hasn’t shown up just yet. You can make up whatever excuse you like about why you’re not abundant now, but the truth is… if you don’t have the money you desire and aren’t living abundantly, it’s because you spend MORE time thinking about financial problems than you do about being wealthy. If you’re struggling financially right

now, it’s because you think MORE about your money struggles than living a life of prosperity and freedom. If your choices are limited, it’s because you think MORE about how having no money is taking away your choices than being a millionaire. And because you are thinking about financial struggle, having no money or choices, your thoughts expand into feelings. Then you feel, emotionally and physically, that you don’t have enough, and when you feel you don’t have enough, you continue to attract experiences that cause you to continue to not have enough money. Through the Law of Attraction, your thought sends the signal (desire) out and your emotions become the magnet which attracts back to you what you think about. I invite you to listen to this visualisation so you start attracting prosperity, and watch the magic unfold: www.WildlyWealthy.com/prosperity SANDY FORSTER is the money mindset mentor for female entrepreneurs.

Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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14/09/2020 7:49:07 AM


Attitude Abundance &




oes thinking about money and your financial situation make you feel a bit queasy and uncomfortable? Have you ever said any of the following? • I am hopeless with money. • No matter how hard I work or how much I earn, I never seem to get ahead. • I don’t know how to budget. • I am always scrambling to pay the bills from payday to payday. • My partner handles all the finances. • I will have to keep working until I am 90 to have enough to retire. • I will never be able to travel the world. • I am so tired of just making ends meet. • I am just too busy, and it is all too hard. • Perhaps I will get around to it one day. • It seems others get lucky, but not me. If the answer is yes, then the first step is to identify and become aware of your own ‘negative talk’. When you hear yourself think or say any of the

above (or your own mantra that you have been clinging to for years), STOP! Take a deep breath and then say, “In the past, I have been hopeless with money, but now I draw a line in the sand and move forward with my life”. By simply becoming aware, you will begin to change your attitude habit. New thoughts, such as “I now take ownership of my finances” or “I am attracting abundance to all areas of my life” will replace the old broken records. After several years in the making, my new book Attitude Abundance & Action is currently at the publishers and will soon be available. The book demystifies the steps needed to allow you to be the driver on the road to financial freedom while enhancing other areas of your life in the process. You will begin to realise how much abundance you already have and understand how to attract more wonderful experiences, people and places into your life. Financial planning is like a jigsaw puzzle. It can seem overwhelming when you first start, but once you lay

the foundations, it gets easier to fit the correct pieces into place. Find out how we have all been influenced by our parents’ attitude towards money. As your knowledge and understanding grow, you will have little ‘light bulb’ moments when you think to yourself, “Okay, NOW that makes sense!!” As the title suggests, Attitude Abundance & Action addresses each section individually in bite-size pieces and then ties it all together in the final chapters. You will learn how to make a difference in your own life first! To pre-order your copy – please email our team at aaa@goalsanddreams.com.au KATH ORMAN is a Senior Financial Planner of her company Goals & Dreams Financial Planning Pty Ltd, which is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. If you would like to know more email: kath.orman@goalsanddreams.com.au or phone: (07) 3350 9595.


The Modern Oracle A Sacred Soul Healer, specialising in improving quality of life using intuition to unravel mysteries, release tension and support soul growth. I bring forward messages of clarity and purpose through divine channelling, mediumship, tarot and remarkable use of all 8 Clair Senses. Creator of The Soul Transformation Package and advocating for the evolution of self, a session with me will have you excited about your NOW and FUTURE.

WATCH LIVE WEEKLY A Guided Life Podcast and Insights By Johnita Francis PRIVATE BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE

www.insightsbyjohnita.com 14

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| OCTOBER 2020 | Holistic Bliss


| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

www.holisticblissmagazine.com 12/09/2020 6:00:55 AM


Wealth through connection with spirit and inspired action WORDS TATIANA SAVERY


here is a wealth frequency, and a frequency of poverty. Although this may appear too simplified for many, there are those who may enjoy a simple solution. The frequency of poverty has many beliefs based on scarcity, fear and lack. Most of us know where these beliefs have come from. Some are learnt in those early seven years. Others are generational within our DNA. Science now shows we can hold imprints of beliefs for 800 years. Of course, we have learned beliefs and our held judgments from our environment. We also have our frequency band we are born within. I refer to it as our ‘script’ in this lifetime. Then we have our intuitive guidance that’s based on our spiritual reality within us, this is the frequency of wealth. The true frequency of wealth is when we can be happy and peaceful no matter what comes our way. That’s

freedom, and I would consider this authentic spirituality. Whether we function in the current traditional process of working, or in what may be considered unconventional ways, not by planning per se, but more via trusting our connection to this inner thread we all contain, the goal is the same – eliminating a sense of lack. The frequency of wealth is not about vision boards or goals setting. Rather it’s about asking our spirit/director/higher self for inspired action and following through on this guidance. Asking for inspired action as often as possible, especially at night prior to sleep, is a tool I have written about previously. The inner listening, the inner trust and the following of this guidance – everything that is required to fulfil our function, can come naturally and easily. Generally, people don’t enjoy feeling trapped, or at the mercy of something, or a situation. There is a feeling of not being able to do something because

there appears to be no means to do what we desire to do. In our world, money is the means and this can generate a frequency of poverty. Within the frequency of wealth, the miracle of perception is the means. Some of us arrive here with this frequency of wealth already activated (whether they are aware of this terminology or not); this is what I refer to as our script, or frequency band. Others will have to actively connect to this inner thread to re-align with the frequency of wealth. Without connection to this inner guidance, no amount of positive thinking or vision boarding can generate our true wealth. When connected to our inner thread, or spirit, we will find that all things we ask for will not only be possible but are effortless. www.tatianasavery.com www.lovedivinity.com www.frequencyacademy.com.au

EMFs may target titanium implants and amalgam fillings damaging your health. • Galvanic Reactions • Corrosion • and more • Galvanism is a highly charged electrical current that can overpower the body’s normal electrical flows and potentially interfere with energy flow to the brain.

Titanium Implants

We are proud to announce that we now offer metal-free bio ceramic implants, porcelain crowns and BPA-free restorations. KLUG E



Amalgam Fillings


2/28 Karome Street (cnr Bando Street) PACIFIC PARADISE (07) 5412 7023 /ToxinFreeDentistry

Dr Kluge – all about creating healthy smiles

www.pacificbiologicaldentistry.com.au Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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struggle to success



ifteen years ago, I left my marriage with three kids aged 3½, 5 and 6½ and moved away from the Northern Beaches in Sydney where all of my family and friends were to Kingscliff to heal and start a new life. Having not worked for seven years, I had lost my confidence. I was on a pension for single mums as it was difficult to work with two children with medical conditions and one on the spectrum. I decided to study and become a mortgage broker. We took on an au-pair to mind the children after school, but they couldn’t take my kids to their specialist appointments, give them their medication or know what to do if they were unwell or had a medical emergency. I had my own business as a mortgage broker and loved using my creativity, but working at an office

away from home just didn’t work for our family. Plus, the busiest part of my day was 3-5pm, which is when the kids needed me and had after school activities. I had to make the decision to stop working as a mortgage broker and create an online business. My eldest son was due to have a life-saving kidney transplant, and I had to find a way to be by his side while he recovered. Back in 2010, I enrolled in a video marketing course then started Toddlers To Teens TV and Toddlers To Teens magazine. After two years, I sold the show and magazine and started an Australian networking group, Mums in Business, and the Mums in Business magazine. We ran weekly events for six years on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast, and some in Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Tasmania.

For the past 10 years, I have mentored women to grow their profile and income and run events for others to share their story, and professionally live-streamed them to the world. It’s my passion to be an example to other women to give them the courage to start over and create a business they love. My message to you is to take the leap of faith. There are millions of online courses, and many are free. Educate yourself, surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and ask lots of questions. Swap services with other businesses if funds are limited when you’re starting out. I hope you are inspired by me sharing the steps that led me to where I am today because you too can create a business and life you love. https://bit.ly/3hkz3UM

Release Emotions that No Longer Serve You! Based on the work of Dr Bradley Nelson’s ‘The Emotion Code’

Emotion Code 1-hour sessions In person, over the phone, FaceTime or Zoom

Magick Herbs Resins and Incense Altar Tools Smudge Sticks Crystals Divination Tools Magickal Gifts Athames, Bolines and Knives Magick Wands

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Joanne Luxton


Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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manifesting spiritual teacher and mentor



020, what’s changed apart from the obvious this year? Answer: How we manifest! The old gratitude, and affirmations don’t quiet cut the mustard now; 2020 is all about energy and frequency. I have noticed the elevation of frequency right across the board. What I used to listen to prior to this year was heart chakra 528 hertz. From the start of this year things started to change, then we got to March, and I was needing to tap in to 700+hz to feel the same but different frequency. I feel like the chakras have changed, and I feel like I have had another body built to house the new frequencies; it’s like we have really stepped up a notch and the vibrational door has opened wide. Do you feel different energetically? Needing that extra bit of intentional connection to spirit. That is how the new manifesting blueprint is. We need more juice to be in our manifesting sweet spot where all things are possible. Trusting Spirit 100% is imperative, staying present

to see the signs and symbols to take that synchronous path is basically mandatory. I liken it to being euphoric, vibrationally. Holistically whole, as one, but the new body housing the new vibration is bigger and encompasses mind, body and soul and feels more powerful. How do you tap into this glorious, seductive new frequency for your money and finances? Firstly, I would ground, align, breathe into your heart, and connect to the Universe, request the download of the new frequencies and any upgrades needed for your holistic body to house the new energy. You may need to stimulate and fire up that spiritual muscle, sometimes it is best doing it with a like-minded person, making the most of two people’s power, strength, and willpower. Remember you are stretching yourself, beyond what you have already known. Once you’ve adequately done this and you feel bigger in person than you really are, embrace the energy, lean into

it. Let it empower you always for your highest good of course. You’re tuned up and tapped in! Now you get to manifest with spirit, finding the ‘gap in the game’. Now you just need to feel it. Feel what? The energy! Keep accessing it, until it becomes second nature to you. The minute you become present, you can feel it. You will become so enchanted by the feeling, it will maintain your vibrational frequency. Now you are magnetically aligned with the new manifesting energy. Trust spirit, stay in the now, feel the elevated energy and rely and take heart that the Universe will bring what is for your highest good. Take your normal steps towards opportunities that arise but remove the thought process of what you think you need. You will be surprised at how doors suddenly open for you in ways you previously couldn’t imagine. I see the, ‘THE MAGIC IN THE ORDINARY’, every single day. www.lindawillowroberts.com.au

Getting Started with Bio and Consciousness Hacking Using wearable technology to optimise day-to-day wellbeing and performance. moving out of stress and overwhelm into flow and brain coherence balanced circadian rhythm mental wellbeing and acuity memory consolidation

enhanced productivity, clarity and insight effective rest and recovery focus and health strong immune function

WEBINAR Thursday 8 October – 12 noon Register at: http://bit.ly/iAMcWebinar2 | Phone: 0405 353 074 | Email: troy@iamconnected.com Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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3 ways to shift your reality to abundance WORDS TRISH ROCK

“Abundance – The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.” – Bashar, channelled by Darryl Anka


eing in a scarcity mindset is uncomfortable and creates a lot of overwhelm. From that place of struggle – of never enough money and being in survival mode – finding your higher vibrating abundant mindset can feel like a long haul up a mountain that is far too high for anyone to ever reach the top! I know. I was there. For four long years. At that time, I did not think it would ever be possible to change my life, but it was. And so can you. Your current reality is simply a reflection of the current personality you are operating from. Your personality is holding all the emotional baggage, fears and old perceptions that are creating a life of not enough-ness… from a belief of not

enough-ness. When you understand that how you feel about yourself directly reflects your reality, THEN things can change for you, with ease. Here are 3 ways to get you started on a more abundant path, mindset and reality: 1. FEEL into an abundant personality There is a version of you right now, in a parallel reality, that is experiencing what you want. Feel into it, into you. What are the daily differences between this version of you and the now version? The way you think, take action, speak, feel and behave about abundance will be different. Get clear on these different mindsets, and you will be closer to shifting from where you are currently. 2. Find the abundance in your life right now and feel into it There is so much abundance, beauty and richness in your life already but if you only see it as ‘not having’ then you will miss the magic. Make

a gratitude list every day of at least 10 things or ways you experienced abundance. 3. Abundance comes in many forms as per Bashar’s quote and teaching When you think abundance can only come in the form of money, you are blocking many other ways for abundance to come to you. There are gifts, barter, acts of kindness, lucky finds and other opportunities that can also help you with the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. The money and abundance you seek are so you will FEEL a particular way. The magic thing is that you can feel that way NOW. And when you do, you open the gates to all you desire. Feeling into your abundant personality first will bring the changes to your NOW reality. TRISH ROCK is a Trusted Intuitive Guide for Aware Women. www.trishrock.com

Inner Shyne Natural Beauty

IT’S TIME TO ALIGN YOUR VIBE! Go Ahead, Pamper Yourself! Facials, full body waxing, airbrushed make-up, massage, manicures, pedicures and foot care services.

• Skin Care Products available • Natural Spray Tans by Eco Tan • Aromatherapy BOOK Treatments


• Flower and Vibrational Essences • Range includes Bach Flower Remedies, Divine Harmony Essences, Chakra Essences and Pure Vibrations Essence Sprays

MOVE BEYOND YOUR LIMITATIONS Create greater balance in your life

Phone Tina 0438 159 707


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29 Railway Street, Stanthorpe Qld

SHOP ONLINE – www.alignyourvibe.com.au

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emotionally intelligent with money



t can be difficult to feel connected and on the right path if you’re struggling financially, and often find yourself frustrated with being sent bill after bill, after bill. Working with people to move through their money issues and giving them strategies to manage their finances better, is what I’m passionate about. And I’m here today to share with you three strategies I use to help business owners upgrade their finances, and their money blueprint for the better. 1. Always… ALWAYS put money into savings. Even if you only have 5c to put away, do it. And preferably in an external bank where you cannot see it. This is the start of a new habit where you’ll begin to prioritise saving money. 5c, $5 or $50, it doesn’t matter. Savings are savings, so remove any guilt or shame you may have been feeling

about not being able to save, and put some money away! It adds up quicker than you realise. 2. Never feel ashamed about what you earn. Shame and money tend to go hand in hand. People often feel like they’re not earning enough, not earning as much as their friends, have more bills to pay and can’t seem to ever get on top of things. When the shame cycle starts it’s hard to stop! This is where a poverty mindset loves to wreak havoc. I believe in the Law of Sufficiency; more than enough to survive. And remember, it’s not about how much you earn, it’s what you do with it that counts. 3. Avoidance is low vibe. A lot of the time we spend our money, and then dig our heads in the sand when it comes to facing what the ins and outs actually are, until it comes to tax time. This is a bad habit, and something that is stunting your success!

If you don’t know how much you have coming in and going out, it’s like ignoring a partner – ignore them long enough and what will they do? Leave. So your money leaves just as quickly as it comes in. Managing your relationship with money, and nurturing your numbers is where the real shifts occur. Human psychology towards money and spending works in a very different way to how our accounting and tax system reports and manages things, so what I love to work on with people is how to manage their money from an emotionally intelligent and financially savvy place. If you take the time to implement these changes into your own life, and stick with them, you’re going to see changes within your finances. www.abbeybenvegnu.com /abbeyrosetheawakenedaccountant @abbeyrose_awakenedaccountant


Wa�le Street Dental Gives You Lots To Smile About! YOUR MOUTH IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF YOUR WHOLE BODY. IT HELPS YOU TO CHEW YOUR FOOD AND SWALLOW IT. YOUR MOUTH HELPS YOU TO FORM THE SOUNDS THAT YOU USE TO TALK AND SING. AND YOUR SMILE IS ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS PEOPLE NOTICE ABOUT YOU. YOUR MOUTH IS CRITICAL TO YOUR WELLBEING. So, when you go to the den�st, you need them to see you than more than just ‘another mouth to fix.’ You need a den�st with a holis�c approach. At Wa�le Street Dental, our team specialises in holis�c den�stry that supports your wellbeing, including: • SAFE AND SMART CERTIFIED AMALGAM REMOVAL: Remove toxic, heavy metals from your mouth. • SAME-DAY PORCELAIN CROWNS: No more wai�ng 2 weeks for a crown – get your crown during one visit. • NON-TOXIC WHITE RESIN FILLINGS: White fillings look be�er and are healthier for you. • LOW RADIATION DOSE DIGITAL X-RAYS: To reduce the amount of radia�on you receive. • TMJ TREATMENT: To stop headaches and clicking jaw. • MYOFUNCTIONAL THERAPY: Helps jaw development in children so their face and jaw grow the right way. • COSMETIC SMILE MAKEOVERS: Your current smile isn’t permanent. You can have a beau�ful smile. • TWILIGHT SEDATION: For a relaxed, peaceful experience. This is great if you have ‘dental anxiety.’

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Holis�c Dental Care New Pa�ent 10% OFF your ini�al exam, hygiene and a complementary bamboo toothbrush

And we have affordable and friendly PAYMENT PLANS to help you get the dental work you need, when you need it!

Shop 1/13 Garnet Street, Cooroy Qld 4563 | PHONE: (07) 5447 7669 |

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li b

th b m b

K p th e u th a M p h In R fo (s in h o b la B K o n c F

Kath Orman



here are no visible wings majestically protruding upwards from her shoulder blades. When she moves, she’s actually walking, not flying. When she embraces you, it’s the

touch of cheek to cheek human skin that’s felt, with not a solitary feather in sight. And yet. And yet… Kath Orman is in the room. She is all the proof one needs to realise that each of us can embrace the angel’s path if we so choose! Brisbane-based Kath is the founding

principal and senior financial advisor at Goals and Dreams Financial Planning. Holistic Bliss readers are well aware of her inspiring, informative and insightful column. Kath traverses her professional vocation with profound pride, precision and technical depth of understanding –

o a n is w

h w b

th le p

re g e T re w m K w “

c 20

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little wonder she started in the industry back in 1987. Yet industry experience alone is not the only key to Kath’s (and her clients’) beautiful bounties of abundance, manifestation, success and recurring blessings. By intent and inevitably by design, Kath is a ‘multi-dimensional’ financial planner and her entire rollicking journey thus far has created for her clients the extraordinary service only Kath can uniquely deliver. This is explained by the totality of her other jaw-dropping attributes, achievements and life lessons. Mother and grandmother. Author and poet. Angel Intuitive. Empath. Reiki healer. Transformologist® for The Institute of Women International™. Ringleader for Don Tolman. Cheerleader for Tyler Tolman. Frequent traveller and (slightly less frequent) faster. Lover and insatiable researcher of nature-based healing and wellness modalities. Lover of life, art, and all sentient beings (Earth bound and other worldly). A statuesque lady too – easily over six feet in heels! But what’s particularly towering is Kath’s pulsating, emphatic embrace of her womanhood! That all powerful, nurturing, life-giving, sustaining, creative force and purpose of the Divine Feminine. Ensconced in an industry that’s overtly male dominated, controlled and regulated, Kath has compromised nothing, yet championed everything she is, to shine in the strength and beauty of womanhood. Invariably, Kath’s attention turns to her three-year-old grandson Iziah. That’s when her ever-smiling translucent eyes become, well, a bit sweaty. “I’m so blessed in infinite ways… but the gift of grandmotherhood takes my levels of grace, gratitude and wonder to places I’ve never been before.” With tears welling, Kath proudly reaches for her phone and shares her grandson’s pictures. “Look at that expression on his face!” she gushes. The pictures of her grandson are truly remarkable, and Iziah is clearly a child with insight, sensitivity, intellect and maturity way beyond his tender age. Kath leans forward, almost whispering with glinting eyes and a knowing nod, “My grandson is a very, very old soul.” In 1946, an enchanting all-time classic Christmas ‘fantasy’ drama film

was released, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. As James Stewart’s character contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve, Guardian Angel, Clarence Odbody intervenes to not only save his life but reveal his beautiful gifts and all the lives he touched. Kath Orman may well be the 21st century female counterpart of Guardian Angel Clarence Odbody! Her words, thoughts and actions are an invitation to catapult our souls to grander (more angelic) heights. “You will never see rainbows if you are always looking down” is one of Kath’s wonderful quotes. However, her overarching message implores us to go further, to realise we are in fact dormant angels… ready willing and able to unleash ourselves for the creation of miracles and the betterment of humanity. And from this exhilarating premise, notwithstanding the current planetary climate of volatility, uncertainty and fear, the ever-amazing Kath has (finally) published her first book! Aptly titled, ‘ATTITUDE, ABUNDANCE AND ACTION – How to Make a Difference in Your Own Life First!’, this publication is a seismic, holistic game-changer. “My family, friends, clients and colleagues urged me for years to write this book… the ideas, information and stories come from the entire melting pot of my journey so far,” says Kath matterof-factly with her vintage humility and grace. There’s never been a book quite like this one. Drawing upon her dazzling, eclectic experiences, unparalleled qualifications and courageously candid reflections, ‘Attitude Abundance and Action’ is the perfect, perfectly-timed antidote to our present zeitgeist. How to categorise Kath’s exciting, priceless literary gem? It’s substantially a spiritual treatise. It’s unashamedly personal and loaded to the brim with esoteric and biological ‘hacks’ that will navigate us around and through financial challenges, health challenges, toxic energies/influences and ultimately reconnect us with our birthright. The book is also jam packed with a comprehensive array of easy-tounderstand, rewarding, and practical financial planning and investment information. All the vital information is laid out for you – repayment strategies, flowcharts, demystifying explanations about wills,


Powers of Attorney, insurance/death/ disability/income protection and much more – the perfect success and prosperity guide for spiritual warriors! The reader is empowered with many tools necessary to make informed considerations about their investment options. Kath effortlessly strips away the confusion sometimes associated with fixed interest bonds, annuities, etc, and she helps get your head around the Australian Share Market like no one else can! All this wrapped up in a bursting bubble of banter, compassion, humour, spiritual discourse, deeply moving personal musings, uplifting, extraordinary real-life cases… and cutting-edge observations that will leave you brimming and grinning with excitement and anticipation. “I wanted my readers to feel like they were actually sitting down with me, sharing a cup of coffee… or even a glass of wine.” And Kath’s book reads exactly like that! Organic, disarmingly unadulterated, utterly authentic. The reader is swept away on a personal odyssey which ends up being individually crafted for each person… as if a trusted loyal friend was speaking directly to you! Kath humbly seeks to remind us, “A grateful heart is one of the biggest learnings I can share. It’s quite miraculous – when we start to love and appreciate what we already have, we become a magnet for attracting more wonderful things, people and events into our lives. Changing our mindset is a conscious choice.” www.goalsanddreams.com.au Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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12/09/2020 6:12:55 AM

DISCOVER HOW TO LEVERAGE YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS Are you finding it hard to keep up in this fast paced world that is growing in the online space? Are you ready to scale your results? Holistic Business and Life Coach, Teressa Fisk supports Health Leaders who are looking to create wealth, impact and freedom in their business! Teressa brings 20 years’ experience in finance, business and health and fitness, combining her love of holistic health, mindset and life balance to guide you with this unique and tailored approach. Specialising in: • Business Consulting • One-on-One Coaching • Income Stream and Financial Development • Visual and Online Presence BOOK YOUR FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULT TODAY FACE TO FACE OR VIA ZOOM

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Our divine birthright is to be

Wealthy & Abundant A Life by our Own Design! There has never been a better time to CONSERVE CASH and start using DIGITAL CURRENCY in your business.  Generate more income personally or in business  Learn how cryptocurrency can change the lives of everyone through new wealth opportunities  Master the art of trading in cryptocurrency and FOREX Trading

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• German Timewaver Technology created ‘Healy’ the next evolution of Health, Healing and Freedom. • World’s first App-based wearable, a unique ‘Quantum Sensor’ analyses your bio-energetic field and delivers SPECIFIC frequency programs to support your body’s natural healing.

Change your Frequencies, Change your Life! • Frequencies work at the core of our existence, rebalancing mental, emotional, physical on Humans, Pets + more. • Healy offers a 2-year Warranty and 14-day Money Back Guarantee!

If co-creating in a business that is disrupting many industries at lightning speed, being rewarded generously and raising the collective consciousness excites you… Join us!

Phone Cat on 0402 122 926 to experience a Resonance and/or Aura Analysis



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14/09/2020 6:46:59 AM


The fear factor

– money and finances



ecently during a conversation, I was triggered big time and I saw a massive FEAR that I didn’t even recognise, lurking in the back row, up in the nosebleed section. I found a massive fear around not being able to be safe; to safely get myself somewhere where no one can hurt me. Years of abuse will do that to you; it will create a conditioning so strong, so profound that even though you think you’ve worked through it, you’re still impacted by it. Money could get me away to a safe place. Money could get me a taxi ride out of there when he finally passed out. Money could get me a plane ticket far away from where he could find me. Money could get me restarted when he took everything that I owned, including my shoes and clothes. I taught myself how to have an earning capacity so great that I would never need to feel unsafe about anything or anyone in any situation ever again. I would always have escape

money. Heck we are even told as women to make sure we have a bit of money set aside for ‘you never know’ situations. I learned that if you do not have an emotional response to every little thing that comes along, you are less impacted by it – Easy. I learned that if you put steps into place to reduce the likelihood of recurrence, you can greatly reduce risk – Easy. I learned a logical approach to things is often the easiest way to a solution. So why am I now feeling like I still need escape money? I applied logic. I didn’t allow emotion to consume me. I got on with the job. So why was I in a holding pattern of terror around not having a means to escape? Wait! Do I even need a means to escape? Escape what or who? Why am I having an emotional response to a situation that may not actually happen? And why am I allowing this fear to prevent me from living the life I want. Time to get real with myself… How much of this conditioned perception is

accurate reality? And how badly do I want a life free from unnecessary and outdated fears? Here’s some homework – list your physical goals down. Write them all out and then sit with each of these goals and feel the emotions you will feel when you achieve them. Ask yourself how you will feel when you land on these milestones. Write down the physical reward you will gift to yourself when you achieve these. Really feel into the moment, let those emotions wash over you and feel them in every ounce of your soul. And if you are still struggling with working through this, let me know, reach out. Let’s work together to get your light shining brightly and get you the happiness you are so capable of. www.insightsbyjohnita.com

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Dip. C.H., Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Psychotherapist BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY:

www.brisbanehypnosis.com.au/book-online OR CALL (07) 3354 4555 First Floor, 510 South Pine Road, Everton Park, QLD

LIVE every Wednesday at 6.30pm on Facebook Subscribe on Buzzsprout, Apple, Google, Spotify, IHeart Radio JOIN US AS WE SPIN THE


WEB: https://aguidedlife.buzzsprout.com FB: https://facebook.com/AGuidedLifePodcast


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Embrace the Moment


Reiki Master – Practitioner & Trainer, Art & Sandplay Therapist, Health Coach, SoulCollage® Facilitator De-Stress and Clarify Your Inner Wisdom

KATE STIMSON Health & Holistic Healer/Therapist/Artist PHONE 0459 569 690 calming.nature@hotmail.com \\ www.kates-calmingnature.com

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Unlimited prosperity WORDS ANNE ALECKSON


When considering human needs in the world we currently occupy, one thing that must be considered is money. A means to create financial stability or even wealth is very high on the list of what everyone of us needs in order to be able to provide what is required to live a good life. At the basic level, a home and food on the table, then beyond the basics – education, and entertainment and onto wealth creation. It all requires money, as a start. This month, I’m taking money through the Ultimate Power framework so you can RECLAIM your money power, ACTIVATE your abundance, CREATE your financial reality, MASTER and EMBODY wealth.

hen you follow the Ultimate Power step-bystep system, you will uncover what has been hidden from you throughout all of your seeking. You’ll find out that all of the spiritual teachings, law of attraction trainings, manifesting courses and self-help books that you’ve spent a fortune on and which have taken hours of your life, have all been missing one vital ingredient. When this vital ingredient is revealed to you, you will finally come to know unlimited prosperity in all areas of your life and you will achieve the ultimate power to be, do and have it all, including financial freedom. Step 1: Reclaim the truth. You are the physical manifestation of all that is. All that is leaves nothing out, therefore everything (including money) is also a physical manifestation of all that is and your only job now is to stop separating yourself from money and making it something ‘out-there’ to be conquered or manipulated. Step 2: Activate the truth. You are either the sum of what you are not, or the sum of what you are, so it’s time to pivot everything that you think you know and believe to be true about yourself and money. Where you once saw lack, you now activate abundance. Where you once saw separation, you now see one-ness. Step 3: Create from the truth. Money wants a place to call home or a container in which it will be

welcomed, so get out of scarcity thinking and start asking for and making decisions about what you really, really want to create (not what you believe you can create). Step 4: Master the truth. Your willingness to ask for and receive what you desire when it comes to money, comes through mastery of your inner masculine and feminine. In the law of attraction world, you often hear ‘ask and it is given’. But, who is doing the asking and who is giving? You’ve got to get both the inner masculine and the inner feminine in divine harmony before you can master money. Step 5: Embody the truth. The truth is that you are a physical manifestation of all that is, so is everything else, that leaves nothing out… therefore you are one with everything and it’s time to step into true one-ness where you are 100% responsible for everything that you experience and where everything that you experience is only and always a reflection or a projection of what you think and believe that you know about yourself, others and everything else. You have got this! After all, you are the creator, the asker, the giver and the receiver. It’s all you. ANNE ALECKSON chases away inner monsters to reveal your genius, for people who want to be, do and have it all, on their own terms… while she also chases the high of channelling source. /AnneAlecksonSoulSpeaker www.AnneAleckson.com Email: info@annealeckson.com

Anne x

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12/09/2020 6:19:38 AM

Enlightened Changemakers Be the Change

Vicki O’Connor

LK Tommi

Seven Ladies Empowerment The Resilience Mentor Vicki helps women in midlife, who feel Teaching young people 7+ years to develop overwhelmed and unappreciated, to reconnect resilience by being connected to their with their inner power, transform their relationships, emotions, energy and thoughts, enabling increase self confidence and sense of well-being to them to face any challenges and develop create the life they desire and deserve. confidence in their life. Email: sevenladies1@outlook.com Phone: 0423 496 423 www.sevenladiesempowerment.com E: creativegenerationsfoundation@gmail.com www.thetommiconnection.com.au /SevenLadies1 /LKTommi @sevenladiesempowerment

Rebecca Smith

Yintopia – Utopia for Women! Your portal for all things feminine. Yintopia is a safe haven for women to connect to community and share their passions, pains and power. Come join us, your voice counts. Phone: 0413 421 693 Email: yintopia.enquiries@gmail.com /Yintopia @yintopia4women 26

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Anna Edwards

Intuitive Coaching, Akashic Records, Chanelling, Light Language Intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance at the intersection of life and business. Clarify your purpose, accelerate growth, heal and clear obstacles in your path. Email: info@annaedwards.com.au www.annaedwards.com.au /annaedwards.com.au @anna_maree_edwards

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Trish Rock

Trusted Intuitive Guide for Aware Women seeking their Light and Purpose Trish helps give you assurity and calm and remove the overwhelm in the discovery of self. She helps you boost your confidence through interpreting your needs to create more freedom, joy and prosperity. Email: trish@trishrock.com www.TrishRock.com /TrishRockAbundance /TrishRock /in/trishrock

Juli May

Luxury Bodywork Ease anxiety by releasing blocks/locks, stepping into your intuitive flow. Unravel physical tension, restoring your complete, natural breath rhythm, within the functional motion of your being. Phone: 0406 569 446 www.maiawellbeing.wordpress.com @maiawellbeing

Michell Mercer

Holistic Pulsing | Voice Dialogue | Intuitive Healer Michell helps you release emotional and physical trauma from your body, mind and spirit. Her NEW online Holistic Pulsing course offers deep relaxation, self-transformation and is a journey to becoming your own healer. Email: michell@relaxrelaterejuvenate.com www.relaxrelaterejuvenate.com /RelaxRelateRejuvenate

Simon Connell

Soul-Mind Essences First developed 30 years ago, these Vibrational Essences have always created next level impact in your life. Now more potent than ever in 2020. Phone: 0421 178 911 Email: simonconnellnow@yahoo.com.au www.soulmindessences.com.au /simonconnellnow Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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Enlightened Changemakers share their

individual perspectives on money


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Emotional happiness





ost of us are conditioned to yearn for money. However, I believe it’s emotional happiness and freedom we desire. Being an Emotional Stress Expert for over 25 years, I’ve found that most people are stressed and confused about money. And I’ve witnessed many times that whether you have millions or hundreds in your bank account makes no difference to your level of happiness. Whether we admit it or not, when we’re honest with ourselves, it’s happiness, love, connection, ease, freedom and peace that we desire in our lives, from the perspective of our inner being. Yet most of us are conditioned to strive for money – lots of it – and believe we must work hard to get it. Taking time to be, reflect, have fun, discover who we are and enjoy this planet on a day-to-day basis can take second or last place, especially in family life. Here are four things that can help you feel emotional happiness around money:

1. Take the time to learn how to manage day-to-day money. In my opinion, this is a must for consistent, long-term emotional happiness. Be present with your incomings and outgoings. We have all been programmed to believe that consumption makes us feel great, and more money is what we need. Updating that program to self-awareness makes me feel great, and inner connection is what I need, will transform your life and home. Independently educate yourself with money (I find The Barefoot Investor an excellent teacher). 2. Money and your mindset – learn about your past family ‘emotional patterns’ about money. Understand this as much as you can. Clear and update them where necessary. What was easy for them, and what seemed demanding or stressful? What were their fears and triumphs with money, spending and saving? This can let you know a lot about yourself and your conditioned money patterns. 3. Craft and create new beliefs about receiving money easily and

effortlessly – without having to work, unless you love to! Every time you get stuck with money and feel like there is no way forward, especially with debt, ask yourself this question, “What do I need to believe here to experience something different?” Then take some time in nature to be. Your higher-self and heart will gift insight and intuition on what this is for you, each and every time! 4. Develop a consciousness around your spending – one that aligns to your values. Give thought to our planet, the people who made your desired product or service, and the genuine love you feel for that spending. Transform consumerism into spending money on becoming emotionally happy in yourself and home. Explore your inner world and discover who you are and what you truly love. Emotional happiness in yourself and your home is modern wealth. It’s always going to trump working hard and having a lot of money. www.julesoneill.com

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What is

really important in life?



uring these difficult times, we have seen every aspect of our lives affected – our health, physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as our livelihoods. Stress levels have increased dramatically in businesses, especially in hospitality, with the regulations of social distancing. This is impacting social interactions, which are a normal part of human nature. One of the main stressors in modern society is finances. It is the main lion that stalks a lot of people nowadays, creating a situation of chronic stress that humans have not been exposed to previously in history, only since the invention of money 5000 years ago. This chronic exposure is something relatively new, for which our bodies are not prepared. Our adrenal glands are the organs in charge of getting us out of danger, with fight or flight. This

is designed to last a relatively short period when as hunter-gatherers, we were chased by a saber-toothed tiger, and either had to kill it or be killed. The moment of stress then stopped. I see a lot of patients with economic distress creating anxiety and insomnia. This can trigger lots of different ailments from stomach ulcers to heart attacks, depressing the immune system and rekindling viral infections like shingles (Herpes Zoster Virus). Ideally, we should try to have a job that we enjoy and are passionate about. We should work to live and not live to work. People get into an unending spiral of spending, creating a necessity to increase their workload to earn more. I was caught up in that spiral like everyone else. It is the sickness I have been exposed to that made me rethink my life. I always talk to my

patients about finding a balance to live comfortably and experience life. Recently, I spent 10 days with my partner in the bush, connecting with nature, where we explored remote canyons, caves and waterholes. It makes you realise how few essentials you need, just food and shelter. Cooking directly on the coals of an open fire, swimming naked in desolate gorges, sunbathing on top of mountains – these make you feel so free and happy. At the end of the day, you make individual choices that set you up for life. There is no point in being the richest in the cemetery, as we leave this world as we came into it, with no possessions and only the life experiences that are in our thoughts. www.ibukihealth.com

Healing Kinesiology Connect with your higher self for guidance on spiritual growth Heal subconscious programming Clear energetic blocks Raise your vibration

Offering skype sessions

The Purpose of Relationship is to Nurture the Flowering of Soul Learn how to identify your patterns, how they interact with other’s patterns, and what your new choices are with a Relationship Makeover with Deb and Eoin.



Healing Kinesiology

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Healing Kinesiology

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Improve your performance for

improved profits



sure you are role modelling healthy behaviours. When colleagues, family and friends see what you are doing, they will feel more comfortable and encouraged to do it too. 2. Taking a lunch break Chaining yourself to the desk or scoffing down a sandwich isn’t the best way to increase productivity and in fact, it may do the opposite. Taking regular breaks has been shown to help improve overall job satisfaction, productivity and mental wellbeing, boost creativity, and leave more time for healthy habits. This is even more important when you are working from home. 3. Walking or stand-up meetings outside in the fresh air Having walking or standing meetings are an excellent way to encourage physical activity and regular breaks. It is a good idea to create a walking path around the workplace/ home, and schedule two 10-minute walks each day to refresh the mind and replenish your mental resources.

his year with coronavirus lurking, both employers and employees have been under extra stress. Stress can have an undesirable effect on your immune system, and the chances of calling in sick are likely to be higher than ever this year. The good news is you can take action to strengthen your immune health. Make your health and the health of your loved ones the top priority by promoting healthy eating, regular physical activity and a positive environment. We all know there are no guarantees in life, but adopting a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of getting sick. I also like to see it as an insurance policy. It means if you do get sick, you usually bounce back more quickly. Here are some simple tips to strengthen the immune system: 1. Role modelling healthy behaviours Encouraging healthy behaviours needs to come from the top, so make

4. Providing healthy food options at home and in the office Making healthier food choices available and promoting healthy eating in the workplace benefits everyone in the office, and it has been linked to reduced sick leave. Having immunestrengthening nutritious snacks to eat throughout the workday can help you stay energised and productive. Always have some fresh fruit, veggie sticks, hummus and nuts ready! A healthy immune system is a good investment. Improving your health, fitness, and mental and physical performance can lead to increased profits. At LINC Nutrition, we support you to become healthy and stay healthy. DR LIZ is a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Nutritionist, Dietitian and Director of LINC Nutrition. For free nutrition and immune system resources please click here: https:// lincnutrition.lpages.co/freedownloads/ Email: DrLiz@lincnutrition.com.au Phone: 0434 635 090 www.drliznutrition.com.au



BRISBANE CBD! Dr Don Kelly and Dr Maria Giles at Face Value Dental care for more than just your smile, they care for your overall health and well-being.

As big believers that a healthy mouth goes hand-in-hand with a healthy life, we are committed to providing holistic dentistry that suits your needs and lifestyles.

An appointment at Face Value Dental can help you understand any dental issues that could be impacting your overall health.

Give the team a call today and request an appointment with Dr Don Kelly or Dr Maria Giles. P: (07) 3221 0677 | E: reception@facevaluedental.com Level 11, 138 Albert Street, Brisbane CBD

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Money, money, money or… patterns, patterns, WORDS DEB BELL


our beliefs and your patterns determine your money story! It’s that simple. If you want a different money story, you have to change your patterns. I’ve worked in Hotel Administration and Financial Management for over 40 years, including 20 years or so as a financial controller. One of the biggest roles I had was a group financial controller, managing 17 companies with a turnover of $24 million a year. One of the principal secrets of successful money management is being organised. Patterns are run by everyone, including business owners. I’ve seen some business owners put their head in the sand, some just ‘get another loan’ to get out of a tight spot, and some not employ enough staff to save money. Every one of those business owners was in their own egoic pattern. I’ve run my own patterns, some well, some not so well. My father was German, and it was always “work


One of my favourite affirmations is from the Liquid Crystals ‘Citrine’ crystal, which is all about abundance. “Self-love is my measure of abundance. I love, I receive, I give…” These days I have my own company and still help people get organised in their finances and knowing their numbers; however, I am also a coach. I help people in their relationship with themselves and others. When coaching individuals or business owners, I use a variety of modalities, including Liquid Crystals, and help them map out every step of a pattern to see how to shift them and make new choices. Miraculously, their beliefs about themselves, their relationship with themselves and others, and their money story shifts.

harder”. I physically pushed myself for many years, way beyond what a ‘normal’ person would. I’ve regularly worked 60-80 hours a week in some roles and can recall hitting 110 hours a week many times. That’s just crazy! So why do we do it? What’s it really about? It’s about self-worth. The real choice is to live in love or fear, to own who you truly are and claim your worth in the world. My decision to work hard was because of my poor self-worth – if I work really hard I’ll prove I’m worth something! Money is an energy. It’s about equal energy exchanges. It’s about having values and holding to them. When something turns up in front of you that challenges you or your money story, take a moment to pause and ask, “What’s this really about?” ‘Wonder’ questions help unravel the patterns and stories you’ve held onto. If you’re disorganised around money, where else in life are you disorganised?

DEB’s job on the planet is to be a soul guide, so getting people on the right track, on the right trajectory makes her heart sing! If you want more info, email: deb@inspiringfreedom.global

Perfect Dining & Bedding Solutions, Luxury & Affordable – Direct From Importer! PURE COTTON TABLE LINEN – GENUINE VINTAGE HANDWORK

For home, we import finest quality table linen, manufacture superior down quilts/pillows, source choice selection of bedding essentials suitable for aged care, hotels/motels, clubs, etc. We also import for the hospitality and wedding/events industry essentials, i.e. napkins, glass cloths, tea towels, Damask tablecloths, fabric and more… Pearls Premium Products are regularly showcased at Australian Trade Fairs.



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Are you

making it about money?



t’s really ironic that I’m writing about money and finances because in my lifetime I have been super poor and super rich, financially. What I’m here to tell you is that I can do both. What I have observed in others, and always check in on myself, is whether or not money is my love or my goal. As an entrepreneur, I know that anytime money is your goal, focus, or prize, you will not succeed. It comes with its own curses. You see, if you’re on a venture and money falls to the side, you’re going to quickly jump off that path, trying to find it once again. Let me tell you, it is not the best motivation for anything. A saying that is absolutely total BS is this one: ‘You need money to

make money’ – YOU DO F%@$ing NOT. What I live by, is: ‘The effort determines the result – do the grind’. The advice I give to people when I do business mentoring is to know what your foundation is and to build from your foundation up. It has to be a desire that will drive you, even in the tough times. For example, what is it that you love doing that? What is your genuine calling? Write a simple business plan on how you can make your passion commercial. That gift, or calling will be your motivator down the line. This will bring money. Are you following what I’m saying yet? Another spiritual law that I can attest to is: be generous with your money, hold it loosely and believe it will keep

flowing to you, because I know this much is true. Don’t stop the flow. Don’t overcommit, because then you’re stressed out and so far behind actually having money because you’re in debt. Debt is the sucker of joy and life from your soul. Yes, a certain amount of debt that is sustainable and doesn’t put unsustainable pressure on you is one thing, but excessive consumer debt will always bite you in the back. Be generous with money and money will be generous with you. Once again, trust your gut feeling when it comes to money but don’t give it mental power. Believe it will always flow to you, it will always come and it will be so. www.ecotan.com.au



Elevate your Destiny


Women of Truth International /YinAltihea is a worldwide campaign born from Cyprus to develop the professional and personal growth of women ready to lead. 20-27 SEPTEMBER: Listen to thought leaders talk about truth in their business. 28 SEPTEMBER-20 DECEMBER: Learn specialised growth strategies and the spiritual side of business branding marketing strategies in masterclasses by these experts.

28 NOVEMBER: Health experts reveal the reason why women get sick and how to get better.

Creator of Women of Truth International and Clinical Psychologist, HELENIQ ARGYROU has created progressive international conferences and interviewed female leaders from around the globe! This year a range of masterclasses is offered from thought leaders!

2 DECEMBER-2 APRIL 2021: Integrate Body and Mind, and discover where spirit meets science in health and well being masterclasses. FROM SEPTEMBER TO MARCH: Affordable ongoing training is available for professional women to build more solid careers and powerful


VISIT: https://heleniqa.com/inner-circle/ FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: womenoftruthx@gmail.com Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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Holistic Businesses NEW EARTH ENERGY – CODED FOR YOU Together we work with the Anahata Codes which link with your inner Heart Library, enhancing connection and awareness.

Linda Simpson | Phone: 0490 442 822 www.neutralizingwithlove.com

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i dh bo

d an

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Connecting with your soul to allow clarity for you to choose the change you seek. Surrendering to your return to love.

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SERVING YOU ONLINE REGRESSION IS PROGRESSION Toni Reilly SoulLife® Recall Sessions and Past Life Therapy on Zoom

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TERESSA DE FISK – TRANSFORMATION COACH Supporting soul-driven health leaders to create an impactful life and brand through mindset, life and business coaching.

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WICCID ACADEMY OF WITCHCRAFT AND MAGICK Online Rituals and Magickal Tuition teaching you the secrets of wholistic witchcraft – wisdom for all levels.

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CRYSTALS TO INSPIRE Exquisitely Beautiful, Divinely Sacred, Handmade, Genuine Crystal Bead Jewellery to Inspire Your Everyday Life.


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How is

financial stress

affecting your




hese days with the current world health pandemic, everywhere you look, the symptoms of financial stress are evident: job losses across almost every sector of the economy, dwindling bank and superannuation balances and mortgage stress to name just a few. This financial stress has contributed to several other symptoms that have slipped under the radar: insomnia and sleep disturbances, headaches and migraines, poor eating habits, increased blood pressure, increased alcohol consumption, addictions, depression and anxiety. These sudden unexpected extended periods of financial stress have been impacting our physical, mental, and emotional health, compounding the difficulties that many people, especially low to moderate income individuals and families face. As the global population tries to navigate these uncertain times and consider ways to strengthen and support finance at an institutional level, we also need to remember the impact


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that financial instability is having on health outcomes in individuals. Financial stress can affect sleep in several ways, preventing people from getting enough sleep, and from having a quality sleep. A stressed person may exacerbate sleep problems by choosing poor coping mechanisms such as prescription medications, drugs, or alcohol. Other common sleep disorders often associated with stress include sleepwalking, sleep apnoea and bruxism (teeth grinding). Sometimes people under financial stress will skip meals, binge eat or eat too much junk food which can lead to elevated blood sugar. People often feel too tired to exercise and skip regular exercise routines which can impair their health; exercise is a good way to reduce blood sugar levels, increase energy levels and release stress and tension. In addition to detrimentally affecting physical health, financial stress can also affect mental health and the ability to think clearly. With a lack of clear thinking, financial problems can look like they are insurmountable which can

lead to depression and despair. Where are your priorities? Priority number one is YOU. Take each hour as it comes, then each day. Know that as each moment passes you are okay and will be okay. Eat good food, drink plenty of water. Be kind to yourself. Walk daily, especially if you don’t feel like it. Avoid thinking about anything else accept what is around you (the birds, the trees, the smell of fresh air, the cool breeze on your skin.) When you start to think about money problems, come back to the present moment. Deep breathing is one of the best things you can do to take your nervous system out of ‘fight or flight’ and into ‘rest and repair’ mode. Sit in a quiet space, with good posture, relaxed shoulders, arms behind your back so your chest is open, close your eyes, breathe in deeply through the nose, and out through the mouth, rhythmically without holding that breath. Repeat 10 times daily or as often as required. www.greenvalleybowentherapy.com.au

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Holistic Business Profile:

Elegance and possibilities for the Coast!


ave you ever tried on some antique jewellery and felt its energetic contribution or experienced the difference drinking water out of a solid silver goblet and pitcher? Welcome to ‘Antiques and Possibilities’, a new creative space in Peregian Beach, where you can experience so much more than beautiful antiques. Access Consciousness co-creators Simone Milasas and Christopher Hughes have opened this space for you to leisurely explore 100 square metres filled to the brim with carefully curated collections of the finest international and local antiques, arts and jewellery. “Some people have this idea that an antiques store is just teacups that your granny kept in the back of a china cabinet forever, that no one seemed to really want. But what we are doing is so much more than that,” explains Christopher. Antiques and Possibilities will offer beautiful fine pieces of art antiques and jewellery, individually crafted, and of the highest quality for true elegant living. Having established themselves as

well-respected treasure trove collectors of sophisticated finds, bringing history and elegance to every home, Christopher says their latest venture will not disappoint. “Visitors can expect to be delighted by many luxurious and historically significant items. Right now, for example, we have a pair of Louis the 16th French gold guild chairs with hand embroidered Chinese silk upholstery,” says Christopher. Simone Milasas has an eye for possibilities and snapped up the retail space saying the shop is positioned in a thriving spot of Peregian Beach. “The store is located in the village square, which is this pumping, vibrant, buzzing space. It’s very different in comparison to our other stores located in Brisbane. It has an air of luxury and elegance, but is also super relaxed,” Simone explains. “We’re finding people who would usually visit Noosa are also coming to this area now, because we have a growing variety of great retail shops and restaurants.” Simone says opening a store during a pandemic doesn’t feel ambitious,

instead it was a fun opportunity to create something special and meaningful for the greater community. “So many people are now saying we need to get smaller, we have to shut down to weather these economic times, but we’re going big. We’re not going to buy in to the limitations of this reality. “The name, ‘Antiques and Possibilities’, encompasses everything we want the shop to be. We will connect with local businesses and collaborate with experts to create really unique experiences for the community and visitors to enjoy. From hosting a Gents’ Club, to wine tastings, and workshops, we see so many possibilities here.” Christopher says the space also offers an opportunity to educate. “We’ll be providing educational workshops so that people can identify quality, and understand different periods and styles available. People can also learn style tips on how to include antiques into their living spaces.” This will be Chris and Simone’s third antiques store in Queensland, with two sister stores located in Brisbane. www.antiquesandpossibilities.com


SODASHI ANTI-AGEING PACKAGE 3 x Ultimate Age-Defying Facials, Complimentary LED Treatment + Bonus FREE Sodashi Cleanser + Bonus FREE Rejuvenating Face & Neck Moisturiser This is the ultimate awakening treatment for your skin Tapping into timeless anti-ageing techniques rooted in Ayurvedic healing, Petite Rose Quartz Crystals are used to gently massage around the eyes to restore tone, remove tension and smooth away fine lines.

$350 Available NOW! “Wholeness, Purity and Radiance” 71/6 Quamby Place NOOSA HEADS

5447 5679 | www.ibukihealth.com Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2020 |

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23/09/2020 4:36:13 AM

Feeling the

Earth beneath our feet



ith the arrival of Spring and the promise of warmer days ahead, we can start to pack away our winter wardrobe and our enclosed shoes and once again embrace the magic of being barefoot outdoors. We all know the feeling of freedom and delight when walking barefoot on warm sand, dipping a cautious toe into the chilly ocean or tiptoeing across a lawn glistening with crisp, morning dew. We have a primal need for connection with nature and research has shown the many health benefits that come from direct contact with the ground. Grounding, or earthing as it is often called, is now a well-recognised practice as part of a healthy lifestyle. When we have direct contact with Earth’s abundance of negatively-charged electrons, it restores our body’s natural electrical state, promoting better selfregulation and healing. Earthing studies show a stabilising of the stress hormone cortisol when a person is grounded. A consistently high cortisol level is linked to problems such as sleep disorders, hypertension,

cardiovascular disease and reduced immune response. The uptake of electrons also helps to dramatically reduce inflammation in the body which in turn leads to a significant reduction in pain, even chronic pain. Earthing studies have also shown a dramatic improvement in blood flow and circulation, as well as enhanced immune response and accelerated recovery from injury. For many of us however, our connection with the natural world has been lost. We live in houses and apartments, we work in inner-city highrise buildings, our feet are enclosed in synthetic shoes. Many of us could go for days, weeks, maybe longer without any direct contact with the ground. We’re turning away from the simple naturebased lifestyle our ancestors knew and towards a life distracted by the comforts and conveniences of modern technology. Not only are we missing out on much-needed Earthing, we’re also forgetting our primal skills. Our feet are finely-tuned instruments, perfected

by millions of years of evolution. The use of modern footwear has changed how we use our feet, and this often leads to foot pain and problems. We have adapted to live in an urban environment, and as a result, we are less able to adapt to changing environments and terrains and have less proprioception (awareness of the position and movement of our body). We have become fragile versions of what we are truly capable of. Maybe this Spring, it’s time to shed the footwear, re-establish healthy physical and biological functions and rediscover the Earth beneath our feet. Earthing Oz is an Australian distributor of Earthing products, including the new range of Earth Runners minimalist grounding sandals. Earthing products help to keep you grounded while you work, rest and play, even when you can’t be outdoors. Earthing Oz also stocks an extensive EMF Protection range. Discover more by visiting: www.earthingoz.com.au


Caroline Watson

Awaken the Spirit Within Discover your Lover Archetype Unlock your Love Blocks Raise your Vibration

and more!


Facilitating 1-day Practitioner Classes in: Access Bars | Access Energetic Facelift | Pellowah Tools to empower you to know what you know; increasing awareness, ease, joy, energy and flow.

What possibilities would these create with your friends, family or clients?


What change could this catalyse in your world?

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www.thrivingpossibilities.com.au MANLY WEST, BRISBANE | PHONE 0403 089 810


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fig to purple, Part II



elcome back to this Anahata Code Collective and if you recall the assisting frequency of Fig Flower Essence from last month in this Anahata Code Collective you’ll see how Fig Flower Essence and the colour Purple link very beautifully to enhance inner growth at a time where we want to leap forward into our new. Check back to the previous article if you haven’t completed the Fig Flower Essence activation. Purple relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective colour, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. Where Fig Flower Essence worked with hidden fears and confidence, Purple represents the future, the imagination and your dreams. It inspires and enhances your connection and spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping you grounded. In colour therapy work, purple is used with violet to promote harmony, inner stability, balance and peace of

mind. While investigating this favourite colour I discovered that, in some, it can produce the opposite, which is why I always promote that you treat yourself gently with any inner growth work. This beautiful code is described more in the activation recording available on my web page – see below. When providing an activation for any client or group, I always promote that you complete your own investigation into what that code means as you will see what shines for you instead of just the information I may provide. In this article, I wanted to share with you how I ‘met’ these beautiful Anahata Codes and how they’ve impacted my life and my clients’/friends’ lives. Have you experienced a moment when something, a concept or an idea, shines so brightly that you just know it’s for you? This is how it transpired for me when I met Holly (Anahata) on a summit where we were co-presenters. The Anahata Codes are all about love and neutralising and that’s exactly what my processes offer and my heart holds dear.

So I completed the training and amongst the 20 or so volunteers who aided me in my initial work, were peers who were ‘blown away’ by the depth of their heart response and by the zones of old feelings that were just neutralised into love. Much of this clearing, this undercover healing, happened in unexpected areas and was not placed in the original intention, which made it a pleasant surprise when they actually realised what had happened. The next logical step was to use these codes in collaboration with my other processes and, WOW, this just elevated the outcomes exponentially. I also create Anahata Collectives, sets of two or three codes which bring a more elevated activation. They have brought my clients and me much joy and the Collectives are calling out to be heard now that I’ve begun these collections. www.neutralizingwithlove.com/anahatacode-collectives

Sweetness Skulls & Light THE MOST AMAZING CRYSTALS THIS SIDE OF MARS • A broad range of natural and part polished crystals and stones • Semi-precious gemstone animal carvings and other sculptures • Specialising in crystal/stone skull carvings in the human form (also alien, dragon and raven styles) • High end statement carvings • Original skull artwork


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empaths can flourish in the

great awakening



eing an empath and energysensitive is often overwhelming, particularly when you don’t really understand it and how it affects you, and you haven’t learnt how to manage it. In this time of accelerated ‘awakening’ here on Earth, many empaths are ‘coming online’. This means many empaths are more hyper-sensitive or becoming more aware of their empathy and/or energy sensitivity than ever before. This new intensity can be experienced in a variety of ways, including dreaming, weird visions, physical discomfort, overall intensification, mental or emotional discomfort, frustration, depression and more. We all have an opportunity now to transcend our old 3D reality into the golden age. And while for most of us, these are the strangest, hardest times collectively and globally we have ever

lived, there is certainly the opportunity to out-vibrate anything that keeps us off our higher path. This is a time for empaths to become more aware of their gifts and better able to manage them. Here are some tips on how to manage your empathy: 1. Spend time in nature – it sounds cliché, yet it is so powerful. You need to clear your energy field regularly of the energies and feelings that you pick up from others. Getting outside and taking a breath, taking in the sky or a tree can clear you of these energies very quickly. 2. Keep an open mind. It is okay for you to have opinions or beliefs but don’t get too caught up in either ‘side’. It is better to use these feelings and passions to help navigate you onto your path of purpose. Keep out of the dividing energy as much as you can, and if it all gets too much, do yourself

a favour and get off social media for a while. 3. Spend some more time being active if you have excess masculine energy and/or creative if you need a feminine outlet. This will be crucial to helping you manage your gifts and again, open your heart and spiritual senses to your highest potential on Earth. 4. As an empath, you need to be around people who understand you, give some time to you and worry about you, and allow yourself to talk and express how you feel to others. It is very important to find and be with your tribe! My Rainbow Warrior Quest has just begun, so if you would like to join me on a journey with the Grandmothers of the Four Directions, see my website. www.rebecca-lee.com

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Oneness and Self Growth in Times of Uncertainty WORDS TATIANA SAVERY


e are limitless, deathless, and sovereign. All information flows from the ‘Collective Creator’ directly to us, and, it is therefore the responsibility of each of us to become self-enlightened and self-liberated by attuning ourselves to Spirit, the thread within, and detuning from the Hierarchy. Fighting amongst ourselves keeps our minds off the bigger picture. Unity is stronger than division. The very process of reading these written concepts equips the mind with a new form of intelligence best described as holistic and transformational; transformation of our evolving life forms so we can comprehend our intimate connection with all of life, and of our oneness. Transformation is the

fundamental system that over-arches all others in the multiverse and it is for this fundamental reason that life exists. Humankind is but an atom in the Body of the ‘Collective Creator’. Our consciousness is limited in its perception of the universe of wholeness by the overreliance on the five senses. These senses are powerful forces that focus each of us on a separate reality, much like a diver’s mask can focus the diver on the underwater world. Because we are fragmented and limited to five-senses we desire the Wholeness Perspective; a way to absorb life experience, process it, and move on to the next thing with grace and ease. In time we will develop two additional senses. We have recently begun to refer to a 6th sense, the sense of intuition. There is a potent 7th sense and it is the sense that is linked to concepts of time-travel, which is linked to space travel. This sense can be developed with remote viewing or lucid dreaming. However, before these two additional

senses can be fully activated there must be a global culture representing a unified Earth and human species. We will experience new paradigms of existence. A global culture, by definition, integrates the values of individualism with the value of oneness. It is the goal of life to evolve itself where it can be conscious of its diverse perceptions and expressions and integrate them into a cohesive, all-inclusive culture. All of life, even the so-called evil and negative aspects, are part of an incalculably complex but single-minded cosmological organism devoted to the transformation of evolving life forms so that they can comprehend their intimate connection with all of life. There are those on Earth who, when they are able to become timeless and view the continuum of their lifestream, will see the thread that has differentiated them. They will understand how the hardships and supposed indifference of the universe were actually the catalysts for their emergence as designers of the


The Eden Method


Join Elizabeth Caruana, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Authorised Eden Method Teacher to unwrap the many gifts of this beautiful, healing modality.

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The Eden Method Level 1: Fundamentals, year-long program commences on March 25, 2021. Our beautiful retreat space is surrounded by natural rainforest at Mapleton, Qld in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. ‘Energy Medicine puts your health and wellbeing into your own hands.’ – Donna Eden

Empower | Evolve | Thrive


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n m

m to n o sq e is sp

w in v

c tr th re m re b c tr a e th o o d

w th c



new culture. They are here to expand the mind’s perimeter fence. There is a Hierarchy which manipulates the boundaries of our mind to create this perimeter fence. Virtually no one is aware of the manipulations of their beliefs. Many of us have squandered our divine natures for the entrapment of our belief systems. This is true even of the most accomplished spiritual leaders. What we see happening worldwide is our collective mind becoming increasingly fragmented and thus vulnerable to modification. Think of this Hierarchy as a vast cosmological tree. The roots of the tree are our subconscious identity. At the base of the tree the first branches, representing the native religions. The middle branches are the orthodox religions and institutions. The upper branches represent the newly emerging contemporary belief systems. The whole tree, in this definition, is the Hierarchy, and its purpose is to advance the evolution of life through a superstructure that results in a teacher/student order of the universe. In this teacher/student order individuals are disempowered and disconnected from their sovereignty. The Hierarchy in itself is not wrong or misguided. It is this process that orchestrates the unfolding of consciousness from collective to

individual and individual to collective. This is the spiral of integration that breeds wholeness and perfection within each of us. This teacher/student model of Hierarchy is where we draw our inspiration, abilities, and energy from somewhere or someone else. Humanity is evolving into the transformation/ mastership model, which is where we transform from within and become our own masters. One of the challenges for us is to recognise these two dominant models of existence and integrate them in order to design a synthesis model. There is a vibration frequency encoded within each of us that is the thread connecting us to our ‘Creator’. This frequency is not perceptible to the three-dimensional, five sensory context of the human. We can only detect a faint echo of this vibration. This vibration is indescribable, unfathomable, and incomprehensible unless through the tone-vibration of equality stored within each of us. All of us are able to contact our ‘Creator’ through this tone-vibration of equality. The closest experience we have to access this frequency is the concept of appreciation, gratitude and love. Within each of us this vibrational code is being awakened and we are encouraged to make the quantum leap to a society aware of its connection


with ‘All That Is’. We must help activate this vibration through gratitude, understanding and love. Wholeness is accepting all realities and moving through them with a feeling of integration, unity, equality, and non-judgment. It means there are no dualities. It means that all experience is equal and grounded in the transcendent reality of the ‘All That Is’. And most importantly it means that the ‘All That Is’ is you, me, him, her, they, it, that, and those. Nothing is excluded or rejected. Each of us can change the division and judgment happening on the world stage by changing within; changing within our own circles of connection. www.tatianasavery.com www.lovedivinity.com www.frequencyacademy.com.au

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How can your animals bring you money? WORDS VIV ADCOCK


trange concept, right? Aren’t animals supposed to cost you money? Everything in the universe desires to contribute to you, including your animals. What is required is for you to expand how you receive and be different. There is an unchallenged assumption that as animal owners, you have to continually earn money to pay for them. Years ago, I went overseas to care for my dying mother. At the time, I had a horse that I chose to put into full-time care at the best place I knew, which ‘cost’ $600 a month. She had made it very clear to me that this is where she wanted to be so I asked her, “Okay, you want to be here, can you bring the money in to cover your costs while I’m away?” Miraculously, during those eight months, money showed up in my life and my bank account that more than covered her agistment. What if by asking your animals to contribute to your world financially they could? If you are willing to function from a very different place by receiving from your animals and asking them

to contribute to your world financially, what else would be possible? If we don’t ask, we can’t receive. And by the way, how it shows up is totally non-linear and beyond rational explanation! For me, one of the greatest gifts of having animals in my life is their contribution to expanding my capacity to receive. Being present with an animal changes you – you’re not thinking or computing anything for that interaction until the thinking kicks in again. There is no such thing as a money problem, only a receiving problem, but not much in this reality empowers you to know how to receive. I have fostered many dogs over the past five years, choosing to feed them high-quality food. I ask each and every foster dog to contribute to my world financially. This isn’t a literal interaction – the dog doesn’t come with its own purse with money to give me for the food it eats. By asking for a contribution, the universe provides in the most miraculous, unfathomable ways. I recently adopted a rescued greyhound and ironically, I came across her racing history. It turns out she won over $66,000 in prize money during her

ALLERGIES ARE ABOUT DIAGNOSIS Energe�c repulsion of substances are effec�vely the body repelling the ‘Foreign Object’, this includes intolerances to allergies. It is complex.

A SIMPLE ENERGY TEST can manage the problem

Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563

www.maplestreetvet.com.au | 5447 7877 App: Sound Files – www.garrybright.com.au/app 44

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six years of racing. So I asked her, “Hey Bella, would you be willing to continue creating money for us?” Asking rhetorical questions that our logical mind cannot compute allows us to expand our ability to ask and receive. What can you ask for? www.vivadcock.com

Holisti c Pet Products FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS Natural, organic and chemicalfree options, supporting Australian-made. PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ORGANIC, GREEN TRIPE TO PROMOTE DIGESTION Visit: 13 Mary River Road, Cooroy, Qld Ph: 07 5447 7342


Viv Adcock TALK TO THE ANIMALS FACILITATOR Phone 0418 456 498 infin8.viv@gmail.com

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High vibes for health and healing WORDS DR RENEE O’DUHRING


ave you ever noticed how ‘high’ you feel after attending a music performance? Or eating a delicious, healthy meal? Or exercising? These good feelings are due in part to an increase in your vibrational frequency. Conversely, when you make poor choices, have a fight with your partner, or are exposed to pathogens or toxins, your ‘vibe’ suffers and you don’t feel so great. The animals we share this planet with are even more sensitive to vibrational frequency. And many pets are living in environments that ‘kill their vibe’. This has detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing, leading to disease. All kinds of factors can affect their vibration: over-vaccination, the myriad of chemicals used to protect them from fleas, ticks and the like, eating highly processed DEAD food, drinking water laden with heavy metals, and being surrounded by toxic poisons in the home and garden. Even a simple dog bed can be full of toxic chemicals such as: formaldehyde, chemical chlorides, fire retardants, and fluorocarbons!

What’s more, our pets exist in OUR energy fields and are affected by them. If the environment is full of anger, drama or stress, the animal will feel that. You may notice this if you are out and about with your dog and feeling stressed about potential interactions with other animals. The stress will travel down the leash and put your animal on edge, making reactive responses on their part more likely. So here are seven easy steps you can take to raise your animal’s frequency, to maintain physical and emotional balance: 1. Feed raw, natural foods appropriate for your animal’s needs. 2. Ensure your pet’s water source is pure, filtered and free of contaminants. 3. Reduce unnecessary drugs and chemicals – talk to us about minimal vaccine protocols and natural alternatives for parasite protection. 4. Go chemical free in your home and garden. Eliminate toxic cleaning, household and garden chemicals from your environment – no more toxic perfumes please! 5. Incorporate essential oils into your pet’s daily wellness regime. The

vibrational frequency of essential oils are the highest of any known natural substance – no wonder our staff are so blissed out after making up our essential oil blends! We make a massage blend that can be used regularly to boost your animal’s health, as well as a calming spray for emotional stress, and litter box dust to chill out your feline friend. 6. Maintain a low-stress environment and a high-vibe state within yourself, for calm happy pets. 7. Incorporate daily rituals that help you to CTFO, like: meditation, singing, journalling and gratitude practices. Get outside, barefoot, with your pet daily, to ground your energy and attune you to the Earth’s healing vibration. If you want to learn more about all aspects of holistic health for your pets, don’t forget to check out our podcast or our periodic workshops – you can find these at: www.thenaturalvets.com.au



HOLISTIC VET CLINIC • Natural Nutrition • Homeopathy • Cancer Treatment • Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine • Acupuncture • Modified Vaccine Protocols • Advanced Dentistry


Surgery, Cancer Care, Modified Vaccinations, Herbal Medicine, DENTAL CHECK-UP Acupuncture, Tues-Thur – Save up to $80 Remedial/Rehab, BOOK NOW Advanced Dentistry, Phone: (07) 3393 1359 Titre Test and more 1016 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane Pensioner/COVID www.animalwellness.com.au Discount

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK: Thriving Mind AUTHOR Dr Jenny Brockis Our modern lives are incredibly stressful, and not just during a pandemic. But there’s also an upside to our modern world: in the age of better information, technology and healthcare, we’ve developed a science that helps us feel happier and more connected – and it really does work. In this new book, best-selling author Dr Jenny Brockis draws on over 30 years’ experience to provide a research-based guide to cultivating your best life. Data-driven and accessibly written, Thriving Mind empowers readers with the tools and strategies needed to reclaim your humanity and supercharge your happiness.

RRP: $27.95 paperback To purchase the book go to: www.drjennybrockis.com

BOOK: Renovate Your Relationship AUTHOR Joanne Wilson Relationships are fundamental to our mental health and more than ever we rely on the security and support from our loved ones during the uncertainty of a pandemic. We regularly service our cars and renovate our homes, but the maintenance and attention to our relationship is often overlooked leaving it to run its own course resulting in conflict, disconnection and loneliness. In the new book, Renovate Your Relationship, author Joanne Wilson draws upon decades of working with couples and singles to provide a practical guide to overcoming common relationship issues. From self-awareness, communication, conflict, parenting and infidelity, this revolutionary yet simple guide to respectfully approaching conflict, consistently results in more meaningful, healthier and happier outcomes for couples. Designed to meet the needs of all relationships, from those that are cruising, complacent or merely dissatisfied through to those that are highly conflicted, this comprehensive book covers all significant life stages.

RRP: $29.99 To purchase the book go to: www.relationshiprejuvenator.com

ATTITUDE ABUNDANCE & ACTION How to make a difference in your own life first!

KATh OrmAN Dip FP, CFP 46

46.indd 1

NEW BOOK* – RELEASED SOON! Attitude Abundance & Action AUTHOR Kath Orman So, what can you expect from reading Kath’s book? I expect that you will find it very empowering. Because she is a financial planner, Kath is well qualified to comment upon the fraught relationship between money and happiness. The latter half of this book contains good, sensible advice about managing your finances. Incorporating quotes from other, extremely wise people adds to the richness of the advice shared. However, Kath’s message has always been way more than what you would expect from a financial adviser. And so too, you will find this book provides a very holistic message. As the title says, it’s about attitude, abundance and action. Happily, much of what Kath has to share you can implement for free. That’s because you don’t have to wait until the end of the book. There’s plenty to reflect and act upon within the first few pages… and it keeps on going after that. As she does in person, Kath has freely shared from her own experiences and provided lessons to be learned from real-life scenarios. I encourage you to read, reflect and savour the wisdom Kath has shared throughout these pages.

RRP: $24.95 + postage (*Final cover design may differ.) Act now – pre-order your copy by emailing: aaa@goalsanddreams.com.au

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