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The Gift That Keeps on Giving! NOVEMBER 2013 EDITION VOLUME 52 ISSN: 1836-8840


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eclectic mix


O F N E W Y O R K G L A M O U R & U R BA N S O P H I S T I C AT I O N Daisy’s Place provides an elegant and sophisticated alfresco dining experience within a flirtatious interior of luxury and style. Explore a delicious full menu of traditional recipes while relaxing within the tranquil outdoor and water landscaped gardens.

2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview (Just Off The Highway Onto Steve Irwin Way)

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Stunning new food menu ranging from breads, starters, entrees, mains, pizzas and desserts… • Wood fired pizza menu • New extensive beverage list • Best coffee • Wonderful scones, cakes all day, everyday • Some real treats



Bookings essential please call 07 5494 5192 during opening hours

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Follow your bliss!


his may or may not be a secret but quite a lot of men read this magazine! Just recently a male reader walked up to me and said, “thank-you for creating Holistic Bliss, I have found my butcher!” I am assuming he was referring to the free range, hormone and pesticide free meats that are advertised in the magazine! Over the years many conscious men have written in thanking us for publishing various articles that have rocked their worlds. And one story stands out in my mind…it was a male reader who bravely took a few copies of the magazine to his work place (which was a construction site) and the men shared the magazines around the crew. One man shared the magazine with his partner and after reading the articles, they talked about real and profound issues for the first time in a way that connected them on a deep level. And what if this edition plants some more seeds

of change for both men and women? Many articles have been written this month by some amazing men and there are also articles that discuss men’s issues from a woman’s perspective. So why not leave a copy on the coffee table and see what happens! ‘Movember’ is a month to raise awareness about men’s issues such as prostate and testicular cancer and men’s mental wellbeing. Research shows men are less likely to go and see a health professional than women and are more likely to engage in ‘health compromising behaviours and take risks and be exposed to environmental toxins and hazards’. Wouldn’t it be great if we could raise awareness in a way that creates open discussion and an excitement to take action and move forward together?

“Your Magazine With Soul”






Women Live





Melody OF LIFE

Tony Sells:

The Gift That Keeps on Giving! NOVEMBER 2013 EDITION VOLUME 52 ISSN: 1836-8840



Editor / Publisher: Vanessa Finnigan Phone: 0422 538 335 Editorial enquiries please email: Advertising: To contact the sales team Phone: 0422 538 335 Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


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Holistic Bliss is printed each month on carbon neutral gloss paper, with soy based inks and uses a local FSC® certified printer.

Designer: Ros Jackson Phone: 0404 870 832 Postal Address: PO Box 1520 Buderim Qld 4556 Holistic Bliss is a monthly publication independently published on the Sunshine Coast.

holistic dental care at noosa junction

At JD Dental, we believe that dental health is just a component of your all over well-being. We would like to help you find the answer to better health. By sharing our knowledge - from amalgam fillings (metal) and root canal treated teeth, to the perfect mix of a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored specifically for you. Find the balance and feel great!

Dr Alex Dietz - Dental Surgeon


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16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction (above surf-shop) P 07 5449 2460 E

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34 FOOD FOR THE SOUL 6 Lemon Myrtle by Vicki Taylor


Raggi Hotcakes by Jay Mulder

25 1001 Reasons to be Happy

7 Enjoying Real Food by Lisa Wiedrich

26-27 Do You Understand Men? by Jules O’Neill

8 Real Men Might Not Eat Quiche But They May Use Natural Therapies by Michael White

28-29 Support – Just a Phone Call Away by Richard Giles

Go Organic by Garry & Jackie Turk

30 Do We Understand Each Other in the Bedrom? by Gene Thompson 31 Giving Men Permission by Dr Gayre Christie

9 Go Topliss in the Kitchen by Monica Topliss 10 Men – Listen Up… Celebrate Your Woman! by Scott Mathias

32 Golf is Good for the Soul by Marc Bright

12 Recipe and Weight Loss Plan by Monique Lee

34-35 UPLIFT Festival – Celebrate Oneness

COVER STORY 14-15  Tony Sells The Gift That Keeps on Giving!


The Strength in Gentle Kindness 16  by Nicole Taryn

37 Men’s Skin by Mukti

17 Secret Men’s Business? by Rudran Brannock

20 What is Going On in the Man Cave? by Raelene Byrne 21

36 Shoes With Soul by Amanda Rootsey 38 Pain and Illness…What Can I Do? NATURAL ANIMAL CARE

18 What is Your Prostate Saying? by Jean Sheehan


24 Why Do Women Live Longer? by Dr David Hendrey

 9/11’s Impact on Theosophy by Brian Harding

40 Detox For Pets by Eileen McLean 41 Grieving Your Pets by Wendy Mulder  Animals During the Heat 42-43 Assist and Tick Season

22 What Does the Body Require? by Cameron Stirling

44-45 The Magical Melody of Life by Terry Oldfield

23 Is There a Male Menopause? by Suzi Le Fanue





Are you eating a good diet but still feeling like it isn’t doing what you would hope for? Are you absorbing the nutrients from your food? Food sensitivities do not have to cause constipation, loose bowels or bloating. When we do the blood testing that confirms the food sensitivity the person will often say they were lethargic, foggy and unmotivated, possibly experiencing headaches too. Food sensitivities may ‘silently’ irritate the gut lining and cause you to not absorb your nutrients. Bacterial overgrowth. A condition known as small intestinal dysbiosis (or SIBO) is characterised by too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria. Some bacterias help with the breakdown of carbohydrate, some fibres. Others help with breaking down proteins. When the balance of good:bad is not right the result could be excess gas, bloating, changes in bowel movement, fatigue but also a decrease in nutrient absorption. Emotional imabalance is probably one of the biggest contributors in nutrient deficiency. This causes your body

to release cortisol, a hormone that will result in a decrease in digestive function. Some of you may get an ulcer in the mouth, a cold sore, changes in bowel movements, more hair falling out or a little infectious bug when you are stressed. These are all signs that your demand for nutrients is high. Clinically there are tests that you can do to confirm if a person has increased intestinal membrane permeability. This can confirm if you are absorbing your nutrients properly or not.

Book your




Suzi Le Fanue BSc (Bmed) Naturopath & Nutritionist

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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Lemon Myrtle Raggi Hotcakes WORDS VICKI TAYLOR – Queen of Spice


his vibrant refreshing shrub is native to Australia and can be found along the Eastern coast between central Queensland and Byron Bay in New South Wales. The pure oil that derives from the leaf is strong and can be used sparingly in culinary dishes. Lemon Myrtle has a similar taste to lemongrass and can be substituted for lemongrass in any recipe. Be warned though, it is strong and it is recommended that you only use half a teaspoon for every 500g of meat or vegetables. Ground lemon myrtle is great used in stir-fries and for dressings and marinades. For a fast and easy marinade for barbequed chicken, mix half a teaspoon of ground lemon myrtle, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, a whole long red diced chilli (seeds and all) a couple of grinds of Himalayan salt and mix with six chicken thigh fillets in a plastic bag for half an hour. BBQ as normal and serve with salad – YUM!

RECIPE JAY MULDER – Eumundi Medicine Man


aggi is a type of red millet. It is very high in iron and calcium and is beneficial to all constitutions especially Kapha. It is gluten free and tastes suspiciously like chocolate. Traditionally used to make delicious Indian breads and porridge, raggi is also great to add into your cakes. Milled raggi can be purchased at The Ayurvedic Herb Shop in Palmwoods. Here is a way to enjoy it for breakfast. Ingredients: Ghee for frying 1 tbsp melted ghee 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp ground cardamom A pinch of salt 1 cup of finely milled whole wheat flour (or gluten free option) ½ cup raggi flour 1 cup of water 1 cup of unhomogenised milk 1 tbsp rapadura or jaggery


Method: Mix all ingredients together including the 1 tbsp melted ghee, to resemble pancake consistency. Heat a pan suitable for making pancakes and add a little ghee. Ladle in the desired amount of mixture and allow it to find its way into a circle. Cook until the top surface becomes dry, sprinkle with a little ghee around the edges then turn it over and allow the underside to cook. Remove onto a plate and cover with an up turned plate to keep warm while cooking the remaining pancakes. Serve with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of maple syrup.


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| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

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Real Food


n the wake of so much information about food and nutrition are we actually forgetting how to enjoy REAL food? REAL food, as our ancestors would recognise it, connects us. It connects us to the earth, to family and friends and to the traditions that ground us. And believe me, we, as a species facing the challenges that we currently face at this precise moment in time, need grounding! Have you been filled with guilt and confusion about what to and what not to eat? Number 1 rule for me – if it’s processed, forget it! Simple! That means packets of chips, white bread, chocolate bars, (not organic, fair trade 70% +) so called ‘healthy’ muesli bars I see kids heading off to school with, etc. REAL food, organically grown (or at least pesticide free), grass fed, predominantly local, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, ancient grains,


Cath Manuel

nuts, seeds and perhaps dairy, can be a very healthy way of eating. It’s about bio individuality. Listen to YOUR body, it is actually unique. Some people will be fine with gluten from a non processed, ancient version (think spelt), and some can’t have gluten at all, but my point is we are not all the same and if your body does well eating some of these so called ‘bad’ (dairy, gluten, meat) foods, please don’t feel guilty, just make them a smaller part of your diet… and enjoy them when you have them. And that leads me onto another important aspect. Energy! Food has energy, it has absorbed energy right from the start of its life, as have we. The French call this ‘terroir’ and it refers to the environment food is grown in (especially when it comes to wine). You end up consuming this energy. Next, there’s the energy from the preparation of your food. Think about it. Food that has been prepared in a nurturing and loving way, treated with respect and shared joyfully at a table with friends/family has a much better energy than what may be

“Unearth the Organic ‘YOU’ and live a Sustainable Life ” Soil to Supper offers education and inspiration to help people care for themselves, others and the Earth.

considered a ‘healthy’ meal prepared by a very angry and ungrounded chef, lacking love in his/her own life. Your body will know how to digest this lovingly prepared food. Why? It’s happy! Don’t make the mistake of looking at food by the sum of its parts. It’s so much more than that. The Japanese know this, people of the Mediterranean know it, as do many other cultures around the world. We keep looking at the diets of these cultures to understand why they have such amazing longevity and then we stick it in a ‘lab’ and analyse the life out of it. And wonder why we still don’t get it right. The ingredients used by the Okinawans are completely different to those used in the Mediterranean but they both treat their food with the love, respect, nurturing and JOY that’s often missing here. Go make your favourite dish (and a BIG salad) and share it with friends and maybe even have a wine!

HIGH QUALITY, FREE RANGE AND GRASS FED PRODUCTS INCLUDING BEEF, PORK, LAMB AND POULTRY – free of all growth hormones and antibiotics • Everything is gluten free • High quality, all natural seasonings and flavours



Visit for more info or phone Cath Manuel on 0408 060 997

Shop 12, Middy’s complex, 29 Main Street, Buderim

Phone 07 5445 1568 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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Real men might not eat quiche, but they do use natural therapies

Go Organic!


WORDS GARRY & JACKIE TURK, owners of Sunshine Organics


hile men are often good at looking after their physical body, either through sport, going to the gym or simply through work, one area they tend to overlook (and I should know – I am one) is their emotional wellbeing. Things like aromatherapy and Australian Bush Flower Essences are typically used by women to help calm or sometime to help stimulate certain emotions, but if more men understood the benefits, I am sure they too would embrace the same principals. After all, it has long been understood that if the mind suffers, it is usually the body that cries out! I work with people by dividing them into four categories: The Wombat, who often works too much and needs help to relax; The Kangaroo, who plays too much and needs help to support their often depleted immune system; The Dolphin, who tends to burn a lot of nervous energy and needs help supporting their adrenals; The Eagle, who spends too much time in their heads and often needs help to escape their own thoughts. You see, when a man takes care of his emotions, his body will eventually thank him with improved energy and performance, usually in all the right areas of our life too, if you get what I mean. To find out more about who you are, and how you can take better care of yourself, go to


any people are experiencing hard times at the moment, in one form or another. But even if you are financially secure there is no discrimination when it comes to sickness and disease, and as men (or women) we tend to think, “She’ll be right mate, it will go away soon”. And then, it doesn’t! My best mate was recently diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. A hard working labourer all his life, it looked like nothing would ever stop him, but it did, and his life has been turned upside down. Over a weekend he went from eating the staple labourer’s lunch from industrial takeaway spots and enjoying his bourbon and cola when he got home, to raw organic juice and water. He is now enjoying a more substantial diet. Yes, he was advised ‘strongly’ by the doctors to undergo chemotherapy treatment which could give him another year, but he thought, why be sick and miserable for another year when you have the chance to heal yourself? There are many processes involved with healing and shifting to organic foods and an holistic lifestyle can promote good health.


Lacking Balance & Vitality?

Re-Energise with Lisa

Lisa Wiedrich is a Holistic Health & Wellness Mentor, Author, Chef, Meditation Instructor and Mother based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Through her business Soul Food Journey, she creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to create health in mind, body and soul as a path to happiness.

Festive Season Healthy & Delicious Masterclass Join us for a fun morning whipping up delicious and nutritious festive season treats and help your body survive the Christmas Chaos

AND GET READY!!! JOIN OUR 12-DAY PRE ‘SILLY SEASON’ REAL FOOD DETOX PROGRAM Details on the website or contact me directly for more info

Saturd 30 No ay vembe

r 10am - 1pm Maroo chy Riv er

Mobile: 0450 377 735 8

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• Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting • Feel great in your body • Discover the confidence to CREATE the life you want…

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Scan for a delicious dessert recipe

| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

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iagnosed with coeliac disease as a child, Sunshine Coast chef Monica Topliss has dedicated her working life to the development of truly delicious gluten free recipes… from wholesome breads and wraps, to mouthwatering cakes and tarts. Using her skills and experience of a lifetime spent in kitchens across the globe, Monica has created a range of gluten free recipes that taste just as good, if not better than the ‘real thing’. Monica is the Executive Chef at Kunara Organic Marketplace (formerly the Natural Foodstore) at Forest Glen. This very busy, dynamic café has become a hub for people with all sorts of allergies as well as those seeking high quality, all organic food that is exciting and delicious. Monica caters to a very broad range of customers and refines her menu according to their requirements, so that at present the café offers many vegan and dairy free options, as well as the 99% gluten free menu.

Go Topliss in the Kitchen! RECIPE MONICA TOPLISS, from her book “Topliss in the Kitchen”

RAW PANFORTE DI SIENA (makes 32) Panforte di Siena is a traditional sweet treat usually eaten at Christmas time in Italy. It is a heavily spiced, dense fruit and nut slice that originates from Tuscany. This is my nutrient dense, modern-day take on an old classic. Ingredients: 225g almond butter 180g shredded coconut 75g raw cacao powder 200g honey 1 tsp vanilla essence 50g coconut flour 20g chia seeds

For more info about Monica’s work and new book, please visit:

Certified Organic Health Products

75g macadamias, roughly chopped 75g hazelnuts, roughly chopped 100g figs, roughly chopped 100g pitted medjool dates, roughly chopped 50g inca berries ¼ tsp salt 3 tsp cinnamon 3 tsp grated ginger 3 tsp grated nutmeg 1 tsp ground pepper ¼ tsp ground cloves 20g extra raw cacao powder Place everything into a bowl except the extra raw cacao and mix well. The mix will seem quite stiff and a little on the dry side, but once the almond butter softens from the heat of your hands it will all come together to form a uniform ball. Line a 24cm cake or tart tin with baking paper and press the mix into the tin. Refrigerate until firm. To serve, dust liberally with raw cacao powder and slice into very thin wedges.

SPICE BLENDING CLASSES 9th & 23rd November

• Colon Cleansing Kits • Internal Organ Cleansing Kits • Fully Organic Natural Health Support

Limited places – Book Now!

• Herbal Teas – singles and blends • Pure Essential Oils

Find me at Northey Street Organic Markets Windsor SUNDAYS 6am-10.30am


High Quality – Certified Organic • Assam Green Tea • Jinxuan Oolong • Ruanzhi Oolong Choui Fong Tea • Guihua (Osmanthus) Oolong • Papaya Leaf Tea

Call Roger on (07) 3720 8943 or 0437 730 688

The Tea & Tummy Man

Tajines I Oils I Spices Herbs I Gifts I Gourmet Foods Tajines | Oils | Herbs | Spices Gifts | Gourmet Foods

Open 6 days a week Open days a8870 week Phone75491 Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco’ Shop 4, ‘Monaco” Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

Bulcock Street, Caloundra Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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Men – Listen Up… Celebrate Your Woman!!




IT’S TIME FOR MEN TO STEP UP TO THE MARK AND ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR WOMAN. THIS IS A BOLD STATEMENT, WHICH MIGHT SEND SOME MEN RUNNING! IN SHORT IT’S ABOUT EMBRACING THAT ASPECT OF YOU WHICH IS FEMININE – THE CARING, LOVING AND NURTURING FEATURES OF THE GREAT FEMININE ESSENCE. I CELEBRATE MY ‘WOMAN’ THROUGH MY RAW FOOD AND I WANT TO SHARE A QUICK YET VERY CONNECTING RECIPE WITH YOU. IT’S OFFICIALLY CALLED A ‘LOVELY WOMAN VEGE STACK WITH A GINGER SAUCE’. HOW DOES THAT SOUND? Into your blender add the following: ¼ white onion chopped ½ cup of Australian olive oil 2 dsp rice wine vinegar 1 good knob of fresh ginger 1 medium zucchini peeled 1 medium clove of garlic 2 dsp Shoyu Namu (organic naturally fermented soy sauce) 3 sundried tomatoes 2 dates stones removed Juice of 1 lime ½ tsp Australian desert salt Set your blender or Vitamix off until your have a smooth and creamy textured sauce.

“Your Magazine


With Soul” SECRET





Women Liv





Melody OF LIFE

Tony Sells:

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Now turn the following into slithers or in chef language – ‘to Julienne’: Carrots Spring onions – green end and all Butter beans – washed with their ends removed ½ red bell pepper Set the above aside and take 1 zucchini and using a Mandolin cut into flat lengths as shown in the picture. Now place two of the wide zucchini strips onto a nice clean plate and lay out the Julienned carrots, spring onions, butter beans and bell pepper. Gently pour some of the sauce over the top. Place 2


SCOTT MATHIAS is a Digestive Health Specialist, RAW Food Chef and Author living in beautiful Noosa, Australia and teaching globally. For book and RAW Food Master Class details:

‘The Shop That Is Not A Shop’ • Consultations • Ayurvedic Medicines • Spices and Teas • Books


Eumundi Markets OPEN: 7am-1pm Saturday



further strips of zucchini on top of this and garnish with your fav green. In my case I’ve used some chopped baby beetroot leaves. Add a gentle drizzle (I used olive oil) and season with cracked pepper and VOILA!… you have a great fresh, clean and totally RAW plant based meal to share with your most beautiful inner and outer woman!!

Go to our website and go to ‘Distribution’ at the top of the page and see our listings for outlets and distributors


OPEN: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Saturday 1/10 Main Street, Palmwoods Ph 5478 8893

Would you like to be an outlet or distributor listed on our website that has the potential to reach 50,000+ people each month?

Please contact:


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Join the Bliss!!

organic produce, grocery, products for body and soul

11 Coral Street, Maleny • Phone 5435 2233

| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

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10/21/2013 6:36:42 AM



The Natural Way to a Summer of Fun



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Cooking spray 1 medium onion, chopped 3 tbsp fresh ginger, finely chopped 3 cups carrots, chopped


pring is well and truly here and it certainly is time to ask yourself the question, “Is my body ready for it – the beach, the BBQs, the outdoor fun?” With only 4 weeks until summer and Christmas not too far behind, you need to act NOW to take action to lose those extra kilograms and I would love to show you how. I am a Natural Way consultant at Wellsure holistic health centre, and wellqualified to help you with your weight issues – after all, I once carried an extra 20kg. I was depressed, thinking I was just going to be a fat chick all my life. Then my daughter told me about a work colleague who was on The Natural Way program and looked healthy, younger and amazing! She told me the program was all about healthy cooking, natural Chinese formulations, and being accountable weekly by getting weighed


and measured and being educated about healthy living for maintenance. I tried the program myself and lost over 20kg. After spending years dieting unsuccessfully, I finally found a way to lose weight and keep it off. Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with an eating plan tailored for your tastes and lifestyle, we offer the most natural and effective way for you to lose excess weight, regain your vitality for life, and help you correct any health problems you may have. Most importantly, The Natural Way treats the cause of your weight problem, not the symptoms; and we educate you so you know how to keep your weight off. To contact MONIQUE LEE at Wellsure please visit:

1 medium potato, peeled and diced 4 sticks celery, chopped 8 cups vegetable stock Salt to taste Dash of nutmeg Chopped fresh parsley 4 tsp sour cream (optional) Method: Heat large pot and spray with cooking spray. Add onion and ginger and sauté until tender. Add carrots, potato, celery and vegetable stock. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat and simmer until all vegetables are tender (about 30 minutes). Puree the soup in batches in a blender or food processor. Add salt and flavour with nutmeg. Serve garnished with fresh parsley and sour cream.

| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

10/21/2013 6:37:13 AM

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10/21/2013 6:37:49 AM

Cover Story

a o fo ‘t o c

Who, really, is this man? Visionary? Dreamer? Some of Tony’s role models provide clues. Buddha. Jesus. Saint Mary MacKillop. Lou Richards. His wife and children. Mother Theresa. Krishna.

h C o p L G th

D p M a T ta o a g fa U a


The Gift That Keeps on Giving! T

he Philanthropist does not ask: “What’s in it for me?” Rather, the question becomes: “How may I serve?” From this modest and humble query, a timeless quest for insight and knowledge is undertaken. A journey in search of truth; a path that beckons us with breathtaking beauty, innocence, and the capacity to revere all living things. And isn’t being part of humanity about loving unconditionally? To feel, and connect with, another person’s suffering and pain? To shed spontaneous tears of joy upon the witnessing of


14.indd 1

a totally anonymous act of random kindness? To cherish, nurture, and protect all living things. To do no harm. To experience the raw rush of love when a fellow sentient being looks into your eyes, and kisses your soul. Many would describe Tony Sells’ presence in the world in this way. When he crosses the tragic path of a sick or dying child, torrents of tormented tears are unleashed. Converse with him about global peace, harmony, brotherly love and the planetary abandonment of prejudice and anger, and you will be speaking his language.

Nurture his soul with true stories of giving help and happiness wherever possible, and those same tears are shed again, but this time in a fountain of overflowing joy. Words alone can’t fully convey the layers and texture of Tony’s heart. To his hundreds of thousands of customers, he is Australia’s Number 1 Online wine retailer…14 years straight. To his staff, friends and business associates at Get Wines Direct, a larrikin and workaholic, burning the midnight oil, always striving to put his customers in front, and delivering first class service and products with an ironclad quality guarantee. To the thousands of vulnerable inhabitants of Tsum Valley, in the breathtakingly stunning and remote Himalayan foothills of Nepal, he is the deliverer of food, supplies, water, clothing, shelter, medical aid and hope. To His Holiness The Dalai Lama, he is the archetypal, willing and humble being, embracing his flaws, cultivating happiness and wisdom through work and service to others. To his family, he is a devoted father, brother, husband

| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

10/21/2013 6:38:42 AM

sc m w n fe th

li la O a M F c ta g o a F o

a F h fo p w B h fa p

fa a




and son. To those who would envy him, or seek to exploit the trappings of his formidable material wealth, he is the ‘turner of the other cheek’, the cultivator of forgiveness, the mediator of pain and conflict. Simple pursuits make Tony a very happy man. Cheering on his beloved Collingwood. Playing childish pranks on his father. Simply being amongst the people of Tsum Valley, touching them. Loving them. Giving makes Tony happy. Giving with no expectation of reward or thanks. Giving with devotion. Who, really, is this man? Visionary? Dreamer? Some of Tony’s role models provide clues. Buddha. Jesus. Saint Mary MacKillop. Lou Richards. His wife and children. Mother Theresa. Krishna. Those Indian cabbies he just loves to talk cricket with, the tradies who at once make him feel grounded, and real again. Tony has received the hollow last gasp, grip and gaze of a dying friend’s farewell. The miracle gift of birth. Unspeakable personal loss and tragedy, and indescribable spiritual bliss. “Men’s issues”? Trauma,‘emotional scarring’ and depression? Tony has pretty much been there, well and truly. Talk with him about your pain, though, and not only will he understand you, he will feel it as sharply as the sufferer, such is the man’s empathy. And so it is from this cauldron of life that Tony’s dream to form and launch a Foundation had its genesis. In October 2013, Tony finally assembled and attended the Inaugural Directors’ Meeting of the ‘Giving With Devotion’ Foundation, Pty Ltd, an ATO approved charitable trust permitted to invite tax deductible donations, and effect grant making throughout Australia and overseas. The meeting was held, fittingly, at the Kunara Organic Marketplace, Forest Glen, less than a week after their own launch. In truth, Tony seeks to consolidate and entrench the ‘Giving With Devotion’ Foundation, because he feels deep in his heart that there is a quickening need for some kind of…awakening. “It’s a paradigm shift,” he explains. “I used to want to keep myself under the radar. But now I see the strong moral need for humans to rethink, and relearn the basic facts. Now I see the time has come to just put all this stuff out there”. By “this stuff”, Tony means the facts. The perils of eating chemically altered “food”. The whole miraculous

science of nutrition. And many so called ‘incurable diseases’ can be treated. Since facts drive Tony, his Foundation will fearlessly broadcast documented facts about healing and health that never make it to the pages of the main stream media. The Foundation will be a growing treasure trove of information based on science, medical and holistic knowledge, empowering all who wish to take an interest. In one way, Tony’s philanthropic Foundation seeks to play its part in ushering in a worldwide epidemic of health! Tony believes we can “learn it all” by returning to nature, and the powerful healing potential of embracing another fact: ‘You are what you eat’. Whether it’s

mental or spiritual health, or our animal kingdom, Tony’s dream is to trigger a tsunami of healing and happiness. To those who might scoff, this man is one serious achiever, make no mistake. None can deny him the stunning results already accomplished in a mere 44 years of a chock-full existence. “Happiness and health are soul mates,” implores Tony. “When ‘How may I serve?’ becomes your quest in life…doing harm is simply no longer possible!” For more information about TONY SELLS and the ‘Giving with Devotion’ Foundation please visit:

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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10/21/2013 7:12:21 AM

The Strength in



hen you look around, it would appear that the dominating gender on the journey to consciousness appears to be women. I find myself wondering about that and even more, I find myself in awe of any man who is willing to stand up and be seen. There is something so intoxicating about a man who is willing to be more than this reality’s definition of ‘a man’. In this reality a man is required to be strong, dependable and solid. There is little room for vulnerability and when you step outside of the toughness that men are ‘supposed’ to be, you’ll find there is more strength in vulnerability than you could ever imagine. Early this year I attended an Access Consciousness class called “Being You, Changing the World” with Dr Dain Heer. Never could I have imagined the change that would occur in my universe

as a result of this three and a half day intensive class. Never had I seen a man be the kindness that Dain is willing to be. Functioning from consciousness and kindness, Dain’s strength expands out uninhibited to contribute to all who he encounters. The vulnerability and dynamic change that I experienced in this class totally changed the way that I function in the world and it gave me a totally different perspective on BEING. It was the space that Dain is willing to BE that allows for so much of this change to occur. I watched the men in the class throughout the three and a half days. I witnessed a level of strength and vulnerability from those men that is rarely seen and I found myself wondering what the world would be like if more men were willing to let go of all of the conclusions and judgments about their role as men in this reality. None of the rules of how men are ‘supposed’ to be have anything to do with BEING who they truly be and these rules serve

only to limit what is possible for all of us. I’ve come to have total gratitude for the contribution that men have to my life. Being touched with total kindness from a man who is willing to BE, is one of the greatest gifts. It contributes to me as a woman, allowing me to be even more. A man showing his strength and vulnerability can catapult a woman towards more possibilities for herself, the people around her and our planet. When you’re willing to be you, and be the gentleman you actually are, your kindness and caring will shine through. “A man gets to truly be him when he is able to access some of his greatest strengths, his gentleness and his generosity. Unfortunately this is also one of the things we’re not taught in this reality and I would like for that to change” – Dain Heer DAIN HEER will be in Australia in November and December: or


Conscious Loving for Couples 23rd-29th March, 2014 Sunshine Coast, Qld

Finding Love Again In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one. * Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. Presented by


For full details and registrations, call Janet: or visit our website:


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0428 726 849

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10/21/2013 6:40:09 AM


Men’s Business?



en’s business is as old as our species. In all cultures men have mentored each other, initiated those who followed in the way of their people and have served as models to the young. Men are developmentally different at 15 years old, at 30, 60, etc. There is the journey from boyhood, into fatherhood, mature adulthood, mentorship and Eldership. Since the Industrial Revolution when the bulk of men were dragged into that brutal, alienating maw of “progress”, this has been lost. We stopped growing into elders and the separation of people from each other and from the land has created a cultural dreamwork in which the pursuit of money, profit and possessions is the major measure of worth and status. The movement of the masculine needs to become internal, into the world of the deep feeling field, and the men need to come together with a simple, “How can we grow each other up”?

As a man finding his way into Eldership (along with many brothers), I find myself pioneering a new way. The young men are thirsty, and unlike their grandfathers, there is no longer a set of norms to follow as they grow. So it is the archetypal roots as we have learned them that we go to find what needs to be passed on to them.

“Know the masculine, be in the Feminine” – Lao Tzu And the ground of Being is the feminine. One of the indigenous Elders told me a story of his initiation. On the way he asked his Grandfather, “What is going to happen to me?” His Grandfather replied, “You are going to learn the feminine part of your nature.” As I have matured I have found this to be true. So we teach the young ones the importance of the love of the feminine – of women, community and nature. We teach them how to move

with their life force (Chi, Mana, Ruarch, Ki), and how this relates to sex and love and warriorship, healing and the development of the Lover. We show them the importance of Presence and its relationship to sexual independence; how to ride the wave of their partner in sex, how to have internal orgasms and how to be nourished by love-making rather than depleted and how to hold space for their women when they are pregnant, pre-menstrual or downright bitchy. We show them how to become emotionally independent and how to develop the discriminative aspect of mind. We show them that to be a matured man is to be in relationship with the world. Then they are ready to go to the women and ask, “How can we grow each other up?” RUDRAN BRANNOCK is an Elder of the Men’s Consciousness Movement and the founder/visionary of The Joining. He runs men’s and women’s and mixed workshops on a regular basis.

Medical Intuitive Retreat

9 - 14 November 2013

Successful Healing Business

16 - 17 November 2013

What is Your Body Telling You? Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised medical intuitive

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible. Jean Sheehan


w. e. p. 07 5641 4009 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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10/21/2013 6:41:19 AM

What is your

Prostate Saying? WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


rostate cancer is one of the most common problems in men today, as well as depression. Why is it increasing and what does it all mean? What is the metaphysical meaning? For such a small gland it causes so much grief. This article has been written specifically for all those who have been affected by PROSTATE cancer. As a nurse, one of the wards I worked on was Urology. We were swamped with prostate cancer and my heart always went out to the men and families dealing with this situation. It is with those that I have had the privilege of nursing I write this article. Each and every body part has a consciousness or belief system. Disease is the blueprint or print out of the internal vibration in manifestation to make the individual aware of what is happening. The consciousness of the prostate is acceptance, nurturing, rejection, storage/ housing, productivity and creation. Full

acceptance of ourselves is probably the hardest challenge we have as a soul having a human experience. For a man that can be more challenging, especially with the earth-like qualities that are expressed as to what is successful and acceptable. Allen was 33 years old and loved working in the corporate world. He thrived on the success of results, meeting people, travelling and all the job gifts such as free events and dinners. There was something he was hiding and storing deeply in his prostate. He wanted to be recognised and not be associated with ‘poor’ people, as that was his back ground. He felt wealthy on all levels when he associated with ‘rich’ people. No one knew this fact and he kept a physical and emotional distance from his ‘poor’ family. He was totally unaware that his family was very rich in their heart and in family connections. This recognition came crashing when

he was recognised for having impotence problems, and on investigation the doctor explained he had prostate problems. That is when he looked at his life as the next step of ‘success’ was to be married with children. But how could he connect with a girl when he was impotent? After reviewing his life and what was important, Allen went back to rural north Queensland where his family was. He was known in the town for his business and IT skills and was requested by so many. He travelled long distances from one town to the other and was often asked for dinner by the country folk. That is when it dawned on Allen – he was doing the same job but this time the recognition was for his efforts and that the richness was in family and community. Oh, and he met a lovely lady to whom he is now married.

Would you like to guide and teach meditation?

Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation • Includes meditation for adults, children and individual special needs • Perfect for teachers, counsellors and natural health practitioners • High individual and group support via online learning • This course qualifies you for insurance and membership of IICT • Full time (4 months) or at your pace (up to 12 months)

Australian Centre for Holistic Studies

Call Lisa 03 9807 4889

Download a prospectus at 18

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FULL AM CHIRO EX d ll spine an Includes fu and any nerve exam ays -r required X


For the first time on the Sunshine Coast there has been an amazing combination of modalities to achieve fantastic results. Three offices have installed brand new ”Direct digital” X-ray machines that allow an accurate analysis of your spine with about 50% less radiation! These offices have also installed the latest in functional strength training known as TRX. The major advantage of this unique combination is the personal trainers and the Chiropractors can work together for your benefit. With this new technology we have kept the initial Chiropractic exam at a crazy $37 – this incudes a full spine and nerve exam including any required X-rays. Mention Holistic Bliss and your first TRX class will be free. We are so confident you will love it and feel the difference straight away. What have you got to lose?

Mention Holistic B liss and your



VIBRANT HEALTHY LIVING • Dr SIMON MORGAN Chiropractor • Digital X-rays • TRX • Naturopath • Massage • Weight Loss • Yoga • Meditation • Reiki • Acupuncture

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• Dr DAVID HENDREY Chiropractor • Digital X-rays • TRX • Naturopath • Massage • Rehab Studio

• Dr ERIC SLEAD Chiropractor • Digital X-rays • TRX • Naturopath • Rehab Studio

Phone (07) 5438 2008

Phone (07) 543 77 222

Phone (07) 5408 4224

2 Park Place CALOUNDRA

13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) KAWANA WATERS

506/5 Emporio Place MAROOCHYDORE

10/21/2013 6:43:11 AM

What is Going On in the

Man Cave?



hat will it take for men to finally understand the importance of well-being and wellness for themselves? Why do the majority of our loved menfolk wait until they are about to keel over before they choose to do something? And even then, many may be given a reprieve, a second chance, but will revert to old habits and patterns. Are the insights of Osho true, that men have a stronger death wish? (Sort of explains warfare on some level.) How many of the women sharing their lives with men roll their eyes when their men become unwell or sick and spend days with the ‘man flu’, and their man’s experience of it is the worst ever! But I wish I had a dollar for the number of times I hear men say, “I’ll be right” when you can clearly see they are unwell. Something in them will not yield to the fact that they are not invincible. If men took as much care of themselves as they pay attention to their cars and sports, we would have a healthier male role model. Men service their cars with more care than they do their own bodies. They know that a car or a piece of machinery will serve them better when it is looked after. The slightest noise from an engine that sounds off is very quickly attended to, yet when these same men feel off, they will ignore, deny and distract themselves from taking some steps of responsibility. Perhaps it goes back to the caveman archetype,

• Holism • Meditation • Religion • Philosophy • Science • Astrology • Yoga • Psychology • Vegetarianism • Mysticism

Present this advert to Brisbane Lodge for a 10% DISCOUNT on one book purchase or library membership The Theosophical Society welcomes people from all religions or from none, who are interested in the search for Truth as realised by the great saints and sages. The possibility for realising this Truth is present in every one of us through both psychological and spiritual transformation.

Public Meetings at Brisbane Lodge 7.30pm Fridays

BRISBANE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY 355 Wickham Terrace – Phone (07) 3839 1453

Also at Toowoomba, Warwick, Buderim, Noosa, Atherton and Interstate BROWSE OUR SMALL BOOKSHOP OR JOIN OUR UNIQUE AND COMPREHENSIVE LIBRARY

More info at 20

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where survival of the strongest and fittest is still deeply engrained. Or perhaps they are living through an inherited and generational belief that boys have to be tough, proud and get on with it. Maybe they are just fearful of their own vulnerability and immortality. Wellness, or a sense of well-being, is a rich reward created when you choose to make changes in all areas of life. So how can we guide men to be more in tune with their own bodies, general sense of well-being and then follow through with the changes required? I do know that it has to be simple, easy to apply and non-threatening. Getting a health check is a great place to start. As a partner you may have to drag them there, but at least you have a starting point. Initiate changes with one thing at a time, and some things can be done quietly and inventively. DO NOT use fear tactics as it will bring up resistance. Praise any changes that are started to keep him on track. And a secret for the man – the best way to improve your sex appeal and charisma is to be selfresponsible and ooze well-being. A man who takes full responsibility for all of his life, follows through with self-care, owns his issues and is prepared to work through them as a responsible conscious being, is indeed a very attractive prospect.

ESS IS THE IN S U B IF T A H W F LI VING? O E R U T N E V D A Order your book now in soft cover, audio, ebook. Get the first two chapters free at:

Two-day class in Mooloolaba – with Simone Milasas – 12-13 December, 2013

For details call Shennan 0410 471 724

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any people were shocked by the destruction and death wrought by terrorists in New York on September 11, 2001. Among them was Theosophical Society (TS) member Dr Peter Simon. “I thought then that we had to get past senseless, fanatical, exclusivist religion,” said Dr Simon, when I shared a coffee with him recently. “That’s where Theosophy can make a contribution. Theosophy is not a religion, but perhaps is the essence of all religions. It transcends religion,” explained Peter (first names were appropriate over coffee, I thought). The Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875. It soon moved its headquarters to Adyar, now a suburb of Chennai in southern India, where it remains to this day. I asked about Peter’s background and his involvement in the Society. Peter, who started life as a traditional Christian, had studied physics, religion, philosophy and psychology at university. He joined the TS in 1978.

on Theosophy

After an initial burst of writing and lecturing, Peter’s activity waned, though not through lack of interest. “It seemed to me that the more I studied and meditated, the less I knew,” he told me. “Who was I to go around lecturing to people?” So for over 15 years, the only thing Peter did was to contribute a couple of articles to the national magazine, Theosophy in Australia, articles that started life as assignments for his university tutor. All that changed with 9/11. “I felt I had to try and make some contribution again,” he said. Peter was attracted to the Society by its motto: “There is no religion higher than Truth.” But its three objects appealed, too: namely, to form a nucleus of universal brotherhood without any kind of discrimination; to encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science; and to investigate the potential latent in human beings. These objects yield much on deeper examination. The ideal of universal

brotherhood, for example, embraces not just humanity, but the animal kingdom and, indeed, the whole of creation. Helena P Blavatsky, principal founder of the Society, wrote of “an Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable Principle on which all speculation is impossible.” She saw all creation as part of this One Reality, the One Life that pervades everything. From this we can see the wider meaning of “brotherhood,” in some ways an old-fashioned word. “In a nutshell, whatever good we do, benefits All; whatever harm we do, harms All,” said Peter. “So the First Object is really about helping people see that they are all interconnected through the One Life ‘holism’ indeed.” The Society meets in Brisbane at 355 Wickham Terrace, 7.30pm Fridays, and also at Buderim and Noosa – see

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people?

Your herbal medicine supplier • HAPPY • HEALTHY • HORNY • HERBAL TEAS • • HIPPY • PARTY HERBS • GIFTS • CLOTHING •

This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently. This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

One Treatment Can Be Life Changing


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07 5412 2829

The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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10/21/2013 6:44:59 AM

What does the

Body Require?



OU ARE… a light in someone’s life, a unique individual, caring, playful, creative. Your essence is a free spirit. You are part of the brotherhood/sisterhood of us. You are not your body; you have a body which is a beautifully designed vehicle for living. IT’S DESIGNED TO WIN against many onslaughts – germs, intense physical activity, injury, stress and toxins. It has DEFINITE REQUIREMENTS and it’s up to us to supply these. Men’s bodies are 55 to 60% WATER. Our muscles are 70% water and it’s needed for discs, joints and digestion. A good rule of thumb for how much fluid (not counting caffeine and alcohol) you need is: your weight in kg x 30 = no. mls to drink daily. PROTEIN is involved in the structure of every cell – in muscle, bone, the immune system, nerve function and detoxification. High quality protein foods are eggs, grass-fed or organic beef and lamb, and free range or organic chicken and turkey. Eggs are a quality food and will not raise your cholesterol,

but only supply 6g of protein, so you need 3 or 4 at a meal. Mushroom omelette for breakfast, yum! GOOD FATS AND OILS. Our muscles and our hearts’ preferred energy source is FAT! It yields twice the energy that carbohydrate does and at less cost to the body. If you believe that fat is bad for you, you’ve been misinformed. It’s actually an excess of carbohydrate that’s bad for us. See Gary Taubes (author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat) at So leave the fat on meat, use butter and cream in cooking, and use lots of olive oil. But avoid the bad fats – margarine, deep fried food, commercial biscuits, pies and snack foods (these contain hydrogenated oils). Coconut oil is an even more efficient energy source, so use it in cooking, smoothies, or have a teaspoonful for a pick-me-up instead of a carbohydrate snack. We need some GOOD CARBOHYDRATES. Thirty minutes after an exercise session is a great time to have a high carb meal to nourish the

muscles. Rice, oats, potato, wholemeal pasta or bread will fit the bill. Otherwise have these as a SMALL part of your meals. We need lots of green, red and yellow vegetables which are full of antioxidants, fibre and liver-enhancing compounds. Magnesium is the anti-stress mineral; too little and we get tired, irritable (sometimes aggressive) and tight. Have green leafy vegies, nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains. Zinc is THE essential mineral for our immune system. We also need it for prostate and skin health and healing injuries. It’s found in red meats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts and legumes. Stress can be good if it’s a challenge, not so good if it’s overbearing. Most of our stress is self-induced. Let’s keep in touch with the playful, creative side of ourselves. This can come out in many ways – word play, having fun with others, a hobby or doing something new and doing it your way. Remember that we are creating our lives as we go along.

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Music, Mantra & Meditation “Christmas Celebration” SATURDAY DECEMBER 14th 3.00-5.30pm, JyotiOm Buderim

• NEW YEAR’S EVE CEREMONY Havan Fire Ceremony with Gateway to 2014 together with Music, Mantra and Meditation At Mangalam, Palmwoods

• Soul Purpose Mastery Consultations with Soraya • Young Living Essential Oils

Independent Distributor 540882 22

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Is there a

Male Menopause?

WORDS SUZI LE FANUE – Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist And Naturopath


n The Western Journal of Medicine, an article was centred around the debate on whether or not ‘manopause’ really exists. If the term ‘manopause’ is real, the symptoms could be crankiness, irritability, poor libido, lowered fertility, fatigue, unexplained weight gain, depression and low motivation. Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps it is not widely recognised because men do not suffer with the evident hot flushes like women? The sad truth with manopause is that society expects men to ‘harden up’ and hide their emotions, which only makes the problem worse. At the age of about 40 the levels of testosterone and DHEA in men usually start to decline, and this continues for decades. The decrease of testosterone, classically considered the ‘man hormone’, is associated with a reduction of leydig

Get Your

cells in the testes. The rate of decrease is different for each person. For any person of this age experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms I would highly encourage hormone testing. DHEA has been dubbed the ‘youth hormone’. A precursor of hormones it too, like testosterone, naturally decreases with age. A paper published in the Biological Psychiatry Journal reported that DHEA may have an antidepressant effect. This suggests that a decline in DHEA may increase feelings of depression, anxiety and poor motivation; symptoms that you will clinically see in those with low DHEA. This area of hormone imbalance and depression is an interesting field of research that is still emerging. What about stress and anxiety? Stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol as part of the fight or flight response. When this

happens it can cause your hormones to go out of balance, including testosterone and DHEA. If there are any secondary inflammatory conditions, such as allergies, arthritis, asthma or digestive issues, then they also need to be addressed as they can influence cortisol levels. So what should you do? Firstly, I would encourage having hormone testing to actually establish if these are out of balance and other pathology testing that may give clues as to why you feel the way you do. Secondly, I would be addressing any other inflammatory conditions and thirdly I would be seeking advice on ways to assist stress reduction, such as nutritional medicine. Men do not need to just toughen up, as there may be therapies that can assist you in living a happy life!

Head Out of the Sand and Create Your Life!

Have you decided that it’s easier to bury your head in the sand than it is to create the life you know is possible? • If you could BE anything…what would you choose? • If you could CREATE anything…what would you choose? • And, if you’re not choosing that now…then what the hell are you doing?

Join Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, creators of Access Consciousness, for an evening workshop exploring what’s truly possible when you’re willing to get out of the sandbox of everyone else’s reality and create your own.

7pm November 29 & Online Streamed Noosa Convention Centre, 8 Hilton Terrace, Tewantin

Investment: $125


Is it time to get your head out of the sand and create YOUR life? If not now…when?

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory®

For more information contact Shennan 0410 471 724 or visit Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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10/21/2013 6:46:51 AM

Why do



verywhere around the world men have a lower life expectance. Longevity and quality of life have long been a fascination of mine. So I naturally asked why. As a teenager I assumed that women had some genetic advantage over us men in the ageing process. Luck was all it was. After all; only the good die young. At University I studied genetics as well as anatomy, physiology and pathology. Sadly my illusion was shattered. There is no genetic reason for this discrepancy. There must be another reason. Must be that men work harder while women sit around having cups of tea with their girlfriends, right? Wrong. All men know that it is easier when they go back to work after a holiday as running a house especially if there are kids is way more frantic and relentless. So if it’s not genetics and it’s not an easier life; what is it?

After looking after patients for 20 years of both sexes and all ages, I have observed a few things and have a theory. It all starts in my opinion with our teenage years: • We are going through puberty, • We are asked almost everyday what are we going to do with our life, • We are developing our sense of identity and emotionally maturing. During this time, boys are receiving a boost of testosterone and gaining self esteem through physical sports and showing the other boys how tough they are. I remember breaking my finger at school and not even bothering to tell the teachers or my parents. Proving to my friends just how strong I was. This macho attitude promotes young boys to ignore injuries and physical ailments. They are rewarded for this by their mates. Girls on the other hand are beginning to menstruate and must listen to their body. If they ignore the signals they are receiving, they risk embarrassment of the highest order. Girls are rewarded and encouraged

to consult with older sisters and their mums and even doctors if required. They ask questions, gain knowledge and take action. This massive difference in behaviour comes down to one word; Responsibility. Women listen to their body, seek advice and take action. Men however have been trained to “Put up with it” and just get on with the job. In practice everyday I see this played out where women seek advice and are proactive with improving their health and men often want a quick fix to get them back on the road ASAP. Of course this is a generalisation and there are some very proactive men and some reactive women. Bottom-line is we all should act like teenage girls when it comes to our health: • Listen to your body • Seek advice • Take action to improve your health • Live a proactive lifestyle not a reactive one

Local Clinical Psychologist Specialises in Mindfulness! We specialise in friendly, proven help for stress, anxiety, or depression. Or simply assisting anyone seeking to live with greater awareness, acceptance, and skill. Who are we? Cameron Aggs (B.A. Hons., M. Clin. Psych) is an internationally published author in Mindfulness, and the developer of the ‘Meditations for a Busy World CD. He also runs regular  Mindfulness in Daily Life and ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes  Mindful Parenting Courses  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy Dr. Danielle McCarthy – Children and Adolescents Dr. Lucy Coyne – Clinical Eating Disorders Dr. Gayre Christie – Adolescents, Pain Disorders, Couples

To discuss your needs call (07) 5451 1575

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Be Mindful

Mindful Therapy Psychology Services

| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

10/21/2013 6:48:09 AM


Have you seen this man?” says the sign on the beach. He is not a missing person, but in the last three years he has not missed a sunrise. In 2010, after experiencing a heart attack, expensive divorce, the loss of his daughter, nearly losing his business, and becoming homeless, Jeremy Britton was clinically depressed and suicidal and was advised to make some changes in his life. “Over three years, I changed my diet, changed my circle of friends, changed my business, gave up some addictions and managed to drop depression and pick up joy,” says Jeremy. Sharing the joy and beauty of the sunrise every single day, Jeremy Britton has posted thousands of beach sunrise pictures onto Facebook, attracting followers from the USA, UK, Africa, India and Europe. A US photographer captured some candid images of Jeremy meditating at sunrise and an Australian documentary crew has had almost a dozen trips down to the beach to film the mysterious sunrise meditator. A Hollywood documentary is planned for 2014. In three years, “sunrise meditation

Reasons to be Happy

man” has become a familiar face on one specific sand dune on one particular Sunshine Coast beach. “I have sat with my favourite red blanket to watch the sunrise over the ocean; most times I am alone and I often attract a few friends as well, and we have seen some pretty amazing sights while most of the city sleeps.” There have been several days when Jeremy and friends have sighted whales from the shore, a few sightings of turtles nesting and laying eggs, also sea snakes, dolphins and among other “wildlife”, a trio of topless women and a somersaulting surfer. On September 14th this year, the iconic figure on the hill clocked up his 1000th sunrise down on the beach, and this milestone has attracted attention from a few areas. There was a small celebration planned, with a group meditation on the beach presented by a former Tibetan Buddhist monk. Supporters in five other countries and different time zones were participating in a group meditation from their homes, at the same time as sunrise in Australia.

Live life pain free!

What started as a random thought, “I think I might go and meditate on the beach at sunrise tomorrow”, became a daily habit, then a discipline and some may say, an obsession. Meditating at Wyanda Park Beach, Warana, even during hurricane winds, sand storms, thunder storms and beach closures, Jeremy has lost or destroyed several umbrellas and a lost more than a few water bottles but he may just have saved his own life. Dropping over 30 pounds in weight, feeling more peaceful and more in control of his emotions, giving up habits such as alcohol and tobacco, giving up stress and depression, it is easy to see why sunrise meditation can become contagious. His 1000th sunrise meditation celebration was special, but so is every brand new day. Jeremy Britton continues to sit and meditate on the same spot at the same beach and also holds free meditation classes and coaching at dawn.

NATURAL PAIN RELIEF that may assist the following conditions: • Neck and back pain • Tendonitis • Fractures • Fatigue • Injuries of carpal bones • Limited range of motion • Arthritis • Post-operative recovery


• Meniscus of knees • Cervical syndromes • Headaches and migraines • Muscle and joint stiffness • Swelling and oedema • Sports injuries • Allergies

Contact Joke Chadwick – Pain Relief Specialist

Phone: 3359 5630 | 0412 988 843 Email:

23 Kilburn Street CHERMSIDE Qld 4032 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2013 |

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10/21/2013 6:49:02 AM

Do You


to fo w fo W w fo m li •


have been privileged throughout my years of healing, to have had the pleasure of treating thousands of men via the Body Consciousness® System, and there are certainly some consistent qualities I have seen. I am not saying this may be easy to see in every man, however, in each case, underneath all the reactive behaviours, stresses, physical symptoms and unconscious issues is a very gentle and kind person. When asked to write this article I thought I could share some of these qualities with you. Some of those things are… When a man’s heart chooses to love a woman, he just knows that she is the woman for him. He is solid on it and committed to it. Something in him desires to give her everything he can – houses, protection, security, care and nurturing. If a woman lets him, and opens up to receive from him, he will give consistently for a long time.

Are You Treating Your Body Like a Temple? • Would you like a solution to that uncomfortable bloated feeling? • Do you suffer from that griping crippling pain of having IBS? • Are you feeling like you don’t empty completely when you have been to the toilet – the feeling of being blocked?

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments for the price of 2, $249 – usually $348 SAVING OF $99 Contact Katrina Drew NUTRITIONIST / COLON HYDROTHERAPIST

Integrative Health brisbane

…modern bowel therapies

Phone 3862 8574 or 0400 283 574

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• •

M t

Men are amazing at giving to what they love…


M w

| NOVEMBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

10/21/2013 6:49:43 AM

fa k a in h la

Men love the fun and lightness in a woman rather than how she looks… For some women this may be hard to believe. Our society has such a big focus on how men love to look at sexy women and that’s it. However, I have found the above statement to be so true. When men talk about having fun times with their wives/partners they are looking for ‘relaxed, light, easy flowing, fun’. So many times I have heard men say things like… • I wish she would just love her body and let me touch it, hold it and love it, I love her and her body exactly how it is. • I wish she would not worry about everything all the time. • I wish she would just know that I love her and am committed to us. • I wish she would let me help her. • I wish she would tell me exactly what she wants; I will do it. Men can love consistently for a long time… Think of how much he loves his favourite jeans or jumper. Men can keep their favourite things for decades and love them even more after time, including the wear and tears. They will hang on to them for ages – and beware ladies if you try and throw anything

like that out! They do not yearn to go shopping all the time for new things. Nor keep up with the latest styles. They love to be consistent in what they do. Whether it be fishing, watching sport, or sitting in the same spot at home each day. Men are great at creating togetherness and fun for their families… Most men love family time and given the lead here, that is without the control or influence from their partner/wife, they will create many fun, simple adventures. Many women can feel intimidated by this or even guilty because they do not really want to do it, or sometimes even be involved. Ladies, here’s a tip about what to say to your hubby or partner:

You are great at creating fun for us all. I would love it if you planned something fun on the weekend for all of us. Then, ladies, let him lead here. If it is the first time for many men to have this lead, know that each time he is given the opportunity (AND especially if he knows he is doing something for YOU, the lady

he loves) then you will be pleasantly surprised at how great he will be here, and how much he will grow in this area. If he is already doing this for your family, acknowledge how much you love and appreciate his ability to create fun togetherness times. He will love that and be inspired to create more of them. One thing that I would love to finish on is this: we all have both male and female qualities and when used in combination in each of us, we can appear very supportive towards each other. Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, ALL people have natural skills that are gender based as well. If you or your partner are stuck in the misery of life, don’t stay there! You can get out of it and turn it around. It all starts with the belief that we are Energetic Beings of Love, and any stress, upset or negative reactive behaviour is just a cry for help to look at something and get you back into your natural state. Believe in each other and trust that LOVE will see any situation through. The Body Consciousness® System helps immensely to move YOU forward from any dark or unconsciousness place back into the zest and love of life.

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Introducing the Easy Body Program: this a complete 4-week plan that is guaranteed to get you fantastic results Based on the principle of increasing alkalising foods in the diet, you will find that you will not only lose weight but feel great due to the benefits this type of eating has on your overall health.

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Support – Just a Phone Call Away WORDS RICHARD GILES


ack in the early days of the nineties I was part of a group of men who helped to start up the first men’s help phone line in Queensland and possibly one of the earliest in Australia. On the Sunshine Coast in 1992, a group interested in men’s health and men’s emotional issues got together to start the first talk line exclusively for men in trouble. We called the group SMERI (Suncoast Male Emotions Resource Initiative). Enough of us had experienced the pains and traumas that men suffer when they have a break-up, lose a child or just cannot cope with the world around them, so we were ready to help out. The pressures that men experience because of the huge expectations placed on them in our adversarial world push some men into giving up, running away or just falling into violent and abusive modes of behaviour.

raelene byrne

Medicine for your Spirit

the catalyst for change 1-HOUR SPECIAL on

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for November only – excluding mentoring Raelene Byrne is an Internationally respected spiritual guide and mastery mentor and Director of Medicine for your Spirit – Australia

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Highly Intuitive and spiritual with clear information on next steps and future goals (via skype and phone).

One-Day and Half-Day Retreats

Sunshine Coast. Consists of ceremonies, rituals, personal meditation, Tree of Life reading and some deep insights from the wisdom of nature Meditation Events. See website for details.

Medicine for your Spirit Calendar NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE

Stay tuned for a Beautiful ebook about to be released, and webinars that will support and inform you. 28

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W ia NE tral us A to “The Leading Name in the Field of Advanced Frequency-TENS-Therapy-Techniques” Used by many alternative practitioners, dentists and doctors around the globe for pain therapy, health care, combatting infection and cleansing The Powertube helps to reinforce your immune system and assist the body to fight against morbid bacteria, viruses etc, and aid improved energy levels.

SPECIAL OFFER Come and experience the Powertube for yourself TGA registered medical device (No. 1406560) For enquiries contact


Inner Glow Health Products – (07) 5449 0600 110 GOODWIN STREET, TEWANTIN QLD 4565 |

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This is nothing new as men have been doing that forever. What was different for those of us guys who got together back then, is that we felt deeply on the issues and had enough of the fire in us to start up a free phone system that would give other men a chance to talk. To talk to other men is the hardest thing. In the early nineties it was a very big deal to acknowledge that you, as a male, may have problems and emotions that were troubling you and you just really didn’t want to tell anyone. In fact, feeling safe in doing that and opening up to other men that you were having a hard time was just far too hard to consider. But we (SMERI) did it anyway. We had two trainers, both counsellors, who took us through an eight week training course in all the fundamentals of phone counselling and how to approach males calling for help. Those two were good women friends and acquaintances who had both been phone counsellors and personal counsellors for a long time. Every week we met together in a Mudjimba home to go through the fundamentals and, wait for it, feel like we could actually handle

talking to another guy for prolonged periods of time around feeling bad or feeling lost. Those who have done counselling know it takes the practical learning of the skills, and it takes a certain intuitive skill to know what to say when, and how to handle it without freaking out the guy on the other end. Judgement from another male is a big issue and to tread carefully through a minefield of weakness feelings in revealing your innermost self was the needed skill. Okay, we all graduated, and got the line set up and a basic dedicated phone number advertised through local papers and through organisations like Lifeline and others. We rostered ourselves on one night a week and there were at least seven of us so we shared the week. Each evening we had to divert the line from a day time message service to whoever was on that night. It was open from about 6pm through to 6am the next morning. How did I cope with a call at 1am? For my part I just decided that it was my role to be there for another guy and I coped with it – pretty well I thought. Some nights there were no calls, other weeks you may get

Those who have done counselling know it takes the practical learning of the skills, and it takes a certain intuitive skill to know what to say when, and how to handle it without freaking out the guy on the other end.

2 or 3 a night. Some guys wanted to talk for hours and there were men who had broken up with their girlfriend or wife and been thrown out and wanted someone to listen to their sorrow and their now heavy regrets. We got an occasional suicide call, which was the toughest to deal with and keep the guy there on the line. I remember one call like that for one of us that lasted most of the night. Our SMERI counsellor made it through and saved a life. That was the greatest moment! Since 1992 – the line ran for more than five years (I stayed three and half years) – SMERI went on to be a model for men’s services and helped a lot of guys stay safe and away from violent behaviour. We pioneered back then. Looking back it was with a certain innocence that we began and that honest innocence allowed us to deal with issues that were sometimes so extreme. These days there are other men’s lines that are also doing great work to support men such as ‘Men’s Line Australia’– and the Men’s Advisory Network – RICHARD GILES has a multitude of experience in men’s health. He is also an Astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner and helps men and women gain greater clarity in their lives. Visit:

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Do we understand each other in the bedroom? WORDS GENE THOMPSON


lmost every man I know is facing or has faced the same dilemma: not knowing how to navigate the minefield of difficult emotions that arise in relationship in general, and specifically regarding sex. There may be feelings of frustration as a he craves intimate connection with his partner and doesn’t know how to make it happen, or feelings of sadness as the distance between them increases. He may have feelings of inadequacy if he is told he is not a good lover. He may feel like a failure as a man if he experiences erection problems. So many couples settle for lovemaking that doesn’t really satisfy them, or stop making love altogether. For many men their deepest pain is grief, as they experience the breakdown of their relationship, separation and loss of connection with their children. The relationship journey can be so painful that many men shut down to

their feelings and overlay them with work, affairs, sport and other activities. We will choose anything to prevent having to feel. I know. I’ve been there. This means that when it comes to our relationships we are only half alive. There is a void and we don’t know how to fill it. However, there is a pathway that will keep bringing us back to peace and love. It is in the nature of man to initiate. He is the doer. He, most often, is the initiator of sexual activity. He provides the spark for new life. Traditionally, he creates an environment of protection and safety for women and children. It is his male or yang energy that he projects into his environment to create change. Essentially, it is in the nature of woman to be receptive, referred to as yin in the Taoist tradition. For a woman who embodies it, receptivity is far from powerless. A woman has an incredible power to attract what she may need into

her life. Her beauty attracts. Her sexual nature attracts and most importantly her capacity to love and nurture draws people and resources to her. Obviously, men also have the capacity to be receptive or yin and women have the capacity to be yang and create and project that energy into the world. Yet, through his masculinity it is the essential nature of man to initiate. So the invitation is for men to take the initiative to help heal and positively influence the dynamics within male/ female relationships on the planet. An integral component of this is to change the way we relate sexually. When women sense man’s intention and integrity in this endeavor they are usually eager to cooperate. They have been yearning for this for centuries. GENE THOMPSON runs couples retreats and is the author of “Six Initiatives for Men”. Visit:

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Dwhisen count! you mention

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Men Permission

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Allow your family and friends to be there for you

Continue with so cial activities, even when you ar e unmotivated to do so



en often suffer life’s hardships in silence denying themselves permission to admit their suffering. There is day-to-day stuff and the deeper, more enduring things about ourselves that continue to trouble us. Loss of a relationship or a job can be profoundly upsetting. These kinds of events can shatter our confidence, and challenge our sense of who we are. Is this you? Sometimes we feel the effects of things that happened a long time ago: In childhood or adolescence, for example. Stuff that we think we should just ‘get over’. As children, our greatest emotional need is to feel secure. Some of us didn’t get to feel too much of that growing up. So the challenge facing us as adults is to find healthy ways of creating security; both in our chosen way of life, and in the kinds of relationships to which we are drawn. Our challenge as adults is to find

this security in healthy, functional ways. Could this be you? Sometimes, our psychological problems allow us to let our physical health needs suffer. If we are depressed, for example it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise or to look after our diet; or, indeed to get enough sleep, or to stay socially connected. When this happens we can spiral downward and it can be difficult to get back up. Sometimes if we go to talk about it, we might get the age old “Chin up, she’ll be right!” Maybe this is you? Sometimes we can adopt coping strategies that just seem to make matters worse! Using drugs for example. Using them can start out ok, seemingly providing some relief. They may seem to help in the short term, as a form of self-medication. Then they themselves become the immediate problem – so much so that this ends up negatively impacting our relationships, our jobs and our security. You? Traditionally many men have not

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Learn some relaxa tion strategies. Type “3-Minute Br eathing Space” into a m search and lear na very brief, transp ortable and effec tive meditation. Notice the small blessings in your life.

4 5 6

Make exercise so cial where possible

Be kind to yourse lf: Treat yourself with the kindness and compassion you would a good friend

sought counselling. The good thing with magazines like this is that they can help give us permission to be vulnerable and to accept help. Give yourself permission to contact a good psychologist or other mental health practitioner. It could be good for you! DR GAYRE CHRISTIE is a psychologist at Mindful Therapy who specialises in men’s issues, addictions, couples counselling, pain management and issues affecting children.

Time for some maintenance? • I find that many men need to unwind, so I combine Deep Tissue with Relaxation massage techniques to effectively reduce tension and relax the mind. • Have a stressful job? Give your vehicle (body) some maintenance and enjoy a better journey.

Suzanne Gill Remedial Massage Trigger Point Therapy Cert IV RM

Our team is on your side

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Golf is Good WORDS MARC BRIGHT, Golfer and Coach


he game of golf, has roots in the earliest cultural history. Indigenous cultures around the world, identify ‘stick-and-ball-hitting’ on rock, with wood or mud ‘balls’ as a natural part of growing up. Young tribal people routinely practised developing their hand-eye contact, balance, timing, co-ordination and mental focus, holding sticks and hitting rocks over local landscapes. This early version of golf, was a game whose primary purpose was to develop and sharpen hunting skills, fitness, strength and fighting instincts for the survival of individuals and their families. The earliest forms of golf were simply a ‘kind of training for life’. Later on, the first ‘official’ mention of the name golf came from Scotland’s King James in 1457 where he instantly became the most unpopular ruler of all time when he issued a decree banning the playing of golf (the National game of Scotland at the time) in favour of Archery practice. Many derivatives of golf’s ‘stick and ball hitting exercise’ were entrenched


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in other European societies as ‘fine sport’ and good social entertainment. In Holland, the Dutch made a game of Kolven with a stick instrument called a Kolf. In France they made a version of the golf game called Cross. Further on into the 20th and 21st centuries, the popularity of the game of golf has continued to be an attraction for generations from all parts of the world. The 2013 Sports Marketing Surveys indicate that there are currently more than 33,000 golf courses, and more than 60 million golfers around the world. Golf and its derivatives have always been associated with sharing a connection to nature. The original golf fields were often rough natural grasslands with rabbits, deer and other wild life acting as “keepers of the greens”. People from all parts of the social fabric of communities have obviously found their way to participating in the golf experience. Walking on a golf course can provide players with an experience similar to hiking in nature. Golf is

for the


played over, along, around and across all kinds of rugged natural landscapes, with awesome native habitat and a variety of trees, shrubs and grasses, natural water courses, lakes and some boggy, muddy places! Once golfers find their ball, (if they can), they hit it again and again…and sometimes many more times…or when magically they make contact with their ‘Zen’ moment, the Holy Grail of golf, a perfect connect is a cause for great and unusual sacred-ritualistic celebrations. Golf has a lot to offer its current players, while new initiatives like ‘All Abilities Golf’ and its Indigenous New Players programs, are opening up new doors for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy golf as a healthy, empowering, multi-layered experience. Golfing play with walking, or even driving a disabilities modified cart or wheel-chair device out in nature on the course, has a truly extensive range of health benefits for all. Email:

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12th-15th DECEMBER BYRON BAY You are invited to join us in co-creating a new paradigm with evolutionary leaders, scientists, visionary activists, indigenous elders, musicians and poets in a 4-day celebration of conscious evolution.







(only Australian show) and many more.

Other highlights include: Conscious Film Festival, Yoga & Dance Workshops, Kids Village, Global Food and Crafts Village and much more. Live webcast all weekend. For more info and ticket details please visit : 33.indd 1

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Celebrate Oneness!


PLIFT returns to Byron Bay from 12-15 December 2013 for another four days of inspiration, celebration and positive action. Featuring an extraordinary line up of some of the planet’s most current consciousness leaders including: Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me; Dr Bruce Lipton, author of ‘Proof of Heaven’; Dr Eben Alexander and the inimitable Dr Patch Adams to name just a few. This year’s

fields of science, wellness, art, music, ecology, new economics, indigenous culture, the wisdom of youth and more.

festival is a rare opportunity to connect with an unprecedented gathering of evolutionary leaders in one space. UPLIFT 2013 is a participatory event that supports a deep understanding and knowing that we are all fully connected to each other and that the essential truth of Oneness is the foundation of all life. The festival unites a dynamic tapestry of disciplines that stimulates mind, body and heart, featuring experts from the

Have you ever considered a

Career in Massage? Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practices (HLT40312)

Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT50307)

Diploma of Reflexology (HLT51712)

Highlights of the festival include: 2012 New York Times best-selling author Anita Moorjani. Her book, Dying to Be Me is based upon her rare experience of ‘crossing over’ in 2006, in the final hours of a four-year battle with cancer that had ravaged her body. Joining Anita is another New York Times best-selling author, Oprah guest, former spiritual skeptic and academic neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander III.

Rejuvenate, Rebalance and Restore your body and mind

REFLEXOLOGY is a therapy that works on the meridians and zones in the feet and hands. This we know… everything is connected… stimulation of our reflexes assists in maintaining harmony and homeostasis in the blood, body and organs. ACUPRESSURE works with pressure points along meridians in the body and can relieve musculo/skeletal pain of diverse origin. THE 5 ELEMENTS – the five phases describe cycles of growth and development in the body: Joyous Fire, Ripening Earth, Adventurous Metal, Courageous Water and Flexible Wood



With every 1-hour massage with essential oils

Specialising in: • Chinese Massage • Sports Massage • Therapeutic Massage

ENQUIRIES TO: JENNY CAVANAGH (07) 5476 1977 Keeping the Massage Industry in Safe Hands 34

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bodywork centre

Aromatherapy for Success LAVENDER Our lavender essential oil is distilled from the flower of organic lavender fields in Tasmania. Lavender is soothing, healing to the skin and mind, aids in promoting the respiratory, circulatory and muscular systems.

JUNIPER Our juniper essential oil is distilled from the berry of organic juniper bushes grown in Yugoslavia. Juniper is renowned for its distinctive and invigorating properties and is a heavenly, uplifting oil which cleanses the mind and body.

9/4 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach Village

PHONE (07) 5448 2100 • 0411 768 557

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In 2 c m la th b ro

o in k h e a

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In the predawn hours of 10 November 2008, Dr Alexander was driven into coma by a rare and mysterious bacterial meningitis-encephalitis and seven days later emerged with the incredible clarity that we are conscious in spite of our brain – in fact, consciousness is at the root of all existence. His story resulted in his book, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife and offers a crucial key to the understanding of reality and human consciousness, which has a major effect on how we view spirituality, soul and the non-material realm. Returning to UPLIFT in 2013 after the release of his recent book, Honeymoon Effect, is fascinating stem


s d

Patch Adams – Medical doctor and clown

cell biologist, best-selling author and international leader in the bridging of science and spirit, Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD. He shares the stage with medical visionary Patch Adams; the man who had last year’s audience dancing to rock and roll by the end of his inspiring 2012 address. Both a medical doctor and a clown, Patch is also a social activist who has devoted 30 years to changing America’s healthcare system, believing that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process. Lastly, anyone who visited UPLIFT 2012 will not forget the incredibly passionate and moving work of 12 year old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Earth Guardians, who totally inspired everyone with his enormous energy and dedication to helping heal our planet. His story was also featured in Holistic Bliss earlier this year. Recently awarded the Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award Xiuhtezcatl gives unbelievable belief in the power of our new generations to lead the world towards a truly environmentally sustainable solution. The festival also features a full program of inspiring lectures, interactive talks and dynamic panel discussions, plus ongoing sessions featuring yoga, dance, devotional chants, sound therapy, art workshops and a dynamic youth space.

Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD. – Stem cell biologist and author

With the huge response to the 2012 program, UPLIFT’s organisers are creating a new tent for presenters to work with up to 400 people to deliver crossdiscipline collaborative, dynamic and innovative workshops. The evening is devoted to the best of world music and uplifting dance beats from international musicians and world-class Australian acts including Deva Premal and Miten who are playing their only Australian show for 2013 at UPLIFT. The UPLIFT Festival provides a meeting place for conscious evolutionaries to share, celebrate and dream in the world that we want to create, live in and hand onto our children.

8-Stage Get Into Shape for Summer! Tap Water Purification and Mineralisation

• Holistic weight loss based on Traditional Spe ci Chinese Medicine Principles Sign al Of • Real food: no shakes or pre-packaged food the Ea up and fer tod sy Body start • 100% natural formulations a FRE y and r Progra ec • Personalised weight loss programs m E Fo rmu eive a Offe latio • One-on-one private support and motivation r av aila n*

Water Filter System Creating Healthy, Alkaline Drinking Water


The Water Filter that not only removes harmful water contaminants, but also replenishes beneficial minerals.

Introducing the Easy Body Program: this a complete 4-week plan that is guaranteed to get you fantastic results Based on the principle of increasing alkalising foods in the diet, you will find that you will not only lose weight but feel great due to the benefits this type of eating has on your overall health.

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Shoes with Soul with Amanda Rootsey


hen we talk about fashion, shoes and all things ecofriendly, often the men get left behind. But there is plenty to get excited about if you are a trendy man looking for some eco-friendly and ethical kicks. When searching for ethical shoes, there are a few questions you can ask: • What material are these made from? • Where were they made? • Was there slave labour involved or are they fair trade? • Will they last? To ensure that your shoes have the least impact on the environment, animals and people, you want them to be made close to home, out of recycled or sustainable materials, vegan and fair trade. You also want them to be good quality so that they will last. While it can be tough to meet all of these criteria,

Sunshine Dental Care




Dr Lilian Kluge

Shop 3, Plaza Central 31-33 Plaza Parade MAROOCHYDORE 4558

Phone 5475 4866


36.indd 1

here are some shoe stores that come pretty close: Vegan Style – Vegan Style have quite an extensive men’s range of good quality, vegan shoes. They have checked out the factories where the shoes are made and know that the workers are also well looked after. If you are looking for dress shoes, this is the place to go. Etiko – Etiko do a great range of men’s sneakers that look similar to the wellknown Converse sneakers, but they are radically different. The soles are made from sustainable latex, the canvas and laces are made from certified organic cotton and there are no animal byproducts in the glue that holds these shoes together. Even their shoe boxes are made from post-consumer waste. Your Eco Steps – Your Eco Steps have a great range of colourful sneakers called For Your

Earth. The outside of the shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, the sole is composed of 50% recycled shoes, 25% natural rubber and 25% synthetic rubber. The laces and the lining are made from organic cotton. The insole is made from recycled shoes, sawdust, 25% natural rubber and 25% synthetic rubber. Nontoxic water adhesives have replaced the tradition toxic glues used in shoe production and all dyes and pigments used are natural and non-toxic. If you are looking to save a few bucks, you can actually receive a discount at all of the above shoe stores with a Vegan Card. Check out for all the details. Happy shoe shopping! AMANDA ROOTSEY is the Director of SHINE From Within, teaching wellness and confidence to teenage girls ( She is also an Eco-Model ( and the co-founder of Vegan Era (

“We get most of our patients through word of mouth” SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL

Because we believe passionately in Holistic Health, we practise the safest possible ways to remove Amalgam. We are fully equipped for Safe Amalgam Removal with AIR PURIFICATION, and work in a strict protocol considering your health first. The Air Purification System has high efficiency filters which remove mercury vapours, disinfectants and organic aerosols.

“CEREC” CROWNS (completed in one visit!) Here at Sunshine Dental Care we have the very latest technology, offering “CEREC” crowns. This is a porcelain crown which is prepared, milled and inserted all in one single visit – saving the patient the need to wait two weeks (requiring two visits) to receive their treatment.

ilable: Also Ava try or entis Sleep D n… You t sedatio h deep h ig il w T wit ur eyes close yo and sleep your n e relaxatio your procedur h g ou way thr ter how lengthy at m o (n lex). or comp

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Men’s Skin

WORDS MUKTI, Organic/Eco Skincare Pioneer


es, men do have thick skin and beneath that they can be sensitive too. The surface of the skin on a male is thicker and has smaller pores so products have a harder time penetrating the dermis. Due to higher testosterone levels, they produce excess sebum (oil) so products need to generally be more intensive and address balancing oil production to keep breakouts and clogged pores under control. Men tend to engage in more outdoor activities and are exposed to greater oxidative stresses. Shaving also depletes the hydrolipidic (oil/water) barrier that makes the skin more prone to irritation and fragility. It is usually only when men have problematic skin or start to notice the visible signs of aging that they are prompted to take action and engage in a routine. If you have noticed your products mysteriously disappearing then suggesting a few basic products and a regime that can be implemented with a minimum fuss and time will help set them on their way. Correct cleansing, topical antioxidants and daily protection are recommended. To execute a simple routine follow these steps:

Cleansing – Morning and Evening To remove a build up of dirt, excess oil, bacteria, impurities and will assist with a clear complexion. Use a gel, aloe vera based cleanser as opposed to soap that is alkaline and will dry the skin and disrupt the oil balance. Some cleansers will also double up as a shaving gel. Exfoliating – Every 2nd Day To remove and buff off dead skin cells. Use a product with jojoba beads or spherical particles to prevent damaging the top layer of skin. Avoid overly abrasive products. Toning – After Cleansing/Shaving To close and tighten the pores after shaving. Use a witch hazel based product that is astringent yet gentle. Avoid toners and astringents that contain alcohol. Moisturise – After Cleansing/Toning Apply a serum to hydrate and balance sebaceous activity. Use a serum that contains antioxidants to counteract the effect of free radicals and is fortified with essential fatty acids that will moisturise, protect and hydrate. If you want a heavy moisturiser use a nonfragranced crème or lotion that contains calendula. Protection – Daily To protect from environmental

Zen it up

this Christmas

aggressors is essential to deter aging and protect against skin cancer. Use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and antioxidants. Treatment – Weekly Try a weekly treatment masque to balance, hydrate and remove debris. Masques that contain clay are ideal as they tighten the pores and clarify the skin drawing out toxins. Additional glycerin, and vitamins will moisturise, feed, soften and nourish the skin. Shaving Products – As Required If your face is prone to irritation, choose a product that contains aloe and plant based surfactants. Lather up with extra water and leave the product on the face to help soften the hairs prior to shaving. Using pre-shaving oil also assists. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, razor bumps and burns avoid a close shave. Also avoid fragranced products and choose a good razor (after all, you are only as good as your tool).


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W: Phone: 0430 035 740

Give the gift of BLISSFUL RELAXATION this Christmas Bare Therapies’ signature holistic treatments: • Decrease stress • Increase energy and • Provide a blissful escape from reality These treatments go way beyond regular pamper packages and include: • Present moment ritual • Intention setting • Guided meditation • Breath awareness • Affirmations • Subtle energy clearing

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Pain and Illness … T

his question was answered by leading Swiss Engineer and the inventor and manufacturer of Quick Zap and Powertube, Martin Frischknecht who has revolutionised the whole concept of healing by working with frequencies. A lot of people are familiar with the diagnosis “Your ailment is chronic”. In other words, “live with this pain or symptoms for the rest of your life”. This is what Mr Frischknecht faced early in his life when he suffered epilepsy and acute rheumatism. Told by experts that there was nothing that could be done, Mr. Frischknecht was determined to find a natural cure for his conditions. Mr Frischknecht’s love for classical music began at a very early age. He went on to enjoy a stage career spanning 45 years playing string based instruments professionally and played for many dignitaries such as the Queen of Thailand. His passion for music ignited an interest in electronic frequencies and he started to investigate the impact of frequencies to the human organism. He also studied engineering where he went on to receive his

Diploma in Electrical Engineering 1976. By building on the work of Dr Hulda Clark’s zapper technique, he developed his first marketable device The Fri Zap in 1998. Using the Fri Zap he recovered, and the unexpected and huge success was the start of further experiments and the development of Quick Zap in 2000 and the release of his latest and most powerful device the Powertube, a Registered Medical Device (Aus. TGA No. 140656) and recently launched in Australia. The Powertube device is used for electrical self treatment of ailments and pain and can be used by nonmedical people. The main aspect and function of this technology is the efficient detoxification and relief from chronic and sporadic toxins within the body. Traditionally we reach for pharmaceutical medications to treat many illnesses. This introduces inorganic substances into an organic body and in the process kills important, much needed bacteria. The body is then under pressure to rid the body of these trespassers. It is also under pressure from illness, viruses and the residue of modern day preservatives

what can I do? and additives in our foods and chemicals in our water. Unlike zappers which are designed to destroy viruses and pathogens in the body, the Powertube homogenises the molecular cell structure of blood via three high based frequencies with a special overtone spectrum applied during therapy. This re-aligns the body’s molecules and improves the internal environment. The body’s energy is measurably raised at the point of realignment and the immune system is optimally strengthened. The result is a reinforced immune system so the body is able to fight against morbid bacteria and parasites etc, and assist with improved overall health and energy levels. Leading research recently conducted by Professor Dr Parlar and Dr Plichta has proven that magnetised iron in the blood is able to attach Oxygen (O2) to the haemoglobin which cannot be achieved using a chemical transportation process. This new research confirms that Powertube is able to bring more oxygen to cells.

John of God

Crystal Light Bed The Crystal Bed combines pure quartz crystal energy, light therapy and spiritual doctors to heal us on all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Benefits of the Crystal Light Bed: • Manifest your desires! • Chakra and energy balancing • Assist physical ailments, such as cancer, hormone imbalance and pre/post surgical healing • Mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety • Emotional obstacles • Spiritual healing and development • Freedom in all areas of life

19 Coral Street MALENY Book on-line Crystal Bed Custodians, Tanya Kurzbock and David Anderson


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A Formal


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or many the term “detox” is surrounded by hype and causes many pet owners to disregard the concept of toxicity and detoxification in their animals. This is unfortunate because many animals genuinely suffer from toxicity. Toxins are substances the body is unable to process into useful nutrients. These toxins can put stress on the organs and the entire system, potentially leading to disease. Pets predisposed to toxicity are often animals that eat poor diets, and have weak liver function. Toxins can come from many different sources: • Processed foods


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• Flea, tick, worming products • Medications • Shampoos • Environmental pollutions • New furniture, carpets, paints • Pesticides and chemicals The body produces toxins through normal day to day processes. A healthy body is able to detoxify naturally. It is when the body is unhealthy and the organs are overworked, or not working well, that toxins become overwhelming. The build up of toxins in the body can cause inflammation and skin problems. The process of removing toxins from the body is called detoxification. Natural therapies can be used to aid detoxification through the improvement and support of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, skin and lymphatic systems. Improve the diet by giving fresh raw foods. Avoid giving medications (when possible) and chemicals during detoxification. Provide broths and soups to increase fluid intake. Broths are beneficial for helping to cleanse the bowel. The bowel is an important place to start any detoxification process. When the bowel

wall is unhealthy toxins including chemicals and food waste can leak into the bloodstream. The liver attempts to remove these toxins from the blood but if the liver is unhealthy the toxins can build up, potentially harming the immune system. Broth recipe: Add 200g of diced certified organic chicken and 2-3 cups of carrot, celery and pumpkin to a pot, cover with water and add a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil and then simmer until the vegetables are soft. Add more water as needed. Allow to cool, and strain, removing the solid part from the liquid broth. Provide the broth for 1-2 days (provide fresh water too) and then reintroduce solids gradually. Herbal tonics can also assist in the detoxification process. Some well known skin, blood and liver cleansers include burdock root, dandelion, milk thistle and yellow dock root. Most animals with any kind of illness, short-lasting or chronic, will benefit from detoxification. Speak to your friendly natural animal care practitioner for guidance on how to best support your pet.

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hat if you didn’t have to get it right? When your pet’s dying, it feels like there’s even more energy of “you’ve got to get it right”, because it is the last chance. I had a phone call recently from a lady whose dog was dying and she was crying and very upset not knowing what to do next! I asked her was she willing to let go of her animal and allow her animal to choose. Through some more questions and clearings she was willing to let go of her fear of him dying. When she looked back at her dog while still on the phone, it was as if it was more relaxed knowing she was now going to be ok with him going.

The reality is that we have last chances every day; we just don’t know it at the time. And so it becomes a choice to make every moment of our life into something we are grateful for, rather than making some moments far more significant than others. What if nothing was significant and everything could be a choice? In my experience as well, how much does the animal choose to go to allow the owner/owners to move into greater possibilities? What gifts has your animal showed you that you can now start incorporating into your life and living. It is like they are saying, ‘are you now ready to step up and be all of what you truly can be!’ They have shown you by what they are being that it is possible for you to have that now too… i.e Do they judge you? Are they there for you at all times? Are they happy with who they be? Do they live in the moment? Are they in total allowance of you and themselves? What if you could have gratitude for them, let go of the connection you had and allow for a whole new connection? My point of view is that death does not end a relationship it just changes it.

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

Allow the laughter and tears to come and be kind to yourself. How much are you suppressing to stay in those thoughts, feelings and emotions of grief and despair so that you can maintain the heaviness and the significance of your situation? What if you could ask different questions? What else could be truly possible here that I haven’t even considered could be possible? WENDY MULDER is an Access Consciousness Facilitator, a Registered Nurse and Grief Therapist (facilitating all aspects of people’s grief and loss). She is the author of ‘Learning From Grief’. Visit: Phone: 0431 170 710 and Skype:wendymulders

Bring out the Angel in your dog!

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture Wurtulla Shopping Village Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone (07) 5493 1144

Any dog, any age, any problem, any time, and in your home. Once only fee with ongoing free support for your dog’s whole life. Written guarantee. Natural techniques, no harsh methods. Obedience and behavioural issues, puppy training. Since 1989.


y a

g o n n a

SIMPLE, DIRECT c a l l ®



1800 067 710

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ll that most animals wish for is a full tummy, safe warm bed, and to find a loving home. All RSPCA wishes for is that they can be there for them in their time of need. Just a few of the animals that the RSPCA has helped recently highlight the need for the community to come together and care for all creatures great and small. Animals like Missy. Missy, a senior poodle, was neglected in her

twilight years. She was covered in fleas, her ear was infected and her fur was badly matted. Her owner didn’t care for her anymore. RSPCA inspectors rescued her and gave her the treatment and care that she so desperately needed. Today Missy has been re-homed with a loving family that will give her all the love and care she needs. It’s not just old dogs that are poorly treated. Last summer Maui and Tamati – two 9-week-old puppies – had collapsed, starving, dehydrated and close to death in the blazing Queensland sun. These two sweet little puppies had suffered almost unimaginable neglect at the hands of their heartless owner. RSPCA Inspector Cameron Buswell rushed to their rescue. He said, “As soon as I saw the puppies I knew straight away that they were in a very bad situation. I could see ticks all over them. There was no way I was going to be leaving them in the state they were in. I’m sure they


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would have died.” Despite Cameron’s years of experience, he reported he was shocked by what he found at the scene. Two tiny puppies had been left lying in the harsh sun. Their fur was filthy with dirt and dried blood. They were covered in hundreds of huge brown ticks. It looked like a long time since they’d had anything to eat or drink.

c w su e p le n th

Both puppies were taken to the RSPCA for treatment and care. The staff reported each puppy had about three hundred or four hundred ticks on them. Both Maui and Tamati were anaemic

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Natural Vet on the Sunshine Coast • All the diagnostic and surgical facilities of a normal vet clinic • Emergency 24-hour service • Herbs, acupuncture and natural diets • Monthly health plan – unlimited consults, preventative meds posted to you – from $21 cat; $50 dog

Phone 5447 7877 • 0435 565 908 (24hrs) 42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563


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AND TICK SEASON! and their health was touch and go. The RSPCA team had to work as quickly as possible, pulling off clumps and clumps of ticks with their hands. The team have described their horror when they saw that the puppies were so hungry that they were eating the bloated ticks as they fell from their bodies. Sadly, this distressing story isn’t an isolated case. Every single month, RSPCA receives thousands of calls reporting innocent animals suffering from cruelty and neglect right across Queensland. A veterinary examination confirmed that the two puppies were dehydrated, anaemic, suffering from heat stress and extremely emaciated. Both puppies weighed just 3.7kg – less than half the healthy weight normally expected for puppies their age and breed. Maui and Tamati’s owner was prosecuted and ordered to pay a $5VV000 fine and prohibited from purchasing or acquiring an animal for a period of three years. Maui and Tamati both recovered

amazingly since their horrific ordeal. They have found new loving forever homes with families who care for the young dogs and are now both living enriched and happy lives. RSPCA is called upon to help rescue animals that have been neglected, abandoned or injured. Operating Animal Emergency Ambulances throughout the state, the RSPCA recently rescued Delilah. She was a young cat trapped in a large industrial rubbish pit. It was not known how long she had been in the

pit, and she was highly distressed and lethargic from the ordeal. She meowed out for help and huddled herself in the corner, frightened. The employees were scared to help her, fearing she might hurt them in fear as they tried to rescue her. The RSPCA Animal Ambulance officers rushed to her rescue. She was scared and dehydrated, and needed vet care and loving reassurance. Delilah was given a full health check and some time to recover while the RSPCA lost and found team tried to find her owners. Sadly no owner could be found. Delilah was given the second chance she so richly deserved recently and was adopted out to a cat-loving family that will take the best care of her. You can make a real difference to animals in need this season! Please donate to the RSPCA today to become a Guardian Angel and watch over animals like Missy, Maui, Tamati and Delilah this Christmas. Please call 1300 RSPCA1 (1300 777221) or visit to send your life-saving gift to help animals in need today.

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cuttingedge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

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PAWs Nurse

Ph: 3324 2291

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

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Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

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The Magical Melody of Life WORDS TERRY OLDFIELD


ooking back from this moment in my life when I am meandering along on a path of acceptance, I can see now that there have been a handful of pivotal experiences that were so powerful at the

time that they set the tone for the long periods in between. Up until the age of twelve, I was a happy young boy, spending my time fishing and playing football with my

friends – generally living in the moment and enjoying life. Then something happened to change all that when I was sent away from home to boarding school and I was no

Vibrational Essences for those seeking the next steps in Natural Healing and Self-Discovery also

Living Light Rainbow Essences Gem & Colour Combination Essences

Wholesale prices available for Practitioners – Looking for a distributor in Australia, please email rachel@luminesce or SKYPE LivingLightEssences

0011+1+519-823-2288 • 44

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m I I H in m a S m fe a th b


longer able to accept and remain in the present moment. I was not yet ready to leave home and I found myself suddenly shocked into an atmosphere of fear. The school was a place of such bullying and harsh discipline that even now I find it quite hard to describe to others. The bottom line was that I was no longer happy with the way things were and I wanted to change them – big time! So I ran away from school, repeatedly, and each time was taken back to my prison again, unable to get anyone to listen to me. So then I stopped talking unless I was forced to and retreated inside myself to a silent place of relative safety where I was shut off from the world. I remained in this state for most of my teenage years, until at the age of 19 I experienced my first awakening when I discovered the flute on the island of Hydra in Greece. Something about the instrument fascinated me and I spent many hours high up in the pine forests above the town teaching myself to play. Slowly but surely, as I began to express my feelings through the flute, I started to feel better and began to talk to people again, and that elusive joy of childhood that was always there for no reason began to bubble up in me again.

Mobile: 0408 517 796

I was not yet ready to leave home and I found myself suddenly shocked into an atmosphere of fear. The school was a place of such bullying and harsh discipline that even now I find it quite hard to describe to others.

I believe that we live in a holographic universe where everything is a reflection of the perfection that we are. My rediscovered freshness of expression was welcomed into the world with open arms and soon manifested abundance in my life in the shape of a very successful career in music – all based around the magical discovery that I could express my current feelings through the fluteplaying. And then the great Maya drew me once again into her clutches and I became caught up for many years in a web of ambition and intense family life that re-awakened the old patterns of survival. I became shut off again from the world and the music came out in the form of CDs that I kind of threw out there from the safety of my studio. Thankfully the need to support my family kept the

music flowing and consequentially my basic energy remained intact, although it was touch and go for a while there! It was only when I met the love of my life, Soraya, that I was able to let go and open up again, and together with her I began to play my flute again out there sharing our music with others. Our relationship is grounded in the acceptance of each other as we are in this moment and we now travel the world playing together and letting life flow as we go. This is where the magic happens – here and now when I completely accept the way things are and the way I am in this moment. The melody of my life becomes the music that surrounds me and is shared with others.

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Home and Health Feng Shui Assessments with RICHARD GILES Feng Shui Practitioner, Geomancer and Astrologer • Have your home assessed • Check your office environment • Find the negative Earth Energies affecting your property • Explore Richard’s new book – ‘Your Personal Guide to Feng Shui’

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DREADING HAYFEVER AND ALLERGIES? FEELING RUN DOWN? Would you like to see a happier and healthier you this Spring? Then Mystical Essence Can Help! We are a TRULY holistic practice, focusing on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit!

Contact: Theresa Pedersen on 0402 097 271 to discuss your health requirements, and organise your first appointment

Private Health Fund rebates apply to some of our therapies

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Holistic Modalities: Massage, Shamanic Healers, Inner Child Therapy, Reflexology, Readings, Holistic Chiropractor, Egyptian Oil Healer/ Reader, Meditation Classes, Guest Speaker Evenings, Alternative Lending Library. Holistic, Natural and Spiritual Products: Crystals, Oils, CDs, Clothing, Jewellery.

Phone: (08) 9529 2888 Email: 9A Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham, WA


Nude Food Organics is for sale! Established for over nine years, it is one of the oldest and largest organic stores on the Coast. Consistent turnover and great profits – it’s a must see. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own one of the best organic stores on the Coast.

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Then book in today for an Aroma chakra balance back, hand and foot zone treatment harnessing the therapeutic power of 100 % pure essential oils, 55 minutes for $65 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 9am to 4pm and Saturday 9am to 12 noon.

Call Debbie Bingley 0410 076 223 Also offering Access Bars, and Reiki by appointment.


Open to who you are; to your purpose; to others and their purpose with you; and to the bigger picture of this life. Let go of problems and emotional difficulties. Align your life to your true nature.

Contact Yvette 0412 664 846 For more info –


Need healing? Connect with the universal energy of God’s healing power. Learn from a woman who did just that and was healed of a 5-year illness. Her 4-CD teaching series outlines God’s covenant of healing and how you can make it your own.



Integrative wellness centre where Eastern and Western Medicine meet. Our services include: Acupuncture, Beauty Treatments and Waxing, Bowen Therapy, Chiropractic, Counselling, Homeopath, Integrative GPs, Intuitive Health Coaching, Kinesiology, Massage, Flower Essence Healing Therapy, Naturopath, Occupational Therapy, Yoga and Dance Classes, a large range of health and wellbeing products and MORE! Specialising in women and family health.

Suite 1B, Ground Floor, The Edge East, 10 Lake Kawana Blvd, BIRTINYA Phone: (07) 5438 8387 –


Voice of the goddess A singing group for women Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm Maroochydore

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!



With Natasha Symons Tuesday 5th November – 6.45-7.45pm Peregian Beach – $10pp

Phone: 0400 673 563


A fun-filled, informative weekend to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. $300 includes all meals, accommodation + 6 FUNshops. Camp Duckadang, Linville, Qld 8th-10th November, 2013 Book early to avoid missing this empowering retreat.

Phone: Caithe at Celticai Studio with your enquiries (07) 5496 6249


With Jules O’Neill Monday 11th November Career and Purpose – Love What You Do!

Phone: 0449 220 855

ACCESSING YOUR AKASHIC RECORDS With Pamela Murray Tuesday 19th November – 12.30-2pm Coolum Beach Surf Club – $10pp

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LOVE AND CONNECTION: A TALK INTO THE BIGGER PICTURE OF WHO WE ARE Open to who you are, to purpose, to others and their purpose with you, and to the bigger picture of this life. Saturday 23rd November, 10-11am Byron Bay Community Centre (upstairs) 69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay – $10 on door

Phone: 0412 664 846


30th November Magical Mapping – Vision Board Workshop

Phone: 0417 643 435 Join me on Facebook

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.


Summer School January 2014 • For health practitioners and health seekers • 2 days per week for 4 weeks • Certificate of Attainment • Tools to lead a happy and healthy life

Call Linda 0402 937 761 House of Ayurveda

Wellness Clinic

Counselling and Natural Therapies • Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP • Organic Skin and Body Therapy • Reiki and Remedial Massage • Body Consciousness • Naturopathy and Nutrition 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Phone today for an appointment

07 5471 2201 •

Are you a sassy entrepreneur? Intuitive design and print services for your logo, website, business cards, flyers, banners, signage & facebook pages... just to name a few!

Call: 0413 374 634

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Oceana Massage  Kahuna

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ff of

it vis

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Experienced massage therapist combines styles to offer a whole body massage to relax the mind,body & soul.

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Sense of Spirit Where magick starts and the veils to the Spirit World part!

Psychic & Mediumship Readings Reiki & Spiritual Healings Meditation & Spiritual Development Yoga & much more Shop 1, 1371 Logan Road Mt Gravatt Central

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Join the team, Work together, Feel supported! New Summer Offers available online

Giftof ove L Menu


Contact us: 48.indd 1

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