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Greg Riley


MAY 2012 EDITION VOLUME 35 ISSN: 1836-8840

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follow your bliss!


bout seven years ago I let go of what I called my ‘worldly life’ and became a full time meditator in New Zealand for a period of three months. At the time it was a real calling for me and I thought it was my path to pure freedom with the ‘nameless’… what I started to realise over time was that I actually needed to live in the world and actualise my full potential. In some ways having a theme around ‘soul or spirit’ can stir up quite a bit for people because there are many different beliefs, including the view that ‘soul’ doesn’t exist. The purpose of this edition is not to instil dogma, rather it’s to present a number of perspectives and to cover the topic in a down to earth way (apologies in advance if

you were looking for the flowing robes and tales of witches and warlocks). What does soul mean to you? Can you experience soul in everyday life? Maybe you do this by being present and fully YOU working as a hairdresser, or a chef or a builder and you also experience it just relating genuinely to people in your day to day relationships. Some people believe ‘coming out’ about our capacities builds ‘the ego’ and makes us believe we are ‘special’. What’s wrong with acknowledging our uniqueness and the specialness we all have? That doesn’t mean we all have to read palms. What if not expressing who we are fully, eventually locks up our uniqueness? The gift of Greg Riley is that he has managed to bring the possibility of spirit into the mainstream, making it more accessible in a grounded, earthy way. He also says soul connection is something we can all experience rather than being reserved for the chosen few.

“Your Magazine With Soul”

FREE COPY ‘Soul in everyday life’ edition

4-page ‘Food For the Soul’ feature The Everyday Psychic – Kim Forrester Feng Shui Your House with Soul ‘Where on Earth is Holistic Bliss?’ competition – You could win $500 worth of prizes

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Greg G reg R Riley iley


MAY 2012 EDITION VOLUME 35 ISSN: 1836-8840

OUR COVER Greg Riley, page 10

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The Magic of Chia By Kathy Barry, owner of Bliss Gourmet Market


hia seeds are loaded with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and contain twice the amount of protein of any grain. They are also jam packed full of of antioxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium,zinc, and B vitamins, making it one of nature’s superfoods. Just 100 grams of chia seeds contains as much calcium as two cups of milk. Add Chia seeds to muesli, porridge, smoothies, salads and stir- fries as well as cakes and muffins. You can also replace 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons of water (soaked for 15 mins) in any recipe.

Method: Blend on high until smooth and creamy. 5 tablespoons chia seeds,(soaked in 2 cups water for minimum 20 mins). Handful seasonal berries or other fruit per serve 4-6 slices banana per serve In a pot add the soaked chia seeds to milk until desired thickness

(be aware seeds may continue to swell and thicken the porridge) - so just add more milk or water if need be. Gently heat the porridge until warmed through (but not hot, boiling or steaming) Serve with the fruits and a swirl of maple syrup if desired

Chia Porridge (serves 6) Ingredients: 5 - 6 cups nut milk (make your own if you wish) 1 tsp vanilla extract I tsp nutmeg 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 cup coconut palm sugar l tsp Hirnalayan Salt

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Zucchini and Olive Bake 500g zucchini 100g self raising flour ( can use gluten free self raising too) 100ml olive oil 5 eggs 90g grated cheese (cheddar, tasty or light) 30g parmesan cheese 2 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp veg stock powder 1 handful chopped basil 1 handful chopped parsley ½ to 1 cup of green olives (pitted or stuffed) optional black pepper to taste

5. Add all the other ingredients, (apart from the olives)to the sifted flour. Add the egg mixture and stir gently until well combined. Add pepper to taste 6. Transfer mixture to the lined baking dish , smooth the top and decorate with the olives ( if using olives) i.e. just stick them into the mixture . 7. Bake in oven for 10 minutes and reduce temperature to 170C. Bake for another 20 – 25 minutes until golden and firm in the middle. Use a skewer to test

that it is done.( i.e. skewer must come out clean). If it is browning too fast or still wobbly in the middle, put a sheet of baking paper over the top and cook for another 5-10 minutes. Recipe contributed by Simone Butler, the passionate chef at Key Restaurant in Maleny. For more details or to contact Simone visit:

1. Preheat oven to 180C and line your baking dish with baking paper. 2. Chop off the top and bottom of the zucchini. Grate all the zucchini and then with a tea towel squeeze the excess water from the grated zucchini in batches. Do not squeeze it too dry- leave a little moisture in the grated zucchini. 3. Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl. 4. Beat the eggs in another bowl, adding the Dijon mustard and vege stock powder.

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A Soulful Journey



his versatile plant is both a herb (the leaves, also known as methi) and a spice (the seeds). When you first smell fenugreek, you immediately think of maple syrup and believe it or not, the seeds and leaves are actually used in the manufacturing of artificial maple syrup flavouring. Fenugreek is popular in Indian and Pakistani cooking and it grows abundantly in both countries. It is an important component in my favourite spice blend ‘Panch Phora’ and is used in making sambar powders, daals and curries. It also goes very well with root vegetables and can be used as a spice for pickling. Roasting or dry frying the seeds before use reduces the bitterness and enhances the flavour (they are not very nice eaten on their own!) On the health front, drinking fenugreek tea is said to help the pain of arthritis sufferers.

By Sue Joseph, owner of Daisy’s Place


o write about Soul has been a real journey; a time for me to reflect and a real time of meaning. I started to listen, to feel – what soul has been for me and where and what is my soul up to now. Seemingly just a word but it has taken me to places that I hadn’t expected. I once had a very wealthy man say to me – “Sue – you can let them take your soul but never let them take your wallet.” I have never ever forgotten neither those words nor his face when he said it – he was single at the time, 20 years on – he is still single and perhaps he wonders why. After looking at his words – I decided that – my soul was much more to me than money. Can you lose your soul? Can you sell your soul? Is your soul YOU? I feel that soul is what we truly are – I

feel that each and every one of us are responsible for our soul and that in each and every breathe/action, we choose what we do to our soul. Can you feed your soul? The fabulous book that has been written – ‘Chicken soup for the soul’ – mmmmm makes me reflect on Daisy’s Place and the wonderful journey that takes place each and every day. People come to feed their soul – people come to refresh their soul – sit and listen to the water, feel the nature of this planet – smell the home-made organic wood fired bread – to sit and listen to their thoughts – to watch laughter between friends. I see so many ways to feed our soul – all over the world we humans, through love, prayer, water, nature, laughter, exercise, food, family, we feed our soul.

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Sam’s Kitchen Rules! made Sam one of the youngest female publicans at the age of twenty-four.


am Gowing is well known in the food and wellness industries. Not only is she a therapeutic chef and clinical nutritionist who brings over 28 years of vast knowledge to the health industry table, she specialises in organic food principles, nutrition education and marketing for wellness spas globally. Sam grew up in Melbourne but now resides in Byron Bay, New South Wales and has a passion for food, organics and wellbeing! “After being blessed with a sound grounding of fine food from the age of six in family restaurants – I then honed my skills to provide specialised culinary and marketing solutions to the Luxury Spa & Wellness Industry,” said Sam. Formal training in restaurant management and fine dining in her families renowned multi-award winning Melbourne hotel the ‘Grace Darling’

Fast forward and she has combined her knowledge of the restaurant industry with educated health principles by studying Nutritional Science, Pilates and Fitness Instruction. “The past 15 years I’ve been taking food beyond the plate as a sensual and social experience and turning it into a vital force and healer – my message is simple: food is medicine,” said Sam.

treats that we offer,” said Sam. With a full schedule nationally and internationally, Sam divides her time between her global business ‘Gowings Food Health Wealth’ and her role as Head Chef at Cabarita Ocean Retreat – where she’s committed to make them a leader in their field. For further information or to contact Sam please visit

Sam’s passion for all things edible is apparent in the daily menu at Cabarita Ocean Retreat where she is Head Chef. She aptly calls it ‘surf spa food’. Utiilising seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables from the Tweed coast region – providing a mostly organic diet that includes meat and local seafood, spiced up with her homemade condiments. “I make sure the guests get a variety of fresh food each day to keep them focused and motivated on their health regime – for example I help the guests to squash their sugar cravings with the unique natural raw cacao and superfood


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Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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Dreamy Detox Retreat with Soul


t’s not always easy to leave the world of deadlines, phone calls, emails and ‘busyness’ to take time off and pamper yourself at a luxurious beach side health retreat. Hang on a minute…what am I saying? How hard could it be to throw some bags in the car and hit the road? So in just over two hours (leaving from Caloundra) I arrived at the newly opened ‘Cabarita Ocean Retreat’ in Northern NSW. As soon as I entered the gates, walked through the tranquil gardens and frangipani fragranced foyer; I knew I had found paradise! Susie Peterson, the creator has designed a unique and holistic retreat experience to match the pristine location. And it’s one of the only health retreats in Australia that is situated just metres from the magical ocean shores. Susie has specifically selected her team to mirror her vision. General Manager – Brook Ramage is a health retreat virtuoso (he also helped establish Camp Eden and The Golden Door and

has been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 30 years). In fact all the staff at the retreat are experts in their fields. The head chef, Samantha Gowing is a rare find; she’s a therapeutic chef, clinical nutritionist and ‘food as medicine’ guru. Samantha and assistant chef Louise Miller create a gourmet food experience that tantalises the taste buds and it’s difficult to believe you are actually on a detox. (Geez Louise your raw food ‘cheesecake’ tarts were the crème de la crème of decadently healthy desserts). The majority of the food is locally sourced, seasonal (organic where possible) and dishes are dairy, wheat, soy, gluten and preservative free. You won’t be served alcohol, caffeinated drinks or processed foods… but the flavour is high, so the cravings are low. Oh and I didn’t feel bored either, there are plenty of things to do such as tai chi and meditation in the morning, long beach walks, bike riding, surfing and there are highly qualified personal trainers available to provide personalised

Career Opportunities as: • Certified Medical Intuitive Courses • Accredited Medical Intuitive Teacher Courses • Psychic Children

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible.

“be absolutely empowered” Receive FREE Medical Intuitive information to heal your life.

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support. To soothe the tired muscles there is an outdoor salt water pool and spa nestled in nature. Full day spa services are available and there is also a naturopath, acupuncturist and psychologist for you to take the detox as light or as deep as you are willing to go. What I really liked about this program was that I could take it at my own pace and it didn’t feel like I was captive at a military camp. I felt comfortable to ask questions because the team were super friendly and highly skilled providing an effective and world class service. Cabarita Ocean Retreat offers 2,3, 5 and 7 night packages accommodating groups of up to 15 people at a time. So it’s perfect for a detox, a ‘get fit’ week, or just a relaxing and healthy holiday. You could even bring a group of friends and have the time of your life without the vices! The only thing is you might be left wondering…did I really go to this retreat- or was it just a dream?

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The ONE and Only: By Vanessa Finnigan


reg may know how to communicate with the ‘other side’ and be considered Australia’s most gifted psychic (after winning Channel 7’s ‘The One’) but he’s still your average down to earth kinda guy. This month I was fortunate to speak with Greg about his soul connection and how he keeps it real. Greg grew up in Victoria and came from a traditional family. He excelled at AFL and golf and didn’t feel he was born with any special spiritual gifts. Although, he started to realise that psychic phenomena was possible when he was in his late teens/early twenties. It wasn’t until he booked himself into a meditation and tarot course in his 20’s that he started to acknowledge his abilities and hone his craft. Now he is nationally renowned for his accurate readings but he also has an ability to share his magic without freaking too many people out. After working in the corporate


10.indd 1

telecommunications arena for 20 years he has a very rational, pragmatic side to him which means he has won the respect of a wide variety of people. Although he said after working in the corporate world for so long, it wasn’t easy to ‘come out’ about his abilities. When he decided to enrol in the meditation course, he initially told people he was doing an IT course and many people really didn’t know about his ‘psychic side’ until they saw him on the ‘The One’. In fact, he said a lot of people were very surprised, “I had mates who I’d played golf with ringing me and asking me, is that you on TV?” Greg also admitted the attention he received after being on TV took a bit of getting used to. Many people stopped him in the street asking for an autograph and he said it was weird because people felt like they knew him personally. And some people had a perception that he was a monastic spiritual person and then got a surprise when they saw him having a

beer down at the pub. Greg said until you’re really prepared for the judgements from others and until you feel solid enough to stand up for what you know and what you believe in, without pushing your views on other people, it’s good to keep a bit of a low profile or take it gradually. When I asked Greg how he sees his psychic abilities he didn’t go into anything too esoteric, he didn’t recite spiritual verses or talk about his chakras, he simply said, “It started with wanting to improve myself. I was going through a lot of stress at work. So if you can improve yourself first, then you can help other people too. It’s not about trying to be famous; it’s about my own personal journey. I’m always trying to improve myself through my actions. It would be foolish of me to ignore me and try and help other people.” Greg doesn’t call himself a ‘healer’ in the sense of being able to transform other people’s pain in his physical body, he sees his ability to

Holistic Bliss, May 2012

4/19/2012 1:04:46 PM

Greg Riley assist people is more in the area of the messages he receives at the mental level. So how do you handle the sceptics and the knockers? “Their opinions are their opinions and I am not out to change them. That’s their journey and there’s not much you can do. It’s more about accepting each other’s viewpoints. If you spend your time trying to fight the sceptics then that’s all you are going to do.” He said the advantage of being on main stream TV was being able to reach more people and show them what’s possible. He said it’s opened the door for many of his previous corporate associates to consult with him on this level and be more open. “The corporate world is easy because you know what you’re going to get. Every day in the world of spirit you have no idea what you are going to get. There are so many opinions out there and no one is right or wrong. So it’s a massive mix of different perspectives.” He also said there are many myths about the world of psychic phenomena, “You don’t have to be born with it – you don’t have to have it through a family lineage. You don’t have to remove yourself from the world, be vegan or abstain from alcohol. It’s more about moderation. Being spiritual now is not what it used to be.” Greg also believes being psychic or intuitive is something we all have within

I wasn’t born with some amazing gift – most of my childhood was playing football, golf and going to school and I was brought up in a catholic family. So you don’t have to be born with it – you don’t

us and so anyone can own or develop their abilities. While he does meditate, he says it’s sometimes the most practical and physical tasks that connect him with spirit such as going for a walk, swim or run. “You don’t have to sit and meditate and be in lotus position to connect,” he said.

have to have it through a family lineage. You don’t have to remove yourself from the world, be vegan or abstain from alcohol. It’s more about moderation. Being spiritual now is not what it used to be.

Greg Riley

Greg’s genuineness has won the hearts of many and he has received a lot of support especially from his wife Mirra Jensen (an Opera Singer) who’s his biggest fan. Greg joked that she is probably more psychic than him. But taking three months off work to be on ‘The One’ last year meant they had to talk about some very worldly and practical things like who’s going to pay the bills and mortgage. Greg says Mirra was amazing as she was able to hold the fort and be understanding about their time apart and his new career. And Greg’s schedule is not slowing down anytime soon! After appearing on ‘The One’, Greg is booked out with readings for the next 12 months. He will also be inspiring others with two live shows (“After Life” and “Connecting Tour – Whispers from the Beyond”) around Australia this year. For more information visit: Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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4/20/2012 9:55:19 AM

Soul in Relationship By Soraya


hroughout my life I have been a seeker of wisdom and truth, always intrigued by ‘the great mystery’. I have explored many paths, lived in Ashrams, traveled in India and listened to teachings of many ‘masters’ in the west and east as well as to the intuitive whisperings of my own heart. I have to say it has been through relationships that I have gained my greatest insights; with my parents, my mentors, intimate partners and my children. I see each person in my life as an opportunity to grow in love, truth and wisdom. We are all in relationship from the

moment we are conceived, firstly with our mother and then with everyone and everything that comes into our lives thereafter. However an intimate relationship can often provide the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy hand in hand with the greatest challenges we may ever encounter. It is in our intimate relationship we invest our hopes and dreams. When we look at the word intimacy it seems no co-incidence that we can also read it as ‘in to me see’. All aspects of our self are tested at some stage in relationship and it certainly takes two to tango to reach a point of Shared Loving Truth. To have a soul connection does not always make a relationship smooth but it does offer enough natural loving connection to face the challenges and mirrors together as they arise. Each relationship comes with its own unique set of challenges and circumstances, however there are a few principles that can lay a very strong foundation from which happiness and contentment can flow.

Acceptance, honesty, authenticity, open communication and learning to make compromises where there are differences are important to maintain balance and individuality. I feel blessed in my life that I have found such a soul partner. This does not mean it has always been easy and without challenges, however, we are willing to support and respect each other in our journey together. We have danced, sang, loved and wept together. We have faced birth and death and shared both our light and darkness facing many challenges hand in hand. We have also walked in great beauty side by side. Terry and I have combined what we feel is the best of ourselves, our gained wisdom and natural gifts of music, philosophy, intuition and meditation with travel, sharing our workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally. We are very excited to now offer our Conscious loving relationship workshops and holidays soon in Australia.

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Bringing More of YOU into Your Living By Gary Douglas, Founder, Access Consciousness


ow do you bring the essence of you into your everyday living and being? Is the real you hidden away? Do you separate yourself into lots of different parts so that you can be whoever you need to be for whoever you see? Or does everyone get to see the magic of you? Amongst all of this, have you ever wondered who you actually are? What if you are an infinite being? And what if this possibility is much, much, much greater than anything you have ever imagined? Having awareness that we are an infinite being allows us to drop our limitations and start to live from a space of infinite possibilities. We don’t have to keep buying into the limitations of this reality. To have more awareness of the infinite possibilities that could show up in our daily life, we can ask questions… As an example, most of us think ageing is inevitable and that the older you become the less you get to live. What if, instead of buying into that point of view we continue to ask: ‘What would I like to do and how would I like to do it?’ I don’t

live in the space of always looking back and thinking about what I ‘shoulda…’ done when I was younger. I ask people… ‘Why don’t you do it today?’ Life should be about playing with it, no matter what, rather than living someone else’s point of view about what it ‘should’ be. When we stop playing, life stops being an adventure. What if instead, we could go ‘In this moment, I’m going to have some fun with this?’ Up until puberty we still have play and joy and possibility. When we hit that moment of ‘now I have to be an adult’ it all gets way too serious! What if we live from the question of ‘If I have ten seconds to live… what would I choose?’ If you ask this question repeatedly, you’ll notice you run out of things to choose… so how much choice are we truly allowing ourselves? If you are living from what you created in the past, or what you are creating for tomorrow, instead of living for what you have got right now, you’re not really living! Would you be willing to be totally


Body Consciousness is a complete system of energetic processes and awareness that will give you freedom and choice. By using Kinesiology principles and the AMAZING Body Consciousness system, Fi Hardy can help you to get clear and move forward through any issues in your life, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or energetic issues.

present and not have any regrets about the past? Instead of judging yourself for what you haven’t done, you could just start choosing something new right now! Judgment is like a nail in your coffin. When we live from choices in every ten seconds all kinds of new possibilities start to show up. When we are aware of ourselves as an infinite being, we also can stop buying other people’s limited points of view about ageing, money, sex, relationships… and pretty much everything!! A simple way to start being aware of your own capacities and your own choices is to ask ‘Who does this belong to?’ for every thought, feeling or emotion you have – non-stop for at least 3 days and then ask to return it to sender. Most of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not ours and this simple tool will allow you to start having more of you, the infinite being. Join Gary Douglas for his much awaited Over 45 & Getting Younger, 3-day workshop from the 8-10 June in Noosa. Contact Stephen 07 5448 3977 or Diva 0451 164 639.




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comfort for women ... everyday

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• wire-free bras • sizes 10 to 30 • everyday comfort • maternity • sports •

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The True Essence of Who We Are By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education


ach of us lives with SOUL every day and yet we are probably unaware of this fact. Our SOUL is the true essence of who we are. It is our core being that radiates and that other people, animals and children see all the time. We are born with an essence or SOUL or absolute love and pure potentiality. We share and communicate this through our life in every day tasks like cooking, walking, caring for children, through our jobs, driving and more. Another way of saying we live with soul is living through our heart and doing things with compassion, understanding, unconditional love and full acceptance. We unconsciously do these things all the time. You are constantly manifesting SOUL in every day life and have the results when a child hugs a parent, a dog wags its tail, or a stranger gives you a smile. Your true essence is loving and connection with your self first which

allows for the outside world to feed that essence to you and enhance what you already have. When we are not living through our essence or soul, our body will let us know (such as aches or pains). Our plans don’t come with grace and ease and life appears to be filled with fear and drama. We somehow have a ‘block’ to seeing our own SOUL and how much of a difference we make in people’s lives that creates separation, pain, anxiety, depression – indicators we are not listening to our heart and not following our natural essence or SOUL. Consider these… 1. Today I will delete from my diary two days: yesterday and tomorrow. Yesterday was to learn and tomorrow will be the consequence of what I can do today. 2. Today I will face life with certainty that each day brings a gift which I will see with ease. 3. Today is the first opportunity I have to live purposely as there is only now. 4. Today I will be courageous enough

not to let any opportunity pass me by as I can make anything happen. 5. Today I will invest my most valuable resource: my time, in the biggest investment - my life. 6. Today I will greet every obstacle that appears on my way trusting I will see my potential to overcome it. 7. Today I will conquer the world with a smile, with an open heart and mind to experience the best. 8. Today I know I design my own destiny and trust myself to create it. 9. Today I will take the time to be happy. 10. Today I will leave my soul in the hearts and minds of others as I connect heart to heart. Today, I invite you to begin a new journey where we can dream that everything you undertake is possible and will fulfill yourself and others as you live with soul in every day life. Certified Medical Intuitive Courses, Sessions and Accredited Teacher Level 07 5641 4009

Radiant Light Hatha Yoga – Mapleton Beginners Yoga – new classes every 8 weeks Restorative Yoga – Relax and Renew Kids Yoga General Classes Private Sessions

WORKSHOPS AND HEALINGS • Kids Healing and Crystal workshops – ages 8 years upwards • Crystal Light HealingTM worskhops – Level 1, 2, 3 Special Offer Available on CLH courses Kaatheryn Tempest 0433 945 826 email 14

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Valuing yourself, values your soul By Raelene Byrne


s this year unfolds, one of the things that is increasingly obvious, is the need for us all to value ourselves; to engage in self-love above and beyond what we have previously allowed ourselves to experience. This call to action is a direct pathway to nourish the soul presence; that unique essence of each being, which enables us to flourish. We are all souls and spirits remembering who we are and what we are here for. Valuing ourselves is the most important thing we can do which will allow us to embrace our true self-worth; our unique sense of self value. Everything we need to know we already have within, living in the soul of who we are. We create the world we exist in through the thoughts that we have which in turn is reflected to us through all the interactions, and situations of life. To be valued, we MUST value ourselves first, which feeds the soul, and allows us to move through life with more grace and ease. How can we value ourselves in our daily life and continually feed our soul? I believe there are 5 areas to stay connected to the soul within:

1. Everything you put in our mouth is a direct message of how you value your physicality. Fresh food, free of chemicals and fresh water are the building blocks of a healthy body full of vitality which houses the soul that we are. Our souls radiate such a light and we need a body to match that. 2. Everything that comes out of your mouth, every word, is a direct reflection of who you think you are and have happening within. Do you speak your truth? If you are negative or critical, you are giving that to the world and not valuing yourself and the ability you have to change those things you may not like or appreciate in your life. If you speak with a positive outlook, find the blessings in challenges, you are offering value to yourself and the world. You are choosing to keep your personal and soul’s vibration at a level that attracts the same positivity towards you. Choose to avoid gossip and rumours as this energy depletes and creates negativity. 3. Do you walk your talk, or do you simply talk it? All actions are forms of energy you are sending into the world and their language is stronger than the words we use.

4. Spending time tuning into your body will allow you to understand the clear messages that are continually being given to you. As you create time for selfcare, time to be in nature, time for contemplation, you are sending a loving message to your body and soul that you value all that you are. You are communicating with your inner world and acting on what is required to stay aligned with your soul’s needs. You will find the response is one of vitality, peace, balance and clarity. 5. The thinking process that we have inherited is filled with beliefs, limitations and patterns of behaviours that we spend most of our lives discovering and resolving .Choose your thoughts wisely; they create our world. A powerful thing to do is to cultivate gratitude in daily life. The ego; the part of us that limits us, cannot exist when you are in gratitude. Value yourself, nourish your soul and the world will reflect to you the truth of your incredible unique worth. Be prepared to be surprised.

Don’t be dumped by the intensity of your emotions, or pulled out to p sea by an emotional rip!

Surfing the Waves s of Emotion WORKSHOPS For women: Cost: Where:

Bookings: Phone:

Saturday 2 June 2012 9am - 4.30pm $185 + gst 1st Floor, Suite 7 1794 David Low Way, Coolum (Directly above Red Zoo) 0424 507 101

Vanessa Bushell, Psychologist Conscious Solutions 16

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By Zoritza – from the oracle deck


ight is a highly organised system of energy distributing its elegance and fusing the earth to life. Its energy is the very signature that is required in creating all forms of life. Humanity is being asked to remember that their natural and spirited souls are as dazzling and divine as the Light itself. We are of water, air, fire, earth and spirit and we need to celebrate life through this cycle. We are all that life matter moves through and a part of creation’s living creatures. By nature, we are made from these five sacred elements and life on earth survives by means of this relationship. ‘Let the earth open her womb and bring forth life’ The earth has rituals of life, both at play and at work and humanity is deeply rooted in its survival. The earth’s soil or ground is a sacred creation of place and of growth, a mixture of everything universal from organic, vegetable and mineral etc. The earth’s DNA flows through our human bodies and this partnership is an incredible infusion of the creation of life. However, what we

once depended on as the infusion of Creation, humanity is now trying to control. Our food source is being changed, our eco system has been tampered with and some of our species through the minds and actions of humans are now extinct. Can you make up this life on earth? Is forced change a good thing? Are technical solutions what we really need to survive? Are we searching for answers in the wrong places? Or do we just need to discover the sacred wisdom that Mother Nature holds. There are many earth spirits that watch this awesome miracle of Creation in existence. Nature spirits already know that there is a communion or connectedness, with all that surrounds us, as nature is within all humanity. They hold many secrets, some of which humanity already know but there are so many more they wish to share. Rediscovering your ancient understanding of the earth and yourselves will give way to the understanding of your communities and

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently. This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374

of course the relationship within the infusion of Creation. So why not take a moment out of your daily routines and find a place within nature to allow your minds to still, infusing the very essence of your soul to experience the tranquillity and bliss that Mother Earth has to offer. Your hearts ache for the love she holds so why not let the doors open, allowing her to heal the pain you hold. There is nothing she cannot do. As the truth of Creation is all around you, all you have to do is observe and listen. Zoritza is a Sacred Custodian, channel and writer for The Sentience of Earth, Inner Earth Communities, Family of Light, Galactic Federation Light Command and the Star Councils from all Nations of Light, assisting humanity to remember All That Is.

Love Feast


with Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy

Retreats and Processes to Deepen, Honour and Enhance Your Loving Relationship • Weekend Retreat – Bellbunya South East Qld 16th-18th November 2012 + NZ in April • Full Week BALI Retreat – 18th-25th June 2012 • ‘Sacred Union Labyrinth’ Wedding Ceremonies

Phone 07 5494 4707 Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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THE EVERYDAY By Kim Forrester, Spiritual Commentator


or thousands of years, psychic (or psi) ability has been shrouded in a cloud of mystique and superstition, but modern understandings are helping to change all that. Thanks to new spiritual teachings and recent scientific breakthroughs, psychic ability is losing its reputation as an elusive and questionable party trick and is rapidly becoming more credible, accessible and commonplace. The demise of the gift The most important development in recent years is the shift away from the idea of psychic ability as a mystical ‘gift’; a misconception that has been eagerly perpetuated by psychics throughout the ages. Thankfully, most modern practitioners now understand that psychic ability is an inherent human function – a natural skill that can be nurtured, trained and enjoyed by everybody. Like any human trait, there are those that struggle to use the skill and there are those that are naturally gifted but the fact remains that psychic ability is widespread and, dare I say it, quite normal. Strikingly, modern scientific discoveries are backing up this claim.

Despite the continued cries of the uninformed, it is simply no longer true that “there is no scientific proof of psychic ability”. In fact, as outlined in the fascinating book, The Conscious Universe by Professor Dean Radin, the last thirty years has produced overwhelming evidence of the existence of psi. The evidence is now so strong – and the studies so watertight – that in recent years even staunch sceptics are begrudgingly admitting the undeniable results of modern psi experiments. Although still struggling for a basic theory of how psi works, modern science has provided two very valuable insights. Firstly, that it is a very real and measurable phenomenon and secondly, that it is found (to varying degrees) in every human being. Psi throughout history Since the advent of Christianity, Western society has done its very best to ridicule, shun or simply ignore the existence of psychic ability. However, it only takes a glance through the history books to find that it has always been alive and well, often in the most unlikely of places. US President Abraham Lincoln had

so many premonitions and psychic insights that an article was eventually written about these experiences in Cleveland’s Plain Dealer. When asked if the newspaper report was true, Abraham famously replied “The only falsehood in the statement is that the half of it has not been told. This article does not begin to tell the wonderful things I have witnessed”. Historically, business leaders have also benefited from psi ability, and corporate moguls such as Conrad Hilton and Estee Lauder openly contributed their success to the flashes of psychic inspiration that guided them. In modern years, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey have all encouraged the use of intuition – of inner knowing – when dealing with life and business. The truth is human history has witnessed thousands of extraordinary psychic experiences happening to ordinary people, both famous and obscure. Throughout them all, one theme seems to remain constant. Wherever this psychic information comes from, it is consistently given to either avert danger, or to help us make better choices. More than any other human function,


Conscious Loving for Couples BYRON BAY

As created by Diana Richardson, world renowned teacher and author on Love and Sexuality

7th-13th July 2012

Are you longing to connect more deeply while making love? Are you loving the intimacy in your relationship and would like to take it to another level? Or are you feeling like there is something missing? Whatever the circumstances, this retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, and “a reawakening to love”, will be a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. *Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.


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Full details and registrations, call Janet:

0428 726 849

Facilitated by Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson

or visit our website:


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PSYCHIC our natural psychic ability seems to be there to help us succeed. The elusive lotto numbers Which leads us to the well-worn rebuttal, “If psi ability exists, why don’t psychics win the lottery?” Interestingly, the answer to this question may lie in the realms of modern science. Since the mid-1990s a handful of researchers have been exploring the possibility of a global ‘mind’. Using random number generators (RNGs) dotted around the world, scientists have been able to track the effect that our collective minds have on the environment around us. The results have been consistent, and astounding. Whenever there is a large, global event – RNGs around the world react. Sequences that are normally completely random suddenly become more consistent, and patterns begin to emerge. The more emotional the event and the more people aware of it, the stronger the RNG pattern becomes. This appears to be the scientific evidence of something indigenous people around the world have believed for years. That despite the illusion of isolation, each one of us is actually part of a greater

whole and that at some unseen, energetic level we are all connected. Beyond the boundaries of our conscious thoughts, we appear to be part of a unified, global mind. It stands to reason, therefore, that what we experience as psychic information may actually come from our subconscious connection to the global mind. Therefore, the help and assistance we are given is not just for our personal gain, but for the gain of humanity as a whole. The information we receive is not just for our individual benefit, but is in fact for the greater good. So, what if winning lotto was for the greater good? Would someone be given the lottery numbers then? Well actually – yes! Ihsanullah Khan appeared in Time Magazine in 2005 with a remarkable story of intuition, luck and destiny. A taxi driver in Washington DC, Khan played the weekly lottery with a set of numbers that had appeared to him in a dream, finally winning a $55 million jackpot. He decided to return with his winnings to the Pakistani town of Batagram, where he felt he could do the most good. Soon after arriving, Khan ran for

Mayor of his town and won. Just three days after his election, a massive earthquake levelled the town and killed 73,000 people throughout Pakistan. Khan immediately used his lottery fortune to fly in medical personnel, supplies, food and shelter, saving thousands of lives in the aftermath of the quake. For thousands of years, psychic ability has been the victim of scepticism, superstition and misinformation, but despite this over half the population has continued to believe in its existence. Finally, we are reaching a point in human history where science and spirituality are revealing this phenomenon for what it truly is – an amazing natural ability that can be developed and enjoyed by every human being, every day. Kim is a spiritual commentator and professional psychic medium who regularly appears in the media.

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Connecting to the Soul beyond the Conscious Mind By Vanessa Bushell


hen I think of the soul in everyday life, I think about depth of personhood and inner passion. I think about what makes my heart sing and the magic that happens when I sense that I am on the right path. Being curious about the psychospiritual, my mind wanders even further on matters of the soul. Some people understand the soul as “the holder of information between lives”, while others understand it as the aspect of spirit that makes us “an individual entity”. It could be seen as infinite and immortal, or as a spiritual entity that can grow, change and cease to exist. However we understand the ‘soul’, most of us relate to the experience of an intuitive knowing that defies rational explanation. Mental & Physical Pain Blocks Awareness of the Soul Soul in everyday life is the very

experience of our lives. Our personal journey complete with our beliefs, values, our physical body and our connections with other people, are all expressions of our soul. We can become weighed down in the material world and forget the beautiful creative process of the soul that is happening in every moment. This is especially so when we are in the midst of experiencing physical or emotional pain. When we are in pain, our perception convinces us that material and societal existence is all that exists or is important. Some people understand the soul as “the holder of information between lives”. Carve out Time to Connect to the Soul When we connect with our soul in the present moment, our awareness steps out of the tangible world and opens to a deeper knowing. This knowing exists behind the conscious self and our regular perceptions of events. By sensing the energies within ourselves, through

meditation, mindfulness or non-attached awareness, we begin to transcend thoughts about what we are “supposed” to do or be, and allow a heart/mind connection to occur. This connection allows us to feel into our truth about what really matters. This truth allows us to bring soul direction into our everyday lives. What to Do when the Pain is too Great There are times in all of our lives when the emotional pain is too great to allow ourselves to experience the finer energies of the soul. This is the time to heal inner wounds and de-stress from prolonged tension. Psychotherapy and energy clearing approaches such as kinesiology or acupuncture, can help shift these inner wounds and blocks. Only when the mind and the body are relaxed and in balance can we open to the inner dimensions of the soul and express its potential in our everyday lives. Vanessa Bushell, Conscious Solutions



07 5479 6607 Happy High Herbs Noosa has moved shop location to: 3C, 11 SUNSHINE BEACH RD, NOOSA JUNCTION

07 5412 2829 20

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4/20/2012 8:49:27 AM

Our Life as Soul By Tony Collins


he dictionary defines ‘soul’ as “the spiritual part of a human being believed to survive death”. Countless ancient and modern cultures have embraced this belief in the soul, but few actually or specifically describe what it is?! Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated with the soul, why we are here, and ‘where we go’ when our lifetime is completed. My earliest memories are of learning about ‘heaven’ in Sunday school, and the biblical notion that we move into eternal bliss when leaving the body. Later, my studies broadened to include expanded notions of our spiritual purpose, particularly in relation to what really happens when we cross over. In time, I came across the books ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss, and ‘Journey of Souls’ by Michael Newton, and my questions about the soul were finally answered. After years of wondering what the soul is and how it works in daily life, I began to experience these regression techniques to learn about my eternal self – what I discovered

motivated me to train in regression methods, and provide a comprehensive soul purpose service for people in hypnotherapeutic practice. Mind, body and soul therapies have become of great interest these days – the body is relatively easy to understand, and the mind is that part of ourselves that houses our personality, beliefs and conscious understanding. The soul is included in many therapies, though usually remains a somewhat ‘unknown quantity’, a reference that alludes to a powerful and mysterious force working through us. The findings in Life Between Lives Hypnosis (LBL) finally provide a specific and detailed account of what the soul really is, and why it is here. In a deep hypnotic state, Life Between Lives sessions guide you into a space between lifetimes, and you are able to directly experience yourself as your soul aspect. It becomes clear that you’ve lived many times before in many different bodies and circumstances, and that your soul is incarnated in your current body for specific purposes. Your soul has in

act ct chosen cho h sen ho n to manifest maanif ifees if est you, ou aand n your nd ou ur fact current life for the opportunity to experience spiritual lessons in physical form. In an LBL you get to experience your soul in its purest form and discover that it has an eternal name, eternal family, and eternal purpose that is being realised through you in this lifetime. An LBL is a unique, peaceful, and blissful experience that answers many questions about your journey through life, and also provides answers to humanity’s long search to connect with spirit. All of us have ‘a soul’, and it holds all the information we need for living a peaceful, productive and full lifetime – there is nothing outside of ourselves required. If you have a genuine interest in learning about, and ‘meeting’ your soul aspect, then this is the journey for you!

Feng Shui Power Empowering Your Life Potential – Healing Homes

REALISE THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Ask about our Are you ready to take the first step to Consultation and providing you and your family with healthy, home grown food? Most Garden Services of us are, but sometimes we don’t to help you in know where to start or what to do. your garden “Soil to Supper” is a specialist service that educates and supports people to gain the skills and knowledge to grow, harvest and cook their own food. It starts an on-going legacy of nourishing and nurturing for yourself, your family and friends. The Sustainable Organic Workshops are held monthly on Saturday’s and Tuesday’s at Lake Macdonald, Sunshine Coast. For more info please visit or phone Cath Manuel on 0408 060 997.

Feng Shui Consultations Energetically and physically transform your home! Jeannine Stephens uses the Feng Shui Schools of FORM, COMPASS and FLYING STARS

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Consultant: Jeannine Stephens BSc. BEd. Cert IV Feng Shui | Phone: 0488 665 822 Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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4/20/2012 8:44:51 AM

Soulful living with Feng Shui By Jeannine Stephens


re you feeling the effects of juggling work, family and all sorts of other responsibilities? This can take you away from connecting with your soul and finding balance in life. A home can be a sacred instrument of design to support the essence of your soul’s intention in your everyday life. Enhancing the energetic quality of your home through the application of traditional Feng Shui principles and techniques means you can nurture you! It has the potential to give you more choice, deeper awareness and knowledge. The story of your home, from a Feng Shui analysis perspective, explains what you have attracted into your life and allows you the freedom to make change. Through this awareness you can shift the energy qualities in your home, to change what you want to change and increase the support you require. Your home can become your

sanctuary not only physically but also vibrationally, as with intent, you harmonise its energy flow and qualities. As you walk into your home now, do you sense your presence being enveloped by the knowing that you can just be your true self? Do you feel this space as your sanctuary that awakens and supports your dreams, loves, health, relationships and peace of mind and heart? If not, you have the power to transform your home into that sanctuary, supporting your heart’s desires to alter the ‘current story’, enhancing its energy vibration to its highest potential while learning more about yourself in the process. Through nurturing your body and soul within this space, you can enhance your love for yourself, which reverberates to all others. Remember that we are all connected on this planet and as each one of us brings harmony to our environment and nurtures ourselves, this energy then resonates to all those around us. As you beautify the entrance to your home, defining a curving pathway to the front door attracting auspicious Qi, you

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Creating Conscious Connections in Business

Caloundra goddesses@lunch - Monday 14th May 2012 Speaker: Genine Howard & Alli Grant - Profile Magazine Venue: Tickets:

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allow opportunities to come into your life. As you de-clutter, you clear your thoughts, your emotions… and your home’s energy begins to shift. As you place life enhancing, ‘Sheng Qi’ remedies, you activate benevolent energy. As you neutralise negative vibes or ‘Sha Qi’ using specific remedies, you uplift the energies. As you place photos, paintings and artifacts symbolic of your dreams and goals, you lay the groundwork for sustained inspiration. As you rearrange the furniture layout, you enhance your sense of empowerment. Through choosing to implement these principles, you are saying to you, I am worthwhile, I am important, I am of value and so are those I care about. This effect has the potential to support your wellbeing, creativity, family and relationships, wealth generation and success in your work. Consequently, you can begin to feel the freedom to expand and stand in your power. Create not just a beautiful home but an energetically innovative and nurturing sanctuary.

4th Floor Restaurant, Mooloolaba. 9am - 5pm $99 pp $89members RSVP: 29/5/12

Tel: 0402 462 804 Natalie McIvor Director Limited seats! Book TODAY at Proudly Sponsored by

A deep & moving exploration into conscious loving relationship Experience Soraya’s heartfelt wisdom & cheeky humour together with guided active & passive processes enhanced by the soulful live music of double Emmy nominee husband Terry Oldfield.

Seminar: Sunday June 17th @ Tranquil Park Centre, Maleny

Mobile: 0400 520 624 22

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Holistic Bliss, May 2012

4/20/2012 1:05:43 PM

SETTING THE Are you Listening SOUL FREE to your Body? By Heidi Malik

By Caithe Cameron

‘ our body loves movement, sunshine, water and intimacy. We often neglect the temple of our soul. Yes, you feed, exercise and give it rest yet most of those choices are because you think that’s what your body needs. Active listening takes time, commitment and trust. How can you go about building a relationship with your body? Start by giving gratitude to your body for its function, beauty and movement. Give yourself a hug, a massage, or a long bath – something ‘selfish’ as an act of intimacy. This is the romancing of YOU. Ask your body what it needs for movement, sunshine, water and intimacy. Five minutes of belly-dancing? Ten star jumps? A bare foot walk in the sunshine? Listening to your body’s needs for water consumption not only makes your skin look great your intuition begins to flow more effortlessly too. If it brings a smile to your dial and a feeling of wellbeing – then you are on the right track. So, have you asked your body what it needs today? Listen carefully, the answer may surprise you! I’m off to hula-hoop while the sun is still shining! Namaste

The eyes are the window to the Soul’ That means that Beauty is within us. ‘As within so without’. When I was at the lowest point in my life, Fr. Rod Cameron, a retired Catholic Priest, held me to his heart and said: “You poor girl, you are not carrying the cross, you are nailed to it.” Some people talk about the dark night of the Soul, well I lost all feeling. Fr. Rod nurtured my Soul and got me off the cross. My gratitude to this truly, holy man is endless. “How would you know what the light is like unless you had been in the dark?” My upbringing was mostly about not feeling good enough. So much was expected of me and as an only child; I learned to live in a world of my own. My Catholic education helped me to focus on the ‘Holy Family’ seeing as my family was so dysfunctional. The best thing about my German upbringing was that I learned discipline. Many years later, in my yoga training, I was told that yoga is a discipline. Is it any wonder I enjoyed it? Focussing, holding postures, practising was joyful. Then, after a long while, I actually managed to still my overactive mind. Six years later I earned a diploma in advanced meditation, kundalini yoga and metaphysics. Out of the darkness – the Light of Soul – Grace – has emerged. Heidi has come out of hiding. It’s never too late to change – even now in my 70s I can say this. Do what you love and what makes your Soul sing. Unlimited energy and creativity are the amazing benefits of living at Soul Level.

In gratitude and Grace 07 5429 6199


“At Last… The Weight Loss Program THAT WORKS!”  Do you feel tired, bloated and unhappy with your looks?  Have you tried every program under the sun and still overweight?  Are your hormones out of whack?

Try the HCG program!! “There is no other weight loss program that I know which can deliver such fabulous results.” Dr. Sherill Sellman “I’ve lost 12kg in 23 days and feel amazing.” Tia R, Caloundra “I’ve tried every diet and never got any results. HCG really works! Lost 8kg in 3 weeks.” Kathy M, Buderim “Lost 20kg since Christmas and didn’t putting any weight on. I’m a new person.” Robert S, Mooloolaba

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Work with joy – it’s good for the Soul By Heather Patterson


consider myself to be a very fortunate woman. Why? Because – I can sincerely say, with all my heart: I absolutely love what I do!! In my work as a psychic over the past 10 years, I have loved helping people. Through my work, I have brought comfort and hope to many by reuniting them with those who they loved and lost. It’s a great privilege and honour to do this. So, how did this all happen? Well, I grew up in Glasgow in Scotland and knew from a very young age that I had a very strong connection to the world of spirit. My earliest psychic encounter occurred when I was about seven years old. My grandmother had been sent to hospital with a broken hip but during the night, her spirit visited to say that her time was up, she was going home and wanted to say goodbye. The next day, my aunt came and told me that my grandmother had taken a turn for the worst and had passed away during the

joy and pure divine love, absorb the essence of what the book offers you, it shall enable you to unlock the most important depiction of who you really are. The other books on the shelves have a relatively small part to play in the repertoire for no matter what the experience offers you, do it with love. Never underestimate this power for there are no boundaries, all the chapters are there. The book of love with the ending ‘happy ever after’, why settle for anything else? You are an infinite being of light with tremendous strength and a yearning to shine like the exquisite stars in the sky, climbing to greater and greater heights. See your book as a beautiful garden where the words and the pictures resonate a life of wondrous acts of kindness, empathy and understanding of self and others and now sign your name as the greatest author that ever lived, come forth and be counted for the wondrous mark you shall make in this magnificent journey of that of one’s soul.�

night. But, of course, I already knew that she had gone. Over the years I have developed my psychic abilities. They say practice makes perfect: – and there is a lot of truth in that! After conducting literally thousands of readings I have managed to refine my connection to spirit. I find it interesting that people come to my readings for many different reasons. Some want to get in touch with someone who has died. Or after a traumatic event, they want to know if there is life after death. Other people have lost direction in their life and come in because they want some direction and guidance. In fact, each individual reading is different. And I love that because I never know what I’m going to see. It’s a journey I share with each and every client. “One needs to raise the vibrational consciousness by letting go of that which no longer serves you. Visualise yourself in a room full of books. These books represent the wondrous aspects of the Soul’s journey, choose from it that which makes your heart sing with

36<&+. :((.(1':25.6+236

AUGUST WORKSHOP IN BRISBANE MELB June 2-3 â&#x20AC;˘ SYD June 16-17 â&#x20AC;˘ ADE June 23-24



â&#x20AC;˘ Private PT Studio â&#x20AC;˘ Group Kayak Sessions â&#x20AC;˘ Group Outdoor Sessions â&#x20AC;˘ 8-12 Week Mind and Body Challenges â&#x20AC;˘ Self Development â&#x20AC;˘ Results Results Results â&#x20AC;˘ Healthy Happy Lifestyle

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Holistic Bliss, May 2012

4/20/2012 9:38:06 AM

By Dr Kellie Yildirim


nevitably in life, we all encounter issues that are stumbling blocks. These are areas where there are often recurring difficulties that seem hard to deal with. You might be experiencing this in your relationships in your personal life or at work and it may affect other areas of your life such as finances and child rearing. Most of these types of issues we can address openly, however if it is an issue around your sex life, it often remains undealt with, sadly!!! In my experience with working with people in the area of sex, your sexual life is just as important as any other aspect of your life, in fact it is often at the heart of your relationship and connection issues. Gone are the taboo days where ‘we can’t’ talk at all about sex – that was a very archaic era of closed, dark, fear around sexuality. Sex is important, sex is significant, we are meant to be fully sexual beings; it is natural and healthy!! In fact your sexuality directly links you to your spirituality. Tantra has taught this for eons of time. So what ever it is that is not working

for you in your sex life, sexuality or sexual relationships – start talking about it just like any other area of your life. Seek to gain true mastery and understanding of your full sexual potential…There is just so much to know and learn. Make it a fun and light hearted exploration. If there are negative issues for you, then seek to understand them. We are all deeply connected. The depth of connection you feel is relative to how open you are in your heart and how open you are to all aspects of yourself including your sexual self. This openness fluctuates and changes. Just think of a child, a young child playing meeting other children, they are often completely unguarded. They instantly have rapport and connection with each other in the playground. Watch how they laugh and play and yell and express and dance. There is a magical presence about emotionally unguarded children! Wouldn’t you love to have that back? Wouldn’t you love to have that freedom and confidence again? Or perhaps you feel you never had it in the first place?

What has caused YOU to close off part of your heart? What would it take to fully open and love again? Do you actually understand what unguarded love and expression is? What are you afraid of? COURAGE is not the absence of FEAR, but the ability to feel the fear and move forward anyway! To have emotional courage is the new frontier of our society. All truly successful people must develop emotional courage and face all of themselves, the good, the bad and the ugly bits of life. Your life will be remembered and felt by the people around you, not just from what you achieved but by how much you loved, while you DID your life! So HOW do you want the world and your loved ones to remember you, what feeling do you want to leave in their hearts after your life is done? For more info contact:

Would you like to have Youthful Skin at any age? • Are you looking for a more natural product giving scientific results? (to diminish your wrinkles) (to help with firming and lifting your skin) • Do you want to plump up your lips? • Are your eyes looking puffy with dark circles beneath them? • Do you want to stimulate the collagen in your skin?

LifeCell Cream is new to Australia and backed with Nobel Prize winning science... LifeCell is being used by many top celebrities, why not experience the difference? Judy Mills – LifeCell Australia Phone: 1300 850 533 | Mobile: 0417 833 828 Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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4/20/2012 8:35:46 AM

A Soulful Pregnancy By Katrina Zaslavsky


ream of being a blissfully barefoot, tree hugging goddess but life gets in the way? How do you take the stress out of those precious nine months, get all calm and zen and truly experience a soulful and joyful pregnancy? It all begins with a conscious effort to take time each day to bloom in the slow lane, nurture yourself and connect with your baby. Take time out to be quiet with your thoughts. Focus on how you feel, concentrate on the baby growing inside you and practise inner body awareness through conscious breathing or yoga. Regular practise can help reduce stress and prepare you for a calm birth. Talk gently, sing or send loving energy to your baby. Or sit outside and listen to the healing sounds of the birds or the crashing ocean waves. If you are feeling down or depressed,

the cure is not another pill or quick fix, but as my friend Shirley-Anne from Birthing A Conscious Child says, it may be as simple as creating more JOY in your life. So with that in mind, when was the last time you danced, sang, played or laughed? This, plus a good dose of sunshine and nutritious food and you will be feeling bright and shiny in no time! Choose peace. Extreme emotions can deplete energy and cause unnecessary suffering. Step into the role of a mother and protect your baby from negativity. Your baby’s wellbeing depends on it. We are never more aware of this than when we carry the responsibility for life so tangibly in our bellies. Treat your time in bloom as a sensual experience – indulge in relaxing baths, massages (the perfect excuse to ask your partner for a foot rub!) and soothing music. Use your heightened senses to

savour the beauty around you. Notice every tree, every flower and clichéd as it is, go and smell the fragrant roses that you pass on your walks. Self care is not selfish, it is essential! Own that thought, make it your mantra. Enjoy your unique birthing experience-It only lasts nine months, so make the most of it. It won’t be this quiet or leisurely for long! Real spiritual love arises from the loving soulful part of us – our true and authentic self. Be the love you are and practise love in every situation. So enjoy this blossoming love affair with your growing bundle and joyfully celebrate the gift of life. This time is deliciously yours. Katrina Zaslavsky is the passionate author of ‘A Modern Woman’s Guide to aNatural Empowering Birth’

Try a FREE Nia Class

NOW! Nia is for everyBody and everyAge choosing pleasure as the path toward physical, mental and emotional health. Nia Technique blends Healing, Dance and Martial Arts into a low impact routine with space for self-expression to uplifting music from around the world. Be a part of the growing Nia Sunshine Coast community! Susanne 0432 849 388


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Holistic Bliss, May 2012

4/20/2012 1:01:22 PM

Welcome to the month of May – a juicy astro-swirl of delightfully helpful energies. May 6: Sun in Taurus opposite full moon in Scorpio. This full moon is known as the “Festival of Wesak”; the birthday of the Buddha. Yes, he was a Taurean, and I think he chose well. On this day, it’s highly auspicious to meditate and ask to be filled with the compassion and the spiritual strength of the Buddha. Also, ask yourself what you need to be stubborn about right now. But Bulls aren’t really stubborn, are they? They are just taking their own sweet time to make important, life-enhancing decisions.

the perfect time.

is set to make headlines all around the world.

May 14: The Sun and Jupiter live it up in Taurus. This is the luckiest day all month as far as manifesting goes. It’s about creating abundance, wealth, romance, fun, laughter, and anything else your heart desires. So go for it. Express yourself with carefree abandon. Spontaneity works out well. So does being honest.

What a month! Thank you, universe! The next instalment of Lyvea’s supernatural adventure story is available now from www. for $4.99 per eBook. “STAR SIGN STORIES, VOLUME TWO: TAURUS.” Essential laughs and insights for all Taureans.

May 16: Venus retrograde. This is another biggie as Venus treks back through Gemini towards a rare and beautiful Venus-Sun eclipse on June 6.

This is a day for deciding to stick with what is good for you.

Consider people you love but cannot actually stand to talk to. Either find a way to connect, or forgive them privately and free yourself. Make room for good things. It’s time.

May 13: Chiron the Master Healer Aligns with Pluto the Transformer. This is one of the most healing vibrations in our skies this year. Cathartic weeping is highly recommended, especially when combined with an intention to release the past and allow yourself to be transformed by the power of Love (Chiron in Pisces). All the angelic assistance you need to transform your life is available to you; but remember, you need to ask if you want a Divine Intervention in your life, and now is

May 21: New moon and solar eclipse in Gemini. The month of Gemini begins with a new moon and freaky annular solar eclipse at 0° Gemini. Talk about a new beginning! Bernadette Brady, our trusty eclipse expert, says that this one signals a “long-awaited breakthrough” following “long periods of hard work”. Holy Hathor; isn’t that good news? And it all builds to a lunar eclipse in Sag on June 4, followed by the utterly amazing Venus-Sun eclipse on June 6, which

Full Body Hot Oil Massage 1 hour duration

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All Dermalogica Products Located on the ground floor of The Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters 38 Mahogany Drive, Pelican Waters Visit for our full treatment menu or call us on (07) 5437 3022 Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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4/19/2012 1:15:02 PM

Puppy prep: Prepared for Life By David Haywood, Training Director and Behaviour Expert, Canine Classroom


n my line of work I am privileged. Privileged because I get to do what I love and at the same time help people to improve the quality of their relationship with their dog. Unfortunately, in most cases, the issues the dog owner is having is generally bought about by poor advice when the puppy first comes home, which from my perspective, is frustrating to say the least. This is 2012 and the sooner that the old school mentality of keeping puppies locked up and shielded away from the world until AFTER their vaccination period is dismissed, the better! In my opinion over 90% of behavioural issues in dogs stems from a lack of early GENERAL socialisation and confidence development, which is the result of the new puppy owner being misinformed and told NOT to take their puppy out to explore the human world. This is generally done as a precautionary step to reduce the risk of health issues such as Parvo, a very nasty disease that can kill puppies within 24 hours. However these health risks need to be weighed up and balanced out against the

need to begin developing the pups temperament, social skills and confidence. The CRITICAL period for socialisation is from 3-14 weeks in which the fears that the puppy had when born can be removed for life. A lack of early and ongoing socialisation can lead to many behavioural problems that can be very difficult to repair later in life. A puppy that has strong early socialisation; taking in lots of general exposure to a variety of situations and stimulus is far better prepared for its life ahead. As a Canine Behaviourist, my advice to ALL new puppy owners is to begin the socialisation process the day your puppy comes home. Of course you need to be sensible about where you go and what you do! Introducing your dog to mum and dad’s dogs is NOT general socialisation. Taking the pup with you to work each day is NOT general socialisation. What is required is many and varied exposures to lots of different situations, scenarios and stimulus. To be safe, consult with your local vet and ask them, have there been any recent

cases of Parvo or other serious health concern issues for pups in the area? If not, start taking your puppy out on short expeditions. Take them down to the local shops, schools, sporting fields and let them start taking in the human world. Fifteen to 20 minutes at a time is plenty. You can even have the puppy just sit in your lap and not even touch the ground (to err on the side of caution). Just being there, watching, listening and in some cases interacting helps to eliminate the fear. I DO NOT advocate them being taken to the local dog park or off leash dog area at this stage as this is setting yourself and your puppy up for potential risk. I DO however advocate lots and lots of GENERAL socialisation. In conjunction of course, you can enrol your puppy into puppy classes run by qualified and experienced dog trainers . These begin from 8 weeks of age and assist you with all you need to know to begin socialising your pup with other dogs, all of whom have been or are going through their vaccination period.

Only holistic clinic in inner Brisbane

FREE First Session PUPPY SCHOOL SOCIALISATION • OBEDIENCE Sunshine Coast Wide and New School Opened in Brisbane!

• Group Classes for all Levels • Private Behaviour Consultations • Lifetime Training Guarantee • NDTF Certified Trainers

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• • • • •

Conventional Medicine & Integrative Alternatives Vaccinations & antibody titre testing • Advanced dentistry Desexing • Acupuncture • Nutrition advice Behavioural counselling Remedial musculoskeletal therapies • Chinese & Western herbal therapies and MORE

NEW: Animal Physiotherapist

07 3122 1997 Greenslopes Mall

Holistic Bliss, May 2012

4/19/2012 1:44:16 PM

Living with My Soul By Jenny Golsby


onsciously living with my soul everyday helps to determine the choices I make and the outcomes for myself and others around me. These choices either support or disturb my soul. Fulfilling relationships, work ethics and personal achievements are all part of life and in this modern world it is sometimes difficult to avoid influences that adversely effect the nurturing of my soul. Growing up on the land I was taught from a very early age to respect life. This gave me the foundation to understand that we are responsible for our own soul and the animals that rely on us to protect and nurture them. Having a passion for animals from an early age has certainly affected the way I live my life and the choices I make to protect those who are unable to control their own destiny. In my younger years, I travelled to different parts of the world and experienced some of the horrific acts done to animals. On my return to Australia my work as an RSPCA inspector and animal advocate showed

me that Australians are also guilty of questionable acts. Living with my soul meant I had to make choices that I could live with. I have been fortunate that most of my working life has been within the pet industry and in that time I have made it my mission to educate myself and others about the welfare of animals. “Being kind is easy and brings joy to my soul”. In 2003 The Complete Pet Company was created. We produce pet food that is built on educating others about making informed decisions while supporting ethical and free range meats. We are completely against the cruel practices of factory farming. As someone who is conscious of living in harmony with my soul I believe this means acting consciously for the souls of all animals, especially those that are subjected to cruelties they cannot avoid without our help. I choose to be vegetarian but I care for carnivores. If we choose to have meat eaters as pets then we must provide for them cruelty-free food.

Over the years producing this food has caused me a considerable amount of guilt and I have often asked myself, “How can someone so passionate about our planet, and the animals she shares it with, produce a food that comes from the very animals she works to save?” I struggle with this everyday but to help ease my soul I ask, “If I stop, where will the people who chose to make informed decisions, and use an ethical alternatives to feed their pets, go?” I do this work to support the caregivers and the animals. Consciously living with my soul, listening to it, feeling into the essence of who I am helps me to live life to the full and helps me to help do the right thing by the souls of animals too. Living this way isn’t always easy but at times can be highly rewarding.

THE COMPLETE PET COMPANY “Complete Meal – Complete Health” WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACTORY FARMING Raw, Frozen “Complete Meal” and Bones for Cats and Dogs. All Human Grade Ingredients, Certified Organic and Free Range Meats Only, Delicious, Nutritious and Balanced Now available on the Sunshine Coast

animal care • Natural Therapies for Animals • Energy Modalities and Readings • Animal Healing Workshops For more information call 07 3352 3108


DOG LISTENING IS NOT A TRAINING METHOD Are you looking for a non-confrontational and kind way to work with your dog whilst respecting the language it instinctively understands?

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The Complete Pet Company & Natural Animal Care present

20TH MAY – EILEEN & JENNY HEALTH & NUTRITION 3RD JUNE – CARLA NAUMANN & EILEEN – FLOWER ESSENCES • Essential Oils • Flower Essences • Homeopathy • Dog Listening • Reiki • Herbal Medicine Contact Jenny 3855 3555 or Eileen 3352 3108 for more details about these inspiring classes Holistic Bliss, May 2012

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4/19/2012 1:15:47 PM

Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL




Higher Visions is a spiritual/Holistic Community network. We provide a place for other like-minded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop. We offer : • Monthly casual lunches – varied subjects/ speakers • Evening gatherings with guest speakers – varied subjects • Workshops for adults & kids – A diverse range • Unique events – Mind Body & Soul Expos + more

Gently removing blockages and restoring balance in your mind, body and soul. Feel relaxed, calm, centred and grounded. Are you ready to move forward on your path? Mention the word ”magical” when booking and receive a FREE reading. $60 p/hr Laura Di Mambro 0400 673 563

Vikki Speller 0417 643 435* Join Intuition Plus on Facebook*


HEALTH & WELLBEING INSPIRATIONAL BUSINESS WOMEN’S NETWORK MACKAY Inspirational Business Women’s Network Mackay was created to fill the need expressed by Mackay business women in the corporate and middle management arenas for a networking event that would provide them with professional development and inspiration through networking with like-minded leaders in their field.

For further information Phone: Bronwyn 0438 892 855


PSYCHIC MEDIUM READINGS Providing insights and guidance regarding your love life, career, money, travel, moving house, or where the future is taking you. Also connecting to loved ones passed over and giving messages from beyond. Readings done in person, via phone or skype.

Contact Dagmar on 0403 307 972 (Melb) CELTICAI STUDIO (WAMURAN) Experience wellness and guidance with Celticai’s distance/in-studio sessions: • Intuitive Ascension Healing • Palmistry Readings • Access Bars • Herbalife Nutritional products • Gemstone Essences • Workshops and eCourses Discover the path to Dream + Believe + Create. Like us on Facebook. Free broadcasts on Reflect Radio – laughter and healing.

Phone: 54 966 249

SAMADHI RAW-YOGA RETREATS North Stradbroke Island “Connect with the ocean of energy and mother earth to find natural balance and inner bliss” Flow Yoga, meditation, vibrant raw vegan meals, raw health mentoring, beach house accom, nature walks and bushfoods, ecstatic dance, music, mantra and more! May 11-13, September 14 -16

SOUL PURPOSE CLASSES Delving deeply into healing chakras, unravelling mistruths, discovering precious answers for life, the correct tools and vibrational thinking, making life a purer journey, soul purpose can be discovered and contentment can be yours. Take Time Out for Your-Self.

76 William Street, Howard, Qld Phone: (07) 4129 0732


ORACLES OF LIGHT CREATIONS • Divine Alignments • Sacred Custodian • Channel for Sound and Language • Cosmic Christ Conscious Lightbody • Crystal Grid Alignments and Essences • Earth Healing – Home, Business and Land

It’s like Feng Shui for the mind-it’s like deleting the old files from your computer that prevent it from running smoothly. Access Bars Treatment significantly increases mental clarity and brain vitality. It dynamically reduces mind chatter, stress, tension, body aches and pains.

Contact Shennan Thomas Phone: 0410 471 724 Certified Bars Facilitator

POSITIVE BIRTH COMMUNITY Discover inspiring birth stories, empowering videos, expert articles, inspiring birth products including free previews of new inspirational book “A Modern Woman’s Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth” – Inspiring birth stories, expert tips and practical insights to reclaim your birth power and overcome your fears. Afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley MD.

ACCOMMODATION SUNSHINE BEACH-NOOSA Charming Double Room in Queenslander style house large decks tropical gardens sea breezes close to Beach/National Park/Aquatic centre/Cafes. Stay with Clinical Aromatherapist Therapeutic Massage Practitioner. Relax Revive in peaceful environment $40pn single, $60pn couple; week 1 night free. Longer term stays negotiable.

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SUNSHINE BEACH HOLIDAY ACCOM – ‘BILLYS BEACH CHATEAU’ Come relax and enjoy a 3 bedroom self-contained apartment including swimming pool and airconditioning. Large verandah with a quiet leafy outlook, close to beach and shops. Check it out at: or Phone: Liz 0421 007 733

“We know the ad is working well and we have approximately two people a day coming in to Bliss Gourmet Market from the ad. Thank-you Holistic Bliss!”

By Kathy Barry, owner of Bliss Gormet Market, 4/5, 125 Mapleton Road, Nambour, Qld Phone: 54762300 30

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Holistic Bliss, May April 2012 2012

4/20/2012 10:07:48 AM

Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL

Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

道 Spirit Path Healing shiatsu crystal therapies Mark Crossland

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Want a brand that’s unique to you??

07 5492 6417 0413 374 634

LIVE the life you dream of.

12 to 14 October Peppers Manor House, Sutton Forest NSW

Mentor and Teacher is Leading Medium and Animal Communicator Amanda De Warren For more information 07 5426 8298 or


40 years experience (EFT – emotional freedom technique, aura light essences, flower remedies, regression) GYMPIE: Saturday 19th May. Available for 1-to-1 personal sessions on Sunday 20th May SUNSHINE BEACH: Sunday 27th May 10am-4pm – arrive 9.45am for registration. COST: $120 EACH DAY Bookings and enquiries phone 07 5474 5213 Mobile 0406 561 177 Outside Australia +61 4065 61177

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An attainable miracle awaits YOU. Discover how you can learn to connect to the energy that creates All That Is.


Ruth Eedy

m: 0423 859 888 e: spiritpathhealingcentre

For a distinct logo and brand design that you can use on your website, business cards, flyers & social media, call today!


(Dip. Shiatsu)

Commercial/Business Law Conveyancing/Leases Employment Law Building & Construction Law Corporate Structure & Re-structures Asset Protection/Contracts Wills, Estates & Power of Attorney Property/Business Sales & Purchases Trade Marks, Copyright & IP Protection

5455 6870

ThetaHealing® ... Call 54 22 95 95 to arrange your free introductory session/night Courses and individual appointments: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Celticai Studio Dream. Believe. Create

Wellness and Guidance: Palmistry ~ Energetic Healing ~ Herbalife ~ Bars Facilitator ~ Gemstone Essences Caithe Cameron 5496 6249

Are you ready for a unique, holistic experience? • John of God Crystal Bed Healing Sessions (Spiritual, Chakra, Balancing) • Card reading • Gift Shop • Statues • HUGE PLANT SALE For appointments Phone: (07) 5485 3295 5 Email:

4/19/2012 1:16:36 PM

If you could make one simple choice to

HELP HEAL THE WORLD WOULD YOU? By selecting MOS premium quality skincare products you are not only choosing a cleaner, greener, more organic world but you are also helping to educate, nourish and protect children in less fortunate areas. We invite you to join us on our quest to heal the world… your skin and the world’s children will thank you for it. SPECIAL OFFER FOR MAY:

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Holistic Bliss 35