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Beyond Disability FEATURE

MC Wheels: THE

Merrymaker Sisters’






in the FACE OF Adversity

Are world events WAKING MORE




JULY 2017

Volume 92 ISSN: 1836-8840


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From the Creator of HBM...


his has been an inspiring and thought provoking edition to put together this month and what if it’s time for even more people to come forward and share their unique gifts? As all the articles came in this month, I was left with a sense of, ‘What a beautiful group of people all sharing their bliss’, and great to have so many different perspectives. This was a big part of why I created this magazine, so people could have a ‘voice’ and see that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to well-being and creating a vibrant life. Our July feature is called ‘beyond disability’ and it’s about creating a massive shout-out to people who have experienced any type of stigma from labels, anyone who has felt ‘too different’, ‘less’, devalued, or misunderstood. Let’s

gather around, lift ourselves and each other up higher and higher, let’s release the projections from others and any selfjudgements, and be our unique and totally different selves and shine bright like never before. What if ALL of us sharing our unique gifts is what the world requires to heal? Thank-you to all the amazing and courageous people and their families who are being change agents, despite the challenges they may face and my wish is for more kindness to be shared. This month Delany Delaney and Glen Sheppard grace our cover and create a real presence for this feature and edition. Please read my story and interview with this dynamic duo on page 12-13.



Beyond Disability FEATURE

MC Wheels:



in the FACE

Merrymaker Sisters’

OF Adversity



Are world events WAKING MORE





JULY 2017

Volume 92 ISSN: 1836-8840





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15 Food for the Soul


06-07 Taco Pizza RANI

08  Culinary essential oils and space to relax AMY JOYOUS

 Journey through your digestive system



Healthy Apple Tea Cake



Cover Story

12-13 Delany & Glen: Seeing the Beauty of Each Other and Ourselves VANESSA FINNIGAN

Beyond Disability

20 Are world events waking more people up? RAELENE BYRNE

21 Our ‘great undoing’ SORAYA SARASWATI

22 This ability




The gift of the Rainbow Child



Courage in the face of adversity




Q&A with Leanne Walsh, CEO/Founder of Sunshine Butterflies


3 tools to live ‘Outside the Box’ GARY DOUGLAS



 Clearing blocks and patterns, in ourselves, changes the next generation!! LINDA WILLOW ROBERTS



Back injury: A catalyst for change

27 Peace lives here


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The art of peaceful parenting




Kids, Parents and Relationships

 Healing our reactions and unquestioned beliefs AMANDA MACKAY


 The healing journey with arts therapy

Free your heart


Holistic Beauty & Style 38

28-29 Hallelujah for hemp! MELANIE LEONTINE


 your male and female energies Are in balance? JULES O’NEILL




 How can laser assist women’s vaginal health?


Crushing the secret code on cracked lips

Life sensing technology is here…




3 steps to developing a smiling mindset ROS BEN-MOSHE

 Following my calling – Romania bound


Profile of an essential oil: Black Pepper KIM MORRISON

34-35 Interview with Catherine Connolly: 43 From TV land to inspired Founder of Mind Matters Institute fragrance… 36 What is SPIRITember? Natural Animal Care 37 Food allergy vs food sensitivity JANE TREDREA

 A quantum leap of consciousness

through esoteric acupuncture! DAPHNE FUNG

44-45 Let a cat be a cat!


46 HOLISTIC AS… Books and more Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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Ingredients: 2 gluten free wraps (or make your own base) 200g (½ lb) mince of your choice ½ red onion finely chopped 1 clove garlic minced 1 cup tinned kidney beans drained and rinsed 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp cumin ½ tsp chilli powder 1 medium tomato roughly chopped ½ cup tasty cheese or vego cheese ½ iceberg lettuce ½ avocado ¼ cup coriander leaves 2 handfuls of corn chips (optional, but super yum) Method: Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F) and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Place the beef mince, onion, kidney beans, tomato, garlic, cumin and paprika in a large bowl and mix until well combined. Season with salt and pepper. Place pizza bases on lined baking tray, and spread them evenly with the meat mixture. Sprinkle cheese over the top of each pizza, and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes, or until the mince has cooked and the cheese is all yummy and melty. Meanwhile shred the lettuce, mash the avocado, and pick the coriander leaves and set aside. Once the pizza is cooked, remove from the oven and top with lettuce, coriander and avocado. Serve with a handful of corn chips for an extra yum treat. www.youtotallygotthis.com

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ABOUT RANI HANSEN Rani is a lawyer and super healthy eater. But it wasn’t always that way… In August 2013 she gave up sugar after signing up for Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ 8-Week Program. Without getting all ‘woo woo’ about it, giving up sugar changed her life. It improved her concentration, stabilised her weight and changed her relationship with food. Then ‘You Totally Got This’ was born… You know when you discover something awesome, and you want to tell all your friends about it? The packaged supermarket foods she used to rely on for quick and easy weeknight meals, were loaded with sugar. So when Rani quit the sweet stuff, she started to get in the kitchen to cook and create. But here’s the thing. After a long day in the office the last thing she wanted to do when she got home was cook for hours. 12-hour days in the office and cooking... uh ah no! That was until she discovered she could make a quick and healthy meal in the same time it took to order in takeout. When you live off takeout, packaged foods and eggs on toast (and she did!) you feel less than amazing. But you know what? With the right recipes and a few simple tricks, you can cook your favourite meals fast. And now Rani’s got the hang of it, she’s on a mission to spread the word. Now she wants to help you create the same healthy and delicious weeknight meals, and generally just win at being the healthiest busy person you know. You have so totally got this!

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and space to relax



he newest, innovative, conscious wellness centre on the pristine Redcliffe Peninsular is here! We have been inspired to create a space for you to be at peace and enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth. You will be surrounded by Young Living pristine essential oils, Himalayan salt products, local creative wood creations, gifts from local artists, a retail section including nutritional products, books, CDs, cards, crystals and a soothing water feature. All products are sourced to ensure the highest vibration to complement core values of holistic wellness. When it’s time for a cuppa and snack, our ‘Lavender Café’ allows you to sit and enjoy a Grassroots coffee, a hot chocolate or a tumeric latte with a treat from Nutri Hitt (which is a glutenfree, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and vegan-loving local Brisbane company!).

We also LOVE to use Young Living Essential Oils in our beverages; it gives a special hit of intense flavour! Young Living Essential Oils have a range of essential oils that we can use as food flavouring and in our water. These oils comply with the labelling guidelines as set out by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand), and we have a number of nutritional products that have been approved by the TGA. ‘Relax and Replenish’ offers an abundant array of modalities: kinesiology, raindrop technique, Egyptian emotional clearing, Thai yoga massage, Reiki, massage, NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, grief counselling, wholefood nutrition guidance, plus we have an Aroma Dome tent with essential oils to enhance your emotional senses. Classes include: meditation, yoga, kids’ creative workshops and family

yoga! Children’s yoga will be held on a Saturday afternoon starting in 3rd term. We have spiritual readers/healers on site each day. Each reader specialises in their own diverse field of experience. We also hold wellness classes, nutritional workshops with essential oils, and 101 basic essential oils usage, plus many more exciting topics. We hold information sharing events with special guest speakers, who talk about their life experiences and their journey to wellness and healing. This centre has been created to offer you an experience that will help relax and replenish your mind, body and soul. ‘Relax and Replenish in Redcliffe’ can be found tucked away at Shop 10/57 Ashmole Road, Redcliffe. It’s worth the visit  with friendly, vibrant staff and a relaxing energy.

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| JULY 2017 | Holistic Bliss

19/06/2017 6:46:59 AM


Journey through your




f I was to ask you where your digestive system is, you would probably point to your belly. But your digestive system is so much more than that – it actually starts in your mouth and ends at your anus, and is roughly 10 metres long! Let’s take a closer look at your digestive system and examine how it works and where things can commonly go wrong. The digestive system has two broad functions – the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of wastes. Both of these primarily occur in the small and large intestines. However, you might be surprised to learn that digestion actually begins in the mouth. Your teeth chew food into small particles, then your saliva imparts enzymes to assist in the breakdown of food. This is why it’s important to eat a diet high in plant-based wholefoods and to chew thoroughly, as what you put in the top end dictates what eventually comes out the back end! Once food is swallowed, it journeys down your esophagus to your stomach.

Food is prevented from travelling back up your esophagus by a sphincter, which opens and closes quickly to allow food to pass into the stomach. Problems such as heartburn and reflux can occur if this valve permits stomach acid to enter the esophagus. Your stomach then functions like a mixing bowl to help churn and liquefy food. If you suffer from heartburn, you produce too little Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) in your stomach, not too much. Without enough HCl, you may not be able to adequately break down food proteins which can lead to symptoms such as bloating, gas and heartburn. Food then travels to your small intestine, which digests and absorbs approximately 90% of the nutrients from your food. Your meal has been turned into a mix of food, mucus and HCl that resembles the consistency of split pea soup. Once this soup travels the entire 20 feet of your small intestine, it enters your colon via a one-way valve to prevent backflow (this is why the

water during your colonic stops at the end of your colon). The main function of the colon is not just to eliminate waste from your body, it serves to absorb water and nutrients from the soupy mix to form your stool. You may not realise this, but up to 75% of your bowel movement is water; the rest, undigested food fibres and living or dead bacteria. Many health ailments that present in the colon are often a result of what happens at the first stage of digestion – your mouth. If you don’t drink enough water, your soupy mix will become more like cement mix and lead to constipation. Similarly, if you eat a diet high in acidic and processed foods or if you don’t supplement with beneficial bacteria, you can experience an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeasts which leads to gastrointestinal complaints like IBS, bloating and gas. JOEL GRACE is the owner of Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre. www.sunshinecolonics.com.au

ARE YOU WASTING MONEY ON BOTTLED WATER? Bottled water is often of unknown quality and can be very expensive. The water is stored in plastic bottles for an indefinite amount of time. It is well known that chemicals leach from plastic bottles into the water.

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15/06/2017 10:00:37 AM



Ingredients: FILLING: 2 cups blanched almond meal 2 eggs whisked 1 apple cubed ¼ cup honey ¼ cup butter or coconut oil, softened ¼ cup coconut milk (canned) 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp baking powder Pinch of salt CRUMBLE TOPPING: ½ cup desiccated coconut ½ cup flaked almonds 2 tbsp butter or oil 2 tbsp coconut sugar or honey Method: Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F) and line a 20cm (8 inch) spring-form cake tin with baking paper. In a large bowl add the almond meal,

cinnamon, baking powder and salt. Mix well. In a smaller bowl whisk the eggs, then add the coconut milk, honey, oil, vanilla and whisk until all combined. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix again. It will form a sticky, thick, wet batter. Add the apple to the mixture and stir again. Pour/press the mixture into the prepared baking tin. Now make the crumble layer, totally optional but it looks good yah? In a small bowl add all the crumble ingredients and mix well. Sprinkle the crumble layer on top of the cake and press down slightly. Place into the oven for 15 minutes. Then cover with foil and place back into the oven for another 15 minutes or until cooked.

Nature’sTemple Temple Natures

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I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards By Linda Willow Rober�s


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Linda Willow Roberts has used 30 years of spiritual and life experiences as a visionary to bring these unique and magical cards to fruition. www.facebook.com/Willowswayoflife I am a Manifestor www.white-light-for-the-soul.myshopify.com White Light Publishing House

| JULY 2017 | Holistic Bliss

15/06/2017 10:02:03 AM


SPIRITember is going to be an amazing month of celebration for the month of September!

SPIRITember 2017 Spirituality and Holistic Health Presented in a Totally Different Format! E D U C AT I O N A L





YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! LET’S DO IT! The time is right and the time is now to bring all things spiritual into the spotlight. AIM: Raise awareness and acceptance within the general public of spirituality and holistic health through providing events/celebrations around Australia showcasing professional and ethical practitioners during the month of September. Awareness month starts 1st September 2017 with events/ celebrations on consecutive weekends in September. Visit our website for more details on events’ locations, speakers and trade displays. ARE YOU INTERESTED TO REPRESENT YOUR STATE AND BE YOUR STATE’S SPIRITember CO-ORDINATOR?

Lynda Louise Burke


Visit our website: www.spiritember.com.au or Phone: 0447 165 366

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15/06/2017 9:58:47 AM


w fr w

A D a a A A k o

is h o d m c d th

y n a l e D len &G



hat does disability mean to you? Some might say it’s about being unable to do a range of things that many people take for granted. For others, it may be communicating, behaving and looking a certain way that is considered different or outside the ‘norm’. If we could see each other through the eyes of gratitude, I wonder what that would create? It was a windy summer’s day last December when I met Glen Sheppard, 12

12.indd 1

his mum Pam and reconnected again with Delany Delaney. They drove out to our place in the country and we sat together on our deck gazing at the 360 degree views of undulating mountains, sharing some expansive moments together, mixed with a whole lot of fun and laughter. Glen is 37 years old and just like a lot of other Aussie blokes, enjoys a beer or two and chips with family and friends. From a medical perspective, he was born with Down Syndrome and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has very little verbal communication. Delany has been his carer/friend/co-

creator for 17 years and she assists him to communicate using an alphabet board and what is called facilitated communication. Instead of going through every letter slowly on the board to communicate, Delany communicates telepathically (sometimes with or without the board) to create more speed and ease with communicating Glen’s message. Delany mentioned this started happening about three years ago and was “a bit freaky” when Glen started communicating with her in this way. “Neither of us knew how to handle it, there was no one to talk to about it and people projected at us. It

| JULY 2017 | Holistic Bliss

15/06/2017 9:56:12 AM

w c G G e A c a ju 2

in h st o le

a o a ti th e w c a b

h it m d u o ‘t d w re



was too far out there. That stopped us from working together for a while, which was difficult for both of us,” she shared. Delany discovered the tools of Access Consciousness and founder Gary Douglas was the first person to really acknowledge the capacities both she and Glen have. Delany is now a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and the Access tools have helped them both to keep communicating telepathically and offering facilitation to others. It is clear to me Glen’s first language is not with words, it’s with energy and his mum Pam said he is often ‘working on people energetically’ to assist with dissolving the ‘walls’ so they can receive more from the universe. Delany said, “to communicate with Glen, you have to drop all your barriers. There is nothing that Glen does not know about me.” Delany has a long history of working with people ‘labelled disabled’ and has created a very special connection with Glen and many others. She first met Glen and Pam at a local community event in Queensland called, “Performing Arts with Florence” and realised Glen could communicate in a different way and he could also write (in fact he had just written his first book at the age of 20). Glen doesn’t let his ‘disability’ get in the way of living a fascinating life; he writes poetry, has completed tertiary studies and has written two books; one of which is a murder mystery and the lead character has autism. So this is not about saying that autism or other ‘conditions’ don’t exist, or pretending people with disabilities and their families don’t have challenging times. But the nature of any label means that it is one dimensional and doesn’t encompass the bright shining being. I wonder what sort of world we would create if we saw people in all their glory and what if ‘difference’ was not seen as bad, or wrong? Delany shared that because Glen has chosen the form he has in this life, it’s easy to see that his reality is so much more different than other people’s; he doesn’t even see the same visually as us. But it’s not just people who have obvious physical differences that feel ‘too different’. She said, “How much do we presume that we ‘get’ somebody, when we don’t know what that person’s reality is. And so I love that people like


Glen come here to slam something different into the mix and into creation of a different reality and they operate in a different way. They are heightening our awareness of that. We have all these things in common but we are really different and to presume we know what is going on in someone’s reality is a limitation. What about if we lived being in the question and asked what else is possible? What I got from Glen, my friend here is, to be present in a way I wasn’t being before we began this journey together.” Glen shared, “There is a space that is required now. It’s time to move beyond being worried if you fit, because most of us never really did. So if we can be with that and be with that space of ‘there actually isn’t separation’, we only create separation, then it’s easier for us to move forward. When we are caught up in trying to fit and trying to make sure we are not left on the edges, that actually creates the ‘being left on the edges’ that we are trying to avoid and it is not from trying to fit in that I have created what I have created. It is more that we are willing to be everything that we be and yes it is a journey, we become more and more, but it is that space of being willing to be that, that actually gives us people who have our backs. So truly we are never alone. Our energy goes on and on, there is no end. Could we ever be alone? When we are willing to move past all the projections of what our lives are supposed to look like and what is

supposed to bring us joy, then we can truly receive everything and so we are never really alone. When we get out of the ‘head tripping’ and acknowledge that we are actually picking up on thoughts and feelings of other people and what is going on in other parts of the world, even if we don’t watch the news, that doesn’t negate that we are aware of an energy that is there, that is discomforting and so when we are willing to push down the barriers and not separate, everything becomes easier.” Delany commented that whatever they do, it’s about creating a very different way of being with people, the animals and with the planet. “When we are willing to move beyond assumption, projection and judgement, there are so many more possibilities and miracles and magic right here waiting for us to receive. And joy, fun and kindness are paramount and you don’t have to separate from others to have your own identity.” Delany, Pam and Glen are currently travelling the world and Delany and Glen offer classes and talks using the tools of Access Consciousness. They share their music (both write the music and lyrics) with audiences far and wide and are also working on an album together and a project called ‘Out of the Blue’. And they would like to have their message in front of as many people as they can, in as many countries and translated to as many languages as possible. I felt like we could have spent the whole day together as there was such a palpable sense of peace with us all sitting on our deck on that windy summer’s day. After Delany, Glen and Pam left, I reflected on my first job as a provisional psychologist, conducting IQ assessments and providing counselling for people through Disability Services Victoria at the age of twenty-two. Many families received extra support and respite because of the assessment and eligibility process, but I had a knowing about the area of ‘disability’ that I wasn’t able to ‘realise’ until I met Glen Sheppard and had his wisdom conveyed through Delany Delaney. What if now is the time to receive and see ourselves fully and find any ways we are dis-abling ourselves from being who we really are? www.facebook.com/glenanddelany Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

13.indd 1


15/06/2017 9:57:13 AM


The gift of the


WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


he rainbow child chooses a journey that is all consciousness and are teachers of the new awareness which is love based. They can present themselves as dis-abled, with genetic dis-orders and even serious diseases. Some even choose to live here a small amount of time such as babies who die from cot death and many other terminal diseases. The most powerful aspect of the rainbow child, is they NEVER consider themself as ‘dis-abled’. If anything, they know how to access potentiality and they do so in their own amazing way. In 2012, I was asked to teach about the Millennium ChildrenŽ personalities in India to international schools. I was to be made aware of the Rainbow Children very quickly from working in a boys’ orphanage and walking the local streets of Bangalore. I witnessed small children being physically abused to make them ‘disabled’ so that the children would get more money from begging. But what I watched was these children were able to access their potential and managed to get around and function as ‘normal’ as

everyone else. If anything, they could see the potential and possibilities more than children who were not ‘beaten’. These children were able, not dis-abled. They went beyond the dis-ability. It did not make it right or pleasant but they could see the best in their situation. They had become and accessed RAINBOW Child awareness and knew anything is possible and they were not actually dis-abled. At that time, my 11-year-old son was with me and he said, “Mum I can be anything when I grow up. I saw the beggar children and they could not walk or see but they were happy and they played together. These children are amazing�. Today he is 17 years old and has kept the attitude and mind frame ‘anything is possible’. I love to read, watch and hear about people’s lives and how they can access potentiality and know they are ABLE. One story I heard was about a gentleman who did the Kokoda Trail and he had no legs! Or there is Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of arms

and legs – he is someone who inspires me as he can surf and skateboard with no limbs! He is totally ABLE. From that time, it opened me up to where am I disabling myself and where can I move beyond the disability? Their stories will always leave a mark in my mind and heart to remind me that we are ABLE and can be, do, have our heart’s desires. It all depends on our perception and mind frame. For Medical Intuitive and Millennium Children courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN. www.AbsoluteEmpowerment.com

Jean Sheehan

An integrative approach to helping you achieve balance in your body, mind, and life

Internationally Recognised & Award Winning

Medical Intuitive

COURSES 2017: • Anxiety – generalised and acute • Habits – smoking, drugs and alcohol • Weight loss and mindful eating • ConďŹ dence, self-esteem and personal development • Emotional release • Fears, worry and phobias

Aug 26-27 Millennium CalendarÂŽ (Sunshine Coast) Glenn Chandler, Dip. C.H., Principal Therapist Rachel Kennedy, Dip. C.H., Practice Manager Carol Moore, Dip. C.H., Hypnotherapist

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unshine Coast rapper, songwriter, poet and recent Australian Youth of the Year winner Nathan Tessman’s spectacular, inspirational life may be in actual fact, a far greater challenge to many of us than to him! Specifically, how many of us can really transcend adversity, go beyond labels like ‘disability’, and attain a naturally sublime state of joyous being the way Nathan is achieving? SMARDS is the label the medical experts have attached upon Nathan. It stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress. Not only is there ‘no cure’, future treatment is at best uncertain, and the prognosis is grim. All the things we ‘able bodied’ people take for granted, like clenching our loved ones in a tight embrace, or wading barefoot through a forest creek, are an absurdly remote fantasy for wheelchairbound Nathan. Yet, despite these issues (or maybe

because of them) Nathan has chosen to ignite his soul and senses, and is unleashing upon the world his electrifying brand of entertainment, music, hip hop, and poetry; his universal message of love, courage and truth, triumphing over everything else is growing exponentially. Last year he was formally acknowledged and awarded ‘Youth of the Year’ at the Australia Day Awards. Prior to that, a Federal MP was moved to read out to parliament the entire lyrics of Nathan’s poignant, uplifting song “Fly Away”. This profoundly moving song, chronicles his raw and personal encounters with depression and suicide, yet shines a victorious beacon of light upon his redemption and restoration to self, features in his debut album “My Introduction”. In 2014, Nathan’s childhood dream came true, when he became (by popular vote) the support act to play with his heroes, the legendary “Bliss n Eso” at Brisbane Riverstage. Nathan’s life was also celebrated in the brilliant documentary film “The Magic of Life” (watch it on You Tube). Living legend and Australian literary


genius Rupert McCall is proud to call Nathan a friend. Rupert describes ‘the message’ of Nathan Tessman and MC Wheels thus: “His message revolves around the powerful truth that anything and everything is possible. No matter how hard you get hit, you can always come back harder…” This young man, barely in his early twenties, is also a true philanthropist by nature. Nathan was a perfect fit when he became ambassador to the brilliant Sunshine Coast charity ‘Sunny Kids’. Nathan shows me how to step into that divine realm of goodness which dwells in all of us. To me, that makes him an angel on earth, with the heart of a lion! Thank you Mr Tessman, for being such a screaming trailblazer and lover of humanity! And thank you Mr Tessman, for all the times you instantly pull me out, out and away from my own episodes of selfpity or doubt – all I need do, after all, is simply think of you! www.magicoflife.me and www.mcwheels.com.au

Deepening Love & Happiness RETREAT

AUGUST 20-26, 2017

Join well-known retreat hosts Kate and Rob Foster in LELEUVIA ISLAND, FIJI for 6 days and nights of support, expansion and fun Immerse yourself in this unique holiday retreat where learning and discovery are balanced with extreme relaxation. Be nourished and cared for in paradise. Reconnect with Happiness. Love your body with gentle morning yoga and meditation. Reconnect with peace, purpose and joy in the daily learning and discovery sessions. Spend your free afternoons relaxing in paradise. For more information and bookings: Phone: 0418 879 519 | Visit: www.katemfoster.com Kate M Foster is a Sunshine Coast author. Visit her website to order her new book “An Invitation to Trust” or to learn more about her Women’s Circles, Workshops, Retreats and more. Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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with LEANNE WALSH CEO/Founder of Sunshine Butterflies

HB: Can you tell us a little bit about how Sunshine Butterflies has grown? Leanne: We continue to create new programs, services and products to meet the needs of families and individuals living with disability. We have always been a family friendly service which has helped us create trusted relationships with our members and families. Together with staff and volunteers, we have created a culture that is unique and in demand which has grown our membership to 450. I like knowing we are different to other government-funded service providers and organisations. Receiving no government funding allows us the flexibility to provide support and create unique programs and activities when we see a need. HB: How do you see disability? Leanne: “Seeing the ability not the disability” is our tag line which focuses on bringing out the very best in someone and encouraging them to see their ability. With the NDIS soon

approaching the Sunshine Coast, those living with a disability will have so much more choice and control over their lives. The NDIS will bring the biggest change ever seen to the disability sector and Sunshine Butterflies is embracing new and exciting opportunities to better support and encourage our members to think like there are no limits. HB: What changes have you seen in people and families since creating Sunshine Butterflies? Leanne: The biggest change is with our young adults who have left school and joined our programs. Their families feel ‘our backyard’(our five acre respite facility) is a home away from home for their family member. We create a space that is encouraging, fun, energising, motivating and most of all safe, so they can become their own person and really thrive in an encouraging environment. We have the right combination of wonderful staff who are caring and encouraging and the right attitude and

mindset to assist our members think about what they really want out of life. Creating an environment to allow our members to form firm friendships is the key to having a happy life. We have seen so many young adults join Sunshine Butterflies who are quiet, shy and withdrawn. I give everyone two weeks and know they will become a very happy and confident young adult within that time. Our programs may look like they are just fun activities to attend, but it is so much more than that. Social skills are learnt, life skills are developed and most of all, opportunities are created. Our goal is to build long term trusted relationships with our families and it’s lovely to see families breathe a sigh of relief and become relaxed once our relationship has been formed. Working together brings many benefits and we love the Butterfly Family culture. It’s life changing! www.sunshinebutterflies.com.au


As created by Diana Richardson author of the book and movie

with Jules O’ Neill

Empowering people to live from their own awareness



People who desire harmony within their home and heart. Who are excited by families and rela�onships that choose to relate and grow with each other. Who believe that external stresses and struggles come from what is unresolved within themselves. Who know that once they are resolved – life amazingly transforms and awesome possibili�es become available.


We start with a 7-minute medita�on. Then Jules will select willing people from the group and transform their personal and/or family stress into lightness and solu�ons. Giving them and the group many workable concepts to create wholehearted change in their homes, hearts and families.

9th - 14th October 2017 Sunshine Coast, Qld


New beliefs, concepts, �ps and choices that create you to experience life changing shi�s in yourself, home and heart. Ones you can feel and see. Everyone benefits!

Phone: 0427 474 732 For more info email: info@julesoneill.com


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ou may have heard the saying, “think outside of the box” or, “live outside of the box.” I mean really, we spend a lot of time in boxes! When we are born, they put us in a crib – which is a box. When we die, it’s a coffin which is… oh yeah… another box. And for much of the world, all the years in between are about living within the box of what other people say our reality should be. Do you ever take a look at your life and wonder… Who am I living my life for? What’s really my reality and why am I trying to be like someone else? Usually, when you’re trying to be like someone else you don’t really achieve or create what you desire. Would you like to have a different possibility? We actually have a choice. We can live by other people’s reality or we can figure out our own. Here are three tools to create your life outside the box:

1. Acknowledge that you want something more than other people. Other people do not desire what you desire. You are different. But unless you are willing to recognise that you are different and that you want something more than other people, you cannot create beyond the maximum limitations that someone else is willing to have. 2. Recognise what works for YOU. Rather than living as though you have to do things the way other people do it, begin to recognise what will work for you and what won’t work for you. Then you stop hitting your head against a brick wall trying to make something work. You begin to recognise that there is another possibility. 3. Ask the questions that will catapult you into a new reality – YOUR reality. When you are willing to look at what’s true for you, what works, what doesn’t and what you truly desire, you



with a Difference!

JOIN US FOR THIS 7-NIGHT INAUGURAL EVENT Cruise to the Pacific Islands departing from Brisbane 3rd - 10th November 2017

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE – TO BOOK CONTACT Email: info@thewholeconnection.com.au Phone: 0438 847 941 Visit: www.thewholeconnection.com.au

are beginning to go beyond the box of limitation that you’ve been living in. So now what? Start asking questions. • What really works for me? • What could I create? • What could I create that would actually make things work? What would your life be like if you were truly living outside of the box that you’ve been trying so hard to put yourself in? How much fun would you be having? You should probably stay in your box. Too much fun is bad. Or is it? GARY DOUGLAS will be running a 2-day class live in Perth and online 18-19 Nov. Visit: www.accessoutofthebox.com for details and there are no pre-requisites, everyone is welcome. And, for a free ‘Taste of Out of the Box’ video screening with Access certified facilitators all over Australia, visit: www.accessconsciousness.com/ tasteofoutofthebox



CONNECTION Your voyage to optimal health, vitality & wellbeing

Hosted by

PAIGE RENSHAW • Australian and international health and wellness guest speakers/ presenters • Workshops • Demonstrations • Health and wellness education • Leisure activities • Pampering, relaxation • Entertainment and much more Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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ver the years I have listened to and read opinions on the purpose of many things including disability, in society. It has been expressed as, “If there’s a God, why? Why make some suffer and not others?” In the ‘spiritual community’ the idea that karma is the key may be too much of a generalisation for we don’t know the purpose of the individual soul. Yes karma is real and we spend lifetimes accumulating and healing the experiences our soul has chosen. I believe karma is not a black and white, good or bad, nor a punishment or reward system created by a universal being, but let’s explore that another time. It is generally known that when you react to another person’s behaviour, thoughts, ideas or ideology, it is an indication that there is a belief system, prejudice or pattern of behaviour within you, created by you or energetically inherited by family or society that is seeking to be healed.

and unquestioned beliefs

Our responses and choices of contribution to confronting human conditions such as disability, famine, poverty and abuse too, allow us the opportunity to uncover and understand ourselves on a deeper level. So taking that into consideration and coupling it with karma, could it be a purpose of disability maybe to raise the level of compassion, acceptance and love on the planet? Instead of feeling sorry for a person with a disability (which by the way is an individual thinking more about their own comfort zone), with a slight shift in perception we may collectively see a little clearer the great teachers that they are, here to bring to our awareness the need to realise, understand and accept our connectedness. The real challenge here is to be real about your reactions, displeasure or discomfort, notice the preconceptions in your consciousness and the subtle attitudes in the subconscious rather than brush aside or bury any awkward


feelings that niggle to the surface. Shine a light on them, bring them out into the air, admit them, release them into the ether with love, for they are an opportunity for your personal and spiritual growth, balancing your vibration and assisting with shifting the consciousness of all. Relationships are our opportunity to see ourselves in every way imaginable. From the greatest betrayals of our trust to our most desperate attempts to fill our emptiness, everyone – including our co-workers, classmates, and life mates – shows us something about ourselves. If we have the wisdom to recognise the messages that are being mirrored to us, we discover the beliefs that cause the suffering in our lives. – Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix. All experiences gift us the chance to pause and discover the innumerable possible choices to create space for joy, abundance, connectedness and love. www.amandamackay.com.au


Still Waters Sanctuary is a beautiful and peaceful 100 acre property in Kin Kin, nestled in the Noosa Hinterland. Still Waters retreat was created to provide a place for people to rest, relax and rejuvenate in a simple natural environment. We promote the expression of natural healing modalities, simple lifestyle choices, spiritual practices and creativity. The venue is ideal for small group workshops, healing, training sessions or lectures, creative or artistic groups. It is also perfect for personal retreats. SLEEPS 10-13 PEOPLE, KITCHEN FACILITIES, SHOWERS AND TOILETS, TIPI AS PRESENTATION SPACE. HOURLY RATES, ½ OR FULL DAY, WEEKENDS OR MORE. FOR BOOKINGS OR A PERSONAL TOUR OF THE PROPERTY

phone Bernice O’Donoghue on 0419 271 512 www.stillwaterssanctuary.com bernice@stillwaterssanctuary.com 18

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Pranic Healing, Kung Fu Boxing, Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Nutrition, Yoga, Personal Training and more SPECIALISING IN: Richard 0408 078 772 • Pranic healing relieving Amanda 0412 957 225 symptoms of anxiety, depression, E: contact@thriveonholisticlife.com lack of energy, and self worth SUNSHINE COAST • Yoga and Nutrition for pre- and post-natal, and women’s health www.thriveonholisticlife.com

Thrive On Holistic Life!

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a catalyst for change



hen I realised that the suggested feature for this was about ‘beyond disability,’ I pondered this. Having never suffered any real or lasting disability, I wondered how could I write about it? Then, on further reflection, I realised that I could not discount my disabling back injury which lasted from the age of 29 to 49 – not at all a pleasant memory! The pain that I endured was excruciating. Interestingly, it was this chronic pain that was one of the keys to my spiritual enlightenment. In fact, to be honest, the uplifting energy of my spiritual enlightenment carried me far beyond my disability, enabling me to completely heal myself. After twenty years of enduring the pain and being hospitalised for it, the relief of living without pain was indescribable. Yet, it was I who created the pain. We each create our path and our lives, whether we are aware of it or not… and I was not! Today I teach

unconditional love as a wise path to freedom, but my getting there was anything but loving or wise. However, it did reveal to me that all paths are valid – even pain – if you walk them to the very bitter end… which can be very bitter and continue for lifetimes. Then I considered other disabilities of humanity as a whole, and immediately the main one became obvious… the appalling spiritual ignorance of most of our human population. I am aware that – as a generalisation – anyone with a physical disability has a metaphysical ability to compensate them, or to help them cope with life, but spiritual ignorance is very deeply ingrained and disabling in a way that is not apparent to those who suffer from it. Those who are spiritually ignorant are often over-endowed with an intellectual arrogance… and this only makes matters worse. These people are inclined to project scorn upon

those who embrace and live their spiritual principles. And let me be very clear: humanity is governed by the spiritual principles of truth. It matters not whether we agree or disagree, or know of these principles or not, they implacably govern the way that life unfolds on all human level of consciousness. So… from a first thought that I knew nothing about going beyond disability, I realise that I have done so on both the physical pain level and the much deeper metaphysical level. Ignorance means ‘to ignore’. We all too easily ignore the still small inner voice of the pineal/heart connection, listening instead to the rationale of the brain’s gibberish and thus disabling ourselves. The solution is easy and obvious… learn to trust the profound wisdom of the metaphysical and immortal being whom you truly are. www.michaelroads.com.au

FREE YOURSELF FROM THE TOXIC EFFECTS OF DENTISTRY Mercury not only fuels the flames of inflammation, it also hampers your body’s ability to detoxify itself, which makes you even sicker. Silver fillings can also hide decays and are a factor in teeth cracking. The primary aim of Dr Kluge is dentistry to resolve your dental problems while working in harmony with the rest of your body. We are well aware of the dangers involved with toxic materials such as mercury fillings. We provide the correct way for the removal and replacement of fillings with a non-toxic material. Options will consider individual needs and will be given after a full assessment.

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Sunshine Dental Care

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501/5 Emporio Place, Maroochydore

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Sleep De le: ntistry or Twilig ht sedat ion … sleep

your way through your pro c e d u re (no matt er how le or comple ngthy x).

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Are world events




re you watching world events and feeling helpless, hopeless and emotionally disabled from the ‘interesting’ happenings globally? There is a palpable rise in fear, chaos, worry, along with anger directed at ‘them’ (those who are creating havoc, which reinforces the idea of separation!). The more we engage externally, getting caught up in the anger of the world, the harder it is to find our true centre. We forget our true capabilities. We forget to see the wonderment, the acts of compassion, the incredible things being done quietly to support and assist others on a global scale. The world is focused on the drama, yet there is a multitude of amazing things being achieved, happening, being birthed. There are no real answers for what is occurring, however, there are ways to hold yourself without becoming lost in the web of chaos. At the heart, we desire love and respect. Yet, we can be fast to blame, quick to judge, even instantaneous in finding fault with others. The daily tuning into our centre,

Sunshine Bu�erflies is a registered charity that provides services and support to people with a disability and to their families

our place where love and respect exists, allows your connection to something vast and infinite. We may not understand why things are happening, our human mind has been trained to see and believe what we are told, but we can take care of how much energy and the quality of energy, we give to all these events. Sure there are horrid things happening to many innocent people, animals and our planet… there are no ‘sensible excuses or reasons’ that our human mind can understand… and it keeps happening. What can each of us do? Keep finding that place of peace in self, take care of what we need to, offer powerful thoughts and intentions, prayers and healing energy into the world around us, practise being non-judgmental for a day at a time, think about what is coming out of your mouth before you say it, exercise acceptance for others, as none of us knows what another person is experiencing, read uplifting and inspiring things, google the proactive actions being done all over the world to bring awareness, education,

opportunities and empowerment. Taking a few moments each day, to close your eyes, shutting out the world, tuning into your centre, breathing with an intention, can really offer support while the ‘weird crazy’ around us occurs. The Maharishi Effect, a study conducted in a war-torn country, delivered INCREDIBLE results – the rates of violence, hospital admissions, etc dropped when a certain number of people were meditating each day. There is power in holding space, meditating, setting intentions. As mere mortals, we have forgotten, that we can interact from an energetic perspective and initiate change. We are connected to something universal, getting glimpses of it occurs when you TUNE in. The energy we offer fills the world around us, maybe if we take some responsibility for our output, we just might feel more helpful, than disabled and overwhelmed with being helpless. www.raelenebyrne.com

Free clinics www.sunshinebutterflies.com.au

at Eumundi Markets Saturdays

High Vibes on the Mountain SERVICES WE PROVIDE INCLUDE:  Farm and Animal Enrichment Programs  Respite

2-day event January 20th-21st 2018. A weekend of wellness and joy! Check out our website for ticketing and details.

Bookings 0409 765 033 Shop online at www.medicineroom.net

 Early Interven�on  Family Support and Informa�on  Support Groups  Personal Fundraising  Swim and Recrea�on Clubs  Art, Music, Cooking and Woodwork Programs  NDIS Informa�on

PHONE (07) 5470 2830

E: admin@sunshinebu�erflies.com.au 20

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s babies we are naturally expansive beings, innocent and open to the great mystery of life with wonder and trust. We soon lose touch with oneness and grow into a separate ego called ME, which is strengthened as we become ‘human doings’ with a constant need for validation. Perhaps our greatest disability in life is this addiction and attachment to doing that creates a feeling of separation; to do more and to know more in order to be better and have more. We become so busy doing and becoming, we completely forget our inherent connection to being. Then, when life abruptly challenges us in some way and we experience pain or struggle, grief or loss, we may start to question life. We feel alone and separate, and little ME may begin to seek comfort in something more. The seeker begins to search and

Shop 2/71 Russell St. West End, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3846 4608

Tues-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 11am-4pm

experiment with ways to feel whole, at one and fulfilled in a more meaningful way. Disillusioned, we may turn to some form of spirituality for answers. Here I want to emphasis the importance of the ‘Great Undoing’ in order to experience ourselves as true human beings. Undoing the identification with the limited little ME chained to my history of limiting beliefs, fears, judgements, hopes and regrets. It is the attachment to the stories of LITTLE ME in the limited individual mindset that binds us to a life of struggle. We all find ourselves at this crossroad someday if we are seriously seeking freedom or enlightenment. Quietly contemplating and questioning these beliefs we have attached so much importance to, is a powerful thing to do. The mind can be a very tricky and sticky place to be and applying the principles of mindfulness can be a wonderful support. After the

death of my own son I experienced such a wake-up call and applied mindful principles called ‘Shining Through’. We realise that we are no longer the thoughts we have identified so strongly with. We are in fact the vast sky of being upon which our thoughts as storm clouds pass through. We see that the identification to the mind has taken us on a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows of unfolding drama. And we are not any of that… Here is the place where we begin to ask the very important question: “Who am I?” or “Who am I without my history?” And this is an important step if we really want to wake up and realise that we have been a human being all along, we just lost touch with the oneness that we all truly are. SORAYA SARASWATI is the author of ‘Shining Through: From Grief to Gratitude’. www.sorayasaraswati.com

Books  Jewellery  Gifts 163 Boundary St. West End, Brisbane Ph: 3844 1887

Tues-Fri 10am-5.30pm; Sat & Sun 10am-4pm Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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received the biggest gifts with the births of my three sons. They all give me great joy, and two of them have brought me unexpected growth: Travis, aged 15, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two; Chad, aged 9, has Down Syndrome. So my perspective of ‘beyond disability’ is very clear – they have ability: you just need to help them find it. Travis’ autism was so severe that he continually avoided school, would isolate himself in his room or make a tent over the dining table, and would not engage with his family; emotional outbursts were constant – swearing, rage and tantrums became part of normality for over 12 years. Then I finally had the tools and knowledge to help my son. I did so with the greatest love any parent would have. At his worst, Travis had six voices in his head, was on sleeping tablets and psychiatric drugs, self-harming, and deteriorating at a rapid rate. After Travis’ second Holographic

Kinetics treatment, he automatically stopped taking his tablets and I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Many more sessions later and my son now enjoys his freedom to live completely: with no voices and with a loving girlfriend. He regularly travels with me on my workshops and talks and shares his story of his healing. Travis has since become an apprentice healer as he has found his own gifts of spirituality and has embraced all these wonderful positive emotions that he constantly shares with others. That is how I knew, yet again, what I am doing works. My Rainbow Chad is a more complex story… an extra chromosome that gives that unique characteristic of their appearance… absolute beauty. You cannot teach a Down Syndrome person to hate, they are full of love and joy and give the best hugs any person could receive. How can I help my son to increase his ability? Chad too receives my spiritual work, and I have discovered many aspects to his condition that the medical world

Don’t miss the


will totally object to, as they are enclosed in a box of thinking. The extra chromosome is a protective chromosome… it’s extra, not missing. My line of practice has proven to me, without doubt, that this was set up by the life force to protect them from any further harm than they have already endured. Chad is a high functioning child with Down Syndrome and I will continue to work with him to increase his taste of freedom from the stigma that society places on these children with abilities. ‘Beyond disability’ only takes looking ahead: finding the gift that is asleep within them. They will nurture it themselves when they feel the warmth and light that grows every time they start to use it. With education and openness to ‘disabilities’, the day will come when these rainbows will be the ones to shine on you, and they hold no judgement or resentment towards you.

Raelene Byrne

Medicine for your Spirit

August 12 and 13 Coolum Beach, Qld

Three venues within the beautiful Jack Morgan Park precinct will host a children’s storytelling and craft marquee, author marquees and artisan market and food stalls, plus roving poets, singers and comedians. OUR FESTIVAL CELEBRATES OUR RICH CREATIVE TALENT, THE REGION’S INDIGENOUS HERITAGE, OUR SURFING CULTURE AND OUR PASSIONATE CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. The festival brings together regional, Australian and international writers (including journalists, illustrators, publishers, photographers, poets and songwriters) on a world stage – creating a space for conversation and connection across cultural and geographic divides. Plus our first-ever ‘Sunshine Coast Poetry Slam’ being staged in partnership with ‘Queensland Poetry Festival’, ‘Australian Poetry Slam’ and the ‘National Word Travels’.


www.sunshinecoastreadersandwritersfestival.com 22

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Medicine for your Spirit

Bali Retreat September 5th-12th, 2017 ARE YOU READY TO LET GO, TO REMEMBER, TO BECOME? Find out more here: www.raelenebyrne.com/ medicine-for-your-spirit-bali-retreat-2017



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with ARTS



hildren and adults diagnosed with ASD, like most of us, want to experience connections with

others. One young ten-year-old boy, who struggled with his emotions and the classroom environment came to me for a few sessions. The intention of the arts therapy was to gain understanding about his environment, relationships and his place within them. We chatted first, I got to know him and he asked a little bit about me, like how many children I have. He was telling me about spiders and that’s where the creative process of arts therapy began. You see, he could relate to the life of the spider and he could metaphorically express his world and the people in it. He picked up the texta, started his artwork and chatted to me a little while drawing. He had my one-on-one attention, an adult who was sitting with

him, listening with no judgements, no teachings, no directions, simply being present with him. Once he had completed the artwork, he shared with me his meaning of all the elements that he had created. “I am the spider in the middle of the giant web and these are insects stuck in my web.” The insects symbolised the people in his life. “The ones closest to me are the people that I love and who love me.” He pointed to each individual insect and named them, his mum, dad and grandparents. “Except my sister, I put her way out here on the edge, because I love her but she tells me she hates me and we fight.” Not far from him, a few web lines back, were two more insects on opposite sides of the spider. “These are my two best friends. This one is at my school, at this friend lives near me. They don’t know each other.” Lastly there were two more insects, up the


CALLING ALL COACHES AND THERAPISTS! Would you like to add some advanced and effective tools to your tool kit?







Coaching Leadership Evolves with Evelyn Olivares ARCHETYPES OF THE ENNEAGRAM DANCE OF THE DRAGON Double Diploma in Coaching & Leadership

Workshop 2:

Double Diploma in Coaching & Leadership


DATE: Mon 18 to Fri 22 Sept 2017 WHERE: The Ramada, 2 Martin Street, Ballina

Workshop 3:

NLP Practitioner & Diploma of Coaching



top above the spider. “What are these two black shapes?” I asked. “They are Michael and Peter (names changed), they are in my class and they hate me. They aren’t my friends. They aren’t nice to me.” He told me a little more about the boys, and I asked him if he wants them to be in his web. He didn’t want them there. “How would you like to change your artwork?” I asked. “I want to cut them out, because I am the spider and I can break the web. Then I can make a new web.” He altered his artwork and we chatted about his new found awareness, and how he wanted to apply it in his classroom reality. Through further arts therapy, he created ways to feel safe and be emotionally okay within his environment, where he no longer needed to run away to be okay.

Workshop 1:




DATE: 31 Aug, 1, 2, 7, 8 September 2017 WHERE: Canada Bay Club, 4 William St, Five Dock

DATE: 28, 29, 30 Sept & 2, 3, 4, 5 Oct 2017 WHERE: Canada Bay Club, 4 William St, Five Dock


evelynolivares.com.au telephone:

0418 403 227 5



coachingevolves@gmail.com Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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Clearing blocks and patterns, in ourselves,




sing ThetaHealing I have witnessed clients evolving, releasing patterns, growing in themselves, and the thing that brings me to tears to see, is the evolution of their children without them doing anything, so it is paramount to be aware, whatever you work on for yourself and whatever you clear in your genetic line, ripples down to your children and your children’s children. The below is part of the meaning to the children card in the ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’! I have used the reversed, action and affirmation. REVERSED: Patterns can repeat themselves, in many generations and many past lives. Finding the core beliefs in yourself may unblock your children’s problems. Do you use negative phrases for money, relationships and life in general? For example, “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. Your children need you to show them how to live by example. They

watch you and will follow your ideals and paradigms. We can start the change with ourselves first. ACTION: Affirm to your children at a young age, that they are going to live a blessed life, and let the belief set in. Self love is the starting point, it can alter generations. Boundaries can expose children to the idea of balancing giving and receiving, and giving to self before helping others. You can find courses to help you in your self-discovery. Having a healthy view of yourself and self analysis really helps. Being honest with your children helps; we have to be careful not to transfer our fears onto our children. The key is balance and quality time. Love and affection and guidance will help your child grow up to be well equipped emotionally as an adult. Remember for the short time you have them solely in your life, you are getting them ready for: their working life, to potentially be a partner and possibly to be parents

to the next generation. But before this happens you are also helping them become their authentic self. Help them find things they love. Introduce them to spirit, God, angels, guides or source, whatever words you use. Let them discover their truth. AFFIRMATION: I elevate my children, or my child, [child name(s)] to spirit to love and watch over them for their highest good. These are just some ideas, to get you thinking. Children are so aware and they can see right through the words that come out of your mouth that aren’t congruent energetically. So be real with yourself and them, let go of judgement and clear your energy field regularly. Remember, manifesting and law of attraction is energy and will ripple out around you. So, who is in your energy? Love them, let them see and hear the loving, caring, empathic, compassionate, joyful person you are. www.facebook.com/willowswayoflife

Happy Parents, Happy Kids Do you want your children to grow to their highest potential? Do you struggle with bad behaviour or poor communication?

Learn unique and effective practices to bring out the very best in your child ANXIETY to CONFIDENCE ANGER to HEALTHY COMMUNICATION

Journey for Parents SUNSHINE COAST 12th August


Journey for Kids


Information & bookings:

www.sharonturton.com Ph: 0412 792 967

Private sessions available

SOUND THERAPIST INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALER Biofield Tuning benefits: • Free limiting life-long or family belief patterns • Clear emotional clutter • Adrenal fatigue reset • Relieve muscle tension SPECIAL OFFER • Nervous system relaxation 0488 539 888 www.amandamackay.com.au /ika.connection/ amandamackay_ika ika.connect@gmail.com


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First 3 Biofield Tuning sessions

35% OFF

when you mention Holistic Bliss

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The art of



7 SIMPLE YET PROFOUND STEPS TO BE THE PARENT YOU CHOOSE TO BE Step 6: Listen to your Intuition and Take Action hen it comes to your children, you are more in touch with their needs than anyone else on the planet. In our western culture however, we are not taught to listen to our intuition, rather the opposite! When you were young, did your well-meaning parents tell you to stop crying, saying, “There, there, it’s okay”, when it clearly wasn’t; or “Don’t be silly, get over it” when you were upset? Were you shamed or punished for expressing emotions and saying how you really felt? The key to intuition is to connect with yourself. Your body is always speaking to you if you slow down and listen. The messages may be as quiet as a whisper or as powerful as a full-blown


avalanche, but ultimately we have the choice to heed these messages or not. If we don’t heed them they can affect us physically like a painful knot in the stomach, recurring headaches or fatigue. They can feel like anxiety, stress or depression that sabotage even your best intentions. It could be that warm fuzzy feeling in your chest when you are lost in the moment with your child and all is well with your world… or that fearful pang when you couldn’t see your child even though he was there, playing behind that rack of clothes just a moment ago. This is your intuition speaking to you. We call it a gut instinct because we feel it in the body, not in the rational mind that so often tries to over-rule it with logic and reason. The more you connect in with your own deeper knowing, the more you will empathetically sense the underlying emotions that are driving your child’s behaviour. This is far more powerful than

authoritarian behaviour control methods that do little to address the real issues. It is also far more effective to respond from your deeper knowing, than from the knee-jerk reaction that arises out of anger, frustration or embarrassment. If your gut instinct says NO, then let it be a non-reactive NO that is not burdened with guilt or impatience. Simply an unambiguous NO that is firm, clear and loving, which your child receives with clarity and the knowing that he/she is loved regardless. From this open and non-reactive space, your intuition is always waiting for you. Listen to your body… listen with your heart! Contact SHARON for private coaching, Journey sessions and workshops – Sharon is the sole presenter for ‘The Journey’ in Australia and author of two books. Next parent/kids workshops 12 & 13 August, Sunshine Coast. www.sharonturton.com

Dental care for your total wellbeing! We are holistic dentists because we recommend the treatment that will be right for your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly. For example, when we are removing amalgam we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. It’s the dentistry for you if you care about your total wellbeing. Shop 1/ 13 Garnet Street Cooroy QLD 4563 P H O N E : ( 0 7 ) 54 47 76 6 9 www.wattlestdental.com.au Follow us on Facebook

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have deep compassion and am so inspired by those with disability. There’s a silent disability that much of society lives with every day; the inability to truly express and receive love, this great love that resides in every human being. This can be so unconscious we don’t even know it’s there or even question it. I was in Hawaii recently and was overcome with the LOVE in the people of that nation. It moved my heart to tears at times. As I write, I can feel my heart swelling right now. That country is embedded in a deep spiritual philosophy of love, of respect, of integrity. It goes right through the fabric of their society. The customs, the people, the music opens your heart. For sure, like all countries, there’s an underbelly, but it is underpinned by this deep language of the heart. See, Hawaiians know they are not separate from the all. They know they

are connected deeply to every part of life. Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len from Hawaii made headlines when he worked in a ward for four years where they kept the dangerous criminally insane at Hawaii State Hospital. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. Staff would call in sick often and would be afraid for their lives. Dr Len had an office next to the ward and interestingly, he did not see his patients. Every day he would take out their files and say a Hawaiian prayer, the ho’oponopono, which is: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. After a few months, patients that had to be shackled could walk freely, others were getting off their medications and still others that previously had no hope of being healed, were released and allowed to reintegrate into society! Dr Len says that the change happened from repeating these phrases

over and over, with an attitude of total self-responsibility, that whatever is happening in one’s life is part of our own reality, that we are part of the cause. Wow. Now that’s another step in self-responsibility isn’t it? Let’s make July the month for healing the heart. Whenever a place for healing presents itself in your life, open to the place where the hurt resides within you. After identifying this place, with as much feeling as you can, say the four statements – “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” God knows we and the planet needs it right now. JANET is a speaker, author and leader in Feminine Presence work and is presenter of The Making Love Retreat for couples in Australia. She holds transformational workshops and retreats for women. She is co-author of the upcoming book, Tantric Sex and Menopause. www.janetmcgeever.com

“For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering. Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.” – Eckhart Tolle

Spirit Healing


FULL MOON – HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY & HEALTHY SPIRIT RETREAT from 2nd-10th August 2017 7 days/8 nights spiritual experience at Suly Resort & Spa in Ubud Bali, Indonesia WORKSHOPS ALSO AVAILABLE (LEARN TO CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT)


$2100 pp twin share

BOOK TODAY \\ 0428 400 975 \\ Location – PALMWOODS 26

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lives here



s a mother with young daughters I spend a lot of time reflecting and questioning. It seems that in this modern world, we are taught from a young age to measure our value with our minds. We watch our parents, our teachers and our role models believe their thoughts and, unconsciously, we begin believing our thoughts as well. For the most part, we were not taught to navigate life by our own inner compass. Many of us don’t even know that we each have a constant state of presence and stillness that exists permanently within our beings. We have not been told that the frequency of a busy mind runs parallel to the frequency of a deep sense of peace and contentment; that they both coexist permanently within us and that the transition from one to the other can happen in the space of one breath. The funny part is that this peace exists whether we acknowledge it or not.

Thoughts are seductive, entertaining and full of unending promises. When in balance, thoughts serve and support us, if they go unchecked they exhaust us, stifle our creativity and cloud our purpose. I’m not sure why we learn to create stories about our thoughts, but soon enough we begin telling ourselves that ‘these stories’ are who we are. We believe that our identity is the sum of what we think. It’s true that thoughts impact us, yet we are also so much more than our thoughts alone. You see thoughts come, thoughts go. We don’t make them arrive and we certainly don’t make them leave. What we can do, however, is jump tracks, pop on over to the parallel line that coexists alongside all that noise and busyness. And from there, we can lean into the ever-present well of stillness and peace that is also on offer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Joy is discovered in presence. It would be insanity to think that

you had to get rid of the busyness of your mind before you could experience peace. Every single one of us would be doomed! You can quite simply leave your mind and thoughts to run their own race and rest gently into your breath in this moment. Your breath will lead you to peace one hundred percent of the time. Your breath can be relied on every moment of your life. It costs nothing and if you miss one there is always another on the way. Our breath is our most under-utilised resource. It’s our loyal willing servant, our guide, our mentor, our healer. Follow your breath instead of your thoughts, it will change your life. Peace lives here in an excerpt from “An Invitation to Trust”. KATE M FOSTER is a writer, sharer, truth bearer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. To order Kate’s book, ‘An Invitation to Trust’ and to learn more about her retreats, events and travels, visit: www.KateMFoster.com

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Hallelujah for Hemp!






sp su H is b lu a a d sp se

fo h p h C o C p c


health and lifestyle oracle



Start a Lifetime of Health and Happiness!

HELO is designed and engineered to improve your life. Change your behaviours with the life sensing technology.

HV Kinesiology is all about fast, effective change in your life. Zapping out negative beliefs and placing in the positive for self-love, peace and happiness.

Monitor your Bio Parameters 24/7 including Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Mood and Fatigue, Blood Pressure.

100% natural perfume

Incorporates a Panic/Emergency button to alert your loved ones you require assistance. Read and compare your data and reports with your physician/ personal trainer.

BE PART OF THE WELLNESS REVOLUTION Wear the best technology on the market. Contribute to improve wellness globally. Drive the change.


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For more information on the products or to discuss becoming a distributor please contact

Paul on 0490 361 835

Book in a Kinesiology session Vegan friendly, Cruelty Free, with Natasha Hendy at Australian Made High Voltage Kinesiology in Cooroy.and Owned,

Worldwide Shipping And for all your holistic beauty needs and for a Kinesiology session please book a session at our Cooroy Body Bliss Centre.


9 Muses, Fragrances, TO MAKE A 9BOOKING Choose by Mood, Muse, Colour or Scent


www.ime-natural-perfume.com.au www.facebook.com/hvkinesiology

or email

PHONE 0437 226 005

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id you know… in April 2017 the Australian Health Ministers approved the legalisation of hemp for human consumption? So let’s celebrate with a yummy hemp milk smoothie! – (see recipe). Nambour has its very own Hempothecary clinic at 80 Howard Street, Nambour, Queensland. Open Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm. So what is a Hempothecary? A special place for all things hemp, supporting a healthy and positive life. Hempothecary’s most loved product is the Cannopathy oils with healing benefits for arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, hyperhidrosis, autism, sleep apnoea, anxiety, ADHD, depression, addiction, shingles, IBS, warts, seizures, diabetes, skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, spinal injury, post-operative healing, sexual dysfunction just to name a few. At the Hempothecary, we are focused on a holistic approach to health, incorporating hemp in our products with healing benefits to humans and animals alike. Team Cannopathy is dedicated to the ongoing research and development of Cannopathy products that incorporate plants, herbs and oils which are rich in cannabinoid healing properties.

Scientific research www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pubmed/?term=phytocannabinoids has shown the healing benefits of hemp to be anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, pro-apoptotic, antioxidant and much more. We strive to work with all that is good and positively healing. Hemp is one of the oldest healing plants on the Mother Earth and has been used by humans for at least 12,000 years. However, scientists have discovered that the hemp plant with its nutrient rich phyto-cannabinoid (plant cannabinoids) system, has worked with the endo-cannabinoids (our internal cannabinoids) much like a lock-andkey system, since as far back as the primitive sea-squirt with its cannabinoid receptor gene expressed in tissues outside the nervous system. All living beings on this beautiful planet share a symbiotic relationship with this amazing plant called hemp which has sadly been demonized via the governments and media in modern times, for too many years. It is time to allow humanity and all animals to heal naturally, sharing the love hemp has for us and we have for hemp. Drop in to Hempothecary in Nambour for a free consultation from Cannopathy specialist Jazzmin. www.cannopathy.com

Hempothecary Hemp Milk Smoothie Hemp seeds and hemp nut milk bag can be found at 80 Howard St, Nambour, Qld. Ingredients: 1 cup raw shelled hemp seeds 3 cups filtered water Pinch of Celtic sea salt (optional) Method: 1. Combine the hemp seeds, water, and salt in your blender, and blast on high for 30 to 60 seconds, or 1-2 minutes in a standard blender setting until the seeds are completely pulverized. Use whole hemp milk to maximize nutrition or strain for a smoother, more commercial-style hemp milk for use in recipes. 2. To strain, place a hemp nut milk bag over the opening of a glass bowl, jar or jug. Pour the milk into the hemp bag, twisting the bag closed, and gently squeezing it to pass the liquid through. 3. To create a sweet treat… rinse your blender container, and pour the strained hemp milk back in. Add one teaspoon natural vanilla extract or two tablespoons cacao powder or two cups fresh strawberries or stevia sweetener or any flavourings, and blast again, until smooth and creamy. 4. Store the hemp milk in a sealed container in the fridge. Hemp milk will keep for about 3 days. ENJOY!

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ave you been conditioned to believe you are a male, therefore with certain male traits, or a female with certain female traits? Most of us have, and it usually shows up in how we live our lives at home. As we grow and evolve as a society in consciousness and oneness, the idea is to become internally balanced with both male and female energy. Your own male and female energy becomes the ‘one’. This individually gives complete wholehearted fulfilment, where, if in relationship with a partner, child or friend, the joy is in how much we give, and offer – rather than the expectation of what we get, and how that satisfies and fills us up. What we do for someone rather than what they do for us. The familiar saying “when two become one” suggests two people sharing a life together becoming ‘one’, suggesting life is somewhat easier or more fulfilling this way.

Depending on your circumstances, in a typical family relationship the lifestyle may look like the ‘female’ is the one that looks after the children and inside the home, and the ‘male’ goes out and works, looks after the money and outside of home. To check if you are balanced internally with both energies here, honestly ask yourself, “Would I feel ‘less’ being out of relationship?” Like would it be harder with money, children, workload? Due to conditioning, most of us would answer yes. If you are single, whether you are a man or a woman, with or without children, you must take on both roles. In this situation, do you find yourself sometimes thinking that life would be easier with a partner? Or are you so full, you just want a partner in order to give and receive love? If we as a collective (or you as an individual) can look at the two (male and female) as ‘energies’ rather than two people, so much more is available in all areas of life.

FINDING YOUR INNER CALM ONE-DAY WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN Saturday August 5th – 8.30am-3.30pm The Kawana Island Meeting Place, 5 Grand Parade, Parrearra





Find your harmony and join us in: • Relieving stress through active breathing • Clarifying your priorities • Lifestyle balancing • Building harmony in your home • Enhancing thought processes with meditation

LEARN AND HAVE FUN WITH Tricia Keyte and Rae Faulkner

RELAX $195

includes morning te a, lunch and afternoon tea

You can be part of this self-discovering journey to your Inner Calm • Improve your physical wellbeing • Change your way of thinking • Learn how to relax and calm yourself • Balance all parts of your life • Develop ways to enhance your spaces

For more information go to www.hekaharmony.com.au or contact +61 452 483 443 H E K A H A R M O N Y W O M E N ’ S H E A LT H 30

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The ‘one’ becomes infinite – whether in relationship or not! There is no lack if you are not in relationship, nor is there want of one to make life better. You are living a creative life in the open-hearted question to the universe: “What’s next?”, in total allowance of what is. Then joyfully walk into that. So, if you are not happy with your partner / wish you had one / want a new one or are scared of losing the one you have, most likely your own male and female energy is not in balance. You are after what you believe partnership will give you, rather than the joy of giving back to it. To reach that infinite being state, where all possibilities are available and flowing to you, I suggest asking the consciousness of your body to balance your own internal male and female energies, to reveal anything you may need to become aware of. You will have so much more to give and joy in doing so! www.bodyconsciousness.com.au



July Special Have your Bars® run 25 mins for

Bars® Classes: 1st Saturday every month, 9:30am-4:30pm Access Bars® Facilitator $25 BARS® SESSIONS AVAILABLE: Fridays to Mondays 9am-4pm at Maleny + Mobile service in Sunshine Coast surrounding areas


Assisting you to locate healing, integration & inner peace


Specialising in loss, grief, trauma and bereavement

at Maleny or a mobile service to you (Sunshine Coast and Hinterland)

PHONE 0413 962 899

monika@reconnec�onscounselling.com www.reconnec�onscounselling.com


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ay hello to HELO. Wearable technology is vastly becoming a household trend, with brands like Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and Garmin now being sold in virtually every major store in the world. But there’s a new kid on the block, and Fox News says the HELO LX will be one of the top five technology products to dominate in 2017. With features like blood pressure trends, and EKG/ECG heart checks, combined with remote family monitoring, automatic emergency notification with GPS and even a manual panic alert button, the next generation in wearable technology is here. Dr Oz from America, recently said that the future breakthroughs in health care are not a new drug or new supplement, the future of self-care will be wearable technology, and he was absolutely right, and the HELO is leading the charge.

of your loved one’s wellness trends go too high or too low. This feature even includes an instant text message and email that includes the exact location of your loved one in that moment. The brightly coloured wristband is also modular, which means that wearers can change colours to match their style and place the germanium stones to each band. This gives the wearer complete control of their wristband. If you haven’t seen the two-minute or five-minute video, go to our website now to take a sneak peak, you’ll be glad you did! The Bio Zen Chip is another great product that has been scientifically and medically proven to protect you against mobile radiation. And if you’re ready to join the HELO wellness movement, you can buy the HELO directly from our site as well.

With soon to be released features like non-invasive blood sugar estimation, blood alcohol measurements, organ analysis, and even a built-in electronic mosquito repellant, the HELO is far ahead of the rest when it comes to valuable innovation that makes a real difference in people’s lives. And the device alone is only part of the innovation. HELO has now introduced the very first wearable technology APP STORE! With hundreds of apps being developed, from early flu detection to ovulation notification, the possibilities are endless. With hundreds of third party developers creating cutting edge apps, the potential for the HELO device has only just begun. And not only can you manually check in on your loved ones in real time, but you can also set the Guardian feature to alert you automatically if any

Email: prosurgical@outlook.com www.prosurgical.helo.life

THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT YOUR FUTURE IS TO DESIGN IT… NeuroCoding© – Achieve Extraordinary Results Have you ever felt there was more to life as you plod through each day just getting by? For over twenty years Mind Matters has provided a confidential coaching space for its clients to explore the structure and design of their world. The list of incredibly successful people who have travelled this pathway is breathtaking. The human mind is designed to be trained to do your bidding in life, providing that it is wired accurately. The opportunity to become a part of this extraordinary NeuroCoding© methodology to change your life is available now for you. This is real, and you are far more capable than you might ever have imagined. You can begin to change your world now to open to your full potential as you have been designed to.

WE INVITE YOU TO BEGIN A NEW JOURNEY! In a friendly 15 minutes we can help you identify whether you are in a position to benefit from Mind Matters skillset. Our services are limited to a specialised clientele with specific criteria. If you qualify through this free coaching session your life could paradigm shift.

Phone Rhonda on 1300 887 286 now to book your free gift and take your new life into action. “The exciting impact that the Mind Matters Neurocoding Mindset Mastery Program has had on my world has not only been instrumental on my business success but also how I choose to spend my time with friends and family. I am now engaged to a gorgeous woman in every sense of the word. Getting your thoughts in line really does fast track your success. Don’t under value your thoughts and the incredible power of your mind.” – Jordan Cowen, Entrepreneur ®

w w w. m i n d m a t t e r s . m e


Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly Co-Creators of Mind Matters Institute Assisting over 7000 people over the last 20 years throughout Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia

Book your private and confidential session or for more information call

1300 887 286 Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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3 steps to developing a




here’s nothing more uplifting than sharing a smile – a mirrored reflection of pure love and joy. Even if only for a brief moment in time, this transaction has the unique ability to lift spirits and connect. The more we consciously choose to smile or laugh, the more we re-wire our brain to a more positive mindset. Developing a smiling mindset is one of the best ways to naturally and authentically build positive emotions, both in ourselves and others, setting you up for increased happiness, life satisfaction and optimal wellbeing. The more you smile, the more you will find reason to smile: at work, home, with friends or colleagues – any and everywhere. All that’s required is bringing a conscious level of awareness to your smile. Essentially, think and embody your smile. THREE WAYS TO SWITCH ON YOUR INNER SMILE: 1. Inner smile cue sheet On an A4 piece of paper compile

your inner smile list of places, people, activities, experiences or spiritual symbols that trigger your inner smile or elicit that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling. Place this list somewhere visible so you can easily connect to these endorphin boosters. Enrich this visualisation process adding different textures, scents, sounds, tastes and colours. Your mind actually can’t tell the difference between real and imagined, so the more vivid your imaginings the better. 2. Inner smile mindfulness practice (5-10 minutes) Seated or lying down, gently close your eyes, taking a moment to connect with your breath. Think of a time in your life you were unconditionally loved or that all was well in your life and place a smile on your face. Sense into this smile, noting how you feel when you focus attention on a smile. Deepen this sensation, breathing the smile in and as you exhale, share this beautiful love and life affirming smile around your body, until every cell, every tissue, every

muscle, every fibre of your body is smiling back at you. Your smile has just changed your body’s biochemistry. 3. Practise smiling outside your comfort zone The more you wear a smile, the more people will smile back at you. Perhaps start in your workplace. If a fellow employee doesn’t immediately smile back, don’t think you’ve done something wrong. Who knows what meeting they have just come from! So whether you’re talking, sitting, walking, waiting or even just by yourself – think ‘smile’. What are you waiting for? Don’t keep it to yourself, share a smile or laugh with someone. You may never be able to assess its true reach, but as a gift that keeps giving, it could well be infinite. Now how many things can do that? Author and Laughter Therapist, ROS BEN-MOSHE has detailed her own personal story with what she calls ‘the little c’ in her new book, ‘Laughing at Cancer’. www.laughlife.com.au

Departing 22nd Sept 2017


Medina in Marrakech, set off on fabled road of 1000 Kasbahs, visit the oasis town of Skoura to kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, enter the gateway to the desert through Dades Valley to Merzouga, camel trek through the desert dunes and sleep under the stars in luxury Berber tents listening to nomadic sounds and more.


This adventure is limited to 7 persons

Cost $3300 required by 30th August, 2017. Airfares not included.


noosaacupunctureclinic@gmail.com 32

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Specialising in: • Esoteric Acupuncture • Akashic Record Readings • Meditation Classes • Healing with Wholefoods Therapy • Ageless Wisdom Workshop • Feng Shui Workshop • Healthy Eating Cooking Class

8 Merlin Court, Preston Qld 4352 Phone 07 4630 9514, 0411 549 337


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The INFINITE reCONNECTION reTREAT FRI, SAT, SUN Sept 1, 2, 3 Individuals, couples and groups welcome

Numinbah Valley, GC Hinterland


Relax, Rewind, Rejuvenate, Remember, Reconnect More information and registration:

T H E I N FINIT E CONNE C TION .COM. AU OR P H 0414 7 1 4 9 4 8

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Interview with CATHERINE CONNOLLY Founder of Mind Matters Institute (along with a strong ability to bring together the commonalities of different fields to create a more wholistic and robust model) to assist people to be able to live more authentic and fulfilling lives.

HB: What inspired you to create Mind Matters Institute? Catherine: Having a very strong interest in human behaviour, the sciences and understanding culture and spirituality as a young teenager, led to eclectic paths of study and experiences. Exploring these interests further through university and undertaking much varied personal and professional development

At the time I started ‘Mind Matters’, it was really more about having fun and sharing information and skills with people, as from my explorations, there seemed to be a lack of depth in a lot of what was being offered and I felt that there was a need for an approach that led to long term sustainable change and relationship skills. Seeing the changes, happiness and successful results for people through the workshops and oneto-one coaching, is a continual source of inspiration. ‘Mind Matters’ has grown from a community, a family, with close connections and relationships with our clients. Our clients’ success is our success. It’s extremely important to me to be able to align our clients with their core values, their unique interests and passions and help them build a skillset to tap into their absolute potential in order to live the best quality of life possible. Everything we do is to assist people to fulfil their potential, in alignment with

their unique nature, because we believe the evolving consciousness of humanity is capable of incredible co-operative and collective health, happiness, peace and prosperity. The internal harmony of each person creates a world in harmony. HB: What are your areas of specialisation? Catherine: At the core of most of our results in life is the concept of relationship. Our relationship with ourselves and how we are being, thinking, feeling and behaving, creates the core results in all areas of our lives. How we understand others, and their unique way of being in the world and how we interact with that, then ripples out to the interaction and results we have as a couple, and social or work environments. Moving from feeling stuck, whether it is in the context of the business moving to the next level or feeling stressed or battling with poor relationships with others, it is fantastic to be able to assist the shift in people so they can truly have the tools and awareness to enjoy all the opportunities available to them and create more of what they want in life.

Collection of Rainbows www.collectionofrainbows.com.au for the best ‘hand-picked’ crystals • Gemstones • Jewellery • Himalayan Salt Lamps and a Huge Range of Giftware Carla Jolliffe Shop 11, Aussie World, Palmview Qld 4553

Mobile: 0447 253 938

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THERMAL IMAGING • Upper Body Scan • Full Body Wellness Scan 63 Rene St, Noosaville (next to Belmondos) Phone for appointment 5455 5655

www.revivalclinic.com.au 34

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Through having developed the model of NeuroCoding© it is possible to identify the unconscious patterns created that have led clients to their current circumstances. Working with them to consciously design the life, business, relationships or results they would prefer and then through understanding NeuroCodes© create the new patterns that leads to a whole new life, is a masterful way to empower people to live. NeuroCoding© is the science and skill of using the neuroplastic nature and principles of the brain to create new patterns and connections that allow access to your full potential. When you understand how your mind codes information, and more importantly, how you can re-pattern those codes… then you have the keys to unlimited success, freedom and happiness. And you’ll possess the master key to unlocking your true potential. It is truly an honour to be able to work in a field that assists individuals, couples, businesses, teams and groups to find new perspectives and opportunities that release limitations of old ways of thinking and doing things. It is important to me that people have the pragmatic and practical skills necessary to achieve their dreams and goals. Through the NeuroCoding© Mindset Mastery workshops, we take people through a powerful and practical

process where they develop a strong communication skillset and personal clarity, confidence and emotional management, to design and create the lifestyle they want as they work through and re-pattern old habits in an experiential supportive, confidential fun environment. Ancient Wisdom is a profoundly beautiful experiential workshop that deeply explores the masculine and feminine power and brings this knowledge and wisdom into a contemporary context for building a well-balanced future success. One-to-one bespoke coaching packages are designed to get extraordinary results. Relationship workshops provide eyeopening information that can strengthen relationships and provide new ways of understanding and operating that can make stressful patterns a thing of the past. HB: What changes have you seen in the clients you have worked with over the years? Catherine: Over the years there have been many changes for clients depending upon what they were wanting. I have enjoyed working with a wide variety of professionals including: executives, athletes, musicians and sales people. It’s wonderful to assist them to discover the difference between their best performances and when they are not ‘in the zone’ and then setting up their brain

patterns to be able to replicate their best at will. It’s always exciting to see this work pay off in terms of a world cup or international recognition or awards in their industry when they were previously getting frustrated. We assist people to really get clear on the path that is most congruent for them and then support the building of this path through to great successes. I have seen clients go from giving up on their relationship to getting the support they require and working together to create profoundly strong connection, beyond what they thought possible. Many other people have come to a stalemate in their business and have lost motivation, but are then able to clear up disappointments to move ahead to greater levels of inspiration and business success and momentum with more energy and motivation and time for a life outside of business demands. It is always a joy to see people who have been struggling in some way; whether it be their emotional wellbeing, frustration of not knowing what they want or how to deal with a partner or colleagues or health issues, to reconnect to their incredible unique beauty and true resilience and live a life of balance and happiness. www.mindmatters.me

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What is SPIRITember?


sychic Medium, Lynda Louise Burke’s vision is to create awareness and acceptance of spirituality and holistic health through a dedicated month where there are events held that provide educational talks, practical demonstrations and real life examples for those who want to know more and who are curious and open-minded. SPIRITember has been created to celebrate the month of September each year. It is ‘Spirituality and Holistic Health Awareness Month.’ It is the coming together of many holistic modalities and the world of spirituality to celebrate and educate. And together, raise the awareness and acceptance of what it all means. The speakers will be at the event for the day so you can ask them questions before and after they present. And there will be various trade displays, plus the ‘Wishing Chamber’ and lots more. Why did Lynda create SPIRITember? “I was frustrated by the lack of acceptance and understanding of what it truly means to be spiritual or to seek out alternative health practitioners to stay healthy. And when it comes to spirituality, these days most people I know who consider themselves ‘spiritual’ are not tree-hugging hippies.

They are normal everyday people, living ‘normal’ lives that just believe that we are connected to a higher power. And this connection is within all of us, not just a select few. I strongly felt the need to create something that could support all of this and grow into a celebration in its own right,” she said. How will SPIRITember create change? SPIRITember will allow those who are wanting to know more about alternative ways to treat their health or who are curious about spirituality without the religious tag, to come and learn in a safe environment. The speakers and trade displays are there to answer your questions, so that you walk away feeling like you better understand.

And having a dedicated month each year means that the great work of professional spiritual and holistic health practitioners, now have a special month to share this information and educate others. SPIRITember – Educational – Practical – Real. Who can attend? Anyone who is curious and openminded to learn more about different holistic, health modalities and who want to expand their thinking and knowledge can attend. You could be a novice and not know much at all or be an expert in your field and want to learn from and connect with other experts. When we know more, we make more informed and better choices. www.spiritember.com.au

Soraya Saraswati & Terry Oldfield

Purchase a copy of Shining Through: From Grief to Gratitude

From Grief to Gratitude Webinar Series 4 weeks Wed 6.30pm

August 2nd-23rd Mangalam Mind Sanctuary – Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast




www.sorayasaraswati.com 36

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India Retreat Easter 2018 March 30th-April 13th


Sounds of Inner Stillness Day Workshop Sunday, August 20th at MANGALAM MIND SANCTUARY




+61 400 520 624

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Food allergy vs food sensitivity


A quantum leap of consciousness through esoteric acupuncture! WORDS DAPHNE FUNG





eople believe that a person with a food allergy is someone who goes into anaphylactic shock when passed the peanuts at the local bar, or your mother-in-law eats prawns at a restaurant and breaks out in hives. These reactions are rare but account for 2% of the population. FOOD SENSITIVITIES are NOT rare – representing around 80% of the population. The worst part is they are usually hidden but we think the symptoms are normal for us: gas, bloating, joint pain, fatigue, cravings, skin problems, and difficulties losing weight. The problem is, they are hard to identify by yourself. A 32-year-old female came to see me in May, complaining of sinus, hay fever, sensitivity to chemicals, dairy, gluten, sugar and dust. After scanning her body, it was evident she had an overgrowth of candida albicans, causing a lot of her symptoms. She needed two treatments to clear the candidiasis along with one supplement. On the next visit she said she was so grateful that her issues were corrected so easily; she hasn’t got the foggy head anymore and is not as sensitive to everything. She feels like she is really living!

soteric acupuncture is the ultimate way of uplifting the ancient art of traditional acupuncture into a powerful healing modality in the 21st century. It’s an integration of the Ancient Wisdom, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, plus the Qabbalah Tree of Life. It assists you to shift your consciousness to levels at which you are ready for, as part of your spiritual journey. It immediately re-aligns your chakras front and back; bringing you back into the heart centre. Then it allows your own innate healing to filter down to the denser layers, affecting your mental body, emotional body, then your physical body, including your glands and organs. When you’re in your heart centre, you’re in harmony, feel peaceful and attract abundance in every way. There will be more “aha” moments in your life. The secret to esoteric acupuncture is the specially selected patterns used. Applications can either be acupuncture needles or other tools that will shift energies such as essential oils or crystals. The chosen pattern creates vortex/vortices of energy fields or spin fields, based on sacred geometry of the tetrahedron. Created from the higher realms, it filters down to the physical body. It is much like unlocking a private safe with hidden codes, thereby allowing you to open it when you are ready to discover your own potentiality. The effects are so profound that most will consciously or unconsciously shift to a higher understanding of who they truly are and discover their own puzzle piece in life.

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Following my calling –




ast year a friend of mine who travels the world helping and feeding street people, came across a woman with five young daughters, living in a village in Romania. My friend thought he had seen it all… but this time, his heart was broken and the videos he shared about how they were living horrified me. They were literally sleeping on piles of rags with mice and rats. No water, no food, no door, no window, no beds. Nothing. Lonela, the mother, was digging in the dirt for worms for 13 hours a day so she could sell them to fishermen as bait. The family were always hungry and sick. Lonela’s husband was in jail for domestic violence and other crimes. I could see in Lonela’s heart that her selfworth was as low as the worms. So my desire was to lift her up! I truly believe once a woman feels loved, valued and worthy, she will be an overcomer. So, I shared the need for Lonela and her children with my circle of friends.

Within a month they had a fridge, beds, TV, a built-in heater, food, school supplies and medicine. And the best part? Lonela gave up digging for worms and started studying! Now, onto the next concern. The tiny cement building where the family lives doesn’t have running water or a bathroom. Can you imagine six females never being able to shower or get a drink of water? Not to mention the constant urinary tract infections, brought on as a result of holding on during the night, as a result of not having access to a toilet. I saw this as an easy fix! Yes, I didn’t get weighed down by the immense need. My girlfriend Kerry and I held a lunch at my house and invited loads of beautiful women to help raise $9000 to build a small bathroom, kitchen and laundry. If your heart is led to help someone, an animal or whatever it might be, you will make it happen and change lives including your own.


HEMP OILS Cannopathy is a complementary therapy incorporating the healing benefits of Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oil, Phytotherapy and Marma Therapy. Used by vets, dentists and recommended by medical professionals. Cannopathy Therapeutic-Grade Hemp Oils are made in Australia with all natural ingredients. External use only.

So of course at the first opportunity I made my way to Romania to meet Lonela. It’s a long way from the Gold Coast. One of my team, Mish, came along on this life-changing journey. When Lonela hugged me, her whole body was shaking, her heart was pounding and she just cried. She can’t understand why another mother from another country cared so much about her. What I love the most over this journey of about eight months, is how Lonela has blossomed! She now smiles, she doesn’t wear that invisible coat of shame that weighed her down. As a result she is stronger in every way. Lonela can now work part-time and wants to learn English. She has discovered a love for learning. My girls call Lonela’s girls their sisters. Helping to raise others up is my craving. SONYA is the pioneer of Eco Tan. www.ecotan.com.au

Time for a career change? Would you like to assist others? Looking for something more meaningful? Why not study with Inner Voyage and receive a qualification?


JULY SPECIAL – 20% OFF ALL CANNOPATHY OILS when you mention Holistic Bliss

80 Howard Street, Nambour, Qld 4560 Open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


www.cannopathy.com 38

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20 weeks (two school terms) commencing July 10th Mondays 9am-2.30pm in Eumundi


www.inner-voyage.com/art.html or Phone 5442 7448 for more information

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How can laser help


Q: What is vaginal atrophy? A: Vaginal atrophy occurs following a reduction in the production of oestrogen by the ovaries, due to menopause or as a result of the treatment for some cancers. Women who are breast-feeding after child birth also produce less oestrogen. The condition involves gradual thinning of the epithelial tissues, vagina and vulval mucosa, which reduces the thickness and becomes more fragile, irritable and exposed to trauma. Symptoms include: Poor vaginal lubrication, itching, burning, dryness, painful intercourse, recurrent thrush, urinary tract infections and some incontinence-related symptoms. Q: What is the MonaLisa Touch Laser treatment? A: MonaLisa Touch is a non-surgical, non-hormonal alternative to hormone therapy for the treatment of symptoms related to vaginal atrophy. It is a fiveminute, pain-free procedure that has no downtime. MonaLisa Touch is the

first solution designed to naturally counteract the effects of hypotrophy of the vaginal wall. By stimulating the regeneration of the new vaginal tissue, MonaLisa Touch restores your body’s natural balance and function. Q: How does it work? A: MonaLisa Touch works by stimulating the body’s own regenerative processes to create more hydrated and healthy cells to improve the circulation and nutrient supply to the vaginal wall. This has a direct effect on the integrity and elasticity of the vaginal wall and returns the internal vaginal environment to more normal levels. In as little as 30 days after treatment, the regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal wall builds a naturally stronger structure and the protective wall recovers volume, hydration and elasticity. Q: What are the key benefits of MonaLisa Touch? A: MonaLisa Touch treatments offer an effective and convenient solution to counteract the symptoms of vaginal

atrophy. Key benefits include: painless treatment, low risk with little or no side effects, suitable for almost all women, achieves long-lasting improvements, patients can return to normal activities immediately with no downtime, able to be used by patient groups who may be unsuitable for hormone replacement therapy, eg: breast cancer patients or patients with a history of breast cancer, most patients experience noticeable improvements after the first treatment. Q: What age groups is the treatment designed for? A: Women of all age groups can have treatment for varying reason. Q: What are the benefits of combining Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and MonaLisa Touch Laser treatments? A: There are significant differences when MonaLisa Touch is combined with PRP, but Dr Taylor will advise if PRP is appropriate for your condition at the time of consultation. www.ibukihealth.com

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Crushing the




t’s winter time and your lips are feeling drier than ever, what do you do? Grab any old lip balm and hope for the best, apply some natural oils, or rush to the chemist and look for a cheapie fix? As long as your lips stop feeling like dry sandpaper you’ll be happy… right? Actually, you may not be aware but there are some common natural oils that can cause your lips to feel even worse, especially in winter. One of the main motives is that during this season your lips are exposed to extreme weather including: artificial heating, windy and dry winter conditions. MY TOP 3 CRACKERS TO AVOID: Coconut oil: Even though this amazing oil is considered a super food, in its natural form it may not be the best to apply to your lips. Why? There’s a little known scientific fact about this oil and that is, it’s a known comodogenic; this means it can cause your skin to clog which creates the perfect atmosphere especially around your lips for dryness,

acne, pimples and skin irritation to occur. It may be wise to simply eat it instead. Petroleum Jelly/ mineral oil: Is manufactured from crude oil and although this oil does not penetrate the skin easily, it can cause it to naturally stop any moisture from entering the skin. These oil molecule structures bind other fat soluble vitamins and oils together and take them unabsorbed out of the body which can produce symptoms of dry and irritated skin. Undercover names to avoid: Paraffin wax, benzene, toluene, PEG, DEA, MEA, phenoxyethanol. Vitamin E: Or tocopheryl acetate is a synthetic version (of vitamin E) made in a laboratory to produce a cheaper by-product. This vitamin or tocopheryl is mixed with acetate (an acid) which can be harmful and cause your skin to become dry and red. It can attack the skin and cause allergic reactions. Stick with the real stuff if you’re going to use this. Undercover names to avoid:

Vitamin E acetate, d-alpha-tocopherol, d-alpha-tocopherol acetate. WHAT’S MY SECRET CODE LIP CRACKING TIP? To eliminate the feeling of cracked and dry lips look for balms that are humectant, which means they offer protection and form a barrier on your lip area whilst being able to reduce the loss of moisture and allow other oils, waxes and butters to penetrate and be absorbed by the body. A customer story: Lyn who was loving her previously purchased luscious lip serum, stopped by a few weeks ago and shared with me a little personal challenge that she had begun by using a chemist brand, even though it was more expensive, she wanted to see if it would have better results. Lyn let me know that TOLBC serum was the better choice for her and won’t be using the chemist brand any longer. Take my FREE Kiss your Cracked Lips Goodbye 5-Day Challenge – to register visit: www.organiclipbalm.com.au for more details.

100% natural perfume Vegan friendly, Cruelty Free, Australian Made and Owned, Worldwide Shipping

9 Muses, 9 Fragrances, Choose by Mood, Muse, Colour or Scent

www.ime-natural-perfume.com.au 40

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Profile of an essential oil:




lack Pepper is a native plant of India and Indonesia and has been held in high esteem as a spice for many centuries. So much so, it was one of the most sought after spices that significantly influenced world exploration. Peppercorns were so highly valued, they were used as currency in the Middle Ages. This precious spice, whilst used extensively in the food flavouring industry, and known for its ability to preserve meats and help with rancidity, has remarkable medicinal and healing qualities. It’s a carminative, warming, analgesic, antispasmodic and has wonderful detoxifying and eliminating qualities. Distilled from the dried, crushed, not quite ripe fruits of the pepper vine, one of its most active components is piperine which helps to support digestive function and acts like an antioxidant booster. Black pepper is considered one of the most antiseptic and antiviral oils. You can add three drops to a teaspoon

of carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond and massage into the souls of the feet to help boost your immune system. Add one drop of lavender and one drop of lemon to this blend as a wonderful colds and flu chest rub. Black pepper, peppermint and tea tree make a wonderful cold weather inhalation. Simply add one drop of each to a bowl of warm to boiling water, tie back your hair, place your head over the bowl and grab a towel to enclose the precious vapors. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth to support lung function, then swap to in through the mouth and out through the nose to support digestive function. This is a wonderful ritual to help calm nervous anxiety and eliminate fears. Lavender, black pepper and chamomile combine beautifully to support the circulatory system, in particular for bruising and chilblains. Blended with fennel and grapefruit, it makes an excellent digestive aid, especially for constipation and

flatulence. The other way to use this combination of oils is in a warm compress and apply to the affected area. To make up a massage blend for the relief of muscular aches, pains and spasms and to help support tired aching limbs, rheumatism and arthritis, place three drops black pepper, two drops marjoram, three drops lavender and two drops peppermint into 20ml of carrier oil. Use this blend prior to physical training and to help prevent pain and stiffness. And inhaled direct from the bottle has been said to help reduce cigarette cravings. Try placing a smudge of black pepper and orange along the seam of a cigarette to help break the habit. This exquisite robust oil is ideal in a diffuser or vaporiser to help create a stronger sense of self, and a more definitive, “I can do anything” attitude. It blends beautifully with bergamot and sandalwood. www.twenty8.com

Only 2 intakes each year –



MonaLisa Breakthrough Non-surgical, Non-hormonal Vaginal Regeneration A revolutionary fast and effective treatment now available at Ibuki Health creating lasting improvements for women affected by the following symptoms: • Incontinence and Urinary Urgency • Prolapse • Lichen Sclerosis • Dryness and Loss of Lubrication • Vaginal and Vulval Pain • Painful Sexual Intercourse • Vaginal Itchiness and Burning 71/6 Quamby Place NOOSA HEADS

5447 5679 | www.ibukihealth.com 42

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HEALTH & LIFESTYLE NOW! EDUCATION PROGRAM A dynamic, 16 modular online program teaching the importance of self-care using the healing and medicinal properties of plants. Taught by Kim Morrison, one of Australasia’s most renowned aromatherapists, you will receive: ✓ modules on essential oils, chemical-free

living, healthy eating, movement, mindset, relationships and rituals ✓ videos, live webinars and one on one support

for maximum learning ✓ a comprehensive range of Twenty8 skincare

and essential oils valued at over $1700 ✓ personal and entrepreneurial development

bonus modules and gifts ✓ AND an inspirational 3½ day self-care

graduation weekend on the Sunshine Coast

For more information: hle@twenty8.com or 07 5493 4400

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From TV land to



e know there are lots of nasties in standard synthetic perfumes. Whether you are simply looking to finally replace your mainstream fragrance with a less toxic one, or needing inspiration to help make those little changes in your dayto-day life, then Tonia Walker, creator of IME 100% natural perfumes has something unique and special for you. Tonia believes in an holistic approach to wellness which is how and why she created nine perfumes, inspired by nine Greek muses that are stylish, uplifting and non-toxic. With a background in natural therapies and together with a master perfumer with forty years’ experience, each natural fragrance has been created holistically, so you can choose by muse, by mood, by colour or scent, to be inspired. How did IME begin? About ten years ago, Tonia was working in television as a production

manager and she began to feel the work was not singing to her soul. So she decided to take a holiday and reflect. “My husband and I had a threemonth European holiday of a lifetime planned, and it was just that. The idea for IME was sparked when we were walking through the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence. I realised that all the beautiful paintings on the walls were of women that had itty bitty titties, pot bellies and curvy hips – these were the muses for the most famous painters of all time. I wanted women (okay, me) to embrace their beauty and passion for life again and I thought the best way to do that was to inspire a change, the muse idea just came from that. The best way to execute this was to capture the essence of each muse and use that, but in what way? The holiday ended (I actually cried on the plane on the way home) and life resumed back as normal, no room for life outside of TV land,” she said.

Fast forward five years, after a burnout, then leaving TV land to become a reflexologist, Tonia and her husband moved to Wollongong and celebrated the birth of their first bub. The idea of the fragrances surprisingly bubbled to the surface again. Tonia had an epiphany: “The sense of smell via the olfactory nerve is directly linked to the part of the brain that stores our memories and emotions, therefore stimulating an emotional response can affect moods. By changing your mood, you can change your thoughts and in turn, change the way you live – BAM, I needed to capture the essence of each muse using essence. And so we conceived a natural perfume range (and yes, it was like giving birth to another baby, HUGE).” IME is made in Australia and Australian owned and is vegan friendly and cruelty free. www.ime-natural-perfume.com.au

“Perfect Australian Health Retreat” Would you like to try the

Now that we have fine-tuned the recipe for the Perfect Australian Retreat we would like to give you the opportunity of tasting the final product! WE HAVE PREPARED 4 OPTIONS FROM WHICH YOU CAN CHOOSE: • A one-day sampler meant to tease the taste buds, great way to start! • A two-day Mini Retreat that gives you a really good appreciation of just how healthy the human body can become – very insightful • Three days of complete rest and Mini Detox – a rest in one of the most beautiful, serene and calming environments on the Planet! • The “Full Monty” is a 5-day Eco Retreat where your journey to pristine health begins See the website for further details, prices and booking conditions

www.theaustralianhealthretreat.com.au Located in the Pristine “Clouds Eco Resort and Spa”, Montville Qld

In the Clouds at 166 Balmoral Road, Montville

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Let a cat be a cat! WORDS AMANDA DE WARREN


f you own a feline, you will most probably know by now that some of them can be very unpredictable and you can be scratched, bitten or even viciously attacked at any time, for no apparent reason. Cats are challenging creatures and it is in their nature to be independent. They can also be quite dominating at times, letting you know in no uncertain terms that they do not want a cuddle or to be picked up. Some pet owners take this personally and misinterpret that as their cat dislikes them, when in actual fact, this is not the case. Cats instinctively know when they are on a good thing and do have a genuine love for their owner. Most really do enjoy being pampered and looked after but do not appreciate you trying to humanise them, as this will make some run and hide. Most cats are not overly affectionate and if they do want affection, it has to be on their terms, not yours. If your cat behaves like this then you would know by now when you can and when you cannot pick them up for a cuddle. This behaviour does not mean your cat has an attitude problem. It

simply shows you a quality of your cat that you may not agree with sometimes but is there whether you like it or not. You can buy all the expensive accessories under the sun but your cat does not understand that you have just gone out and blown your weekly grocery money on something to keep him happy. Cats are amused by even the smallest things, which don’t have to be expensive. This does not mean to say don’t go out and buy them a treat, as that always makes us and them feel good. Cats go by our energies and feelings. You will notice that when you are feeling sad or lonely that your cat appears from nowhere only to sit on your lap and get a good old pat. Cats are renowned for hiding or disappearing for days, only to resurface again days or even months later. Many a frustrated cat owner has contacted me in a desperate search to find their missing moggy. In many cases I have found through my animal communications that all these cats are doing is returning back to their natural instincts, as they feel they are in danger of losing them. They are often found in a bush area using all their natural instincts for survival. To us, as humans, this sounds ludicrous, as

Theresa’s Animal Alchemy

why would you want to leave a perfectly happy, comfy home for a cold and dangerous bush? Although, cats need to prove to themselves that they can still make it on their own without the help of their owners. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CAT WEES IN YOUR HOUSE? This is actually a common problem for cat owners factoring in that it can be a result of one reason or many reasons. Some cats have been known to wee in the house all through their lives and for others it is a problem which crops up occasionally. Firstly you need to eliminate if it is a medical problem or not. If a medical problem is ruled out, then the next step is to assume that it is an emotional problem which needs to be corrected. Has there been another animal addition to the house? Are they afraid to go outside through fear of an attack from a neighbourhood cat? Are you going through an emotional stage in your life? It may seem odd, but cats pick up on your emotional state and react to this in different ways. If you have ruled out any of these reasons, then you can probably bet your bottom dollar that it is just plain

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% DISCOUNT Enter online coupon code - HBLISS


Using heart and soul to enhance interspecies respect, connection, appreciation and understanding.

Naturopathy for your animals

Winter with Ease : Natural Arthritis Remedies

NON-TOXIC, DRUG-FREE HEALING FOR DOGS, CATS AND HORSES Ph 07 5449 1453 • www.greenpet.com.au 244 Verrierdale Road VERRIERDALE Qld 4562

• Animal Alchemy • Medical Intuition • Remedial and Therapeutic Pet Massage • Australian Bush Flower Essences for Animal Wellbeing

WALKING TALL • Workshops combining conscious walking and horse interaction • No horse riding involved – get to know these wise beings on the ground • Increase your awareness, build your confidence, relax • Individual sessions available


www.TheresasAnimalAlchemy.com | 0421 212 373 info@theresasanimalalchemy.com 44

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Location: Narangba


CONTACT DAVINA Phone: 3385 5729/ 0438 598 995 Email: davina@thepetenergytherapy.com

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b th re it o th b

c c M



bad behaviour. If this is the case and the cat continues to wee in the house regardless of how much you try and stop it (and not to mention spending a fortune on all those gimmicks that claim to stop this from happening), then you must be beside yourself with frustration. In many of my animal communications in regard to weeing cats, it often comes down to attitude. Most of these cats know they are not

doing the right thing by their owner but continue to behave in this manner. My direct connections can usually convince the cat to stop this disgusting behaviour. Another of my suggestions is adding a bit of privacy to their litter box. Some cats have admitted to me that their litter box is something of an entertainment centre for all to see, as they conduct their private business. Try to keep the box hidden behind plants and in an out-of-

the-way place in your home. Other cats have told me that the smell of the cat litter itself is what’s stopping them from using it. Try a few drops of lavender oil in a cotton wool ball and place them around the tray and try adding a little dirt from the garden to create an illusion of doing their business outside instead of in. www.amandadewarren.com

BOOK NOW for Advanced Treatments in rehabilitation including

OZONE Therapy and Gold Bead Acupuncture Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for appointment Surgery, Vaccinations, Acupuncture, Check-ups and more Pensioner Discount 20% off services

Ph: 3324 2291 1016 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane

www.animalwellness.com.au www.facebook.com/animalwellness Holistic Bliss | JULY 2017 |

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15/06/2017 8:56:58 AM

Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK:


You’re Not Alone

The Naked Witch

AUTHOR Rebecca Jackson

AUTHOR Fiona Horne

Have you ever asked yourself, What am I here for? Why aren’t I happy? How can I connect with my true self? If so, then you’re not alone says empowerment coach, Rebecca Jackson. In her new book, You’re Not Alone: A Practical Guide for the Awakening Soul, Rebecca draws upon her experience of helping thousands of people, to reconnect to their inner truth and create a life they truly love. The book offers a collection of powerful insights, practical tools, and guidance that will support you on your journey of self-discovery.

She’s the lead singer of the ARIA-nominated electro-rock band, DEF FX, the face of modern Witchcraft, a commercial pilot, best-selling author and TV personality – but there’s a lot you still don’t know about the enigmatic Fiona Horne. The forthcoming autobiography, The Naked Witch takes you on a breathtaking ride through Fiona’s extraordinary journey through a metaphysical-laced material world. Funny, provocative, heartbreaking and inspirational, this is a revealing look into the action-packed life of one of Australia’s most captivating personalities.

RRP: $24.95. To purchase the book go to: www.rebeccajackson.info

RRP: $29.99. Now available at all good book stores and online: www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au


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Holistic Bliss Directory Lynda Louise Burke MAKING SPIRITUALITY REAL & EVERYDAY

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433 www.printworks.net.au

- Psychic / Medium - Counsellor - Mindfulness Meditation - The Psychic Couch - ‘Take Your Power Back’ Program

Australian Academy of Spirit Silver Member 2016

Amanda De Warren

W: www.amandadewarren.com

Vikki Speller


ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS Reiki, Chakra Balance, Aura Cleanse, Crystals, Sound, Essential Oils & Channelled Guidance


Reiki Level I, II & Master Chakras & Energy Techniques SUNSHINE COAST 0417 643 435 intuitionplus444@gmail.com www.intuitionplus.com.au /Intuition Plus

Where magic happens…

Call Emma today! 0438 619 518 www.facebook.com/EmmaCreedAU

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Music Education and Creative Healing Arts – Playshops, Speaking and Facilitating at Events, Programs and Retreats, Sound Consulting, TWISTed Professional Development

get healthy with us

Famed Medium from TV, Radio and ‘The Animal Whisperer’

P: 0434 713 615

self expression specialist & community music/arts educator


PHONE: 0447 165 366 www.lyndalouiseburke.com

Amanda can connect 10% OFF with your passed over SERVICES loved ones, to pets when you mention alive or passed over Holistic Bliss plus so much more.

Emma Creed

Hairganics Salon Using 100% cer�fied organic Aust made/owned products

Ask about our $99 NEW CLIENT OFFERS

Prac�sing sustainable hairdressing 3/2 Coora Crescent, Currimundi, Qld

PHONE (07) 5493 1133

Divine Pet Healing Teena Love Pranic Healing Angel Intuitive Reiki Usui and Seichim Bio-Spiritual Energy Healing Animal Communication, Pet Massage and Grief Support

IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR BUSINESS LISTED Phone: Kerrie on 0415 365 554 or email: enquiries@gethealthywithus.com.au /gethealthywithusaustralia www.gethealthywithus.com.au

Your SPIRIT is your truth Connect with your SPIRIT through Holographic Kinetics and have the life you deserve

JULIE STOWER Holographic Kinetics - Massage - Kinesiology

(07) 5432 8812 Shop 5, 870 Beerburrum Road Elimbah Qld 4516

p: 0468 947 777 e: DivinePetHealing@hotmail.com


healthconcepts2@gmail.com www.health-concepts.com.au

Would you like a copy of Holistic Bliss posted to your mailbox? Pay $44 for 11 copies for 12 months

Monday & Friday 9am Tuesday & Wednesday 6.30pm Phone Nanette 0408 153 380 Email: n.froggy58@gmail.com

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Holistic bliss jul vol 92  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss jul vol 92  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

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