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From Child 2 Teen Food and Children’s Behaviour – is There a Link? How to Motivate Your Teen Great Recipes for the Kids New Column – ”Paws 4 Thought”


JULY 2012 EDITION VOLUME 37 ISSN: 1836-8840

6/20/2012 9:51:51 AM

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Sue Joseph’s thoughts for the Month! “Change is so important for a human being because it means variety. Sometimes we don’t like change but we all like variety – which is change (if we look at it another way). To have a shift in consciousness, which is what the planet needs, we have to have change.”

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follow your bliss!


lot is projected onto our ‘youth of today’… some people call them the ‘entitled’ and ‘slack’ YGens and when they are told something often enough they may just choose to believe it or react to it which takes them away from their own knowing. Every generation of adults seems to think they did it tougher or they can do things better than the younger generations but how does this actually help us to all move forward? Aren’t they (our youth) a reflection of us? Maybe they are much more switched on than we give them credit for. Isn’t it time for us to offer support in different ways and rites of passage to encourage a smooth transition into adulthood? Did you know that as of the 1st July the Federal government is introducing ‘The Healthy Kids Check’ which will mean thousands of three-year-old children will be screened for mental illness primarily by G.P’s? On one hand this may assist

parents to receive support and early intervention; on the other hand it may also lead to misdiagnosis, over diagnosis and medicating our youth at an even earlier age. My question is how can this program help our youth to be empowered to know who they really are and trust their awareness? For those who benefit from a label and or medication then that will be of great assistance. What about the others? Maybe one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is the gift of being our true selves in the world so they can also be themselves. There are some amazing people (many of whom have contributed articles this month) helping kids to BE the amazing beings they are. I know that whenever I connect to my ‘child self ’ I connect with my light and my joy and I know that anything is possible… Who’s on the cover: It’s Bindi!! I can’t believe she’s 14 this month!!! Crikey! Happy Birthday Bindi from everyone at Holistic Bliss! Check out Bindi’s story and video on page 10-11.

“Your Magazine With Soul”


‘Youth of Today’ Feature

From Child 2 Teen Food and Children’s Behaviour – is There a Link? How to Motivate Your Teen Great Recipes for the Kids New Column – ”Paws 4 Thought”


JULY 2012 EDITION VOLUME 37 ISSN: 1836-8840

OUR COVER Bindi Irwin, page 10 IMAGE: Ben Beaden

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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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Sweet Potato, Bean & Coconut Casserole (Vegetarian (V t i & Gl Gluten t FFree)) Created by Simone Butler



his is an easy dish to prepare and it invites participation from your children. Where I grew up in Ghana, West Africa, everyone pitched in, especially the kids, turning cooking into serious fun and education in the process. This recipe below is great for involvement from ‘little helpers’. Ingredients for 4 generous servings: 1 brown onion diced 1.5kg sweet potato, peeled, cut into 1.5 inch chunks (37mm – approx golf ball sized – don’t make these too small or they will be “mashed” in the cooking process) 800g cooked mixed beans (kidney beans, chickpeas, cannellini, borlotti beans or any other beans – if using canned beans, use 3 x 400g cans as the water which has to be drained adds weight) 4 cinnamon quills 12 cardamon pods (these need to be crushed in a mortar and pestle just so that the pods a split open and the flavours escape)

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12 whole dried cloves 1 tsp of turmeric powder 1 can of coconut cream (or coconut milk for a bit less fat) 1 heaped tbsp of cumin (ideally freshly ground) 1 heaped tbsp of coriander (ideally freshly ground) 2-3 tbsp of either canola or olive oil ½ tsp of dried chilli flakes (optional – leave it out if you do not want this mildly spiced with chilli) 1-2 tbsp of vegetable stock powder (adjust to your taste – if you use 2 tbsp you probably would not need to add more salt at the end) ½ cup of water salt and pepper to taste Directions 1. Put the oil in a deep saucepan together with the diced onions and lightly fry them until they are golden brown; 2. Add the chilli flakes (if you are using them);

3. Add the crushed cardamon pods, cinnamon quills, whole cloves, ground cumin, ground coriander, turmeric powder, vegetable stock powder and stir for 2 or 3 minutes; 4. Add the sweet potato chunks and stir these until they are coated with the spices for another 2 minutes; 5. Add the coconut cream (or coconut milk) and a half a cup of water. Leave on low heat to simmer for about 10 minutes until the sweet potatoes are soft. Have a look and if you think it necessary you may add a little more water at this stage; 6. Add the cooked mixed beans. If using canned beans, make sure the water is drained off them first. Simmer on low heat for another 10 minutes; 7. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper to taste; 8. Serve with rice and a side salad.

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Review: Go vego with the whole family!



ennel is native to both Southern Europe and Asia Minor. The seeds are a yellowy, greeny colour and have a distinct anise aroma. Fennel is an amalgamating spice which means when blended with other ingredients, it brings out true and robust flavours in any dish. I love winter as it means more hearty cooking is done like curries and other yummy dishes and fennel is one spice I use a lot of, both whole and ground. Whole fennel seeds are an important component to my favourite spice blend Panch Phora which is magnificent when mixed with potatoes or rice. Sugar coated fennel seeds (that look like hundreds and thousands) are a tradition in India, eaten at the end of a meal and believed to aid digestion and freshen your breath. Ground fennel seeds are also a key spice in many Malaysian dishes including the famous satay sauce.


inter is well and truly here and so it’s nice to find a cafe that sings to your soul and warms you from the inside out with tasty food. Owners Gauri Barrera and Kunal Mani are a young couple who opened Gopal’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Mooloolaba earlier this year. They are dedicated Hare Krishnas who have created a warm and friendly ambience for the whole family. At Gopal’s there is a wide selection of vegetarian dishes all of which are very moorish. I had the veggie koftas, lentil shepherd’s pie and a side of veggie curry. Oh and the lemon, ginger and mint drink is a great accompaniment. If you are a little more adventurous, you may like to try one of their fruity mocktails. Great for the kids too!!

I didn’t get to try the veggie lasagne so I decided to get a piece to take away along with some potato bake (the pb had a very mild hint of spice combined with a yoghurt base). You can select one dish or experience a whole smorgasbord of flavour (including choice of salads, entrees and desserts). Vegan and gluten free diets are also well catered for at Gopal’s and even non- vegetarians will be pleasantly surprised. What’s more… the hours are convenient (they are open 7 days a week).


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A Great Treat to Make with the Kids… COCONUT PANCAKES Ingredients: 1 cup plain flour 1 /3 cup sugar 2 large eggs lightly beaten 1 cup coconut cream, plus extra to serve 40 gram unsalted butter, melted (plus extra for brushing) ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 bananas sliced Chocolate Sauce 200ml pure cream 50ml milk 200g dark chocolate chopped 20g quality cocoa Method: Sift flour into a bowl with sugar, eggs, coconut cream, butter, vanilla and a pinch of salt. Whisk to combine and let stand for 30 minutes. Place cream and milk in a pan

over medium heat. Bring to just below boiling point, and then remove from heat. Whisk in chocolate until melted, whisk in cocoa until smooth. Keep warm over low heat. The pancake batter should resemble runny cream; if it’s too thick add a small amount of warm water. Brush a 15cm pan with melted butter and place over medium heat, pour in enough batter to coat base of pan, cook for 1 to 2 minutes each side until golden. Remove to a plate and keep warm, repeat with remaining batter. Place banana on one side of pancake, fold and drizzle with warm chocolate sauce and cream. This recipe was contributed by the very creative Kathy Barry, owner of Bliss Gourmet Market.

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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 9:56:04 AM

Snacks for Hungry, Energetic Teens By Raquel Finnigan


s a mother of a teenage boy I seem to always be in the kitchen creating tasty treats to satisfy his growing body. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of ducking into the corner store or any of those fast food outlets on the way home from school to satisfy the hungry monster sitting beside you in the car. My personal experience has shown me that this is not the right path for us and over the last three years we have made an incredible turn around in how we eat at home. These days I find myself planning ahead to make healthy after school snacks which soothe and energise my son’s appetite ready to face the next challenge. I thought I would share with you one of my easy tasty savoury snacks which my son loves, these meatballs are packed full of flavour. Just place the mince in a mixing bowl, add the ginger, garlic, carrot, zucchini, coriander, chilli, egg, breadcrumbs, ketchup manis and season to taste. Now time to get your hands dirty- massage the ingredients altogether until well combined, then roll into small balls to place on a baking tray. Place the tray of meatballs in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes or until cooked through. Once cooled make meatball skewers – kids love food on sticks and serve with sweet chilli sauce and a side of cucumber and carrot sticks.

DELICIOUS GINGER AND VEGGIE PORK MEATBALLS Ingredients: 500g of pork (you could use chicken mince too) 2 tbsp of grated ginger 1 tbsp of grated garlic

Courgette and Feta Muffins Ingredients: 250g chickpea flour 1 tbsp baking powder Pinch of salt 2 eggs 115ml virgin olive oil 175g grated courgettes (zucchinis) 115g crumbled feta cheese 1½ tablespoon grated lemon zest Method: Pre-heat the oven to 175°C. Grease a 6-cup muffin tin. Sieve the dry ingredients together in a medium bowl. In a large bowl, beat the eggs and oil with an electric whisk until

1 finely grated carrot 1 finely grated zucchini ½ cup of chopped coriander 3 tbsp of ketchup manis 1 free range egg ½ cup of breadcrumbs 1 finely chopped chilli Salt and pepper to taste smooth. Stir in the courgettes, feta cheese and lemon zest. Add the dry ingredients and stir until the mixture is just combined. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin. Bake for30 minutes. Remove tin from the oven and cool for 5 minutes. Remove the muffins and cool on a rack. Recipe contributed by Black Pearl Cooking School in Brisbane, 36 Baxter Street, Fortitude Valley

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6/20/2012 9:56:34 AM

Bindi Irwin: Our Eco-Wildlife By Vanessa Finnigan


Imagine being a kid and growing up with so many exciting adventures happening all around you on a daily basis. Australia Zoo has been her home since birth and there is no shortage of amazing experiences to savour and creatures to love. Bindi said recently (before starting school one day), she was involved with moving ‘Alimah’ the Albino Burmese python into a new enclosure. ‘Alimah’ is the only one of her kind on display in the country, which makes her very special.

So how does she do it all and go to school and have enough time out? Bindi said she loves learning through Distance Education which gives her the flexibility to do all the other fun and exciting activities she is involved with. “The other nice thing about Distance Education is that I don’t have any homework, which means that when I’ve done my school, I am finished and free!” she said. When Bindi is not at the zoo, she enjoys fun times like any other teenager. She likes hanging out with friends (in fact, she mentioned she is fortunate to

Photo Ben Beaden (Australia Zoo Photographer)

It’s clear the animals are her second family (which means an extended family of 1200 creatures)! If it’s not receiving updates from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital about friends such as ‘Maroon’ the injured Koala (brought in after being in a hit and run on the night of State or Origin), then it’s getting up close and personal with friends like ‘Savannah’ the southern white rhino… there’s never a dull moment!

Photo Russell Shakespeare

indi is a shining light and gift to the world but she’s not a little girl anymore! Over time she’s become an eco-wildlife teen warrior who is passionate about animals, the environment and making a difference. This month Bindi shared her thoughts and insights (on the eve of turning 14).

10.indd 1

have friends all over the world) and here on the Sunshine Coast she loves climbing mountains, going for a swim at the beach, stand-up paddle boarding and mountain bike riding. Unlike many teenage girls, Bindi actually enjoys being the eldest in the family and loves to look after, and spend time with her young brother Robert. “We are a very close family, and so life hasn’t changed that much now that I’m into my teenage years. However, I must admit, I do love to crank the music in my room of a night, and read a good book while the speakers are blaring!” she said. Bindi takes being in the spotlight in her stride and says she sees herself as a teacher helping people to learn about wildlife and conservation. In fact Bindi is extremely passionate and sometimes outspoken about the environment and believes there is much we can do to save our planet. “Working with planet earth, instead of against it, will create a better future for generations to come. I don’t want to see my grandchildren without clean air, drinking water and an earth abundant with wildlife. If we want a beautiful world for generations to come, we must all start taking action now, to create change. Everyone can help. We all have a voice and can take a stand. My dad was one man who changed the world. If one man can make a difference, you can make a

6/20/2012 10:55:01 AM

Teen Star! difference!” said Bindi. At the tender age of 13, she has had many extraordinary experiences and achieved more than some adults have in a lifetime. Although she says one experience which really left an impression on her was working with Dick Smith. “One of the most significant moments in my life was helping Australian entrepreneur and adventurer, Dick Smith, launch his book ‘Population Crisis’. I really admire Dick Smith, and his book tackles some very big issues facing our world today, that are extremely close to my heart. They are issues that not everyone wants to talk about, but they are very important, as they affect us all. I was honoured to help him launch the book and it was a day that I won’t forget,” she said. Bindi’s mature observations on life are quite obvious and she has also learnt a lot from the times that have been challenging in her life. Bindi’s advice to kids who are going through a hard time is to never feel embarrassed to ask for help. She says this is just as true for adults as it is for kids. “It’s a long road but it’s the only one we’ve got. Like most roads there are lots of bumps and detours, but you can choose to think life is tough or just enjoy the ride,” she said. Bindi commented that many kids her age succumb to peer pressure but believes that it’s more important to be yourself


Scan this code on your smart phone and see the video of how Bindi and her family relocated Alimah the Albino Burmese Python.

Photo Ben Beaden (Australia Zoo Photographer)

and stand tall. One of her favourite quotes is, “Be who you are and say what


“Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean that you have to hate it; I think it’s a lifestyle and it can be really fun. In fact, this year, for my 14th birthday (on the 24th July), we’re having a Boot Camp theme day, promoting all things fit and healthy! We have heaps of activities for everyone who comes to Australia Zoo. The Australian Defence Force Army cadets are going to host obstacle and training courses, we’ll have Laser Tag (Skirmish), Margie Cummins the WINNER of this year’s Biggest Loser series is coming on the day, and we even have the Las Vegas sensations ‘The Jabbawockeez’ coming to perform in the crocoseum!”

you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Seuss. And in her own words she said, “Believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter what others think of you, we are each individual and unique and special in our own ways. Be confident in yourself and I guarantee that you will shine.” Her message to all kids is to enjoy life and appreciate what you have today! Bindi is involved with a lot of exciting activities and filming projects over the next 12 months. In her heart of hearts she says she wants to carry on in her dad’s footsteps in her own way and make sure that his message lives on forever. Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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6/20/2012 11:00:50 AM

Working with our youth to create By Marc Bright


hat is it really like to be a young person in 2012? What are these amazing young people feeling, thinking, planning, intending and actually doing with their time? As I look into the eyes of some of the young people I meet during my daily creative working life in communities throughout South East Queensland and its districts, I feel a deep sense of intrigue. I see flashes of awesome, insightful

wisdom and knowing. I observe some down to earth, very real and vital young people full of excitement. Unlike what many people say, I see so many young people fully engaged with making their way through life; adapting, being resourceful, creative, making efforts to understand and develop their relationships with their families ,the land, the ‘worldly’ realities and the universal principals of good sustainable living. To my way of seeing things, this ‘youthful life force’ holds something awesome and magical. I find myself drawn into this youthful ‘all things are possible’ mode when I am in their company. I ask young people ‘What’s happening?’ and ‘What’s really good at the moment?’ for them. Many of the answers are astounding, thought

Chevaz Poede said, “I enjoy working in film and music and the entertainment industry. It gives me great pleasure to be creative with my thoughts and ideas. My music is a mixture of different genres, Hip Hop, Electro, and RnB. I enjoy mixing these different styles to create something unique. I aspire to become better at what I enjoy as I grow and learn from the people that support me throughout my life.” Elizabeth Mary Rose Hemmett said, “I am a country girl, born and raised in the bush lands of Tuchekoi, QLD. I have to be honest that living in such a remote area has been a struggle lately with my urge for socialisation growing. However, the journey has been nothing but blissful. Having had the opportunity to live amongst so many different animals from horses to chooks has had its ups and

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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 10:00:51 AM

a more fun world! downs. From the loud squawks of roosters in the early mornings, to the hours of bare back riding in the beautiful mountain range; it all teaches you so much about nature and the behaviour of our fellow animals. When you live amongst the wilderness you learn to

appreciate it, respect it and it becomes a part of who you are. It moulded me into who I am now, with diverse interests in physiotherapy, biology, horses and creative arts. I couldn’t have asked for a better upraising.” I also regularly meet with youth co-ordinators and young people on site at a variety of innovative activity / educational/life skill programs. These are run by youth groups and mentoring support organisations including ‘Bush Skills for Country’ and ‘Circle of Life Programs’ operating in the Sunshine Coast district. In these circles, everybody seems to be excited about new high tech ‘off road/on road personal electric transportation devices’ including off trail rider

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skateboards and Exoskeleton Human Movement technologies. Wow! What amazing things will we see and get to experience in the near future? A lot of young people are very interested in innovation these days and truly living with ‘free energy’ was the buzz-topic of many of their conversations. I believe that discovering new ways of living and relating together are the fundamental imperatives of youth today! Marc Bright engages young people with a variety of modalities including: solar, laser, light and sound shows, body artistry, cultural training programs, golf coaching and training and multi media productions. To contact Marc Bright Email:


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6/21/2012 11:40:33 AM

The World in Their Hands… By Corinna White


ll progress is dependent on the ability of our youth to be evolutionary thinkers. At this stage in the proceedings we could say the actual survival of humanity is dependent on it. But we’d be head-butting reality to think the world’s youth are anywhere near ready. The American Psychiatric Society puts suicide as the 3rd highest cause of death in 15-24yr olds. The W.H.O. concurs with one death every 40 seconds. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states our youth suicide rate is 4th highest globally. While our kids grow up in a technological environment positioning them as hyper-effective creators of culture and economy, the reality in other areas in their lives conflicts. On one hand they taste their pure creative potentiality. And on the other they are squashed into the box life has prepared for them and tarred with the ‘non-conformist’ brush if they do not go quietly. Recently invited to critique Adam Fletcher’s Freechild Guide (; I learned the

impact this ‘ephebiphobia’ (fear of youth) has on youth self-worth and how they are conditioned to expect to be alienated. Living in a society governed by systems rooted in the past and seemingly unaware that humanity will stay still or move backwards if we do not learn to take ‘what is’ and add our evolutionary spark, we must help our kids feel their worth; realise their potential; open to their truth. Give them space to map out their own future. Only then will every cause that ever was have its day. And every void created by ‘the powers that be’ filled. The Dalai Lama predicted western women will change the world; because we are most likely to come from a space of love and consciousness. Looking around I see so much truth in this. Working with Stacey Huish, (Richard Branson’s 2012 ‘Screw Business as Usual’ Top 5 Finalist) who comments; “Conscious communication is about the people taking back control; actively resolving humanitarian issues”, I believe we can see World Peace in our lifetime if we embrace conscious capitalism.

Tamsyn Rosenberg, of Get Real International, a Mind Yoga™ beneficiary, commented; “When kids see the limiting programming holding them back and accept that in themselves; the good and the bad experiences can come flying at them and they can take on anything. There’s no stopping them. That’s what we achieve in our workshops.” It’s time to embrace the creativity, confidence and energy that is the natural state of our tweens & teens. We did not inherit the world from our parents, we are simply caretaking it for this next gen… isn’t it time they had their say? Corinna White is a Spa R-evolution Business Consultant & Volunteer Youth Coach on a mission to eliminate Youth Suicide and Empower Tweens & Teens via Mind Yoga™ audio downloads.

Certified Medical Intuitive Courses 13th-18th Oct 2012 Sunshine Coast 3rd-8th Nov 2012 Adelaide Successful Healing Business 20th-21st Oct 2012 Sunshine Coast 10th-11th Nov 2102 Adelaide

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EXPLORATION DATES: One Day Classes – $155

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Jean Sheehan


w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

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Would you like to explore you, in a fun and expansive environment, with a mixture of creative modalities discovering the magnificence of you?

‘The Dance of Life and Living’ – Sun 1st July (Class Full) ‘Creating A Healing Connection’ – Sun 8th July (2 spaces left) ‘The Art of Relationship’– 15th July (8 spaces available)

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible.


Creative Consciousness Classes

‘How Not To Take On Other People’s Energies?’ – Wed 11th July ‘Creating An Abundance Of Money With Ease.’ – Mon 16th July ‘The Joy Of Orgasmic Living!’ – Wed 18th July ‘Ease and Fun With Public Speaking!’ – Mon 23rd July ‘The Joy Of Intimacy.’ – Wed 25th July ‘Creating Your Business From Creative Flows.’ – Mon 30th July

To Register for these Classes: Or phone Sarah 0405 734 656 or Lee 0424 189 185

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6/20/2012 10:09:49 AM



ravelling allows us to expand and see our role in the world through different eyes. I have been fortunate to have experienced some ancient cultures and to sit with the people as they go about their lives. What I see lacking or missing in western society is the celebration and ceremony that defines a transition and phase when a young person or youth is initiated into being a young adult. Many cultures have ceremonies, traditional rites of passage and rituals that the community gather to participate in, as a young person takes the steps towards their role in the larger community as a contributing young adult. Ingrained in our DNA is the need to be a part of the clan or tribe and for eons, humanity has had initiations where the young have had to prove their place as young adults. These days, that urge is still there, however it comes out as acts of violence, theft, rebellion, self-abuse and vandalism, which in a basic way, is the cry of the young person to feel like they have surpassed some danger or initiation to be seen as a worthy part of the larger community.

For girls the transition ‘seems’ easy as the physicality of the transition is the commencement of their menses at puberty. Historically, this transition has been a secret, something that was never really discussed, just something that ‘because you are a woman, you have to suffer with it’. Young women, should NEVER feel shame for something that is natural and signifies her transition into womanhood. Most cultures celebrate this transition for a young girl with something that signifies her step into the part of life where she is a woman. The young men in our society have no line in the sand, yes they hit puberty, but in traditional cultures, they were required to go through initiations. They would be separated from the safety of family, to experience something that required bravery, with time alone to be with themselves to integrate the responsibility that they would be stepping into once they came back into their community and were received as young men. These days our youth have no silence

at all to contemplate who they are let alone what is required of them as a part of life. They are plugged in to TV, I-pods, video games, computers and if they have any spare time, they are often involved in activities to keep them busy and out of trouble. There is an African saying, “if you don’t initiate the youth, they will burn down the village”. Is this what is happening in our own culture? These rites of passage ceremonies assist the youthful thinking of ‘What is in it for me?’ into one of ‘How can I contribute or serve in the community?’ which then brings the awareness of the consequences to their choices, actions and behaviours. This is the passage of growth and maturity with responsibility. Being able to create ceremonies and rituals for our youth is a signal that we acknowledge their worth, that the community sees the importance of their contribution, but also, the young people are able to consciously have awareness of what is expected of them as they leave some of the behaviours of childhood behind them, to embrace the passage of growth towards adulthood.

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently.


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One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374 16

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comfort for women


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Moving from a child into a teen By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education

You know why my son is behaving poorly…it has to be his hormones and that he is a teenager.” What happens in teenagers’ minds? Why won’t they share? Why do their social skills seem to disappear? These are the sorts of question I am asked frequently. The concept of a teenager and the challenges they and their parents have really commences at age 12. At certain ages the child’s mind and body enter a different dimension of awareness. This in turn affects certain body parts. The first to be affected is the pancreas. Metaphysically this organ is about change, anxiety and irritability. It is also the subconscious brain. As the teenager feeds the pancreas sugar, they are really feeding their ‘mind’ with illusions of life or as Louise Hays calls it ‘no sweetness in life’. Another chemical change is occurring – DNA. This occurs through the endocrine system but also through their chakras or ‘seats’ of consciousness and awareness. As the body tries to ‘alter’ itself from child to adult, it requires sugar to make these changes in the DNA, cells and biology of the body.

The thymus gland is triggered. Metaphysically this area is about defensive patterns, rejection and ‘daring to be different’. Many children experiment in their social world trying different hair styles, clothes and behaviors to find themselves. As they do so the thymus gland is on the ‘ready to attack anyone’ mode, especially towards parents/carers. There is a desperate need for these children to ‘fit in’ but then they don’t know how as they are morphing from child to adult and they are trying to have their own identity. The ages 14 – 21 is when children learn to be social and learn what is acceptable and what is not. There is alot of experimenting happening such as with clothes, hair color, tattooing, swearing and even smoking & drinking to ‘experience’ something different. The kidneys are now involved which are about relationships, paranoia and coping. This is a time when relationships change from plutonic to interactive. Paranoia can come up with girls constantly worrying about their looks, boys worrying about their hair, etc. This is exacerbated if the child chooses not to drink water as the kidney requires plenty

of water so it does not go in to these emotions. And what don’t teenagers do? Drink water! New neural pathways are created as they ‘grow’ called brain synapses. As this occurs the children will experience frequent episodes of ‘memory loss’. When you request a teenager to 1. make their bed, 2. lock the door and 3. feed the cat and the result is that they put the dishes away. Their brain is struggling to balance the left and right sides working together. Learning & instruction are not ‘gelling’. So when you are with a teenager know that a lot is happening as they grow in the head and away from their heart. Be patient, supportive and understanding as the changes are like letting an atomic bomb go! Certified Medical Intuitive Courses, Sessions and Accredited Teacher Level 07 5641 4009


ould you like to experience an holistic healing session in a pristine part of the world?

Dalila is a highly experienced body and energy worker who brings much knowledge from her Egyptian, Brazilian and Latin background specialising in a range of massage styles:

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How to Motivate your Teen By Dr Carla Rogers, Psychologist


ylan, aged 19, presents in my office because his parents think he’s unmotivated. He doesn’t have a job, and his stalling tactics with regard to university enrolment are second to none! I ask Dylan to forget about university and jobs for a moment. I ask him about his passions; how he imagines his life in 10 years. Is he married? Is he living in Australia or overseas? Is he working with people? Does he like to travel? He looks at me blankly. What I’m asking him to do is a far cry from what he’s used to. We try to motivate our teens


18.indd 1

with questions like ‘what do you want to do with your life?’ and “how do you expect to do that if you don’t get a job?”. That’s not going to work for most adolescents. Why not? Teens are wired for excitement! Asking teens what they are going to do for the rest of their lives and how they’re going to support themselves is a real ‘downer’ and a sure-fire way to kill the motivation. What 15-year-old is inspired about finally finishing school, only to study for another four years, get a job and be stuck in an office 40 hours a week until they retire? Most adults aren’t excited about doing that yet we expect teens to be? The research is unambiguous – the teen brain is ‘wired for a good time’. They’re in a stage of development that’s all about the fun, the risks, the excitement. Why don’t we take their natural affinity for excitement and utilise it? Let’s help them discover a passion, not just a job. How do I do this you ask? 1. Dream! Encourage your teen to visualise. Start a vision board. Talk about their hopes for the future. Do a bucket

list together. Get them excited about a future before expecting them to know how to get there. 2. Encourage! Does your teen have a dream that you think is unrealistic? Don’t immediately criticise. Get them involved in some brainstorming/goal setting for how they’re going to achieve it. How many successful people in the world were told they couldn’t do something and went on to achieve it anyway! 3. Connect! Help your teen to actively participate in and get connected with events and activities they are passionate about. Caitlin (aged 15) says “we want to experience things – that week of work experience with school was awesome but I wanted more!!” 4. At the end of the day, I’m the first to agree that education is important, but it’s nothing without some passion. Get adolescents excited about where they’re going, then perhaps they will be inspired about the journey. Teens are wired for excitement, so let’s get them fired up about their futures!

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 10:13:40 AM

 L  Of Cat n By Soraya Saraswati


aya was about three years old when I remember one day while tickling him playfully, I stopped and asked “who do you love best in the world?” He jumped up and said, “ME, I love ME best in the world Mummy”. I was surprised and delighted at the same time. If only I had loved myself more when I was young! It has taken me quite a journey to reach a place of self-love and feel the joy that comes with honouring myself as the magnificent creative being I am. The new paradigm of youth today of ‘anything is possible’ sets them apart from past generations limited by religion, society, fear and dogma. During my lifetime the smashing of the Berlin wall, the end of apartheid regime, the public apology to the Australian stolen generation and a black African president for the US are all examples of a new era of social, mental and political freedom, which is creating a powerful tide sweeping across the world. The modern music of Rap and Chill allow all views to be shared and the breaking down of rigid social hierarchy and taboo which is freeing for those once bound by it. The

doors are being thrown open to the next stage of life. Phrases like; ‘be the change’, ‘dare to dream’ and ‘follow your bliss’ together with the modernisation of ‘mindfulness’ are beginning to release youth from old outmoded fear driven beliefs. Advertising banners depicting people in lotus posture are commonplace and the Buddha has become an iconic symbol of peace and harmony. The word success is now under scrutiny and happiness is no longer defined by financial success alone. With the computer age and spread of social media the world is a smaller and less lonely place for those socially or politically isolated. In this age of “too much information”, it is easy to focus on the negative; however, I would like to focus on the world of possibilities and new opportunities that have opened up for our children. In every generation we have had to face our Mind as the biggest barrier or creator of a joyful and happy life. With desire, belief, judgement and the 42,000 thoughts that bombard all our minds daily, the fundamentals of MIND remain the same.

For the first time in History however modern science, quantum physics and the discovery of molecules of emotion is now confirming to us what the ancient sages have always taught, that we are powerful creators in a world of limitless possibilities. A very interesting chapter of history is in the making for this next generation who are beginning life knowing they are on the leading edge of creation. Bring it on…

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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6/20/2012 2:36:43 PM

By Jill McCormick


uesday I walked onto the high school campus and was startled to hear Mrs Jones calling out to me, “Come here right away! You have to come see Travon right now!” I picked up my pace asking, “What? Is something wrong?” It was just the day before when I had first met Travon a 16-year-old student that Mrs Jones had introduced to me in the ‘In-School Suspension room’. He was a student labeled “Severely Emotionally Disabled” who lived in a half-way house. His parents had chosen long ago to leave him. He had a long history of getting into trouble, having depression, and emotional upsets. During our initial meeting on Monday, I asked him question after question. He was candid and astute and asked me question after question too. We talked about how everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be, referred to as the ‘crazy phrase’. He said that

“Well, this morning when I woke up I was so sad I didn’t want to be on the planet anymore. I wanted to die. Then I remembered what we talked about yesterday and asked, “Who does this belong to?” I got this flash, a picture of a friend who is locked up in juvenile detention. Then I knew that the sadness was his and not mine! I’m happy!” Travon declared grinning again. So what if these amazing kids began to know how aware they truly are? What would the planet be like if they had clarity of their capacities rather than being crippled by the lies of limitations?

phrase made a lot of sense to him while most things he encountered in this reality did not. He talked about being depressed, upset and angry and often not even understanding why. So I asked him, “What if 99.9% of every thought, feeling, and emotion was not yours? What if you and your body were like a huge radio antennae able to be aware of others around you?” His face lightened and he nodded. “Who does it belong to?” was a question I gave him to ask so he could gain clarity around the sadness and upset. I explained that when he was “upset” or “sad” he could just ask that. I told him if the feelings of upset got lighter or went away when he asked, then the upset had never been his. “So I’m aware not depressed or emotional?” He asked. “Are you?” I replied. His grin said it all. So that’s where I had left him the day before; grinning. The following day I followed Mrs Jones to see Travon. “What’s up?” I asked as I entered the room.

Jill McCormick is an international consultant tagged “The Autism Whisperer” by her clients. She is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in America with over 18 years of experience. She also has over 12 years experience in the field of Assistive Technology, ensuring kids with labels have access to the general curriculum. She is also a Bars Facilitator using tools of Access Consciousness. To contact Jill please email: or

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6/20/2012 10:15:44 AM

By Ken Dowling


here are millions of highly gifted crystal children joining this physical existence to accelerate the evolution of our collective spirit. These special souls are extremely sensitive, they are in tune with their knowing and fully aware of the dense contrast of physicality. They know that they do not fit in this fear ridden and negative plane, nor are they willing to simply comply or dull their light to fit. Parenting today is as challenging as it has ever been, if not more so. These children are aware; they are better educated and connected to technology than ever. They do not accept baseless authority or “because I said so” readily. The way we were parented isn’t always the answer. New times call for new solutions. The greatest issue we face today is with our parenting. If we have not resolved our own issues and conditioning, this will be our offspring’s legacy. Our inherited patterning has far more impact than our genealogy. The

apple cannot fall far when the tree is not fully grown. It is time to take a breath and ask ourselves is there another way? Just maybe we could consider how we would have liked to have been parented, what qualities and attributes we would have loved to inherit from our parents and then strive to apply these skills with our own parenting. As parents we set the example, inspiration and focus for our children. From the moment they are conceived they are learning and acquiring their patterning from us whether we are aware or not. Every being enters this life with the accumulated memory of every lifetime’s experience. We are then constantly reminded of who we are not until we decide to transform this crystalline memory to be who we really are. No one can do this for you nor can they soften your experiences for you, no matter how well intentioned they are. We all have soul responsibility for our evolution and

our achievements in this life. How we live, love and contribute towards the greater evolution of all existence is our choice. It is this question that ignites the purity of life and particularly our parenting. Parenting is a role you play. Your soul is your reason. Play your role well, be your highest thought of your-self, share your loving guidance willingly and demonstrate the light of your love through all of who you are. Remember always, the child within you is this light. Ken Dowling is a creative light worker who has channelled over 500 Universal Symbols during his spiritual journey. He is a powerful spiritual channel, sculptor and teacher who has just released his first book on his Universal Symbols and he has the ability to communicate his message in practical and easy to use methods. Ken Dowling, Author of Universal Symbols – Keys to your Consciousness.

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What if our difference is our brilliance! By Sarah Burr


never ever thought there would be anything special about me! I just thought I was damaged goods beyond repair! I was just so different! (a little autistic some would say!) And now today I can say, “What if our difference is our brilliance?” I had never seen it this way before! What if we are all brilliant? What if as children we were absolutely amazing, way beyond the comprehension of this reality, and were simply never recognised for the contribution we were trying to be? What if we, as children so willingly and excitedly revealed our amazing gifts, talents, and abilities and were then made wrong, bad, and strange for having them! What if the people around us were simply unable to understand and receive us? So what did we do with these capacities? I am talking about: • The exquisite joy of contributing to make the world a better place • The joy of creating things all day every day! • The infinite care I had for everyone around me, without wanting anything in return

• The excitement and wonder of watching nature transform from one season to another • The awareness of the beautiful energetic connection we all can have to this planet Another gift was the giggles of laughter with my sister that no one else comprehended because it was an energy we were experiencing together; the togetherness that was pure delight! Then there was the simple ease of just knowing, just knowing everything; the thoughts in people’s heads, the awareness of what was going to happen next, the freedom to see that all the behaviour around me was mostly coming from intensity, fear and judgement!! And they seemed to be choosing to have more of that!! I thought it was bizarre that they were not choosing to follow the universal energies that were so abundantly clear to me!! So what did I do with all of these talents, capacities and abilities? Sadly, I hid them so well I could no longer locate them under the deluge of the wrongness of me. I gave up me and bought into this crazy reality around me!

After years of misery, depression, and sadness something else just had to be possible. I found Access Consciousness and I would particularly like to acknowledge Gary Douglas the founder for the massive contribution he is to the world today and for daring to see me before I could see me under the deluge of ‘not me’! So what if it is possible to have so much fun, joy connection, and happiness and total enjoyment of being you in every moment? I am so choosing this! I am glad to be so different! I am now being the contribution to this planet I always just wanted to be. To contact Sarah Burr, Access Facilitator and find out more about her creative consciousness classes email:

Universal Symbols Day Seminar with Soraya Saraswati supported by the music of Terry Oldfield

July 22nd – 9.30am-5.00pm Venue: Tranquil Park, Mountain View Road, Maleny

Discover 7 fundamental truths, which can awaken greater consciousness, release the past, raise your vibration and allow a joyful flow in your life.

Wisdom from the Heart

Phone: 0400 520 624

Universal Symbols, Ken Dowling’s first book on his unique healing symbols is a reflection of his experiences and discoveries during his spiritual journey. This book is designed to act as a practical reference guide and resource to help readers’ “find their soul’s way within the universe.” Ken shares insights into the transformative energy of symbology and seeks to inspire the loving evolution of inquisitive souls who are ready for change.

Phone 0447 798 921 22

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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 10:13:08 AM

Turning Hawaiian teens’ lives around

Sunny Kids on the Coast!



n his early days as a Kahuna, Abraham was involved in a community school program to help a class of teenage Hawaiians complete high school. Although they were rowdy, badly behaved, and failing classes he managed to engage their interest. He taught them practical tools and his style of prayer helped them to achieve what they desired. He made a deal with them-if they applied themselves to their studies, he would show them how to make money so they could buy ‘cool stuff ’. First he said whatever you need is always available. He said if you are aware, you will ask questions and then see the answers and the clues are in the questions. By the end of the program all the teenagers graduated from high school. Two of the teenagers (siblings), became millionaires by the time they graduated by operating their own card/t shirt business. They bought their mother a house in the classy part of Hawaii. And another student became the first Hawaiian female pilot. Unfortunately the program was not continued by the education department despite the transformation shown in the students. Apparently the department had just wanted the students to pass and the successful outcomes challenged the set systems that were in place. Interestingly, Abraham went on to develop what is now known as Kahuna Bodywork or Temple style Lomi. Original story by Tamara Ho’okahi Ho’oulu wife and student of Abraham adapted by Katie Noakes.

unnyKids is a Sunshine Coast based charity that supports atrisk children and young people to stay engaged with education and provides crisis accommodation to women and children. ‘We’ve been working with families on the Sunshine Coast since 1999 and more recently in other communities around Queensland,’ says Chris Turner, CEO. ‘We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstance so we provide early intervention programs to remove barriers that might be preventing that from happening.’ ‘Jessica Watson has just come on board as our new Patron,’ says Chris. ‘We’re fortunate and proud to have such an inspirational young woman as a mentor for at-risk children, young people and families we see through our work.’ “I’ve been fortunate in my life to have the support of great people who have helped me achieve my dreams. As Patron of SunnyKids I will be able to support others to also reach their full potential,’ says Jessica. SunnyKids reminds us that capable children are the foundation of a capable and prosperous society, so building resilience and self-esteem in children, young people and families is essential for them to thrive and prosper. For more information about SunnyKids, go to

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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6/20/2012 10:17:27 AM

Regular Pamper Time: Good for You and Your Family! By Deborah Quinn


s a mother of three teenagers, I am very aware that I am raising someone’s future spouse. I am constantly introducing new skills and tools to help my kids and prepare them to be as independent and loving as possible. As I have gone through this journey, I have become aware that one way to help them love themselves is to be a strong role model and teach by example by demonstrating my own self care. Ask yourself, are you really taking the time to model the role of self care in your family? I ask this because as a professional beauty therapist that has an additional interest in organic treatments and holistic health, I notice that women (in particular) often have an issue with committing to a regular self care regime. Too often my clients come to me when they have reached the end of their rope

and then, let’s face it; a one hour treatment every now and then does not give the full benefit of rejuvenation does it? So, how do you care for yourself? Do you put everyone else first and only take time here and there for yourself? Do you stress about finding the money every month to pay for a professional service that will help you achieve the balance that you need to truly model self care?

I started thinking about this and decided to do something about it for all my beautiful clients who are currently dealing with the dreaded ‘life balance’ conundrum. That is why I have created the ‘Soothe Organics, Self Care Commitment Program’. We have designed weekly payment plan packages that suit your budget so you can commit to on-going regular self care without the stress. This will bring you exclusive privileges and discounts that represent greater value than if you were just going for a treatment once a month. So no more excuses for putting yourself first. Once you take the first step you will have made a decision to respect your need to receive. You will be teaching your children to respect and love themselves because you will be able to do that for yourself – what a win, win for you all! To find out more contact Deborah Quinn at Soothe Organics email:


Mobile: 0408 517 796

BOWTECH the Original Bowen Technique


07 5479 6607

SAFE AND GENTLE, SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES • Relieves back, neck and shoulder pain and injuries including frozen shoulder • Sciatica • Sports injuries • Pregnancy pain and discomfort • Stress • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and golf/tennis elbow • Knee, ankle and foot problems

Happy High Herbs Noosa has moved shop location to: 3C, 11 SUNSHINE BEACH RD, NOOSA JUNCTION

Bowen By Nature Clinic & Training Centre

07 5412 2829


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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 1:03:34 PM

Food and children’s behaviour,, Is there a connection? By Gosia Kuszewski,ND


ave you ever wondered why your child displays moody, restless, irritable behaviour? Or why they get angry easily and can’t concentrate? Lots of children are suffering from skin rashes, eczema or have frequent tummy aches yet many parents can’t recognise the source of the problems. If any of the symptoms sound familiar and you can’t work out what to do, you need to start looking into the connection between foods and health. The saying – ‘You are what you eat’, is more relevant today than ever before. We live in a society where we are exposed to chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners and processed sugar. Supermarket shelves are full of boxes and packets filled with processed foods. It is easy for many parents to fill lunch boxes with little, colourful packets we know the kids won’t object to. Most food manufacturing companies use tricks like cartoon characters on packaging to sell their products to cover up the poor quality of highly processed foods. Unfortunately, our children become the victims. We’ve been brainwashed to

believe with clever yet misleading advertising that these foods are supposed to be good for our children. Kids are especially vulnerable to addiction of sweet, artificially flavoured snacks, cereals and energy drinks. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that chemicals and processed sugars in foods are causing behavioural changes, irritability, mood swings, poor concentration and aggressive behaviour, and yet most health professionals dismiss the connection between our health and foods we eat. Ask yourself the question; ‘Can this processed, refined, chemical laden item be good for my child’s health?’ We as the parents need to take responsibility to inform our kids and provide them with the natural, freshly grown foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It is our obligation to teach them about the choices we have and how we can live healthier in this environment. Some ideas to improve kids eating habits: 1. Go shopping together, let them choose their favourite veggies, fruit and

nuts and explain how additives and chemicals in foods affect the body. Chose fresh veggie markets rather than supermarkets. 2. Cut some fruits and veggies with a dip hummus or avocado and serve it when they come from school. 3. Add a smoothie made of banana, almond milk, few drops of vanilla essence, cinnamon and add some berries. Raw egg is great as a source of a protein. 4. Bake a cake, carrot or banana cake. Replace regular flour with almond or gluten free flour. Use rapadura sugar instead of white processed sugar. 5. Make it fun, put the music on, or record them on your phone so they can watch it after. 6. Encourage them to drink more water, make it exciting by adding lemon and stevia. Avoid commercial juices or soft drinks. Be an example – we are what we eat and our children learn by example.

Presented by Cath Manuel from Soil to Supper and Mark Crossland from Spirit Path Healing, this full day of learning will explain integrating Chinese Medicine with organic food growing to strengthen and renew your body, mind and spirit ready for Spring.

Saturday 25th August, 2012 - 9am - 4pm. Morning tea and booklet provided. BYO lunch. Workshop is held at Cath’s property at Lake Macdonald on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. This AMAZING full day of interactive learning is great value at only $130.00! Contact Cath Manuel 0408 060 997 or Mark Crossland or 0423 859 888 or visit the website and see upcoming events!

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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6/20/2012 10:21:05 AM

Tread lightly T

reehenge is a reforestation project that plans to repair habitats across Australia. The first forest is at Gladfield in the Condamine River Basin, a region that is one of Queensland’s major food bowls and that sits at the headwaters of Australia’s largest river system. Anything that is done here has a flow on effect to the southern states of Australia. Treehenge represents a new beginning. It’s the first planting of an ongoing program to rehabilitate and restore life to damaged areas right around Australia. It’s also the beginning of a shift in attitude to the way we care for the land that sustains us. Put simply, we’re tending the garden we depend on.

The Pilot Project The pilot programme property is at Gladfield approx 120 k South West of Brisbane. It was chosen for its location, remnant vegetation (some nationally

endangered) and the large area (247 acres) so we can restore this area back to natural habitat. This in turn will increase the biodiversity in the area which has significantly declined due to clearing and heavy grazing in the region. It is also a visually magnificent area we are working in which we are in the future wanting to share with the community. This is the flagship project and we will continue to recover degraded land around Australia in significant areas with the same model as done at Gladfield. Our Project launched in June last year with our mascot “KONDY” the Blue Kookaburra who has been reduced in numbers in this area due to clearing of habitat. We visited the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Cleveland, Southbank and back home to Gladfield. This signified her journey home to where we are going to restore her habitat for the future.

How to get involved You can sign up to our newsletter, like


us on Facebook and twitter, log onto our website and dedicate a tree or sponsor treeguards, land, mulch, purchase promotional items. You can dedicate trees for loved ones, special occasions, milestones, pets, momentous occasions or in memory of a loved one who has passed.

HR Ideas for businesses Staff can raise money for Treehenge by choosing us as your preferred charity for an event or staff can donate $1 per fortnight to Treehenge. The money raised by the charity event can be used for a donation or you can sponsor trees and complete your eplaque online and receive a framed certificate for the business/department/individual alternatively you can sponsor tree guards, mulch or land. The trees and promotional items are great ideas for staff rewards and prizes for any awards you may have throughout the year.

Natural Anti-Ageing Treatment.

BACKED BY NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING SCIENCE Are you looking for a Natural Alternative to the Botox approach? Well LifeCell is it… Diminishing wrinkles, firming and lifting your skin. Also plumping the lips and treating dark under-eye circles and puffiness, assuring you of a Youthful Appearance at any Age. One tube lasts up to three months. Free shipping throughout Australia

Judy Mills LifeCell Australia Ph: 1300850533 26

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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 10:20:39 AM

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6/20/2012 10:21:30 AM

Paws 4 Thought!


ustralia’s Pupcake Queen, Tanya Arnold, interviews two toy poodle brothers, Mr Bigglesworth and Mr Jangles, sharing their insights on being young at heart. Q: Mr Bigglesworth and Mr Jangels, what do you think of the young pups of today? A: They cause havoc and demand attention. There are times when we just want to be left alone and our newly adopted brother, Dusty, who is only a pup, insists on waking us up and giving us kisses. Yes, it’s a nice thought, but sometimes we just need our sleep! We also notice that the youth of today don’t appreciate what they have in life. They just chew and chew and go through toys like nothing else and then they expect them to be instantly replaced. Back in our day, when you ripped your toy apart, we would have to wait for your next birthday

or Christmas until we got a new one. I guess times have changed we accept that. Q: You are almost 84 years old, what’s your secret to looking so young? A: Love! We wouldn’t be in such great shape if it wasn’t for our owners. Our previous owner, recently put us up for adoption to 4 Paws Animal Rescue as he was working 12 hour days and was unable to give us the quality life that he felt we deserved. It was so hard for him to make the decision though, Ann, our foster mum is so great that she lets him visit us often. Ann treats us like royalty. She takes us for walks every day and we get to visit the beach on weekends. Our food is homemade which is made with much much love. We even have a choice of where to sleep – in the lounge room or in the bedroom – sometimes it can be a hard choice. Q: Mr Bigglesworth, you lost your eyesight three years ago, has this affected your life in any way? A: No, not really. The only real difference is now I depend on my senses of smell, hearing and touch even more.

Yes sometimes I may hit a wall (literally), but that doesn’t stop me as I easily find my way and get back on course. Isn’t it all about the journey anyway? There are smells and sounds that I never really noticed until now. I still go on walks with my brother and take trips to the beach. I’m not even afraid of other dogs coming up to me, because I know Jangels has got my back. Mr Bigglesworth and Mr Jangels, it has been a pleasure. You both are a perfect reflection of what it means to be young at heart.

Photos Just Dogs Photography

Only holistic clinic in inner Brisbane

• • • • •

Conventional Medicine & Integrative Alternatives Vaccinations & antibody titre testing • Advanced dentistry Desexing • Acupuncture • Nutrition advice Behavioural counselling Remedial musculoskeletal therapies • Chinese & Western herbal therapies and MORE

NEW: Animal Physiotherapist

07 3122 1997 Greenslopes Mall


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CAN YOU HELP US AND CHANGE THE LIFE OF A BEAUTIFUL HORSE? Charlie’s Angels Horse Rescue Inc. is a not-forprofit organisation (endorsed as a deductible gift recipient) whose purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless horses in order to improve their lives. Charlie’s Angels Horse Rescue Inc. then finds permanent “forever” homes for these horses through its adoption scheme.

Please contact

Charlie’s Angels


Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 11:42:27 AM

Growing up Quick! By Jenny Golsby


he famous quote “Never work with children or animals” by W.C Fields, inspired me to write this article. Earlier in my life I worked with children and now as a qualified, Accredited Dog Listener, I work with children, adults and dogs of all ages. Both children and pups are intriguing, amusing and extremely vulnerable. Like the child, the pup goes through stages of growth and development but unlike the child, their stages of development progress at a much faster rate. Sadly, our dogs don’t live as long as we do. Do you remember the first day you brought your puppy home? What a day! Whether the pup is transported a short distance by car or a long distance by plane, he is placed in a totally foreign environment surrounded by complete strangers and possibly even another dog who may not appreciate his company. We can however, help the transition from mum and siblings just by making a few adjustments. Assuming provisions for a healthy

raw diet, fresh water and a warm bed in a safe place are supplied, the pup will actively look for leadership. His questions regarding survival need answers, he needs to know this responsibility leans firmly on the shoulders of the human. Reflecting back over my youthful years and the trials and tribulations my parents dealt with is not so different really to the frustrations of dealing with a youthful dog. With boundaries firmly in place, clear and calm communication, the youthful pup or child will eventually grow into a happy well adjusted dog or adult – just look how I turned out!! Youth can be fun, exciting and a huge adventure for all. The ages and stages of the canine vary considerably as they develop rather quickly from the cute vulnerable fluff ball, to the discoverer and explorer. Then it’s moving on to those trying times before entering young adulthood through to the senior adult years and finally those beautiful Golden years. Before you know it you are asking yourself “where did all those years go”

and the $200 pair of shoes really didn’t matter after all! Working as a Dog Listener I am extremely fortunate to help owners and canines communicate using the language the canine instinctively understands and the owner can easily adopt without having to resort to force, control, commands or bribery. We do this simply by providing information to the canine and allowing it to make decisions based on that information. Owning a dog is a gift; we must protect and respect them. We must love them, call them our children if we wish but never lose sight that they will always be a dog! Embrace and enjoy the youth of your canine friend as time flies by so quickly.

THE COMPLETE PET COMPANY “Complete Meal – Complete Health” WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACTORY FARMING Raw, Frozen “Complete Meal” and Bones for Cats and Dogs. All Human Grade Ingredients, Certified Organic and Free Range Meats Only, Delicious, Nutritious and Balanced Now available on the Sunshine Coast

animal care • Natural Therapies for Animals • Energy Modalities and Readings • Animal Healing Workshops For more information call 07 3352 3108


DOG LISTENING IS NOT A TRAINING METHOD Are you looking for a non-confrontational and kind way to work with your dog whilst respecting the language it instinctively understands?

(07) 3855 3555 / 0414 575 727

The Completely Natural Pet Centre presents…

22ND JULY – OPEN DAY AT THE COMPLETELY NATURAL PET CENTRE 5TH AUGUST – EILEEN MCLEAN HOMEOPATHY FOR ANIMALS • Essential Oils • Flower Essences • Homeopathy • Dog Listening • Reiki • Herbal Medicine Contact Jenny & Eileen on 07 3855 3555 For more details: Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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6/20/2012 10:22:10 AM

Holistic Business for Women and Families By Tsu Shan Chambers


o longer is there only one approach to improving your health. With so many interrelated facets to wellbeing including physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, it is becoming more common place to seek care and find practitioners that take a more holistic approach to traditional medicine. Better still, you can have practitioners that actually work integratively together in finding the best solutions for your health and empower you to have control over what makes you feel and look good. This is where Yin Health comes in! Our Sunshine Coast centre has a unique integrative wellness focus where Eastern and Western medicine meet. In this day and age, particularly in the Western world, people are leading hectic, stressful ‘yang’ lifestyles. We are rarely taught how to balance this quality with


30.indd 1

the energetic qualities of ‘Yin’, so it is not surprising to see the increasing amounts of ill health pervading our community. Women, men and their families are welcomed into a safe, nurturing and healing space, regardless of their age, geographical location, social or cultural background. Our team of experienced and qualified practitioners work with patience and heart so you feel like a friend when you walk through the doors. Current services include:beauty treatments and waxing, child health, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, chiropractic care, Doula, holistic Tsu Shan Chambers is the founder and director of Yin Health on the Sunshine Coast. In just over 2 years she has brought a team of 14 health practitioners together to provide a united and holistic team. Tsu has an interesting background – she is a women’s health advocate, Master of Public Health holder and international volunteer

therapies (including energy work and counselling),massage (Remedial, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Post-partum), mental health social worker (specialising in children and adolescents), naturopathy, podiatry, psychology, mind body medicine, yoga, pilates, dance classes and of course a variety of workshops! Connect with our team and feel and look better within yourself and see that reflected in the rest of your life. For more information visit: or phone: 07 5438 8387 and has won state and national awards in community service. She’s also an optometrist, yoga teacher and mother of two. Her life’s work is to make a positive difference, one life at a time. She believes by changing a woman’s life for the better, the lives of her family and local community will improve.

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 11:37:29 AM

Sandy’s Attracting Success!


lthough local Sandy Forster dropped out of Maroochydore High School in grade 11, she’s gone on to achieve some amazing things in the last decade. She lives on a divine acreage property seven minutes from Mooloolaba Beach and travels the world (in fact recently she’s trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, watched the wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, wandered through the Grand Canyon, swum with dolphins in Hawaii, met a holy man in Bali and has lived a life most others would dream of). However it hasn’t always been that way. Just ten years ago Sandy was over $100,000 in debt and on welfare with no idea where her life was heading. Her swimwear business was going backward financially and she had few skills or business talents. Then she discovered the Law of Attraction. Rather than just ‘knowing’ about this powerful universal law, she was determined to use it to transform her life. She began creating exercises, processes and specific techniques which enabled

her to easily focus on what she did want (to be a millionaire) rather than what she was experiencing (being on welfare). After transforming her own life she became passionate about sharing her secrets with others so they could do the same. After building an internet following of almost 100,000 people she realised she couldn’t do it on her own and founded the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. Since 2008 the academy has trained hundreds of people in over 10 countries to become certified Law of Attraction coaches so they can create an income doing what they love and making a difference in others’ lives. The Academy’s unique 10 month program delivered over the phone and through the internet has 6 main themes: 1. Masterful Coaching Skills for Success 2. The Secret behind the Secret 3. Blissful Business Building and The Magic of Marketing 4. Million Dollar Mindset Secrets 5. Transformational Energy Processes 6. Advanced Divine Manifesting Sandy’s coaches build businesses

working from home, becoming the best they can be, empowering others and being paid abundantly by their clients. The Academy offers the most comprehensive coach training along with spiritual and business success secrets in one program. And she has won national and international business awards for her efforts. Sandy has generously offered Holistic Bliss readers a free four part video series covering many aspects of life coaching including; what is coaching; how to be an effective coach; how to make $150-$250+ an hour as a coach; how to easily attract clients; as well as her four steps to a 6-figure coaching business. Simply go to: to watch these free videos now as they won’t be up for long!

Mind Body & Spirit Festival / Brisbane - Stand Number C09


1st July / Joy of Business Seminar / 1:30pm / Seminar Room B

Is Money a Necessity? Telecall 4th July / Starts 7pm / $70 / Register Online 90 minute call on creating more money in your life & business. What if money was just a choice?

Joy of Business FULL day - BRISBANE 7th July / Class 9.30 - 5pm ish / $650 / Registrations 9am Info. on FULL day classes: Deb 0416 632 737 or Donna 0411 067 744


Have you read the JOY OF BUSINESS book? Listened to the audio? Would you like more? Would you like to find out what else is possible? Please see below for dates & classes and go to


Joy of Business FULL day - SUNSHINE COAST 8th July / Class 9.30 - 5pm ish / $650 / Registrations 9am Info. on FULL day classes: Deb 0416 632 737 or Donna 0411 067 744

Business Done Differently / monthly telecall 10th July / Starts 7am / $60 for one call or $495 for 10 calls This is a monthly call from Feb - Nov. You can sign up NOW and receive all of the previous calls or join for ONE call.

Private Sessions Would you like to have a one on one private session with Simone Milasas / $350 an hour

MONEY FOLLOWS JOY, JOY DOES NOT FOLLOW MONEY ~ Gary Douglas (founder of Access Consciousness) ~

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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6/20/2012 11:21:08 AM

Raising A New Generation of Powerful Women By Katrina Zaslavsky


magine if you were taught from an early age that “birth is a medical event, preceded by an illness called pregnancy and ends with an emergency called labour.” {Carla Hartley} How would that impact on your anticipation of birth and the actual experience? I believe that all the fears and selfdoubts around pregnancy and birth become like a self fulfilling prophecy; we get what we expect. Reflected in this attitude is the fact that the vast majority of births in the developed world are highly medicalised. Joy is our birthright and nature’s design, yet one in three mothers are left traumatised, some experiencing postnatal depression and post traumatic stress.

but something to be embraced in the moment and a natural part of life. What if we saw our bodies as amazing and trusted we were incredibly strong? Raising teens with foundations of love, self-esteem and positive body image, sets the stage for strong women who stand firm in what they believe, like a tree with roots so deep in the ground that nobody can shake them. A leaf in the wind is more likely to get blown about and swayed by strong forces (i.e. authority figures that don’t empower you). Like butterflies, teenage girls are in the process of blossoming into a life of full potential and as parents, it’s up to us to provide them with the tools and support so they can discover their own power and ultimately, their own sense of self worth and confidence.

Many teenage girls are receiving this message subconsciously and taking it on board. If these ideas are not questioned, they will inevitably be carried into motherhood. The truth is, birth left to take its natural course without interference, can be a beautiful, transforming experience that can make the new mother feel on top of the world. Unhindered by drugs, mother and baby are on a natural high together, bonded in a beautiful cocktail of happy birth hormones. This marks the beginning of a beautiful love story and has many positive flow on effects. Combined with a massive sense of achievement, we have the perfect ingredients to move into motherhood with strength and confidence. How do we build a new generation of strong empowered women? We need to start when beliefs around our bodies, motherhood and birth are being formed. Our own example is the most powerful way to give our daughters confidence in the beauty and normality of birth. As mothers, we need to tell the truth about birth - nothing to be feared

Katrina Zaslavsky is the passionate author of inspirational book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth. • Private PT Studio • Group Kayak Sessions • Group Outdoor Sessions • 8-12 Week Mind and Body Challenges • Self Development • Results Results Results • Healthy Happy Lifestyle

Phone: 0401 286 200

At She Prana we teach you how to fully utilise this beautiful, powerful, natural energy source safely and with the highest personal integrity. Tapping into this natural energy source will enhance your personal experience of life, your creativity and your aliveness. Begin your Journey now!

• Lose 10kg within 23 days • Dr Simeons Eating Protocol • Bi-lingual, non-homeopathic drops • Suitable for male / female • African Mango plus 20 proven support ingredients • Healthy, safe and so very easy to use • ‘HCG, hormone-free’ formulation

Pamela Howlett (JP) email:

Phone: 07 5471 1870 or 0410 523 206

Contact Dr Kellie Yildirim- She Prana {e} {m} 0414 397 573 or visit to find out about upcoming workshops 32

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Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/20/2012 10:23:30 AM

Astrologically speaking with Lyvea Rose Welcome to your stars for July, a month in which we really get a grip on what is our business and what is a great, big, unfathomable mystery! July 4: Full Moon in Capricorn. The month of Cancer is still in full swing as the month of July begins, and this full moon is definitely a time to live like a Cancerian super-nanny. It’s time to get warm and cuddly by the hearth, and treasure the people that treasure you. But if you feel you are not on track, this full moon could be rather testing. Picking fights won’t help a bit. Relaxing is the way to go. It’s so important to be kind to yourself as the massively transformational stars of 2012 unfold. July 15 to August 8: Mercury moves retrograde in Leo. Holy lioness, this could be testing! Leo likes action, colour and passion. Well, Mercury retrograde in this blazing star sign could be action aplenty! But will it be of a constructive nature? Storms in teacups ought to be avoided, and you can do that by communicating clearly with all sentient

beings at all times. Aim to stay calm and infinitely collected. Tempers may fray, and romances may go temporarily bonkers. Chill, people, chill! July 19: New Moon in Cancer. Ah, now, this new moon is divine. Isn’t everything about the sign of Cancer? On the spiritual level, it’s all about love—of the unconditional kind. If someone is not giving you what you want, just send love and let them go. Do not interfere in their choices, no matter how insane they seem. On this night, pray for the strength to leave loved ones alone. If they call you, well, that’s different. You can be there, but remember to breathe!

STAR SIGN STORIES, Volume Four is now available from for just $4.99. Here’s what one reader says: “Oh this is special! It balances the cosmic with the earthly; the human and the god-like; and dwells deliciously in the region where both realms intersect. And it’s funny!”

July 22: The loveable month of Leo begins, and Jupiter aligns with excitable Uranus. Sages of the world unite! Avatars, please come out from under the table! This is one of those excitable moments when you can change your mind-set in a heartbeat. Be very brave. Be very bold. Allow yourself to embrace your dreams. Change may not be instant, but it will come, so keep the faith.

Designed by

The Network that gives back...

Pamper yourself at the ONLY Day Spa in Caloundra FREE Limo Transfers FREE use of Massaging Jacuzzi, Infrared Sauna and Plunge Pool with all treatments Located on the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters

Mooloolaba goddesses@lunch Wednesday 11th July 2012 Speaker: Annie Infinite - How Pinterest can boost your business profile Venue: Tickets:

4th Floor Restaurant, Mooloolaba. 11.45am - 2.30pm $49.50 pp $38.50 members RSVP: 9/7/12

Coolum goddesses@brunch Thursday 26th July 2012 Speakers: Jeanne Treloar & Krishna Everson How to find your Brand Brilliance Venue: Tickets:

The Restaurant, Coolum Surf Club. 10am - 1pm. $49.50 pp $38.50 members RSVP 23/7/12


Tel: 0402 462 804 Natalie McIvor Director Limited seats! Book TODAY at Proudly Sponsored by

Visit our website at for our full treatment menu or call us on (07) 5437 3022 Holistic Bliss, July 2012

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL




Debbie Bingley from ‘Reiki Pearl’ is a Reiki master practitioner, who is a compassionate woman with a beautiful gift of Reiki intuitive healing. She believes that with REIKI... “You can have a pearl of a life”. The choice is ours! Contact Debbie for an appointment today in Pelican Waters – $1 per minute (minimum of 30 mins).

• Divine Alignments • Sacred Custodian • Channel for Sound and Language • Cosmic Christ Conscious Lightbody • Crystal Grid Alignments and Essences • Earth Healing – Home, Business and Land

Phone: 0410 076 223 211729588881092

HIGHER VISIONS Higher Visions is a spiritual/Holistic Community network. We provide a place for other like-minded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop. We offer : • Monthly casual lunches – varied subjects/ speakers • Evening gatherings with guest speakers – varied subjects • Workshops and regular meditation evenings • Unique events – Mind Body & Soul Expos + more Laura Di Mambro 0400 673 563 PSYCHIC MEDIUM READINGS Providing insights and guidance regarding your love life, career, money, travel, moving house, or where the future is taking you. Also connecting to loved ones passed over and giving messages from beyond. Readings done in person, via phone or skype. INTUITION PLUS-REIKI ENERGY HEALINGS Gently removing blockages and restoring balance in your mind, body and soul. Feel relaxed, calm, centred and grounded. Are you ready to move forward on your path? Mention the word ”magical” when booking and receive a FREE reading. $60 p/hr

Vikki Speller 0417 643 435* Join Intuition Plus on Facebook*



Find peace and satisfaction by chanting powerful sound vibrations. Mantra Meditation enables you to cope better with stress and awakens your natural spiritual consciousness. We have been practicing meditation for many years, the wonderful benefits have motivated us to share it with others. Wednesdays 7pm-8.30pm. FREE. Maroochydore.

Phone: 5309 6963


34.indd 1

Linda Woodward (Accredited Instructor) Phone: 54377165 Email:

HOLISTIC INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CENTRE Holistic integrative health centre for families where Eastern and Western Medicine meet. Services: Doula, Beauty and Massage, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Holistic therapies, Energy work and Counselling, Naturopathy, Physiotherapists, Podiatry, Psychology and MORE! Yoga, Pilates and Dance classes. Mention this ad to receive 10% off all services.



Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy (22004VIC) – Nationally Recognised Training. Weekend classes. Easy to learn modular format plus self-paced learning. No experience necessary, or if qualified in another health profession apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.


Contact Dagmar on 0403 307 972 (Melb)

Phone: 54 966 249

LEARN “BOWTECH” THE ORIGINAL BOWEN THERAPY Ph: 07 5438 8387 The Edge, Lake Kawana Blvd, Birtinya

North Stradbroke Island “Connect with the ocean of energy and mother earth to find natural balance and inner bliss” Flow Yoga, meditation, vibrant raw vegan meals, raw health mentoring, beach house accom, nature walks and bushfoods, ecstatic dance, music, mantra and more! September 14 -16, November 9-11

Experience wellness and guidance with Celticai’s distance/in-studio sessions: • Intuitive Ascension Healing • Palmistry Readings • Access Bars • Herbalife Nutritional products • Gemstone Essences • Workshops and eCourses Discover the path to Dream + Believe + Create. Like us on Facebook. Free broadcasts on Reflect Radio – laughter and healing.


ACCESS BARSTM SESSION Did you know there are 32 points on the head that are like pressure points? When these points are gently held, your pains and worries start to lift away! The Access BarsTM treatment is a dynamic process that after one session leaves you feeling instantly calm and refreshed.

Book your Access BarsTM session with: Shennan Thomas 0410 471 724 Certified Access BarsTM Facilitator Access Body ProcessTM Facilitator

FASTER ALTERNATIVE TO PHYSIOTHERAPY Back, neck, joint and headache therapy by a master. Any chronic pain problem. Fast results in ONLY FEW VISITS. 90 to 100% results in most cases. Powerful formula of various therapies. Not getting results from your current therapy? Try us. Maroochydore .

Romel & Vanessa Phone: 5309 6963

Highly intuitive. Amazing fast results in only few visits. 30 minutes consultation includes herbs, iridology and health analysis.

Vanessa @ Body Smart Clinic Shop 1/4 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore Phone: 5309 6963

NATURAL PET CARE GREENPET Your one-stop shop for all things natural for animals. Natural flea and worming products. Nutritional supplements, natural pet foods, treats, herbal and homeopathic remedies and much more. Greenpet also offers naturopathic consultations for dogs, cats and horses. Free mail-order catalogue.

Ph: 07 5449 1453 Email:

MUMS AND BUBS SERVICES WIN BIRTHING BLISS HAMPER VALUED AT $150! Indulge yourself with beautiful gifts made with love – new inspirational book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth (inspiring birth stories, expert tips) + Fardoulis chocolates, made from pure couverture chocolate = Pure bliss!!!

Email and mention “BlissMe” for your chance to win!! Hurry – ends July 31st.

Holistic Bliss, July 2012

6/21/2012 11:30:05 AM

Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL

Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

道 Spirit Path Healing shiatsu crystal therapies Mark Crossland

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Want a brand that’s unique to you?? For a distinct logo and brand design that you can use on your website, business cards, flyers & social media, call today!

07 5492 6417 0413 374 634

(Dip. Shiatsu)

m: 0423 859 888 e: spiritpathhealingcentre

Bliss My Body Please! Receive 1.5 hour Kahuna Massage for only $90* (normally $120) Facilitating Change for: • Stress • Pain in your Body • Sleep Disorders Through… • Kahuna Massage • Energetic Bodywork • Access Bars

Ph 0434 245 706 for appointments If you could have ease in your body, would you choose it? *Mention Holistic Bliss when booking (not valid with any other offers!)

PSYCHIC RETREAT 12 to 14 October Peppers Manor House, Sutton Forest NSW

Classes for Kids & Adults Mentor and Teacher is Leading Medium and Animal Communicator Amanda De Warren For more information 07 5426 8298 or

Specialising in work with Children with ADD/ADHD and ASD with the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences

Jane Snell

Bachelor of Learning Design major in VET Qualified Practitioner – Australian Bush Flower Essence College Bars/Access Consciousness & Reiki Master Call for an appointment in Burnside/Nambour M: 0412 599 286 E:

35.indd 1

Commercial/Business Law Conveyancing/Leases Employment Law Building & Construction Law Corporate Structure & Re-structures Asset Protection/Contracts Wills, Estates & Power of Attorney Property/Business Sales & Purchases Trade Marks, Copyright & IP Protection

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Wellness Clinic Counselling and Natural Therapies

a conscious choice for complete wellbeing Leading provider of Holistic Healthcare on the Sunshine Coast IF YOU NEED NURTURING, THEN I’M HERE FOR YOU!

Suffering from Allergies? Are you Fatigued?


If you have nagging or chronic pain, yes I can help!

Can effectively desensitize food allergies and intolerances, viral, bacterial or fungal infections and environmental allergies eg wheat, gluten, dairy, pollens, Ross River

Massage styled to suit your exact need, delivered in a professional and intuitive way is what I do best.

Particularly beneficial for Digestive issues, Infections, Sinus/Respiratory Problems and Skin Disorders

Let me help you feel and be your BEST!

Yolanda Falivene

Trish Madden

ND Naturopath Member ATMS

Dip Remedial Massage AAMT Member

WHOLISTIC ONCOLOGY CARE Are you looking to maximise your quality of life and improve your health? An integrated treatment program can assist in reducing side effects from conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy, improve their efficacy and also support health and wellbeing in post treatment recovery and beyond.

dietary and lifestyle modifications along with the use of medicinal plant preparations and nutritional supplementation.

Natural Medicine incorporates the use of

Natural Medicine Practitioner

EMPOWERING WOMEN TO OVERCOME UNDER-EARNING Classes and one-on-one sessions Dynamically change your financial relationship and situation to proficiency using simple, practical, step-by-step processes.

Viv Adcock

Wellness coaching is suitable in all chronic conditions.

Pia Hughes

GET IN FLOW WITH YOUR BUSINESS… Are you struggling to get the results you deserve at work or lacking profits and direction in your business? Unleash the flow in your business and yourself…discover the rich abundant life that you deserve using my coaching packages. Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute focus session (Holistic Bliss Only).

Leigh Rorke-Ward

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