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MasterChef to nutritionist Georgia Barnes’





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“Can’t wait to tell you what Coconut Groove has in store for you in 2016”

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From the Creator of HBM... “

He doesn’t listen to me!” “Why doesn’t she see all the things I’m doing?” “I just don’t feel appreciated or loved” …does this sound familiar? And have you ever noticed that you don’t fully receive these things from others anyway unless you give these things to and be this for yourself? A courageous group of people have contributed this month to our ‘intimacy’ feature. And it is a privilege to share a topic that is so important to the community. We possibly should have called this feature ‘We are what we have been waiting for’, as most of our writers focus on the principle that if we don’t know ourselves, if we don’t like ourselves, if we don’t cultivate an awareness and acceptance of ourselves, then it is hard to be intimate with anyone else. And… I’m also wondering if we can make this a way of being not just a cliché? What about sex? Sex can be a part of intimacy but it can involve no intimacy at all. We can also have intimacy with people in ‘non-sexual’ ways as we let our armouring down and let people get close to us. Intimacy with self is not necessarily about saying ‘I love you’ in the mirror every day and intimacy with another

doesn’t necessarily mean sharing ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. But I think you will find a variety of suggestions this month from our writer’s to develop more intimacy with yourself and others. Which articles inspire you? What works for you? Cover story: Freelance writer Nicole Taryn interviews renowned ‘Making Love Retreat’ facilitator Janet McGeever this month – read pages 12-13.


‘Follow Your Bliss’








MasterChef to nutritionist



Georgia Barnes’



Janet McGeever



Volume 76 ISSN: 1836-8840




LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear editor, I wanted to congratulate and thank you Holistic Bliss on the wonderful/awesome recipes you have included in your magazine recently. I have tried many of them and also passed them onto friends and family who have also loved them. And thank you for NOT excluding the meat recipes. – Lorna Furst Dear Lorna, Thanks for writing to us. Yes we include a range of recipes: paleo, vegan, vegetarian and more… what suits one person may not suit another. Many foodies and health practitioners have contributed over the years to this section and sometimes we include a recipe just because a chef has put so much heart and soul into the dish. Enjoy HB in 2016! – Vanessa Do you have something to say? Write in and tell us: ed@holisticblissmagazine.com

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Food for the Soul 06 Coconutty and Lemon Bliss Balls NILLA TOMKINS

07 Raspberry, Strawberry and Rosewater Smoothie GEORGIA BARNES 08 New year, new recipes? LUISA TOALDO 09 What gets you in the mood?




10 4 probiotic myths we need to forget JOEL GRACE

Cover Story

22 Being naked with an audience

12-13 Janet McGeever: Open Up and Reveal You NICOLE TARYN

23 Chakra balance for sexual bliss


24 How to do ‘it’ in uncomfortable spaces

14 What does your body tell you about intimacy? JEAN SHEEHAN 15 What turns you on and off?

25 It’s time for the Sacred Union


16 Mindfulness and knowing you? MARC DE BRUIN

17 His and her yoga JONATHAN MURPHY 18 Is it time to send yourself to time out? SHARON STAAL

19 Sex with spirit REBECCA-LEE 20 5 elements of intimacy






26 A brain inside the heart ELENA BURTON 27 How to find God’s blessings in your daily life JENNIFER THERESE 28 Why is singing good for the brain and the community? TANIA DE JONG 29 7 ways to create an intimate connection DR MONIKA WILSON 30 The new human! LIS BLAKE 31 Menopause and beyond

40 Eradicating Lyme disease TOM PALADINO 41 Do you react to amines? JANE TREDREA

32-33 Q&A: Interview with Katherine McCallum 34 Do you truly know your ‘self’?

44 Profile of an essential oil – Ylang Ylang



35 Galaxy Girl GRACE HART 36-37 How the past changed my present TONY COLLINS

Relationships, Parenting & Kids 42 The surprising benefits of a good-night story ANN OLIVERI 43 Rainbow, Aqua, Crystal and Star children JEAN SHEEHAN

Holistic Beauty & Style KIM MORRISON

45 Holistic style reviews


46 HOLISTIC AS… Books and more

Natural Animal Care

38 Being the difference LESLIE FIEGER 47 DETOX for the New Year! LYNDALL PINCHEN 39 Dimensionally Divine Tesla’s Starhenge 48-49 Natural flea control DR ELAINE CEBULIAK VICKI BRYCE

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S K Y P E A N D H O M E V I S I T S AVA I L A B L E Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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Coconutty and Lemon Bliss Balls RECIPE NILLA TOMKINS

A healthy snack Makes 24 Ingredients: 1½ cups cashews 1½ cups shredded coconut melted 5 tbsp organic extra virgin coconut oil, ¾ cup coconut yoghurt 4 tbsp raw agave syrup 1 lemon, juice + zest Method: r and Place all ingredients in food processo hard. blend until sticky, place in fridge until Roll into balls and coat with desiccated coconut. snack. Store in freezer and enjoy as a healthy t, Noosaville

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Raspberry, Strawberry and Rosewater Smoothie WORDS GEORGIA BARNES


½ lemon, juiced (optional) 1 tbsp rosewater 1 cup sparkling mineral water ½ cup ice cubes

Ingredients: 1 cup frozen organic raspberries 1 cup fresh strawberries

Method: 1. Place all raspberries, strawberries, lemon juice, rose water and mineral water in a blender. Process until well combined.

GEORGIA BARNES is a nutritionist, TV personality, cook and Masterchef 2015 grand finalist. For Georgia Barnes food has always been an integral part of her life. Her food philosophy is pretty simple – choose quality produce, be intuitive and add a lot of love, and your food will always be delicious. Visit: endeavour.edu.au


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you thr (no m r procedu ough atter r e h or com ow lengthy plex).

Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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1/18/2016 5:12:02 PM




new recipes?

always had this preconception that because I am chef and know how to cook, I must know how to eat. Well, yes and no. Yes, I do love cooking delicious and beautiful meals but do I always choose them? No. The usual excuses come into play here. Not enough time to cook, can’t be bothered cooking or just plain sick of the sight of food and deciding what to cook for dinner. So what do you do when you are not eating well and don’t know where to start? Everyone has their definitions of eating well. For some it’s a calorie controlled meal plan, for others it’s a vegetarian diet, other’s it paleo. At the heart of eating well for me is choosing certain non-negotiable items: • Choose seasonal fruit and vegetables – buying seasonal and local means that not only are you getting the best version of your produce, you are also buying at the best value.

• Quality meat, fish and poultry. If you choose to eat animal products, ensure they are the best quality you can afford. To me, respecting the animal source is paramount – free range or organic where possible and from reputable sources. • Full fat everything – by eating full fat, you aren’t compromising on flavour which can be compensated with added sugar or salt in low fat products. Fat satiates, whereas sugar can trick your mind into thinking it hasn’t eaten as many calories as it has. • Make from scratch where you can – packet mixes are usually just your dried ingredients plus stabilisers and emulsifiers added in. When you make your own foods, you can adjust to taste and ensure the ingredients you love are in them. So what is the next step? There is no point planning a seven-day meal plan if you know you will be out or working for three of those days. It’s just the same as

buying items that will go off quickly, if you don’t use them with a plan. Having your vegetables chopped ready for the week can mean that if you find yourself not home for dinner two nights in a row, you can just blanch then freeze to use when you can. The same applies to fruits. Having them diced up can make them more appealing to grab. And if you’re just not getting to them, pop them in the freezer for baking or smoothies. The reasons we don’t eat well, move our bodies or take care of ourselves can be varied and many. Family habits, projections and expectations can all create stories in our heads as to why we can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t. So how do we create new positive habits and let go of the stories? Explore what it is that is holding you back and look at what you are already doing that works for you. Need some help exploring this? inmyownkitchen.com

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gets you



n clinic we frequently hear the words, “I am so tired all the time, I am moody, foggy and I am so unmotivated!”. It is no wonder that almost all of these clients also say they have poor libido. It seems that the causes of low libido is multidimensional. The most important areas are hormonal balance, emotional triggers, nutrient deficiency and social factors. Let’s explore some of these contributing factors. Hormonal imbalance. The balance between testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone changes over your life. A paper published by a team of researchers at the University of California found that two hormonal signals in the body had opposite effects on sexual motivation. Oestrogen had a positive effect and progesterone had a negative effect. Interestingly, pre-conception your oestrogen is highest and postconception your progesterone is highest. So the work of oestrogen increasing libido works in favour of conception. This part of the cycle is when most clients say they feel the most motivated and mentally clear. So what does this mean if your days of ovulation are over? Let’s move over to testosterone. This hormone affects libido of all adults, male and female. Most people are

in the



aware that testosterone is important but usually only associated with male health. At around the age of 40, testosterone and another hormone DHEA start to decrease. A reduction in these hormones can cause reduced motivation, energy, libido and an increased chance of developing depression, gaining weight and reduced muscle mass. Lack of adequate sleep and increased stress. It is well documented that the stress hormone, cortisol, can lead to decreased testosterone. So the more stressed you are the less testosterone you will have. We too often understand the implications of stress on our overall health. It is important to take a step back and analyse the stressors in your life and adjust what is easily in your control. Perhaps sleeping is something that you can adjust? Maybe you’re staying up too late at night watching television or on the internet? This decreases your melatonin and encourages higher cortisol levels. I always recommend trying to get between 7 and 8 hours sleep, some need much more than this. Nutrient deficiencies. Many know that oysters are touted as being an aphrodisiac. Why is that? Oysters are really high in zinc and amino acids such as tyrosine. Tyrosine is key to the production of dopamine,

a neurotransmitter, which is super important for mojo and motivation. Zinc is important for regulating testosterone. If oysters don’t interest you, another zinc powerhouse is pumpkin seeds. Add them to your salads, smoothies, breakfast or eat as a snack. I would also recommend assessing any potential general nutrient deficiencies such as B vitamins and iron. These are incredibly important for the production of all neurotransmitters, not to mention their impact on your energy levels. And most people could do with more of that! A simple blood test can measure zinc, iron and B vitamins. Just eat real food! A diet low in sugary foods, refined carbohydrates, processed meats is a good way to reduce inflammation, (the opposite of this correlates with low libido). Eating less sugar and processed foods helps to normalise your hormones. All of the above, are more of the physical triggers. It is also important to look into psychological triggers such as low confidence, poor body image and relationship constraints. For both mental and physical I always recommend seeking the advice of a practitioner confident in this area. integratedwellnessclinic.com.au

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4 PROBIOTIC MYTHS WE NEED TO WORDS JOEL GRACE, Owner, Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre


ost of us know that good bacteria are essential for a healthy digestive system. So many of my clients ask, “what’s a good probiotic supplement?” Go into any health food store or pharmacy and there are many probiotic supplement options available, not counting the hundreds and hundreds of different varieties you can get online or from your health practitioner. They all claim to do something for your health – but have you just been sucked in by marketing dollars? If you’ve seen an ad for your probiotic on TV, I’d suggest there could be a more effective supplement out there for you. Here’s a few myths about probiotics that we should know: Myth #1 – You can’t use probiotics during an antibiotic treatment If you’re taking antibiotics, this is the exact time YOU NEED TO be taking probiotics! People used to think that antibiotics would kill probiotics if taken together, so there was no use taking the two at the same time. However taking

probiotics concurrently with antibiotics is actually quite important. Probiotics can reduce antibiotic side-effects such as diarrhoea, and can also soften the damaging effect antibiotics have on your digestive system in general. Myth #2 – It’s best to take probiotics on an empty stomach It’s a pretty tough journey from your mouth to your colon. And many probiotics don’t survive the trip through the stomach’s gastric juices, past the length of the small intestine to their eventual home in your large intestine. Our stomach acid is meant to be the first line of defense in killing pathogens, so it’s little wonder that good bacteria routinely come off second-best. It has been shown that taking probiotics with food is more beneficial – not on an empty stomach – as this reduces the full strength of our stomach acid on these helpful bacteria. Myth #3 – Probiotic supplements are better than probiotic foods Why not do both? Fermented foods are hugely beneficial to our gut, and it’s great to eat a variety of them every

forget day. Things like tempeh, kombucha, miso, yoghurt, sauerkraut and kefir are full of beneficial microbes. Did you know that even as little as a tenth of a gram of sauerkraut can contain a therapeutic dose of probiotics? I definitely recommend taking a daily probiotic supplement while still eating the fermented foods that are so good for you. Myth #4 – Probiotics permanently remain in the gut If only life were that easy! It’s been proven that lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains, when taken orally, cannot permanently colonise the digestive tract. To take advantage of their benefits, we have to ingest them on a regular basis, not just a once-off. One round of probiotics may be beneficial but is not a “lifetime fix” because of their transient nature. So if you have IBS or any other gut disorder, probiotic supplements really need to be a part of your life going forward – in addition to helpful fermented foods. sunshinecolonics.com.au

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ll you need is love. Never truer words have been spoken and perhaps John Lennon was before his time with his message. Perhaps the world wasn’t quite ready for the notion that lovemaking from a space of true connection and authenticity could actually bring humanity to a place of peace, harmony and love. Never before have I been touched so deeply by writing a cover story. Through the process of interviewing and writing this article, I became acutely aware of just how much disconnection so many of us have in the area of sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Through this process, I gained deeper awareness not only around my own relationships, but also, I began to fully appreciate how our deepest connections, with ourselves and our partners, permeates to our families and communities. What if the peace on earth that humanity yearns for actually starts with intimacy with ourselves and our partners? The irony is that our natural capacity for this connection exists within us, we just need to remember. The very first thing that I noticed when in the presence of Janet McGeever is her softness and her authenticity. Here is a woman who shows up with a vulnerability and an openness that invites us all to greater possibilities. And at the same time, I was also aware that this woman is no pushover. I recall seeing Janet grace the TEDx stage in Noosa in 2013 and even then, I was aware that she had a presence about her; she didn’t need to do anything to prove her strength. You are just aware of her power. Janet’s strength is simply in her presence and her authenticity. People often arrive at their life’s work through either their own curiosity or through their own pain. For Janet, it was both. By the time she was in her forties, she was feeling as though her body just didn’t work anymore in a sexual sense and was left feeling broken. She thought that something was innately wrong


12.indd 1

with her body and as she embarked on what she calls her pathological search for what that was, Janet tried many modalities from emotional processing to hormone therapies, to natural remedies, desperately wanting to address and heal her “lack of libido”. What she discovered on that journey was that it was simply her lack of understanding about how her female body intrinsically worked and how a man’s body worked that had left her bereft of hope. Synchronistically, she came across the work of Diana Richardson, founder of “The Making Love Retreat” and through her dedication to her own healing Janet and her now partner Gene began to experience the deep, inner aspects of lovemaking. After years of living and experiencing these principles and through their own growth, Janet and Gene are now honoured to be two of just a handful of teachers around the world, to whom Diana Richardson has entrusted to teach and share her sacred work. “Conventional lovemaking is fast, hot and steamy, which can be exhilarating, however there’s way more to our bodies and to intimacy than many of us have acknowledged. We live just a fraction of the potential that is available to us


through our bodies, with the focus being either procreation or pleasure; yet we have been given so much more potential to expand with love, to connect and to transform in the experience rather than just being focused on the goal of orgasm,” Janet said. She explained that over the years, women have set out on a mission for sexual freedom and that was done in a very masculine way. By her very nature, Janet invites women to a softness and femininity towards sexual empowerment, which in turn becomes an invitation for men to meet their woman in a space where masculine and feminine energy complement each other to create deep connections without the need to force, prove or defend their sexuality in any way. “The feminine is a force, but it is not forceful,” said Janet. Many couples come to The Making Love Retreat feeling lost and hopeless in their lovemaking and relationship. Some have just started new relationships and want to keep their connection alive, without falling into the pitfalls of past relationships. Over time, judgment of each other and disconnection can begin to close the door to their love. Through the work that couples do with Janet and Gene, that door begins to reopen. Couples rediscover a tenderness that leads them often to a much deeper connection than previously experienced with their partners. They begin to find hope, they smile at each other again, and feel empowered by the tools to create more harmony and love between them. Women’s sexuality has been considered a mystery to both men and women throughout the ages and via her writings, her workshops and teachings, Janet aims to bring some light to many of the myths surrounding women’s sexuality. One of the biggest myths around women and sexuality is that women are frigid. The word itself sounds cold, a far cry from the nurturing, loving, feminine softness that is possible for women. “Women live through their

| FEBRUARY 2016 | Holistic Bliss

1/18/2016 5:19:03 PM

b a th to w u W b e N a w d th th e c

m c se fo w o fe d a to o h A



t e n a J r e v e e McG




bodies. They menstruate, they create life, and they give birth. Women’s bodies are the source of life. When people begin to understand how the female system works, they can open to it and work in unison with the natural flow of energy. Women are not dissimilar to a tight rose bud. With the right light, warmth and environment, the rose bud will open. Nothing needs to be done for it to open and blossom, it’s an organic system within nature,” she said. Somewhere deep inside all women is a knowing that this natural flow exists within them and the yearning for it without a means to express it, can create disconnection and confusion. Janet shared another of the great myths of the female body is that the clitoris is seen as the centre of female sexuality. “Too much focus on the clitoris for short-term pleasure, means that a woman’s awareness is on the outside of the vagina, the source of her deeper feminine receptivity. This can have a disturbing effect on the female system and her emotions. The breasts are key to enlivening her body, thus creating an overflow to the vagina. This can awaken her natural feminine qualities,” she said. And she also mentioned that the goal

of orgasm and the focus on the clitoris becomes less important as a woman connects with and experiences her body on a deeper level. “We observe women become so much more feminine and men more masculine when they come to our retreats.” Janet and Gene teach the true art of Slow Sex, a term that has sometimes been misrepresented in the field of sexual teachings. Slow Sex means so much more than just taking it slow. It refers to the slowing down and connection to ourselves, of first being conscious and then one automatically goes slow, allowing for connection on a deeper energetic level. Janet said that finding more bliss and intimacy for couples requires an holistic approach and she shared some of her tips for couples who are seeking deeper connection. Create the environment for intimacy Take the time to create a relaxed space and to connect with yourself first before connecting with your partner. Relaxation is key. Keep the lines of communication open If men and women are to be touched at a deeper level in sex, a meaningful

connection first, through a respectful, mutual sharing of feelings is important. Clear your emotions around intimacy Craving deeper connection and feeling lonely is a clear sign that there may be emotional issues that are creating an obstacle to love. Focus less on orgasm and more on sensitivity Move from goal orientated lovemaking to present moment mindfulness. Love and ecstatic states are amplified through sensitivity. Cultivate awareness of our masculine and feminine magnetic field Men and women are equal and opposite forces. Male flows and female receives and the field between them becomes amplified by pure body awareness. Janet has an important message for you around sex and intimacy and that is to trust the intelligence of your body. Your body knows how to make love. Women give up their own body truths and their integrity to please. It’s time for that to change, with open hearts. Be willing to drop, work with and soften the layers that impede the flow of love. Love is the most powerful healing force. janetmcgeever.com Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

13.indd 1


1/18/2016 5:19:40 PM


What does

your body

tell you about


WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


here is nothing more intimate than knowing yourself. I have always seen it as ‘IN – 2 – ME – EYE – SEE’. If I really see in me and all my goodness and greatness, then life does not have drama and there is a sense of confidence and completeness. There are particular body parts that talk intimacy. The pituitary gland shows insight and being able to access consciousness at any stage to see what is the bigger picture. When we know who we are and remember what we are capable of, the pituitary gland will release serotonin, our natural ‘happy drug’, and the person or animal will have a true sense of intimacy as they know what they can create and achieve. The heart body consciousness is about awareness, love of self and love of others. If you love others and yourself, you will have a true understanding about your natural gifts, likes, dislikes and you will recognise you. Knowing others is really knowing yourself as in quantum physics and Medical Intuition we are all one, especially when seen under a microscope. As you become familiar

with yourself and build a relationship with yourself in love rather than negative self-talk, the closeness you have to you is perfection. Lastly the genital area which is a taboo subject to talk about in the western world, is the most important part of intimacy, as it is about ‘fear of rejection, openness, sensuality and sexuality’. To be open about who you are and not fear rejection, is knowing you and caring for you. If someone does not know who they are and is worried about how they appear, they can experience painful intercourse, genital diseases such as herpes or rashes, and dislike sex or intimate touch all because they are not open to seeing the true self which is lovable, loving, loved. So let’s go back to the word, intimacy, ‘IN – 2 – ME – EYE – SEE’. The more you ‘see/experience’ yourself in life, the more you get to know what you do and don’t like, so you can create a life that you love and like. If you see yourself in a negative way, the above body parts will let you know through dis-ease or you will feel ‘off’ or ‘not quite



right’. So ask yourself now… If you were to look in to you, what do you really see? We were born perfect and that is our natural structure and blueprint so what if you allowed that to blossom? I see the real you as absolute love… and so do others. Enjoy knowing you. For Medical Intuitive courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN AbsoluteEmpowerment.com

As created by Diana Richardson author of the book and movie


Where Mindfulness meets Making Love

24 th - 30 th April & 9 th -15 th October Sunshine Coast, Qld * There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact no matter how long they have been together.

For full details and registrations, call Janet:

Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson


Presented by



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0428 726 849 or visit our website:

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turns you on AND off ?



hen I googled intimacy, I found marriage as the top search and sexual intimacy the gold. I read that an emotionally secure woman will happily engage in sexual intimacy if her needs are met. A woman who isn’t emotionally secure may use sex to meet her needs, which often leads to a spiral of rejection. Divine, intimate sex is sorely missing with many couples, as it stems from selfconfident relationships. Too often men and woman see sex completely differently. So how do we get on the same page? For many women intimacy isn’t about sex at all, it’s a by-product of fulfilment, which then allows sex. What are the 4 things that turn women on? •The first and foremost thing is a woman who loves and respects herself. Respect is formed, early on in life, in the critical interactions with parents. I am always telling my clients to restore the reduced love and intimacy with

parents, as this nearly always transfers to partners (and children) as general life dissatisfaction. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and blame is the #1 killer of intimacy. With respect in place, it is easy to see another’s soul and to see why we want to commit to the challenge and rewards of long term intimate relationship. • Commitment is vital. It is the one thing that conscious, self-certain, non-judgemental people do. Too many people live in “what if”. “What if I was with X?” “What if he leaves me?” “What if she is unfaithful tonight?” There is one particular city where I see a lot of relationship problems; the local indigenous people tell me it’s built on ‘destructive ground’. Think about our intimacy with the earth. You think it doesn’t relate to the house, or body, we live in? • The next value in successful intimate relationship is contribution. Conscious people accept whatever contribution they are getting (excluding abusive behaviour) as best efforts

from their partner. So each person’s contribution is never diminished by judgement. Consider how children become ‘less loving’ over time. It is due to judgement of their contribution. Societal and familial judgement becomes their judgement, and they become afraid of intimacy. Think of that parent, or teacher, who always made you feel comfortable in your own skin, and know it was okay to be you. That is what intimacy is all about. • The last key to intimacy is management and negotiation. In relationship you will disagree and you may need to agree to disagree often. It is love and respectful negotiation that will always solve the, “where do we live, what path do we take, what schools do our children attend, and who’s turn is it for?” questions. Respectful negotiation, contribution and commitment will bring immeasurable rewards to any relationship. KEAN is the founder of beyourself.com.au who specialises in retreats.

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ntimacy; a word often used when we are talking about someone to whom we feel intimately connected. My Latin dictionary tells me this: “Intimacy stems from intimus, meaning innermost or deepest, or profoundest, most trusted.” Obviously we can use that to describe our relationship with someone else. But what about our relationship with ourselves? Are we familiar with our own innermost selves? When I look at people in general and at my clients in particular, I don’t find many who are intimately connected to themselves. In fact, many of us do just about anything to not let that happen! We distract ourselves from our intimate feelings by being busy. Busy doing things, thinking things, making things, buying things, watching things, listening to things, etc; anything to not feel what’s going on inside – literally. There is a strong link between our thoughts and our bodies around what is good and what is bad. Our brains

knowing you

translate strong thoughts about good and bad in a physical sensation; this is called co-emergence. Some we know well, for example the pit in our stomach, the tense muscles in our shoulders, the choking feeling in our throat, the heart-start, etc. All strong implicational thoughts have their co-emergent body sensation. That’s fine for the ones that make us feel great; not so fine for the ones that don’t, and there are plenty of those. The moment we are thrown back on our own (negative) implicational thoughts and our co-emergent body sensations, we become uncomfortable, and want to get rid of that discomfort. Likewise, we do like the (positive) implicational thoughts and their body sensations, and become addicted to feeling that way. This leads to a never ending loop of pleasure-chasing and pain-avoidance, and leads to less and less intimacy, with ourselves and ultimately with others. Our lives become

more and more external, and we become more and more unhappy. The solution is simple, but not always easy. Become more aware of your innermost, your profoundest, your most intimate self. This is the process of mindfulness, where we learn to accept our present situation with awareness. Awareness of the fact that thoughts are just thoughts, and not necessarily the truth. Awareness of the fact that all feelings come and go, and everything in life is impermanent. And awareness of the fact that we can be at peace in the middle of all that, a state called equanimity. Inner peace is the most intimate connection you can have with yourself, a connection that will radiate outward, and affect everyone and everything around you. Intimacy with yourself will lead to a life of peace and joy. And as this is a learned skill, it’s available for everyone. simplifyinglife.com.au


LEARN The nature of the soul; particularly for empaths, intuitives and sensitives and what that means for love and purpose The tools to move beyond negative repeating patterns in your soulmate relationships The gifts that lay inside your love blocks To embrace and love who you are and understand your journey this lifetime To take your relationship to the next level To manage energy Move beyond fear Attract your divine lover You will also receive a free membership into High Vibration City® – a new online hub to learn and connect with like-minded, open-hearted people.

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editation is the ‘science’ of stilling the ‘busyness’ of the mind to bring one to a state of deep peace, calmness and bliss. It is the regular practise of ‘being’ in this state that brings profound peace to one’s life and healing to both body and mind. Meditating with one’s partner is a simple and beautiful way to deepen each other’s meditation experience. The stillness and peace generated by the one practitioner in his/ her practice greatly assists others meditating in their presence, assisting themselves to access the ‘meditative state’ more easily (and vice versa). Even a practice for as little as 10 minutes a day will bring noticeable benefits of peace and calmness to your life and your relationships with others. The daily cultivating of peace and the willingness to be a more ‘calmer’ person through the practise of meditation, is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow to ourselves, partner and society.

JONATHAN MURPHY is a yoga and meditation teacher and the facilitator and organiser of both the Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast YogaFests. yogafest.com.au

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send yourself to


o you wish you could escape your life for a bit? Would you like to forget about all of your roles and responsibilities and just take some good quality time out to prioritise and re-energise? Do you want to bring more fun and laughter into your life or maybe build more friendships with other like-minded ladies? As a woman, and particularly if you are a mother, you have a natural tendency to give to others first. You can sacrifice your own needs and desires in order to fulfil those around you which can make it extremely easy to lose yourself to your roles and responsibilities in life. It is essential that as a woman, you take care of yourself, first and foremost to prioritise, invest and give back to yourself, so that you do not become out of balance. And so you don’t experience feelings of being frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted or even resentful, resulting in chucking a bit of a ‘two-year-old tantrum’. Have you been feeling like this? Is it time to send yourself to ‘Time Out’? If so, then look no further than T.O.T.E.M Escapes. T.O.T.E.M stands for – Time Out To Empower Myself – and I have created these

TIME OUT? escapes for women so they have the perfect excuse to escape their lives for a weekend in order to recharge and learn new, positive and healthy practices. It’s a gift to yourself to increase your awareness of the connection between your body and soul. Journey within to reconnect to your true, authentic self, unlock blocks, let go and shift your energy into a more balanced state. Walk the path of your own heart in order to feel more empowered, fulfilled and energised in life. During this time out you will experience a little of everything to feed your mind, body and soul. On the escape, set on 180 acres of countryside surrounds, you will hear national and international guest speakers covering a variety of topics including nutrition, fitness, relationships, self-love and spirituality. Have an energy healing, psychic reading or one-on-one coaching session. You will also find a variety of ways to move your body with yoga, dance, IntenSati, self-defence and Zumba. There is even a fancy dress, dance party and much more fun to share. Wouldn’t you like to nurture you in 2016? totemescapes.com

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re you someone who is not satisfied with your relationship or sex life? Perhaps you’re single and have resolved that your next relationship will be something truly special, and not repeat the lessons of the past. Most people are struggling with love, because they have learnt to protect their emotional wellbeing so fiercely, that their heart is “blocked”, and actually pushes away the very experiences of love and intimacy they deeply desire. So many people find it confusing to know when to protect themselves, and when to let love in. When your heart is blocked, your true self – the essence of your Spirit – cannot shine through into your life. Therefore your relationships, your lovemaking, your work, may feel very superficial, surface level, and unfulfilling. Many Souls are beginning to awaken after coming through so much pain in this life and past lives. As such,

they are craving more from their life now, particularly their relationships – something that is magical, spiritual and meaningful. These Souls are part of the big awakening happening on the planet – ready to let go of the old, and allow more of the higher vibrating energies through, however, they may be a little lost in how to go about it. This will be strong for many in 2016. I work with spiritually awakening people, unlocking spiritual, emotional and energetic Love Blocks the Soul is carrying from this life and past lives. These Souls have heard a call to purpose and love, and are ready to let go of the old wounds of the Soul and finally embrace themselves with love. When you have worked through your negative, repeating karmic patterns and soul contracts that stem from your Love Blocks, your masks drop and your self-love and acceptance deepens. You become ready to create a relationship

davidberns REAL ESTATE

with a lover that goes beyond the familiarity, comfort, wound-reflective and triggering nature of soulmate relationships and into a relationship with a Divine Lover, that not only allows your true essence (Spirit) through, but the union itself serves humanity, the earth and Spirit. The key is to continue to Unlock Your Love Blocks, to allow more of your true self to shine through. As you let go of what your Soul is truly done with (karma), you stop unknowingly attracting the karmic people and situations into your life that have served to teach, protect or punish you. The future of lasting intimate relationships, will be those that share a deep spiritual practice. The relationship itself, and their lovemaking will be a part of that practice. The Unlock Your Love Blocks online program commences at the end of February, see website for details. unlockyourloveblocks.com





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ost people look for intimacy with someone else. Not so, Simone said, it begins with

you. “I knew I had to have intimacy with me before I could have it with anybody else,” she said. “The five elements of intimacy are: trust, allowance, gratitude, honour and vulnerability.” She wrote them on a post-it note and taped it to her mirror. Every day Simone looked at the list asking herself: Where am I not being in allowance of myself? Where am I not being vulnerable with myself etc? She made a demand to be those elements with herself. In this reality, sex equals intimacy; however, Simone asked, “What if intimacy is not judging you? What if it is having allowance, gratitude, trust, honour, and vulnerability and being you in every moment? What changes could occur in your life?” 1. Trust is not blind faith Trust is integral to any relationship; but it is not blind faith. “It is trusting that someone will

do what they do and that I would be everything I am in any moment, whether that is being kind, angry, grumpy or something else,” Simone explained. “You have to trust yourself first before you can trust someone else.” 2. What if we had more allowance on the planet? Often, people base relationships around common interests and hobbies. For Simone and Brendon having allowance is more important. What does allowance even mean? “I still make stupid choices!” Brendon admitted. “But that’s all they are: stupid choices. So I’ll have allowance and I won’t judge myself. I’ll have allowance of other people. We’re all on this planet together and if we had a little more allowance then we’d all have more ease.” 3. Practise gratitude for everything When you wake up each morning ask yourself: what am I grateful for, for me, today? Practise gratitude instead of thinking about problems, which inevitably leads to judgement. “I have gratitude for a lot of things

in life,” Brendon said. “If you have gratitude for your bills then would it be easy to get more money? If you have gratitude for your family and kids would it be easier to be with them?” 4. Honour To honour is to treat yourself and the other person with regard. It is recognising the greatness in someone else – and in you – even if you don’t want to. 5. Vulnerability “For a man being vulnerable is seen as a weakness, especially for an Aussie bloke,” Brendon said. “For me vulnerability is about having no walls to anyone and anything: good, bad, or ugly.” What would it take for you to start to be intimate with yourself and then see what adventures can show up in your life? You can change any area of your life that you think is not working for you. Welcome to the world of consciousness. accessjoyofbusiness.com/facilitator/ simonemilasas/

Discover how this everyday Mother of 3 became a confident world class therapist and how you can too! Call or text 0452 208 452 www.tonireillyinstitute.com info@tonireilly.com.au


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n stage… important business convention, about to give a speech. I’m nervous, a bit excited, but I think I’ve prepared my talk well. As the convenor announces me, I walk on stage, and the polite applause turns to loud gasps, sniggers and then, cat calls. I look down, and to my horror, I discover that I have forgotten to put my clothes on! I am naked!!! Arrghhhh! Total humiliation! Ever had that dream? For most people fear of public speaking is one of the biggies. And being intimate with another person can be a challenge, let alone with a whole group! So how do you relax and enjoy yourself while speaking to a group or an individual? And, how do you get them to relax so they can hear what you’ve got to say? HOW DO SUCCESSFUL PERFORMERS AND SPEAKERS DO IT? It’s being willing to use energy flows!

A really terrific presenter does this quite naturally, but you can learn to do it. It just takes practise! THREE KEY THINGS: • Energy is neither good nor bad, it’s just energy. You don’t have to feel it or see it or visualise it. When you ask it to flow, it does. • As infinite beings we are and have access to infinite energy. • What if your anxiety, perceived lack of confidence etc is actually you tapping into your audience way before the actual event. You may be aware of everyone’s worries, fears and selfjudgements and ‘feeling’ it as if it’s yours. It’s not! Before your students/audience arrive, start pulling energy from them, to you and through you. You are not stealing their ‘private stash’ of energy. Actually, if you pull energy from somebody, they will soon relax and allow fresh energy to pour through their body which will start to feel good!

As you allow the energy to flow through you, you will relax and start to feel good, too!!! When you’re ‘on’ – take a deep breath and go out and sense the edges of you – not your body – YOU. How far out is your energy ‘field’? EXPAND it gently out more, more, more. Expand out a kilometre in all directions, go down into the earth and out in front and out the back and every-which way. Now go a thousand kilometres out. Relax and breathe. You do have to practise using energy flows – it’s like our energy ‘muscles’ are undeveloped and need building. It’s why I’ve recorded Energy Exercise Classes – practising using energy pulls to generate more money, health, youth, clients, and relaxation. SHAUNA has recorded a free ‘Intimacy with an Audience’ Energy Exercise Class just for you on her website shaunasisland.com Have a play with it, it might be fun!


Shauna: 0421 858 176



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he best way we can be intimate with others, is to be honest about our own connection. How do we do this in our practical everyday lives? How do we stay in tune with our Higher Selves so that we are not blocking the sexual flow or the wonderful connection between ourselves and another? Wishing to connect to our Higher Selves during sex is not a novelty. It is a necessity. All our Chakras increase our sexual intimacy and Higher Self connection. I have provided a little snapshot into how they can assist us to create a more fulfilling sex life. Crown Chakra – We receive ideas and guidance on how to share and experience our sexuality for the highest good of all concerned. Our sexual expression is not only for selfish gain or to overpower others, it is to enlighten and connect with the Higher Self of others, never to repress or deny the Higher Self. Third Eye Chakra – We are able to

Shop 2/71 Russell St. West End, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3846 4608

Tues-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 11am-4pm


sexual bliss

see clearly the truth of our own and other people’s sexuality. We see energy and how it is effecting our own and other’s energy centres. We can see how the energy is flowing separately and together. Ear Chakras – We are able to hear our guidance with regards to exploring and sustaining a healthy sexuality. Our ears open us up to receiving. We are able to receive more easily and open up sexually when we are listening. Throat Chakra – We are able to communicate our sexuality and needs with truth and honesty. We are able to say no when something doesn’t feel right. Heart Chakra – We connect with our hearts and the hearts of others with joy and playfulness, compassion and gentleness. We love ourselves enough to set boundaries about what we feel comfortable and uncomfortable with. Solar Plexus Chakra – We value ourselves enough and feel empowered enough to be who we are sexually with

our preferences. We do not feel that we have to justify our choices or allow our sexuality to define us. We define our sexuality. Sacral Chakra – We allow ourselves to receive nourishment sexually. We feel a deep spiritual nourishment when we are exploring our sexuality. We do not use others sexually as a way to get high or fill ourselves up. We are not left feeling empty after sexual experiences. Our sexuality brings us closer to our Higher Power and this nourishes us on a deep level. Base Chakra – We are open to feeling and being sexual, receiving stimulation and fully activate our sexual organs. We are able to conceive more readily when our base chakra is open. Our sexual connection with others brings us to a greater trust with our Higher Power. We are able to connect with our Higher Selves and trust others as we are connected to theirs. lightworkerreflections.com

Books Jewellery Gifts 163 Boundary St. West End, Brisbane Ph: 3844 1887

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uncomfortable spaces



ll relationships we interact in at some point require us to be uncomfortably authentic about something we are feeling, thinking, or sensing. Many of us can ignore these spaces because of projected fears or uncertainty of the outcome. It can trigger rejection stories, conflict or even be something we think may end the relationship. When we are brave enough to open up authentically to someone we are in relationship with, it opens opportunities for change. Most of the time it creates more warmth and connection as well as having more understanding of ourselves. If it does bring separation in the relationship it can be a conscious and caring ending. My intention with this article is to offer a step-by-step guide to assist in the times we need to have an uncomfortable intimate conversation. 1. (This step is just for you) Get clear on what is bothering you, your stories and how you feel it is affecting the relationship from your point of view. Jot

these points down for yourself so that you are really clear on what is going on for you. 2. (This step is just for you) How do you want it to be? 3. (To the other person) Introduce the conversation. Open up by saying to the other person you want to discuss something with them and ask when would be a good time? 4. When you are both available to have the conversation, open it up by sharing that you find this difficult to bring up and that they too may feel uncomfortable with what you are about to bring up – however you are after a positive outcome. 5. Describe the behaviour that – “I’ve noticed”: • I have been avoiding your calls. • I have kept myself busy to avoid talking to you. • there seems to be an uncomfortable feeling in me when we talk, meet-up, etc. 6. State the impact of the behaviour

– be vulnerable, authentic and take responsibility: • Because of this I am feeling… rejected, lonely, uncertain, confused, sad. • The stories in my head are… you don’t like me anymore, I have done something to upset you, if I open up and share where I am at or what I am feeling it could create even more distance or uncomfortable feelings. 7. Ask the other person for his/ her perception of the situation. Listen and trust. It is important to not defend anything that may be said back. Really hear where they are coming from and know that it is their story and experience. 8. Make your suggestion or request of how you would want it to be. 9. Build an agreement for the next steps (the other person may need time to digest). 10. Say thank you. 11. Let go and let flow! bodyconsciousness.com.au


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SACRED union

ow have you been feeling lately? Do you find yourself not thinking clearly, maybe you need lots of sleep and rest and don’t want to do much but simply be? Then you are not alone, I hear many women and men tell me the same – often they don’t like to socialise anymore or do their normal daily tasks such as standard work and fitness regimes as these ‘ways’ don’t seem to work anymore. Former so-called securities like great marks or good jobs are no guarantee anymore for a ‘safe future’. And all this is happening in a society which glorified the masculine principle for thousands of years. We (men as well as women) learnt to analyse, to achieve, to focus and compete, whereas the female principle (the goddess principle) has been despised, even abandoned. And we all know the results, as sooner or later everything collapses: societies are dysfunctional, people are burnt out, relationships don’t work, many suffer anxiety and insomnia, as the fine grid of love of the goddesses that is embracing

everything, is being lost through the deep wounds and hurts that have been inflicted upon the goddess energy. A barren land arises as the nurturing soil that the goddess is, full of love, ready for the seed of the male principle to be planted, so that a new creation can be born, has suffered suppression and violation. Evolution is continuing and high frequencies of the sun are coming through open portals to the earth recalibrating our light bodies, energy bodies, cells and DNA – it is the goddess energy returning to earth. And the Goddesses such as: the Hathors, Mother Mary, Lady Sanada, Lady Shakti, Lady Kwan Yin are holding the key, the living key in their hands to bring peace, to reunite – the true, pure Oneness, the endless interflow – it elevates you beyond the energy of Yin/Yang. It extends to the supreme consciousness in which masculine and feminine merge in a chymical wedding on the spiritual, soul and material level. This term is from the fusion with the dual soul. However, this

wedding also exists within you on all planes of your being; awakening divine bliss within you. This union bears bliss and everlasting inner joy, since it incessantly rekindles itself by purely receiving the Fire of the Holy Spirit within you. Relax, be kind to yourself, rest if you need to and allow yourself to be; everything is unfolding in its natural state. The purer you are able to receive, the faster and more magnificent it will manifest. It depends on the pureness of your thoughts and emotions, as this is the fertile ground where the seed falls. This is a transition process, the old ways are collapsing and a totally new existence is being created where love, peace, truth and respect prevails – a state of All Oneness (even supported by science “Solar revolution” www. youtube.com/watch?v=r7jplpRKWOI). Acknowledge and love the Divine Feminine within you and everything shall be renewed. LitiosOceania.com

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brain INSIDE the



ave you noticed there is a lot of talk about the importance of the heart, and not the brain? According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart is not just an organ pumping blood through the body, it plays an extremely important role in our lives; far beyond what is commonly known. The heart creates the strongest electro-magnetic field; it is up to 100 times stronger than the brain’s electrical field (EEG) and is up to 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field. Scientists from the HeartMath Institute have shown that in foetal development the heart forms and starts beating before the brain has developed, which indicates the heart has its own brain. The knowledge of living and creating from the heart has been kept alive within many of our indigenous people and ancient cultures and is just


now being remembered across modern societies. We are fortunate to be living in today’s world, when the heritage of ancient civilisations has been confirmed by the discoveries of modern scientists. But while the language of science is great, sometimes it cannot explain fully what is really going on. We need to go beyond science and back to ancient wisdom to have a better understanding of life. Interestingly, once I completed studies at University, I realised that life had much more to offer than I originally thought. So I began to search and look for different teachings and spiritual schools around the world. In 2002, I came across Drunvalo’s Melchizedek book, “Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life” and this book changed my understanding of life and sparked my curiosity. After this, I attended Drunvalo’s, “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” workshop and it was

one of the most powerful workshops for inner discovery, self-healing and remembering the power within the heart. I knew it was my calling straight away and I also completed the teachertraining course. Since 2012, I have facilitated these workshops in Australia and overseas. The primary focus of this workshop is to re-establish the vertical connection between the brain and heart, activate the heart based Mer-Ka-Ba (the light body), activate the pineal gland, the beams of light and remember how to create a new reality in unity consciousness from the unity of the heart, rather than from the duality of the mind. When we find the way into the sacred space of our heart, we will make intimate connection with our Higher Self, with the God inside; the pathway to the Source of Life. ExploreYourself.info

What is it that YOU DESIRE to CREATE in 2016? Love, Success, Freedom, Peace, Abundance, Clarity, Purpose Megan Johnston Kinesiology infuses the art of kinesiology with the principles of psychology to provide a unique, powerful and holistic mind, body and soul treatment. My gift is to gently guide you on a transformational journey back to your authentic self. Together we will identify your struggles, explore your pain and let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back.

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How to find



daily life



ne evening during an Eckankar event on the Sunshine Coast, I read the following quote: “You Are At A Crossroads. Are you ready to take another important step on your road to spiritual freedom and mastery? If yes, then let’s get started.” On this particular evening, I chose this as a topic to discuss, “You are at a crossroads.” I read the words to myself, thinking this was Spirit’s way of talking directly to me, a wake-up call. I also read them to the group gathered there, asking for guidance. I was immediately guided to take the group to an inner crossroads, to bless and acknowledge the spiritual lessons and gifts from the past, to check out the right and left path. Then if you have something more important to learn from these different paths, go and explore them. But if you want to travel the middle path of

love with the Mahanta, a name for our spiritual guide, give him permission to take you with him. The sacred word, HU, is a gift and a blessing to the world. It is chanted at the opening of each Eckankar event and at any other time you choose. HU (pronounced like the name Hugh) is an ancient name for God that has been sung since ancient times as a love song to God. We all sang HU for a short time, and I felt the peace and gentleness of the waves of the HU washing over and through me in wave after reassuring wave of love. I went on into the Light and Sound of God’s love. Afterwards, we all shared and discussed briefly our experiences with our spiritual guides, closed with a HU chant, and went outside to watch the eclipse of the full moon with the sun, a rosy pink colour,

just like the rose quartz stone. A feeling of compassion filled my heart, another blessing on this beautiful autumn evening. Later that evening, I was going over the events of my day, and listening to the HU within, knowing in the physical world everything in life is as it is meant to be – a blessing. If you are searching for a greater understanding of your spiritual purpose, or if you want to learn more about love and spiritual freedom, you may find countless blessings in a series of books on Spiritual Wisdom, written by Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Some of the topics covered include: Dreams; Karma and Reincarnation; Health & Healing (quote p60); Life After Death; Relationships and others. For more information visit Eckankar.org

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1/18/2016 5:30:39 PM


Why is

SINGING good for the brain AND THE COMMUNITY?

WORDS TANIA DE JONG AM, Soprano, Social Entrepreneur, Creative Innovation Catalyst


here was a time when everyone used to sing. We sat around campfires, at church and at school. We sang our stories and our dreams. We sang alone and we sang together. Singing is the language of the heart. Silent voices Can’t sing? Won’t sing? Told not to sing? Like me, about 85 percent of people have been told by their parents, children, partners or teachers that they can’t sing… so they don’t. We have such a fear of failure and it makes us vulnerable to being judged. Yet we all have a voice to share with the world. Our voices have been silenced and it’s not doing us any good. Singing promotes intimacy Research shows that singing together promotes social bonding, cohesion and self-identity. When we sing together, we transcend our isolation, connect to our higher selves, feel more empathic and in harmony with our universe. Not only do we breathe together but studies show that our hearts start to


28.indd 1

beat together! How good is that? Sing from the heart, spark your brain Neuroscience proves that singing connects the neural pathways differently and fires up the right temporal lobe of the brain releasing endorphins, making us healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. Singing has been shown to activate our pleasure networks and improve our mood by lowering cortisol and other stress hormones. Further international research and studies have shown how singing together may heal those with strokes, speech abnormalities and depression. Ten reasons to make singing your drug of choice: 1. Release endorphins and increase levels of oxytocin 2. Improve posture, breathing and blood-flow 3. Save money: our voice is our free human instrument 4. Create new neural pathways and improve brain meta-plasticity 5. Ward off age-related decline by continuously ‘exercising’ your brain

6. Assist with healing depression, strokes and speech abnormalities 7. Promote social bonding and cohesion; and rediscover your own identity 8. Relieve mental health issues; feel happier, better connected and supported 9. Connect with other diverse voices and your community 10. Be smarter, healthier, happier and more creative We were all born with a voice so let’s not sit in silence any longer. As Mark Twain said: “Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no one’s watching and live like it’s heaven on earth.” Simply gather a group of two or more, sing a song and with your help, we can get all of Australia singing! Together, we can change the world… one voice at a time! taniadejong.com or creativityaustralia.org.au

| FEBRUARY 2016 | Holistic Bliss

1/18/2016 5:31:06 PM


7 WAYS to

create an




nderstandably, when we consider the concept of intimacy we think of those meaningful, close, sometimes physical, and loving relationships we have with others throughout our lives. There is no doubt as to the value of these relationships. Yet, perhaps we could consider how things might be different if we invested just as much of our time, energy and intention into the cultivation of our relationship with ourselves. Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Ask yourself, “what sort of relationship am I having with myself today?” What one word would you use to describe this relationship with yourself? What word would you want to use instead to describe your current relationship with yourself?

2. Intentionally create time to turn inward in a range of ways. Without any distractions, simply notice what you observe about your inner workings – what bodily experiences you can notice, pay attention to your thoughts, are there any habitual thought-stories, what are your default emotions, how does the voice in your head speak to you? Strive to develop a witnessing, aware stance to get to know yourself in new ways. 3. As you might do with others, focus on what might be a barrier to developing a quality relationship with yourself and how you can alter this. 4. Shine a light on fear and how it resides in you. This is the one thing that is sure to disconnect you from yourself (and others). It’s sneaky though, so you’ll really have to look closely for it

and listen for when it arises. 5. Create tangible practices of offering yourself compassion through the laying of hands on yourself and daily recite words of self-forgiveness. 6. Consider what it might take to be friendlier with yourself. Do you need to try to change the tone of your inner voice perhaps to something kinder and more curious, as you might with others? Take yourself on a date, doing something you enjoy alone. 7. Work towards accessing the inner silent, still and ever present consciousness that is your Transcendent Self – an unchanging, peaceful flow of You that can be connected to at any time. reconnectionscounselling.com

YOUR BODY’S ABILITY TO HEAL IS GREATER THAN ANYONE HAS EVER PERMITTED YOU TO BELIEVE. PREMIER CHIROPRACTIC AT EMPORIO We believe that families in our practice are healthier and safer than families not in our practice. We are proud to offer quality Chiropractic services for the whole family, from one-day-old infants to the elderly, in the heart of Maroochydore! FAMILY AND PAEDIATRIC WELLNESS / SPINAL CORRECTION / ONSITE DIGITAL X-RAYS / MASSAGE

WWW.PREMIERCHIROPRACTIC.COM.AU Mention Holistic Bliss to receive a Full Chiro Exam including any necessary X-rays for only $37


p: 5408 4224 e: info@premierchiropractic.com.au 506/5 emporio place maroochydore Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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NEW human



hat does this mean? And does the ‘new human’ have the same characteristics as most of us presently living on planet earth? I feel some do! In a world where many people are only focused on survival and seeing situations ‘outside of themselves’ as not working – i.e. looking at what’s ‘wrong’ in their lives rather than the opposite – what is their usual response/re-action? Might it be to blame? Do we realise that when we do this we simply give away our power and become victims to the reality that we are actually creating around us? Do we realise that in doing this we are unable to solve what’s not working – i.e. change the reality we’re experiencing. So is the new human someone with special powers? I would say ‘yes’. The ‘new human’ will be someone who ‘takes responsibility’ and understands that they create their own reality – that what they experience in a specific reality is a reflection of how

they feel on the inside of themselves. Not anything to do with outside of them – as ‘within’ so ‘without!’ Once we realise this – the world is our playing field – our universal hologram in which we can create whatever we would like to experience. So the ‘new human’ understands they are ‘in charge’ of their reality. We are ‘in charge’ of our reality! The ‘new human’ will be someone who loves themselves in such a way that they are able to show love, understanding and compassion to those around them and will be patient and ‘slow to anger’. In the ‘old energy’, people can be quick to anger – in the ‘new energy’ they will respond with tolerance! Instead of living in a world governed by ‘control’ and yes fear – the ‘new human’ comes from love automatically! They come from ‘commonsense’ and realise that war, killing another solves nothing. The ‘new human’ comes from a state of ‘no judgment’ – they ‘observe’ –

simply seeing situations with a different perspective, responding in a respectful and peaceful manner. Thus they are able to see new ways to solve any issues that may arise. They will have an amazingly high self worth – one that is balanced – not coming from ego. This new human society is one where the life span of humans will be much longer than now because of the common knowledge that it is possible to work with our cells and our DNA. These humans are in charge of their bodies. So how/when is this ‘new human’ going to appear? It is happening with the change in consciousness which the planet is shifting through now. The ‘new children’ are already being born with a different way of thinking. The question to ask ourselves is: in what way ‘are we willing to change’ to help create this wondrous new world? LIS BLAKE has worked for over 30 years as a counsellor on the Sunshine Coast. keystoselfmastery.com/self-masteryworkshops/ and be-comethechange.com

Dental care for your total wellbeing! We are holistic dentists because we recommend the treatment that will be right for your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly. For example, when we are removing amalgam we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. It’s the dentistry for you if you care about your total wellbeing. Shop 1/ 13 Garnet Street Cooroy QLD 4563 P H O N E : ( 0 7 ) 54 47 76 6 9 www.wattlestdental.com.au Follow us on Facebook


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s the baby boom generation reaches mid-life and beyond, an unprecedented number of women are now post-menopausal. The average western woman’s life expectancy is now 79 years. This means that one-third of a woman’s life will be spent as a menopausal woman and, for some it will be half her life. For the ones who sail through this transition, it is a time of celebrating newfound freedom with no risk of pregnancy and increased joy of sex, if she chooses. It seems a great pity though that this is not the case for many women I speak to. For most who are clearly in menopause, there is a groan at the word sex and an accompanied feeling of resignation that her body is a lost cause. I totally get it. I’ve been there too. What if having fulfilling sexual intimacy is not dependent on libido?

And it’s possible to have pain-free intercourse even when hormones have changed the inner workings of a woman? The answer does not lie in the usual mechanical, over too fast, conventional sex. Nor need it lie in hormone replacement, if that is not a woman’s choice. It lies in engaging a whole different approach to sexuality. FOLLOW YOUR BODY As a woman grows into her 30s and 40s, she may feel an instinctive change in how she would like to make love. Her body is informing her all the time if she will listen. She may know she needs longer and to go slower but feels pushed to keep the pace of a man, or succumbs to ‘getting it over with’, building up a tension inside her that can make her emotional. A woman’s body is wise. And it is programmed for love. Naturally it does not want to go where love does not get the chance to take

root inside her or the other. ALLOW LOVE TO TAKE ROOT A woman’s body has a bioelectric, bio-magnetic make-up so even without all the ‘right’ hormones running around in it, pain free and deeply nourishing lovemaking is available to the menopausal woman if she and her partner are committed to creating a relaxed environment for it. It’s good to stop seeing sex as mere physical phenomena and instead, as an opportunity to tap into the love that already exists within each body. Making love more consciously can bring deep inner peace, enhance health, balance hormones, increase confidence and reinvigorate joy for life, while significantly nurturing a deep love and presence between a couple. And doesn’t any woman want that? JANET McGEEVER is the Australian presenter of The Making Love Retreat. makingloveretreat.com.au

KAREN COUGAN | Life Photographer Pictures speak a thousand words and when looking for a partner or if you are venturing onto dating sites it is so refreshing to actually find someone who you can SEE – see their looks and personality through their images. Karen Cougan is recognised as someone who can see behind the façade people put on and photograph the real you.

PHONE KAREN ON 0428 477 411 or visit www.karencougan.com /Karen-Cougan-Life-Photographer

BELINDA | Make-up Artist

Heidi posted this image on a dating site and 5 months later she married Zen.

Belinda from Bellamoré works closely with Karen to help draw out your authentic inner essence. Belinda also operates the Bellamoré Studio located in Buderim that focuses on nourishing your body, mind and soul with beautiful pampering treats, nurturing massage, healing, nourished nails, professional make-up and spiritual guidance.

PHONE BELINDA ON 0422 958 100 or visit www.bellamore.com.au or


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1/18/2016 5:33:43 PM



y S

in a a o e

e n i r e Kath llum a C c M 4 steps to effectively deal with burn-out, depression, anxiety and lack of self-esteem and increase overall happiness and satisfaction in life. Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour (MiCBT) is an evidence based modality – with scientific backing – which will allow you to successfully deal with a broad range of life situations. To be Mindful means to be aware of what is happening to you, without being caught up in any of it. Once you master the easy-to-learn MiCBT techniques you will know how to control your thoughts and thought processes. This puts you in the driver seat of your personal and professional life.

p in th sy a e u Using a simple, non-invasive, natural method, say good-bye to them! Underlying allergies are the cause of most major health disorders. There is hardly any human disease where allergic factors are not involved.

Do you suffer from allergies?

CALL NOW TO BREATHE IN A NEW LIFE! Allergy & Health Clinic in Buderim – Phone Jane 0405 090 028 www.janetredrea.weebly.com


One-on-one and small group MiCBT sessions are available. Contact Marc now for a free 45-minute strategy session.

“Acceptance of present experience with awareness” is key. Phone Marc on 0417 062 506 E: marc@simplifyinglife.com.au

www.simplifyinglife.com.au 32

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Treating: Eczema and All Skin Diseases, Autism/ADHD, Depression, Arthritis, Hayfever, Chronic Fatigue, Herpes, Insomnia, Hot Flushes, Migraines, Gluten, Egg, Dust, Pollen, Peanuts etc and many more – just ask.

(next to RSL) 9am-1.30pm

Group guided meditation at 9.30am

$20 n o d natio nt e tm a e per tr r hall e v o c to d and foo ts s co

Individual healings from a range of Qualified Healing Professionals, e.g.:


PH JENNY 0405 363 604

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Holistic Bliss: Can you introduce yourself and your business SWEETNESS SKULLS AND LIGHT? Katherine: I have been interested in crystals, stones and rocks for as long as I can remember. I have a strong appreciation for the natural wonders of our world; the moon, the stars and everything in between. I have been creating art for my personal benefit for some 20 years intermittently, and more seriously in the last five years. I love skulls, and the symbolic reminder of birth, life and death and moreover to celebrate the human experience which we are all presently undertaking. SWEETNESS SKULLS

AND LIGHT is a conglomeration of all the above. In simple terms I have established a business to produce, create, sell and deal with the things that make me happy. HB: So why now? What was the catalyst behind bringing SWEETNESS SKULLS AND LIGHT into existence? Katherine: Some 3½ years ago I sustained a significant spinal injury resulting in permanent paraplegia from the waist down. At the time I was a high level functioning person working 50-plus hours a week as an accredited litigation lawyer. The impact and flowon effects from the injury were initially unfathomable. To say my life was ‘turned on its head’ really doesn’t come close to describing the situation. For an initial period of time, post injury, I was physically very limited. It was from this supine position that I had the motivation to start the business. As aforementioned, the primary purpose of which was to engage myself in a pursuit that made me happy. HB: So tell me what products and/ or services does SWEETNESS SKULLS AND LIGHT have? Katherine: In terms of products almost any rough and/or polished crystals or stones, especially pieces

carved into the skull shape. The skull carvings can vary wildly, and also encompass alien, dragon, raven and monkey skull shapes in addition to the human skull shape. In relation to services, I do presently have a ‘to be advised’ sign up at this stage. I am working towards delivering a personal experience to people who want to engage directly in crystal skull healing meditations and workshops. I am very interested in crystal healing ideology and using crystal skulls in healing-based practices. HB: If you had the opportunity to give your younger self advice, what would you say? Katherine: Firstly, you should be mindful of how you speak to yourself. Your thoughts and inner talk creates your reality. Reality in every sense, not just in the sense of self worth, but also in terms of your energetic frequency, will manifest the ebb and flow of your life. Secondly, the Universe does not interpret experiences as good or bad. If you find yourself stuck and wishing for a change, be careful what you wish for. Please find products, information and videos from Katherine at: sweetnessskullsandlight.com

Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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1/18/2016 5:35:00 PM






here is a profound power that comes from really knowing yourself; not the ‘self’ you project to the world, the ‘self’ that has it all together; not the triggered ‘self’ that is sad, angry or irrational, the one that you try to hide away; but the centred ‘self’ that holds your highest potential and purpose. In order to love another, we must first learn to love ourselves; in order to dance in union, we must first be comfortable to dance alone. Intimacy is the point where you surrender to your ‘self’, where you accept everything ‘IS’, where you are open to everything and hide nothing. Very few people set off on this journey of inner knowing, let alone truly achieve this. So what is holding you back? Fear of course! It is always our fears that prevent us from ‘self’-realisation; being who we know we are. There is the fear of being found out that you are not who you portray yourself to be, the fear of not belonging, and, ultimately, the fear of not being loved.

These fears create ‘self’-deceptions and the projection of an idealised version of our ‘self’, which we eventually believe to be true. This discrepancy in perception, between what we see and how others perceive us, prevents all forms of intimacy. Sometimes we accuse the mirror of being dirty, not realising we are projecting all our crap onto it. What is the path to deeper levels of ‘Self’-awareness? Firstly, by shifting perspective, from within the drama, to the scriptwriter/ higher ‘self’ that has chosen these experiences for the purpose of growth. Next, to understand the core origin of those ‘dramas’, releasing the attachment to the fears associated with them and recalibrating them on a cellular and DNA level, reprogramming and rewriting alternate lives and ‘future’ projections. Six years ago, I was a regular life coach, stuck in the masculine paradigms of fear, comparison and competition that we currently hold in the collective

Past Life Regression Therapist

Ph 0424 191 669 Tony Collins

Regression Therapist and Trainer

Visit www.innerfulfillment.com.au/practitioner-training for full course outlines. Limited spaces – Book NOW! To book email Tony with your training preferences:

Complementary Therapists


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Book an appointment with Lynette King

Certificate Training Courses on the Sunshine Coast commencing April 2016, and in Brisbane commencing June 2016.

International Institute for

consciousness. After calling out to the universe, I was directly coached by Source and each chakra was upgraded and recalibrated so that I could step into my Goddess Self. With this awakened wisdom, I became aware that there is a plethora of inner goddesses within all of us, that the Goddess is a woman who is at one with the universal energy and abundance and thus a powerful manifestor of her desires, and I have been shown a pathway to unleash these goddesses when necessary. I collated everything I ‘learned’ from Source in the course of my own awakening, applied it in retreats, workshops, sessions, and wrote books and created guided visualisations to assist others to recalibrate the energy in each of their chakras. This is powerful, life-changing work, and I have accumulated great experience and expertise in guiding people through these profound transformations.

• Beat Depression • Experience Inner Peace • Enjoy Love and Acceptance of Self and Others • Eliminate Guilt, Shame, Resentments and Regrets • Experience True Joy and Happiness • Free your Karmic Debt • Unlock Hidden Talents and Potential • Alleviate and Heal Chronic Illness • Overcome Phobias • Beat Addictions • Resolve Relationship Issues

Learn Regression Therapy and Hypnosis ENROL FOR 2016 – NEW COURSE SCHEDULE NOW AVAILABLE!

your ‘self ’?


0420 249 592

Soul Connect Healing

Assisting you to locate healing, integration & inner peace


at Montville or a mobile service to you (Sunshine Coast and Hinterland)

PHONE 0428 777 809

monika@reconnectionscounselling.com www.reconnectionscounselling.com


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Dear Galaxy Girl, I know I should leave but it’s easier to stay, yet the thought of me here for another year is killing me. I’ve been on anti-depressants for eight years, I can’t see a way out. D of New Zealand. Dear D, Firstly big hug sweet being, and you are not alone! Statistics say that over 85% of people would rather stay in a relationship that’s not working than be alone. There are many people who are miserable in their relationships yet have created points of view (POV) that keep them ‘stuck’ there, some stay for the kids, don’t want to lose their home or status, live in hope that things will change, worry about what others will say and think about them and they think they will be lonely or isolated. What POV are you choosing that’s keeping you in a relationship you are no

longer choosing? What would change if you changed your POVs? How much fun could you have re-creating your life? What if leaving could be fun and expansive? What if your POV ‘I will be lonely’ was a lie keeping you from a magical life? What if your depression doesn’t belong to you? Science has proven that everything is 99.999% space. What if all your ‘problems’ were not real and solid, what if they too were just space and energy that changes as you change your POVs. When you ask yourself the questions below, get the energy of what shows up, this is your awareness talking to you, your awareness doesn’t buy into limiting beliefs or POVs it knows what will create more joy and happiness for you, it has your back! Time to get honest? What will your life be like in five years if you stay with him? What will your life be like in five years if you leave?

Only you know what’s true for you. If the energy felt lighter and more expansive if you left. Then that’s what’s true for you. Honey, it takes courage to leave, over 85% of people are not willing to give that gift to themselves. Are you willing to leave? Are you willing to gift yourself a totally different reality? Ok… right now get the energy of the relationship you desire, good, expand that, good, now follow that energy, it will lead you to a beautiful man, who will adore you. If you are willing to be courageous, have your back and ask for something and someone greater to show up. I wonder how much magic is waiting for you on the other side, if you chose? Adore you, GG. For details about GRACE, tune into Grace’s show ‘A Space of BEing’ on Voice America each Wednesday. choosinggreater.com

Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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1/18/2016 5:36:42 PM




changed MY

WORDS TONY COLLINS, Past Life Regression Therapist and Trainer


place in my backpack whilst travelling in the 90s. I already had a strong interest in mind, body and spirit methods, but there was something about the prospect of having lived before and the eternal life of the soul that really fascinated me. After thinking about it for some

AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART Worldwide Workshop by ELENA BURTON Presented through Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering© “Being in love, not in fear, is the primary key to higher consciousness. It is the Heart that contains the original instructions of life, and when the Heart is again in control of a person’s life, Life responds with joy and power,” Drunvalo Melchizedek This 4-day workshop is one of the most powerful one of inner discovery, selfhealing and remembering the power within your heart. It combines scientific knowledge and ancient spiritual wisdom with practical experiences.




6pm Mooloolaba, $20 – Please RSVP



1-day seminar, only $197

6-8 MAY



Mobile: 0414 948 154 | www.LitiosOceania.com


36.indd 1


’m often asked by people what prompted me to become a Past Life Regression Therapist?! Like many western people interested in reincarnation, I was first introduced to past lives by reading Dr Brian Weiss’ work; a series of books that had pride of



ti th se th w e p o su w e to a D ‘L re b h d se

The primary focus of this workshop is to re-establish the vertical connection between the brain and the heart, activate the heart-based Mer-Ka-Ba (your Light Body), activate the Pineal Gland, the Beams of Light and remember how to create a new reality in Unity Consciousness from unity of your heart as opposed to from duality of your mind. The workshop takes you through different exercises and practices, giving you the tools to shift your awareness from the polarized brain to the purity of your heart. When you find the way into your Sacred Space of your heart, you will make intimate connection with your Higher Self, with the God inside, the pathway to the Source of Life. For information please contact

Elena on 044 82 000 99

Certified Teacher in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering© elenaconnection@gmail.com www.ExploreYourself.info

All intent begins in your heart!

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1/18/2016 5:38:09 PM

I I’ h a sy c a tr e re w a th

n e


time, I booked my first regression with a therapist in London, and was amazed by several aspects of the experience. Firstly, the vividness of the memories, complete with sights, sounds and very strong emotional responses was unexpectedly powerful; and secondly the content of the lifetimes themselves came as a surprise. It was fascinating to see who I was in the lives we explored, and how each lifetime had an underlying link to feelings in my current life. Shortly afterwards, I was fortunate to see Dr Michael Newton give a lecture on ‘Life Between Lives’ and how people remember their soul memories from between lives, and from then on I was hooked – I knew I had to learn how to do these techniques and offer them as a service in clinical practice. Over 12 years have passed since I saw my first regression client and I’m still amazed at the results people have achieved by undergoing these approaches. In various cases, physical symptoms with no explanation have cleared, emotional problems that have affected people for decades no longer trouble them, and anxieties, traumatic events and panic attacks have been removed from the nervous system in ways where they haven’t returned. In a couple of instances, clients reported they no longer needed anti-depressants


to deal with their symptoms, as the symptoms virtually vanished after their regressions. These results have only been possible with focus and effort – every person who has achieved a great result has applied themselves fully to the process and come to appreciate that regression therapy is about understanding why we experience what we experience in this life. Knowing about the source of problems helps us to resolve them so we can heal and move forward. Past Life and Regression practices have come a long way over the past 20 years and are now thoroughly structured therapeutic approaches. A student on

my last training went so far as to say they believed it was the “psychotherapy of the future”, as it embraces all three aspects of mind, body and soul, and treats an issue at its original source. Perhaps in time, this prediction may prove to be true. After more than a decade of practise, I’m now fortunate enough to be teaching these methods to new practitioners, and I’m thrilled to be running a fresh series of trainings in 2016. For counsellors, allied health practitioners, or those who are new to allied health, seeking an indepth knowledge of this work, I run a series of specialised training courses in Regression Therapies and Hypnosis, which will give students a new set of skills to help clients every day in their practice. The trainings act as an extension of skills to existing modalities, or can also be fully functional skills that are independent of other methods. You’d be surprised how learning the basics of hypnosis alone can be beneficial to any client session. Inner Fulfillment wishes you a wonderful new year and the realisation of your dreams in 2016. I look forward to welcoming you for a personalised regression session, or on one of our trainings in the near future! For a full training schedule and overview visit: innerfulfillment.com.au

CLEANSE • DETOX • HYDRATE • ENERGISE • RENEW Want to cleanse, hydrate and move out all the junk you accumulated last year? It’s not too late to start the New Year off with self care. Now is the perfect time for a Summer Detox to get your health back on track. Colon Hydrotherapy can assist with: • Constipation • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Weight Loss • Bloating and Indigestion • Headaches / Migraines • Sinus and Allergies • Bad Skin / Acne • Candida • Anxiety • Fatigue



PLUS a bonus Far Infrared Sauna

Phone (07) 5326 3537 www.sunshinecolonics.com.au


3 COLONICS for $240


Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

3/82 Parker Street, MAROOCHYDORE

when you mention Holistic Bliss

SAVE $90

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1/18/2016 5:39:06 PM

Being the



The world needs your contribution. You are the tipping point. Right now; this very moment is when you have the power to affect the entire future. It is time to step up and claim your personal power to be the difference. What kind of world do you want to live in? What ideals do you espouse? It is time to choose. It is time to speak. It is time to act.” This is the message that your inner voice is calling out to you. Despite the noise and distractions of daily life, in moments of quiet or solitude, you hear this message. It is insistent. It resounds in your heart. It thrums in every cell of your being. It is that song that echoes in the back of your mind. It is your soul’s reminder that you have a purpose, a destiny, a role to play… a role you have chosen. Yes, the world does indeed need your contribution. And, yes, you already know that you need to heed this call. It is what you are here to do.


38.indd 1

Many years ago, I answered this same calling from spirit and decided to live ‘on purpose’. Since then, I have been blessed to have made a contribution to the lives of many thousands of people all around the world through my writings and through my live events. I am passionate about reminding people about the fullness of their being and about providing people with the tools to live creative, contributory, fulfilling and successful lives. You are a miracle. You have a body composed of recycled star ashes. You have a mind that has the power to think, to imagine, to create, to choose and to grow in awareness. You exist within a universe so vast and wondrous, it inspires awe and reverence. This universe also exists within you. Everything you perceive and conceptualise is contained in your consciousness, including the entire universe. Imagine that.

Everything you think, feel and do has an effect. In other words, you are a causal creature. You are at cause. So, yes, your choices are important. Your creativity is crucial. Your contributions are so necessary and so valuable. You are the tipping point. Please choose wisely. Live an intentional life. Answer your soul’s calling. Live on purpose. Create ideals. Be passionate. Stand up and affirm these ideals to yourself and to the world. And, remember that ideals and fanciful philosophy are of no value to you unless they are directly applied to your day-to-day choices about how and why you live your life. Live with purpose. Be intentional. Be empowered. Be the gift the whole universe awaits. LESLIE FIEGER is the author of The Delfin Trilogy and Facilitator of Mojo Rising mojorising.ca

| FEBRUARY 2016 | Holistic Bliss

1/18/2016 5:39:27 PM


Coast offers you the opportunity to experience the incredible

Tesla’s Starhenge


What is Tesla’s Starhenge?’ For centuries people have travelled to the Great Pyramids to tap into the mystical energy that resides within the King’s Chamber. People have also travelled to Stonehenge in search of ancient knowledge within its boundaries. You can now experience this energy at Dimensionally Divine through the new Tesla’s Starhenge. ‘What does the Tesla’s Starhenge do?’ It provides an incredible experience of energy supporting you on all levels. This in turn can help you to remove the energy blockages that’s holding you back in many areas of your life. The beauty of the Tesla’s Starhenge is that it is non-invasive. It can be used to complement other forms of therapy, helping form a complete system of healing in its own right. The Tesla’s Starhenge seems to know what level to work with you on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The aim of Tesla’s Starhenge is to isolate the factors preventing your

energy balance, prioritise them to assist with rebalancing you with the needed frequencies. You may find this helpful with balancing your energy and thought patterns that may be holding you back. When using the Tesla’s Starhenge there is no need for the input of a therapist or practitioner telling you what to do or how to work. This makes Tesla’s Starhenge very unique in the alternative healing world. For thousands of years the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians and many other cultures have talked about an energy system that exists within all of us. They also make references to a source of energy that exists external to us. These internal systems are often referred to as the Meridians, Chakras, Chi, etc… Today there is so much information to prove that we are made up of atoms and atoms are energy. The Tesla’s Starhenge works at a deep spiritual level by tapping into dimensions that are beyond the physical plane. You can find out how your energy

levels are throughout your body by having a Heart Quest reading. It measures your body’s energy levels before and after your time in the Tesla’s Starhenge. Dimensionally Divine has found five sessions over three weeks is the optimal time but not everyone can do this and that’s OK as remote sessions are possible as well. Dimensionally Divine also uses Young Living Essential Oils to enhance your experience in the Tesla’s Starhenge. Relax as you sit inside the Tesla’s Starhenge in a peaceful private garden located in Beerwah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Find out more online at dimensionallydivine.com or dimensionallydivine.com.au or on Facebook under Dimensionally Divine, or ring VICKI on 0409 488 742.

2016 - Empower & Awaken Chakra Course

… A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY AND AWAKENING FOR WOMEN … Do you wish to live as the amazing and empowered woman that you really are? You will relish in this 8-month journey if you seek: • Inner clarity of Self, truly seeing who you really are and your gifts • Deep self-love and self-appreciation through increased awareness • Empowerment of your subtle energy fields with simple techniques • Expanded awareness of yourself and the world • Understanding and unravelling learnt behavioural patterns • How to balance and harmonise each chakra simply and easily • Understanding of the intrinsic energy of each chakra and its lessons


April 10 May 8 June 5 July 3 July 31 August 28 September 25 October 23

Join scores of women, of all ages and occupations, in this journey of discovery being held in Brisbane, and online for women across the globe.

To find out more – visit: www.lotusspace.com.au or email: maureen@lotusspace.com.au Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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1/18/2016 5:40:03 PM





y scalar energy healing protocols are capable of disassembling pathogens such as Borrelia Burgdorferi, which is the causative agent of Lyme disease. I have treated many people suffering from Lyme disease by way of scalar energy with favourable results. Lyme disease is associated with the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi as well as other pathogenic co-infections such as babesiosis, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF). The scalar energy pathogen cleanse that I administer serves to disassemble Borrelia burgdorferi as well as the co-infection pathogens associated with Lyme infection. Once Borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections of Lyme disease have been disassembled and eliminated, the symptoms associated with Lyme disease palliate or disappear altogether. The testimony below is from a woman who had Lyme disease for 20 years before she was diagnosed

correctly. She has experienced a successful eradicaton of Lyme and the co-infections from the scalar energy pathogen cleanse. Dear Tom, My life has changed for the best since I met you in July. Twelve days after initiating the scalar energy healing sessions, I woke without pain, fatigue, disorientation. I could hardly believe this was happening to me. As you know in the months prior I was pretty much bed-ridden. There were days it was hard to even speak I was so fatigued. I remember the days it was hard to walk from one room to the next without having to sit on the floor to rest; the days of not being able to eat or sleep. Lyme had taken over my body. But in just days your healing machine healed me! I can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing now. Being a first semester RN student has a lot of challenges. I would have never been able to attend my classes had I not been healed. There would have been absolutely no way

Would You Like to Send Yourself to Time-Out?

I could have taken the stairs at the hospital several times a day. Before my healing, I wouldn’t have been able to care for others. I needed to take care of my mother, my children and now I can take care of them and my patients at the hospital. I feel so blessed and happy. I can sleep soundly now. I have a great appetite, my body aches from time to time but nothing like before. Lyme did do some damage to my body (but I went so long – over 20 years without a correct diagnosis) that I must now deal with, but it’s worth it for all I get to do now! That day we met on Facebook was a miracle and I’m so thankful our paths crossed. God Bless you Tom! TOM PALADINO’s Pathogen Cleanse is available worldwide online at: LymeTip.com

Feminine Awakening RETREAT

When women turn their awareness inward, a powerful energy field is created which gives rise to a deep healing of the feminine.

21st‒ 26th August, 2016 Sunshine Coast, QLD

Gift Yourself a

TOTEM Escape An all-inclusive weekend getaway where you can feed your Mind, Body and Soul in order to recharge and learn new, positive and healthy practices.

Friday 11th March to Sunday 13th March 2016 – 4pm SUNSHINE COAST

Enter to WIN A FREE TICKET up until 5pm, 21st February ($1800 value) by entering via the website.


For full details and registrations:

www.totemescapes.com 40

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Do you value your relationships and want to connect more deeply with your sensuality and sexual vitality without closing down? Do you yearn for intimacy yet through past experiences or shut downs find it hard to open your heart?

For women who want to clear any barriers to love, intimacy and respect and lead more fulfilling, empowered lives.

“When a woman understands the real truth about feminine sexuality, something deep inside her relaxes. She returns to herself like never before.”

Presented by Janet McGeever

If this speaks to you, call Janet today

For full details and registrations:

0428 726 849

janet@janetmcgeever.com www.janetmcgeever.com

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onnie came to see me with an allergy to amines. She would experience headaches for two days if she couldn’t completely avoid them. For clients with allergies I use a simple system called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Energy Techniques). Now NAET is a series of treatments to bring the body back into balance, so the first 15 treatments are substances that the body needs in order to function efficiently, eg. proteins, vitamins, hormones, minerals etc. These are tested and if any are found to have a disharmony with your body then they are considered an allergy. You don’t have to do all 15, only the ones that show your body is not absorbing, metabolising or utilising them properly. These should be treated first, but in priority cases, we can treat the priority then go back and do any basics, so the body is in a stable



state to be able to handle and hold all treatments. Connie’s first treatment was for amines, when she came back, she was tested but still found with muscle testing to be weak for amines. So she was treated a second time. When she came back this time she was tested with muscle testing and found to be strong for amines. I told her you have passed the amines vial, so you are not allergic to amines any more. She said “I know! I have been eating foods that contain them! And with no reaction whatsoever. I can’t believe it!” This is the usual response I get. How can it be that simple? When you are intimate with your body, you know what is going on for you. Sometimes it is so hard to pinpoint what is exactly causing your symptoms. With muscle testing we ask the body what is causing these symptoms… is it an infectant, injectant, ingestant,

inhalant, emotional factors, etc? And we can get to the substance or person (yes, you can be allergic to people) easily and then treat it to make it a friend to the body. Many people think NAET is just for food and chemical allergies. It is actually for a multitude of diseases such as arthritis, pain in the joints, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, depression, eczema, thyroid problems and heavy metals found in the body can be excreted with NAET. We have vials for all parts of the body and when treated, function efficiently again (even herpes can be treated). So if you are wondering if NAET can help just contact Jane for a free consult over the phone. It is advised to read the book “Say Good-Bye To Illness” by the founder of NAET Dr Devi S Nambudripad before treatments. janetredrea.weebly.com


IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO STUDY IN 2016! Are you looking for a new career or to gain higher level skills to advance your career? Are you drawn to helping others?


TAKE THE NEXT STEP I Am Fabulous Clinic is now looking for dynamic allied health practitioners to rent their own room at our clinic! I Am Fabulous Clinic is a health space where local therapists can come together to offer their services to the community and at the same time grow their own business.

If this sounds like you, a qualification in Counselling, Youth Work, Community Services or Kinesiology may be for you.

Enquire now for an information & application pack

HURRY LIMITED ROOMS AVAILABLE Nationally Recognised Qualifications: Counselling | Youth Work | Art Therapy Movement Therapy | Dramatherapy | Kinesiology

RTO No. 40263

Brisbane. Adelaide. Perth. ikoninstitute.edu.au (08) 8350 9753 (National Office) info@ikoninstitute.com.au

Full-time and part-time options available at very affordable room rates. If you or someone you know is starting out their own business or looking for more room and a professional friendly setting, share this with them. You could be the start of something Fabulous!

Email us at iamfabulousclinic@bigpond.com or give Wendy a call on 0437 338 373 Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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THE surprising

benefits OF A




hat is it about listening to a good-night story that appeals to children all over the world? Is it because deep down, we all know how comforting it is to close our eyes at the end of the day with peace in our hearts and hope for tomorrow? Or it is because kids desire to have their parent’s undivided attention and a need for closeness? Or perhaps it’s the sense of wonder, fun and joyfulness that a good story brings? Surprisingly, a good-night story provides all of this and a whole lot more. Listening to good-night stories not only contributes to your child’s emotional wellbeing but to their academic success as well. A goodnight story sparks the imagination, expands curiosity and ignites creativity. It enhances brain development and is a precursor to academic success in language and other subjects at school. In the words of Albert Einstein, “If

you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If you want your children to be even more brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales”. So how do you go about it? What makes a good story to tell? Kids often tell me that the stories they love the most are the ones their Mums, Dads or Grandparents tell them about when they were growing up. Many parents also look for short stories that promote friendship, acceptance of others, creativity and love. Why not just read to them? When you read, your focus is on the book. Picture yourself reading a book to your child. Where are your eyes? They’re on the book. Not on your child. The experience we are looking for is one of deep connection, and this happens through looking into the eyes of your child. Telling is way more powerful.

How do you tell a good-night story? Tell stories with great gusto! Use your most expressive voice. Pause to build up suspense. Allow your child time to enjoy the delicious details they are sure to be creating in their mind’s eye. Most importantly, lovingly look into your child’s eyes. The story is secondary to your connection. The stories children listen to in their childhood, stay in their hearts and minds through to adulthood and influence the way they think about themselves and interact in the world for a lifetime. Treasure your child by telling them a good-night story, every night. ANN OLIVERI M.Ed. is a primary school teacher. She is the founder of raisinghappykids.com.au and creative director of goodnightstorytime.com You can connect with her at facebook – facebook.com/goodnightstory and visit goodnightstorytime.com to see our collection of good-night stories.

We are Now Open! Crystal




Millennium Children


for parents, teachers and carers COURSES 2016: Feb 14-15 Medical Intuition I (Sunshine Coast) Feb 16-17 Medical Intuition II (Sunshine Coast) Feb 18-19 Medical Intuition III (Sunshine Coast) Feb 20-21 Medical Intuition IV (Sunshine Coast) Mar 11-13 Mind, Body, Spirit Expo (Brisbane) Apr 10-17 Medical Intuition I-IV (Melbourne)

w. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com e. info@AbsoluteEmpowerment.com p. 07 5641 4009 withJean


Internationally Recognised & Award Winning Medical Intuitive 42

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Talitha Talarek

ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science

T: 0432 207 738 E: info@evolvewitheta.com 8/77 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe


| FEBRUARY 2016 | Holistic Bliss

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Rainbow, Aqua, Crystal and Star CHILDREN WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education

well as time with others knowing which to have and when.

Millennium Children


hildren are the teachers of true intimacy and can share it so much better than adults. This is best seen in each child’s personality and how they relate to others and themselves. Intimacy can be expressed in so many ways and that is the pure perfection of this divine gift; we have of closeness, affection to others and self. RAINBOW Children have the gift of mimicking to reach and connect with others. When they really want to know you and get closer, they will look deep in to your eyes. This can be seen with Down’s Syndrome children. Other rainbow children (may be diagnosed on the autism spectrum) will look in to your soul and know exactly how to connect. Now this connection may not be with touch, but communicating through sound and actions such as slapping their head. They are quite content with themselves and will enjoy self-time, as

Whereas the AQUA Children have the need to touch, whether it be with cuddling or hitting, being loud and by sometimes being argumentative. This is intimacy for them, as this is how they relate. Their love language is touch. How can they touch you verbally, emotionally, physically? How can they make you take notice of them? They like to be the centre of attention. Their form of touch can be extreme, as the Aqua child likes extreme, and so touch may be even pushing you away. There is nothing more gentle than the intimacy of CRYSTAL Children as their closeness needs to be ‘pretty and perfect’. These gentle children require touch to be through art/craft, dance and words and these all need to be soft, gentle and appealing. They will grace you with their presence with an ever so placid touch. However sometimes their intimacy can involve self-criticism and the intimacy and affection they have

for themselves can be quite negative towards self as they want everything to be perfect. This can be seen with anorexia and self-harm. When it comes to the STAR Children, intimacy takes a new realm and understanding. The thought of touch, perfectionism, ‘pretty’ and connection can be quite scary for these souls. Star children can be seen as loners, isolated and reserved and their intimacy is a connection through play station, computers and technology. They feel uncomfortable with touch and the sense of materialism repulses them. To connect to these souls, ensure to be quiet and allow them to speak when they are ready. Remember to tune in to each child and allow them to express their connection with you, listen to them and you will have connected to real intimacy. For Medical Intuitive intimacy courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN AbsoluteEmpowerment.com

“Heal Yourself Expo” An expo for healers and teachers and those who want to heal


Stalls from $ 150

Guest Speaker and Workshop applications now open

Applica tion for available m now

Phone 0415 800 888 or wayne@healyourselfexpo.com Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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essential oil –



lang Ylang has long been revered as one of the most important essential oils in the perfume industry. ‘Ylang’ means ‘flower of flowers’ which is why it is often referred to as the ‘perfume tree’. It is an exotic and tropical evergreen that can grow up to 20 metres tall with the oil extracted via steam distillation from the deep yellow flowers within 24 hours of being picked. Although known as ‘poor man’s Jasmine’ it has similar qualities with an arousing and provocative effect on the senses. It is known for its aphrodisiac qualities and ability to increase libido yet helps to create a more relaxed and peaceful state. Perhaps it is for these reasons that a popular Indonesian tradition is to spread the exquisite flowers all over the newlyweds’ bed. Placed in a vaporizer with orange and patchouli in the bedroom creates an inviting blend that may need to come with a warning! Ylang Ylang essential oil, with


its warm and flowery perfume, is frequently found in skincare blends for its energising and rejuvenating action on the skin. One drop is a wonderful addition to your moisturiser for its softening and balancing effects. It can be very effective diluted in jojoba oil and massaged into the tips of hair to help repair split ends and to add moisture to dry hair. Ylang Ylang is reported to exhibit strong antibacterial and antiseptic qualities and makes a powerful partner with tea tree and lavender to limit infection as a wash or spritz. Blended with geranium, clary sage and frankincense it offers excellent support for the treatment of PMS, especially with extreme mood swings that can occur at the onset of menstruation. This exotic oil also has a calming effect on animals, including dogs, cats and horses. Ylang Ylang has the ability to help slow rapid breathing especially when shock, anger or anxiety are present and

is popular to use in treating nervous depression, frustration and anger – even rage. It is a beautiful oil to bathe in or to vaporize with oils like orange and sandalwood to help release negative emotions including low self-esteem and possessiveness. It is a wonderful oil to enhance confidence, spiritual awareness and self-acceptance. When it comes to men wanting to be more in touch with their intuition, feelings and feminine side, this oil would be the pick. However, if the aroma is too floral or heady for men, it can be blended beautifully with sandalwood and bergamot for a more yang aroma. Ylang Ylang is an oil of joy and pleasure and one of the best oils to use when meditating as it helps enhance stillness and create greater awareness of the self. It is without doubt the perfect oil for cultivating more selflove, passion, romance, intimacy and gratitude into your life. twenty8.com

Health & Lifestyle Education Program using therapeutic-grade essential oils Next Intake Now Open! A dynamic, 16-week modular program where one of Australia’s most respected Aromatherapists Kim Morrison will teach you how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life with confidence, knowledge and passion – plus you will receive:  direct access, support and mentoring from Kim and her qualified team  intimate class sizes for maximum learning  the full range of Twenty8 chemical-free skincare and essential oils valued at over $1500  personal and business development bonus modules and gifts  AND an intense 3-day face-to-face training and graduation ceremony

For more information email hle@twenty8.com or phone 07 5493 4400 44

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ey & David Ra

Roots with Amanda

Blush 8g $57

l Kylie’s Minera m.au www.kylies.co

Kylie’s Mineral Goddess Blush is designed to look great on all skin tones, with intense pigments that won’t fade. The softer, subtle shades and bright tones alike, will give you that cheeky colour you desire, livening your complexion to give you a healthy, invigorated look.

inal Organic Orig m iu m re P T & D l $34.95 Beard Oil 35m m.au www.dandt.co The D+T Premium Organic Original Beard Oil blend is like no other product. As D+T only uses organic ingredients you can really feel the difference. It feels amazing on the skin and stops the dreaded ‘beard-druff’. Amazing product and is great for any size girth.

made D&T Trudi Po 9.95 Care 100g $4 Organic Hair m.au www.dandt.co

l Kylie’s Minera .5g $37 Eyeshadow 2 m.au www.kylies.co


Kylie’s Professional Mineral Eye Shadow is larger than average, filled with a generous 2.5 grams of intense, highly pigmented, long lasting loose shadow. They will not crease and are nonirritating on even the most sensitive eyes.



The Trudi Pomade, is the only product on the market of its kind! It is 100% vegan and uses 100% certified organic ingredients as well as premium organic essential and base oils. It is totally natural, cruelty free and handmade. It has a great hold for a sharp slick look.

your FOCUS


your GOALS


33 Spiritually Inspired Affirmation Keystones WEAR // GIFT // SHARE www.starcode.com.au (to view the product’s history) | https://www.starcode.net.au (secure online shop) Or call us direct on (08) 9305 2223 (WST) Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK:


Witches and Wizards: Astonishing real life stories

Saltwater Reading Cards: Journey with the messengers of the sea

AUTHOR Lucy Cavendish

AUTHOR Laura Bowen

Astonishing real life stories behind the occult’s greatest legends, myths and mysteries Witches and Wizards reveals the real-life stories of the most notorious and powerful occult personalities of all time. Within its pages you’ll discover the amazing stories behind the legends: from King Arthur’s Merlin to the infamous Aleister Crowley, right through to the modern icons of Witchcraft. Shining light on the Salem witch trials, the Burning Times, the Magickal Battle of Britain and beyond, Witches and Wizards is a thrilling read for anyone who loves the mysterious, the true and the strange. Written by renowned Witch and author Lucy Cavendish, Witches and Wizards is an unforgettable read brimming with Magick, myth and mystery.

Aboriginal Australia has had a deep relationship with the waters surrounding our island continent over thousands of years. This beautiful set of 36 cards will introduce you to the ancient wisdom that is the very spirit of Australia. Readers will have the opportunity to discover valuable insights into their personal lives. The spirits of saltwater will share their knowledge through this wonderful set of revealing messages from the sea.

To purchase the book go to: www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au/witches-and-wizards

To purchase the cards go to: www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au/salt-water-reading-cards



DID YOU KNOW WE OFFER MULTI-MEDIA PACKAGES REACHING LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL READERS? • Advertise in the physical magazine and online magazine • Email campaigns that go out to our mailing list (taking bookings now) • Social media posts to our interactive audience • Blog posts on our website • Ask us also about how to become a member

Wouldn’t you like your advertising dollars to go further?

PHONE: 1800 543 351 46

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DETOX for the New Year!




uch a buzz word these days! I am sure that there are many of you that have taken part in a ‘detox’ program over the years… or maybe you have just contemplated it! When I first started studying naturopathy more than 25 years ago, I became absolutely fascinated by the concept of detoxification. Many conventional doctors say that a detox program is not necessary as the body is self cleansing. This is partly true, but the body was never designed to cope with such an onslaught of chemicals present in our environment today. Therefore, periodic cleansing can assist the body to function more effectively. This is also as true for your dog as it is for you, and in fact, probably more so given the size and metabolism of your furry friend. Dogs are exposed to a great number of toxins coming from a wide variety of sources. These include: processed foods, chemicals in non organic animal products, tap water, household cleaning products, weed killers and other insecticides, chemical parasite preparations, vaccinations, drugs, smoke, car exhaust… the list goes on!!

Over time, these toxins can build up in your dog’s body and start to overwhelm the normal elimination channels. This can lead to a range of health issues from small ‘niggly’ problems to more serious and life threatening diseases including cancers. As the excesses of the festive season pass, a detox program can benefit you and your dog for the year ahead. Firstly take a look at your dog’s environment and see if you are doing all you can to reduce this toxic load. Consider: • Feed an organic raw diet • Offer filtered water • Swap chemical cleaning and other household chemical products for natural alternatives • Reduce or avoid unnecessary vaccinations • Avoid chemical flea/tick and worming treatments where possible • Avoid unnecessary medications In addition to improving your dog’s living environment, a detox program can really assist the body to shift out this built-up toxicity and I like to use herbs to help achieve this. I find that a combination of herbs works best as they

enhance each other’s actions and I can target all the major elimination channels in one formula. I also like to use flower essences, as these can help shift out ‘emotional toxins’. Herbs are an excellent way to assist organs and body systems to cleanse and rebalance and combine well with other detox regimes including super green blends and antioxidant formulas. They are extremely well tolerated by the great majority of dogs and need only be given for short periods for general detoxing purposes to get good results. Benefits can include improved energy and skin/ coat quality, better breath and stools, and clearer eyes. Of course, if your dog has been diagnosed with a chronic or serious condition you are best to discuss this with your vet before commencing any natural regime. caninevitality.com.au


Holistic Veterinary Clinic • NATURAL NUTRITION • HOMEOPATHY • CHINESE AND WESTERN HERBAL MEDICINE • ACUPUNCTURE • MODIFIED VACCINE PROTOCOLS Visit Dr Henry Stephenson and Dr Renee O’Duhring today and start your pet’s journey on their Path to Wellness.

338 Mons Road, Forest Glen Q Phone 07 5476 7674


Would you like to be part of our

NATURAL ANIMAL CARE SECTION? Call us about our advertising packages

1800 543 351

• Chemical free options for flea, tick and worming • Treats all common conditions including skin, joint, immune and digestive issues Member of SAENA and fully insured. EFTPOS available. CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT AT KEPERRA CLINIC OR BY PHONE/ONLINE

Contact Lyndall Pinchen on 0417 710 882 or at lyndall.pinchen@gmail.com www.caninevitality.com.au Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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Natural f lea control WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK


ome pets in Queensland suffer a miserable life with blood loss, irritation, and allergy caused by fleas. It is an unfortunate battle that nature (the fight of the flea versus pet) allows due to humidity and high temperatures of our environment. Fleas suck blood and can make a dog anaemic from blood loss, and can even kill your pet. They also carry tapeworm so you need to remember to worm for that whenever you have a flea problem. For dogs, we recommend ‘Panoramis’ – a once-a-month all-wormer with control for fleas in the flavoured chew form, given with a meal. This prevents any eggs the flea may lay from hatching, and therefore prevents an environmental problem from occurring – as remember, the fleas you see are only 5% of the problem! Immature flea stages in the environment represent 95% of the population. We find this treatment works better than other topical spot-on ones that contain older, less effective drugs and may kill some adult fleas at first but lose effectiveness over time and can be easily misapplied or washed or rubbed off. ‘Panoramis’ once-a-month treats

fleas, intestinal worms and heartworm, so it’s very handy. In addition to ‘Panoramis’, topical Permethrin sprays (such as ‘Permoxin’) used regularly should keep out any build-up. They are economical and also prevent ticks (which is the one thing ‘Panoramis’ does not do!). We recommend a spray before walks, this should ensure your dog never brings any unwanted “frenemies” home! If you have cats, however, permethrin products cannot be

Scientific Trials have confirmed effective use of One Needle Acupuncture resolving allergies in 42.8% of cases in a single treatment. Same treatment in the use of controlling Cancer with a single treatment. Is it not time to try some very special medicine to help your pets?

For more information please call us today or visit www.maplestreetvet.com.au/trial/

used. In this case we recommend a spray with Pyrethrins such as ‘Fido’s Free-

Acacia Animal Care Holistic Veterinary Medicine Australia

• Acupuncture Charissa Smith, Holistic Veterinarian • Essences (BVSc DipAc/DipHerbMed) • Homeopathy 305 Ranger Road, Adare • Herbal Medicine via Gatton Qld 4343 • Structural Therapies Mobile 0418 759 237 • Kinesiology www.acaciaanimalcare.com • Vaccination


green Naturopathy for your animals

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563 www.maplestreetvet.com.au

PHONE 5447 7877 48

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Qualifi ed Anima Naturo l path

Non-toxic, drug-free healing for dogs, cats and horses Phone 07 5449 1453 • www.greenpet.com.au 244 Verrierdale Road VERRIERDALE Qld 4562

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itch Rinse Concentrate’, along with a monthly treatment such as ‘Advocate’,

which prevents intestinal worms and heartworm as well, or ‘Advantage’. Top spots, applied correctly, tend to be more effective on cats due to their small size, meticulous grooming habits, and because they are not washed off in the bath. These are the safest and most effective synthetic treatments. However if you wish to avoid any chemicals at all, you can try these natural alternatives. Many of them are quite effective but you must use them in combination to treat all areas of your house, yard and pet, and be diligent about doing them regularly – especially when the weather is hot and/ or humid. Be warned, you may

still need to use a monthly treatment in addition to keep the fleas at bay. If you have an infestation, we recommend doing as many of these things as you can, in addition to our recommended monthly treatments for your pet for at least three months to rid your home of any traces of fleas at all life-cycle stages. A flea comb with tight tines can help you identify if there is a problem – do this daily and “jump on” those fleas before they get away, or jump on you! Here is one natural remedy – Rosemary Flea Dip: Steep two cups of fresh rosemary in boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid, discard the leaves and add up to a gallon of warm water depending on the size of your dog. Wait until it cools but is still warm and pour over your dog until it’s soaked. Allow your dog to dry naturally. Works especially well on hot summer days. Next month we will give you more natural remedy tips and ingredients. animalwellness.com.au

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for February appointments

PAWs Nurse

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)


20% off services

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL



Pain control, mental, emotional issues and health problems. Everybody has a ‘blueprint’ where the problem starts. I clear the blueprint.

Phone: Gopa 0413 332 146


Angelena has worked with her spiritual guides and angels for most of her life as a psychic medium and healer. Her depth of connection and compassion ensures that the messages have the highest truth and integrity. She is recognised for her accurate predictions and insightful readings. Available for phone readings and party bookings. Receive a discount when booking with me – please use code HC01.

INDULGE YOUR SENSES AND AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT AT L’ABUNDANCE A delightfully eclectic collection of clothing, gifts and homewares featuring inspirations and affirmations, singing bowls, aromatherapy, salt lamps, oracle cards, meditation and mantra CDs, books, amber, silver and crystal jewellery and local artistry.

Find us on facebook or at 1 / 1500 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale Phone: 0416 076 245


Angelena White Psychic Medium and Healer Please contact: 0403 953 983 / 5450 8447

Energy Healing Session



PRESENTS FROM THE UK Sandi Clark-Mayes – International Spiritual Medium, and Mike Mayes – International Trance Healer Wednesday 24th February – 7pm– $25 QCWA Hall Maple Street, Cooroy The many aspects of mediumship and trance. A variety evening of mediumship, trance, learning, experiences, demonstrations, spirit art and opportunities to work with Mike and Sandi.

Phone: Rev Kathy 0414 972 632

Be a part of a magazine that makes a


AND DID YOU KNOW WE ARE TURNING 7 IN APRIL? www.holisticblissmagazine.com

1.5 hours – Reiki, Chakra Balance, Aura Cleanse, Crystal Bowls, Essential Oils, Channelled Guidance and Psychic Reading. Reiki Level I Reiki Level II Chakras and Energy Children’s Magical Journey

HEALTH & WELLBEING REIKI Let harmony and balance bring you towards positive change. Experience a session of Reiki to reconnect with the highest source of pure love and light, as balance is re-established through your chakras. Peaceful space, soothing music and candlelight. Monday to Friday 10am-2pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY IN ASHGROVE

Phone: Gabi 0412 963 157


Let’s explore the possibilities expressed in your hands. Discover how your strengths contribute to your life purpose. What do you need to do to move forward? Distance Readings and Palmistry Parties available from the Internet Reflect Radio’s The Celtic Mystic. Holistic Healing, Access Bars®, Reiki and Herbalife.

Contact Caithe to find out more Phone: 5496 6249. Wamuran, Qld celticai.com.au www.facebook.com/CelticaiStudio


Phone: Vikki 0417 643 435 Facebook: Intuition Plus Email: intuitionplus444@gmail.com www.spiritualhealingsunshinecoast.com


Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. DIVA VOCI Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm Maroochydore DOLCE DIVA Monday mornings 9.30am-11am Landsborough New members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!


Where Earth on


Why not subscribe for just $33 you will receive a 12-month subscription (11 editions) and a copy will be posted to you!!!


Check out our website at




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Holistic Bliss Directory NATURAL HEALTH AND BEAUTY Treatments for men and women: Facials, Waxing, Tinting, Hand and Feet Treats, Kahuna, Swedish and Hot Stone Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, Reflexology and Access BARS®

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433 www.printworks.net.au


eyond Rejuvenation Beauty



Oil & Bath Salts

For the relief of muscular aches, pain, cramping and post exercise soreness UNSCENTED & ALL NATURAL



RECHARGE AND RENEW RETREAT FEB 27th to MARCH 2nd PEREGIAN BEACH, SUNSHINE COAST Fabulous wellness program and treatments with leading practitioners.

Phone 0409 765 033 Bookings online:


Functional approach using blood tests, nutrition, herbs and homeopathics to get you feeling better FAST.

& Wellness for men & women

562 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Brisbane

(07) 3162 8411 | beyondrejuv.com.au BY APPOINTMENT ONLY TUESDAY TO SATURDAY


Thyroid and Adrenal Speciality Bio-Identical Hormone Referrals

Bookings – 54 999 476


H Be seen in

Your Lifebook. The single most powerful personal development tool in the world! Book a FREE Introductory Skype Session with Dr David Hendrey – please email: lifebookaustralia@gmail.com www.vibranthealthyliving.com.au


Treating the cause not the symptoms PHONE 07 5438 2119 www.caloundrahealthhub.com (Book online) Caloundra Health Hub 4/70 Bulcock Street, Caloundra (down the alley next to Gloria Jeans)


Let us promote you and your business in the physical magazine, online magazine, our social media sites and website, with a local, national and international ever-growing audience.

Adverts start at $99+gst per month for a 12-month booking

Please call 1800 543 351

natural therapies & wellness centre • Massage • Acupuncture • Reiki • Naturopathy • Bowen Therapy • Reflexology • Ear Candling • Waxing and Tinting • Facials • Pedicures • Kinesiology PRIVATE HEALTH REBATES

Shop 11,12-18 Discovery Dr, North Lakes

Phone (07) 3482 2549 www.zen-chi.net.au

New Smoothie Bar Open Now Organic and Natural Supermarket Are you healthy on the inside? • Organic and Speak to one of our natural products friendly staff to see how you can improve your • Large range of bulk bins health and benefit from a change in diet. We provide • Naturopath/ quality whole foods with Nutritionist in store exceptional service. OPEN 7 DAYS 5 Burns Street BUDDINA

Phone 5444 5552

www.nudefoodorganics.com.au Holistic Bliss | FEBRUARY 2016 |

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Are you confused about your health?

Are you: Fatigued? Unmotivated? Moody?

Call o book on r line you

Stressed? Struggling with weight? Bloated?




Many of our happy clients felt exactly like this when they made their first booking. Our team of Practitioners are dedicated to your complete physical and emotional wellbeing.

Why choose us? 01

Pathology Testing

We take the guesswork out of your care and offer thorough and accurate pathology testing.


Shared Health Care

We work alongside many Medical Practitioners and other Professionals as part of our shared health care model.



We strive to educate and empower you. We believe wellness is easier to achieve and maintain only when you have a true understanding of wellness.

07 5458 4800 10/102 Burnett Street BUDERIM Qld 4556

www.integratedwellnessclinic.com.au HEALTH FUND AND MEDICARE REBATES MAY APPLY

Consultations available in person, by phone or Skype

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Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.