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Sweeping December 2019 VOLUME 43 #11

The Journal of Chimney and Venting Technology

Are You Letting Your Ego Or Creativity Guide Business Growth? NCSG 2020 National Convention and Trade Show Schedule Membership — Be a Part of Our Community Meet a Member: Gary Yates

WHAT IS THE WARRIOR LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE? About Us Darin Bibeau President/Owner of National Chimney and Rob Lindemann CEO of Lindemann Chimney have partnered up to form the ultimate business and motivational experience of 2020. Join us on Feb 19 - 21, 2020 for the Warrior Leadership Conference at The Westin in Downtown Dallas, Texas. Come learn from professionals and listen to leaders across multiple industries, while raising money for veteran organizations that help veterans experiencing PTSD and TBI. Don't miss out on this incredible event!

Why Attend? The Warrior Leadership Conference is truly a “Don’t Miss” event. It contains multiple Key-note speakers from around the Country providing positive business insight and tips on improving the overall work force and ultimately how to make your business THRIVE!

Susan LaBelle - Event MC

Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur

Matthew Taylor Coach, Speaker, Wealth Preservation Expert, Guide, Lobbyist & Entrepreneurship Instructor

Paul Blanchard Keynote Speaker, President of OG Mandino & Habit Finder, Inc. Kerry Jackson Retired Navy SEAL Officer & Business Owner.

Johnny Quinn Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer & U.S. Olympian

Jason Sisneros Public Speaker, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.

Where & When? Feb 19, 2020, 12:00 PM to Feb 21, 2020, 5:00 PM The Westin Dallas Downtown 1201 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75202

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On the cover: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the NCSG Staff!

Table of Contents Sweeping December 2019 Volume 43 Issue 11

Features Are You Letting Your Ego Or Creativity Guide Growth?

NCSG 2020 National Convention and Trade Show Schedule

Membership — Be a Part of Our Community

Meet A Member: Gary Yates

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2 0 2 0 ITC Veljovic Black

December 2019

Smoke Chambers and Cast in Place Liner Installation (866) 283-8667 Ext. 706

Factory Built Fireplace Installation and Replacement (866) 283-8667 Ext. 701

Dryer Vents (866) 283-8667 Ext. 707

Gas Appliance Venting, Gas Logs and NFPA 54 (866) 283-8667 Ext. 702 Oil Appliance Venting and NFPA 31 (866) 283-8667 Ext. 703 Chimney Inspection, Documentation and NFPA 211 (Levels of Inspection) (866) 283-8667 Ext. 704

Installation and Venting of Pellet Stoves (866) 283-8667 Ext. 708 IRC and NFPA 211 (Code Questions) (866) 283-8667 Ext. 709 Customer Service and Customer Communication (866) 283-8667 Ext. 710 General Sweeping and Repair (866) 283-8667 Ext. 711



Masonry Fireplace Construction and Restoration (866) 283-8667 Ext. 700

2 S W E E P I N G


Resources 2155 Commercial Drive Plainfield, IN 46168 (317) 837-1500 Fax: (317) 837-5365

Megan McMahon Executive Director Darcy Marlett Director of Communications and Marketing Russell Dimmitt Education Director Charissa Benge Mahaffey Certification Coordinator Penny Seals Academic Coordinator

December 2019

Sara Sichting Systems and Records Coordinator Annemarie Stockton Membership & Outreach Coordinator Tammy Bruner Program Coordinator


Be advised that advice given by NCSG’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC) reflects best practices of the chimney sweeping industry. However, we are unable to account for any particular type of situation since regional variations in construction practices and additional environmental, physical and geographical factors necessarily vary the level of service appropriate for a particular fireplace and/or chimney. Additionally, local laws and ordinances may govern and/ or supersede the information and any recommendations provided. Final determinations are the responsibility of a local professional with firsthand knowledge of the situation, and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Neither NCSG nor any member of TAC will be held liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance on information provided by anyone associated with TAC. By your use of this member benefit you acknowledge acceptance of these terms.

Region 6 Bob Ferrari (530) 941-5818

Vice President, Region 4 Jeff Keefer 513-248-9600

At-Large Director Tom Hunkele (515) 249-6337

Treasurer, Region 3 Ron Rust (803) 730-5858

At-Large Director Steven Scally (603) 895-8746

Secretary, Region 1 Matt Mair (603) 525-7905 matt@blackmoosechimney. com

At-Large Director Joe Sauter (317) 243-9687

Region 2 Bill Thornton (215) 540-9787 wissahickonvalleysweep@

Stainless Steel Liner Installation (866) 283-8667 Ext. 705 To contact any member of the Technical Advisory Council, please call (866) 283-8667 and select the extension for the person who is best qualified to answer your question:

President, Region 5 Jasper Drengler (715) 304-8934

Supplier Representative Stuart Karanovich (765) 966-5084

Bylaws Jeff Keefer 513-248-9600

NFPA 211 Representative Jim Brewer (757) 523-2400

Ethics Joe Sauter (317) 243-9687

NFPA 31 Representative John Pilger (631) 863-2460

Governance Tom Hunkele (641) 774-8056

NFPA 54 Jim Brewer (757) 523-2400

Government Affairs Jeff Keefer 513-248-9600

Technical Advisory Council Michael Segerstrom (908) 253-9190

International Relations John Pilger (631) 863-2460

Scholarship Committee Gregg Boss (636) 391-2226

Membership Bob Ferrari (530) 221-3331

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ave you had a chance to catch your breath from the crazy busy season? I know some of you are still hard at it. I just hope you are all working safe and not cutting any corners. While you are figuring out your budget for 2020 make sure to include convention! Join us April 1-4, 2020 in beautiful Orlando, FL. Bring the family to meet your chimney family and enjoy the local attractions. Registration is now open at The National Chimney Sweep Guild has a ton of things going on, one being current legislation for the betterment of the industry. Joining the Guild gives you the chance to be heard and represented. Current members also get great discounts on education and access to technical help. Independently, sweeps can only do so much. When we all

work together we build great things — like the world’s worst chimney at our headquarters in Plainfield, Indiana. Many volunteers took part during Sweeps Week 2019 to build this awesome training tool. We have great things planned for 2020! Come find and meet me at the CCP Expo, the NCSG National Convention or on social media. I’m here to serve the members and give back to the industry that once helped me grow and continues to inspire me daily.

Jasper Drengler NCSG President


Letter Jasper Drengler


Greetings, Fellow Sweeps!

3 S W E E P I N G December 2019

In Case You



4 S W E E P I N G December 2019

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Register Now for Orlando! Registration is now open for the 2020 NCSG National Convention in Orlando, FL! From the opening keynote to the closing banquet celebration, you won’t want to miss a moment of all we have in store! Register Here:

Nominations for Meet a Member Do you know a friend or colleague doing great work in our industry that deserves a little recognition? Nominate them to be featured on and Sweeping magazine in the Meet a Member feature.  Send names to Annemarie Stockton at


elcome to the Progress Edition of Sweeping Magazine! What is the progress issue? Once a year the National Chimney Sweep Guild sends Sweeping Magazine to our regular member subscribers plus nearly 5,000 chimney sweep companies from across the country that have not yet joined our Guild community. If you are considering NCSG membership, you will want to read our special membership section with a letter from our Membership & Outreach Coordinator Annemarie Stockton, an overview of the benefits membership offers and a membership form. Of interest to both veteran members and those new to the industry will be the schedule for the 2020 NCSG National Convention in Orlando, FL. Find out what classes will

be available plus their CEU values for both CSIA and NFI certification holders. Throughout the rest of the issue you will find columns and articles from a wide variety of professionals that work in and with the industry. If you’re not currently a member, or would like to get more out of your membership by getting involved, we would love to talk to you. Check out , give us a call at 317-837-1500, or send an email to Annemarie at


• The industry standard for keeping out squirrels, birds, leaves, and other debris. • Works with single wall, double wall, triple wall, or masonry chimneys. • Sizes available from 3” to 30”+; custom and oversize available. Air cooled and non-air cooled.

the authentic Available from leading distributors nationwide.

Darcy Marlett Editor


tops them all.

Model WSA-TDW for air cooled chimney


• Standard construction is 100% austenitic stainless steel; also available in other alloys including copper and Type 316 for marine/coal appliances. Improved Consumer Products, Inc. PO Box B Attleboro Falls, MA 02763 (508) 695-7000 Fax: (508) 695-4209

Although there have been

many attempts to copy it over the last 40+ years, there is only one

Weathershield®. Always ask for it by name and look for

the seal of authenticity on top of the cap.

100% made in USA December 2019

5 S W E E P I N G

Are You Letting Your Ego Or Creativity Guide Business Growth? By Taylor Hill and Carter Harkins Spark Marketer


6 S W E E P I N G

s business owners, we’re always working on growth  — because if we’re not busy growing, we’re busy dying, right? But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how there’s more than one way to grow your business, and the way you choose to grow makes a big difference in terms of the journey itself and the end destination. Wallace D. Wattles talks about two prominent ways in his 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich. He says you can grow your business through competition (ego) or through creativity. What’s the difference? Where will each get you and what will the journey be like? Let’s take a look...

Growth By Competition VS. Growth By Creativity

There are business owners who spend their days obsessing about beating the competition  — knocking them down to build themselves up. It’s all they can think about. And then there are those who know the competition is out there, but they’re not focused on them. They’re focused on creating the great business they envision for themselves.

We see the same thing in politics… You’ve got the politicians whose entire

December 2019

campaigns are centered around tearing down their competition and eroding your trust in them. Then over here, you’ve got the politicians who know there are others running the race, but they’re focused on the vision and goals they have for enacting change and growth. Who do you think will be most effective at getting things done? The business owners and politicians who spend all their time thinking about the competition or the business owners and politicians who let their creativity and vision lead them? Well, we know that politicians on both sides of the fence will be equally ineffective, but jokes aside, give this some real thought. Can you ever be truly effective and tap into your full potential if you’re obsessed with the competition and letting your ego guide your growth? Even better question, can you ever feel truly accomplished?

I’d argue no, and here’s why...

When you’re obsessed with what your competitors are doing, you lose sight of your own plans, or worse  — you never take the time to come up with your own plans. If the goal is just to “beat down” the competition, your focus is in the wrong place. You’re limiting your business and your


Go to




• Aluminum Outer Cover • Foil-Face FlexWrap™ Ceramic Insulation • UltraPro™ Stainless Steel Inner Liner MA D E I N


Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Call Us at 800.247.3305 The Nation’s Leading Supplier of Chimney And Hearth Products

potential. All of your energy is spread out and aimed at taking down the competition, and you’re not giving your business the full attention, focus, and planning required to really make big strides and hit big goals. And even if you did make big strides and hit big goals, you probably wouldn’t notice or take the time to celebrate, because you’d just be thinking of the next thing. As long as the competition is still there, you won’t rest or feel any sense of victory. Look, I don’t have to tell you that preventing burnout as a business owner is hard enough without that constant pressure. But there’s another reason I think this type of growth isn’t the best for any business… Let’s say your competition does go away. Maybe you become the biggest in the area, offer the lowest prices, and your biggest competitor closes up shop  — what now? Without the competition, where do you direct your focus? What are your growth goals? What’s your incentive for getting up, going in, and growing your business? If growth only comes to your business through your desire to beat out the competition, when that competition goes

away, so will the wind in your sails. Growth by creativity and vision, on the other hand, is growth that comes from a healthy obsession with reaching the goals you’ve carved out for yourself. Maybe it’s a lifestyle you want to provide for your family, maybe it’s a charitable cause or passion you want to fund with your business, maybe it’s a better, safer community… When your vision and your reason for getting up, going in, and growing your business is bigger than you and your competition, that’s when you really tap into your potential. That’s when you really find joy in your career and do meaningful work. And that’s when you find yourself making a big, positive difference in the lives of your employees, clients, and family. Your energy, focus, and effort goes fully into hitting your goals and realizing your vision, instead of being split between what your competition is doing and what you’re trying to do. And ultimately, that focus, effort, and energy will get you to your growth goals faster and in a much more enjoyable way. ‘Cause here’s the thing: It’s not about beating the competitors down and keeping it all for



Fan Speed Control

Manual Control System Manual control with variable fan speed Fan quietly operates to create perfect draft conditions, eliminating spillage


8 S W E E P I N G

Manual EcoDamper

Fan Speed Control

EcoDamper System

Manual pull-cable damper and control with variable fan speed Damper prevents loss of conditioned air when fireplace is not in use



Manual EcoDamper

EFC211 Speed Control and Alarm

EFC/EcoDamper System Manual pull-cable damper and control with variable fan speed & alarm Control monitors fan operation and damper prevents conditioned air loss

For more information, call 800.255.2923 or visit

December 2019

We Grow & Supply Chimney Companies




WLC 2020 February 19 - 21, 2020 Dallas, Texas | 866.629.8006

yourself. It’s about creating. Creation builds community. Competition, a lot of times, creates division. Which do you want to be responsible for? Have you ever given thought to which is the best use of time, effort, and resources?

Growth With Room For Everyone

One of the things that shocked us the most when we first got involved in the chimney industry was the sense of community and camaraderie. As an industry, chimney sweeps have shown that there’s so much more power in community than there is in competition. We see it in Sweep Away Cancer and the unifying efforts of sweeps to support those who are battling for their lives or the lives of their loved ones  — but we also see it in the everyday decisions of our clients and others in the industry. We see it in the companies who have overlapping service areas and are technically “competitors,” but who use their effort, energy, and creativity to focus on and feed their own growth and vision...Who don’t feel the need to tear down the competition, but actually in many cases, befriend and support them.

That community focus and growth through creativity mindset is what we love about this industry. There’s an idea that there’s room for everyone at the table, and that having overlapping service areas and service offerings doesn’t make enemies. And doesn’t that outlook make for a better, happier, more connected individual? (Ahem, the answer is ‘Yes.’) So ask yourself, “Are my eyes on my vision or on my competition?” The more you focus on your own goals and the less you think of others in your community as competitors to beat, the more joy you’ll find in chasing your goals and the faster you’ll reach them. Taylor Hill is co-founder and CEO of Spark Marketer, a Nashville-based digital marketing company that works primarily with service businesses. He’s also co-author of Blue Collar Proud: 10 Principles For Building A Kickass Business You Love, and co-founder of the award-winning app, Closing Commander™, which helps contractors close more estimates effortlessly. Taylor regularly speaks at service trade shows and conferences across the country, and he’s passionate about helping service business owners navigate the Internet oceans filled with sharks and unsavory pirates. @sparkmarketer,,,, @taylorkhill

Sand Hill Wholesale Wishes You The Happiest of Holidays! FIREPLACE, WOOD, AND GAS HEATING PRODUCTS

10 S W E E P I N G

Call or Email For Your FREE Copy Of Our 2019-2020 Catalog 888-SAND-HILL (888-726-3445) Same Day Shipping for Orders Placed Before 3:00 EST * Free shipping only in continental U.S. * Offer valid 12/1/19 through 12/31/19. * Valid on in-stock items only.

December 2019

And as a gift from us, receive

Free Freight

with an order* of $1200 or more.

Our Premium Forever Flex™ liner is now also available in Premium Pre-Insulated™! As with all Forever Flex liners, they feature Olympia’s Forever Warranty and come with Free Shipping on liners and kits. P

Patent Pending Available in 316TI/304L .005 5’’- 12’’ Diameter Extremely Flexible & Easy to Uncoil







Only Pre-Insulated Liner to Feature Stainless Steel Inner & Outer Construction Provides Zero/Zero Clearance Inside a Masonry Chimney

Superior Strength Very Lightweight

Forever Warranty™







Michael Segerstrom

NCSG Technical Advisory Chair

Question: What is the TAC, and is it really a great NCSG member benefit?

Answer: The TAC, or Technical Advisory Council, is a group of industry experts that offer technical support to NCSG members, and yes, it is a great benefit! Let’s take a closer look. The TAC consists of exceptional individuals from across the country with vast experience and knowledge in a variety of specific fields. There are too many individuals to name here. Some that serve on the TAC are still very active in the field, while others are less active, but have decades of previous field experience. Collectively, there isn’t much that the members of the TAC haven’t seen, done or had to figure out. Collectively, they have an incredible amount of insight, guidance and troubleshooting experience. And as an NCSG member, access to this great resource, is free! The TAC is contacted by calling the number provided to members and selecting an extension appropriate for the situation. And while the name of the council is technical, there are also extensions for non-technical areas such as customer service, sweeping and codes and standards. But what makes these individuals exceptional is not just their knowledge and experience, but their willingness to serve their fellow NCSG members, and their commitment to that. They are volunteers, and give freely of themselves, their time and knowledge so that others may benefit.

12 S W E E P I N G December 2019

Sometimes the question or situation can be quite challenging. The TAC representative might not have an immediate answer or solution. This is another aspect that makes members of the TAC quite exceptional. If they don’t have an answer or solution, they have their own networks and resources they can tap into, and often do, to help find accurate information, the right answer or the appropriate solution. The next time you’re looking for information you can’t seem to find, have a question about codes and standards, have an installation that’s giving you problems, or even just have a difficult customer you’re trying your best to deal with, as an NCSG member try reaching out to the TAC and see if they can help!

NCSG 2020 National Convention and Trade Show Schedule Whether you are planning to attend your first or your twentyfirst convention you’ll find great takeaways at the 2020 NCSG National Convention. Convention offers opportunities0.35.85.0 to learn from peers, both in the classroom and at the many social events throughout the week. Read on below to find out about class offering, CEUs (for both CSIA and NFI certifications!), and special events. Want to learn more? Visit the convention website at www. to register, reserve your hotel room, find out fun things to do in our host city and much more!


Wednesday, April 1

14 S W E E P I N G

2 0 2 0

Business SkillsThis icon designates classes that are primarily focused on business skills

Technical Skills-

This icon designates classes that are primarily focused on technical and in the field skills ITC Veljovic Black

8:00 AM

Convention Registration Opens (will continue until 5pm)

9:00 AM

NCSG Annual Meeting

9:45 AM

Coffee and Refreshment Break

10:00 AM

CSIA Informational Meeting

11:00 AM

Opening Keynote- Sponsored by Olympia with Morgan Luttrell

12:30 PM

Group Photo

12:45 PM

Lunch on your own

2:00 PM

Breakout Sessions-

“Dryer Vent Cleaning 101” with Cliff Budnick CSIA- 1.5 T | NFI- 1.5 E

“Beyond the Codes” with Rick Vlahos CSIA- 1.5 C&S | NFI- 1.5 T

“Pricing for Wealth and Retirement” with Robert Berry CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

4:00 PM

Breakout Sessions-

“Improve Customer Satisfaction with EPA’s Materials” with Larry Brockmon CSIA- .75 C&L, .75 B | NFI- 1.5 E

“Your Company’s Fall Protection Plan” with Jim Brewer CSIA- 1 C&S, .5 H&S | NFI- 1.5 SHL

“Occupational Fraud” with Tanya Luken CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

7:00 PM

Opening Night Celebration at Main Even Orlando (Must Pre-Purchase Tickets)

December 2019

Thursday, April 2 8:00 AM

General SessionOSHA Panel Discussion

9:45 AM

Breakout Session-

“The Chimney Cap Goldmine” with Mark Stoner CSIA- 1.5 C&S | NFI- 1.5 T

“Injury Prevention” with Taryn Gill CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

“How to Scale Growth for Your Service Company” with Cliff Budnick CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

1:00 PM

NCSG Trade Show (Trade Show will close at 6pm)

After 6 PM

Free Night- Explore Orlando!

Friday, April 3 7:30 AM

Chimney Chase 5k

9:00 AM

Trade Show (Trade Show will close at 12pm)

1:30 PM

Breakout Session-

“Build a Business You Love” with Taylor Hill CSIA- .25 C&L, 1.25 B | NFI- 1.5 E

Engineered for Maximum Efficiency Triple Lock® Smoothcore™ All Fuels Chimney Liner

Suitable For All Fuels

• Eliminates turbulence. Improves draft. • Resists corrosive attack. Does not impede flow of condensate. Less soot accumulation.


F. 1.888.889.3539

Pellet Wood




December 2019 Z-FLEX Liner Triple Lock Smoothcore Z-Max - Sweeping 7.35 x 4.875.indd 2

2019-01-25 1:01 PM

15 S W E E P I N G

“Driving Growth by Key Performance Metrics” with Kent Wessley CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

“Chimney Inspections 411” with Tom Urban CSIA- .5ST, .5C&S, .5 C&L | NFI- 1.5T

3:15 PM

Breakout Session-

“Understanding Masonry Fireplace Clearances” with Mike Segerstrom CSIA- 1.5 T | NFI- 1.5 T

“The Ever Moving Pieces to Online Marketing” with Taylor Hill CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

“Understand Interior Chimney Imagery” with Tom Urban CSIA- .5 T, 1 C&C | NFI- 1.5 E

7:30 PM

CSIA Auction Preview

8:00 PM

CSIA Benefit Auction

Saturday, April 4 9:00 AM

Breakout Sessions-

“Equilibrium: Looking at the Value & Credibility in the Sales Process” with April DeRossett CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

“What is Your Perspective on CODE?” with Jesse Doucette CSIA- 1.5 C&S | NFI- 1.5 T


Severe weather crown repair & protection Centering system for metal chimney liners

16 S W E E P I N G



The most advanced chimney liner in the world


“I wanted to write in and tell you how much I appreciate the quality of your products. We inspect approximately 20 to 30 chimneys every week and we run into every product there is on the market. I can tell you with absolute certainty that your FireGuard and Guardian products have no equals. I can say this because I've tried the other products and had to deal with many call backs due to cracks and failures as well as the complications involved with the installation. FireGuard and Guardian are simple to install and we do not get call backs. I've been using your products since 2005 and it is always a pleasure to inspect a chimney we repaired years ago and see that it still looks as good as it did the day we fixed it with your products. Thank you Jay!” Dave Laverdiere - Owner of Boston Brick & Stone - Pasadena California

For additional information or to order products, call 800-545-6607

December 2019

“Five Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine” with Alain Parcan CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E 10:30 AM

Coffee Break

11:00 AM

Breakout Sessions-

“The History of Chimney Sweeping in America” with Jerry Isenhour CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

“Water Intrusion: Beyond the Envelope” with Stuart Karanovich CSIA- .75 T, .75 C&S | NFI- 1.5 T

“Never Split the Difference” with Chuck Hall CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

2:00 PM

Closing Keynote Sponsored by Veracity Insurance with Johnny “Joey” Jones CSIA- TBD | NFI- TBD

6:00 PM

Cocktail Hour

7:00 PM

Annual Banquet

17 S W E E P I N G December 2019

NCSG Convention 2020 • April 1-4 • Orlando, FL NCSG Members Primary Spouse 1st Additional 2nd Additional 3+ Additional Single Day Banquet Only Child Banquet 5-12 Tradeshow Only

Through 1/31/20


After 3/1/20

Standard Rates

$499 (399)

$549 (449)

$599 (499)


$199 $349 ($249) $299 ($199) $249 ($149) $199 $79 $39 $69

$249 $399 ($299) $349 ($249) $299 ($199) $199 $79 $39 $69

$299 $449($349) $399($299) $349($249) $199 $79 $39 $69

Spouse 1st Additional 2nd Additional 3+ Additional Single Day Banquet Only Child Banquet 5-12 Tradeshow Only

NOTE: First Time Attendee prices for members are in parenthesis ( ).

Company_________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________ □ Check here to opt-out of emails from exhibitors

Through 1/31/20 $599 (499) $299 $449 $399 $349 $299 $99 $39 $99

2/1/203/1/20 $649 (549) $349 $499 $449 $399 $299 $99 $39 $99

After 3/1/20 $699 (599) $399 $549 $499 $449 $299 $99 $39 $99

- Opening Night Celebration at Main Event Additional Registration Required $30/per person. Join us for a night of food, arcade games, bowling, drinks and fellowship at our Opening Night Celebration. NEW! Optional Convention Insurance $25/per registrant. Companies now have the option to insure their convention registrations. If insurance is chosen it must be purchased for each registrant. Official Policies below.

Please write your name as you’d like it to appear on your badge. Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type _______________________________T-Shirt Size______________ $ ___________________ Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________ T-Shirt Size______________

$ ___________________

Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________ T-Shirt Size______________

$ ___________________

Name _____________________________________________________________ Registrant Type ______________________________ T-Shirt Size______________ $ ___________________ Registration Total $ ___________________ Opening Night Tickets ($30/each) Qty: ________ Ticket Total $ ___________ Convention Insurance ($25/each) Qty:_________Insurance Total $ ___________ 2020 Convention Patch ($3/each - Pickup on-site.) Qty: ________ Patch Total $ ___________ GRAND TOTAL $ ____________ MAIL TO: National Chimney Sweep Guild PAYMENT INFORMATION 2155 Commercial Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168 □ Check # ___________ Payment Method: FAX TO: (317) 837-5365 CALL: (317) 837-1500 □ Visa □ MC □ AmEx REGISTER ONLINE at Account # ________________________________________ Office Use Only O2CR C2F AUTH__________ Card Security Code ______________ Exp. __________ Org ID___________ Profile ID____________ Name on Card ____________________________________ Rec’d By__________ Date ____________ Signature ________________________________________ Refund policy: Prior to 3/1/20, 50%. No refunds are available after 3/1/20.

Optional Convention Insurance

The NCSG offers optional convention registration insurance for attendees. Purchase of insurance guarantees you to a 100% refund on registration less the insurance fee. Tickets for the opening night event and purchases of patches are non-refundable and not included under this policy. This insurance is per registrant and non-transferable. If insurance is purchased it must be purchased for every registrant from that company.

Be a Part of Our Community


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff, and Members, I am pleased to extend to you an invite to join the National Chimney Sweep Guild. This issue of Sweeping will give you a peek into the NCSG and what we have to offer businesses like yours. Founded in 1977, the National Chimney Sweep Guild has long set the precedent for innovation, professionalism, and community among chimney and hearth professionals. The aim of NCSG is to provide representation, proven industry standards, camaraderie, and networking. We accomplish this through education, industry specific publications, and a yearly convention that brings the industry together on a national platform. We are here to connect you to the resources and tools your business needs to thrive. NCSG is comprised of an incredible network of chimney and hearth professionals, so I would be thrilled to add you to the team! If you have any questions about NCSG Membership and if it’s right for you, please give me a call at (317) 837-1500 or email me at Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm EST. Cheers,

Annemarie Stockton NCSG Membership & Outreach Coordinator

December 2019

19 S W E E P I N G

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Run into questions on the job? The Technical Advisory Council has experts on a wide variety of subjects that can be reached via the TAC Phone Line. Also members have access to the NCSG Manual Library which has over 750 rare and hard to find manuals, and is accessible on your phone, tablet or computer.

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Want to get certified? NCSG members save big on education and certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Each employee of NCSG member companies receives discounts toward CSIA programs. Savings run between $50 and $200 per employee, per session.

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Looking for the perfect insurance policies for your company? Whether you are looking for liability or health insurance the NCSG partners with companies to make sure you find the right policy for your company.

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Ready to grow your business?The National Chimney Sweep Guild provides our members with the resources you need to help grow a successful business. These include free business seminars exclusive to NCSG Members as well as discounts on many services you use day to day in your business.

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Want to keep up to date with the chimney industry? Sweeping: The Journal of Chimney & Venting Technology gives you the technical and business information to keep your business thriving with articles from technical experts and business consultants as well as current industry news.

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Want to feel heard? The NCSG works with affiliate orgainziations throughout the country to represent our membership and trade to local and state governments and national lawmakers on NFPA code councils.

December 2019

National Chimney Sweep Guild Membership Application

Our mission: The National Chimney Sweep Guild inspires innovation, professionalism and community among chimney sweeps and venting professionals through advocacy, industry leading conferences and journalism, covering people, tools, health, standards, and education for a successful business and the safety of the American people.

1 Provide company contact information as you would like it to appear at

(One company name will be listed at Company Name _________________________________ Legal name registered with state of incorporation Other name (trade/assumed/fictitious/DBA) registered in states Not Yet Incorporated. Company name will be listed at Last, First. where doing business

Name of Primary Contact Person _______________________________________________________________ Company Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________State ____________ ZIP _______________________ Fax (______) ________________________________ Business Phone (______) __________________Cell? Email Address ________________________________Web site Address http://____________________________ No May we share your email address with NCSG Supplier and Dual members? Yes Accessing Your Benefits Please choose your username and password for Username ________________ Password _____________ What email address would you like to use for the NCSG Discussion List? __________________________________ _ 2 How Did You Hear About the NCSG? _______________________________________________________________

3 Sign the NCSG Code of Ethics on Behalf of Your Company

I fully acknowledge that membership in the National Chimney Sweep Guild carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations which may hold me to a higher standard of performance and professional behavior than applicable laws, rules or regulations. In this regard, I pledge: 1.To represent myself and my company in a professional manner by providing services, education and skills that are in compliance with all codes and regulations applicable to the chimney service industry that are in effect in my service area. 2. To continually update my knowledge, skills and techniques as new information evolves within the industry. 3. To render my services and represent my company in an honest and fair manner and to refrain from engaging in unfair or deceptive practices or making any unfair or deceptive statements, including but not limited to use of the NCSG logo. 4. To conduct myself in a decent, respectful, and professional manner when serving in my capacity as a chimney sweep, or when attending a function or event of an organization in the chimney or hearth products industry. 5. To comply with the proper usage of the NCSG Trademark as defined in the NCSG Trademark Use Guidelines document. I agree to conform to NCSG’s Code of Ethics during the term of my membership. By agreeing to this Code of Ethics, I understand that it is my responsibility to remain abreast of any changes to the Code of Ethics, that my actions and those of my company and employees may be reviewed by a committee of my peers, and that failure to abide by these ethical obligations is a violation of NCSG policy and, in accordance with NCSG’s Ethics Violation Procedure originally adopted October 21, 1989, and subsequently amended, may result in disciplinary action as determined by NCSG or its delegated committee. I agree to hold harmless NCSG and its committees from any and all liability resulting from any disciplinary action taken against me. I represent and warrant that I am authorized to sign this application, and the information contained herein is true, accurate, and complete. Signature ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ___________________

4 Select the appropriate membership category for your company. (Annual membership dues are noted next to each category.) $80 of your membership dues is applied to a one-year subscription to Sweeping:The Journal of Chimney & Venting Technology. Members may not deduct this subscription from dues. Voting ($499): Chimney service company membership. Entitles company to one (1) vote in NCSG elections (voter must be designated representative who signed the Code of Ethics).

Affiliate ($279): Includes non-chimney service companies and groups affiliated with the industry which are also not defined as a Supplier Member.

International ($279): Non-voting membership for

chimney service companies outside of the United States.

Senior ($179): Non-voting membership for retired sweep

company owners. Includes significant discounts on convention registration.

For Office Use Only O2F 2- C2F AUTH__________________ COID ________________ REC’D BY: ______________ DATE: ________________ FAXED COE Rev. 7/17/17 Valid 9/1/18- 8/31/19

5 Payment Information Check Enclosed - Check # ____________________________ NCSG also accepts Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress. Card Number ____________________________________ Card Security Code _________________ Exp. __________ Name on Card ____________________________________ Cardholder Signature _______________________________

6 Send this application with dues payment to: National Chimney Sweep Guild 2155 Commercial Drive Plainfield, IN 46168 By Fax: (317) 837-5365

Apply Online: For assistance or to learn more, please call NCSG at (317) 837-1500 or visit us online at

22 S W E E P I N G December 2019


Events January 2020 January 11-12, 2020 Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild’s Winter Extravaganza MCSG will hold their 40th Anniversary Celebration Join in the fun with membership meeting, speakers, raffle, awards and banquet! Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center Southbridge, MA (MCSG special rates available) For more information, please call Dave Hannah at (413) 887-2374 or MCSG

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February 2020

24 S W E E P I N G

February 20-22, 2020 Chimney Expo Join in the fun with speakers, training and trade show. Valley Forge Casino King of Prussia, PA For more information, please email contact@ or visit Chimney Expo February 20-23, 2020 North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association Winter Continuing Education Weekend CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Review & Exam (Contact CSIA for EXAM registration only) Join in the fun with speakers, training and auction. Waynesville Inn and Spa Waynesville, NC For more information, please contact NCCSA 980-7219943 or visit NCCSA

April 2020 April 1-4, 2020 NCSG Annual Convention The Rosen – Orlando, FL For more information, please call (317) 837-1500 or visit


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December 2019



Corner Jerry Isenhour

Desperation Hiring


ne of the leading challenges for any business owner in America today is two-fold: one is the recruitment of new team members, and the other is to get the recruited team members to move to the desired level of competence in the shortest time. Recruitment is an issue every time the country is in a great economic condition. It affects you and others in the business community, and may even be a reason that your suppliers and vendors are having a problem delivering to you (since the demand exceeds their capacity). A good economy has this downside, and if you provide a service, automation and technology do not assist you in providing these services. You need human bodies to provide those services to your market areas. These present market conditions of a low supply of workers work against you. Often this will result in what I call “desperation hiring”, where we hire people simply because they are willing to go to work for us. This often ends in people not suited to the job, and often a short career. It is almost like a merry-go-round of your business. Which in turn, causes our workplace culture to suffer and results in our customers receiving substandard service that does not meet their expectations. The only saving grace is that a good economy with lots of spendable dollars continues to create a demand for our services. Compounding this is the season we are in, and the way demand is higher than what we can often deliver.

26 S W E E P I N G

What is the solution to

December 2019

desperation hiring? To provide these answers, I have had deep discussions with people who I consider experts in this field. One is Brandi Biswell, who has faced this with her company Fluesbrothers and is a part of our team here at CVC Success Group. Another is Sheryl Isenhour, a DISC Accessor and Coach who provides hiring services for quite a few companies in the industry. Finally, a coach we utilize, Randy Pennington of the Pennington Performance Groups, is recognized as an expert in culture and building winning teams to the highest level. The first obstacle is how you find the right people to recruit to your team. Locating the right people requires an intensive outreach-marketing plan, just as you would to market your products and services. The message must be selling your company and your team as the place to go for a new career, and have the reasons why that touches the prospect. You must understand that in today’s world, if someone wants a job, they have one, but many are looking for a change. Also understand the reasons they may be looking for that new career choice, and the message must tell them why your offering should be a consideration. You must provide the message so clearly that the opportunity you offer is fantastic and clearly displays how it will give them satisfaction. The next challenge is the interview and assessment process. This is highly important and must be done in a professional and complete manner. This will

include a phone interview, in-person interview, and may even include a job shadow day so they can take a firsthand look at what you do to ensure it meets their job requirements. This interview and assessment process must also include drug screening, background checks, and even behavior assessment. There are several assessment tests that can be used, but these also often require expert debriefing to clearly identify if their assessment matches them with the job they will be doing. As such the assessment for a manager, a customer experience representative, a technician, and a warehouse worker will often have different ratings in the assessment. The DISC is likely the best, and many of the others were developed from the DISC Assessment. Many of the assessments can be taken online at no charge. However, deeper assessments will require payment. Often a person may pass the phone interview process and the face to face interview, but then the behavior assessment will reveal that their values point to failure. Experience is now showing us that when these people are hired, they often fail in the short term, thus negating the expense we have invested in them. Often when we see hiring failures, a search of the DISC will reveal the reasons why.

but is it really? Certification means you have passed a written test (perhaps two). But do these adequately assure expert and excellence? Really, they don’t. Real-world experience shows that often many stop seeking continuing education once they have reached this mark. We also have the thought process of many educators that the paper and pen test does not serve today’s needs well. Most of our new hires will have an education that did not prepare them for the bluecollar workforce. In our school systems, emphasis has been placed on college-bound students, and often others are left behind. We can see this today from simply looking at the number of applicants we have that cannot read a tape measure, do simple math, and the other skills we need in our workforces. One client recently shared he would be happy if the applicant knew which end of the hammer to hold. Going back to the assessment phase, this can be a part of the testing we subject our potential new hires to in order to determine if they have the basic skills required for them to become productive members of our workforce. Do these processes take time? You better believe

Now we have decided to hire. The next step is also critical, and that is the onboarding process. I have detailed this in previous articles and will be glad to offer you input on this. Send us an email to info@, and we will provide you a detailed process of onboarding that you can utilize in your company. The process now continues in how you train them. Is the training process one that will provide them the tools they need for success? Often we damage the process in training. In the chimney service industry, we have made the decree that certification is the mark of excellence,

27 S W E E P I N G December 2019

About the Author: Jerry Isenhour is an industry consultant, educator, and coach who authors a monthly article in Sweeping as a service to the industry. A Past President of NCSG & CSIA, along with serving in several volunteer industry positions over his career. For more information about Jerry and how his team can assist you individually and your business in your quest for success and your ascent to the next level, take a look at his web site He can be contacted at or by phone at (704) 425-0217. You can also obtain great business tips from his Facebook page CVC Coaching and YouTube channel CVC Coaching.

Duct Cleaners’ Supply


it. But this is all a part of a long-term strategy to build a team of rock stars to serve their marketplace. It takes a lot of work, but running a business is hard work. It will depend on your own fortitude and desire to build a business that will deliver to you the personal return you seek.

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December 2019


Meet A

Member Gary Yates

Meet Gary Yates. He and his wife Janna run their company, Chimney Sweep, together in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Gary shares with us how he got started in the industry and some of his favorite things of being a part of this community. What is a question you get asked most about being a chimney sweep/chimney sweeping/ the industry? So, what made you decide to want to become a chimney sweep? How did you get started in the industry? I worked in insurance and was getting tired of working tirelessly from paycheck to paycheck to earn a living for my family, never seeming to get ahead. A good friend convinced me to start a business. I started my chimney service business from scratch (after his recommendation and convincing) part time on the weekends until I felt confident enough to leave my full time job in the insurance business. What advice do you wish you had received when you were getting started? Get the proper education! Reach out to other chimney service professionals and learn as much as you can from them. In the beginning, I had no clue that chimney service was an actual profession! After joining NCSG and getting the Sweeping magazine, I found a local service company that was featured in the magazine and reached out to them to set up a time to meet. I’ve never looked back. Best decision ever! My mind has been opened to the possibilities this industry has to offer. What is the biggest challenge you face on the job? What are your best strategies for overcoming it? Encountering an issue that I’ve never experienced before. Every chimney restoration job brings along its challenges. I’ve been able to meet and network with some fantastic professionals in this industry that are extremely helpful in these situations. I have certain guys on speed dial. Their willingness to offer us guidance has helped us excel in our business and continued education.

30 S W E E P I N G December 2019

Who was your most famous customer? David Sandy, a magician! Believe it or not. He’s a world-renowned magician that lives right here in our community. He’s the past president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Have you ever attended NCSG Annual Convention & Trade Show? If so, what was your favorite takeaway? Absolutely! We started going two years ago. Network, Network, Network! I try to meet new people each year. Everybody has a story and experiences we can all learn from. I love meeting new people and picking their brains. So much great knowledge! What is your proudest accomplishment? Making the decision to take my business full time and getting married to my wife Janna, of course! The two go hand in hand. Without her and our children, I’d probably not be as motivated as I am to build our business and life like we have and plan to do. Have you ever had to make your own tool to solve a particular problem? Yes! Before I knew suppliers existed for this industry we started making our own deglazing equipment. After deciding to go full time in business, an entire new realm opened its doors to us! Weirdest thing you have ever found in a chimney? A duck! It had fallen through the chimney flue in behind a wood stove insert (slammer). It was still preserved, colorful blue feathers and all. The customer was saddened and in disbelief. What do you like to do outside of work? I spend time with my wife and kids. Why work so hard if we can’t spend time with those we love? What is, in your opinion, the most valuable part of being a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild? Networking, training opportunities, company involvement, etc. This is our trade, our life, our family. I believe whole-heartedly in being as involved as possible with our trade organizations. They support us behind the scenes. Let’s be proud of it! And of course our clients love to hear that we belong to the National Chimney Sweep Guild!

Energy-SavingDampers Energy-Saving Setting The Standard For

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December 2019

31 S W E E P I N G



By Annemarie Stockton Membership & Outreach Coordinator


hat an awesome year this has been! Membership numbers are up, which means that our mission is being carried out by even more member companies from all over the country (and beyond). I love being your Membership Coordinator and am excited to see what new heights we reach together in 2020! I’m always looking for new benefits we can provide for our members, so I’m excited to announce a brand new benefit called the NCSG Brainery! NCSG Members have access to a selection of some of the best classes offered at previous conventions for free. Simply login into the members only section of and choose the course you would like to take. Best of all these courses are good for CEUs to help you renew your CSIA and NFI certifications. We have also updated the NCSG Job Board! Both members and industry partners can post job openings, while those looking for a new opportunity can upload their resume. As an NCSG member, you can post your ad for 30 days for free! Visit JobBoard to check it out.

32 S W E E P I N G December 2019

Also new this year was the creation of the NCSG Advocacy Fund. 5% of all dues paid to the Guild will be set aside in a special fund for advocacy and legislative action. This is just one more way we are putting your money to work to help the nation’s chimney and venting industry! My favorite part of this year, however, was all of the great interactions and involvement from you, the members! I love getting to do the Meet a Member feature each month. Whether you run a major operation or a single-truck company, it’s so nice to highlight you all. Our Mentor Program is beginning to take legs, too, and I look forward to continuing to grow and develop this program. I also love to see you all at our annual convention, and this year was especially great because we had an incredible turnout of volunteers! I can’t wait to see you all in Orlando next year (I’ll be dreaming of the sunshine until then). 2019 was pretty great, but let’s look towards next year with 20/20 vision!

before the NCSG Convention kicks off.

Roydhouse Round Up

by Chuck Roydhouse, CSIA President “If progress is to be steady, we must have long term guides extending far ahead.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower It has been nine months since I became President of CSIA. My three goals were to increase safety training and awareness in our industry, improve client services, and expand our education offerings. An expansion of our current education offerings and more safety training classes will be offered in multiple locations around the country this coming year. •

Safety courses will be offered in Tennessee, New Hampshire, Indianapolis and Pennsylvania. Topics covered will be: Ropes/Fall Protection, Silica/Respiratory Protection, CPR/First Aid/Hazardous Waste and an OSHA 10 Hour course.

The 2-Day Masonry Course will be offered in Hudson, NY, Finksburg, MD, Nashville, TN, and Raleigh, NC. Our two previous masonry courses in Richmond, IN are now one comprehensive 5-Day Masonry School offered in February and August and taught by CSIA Master Mason, Chris Prior.

With the ever-growing use of gas appliances, we will offer a Basic Gas Appliance Service course in Waynesville, NC in February, as well as our 5-Day Gas Class at the Tech Center in July.

In addition, the Tech Center will be offering back-toback Inspection & Report Writing and Chimney Physics classes in January and August.

For training, we will offer Basic Chimney Dynamics in Waynesville, NC in February. And during April in sunny Orlando, FL we will have a 1-day Reline Seminar, just

December 2019

New this year, CSIA will be hosting a Business Symposium January 27th and 28th at the Tech Center. You have requested more business training for profitability, efficiency, and growth and we are answering the call. We are “The Chimney Success Institute of America”.

But wait that it is not all that’s new…. Starting in January 2020, The CSIA National Training Academy kicks off. This is a revamped and expanded version of the training school offered 5 times a year. It dovetails with our new manual and certification test. The CSIA is making an investment in you, our credential holders, as this is the right way to support and better those who support the CSIA. We will continue to invest in technologies and infrastructure to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our industry. In 2020, we will be expanding our certification credentials and building additional training structures at the Tech Center. The CSIA will not be stagnant, but will be proactive in serving our clients by offering the best value in training and certification. I look forward to serving this trade as we move into 2020 and I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year. CSIA Is The Standard of Excellence in the Chimney and Venting Industry!

Chuck Roydhouse President CSIA


October 2019

NEW CERTIFICATIONS Pennsylvania Joseph Grim Wells & Sons Chimney Service Gilbertsville Tristan Davidson Smokestack Masonry, LLC Lancaster California John-Patrick (JP) Ryan Ryan Brothers Chimney Sweeping Roseville Indiana Victor Aemmer Coffman’s Chimney Sweeps Floyds Knobs North Carolina Chandler Brock Smoke Alert Garner New Jersey John Torres Central Jersey Fireplace LLC Eatontown Justin Decker Willy’s Chimney Service Lanoka Harbor Matthew Dzeuba High Point Chimney Services Raritan

Paul Cangemi Makefield Hearth and Home Services Yardley Tennessee David Milford Chim Chimney Hermitage Arien La Valle TN Firepalce and Chimney Knoxville Bobby Collins Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc Smyrna Marcus Freeman Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc Smyrna

North Carolina Benjamn Radcliffe Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning Indian Trail Mike Summers Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning Indian Trail New Jersey Sean Felgar Felgar Chimney Sweeps Colonia

Ian Ingerson Ashbusters Chimney Service Inc Smyrna

New York Joshua Miller Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc Poughkeepsie

Michigan Bob Sciba The Chimney Doctor Midland

Ohio Nathan Buchanan Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service, Inc Greenwich

December 2019

Indiana Keith Shaffer Not Me LLC Carmel


csia news CSIA Education: Looking Towards 2020 What a fantastic year this has been with both the training we have conducted and formulating plans for 2020! As you can read in Chuck’s Roydhouse Round Up, the CSIA is rolling out an extended offering with a large geographical footprint in 2020. In addition to our expanded course offerings, we are making some long-awaited changes to our CCS credential. For starters, CSIA is expanding our online options! We have partnered with the online proctoring service, ProctorFree, and we are thrilled with how easy folks are finding it to use for testing. There are several advantages to online testing. •

You are not required to travel somewhere to have your test proctored or have a proctor travel to you with the associated expenses and missed work.

You are not constrained to a set time. By utilizing the camera on your computer or laptop, you can test at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. 24 hours a day at your convenience.

You get instant results upon completing the test – no more waiting for manual grading to take place.

CSIA will be utilizing online testing at all reviews and schools in 2020, which will make the credentialing and re-credentialing process a whole lot simpler.

In addition, the new manual of study for the Certified Chimney Sweep credential is being launched! It will be available in both PDF and hard copy. Called Chimney and Venting Essentials, the new manual is a completely new book that we are excited to offer. Along with the new manual, we are rolling out a new exam. CSIA partnered with a professional test writing company in developing this text. This company has a long history with the hearth and chimney trade, having worked with the National Fireplace Institute for many years. A group of subject matter experts was put together to write questions based on the manual. We then met with the test writing company to finalize the questions we would use on the three versions of the exam we have developed. This new exam will test over the material in the new manual, so make sure you obtain your copy of Chimney and Venting Essentials before taking the exam! Updating our material and offerings was a huge priority, and we are thrilled to be able to grow in this direction. If you have any questions about testing, let the staff know at or (317) 837-5362.


Safety Training

Get Certified or Renew


CSIA National Training Academy

Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Review and Exam

Certified Chimney Sweep Review and Exam

2-Day Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Workshop

Ropes Course

CPR / Hazardous Waste / First Aid

Masonry & Gas

CSIA Tech Center | Jan 23-24, Oct 7-8 In this class, you will learn how to diagnose, reroute, clean and rebuild a dryer vent system.

CSIA Tech Center | Jan 17 Scranton, PA | May 15 King of Prussia, PA | Feb 19 Richmond, VA | Aug 7 New Orleans, LA | Mar 13 Albany, NY | Sept 11 Orlando, FL | Mar 31 Atlantic City, NJ | Oct 9 In-Person review to prepare a technician for the certification exam. Earn or renew your credential. Bell Buckle, TN | Apr 21-22, Sept 24-25 Learn how to safely set up fall protection systems before you leave the ground. Learn how to safely access roofs of any pitch.

Nashville, TN | Jun 19 New Cumberland, PA | Jul 27 Approved by the American Heart Association. You will receive a 2-year certification. Learn how to provide basic First Aid care to a sick or injured person.

Silica/Respiratory Protection

Manchester, NH | May 4 CSIA Tech Center | Jul 16 New Cumberland, PA | Sep 9 Learn how to identify a potential hazard, and the corrective action to take for that hazard.

OSHA- 10 hour

CSIA Tech Center | Jul 13-15 This class will help you identify and reduce the risks associated with the common safety hazards found in the chimney and venting industry - on the job and in the shop. You will also learn to write effective safety plans for the topics covered in this course for you and your team.

Basic Gas Appliance Service

Waynesville, NC | Feb 22 This course will cover types of appliances, fuels, venting, burner and ignition systems and installation planning.

Masonry School

Richmond, IN | Feb 24-28, Aug 10-14 This five day course will take the attendees from the basics of brick and mortar characteristics to advanced skills in a week long class that combines classroom theory with extensive hands on practice with one on one interaction with the instructor.

Inspection and Report Writing

Advanced Education

Waynesville, NC | Feb 20 Orlando, FL | Mar 31 A great business opportunity or add-on service for your company. Make a Mint with Dryer Lint.

CSIA Tech Center | Feb 3-8, Apr 27-May 2, Jun 22-27, Aug 17-22, Sept 14-19 Get certified through the only hands-on training of its kind. Classroom, lab, and hands-on instruction over six days from the nation’s best instructors.

CSIA Tech Center | Jan 13-14, August 3-4 Enhance your inspections and improve your service with better reporting for your customers by learning the latest industry practices.

2-Day Chimney Physics

2 Day Masonry

Hudson, NY | Mar 18-19 Nashville, TN | Jun 29-30 Finksburg, MD | May 7-8 Raleigh, NC | Aug 26-27 Intensive 2-day class combining classroom theory and hands-on projects. Learn brick and mortar basics, and all aspects of chimney repairs.

Gas Class

CSIA Tech Center | Jul 20-24 5-Day course covers service and installation, appliance standards, combustion requirements, pipe sizing and installation, troubleshooting, carbon monoxide testing, and fuel conversion. Concludes with the NFI Gas Certification exam.

Basic Chimney Dynamics

Waynesville, NC | Feb 22 The technician will learn about proper venting system design and sizing and common venting problems. This class will cover the house as a system and pressure problems causes and solutions.

CSIA Tech Center | Jan 15-16, August 5-6 Learn the science of home venting and how the home works as a system of moving parts and air to influence home heating and venting system success.

Reline Seminar

Business Symposium

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

CSIA Tech Center | Jan 27-28 This All-Star group of speakers and business consultants have taken many businesses to new heights of operational efficiency and profitability, and might just have the next tip to take your business there, too.

Orlando, FL | Mar Apr 131 This seminar will teach the attendees the why, when and how of stainless steel relining.


Visit for more info & CEUs. All dates subject to change.


December 2019



NEW JERSEY Felgar Chimney Sweeps • Sean Felgar • Colonia The Chimney Medics • Shane Brown • Little Egg Harbor PENNSYLVANIA Airduct Priority • Zokir Gufurov • Philadelphia

FLORIDA Nate’s Dryer Vent Cleaning • Nathan Cox • Rockledge

MISSOURI Mr Ts Chimney Service LLC • Tom Toeniskoetter • Saint Peters OHIO Elite Chimney Solutions • Anthony Ramsey • Beavercreek

COLORADO Planet Duct • Brandon Kirk • Colorado MINNESOTA HomeSight • Matthew Brown • Inver Grove Heights


NEW YORK Four Winds Masonry and Chimney • Anthony Valerio • East Rochester



1 21424325435365 CALIFORNIA Captain Kirk’s Chimney Service • Kirk Hart • Sebastopol WASHINGTON Inspect Your Chimney LLC • Paul Duffau • Asotin WYOMING Mighty Ducts, LLC • Stephen Underwood • Cheyenne






4 54 5 65 6 6 International

ONTARIO Courtesy Home Maintenance • Jeff Lyons • Huntsville

37 S W E E P I N G

December 2019

Around the

Tech Center. Megan McMahon

Executive Director

As 2019 is ending, I thought it would be appropriate to look back on some of the highlights from the past year: April The NCSG took the convention to Norfolk, VA! The CSIA Tech Center classroom hosted 5 SOLD OUT training academies and countless other educational opportunities. For information on scheduled courses for 2020 please visit: www.

June The amazing Sweeps Week volunteers built the one of a kind Prior Structure, which will be used to train students for years to come!

August Education Director, Russ Dimmitt and I, along with several additional representatives from NCSG and CSIA made our way to Sweden for the European Chimney Sweep Conference (ESCHFOE). Following the August Board of Directors Meeting, NCSG created the advocacy fund where 5% of all membership dues paid will be set aside in a fund to respond to legislative issues on both state and national levels. The Education Department Expanded: Academic CoordinatorPenny Seals Certification CoordinatorCharissa Mahaffey Program CoordinatorTammy Bruner

38 S W E E P I N G December 2019

NCSG App: Easily Access Member Benefits Stay up to Date on the NCSG News Purchase NCSG Gear Check Out Convention Information and more! CSIA App: View CEUs View Events and Exams Purchase CSIA Gear from the Sweep Shop Pay Your Bill and more! Online exams returned and became even easier to take with Proctor Free!

October The NCSG and CSIA staff raised $2750 for Sweep Away Cancer by promising a pie in the face contest!

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CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Wanted:

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Come join us in beautiful Western Colorado. Excellent hunting, fishing, hiking and more. Rapidly expanding family business is seeking a self motivated, personable, dependable, articulate, and honest individual. Must be CSIA Certified. Experience with gas fireplaces and pellet stoves a must. The successful candidate will possess a valid drivers license, clean driving record, pass a background check, be well organized, and able to meet the mental and physical challenges associated with the industry. We offer paid vacation, holidays and sick leave, $16-$25/hour based on experience, drive, and results. Call 970-234-3330 for more info.

Work for a Growing Company! Chimney Solutions, based in Atlanta, GA, is looking for Salespeople and Installers with the desire to move up within our company. A $1000-$2000 signing bonus is available, depending on certifications. Pay will be commensurate with experience. Relocation is available for the individual that meets our needs and qualifications. Send resumes to dpace@ or visit our website at www. Looking for a career change or an opportunity to move up in the Washington, D.C. region? Join us at Priddy Chimney Sweeps, a growing firm that offers sweep, repair, and artisanal masonry services across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. With a 37-year history of providing outstanding service and one of the most recognized sweep brands in the region, Priddy proudly remains family-owned and female-led, two qualities we believe help us deliver better than our competition. We are hiring both apprentice and experienced sweeps, as well as masons. We pride ourselves on offering well-defined career paths and attractive compensation packages. If you would like to learn more, take a quick look at our website at to see what we’re about. You can submit an application in the Careers section of our website or email us at Careers@ Experience Sweep Wanted In business since 1978, we are looking to expand our team. Located in Roseville, CA (just east of Sacramento). WANTED – a certified sweep looking for growth opportunities. Benefits include: • Signing bonus available • Competitive salary w/commission • Medical & Vacation included • Full Time position Please send resumes to Amie Ryan

CHIMNEY SWEEP & REPAIR COMPANY FOR SALE Central/Northern Virginia Established 1981 2017 revenue: $ 1,008,000.00 2018 revenue: $ 1,083,000.00 All equipment and vehicles convey Operations and management staff to remain Turn-key operation Secure long-term lease for offices and warehouse Owner financing with 25% down Sale price: $ 450,000.00 Call 540-272-3485 CLASSIFIED ADS FREE FOR NCSG MEMBERS Members can run one 35-word classified free each year! Regular classified ads are $2/word or $1/word for NCSG members. Classified ads are non-commissionable and must be pre-paid. To place a classified ad, please contact Charissa Mahaffey at or 317-837-1500.

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December 2019


Award “We saw this beauty driving by the house and decided to stop and take a picture.� Katie S. Horner with Sunfire Energy Solutions in Martinsburg, WV See a chimney in your area that had you scratching your head? Send it to the editor, Darcy Marlett at for publication in Sweeping. Include a few words about the scene and location.

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Ahrens Chimney Technique 800-843-4417 27 Approved Industries 866-439-0069 22-23 Blue Collar Enterprise Magazine 28 ChimCap Corp 800-262-9622 17 Closing Commander 615-205-5959 13 Copperfield 800-247-3305 7 CVC 704-425-0217 4 Duct Cleaner Supply 800-634-2822 29 ENERVEX 770-587-3238 8 Firesafe Industries, Inc. 800-545-6607 16 Gelco 24 ICP 508-695-7000 5 Lindemann Chimney Company 866-629-8006 9 Lyemance 31 National Chimney 800-897-8481 Inside front cover New England Chimney Supply 866-513-2378 Back cover Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc. 800-569-1425 11 Sand Hill Wholesale & Mfg., Inc 800-258-5496 10 SnapLok Rotary Sweep Systems 702-790-4197 25 Z-Flex 800-654-5600 15

December 2019


PRODUCTS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. PEOPLE THAT WILL LEAD THE WAY TO NEW BUSINESS. HPBExpo 2020. NEW ORLEANS. Trends are changing, seasonal distinctions are becoming less clear, and the ever-evolving consumer demand for the latest in indooroutdoor living has created new, year-round business opportunities. HPBExpo 2020 is the most efficient, informative, and exciting place to get ahead of these emerging trends and meet the people that could jump start an entire year’s worth of sales. It all happens in New Orleans—the city that celebrates the very indoor-outdoor living experiences that your business brings to life.


Exhibition: March 12–14, 2020 Education: March 11–13, 2020 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

New Orleans, LA



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New England Chimney Supply 866-513-2378

IS YOUR SUPPLIER FALLING DOWN THIS SEASON? Busy season is in full swing and you need to be able to count on your suppliers. With NECS in your corner, you can rest assured that we will have the products you need, when you need them. We prepared all summer by building up inventory and we’re holding up real well. So if you are looking for a change or just considering options, give us a call. Any of our CSR Team Members are ready and eager to serve you. During this season of thanksgiving, try to find some time for yourself. Pause for a moment and give thanks for family, friends and what we have as Americans. To our customers and those soon to be, I am also thankful for the trust you put in our team everyday with every order. Thank you!

— Pierre Simard, Owner


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“It is easy for a business to say that they have great customer service, they have integrity and are honest but it is another thing to make a customer feel it and I DID!! You folks are real – a real CLASS ACT – a real pleasure to have a relationship with - a real REMARKABLE company – a real INSPIRATION - all of you! OUTSTANDING!!!” - Don O. ME with no hassles, at a competitive price (not to mention, with a smile!)” - Paul B. VT


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Sweeping Magazine- December 2019  

The 2019 Progress Edition

Sweeping Magazine- December 2019  

The 2019 Progress Edition

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