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Community Health Centers Open Door Community Health Centers Board of Directors: (seated from left) Felicia Oldfather, Sydney Fisher Larson, Kathleen Moxon (standing from left) Jim Pfingstel, Elizabeth Murguia, Herrmann Spetzler, Cyn Van Fleet, Zuretti Goosby (not shown) Larry Matthews, Neal Sanders, Connie Stewart

Behind the Open Door

Counties – that’s one out of every four of our friends and neighbors.

Cheyenne Spetzler Chief Operations Officer I sometimes ask myself why I would spend 30-plus years in health care administration. The answers come pretty fast, though. Because medicine is an exciting and challenging field; because people who work in medicine do so to help others; because I want to be of some help myself. If you have been following this series of North Coast Journal inserts about Open Door Community Health Centers’ clinics and staff, you have had the chance to see the places where Open Door meets the public. Unless you have needed attention beyond the scope of health center staff, you have probably not encountered many of people who work to keep Open Door open. Behind the smiling faces, caring hands and skilled providers, there is another domain that sets the stage for the day-to-day business of our clinics. continued on page 8 ➤

OUR APPRECIATION uring this week of Thanksgiving, it seems an appropriate time to express our appreciation to the many people who make Open Door Community Health Centers a vital and caring organization.


We certainly express our thanks to the patients who choose to use Open Door for their primary health care. While confidentiality prevents us from listing you all, so does space. We serve more than 40,000 individuals in Del Norte and Humboldt

We also extend thanks to the hundreds of people who help to maintain the high level of professionalism and readiness that allows Open Door to provide the highest quality care. On the following pages, you’ll see the names and photos of those who have been a part of Open Door during the past year. Some you’ll know. Some, as Cheyenne points out in her column, work behind the scenes. In our fortieth year, we hosted a number of events and participated in even more to celebrate, thank and support the community we serve. You’ll see a list of the people who made those events possible on page 7. To all, we wish a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving. ❖



Burre Dental Center

Burre Dental Center

Rosa Angon, Registered Dental Assistant Daisy Barrios, Receptionist Brandy Boone, Case Manager David Browning, Consulting Dentist Stacey Celeste, Office Manager Ana Cervantes, Registered Dental Assistant Elisa Cervantes, Registered Dental Assistant Paula Christie, Registered Dental Assistant Susan Cobb, Registered Dental Assistant Carole Colburn, Sterilization Technician Amanda Conley, Registered Dental Assistant Roberta Cook-Scacco, Receptionist Kristine Croy, Dental Hygienist Barbara Davis, Dental Sites Administrator Stefanie Delgado, Receptionist Kathy Dilling, Training Specialist/Assistant to the Director Mindy Fereira, Registered Dental Assistant-Mobile Samantha Hani, Lead Registered Dental Assistant Mark Harris, Consulting Dentist Barry Hay, Dentist Karen Hay, Registered Dental Assistant Paul Jung, Dentist Maureen Kiley, Dentist Deborah Lopez, Registered Dental Assistant Amber McCleary, Registered Dental Assistant Shelley Miller, Receptionist David Nelson, Dentist Stephanie Nelson, Registered Dental Assistant Jarrett Nicholson, Lead Receptionist Genoveva Nunez, Registered Dental Assistant Diane Patkowski, Dentist-Mobile Rozanne Roscoe, Dental Assistant

Del Norte Community Health Centers

Larry Swingseth, Dental Hygienist Nayelli Tejeda, Receptionist Susan Torres, Registered Dental Assistant Claudia Wells, Registered Dental Assistant-Mobile Holly Wendt, Registered Dental Assistant Carter Wright, Dentist/Corporate Dental Director Ossie Young, Registered Dental Assistant

Del Norte Community Health Center

Wendy Abasolo, Children’s Health Outreach Coordinator Socorro Aguilar, Lead Registered Dental Assistant Annamaria Anthony, Behavioral Health Specialist Courtney Axelson, Registered Dental Assistant Brandi Barr, Laboratory Lead Kathleen Blackwell, LabCorp Phlebotomist Rosa Borges, Medical Receptionist Lynda Inman-Bourne, Registered Dental AssistantMobile Michelle Bradford, Medical Assistant Vincent Capello, Consulting Behavioral Health Specialist Dyan Carver, RN HIV Clinical Care Coordinator Natasha Cerros, Medical Receptionist Robert Chiang, Dentist-Mobile Elijah Cochran, Teen Advocate Becky Coke, Licensed Vocational Nurse Maria Ruth Contreras, Medical Sterilization Technician Araceli Cordero Martinez, Dental Receptionist Susan DeGemis, Biller Carolyn Dikes, Physician Assistant


Eureka Community Health Center

Brigitte Dixon, Licensed Vocational Nurse Annabell Dominguez, Site EHR Specialist Megan Fears, Medical Assistant Christina Fosdick, Medical Assistant Claudia Frances, Dental Receptionist Blanca Gonzalez, Lead Dental Receptionist Katrina Groves-Rehwaldt, Physician Theresa Hawkins, Medical Records Erica Herrera, Medical Receptionist Suzan Hintz, Medical Assistant Lawrence Holbert, Registered Nurse Christian Holland, Physician/Site Medical Director Susan Jacobsen, Licensed Vocational Nurse Laura Johnson, Registered Dental Assistant-Mobile Dwight Jones, Dentist Kinnari Joshi, Referral Specialist Sherrie Lynch, Medical Assistant Laura Lyons, Nurse Practitioner Mary Marques, Medical Records Diana Medrano, Medical Receptionist Laurie Miller, Case Manager/Referral Support Katherine Mize, Registered Nurse Shara’Deen Murphy, Office Manager Nancy Newman, Dental Hygienist Daniel Nunez, Medical Receptionist Silvia Olmedo, Dental Assistant Miriam Ortega, Medical Assistant Arletta Patton, Medical Assistant Clint Pearson, Physician Alisha Quast, Registered Nurse Warren Rehwaldt, Physician Deborah Riley, Medical Assistant Theresa Rivas, Registered Dental Assistant Daniel Stein, Consulting Physician Assistant

Humboldt Open Door Clinic

Thomas Stone, Licensed Vocational Nurse Meta Thao, Medical Receptionist Trisha Toreson, Licensed Vocational Nurse Sandy Vang, Dental Assistant Salena Vang, Teen Advocate Jennifer Vazquez, Dental Sterilization Technician Jesse Vos, Physician Assistant Alexander Wade, Pediatrician Susan Wellman, Dentist Song Xiong, Medical Assistant Neng Yang, Medical Receptionist Hilda Yepes-Contreras, Site Administrator

Eureka Community Health Center

Kimberly Adams, Office Manager Tara Arnold, Medical Assistant Beverly Bulloch, Registered Nurse Ashley Chiu, Medical Assistant Stacie Clark, Medical Assistant Beatriz Cortes Garcia, Receptionist Elizabeth Drabkin, Behavioral Health Specialist Daisy Eng, Physician Darlene Frederickson, Medical Records Todd Gantt, Medical Assistant Teresa Garcia-Rodriguez, Receptionist Velina Godoy, Medical Assistant Jessica Hani, Medical Assistant Der Her, Receptionist Willard “Bill” Hunter, Physician/Site Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer Scott Irvin, Site EHR Specialist/Medical Records Supervisor Justina Johanes, Receptionist Patrick Johnson, Medical Assistant-Mobile Gwendolyn Jones, Sterilization Technician Steven Jorgensen, LabCorp Phlebotomist Stephen Kamelgarn, Physician Becki Lawrence, RN Case Manager-Mobile

McKinleyville Community Health Center

Charlotte LeVaugh-Paul, Receptionist Alfredo Lopez, Promotoro Nicole Mahouski, Registered Nurse Susana Malaga, Medical Assistant Dennis McMullen, Case Manager-Mobile Margaret McNeill, Behavioral Health SpecialistMobile Diana Michaels, Referral Support Erin Mooney, Latino Health Promotion Project Coordinator Charmaine Mosher-Carbiener, Nurse Practitioner Mark Mowrey, RN Clinic Coordinator Stephanie Naas, Nurse Practitioner Patricia Norberry, Medical Records Hilary Powell, Physician Assistant Sherri Provolt, Site Administrator Ronda Raven, Lead Medical Records Alicia Ruiz, Promotora Cynthia Ruptak, Medical Assistant Rebecca Saucedo, Nurse Practitioner Lisa Short, Laboratory Lead Ellen Taylor, Physician Assistant Karen Towns, Medical Assistant David Villasenor, Physician/Psychiatrist Dale Ward, Intake Coordinator-Mobile Mark Yoder, Laboratory Assistant

NorthCountry Clinic

Humboldt Open Door Clinic

Edwina Anderson, Medical Records Claire Appelmans, Teen Advocate Franchesca Araiza, Receptionist Mary Anne Baldwin, Medical Assistant Norman Bell, Pediatrician Breanna Blank, Medical Assistant Nancy Brockington, Physician Martha Corneal, Medical Assistant Sergio Codina, RN HIV Clinical Care Coordinator Mattie Conlin, Medical Assistant, Teen Clinic Liaison Amy Davis, Receptionist Shannon Frizzell, Lead Receptionist Sandra Garcia, Medical Assistant Colleen Graey, Nurse Practitioner Brianna Handl, Licensed Vocational Nurse Khou Her, Medical Records David Horwitz, Physician Assistant Gail Hovorka, Physician/HIV Medical Director Lisa Hoyt, Nurse Practitioner Barbie Humphrey, Sterilization Technician Carrie Jennings, Medical Assistant Casey Kelly, Physician Assistant Christine Larsen, Receptionist Mark Madras, LabCorp Phlebotomist Silvia Manzo, Interpreter continued on next page ➤



Starsha Marquez, Medical Assistant Lily Martin, Site EHR Specialist Georgina May, Administrative Assistant Susan McCoy, Medical Records Jay Molofsky, HIV Project Director/Site Administrator Kirra Moon, Teen Advocate Tara Moss, Physician Assistant/ Teen Clinic and Title X Medical Director Chelsea Nelson, Laboratory Assistant Sonja Nichols, Medical Assistant Jessica Oliver, Teen Advocate Sheryl Quigley, Registered Nurse Elaine Reynolds, RN Clinic Coordinator Isabelle Robles-Hernandez, Registered Nurse Janet Roof, Medical Assistant Janice Lou Rowley, Medical Assistant Mark Sallling, Laboratory Lead Sarah Scher, Physician Gina Schulz, Registered Nurse Lesley Manson Shaw, Behavioral Health Specialist/ Director of Behavioral Health Services Jackie Shipley, Transcriptionist Lynn Stacy, Registered Dietician Thomas Steenblock, Special Projects Coordinator Mary Thomas, Medical Assistant Sonia Verville, Office Manager Lois Wachtel, Administrative Assistant Ellen Weiss, Physician, Site Medical Director Kira Weiss, Teen Advocate Skyler Wrigley, Teen Advocate Janae Zolna-McLane, Physician

McKinleyville Community Health Center

Darcy Balke, Pediatrics Receptionist Brandi Beeman, Laboratory Lead Melynda Blaine, Medical Records Jamie Boltzen, Medical Records Chris Cagle, Medical Assistant William Carlson, Physician/Site Medical Director Joseph Carroll, Physician Nathan Copple, Physician Melissa Dickey, Receptionist Rachel Fuller, Receptionist Andrea Goodwin, Receptionist Mia Houlberg, Site Administrator

Theodore Humphry, Pediatrician Sarah Kohndrow, Lead Receptionist Cynthia Johnson, Nurse Practitioner Edward Kody, Consulting Pediatrician Mandy Leonhardt, Medical Assistant Angela Luna, Medical Assistant Chelsey Marvel, Medical Assistant Rachel Maxwell, Teen Advocate Cynthia McLeod-Graves, Registered Nurse Renee McCovey, Medical Assistant Patti Miller, Pediatrics RN Clinic Coordinator Valerie Padilla, Pediatrics Receptionist Meredith Pease, Teen Advocate Acacia Raskin, Teen Advocate Darci Ray, Medical Assistant/Teen Clinic Liaison Deanne Rieder, Pediatrics Receptionist Derek Rosdahl, Teen Advocate Teresa Sawatsky, Pediatrics Office Manager Melissa Schoborg, Pediatrics Medical Assistant Erin Splawn, Medical Assistant Julie Villegas, Pediatrics Licensed Vocational Nurse Jenny Virasonh, Medical Assistant Tara Vu, Physician Glorie Williamson, RN Clinic Coordinator Laurie Wirthlin, Pediatrician

NorthCountry Clinic

Gerald Alston, Physician Iria Bagley, Receptionist Blanca Bell, Interpreter/ Medical Records Kelly Bell, Medical Assistant Christopher Blank, Registered Nurse Dolly Bott, Case Manager Judy Burns, Physician


Jennifer Cain, Medical Assistant Peter Ciarabellini, Laboratory Assistant Heather Fernald, LabCorp Phlebotomist Lena Fite, Medical Assistant Debbie Funada, Administrative Assistant Morgan Gard, Medical Assistant Elise-Marie Griffin, Medical Assistant Claudia Gutierrrez, Receptionist Brianna Handl, Licensed Vocational Nurse Eloi Hoopman, Physician Joan Hughes, Physician Assistant Lori Maciel, Clinic Manager Heather Marquette, Site EHR Specialist Jay Molofsky, Site Administrator Brenda Moore, Medical Records Mary Mullikin, Medical Records Lead Tim Nicely, Physician Julie Ohnemus, Physician/Site Medical Director/Associate Medical Officer Susan Powell, Registered Nurse Jessica Quigley, Medical Assistant Gena Pennington, Consulting Physician Julie Rasmussen, Medical Assistant Molly Rombalski, Registered Nurse Nicole Ross, Laboratory Lead Andrea Salazar, Medical Assistant/Referral Support Andrea Sandoval, Office Manager Lezlie Scaliatine, Behavioral Health Specialist Maria Spetzler, Physician Assistant Sara Stradley, Receptionist Deborah Sweitzer, Women’s Health Physician Assistant Kelvin Vu, Physician Nina Young-Cushing, Medical Assistant

LEFT TO RIGHT: Northcountry Prenatal Services, Telehealth & Visiting Specialist Center, Willow Creek Community Health Center, Administration and Finance

Northcountry Prenatal Services

Gerald Alston, Physician/ Site Medical Director Ellen Drury, Certified Nurse Midwife Carolyn Eldridge, Licensed Midwife Robin Fraser, Medical Assistant Beth Herrmann, Medical Assistant Eloi Hoopman, Physician Mia Houlberg, Site Administrator Molly Jacobs, RN, Post Partum Home Visit Nurse Kate Maguire, Health Educator/Doula Project Coordinator Jennifer Monjaraz, Receptionist Ana Moreno, Administrative Assistant/ Health Educator Caroline Murphy, Medical Assistant Tim Nicely, Physician Oliver Puttler, Consulting Physician Jessica Quigly, Medical Assistant Karen Severn, RN Clinic Coordinator Diana Simpson, Laboratory Lead Bethany Taylor, Office Manager Nicole Valenti, Registered Nurse Tara Vu, Physician Nina Young-Cushing, Medical Assistant

Telehealth & Visiting Specialist Center

Kimberly Arnold, Receptionist Norman Bell, Pediatrician Linda Cade, Nurse Practitioner/Diabetic Educator Sandra Colivas, Office Manager

Darlene Coop, Medical Assistant/ Telehealth Coordinator Elizabeth Drabkin, Behavioral Health Specialist Ana Margarita Gonzalez, Receptionist Ray Grosveld, RN Case Manager Gail Hovorka, Physician/HIV Medical Director Viviana Hernandez, Registered Nurse Elizabeth Huff, Medical Assistant Erik Jansson, Consulting Physician-Ophthalmology Kelly Kinsley, Consulting Physician-Dermatology Ed Kody, Consulting Pediatrician Allen Mathew, Consulting Physician-Nephrology Charmaine Mosher-Carbiener, Nurse Practitioner Karen O’Connell, RN HIV Clinical Care Coordinator Ramona Pantoja, Medical Assistant Edward “Hank” Parker, Consulting Physician Assistant-Dermatology David Ploss, Consulting Physician-Cardiology Madeleine Ramos, Consulting Physician-Immunology Amy Riese, Psychiatrist Velisar Rill, Consulting Physician-Cardiology Melvin Selinger, Consulting Physician-Pulmonology Brandi Shipman, Medical Assistant Asa Stockton, Consulting Physician-Orthopedics David Villasenor, Physician/Psychiatrist Vasyl Warvariv, Consulting Physician-Nephrology William Weiderman, Consulting Physician-Gynecology

Willow Creek Community Health Center

Mary Aldridge, Registered Nurse Norman Bensky, Physician/Site Medical Director Laura Borden, Dental Receptionist

Erika “Ricki” Busseau, Site Specialist Jenevieve Busseau, Medical Assistant Heather Callagan, Dental Assistant Silvia DeLeon, Medical Receptionist Erica Dykehouse, RN Clinic Coordinator Kelly Earls, Medical Receptionist Laura Earls, Medical Assistant Judy Gallamore, Lead Registered Dental Assistant Deborah Henehan, Behavioral Health Specialist Susan Herman, Registered Nurse Teri Humphrey, Office Manager Amanda James, Nurse Practitioner Paul Jung, Dentist Dennis Kelly, Laboratory Lead/Radiology Technologist Jane Manning, Physician Assistant Katheryn “Kat” Napier, Site Administrator Alissa Pattison, Medical Records Susan Scofield, Registered Dental Assistant Stephanie Sieber, Registered Nurse Jacqueline Singletary, Medical Assistant Lori Waller, Registered Nurse Thomas Weisend, Registered Nurse Kara Zertuche, Nurse Practitioner


Frank Anderson, Telehealth Development Director Julianne Barnum, Advancement Associate Joanne Barstow, Bookkeeper James A. Bella, Jr., Chief Financial Officer Melanie Bright, Reports Specialist Linda D’Agati, Chief Quality Improvement Officer Tarita Estrada, Benefits Coordinator continued on next page ➤



Billing Department

Tammy Flint, EHR Service Area Administrator Jana Gilbert, Grants Manager Donald Gollihue, Laboratory Coordinator Pamela Harvell, Revenue Manager Gail Kuwahara, Operations Assistant Koreen Nagle, Operations Assistant Christopher Peters, Chief Advancement Officer Jo Pritchett, Administrative Assistant Sandra Ritchie, Accounting Technician Nancy Scott, Payroll Manager Cynthia Simpson, Controller Breanne Sorrells, Enrollment Coordinator Cheyenne Spetzler, Chief Operations Officer Herrmann Spetzler, Chief Executive Officer Stacy Watkins, Deputy Operations Director Carolyn Webb, Human Resources Manager Lorina Windham, Finance Clerk


Kathleen Brown, Biller Elizabeth Collins, Billing Clerk Charlene DiGiacomo, Billing Manager Laurel Gray, Biller Shalimar Ivey, Biller Deborah Justice, Biller Catherine Kreig, Biller-Dental Theresa Machado, Biller Lauren Martinez, Biller Janice “Cathy” Morin, Biller Sigrid Munson, Biller Rose Obuchon, Billing Supervisor- Customer Service Marcy Ragain, Biller Robert Sager, Biller

Corporate Services & Facilities Management

Information Technologies

Carma Scott, Billing Supervisor/ E-Transactions & Payments Suzanne Simmons, Biller Michele Swift, Biller Tracy Ward, Billing Supervisor- Charge Processing Ossie Young, Biller-Dental Jamie Zuleger, Biller

Kathleen Moxon, Vice President Elizabeth Murguia Felicia Oldfather, Treasurer James Pfingstel Neal Sanders Connie Stewart Cyn Van Fleet, Secretary

Corporate Services and Facilities

ODCHC Advisors

Gilbert Castro, Maintenance Supervisor Oscar Fontenot, Maintenance-Del Norte Juanito Hufancia, Purchasing Agent Dwayne Lemos, Facilities Manager Ron Lingard, Contractor Scott Oberlies, Maintenance Michael Olmstead, Maintenance Alan Unmack, Deputy Facilities Manager Darryl Watson, Maintenance-Willow Creek

Information Technologies

Andrew Gill, Desktop Support Technician/Webmaster Ted Jake, Desktop Support Technician Joseph Lewis, Systems Administrator Erik Strawn, Desktop Support Technician Gary Spetzler, Desktop Support Technician- Del Norte

ODCHC Board of Directors Zuretti Goosby Sydney Fisher Larson, President Larry Matthews


Janssen Malloy, LLP, Legal Advisors John Fredenburg, General Counsel TCA Associates, Auditors

ODCHC Major Supporters

Arcata Economic Development Corporation Blue Shield of California Foundation Bureau of Primary Health Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services California HealthCare Foundation California Family Health Council Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, US Department of Health and Human Services Community Clinics Initiative Headwaters Fund Humboldt Area Foundation Knapp Foundation North Coast Clinics Network St. Joseph Health System Foundation The California Endowment The California Wellness Foundation The Tides Foundation Union Labor Health Foundation

ODCHC Patient Appreciation Days and Other Events MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT

Back Seat Drivers Blue Rhythm Review The Boon Dock Band Dylan’s Balloon Entertainment Fickle Hillbillies Full Moon Fever Matthew Scott, Balloonist Shantaram Jones, Magician Tofu Mike, the Sound Peddler Vintage Soul


Alyssa’s Coffee Brett Schuler Fine Catering Humboldt Hotdogs Little River Farm MochaMotion Luna Farm Safeway of Crescent City Teri’s Custom Catering and Cakes EQUIPMENT Action Rental Arcata Elementary School Crescent ACE Hardware Harrell’s Septic Services Humboldt Outfitters La Joya Market The Party Place Willow Creek Kiwanis Club PATIENT INFORMATION AND OUTREACH California United Homeworkers Care Transitions Team, St. Joseph Health System - Humboldt Charlie Wick Teen Project Del Norte Democratic Party Del Norte Health and Human Services Del Norte Men’s Prostate Cancer Group Mental Health Branch, Del Norte County DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Del Norte Senior Services Environmental Alternatives First Five Del Norte, Wonder Bus Food for People, Inc. Haiti Project- Team Redwood Healthy Families Outreach Hospice of Humboldt

Humboldt Community Breast Health Project Humboldt Chapter of Community Alliance with Family Farmers Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Humboldt Domestic Violence Services Judy Nelson of Balanced Physical Therapy K’ima:W LatinoNet North Coast AIDS Project, Public Health Branch, Humboldt County Depart ment of Health and Human Services North Coast Clinics Network North Coast Gardens Collaborative Pacific Pulmonology Services Pathways to Health, Community Health Alli ance Project HEALTH Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Social Services Branch, Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Smith River Community Programs The Raven Project The Tooth Project, Redwood Community Action Agency Tobacco Free Humboldt TUPP of Del Norte WIC Program, United Indian Health Services Willow Creek Community Resource Center Youth Services Bureau VENDORS 2 Momma’s Creations AC Flowerize Amy Bolen Photos Becky’s Candles and Hula Hoops Boxes by Steve Driftwood Succulents Living Life Services M & H Art Creations Proverbs Jewelry Richardson’s Crochet Creation PUBLICITY Arcata Eye BiCoastal Media Bug Press Del Norte Unified School District North Coast Journal Paul Swenson Photography The Daily Triplicate The Pepperbox

Times Standard Two Rivers Tribune VENUES Del Norte Healthcare District Mad River Community Hospital Parks and Recreation Division, City of Eureka Willow Creek Community Services District ADDITIONAL EVENTS Del Norte Bi-National Health Fair North Coast Stand Down Humboldt State University Take Back the Night Humboldt State University Student Health Fair Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District Health Fairs LatinoNet Health Fair Mad River Community Hospital Health Fair North Country Fair/Arcata Main Street Seaview Rehabilitation & Wellness Center Health Fair ODCHC STAFF WHO MADE HEALTH FAIRS AND OTHER EVENTS POSSIBLE Wendy Abasolo, Socorro Aguilar, Rosa Angon, Franchesca Araiza, Julianne Barnum, Rosa Borges, Dolly Bott, Michelle Bradford, Melanie Bright, Beverly Bulloch, Heather Callaghan, Araceli Cerdero, Ana Cervantes, Elisa Cervantes, Ashley Chiu, Elijah Cochran, Sandra Colivas, Mattie Conlin, Mu Ruth Contreras, Darlene Coop, Barbara Davis, Susan DeGemis, Carolyn Dikes, Kathy Dilling, Erica Dykehouse, Laura Earls, Oscar Fontenot, Claudia Frances, Judy Gallamore, Jana Gilbert, Velina Godoy, Don Gollihue, Ashley Gutierrez, Brianna Handl, Samantha Hani, Vivianna Hernandez, Lawrence Holbert, Joan Hughes, Amanda James, Laura Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Kinnari Joshi, Gail Kuwahara, Charlotte LeVaugh-Paul, Greta Macey, Nicole Mahouski, Diana Medrano, Laurie Miller, Pattie Miller, Katherine Mize, Mark Mowrey, Shara’Deen Murphy, Koreen Nagle, Kat Napier, Stephanie Naas, Stephanie Nelson, Scott Oberlies, Mike Olmstead, Alisha Quast, Arletta Patton, Christopher Peters, Darci Ray, Mkyla Rivera, Isabelle Robles Hernandez, Ilianna Rubin, Alicia Ruiz de Olea, Jackie Singletary, Breanne Sorrells, Bethany , Taylor, Trisha Toreson, Susan Torres, Sandra Vang, Salena Vang, Dale Ward, Kira Weiss, Holly Wendt, Glorie Williamson, Hilda Yepes Contreras, Mark Yoder, Kara Zertuche ❖



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As a patient you may never meet someone from Facilities, IT, Operations, Finance, Billing, Human Resources or Development, but all of these departments are on task every day: Planning new health centers or responding to changes in health care access and funding; Moving furniture so new carpet can be installed; Taking away the recycling; Making sure the computers and network are functioning well and the website is current; Hiring and scheduling staff and making sure they get assigned, trained and paid on time; Running reports and analyzing data to help the medical teams improve your care; Securing government and foundation funding; Submitting bills to insurers, and answering your questions about medical bills; Making sure there are treatment supplies and light bulbs and toilet paper at each of our 12 locations; Keeping the clinics licensed and assuring that we follow the various rules and regulations that apply to health care. It takes all this and countless other tasks – all done behind the scenes quickly, quietly and properly – so that the staff at the individual centers can give you their full attention when you walk through the doors. When Open Door was smaller, and from time to time over the years, I have worked in the health centers. It is always a special privilege to serve people and be of help to them. It feels great when you see the results of your work. When people say thank you or bring you cookies during the holidays. But I realize that even when I’m not in direct contact with patients, what I do matters, too. In fact, I have come to understand that it takes a special kind of person to help from a distance, to derive satisfaction from ordering supplies, processing payroll, dotting i’s and crossing t’s and knowing that their work at a distance is service, also. As you view the pictures and read the names in this insert, I hope you enjoy meeting the people who serve you behind the scenes at Open Door Community Health Centers. We are here working every day so that your experience at Open Door is about you and your family and your health care needs, even if you never see us. ❖


Administrative Offices: 670 Ninth Street, Suite 203 • Arcata, CA 95521 • 707-826-8633 • Arcata HUMBOLDT OPEN DOOR CLINIC 770 Tenth Street, Arcata, CA 95521 707-826-8610 NORTHCOUNTRY CLINIC 785 18th Street, Arcata, CA 95521 707-822-2481 NORTHCOUNTRY PRENATAL SERVICES 3800 Janes Road, Suite 101, Arcata, CA 95521 (in the Shaw Pavilion of Mad River Community Hospital) 707-822-1385 • Crescent City DEL NORTE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 550 East Washington Blvd, Crescent City, CA 95531 707-465-6925 - Medical 707-465-4636 - Dental • Eureka BURRE DENTAL CENTER 959 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-7078 EUREKA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 2412 Buhne Street, Eureka, CA 95501 707-441-1624 TELEHEALTH & VISITING SPECIALIST CENTER 2426 Buhne Street, Eureka, CA 95501 707-442-4038

• McKinleyville McKINLEYVILLE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 1644 Central Avenue, McKinleyville, CA 95519 707-839-3068 - Medical 707-839-2677 - Pediatrics • Willow Creek WILLOW CREEK COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 38883 Route 299, Willow Creek, CA 95573 530-629-3111 - Medical 530-629-1941 - Dental All clinics will do their best to accommodate your immediate needs; however, there may be a waiting list at some clinics to establish care for new patients at this time. Open Door clinics offer either family practice/primary care medical services or dental services for children and adults. Several clinics offer both medical and dental services. While not available at all sites, other services provided to patients of Open Door Community Health Centers include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Behavioral Health and Counseling Services Evening and Saturday Hours HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Care Nutritional Counseling Opiate Dependency Treatment Pediatric Services Psychiatry Specialty Medical Care Teen Health Clinics Transgender Health Clinic Urgent Care (Walk-In Services) Wellness and Health Maintenance

Articles by Breanne Sorrells, Enrollment Coordinator, Julianne Barnum, Advancement Associate and Jana Gilbert, Grants Manager, Open Door Community Health Centers; editorial contributions by Christopher Peters, Chief Advancement Officer, Open Door Community Health Centers Most Photography by Paul Swenson Photography, Layout and graphic design by Siobhan Ayres, North Coast Journal Please visit to read expanded versions of these stories and discover more about Open Door. Comments may be addressed to:


This health center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254(b), and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n)

Open Door Community Health Centers  
Open Door Community Health Centers  

Special Insert to the North Coast Journal. Nov. 24, 2011