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humboldt county’s comprehensive guide to green building, green living and more


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he North Coast Journal’s Do It Green Guide is an annual publication dedicated to all things green, sustainable and local. The magazine is a comprehensive directory and resource guide for Humboldt County and citizens who want to do their part to protect the environment and build a sustainable economy.

A Year of Bags........................ 3

Food Not Lawns...................34

Making Houses Whole......... 5

Planning for the Future..............................42

Sun Power.............................. 10 The Case of the Phantom Load.......................17 Drive Electric: Drive Green........................... 18 Recycling Centers, Drop Off Sites, Curbside Services.....20 Boer Mowers........................ 32 Eel River Brewing – Natural and Naked.............. 33


Directory and Resources Building Green............... 11 Green Lifestyle.............. 21 Eating Green..................35 Working for a Green Future..................43

A Year of Bags


olleen Clifford, Rise Above Plastics co-coordinator of Surfrider Humboldt wears a ChicoBag Bag Monster costume made from 500 plastic bags, the amount an average American uses in one year. She says, “Perhaps you already bring your own bags to the grocery store. Take it a step further and bring your own to-go containers, cutlery and coffee mugs. Avoid using new plastic bags for fruits and vegetables or at the bulk bins. Reduce or end your dependency on ANY single-use item. Let’s take it upon ourselves to make the strides in our daily lives that can truly make a difference. Make a challenge for yourself and your family, and make it fun.”

photos by bob doran


do it green guide 2011


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4 do it green guide 2011

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Feature Story


t the end of the ’60s, deep thinker Stewart Brand put a NASA photo of Earth from space on the cover of his Whole Earth Catalog, a compendium of tools for living on this planet in an environmentally and socially sustainable fashion. Brand’s holistic vision looked toward a future where we would think of the world as one whole being. The idea of “green” living wasn’t described that way back then, but that’s what he was talking about. continued on next page

Making Houses Whole

And creating green jobs Story and photos by Bob Doran do it green guide 2011


Making Houses Whole continued from previous page

A few decades later, as we continue working toward that same environmentally sustainable green future, we’re realizing more and more that a key element in greening our lifestyles is energy and how we use it. On one hand we’re looking at where our energy comes from and finding ways to move away from the old fossil fuel paradigm toward solar power, wind and hydro generators, hydrogen fuel cells, captured methane and so on. But when we examine our immediate home energy usage on a day-to-day basis, the question we have to ask is: Where are we wasting the energy we’re using now? Are we using an antiquated refrigerator that sucks power,

old school incandescent light bulbs where new compact fluorescents or LEDs would do the same job? The washer and dryer, the heating and cooling system, the home entertainment center, stove and microwave all use power. Do they use it well? And how do all those things work together? “The house is a whole system,” said Hector Osorio, co-owner of Alternative Building Center in Eureka, a supply house for contractors and do-it-yourselfers looking for green alternatives. I met Osorio at last spring’s Plan-It Green Building Green Communities Conference in Arcata. His booth was full of green building materials: insulation made from repurposed blue jeans, countertops crafted

previous page Shawn Ellsworth teaches trainee Josh Sarandos how to set up and operate a calibrated blower door for testing leaks in the building envelope. inset: The blower insert seen from the outside. above The fan on the blower door creates suction equivalent to a 20 mile-anhour wind pulling air in through gaps including poorly sealed windows and doors, faulty heating ducts etc. Some energy saving assistance programs require before and after testing. left Shawn uses an infrared thermal imaging scope to find cold spots where heat is escaping. The images are stored in the device to be downloaded to a computer later for whole house analysis.

6 do it green guide 2011

from recycled glass, ecoaim there was simple: lowering friendly paint and a dual flush gas and electric bills for tribal toilet among other things. members through application Around the corner I ran of whole house thinking. into Larry Goldberg from the “It all got kicked off by the nascent Northcoast Green Energy Upgrade California proTrades Association, an offgram,” said Shawn, “that was shoot of Plan-It Green working the catalyst to get the green with the Redwood Coast job training going.” Energy Authority on greenThe state-funded program ing the construction industry. is described as a “one-stop“Part of that is home analysis shop for home improvement to see if homprojects that eowners qualify lower your for various state energy use, and federal conserve water incentives for and natural what’s known resources, and as ‘whole house make your retrofits,’” Goldhome healthier berg explained. and more comClipboard in fortable.” — Hector Osorio, hand he asked Their latest Alternative Building if I might want initiative is Center, Eureka to have my something they home analyzed. call “PowerI signed up. Saver Loans,” The end result federally supwas a home visit this summer ported financing similar to a from Hector, accompanied by home equity line of credit. Shawn Ellsworth of ComfortQualified homeowners can get able Efficiency, a general up to $25,000 to use for encontracting business currently ergy saving measures including focused on energy retrofits. insulation, air sealing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air They brought along Josh Sarandos, a trainee who came conditioning) systems, and out of the AmeriCorps VISTA solar photovoltaic systems. Humboldt Green Building While Shawn and I talked Program, a pathway to green funding, Hector and Josh were jobs. They brought along a readying the blower door, a truckload of energy analysis red plastic sheet that filled the gear, the toolkit for whole doorway with a fan built into house work. the bottom half. “We’re going Shawn had just completed to suck the air out of your an energy retrofit in Eureka, house,” explained Hector. one of five homes he tightened Shawn got more specific, up through a program funded explaining the settings to Josh. in part by the Yurok Indian “The reading we’ll get will be Housing Authority (aka YIHA, the equivalent of a 20-milepronounced yee-haw). The continued on next page

“The house is a whole system.”

• LEED Accredited Professionals • Low Impact Development/Green Building Code • "Green" Soil and Ground Water Clean-ups




do it green guide 2011


Making Houses Whole continued from previous page

per hour wind, that’s how much air exchange we’ll get, how much air is going in and out.” When they turned the fan on, you could feel the wind rush through the house; following the air streams, we found leaks around windows and doors, and a big one in the kitchen where — Larry Goldberg, Northcoast Green an unused, unTrades Association sealed ladder to the attic created huge gaps (easily fixed). Later we went up into the attic to check out gaps around the kitchen vent and some poorly installed insulation. It wasn’t hard to see where the weather was getting in and where our house was losing energy. “It’s not just about keeping the weather out, but also keeping the conditioned air in,” Hector noted. “Living here in Humboldt we have a mild climate so that’s not the first concern, but where you have real seasons it is.” He said another test they would typically do is a “duct blast test,” which involves pressurizing the heating system looking for leaks. Air leakage from poorly sealed heating ducts is typically a prime offender in older houses: In the average American home it’s responsible for 30 percent

“We want to see people move toward a net-zero house, where you produce the same amount of energy you use, first though reducing your energy footprint...”

Josh Sarandos uses a device to test the effectiveness of a kitchen exhaust fan, another part of analyzing the whole house breathing system.

8 do it green guide 2011

of overall heat loss. (Not a problem in our house however since we have a wall heater with no ducts.) While leaks around poorly installed ducts are common, they also find a number of homes that have completely unconnected vents that leak heat like crazy. How much can air leakage be reduced? “Ideally the goal is zero,” said Hector. “We can easily get it down to five percent.” At that Shawn pointed out, “The new building code standard is six percent.” “You know 75 percent of houses in Humboldt were built before the first energy codes,” Larry Goldberg told me later, referencing California’s Title 24, established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce energy consumption statewide, essentially the first move toward setting energy standards for homes. The codes have been updated repeatedly since as new technologies emerge. “Another thing we’ll do is get the rating information on all the appliances and get the draw,” said Hector. Then they can study your utility bill, parse out how much it costs to run your appliances, and see which ones it might be cost-effective to replace. After enough information is gathered, the data is fed into a computer, they run the numbers and generate a report showing how much energy is escaping, and from where. Potential fixes are suggested. “When I make a proposal, I do it A, B and C, showing I can do this, this and that,

and it will cost so much,” said Shawn. “I show them the return on their investment and try to break it down as much as possible.” The ultimate return comes from reduced utility bills. Shawn was proud to say they’d achieved 43 percent reduction in air exchange and major energy consumption reduction overall on their first YIHA project. “It shows the potential — what we can get done.” But, he added, “Every house is unique, so, while the tools help, we’re still making a rough estimate.” He realizes that not every homeowner will be able to make a full-on whole house commitment. “We think of that as ‘deepenergy retrofit,’ ” said Goldberg. “We want to see people move toward a net-zero house, where you produce the same amount of energy you use, first though reducing your energy footprint, then producing energy through solar — as a last step.” The end result, as more homeowners make incremental moves toward net-zero and more houses become whole, will be an overall drop in energy demand. That means less costly power plants, less demand for foreign oil, and the less of the troubles that come with fossil fuel. As an added bonus, jobs are created, green jobs. Every time you turn around you hear a politician promising jobs, jobs, jobs. Most of the time it’s just talk. Green jobs are for real, just ask Josh. And they’re helping make our planet whole again.

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707.443 .83261 www.w-and-k .com 718 Third Street, Eureka, CA 95501 do it green guide 2011


Sun Power


photos by bob doran

olar panels are not just for houses. In Humboldt County the road signs are powered by the sun. Even gas stations have solar arrays.






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Businesses and consultants doing the work and offering supplies and knowledge to help you move toward greener living


Builders & Contractors Alchemy Construction

822-8013 P.O. Box 8013, Arcata Green Building, Solar H2O & PV, Ground and Air source heat pumps. See ad on pg. 9.

Alternative Building Services

616-4131 Designing, building or renovating to a green or energy-efficient standard using the latest metrics and methods.

Alves Inc.

825-4725 4200 West End Road, Arcata From roof-tops to leachfield installation

Archangel Builders 825-7663 Green building services.

Arco Iris Woodworking and Consulting

943-3879 PO Box 49, Miranda Responsible green building sustainablity

The Barefoot Builder Responsible sustainable green building.

Barry Smith Construction

442-1037 2306 2nd St., Eureka Remodeling contractor specializing in energy efficiency

Carpe Diem Construction 498-5217

Coastal Glass & Mirrors

443-2700 1607 5th St., Eureka Custom and replacement Glass & Mirrors.

Danco Builders Northwest

822-9000 5251 Ericson Way, Arcata Build-to-suit, design and build options.

EnergyWize Building Solutions 599-0787 Green contractor.

Grow Insulation & Acoustics

822-8299, Arcata Environmentally-friendly foam insulation.

Heartwood Design Build Construction

822-3225 Designs focused on energy efficiency and lessening impacts on human health and the environment. See ad on pg. 15

The Title 24 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards were first adopted in 1978 to reduce Californiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s energy use. The most recent standards was put forth in 2008 and adopted as of January 1st, 2011. (California Energy Commission, 2011)

489-7874 2143 F St., Eureka Contracting, development and design; premanufacturing.

Whitethorn Construction

Humboldt Precision Painting

986-7412 P.O. Box 400, Whitethorn Use FSC certified hardwoods

K&M Glass

Building Design, Architects, Planning, Engineering

496-6896 EPA certified renovator.

443-6761 228 3rd St., Eureka Energy efficient home window installation.

Kernen Construction

826-8686 P.O. Box 1340, Blue Lake Award-winning construction service

Pacific Builders

822-7720 P.O. Box 237, Bayside

Plumb Construction

725-4398 Energy efficient home remodels and retrofits.

Rock Solid Construction 496-7625 Green building services.

Shelton Painting

Title 24 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Vander Co.

223-4447 Garberville EPA lead-safe certified painting.

Simple Visions

441-1347 P.O. Box 4723, Arcata Green building services.

Green Way Partners

822-0597 1385 8th St., Arcata Bridging Inspiration and Reality

Kash Boodjeh Architect

822-8691 1313 10th St., Arcata Local, sustainable, common sense design.

LACO & Associates

443-5054 21 W. 4th, Eureka Green engineering services & solutions.

Lapotre & Cleek Architecture & Drafting

445-9595 2725 Myrtle Ave. Ste. C, Eureka Conscious residential and commercial architecture. See ad on pg. 7.

SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Inc.

441-8855 812 W. Wabash Ave., Eureka Engineering, environmental geoscience, planning and surveying. See ad on pg. 7. continued on next page do it green guide 2011


building continued from previous page

• Each system designed to fit you r needs • Up to 30% Federal tax credit plus State and local rebates available • On/Off grid systems. Roof or ground mount • 24-year guarantee from Ambassador Energy • FREE in-depth energy analysis

443-3088 800-276-6394 1818 W.Allard Ave. Eureka P.O. Box I II I, Eureka, CA 95502 Since 1919

McMurrav & Sons, Inc. CA License #249538

Streamline Planning

Arcata Lumber

Winzler & Kelly

Dazey’s Supply

822-5785 1062 G St. Ste. I, Arcata Planning and environmental consulting firm. 443-8326 718 3rd St., Eureka Offering green services and integrating sustainability into projects, business practices and culture. See ad on pg. 9.

Abbay Technical Services


A "' McKeever I







12 do it green guide 2011

Residential Commercial Agricultural Industrial

725-8647 140 S. Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna

Building Materials

McKinleyville Ace Home & Garden Center

Almquist Lumber

445-4733 4 W. 4th St., Eureka Everything green for your home — floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall — plumbing and heating. All as easy as ABC. See ad on pg. 15.


Fortuna Ace Hardware

Hensel’s Ace Hardware

Alternative Building Center


923-3002 3082 Redwood Dr., Redway

826-1433 1125 16th St. Ste. 216, Arcata Certified analyst for energy code compliance.

825-8880 5301 Boyd Rd., Arcata Forest Steward Council-certified building supplies from low VOC paint to hardwoods and softwoods. L.E.E.D. home certification available. See ad on pg. 13.

OR License #75780

822-1769 1296 11th St., Arcata Green building supplies from cleaners to insulation to windows.

822-2965 884 9th St., Arcata Materials for green projects.

839-1587 2197 Central Ave., McKinleyville Home upgrade products.

Myrtletown Lumber

445-8436 2800 Hubbard Ln., Eureka Green building supplies from cleaners to insulation to windows.

Old Growth Timbers

629-3506 4051 S. Hwy. 101, Eureka Reclaimed redwood, red cedar and Douglas fir.

LEED-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED is part of the US Green Building Association. They provide third party green building certification. This certification recognizes that energy and water efficiency, CO2 emissions, indoor environmental quality, stewardship and environmental sensitivity are considered during implementation. For more information, visit

Energy Star-Approved, Certified, Listed The Energy Star label was created to make it easier for consumers to find and purchase energy efficient products. It also is meant to help reduce green house gas and other harmful emissions related to energy usage. Products with the Energy Star label must meet requirements set forth by the US EPA. These specifications are made on product category basis. More information can be found at (US EPA/DOE)

Overhead Door Company of Arcata/Eureka 839-1039 1685 Sutter Rd., McKinleyville Certified EcoBuilt garage doors.

Pierson’s Building Center

441-2700 4100 Broadway, Eureka Safe, environmentally friendly, affordable and sustainable products as well as traditional building supplies. See ad on pg. 7.

Resale Lumber Products

822-5705 4056 N. Hwy. 101, Eureka Recycled building materials and soil amendments.

Schaefer’s Ace Hardware 442-5734 2760 E St., Eureka Variety of building supplies.

Schmidbauer Building Supplies, LLC.

443-7089 839 W. Washington St., Eureka Variety of building supplies and services.

Sunny Brae Ace Hardware 822-7009 86 Sunnybrae Center, Arcata Varied green building materials.

The Mill Yard

826-9860 P.O. Box 4779, Arcata Eco-friendly and sustainable lumber, tools & building supplies.

Thomas Home Center

839-3222 1685 Sutter Rd., McKinleyville Building supplies and services.

Environmental Consultants James L. Able

445-4130, 1410 2nd St., Eureka Financially sound and environmentally responsible timber management and consulting services. See ad on pg. 15. continued on next page

wrap gifts in children’s artwork

Your source for the finest hardwoods & woodworking supplies

• FSC Certified

Decking • Framing Lumber Flooring • Domestic Hardwoods

• Locally Harvested & Milled oJLoA1l1lr

Softwoods & Hardwoods: Redwood, Cedar, Madrone, Tan Oak, Black Oak & Myrtlewood

o~ • Bamboo Flooring, Panels & Countertops

OWtdlm • Rodda

Low VOC Paints

o• lPllywoodll Plywoods No Added Formaldehyde

Tan Oak Flooring


FS~C04 1 262

The mark of responsible forestry

Our Best Prices Ever! $1.99 per square foot We have a large supply of this beautiful, highly durable hardwood flooring. Locally Grown, Harvested & Milled. FSC Certified.

o• High Quality “Vintage” Grade o• 2-1/4” Wide Planks

5301 Boyd Rd., Arcata • Just off Giuntoli Lane at Hwy 299 825-8880 • do it green guide 2011



Green Seal continued from previous page

Natural Resources Management Corporation

442-1735 1434 3rd St., Eureka Environmental resources assessments and Sustainable forestry practices.

Pacific Watershed Associates

839-5130 1652 Holly Dr., McKinleyville Watershed assessment and restoration.

Watson & Company

839-1763 1975 Norton Rd., McKinleyville Technically superior, customer-oriented professionals working to save you energy and money through energy efficiency. See ad on pg. 16.

Flooring Arcata Pro Floor

822-2838 613 H St., Arcata Recycled, recyclable and sustainably grown flooring products See ad on pg. 15.

Carpet Depot

442-3470 4485 Broadway, Eureka Fashionable, safe, environmentally friendly carpet products.

Carpet Express

445-1805 2510 Broadway, Eureka Natural, sustainable carpets.

The Green Seal says that a product or service has been tested according to sciencebased procedures, that it works as well or better than others in its class, and that it has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest. (

Water Sense is a partnership program run by the US EPA. A product that meets Water Sense Certification standards is 20% more efficient than standard products in its category. Certified products provide recognizable saving in water usage and cost, and have achieved certification through a third party. The easy to recognize label makes it easy for consumers to find water efficient products. Domestic water use in the US is around 43 billions gallons per day. Power plants in US use around 136 billion gallons of water per day, while agriculture uses account for 142 billion and industrial practices use about 20 billion gallon per day.

Southern Heat & Service

725-5237 3798 View St., Fortuna Your source for clean green heating.

Plumbing & Water Systems Cascadia

834-9376 960 S. G St., Arcata

Johnny’s Flooring

726-7745 465 N. Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna Eco-Friendly flooring options

Vella Wood Flooring Co. 223-1024 3525 Redwood Dr., Redway


Water Sense Certified L.E.E.D.-accredited professional for commercial and instiutional developers.

Cruz Plumbing

445-2938 89 W. 4th St., Eureka High-effeciency water reduction products

Leach Water Systems 834-1874 Well, septic & drain services

Design Air Heating & Sheet Metal

Mr. Rooter

442-1484 2039 Eich Rd., Eureka Heating contractor.

822-9222, Arcata 443-9222, Eureka 725-9222, Fortuna Plumbing services.

Evans Mechanical

North Coast Laboratories

445-1435 2930 Broadway #A, Eureka Specialists in tax credits and rebates.

822-4649 5680 West End Road, Arcata Full service environmental laboratory.

Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating

Steve’s Septic Service

445-2500 317 W. Cedar St., Eureka

839-2270, McKinleyville COWA, NOWRA & NAWT Certified.

Inlrease 'be lomlor' and energy eililienlY 01 your bome! Comfortable

Efficiency Home Energy Performance Contracting

Your home is a system. If one piece isn't working efficiently, it impacts the performance of the whole system. Comfortable Efficiency evaluates home performance to identify the most effective upgrades. Small changes can make a big difference. We'll help make your home safer, more comfortable, and save you money on your utility bills.

' f d G~t f·manCl~. Iass~stan(e or upgra es EfflCiency'_

14 do it green guide 2011

with a 3% flxed-mterest rate 15 year loan.

~ CH..

Call today to learn more! 707.839.1E51 (8378)

Green Your Building From Start To Finish

Solar Power & Lighting Alternative Energy Engineering

(800) 777-6609 P.O. Box 339, Redway Wholesale, energy efficiency products.

Blankenship Construction

223-0137 3861 Grizzly Bluff Rd., Ferndale Solar, wind, hydro, automatic gates.

Brant Electric

822-3256 P.O. Box 66, Arcata


923-2001 1150 #1 Evergreen Rd., Redway Renewable energy products, solar electricity, solar thermal, fans and water pumping, micro hydro power. Batteries for storage. See ad on pg. 10.


223-2525 PO Box 451, Whitethorn Solar installation.

McKeever Energy & Electric

822-0100 or 407-6990 5000 West End Rd. #4, Arcata Full service electrical contracting and energy consulting firm specializing in environmentally responsible construction practices. See ad on pg. 12.

Old Town Antique Lighting

267-5439 203 F St., Eureka Amazing variety of restored vintage lighting fixtures for your remodel or new construction. Lamp repair available. See ad on pg. 28.


~ -..........

,IW~"' -.',' ' ,I

....~ HEARTWOOD ---+---


DESIGN/BUILD lic # 756038

707 822- 3225

SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY When You’re Ready, We’re Able

Timber appraisal Forest Property Management



Roots Power

441-9436 P.O. Box 242, Bayside continued on next page

445-4130 • 1410 Second Street • Eureka, CA 95501 JIM ABLE, ACF • R.P.F. #900


your local green building supply store for a variety of products promoting: • WATER CONSERVATION • • INDOOR AIR QUALITY • • RESOURCE CONSERVATION· • ENERGY EFFICIENCY • VISIT OUR SHOWROOM! Corner of 4th & A Streets, Eureka, CA 95501 ph. 707.445.4733 I f.707.445.4222 Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30, Sat. 10-4 do it green guide 2011


building continued from previous page

store dead batteries in a reused container until you’re ready to recycle them

Scurfield Solar

443-0759, Eureka Specializing in solar electric, solar hot water, radiant heating, high efficiency water heating. The topperforming renewable energy systems, energy experts. See ad on pg. 9.

Six Rivers Solar

443-5652, 818 Broadway, Eureka

GreenWise Certified Coating Research Group INC (CRGI) tests GreenWise certified products. The CRI is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. The GreenWise label ensures customers that the product does not contain chemicals known to harm humans or the environment. These products are also compliant with US EPA Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels. (CRGI, 2011)

Solar Hot Water Plus

Sunny Solar Electric

826-0210 901 O St. Ste. E, Arcata Distributor of solar hot water equipment.

Solar Racks

845-4367 P.O. Box 2364, Redway

Solar Kelly

826-9214, 901 O St. Ste. E, Arcata Custom built solar rack solutions.

Solar Winds, Northern Lights

826-1407, P.O. Box 936, Trinidad Electrical and solar contractor.

247-3000, P.O. Box 104, Piercy Solar installation.

Solar Projects Unlimited

845-5685, 901 O St. Ste. E, Arcata Installation of both photovoltaic and thermal solar systems.

498-2804 P.O. Box 2185, Redway Residential & commercial solar installation

Trinidad Electric

Wolf Electric

223-5656 P.O. Box 118, Garberville Solar installation.

(707) 839-1763 Green Building & Energy Efficiency Professionals Martin Watson GPR, HERS II •HERS I, II and PV •Energy Star Raters •Green Point Raters & Advisors •BPI Building Analyst & Building Envelope Professional

Jeremy Watson GPR, HERS II •Title 24 Compliance •PG&E and NSHP Rebates •Home Energy Audits •Heating Duct Leakage Testing •Whole House Leakage Testing

watsonandcoener 16 do it green guide 2011

Plug-in power/energy monitor in use. phto by Bob Doran

The Case of the Phantom Load By Bob Doran


t’s sometimes known as phantom load, vampire draw, leaking electricity, or more gently, standby power. It’s basically the power a device still uses after you’ve hit the off switch. In some cases it’s easy to see, a little blue or red light stays on, or maybe there’s a clock, but sometimes you don’t know. You can assume that any device that you can turn on instantly with a remote control is using power when not in active use, simply waiting to come back to life. The U.S. Department of Energy explains it pretty simply: “Many appliances continue to draw a small amount of power when they are switched off.

These ‘phantom’ loads occur in most appliances that use electricity, such as VCRs, televisions, stereos, computers and kitchen appliances.” In some cases the power is used to run a digital clock or to make the device ready to turn on instantly should you point your remote control at it and press “power.” In other cases, the power adapter for your laptop for example, you get nothing in return for your power investment. We talked about this briefly when Hector from Alternative Building Center (ABC) was finishing up the energy analysis he did on our home. He left behind something called a “Kill A Watt,” a wattmeter. It’s a simple

device that plugs into a power source, when you plug something into it, it measures volts, amps, and most significantly, “kWh,” how much energy is consumed in kilowatt-hours over a period of time. In our household, the flatscreen TV, cable box with digital video recorder, VCR, DVD player and the stereo system are all in one place, in fact all of the devices are plugged into a single power strip. That made it easy to meter the power usage, phantom and otherwise. The result from an oversight test with everything “off” showed we were losing about 3 kilowatts every hour to the dreaded phantom load. While I did not isolate individual devices to see which one used how much power, it was not too hard to figure out. The stereo components come from an earlier era when we did not worry so much about power — they are likely culprits for phantom suck. A few years ago California enacted regulations on appliances limiting standby usage to less than 0.5 watts. A new stereo would lose less. And, even though it looks like a power hog, our new high definition TV is up to California code so it does not use much power when it’s off. However, the cable box and digital video recorder connected to the TV are another story. According to a Natural Resources Defense Council report, a high-definition DVR combined with a high-def set-top cable box will use on average 446 kWh a year. That’s actually more electricity than a 21-cubic-foot refrigerator, which will typically use 415 kWh, assuming it’s a recent

Energy Star model. In many American homes, cable TV is the biggest energy user of all. It’s not the same in Europe. As reported in a June story in the New York Times, equivalent cable devices in England and other European countries are designed to shift into low-power standby when not in use, cutting power drawn by half. Some include an optional “deep sleep” mode that can reduce energy consumption by about 95 percent compared with when your TV and cable are on. Why haven’t American cable companies adopted this new energy-saving technology? Basically inertia — no one is demanding change, and the powers that be assume that consumers are too impatient to wait for devices to power on. Instant gratification rules the day. Energy slips away. In our case warding off vampire draw is simple: The switch on the power strip turns everything off at once. The only downside is allowing a minute or two for the cable box to reboot when we power it up. The power switch is the wooden stake in the heart of vampire draw. Next step: Tackle the home office. Power is surely slipping away from this computer I’m typing on and the tangle of computer cords and always-on pinpoints of lights showing that the modem and external hard-drives are on. All of them patiently wait to jump into action at a keystroke, even while I’m not typing or surfing the Net. When I’m not working, especially when I’m sleeping, all of these electric suckers should be sleeping too. Where’s that wooden stake? do it green guide 2011


Drive Electric: Drive Green By Jennifer Savage


Get fresh wMtIhl with I1llIl natural ~<Itt frlfHlhl luxury from Natura UWDIWlIfW fflfOtl1ri1 ~1l1tlUlir. Natura specializes in delivering the perfect night’s sleep with bedding and accessories made from organic, sustainable resources. Naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite repellent, Natura’s organic line may just be the healthiest way to sleep on the planet. • Pillows • Sheets • Toppers • Comforters • Mattress Pads

FURNITURE ON THE PLAZA 813 H Street • On Arcata Plaza • 822-0312 Hours M-Sat 10-6 Sun 12-5

18 do it green guide 2011

etter mileage. Less dependence on fossil fuels. Cheaper transportation. Americans want these things. In response, this year, President Barack Obama set forth a fuel-efficiency program mandating that by model year 2025, the average American car or truck will get 54.5 miles per gallon, nearly double the current average of 23.8 mpg. Auto manufactures agreed. Environmental advocates applauded. Move aside, antiquated gas-guzzlers — the dawn of the electric vehicle has arrived. Commonly known as EVs, electric cars have been around for years. After barely escaping permanent unplugging — as chronicled in Chris Paine’s 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? — a buffet of electrified cars is now available to the discerning consumer. Unlike hybrid cars, fueled by gasoline and combining a battery and motor for improved mileage, an electric car is just that: electric. Because they don’t switch back and forth, EV batteries need recharging more frequently than standard cars need tanks filled, resulting in limited driving range. But battery technology is improving, as is the comfort and swank factor of EVs available — or about to be. Here’s a quick look:

BMW Megacity: Small, but predictably stylish, the Megacity is anticipated to roll out in 2012. Predicted range: 100 miles. BYD E6: Out of China and backed by rich guy Warren Buffet, this five-passenger wagon is purported to have a range of 200-250 miles. If product matches promises, this’ll be the high efficiency version of EVs. “Build Your Dreams.” Chevy Volt: OK, so the Volt is a plug-in hybrid, but it’s poised to leave Toyota’s Prius in the dust — at least efficiency-wise. Described as “well-equipped,” the four-door hatchback Volt stays electric for the first 35 miles after charging and only then turns to a combination of gas and battery power, giving it another 260 miles of range. Price tag: $41,000. Coda (Electric Sedan): Another China import, this one based on the Hafei Saibao 3, an existing gas-powered fourdoor car reconfigured with a lithium ion battery. Anticipated price: $44,000. Driving range: 100 miles. Ford Focus Electric: The Ford Focus EV marks the first time an electric car will appear in the rank-and-file of dealership rows. Not sexy, but not as expensive as some others — a Focus for the eco-conscious. Price tag: $30,000. Driving range: 100 miles.

Ford Transit Connect Electric: Solve local delivery problems with this zero-emission mini-van aimed at small businesses. Price tag: $57,400. Driving range: 80 miles. Mercedes BlueZero: Still just an idea — a seductive idea — the BlueZero vehicles would encompass electric, hybrid and fuel-cell cars on a single platform. Stay tuned, high rollers. Mini E: Love Mini Coopers? Then you’ll love the Mini E. If you can find one — only 500 are currently planned to be produced for outlets in Southern California and New York. If they prove as popular as the gas-powered version, we can look forward to a grander rollout in the future. Driving range: 150 miles. Mitsubishi iMiEV: Available in Japan since 2009, the iMiEV lasts about 75 miles on a charge. Nissan LEAF: This one’s relatively affordable at $33,000, easy to find and is the Ford Focus Electric’s main competitor. Seats five adults. Driving range: 100 miles. Pininfarina Blue Car: An Italian legend, the Blue Car reputedly provides more room than the average small fourseater, boasts solar panels on the roof and connects battery monitoring with the driver’s smart phone. Currently only in Europe, but expect American auto snobs to

avail themselves by 2015. Renault Fluence: The Fluence is scheduled to launch in 2012. Details still under wraps. Smart ED: A smarter Smart Car? Again, Europe gets them first. Driving range: 70 miles. Tesla Model S: The sex bomb of EVs, the Model S rolls out like a sports car, but fits five adults and even a couple of small children in side seats, offers a 17-inch touch screen and 3G connectivity. Sweet! Less expensive than its sister Roadster, the Tesla currently sells for about $57,900. In the October, 2010 issue, a Consumer Reports guide to electric car buying suggests asking yourself some specific questions before going that route: How far do you drive? While the potential for longer range EVs exists, current distances between charges suggest EVs are more suitable for regular short-distance commutes than frequent longdistance road trips. Will an EV save you money? While savings are clear at the pump (since you won’t be pumping), EVs do require a more substantial investment up front and bat-

tery life/replacement costs are not yet clear. However, rebates may be available, and both the Volt and the Leaf come with eight year/100,000 miles guarantees. How will you charge your car? While a 110-volt outlet works sometimes, a 220-volt is preferable. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to have one installed. You’ll also need to call PG&E to ensure power lines and transformers are up to snuff — and to find out how much charging your car will likely cost. For those looking for more localized info, perhaps desiring to transform an already owned gasoline-powered auto into an EV, Humboldt Electric Vehicle Association is ready to help with advice on converting gas cars into electric, tips on buying used EVs and tons more information. HEVA meets the first Sunday of every month at the Arcata Library Conference Room at 7 p.m. April through October and at 6 p.m. November through March. More information at 822-6972 or

Whit McLeod’ s Hand crafted furniture from reclaimed materials

905 H Street Arcata, CA 95521

keep beading projects organized in an old egg carton

2011 Nissan Leaf do it green guide 2011


Recycling Centers & Drop Off Sites Center





Arcata Community Recycling Center


1380 9th St.


Reusables Depot Thrift Store, Center for Hard to Recycle Materials

Arcata Community Recycling Center - CRV Site


1445 10th St.


CRV Buyback, #1-7 plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, scrap metal, appliances, e-waste, M-Sat 10am-3:30pm motor oil, anti-freeze, sharps/syringes & more.

Arcata Scrap & Salvage


192 S. G St.


Radiators, scrap metal, metal, brick, housewire, M-F 9am-5:30pm copper tubing, doors, windows & more.

Sherrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Recycling & CRV Redemption Center


1237 Bayshore Way


CRV Buyback, scrap metal


1059 W. Hawthorne St.


CRV Buyback, #1-7 plastic, glass, paper, M-F 9am-5pm cardboard, appliances, e-waste, motor oil, anti- Sat & Sun 9am-4pm freeze, scrap metal, sharps/syringes & more.


1059 W. Hawthorne St.


Household hazardous waste, anti-freeze, motor oil, fuel, sharps/syringes, paint, e-waste & more.

First Sat of month, 9am-2pm (check website for collection events)

General Recycling


132 W. 4th St.


CRV Buyback, glass, radiators, scrap metal

M-Sun 8:30am-4:30pm

Redwood Acres Recycling Center


3750 Harris St.


CRV Buyback, paper, cardboard

Tu-Sat 9:30am-4:30pm

Humboldt Sanitation and Recycling Center


2585 Central Ave.


CRV Buyback, #1-7 plastic, glass, paper, M-Sat 10am-5pm cardboard, appliances, e-waste, motor oil, radiators, scrap metal, sharps/syringes & more. Sun 10am-4pm

Popko Recycling

Willow Creek

75 Mayfair Ave.


CRV Buyback, cardboard

Tu-Sat 10am-4pm

Eel River Transportation & Salvage, C&D Facility (Eel River Scrap & Salvage )


850 Riverwalk Dr.


Boats, Cars, Motor Homes, Construction Debris, Scrap Metal

M-F 8am-4:30pm

Eel River Disposal & Resource Recovery


965 Riverwalk Dr.


CRV Buyback, paper, cardboard, car batteries, radiators

M-F 8am-5pm Sat & Sun 9am-4pm

Eel River Disposal CRV Site


1797 Smith Ln.


CRV Buyback

F-M 8:30am-4pm

Eel River Disposal


Conservation Camp Rd.


CRV Buyback, glass, paper, household M-Sat 9am-4pm batteries, appliances, e-waste, motor oil, radiators, scrap metal, sharps/syringes & more. Sun noon-4pm

Rio Dell City Hall (Behind Building)

Rio Dell

675 Wildwood Ave.


CRV, #1-7 plastic, glass, paper, cardboard

Humboldt Waste Management Authority: Eureka Recycling Center & Household Hazardous Waste Facility

Curbside Services




Arcata Garbage Company & Recycling

Eureka, Garberville Eureka Recology and Redway Curbside pickup of recycling, garbage, Blue Lake Blue Lake Garbage Co. and/or greenwaste. Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell & Eel River Disposal Services vary by comShelter Cove munity and Humboldt Sanitation & Recycling company. McKinleyville & Trinidad Hoopa

20 do it green guide 2011

Tomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trash


Hours Tu-Sat 10am-5:30pm

M-Sat 9:30am-4:30pm Sun 9:30am-4pm

All Hours


822-0304 442-5711 444-2903 offers a comprehensive list for recycling, tips on how to reduce waste, information on hazardous waste, and much more!

725-5156 839-3285 530-629-2070

For additional recycling services check out Recycling in the directory on page 29.

lifestyle Art & Gifts

Fire & Light

Almond Blossom Arts & Crafts

444-8890 1604 F St., Eureka Organic and re-purposed clothing, bags and reusables.

Ambryz Art

443-7815 Recycled copper & steel art.

Arcata Artisans

825-9133 883 H St., Arcata Local handmade glass & ceramics


825-7500 45 Ericson Ct., Arcata Hand-poured glass tableware

476-0991 430 3rd St., Eureka Vintage, local clothing and gifts.


Garden Gate

443-YARN 418 2nd St., Eureka Ecologically friendly yarns.

822-2156 905 H St., Arcata Organic/natural linen, furniture, tableware. See ad on pg. 19.

Auto Retail

Meadow Sweet Floral Design

Harper Motors

Persimmons Garden Gallery and Wine Tasting Café

McCrea Nissan

497-8921 P.O. Box 2998, McKinleyville

The Art Center

923-2748 1055 Redway Dr., Redway Natural handcrafted fiber apparel

Fire Arts Center

Sacred Images Photography

822-4800 823 H St., Arcata Artist quality, earth friendly products. 826-1445 520 S G St., Arcata Locally made art, classes for jewelry making from recycled materials.

Everything you need for sustainable living from hybrid cars and bicycles to garden supplies and green burial

601-3451 1635 Glatt St., Eureka Premier Certification by the Greener Photography Organization.

443-7311 4800 N. Hwy. 101, Eureka Ford and Kia hybrids. Drive Green. 442-1741 601 7th St., Eureka Subaru and Nissan. Electric Leaf.

Mid-City Motorworld

443-4871 4800 N. Hwy. 101, Eureka Toyota and Honda Hybrids. Green is good.

Auto Services GlasWelder

442-4527 Mobile rock chip repair specialist.

John’s Used Cars & Wreckers 443-7065 3008 Jacobs Ave., Eureka Recycled car parts. See ad on pg. 21.

Quality Body Works

443-7769 949 W. Del Norte St., Eureka Protecting our environment while your vehicle is repaired. See ad on pg. 23.

Reed’s Auto Detail

725-1893, 2435 Newburg Rd., Fortuna All servicing done with zero VOC chemicals.

Bicycle Retail & Services Adventure’s Edge

822-4673, 650 10th St., Arcata 445-1711, 125 W. 5th St., Eureka Bicycles, bike shop, gear, clinics and group rides. See ad on pg. 22. continued on next page

Humboldt County’s original auto recycler since 1951

~ Green



Dismantler #45649

Recycled parts... • save money • save the earth’s resources • keep parts from being obsolete • reduce materials sent to the landfill


PEANUTS! Help reduce the amount of packaging material lls. that ends up in our landfi landfills. Partner with us us & & bring bring your your clean, clean, ~"/J" Partner with dry packing peanuts here. ~ng peanuts here.


3008 Jacobs Ave. Eureka, CA Phone: (707) 443-7065 Toll Free: 1 (800) 400-7065


600 F STREET, ARCATA • 825-8295 (in the Safeway/Uniontown Shopping Ctr.)



do it green guide 2011



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Henderson Center Bicycles

443-9861 2811 F St., Eureka Bicycles, bike shop and cycling gear.

Life Cycle

Sport & Cycle

725-9405 475 N. Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna

Bus Services Arcata & Mad River Transit System

822-7755, 1593 G St., Arcata Bicycles.

Pacific Outfitters

822-0321, 737 G St., Arcata 443-6328, 1600 5th St., Eureka Providing gear for energy efficient activities.

Redway True Value

923-4200 100 Murrish Ln., Redway Bicycles and bicycle supplies.

Revolution Bicycle Repair

822-2562 1360 G St., Arcata Bicycles, bike shop, cycling gear and group rides.

822-3775 925 E St., Arcata Public transportation services.

Greyhound Busline

825-8934 925 E St., Arcata Long distance transportation.

Humboldt Transit Authority

443-0826 133 V St., Eureka Reduce emissions, fuel consumption and traffic congestion. Ride HTA.

Specialized•Showers Pass•Cervelo•Seven•Surley•Light N Motion


125 W. 5th St. @ 5th & Commercial 445-1711


650 10th St. 1 block N of Plaza @ 10th & F 822-4673 Adventure’s Edge


Mon - Sat: 9-6 Sun: 10-5

22 do it green guide 2011

Bath & Body Bubbles

822-3450 1031 H St., Arcata Natural bath and beauty products.

Chumayo Spa

668-0101 120 H St., Blue Lake Simple organic products and services

Imagine Beauty

445-1998 523 F St., Eureka Natural and organic products.

Jade Dragon Medical Spa 822-4300 827 Bayside Rd., Arcata certified green spa.


826-1415 5610 West End Road, Arcata

Commute to Work! BURN

CALORIES INSTEAD OF FOSSIL FUELS Natural locally-made hair care products for curly hair

North Bay Salon and Supply

826-7990 613 H Street, Suite A, Arcata Natural and organic products.

Orange Cup Coral Day Spa

499-2638 930 Samoa Blvd., Arcata Organic body-care products available

Soul to Soul Spa & Foot Bar

822-7685 854 10th St., Arcata Green products used in every service.

Simmons Natural Bodycare

777-1920 All natural product line of soaps, salves and more.

Bedding & Mattresses Arcata Exchange

822-0312 813 H St., Arcata Naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial & anti-dust mite. Natura organic mattresses & bedding. Sustainable wood furniture. See ad on pg. 18

Moore’s Sleepworld

444-2337, 3 W. 5th St., Eureka 822-9997, 876 G St., Arcata Bio-based foam, sustainable lumber.

Plaza Design

822-7732, 808 G St., Arcata 441-1380, 211 G St., Eureka 839-1250, 1517 City Center Rd., McKinleyville

Children & Families Castleware

443-9335, Organic cotton bedding & clothing

Li’l Sprouts Boutique

923-3490 901 Redwood Dr., Garberville Safe gear and clothing for the modern kid.

Cleaning Products and Services A-1 Cleaning

Recycled Youth

442-3229 12 W. 7th St., Eureka Green office and carpet cleaning. See ad on pg. 27.

Rocking Horse

443-5074 142 W. 4th St., Eureka Green janitorial products.

825-7775 1507 G St., Arcata Recycled, upcycled, clothing & toys. 822-3509 791 8th St., Arcata


442-2743 226 F St., Eureka Locally made children’s clothes.

Stork’s Nest

840-0300 1545 City Center Rd., McKinleyville Locally made children’s clothes.

Bay West Supply

Best Dry Cleaners

442-7917, 632 E St., Eureka 839-1333, 1541 City Center Rd., McK. Finest environmentally friendly dry cleaning.


822-8000 100% non-toxic cleaning company.

Emerald City Laundromat

825-6802, 1210 G St., Arcata Full service laundromat with energy smart equipment.

are residents of Humboldt County and truly care about our community.

p1 ne we rep ir y vehic1e


This love for our area is the driving force behind our switch to the leading water-borne paint system to repair your vehicle after a collision . By doing so, we've lowered our paint emissions so we can help keep our air clean . We've developed a company culture of lowering our ecological footprint by recycling all paint waste, scrap metals, plastics, and even our office paper waste. Our paint spray/bake booth uses new 'Direct Fire' technology so that we use less energy in the process of returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Mendes Supply

(800) 244-0849 1030 W. Del Norte St., Eureka Green janitorial products.

Multicare Maintenance 445-1206, Eureka Green cleaning services.

Norman’s Dry Cleaners

822-3750, 32 Sunny Brae Center, Arcata 442-2527, 2907 E St., Eureka 725-9003, 743 S. Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna Completely safe. No hazardous chemicals. No perchloroethylene. No petroleum. So there’s no risk to the air, water or soil. See ad on pg. 24.

North Coast Cleaning 269-0838 211 7th St., Eureka

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Good for the community Good for the environment Great for your vehicle

We want you to know by using Quality Body Works to repair your vehicle, you are doing your part to help keep our community clean for generations to come. Thank you for choosing us.

do it green guide 2011



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Pace Chem Dry

443-9969 2249 Myrtle Ave., Eureka Dry, clean, healthier green alternative: hot carbonation extraction. See ad on pg. 30.

Squeak Clean 442-9235

Clothing Angelica Atelier

826-0577 1101 H St. #2, Arcata Custom made, eco-conscious bridal designs.

Fabric Temptations

822-7782 942 G St., Arcata Organic fabrics & yarns See ad on pg. 29

Hemp Connection

923-4851 412 Maple Ln., Garberville Hemp clothing men & women

Humboldt Outfitters 822-5332 860 G St., Arcata Organic Pima cotton T’s


601-6566, Clothing and accessories made from recycled neckties.

Stitch in Time

923-4072 444 Maple Ln., Garberville Eco-friendly clothing manufacturer.

Cremation, Burial, and Funeral Services Ayres Family Cremation

269-7160 2620 Jacobs Ave., Eureka Locally owned and operated crematorium offering affordable cremations and direct burial services. Let us help you honor those you love. See ad on pg. 30.

Funeral Consumers Alliance, Humboldt County Chapter

822-8599 P.O. Box 856, Arcata Information about sustainable burial and cremation protection of funeral consumers rights.

Humboldt Cremation and Funeral Service

839-1104 2720 Central Ave. Ste. B, McKinleyville Low-cost cremations, funerals and memorial items certified by the Green Burial Council. See ad on pg. 31

Furniture & Cabinetry Ironside Metalworks 822-3500 P.O. Box 607, Trinidad

Whit McLeod

822-7307 PO Box 132, 5720 West End Rd., Arcata Woodworking.

General Stores EcoThreadz

840-0776 1580 Nursery Way, Ste. A, McKinleyville Cotton/hemp fashions & home décor

Green Living Center 725-4455 1201 Main St., Fortuna Eco-friendly products.

Organic Grace

923-1296 906 Redwood Dr., Garberville Non-toxic options for healthy living.


822-6972, 858 G St., Arcata Sustainable products made from


FERROUS & NON-FERROUS METALS Copper • Aluminium • Brass • Stainless •Torch steel •Wire •Springs •Sheet iron

De s i g n • Co n s t r u c t i o n • Ma i n t e n a n c e COLOR CAD DESIGNS Native & Edible Gardens, Arbors, Decks, Fences, Water Features, Lighting, Drainage, Retaining Walls & more...

Certified Horticulturalist & Landscape Designer Bonded & Insured FREE CONSULTATION Lic 948848

(707) 845-9351

www. bl uest onel andscapes. net

You've never worn anything like it. SM

Arcata Scrap & Salvage

Working for a better tomorrow 192 S. G Street • Arcata • 822-4881


24 do it green guide 2011

~'i(M Since 1977

Eureka 442-2527' 2907 EStreet Arcata 822-3750' Sunny Brae Center Fortuna 725-9003' 743 Fortuna Blvd.

hemp, organic cotton, and recycled materials, including clothing, school supplies and household products. See ad on pg. 27.

Health Care & Wellness Dandelion Herbal Center

442-8157, P.O. Box 4440, Arcata Classes and field trips teaching herb traditions.

Humboldt Herbals

442-3541 300 2nd St., Eureka Organic, ethically wildcrafted products.

Moonrise Herbs

822-5296 826 G St., Arcata Natural healing herbs and resources.

New World Water

822-7066, 778 18th St., Arcata Fluoride-free water via seven-stage

reverse osmosis filtration cycle that eliminates impurities from water. See ad on pg. 32.

Northwest School for Botanical Studies

826-7762 P.O. Box 4543, Arcata Courses in the art & science of herbalism.

Household Products C. Crane

(800) 522-8863 1001 Main St., Fortuna GeoBulbs, Wind-up radios, LED products

Shady Lady

442-1500 405 Henderson St., Eureka Honeycomb insulating window coverings made from recycled fibers.

Sun Frost

822-9095 824 L St., Arcata Energy-efficient domestic refrigerators and freezers. Composters and composting toilets. See ad on pg. 28.

Jay Sooterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Spa

444-8001 3750 Broadway, Eureka Super-insulated, low energy spas and Finnelo saunas made from sustainable forests. Non-chlorine, non-bromine Baqua products. See ad on pg. 26.

Investments and Financial Services Anderson, Lucas, Somerville & Borges

Coldwell Banker Cutten Realty-Charlie Tripodi

445-8811 ext. 124 2120 Campton Rd. Ste. C, Eureka Specializing in rural real estate and a greener lifestyle.

Community Credit Union

923-2012 757 Redwood Dr., Garberville Low rates for renewable energy and energy efficient upgrades. Solar, wind, hydro & more. See ad on pg. 29.

Northern Redwood Federal Credit Union

822-5902 1270 Giuntoli Ln., Arcata Green loans for remodels and new green projects.

725-4483 1338 Main St., Fortuna Incentives for your green project.

ARCATA 601 I Street (707) 822-3377

2010 Tunnel Road (707) 923-1402

Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm Sun. 12 pm - 5 pm

Mon - Sat 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Closed Sunday

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770 Wildwood Street 2529 Angelo Ave_ (707) 764-5200 (530) 241-7454 Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm Sun. 12 pm -5 pm

Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm Sun. 12 pm -5 pm

do it green guide 2011



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Prosperity Real Estate

825-8800 839 9th St., Arcata Eco-broker providing information on energy efficiency in homes.

Prudential Redwood Realty

834-1818 655 F St., Arcata Contact eco-broker, Karen Orsolics, about energy efficiency in your real estate investment.

Landscaping, Garden Supply, Nurseries, Yard Services A Fertile World

825-0255, 5565 West End Rd., Arcata 444-0200, 6 Fifth St., Eureka 725-0700, 610 7th St., Fortuna (415) 454-8131, 1121 E. Francisco Blvd., San Rafael Your local source for everything horticultural. See what our organic prod-

ucts can do for your professional or hobby garden. See ad on pg. 27.

All Seasons Landscape Design

Blackberry Hill Boer Goats 601-1673 Brush goat service.

Bluestone Landscapes

840-0469 Sustainable landscape and design.

845-9351 Sustainable landscape design, construction, and maintenance that is healthy and built to last! Lic. #948848 See ad on pg. 24.

Bamboo & Maples

445-1281 2761 Hubbard Ln., Eureka Nursery & garden

Earth Care Landscaping

Bayside Garden Supply 826-7435 4061 N. Hwy. 101, Arcata Hydro, organics and soils.

Beneficial Living Center

663-6125 Offering organic garden supplies, compost teas, microbial additives and bulk garden amendments. Workshops on organic gardening, sustainable living, homesteading, permaculture, worm farming, composting and more. See ad on pg. 36.

822-3252 Design & build native plant systems, rain harvest systems and resuse, permeable driveways, patios and sidewalks, and much more. The caring company.

Eel River Hydroponics

726-0395 164 Dinsmore Dr., Fortuna B’Cuss, Calplex, Everest Nation, Fossil Fuel, Organicare, Iguana Juice, Rare Earth, Pure Vida, Nitrozime and more. See ad on pg. 32.

Pure Water Spas Low-energy, super insulated spas

Baqua products for non-chlorine & non-bromine, odor-free spas & pools

Garden Vision Landscape Design

476-0273 Beautiful, sustainable, landscapes; native plants

Green Future Soil Products

825-1225 4061 N. Hwy. 101 Ste. 8, Eureka Custom blended, organically engineered premium soils.

Honeybee Plantscapes

599-5858 Custom planter boxes, maintenance and design.ea

Both Hot Spring & Sundance hot tubs meet or exceed the energy efficient standards and feature alternative water purification systems.

Sundance and Hot Spring are ISO9000 Certified and most have a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

We support local, national and international conservation organizations

Check out our 12 models on display as well as our Finnleo Saunas and Tidal Fit Swimspas!

The Hot Hot Tub Tub “Time “Time Machine” Machine” The with an an eye eye on on the the future future. with future.

3750 Broadway, Eureka

26 do it green guide 2011

444-8261 5851 Myrtle Ave., Eureka California native plants and seeds. See ad on pg. 39.

HS Spring’s Ever Fresh water care system is environmentally-friendly and the water can be reused for irrigation.

Sustainable forest product saunas

We use hybrid cars for our service calls

Freshwater Farms


Humboldt Area Restoration Teams

Mad River Garden and Nursery

Humboldt Hydroponics

Miller Farms

616-8357 P.O. Box 157, Trinidad

822-7049, 3384 Janes Rd., Arcata Organic and native garden supplies. 839-1571 1828 Central Ave., McKinleyville Green gifts, landscape design, organic products, workshops and of course native plants. See ad on pg. 34.

822-3377, 601 I Street, Arcata 443-4304, 1302 Union Street, Eureka 923-1402, 2010 Tunnel Rd., Redway 764-5200, 770 Wildwood Ave., Rio Dell (530) 241-7454, 2529 Angelo Ave., Redding For whatever you grow, and wherever your grow it. See ad on pg. 25.

Northcoast Horticulture Supply

826-9998, 639 6th St., Arcata 464-1200, 1070 N. Hwy. 101, Crescent City 444-9999, 60 W. 4th St., Eureka 725-5550, 357 Main St., Fortuna 839-9998, 1580 Nursery Way, McKinleyville Organic fertilizers, nutrients and products to support a sustainable garden. See ad on pg. 2.

Lindquist Landscapes 677-0313

Living Earth Landscapes

822-7663 5307 Boyd Rd., Arcata Offering free workshops and earth friendly products.

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Humboldt’s Largest Selection of Hemp, Soy, Bamboo, Organic Cotton Clothing & Bedding, Eco-Goods and Sustainable Products

858 G ST., On the Plaza ARCATA • 822-6972

Eco-Goods since since 1990 Eco-Goods 1990


Featuring GREEN Carpet Cleaning


Providing GREEN Office Cleaning ng





















EUREKA (707)444-0200

ARCATA (707)825-0255

FORTUNA (707)725-0700




SAN RAfAEL (415)454-8131

• Pro Line • Master Blend • Anti-Allergen

• Proxy Clean • Fully Certified SIlartari • All Purpose Disinfectant 12 West 7th Street




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Redway Feed

923-2765 290 Briceland Rd., Redway

Samara Restoration

834-4379 P.O. Box 4586, Arcata Native ecosystem restoration.

Singing Tree Gardens

839-8777 5225 Dows Prairie Rd., McKinleyville Full service garden center plus landscape design.

Soil Seekers

825-9585 Landscape installation, irrigation and draining.

Sylvandale Gardens

923-3606 1151 Evergreen Rd., Redway

Two Green Thumbs Landscaping

616-6954, Arcata Specializing in edible landscapes.

Water Planet

822-9888 286 S. G St., Arcata Energy and water efficient hydroponic systems, plant foods and biostimulants. See ad on pg. 41.

Wes Green Landscape Materials

822-8035, Arcata,

Office Supplies & Services Arcata Stationers 822-0527 833 H St., Arcata

Bug Press

822-2001 1461 M St., Arcata Eco-conscious commercial printing.

Forever Friends Services

497-6339 Bulk mailing, confidential shredding, window washing, lawn maintenance.,

Pacific Paper

443-3158 2825 F St., Eureka Recycled office products.

Post Haste

825-8295 600 F St. #3, Arcata Compostable bubble wrap made from recycled cardboard, envelopes and mailers. Accepts reusable packaging, including peanuts, shredding.

Shred Tec

822-4022 Local document shredding and delivery services.

Western Hemp and Paper Supply

923-4367 479 Briceland Rd., Redway Recycled and eco-friendly office supplies.

Western Web

New Life Service Company



444-6236 1900 Bendixsen St. #2, Samoa Eco-conscious commercial printing. See ad on pg. 4.

Claire Josefine Professional Organizer

268-8585 Pioneer of simplicity based, earthfriendly organizing.

Taylor Made Organizing

407-8878 1008 Emerald Ln., Fortuna Organizing to improve environmental impact.


845.3611, Arcata, Help you succeed and thrive

Pest Elimination and Mold Inspection, Removal Accurate Termite and Pest Solutions

825-1220, 725-3896 Natural and non-chemical applications available. See ad on pg. 31.

Humboldt Termite and Pest Control

822-8644, 5440 Ericson Way, Arcata 442-4334, Eureka 725-0462, Fortuna 923-1345, Garberville 839-0105, McKinleyville Non-chemical and natural application.

444-8222 39 W 5th St., Eureka Emergency and restorative services for home and business. 445-0900 P.O. Box 6246, Eureka Mold mitigation and remediation.

Pet Supplies & Services Arcata Pet Supplies

822-6350, 600 F St., Arcata Natural pet supplies in store & online.


443-4914 2931 F St., Eureka Natural pet supplies.

Fortuna Feed and Garden Center

725-FEED 126 Dinsmore Dr., Fortuna Large & Small animal feed

Fortuna Pet Shoppe 725-3941 650 11th St., Fortuna Natural pet supplies.

Healing Spirit Animal Wellness Center

822-8387 7650 Myrtle Ave., Eureka integrative veternarian medicine.

ir ~e5tDre

~ejoice-' Why buy new? Beautiful Lighting Fixtures from America's Industrious Past

Energy Efficient Refrigerators & Freezers > Available in DC or AC <

>Choose From 1000's of Colors, Finishes & Woods < >Select From Over 10 Models <

824 LSt. Arcata, CA 95521 - (707) 822-9095 28 do it green guide 2011

Town Antique Lighting Corner of 2nd & F, Eureka 707-267-5439 oldtownantiquelighting. com "

" "'路. ..,W.I ..-:

'Renew 'Remode( 'Revea( 'Reconsider

Let Us Help You Go Green The Farm Store

443-7397 3956 Jacobs Ave., Eureka Natural pet supplies including livestock resources.

The Pawlor

444-2444 3956 Jacobs Ave., Eureka Pet Friendly, planet friendly products

Recycling Services Arcata Community Recycling Center 822-4321 1380 9th St., Arcata

CJ’s Recycling

845-7120 1560 Hiller Rd., McKinleyville CRV buyback.

Cox Clean Up & Hauling 444-1333 Haul-away waste removal.

Eel River Disposal

725-8711, 1797 West Smith Ln., Fortuna 725-5156, 965 Riverwalk Dr., Fortuna 923-3944, Conservation Camp Rd., Redway CRV buy back.

Eel River Scrap & Salvage

Arcata Garbage Company 822-0304 30 S. G St., Arcata Curbside recycling.

Arcata Scrap & Salvage

822-4881 192 S. G St., Arcata Buy, sell and recycle all your scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous. No hazardous waste, please. See ad on pg. 24.

Arcata Used Tire & Wheels

822-7909 437 G St., Arcata Recycle tires. Registered waste tire hauler.

Blue Lake City Hall

668-5655 111 Greenwood Ave., Blue Lake

Blue Lake Garbage Co. 444-2903 Curbside recycling.

Let Us Help You Green Let Go Us Help You

As low as Go Green 5.99% A.P.R.*

Let Us HelpAsYou low as on approved 5.99% Go Green A.P.R.* credit

on approved credit forasyour As low 5.99% A.P.R.* for your Renewable Energy As low as 5.99% A.P.R.* on approved on approved credit Renewable Energy credit for your Renewable Energy & & Energy Efficient for your & Energy Efficient Energy Efficient Upgrades Upgrades Renewable Energy Upgrades

725-6530 850 Riverwalk Dr., Fortuna & Energy Efficient Wind, Appliances, Insulation, and at Solar, Hydro, Wind, Hydro, Appliances, Insulation, and moremore at Boats, cars, motorhomes and scrap Solar, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Appliances, Insulation, and more at Upgrades metal.

Eel River Transportation & Salvage C&D Facility 725-6530 850 Riverwalk Dr., Fortuna Construction debris.

CommunityCredit Credit Union Community Credit Union Community Union 757 Redwood Dr., Garberville 757 Redwood Dr., Garberville 757 Redwood Dr., Garberville Community Credit Union

Solar, Wind, Hydro, Appliances, Insulation, and more at

(707)757 923-2012, ext.ext. 110 110 & 114 Redwood Dr., Garberville (707) 923-2012, 114 (707) 923-2012. ext. 110 &&114 *Rate subject to change and otherext. conditions may apply (707) 923-2012, 110 & 114 *Rate subject to change and other conditions may apply

*Rate subject totochange andconditions othermay conditions may apply *Rate subject change and other apply

Eureka Community Recycling Center

268-8030 1059 W Hawthorne St., Eureka CRV buy back, drop off for paper, cardboard, household products, hazardous waste.

www.sun ro.C

Eureka Recology

442-5711 949 W.Hawthorne St., Eureka Curbside recycling. continued on next page

Knit • Crochet • Sew • Quilt FOLKWEAR Patterns

Be creative! 942 G Street

Arcata CA 95521

(707) 822-7782 do it green guide 2011



• Direct Burials & Affordable Cremation • Locally Family Owned & Operated • Pre-Planning Available & Encouraged

family cremation

Our family, helping our neighbors with affordable cremation FD2087


continued from previous page

Footprint Recycling

Rio Dell City Hall

General Recycling

Sherrick’s Recycling and CRV Redemption Center

Hanson’s Wire Rope

The Koop

Humboldt Sanitation and Recycling Center

Tom’s Trash

826-2606 4701 West End Rd., Arcata Collect and recycle waste vegetable oil and service grease traps.

707-269-7160 2620 Jacobs Ave. Eureka

442-1765 132 W 4th St., Eureka CRV buy back, radiators, scrap metal. 725-2774 2404 Sandy Prairie Rd., Fortuna Scrap metal.

839-3285 2585 Central Ave, McKinleyville CRV buy back, drop off for paper, cardboard, household products, hazardous waste.

Only Only Chem-Dry Chem-Dry uses uses

for for aa deep deep clean, clean, that’s that’s also also green. green.

Pace Chem-Dry

® ®

Healthy, Clean & Green Independently Owned & Operated

• Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning • Residential & Commercial • Oriental Rug Drop-Off Service • Dust Mite Anti-Allergen • FREE ESTIMATES

Carpets Dry in 2-4 Hours instead of 1-2 Days!

(707) 443-9969

Humboldt Waste Management Authority

441-2005 1059 W Hawthorne St., Eureka Household hazardous waste, electronics.

Hummel Tire & Wheel

725-4120 260 S. Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna

Jackson’s Recycling 488-2184 120789 Hwy 101, Orick CRV, paper, cardboard.

Jerry’s Recycling

599-9040, McKinleyville Serving McKinleyville, bicycle pick-up.

Popko Recycling

store folded plastic bags in an old tissue box

530-629-2709, 13 Nights Ln., Garberville CRV. 530-629-2054, 75 Mayfair Dr., Willow Creek CRV, cardboard.

Redwood Acres Recycling Center

444-8681, 3750 Harris St., Eureka crv containers, newspapers, cardboard and magazines.

30 do it green guide 2011

764-3532 675 Wildwood Ave., Rio Dell CRV, paper, cardboard. (Behind building.)

496-4945 1237 Bayshore Way, Eureka CRV, scrap metal. 822-5410 829 10th St., Arcata E-waste drop off. 530-629-2070 Willow Creek Curbside recycling.

Zink’s Recycling

498-3771 1237 Bayshore Way, Eureka CRV.

Recreation & Fitness Center Activities

826-3357 University Center, 1 Harpst St., Arcata Outdoor activities, rentals, classes and tours.

City of Arcata Parks and Recreation

822-7091 736 F St., Arcata /departments/ parks-recreation Community recreation activities.

City of Eureka Parks and Recreation

441-4241 1011 Waterfront Dr., Eureka Park maintenance, community recreation activities.

Godwit Days

826-7050 P.O. Box 4978, Arcata Spring migration birding festival.

HumBoats Kayak Center

443-5157 Dock A, Woodley Island Marina, Eureka Boat rentals and tours.

Conservation Conservation is managing resources effectively and maintaining them for later generations. The US EPA has put forth many programs to conserve our national resources. One such program is the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle slogan. (US EPA, 2011)

Kayak Zak’s

498-1130, P.O. Box 68, Orick

North Coast Adventure Centers

(800) 808-2836 1065 K St. Ste. C, Arcata Eco-tourism adventures.

Thrift & Vintage Angels of Hope

822-5019 1309 10th St., Arcata Thrift store benefitting YouthAbility.

Bang! Bang!

633-6209 941 H St., Arcata Vintage and consignment clothing

Carl Johnson Co.

443-4851 3950 Jacobs Ave., Eureka Recycle things at Thursday night auctions

Clothing Dock

822-8288 1109 11th St., Arcata Vintage to modern, second-hand clohthes.

Companion Animal Foundation Thrift Store

826-7387, 88 Sunny Brae Center, Arcata 668-1800, 410 Railroad Ave., Blue Lake Thrift store benefitting the Companion Animal Foundation.

Discovery Shop

443-2155, 2942 F St., Eureka

Eco Groovy Abundance

Natural & Non Chemical Applications Available

834-7220 1355 Samoa Blvd., Arcata Thrifty resale boutique.

Eureka Trading Company

443-2000 230 4th St., Eureka Musical instruments, tools, electronics, jewelry and more.


443-3259 116 W. Wabash, Eureka Vintage clothing.

Full Circle New to You 442-4000 1 W. 7th St., Eureka Second hand store.

Holly Golightly

445-1130 5514 2nd St., Eureka Vintage clothing.

Hospice for Humboldt

826-2545 575 H St., Arcata Thrift store benefitting Hospice of Humboldt.

Safe for people, pets and the environment. “Committed to insure our services provide the lowest possible impact on our planet” RODENTS • ANTS • SPIDERS • TERMITES SOWBUGS • EARWIGS • ROACHES • FLEAS Serving Humboldt County [?@~u[1JJG:!J& FORTUNA

{j~®D~@®® 725-3896

ARCATA &~©&u&

@~®D1]~~@ 825-1220

Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn 442-7777 1435 5th St., Eureka Trade and pawn shop.


Little Shop of Hers


Miranda’s Rescue


441-9078 416 2nd St., Eureka Vintage clothing for her and him. 441-1755, 1694 Myrtle Ave., Eureka 725-4166, 822 S. Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna 839-5015, 1544 Pickett Rd., McKinleyville Thrift store benefitting Miranda’s Rescue.


Willow & Rags

Only funeral provider in Humboldt County to be certified by the Green Burial Council

822-7577 761 8th St., Arcata

St. Vincent De Paul

822-6946, 513 K St., Arcata 443-8676, 528 2nd St., Eureka Thrift store.

(707) 839-1104 No membership required.

Vintage Avengers 822-3300 1101 H St., Arcata Vintage second hand.



do it green guide 2011



.. * .. *

Boer Mowers

.~.~* ** *

We are * family promoting community, water sign people concentrating on water health with the objectives of harming no one, leaving no mess, and enhancing all we touch.


778 18th Street, Arcata 707-822-7066




atching your yard get wild and overgrown is easy. Bringing it back and keeping it maintained can be hard. Doing it yourself is time consuming and landscapers cost money. Luckily, there’s perfect solution: goats. Mark Kane owns Blackberry Hill Boer Goats, a brush service that rents out goats to graze your land. Kane’s mob of South African Boer Goats get their name from the Dutch word “Boer” meaning farmer, very fitting for the type of work they do. Depending on the size of the parcel needing control, renting these furry farmers can prove to be a cheaper, safer and less stressful option to DIY. “I had a friend with a fence line that was real badly covered in poison oak,” Mark explained. “They weed wacked a lot of it to get it down but a couple of guys got poison oak so bad they were hospitalized. So I sent the goats in to do the job – they’ll eat almost anything.” No more maintenance fees, controlled burns, poison oak rashes or long days on the lawnmower. Just goats. For rentals contact: Mark Kane, Blackberry Hill Boer Goats (707) 601-1673.

— Kimberly Ann Hodges

"II1\IeAL 11 F81'11.I S81lSIPPUII Mlllrtll, Ii'IJllm~ btillf1ld rtlIvM:rruertllt. ~lf1Icm~d~1nl1 Adwlllf1lc~d Nurtruemlt•• IlIi'lJd hom~ of Ilt~mbom. COgJIi'IJt,-. Owrtll Prrod~ot~i: Gtllvl,. 1~lhmlllJte~ PgJrpme MIlD. IIIi'1Jd U~ttll 81i'1Jo. &tormm

Hours: Monday-Friday 9-6 Saturday & Sunday 10-5

Also Check Ouf ~.eelr;verhydropon;," 164 Dinsmore Dr. Fortuna· 707-726-0395 32 do it green guide 2011

Eel River Brewing – Natural and Naked By Kimberly Ann Hodges


ince the spring of 1999, Eel River Brewing Co. has owned bragging rights for being the first certified organic brewery in America. You read that right: in AMERICA. With a plethora of organic foods, clothes and other items fueling our lives in Humboldt County, it makes sense we’d be spoiled enough to also have America’s first certified organic brewery right in our backyard. Its intriguing motto: “Be natural, drink naked.” Eel River Brewing co-owner Ted Vivatson shed some light on how his organic brews came to life and how those vivacious slogans were born. “A buddy came up to me one time and said, ‘Ted, I want a naked beer — the kind my grandfather used to drink — a beer that doesn’t have all kinds of crap in it,’ and that just made sense to me.” It didn’t take long for the organic, hand-crafted beer to start making sense to drinkers. Just a year after establishing the first ERBC brewery in Fortuna in 1995, awards were pouring in from contests such as the California State Fair Brewers Competition in 1996, where ERBC took home a Gold Medal for its Raspberry Wheat Ale. In 1998, the brewery won another Gold from the Great American Beer Festival (a competition

not just for any beer chump) for its Climax California Classic. The next year marked the birth to America’s first certified naked, err, organic beer, ERBC’s Organic Amber Ale. With a tremendous positive consumer response to its organic ale, six additional beers have joined ERBC’s organic brewing family since 1999: Organic I.P.A., Organic California Blonde, Organic Porter, Organic Extra Pale Ale, Organic Raven’s Eye Stout and Organic Triple Exultation. All of these beers are certified organic and have the proper seals to prove it. What exactly does “certified organic” mean? It’s pretty simple. ERBC is certified organic by the California

Certified Organic Farmers, which is a U.S. Deptartment of Agriculture (USDA) accredited third party-certifier. The USDA is the official regulatory and enforcement agency for organic agriculture, overseeing food and other products, such as beer. USDA’s National Organic Program, which the CCOF helped create standards and rules for, ensures proper regulations of organic production and continuously works to keep rules followed and values met, all the for sake of the consumer who just wants a real, organically made, no-crapin-it product. A USDA Organic seal cannot be used on products that use less than 95 percent organic in-

Beer To Go! Drinking at home can be fun, and slightly less expensive than brew pubs and bars, but the smelly cans and glass bottles can pile up, and even if you recycle, it doesn’t seem too eco-friendly. What’s the alternative? Growlers! A half-gallon jug full of delicious, local beer fresh from the tap (that’s four pints) that’s directly recyclable since it’s refillable. All local breweries sell growlers at an average of $15 for the first full jug and refill a clean one for just around $7. An economically green, fresh way to drink your favorite local brews without the guilt. One downside of the Growler: the jugs are made of glass meaning the best shelf life it’ll get is in your fridge. You’ll have to stock up on ice and be careful of breakage if you plan on taking your Growler to the river or elsewhere in the great outdoors. photo by holly harvey

gredients, with the remaining 5 percent still having to be from a list of non-organic products approved by the USDA’s National Organic Program. Being certified organic, and the use of both the CCOF and USDA seal, is no easy venture, but ERBC has managed to keep the seals on its certified beers for over a decade. As if using organic ingredients, such as organic hops from New Zealand, wasn’t enough, ERBC also has the distinction of being the nation’s first biomass-powered brewery. With such a high demand for certified beer, ERBC moved its large volume brewing from Fortuna to Scotia in 2007, leaving the taproom and grill in the original location. One of numerous tenants in the old Pacific Lumber Co.’s old mill site, ERBC utilizes wood chips and other refuse including bark, scrap lumber and greenwaste to create the brewery’s power. ERBC will even take outside contributions. “You can cut your grass, bring us your clippings, and we’ll burn it to produce our power,” said Vivatson. Now that’s green thinking. do it green guide 2011


Food Not Lawns


photo by bob Doran

he National Wildlife Federation notes that approximately 50-70 percent of our residential water is used for landscaping, mostly watering lawns, which cover 20-30 million acres in the United States. Gas-powered lawn mowers produce around five percent of America’s air pollution, in part because a mower can emit 11 times the air pollution of a new car. According to the EPA nearly 70 million pounds of pesticide are applied to our lawns each year, creating the largest source of water pollution nationwide. The residents of this Eureka home replaced their grass monoculture landscaping (a lawn) with raised bed gardens, saving water and growing vegetables in the process.

Green Up your Yard and Garden – We Can Help! Nursery and Garden Center Shop and Power Equipment Landscape Contractors 1828 Central Ave. • McKinleyville· 839-1571 HOME




34 do it green guide 2011

Grow With US!

eating Bakers, Bakeries & Juice Bayside Roasters Certified organic coffees.

Beachcomber Café

677-0106 363 Trinity, Trinidad Delicious fare prepared from high quality, eco-friendly meats and produce. See ad on pg. 39.

Calla Lily Cakes

601-6905, Eureka Custom! Local organic ingredients.

Dutch Brothers Coffee

1108 Broadway, Eureka 430 N St., Eureka Offering fair trade organic coffees.

Gold Rush Coffee

442-2333 2742 Broadway, Eureka Locally roasted, organic coffee.

Humboldt Bay Coffee Company

444-3969 535 3rd St., Eureka Roasting USDA-Certified organic coffee.

Kinetic Koffee

825-9417 550 South G St., Ste. 19, Arcata Roasting only USDA-certified organic coffees.

Konaloha Coffee

496-1942 or 832-8824 Pesticide-free, Hawaiian-grown, locally roasted coffee.

Los Bagels

822-3150, 1061 I St., Arcata 442-8525, 403 2nd St., Eureka 826-5308, HSU in the Depot

Coffee roasters, green grocers and the food producers who supply them Traditional Jewish food with a taste of Mexico. Sounds crazy but it works.

Muddy Waters

268-1133 330 Commercial St., Eureka Organic, fair-trade, sustainable shadegrown coffee.

Old Town Coffee & Chocolates 445-8600 211 F St., Eureka

Oshun Yoga & Juice Bar 232-4505 343 Main St., Trinidad Organic juice & noodle bar

Ramone’s Bakery & Café

442-1336, 2297 Harrison Ave., Eureka 826-1088, Wildberries Marketplace, 747 13th St., Arcata 445-2923, 209 E St., Eureka 476-0401, Pierson’s Building Center, 4100 Broadway, Eureka 839-3383, 1555 City Center Rd., McKinleyville Organic, local ingredients, catering available.

Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee Roasters 822-3711 65 Ericson Ct. #3, Arcata

Community Alliance with Farmers

Amity Heritage Roses and Garden Nursery

North Coast Grower’s Association

Arcata Educational Farm

826-0233 1385 8th St. Ste. B, Arcata Promotion of sustainable, family farming agriculture practices.

441-9999 April through November. Arcata Plaza on Saturdays with live music, coffee and bagels, bread and olives. Visit with the growers who sell their produce directly to you. See ad on pg. 38

Farms and Farmers Most of the farms listed sell direct through farmers’ markets and/or farm stands. Some have local grocery stores and restaurants that carry their produce. See also Farmers’ Market ads on pgs. 41 and 55. (FS) Farm Stand, typically seasonal (CSA) Community Supported Agriculture farm. Community members purchase shares in the crop and receive a box or bag of fresh food weekly through the season. (CO) Certified Organic. Note: Many local farms use organic methods but are not certified.

Signature Coffee Co.

923-2661 3455 Redwood Dr. Redway A carbon neutral organic coffee roaster.

Farmer’s Markets & Co-Ops Arcata Educational Farm

822-7091 930 Old Arcata Rd., Arcata Student-run, community farm. Fresh, seasonable, organic produce.

Down on the Farm

Tracy and Janet Sclar, 768-2040 P.O. Box 357, Hydesville Rose plants, lilacs, perennials, summer produce, herbs, apples 825-1777 930 Old, Arcata Rd., Arcata Student-run CSA farm with 60 kinds of vegetables, herbs, and flowers

Bayside Family Farm

Kokte Ranch & Nature Preserve Jacoby Creek Land Trust Susan Ornelas and Ashley Wellington 826-2722 2182 Old, Arcata Rd., Bayside Pasture-raised poultry, raspberries, garlic, winter squash, greens and flowers.

Wild Rose Farm

Blake Richard, 834-4115 P.O. Box 1233, Blue Lake Mixed vegetables, including spinach, cilantro, cooking greens (CO)

Blue Jay Nursery

Eric and Christine Justesen, 768-9201 P.O. Box 208, Carlotta Bedding plants, annuals, perennials, vegetable and herb starts (CO) continued on next page

Our list of farmers and food producers is adapted from the appendix to a locally produced cook book and resource guide, Locally Delicious, written by the Heirloom Tomatoes: Ann Anderson, Lauren Cohn-Sarabia, Martha Haynes, Ann King, Carol Moné and Suzanne Simpson and published by the North Coast Co-operative. The listings are drawn from many sources including information provided by the North Coast Growers’ Association and a Southern Humboldt farmers group, with help from Joyce McGibbon, a Eureka teacher who volunteered her assistance. do it green guide 2011


eating continued from previous page

Camp Grant Ranch

John LaBoyteaux, 923-2670 3345 Dyerville Loop Rd. Redcrest Vegetables, peaches, apples, melons, apple cider

Charlotte’s Perennial Garden

Charlotte Grigsmiller, 986-7229 P.O. Box 458 Whitethorn Mixed vegetables, dalad mixes, herbs, plants, fruit trees

Claudia’s Organic Herbs

Claudia Holzinger and Von Tunstall P.O. Box 233 Orleans 20 varieties fresh and dried herbs, onions, tomatoes, garlic braids (CO)

Clendenen’s Cider Works

725-2123 96 12th St. Fortuna Apples, fresh apple cider, produce

36 do it green guide 2011

College of the Redwoods Sustainable Agricultural Farm

845-697-7409 Shively Flat Rd. Shively Student-run CSA farm with various vegetables and orchard fruit

Community Farm in Garberville

223-4996 934 Sprowel Creek Rd., Garberville Vegetables, tomatoes, herbs and flowers grown in 431-acre Southern Humboldt Community Park (CSA)

Dan Primerano

923-4660 P.O. Box 982 Redway Wheat flour, wheat berries (CSA)

Deep Seeded Community Farm

Eddie Tanner, 825-8033 P.O. Box 4380, Arcata Vegetables, cherry tomatoes, strawberries (CSA)

Double J & J Produce

John & Jacqueline Sherman, 822-2629 P.O. Box 4687, Arcata Mixed produce

Earth N Hands Farm

Dean Gilkerson and Missy Gruen 599-7570 P.O. Box 119, Kneeland Strawberries, raspberries, peppers, onions, lettuce, basil, cucumbers and more (CO)

Earthly Edibles

Jamye Buckley and Ed Cohen 822-8841 or 615-427-9372 P.O. Box 5184, 2530 Davis Way, Arcata Shareholders get fresh, local garden

produce. Multiple pick-up locations. (CSA)

ECO Gardening Farm

Boyd Smith, 834-2239 P.O. Box 5169, Arcata Seeds, plant starts, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, cherries, peaches, pears, apples, hops and Econeem products (CO)

Eel River Produce

William Reynolds, 722-4309 56 Shively Flat Rd., Scotia Beans, melons, seed crops, summer and winter squash, tomatoes (CO)

Feral Family Farm

Dave, Autumn, Misha and Ray Feral 822-2514 134 Esther Ln., Arcata Apples, pears, berries, tomatoes, wheatgrass, fresh apple juice, berry juice, mixed vegetable juice (CO)

Fieldbrook Nursery

Jim Polly, 839-0524 155 Cidermill Rd., Fieldbrook Apples, plums, nursery trees, artichoke plants, garlic, onions, other fruits and vegetables

Fieldbrook Valley Apple Farm

Richard and Bettie Lovie, 839-4289 336 Rock Pit Rd. Fieldbrook 50 varieties of apples, on-site sales August-October Fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, canning lugs, (FS) July-August

Flora Organica

Andreas and Lisa Zierer, 839-3405 P.O. Box 206, Arcata Herbs, cut flowers, lavender, landscape plants, succulents (CO)

Flying Blue Dog Farm and Nursery

Fishman Farm

Robert Fishman 4721 Sprowel Creek Rd., Garberville Tomatoes, peppers, grapes, squash, plums, pears, apples

Rita Jacinto and Laurie Levey 530-629-1177 P.O. Box 1486/101 Christian School Rd., Willow Creek Herbs, vegetable starts, jams and jellies, native plants, garlic, chili peppers (CO)

Flood Plain Produce

Fog Farm

Mel and Holly Kreb, 722-4330 31117 Ave. of the Giants, Pepperwood

George Waller, 839-3436 2966 Springer Dr., McKinleyville Salad greens, sweet pea flowers

Gopher Gardens

Robert Ducate, 441-1663 1469 Walker Point Rd., Bayside Flowers, fruit, plants

Green Fire Farm

Grady Walker and Linda Hildebrand 530-625-1667 P.O. Box 608, Hoopa Mixed vegetables, tomatoes, orchard fruit, wine grapes; CSA through Democracy Unlimited, 269-0984, (CO)

Greenmantle Nursery

Ram and Marissa Fishman, 986-7504 3010 Ettersburg Rd., Garberville Trees, figs, fruit, pears, plums, roses, apples developed by Albert Etter (CO)

High Oak Farm

Larry Ogden, 986-7481 P.O. Box 309, Shelter Cove Rd., Whitethorn Strawberries, raspberries (FS)

Hillbelly Farm

Ty Johnson and Hilary Schwartz 764-3670 337 2nd Ave., Rio Dell Mixed produce, herbs, apples, basil, blackberries, cherries, figs, horseradish, kiwifruit, lemons, melons, pears, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes (CO)

Honey Apple Farms

Ron and Shelly Honig, 822-6186 11251 West End Rd., Arcata Seasonal fruits and vegetables (CO)

Huckleberry Farm and Nursery

Kathy McDonald 77 Fieldbrook Heights Fieldbrook Produce, eggs, deer-resistant plants

I and I Farm

Ino Riley, 845-9504 P.O. Box 1584 Willow Creek Seasonal vegetables, strawberries, tomatoes (CO) continued on next page

WE DO THE HOMEWORK FOR YOU. Trust Your Source provides an insider's view of the sustainable practices used by local farmers and food producers. Visit our website to learn more about the program and to view profiles of the people who grow and produce our food locally. â&#x20AC;˘ 8th & I in Arcata â&#x20AC;˘ 4th & B in Eureka


COOP do it green guide 2011


Find YOUR Farmers’ Market! Amm~~~I~ ARCATA Arcata Plaza

Saturdays 9am-2pm

Live Music Starts at 10am

Outdoor Store

April - Nov.

Tuesdays 3:30-6:30pm June - Oct.

7th & G Sts Parking Lot

EUREKA Old Town Town Old

F St. btwn 2nd & 3rd

Tuesdays 10am-1pm Tuesdays

Henderson Henderson Center Thursdays 10am-1pm F St. btwn Henderson & Russ

McKINLEYVILLE Safeway Plaza Plaza

June - Oct. June - Oct.

Thursdays 3:30-6:30pm June - Oct. Thursdays

OTHER MARKETS AROUND HUMBOLDT CO. Fortuna Tuesdays 3-6pm May - Oct. Tuesdays Fortuna Garberville Fridays 11am-3pm May - Oct. GarberviUe Shelter Cove Cove Tuesdays 11am-3pm May - Oct. Shelter Tuesdays Ferndale Ferndale Saturdays 10am-1pm May - Oct. Miranda Tuesdays 1-5pm May - Oct. Miranda Tuesdays

"rain eating

Jacobs Greens

McIntosh Farms

Larry Alameda

McIntosh Farm Country Store

Karina Jacobs Green, 668-1684 P. O. Box 1272, Blue Lake Salad greens, herb & kitchen garden starts 530-625-1123 P.O. Box 1181, Hoopa Wild mushrooms and wild-crafted herbs, call for delivery

Little River Farm

Lost Coast Blueberry Farm

Matthew Brockmeyer, 570-301-7338 P.O. Box 175, Garberville Garlic, kale, squash, onions, tomatoes

Rio Mattole, 629-3528 or 497-4602 41774 Mattole Rd. Petrolia U-Pick Blueberries

Luna Farms

Alissa Pattison & Frederic Diekmeyer 530-355-4191 P.O. Box 184 95 Neighbor Ln., Willow Creek Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, tomatillos, summer and winter squash, strawberries, melons, flowers, herbs (CSA)

Find us on /humboldthealthyfoods


OPEN: M-F 8-7 • Sat 11-6 • Sun 11-5


899 Main Street • Fortuna w w w. H u m b o l d t H e a l t h y Fo o d s . c o m

38 do it green guide 2011

Clayton McIntosh, 822-0487 1264 Giuntoli Ln., Arcata Indoor (FS) and more

Moonshadow Farms

2950 Janes Rd., Arcata Mixed produce, fruit, cut flowers


Loren McIntosh and family 530-629-4145 P.O. Box 296 Willow Creek Tomatoes, peaches, peppers, figs, cherries, plums, Asian pears, chestnuts

John Severn, 441-9286 140 Ole Hanson Rd., Eureka Salad mix, specialty greens, broccoli, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (CO)

Loving Earth Gardens

Lotfs o cts! Produ

continued from previous page

Luscious Gardens

Kashi Albertsen, 834-2698 2970 Greenbriar Ln., Arcata Perennial food plants, berries and fruit trees (CO)

Maggie May Farms

Abram Stark and Michaela Hasler 442-7435 P.O. Box 6918, Eureka CA 95502 Mixed vegetables, greens, apples, fava beans, rabbit, eggs

Magic Finger Organic Garden Clifford and Eric, 943-3347 P.O. Box 104, Miranda Tomatoes, squash

Toni Stoffel, 943-3025 P.O. Box 488, Miranda Mixed produce, cherries, plums, apples, figs, chestnuts

Morning Glory

Mountain Home Farm

Sarah Post, 530-627-3423 P.O. Box 99 Orleans Assorted vegetables, tomatoes (CO)

Mycality Mushrooms Michael Egan, 834-6396 2577 Fickle Hill Rd., Arcata Cultivated mushrooms

Neukom Family Farm

Jacques and Amy Neukom 530-629-1909 P.O. Box 312 Willow Creek Peaches, strawberries, melons, tomatoes, peppers, peas (CSA)

Norton Creek Farm

Roger L. Smith, 839-0786 3040 Central Ave. McKinleyville Vegetables, raspberries, dahlias,

Organic Matters Ranch

John Gary and Heather Plaza 498-2319 or 407-FARM 6742 Myrtle Ave. Eureka Lettuce, mixed vegetables, garlic (CO)

Paul Lohse

668-5432, P.O. Box 429, Arcata Basil, carrots, heirloom tomatoes, specialty crops, sunflowers

Pierce Family Farm

Marguerite Pierce, 530-627-3320


Seaside Herbs

Denis Potter, 668-5387 P.O. Box 1011, Blue Lake Mixed vegetables, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, blueberries, pumpkins, corn, corn maze 498-9837 1697 Henry Ln. McKinleyville Mixed vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, popcorn, Armenian and Japanese cucumbers, tomatillos (CO)

Redwood Roots Farm

Janet Czarnecki, 826-0261 P.O. Box 793, Arcata Jacoby Creek Rd., Bayside Lettuces, herbs, mixed vegetabkles, root crops

Reed’s Bees

David Reed, 826-1744 911 Bayview St., Arcata Honey, beeswax

River Bees

Seth Rick, 722-4669 156 Ewan Ave. Shively Humboldt Gold Honey, bee pollen, beeswax

Rolling River Farm and Nursery

Marc Robbi and Corrina Cohen 530-627-0012 P.O. Box 332, Orleans Fresh fruit, flowers, fruit trees

Saechao Strawberries

Chan Yan Saechao, 745-3930 1665 Thelma St. Fortuna Strawberries; Farm stand on Eel River

Shakefork Community Farm and Grain Share Program

Kevin and Melanie Cunningham 498-3546, 7914 Hwy. 36 Carlotta Wheat, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat, corn, edible seeds, pastured chickens (CSA)

Small Fruits

Spencer Hill, 530-625-4042 P.O. Box 526, Hoopa Berries, melons, nectarines, miniature vegetables (CO)


Reduce your plastic footprint... Now also available in organic cotton! tiful Eart eau

gi K eep Veg


Rain Frog Farm

Marilyn Kelly, 822-8166 170 Garden Ln., Bayside Herbs, plants, free-range eggs

A WETLANDS NURSERY 5851 Myrtle, Eureka • 444-8261


Potter’s Produce


Fres h!

Dan Southard, 822-4763, Trinidad Herbs and native ornamentals

Matt Myers and Erin Hamann 605-254-8568 2950 Janes Rd., Arcata Strawberries, root vegetables, greens, legumes, cucumbers, pumpkins, flowers, herbs (FS)

Potato Rock Nursery

For California Native Plants • Recycle your used potting soil here.

Dr. (Kenmar Exit), Fortuna, 845-3930


P.O. Box 93 Orleans Seasonal vegetables from arugula to zucchini, (CSA) pick-ups in Orleans and Arcata

Pro s d uce B a g

Mention N.C. Journal ad & recieve 15% o f f your online order.

(707) 839-7269

StarBrite Farm

Dezh Pagen, 530-629-3516 3003 Hwy. 96 Willow Creek Produce, farm tours, U-Pick.

Sun Green Farms

Linda and Jeffrey Vandyke 943-1780, P.O. Box 304, Miranda Tomatoes, squash

Share a CSA* with your friends & co-workers!

Sunny Slope Farms

Harry and Jan Vaughn P.O. Box 589, Miranda Assorted vegetables, prunes, apples, plums, berries, mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts

Sweet Pea Gardens

Shelley Ruhlen, 499-3363 1205 Lincoln Ave., Arcata Herbs, herbal teas, flowers, shiso, shiso sprinkle (CO)

Tanoak Hill Farm

Patty Clary and Bill Verick 530-625-5153, P.O. Box 1447, Hoopa White peaches, kiwi, plums, cherries, apples continued on next page

* CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

Beachcomber lBeBlc1fficombelr Cafe CBlfe 363 Trinity St., 1rinidladl 3Lcross from school •0677-01 06 363 Trinidad •0 across 677-0106

•All organic fair-trade tea & “Signature Coffee.” • Local micro beers on tap & local wines available. • Winner of 2008 Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s Waste Reduction Award. WE ARE PAPERLESS. You may use our in-house WEAREMPERUSS. 1bu IM;)7weourln-howe ceramic cup.t, cups, bomlW borrow acup"")'IIUI'Cl#lBar a cup for your coffee or IR4' buy 0IIUmIc a repurposed mason jar “cup” for $1 ""Cl#lBfOtp. for coffee to go. a~_tar"cup·""'l

do it green guide 2011


eating continued from previous page

Trident Lightning Farm & Orchard

Will Randall and Danielle Newman 943-1713, P.O. Box 202 Phillipsville Apples, Asian pears, melons, peaches, pears, plums, tomatoes, garlic, basil, mixed vegetables, walnuts

Trinity River Farm

Willow Creek Farms

Michael and Jennifer Peterson 530-629-4950 1000 Country Club Dr. P.O. Box 1392, Willow Creek Mixed vegetables, tomatoes, melons, raspberries, cherries (CO)

Tom, Kay, Molly and Susan O’Gorman 530-629-3200 or 530-629-3327 2443 Hwy. 96 Willow Creek Fruits and vegetables, bedding plants, jams, jellies, sauces (FS)

Wolfsen Farms

Tule Fog Farm

Cannibal Island Creamery

Shail Pec-Crouse and Sean Armstrong 826-1450, 1887 Q St., Arcata Beef, lamb, goat, chicken geese, pork, eggs, milk share (CSA)

United Indian Health Services (UIHS) Potawot Community Food Garden

Ed Mata, Food and Garden Resource Specialist, 826-8476 1600 Weott Way, Arcata Non-profit tribal health consortium serving American Indians and their families in Humboldt and Del Norte counties

Valley Flower

William L. Fales 786-7827 665 Centerville Rd., Ferndale Mixed vegetables, melons, tomatoes

Vista’s Roses

Vista McIntosh 530-629-4145 P.O. Box 296 Willow Creek Berries, corn, cucumbers, beans, bitter melons, rhubarb, flowers

Warren Creek Farms

Paul Giuntoli 822-6017 1264 Warren Creek Rd., Arcata Root crops, mixed vegetables, pumpkins, dry beans, (FS) October weekends, corn maze, pumpkin patch and produce stand at 1171 Mad River Rd. (CO)

40 do it green guide 2011

Herb and Elaine Wolfsen, 839-2017 2103 Baird Rd. McKinleyville U-Pick blueberries

Goats/Rabbits Andy Smith, Ginger Olsen Laurie Hinse (dairy) 425-802-0059 Cannibal Island Rd. Loleta Goat cheese (CO)

Cypress Grove Chevre

Mary Keehn, 825-1100 1330 Q Street, Arcata Fine goat cheese since 1983.

Kneeland Glen

Kathy Mullen, 443-1424 Goats

Wild Iris Farm

Joan Crandell Fieldbrook CA 95519 Rabbits, goats

Eureka Natural Foods

442-6325 1450 Broadway, Eureka Quality, natural products. Groceries, household products, deli.

Humboldt Healthy Foods

725-7911 899 Main St., Fortuna Family owned, locally owned, locally grown healthy food. See ad on pg. 38.

Murphy’s Market

822-7665, 785 Bayside Rd., Arcata 822-1157, 1451 Glendale Dr., Blue Lake 443-7388, 4020 Walnut Dr., Eureka 677-3643, Main & View St., Trinidad 822-0411, Westwood Center, Alliance Rd., Arcata Local, fresh, organic produce. Sustainable household products.

Murrish Market

768-3604 3415 Hwy. 36, Hydesville Offering organic and local products as available.

North Coast Co-op

822-5947, 811 I St., Arcata 443-6027, 25 4th St., Eureka Community owned cooperative. Local, organic produce and products, North Coast Bakery. Deli offers sandwiches, hot foods, salads. See ad on pg. 37.

Ray’s Food Place

Grocery Stores

822-0188, 5000 Valley West Blvd., Arcata 442-9261, 3460 Broadway, Eureka 725-3835, 2009 Main St., Fortuna 923-2279, 875 Redwood Dr., Garberville (530) 625-9207, 12500 Hwy. 96, Hoopa (530) 629-2457, 38915 Hwy. 299, Willow Creek Organic and local products available.

Chautauqua Natural Foods


Buck and Daisy’s Rabbitry David and Ash MacCuish 496-3001 or 496-8324, Eureka Rabbits

923-2452 436 Church St., Garberville 100% organic produce, Café Minou serving salads, sandwiches and more.

822-5217, 600 F St., Arcata 443-7461, 2520 Harris St., Eureka 442-7597, 930 W. Harris St., Eureka 840-9770, 1503 City Center Rd., McKinleyville Organic and local products available.

Wildberries Marketplace and Wildplatter Café

822-0095 747 13th St., Arcata Choice of quality, fresh, local and organic products. Wildplatter Café offers vegetarian and traditional fare, plus juice bar. See ad on back cover.

Poultry Wild Chick Farm

Sarah Brunner, 845-4718 2911 Stover Rd., Blue Lake Pasture-range chicken eggs, chicken meat

Seafood & Aquaculture Aqua-Rodeo Farms

Sebastian Elrite, 444-3854 P.O. Box 371, Eureka Oysters, seaweed; sales on Saturdays April through October, off the boat at Woodley Island Marina, Dock B-00

North Bay Shellfish and Succulents

Catherine Peterson and Scott Sterner 677-3509 or 839-4723 P.O. Box 183, Trinidad Kumamoto oysters, Japanese pacific oysters, mussels

Cap’n Zach’s Crab House, Inc.

839-9059 1594 Reasor Rd. McKinleyville Crab, oysters, fish in season

Grow it Right Aquaponics

407-9093 P.O. Box 552, Eureka Consultations for people interested in learning how to grow their own organic fish and vegatables.

Hoopa Processing Corporation

Carmeli Begay, 530-625-4389 P.O. Box 8, Hoopa Canned smoked wild salmon, telephone orders only

Jenna Lee’s Seafood

498-8552 Woodley Island B Dock, Eureka Crab at dock.

Specialty Products Arcata Scoop

825-7266 1068 I St., Arcata Ice cream & sorbets using organic, local ingredients.

Beautiful Earth Produce Bags

839-7269 Locally made, produce bags to reduce the number of plastic bags consumed each year. See ad on pg. 39.

Calhoun’s Southside Bar-B-Que Sauce Locally produced using local products.

Eel River Brewing Company

725-2739 1777 Alamar Way, Fortuna America’s first brewery to be USDACertified Organic.

Loleta Cheese Factory

Sjaak’s Chocolates

775-2434 All products made with Fair trade and USDA certified organic ingredients Large selection of vegan bars, boxes and chocolates for any season. Check out our Eli bars.

733-5470 252 Loleta Dr., Loleta Locally produced organic cheeses

Tofu Shop

Nonna Lena’s


822-1517 P.O. Box 357, Arcata Spreads made from fresh, local, organic ingredients.

668-1868 P.O. Box 908, 201 Taylor Way, Blue Lake Fresh pasta sauces made with fresh garden ingredients.

Planet Chai


P.O. Box 5178, Arcata Chai made from fresh, organic ingredients.

Looking for greener wedding celebration ideas?

822-7401, Organic artisan tofu products.

445-8015 425 Snug Alley, Eureka Offering Sjaak’s Organic, vegan and fair trade chocolates.

American Hydroponics in Arcata was chosen as the system designer, manufacturer and supplier for the state-of-the-art hydroponic system used at Gotham Greens in Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York, the first year-round, roof top, hydroponic urban farm in America. Electricity is supplied by a 56 kW PV solar array. All water and minerals recirculate in a closed loop. There are no food mile costs, as the entire 100 tons of greens Gotham Greens: Brooklyn's New High-Tech produced annually in the 15,000 RooftoP Farm sq ft greenhouse is distributed Using hydroPOnics and climate control technology, the farm is serving up ., hundreds of pounds of super local lettuce to the city's markets on the same day lt s locally. BY MORGAN CLa'DANlE.L Tue J un 28,2011

BTW, Gotham Greens is located on Humboldt Street in Brooklyn ;-)


do it green guide 2011


For the Future of the Planet


photos by bob doran

he annual Plan It Green Building Green Communities Conference each spring in Arcata is the perfect place to learn about all things green. The event includes workshops, speakers, demonstrations and a hall filled with booths and displays showing you everything from green building materials and recycled glassware to solar powered grow-lights.

Save Money & Energy AEDC Small Business Lending Center has loans for Purchase & Installation of energy efficiency equipment for use in commercial businesses.

Lighting | Refrigeration | Solar Equipment Food Service Machines | Boilers & Water Heating Appliance Improvements

Reduced interest rates available

on qualifying loans from $10,000 to $150,000


Small Business ....... Lending Center Jayne Lovig, Loan Officer | 707 822-4616 100 Ericson Court | Suite 100A | Arcata, CA AEDC Serves Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Siskiyou, Trinity and Lake Counties

42 do it green guide 2011

co st Environmental Center PUBLISHER OF EcoNEWS SINCE




working for a future Governmental Resources California Conservation Corps 725-5106,

California Department of Fish & Game (888) 334-2258

North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District 443-3093,

Six Rivers National Forest 442-1721

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

California Department of Food and Agriculture


(916) 654-0466,

U.S. Forest Services Ranger Station

California Department of Parks & Recreation

(530) 629-2118


(800) 777-0369,

California Department of Toxic Substances Control (800) 728-6942,

City of Arcata Environmental Services


Energy Star

(888) 782-7937,

Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District 443-0801,

Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge


Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services


Humboldt County Resource Conservation District 444-9708 ext. 15,

Humboldt-Del Norte Counties Extension Office 445-7351

Arcata Economic Development Corp.

822-4616 100 Ericson Ct. Ste. 100A, Arcata Loans for green business owners and for energy-efficient equipment. See ad on pg. 42.

Bigfoot Bicycle Club

668-1716 P.O. Box 2823, McKinleyville Promotion of cycling in Humboldt County.

Blue Ox Millworks Historic Park School of Traditional Arts 444-3437, 1 X St., Eureka

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics

445-5100, 315 P St., Eureka Information and action about toxic chemicals in our shared world.

Center for Environmental Economic Development

822-8347, P.O. Box 4167, Arcata Environmentally sustainable community development.

Nonprofits, advocacy groups and government agencies involved in sustainability issues College of the Redwoods â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Historic Preservation & Restoration Technologies

476-4353, See ad on pg. 44.

Flex Your Power Energy-saving information, tips, and resources.

Friends of the Arcata Marsh

826-2359, 569 S. G St., Arcata Tours, education, research for innovative wastewater treatment facility and wildlife sanctuary. See ad on pg. 44.

Friends of the Dunes

444-1397, P.O. Box 186, Arcata Education, restoration and conservation of coastal environments.

Green Wheels

633-8847 791 8th St., Jacobyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Store House, Arcata Working forsustainable transportation solutions.

Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association Promotion of personal and societal benefits of bicycle commuting.

Humboldt Baykeeper

268-0664, 217 E St., Eureka Working to safeguard coastal resources.

Humboldt Independent Business Alliance 476-8475, P.O.Box 858, Eureka Support for local businesses.

Humboldt Plan It Green

497-8637, 1385 8th St., Ste. G, Arcata Create the Future

Humboldt State University Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT)

826-3551 1 Harpst St., The Buck House, Arcata

Humboldt State University Extended Education

826-3731 1 Harpst St. Student Business Services Building, Arcata See the course schedule for sustainability and eco-conscious topics.

Humboldt State University Natural History Museum 826-4479, 1315 G St., Arcata

Jacoby Creek Land Trust

822-0900, P.O. Box 33, Bayside Dedicated to the protection of land in the Jacoby Creek Valley.

Mattole Restoration Council 629-3514, P.O. Box 160, Petrolia Community-based watershed restoration.

Mattole Salmon Group

629-3433, P.O. Box 188, Petrolia Salmon restoration.

Mid Klamath Watershed Council (530) 627-3202, 38150 Hwy. 96, Orleans

North Coast Regional Land Trust

822-2242, P.O. Box 398, Bayside Protecting land and water on nearly 5 million acres on the North Coast. continued on next page do it green guide 2011


working for a continued from previous page

future North Group, Redwood Chapter, Sierra Club invites everyone to:

• our monthly • Attend meeting to discuss local Take a hike with our knowledgeable leaders

conservation issues (2nd Tues, Adorni Ctr)

our bimonthly • Read column in ECONEWS

Our events are free & open to the public. We represent over 1,000 members in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties. Visit our website at IIiOOWY(()l(()l((jL redwood. $\~elfll"aJdQjJ[bw~/ Iril(()llitli

North Coast Small Business Development Center

445-9720 520 E St., Eureka Humboldt County Green Business Certificate Program

Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC)

822-6918 791 8th St., Arcata Environmental education and information, publisher of Eco-News. See ad on pg. 42.

Organic Planet Festival

445-5100, A celebration of creative solutions to environmental challenges.

Pacific Gas & Electric – Pacific Energy Center

(800) 743-5000, Energy-saving initiatives, resources and rebates.

Redwood Coast Energy Authority

269-1700, 517 5th St., Eureka

BE A~OAM VOLUNTEER AT TilE AR{ATA MARSII Did you know that over 20,000 people visited the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center last year, and countless more used the Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary for recreation and relaxation? Friends of the Arcata Marsh (FOAM) is the non-profit group charged with welcoming and educating these visitors, and we need your help!


44 do it green guide 2011

P.O. Box 238, Arcata Recreation, conservation, education, action in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties. See ad on pg. 44.

Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA)

444-3831, 539 T St., Eureka, Energy Demonstration Center provides energy-saving information and ideas.

Seventh Generation Fund 825-7640 P.O. Box 4569, Arcata

Redwood Region Audubon Society

Sustainable Nations

P.O. Box 1054, Eureka, Field trips, conservation action, education.

599-5935 P.O. Box 1111, Trinidad

Salmonid Restoration Federation

U.C. Cooperative Extension

923-7501, P.O. Box 784, Redway Promotes salmon, steelhead and trout recovery.

445-7351 5630 S. Broadway, Eureka Working to improve practices and technologies in agriculture, natural resource management.

Sanctuary Forest

986-1087, P.O. Box 166, Whitethorn Land trust in Mattole River headwaters.

Sustaining our world .1.., building "I one at a time. (,;


Sierra Club, North Group, Redwood Chapter

' . 1111 11• '



• Learn exciting life-long skills

in Historic Preservation and Restoration

Learn to re-use existing buildings and wooden sash windows

Learn solid wage-earning Green Building Skills

Early enrollment in classes is highly recommended

HPRT - Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology at College of the Redwoods

Contact Bill Hole • • (707)476-4353

make a trivet out of old wine corks

IndEx A

A-1 Cleaning 23 Abbay Technical Services 12 Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions 28 Adventure’s Edge 21 A Fertile World 26 Alchemy Construction 11 All Seasons Landscape Design 26 Almond Blossom Arts & Crafts 21 Almquist Lumber 12 Alternative Building Center 6,  12 Alternative Building Services 11 Alternative Energy Engineering 15 Alves Inc. 11 Ambryz Art 21 Amity Heritage Roses and Garden Nursery 35 Anderson, Lucas, Somerville & Borges 25 Angelica Atelier 24 Angels of Hope 31 Aquaculture 40 Aqua-Rodeo Farms 40 Arcata Artisans 21 Arcata, City of Environmental Services 43 Parks & Recreation 30 Arcata Community Recycling Center 20,  29 Arcata Economic Development Corp. 43

Arcata Educational Farm 35 Arcata Exchange 23 Arcata Garbage Company 29 Arcata Lumber 12 Arcata & Mad River Transit System 22 Arcata Pet Supplies 28 Arcata Pro Floor 14 Arcata Scoop 41 Arcata Scrap & Salvage 20,  29 Arcata Stationers 28 Arcata Used Tire & Wheels 29 Archangel Builders 11 Architects 11 Arco Iris Woodworking and Consulting 11 Art Center, The 21 Art & Gifts 21 Auto Retail 21 Services 21 Ayres Family Cremation 24

B Bag Monster 3 Bakers & Bakeries 35 Bamboo & Maples 26 Bang! Bang! 31 Barefoot Builder, The 11 Barry Smith Construction 11 Bath & Body 22 Bayside Family Farm 35 Bayside Garden Supply 26 Bayside Roasters 35 Bay West Supply 23 Beachcomber Café 35 Beautiful Earth Produce Bags 41

Bedding & Mattresses 23 Beer 33 Bees 39 Beneficial Living Center 26 Best Dry Cleaners 23 Bicycle Clubs and organizations 43 Retail and services 21 Bicycle Commuters Association 43 Bigfoot Bicycle Club 43 Blackberry Hill Boer Goats ,  26 Blankenship Construction 15 Blue Jay Nursery 35 Blue Lake City Hall 29 Blue Lake Garbage Co. 29 Blue Ox Millworks Historic Park School of Traditional Arts 43 Bluestone Landscapes 26 Brant Electric 15 Bubbles 22 Buck and Daisy’s Rabbitry 40 Bug Press 28 Builders 11 Building Design 11 Materials 11 Planning 11 Burial services 24 Bus Services 22

C Cabinetry 24 Calhoun’s Southside Bar-B-Que Sauce 41 California Conservation Corps 43

Did we miss the green service or product you have to offer? Let us know — so that we can add you next year!

(707)442-1400 • 310 F St., Eureka

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics 43 California, State of Department of Fish & Game 43 Department of Food and Agriculture 43 Department of Parks & Recreation 43 Department of Toxic Substances Control 43 Calla Lily Cakes 35 Camp Grant Ranch 36 Campus Center for Appropriate Technologies (CCAT) 43 Cannibal Island Creamery 40 Cap’n Zach’s Crab House, Inc. 40 Carl Johnson Co. 31 Carpe Diem Construction 11 Carpet Depot 14 Carpet Express 14 Cascadia 14 Castleware 23 CCAT 43 C. Crane 25 Center Activities 30 Center for Environmental Economic Development 43 Charlotte’s Perennial Garden 36 Chautauqua Natural Foods 40 ChicoBag 3 Children & Families 23 Chumayo Spa 22 CJ’s Recycling 29 Claire Josefine Professional Organizer 28 Claudia’s Organic Herbs 36 Cleaning Products and Services 23 CleanSaf 23 Clendenen’s Cider Works 36 Clothing 24 Clothing Dock 31 Coastal Glass & Mirrors 11 Coldwell Banker Cutten Realty, Charlie Tripodi 25 College of the Redwoods Historic Preservation & Restoration Technologies 43 Sustainable Agricultural Farm 36 Community Alliance with Farmers (CAF) 35 Community Farm in Garberville 36 Community Supported Agriculture 35

Companion Animal Foundation Thrift Store 31 Consultants Environmental 13 Contractors 11 Cox Clean Up & Hauling 29 Cremation 24 Cruz Plumbing 14 CSA.  See Community Supported Agriculture Cypress Grove Chevre 40

D Danco Builders Northwest 11 Dandelion Herbal Center 25 Dan Primerano 36 Dazey’s Supply 12 Deep-energy retrofit 9 Deep Seeded Community Farm 36 Design Air Heating & Sheet Metal 14 Discovery Shop 31 Double J & J Produce 36 Dry cleaning.  See Cleaning products and services Dutch Brothers Coffee 35

E Earth Care Landscaping 26 Earthly Edibles 36 Earth N Hands Farm 36 ECO Gardening Farm 36 Eco Groovy Abundance 31 EcoThreadz 24 Eel River Brewing Co. 33 Eel River Brewing Company 41 Eel River Disposal 20,  29 Eel River Hydroponics 26 Eel River Produce 36 Eel River Scrap & Salvage 29 Eel River Transportation & Salvage C&D Facility 20,  29 Electrical 15 Electric cars 18–19 Emerald City Laundromat 23 Energy Efficiency standards 11 home audit 5–9 retrofit 9 Energy Star 13,  43 Energy Upgrade California 7 EnergyWize Building Solutions 11 Engineering 11 Environmental Consultants 13

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Index Eureka, City of Parks & Recreation 30 Eureka Community Recycling Center 29 Eureka Natural Foods 40 Eureka Recology 29 Eureka Trading Company 31 EV.  See Electric cars Evans Mechanical 14

F Fabric Temptations 24 Farmer’s Markets 35, see also ad 38 Farms and farmers 35 Farm Store, The 29 Feral Family Farm 36 Fieldbrook Nursery 37 Fieldbrook Valley Apple Farm 37 Financial Services 25 Fin-N-Feather 28 Fire Arts Center 21 Fire & Light 21 Fishman Farm 37 Fitness 30 Flashback 31 Flex Your Power 43 Flood Plain Produce 37 Flooring 14 Flora Organica 37 Flying Blue Dog Farm and Nursery 37 Fog Farm 37 Food Not Lawns 34 Footprint Recycling 30 Forever Friends Services 28 Fortuna Ace Hardware 12 Fortuna Feed and Garden Center 28 Fortuna Pet Shoppe 28 Freshwater Farms 26 Friends of the Arcata Marsh 43 Friends of the Dunes 43 Full Circle New to You 31 Funeral Consumers Alliance, Humboldt County Chapter 24 Funeral services 24 Furniture 24

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G Garden Gate 21 Garden Supply 26 Garden Vision Landscape Design 26 General Recycling 30 General Stores 24 Gifts 21 GlasWelder 21 Goats ,  26,  40 Godwit Days 30 Gold Rush Coffee 35 Gopher Gardens 37 Governmental Resources 43 Green Fire Farm 37 Green Future Soil Products 26 Green Living Center 24 Greenmantle Nursery 37 Green Seal 14 Green Way Partners 11 Green Wheels 43 Greenwired 15 Greyhound Busline 22 Grocery Stores 35 Grow Insulation & Acoustics 11 Grow It Right Aquaponics 40 Growlers 33

H Hanson’s Wire Rope 30 Harper Motors 21 Hazardous Waste, household 20 Healing Spirit Animal Wellness Center 28 Health Care & Wellness 25 Heartwood Design Build Construction 11 Heating 14 Hemp Connection 24 Henderson Center Bicycles 22 Hensel’s Ace Hardware 12 Herbalism 25 High Oak Farm 37 Hillbelly Farm 37 Honey Apple Farms 37 Honeybee Plantscapes 26 Hoopa Processing Corporation 40

Looking for organic farms and ranches? 46 do it green guide 2011

Hospice for Humboldt 31 Household Products 25 Huckleberry Farm and Nursery 37 HumBoats Kayak Center 30 Humboldt Area Restoration Teams 27 Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association 43 Humboldt Bay Coffee Company 35 Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District 43 Humboldt Baykeeper 43 Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge 43 Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn 31 Humboldt, County of Department of Health and Human Services 43 Humboldt County Resource Conservation District 43 Humboldt Cremation and Funeral Service 24 Humboldt-Del Norte Counties Extension Office 43 Humboldt Healthy Foods 40 Humboldt Herbals 25 Humboldt Hydroponics 27 Humboldt Independent Business Alliance 43 Humboldt Outfitters 24 Humboldt Plan It Green 43 Humboldt Precision Painting 11 Humboldt Sanitation and Recycling Center 20,  30 Humboldt State University Campus Center for Appropriate Technologies (CCAT) 43 Extended Education 43 Natural History Museum 43 Humboldt Termite & Pest Control 28 Humboldt Transit Authority 22 Humboldt Waste Management Authority 20,  30 Hummel Tire & Wheel 30 HumVolts 15

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I I and I Farm 37 Imagine Beauty 22 Investments 25 Ironside Metalworks 24

J Jackson’s Recycling 30 Jacobs Greens 38 Jacoby Creek Land Trust 43 Jade Dragon Medical Spa 22 James L. Able 13 Jay Sooter’s Spa 25 Jenna Lee’s Seafood 41 Jerry’s Recycling 30 Jessicurl 22 Johnny’s Flooring 14 John’s Used Cars & Wreckers 21 Juice bars 35

K Kash Boodjeh Architect 11 Kayak Zak’s 31 Kernen Construction 11 Kill A Watt 17 Kinetic Koffee 35 K&M Glass 11 Kneeland Glen 40 Konaloha Coffee 35 Koop, The 30

L LACO & Associates 11 Landscaping 26 Lapotre & Cleek Architecture & Drafting 11 Larry Alameda 38 Laundromats.  See Cleaning products and services Lawn care. See Landscaping conversion to garden 34 Leach Water Systems 14 LEED 12 Life Cycle 22 Lighting 15 Li’l Sprouts Boutique 23 Lindquist Landscapes 27 Little River Farm 38 Little Shop of Hers 31 Living Earth Landscapes 27 Loleta Cheese Factory 41 Los Bagels 35 Lost Coast Blueberry Farm 38 Loving Earth Gardens 38 Luna Farms 38 Luscious Gardens 38

M Mad River Garden and Nursery 27

Maggie May Farms 38 Magic Finger Organic Garden 38 McCrea Nissan 21 McIntosh Farm Country Store 38 McIntosh Farms 38 McKeever Energy & Electric 15 McKinleyville Ace Home & Garden Center 12 Meadow Sweet Floral Design 21 Mendes Supply 23 Mid-City Motorworld 21 Mid Klamath Watershed Council 43 Miller Farms 27 Mill Yard 13 Miranda’s Rescue 31 Mold Inspection & Removal 28 Moonrise Herbs 25 Moonshadow Farms 38 Moore’s Sleepworld 23 Morning Glory 38 Mountain Home Farm 38 Mr. Rooter 14 Muddy Waters 35 Multicare Maintenance 23 Murphy’s Market 40 Murrish Market 40 Mycality Mushrooms 38 Myrtletown Lumber 12

N Natural History Museum 43 Natural Resources Management Corporation 14 Neukom Family Farm 38 New Life Service Company 28 New World Water 25 Nonna Lena’s 41 Nonprofit agencies 43 Norman’s Dry Cleaners 23 North Bay Salon and Supply 22 North Bay Shellfish and Succulents 40 North Coast Adventure Centers 31 North Coast Cleaning 23 North Coast Co-op 40 Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) 44 North Coast Grower’s Association 35 Northcoast Horticulture Supply 27 North Coast Laboratories 14 North Coast Regional Land Trust 43 North Coast Small Business Development Center 44 North Coast Unified Air Quality

Management District 43 Northern Redwood Federal Credit Union 25 Northwest School for Botanical Studies 25 Norton Creek Farm 38 Nurseries 26

O Office Supplies & Services 28 Old Growth Timbers 12 Old Town Antique Lighting 15 Old Town Coffee & Chocolates 35 Orange Cup Coral Day Spa 22 Order Within 28 Organic Grace 24 Organic Planet Festival 44 Organizations 43 Organizers 28 Oshun Yoga & Juice Bar 35 Overhead Door Company of Arcata/Eureka 13

P Pace Chem Dry 24 Pacific Builders 11 Pacific Gas & Electric Pacific Energy Center 44 Pacific Outfitters 22 Pacific Paper 28 Pacific Watershed Associates 14 Painting 11 Paul Lohse 38 Pawlor, The 29 Persimmons Garden Gallery and Wine Tasting Café 21 Pest Elimination 28 Pet Supplies & Services 28 Phantom loads 17 Photography 21 Pierce Family Farm 39 Pierson’s Building Center 13 Planet Chai 41 Plan-It Green 6 Planning 11 plastic bags, reduction 3 Plaza Design 23 Plumb Construction 11 Plumbing 14 Popko Recycling ,  30 Post Haste 28 Potato Rock Nursery 39 Potawot Community Food Garden 40 Potter’s Produce 39 Poultry 40 PowerSaver Loans 7 Prosperity Real Estate 26 Prudential Redwood Realty 26

Q Quality Body Works 21

R Rabbits 40 Rain Frog Farm 39 Ramone’s Bakery & Café 35 Ray’s Food Place 40 Recreation 30 Recycled Youth 23 Recycling Centers & Drop Off Sites 20 curbside services 20 Recycling Services 28 Redway Feed 28 Redway True Value 22 Redwood Acres Recycling Center ,  30 Redwood Coast Energy Authority 44 Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA) 44 Redwood Region Audubon Society 44 Redwood Roots Farm 39 Redwood Transit Authority.  See Humboldt Transit Authority Reed’s Auto Detail 21 Reed’s Bees 39 Resale Lumber Products 13 Revolution Bicycle Repair 22 Rio Dell City Hall 20,  30 River Bees 39 Rocking Horse 23 Rock Solid Construction 11 Rolling River Farm and Nursery 39 Roots Power 15 Rumplesilkskin 24

S Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee Roasters 35 Sacred Images Photography 21 Saechao Strawberries 39 Safeway 40 Salmon House Farm 39 Samara Restoration 28 Sassafrass 23 Schaefer’s Ace Hardware 13 Schmidbauer Building Supplies 13 Scurfield Solar 16 Seafood 40 Seaside Herbs 39 ServPro 28 Seventh Generation Fund 44 Shady Lady 25

Shakefork Community Farm and Grain Share Program 39 Shelton Painting 11 Sherrick’s Recycling and CRV Redemption Center 20,  30 Shipwreck 21 SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists 11 shredding 28 Shred Tec 28 Sierra Club 44 Signature Coffee Co. 35 Simmons Natural Bodycare 22 Simple Visions 11 Singing Tree Gardens 28 Six Rivers National Forest 43 Six Rivers Solar 16 Sjaak’s Chocolates 41 Small Fruits 39 Soil Seekers 28 Solar power and lighting 15 Solar Hot Water Plus 16 Solar Kelly 16 Solar Projects Unlimited 16 Solar Racks 16 Solar Winds, Northern Lights 16 Solutions 24 Soul to Soul Spa & Foot Bar 22 Southern Heat & Service 14 Spas.  See Bath and body Specialty Products 40 Sport & Cycle 22 Squeak Clean 24 StarBrite Farm 39 Steve’s Septic Service 14 Stitch in Time 24 Stork’s Nest 23 Streamline Planning 12 St. Vincent De Paul 31 Sun Frost 25 Sun Green Farms 39 Sunny Brae Ace Hardware 13 Sunny Slope Farms 39 Sunny Solar Electric 16 Surfrider Humboldt 3 Sustainable Nations 44 Sweet Pea Gardens 39 Sylvandale Gardens 28

Orchard 40 Trinidad Electric 16 Trinity River Farm 40 Tule Fog Farm 40 Two Green Thumbs Landscaping 28

U U.C. Cooperative Extension 44 United Indian Health Services (UIHS) 40 United States Bureau of Land Management 43 Forest Services Ranger Station 43 U.S. Department of Energy 17 U.S. Deptartment of Agriculture 33

V Valley Flower 40 Vander Co. 11 Vella Wood Flooring Co. 14 Venlo 41 Vintage 31 Vintage Avengers 31 Vista’s Roses 40

W Warren Creek Farms 40 Water filtered 25 systems 14

Water Planet 28 Water Sense Certified 14 Watson & Company 14 Wayne Maples Plumbing & Heating 14 Wellness 25 Wes Green Landscape Materials 28 Western Hemp and Paper Supply 28 Western Web 28 Whitethorn Construction 11 Whit McLeod 24 Whole Earth Catalog 5 Wildberries Marketplace 40 Wild Chick Farm 40 Wild Iris Farm 40 Wildplatter Café 40 Wild Rose Farm 35 Willow Creek Farms 40 Willow & Rags 31 Winzler & Kelly 12 Wolf Electric 16 Wolfsen Farms 40

Y Yard Services 26 Yarn 21 YIHA 7 Yurok Indian Housing Authority 7

Z Zink’s Recycling 30

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T Tanoak Hill Farm 39 Taylor Made Organizing 28 Thomas Home Center 13 Thrift shops 31 Title 24 11 Tofu Shop 41 Tomaso’s 41 Tom’s Trash 30 Trident Lightning Farm & do it green guide 2011










Do It Green Guide 2011  

Humboldt County, California's comprehensive guide to green building, green living and more.

Do It Green Guide 2011  

Humboldt County, California's comprehensive guide to green building, green living and more.