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APPROVED Resolutions and Recommendations Arising from NAVCO’s 8th AGM September 27, 2008 APPROVED - That the legal amendments to the Village Council Act and other laws, approved at the 8th AGM, be given follow up and instituted. APPROVED - That all of the past resolutions from the years 2006 and 2007 that have not been addressed as yet be re-asserted and given follow up. APPROVED - That the Government of Belize take NAVCO and the DAVCOs seriously, as these organizations represent nearly 50% of the population of Belize. APPROVED - The first amendment to the Village Council Act enacted in 2002, which authorized the Minister to appoint the majority of the members of the village Water Board, was done in violation of the clean spirit of the VCA and without consultation with the NAVCO or the local Village Councils. Be it resolved that all appointments to the Village Water Boards be directed through the local Village Council and that the Seven Member Board decides the positions of the Executive. APPROVED - Quoting from the VCA Section 47-(1), subsection C, “…before dealing with any lands in the village, the Minister responsible for lands shall consult the council and take its views into account; and, should the Minister decide not to follow the advice of the Council, it shall explain its reasons in writing to the Council before affecting that decision, and provide the Council further opportunity to present its case to the Ministry.” Be it resolved that this section of the Village Council Act be respected by the Ministry in charge. APPROVED - Be it resolved that a member of NAVCO be appointed a member of the SENATE to ensure proper representation of all villages in the country. APPROVED - Be it resolved that the stipend for Chairpersons be increased from $50.00 monthly to $200.00 and that all other Council members be provided with a $100.00 monthly stipend. APPROVED - Be it resolved that Government ensure that all Villages have Legal Representation to ensure that the Village Council is respected by Area Representatives and Ministries. APPROVED - Be it resolved that the Government ensure maximum security of villagers and property in all villages by having adequate police presence. APPROVED - Be it resolved that DAVCO has a representative on the District Emergency Management Organization (DEMO) and a member of NAVCO sit on the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). APPROVED - Be it resolved that the Government authorize villages that have met and complied with all necessary financial reporting requirements, to distribute “Trade Licenses” and collect necessary funds for the enhancement of their villages. APPROVED - That the resolutions need to get resolved as soon as possible. APPROVED - That one street in each Village in Corozal be paved using funds being provided by the EU for the positive improvement of people living in villages.

APPROVED - That the position of NAVCO president should be rotated so that it moves from district to district. APPROVED - That Area Representatives respect the Villages’ Lands and Lots Committees. APPROVED - That recommendation of Lands / Lots be accepted as recommended by Village Councils. APPROVED - That the Prime Minister take steps to stop Area Representatives from victimizing Village Council members because of political beliefs, for example with cancellation of their lands. APPROVED - That Government give a subvention to all Village Councils as they do for Town Councils.


resolutions agm 2008

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