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December 2016 | Tucson Edition |



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Wishes Everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Ÿ Breast, Upper and Full Body Scans Ÿ Preventative Screening Ÿ Identify Risk Factors Ÿ Images Interpreted by Board Certified MDs

Ÿ FDA Certified Choosing to be proactive about your health today can prevent you from having to be reactive about an illness later.

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& Probiotic Reflorastation

Ÿ 20 Years Experience Ÿ Confidentiality ~ Privacy ~ Respect Ÿ Disposable Speculums Ÿ Dual Filtered, UV Purified Water Ÿ Affordable, Individual or Package Pricing Ÿ Flexible Scheduling includes Weekend Appointments Go with the flow...the road to health is paved with good intestines.

Ÿ Primary care physician Ÿ Specialist in Endocrinology –

Thyroid, Hormone, Adrenal, and Neurotransmitter systems Ÿ Specialist in Gastrointestinal Issues Ÿ Functional Medicine specialist Ÿ Recently awarded “Most Caring Doctor” in the nation through

Optimal functional health is not a lofty goal. It's a birth right for everyone.

Jo Ruddy, PhD Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical Life Coach Ÿ Specializes in releasing disease Ÿ A solution-focused approach to release unconscious patterns Ÿ Holistic/metaphysical modalities for healing mind, body, spirit Ÿ Couples reconnection & relationship empowerment Jodi Hardy, MA, Cht, LPC Psychotherapist Ÿ Specializes in working with women & children Ÿ Therapeutic & hypnotherapy modalities to create healing Ÿ Demonstrates & fosters healthy self-esteem

December 2016


You Need Detoxified Iodine Now More Than Ever!

Dietary Intake Isn’t Always Enough For Preventing Thyroid-Related Health Conditions Once a rare problem in the Western world, iodine deficiency is on the increase in North America. This could be related to radiation, environmental pollutants and modern, industrial agricultural practices causing a decrease of minerals in the

soil. This results in poor iodine content in foods. The answer is simple: Taking Natural Awakenings’ Detoxified Iodine in the right dosage can rebalance thyroid function and restore health to the thyroid and the rest of the body.

A few drops of Natural Awakenings’ DETOXIFIED IODINE daily has been reported to give relief from: • Hyperthyroidism • Depression • Low Energy • Brain Fog • Fibromyalgia

• Hypothyroidism • Bacteria/Viruses • Swelling • Radiation • Weight Gain

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$34.99 1 oz.

$19.99 ½ oz. (plus $5 shipping)



s we prepare to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome the new year, I'm thinking back on all the positive experiences I've had this year. While there have certainly been enough bad vibes and negativity to last us well into next year, I am comforted to see the humanity all around us--especially at this hopeful time of year.

Holly Baker, publisher

I urge you to push aside the bad and celebrate the good with me. Enjoy every moment with family, friends and--most importantly-yourself. Take time to stop and appreciate what you have and your future opportunities toward goals you have not yet reached. Vow to make a difference in this city, country and planet in any small way you can. That is how we will achieve the most lasting change.

In "Loving Large", scientists explain how we are all connected, and love is possible to feel not just between partners, family or friends, but also for our fellow man and nature. Let's all put this idea into practice and see how loving all people, places and things can make tomorrow a better day. I'm sending my warmest wishes and hopes to all of our treasured readers in Tucson and beyond. Thank you for a year of growing, learning, and living healthy together.

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Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ~Jean Anouilh

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December 2016


contents Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT by Reverend Donald Graves

22 2016 HOLIDAY




by Lyric Benson Fergusson


30 LOVING LARGE Scientists Say We’re All Connected by Linda Sechrist

32 WAKING THE SPIRIT by Dale Bruder



Restorative Drinks Revive Good Cheer by Judith Fertig


GREENER HOLIDAY Fresh Thinking About Décor by Avery Mack 6


natural awakenings


39 FITNESS 2017

New Year’s Resolutions that Stick by Aimee Hughes



S ugar-Free Treats Kids Love by Judith Fertig

See additional holiday recipes online at

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Winter14Solstice Blessings 20 communityspotlight Mindful Yoga East 25 inspiration Wednesday, December 21st 6:30-8:30pm 28 mastersofbodywork

low flow/Yin yoga practice, Mantra, and/healing Meditation arts offered by Michelle Marks ccompaniment/ violin enchantments by Vicki Brown 32 artistspotlight


ogether with heart full intentions for the communion with 34 consciouseating rning in, and the collective creativity that arises from living .This experience is being offered as a quiet blessing for our to36 greenliving ming of new rhythms. With intent nurture what will rest urface and gestate in our winter season,we honor the flow 39 fitbody 16 e-register: (space is limited) $24 before 12/16 40 calendar $30 at the door 42 classifieds Mindful Yoga East, 1101 N. Wilmot #123 46 resourceguide December 2016


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Integrative Biological Dentistry

Jeanne Anne Krizman, DMD, IMD, IBDM, MPH • Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal • Mercury Toxicity Testing and Detox Programs • Ozone Therapy • Biocompatible Tooth Colored Fillings

• Non-Metal Implants • Extractions/Cavitation Surgery/Protein Rich Fibrinogen • General & Cosmetic Dentistry • Prolozone Pain Therapy • On-Site Low Radiation CT

• All Porcelain Crowns and Bridges • Treatments to Avoid Root Canals • Infant/Child Tongue Tie Release • Fluoride FREE

Board Certified Integrative Biological Dentist • Board Certified Doctor of Integrative Medicine Advanced General Dentistry Degree • Masters Certification in Implants International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Accredited Dentist Masters Degree in Environmental and Occupational Health ntistry

M.D., M.P.H.

moval &

Canals nts

8 Tucson redited Dentist h

Call 520-326-0082 for an appointment 1601 N Tucson Blvd., Suite #35, Tucson, AZ 85716 • natural awakenings

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newsbriefs Immune Challenge at Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy



his cold and flu season, Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy is holding an Immune Challenge to help protect people and their families. Backed by a moneyback guarantee, they carry natural supplements, backed by literature, to help strengthen the immune system. Already sick? Reed’s has products to help immediately fight immune challenges and call immune cells to action. “Nutrients such as L-lysine, vitamins A and C, pantothenic acid, B12 and zinc, as well as botanical extracts such as black elderberry, astragalus, echinacea and andrographis have been used traditionally for their clinically effective immunomodulating properties,” explains Dana Reed-Kane, Pharm.D. “The immune system is very sensitive to nutrient deficiencies. While vitamin deficiencies can compromise the immune system, consuming immune enhancing nutrients and botanicals can support and strengthen the body’s immune response.” Location: 2729 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson. For more information, call 520-318-4421 or visit

Suits for Soldiers Clothing Drive


he Eghtesadi Agency of Farmers Insurance is collecting gently used suits and business attire to assist our local military personnel as they transition to civilian life, now through December 31. People can drop off the gently worn and dry cleaned suits at the Tucson office, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. “As a city that depends on the military bases, it is important for us to do our part to take care of them as they have taken care of us,” says Sandi Eghtesadi, a Farmers Insurance Sandi Eghtesadi agent. “The official campaign ends November 30, but I personally am accepting donations through December 31 because I have connections with veterans groups that can use the business attire at an event after the first of the year that reaches out to veterans in Tucson that has been very successful.” Location: 4866 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson. For more information, call 520-881-8000, email or visit

be loveSolstice now Blessings Candlelit Practice Winter


ichelle Marks will offer Winter Solstice Blessings candlelit slow flow/yin yoga practice, mantra and meditation, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., December 21, at Mindful Yoga Studio. This experience is being offered as a quiet blessing for our own welcoming of new rhythms. With intent to nurture what will rest below the surface and gestate in our winter season, attendees will honor the flow of life. “With live accompaniment and violin enchantments by Vicki Brown, we come together with heart full intentions for the communion with our own turning in, and the collective creativity that arises from living in harmony,” says Shraddha Hilda Oropeza, owner of Mindful Yoga Studio.

Winter Solstice Blessings Mindful Yoga East

Wednesday, December 21st16, $30 at the door. Location: 1101 N. Wilmot, #123, Cost: $24 before December 6:30-8:30pm Tucson. For more information, call 520-300-4378, email or

visit it Slow flow/Yin yoga practice, Mantra, and Meditation offered by Michelle Marks e accompaniment/ violin enchantments by Vicki Brown


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520-760-2378 December 2016


newsbriefs Elissa Hambright Massage Therapy Available for Outcalls

Add a Yoga Twist to Your Next Astrological Reading


icensed massage therapist Elissa Hambright, owner of Elissa Hambright Massage Therapy, is available for outcalls in Tucson for horses, people and dogs. She holds multiple certifications for horses and dogs—as well as her newest certification in Raindrop Technique, which combines massage and aromatherapy—and specializes in Elissa Hambright therapeutic massage and essential oils. “Massage therapy is an invaluable tool to enhance health. Just like with people, horses and dogs can develop tension and problems with the muscular system that massage can help to overcome,” explains Hambright. “Raindrop Technique promotes energy and vitality, reduces stress and anxiety and balances and rejuvenates the body and mind. Therapeutic massage creates freedom of movement, increases flexibility and range of motion and relieves stiffness.” Hambright, licensed and practicing massage since 1999, is also available for and has certifications in Medical Massage, lymphatic drainage, Lypossage and Kinesio Taping.

ebbie Barnett, The Astro~Yoga Woman, combines horoscope readings with yoga class. She calls it “spiritual astrology with a yoga twist”. Those who get a reading with The Astro~Yoga Woman can learn how to add a Debbie Barnett yoga twist to their unique blueprint for life—their astrological chart. Natural Awakenings readers will receive 20 percent off their first Astro~Yoga session or gift certificate purchase through January 2017. No limit on initial purchases. By combing the astrology with yoga, Barnett recommends yogic principles and practices for immediate application for whatever comes up in a reading. “Yoga has a solution for every problem humans can encounter,” she says. “Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras, provided 196 ways to be happy based on a proven system of principles and practices that work to create more sustained joy in your life.” Barnett feels astrology and yoga complement each other, as both are ancient wisdom traditions that are equal measures art and science. A recent transplant to Tucson from Orange County, California, she holds three yoga certifications: RYT-500, E-RYT-200 and Yoga Fit Level 1. For over 15 years, she has taught yoga in yoga studios, substance abuse centers, to physicians at Los Angeles hospitals, to incarcerated male gang members in Juvenile Hall and more.

For more information, call 520-906-1808, email or email See ad, page 29.

For more information, call 520-428-7019, email or visit See ad, page 29.




natural awakenings

Love Yourself Sacred Meetings New to Tucson


ove Yourself Sacred meetings are new to Tucson and will be held at 7 p.m., the first Thursday of the month, at Unity Church, beginning January 5. The book, Love Yourself Sacred, written by local author CJ Walker, addresses the epidemic of the lack of selflove and self-worth issues many are experiencing on the planet at this time. CJ Walker Meetings will include guided meditation and topics of discussion will include: seeing the sacred within, claiming our power, recognizing and releasing toxic and disempowering relationships, creating abundance and more. Walker hopes these meetings will also serve as an alternative or supplement to traditional 12-step programs to assist in living a higher version of ourselves. “It is my vision that as we begin to see ourselves as sacred beings and deepen our connection to God/Source/Spirit/ All That Is, we can evolve out of victimization and become the co-creators we were born to be,” says Walker. He is a successful local business owner in the financial industry, an author, a gifted energy healer and speaks at national metaphysical conferences. Meetings by donation. Location: Unity of Tucson, 3617 Camino Blanco, Tucson. See ad, page 10.

Improve Attention and Focus with In-Home Neurofeedback for Children

Want to be joyful, smart, and super-motivated for your healthy habits?


eurofeedback Home User Services is offering a holiday special for children—$100 off of a two-month rental. Neurofeedback helps the brain to self-regulate, to function more efficiently. It is often used for stress, attention, anxiety, mood, peak performance and trauma resiliency. Neurofeedback Home User Services is limited to children in the Tucson area. In-office Tina Buck services can be arranged for adults. Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) is cutting-edge technology that helps the brain to rebalance itself from states of underarousal, over-arousal, trauma-related hyper-arousal and other imbalances. Neurofeedback trainees feel more happy, calm, focused, confident, energetic, agreeable, creative and present. “Children who are struggling with attention and focus can begin in-home sessions over the holiday break to start the next semester off with improved focus/attention, less anxiety and better behavior and school performance,” says Tina Buck, Ph.D., LPC and CEO of Biobalance Integrated Wellness, LLC. “It is completely painless and noninvasive; nothing comes into the brain.” For more information, call 520-227-3695, email or See ad, page 14.

WORK WITH ME AND YOU WILL: l DISSOLVE confusion, overwhelm and resistance to healthy choices


l KNOW what your body needs, and happily give it to yourself l DEVELOP a signature self-care “practice” that you love l NOURISH the health and body you yearn for, and fuel your life!



Complimentary 35-minute FUEL YOUR LIFE session


from Robyn Landis, bestselling author of BodyFueling and Herbal Defense. ACE-CERTIFIED PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER | 520.314.0994 | | |

December 2016


Unique Gifts

newsbriefs Christmas Eve Service at United Fellowship Chapel


Reincarnated from locally reclaimed materials and designed to be touched. Order today at:

he United Fellowship Chapel of Tucson will hold a special Annual Metaphysical Christmas Eve service at the serene sanctuary, at 7 p.m., December 24. The free service features a candlelight ceremony, with special music and a guided meditation, following which everyone present will receive a spirit guided message. United Fellowship Chapel is a non-denominational, metaphysical chapel. “We believe in the mother/fatherhood of God that is within each of us. We teach self-mastery and spiritual psychic development for the purpose of learning to ‘know yourself’ for your own betterment and the betterment of all those whom you meet,” explains Rev. Dorothea Nobile, pastor at United Fellowship Chapel. “We invite you to recognize the Divine Energy that lives within you and to learn to apply these principles of life to develop your own special qualities to their highest potential.” Location: 4718 E. Hawthorne St., Tucson. For more information, call 520-327-0142, email or visit See ad, page 35.



Now mobile friendly. Easy to use on all your devices. DeeAnn G. Saber

Dr. DeeAnn G. Saber, of Transformational Medicine PLLC, won the Naturopathic Doctor Award for “Most Caring” Doctor in the Nation. Saber is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor licensed in Arizona and registered with the DEA to write prescriptions. The patient who nominated her wrote, “Never has a doctor been so attentive to my needs, to every detail, to take care of all of me. Dr. Saber has given me a new outlook at a healthier lifestyle, a healthier me and not having to take 45 different pills to do it. What a huge difference she has made in my life, in my family’s life.”

For more information, call 520-209-1755, email or visit See ad, page 3.


FDA cleared ThermiVa® is a painless, non-surgical treatment for mild to moderate stress incontinence. Using controlled radio frequency energy, gentle heat is transferred to the tissues of the vagina and surrounding areas, stimulating collagen production for improved strength of the pelvic floor.

Arianna Sholes-Douglas MD, FACOG

Barbara Cooper CMN, NP


CALL TODAY for a FREE Consultation 12


natural awakenings

2404 East River Road, Suite 251, Tucson, AZ 85718 520-577-1129

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Choices in Health Care Payment

by Joanne Haupert

by Carol L. Henricks


hough depression is very common, 34 percent of Americans think depression is a personal weakness. Far from it. Some great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill suffered with depression and still were able to do incredible things. One factor often overlooked is the health of our nervous system. Trauma and/or chronic stress can cause the nervous system to be in a constant state of fight-or-flight. This can definitely cause or contribute to depression, anxiety and other illnesses. There are some easy ways to know if one’s nervous system could be stuck in fight-or-flight patterns, such as: if the mind won’t shut off; there is difficulty relaxing, sleeping or concentrating; balance is challenged; or if someone suffers from poor digestion, poor posture or chronic pain. Having the spine evaluated by a chiropractor can lead to great health changes. Below are some action steps that can be taken to reduce or prevent depression and anxiety, as well as their benefits. • Help someone else. Gain a sense of purpose, connection and distraction from problems. • Smile in the mirror. Raise self-esteem. • Breathing exercise (4-4-4). Calming, reduces blood pressure and lessens anxiety. • Reduce gluten and refined sugar. Leads to less inflammation and less toxicity. • Meditate 5 minutes or more. Relaxation, better able to control attention. • Exercise 10 minutes or more. Increase serotonin and focus, lower blood pressure. • Reduce TV time. Keeps the brain active and healthy. • Sleep 8 hours. Less sleep acts like taking antidepressants. • Get vitamin D (best from sunshine). Important in so many reactions in body. • Spinal care. Relexation, efficiency, connection, and promotes healing. • Get out in nature. Promotes healing, lowers anxiety and stress • Pet an animal. Connection, joy, contribution. Dr. Joanne Haupert, chiropractor, has helped many people overcome depression and anxiety. She gives bimonthly presentations on depression as well as many other health tips. Connect at 520-584-0343 or


hat choices for healthcare payment exist other than insurance? Self-pay for medical care has always been an option, and is the way that the medical profession used to work. For medically complex patients, this is often the best choice. The most important part of good health care is for a knowledgeable practitioner to sit down with a patient’s complete health history, and synthesize the information to develop a comprehensive treatment plan with the patient. Services such as the RNPA program (, developed in Tucson by Karen Mercereau, NP, will create an easy way to review historical medical data. Medi-bid ( is a nationwide network of physicians and healthcare services who have published their self-pay rates, so patients can search and compare to optimize their healthcare dollar. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can be used to fund alternative treatments and often help to fund health care needs that are beyond insurance coverage. But how does one meet the requirement for having health insurance if they are going to self-pay? Medical costsharing plans. Plans like Samaritan Health-Care Ministry ( work best for healthy people who prefer natural treatments, and often require one to sign an agreement that they are engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Members pay out of pocket for regular medical care and testing, but there is a pool of members who help to cost-share for catastrophic health events. Other resources include and With the rising cost of insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles, it is worthwhile to do the math and see if medical cost-sharing could be an alternative payment option. Dr. Carol Henricks practices at NorthStar Hyperbarics, in Tuson. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) saturates the body with oxygen, reducing inflammation and enhancing recovery from central nervous system injuries. Connect at 520-229-1238 or See ad, page 23. December 2016


Improve Attention and Focus With In-Home Neurofeedback for Your Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics rates neurofeedback a “Level One Best Support” for ADD/ADHD. Manage brain training conveniently in your home, with professional supervision and results.

Evidence-Based, Affordable, Simple to Use

Call now for a free phone consult: 520-227-3695


Visions of Sugar Plums ugar has been given a bad name because the majority of sugar we consume is glucose or “table sugar”, Glucose is used for energy production, but there are a wide variety of sugars that are necessary for good health. A new area of nutritional medicine known as glycoscience studies the critical importance of essential or smart sugars for good health, particularly glycoproteins. Complexes of essential sugars are attached to proteins on the external surface of cells and are responsible for cell to cell signaling, which is critical to the endocrine system, immune system and nervous system. Glycoproteins are also critical for intracellular reactions. Many essential sugars come from vine-ripened fruit and vegetable peels. If we are deficient in essential sugars, other sugars such as glucose may be substituted and disturb the signaling process. One problem is that many of our fruits and vegetables do not ripen on the vine so these sugars may not form. Another possibility is that we may not eat the peels due to concern for products such as wax, which may have been used on the produce or to avoid chemicals which may have been sprayed during growth. People who crave sugar and eat sugary desserts are likely to be deficient in essential sugars, and when these essential sugars are consumed, the sugar craving often goes away as well. Some essential sugars include: xylose, sialic acid, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine. Published research supports that the smart sugar Trehalose has some effectiveness in helping to fight ALS. Sugar is part of our nutritional base. Remember the real health benefits that can be achieved with good choices.

See Health savings accounts (HSA) may cover

Tina Buck, PhD, LPC 520-227-3695

Train Your Brain, Clear Your Mind, Enjoy Your Life! twitter: @USneurofeedback PO Box 40771, Tucson, AZ 85717




natural awakenings

Dr. Carol Henricks offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) at NorthStar Hyperbarics. Connect at 520-229-1238 or See ad, page 23.



s a society, we are moving back toward recognizing that the end of life is a sacred time. This is often a missed opportunity in our culture today. Even when people know when death is coming, we are so phobic about it that it gets pushed away. There’s a potential to die and complete this life with lots of beauty and honor, and throughout history until the last 100 years or so, this has been the case. With the advent of modern medicine, the dying process began to be treated like a disease, with doctors trying to hold it off as long as possible and seeing death as the enemy. The focus on quality of life can take a backseat to the quantity of life, which is often not appropriate and leads to unnecessary suffering. We are starting to accept that since we’re all going to die, perhaps this aspect of our humanity should be embraced as a natural part of life. The hospice movement brought a major shift in awareness of death and dying a few decades ago, which continues today with end of life mentoring services. End of life mentoring provides respite for caregivers and family members—a go-to person for questions and concerns that may fall through the gaps with a medical professional. A mentor can be an adjunct to hospice care as they can be available for one-on-one time for anyone involved who might need it. A mentor is also a healthcare advocate—a go-between to help interpret what a medical professional is saying, a mentor can stand up for some to get better care. Danielle Dvorak is a certified End of Life Mentor who is also a certified in sound healing, yoga, reiki and aromatherapy. Connect at 847-323-9188, or See ad, page 18.



olon hydrotherapy is a core training therapy that gives the intestines a workout—a “crossfit gym” for intestinal health. Each session is designed to hydrate, activate and eliminate. The process exercises gut muscles, allowing for the release of toxins, waste and gas. It introduces low-pressure water into the bowel, releases water out of the bowel and is accompanied by abdominal massage techniques, which enhance activation with the use of hands and massage tools. The majority of clients enter the intestinal “crossfit colonic gym” as a beginner. The intestinal muscles, nerves, enzymes, microbes and hormones have been weakened. The metabolic belly, the abdominal visceral fat, the distended abdomens on men and women fit the beginner intestinal crossfit model. The fats and tissues are in a toxic inflammatory mode. Many cannot feel their gut. The best preparation for a session is the parasympathetic nervous state: breath, laughter, optimism, rest, relaxation and appreciation. The recipient gets in touch with the internal feelings and sensations in the gut. They have the potential of becoming an Intestinal Ninja Warrior by working on their core strength. In today’s health climate, having a consistent healthy bowel movement takes core strength. Like winners on American Ninja Warrior, the recipient works out to attain their goals. Colon hydrotherapy is a powerful process to activate and strengthen the internal intestinal muscles and to attain Intestinal Ninja-hood.


Sheila Shea is the director of Intestinal Health Institute, with 40 years as a board certified colon hydrotherapist. She is a certified GAPS Practitioner and an expert in detoxification and metabolic syndrome. Connect at 520-325-9686, or See ad, page 32. December 2016



What is Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder?


he temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) is the jaw joint, where the jaw attaches to the skull just in front of the ear. The “socket” for this joint is on the underside of another cranial bone called the temporal bone. These are two of the 29 cranial bones that, as we have learned from the field of cranial osteopathy, move throughout life. The jaw, or mandible, makes big movements as we talk, chew and swallow and supports our lower teeth in a lower dental arch. Its motion is determined by hinging at the TMJ as well as its suspension system of seven major muscle groups, ligaments and tendons and connective tissue (fascia). The TM joint resembles a ball and socket with the head of the jaw bone (mandible), or condyle as the “ball” in this analogy, fitting into the “socket” or concavity in the temporal bone known as the glenoid fossa. There is also a cartilage disk that separates the two bones and acts as a gliding surface as well as a cushion or shock absorber. When the jaw is in the correct position, and the upper and lower teeth meet in a way to support that ideal joint relationship, the muscles and ligaments work in harmony to create a balanced, ideal, pain-free function. There are differing opinions on what constitutes a correct position, and how to restore it. A healthy jaw joint allows a person to open wide and function without any discomfort or noise (clicking, popping, grinding sounds). Opening wide, one should be able to fit the knuckles of the middle three fingers side-by-side between the upper and lower edges of the front teeth. Less than that may suggest jaw tightness or limitation. TMJ symptoms may include: headaches; jaw aches; stiffness; earaches; congestion; ringing in the ears; clicking, popping or grating sounds when opening and closing the mouth; limited jaw opening or locking in an open or closed position; dizziness or loss of balance; tired jaws when chewing; difficulty in swallowing; and more. Dr. Steven A. Swidler, D.D.S. practices at Medicine Wheel Dental, Tucson’s premier holistic integrative dental practice. Connect at 520-743-7101 or See ad, back cover.



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oliday stress and more sugar intake wreaks havoc on our immune systems, but we don’t have to get sick to relax and enjoy our holiday time off. A healthy adrenal gland will support thyroid and sex hormone functioning, as well as neurotransmitters. A healthy body equals a healthy brain. Normally, cortisol is high in the mornings as part of our waking up cycle, then it tapers slowly down through the day and finally drops at night so we can sleep. Stress, either perceived or real, causes the adrenal glands to release cortisol. Now we have a fightor-flight response. This can override our normal sleep patterns, spike our blood sugar, change our intestinal functioning and shift our brain chemistry. It is the intestinal functioning piece that throws off our immune system, because about 80 percent of our immune system is in the gut. The beneficial bugs in the gut are supported by a healthy stress response, while the “bad” bugs are fed by unhealthy stress and foods, including sugar. So, when we stress about what gift to get Uncle Harry and then eat all those cookies and candies that keep showing up at the office, we are setting ourselves up to be stressing out our insides—and probably getting sick. Dr. DeeAnn Saber enjoys practicing primary care, functional medicine and medical detective work at Transformational Medicine, PLLC. She also teaches belly dancing and shamanic work. Connect at 520209-1755, or See ad, page 3.

Learn How Savvy Social Media Can Make Your Business More Visible and More Lucrative. The first step is to set-up your FREE Discovery Session, so we can learn more about you and your business, where you are now with your social media and where you want to be. Here are just a few of the ways we can help: s

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(585)-506-6291 Michelle Arbore, Social Media Trainer and Speaker at Savvy Social Media

December 2016


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Bye-Bye Birdies Dima Oana Gabriela/

North American Species at High Risk The 2016 annual Audubon Great Backyard Bird Count in February ( content/2014-great-backyard-bird-countsummary) and a report compiled by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative ( show that more than a third of all North American bird species are at risk of becoming extinct unless significant action is taken, especially ocean and tropical birds. The governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico created the North American Bird Conservation Initiative in 1999. More than half the species that rely on oceans and tropical forests are on a special watch list because of small and declining populations, limited ranges and severe threats to their habitats. The report pinpoints invasive predators such as rats and cats on nesting islands, as well as overfishing, pollution and climate change. Ways to address the problem include removing predators, expanding protected marine areas and reducing the amount of plastic products that end up in the ocean and can trap or choke birds. Many species such as long-distance migratory shore birds in coastal, grassland and arid habitats are declining steeply. The main causes are rising sea levels, coastal development, encroaching human activity and oil spills.

End of Life Mentoring Offered by Danielle Dvořåk

Certified End of Life Doula Also trained & certified in Healing Sound, Yoga, Usui Reiki, Aromatherapy, and more. Serving Tucson & surrounding area

847.323.9188 www. EndofLifeMentor. com Free consultations Available 18


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Ocean Watch

2016 was a mixed year for whales and dolphins and by extension, humans. Marine Biologist Sylvia Earle states the importance of ocean health this way: “With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. The ocean is the blue heart of the planet. There’s still time, but not a lot, to turn things around.” Scientists have discovered a new, black-colored species of whale that’s onethird the size of a Baird’s beaked whale. Yet to be named, it’s rarely seen, feeding in deep canyons in the Bering Sea. The oldest-known orca whale, Granny, at 105, swims Washington’s coastline. Wild orcas usually live 60 to 80 years; captives, 40 years at most. Iceberg, the only known adult white orca, age 22, was spotted in Russian coastal waters earlier this year. In 2013, a Korean marine park retrained five dolphins to feed naturally and released them into the sea, where they rejoined their original pod. Recent sightings found them thriving, affording hope for the 2,900 dolphins in marine parks, aquariums and zoos worldwide. Pink dolphins in Hong Kong’s bustling harbor remain endangered. In 2003, there were 158; by 2014, only 61. The Baiji River dolphin, only found in China, has been declared extinct. Vaquitas, small porpoises in the Gulf of California, declined from 97 in 2014 to 60 this year, most drowned in commercial fishing nets; it may be extinct by 2018.


Sea Mammals Update

Come Home to ... Teaching The Love of God

Unity of Tucson

Sunday Service & Youth Education 10 am 3617 N Camino Blanco off River between Swan & Craycroft Large Metaphysical Bookstore Serving Tucson for 60 years


eventbrief Jeff Greinke & Cicuitous Vibes


omposer Jeff Greinke, one of the pioneers of dark ambient music, will perform at 8 p.m., December 10, at the Galactic Center. Greinke composes and performs music rich in texture, depth, mood and subtle detail through a highly developed process of layering using various acoustic and electronic instruments, found sounds and extended studio techniques. His sculpted sound worlds conjure a strong sense of place, hovering somewhere between the exotic and the familiar. His seminal vinyl release, Cities in Fog, broke new ground in 1985. He has since released 18 solo albums and 7 collaborative works and has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as in Canada, Mexico and China. Greinke’s music has been summarily deJeff Greinke scribed as cinematic, atmospheric, complex and sophisticated, subtle and serene, “dark age”, delicate and dissonant, sinister, funky and foreboding, edgy and compelling, organic and original, daring and adventurous, haunting and sublime, exquisite and timeless, “a marvel to hear”.

He who has not

Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~Roy L. Smith

Cost: $10. Location: 35 E. Toole Ave., Tucson. For more information, call 520-884-0874 or visit December 2016



can learn spiritual practices that address the challenges of life. Abraham Maslow’s little proverb has been paraphrased in many ways: “He that is good with a hammer tends to think of everything as a nail.” By learning multiple forms, techniques and practices, one can pull out one particular tool that works better than another in any given situation. Screwdrivers work much more efficiently on screws than hammers, and saws work better than hammers when shortening a board. If the only tools available in the toolbox are survival strategies, it’s difficult to see and move beyond survival. It also can become automatic to think of every life situation as “survive or die”. Most who suffer with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) live in this world; this is the hell in which they feel stuck. Hyper-vigilance and anxiety, while natural, are not life-affirming experiences and finding a way out can seem utterly challenging—even when several ways out already exist. Accessing different spiritual practices can open the doors or windows to freedom and possibility. by Reverend Donald Graves For instance, a regular meditation practice guarantees an increase in peace of any people have felt distress, pain have become part of living in the U.S. in mind and harmony. Journaling or writing and/or suffering at some point in the present time. People here live very their lives. Life offers a plethora different lives than they did in India 2,500 poetry can uncover perspectives that may prove otherwise difficult to see when dealing of opportunities to repeat these experienc- years ago. Here and now, spiritual pracwith complex emotional conundrums. Yoga, es. Virtually everyone has entered into or tice seems optional; it’s a choice rather gone through an identity crisis, and to the than how most Americans live. Here, one tai chi or qigong can make a huge positive difference for degree one doesn’t learn how to deal with learns spiritual practices and practices stress relief and to these occurrences, they tend to resurface them because of individual perceived improve overall again and again. value and benefits—not because it has bodily function. One of the Buddha’s observations been embedded in the culture. Since the late 1960’s, when The Beatles An effective upon awakening was, “Life is suffering.” prayer life, in brought Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the If life is suffering, this means that sufferwhatever form U.S., massive amounts of research have ing is inevitable. He went on to explain works for each focused on meditation and yoga, along what causes suffering (ignorance), and what can be done about it (“Wake up and with other spiritual practices. Subsequently, individual, opens the mind and don’t do what causes suffering.”). He then most people today already understand that went further, suggesting some practices to spiritual practices relieve pain of all kinds— relaxes the heart, allowing greater emotional, social, physical, psychic and help along the way—“Right perspective, possibility in right thinking, right work”. On the surface, so forth—and help the body and the mind work more effectively, increasing peace and every area of life. this seems simple, perhaps too simple. At Rev. Donald Graves With greater posother times, it seems far from simple—es- harmony in day-to-day activities. Even with all of the scientific proof of sibilities, everypecially when “the dark” takes over. their efficacy that spiritual practices allevi- thing improves. Siddhartha Gautama grew up in All of these ate suffering, why do so many still suffer? India as a Hindu, and spiritual practices practices can be Skipping the obvious answer: “Because were part of his daily life and culture. He learned and are meditated. He practiced at least one form many don’t know about them,” the notso-obvious response is, “Because it’s hard readily available of yoga. He performed the rituals and practices of his culture and time, because to practice when suffering or in pain.” The and attainable. The challenge pain or suffering is too distracting, and that is how people lived then and there. arises when the it’s too easy to say, “It doesn’t work!” and Because of the context of his birth and therefore to stop working it. crisis, upset, life, spiritual practices were a significant Center for Spiritual Living Tucson part of it all, just like fast-food, instanstress or PTSD offers several different ways in which one taneous communication and television reaction comes Rev. Janis Farmer

Spiritual Practice

Makes Perfect




natural awakenings

raging full-blown from out of nowhere; this overwhelming reaction catches one unaware. When everything in life works smoothly, spiritual practices easily fit into daily routines. However, when the sun eclipses and everything goes dark, these practices become most important. Because of previous programming, this, too, is the most likely time to set them aside in exchange for some historic survival strategy, which never works in the longer term. When thoughts arise like, “I don’t have time to meditate,” or “I’m too busy to pray,” or “My job takes up too much time to do yoga,” everything can quickly go to hell in that proverbial handbasket, dragging everything into the black hole of powerlessness, hopelessness and despair. These ugly periods are the times when it is most critical to make time for spiritual practice.

Even after over 40 years of practice, these times can try humanity’s soul. Challenging experiences require every ounce of inspiration, motivation and determination one can muster to sit down and meditate, or pray, or step back into the very practices that would lift that tired and tried soul into the light of possibility again. During these tough, dark and exhausting times, a way back to the light of sanity can be invaluable. This is when having a spiritual community provides a lifeline. By thinking differently than in the past and by behaving differently now, greater possibilities reveal themselves; love increases, wisdom deepens, and a truer sense of “who I really am” becomes more vivid and vital every moment. By practicing, one awakens sooner rather than later. This is but one of the reasons why spiritual

practices are so important to learn and even more important to practice. Center for Spiritual Living Tucson teaches spiritual principles and practices that help improve the quality of life. It teaches the traveler how to get and stay strong during his/her life journey, and provides a community with which to share that trip. Many years ago, a great sage is quoted as saying, “Be Ye therefore perfect…” Spiritual practice does in fact help one realize that perfection. 10:30 a.m. Sunday Services at Center for Spiritual Living Tucson are held at 3231 N Craycroft Rd., in Tucson. Meditation is also held at 10 a.m. For more information, call 520-319-1042 or visit See ad, page 17.

The Tao Time Way

Two-Hour Contemplative Consultations of the I Ching Oracle $25 On the Quarter Moon December 7, 13, 20, 29 January 5, 12, 19, 28 11am - 6pm by appointment text 331-1956

The most fundamental application of the Tao Time Way is allow your self to be, so that your life may become a time of blossoming.

The Tenets of the Tao Time Way: Be in the time you are in. Be in the flow of your life activity, attention, habits, happenstance. Be in clarity and insight to see, hear and feel the currents, ebbs and stillness of your reality in present and future time. Tao Time's Zen Taoism is a mixture of the pragmatic and the ideological, the mundane and the mystical, the poetic and the prosaic. The philosophical guide is the venerable I Ching Begin with a contemplative consultation.

To connect • email: Text: 331-1956 • website:

December 2016



2016 Holiday Giving Guide Pamper Yourself and Your Loved Ones

experience to share with family and Whether looking for a gift or a unique friends this holiday season, local Tucson businesses have the answers. Art Tutor to Go Allow the fun artist side to be expressed now and into the New Year with Art Tutor To Go. In-home art play for special needs children and adults. Programs uniquely designed according to abilities. Drawing, painting and other non-toxic media. Christine Fleisher, 520-260-3479.

Rise Above it Coach Visions of creating yourself anew in the New Year? Rise Above It Coach Denisse Cabrera specializes in helping people get out of their own way and reconnect with their inner magic, whether in health, relationships, career or money. Buy one package, get second 50 percent off. 520-979-4600,

Astro-Yoga Woman

Robyn Landis

Give the gift of understanding and acceptance of one’s own uniqueness with a gift certificate for a reading or yoga session with The Astro~Yoga Woman, Debbie Barnett. Astrology readings from a spiritual/yogic perspective, private/small group yoga lessons, family reunions/ bridal parties and showers. 25 percent off. 520-426-7019,

Achieve crystal clarity and supercharged motivation for healthy habits in 2017. Gift a 90-minute power-consult, holiday price $110 before December 24 (regularly $150). Love your healthy life. 520-314-0994,

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Love Yourself Sacred Gift yourself or a loved one CJ Walker’s new book, Love Yourself Sacred. Are you ready to really learn to love yourself? New spiritual nuggets on this popular topic. Share this book with your closest friends or family for a self-love boost. Order at

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natural awakenings


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Live as Your Heart Lives by Lyric Benson Fergusson


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Your heart sees an ogre as an angel, Just waiting to be born… (with a soft kiss). Are you brave enough to pucker up? Your mind would rather run from sleeping tigers that had, several decades ago, promised to eat you, than face the unknowns of life. Your heart knows that overwhelming darkness is a miracle waiting to happen. Which lens do you choose to see this world through? Your heart or your mind? Baby, it’s all about perspective. Source: French Kissing God, a collection of poems by Lyric Benson Fergusson ( December 2016


Give the Gift of Life Insurance by Don Cox




Try holistic methods of canine massage, Reiki and acupressure. Call Nancy for a free consultation.

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Animal Ally of Arizona



ith the holidays upon us, many are thinking about a gift that will show their child or grandchild how much they mean. Here is an idea not found in any store: life insurance. Consider these reasons why life insurance may be just the right choice. • It can last a lifetime—and then some. Perm anent life insurance provides death benefit protec tion, creates a living legacy that will accumulate cash value with each passing year and may help a child or grandchild get a head start on their financial future. • It won’t wear out or fall apart. Provided we continue to pay the policy premiums, the life insurance policy purchased for our kids or grandkids today can still be there years from now—something that material things don’t offer. • It has accumulation potential. Most gifts lose value over time. A permanent life insurance policy, on the other hand, has the potential to accumulate cash value each year. Cash values can be borrowed for any purpose—to provide a down payment on a first home, to help pay for college, to start a business or even to help fund a comfortable retirement years down the road. • There may be tax advantages. Under current law, cash values that accumulate in a life insurance policy are tax deferred. Even when cash values are borrowed, there may be no tax consequences in many instances. Also, proceeds received by beneficiaries are generally not taxable as income. • Premium rates may never be lower. Premiums generally increase with age, but with permanent life insurance, it’s possible to lock in the premium at the insured person’s current age—for life. • This policy can help guarantee future insurability. Once the life insurance policy has been issued, coverage cannot be canceled as long as all required premiums are paid.

Nancy McDonald


natural awakenings

Donald Cox is an insurance agent at Farmers Insurance, in Tucson. Connect at 520-789-7234, or

Advantages of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs by Jeanette Gibler


ighly sensitive people are likely no strangers to being told that they are “too sensitive”. For many people, this comment feels like an insult, but in fact, there are some considerable advantages that come with being a highly sensitive person, and when we realize this, we can use them to build successful and fulfilling businesses. Some advantages to being a highly sensitive person include: having emotional awareness and tuning into what is most needed in breakdown, to then achieve breakthrough; having keen insight into conflicting situations and being resolution oriented; being empathic and able to cultivate win/win/win outcomes; being highly intuitive; and being committed to creating dynamic, highly productive, value-based services and products. Highly Sensitive people make outstanding entrepreneurs when they learn how to develop these strengths, tap into their passions and utilize their keen insights. It begins with clarity and an understanding that they can build businesses from an inner-preneur prospective. When they align their passion projects and visions to deeper parts of themselves, they can create new businesses that haven’t yet been defined— ones that serve as a resolution in today’s quickly evolving world and have the ability to impact people at deep levels. Jeanette Gibler is a Transformational Guide, Life and Entrepreneurial Coach, facilitator and teacher with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur/innerpreneur. Connect at 520-730-9277 or See ad, page 14.

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Bodywork & Healing Arts

Integrative Bodywork by Don May, LMT

Healing, well-being, relaxation and balance in the comfort of your own home or office.

I travel to you!

Why mobile massage? No driving = extended relaxation and deeper healing :-)


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Santa Rita Springs Dorothy Richmond, LMT Aquatic Massage Jin Shin Jyutsu Cranial Sacral Watsu

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natural awakenings

bodyworkbriefs Akashic Awakening with Linda Joy Stone


Linda Joy Stone

inda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac., offers onehour Akashic readings or two-hour Akashic Acupuncture sessions, including a reading and grounding acupuncture with drumming. She helps those who feel the yearning within and need a little guidance for the next step on their journey, to slow down and open up to the encouraging and spicy messages being transmitted from the Akashic Field. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “primal substance”, out of which everything is said to emerge. It is referred to in physics as the Unity Field or “cosmic internet”. “When we are knowingly connected to this field of consciousness and in alignment with the natural flow of energy, joy and synchronicity abound,” explains Stone. “Many of us are standing by as trickster redeemers, welcoming a new renaissance of cultural awakening. We’re being called to contribute what is replenishing, sustainable and enlivening.” Combining her 20-year experience of reading the Akashic Records with her nearly three decades practicing Chinese medicine, Stone is able to offer a uniquely informative and healing transformational journey into the past, present and future of each person.

For more information, call 520-444-6901 or visit

December 2016


LOVING LARGE Scientists Say We’re All Connected by Linda Sechrist


rue love is not something reserved exclusively for soulmates, couples, children, friends or family. Observations by sages for millennia and by enlightened scientists more recently are increasingly aligned with the point of view articulated by renowned meditation teacher Jack Kornfield that true love and awareness—a sense of universal connectivity and the idea that divinity, or the sacred, is found in all things—are indistinguishable.

Scientific View

This state of being, generally denoted by strong feelings of love or acceptance toward others, brings us into contact with universal energy which connects all of humanity with the natural world. Clues to our united commonality are explored in two 21st-century books, Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become, by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., and A General Theory of Love, by medical doctors Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon. These authors explore the brain science that’s related to love and awareness. 30


Although trying to grasp love intellectually may be like eating soup with a fork, the authors of A General Theory of Love cite feelings as a good starting point. Fredrickson describes love as “the momentary upwelling of three tightly interwoven events: a sharing of one or more positive emotions between you and another; a biochemical synchrony between your and the other person’s biochemistry and behaviors; and a reflected motive to invest in each other’s wellbeing that brings mutual care.” Fredrickson, director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, believes love is a complex physiological response; a “positivity resonance.” She describes key factors in love’s ability to biologically transform us as oxytocin, a hormone active in social bonding and attachments, and the vagus nerve deep within the brain stem that connects with numerous organs, including the lead “character” in this relationship, the heart. The neural synchrony of positivity resonance between the brains of two individuals is a connected oneness that

natural awakenings

Cosmic View

During their 30-year friendship, Bob Staretz collaborated with astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., the lunar module pilot on Apollo 14 and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, to research and write “The Quantum Hologram and the Nature of Consciousness,” published in the Journal of Cosmology. Their scientific theory explains how all of creation learns, self-corrects and evolves as a self-organizing, interconnected holistic system through love. “Without exception, everything in nature exists and works together in total balance, resonance and harmony, interacting as one. From this perspective, Edgar and I reached the obvious conclusion—the organizing principle of the cosmos is agape love, an ultimate form of unconditional love that accepts all things existing in nature without regard to conditions, expectations, shortcomings, flaws or faults,” explains Staretz. The former executive director of Eternea, an organization focused on spiritually transformative experiences and the study of consciousness, Staretz says individuals that undergo such an experience attest that loving one another and all of nature, of which we are a part, is the central reason for our existence.

images by tai11/

Fredrickson notes is far more ubiquitous than previously thought possible. Her research shows that it requires only connection, not the intimacy or shared history that comes with any special bonds. Micro-moments of the connected oneness we feel as life-giving reverberations occur via shared smiles or laughter, a common compassion or an engaging story. Humans all hunger for such moments. The prerequisites are perceived safety and authentic sensory connection with another, even if it’s fleeting. In Fredrickson’s perspective, such neural coupling is a biological manifestation of oneness in which a habitual focus on “me” expands to a life-expanding “we”.

Anita Moorjani’s latest book, What If This Is Heaven? reiterates the life lesson she learned from her dramatic near-death experience in which she identified herself as a state of pure consciousness connected with everything in the cosmos. She clearly heard: “Your only work is to love yourself, value yourself and embody this truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those who surround you.” This message continues with her, and she explains that by not loving ourselves, we are denying the part of God that expresses itself through us. An overarching insight from her life-changing journey is, “Unconditional love is a state of being, not an emotion. It’s not just one side of the coin—it’s the whole coin.”

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. ~William Blake

How-to Resources Interest in this deeper perspective led The Shift Network, which offers online transformative education, to host a recent Advanced Teachings for Truly Loving Yourself with Margaret Paul, P.h.D., co-author of Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved By You? Many others are working to spread the word about a larger sense of lifegiving love, including Cleveland, Ohio, intuitive psychologist Debra L. Reble, Ph.D., author of Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World. She says, “Our soul’s purpose is to be and express love. We dream of love, yearn for love and make love, but rarely do we realize that we are love, a source of divine energy.” Reba Linker, a New York City life coach and author, hosts a Leaders in Self-Love Facebook page and the Paint Yourself into The Picture online coaching show. Linker’s philosophy on love resembles that of New Thought leader Michael Beckwith, minister, author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City, California—to discern that our true nature is love is to know that we are created in

the very image and likeness of love, the essence of life itself. Gary Sinclair, author of Healing Memories in Seconds, views his life from an altitude of oceanic oneness. His 35 years of study in a field that uses energy to heal spirit, mind and body led him to develop Soul Link, a memory energy therapy. His work is changing the face of therapy for those with post-traumatic stress disorder and led to the revelation, “Love pulls whatever it touches to its highest potential.” Teaching what he knows “beyond a shadow of a doubt” helps to shift his students’ worldview. “All of creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies. We are energy beings who can learn to manage our energy to heal ourselves. We are all connected by omnipresence, the energy of love, a heart connection

of life. Consciously choosing this awareness allows us to be ‘love living life.’” Kamini Desai, director of education for the Amrit Yoga Institute, in Salt Springs, Florida, lends her yogic perspective to love. “We are each a wave on the ocean of existence. Even though we are separate waves, we carry the essence of the same ocean. When that essence manifests in us as spirit, its quality is a healing force of love surrounding our cells, causing our heart to beat and regenerating our organs. This intelligence guides and directs the universe in the same manner that it heals and maintains our body. In yoga, we learn to listen to its subtle voice so that we can follow its urges and energetic impulses to the source from which it springs.” The perceptions of California’s HeartMath Institute founder Doc Childre, dedicated to helping people access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence, are generally aligned with those of Fredrickson. Both approaches recognize how order and balance in the nervous system and smooth, harmonious and coherent heart rhythms enhance our ability to clearly perceive a far larger universe of experience. The ensuing connections widen the windows of perception to view ourselves as no longer separate, but part of a unified whole. Accumulated micro-moments of love communicated through synchronized gazes, touches and vocalizations forge a shared subjective appreciation of connection and oneness. We feel ourselves embodying positive resonance and experience easier and more immediate rapport in familial, familiar and even new relationships. We discover abundant opportunities to feel love, loved and loving as we make ourselves available to them. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at December 2016


Alice by Moises Orozco


approach to traveling a path as he is in creating otherworldly expressions in his images, Orozco is a work in progress. “I crave a rite of passage experience, an unraveling then reassembling my experience of reality,” he says cryptically, knowing the truth of the ancient saying, “Before enlightenment, one must chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, one must chop wood and carry water.” And so he continues to take on commission work, longing for the time when simply his imagination propels him. In a digital age of three dimensional printing, the quasi-blacksmith artist seems like an anomaly. However, people crave Orozco’s industrial art. His workspace near the railroad tracks off the last ancient strip of Main Street could be confused for a junk yard. Rusted metal of every conceivable type, size and shape is strewn about. The ethereal light of a plasma torch slices through metal as though butter; beads of an arc welder stick, touched ever so lightly in succession, becomes an adornment; hammer pings on by Dale Bruder chisel, sending an f# into the cosmos, as folds and wrinkles make the metal oises Orozco takes his art seri- the path of the working artist. He chose texture cloth-like by Orozco’s hand. Grinding welds disappear in a seam, ously, body and soul. Having metal because it’s difficult to destroy, leaving the observer puzzled and stepped off precipitous heights a rationale grounded in a hard won amazed at close examination. to be reborn with new insights in life, lesson when he entrusted an oeuvre “I am passionate about bringing joy love and the material world, Orozco of paintings to an art teacher that to myself and others.” His enthusiasms continues to create multidimensional disappeared in a mysterious janitorial images out of steel, aluminum, titaepisode. nium and recycled fabricated metal. “My mentor is my imagination,” A self-taught metal fabricator, Oro- he explains. “Teaching myself new zco cut his teeth on industrial projects techniques, drawing, painting, metal at Caid Industries, Sun Mechanical and sculpting is an escape from the enDesert Precision before setting out on vironment I’m in.” Dramatic in his




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natural awakenings

Moises Orozco by Justin Smith

Hand Made Steel Ganesh by Moises Orozco

furnace in the Main Street studio used to soften metal. “I love all unconditionally and open myself to others. I’m preparing for some dramatic changes in my life,” muses Orozco. “The world is about to change itself. We gotta be ready for it.”

Athena by Moises Orozco

Moises Orozco continues to accept commissions and offers his manifestations in the marketplace. He can be reached through 520-304-5159, and by appointment at his workshop at 801 N. Main St., in Tucson. Dale Bruder is a freelance writer interested in creative people, social and cultural movements and applications of ancient esoteric knowledge. He can be reached at 520-331-1956 or are infectious. “I love being versatile, taking on new and challenging projects,” he says. Voracious in his desire for challenges that call on his imagination to answer, the artist will take on any and all projects offered him. “If it can be visualized, it can be materialized.” The handmade steel Ganesh is a personal project that was constructed calling on his toolbox of techniques distinct from the well-known Athena and Alice anamorphic sculptures. Both Athena’s tresses of bicycle chain dreadlocks and Alice’s locks of hanging metal strips work. The Ganesh appears as though molded, yet its construction examples Orozco’s genius. Young enough to take chances and recover from missteps, but old enough to have a perspective on the experiences he has put himself through consciously and unconsciously, Orozco’s appetite is transforming. Needing less drama of self-destruction, seeking more aspiration and inspiration, the artist continues chopping wood and carrying water on both his personal path and in his workshop. Orozco’s ability to shape and bind metals parallels the alchemy he applies to his personal development. “I am an individual trying to wake up the Spirit inside of me,” says the artist. His fire burns as bright and hot as the

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December 2016



Healthy Holiday Restorative Drinks Revive Good Cheer by Judith Fertig


uring jam-packed special occasions like holidays, our drinks should multitask, too. We need festive tipples to refresh us without overdoing it, restore equilibrium if we overeat or drink or revive us when we’re feeling low from a seasonal cold or flu. In addition to traditional offerings that family and friends might expect, why not add a new and improved signature drink to everyone’s repertoire? These feel-good beverages, featuring winter fruits high in vitamin C, anthocyanins, therapeutic herbs and fresh ginger, deliver delicious boosts to help us feel our best.  


The season of hospitality is happily also the season of pomegranates, blood oranges and Meyer lemons (a sweeter, thinskinned, aromatic variety). These vibrant fruits give a taste of good cheer to anything we can pour, shake, muddle or simmer.

Whether we offer fresh-squeezed blood orange juice in the morning, a nonalcoholic cocktail of pomegranate juice and sparkling water, or a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice in a hot toddy or tea, the tart flavor is a sure pick-me-up. The red color in antioxidant-rich blood oranges and pomegranates indicates the presence of anthocyanins, compounds that might help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as treat eye disorders, according to an article published in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology. Meyer lemons are a good source of vitamin C, essential for producing collagen needed to support the formation of new bone, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


After an evening of over-imbibing, our systems need to reboot. The stomach needs help in processing alcohol, plus



we may be dehydrated and feeling a little queasy. Filtered water, coconut water or a sweet, caffeine-free coffee or carbonated beverage of the lemon-lime variety rehydrate, as well as help our digestive system break down and flush out the alcohol. According to Registered Dietitian Aicacia Young, in Austin, Texas, founder of, the simple act of drinking water before we go to bed can assist in the recovery process. Research published in the Food & Function journal found that lemon-lime soda helps the body metabolize alcohol better by speeding up its ability to process the compound aldehyde dehydrogenase, the main cause of hangover symptoms. For nausea and motion sickness, ginger or peppermint tea can help, according to studies in the American Journal of Physiology and the French Prescrire International.  


Sometimes the stress of holiday to-dos, often combined with travel, can lower the resilience of our immune system. When we feel symptoms of a cold or flu coming on, the classic hot toddy can help us feel human again. The alcohol in whiskey is a natural decongestant; plus, it helps get us to sleep. Honey soothes and perky lemon juice gives us hope that we’ll feel better the next day.   Judith Fertig writes cookbooks and foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS. Connect at

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Seasonal Drinks that Revitalize


The best holiday drinks are festive and taste great. They should also be easy to fix. Here are five to get us started.

and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain out the ginger slices and serve in a mug.

Blood Orange French 75

Courtesy of Judith Fertig, Alfresco

Yields: 1 serving

Fresh Hot Peppermint Tea

In a champagne flute, pour a jigger of gin, the juice of half a blood orange and a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice. Top up with champagne. Courtesy of Kathryne Taylor, a whole foods and vegetarian blogger; Search

Yields: 1 serving

Holiday Sangria Yields: 8 servings Combine 1 liter of cabernet sauvignon, a quart of pomegranate juice, ¼ cup agave nectar, 1 thinly sliced Meyer lemon and 1 thinly sliced pear in a pitcher. Add ice and stir. Pour into glasses to serve.

Fresh Hot Ginger Tea Yields: 2 servings Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, and then add 1 small knob of fresh ginger, precut into thin slices. Reduce the heat

Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. While it’s boiling, place 7 to 10 fresh organic mint leaves in a tea cup. Pour the hot water over the mint leaves and let them steep in the cup for 5 minutes. Strain out leaves as desired, and enjoy. Courtesy of Heather Crosby, author of YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, WholeFood Lifestyle; fresh-peppermint-tea.



MEDIUMSHIP COURSE, FRI. 12/2-23 6-8 PM $75

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE 7 PM SUNDAY HEALING & MESSAGE SERVICE 2 PM 4718 E Hawthorne Street, Tucson, AZ 85711 December 2016


Galina Grebenyuk/


A Gorgeously Greener Holiday Fresh Thinking About Décor by Avery Mack


ature’s holiday decorations can transcend cliché pine wreaths or farmed trees to make highly personalized indoor décor that supersedes traditional greenery. Yet mistletoe, holly leaves and berries, eucalyptus, poinsettias, tree needles, acorns and a cut tree’s water reservoir can be harmful to both pets and children. Here are some better choices.

The Tree

For smaller spaces or to make a state-

Are you

ment, try grouping topiary trees of varying heights draped with solar twinkle lights and small ornaments or fresh flowers to create a focal point in a bay window. “A lemon-lime cypress lends another burst of unexpected color on an entry hall table,” says freelance floral designer Janet Corrao, in Nutley, New Jersey. “It smells good, too.” Plants six inches tall work well. Corrao suggests setting the pots in colorful, inexpensive metal buckets from craft stores for

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Dr. Nathan S. Conlee, DC, CCSP, DACNB, LAc, C.K.T.P

added glamour. Unless deemed a hazard to active kids or pets, set up a mid-sized stepstool on a table or open a six-foot ladder in a corner and hang ornaments down the center space; add garlands and lights and set potted flowers and small gift boxes on the steps. Search “alternative Christmas trees” at for more ideas. Another option uses hedge-like plants in lieu of a tree. Consider an English or Japanese boxwood plant or evergreen lilly pilly, and then trim to the desired size and shape. Plant it outdoors as weather and climate permit.

The Table

“While we were working on a photo shoot, the photographer decided to include a Christmas scene. I was able to add fresh greenery from the property to the red ornaments and white orchids that I’d brought along. It made a striking centerpiece running the entire length of the table,” says florist Angie Zimmerman, of Angie Zimmerman Designs, in El Dorado Hills, California. “For the fireplace mantel I used branches with red berries to add height on either side of the central mirror and then duplicated the centerpiece design between them.” A festive table can be dressed with appealing edibles. Use a bread wreath as a base and stud it with skewered basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and small balls of fresh mozzarella cheese for an easy, self-serve, Caprese appetizer. A colorful dish of balsamic dressing or another dip in the center, along with small plates and holiday napkins, completes the offering. For a sit-down dinner variant, place a few Caprese skewers in small, clear, glass vases along the table with individual finger bowls of dip. Flat-leafed green parsley sprigs add another special touch. Zimmerman further suggests using deep-red Roma apples, cored, as candle holders. Make living place cards with small pots of herbs. Chalkboard paint identifies the plant and guest seating. Also consider colorful painted pots sporting a small cactus. Transform oranges into aromatic pomanders by scoring the rinds with a cit-

photo courtesy of Angie Zimmerman Designs

rus stripper in a spiral, circle or other pattern. Use a small nail to make holes and stud the fruits with whole cloves. Adding seasonal greenery and sterilized pine cones makes a beautiful and fragrant centerpiece.

The Front Door

“I love to use pine cones for centerpieces,” Corrao says. “Our weather is cold enough that I don’t have to worry about bugs when collecting cones in the neighborhood.” For warmer climates, bake the pine cones for 30 minutes in a 200-degree oven to melt excess sap, kill insects and fully open them. Sold online or in kitchenware stores, a bay leaf wreath offers cheer at the door. After the holidays, hang it in the kitchen for easy access. “Kumquats, lemons, tangerines, small oranges and crabapples add color to green wreaths,” notes Corrao.


For many, Christmas demands the smell of fresh pine boughs. Spice up the traditional greenery with carnations or other light-hued flowers colored with the juices of fresh, canned or frozen fruits and veggies—red from cranberries, beets and cherries; yellow and orange from yellow onions and carrots; purple from blackberries; green from spinach; pink from strawberries; and blue from red cabbage or blueberries. Freshly cut the flower stems and put them in the liquid from crushed produce or the can to absorb color. Hang garlands out of reach of young children and pets. Navjot Kaur, of Navjot Designs, in Chicago, says, “We all have greenery in our yard or patio gardens that can be used for the holidays. It’s fun to alter the design based upon what is available.” Imagination and inspiration can spark new, greener traditions. Connect with the freelance writer via

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. ~Audrey Hepburn

December 2016


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FITNESS 2017 New Year’s Resolutions that Stick by Aimee Hughes


very January, we rally our hopes, vowing that this time our New Year’s resolutions will finally stick. However, “If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail,” says Kansas City, Missouri, personal trainer Jake Albracht. We can make our health and fitness goals for 2017 a reality instead of just wishful thinking. Find a good trainer. “A personal trainer provides a helpful base of knowledge because the hardest part for most people is a lack of planning and diligence in following up. Trainers can step in to help a client achieve their goals,” says Albracht. Jeanne Rankin, assistant strength and conditioning coach at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, adds, “A personal trainer can also help you set lofty goals that you wouldn’t have considered on your own due to fear of failure in achieving them.” Secure personal attention. Individual attention is invaluable. Albracht notes, “There’s nothing like the instant feedback with technique, information and support that one-on-one training provides.” Rankin adds, “In ongoing individual evaluation, a personal trainer can see exactly what’s going well and what isn’t, providing a better assessment than in a

group.” “Group settings can also be positive and mimic a team environment, but a one-on-one relationship allows for a deeper bond of trust. Sometimes that can make all the difference in the world,” Albracht explains. Ask questions. If engaging a personal trainer isn’t in our available budget, they are often willing to answer a few burning fitness questions. Most of us have had volunteer teachers at some point in our lives that expected nothing in return because they loved sharing what they know. It’s a slower process, but can be a viable option. Set realistic goals. “I tell clients that structuring a program of specific goals will always trump a non-structured program,” says Albracht. “They need to fill out a goals sheet and develop a personal model that is repeatable, sustainable and successful. We use the SMART acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.” Sometimes writing things down is just what’s needed to make them actually happen. “When you look at pictures of famous people in magazines, realize that the images have been Photo-

Syda Productions/


shopped. They also have access to the best and most expensive resources in the world, and looking good is their job,” reminds Rankin. “Set a goal, and then set a bunch of small, achievable, measurable and quantifiable steps along the way that’ll push you towards that bigger goal.” For example, If the goal is to lose 50 pounds in a year, then maybe shoot to lose 30 pounds in the first six months and 20 in the second six months. “Breaking it up into what feels doable for you is key,” says Rankin. Establish intentions. Krysten Clark, a Los Angeles personal trainer, yoga teacher and founder of Yogva Nutrition, uses the SMART elements along with establishing an intention for each session. She states, “It’s important to recognize what ‘being healthy’ means to you. I always have my clients set an intention for their workout in the moment, which allows them to be fully present with what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Connecting with their ‘why’ proves powerful in a day-today practice.” She also strives to bring mindfulness into any fitness workout that evolves from a mind-body connection. The accompanying sense of self-compassion furthers progress in the never-ending process of personal growth and healthy living. Acquire a fitness posse. An accountability partner can be a friend or a personal trainer—someone that’s only a phone call away. Rankin observes, “If you know that you are letting someone down by not working out, then you are more likely to stick to a plan, especially if you’re paying that person.” Hit the reset button if needed. “Set a deadline to attain a goal and work backwards from there to achieve it,” advises Albracht. “If the goal is missed, reassess and plan again.” Be patient and forgive yourself as often as necessary if slip-ups occur. The ultimate results of feeling good and healthier provide their own payoff. Aimee Hughes, a freelance writer in Kansas City, MO, is a doctor of naturopathy and consultant for the Yandara Yoga Institute. Connect at ChezAimee@ December 2016


calendarofevents Calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Visit for guidelines and to submit listings. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1 Parkinson’s: Understanding Bigger Picture – 5-6pm. Learn how to cope with the dangers of being in constant survival mode. Attendees receive gift certificate for $40 towards initial examination, consultation and treatment. No charge. Natural Grocers, 3016 E Broadway. 520-584-0343. InspiredHealing.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2 IONS Tucson Speaker Series – Art Giser speaks on Energetic NLP. Open to your Magical Abilities and use your transformative energies. $5. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-730-5640. Tesla Metamorphosis III Training– 12/2: 6-10pm. 12/3 & 12/4; 10am-6pm. Learn precise process of activating energy streams and centers in human body, bringing it toward perfect light balance. Inquire about prereq​uisites. $830. Tucson Feldenkrais Center, 3079 W Ave Cresta. 520-940-5840. SimoneGers@

markyourcalendar HEALING TOUCH PROGRAM LEVEL 1 December 2-4 • 8:30-6:30pm Want to learn more than reiki? Healing Touch is the #1 and only energy medicine program with NCCA accreditation. Easy to learn. $365. Bring 2 students to class and receive 25% off. Limited space. Register early. Barbara Hart 6181 Candice Anne Dr. 85746 520-591-7267 Facebook: Healing Touch Tucson

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 Change Your Energy! Change Your Life! – 9:45am-5pm. With Art Giser. Clear out programming and other people’s energy from your chakras enabling you to have greater health, vitality, intuition, success and happiness. $99. Univ of Arizona Highland Commons Bldg, B307, 1224 E Lowell St. 520-403-6337. Water: What’s Healthy, What’s Not – 10am-12am. Presentation about the health benefits of special ionized drinking water (electrically charged). RSVP. No Charge. Healthy Hydration Resource Center, 4810 E First St. 520-869-6782. Bill@ You Are What You Eat – 3-4pm. Learn how processed foods negatively affect your health, contribute to premature aging and more. Attendees receive a gift



Call ahead to confirm event

certificate for $40 towards initial examination, consultation and treatment. No charge. Natural Grocers, 5600 E River Rd. 520-584-0343. InspiredHealing. Holiday: De-Stress Restorative Yoga by Shraddha – 4:30-6:30pm. Relieve holiday stress. Gain tools to put your body and mind back on track for a more peaceful holiday season. $20/advance; $23/ day of. Mindful Yoga East, 1101 N Wilmot, #123. 520-300-4378.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair – 9am-4pm. Tucson’s premier community of independent psychics, healers and crafts people. No charge. Doubletree at Alvernon, 445 S Alvernon Way. 520403-4270. MysticMessengers. com. Evolving Into Power – 9:45am-5pm. Clear unconscious and energetic beliefs that limit your power. Join Art Giser, creator of Energetic NLP, master at using transformative energies. $99. University of Arizona Highland Commons Bldg, B307, 1224 E Lowell St. 520-403-6337. ENLPArizona@gmail. com. Free Stress Free – 11:30am-1pm. Stress is almost constant in our culture. This workshop offers relief through yogic movement and breath techniques which can help prevent the development of major health problems. No charge. The Yoga Connection, 3923 E Pima St. 520-323-1222. Sacred Space Gathering – 4-5:30pm. Contemplative speaker, practice and live musician change every week. All welcome. No charge. Ward 6 Office, 3202 E 1st St. 520-318-3557.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 Get Help for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and PTSD – 4-5pm. Learn what they have in common and strategies to bring relief today. There is help. No charge. Natural Grocers, 3016 E Broadway, 520-584-0343. InspiredHealing. Gluten-Leaky Gut Connection – 5:30-6:30pm. Learn how gluten can lead to leaky gut, along with tips to support yourself and improve your digestion. Seating limited. Must RSVP via phone/text. No charge. Be Now Chiropractic, 2122 N Craycroft Rd, Ste 104. 520-484-3471. Info@BeNowChiropractic. com. Post-Election Women’s Group – 5:30-6:30pm. If you are still feeling the aftermath of the election, want support from like-minds, and strategies for moving forward. Coach-led support group to help in healing and empowering women. RSVP for details. No charge. 520-979-4600. RiseAboveItCoach@

natural awakenings

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7 Tucson Death Café – 6-7:30pm. Tucson Death Café is a group directed conversation about death and related subjects without agenda or objectives. Not grief support or counseling. RSVP. No charge. Himmel Park Library, 1035 N Treat Ave. 520-2617003. TucsonDeathCafe. Seeing With Your Heart – 6:30-8pm. 12/7 & 12/14. With John Dore. Tuning-in to deeper awareness of self, relationships and cultural changes. A facilitated support group making use of our heart’s intelligence as an instrument of perception and compassionate action. $5. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-906-1768. Your Self and Your Stuff – 6:30-8:30pm. Explore with Rev Donald new ways you can separate your experience of your personal value from the things you own. By donation. CSL’s Office and Educ Center, 4200 E River Rd. 520-319-1042. Admin@ Supporting Wellness Through Immersion in Nature – 6-8pm. Hands-on presentation drawing upon the wisdom of mindfulness and practice of Shinrin-yoku, Nature and Forest Therapy. No charge. Genesis Natural Medicine Center, 3920 N Cambell Ave. 206-714-0544. TIES Guest Speaker: Jane Katra, PhD – 6:308:30pm. In Jane’s near-death experience, she was instructed to guide others in the activation of their subtle energy systems to become natural energy healers for self and others. $5. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-395-2365. Info@AZIANDS. org. Open Sanskrit Group Chanting – 7-8:30pm. Led by Danielle Dvorak, lifelong musician, Certified Sound Therapist and more. Lift your voice and consciousness through these beautiful and potent mantras. $5-$10. Galactic Center, 35 E Toole Ave.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9 Water: What’s Healthy, What’s Not – Spanish Presentation about the health benefits of special ionized drinking water (electrically charged). RSVP. No charge. Healthy Hydration Resource Center, 4810 E First St. 520-440-5871. Andres@

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10 Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop – 9am4pm. Intentionally manifest your dreams with a full day immersion to focus on your authentic life and your ideal outcomes using a simple tool: Vision Boards. $75. Call for location. 520-906-1808. ElissaHambright.


December 10 6-8:30pm Join around the fire of possibility and next steps, deepen connection, indulge in beauty and nurture your soul, ritual, wisdom teaching, play and healthy eats. Safely release invisibility, be seen, share your voice in loving environment. $20. Please RSVP. Location: To be announced For more information, call 520-730-9277 Film Screening: The Wizard of Oz – 10am-12:15pm. A Kansas farm girl dreams of going over the rainbow, in this adaptation of the L. Frank Baum novel that’s become a beloved film classic. No charge. Loft Cinema, 3233 E Speedway Blvd, 520-322-5638. Making Friends with Death and Dying – 1-2:30pm. Death Expert shares valuable information. Presentation offers many clues as to how to create your good death. No charge. The Yoga Connection, 3923 E Pima St. 520-323-1222. Calling All Goddesses to a Spirit, Mind and Body Workshop – 1-6pm. With Joanna Carichner, Hila Granger and Laura Shrive. Journey dance, lecture on balancing hormones, gentle yoga and yoga nidra. $65. Mindful Yoga East, 1101 N Wilmot, #123. 520-300-4378. Aging Gracefully – 3-4pm. Learn how to stay flexible, supple and youthful. Learn your gifts and purpose. Attendees receive a gift certificate for $40 towards your initial examination, consultation and treatment. No charge. Natural Grocers, 7220 E Broadway Blvd. 520-584-0343. InspiredHealing. Book Study: 1926 Science of Mind – 3-4:30pm. Participate in an open on-going book study reading and discussing the 1926 Science of Mind. Keith Gorley facilitating. By donation. CSLT Office and Educ Center, 4200 E River Rd. 520-319-1042. Community Hour: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path – 3-4:30pm. Through the Teachings of Bruno Groening. Learn a simple, natural healing technique. No charge. Banner UMC, 1501 N

Campbell Ave, Cafeteria Rm E. 520-904-4801. Bruno-Groening. org/en. Daniel Nahmod Concert – 7:30-9pm. Daniel’s poetic, evocative message of peace, love and compassion across all nations, cultures, and faiths has found overwhelming acceptance wherever he has performed. $15. Unity Spiritual Center of Peace, 1551 S Eastside Loop, #121. 520-546-3696. Jeff Greinke and Curcuitous Vibes – 8-11pm. Composer Jeff Greinke is one of the pioneers of dark ambient music. His seminal vinyl release Cities in Fog broke new ground in 1985. He has since released 18 solo albums and 7 collaborative works and has toured worldwide. $10. Galactic Center, 35 E Toole Ave.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11 Aqua Yoga – 12-1:15pm. With Jessica Byron. Yoga stretches in the comfort and support of 96 degree warm water open possibilities for better balance, breathing and relaxation. Pre-register. $15/class. Santa Rita Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave. 520-3703499. Workshop with Jane Katra, PhD – 1-5pm. Participants transcend ordinary mind, activating natural capacities for subtle perception, developing the inflow of spiritual force and becoming conscious transmitters of life-giving energy. $60/regular; $50/ members. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-395-2365. Essential Oils for Healthy Living – 3-4:30pm. Come and learn how to utilize pure, natural essen-tial oils in your daily life while replacing synthetically-scented, chemical-laden products and boosting your health. $10-$15. The Galactic Center, 35 E Toole Ave. 847-323-9188. Danielle@ Sacred Space Gathering – 4-5:30pm. Contemplative speaker, practice and live musician change every week. All welcome. No charge. Ward 6 Office, 3202 E 1st St. 520-318-3557. Earth Gong Bath – 5:30-7pm. With Danielle Dvorak. Stress relief, sleep issues, physical pain, busy mind, digestive problems, toxicity and more can be helped with this form of sound and vibration. $15-$20. The Galactic Center, 35 E Toole Ave. 847323-9188.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 12 Women Wisdom Circle – 6:30-8:30pm. With Jeanette Gibler. Join around the fire of possibility, deepen connection, indulge in beauty and nurturing your soul, ritual, wisdom teaching and play. Safely release invisibility, be seen, share your voice.No charge. RSVP for location. 520-730-9277.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13 Essential Oils 101 – 5:30-6:30pm. Wondering about Essential Oils as part of your natural health care? Learn the basics - live presentation. Seating limited. Must RSVP via phone/text. No charge. Be Now Chiropractic, 2122 N Craycroft Rd, Ste 104. 520-484-3471.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14 Water: What’s Healthy, What’s Not – 10am-12pm. Presentation about the health benefits of special ionized drinking water (electrically charged). RSVP. No Charge. Healthy Hydration Resource Center, 4810 E First St. 520-869-6782. Bill@ Herbal Lotions / Balms – 2-3pm. With Jacqueline Soule, local gardening writer and lecturer. Learn to make lotion and balms with easy to grow herbs. Perfect for holiday gift giving season. No charge. Martha Cooper Library, 1377 N Catalina Ave. 520-594-5315. Taize, A Meditation on Light and Joy – 6:30-8pm. Experience taize’, a quiet, but not somber, meditation on light and joy. Feel yourself uplifted in these dark days of winter. By donation. CSLT’s Office and Educ Center, 4200 E River Rd. 520-319-1042. Seeing With Your Heart – 6:30-8pm. 12/7 & 12/14. With John Dore. Tuning-in to deeper awareness of self, relationships and cultural changes. A facilitated support group making use of our heart’s intelligence as an instrument of perception and compassionate action. $5. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-906-1768.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17 Lecture/Book Signing with CJ Walker – 2-3pm. Join CJ Walker to discuss her newly released book, Love Yourself Sacred. Wake up, claim your power and step into your mastery. No charge. Mostly Books, 6208 E Speedway Blvd. 520-444-7525. Angel Gong Wave – 3-5pm. With Marcia Breitenbach, MA. Celebrate Solstice Rebirth with Angelic sound meditation. Float in 96 degree saltwater indoor pool. Gong waves resonate giving peace. $15/ poolside; $20/floating. Santa Rita Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave. 520-975-5376. Gong Bath – 4-5:30pm. Allow the healing frequencies of the Earth Gong to wash over and through you, calming the monkey mind and nervous system. You become the sound. $15; $20/after 12/11. The Yoga Connection, 3923 E Pima St. 520-323-1222.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18 Essential Oil Holiday Party – 1-3pm. Learn about essential oils: what they are, where they come from, and how to add them to daily to enhance health. No charge. Vista Montana Estates Clubhouse, East Stadium Pkwy at Wilmot and I-10. 520-906-1808. Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshop – 2-4:30pm. Learn the ancient Tibetan/Buddhist techniques for working with metal singing bowls. This workshop is taught by Danielle Dvorak, Certified Vibrational Healing Sound Practitioner. $25. The Galactic Center, 35 E Toole Ave. 847-323-9188. Sacred Space Gathering – 4-5:30pm. Contemplative speaker, practice and live musician change every week. All welcome. No charge. Ward 6 Office, 3202 E 1st St. 520-318-3557.

December 2016


calendar ofevents TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20 Peek Inside My Health Toolbag – 5:30-6:30pm. 5-8 tips to rev up your health this holiday season. Don’t let stress get you down. Seating limited, must RSVP via phone/text. No charge. Be Now Chiropractic, 2122 N Craycroft Rd, Ste 104. 520-484-3471. Info@ Why Life Coaching? – 5:30-6:30pm. Have a peek into the world of life coaching and decide if it is right for you. RSVP. No charge. Rise Above It Coach, 3210 E Fort Lowell Rd, #103. 520-979-4600.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21 Celebration of Light – 7-8:15pm. Join in community to celebrate Winter Solstice, and share in the remembrance and awareness that light returns. By donation. Nickerson Auditorium at Private School, 3231 N Craycroft Rd. 520-319-1042.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22 Bio-Touch Fourth Thursday Workshop-Colds and Flu – 6-8pm. Colds and Flu are tonight’s focus with practice of the Bio-Touch points shown to help alleviate symptoms. Members $10, non-members $15. Massage therapists earn 2 CEUs (add $5). Bio-Touch Center, 5634 E Pima St. 520-323-7951.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23 IONS Tucson Universal Healing Circle – 7pm. Fourth Friday. Relax with guided meditation, energy sessions, crystal bowl, networking. All welcome. $5/suggested donation. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-742-1019, 520-869-6064.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – 6-7pm. We celebrate the Divine Light within each of us through a meaningful retelling of the ancient story. You are whole and perfect as you are. No charge. Unity Spiritual Center of Peace, 1551 S Eastside Loop, #121. 520-546-3696.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 28 Women Wisdom Circle – 6:30-8:30pm. With Jeanette Gibler. Join around the fire of possibility, deepen connection, indulge in beauty and nurturing your soul, ritual, wisdom teaching and play. Safely release invisibility, be seen, share your voice.No charge. RSVP for location. 520-730-9277.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30 Let’s Learn About the Tarot – 7-8:30pm. Fridays, 12/30-2/3. With Shivani. For beginning-intermediate students. Discuss decks, the major and minor arcana and 5 spreads. Please bring a deck and notebook. Call for location and to register, space is limited. $75/6-classes. 413-313-5677.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31 Community Hour: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path – 3-4:30pm. Through the Teachings of Bruno Groening. Learn a simple, natural healing technique. No charge. Banner UMC, 1501 N Campbell Ave, Cafeteria Rm E. 520-904-4801. Weissmae@ Endings and Beginnings – 7-8:15pm. Clear your experiences of the old year and claim your intentions for the new one with this classic, simple, and heartfelt ceremony. By donation. Nickerson Auditorium at Private School, 3231 N Craycroft Rd, 520-319-1042.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 5 Love Yourself Sacred Meeting – 7pm. It’s time to wake up, claim your power and step into your mastery. Meetings will include lecture, discussion and meditations. By donation. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-444-7525. CJWalker333@

SATURDAY, JANUARY 7 Astrology Workshop – 1-5pm. 1/7-1/8. With Shivani. Beginners and intermediate students. Find out what 2017 has in store for you. Discuss houses and sign meanings as well as planets. Bring a notebook and your natal chart (if you have yours). Call for location and to register, space is limited. $65. 413-313-5677.


Christmas Eve Service – 7-8pm. Join us for our Annual Metaphysical Service with music, candlelight ceremony and guided meditation. Everyone receives a Message. Call for information. By donation. United Fellowship Chapel, 4718 E Hawthorne St. 520-327-0142.


Attend an upcoming class or retreat from the “Book Whisperer” Tom Bird WRITING IN THE DIVINE AUTHOR STATE

January 11 • 6-8:30 pm Unity of Tucson Free with advanced registration


Special discount when you mention Natural Awakenings



natural awakenings

classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Phoenix Natural Awakenings magazine franchise available for sale. Start a career you can be passionate about. Home based business complete with comprehensive training and support system. Call 239-530-1377 or visit our website: INSPIRED FAITH-BASED YOGA FOR ALL OFFERS: personal teaching, gentle/chair, yin, yoga nidra, age 50 and over classes. Cathy Bounds RYT, R-YFT, YF-A 520-309-5083 ORIENTAL READINGS with Aiko Moto. Not mere entertainment​, serious reading for serious mind. Receive guidance for a positive and productive life. 5​ 20-297-9463. NEW LEAF LIFE COACHING AND COUNSELING​. Areas include grief, family, relationships, work, financial and career issues. Nancy O’Connor PhD, 520-615-1244.​ PRACTITIONER ROOMS FOR RENT in quaint, clean facility. Centrally located in well-lit, newly remodeled shopping center. Individual private rooms for $600 a month, with month to month agreement. Ideal for massage therapist or alternative practitioners. Contact Susan, 520-490-3214. ROOM FOR RENT part-time in gorgeous healing center, $350/month. Centrally located, includes utilities, music system, wifi, reception area, access to classroom use and more. Ideal for massage therapist or alternative healing practitioner. Denisse Cabrera, 520-979-4600. SOCIAL DANCING HEALS. 14 weeks/2-hr classes. $78​; 50% disc. 55+. NW/W Locations – Group classes. Beautiful hardwood floors! Ballroom, Salsa, Swing & more. Semester-end party! SACRED SPACE RENTAL: A PRACTITIONERS’ OASIS $350 month includes: utilities, weekly cleaning, music system with room volume control, reception area, breakroom. Call​ 520-​322-7691. THREE OFFICE SPACES AVAILABLE at WellnessFirst! Great for accountants, counselors, alternative medical modalities, etc. Rents include WIFI, professional copy/fax service, covered parking, common areas, utilities, maintenance. One year release required. Rents begin at $500. Contact Zach at 520-232-4585 for more information. ZY QIGONG. GIVE A GIFT OF HEALTH AND LOVE WITH level one classes. 10 pass card regularly $100 now $48 available at ZY QigongAz. Mark Frighetti, 520-404-8745.

at 2:30pm only. Services include a healing meditation, inspirational talk and messages. No charge. Tamara Spiritual Center, 3002 E Ft Lowell Rd. 520-325-0513.

ongoingevents daily Consult the I Ching Oracle – 11am-6pm. The I Ching is an Oracle tool to ask the what and how of be do have. Readings on day of lunar phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter. $25-$90. 2614 N Balboa. 520-331-1956.

sunday Silent Prayer and Meditation – 8:45-9:30am. Experience the exquisite peace of shared Silence. Unity Spiritual Center of Peace welcomes all who wish to explore and discover their Oneness with Spirit. No charge. 520-546-3696. RevNita@ FoodInRoot St. Philip’s Plaza Farmers Market – 9am-1pm. One of the largest farmers markets in Southwestern Arizona and has a regional reputation for the number of local farmers it supports. No charge. St. Philips Plaza, 4380 N Campbell Ave. Salt Tastings at the St Phillips Plaza Farmer’s Market – 9am-1pm. Not first Sunday. Cloud Nine Flotation offers salt tastings and info on the Sensory Deprivation Tank. No charge. St. Philips Plaza, 4380 N Campbell Ave. 520-668-4017. Mini Sound Healings – 9am-4pm. First Sunday. Cloud Nine Flotation will give away free mini sound healings using quartz crystal singing pyramids during the monthly Psychic Fair. No charge. Doubletree Hotel, 445 S Alvernon Way. 520-668-4017. Religious Service – 9am. St Michael’s ECC, the other Catholic Church. Feminist? GLBTQ? Catholic? We are and more. No charge. Chapel - First Christian Church, 740 E Speedway, 520-575-8486. Introduction to Meditation by Junjo Michael – 9:30am & 5pm. Restore, renew, reconnect with simple meditation and breathing exercises that lead to inner calm and peace. By donation. No charge. Mindful Yoga East, 1101 N Wilmot, #123. 520-300-4378. Center for Spiritual Living Tucson’s Sunday Celebration Services – Join like-minded individu-

Call ahead to confirm event

als for meditation at 10am and then joyous music and a life-affirming talk at 10:30am. Potluck lunch follows on First Sundays. By donation. Center for Spiritual Living Tucson, 3231 N Craycroft Rd, Auditorium. 520-319-1042. The Deeper Meaning of Jesus’ Words – 10-11am. Explore underlying ideas of our Christianity. Learn techniques to gain greater abundance and happiness. Child care, youth and teen programs. No charge. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-303-6942.

United Fellowship Chapel – 2pm service. Sunday Services feature a guided meditation, healing, inspirational speakers and psychic messages. Everyone receives a message. No charge. United Fellowship Chapel, 4718 E Hawthorne St. 520-327-0142. Petanque in the Park – 2-4:30pm. Sunday. Learn and play the French game of petanque (boules). No charge. Reid Park, 830 S Country Club Rd. 520-664-4133. Chapel of Awareness Healings and Readings – 5-6pm. Meditation, healings, spirit messages, classes available. Private readings also available. By donation. Chapel of Awareness, 931 N Fifth Ave. 520-820-0727.

Tucson Heart Wisdom Meetup – 6:30-8pm. Explore connecting to the Wisdom of the Heart through discussion, sharing and guided meditation. Explore the difference between ego, mind and heart. $10/suggested donation. WellnessFirst!, 3861 N First Ave. 520-490-4149. MarceysJourney@ Teen Support – 10-11am. Teens’ Safe Space. Unity of Tucson offers teens a program where understanding sponsors and other teens can support Desert Ashram – 7pm. Satsang with chanting, their journey. For ages 12 to 19. By donation. Aarati, spiritual teachings of Swami Amar Jyoti Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco Pl, Rm 2. and meditation. No charge. 3403 W Sweetwater Dr. 520-743-0384. 520-488-8284. Unity Spiritual Center of Peace Sunday Celebration – 10:30-11:30am. Potluck last Sunday. Learn to live your spiritual potential and purpose. Pray, sing and celebrate oneness in community. All welcome. Sunday school available for chil- White Eagle World Healing Meditations – 10dren. 1551 S Eastside Loop #121. 520-546-3696. 11am. With Frances Smith. Using White Eagle channeled books of Spiritual Unfoldment. Temple Community Potluck – 10:30am-12:30pm. Last of Universality Class. No charge. United Fellowship Sunday of the month. Spiritual life is best lived Chapel, 4718 E Hawthorne St. 520-885-5065. with friends. Enjoy a community potluck and How To Meditate – 11am-12pm. 4-week mindget to know one another. By donation. Unity fulness meditation class for people who don’t Spiritual Center of Peace, 1551 S Eastside Loop believe they can meditate. Fragrance-free. $40. AZ #121. 520-546-3696. Oncology Foundation, 2625 N Craycroft, Ste 101. Also on Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30pm. Call for The Temple of Universality Sunday Service – location. 520-825-2009. 11am. With Founder Rev. Betty Tatalajski. Celebrat- or ing the Unity of God and Man, worship, healing, Waterbabies Free-Style Pooltime – 1pm. For woprophesy. Masonic Temple, 3590 N Country Club Rd, men with chronic pain, healing from surgery, pain 520-884-5340. relieving movement in warm salt water, a healing atmosphere. Support, exchanging helpful inforYogananda Gathering – 11am-1pm. First and third mation to laugh and enjoy life. $10. Santa Rita Sundays. Attune to Yogananda’s teachings thro- Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave. 520-577-7377. ugh chanting, meditation affirmations, readings and Festival of Light ceremony. Refreshments and fellowship follows. Ananda Center, 1002 E Prince Rd. 520-299-9309.


Community of Light Sunday Services – 11am -12:30pm. Metaphysical and spiritual gathering of lightworkers for healing, enlightenment and growth. Donations welcome. Unscrewed Theater, 3244 E Speedway Blvd. 520-304-1768. DianaOhoh Tamara Spiritual Center’s Sunday Services – 11am and 5:30pm. Third Sunday of each month

December 2016


ongoingevents Tai Chi for Health: NW Tucson – 1-2pm. Dr Paul Lam’s program proven to improve balance, relieve pain and stiffness, promote mental clarity, improved memory, overall well-being. All welcome. $60/9-sessions. $10/drop-in. Resurrection Lutheran Church, 11575 N 1st Ave, Oro Valley. 520-780-6751. Mindfulness and Meditation Group – 1:15-2:45 pm. No experience necessary. Sitting and walking meditation as well as the Metta Sutta are regular parts of the practice. No charge. UA Cancer Center 1515 N Campbell, Kiewit Auditorium, Rm 2951. 520-694-4605. Study of Man’s Eternal Quest – 4:30-6:30pm. In depth study of Paramhansa Yogananda’s book Man’s Eternal Quest explains how the universe operates and man’s journey to consciousness. By donation. Ananda Center Of Tucson, 1002 E Prince Rd. 520-906-4346. Golden Pyramid Meditation – 6-7pm. Second Monday. With Rev. Yazdi Contractor, Rev. Howard Milwich and Revs. Martha and Darryl Schoon. Temple of Universality class. No charge. United Fellowship Chapel, 4718 E Hawthorne St. 520-327-0142. Energy Healing – 6-8pm. First and third Mondays. Learn about energy work, crystals, Reiki from Brian LeNormand. By donation. WellnessFirst!, 3861 N 1st Ave. 520-209-1755. All Level Yoga - 7-10pm. Spiritual Gangsta Yoga. Sandra Turner, Monterey Court Studio Galleries and Café, 505 W Miracle Mile. No charge. 619-861-9706. .


8:30am Workout – Experience a workout that will perk you up. A combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi ending with meditation. Bring yoga mat and water bottle. Start your day with a smile. $5. WellnessFirst! 3861 N First Ave. 520-209-1755. Exploring Body Wisdom – 10-11:15am. With Norma Itule. Relieve patterns of stress, chronic pain and immobility. On land and in warm water. $60/4-sessions. Santa Rita Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave, 520-977-6847. FoodInRoot-Carondelet St. Joseph’s Farmer’s Market – 10am-2pm. 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. No charge. Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital, NE Corner of Carondelet Drive and Wilmot Rd. 520-261-6982.

Yoga – 11:15am-12:45pm. With Mark Lind. Group and individual instruction. Bring your own mat and belt. Kids under 12 free. $10. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco, Rm 3. 520-488-8284. Qigong/Tao Meditation – 1-2pm. Inspiring community of well-being. Everyone welcome. Followed by Tai Chi for Health. Qigong: $75/9-week session. Qigong and tai chi: $120/9-week session. St Francis in the Foothills, 4625 E River Rd. 520-780-6751. Tai Chi for Health Central Foothills – 2-3pm. Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi program is endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation, CDC, National Council on Aging. Preceded by Qigong. Open to all levels. $60/9-week session. St Francis in the Foothills, 4625 E River Rd. 520-780-6751. Gentle Hatha Yoga by Donation – 2:30-3:30pm. Gentle hatha yoga class led by recent graduates of The Yoga Connection. Instructos will rotate. By donation. The Yoga Connection, 3929 E Pima St. 520-323-1222. A Course in Miracles – 6-7:30pm. Using the traditional blue book, we read and discuss the profound, spiritual teachings as channeled through Helen Schuchman. By donation. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco, Rm 1. 520-488-8284. Foundations of the Science of Mind – 6:30-9:30pm. 13-week course teaches you the foundational principles of the Science of Mind philosophy. Learn affirmative prayer. $240/+ books. CSLT Office & Education Center, 4200 E River Rd. 520-319-1042. Alice Bailey Books – 7-8:30pm. With Rev. Inger Mason. Reading of books channeled to Alice A. Bailey by Djwhal Khul, followed by guided meditation. Temple of Universality class. Call for details. No charge. Call for details, 520-331-5252.

wednesday Prayer and Meditation – 9:45-10:15am. Experience the healing peace of shared Silence. Unity Spiritual Center of Peace welcomes all who wish to explore and discover their Oneness with Spirit. No charge. 1551 S Eastside Loop, Ste 121. 520-546-3696. Fun-Day Wednesday Class – 9:45-11:30am. With Rev. Fred Smith. Metaphysical Law, using fun, food and friends. Temple of Universality class. No charge. Masonic Temple, 3590 N Country Club Rd. 520-546-3898. Yoga/Meditation – 11am-12:30pm. Yoga and meditation as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda includes energization and chanting. All levels of yoga and meditation welcome. Ananda Center Of Tucson, 1002 E Prince Rd. 520-299-9309.



natural awakenings

Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation – 11:30am12:30pm. With Carolyn Rashti, M.S. Guided gentle movements with deep breathing to relieve pain, improve circulation and breathing. First class free. Limited to six participants. $200/8 classes. Santa Rita Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave. 520-742-4292. Yoga by Donation – 3:30-4:30pm. Gentle hatha yoga class led by recent graduates of The Yoga Connection. By donation. The Yoga Connection, 3929 E Pima St. 520-323-1222. Grief Support Group – 5pm. First and third Wednesdays. With Reverend Felicitas, Reverend Dea. Support group for grief, loss and healing. Not a therapy group. Respectful and compassionate. No charge. CODAC, 3130 E Broadway Blvd. 520-792-6222. Way of Mastery – 5-6:30pm. This channeling to Jon Mark Hammer is clearer and easier to understand than the Course in Miracles. It deals more with our feeling nature. By donation. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco, Rm 3. 520-488-8284. Wisdom Wednesday – 6:30-8:30pm. Discover the potential of you and flourish. Cultivate inner personal power and increase confidence, well-being and joy. $10. RSVP for location. 520-730-9277. Young Adult Spiritual Seekers – 7-8pm. Explore different meditation techniques and wisdom traditions. Facilitated by Michael Pellegrino. Drop-ins welcome. Not limited to U of A students. No charge. Little Chapel of All Nations, 1401 E 1st St. 520-318-3557. Deeksha for You – 7:15-9:15pm. Blissful profound transpersonal energy transfer with meditation. No charge. St Francis in the Foothills, 4625 E River Rd, Rm 30-31. 520-869-4982. LastHouseOB1@ Meetup: Awaken Tucson into Oneness. A Course in Miracles: Original Dictation – 7:30pm. Fifty eight thousand words were edited out of the traditional Course in Miracles book. They have been restored and are now available for study. By donation. Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco, Rm 1. 520-488-8284. Spirit Lab – 7-8:30pm. Third Wednesday. Potluck for 20s-50s adults. Explore aspects of different faith traditions, discuss personal experiences of the divine, examine religion and culture and play with progressive theological ideas. No charge. St. Philip’s in the Hills Church, 4440 N Campbell Ave. 520-342-8998.

thursday Belly Dancing for Beginners – 8:30-9:30am. Shisandra aka Dr. Saber, teaches beginning belly dance. Wear comfortable clothing that moves. Bring water bottle. Suggested donation $10. WellnessFirst!, 3861 N 1st Ave. 520-209-1755. Tai Chi for Health: NE Tucson – 9-10am. Tai Chi for Health, for Fall Prevention and much more. Dr Paul Lam’s program including qigong warm-ups and cool downs. $60/9-week session. Tanque Verde Lutheran Church, Chapel, 8625 E Tanque Verde Rd. 520-780-6751. Self Mastery/Spiritual Development – 1-2pm.New class meets at 1pm & 7pm. Explore metaphysical concepts and principles to achieve self-mastery and ignite your divine authority through meditation and discussion. By donation. United Fellowship Chapel, 4718 E Hawthorne St, 520-327-0142. A Course in Miracles – 5:30pm. With Colleen Hall. Temple of Universality class. Call for details. No charge. Spirits Child, 3870 W River Rd, #120. 520-981-2249. Free Tai Chi and Chi Kung – 6-7:30pm. Gentle, flowing movements that relax the body, quiet the mind, increase energy, improve health and make you feel good. No Charge. Church of Christ, 2848 N Mountain Ave. 520-795-8612. Sacred Space Women’s Circle – 6-7:30pm. Women gathering to support each other in deep listening; based on feminine spirituality. Facilitated by Lanny Lewis. Drop-ins welcome. No charge. St. Francis United Methodist Church, 4625 E River Rd. 520-318-3557. Bio-Touch: Monthly Health Workshop – 6-8pm. Fourth Thursday. Practice of the Bio-Touch points shown to help alleviate symptoms of adrenal fatigue. $10/members, $15/non-members, Massage therapists earn 2 CEUs (add $5). Bio-Touch Center, 5634 E Pima St. 520-323-7951. Living Spirit Metaphysical 12-Step Group – 6:307:30pm. Open ongoing group discusses the 12-steps of recovery from a more metaphysical/empowered perspective. By donation. CSL Tucson Office & Educ Center, 4200 E River Rd. 520-319-1042. Admin@ TIES Sharing and Discussion Group – 6:308:30pm. Third Thursday. TIES mission is to provide a safe neutral environment for presenting information on and sharing of near-death and other spiritu-

ally transformative experiences. Everyone is welcome. No Charge (love offering accepted). Unity of Tucson, 3617 N Camino Blanco. 520-395-2365. Ascended Masters’ Introductory Classes – 7pm. Learn about your own individual Divine Being, your I AM Presence. Find Divine solutions to every challenge! No charge. The Temple of The Presence, 11902 E Irvington Rd. 520-751-2039. Desert Ashram – 7pm. Immerse yourself in a beautiful and peaceful meditation and retreat center. Spiritual teachings of Swami Amar Jyoti, chanting, meditation, library, book shop, walking paths. No charge. 3403 W Sweetwater Dr. 520-743-0384. ZY Qigong Practice – 7-8:30pm. Qigong practice helps you raise love and compassion and it touches all of Humanity. Help raise everyone’s vibration. $10/suggested donation. Desert Milgros, 3438 N Country Club. 520-404-8745. QigongMark@

friday Catalina Farmers Market Artworks and More – 9am-1pm. Fresh produce, baked goods, salmon, range-fed beef, artisans, unique gifts, food court, more. 16733 N Oracle Rd, Catalina. 970-903-0529. Trail Dust Town Farmers Market – 9am-1pm. Formerly Jesse Owens Market. Bring the family and enjoy everything this premiere farmers’ market has to offer. No charge. Trail Dust Town, 6541 E Tanque Verde Rd. Friday Farmers’ Market at Broadway Village – 10am-2pm. Southern Arizona’s only indoor (A/C)/outdoor venue. Organic produce, meats, prepared foods, baked goods, coffee/teas, cheese, eggs, plants, artisans, body care, massage, music. Broadway/Country Club. 520-603-8116. FoodInRoot UAMC Farmers’ Market – 10am2pm. Every week at UAMC on the plaza south of the hospital. Great Food and Music. No charge. UA Medical Center, NW Corner of Speedway and Campbell. 520-261-6982. Winning Together: Breast and GYN Cancer Support Group – 10:30am-12:30pm. Educational support group is for women with a diagnosis of Breast and/or Gynecological Cancer; any stage of survivorship is welcome. No charge. UA Cancer CenterUniversity Campus, 1515 N Campbell, Rm 2919. 520-694-4605. Waterbabies Freestyle Pooltime – 11:30am. For women with chronic pain, healing from surgery Pain relieving movement in warm salt water. Healing atmosphere. Support, exchanging helpful information, to laugh and enjoy life. $10. Santa Rita Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave. 520-577-7377. Community of Light Healing and Message Circle – 12pm. Metaphysical and spiritual gathering for healing, enlightenment and growth. Unscrewed Theater, 3244 E Speedway Blvd. 520-403-6156.

Looking for Some Peace & Quiet? – 12-1pm. Guided healing meditation plus, everyone receives a Message. Receive healing energy in meditation for yourself and those in need of healing. By donation. United Fellowship Chapel, 4718 E Hawthorne St. 520-327-0142. Healthy Happy Hour – 5:30-6:30pm. 3rd Friday. Happy hour along with a 20-30 minute presentation followed by a question/answer period. Join us for wine, lemonade, community. No charge. WellnessFirst!, 3861 N First Ave. 520-209-1755. Intuitive Development through Shamanism – 6-8:30pm. Questioning reality? Want a deeper insight into yourself? Native American teachings through Denise Linn, Char Sundust and Angeles Arrien. $20. WellnessFirst!, 3861 N 1st Ave. 520-668-0039.

saturday Rincon Valley Farmers’ Market – 8am-1pm. Organic produce, fresh flowers, baked goods, ironworks, arts and crafts by local artisans. 12500 E Old Spanish Trail. 520-591-BARN. FoodInRoot St. Philip’s Plaza Farmers’ Market – 9am-1pm. One of the largest farmers’ markets in Southwestern Arizona and has a regional reputation for the number of local farmers it supports. No charge. St. Philips Plaza, 4380 N Campbell Ave. Living Lab and Learning Center Free Tour – 9-10:30am. Second Saturday. WMG staff will guide you on an interactive tour to learn about all the systems in detail and what you can do at your own home. No charge. WMG’s Living Lab & Learning Center, 1137 N Dodge Blvd. 520-396-3266, ext 18. Plaza Palomino Saturday Market – 10am-2pm. Fresh produce, breads, coffee, tea, plants, tamales, salsa and emu oil products. Live music. 2970 N Swan Rd. 520-523-1005. Oro Valley Farmers’ Market – 10am-2pm. 30 vendor stalls. Every 2nd Saturday fun events are planned to introduce more customers to this neighborhood gem. No charge. Steam Pump Ranch, 10901 N Oracle Rd. AI CHI – 10am. With Connie Seddon. Delicious tai chi-like movements and stretching for all in our 96 degree saltwater indoor pool at Santa Rita Springs. Great for pain relief, arthritis, fibromyalgia, balance and stamina. $15/class. Santa Rita Springs, 2301 N Santa Rita Ave. 520-245-6616. Connie@

December 2016


communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email to request our media kit.


Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. 520-444-6901 Double your healing experience by combining an Akashic reading with a grounding acupuncture session—bridging Heaven & Earth, Yin and Yang and rejuvenating body and spirit. Linda brings humor, compassion and 27 years of experience into the treatment room—a sacred place of Joy! Ask about her Natural Awakenings Discount.

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE TIMOTHY M MARSHALL, Ph.D. Holistic Neurospecialist 520-370-6044

Dr. Marshall has a passion for natural solutions that rebalance and rebuild the brain and body promoting greater health and healing. With the proper diet, guidance, and a balance of the right nutrients – you can start feeling better today. To schedule an enlightening consultation, call 520-370-6044. See ad, page 25.

AROMATHERAPY RITUAL BY KATE’S MAGIK 215 N Court Ave, 85701 520-743-1486

Ritual by Kate’s Magik is an intimate boutique that carries 100% pure aromatherapy products and ceremonial supplies. Ritual also offers a variety of aromatherapy-focused massages designed to help people relieve stress, move through grief or promote love, healing and success. See ad, page 24.

ASTROLOGY ASTRO-YOGA READINGS Debbie Barnett, RYT-500 520-428-7019

Spiritual astrology with a yoga twist. Astrology + yoga = more sustained joy! The Astro-Yoga Woman offers consultations combining these wisdom traditions to guide you to happiness. Grand openings, parties, Reiki, presentation skills / elevator pitch coaching. Gift certificates available. See ad, page 29.


413-313-5677 In person, by phone or Skype Shivani has 30 years of experience as Astrologer, Tarot reader, teacher and has helped many through transitions and crisis. Strong spiritual background with grounded practical approach. 90-minute sessions. Private readings, classes, lectures and parties. Seniors/student discounts. See ad, page 18.


Organic Mattresses Showing at America’s Mattress 2424 E. Grant Rd, 85719 520​-​300​-9307 • cell: 520​-​419​-5882 ​ • ​​ Chemically sensitive or would prefer a healthy sleeping alternative? We feature both Naturepedic and Organicpedic by OMI. These mattresses are the purest on the market and utilize eco and cruelty-free wool, organic cotton and pure organic latex. Now showing at America’s Mattress 2424 E. Grant Rd, 85719. 0% financing available. See ad, page 7.


Randy Usem, LMT, Radix Practitioner Near Campbell & Grant 520-312-9563 • Randy has 28 years of bodywork experience, providing treatments that are stress busting or for specific issues. Sometimes sessions are enhanced and integrated with mind-body awareness experiments. The client uses sound, breath and movement to contact feelings and access deep tension and energy release. See ad, page 29.

BIO-TOUCH CENTER 5634 E Pima St, 85712 520-323-7951

Voted one of Tucson’s top alternative healing centers. Sessions offered on a donation basis. Classes held monthly. Massage therapists and nurses receive continuing education credits. See ad, page 28.


LMT for you, your horse, and dog 520-906-1808 Since 1999, Elissa’s mission has been to help people, horses, and dogs move and feel better. Available for out calls and specializing in Therapeutic Massage, Essential Oils, Raindrop Technique, Lymphatic Drainage, Lypossage, and Kinesio Tape. Call today and learn how to enhance your health! See ad, page 29.

INTUITIVE HANDS MOBILE MASSAGE Don May, LMT Location: House Calls, Office Calls 520-730-0656

Enjoy the deeply healing benefits of therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home or office. Relieve chronic pain, release stress, or recover from injuries with Don’s nurturing Integrative Bodywork (blending traditional massage modalities with Craniosacral and Reiki). Don is known for his “ground​ed​ness” (a deeply calm presence), which allows clients to enter a state of deep relaxation with ease. See ad, page 28.

NA Fun Fact: Natural Awakenings is published in 95 U.S. markets, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. To advertise with us, call 520-760-2378. 46


natural awakenings


Change Your Perception,

Therapeutic Intuitive Bodywork 520-906-8136 A skilled touch with a unique effective approach. With 25 years of experience, Jennifer utilizes eclectic modalities to balance the body and reduce stress, leaving you feeling energized and lighter. Will travel to your location. Three session “tune up” $150. Out calls available. See ad, page 28.


Tara Sullivan, LMT, Reiki Practitioner Sound Healing 3208 E Ft Lowell Rd, Ste 110, 85716 Tara Sullivan, LMT is a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner who combines sound healing with massage to enhance therapeutic effects. Sound-only sessions are also available to relieve stress, enhance cognition and balance the energy field. Other bodywork modalities include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal and Reiki. See ad, page 29.

NEW LEAF MASSAGE THERAPY Stephanie Dixon, LMT, CNMT 520-775-2367

Massage Therapy specializing in relief and treatment of pain and injuries. Stephanie has experience and training with a wide variety of massage therapy techniques. Also certified in neuromuscular therapy. A session at the New Leaf Studio is helpful for conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back and neck pain and more.


Dorothy Richmond, LMT Aquatic Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Watsu, Integrative Table Massage 520-622-4201 • 520-990-1857 Float ​in 96 degree warm saltwater while Dorothy gently massages, stretches,​and​moves you to free up body, mind, a​ nd spirit. Incorporating Craniosacral Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu and​Integrative Massage in each 80 minute session in water or on land. See ad, page 28.

Change Your Life CATERING EP SALSA & CATERING Event Planning, Catering Loretta Carlson 520-440-1540

Holiday time is stressful. Let us do the work for you. From two to 300 guests, we are a full-service catering company specializing in Mexican, Middle Eastern and American food. Loretta can help plan your event, from the flowers to the table. See ad, page 6.

Reach Beyond "The Secret" Author Freddie Zeringue introduces the textbook on

Dynamic Laws of Creation


AAA Accident & Injury Clinic 6700 N Oracle, #502, 85704 520​-797-4177 • Chiropractic care for accident victims, people suffering from headaches and/or bodily pain, and those concerned with general well-being. Utilization of the gentle and highly effective Atlas Orthogonal approach. Convenient office hours. Most insurances accepted. See ad, page 37.

DR. JOANNE HAUPERT, D.C. 4858 E. Broadway 520-584-0343

Do you want to trust and increase your body’s ability to heal and regenerate? Network Chiropractic is very gentle and helps increase your brain/body connection and empower you to make healthier choices. Great for Children, PTSD, Depression and Auto Immune diseases.

WINTERHAVEN HEALTH CENTER Dr. Nathan Conlee 3020 North Country Club Rd, 85716 520-322-6161

Dr. Conlee, Chiropractor Neurologist, diagnoses and treats such conditions as Dystonia, ADHD, Peripheral Neuropathy, vertigo, migraine headaches, balance disorders, numbness, tingling, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other conditions related to neurologic function. Also available: acupuncture, physiotherapy, kinesiotape, nutrition and allergy testing. See ad, page 36.

The Art of Flow

Available on or Freddie Zeringue is a gifted healer & coach trained in hypnotherapy and ontological design whoese work spans over 28 years in the field. He is a pioneer and philosopher in the field of transformation and the realm of human energy phenomenon. Zeringue’s clients span from nationally aclaimed actors and musicians to executives, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking enlightenment. 'The Art of Flow', literally saved my life. Thank you, I will be forever grateful. ~Jamie A., Jacksonville

Join other successful Individuals and Spiritual Seekers!

Personal Mentoring Program &

Business Mentoring Program December 2016



Randy Usem, LMT, Radix Practitioner Near Campbell & Grant 520-312-9563 Affordable alternative or addition to traditional therapy. Radix is a neo-Reichian, deep feeling, regressive process similar to bio-energetics and primal therapy. Exploring with breath, body awareness, centering and grounding to access anger, fear, grief, longing and restore love, trust, pleasure, fulfillment and aliveness. See ad, page 29.

COUNSELING CONCEPTS Jo Ruddy and Jody Hardy 3861 N First Ave 520-881-4237

Dr. Jo Ruddy, Metaphysical Life Coach and Clinical Master Hypnotherapist, along with Jodi Hardy, M.A., LPC and highly experienced psychotherapist, offer metaphysical approaches to healing and creating lasting change in your life. Located at WellnessFIRST! See ads, pages 3 and 11.


Bill White, M.A., Love Coach 520-319-9132


Denisse Cabrera, RN, CDE Certified Integrative Life Coach 520-979-4600 Coaching brings out your inner expert and the motivation, excitement, and desire to actually follow your best advice. Using coaching models and intuition you can have desired results in health, relationships, career, money, life. Let your magic outsmart self-sabotage. See ad, page 15.


Sheila Shea, M.A., has 38 years of experience and is board certified. Her institute offers colon hydrotherapy, detox protocols, and GAPS counseling. She specializes in abdominal massage, nutritional support and colonoscopy preparation. Heal your gut, heal your body. See ad, page 32.

VERY SPECIAL ALTERNATIVES Vonnie Schultz Albrecht, RN WellnessFirst! 3861 N First Ave, Rm 3, 85719 520-403-1686

FDA-approved system integrated with full, closed-gravity option; purified water; disposable speculums. Probiotic reflorastation. Affordable rates and packages. Ear coning also available. Flexible hours include weekends. See ad, page 3.

Quick and dramatic results are common. Bill is a master at navigating relationship challenges to restore love and play. Resolve anger, arguments, emotional distancing, broken trust, childhood influences. Free no-obligation consultation.



Jeanette Gibler, Entrepreneur Certified Awakening Excellence Coach 520-730-9277 • Tired of procrastinating on your un-limited potential? Using dynamic processes, tools and intuition, Jeanette has coached hundreds of heart-based individuals and entrepreneurs. Are you ready to release doubt, fear, or struggle and began creating radical success with joy & ease? See ad, page 14.




Don Gibbens 520-332-1485 • Facebook: GE Computing and Internet Services One of Don’s Taglines is, “Computer Sick? Call the Doctor.” He has been helping people keep their computers and technology working f​ or over 30 years​. ​As one of​ Don’s customers s​ aid, “​You don’t make me feel stupid”. House calls and via remote.​ See ad, page 27.

natural awakenings

CRYOTHERAPY EVOLVE PHYSICAL THERAPY 3461 E Speedway Blvd, 85716 520-425-0379

Evolve Physical Therapy provides natural healing therapies, including Whole Body Cryotherapy, Dry Needling, Ultrasound Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, and more to promote ultimate wellness, relieve pain and inflammation, recover from injury and promote wellbeing. Call now to schedule your service.


Founder and Owner, Wendy Annis 322 N Citadel Ave, 85748 520-647-6947 Helping Hands Elder Enrichment Services provides one-on-one memory connection activities to individuals with dementia. Our methods incorporate the arts and the five senses, along with pieces of each individual’s personal history. Caregiver training and support also offered.

DENTISTRY JEANNE ANNE KRIZMAN, DMD, MPH 1601 N Tucson Blvd, Ste 35 520-326-0082

A centrally located biologic, and integrative dental office with Tucson’s only International academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology accredited dentist. Specializing in general & cosmetic dentistry, mercury-free fillings, safe amalgam removal, implants, extractions, cavitation treatment, and ozone therapy. Call for appointment today. See ad, page 8.


Dr. Steven A. Swidler, DDS Dr. Kenneth C. Glass, DDS 4650 W Jojoba Dr, 85745 520-743-7101 • Medicine Wheel Dental is Tucson’s premier holistic integrative dental practice. Utilizing a balanced mix of traditional dentistry with exclusive naturopathic, holistic and alternative modalities, Medicine Wheel Dental provides the highest level of personalized dental care. “With awareness, we can make a choice.” See ad, back cover.


Energy Healing/EFT-ADV Barbara Brennan Graduate, School of Healing, EFT Practitioner, LMT 520-909-3455 • Experience positive results in one appointment. Phyllis is highly intuitive and gets directly to the root of your health, relationship and career issues. Pain, depression/anxiety, financial problems and sexual trauma resolution. Call now and get your confidence back.


Lisa Westrick, IARP, RMA Holy Fire Usui and Karuna Reiki Master 520-226-5953 ​​ Reiki is a gentle touch therapy that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Lisa also does charka therapy to restore and balance the body with crystals and singing bowls. When scheduling appointment, mention this ad and receive $10 off your first visit.


Are you ready to change your life? Johanna has 30 years of hypnosis and energy healing experience (and many more of life!). Through Past Life Regression learn the cause; through multi-faceted energy healing realign your energies to manifest your authentic self-actualized life. See ad, page 16.


Tesla Metamorphosis Pracititoner 3079 W. Avenida Cresta, 85745 520-305-5393 Tammy Rosen Wilbur, Simone Gers and Karen Olsen are certified to offer Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Light Body activations and soul communication. See ad, page 28.




35 East Toole Ave 520-305-0856

Unique Creations & Gifts 520-485-8871

Galactic Center is an intimate event venue, spiritual center, global visionary art gallery. This high vibe temple environment complete with the resonant cave chambers, is ideal for classes, workshops, lectures, DJ events, concerts & other public or private gatherings.

Custom gifts, unique creations, and fantastic oddities of all sizes made from locally reclaimed materials. Visit our website to learn more and place your order for the perfect one-of-a-kind item. Receive 10% off by mentioning Natural Awakenings. See ad, page 12.


The ultimate body/mind experience, Flotation Therapy is the answer for: chronic pain and anxiety, recuperation from injuries, deeper and more meaningful meditation. Unplug from the stresses in your life, and call for an appointment. Ask about our Heavenly Sandwich. Mention Natural Awakenings for special pricing.

FLOWER SHOP FLOWER SHOP ON 4TH AVE Norah and David Schultz 531 N 4th Ave, 85705 520-622-7673

Family-owned/ operated, full-service florist for local delivery or across globe. Walk-in for vintage gifts, one-of-a-kind succulent gardens, plants and hand-tied bouquets backed by a service that is friendly and prompt. Locally-sourced flowers and greens when possible. Special offer: free delivery, value of $10+​.


2130 N. Alvernon Way, 85712 520-332-2928 • Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson offers a scientifically proven two month long healing walk program that reduces anxiety, stress, and sadness and promotes joy and peacefulness. For details and start dates, visit Open daily 9:30am-4:30pm; October to June.


520-885-8970 - Tucson Metro 480-739-0234 - Phoenix Metro ROC # 305289 • Arizona’s eco-friendly manufacturer of recycled granite pavers, split stone tile veneer, subway tiles and fire pits. The locally crafted products add a unique, beautiful look to your home and business while keeping our planet’s mountains out of Arizona’s waste stream. See ad, page 6.


Modern Organic Hairdressing 204 W Grant Rd 520-331-9006 • Facebook: ProjekK In the courtyard of Placita de la Luna, enter ProjekK hair studio and notice the scents of pine, rosemary and sage. Stylist Kathie features U.K.-inspired cuts that need minimal styling. Hair color is ammonia-free and organic, providing beautiful, professional results.


520-591-7267 Healing Touch Tucson on Facebook Easy to learn, anyone can use Healing Touch on themselves, others and family. Adds balance to life, encourages mindfulness and can be used immediately for bumps, bruises, broken bones, cuts and more. Contact Barbara for information on upcoming trainings.

December 2016


HEALTHFOOD STORES DESERT WELLNESS NUTRITION 125 W Calle De Las Tiendas, 103A, Green Valley, 85614 520-625-3665 •

Desert Wellness is a local health food store dedicated to helping the community access high quality health/nutrition products. The store’s owner, Christina Roberts, is a nutritionist and certified holistic health coach, qualified to guide customers to healthier lifestyles.

HEALTH SCREENING PROACTIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS, LLC Lynda Witt ACCT Certified Thermographer 520-235-7036

Screening thermography has the opportunity to detect changes at any stage in the development of breast cancer, from the first year to when a tumor is dense enough to be seen with mammography. This early detection of change can lead to earlier diagnosis and better treatment options, as well as the opportunity for patients and their healthcare practitioners to intervene at an early stage with preventive treatment. See ad, page 3.

HEALTHY EATING CLAIRE’S CAFE & ART GALLERY 16140 N Oracle Rd, Catalina, 85739 520-825-2525 •

Claire’s Cafe & Art Gallery serves home-cooked breakfasts and lunches daily, 7am-3pm. Vegetarian, gluten-free and other dietary needs are easily accommodated. The gallery includes original artwork, jewelry, leather goods and greeting cards. See ad, page 18.

GOURMET GIRLS GLUTEN FREE BAKERY/BISTRO 5845 N Oracle Rd, 85704 520-408-9000 Tues-Sun 7am-3pm, Fri-Sat 5-8pm

Do you have celiac disease or suffer from gluten intolerance? Visit Tucson’s only completely gluten-free bakery/bistro where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or freshly baked treats in a relaxed and friendly environment, without worrying about cross contamination. Happy Hour coming soon! See ad, page 8.




711 E Blacklidge Dr, 85719 520-792-0630 • Enjoy resort-like atmosphere of waterfalls, peacocks, fountains and gardens while relishing international vegetarian cuisine emphasizing healthy organic produce. Dinner under $10. Join us for weekly Sunday Festival at 5:30pm with musical meditation, spiritual discourse and dinner at 7pm.


Vegetarian Restaurant 2990 N Campbell Ave, 85719 520-325-7766 • Lovin’ Spoonfuls offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in a gracious atmosphere, perfect for dining with friends, family and business associates. Awards and accolades include Tucson Lifestyle magazine’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant, Tucson Weekly’s Best of Tucson and VegNews’ Best Vegetarian Restaurant.


Robyn Landis/Bodyfueling Health Coaching/Training 520-314-0994 • Become a super-savvy, joyful expression of vibrant youthful healthy living. Get strong, lean, energetic. “Install” keystone habits and conscious choices. Know what to do, and love doing it! Personal coaching for deep inspiration and commonsense discernment—to cut through confusion and match your self-care to your purpose and potential. See ad, page 11.


Providing commercial and residential service for routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, and new installation of air conditioning systems and furnaces. Specializing in clean and proper installation of equipment, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Also offers Mini-splits. Family-owned and operated.

natural awakenings


Amy Kalama guides the release of stored emotions, cellular memory, trauma and energetic past with her unique blend of HeartLight healing, cellular cleansing and whole-person health/ACT coaching. Feel renewed and restored in health and wellness, body, mind, heart and soul.


David C. Rupley, Jr, MD(H) 700 N Country Club Rd, Ste 110, 85716 Coyote Healing Center is using a new instrument that generates pulsed electromagnetic fields. Tremendous results are reported, including relief from sciatic pain, improved energy, enhanced healing, increased range of motion and relief from depression. Sessions can be scheduled with or without consultation. See ad, page 34.


Karreen Martin BS, MTCM, LAc, LE, LNT Tarot Readings & Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) 1011 N Craycroft, 304 520-327-4649 Karreen provides vibrational tarot readings. Tarot opens the channels of understanding, healing and soul growth. SRT Therapy clears everything the soul has experienced relating to past life blocks, belief systems and programs collected in the subconscious mind and soul records.


520-331-2629 PurMaid LLC provides professional green cleaning services to Tucson homes and businesses. Locally owned and operated. Special offer: 3 labor hours of cleaning, just $57. See ad for details. See ad, page 33.


Dr. Carol Henricks, MD 7598 N La Cholla Blvd, 85741 520-229-1238 • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) saturates the body with oxygen, reducing inflammation and enhancing recovery from central nervous system injury including: traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, birth injury, autism, spinal cord injury, near drowning, anoxic brain injury and other conditions. See ad, page 23.


4866 E Broadway Blvd, 85711 ​520-​881-8000 ​S​ ​F​

Sandi Eghtesadi help​s​customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs -whether that’s auto, home, renters, business insurance and more.​​“The best compliment I can receive is the referral of your family, friends and colleagues.”​


A gifted clairvoyant, healer and teacher, Gunter offers private intuitive reading and massage therapy/bodywork sessions. He also holds workshops and seminars on Quantum Healing and development of intuition— everything that makes us more aware and feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


541-941-8432 Karen offers a variety of sessions including channeling with Josef, the Earthly Father of Christ, Path of the Sacred Masculine (based on her book and card deck) and Human Design, to understand who you uniquely are. By phone. Schedule today.


Iridology and Nutrition IIPA Certified 520-975-1133 • Dr. Ann was taught by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Father of American Iridology. A worldwide teacher of Iridology, she uses the latest in iris technology from Australia. See website for online self-paced Iridlogy course. 10% off initial Iridology reading.practice areas, see


6340 N Campbell Ave, Ste 100, 85718 520-789-7234 As your local Farmers agent, Don helps customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs. This process is straightforward and personalized to help make you smarter about insurance. Don can help provide options for life, auto, home, business insurance and more.


Reiki Master 2118 S Avenida Planeta 520-314-7558 • Book online at Mobile Service Available Physical pain and stiffness produces stress in our bodies. Reducing stress helps to heal our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Relieve pain, relax your mind with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial massage combined with reiki. Introductory massage just $45. See ad, page 29.


Tucson’s cleanest, friendliest Rock Shop is open to the public year round. Minerals, Crystals, Metaphysical Stones, Cabochons, Cutting, Polishing, Jewelry Design & Repair. We love sharing our rocks with you. Come in and see our brand new location!


Patricia Kirkman 445 S Alvernon Way at Doubletree by Hilton 520-403-4270 Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair is Tucson’s Premier Metaphysical Community of independent psychics, healers, artists and crafts people. Everyone interested in metaphysical events is welcome, always with free admission. Event dates are listed online at


Stephanie Sikes, Founder, MA, MC, BCC 520-909-8989​ With proper diaphragmatic vocal (breath) placement and simple ear training practice, a novice singer can become quite proficient. ​Lessons are 90 minutes of fun ​and​ amazing training, rhythm a​ nd​ song. ​ W​ith ​a solid foundation, you can choose to sing any genre of music​.

NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE DR. DEEANN SABER, NMD WellnessFIRST! 3861 N First Ave, 85719 520-209-1755

Dr. Saber is a primary care naturopathic physician who specializes in endocrinology and functional medicine. Using science-based information as well as your personal symptoms, we will together find the best way to optimal health. See ad, page 3.

WHOLISTIC FAMILY MEDICINE Dr. Lance Morris 1601 N Tucson Blvd, Ste 37, 85716 520-322-8122

Dr. Morris treats all conditions, pediatric through geriatric, emphasizing ‘”nature cure” to heal mind, body and spirit. Developer of Resonant Sound Therapy. See website for more information.

December 2016


PERMANENT MAKE UP A LASTING TOUCH SALON Yvette Dwornik 5350 E Broadway Blvd, Ste 162 520-869-5593

Artist Yvette Dwornik offers beautiful, natural looking permanent makeup. 20 years of experience. Eyebrow, eyeliner and full lip color procedures. Virtually painless, hand method technique to ensure your comfort. Physician recommended. Call to schedule a free consultation See ad, page 26.


Love Yourself Sacred meetings begin in January on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at Unity of Tucson 3617 Camino Blanco, 85718. Topics include seeing the sacred within, claiming your power, recognizing and releasing toxic relationships and more. See ad, page 10.


Denisse Cabrera, RN, CDE Certified Integrative Life Coach 520-979-4600 Coaching brings out your inner expert and the motivation, excitement, and desire to actually follow your best advice. Using coaching models and intuition you can have desired results in health, relationships, career, money, life. Let your magic outsmart self-sabotage. See ad, page 15.





Nancy McDonald Certified Canine Massage Therapist 520-591-2950 • Is your pet recovering from injury or illness, or just getting on in years? Animal Ally can help. Using massage, Reiki, aromatherapy and communication, Nancy guides and assists you and your pet in achieving optimum health, naturally. $20 off first appointment. Call to schedule a session today. See ad, page 26.


3750 E 22nd St, 85713 520-901-0053 Trust all your plumbing needs (large or small) to “Luigi” at locally-owned and operated ResCom Plumbing Co. Personalized service is reliable and professional. Luigi is a 30 year veteran in residential and commercial plumbing, including water softener and purification installation. Member, SW Gas Referral Program.

REED’S COMPOUNDING PHARMACY 2729 E Speedway Blvd, 85716 520-318-4421 •

Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy specializes in custom compounded prescriptions for the special needs of patients and pets. They compound creams, suspensions, capsules, suppositories, troches and more. Pharmacists are available to make recommendations based on your needs and to consult with your provider.


ZY Qigong Teacher/Practitioner Desert Milagros 3438 N Country Club 520-404-8745 - Home ZY Qigong is a simple life science. Learn to practice an ancient qigong system to quiet the mind and relax the body while filling your heart with Love and lift your spiritual being to a higher level, Gift cards available for great gifts.


Eric H. Smith, Photographer/Owner 520-977-6733 Artistic Images Studio presents empowering glamorous photography for those who desire a treat in the Tucson, Southern Arizona, and Phoenix area by securing a clients’ most cherished, joyous, events, and significant moments in digital images. “Our focus is your inner beauty”! Glamour/Boudair session is normally $250 available at $173 plus Digital Portrait Special, $99. See ad, page 26.


Where all-natural health care meets all-natural beauty solutions. Specializing in all-natural weight loss, anti-aging treatments, skin care and pain management. Unique equipment and treatments set us apart from everyone else. Look younger and be healthier naturally. See ad, page 25.


Dale Bruder 2614 N Balboa Ave 520-331-1956 • Two hour contemplative consultations of the I Ching Oracle every quarter moon 11am-6pm. See some ways, choose a path and embark on a guided journey. Good for ‘what’ and ‘how’ inquiries in the idea, design, and make phases of an action. Best for artists, entrepreneurs, professionals and the self-directed. More at See ads, pages 16 and 21.



natural awakenings



Daka Ray Certified Tantra Yoga Educator / Healer 520-975-3961 • Do you want to be truly happy in this life? Then learn to embrace your whole self. Relationship Empowerment, Self Empowerment, Self Love, Sexual Healing. Remove the blocks from living an ecstatic life fully expressed, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually.


Gina “Gigi” Gianforti, Owner 300 E University Blvd, Ste 144, 85705 520-390-0081 • Gigi is excited in helping you to feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! Specializing in Dermaplaning, also provides facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures & public workshops. Grand Opening Specials applicable.


Karreen Martin BS, MTCM, LAc, LE, LNT Acupuncture ~ Aesthetics ~ Permanent Cosmetics 1011 N Craycroft, Ste 304 520-327-4649 Karreen provides customized holistic skin care therapies based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Individualized treatment plans specifically designed to meet your constitutional needs. Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (Mei Zen & Wakefield), full body waxing, Permanent Cosmetics and micro blading.


Suzanne Pear, RN, PhD, LE COE 520-400-8109 • Doctor Suzie, a Registered Nurse and Licensed Aesthetician, is certified in Oncology Esthetics and specializes in providing customized skin care treatments for all skin types and skin issues. She especially delights in educating clients about their skin and helping them identify affordable and manageable solutions for their concerns. Make an appointment and let Dr. Pear start you on the path to revealing your own kind of beautiful! See ad, page 23.


Dr. Arianna Scholes-Douglas Barbara Cooper ARNP, CNM 2404 E River Rd, Ste 251, 85718 520-577-1129 • Tula means Balance. Integrative Gynecology, well- woman exams, help with perimen-opausal and menopausal concerns, PMS and hormone balancing. health and nutrition coaching. Digestive issues and medical weight loss. Complete medspa services including botox and fillers, aesthetics. CoolSculpting, ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation. See ad, page 12.


Michelle Arbore Michelle will help plan and manage your social media giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business and to spend with the people you love. She will take you through each step with ease and simplification to help you understand social media. See ad, page 17.


Danielle Dvorak 847-323-9188 Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gantas (Bells), Tingshas and more are utilized by Danielle in the Tibetan Sacred Sound modality. She is certified through and combines other modalities, as is appropriate for each individual. Relax, release stress, improve health and realize your own gifts. See ad, page 18.

WHOLISTIC FAMILY MEDICINE Dr. Lance Morris 1601 N Tucson Blvd, Ste 37, 85716 520-322-8122


520-444-7525 Personal healing sessions to help you release energy blockages and step into your mastery. Universal White Time Healing, Pleiadian Lightwave Technology, Phi Vogel Crystals & Sound Harmonics. Author of the new book, Love Yourself Sacred. One hour sessions - $150. See ad, page 10.


Rev. Donald GravesRev Janis Farmer Sunday Service: 3231 N Craycroft Rd, 85712 520-319-1042 • ”..a spiritual alternative. We offer spiritual solutions to everyday challenges. Celebration Service 10:30am, Meditation 10am. We look forward to seeing you soon. See ad, page 17.


Meeting at the Unscrewed Theater 3244 E Speedway, 85716 Metaphysical and spiritual gathering of Lightworkers for healing, enlightenment, and growth. Friday Healing Circle at noon; Sunday Service at 11am.


520-751-2039, x100 Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters stand ready to assist you. In their Radiance, you will learn how to release the Light from your Individualized I AM Presence. Find Divine solutions to every challenge. Free broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Dr. Morris treats all conditions, pediatric through geriatric, emphasizing ‘”nature cure” to heal mind, body and spirit. Developer of Resonant Sound Therapy. See website for more information.

December 2016



Sunday Gatherings 4pm 3202 E 1st St 520-318-3557

A public gathering for contemplative teaching and practice from both a secular and interfaith perspective, the mission of Sacred Space is to cultivate compassion that leads to social justice. Speakers and live musicians vary weekly. No charge.

THE TEMPLE OF UNIVERSALITY Rev. Betty Tatalajski New Masonic Temple, 3590 N Country Club Rd, 85716 520-884-5340

Worship, healing, prophesy. Celebrating the unity of God and man. 11am Sunday service. Free metaphysical development classes in areas of White Eagle World Healing Meditation, Alice Bailey books, Spiritual/ Metaphysical Law and Kaballah.

TUCSON IANDS EXPERIENCE Sharing (TIES) Chuck Swedrock 520-395-2365

Information on and sharing of NDEs and other transformative experiences. Open to public; everyone has experiences worth sharing. Guest speaker series on 2nd Thursday (Oct – May); small groups on 3rd Thursday each month, 6:30pm at Unity Church of Tucson.

UNITED FELLOWSHIP CHAPEL Rev. Dorothea Nobile 4718 E. Hawthorne St, 85711 520-327-0142

Sunday Service at 2 p.m. Open Monday, WednesdaySunday, closed Tuesday. Igniting knowledge within to know yourself, heal and change your life. Weekly classes in Metaphysical Principles, Self-Realization/Psychic Development, Friday Meditation & Messages and a Seminary leading to Ordination. See ad, page 35.




Rev. Larry and Mary Ellen Swartz 3617 N Camino Blanco, 85718 520-577-3300


Kangen Water Distributor 2450 E Speedway Blvd, Ste 7, 85715 520-977-6733​​ ​Affiliated with Unity School of Christianity and now in’s-Awakening-Journey our 60th​​Year serving the Tucson community. Sunday services at 10 am.​See ad, page 19.

UNITY SPIRITUAL CENTER OF PEACE 1551 S Eastside Loop, #121, 85710 520-546-3696

Explore your spirituality in a warm and loving community of caring friends. Learn practical tools that really work to improve your life and the world around you. Sunday service, 10:30am. Prayer services Sunday at 8:50am and Wednesdays at 9:45am. See ad, page 15.


1940 E Silverlake, Ste 405, 85713 520-623-5174 Selling and recycling gently-used goods enabled us to keep over 25 million pounds out of the landfill last year while fueling our operation of five youth programs, five adult programs, and over 500 full-time jobs. See ad, page 37.


Senior Trainer, T’ai Chi, Qigong, Tao Yoga 520-780-6751 More than 25 years of experience. Practical solutions for relaxation, rejuvenation, harmony, balance. Inspiring healthy community by empowering people to improve wellness. Collaborative programs to serve your group’s needs. Skills workshops, instructor training, professional CEs, classes at various locations, private lessons.

natural awakenings

Eric is excited to help you create a healthier and more beautiful you with Kangen alkaline water by Enagic Corporation. The goal is to take one’s physiology from an acidic base and to more alkaline in nature boost​ing​the immune system and creating​greater wellness.


Dr. Arianna Scholes-Douglas, Barbara Cooper ARNP, CNM 2404 East River Rd, Suite 251, 85718 520-577-1129 • Tula means Balance. Integrative Gynecology, well- woman exams, help with perimen-opausal and menopausal concerns, PMS and hormone balancing. health and nutrition coaching. Digestive issues and medical weight loss. Complete medspa services including botox and fillers, aesthetics. CoolSculpting, ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation. See ad, page 12.


Stephanie Parker and Eve Hady 3496 N Paseo de San Agustin, 85712 520-955-2468 or 520-444-9189 Eve Hady and Stephanie Parker are The Accurate Wordsmith. We empower your success by providing confidentiality, accuracy, excellent customer service and fair pricing in audio transcription, proofreading, and editing, including Doctoral dissertations and Master’s theses. Your success is our success.


1101 N Wilmot #123 (next to Trader Joe’s) 520-300-4378 I​ MindfulY​oga​T​ Mindful Yoga Studio offers two locations in Tucson for self-awareness, self-reflection and self-compassion. The studio offers: yin, restorative, yoga for people touched by cancer, back care, flow, gentle, hatha all levels.

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December 2016


He’s my dentist… need I say more?

Andrew Weil, MD

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Lives Experience extraordinary Bodywork on Dr. Swidler’s patented “Percussion Table”

An Integrative, Caring and Biologic Dental Approach to Wellness • Conscientious General, Biologic, and Cosmetic Dentistry • Mercury-free dentistry with safe protocols to remove silver/mercury fillings • Natural Treatment to avoid root canals (exclusive to our office) • TMJ Body/Jaw Alignment Program – To determine the optimal bite position for balanced posture and function (exclusive to our office) • Biocompatible materials and testing and NO fluoride used • New, noninvasive laser periodontal/gum treatment

A warm welcome awaits at Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness. Our team of professionals will guide you in choosing from an array of alternative/integrative treatments along with traditional dental approaches. With an emphasis on the connection between oral health and overall wellness, Medicine Wheel strives to help you achieve the highest level of health and well being. Call today for a comprehensive exam/consultation.

Dr. Ken Glass & Dr. Steve Swidler

Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center Holistic Dentistry • High Level Wellness • Education

520 743-7101 56

Tucson natural awakenings 4650 W JOJObA DrivE, TucsOn,

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December 2016 Natural Awakenings Tucson  
December 2016 Natural Awakenings Tucson