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Combat Menopause Belly the Healthy Way

By Erika Dworkin, BCHN®

Unexplained, Unexplored? Or Flat-Out Ignored?

By Dr. Nicole Kerr, ND, LAc


The Autism Mom Coach, a 1:1 Coaching Program for Parents Mindful Transformations LLC— Real Therapists for Real People

The Bloom Center, a Holistic Wellness Center and Artisan Boutique

The Alexander Technique at ART of Releasing in Ashford

Angela G Ballard is Granby’s Own Personal Wellness Guide Improve Your Health and Your Sex Drive with FemiWave!

WHY Power Yoga Teacher Training: You’re Extraordinary. Pass It On. 10 CT’S TOP NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS 42


Health 14 Break the Cycle of Stress Eating

By Jane Grant, RDN, CD-N

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss with Hypnosis

By Kristina Mozzicato, CH, LMT, BCTMB

Enhancing Access to Fertility with Naturopathic Medicine

By Dr. Nicole Aviles, ND

Can We Really Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

By Charleen K. Miele, LPC

Neurofeedback or Psychotherapy? How to Decide Which Treatment Is Right for You

By Jake Williams, MA, LPC

Peptide Therapy to Reduce Pain and Accelerate Healing

By Dr. Roshni N. Patel, MD

Bashert: Meant to Be

By Sharon Sklar, BFA, LMT, CAR

Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

By Chelsie Kirk

New Year’s Transformation for Your New Year’s Resolution

By Samantha Alzate, LCSW

Are You Ready to Heal?

By Angela Ballard, BSN

A Spiritual Winter

By Lauri Ingram

Bad Hair Day on Planet Earth

By West Hartford Yoga

Autism Parenting: How Am I Going to Do This?

By Lisa Candera, CLC

Departments 4 LETTER
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CONTENTS 28 January/February 2023

Hey, I’m Dr. Diane!

Ilove to start a new year by taking some time to acknowledge everything I accomplished in the past year and celebrate my “wins”! I spend the last week of December and first week of January to thoughtfully examine where I am in my life currently and more importantly, am I still passionate about it. This year I’m excited about 3 major accomplishments: 1) We produced our best 10BEST issue ever in terms of new advertisers and revenue; 2) I started a new networking/manifestation group with a bunch of really amazing women who meet monthly to support each other in our businesses; and 3) I got up on my wakeboard with my non-dominant leg forward for the first time ever! It’s the little things!

“Far too many people go through life without making any effort to truly live passionately... to get that fire in their soul for enjoying life and living it to the fullest.”

—Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD

Here are some of the questions I ask myself during my year review, and I hope that you will take some time to as well: What if I only had one year to live? What would I do? What places would I visit? Who would I spend my time with? How many of you have contemplated these questions? In our crazy, busy, jam-packed lives many of us are just going through the motions. Far too many people go through life without making any effort to truly live passionately…to get that fire in their soul for enjoying life and living it to the fullest. The worst tragedy in the world is the person who has lost his passion. How do you get your passion back? Spend a weekend, a month, a year identifying what you love and do it.

a love

I hope that this issue inspires you to chase your dream.

After the last few years, I’ve realized – or I should say I’ve

After the last few years, I’ve realized – or I should say I’ve been reminded - that life is short. Don’t let fear stop you. Was I afraid to do some of the things I needed to do to accomplish what I listed above – Heck Yeah! But I stopped listening to those voices and I focused on one thing – the end result. You’ll be afraid – do it anyway. You’ll say you don’t have time – stop watching TV or scrolling social media. You’ll worry about the money –you’d spend it on something else, trust me. The years will go by whether you chase your dream or you don’t. And at the end, do you really want to be asking yourself, “What if?”

Wishing you health and happiness, Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD Publisher & Owner, ELM Publishing


Our mission is to provide valuable insight, information, and resources that will allow our readers to maintain a healthy, active, sustainable lifestyle. Natural Nutmeg contains timely information on natural health, complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lori Emelander




Frank Aieta, ND Adam Breiner, ND Mark Breiner, DDS Deanna M. Cherrone, MD Erika Dworkin, Dip. C.N. Steven R. Frank


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The Best in Lymphatic Massage Technology 290 West Main Street, Avon, CT 860.255.7771 • Lymphatic drainage can help: • Reduce Muscle Soreness • Flush Out Swelling • Minimize Cellulite • Eliminate Toxins 203.435.5650 @lauriim @revlauriingram TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE START WITH YOU... Companionship & Direction on Your Life Path • For women in career or relationship transition • For women seeking a greater purpose in life Lauri Ingram The Corporate Women's Spiritual Advisor 40 years experience in corporate IT LAURIINGRAM.COM < PAGE 36 “A Spiritual Winter” BY LAURI INGRAM < PAGE 6 “The Bloom Center” BY JAMES W. OSBORNE, MS, LPC

The Autism Mom Coach a 1:1 Coaching Program for Parents

The Autism Mom Coach is a 1:1 coaching program founded by Lisa Candera, a certified life coach, podcaster, lawyer, and, most importantly, full-time single mother to a teenager with autism. Lisa created her coaching program based on the deep belief that parents raising children with autism have more power than they think.

Autism is part of your life, but it does not get to control it—you do. Lisa wants to teach you how you can show up in your life as the parent you want to be, even when parenthood looks nothing like you had imagined.

In her 1:1 coaching program, Lisa teaches her clients how to manage their minds, regulate their emotions, and self-soothe their nervous systems using cognitive behavioral tools, a polyvagal-informed approach, and her real-life, in-the-trenches experiences as a parent raising a teenager with autism.

Through Lisa’s program, clients learn how to:


• Trying to control autism

• Walking on eggshells

• Melting down alongside their child

• Resisting and judging their own emotions

• Living in fear of their child’s future


• Questioning their limiting beliefs

• Processing their grief and fear

• Understanding their triggers

• Regulating their emotions

• Living in the present moment

Lisa also hosts a podcast, The Autism Mom Coach, where she shares practical, actionable tips to support parents raising a child with autism.

Lisa is currently accepting applications for 1:1 clients. You can schedule a free consultation on her website. Visit to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Mindful Transformations LLC— Real Therapists for Real People

Webelieve you are a human being, not a human doing. We are a team of mindfully aware, always evolving therapists that show up authentically as our complete selves. We believe in working with the whole person and helping you dismantle the beliefs of the past that no longer serve you. If you notice you’re not feeling your optimal self, that awareness is the first step to getting you back on your path. Our approach is empowering that allows people to come as they are. Many people today are stressed, overwhelmed, and trapped in the fast-paced lifestyle that puts our nervous system out of balance. We use mindfulness to enhance your well-being and teach you the tools to find balance, which you can take wherever you are. We don’t just do traditional therapy, we offer monthly meditations, workshops, and Reiki to provide a variety of modalities to meet your needs.

You are the expert on your life experience, and we, as therapists, are guides to help you get there. If you’re ready to step into your next level of living, reach out today!

Contact • 860.308.2807 See ad on page 11 >

The Bloom Center, a Holistic Wellness Center and Artisan Boutique

The Bloom Center is located in a quaint area of Farmington, CT, housed within the historic Canal House on Garden Street. With the banks of the Farmington River in its backyard, those who enter the space of The Bloom Center experience flowing, grounding energy emanating throughout creating a safe, cozy environment to begin, or continue, a self-care and self-aware Journey to Bloom.

Those who are searching for the “more,” are on the path of developing the best versions of themselves, and are ready to level up spiritually, will relish in joining like-minded individuals on the same Journey at The Bloom Center. TBC is portal-hosting diverse practitioners presenting their healing modalities via one-to-one personal appointments in our comforting Blossom & Meadow Rooms, or by attending a Bloom Workshop, Class or Seminar gathered together in our intimate River Room.

Our Holistic Services and Continued Learning classes include, but are not limited to, “Take Control of Your Life” Coaching, Energy Analysis & Balance, Mediumship & Oracle Readings, Reiki Healing, Past-Life Regression, Reiki Certification, All Levels, Life Path Analysis Coaching, and Soul-Channeled Journaling.

TBC is also the place to visit the Bloom Boutique—our little retail piece of heaven where we procure local one-of-a-kind, artisan-made items and other holistic treats complementing a Journey to Bloom!

All of this goodness in an intimate space is waiting for YOU! Begin your Journey to Bloom and contact us to schedule a complimentary Tea Chat with Kathy or Christine today! Looking forward to seeing you, Happy New Year and New You, and Always Stay Bloomin’! Call 860.997.7196 or email bloom23productions@ See ad on page 5 >


The Alexander Technique at ART of Releasing in Ashford

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a holistic and educational method that primarily addresses postural tone, breathing, and movement coordination. AT is also known as a cognitive embodiment approach, as it helps you to identify and eliminate harmful habits in how you use “yourself” (your body–mind). AT can help to improve posture, eliminate or reduce pain, and develop greater awareness and energetic efficiency in everyday activities and interactions. When freed from fixed habits and patterns, there is coinciding freedom from the physical, mental, and emotional reactions to stimuli.

Nearly everyone has habitual patterns of tension. Some of them are consciously learned while others are unconscious. As awareness is developed the unconscious is revealed and unhelpful patterns can be unlearned. This enables the possibility of new choices in posture, movement, breathing, and reaction. After the basic AT principles are integrated you will have the tools, skills, and embodied knowledge to help yourself without being reliant on a practitioner and you will become your own best teacher.

AT has attracted many artists, musicians, athletes, dancers, and actors looking to help improve performance and posture. It is also beneficial to anyone who struggles with speaking or breathing issues, sitting at a desk and working at a computer for long hours, and for anyone in pain. Sessions are available in person, online, or using a hybrid of both in-person and online training.

Kristin Mozeiko, DMA, founder of ART of Releasing, is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique (AT) teacher and a 2008 graduate of Alexander Technique in NYC. Dr. Mozeiko merged her skills as an educator, musician, conductor, author, and AT specialist and served as a faculty member at Queens College where she taught and performed for 14 years. She currently teaches AT and Releasing in NYC and CT. A er leaving her academic post she moved to Ashford, CT, where, in December 2022, she opened her new lakefront studio. She is currently welcoming new clients. Visit www. to learn more.

Our physicians are trained to provide the best in natural family medicine to men, women, and children. We see patients with minor ailments, severe illnesses, and everything in between. Whole Health Natural Family Medicine 2838 Old Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT NICOLE AVILES, ND 203-288-8283 • LEARN MORE AT WHOLEHEALTHCT.COM < PAGE 20 “Enhancing Access to Fertility with Naturopathic Medicine” BY NICOLE AVILES, ND < PAGE 32 “Neurofeedback or Psychotherapy? How to Decide...” BY JAKE WILLIAMS Angela G Ballard LLC Wellness Guide and Wellness Lounge 860-856-8567 2 Park Place Granby CT 06035 < PAGE 27 “Are You Ready to Heal?” BY ANGELA BALLARD

Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

Angela G Ballard is Granby’s Own Personal Wellness Guide

Angela G Ballard LLC provides services from a beautiful, lounge-style office in the center of Granby, CT. Clients are welcome to book single sessions or purchase a monthly membership.

Services include:

• Bio-resonance sessions on AmpCoil

• Ionic Detox sessions in the IonCleanse foot bath

• Red Light Therapy by Lightpath LED

• Food and lifestyle coaching inspired by the teachings of Anthony William, the “Medical Medium” (available in-person or remotely)

• In-home consultation for home detox, kitchen workflow, and meal prep strategy

Looking to relax and reset? Book a session on AmpCoil! Kick back in a zero-gravity chair and get snug with a mug of tea and a warm blanket to make this the ultimate experience. Clients report feeling calm and relaxed, with improved sleep and reduced pain after just one session.

Struggling with Lyme? CFS? Other chronic illness? Monthly members have access to AmpCoil, IonCleanse, and Red Light Therapy, up to 1.5 hours per day, up to 3 days per week. Each of these foundations for healing works best when used at least 3 times per week. Membership makes it affordable to obtain these services, and clients are more likely to stay committed and see results! If you are someone who has tried everything and just can’t reach your healing goal, I’m here for you.

Angela’s 25-year background in nursing, 46 years living with chronic illnesses, and a 6-year journey back to health, make her a natural Wellness Guide. While every individual is unique, her services lay a foundation for healing to occur, and this applies broadly. Work with Angela remotely or visit her wellness lounge at 2 Park Place in the center of Granby, CT. For more information or to schedule, call 860.856.8567 or visit https://www. See ad on page 7 >

Use your
natural healing ability to repair
non-surgically. •
Center of Excellence in Pain & Regenerative Medicine 55 South Road, Ste 120, Farmington, CT 860-397-6179 • Call 860-397-6179 NOW for a Consultation with Dr. Patel Dr. Patel's quadruple board certifications enable her to provide her patients with the best regenerative results possible. She uses precise image guidance, advanced processing techniques, and research to deliver unmatched regenerative results. TRAINED AT
of World-Leading, Safe, Evidence-Based Regenerative Medicine < PAGE 34 “Peptide Therapy to Reduce Pain and Accelerate Healing” BY R. ROSHNI N. PATEL, MD
bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons,
Osteoarthritis & Joint Pain
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Shoulder Pain and Instability
Hamstring and Hip Strains
Knee Sprains and Instability
Ankle Sprains
Achilles Tendinosis & Plantar Fasciitis
Neck, Mid-Back & Lower Back Pain
Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, and Tears

WHY Power Yoga Teacher Training: You’re Extraordinary. Pass It On. Improve Your Health and Your Sex Drive with FemiWave!

Women, this is a must-read! You do not want to miss this article!

Men, you want to read this too! Men have been receiving ESWT (Shock-Wave Therapy) in CT for at least 5 years now. Men in CT have been improving stamina and overall sexual wellness. It is now time for your special lady.

Menopause: The natural stage when a woman has not had her menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. With menopause, the body stops releasing eggs and reduces estrogen production. Low levels can have a significant impact on your sex drive.

The significant body transformation is often forgotten among all the joys of motherhood. During post-partum, it’s common for your estrogen levels to dip, stretch marks to appear, and belly fat to increase.

There are now options for new mothers. Imagine experiencing the joys of motherhood while restoring your intimate health. With FemiWave, you can reduce the lasting effects on your sexual health post-childbirth.

The good news, there is now a clinically proven and non-invasive procedure, ESWT (usually used for pain and scar tissue damage). The device can be used to increase blood flow to the vagina, resulting in increased sensitivity, helps with urinary incontinence, and heightens sex drive by increasing natural lubrication.

The in-office procedure takes about 15 minutes. Within 24 hours, you can experience the benefits of the process!

• SALE: We have a special 2023 promotion!

• SAVE $200! Now thru December 2023. You just have to mention Natural Nutmeg magazine.!

Each package includes naturopathic counseling, acupuncture/ESWT pressure points with each acoustic wave treatment, and two colon hydrotherapy sessions at no additional cost. We know your best health is achieved when combining modalities and addressing the root cause—no “band-aid” solutions at VPGWaves. Learn more at and Free consultations are always available! Call us now to schedule your appt at 860.800.6775.

Life’s demands can make it challenging to carve out 90 minutes a day for a yoga class, never mind a 200-hour teacher training program. But what if that program could strengthen your body, calm your mind, boost your confidence, and improve your overall health?

West Hartford Yoga (WHY) has been offering power yoga teacher training led by Barbara Ruzansky since 2008, and we’re excited for a new session beginning in January 2023!

If you love yoga, you will love this training. If you want to share that passion or simply want to immerse yourself in a community of like-minded individuals, the WHY 200-hour Power Yoga teacher training is for you.

•Deepen Your Practice. No matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, our teacher training program can help you increase body awareness, flexibility, and strength. As you study poses and learn about alignment, modifications, and proper breathing, you will practice more frequently, grow stronger, and explore new, challenging postures. WHY Power Yoga is a thoughtful and precise style of yoga created by Barbara, integrating her 35 years of experience with such modalities as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Forrest Yoga®, Kripalu, and Bikram Yoga. It challenges body and mind, builds core power, promotes a cleansing sweat, and offers the opportunity for deep healing and release.

•Self-Discovery. A well-crafted teacher training program can bring you closer to understanding yourself while learning how to be present both on and off the mat. As you work through physical and mental challenges, you will learn how to help others through theirs. You may also discover how to better care for yourself through nutritional awareness, a healthier inner conversation, and developing intuition, empathy, and compassion.

•Leadership Skills. WHY’s Power Yoga teacher training program can help you break free from inhibitions and discover your authentic voice. As a result, you may leave the program with increased confidence, the ability to speak clearly and gracefully in front of a group, and the presence to remain calm during moments of physical and mental stress. The training not only guides you into becoming an effective yoga teacher but also gives you skills you can take back to your daily job.

•Support and Friendship. Be a part of the amazing yoga family that develops during the training. Together, you will learn to break down barriers, give and receive support, and accept each other for who you are, creating a powerful bond that can last years, if not a lifetime.

Additionally, West Hartford Yoga offers the only qualified yoga teacher training program in CT recognized by the VA. Eligible veterans and their dependents can use their Post-911 GI Bill benefits to cover tuition and fees.

Whether or not you decide to become a teacher, the WHY Power Yoga teacher training will leave you with the tools you need to continue your healthy, holistic journey and enough friendship and support to last a lifetime.

The WHY 200-hour Power Yoga teacher training begins January 27, 2023. This training is Yoga Alliance certified.

For more information, visit Article submitted by West Hartford Yoga ( See ad on page 11 >

See ad on page 33 >

CT’s Top Naturopathic Physicians

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through the use of natural therapies. While the roots of naturopathic medicine date back to the 1890s, naturopathic medicine has witnessed a rapid increase in public interest in recent years as a result of the growing consumer movement to solve the health care puzzle using prevention, wellness, and respect for nature’s inherent healing ability.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are primary care physicians who blend centuries-old knowledge and a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer with current research on health and human systems. They have attended a four-year naturopathic medical school, are clinically trained, and work in all aspects of family health—from pediatric to geriatric care. In Connecticut, NDs are licensed to practice.

Naturopathic diagnosis focuses on identifying the underlying causes of disease while naturopathic therapies are supported by research drawn from peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines, including naturopathic medicine, conventional medicine, European complementary medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, psycholog,y and spirituality.

Dr. Frank Aieta, ND

West Hartford, CT • 860.232.9662

Dr. Aieta is a board certified and licensed naturopathic physician and has been in private practice for close to two decades. He specializes in clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and natural hormone balancing. He also authored the extremely popular eBook, Is Cholesterol the Real Villian?


Nicole Aviles, ND

Whole Health Natural Family Medicine

Hamden, CT • 203.288.8283

Dr. Aviles is a naturopathic doctor at Whole Health Natural Family Medicine in Hamden, CT, where she specializes in women’s health and pediatrics. She has a special interest in the management of gynecologic, hormonal/endocrine, and mental health conditions, acute and chronic pediatric care, as well as chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Dr. Adam Breiner, ND

Fairfield, CT • 203.371.8258 Ext. 2

Dr. Adam Breiner, ND, practices energy medicine and traditional naturopathic medicine and offers cutting-edge treatments for healing the injured brain. His innovative approaches to Lyme disease have helped patients throughout New England recover from this challenging disease. Conditions treated include Lyme disease, immune disorders, allergies, pain, neurologic conditions, stroke, concussion, ADD/ ADHD, depression, sleep disorders.

Dr. Robert Brody

Personalized Natural Medicine

Newtown, CT • 203.270.0070 •

The first board-certified naturopathic gastroenterologist in Connecticut, Dr. Brody is a doctor at the forefront of modern medicine who uses detailed research, sciencebacked evidence, and thorough lab testing to help his patients find a higher quality of life.

Dr. Nicole Klughers, ND, PharmD, MSAc

Vis Wellness Center

Rocky Hill, CT, and Virtual • 234.222.8362

Dr. Nicole Klughers offers allnatural solutions to restore optimal health and help individuals reclaim a life of energy, balance, and joy. Formerly a pharmacist, Dr. Nicole serves as your “health detective” by listening attentively and utilizing detailed testing to identify and address the root cause of any health concern.

Dr. Nicole Kerr, ND, LAc

Fertility Oasis

Wallingford, CT • 203.265.0459

Dr. Kerr is passionate about finding the reason behind your fertility struggle. She loves teaching patients how to live a fertility friendly lifestyle, and supporting them with natural remedies. Male and female infertility factors are addressed by Dr. Kerr to offer comprehensive fertility care to her patients.

Dr. Myriah Hinchey, ND

Tao Center for Vitality, Longevity, & Optimal Health

Hebron, CT • 860.228.1287•

Dr. Myriah Hinchey opened Tao Center in 2010 as a multidisciplinary wellness center, offering yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, health coaching, nutrition, psychopathic therapy, massage, and more. Due to Dr. Hinchey’s research and success in understanding Lyme disease and its co-infections, she has become one of the foremost experts in treating and healing Lyme disease.

Dr. Jennifer Pierre ND, MPH

JenteelNature Health

Virtual/Telemedicine • 203.806.5152

Dr. Jennifer Pierre is a naturopathic physician, public health professional, author and speaker with nearly 20 years of healthcare experience. She is the Founder of JenteelNature Health and her specialty is women’s health, utilizing integrative approaches to treat thyroid disease, fibroids, hormonal imbalances, and infertility. Book an appointment at

Dr. Diana Zitserman, ND

Telehealth • 215.896.6132

Dr. Diana Zitserman is a practicing naturopath and acupuncturist who specializes in whole person wellness for improving one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Using natural approaches to healing, Dr. Z treats a myriad of conditions, including chronic pain management, cardiovascular and digestive health, stress management, hormonal regulation and emotional stability. She extends her professional guidance as telehealth services to all.


Fertility Oasis

Dr. Nicole Kerr, ND, LAc

The journey to conceive is painfully difficult for many couples. What do you do when all you want is to hold a baby with your eyes and your partner’s smile, but all roads seem to be closed? You push on and keep trying, and trying, and trying.

I found myself in this exact scenario: confused, angry, depressed, with little guidance from the mainstream medical world. When told our (because this is a team sport) ONLY option was one of the most extreme procedures in reproductive medicine, we set out to prove them wrong. And we did.

After the way I was spoken to and was left feeling more defeated than reassured at the advanced reproductive therapy (ART) appointment, I knew I wanted to focus my practice on fertility. Having this struggle to conceive exposed a side of medicine I wish didn’t exist. I was determined to offer compassion, unrelenting investigative work, and support to women and men unable to “easily” have a baby of their own.

Hence the birthing of Fertility Oasis. For many struggling, fixes like correcting nutrient deficiencies or stopping extensive NSAID use can be a miracle when told you have “unexplained infertility.” These are underlying causes of infertility and are rarely investigated or discussed in the ART world.

Hope is something we all need. What I offer my patients is someone who has their back and will surmount the difficult task of finding the reason they are not able to have the baby of their dreams. I am overjoyed when patients message me “I have a positive pregnancy test!”

And even more so when I get a baby picture sent to me.

Thank you for voting me 10BEST Holistic Pediatrician & Naturopathic Physician.

Fertility Oasis

Dr. Nicole Kerr, ND, LAc

857 N Main St Ext Suite 1, Wallingford, CT 203.265.0459

SPOTLIGHT Are you stressed and unhappy about your living space? Do you want to feel relaxed and at peace in your home? I can help. Visit to Get a Free Estimate CC: HOME ORGANIZATION & DECOR Helping to create organized, beautiful spaces that bring you joy. 860-510-1431 < PAGE 40 “Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind” BY CHELSIE KIRK WHY POWER YOGA 200-HOUR TEACHER TRAINING westhartfordyoga january - june 2023 application online at: 23 brook street west hartford ct 860.953.YOGA < PAGE 9 “WHY Power Yoga Teacher Training” BY WEST HARTFORD YOGA Real Therapists for Real People We believe you are perfect just the way you are, and we help you finally discover that. Call Us Today at 860-308-2807 West Hartford Location 16 Brace Road, 3rd floor, West Hartford, CT 06107 Mindful Transformations < PAGE 17 “New Year’s Transformation for Your New Year’s Resolution” BY SAMANTHA ALZATE

Dr. Nicole Klughers, ND, PharmD, MSAc Vis Wellness Center

As a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncture specialist, former pharmacist, and wellness educator, I offer all-natural solutions to restore optimal health and help individuals reclaim a life of energy, balance, and joy. By listening closely to a person’s story and utilizing detailed testing, I work with individuals to identify and address the root cause of their health concerns. In other words, I serve as a “health detective” and take notice of all the clues your body is giving you and thoroughly “investigate” to find the reason for symptoms.

I’ve been passionate about helping people and our planet from an early age. At 14 years old, my journey into medicine began while working in a small-town pharmacy. As patients asked detailed questions regarding medication side effects, interactions, or which supplements they should take, Iwas inspired by the pharmacist’s unique role in patient healthcare. It was apparent that patients had many unanswered questions after their doctor’s visits and this, along with my own experiences, disenchanted me to the idea of becoming a doctor.

I considered the pharmacy a “last stop” in our healthcare system where patients were able to obtain more information and tools to be proactive about their health. By the time I completed high school, I’d decided to become a pharmacist.

While working as a pharmacist, I observed the limitations of conventional medicine in its ability to offer long-term, healing solutions. Oftentimes, patients could only take a medication for so long before another health condition, complication or side effect developed. While witnessing this, and exploring my own personal growth and healing, I fully recognized that pharmaceuticals were not the way I wanted to help people.

I knew there had to be a better way for me to provide “health” care and realized that many people weren’t satisfied with the idea of relying on pharmaceutics for the rest of their lives. I knew I wanted to help others to heal naturally and became drawn to naturopathic medicine.

Eager to become a physician who provides integrative, sustainable, and holistic healthcare, I continued on to become a naturopathic physician.

Experienced in a variety of healthcare settings, I now practice as an integrative, naturopathic physician. I’m often presented with complicated and chronic unsolved health mysteries from individuals who have not found relief elsewhere. These individuals come to my practice after seeing multiple practitioners or specialists, yet still feel there are aspects of their health going unaddressed. They know there must be overlooked connections between a variety of their ailments.

Human beings are incredibly complex and my commitment is to be as thorough as possible in every visit, dedicating 60 to 90 minutes per appointment which allows for each individual to be fully understood and ask plenty of questions… without feeling rushed. I also like to test, and not guess. At each visit, I order a variety of tests to reveal more information about hormones, inflammation, metabolism, nutritional status, gut microbiome, heavy metals and more.

Dr. Nicole Klughers, ND, PharmD, MSAc • 234.222.8362

Vis Wellness Center • Rocky Hill and Virtual Visits

Dr. Jaquel Patterson, ND, MBA

Iam the Medical Director and owner of Fairfield Family Health. Fairfield Family Health is a large multi-disciplinary integrative medical practice based in Fairfield, CT. Our primary areas of specialty include Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, autoimmune conditions, allergies, childhood developmental disorders, mental health, and women’s health. We offer naturopathic medical services, low dose immunotherapy and low dose allergen, nutrition services, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and family medicine.

I have wanted to become an alternative medicine practitioner since I was a child and enrolled in Cornell University as a plant science major. I also had many family members who were medical doctors. Medicine, particularly alternative medicine, was all that I ever saw in my heart. My mother became very ill in my adolescence with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and I learned too soon the importance of creating wellness in all aspects of life. I myself suffered medical conditions at a young age including fatigue, anxiety and depression and was diagnosed with Lyme disease in my 30’s. I think my experience often helps support the patients I provide care for by having a compassionate and experienced ear.

I will never forget one of my early clinical cases where I saw a 2 1/2-year-old girl with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune condition that causes weakness in your muscles and often afflicts the eyes. This little girl had been seen by many renowned specialists and they were in the process of having her thymus removed. When she came to me, she had lost some considerable function of her left eye which drooped during the office visit. She had been placed on extensive medication including steroids but continued to have drooping of her eye and significant fatigue. After I worked with her, over the period of three weeks, she regained full strength and motor function of her left eye and you could not tell the difference between the right or left eye by way of movement or eye strength. Over the period of time working with her through natural medicine, she was able to get off of steroids, prevent surgery, reduce medication and regain energy and full eye movement.



Fairfield Family Health, P.C.

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Dr. Jennifer Pierre, ND, MPH Jenteel Health

JenteelNature Health is a telemedicine family practice with a focus on women’s health. Our doctors provide holistic treatment for thyroid disease, PCOS, fibroids, and endometriosis. We also treat a variety of pediatric and adult conditions including digestive disorders and autoimmune conditions. Dr. Jennifer Pierre discusses her path to becoming a naturopathic physician and JenteelNature Health:

During adolescence, I dreamed of becoming a surgeon. I wanted to “fix” whatever went wrong in the body, but also wanted to educate others about improving their health and disease prevention. After completing all of my pre-med coursework in college, I made the difficult decision to end that journey and pursue public health. Conventional medicine had transitioned to a consumer-driven, pharmaceutical-focused, reactionary model. It was not in alignment with my philosophical beliefs about medicine—find the root cause, don’t just treat symptoms.

Nowadays, many frustrated MDs/DOs are acknowledging this, so they are pursuing functional medicine or public health, but it was already happening 20 years ago. I began my medical career in public health and after a decade of experience, I discovered naturopathic medicine. It was a seamless transition, as it embodies many of the same tenets as public health with a whole-person approach to patient care.

I am very thorough, patient, and tenacious; I often solve concerns other medical providers have overlooked or have given up on. One patient with a blocked fallopian tube, cysts, and irregular menses struggled with infertility for several years. Multiple gynecologists told her the only option was IVF. After following the recommendations in the JNH fertility program, she successfully delivered fraternal twins!

JenteelNature SPOTLIGHT 171 Market Square, Suite 102 Newington, CT 06111 860-614-8382 • Charleen K. Miele, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor (IFS level 2 trained) Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator Life, Spiritual Life, and Wellness Coach Now Offering Somatic Healing Through Transformational Breathwork  < PAGE 22 “Can We Really Eat Fat to Lose Fat?” BY CHARLEEN K. MIELE, LPC Holistic Therapies For Better Health Rebalance your Mind, Body, and Spirit 787 Main St. S, Woodbury, CT 06798 (203) 586-1172 Winner in Natural Nutmeg’s 10 Best 2022 Reader Nominated Award for Esthetician/Holistic & Organic Spa Your destination for Conscious Living and Energy Resource Center. Offering a wide array of physical, mindfulness, and spiritual holistic therapies, we have the perfect treatment for you. Join us for a personal or group session. South Glastonbury & Online 860.266.5682 Take 10% Off your next online purchase promo code: NewYear2023 GOAT’S MILK SOAP & SKINCARE @farmtobath
Jennifer Pierre,

Break the Cycle of Stress Eating

“Much of stress eating is so unconscious that it happens automatically, and you may not even realize it. Before you can change your behavior, you need to be aware of what you are doing.”

Stress is one of the most common causes of overeating and weight gain. As much as you want to stop stress eating, it’s hard to control because it happens when you’re stressed. It’s not enough to tell yourself not to do it. In fact, trying NOT to stress eat can actually intensify stress and make you want to eat more.

Can you relate? Do you come home and have a glass of wine after a long, overwhelming day? Do you eat a handful of crackers while you answer e-mails? While making dinner, are you licking the utensils after you’re done with them? Much of stress eating is so unconscious that it happens automatically, and you may not even realize it. Before you can change your behavior, you need to be aware of what you are doing.

Keeping a journal can help. Write down where and when you stress eat. At first, you may be journaling after the fact, but eventually, your awareness will increase, and you will catch yourself before you stress eat. This is the goal, and you can then decide not to stress eat and do something else to cope instead.

Make a Plan—And Stick with It

It is possible to break the cycle of stress → stress eating → then more stress—with the right plan.

A plan to successfully control stress eating is not just about food. In fact, it doesn’t start with food at all. A few non-food strategies and a bit of practice can make a huge difference. It takes persistence and creative ways to calm and successfully soothe yourself.

The goal is to rewire your brain to identify certain non-eating behaviors as comforting and to use those behaviors when things start to feel stressful. If you remove stress eating from your life, you have to replace it with something. These stress-busting strategies can help you to calm down and take control.

Write a list of stress-busting strategies that can get you through your day. Here are a few simple examples:

• Change your routine. If you have stresseating rituals that have become bad habits, try something different. Bring a healthy snack for the drive home and take a different route to avoid your favorite sweets shop.

• Move your body. Stress builds up in our bodies and creates more stress and discomfort. Stand up, move around, and go for a walk if possible. Try to create comfort in your body in ways that don’t involve eating.

• Breathe deep. It’s physically impossible to become more stressed and more relaxed at the same time. When you start relaxing—even just a bit—you reverse the cycle of growing more stressed or anxious. Close your eyes. Stare at the blackness. Slowly breathe in and out. Count each time you inhale and exhale. Continue until you get to 10.

• Enjoy nature. Nature is very grounding. After a stressful day, stand outside for a few minutes to notice the changes in the trees and your surrounding environment. If weather permits, take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass. Take deep breaths of the fresh air.

• Sleep. Stress is exhausting and adequate sleep is necessary to recover. Aim for at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night. You’ll be more productive and better able to focus and less likely to have cravings. Make sleep a priority.

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, there are many other ways to calm yourself without eating, such as journaling, meditation, connecting with others, distraction, guided imagery, aromatherapy, and other ways to pamper your senses. Take these techniques for a test drive first, when you aren’t craving food, so you know exactly what to do before you really need to implement them.

If you continue to struggle with stress eating, you can reach out to Grant’s Nutrition and Wellness and make an appointment for additional guidance.

Jane Grant, RDN, CD-N, has been a registered dietitian since 2005 and is trained in Integrative and Functional Nutrition to address the root cause of disease and help promote optimal health. Jane is the founder of Grant’s Nutrition and Wellness in Berlin, CT, and can be reached at 860.357.2282 or Visit,, and See ad on page 30 >

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Bad Hair Day on Planet Earth

Barbara Ruzansky is the owner of West Hartford Yoga, a yoga and healing center in Central Connecticut. Although many in the community see her as a successful businesswoman and a model of healthy living, her life was not always this way. For over 30 years, she struggled with eating disorders, depression, and addiction. She was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, unable to work, and dangerously close to suicide. She wasn’t living, but she didn’t know how to die.

“Before I die, I must understand and write it down.” —Barbara, 1985 In the deepest chasms of mental illness, addiction, trauma, and grief, she somehow managed to write it all down. The result was 6,000 pages of journal entries tracking her inner torment, suicidal thoughts, therapy sessions, loneliness, failures, hopes, and heartache. Combined with a trove of found objects—date books, photographs, recordings, artwork, letters, and interviews—she had unknowingly built a collection of artifacts chronicling her illness and the messy, nonlinear journey through recovery, which eventually led to the first phase of the Bad Hair Day Project (BHD Project).

“I would like to carve open my body and drain out the hurt.” —Barbara, 1986 The BHD Project is an all-woman team whose mission is to shed light on the inner struggle of someone in crisis to break down stigmas surrounding mental illness and create a culture of understanding and acceptance. Over the last ten years, the team took the first step in fulfilling that mission by collecting, compiling, and transcribing the aforementioned artifacts; editing down the journals, and designing a multi-dimensional book, Bad Hair Day on Planet Earth. Barbara somehow knew, deep in her bones, that her story was important. That her suffering might someday help others.

“I hardly know what I ‘feel’ because all the masks and pretensions I use to distort and repaint myself have smothered the real feelings. I feel sliced up into hundreds of fragments all competing for attention. Nothing matches. The puzzle does not fit. My pieces are in battle, opposing each other.”

—Barbara, 1985

Don’t mistake Bad Hair Day on Planet Earth for a self-help book. Or even a traditional memoir. And

“I have a hole in my heart. It has been there since I was a little girl.

It’s so big; it’s like a vacuum.

Huge sadness pours through it every day.”

—Barbara Ruzansky, 1990

15 NATURAL Nutmeg 2023 JANUARY / FEBRUARY Purpose

despite the fact that it presents every cringeworthy moment of Barbara’s life both unapologetically and earnestly, this is not simply, “the story of Barbara.”

Instead, it’s a story told in real-time with minimal reliance on memory or the wisdom of the present, offering a rare glimpse into the mind of someone who feels out of control. In its essence, it allows the reader to experience what having a mental illness might feel like. It drowns in sadness and dances with humor. It is both despondent and hopeful, allowing a glimmer of understanding as to why someone may do/act/ present while in crisis and perhaps nudge the reader towards compassion rather than confusion.

The book also invites readers to observe how Barbara sloppily navigated strained and tenuous relationships with her family and friends. For those who cannot understand the pain of depression, the grip of eating disorders, or the ravages of addiction, watching a person you care about in the midst of torment without the means to help or “fix” them, can be devastating. In the case of Barbara, she felt abandoned and misunderstood, whereas her family felt perplexed and helpless.

“This messy life provided me the opportunity to close my eyes and breathe, to develop courage to listen and to learn.” ~Barbara, 1997

The overall intention of the BHD Project is to shed light on the inner struggle of someone in crisis. To spark a conversation and allow space for people to talk about mental health. On a deeper level, Bad Hair Day on Planet Earth offers a new perspective on mental illness. About the dualistic existence that haunts so many people so that we can perhaps forge a new path of awareness, understanding, and compassion.

“More than anything else, I want a sense of purpose. I want to give. To make life better for others. To help in some way.” —Barbara, 1990 Yoga was one of the factors that helped Barbara along the path of healing. It was not a linear path, but rather, one filled with ups and downs, relapses, pain and grief, plenty of questioning, and nuggets of hope along the way. But once Barbara connected with and committed to yoga, her daily practice helped to ground her physically and emotionally. She is honored to welcome the community into her studio, West Hartford Yoga for a book signing event on Saturday, January 21, 2023. Meet Barbara and the team, discover how the book came to be, and take the opportunity to ask questions during a brief Q&A. Visit for

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more information. See Call Now for YOUR appointment at Whole Body Medicine  203-371-8258 The Team You can TRUST!
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New Year’s Transformation for Your New Year’s Resolution

As the year unwinds and you begin to think about the next year, you may reflect on the years of the past. I wonder what the December 2021 you would say? Maybe you have manifested things you have wanted or feel like not much has changed. When approaching the new year, it’s important to focus on gaining clarity of your intention.


Noun: The act of…determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc. A decision or determination: To make a firm resolution to do something, the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.

I think the problem with resolutions is that they’re really focused on something we feel we do not have. Resolutions can focus on what we need to “fix.”

If “fixing” hasn’t worked for you, try this: Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, try to shift your focus to what you do want. And even more importantly, how you will feel when you get there.

For example, if you’re not happy with your emotional well-being, you might say, “I don’t want this stress.” My question to you, then, would then be to ask you what is it that you DO want, and how would you FEEL when you get there. Maybe you answer, “I want to feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful.” The next step would be to ask yourself how you can create those feelings within yourself. How can you practice this state of being you are trying to achieve? It could be a simple walk around the block, a warm shower, or a nice cup of soup. We can cultivate the feelings we’re trying to achieve with small moments throughout our day.

Manifest Your Own Well-Being

Our thoughts create our feelings and behaviors. When we realize we can choose our thoughts our

emotional well-being changes, and when that happens, we are truly in a state of being able to create our life experiences! To be clear, this doesn’t mean spiritual bypassing or fake toxic positivity. If you’re feeling not so great, this can be hard to do. We need to feel all our feelings to heal and get to where we need to be.

The intention here is to explain that when moving through heavy emotions, focusing on the process instead of the results can be a powerful way to get to where you want to be. Through this work of constantly reaching for better feelings and thoughts, your emotional well-being will begin to change. Little by little. If your old way of working toward your New Year’s resolution didn’t work for you, try this process. I like to call it, “New Year’s Transformation.”

We often think that when we get something we want and reach that goal, we will feel better. I am here to challenge you by saying that order does not usually get people to the place they want to be. First and foremost, work on feeling better in the now, and that goal will then be much more likely to appear in your life.

My integrated perspective on this comes from studying mindfulness and the law of attraction. I believe there are two powerful perspectives that can help us cultivate peace, joy, and bliss in our lives. The real moment is now—there is power in this moment and being able to find appreciation and gratitude for where you are today.

From this moment we get into alignment, we can find the balance between action and being. Having a monthly ritual of slowing down and taking time for yourself while being among a collective energy of like-minded people can be a powerful tool in managing the busy mind and creating peace within yourself. As you set your “resolutions,” please know that nothing needs to be “fixed”—come as you are. Instead of focusing on change, focus on the process. Take a mindful approach into the new year.

“Our thoughts create our feelings and behaviors. When we realize we can choose our thoughts, our emotional wellbeing changes, and when that happens, we are truly in a state of being able to create our life experiences!”

—Samantha Alzate, LCSW

Samantha Alzate is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is the owner of Mindful Transformations Therapy Group. Samantha received her Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in group work. In addition, she also has received a Master’s certification in Conscious Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. Apart from traditional clinical education, Samantha is a certified Reiki Master and law of attraction coach. She can be reached at or 860-308-2807 See ad on page 11 >

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“Hypnosis is a highly relaxed state of focused concentration. It is a safe, natural, pleasurable state in which our subconscious mind can receive positive suggestions and therefore make positive changes in our day-today life.”

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss with Hypnosis


is known to increase the risk of various disorders, including stroke, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and many types of cancer. It’s no secret that millions of Americans struggle with their weight. Forty percent of adults in the U.S. are classified as obese, and another 32% are overweight. According to the Boston Medical Group, each year an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet and spend $33 billion on weight loss products.

In most cases, overeating, eating a poor diet, and lack of exercise are responsible for putting on extra weight. Many people overeat for emotional reasons. If we are sad, lonely, angry, or stressed, sometimes indulging in sweets can temporarily improve our mood. Some of us, as children, were instructed to eat everything on our dinner plates— to do otherwise was considered “wasting food.”

As a guest at a friend or relative’s house, it might be considered “rude” or “insulting” to not finish our meal, even if we feel satiated. These negative feelings often remain in our subconscious minds as adults, being responsible for our unhealthy eating habits. And in our fast-paced world, many of us eat while distracted—while watching TV, working at the computer, or perhaps in a meeting. Before we know it, we have eaten more than we realize. And if we feel famished, we may eat too quickly before realizing that we feel full.

The Addictive Nature of Sugar

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine involving research on rats has demonstrated that sugar is more addictive than opioid drugs, such as cocaine. Sugar releases dopamine (a pleasure chemical/neurotransmitter) in your brain. Withdrawal symptoms can include depression, binging, and cravings. Low-fat processed foods, such as yogurt, often contain added sugar with the intention of improving the flavor of the product. Many processed foods, which are marketed as “diet” foods, can also contain corn syrup, questionable chemicals, and are very high in sodium. These “designer diet” foods can also be costly. They are not a good long-term solution to losing weight.

According to the University of Pennsylvania’s Weight and Eating Disorders Program, 65% of dieters returned to their pre-diet weight within three years, and only 5% of people who lose weight on a restrictive diet are successful in keeping the weight off. So for most people, diets don’t work. Some people opt to take weight loss medications. These come with their own side effects and are not meant for long-term use. Bariatric surgery is not without risks, and not everyone is a good candidate for this costly procedure.

Many people strive to have the willpower to lose weight by consuming healthy foods, portioning, and exercising—but willpower in and of itself is

18 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Health

not enough. Hypnotherapy is more powerful and effective than willpower and can help you gain control of your eating habits and motivate you for long-term success.

Hypnotherapy for Addictive Eating Hypnosis is a highly relaxed state of focused concentration. It is a safe, natural, pleasurable state in which our subconscious mind can receive positive suggestions and therefore make positive changes in our day-to-day life (the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind). In 1958, the American Medical Association accepted hypnotherapy as an appropriate therapeutic technique. Many doctors, nurses, and dentists have been trained in hypnosis to help reduce pain in their patients, and in some cases as a substitute for anesthesia. Patients can easily be taught by a trained practitioner to perform self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis has a high success rate not only for smoking cessation, reducing stress and pain, and improving sleep and self-confidence, but also for weight loss and the motivation that it requires. There are numerous studies that demonstrate this. Here are the results of a 2007 comparative study done by American Health Magazine:

• Psychoanalysis: 38% success after 600 sessions

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: 72% success after 22 sessions

• Hypnotherapy: 93% success after 6 sessions

Hypnosis can help you to stop emotional eating and strengthen your willpower to eat healthfully and mindfully so that you can finally lose that excess weight and keep it off in the long term. Hypnosis has been proven to be a safe and effective solution for weight loss, putting you in control without feeling deprived. This highly successful modality is also very cost-effective in comparison to consuming highly marketed “diet” foods and undergoing expensive and potentially risky bariatric surgery.

Kristina Mozzicato is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork by the NCBTMB. A 2009 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, she is also certified in Cupping and ACE MediCupping™. Kristina is the owner of Abundant Health Massage Therapy & Wellness in Farmington, CT and was named a 2020 and 2021 Natural Nutmeg Magazine 10 Best Award recipient in the category of Massage and Bodywork. For more information and convenient online booking, please visit: See ad on page 37 >

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Enhancing Access to Fertility with Naturopathic Medicine

“The uterus was once believed to be a sterile environment; however, recent discoveries reveal the presence of a diverse microbial population within the upper genital tract, which—when optimized—has been associated with improved implantation rates.”

—Nicole Aviles, ND

Planning a pregnancy can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for many families. Medical conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and autoimmune disease can present frustrating challenges to conception and pregnancy maintenance. Additionally, it can be especially burdensome for families who are also faced with non-medical factors that influence their reproductive health outcomes; unfortunately, racial, gender identity, geographic, and other disparities influence access to fertility treatments and treatment outcomes. Economic disparity especially presents a major barrier to family building.

After 6–12 months without success, treatment options for fertility might include medications, surgery, intrauterine insemination, or Assisted Reproductive Technology, which may be accessible only to the economically advantaged and leave many undertreated or untreated. Implementing the following affordable and accessible strategies to optimize the different phases of conception can alleviate some of the economic barriers and lead to improved reproductive health outcomes for all.


Pregnancy depends on the occurrence of ovulation, the brief phase of the menstrual cycle when an egg is released from the ovary to be fertilized. Ovulation involves a delicate balance between the reproductive hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. Optimal estrogen and progesterone

production can be supported by increasing the intake of healthy fats within the diet (cold-water fish, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil), which supply the building material needed to synthesize the reproductive hormones.

Botanical medicines, such as vitex or “chaste tree berry,” may also support fertility by optimizing the estrogen:progesterone ratio that allows for ovulation to occur. Vitex can help to restore normal progesterone levels and improve luteal phase defect, a condition characterized by insufficient progesterone production throughout the second half of the cycle that may result in reduced uterine lining growth and pregnancy loss.


Fertilization is the multi-step process by which two haploid gametes (the spermatozoa and the oocyte, or egg) fuse to form a diploid zygote, or embryo. Suboptimal gamete quality due to advanced age and subsequent mitochondrial decline, toxin exposure, and poor dietary and lifestyle choices can interfere with the success of this process.

The developing zygote requires a vast supply of energy to fuel critical events, all of which is supplied by oocyte mitochondria, the powerhouse organelle that transforms fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy for the developing zygote. With advanced age, mitochondrial function declines, and suboptimal energy production can ultimately result in pregnancy failure.

20 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Health

Mitochondrial function can be improved by increasing mitochondrial-supportive nutrients like CoQ10/ubiquinol and acetyl-L-carnitine. CoQ10 is a fat-soluble nutrient concentrated within the mitochondria and acts as an antioxidant to neutralize harmful free radicals that can reduce oocyte quality. It can be supplemented or obtained from organically raised, grass-fed organ meats, fatty fish, and whole grains. Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid within the mitochondria that facilitates the transformation of fats into energy, and adequate intake supplies the oocyte with sufficient energy to fuel critical events that lead to reproductive success.


Implantation is the process by which the now-fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus, and its success requires an appropriately regulated immune response. For the uterine wall to receive the embryo, the immune system must remain checked. Immune modulation and uterine receptivity can be enhanced by optimizing the reproductive microbiome. Probiotics and probiotic-rich foods (kefir, yogurt, kombucha, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, tempeh) support the reproductive microbiome and fertility due to their antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory activities. The uterus was once believed to be a sterile environment; however, recent discoveries reveal the presence of a diverse microbial population within the upper genital tract, which—when optimized—has been associated with improved implantation rates.


Stress has a negative impact on fertility. Perceived threats, big or small, trigger a cascade of biological responses that influence the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which controls the reproductive system. While practices like meditation and mantra cannot get you pregnant, they can minimize the health consequences of stress and create an environment that is more receptive to conception and pregnancy maintenance.

Dr. Aviles is a naturopathic doctor at Whole Health Natural Family Medicine in Hamden, CT, where she specializes in women’s health and pediatrics. She has a special interest in the management of gynecologic, hormonal/ endocrine, and mental health conditions, acute and chronic pediatric care, as well as chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Whole Health Natural Family Medicine, 203.288.8283 admin@

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Can We Really Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

The title of this article is not my own, but rather it is the first step mentioned in a book that changed my life. That book is Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Body by Susan Wadia-Ells, PhD. I have to begin by thanking not only Dr. Wadia-Ells for writing the book but also April Beaman, my thermographer, who recommended it to me.

“I think it’s safe to say that for most of us, cutting out sugar completely would make a huge difference in our health. We know so much more now about sugar’s effect on our bodies, and, simply put, sugar feeds cancer.”

I have struggled with my weight off and on throughout my life, and most recently after the age of 50 when I entered menopause. I didn’t, by appearance only, look to be dangerously overweight, but when you looked at the specifics of my weight and my body composition, I was. I have read enough and know enough about visceral fat to know it can be dangerous, and I was aware that the fat I carried in my midsection was this very type. My thermography results confirmed that, and I knew I needed to do something about it. Having tried various nutritional plans and exercise routines throughout my life, I knew I needed something more specific that was going to get me the results I was looking for.

Dr. Wadia-Ells states that 75% of American women are overweight or obese, and the longer post-menopausal women remain overweight, the more their chances of developing breast cancer increase. Add any type of stress to that and the chances increase even more. That was enough to wake me up! The book does a beautiful job of explaining all of this, and I highly recommend you read it!

Reduce Sugar to Reduce Fat!

Dr. Wadia-Ells suggests that to reduce our body fat and thereby reduce our chances of developing breast cancer, the first thing we must do is get rid of sugar. Recent research has confirmed that a metabolic approach to preventing cancer has resulted in understanding we have much more

power than we ever thought we did in its prevention. One element of that power has to do with the food we choose to put into our bodies. Our American diet and many of the products that are staples in people’s diets are loaded with sugar. Sugar is in so many foods and is often hidden by other names or products that sound healthier but are basically still sugar. Unfortunately, we are paying for that with our health.

The solution Dr. Wadia-Ells suggests to combat this situation is to upgrade our bodies’ sugar-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism: “A fat-burning operative system allows our bodies to lose weight as the liver is able to process our excess body fat into highly efficient and clean-burning ketones, producing high amounts of energy,” and that, “once our fatburning system is switched on, two different ‘I am full’ signals can go on in our brains. Switch #1 suddenly makes it incredibly easy to not overeat today. Switch #2 enables us to be a ‘naturally thin’ person for the long term.” Her suggestion: A lowstarch/high natural-fat lifestyle.

Not Keto, but Close

I immediately cut sugar completely from my diet.

I will admit there were one or two times I had a small serving of ice cream or a piece of 72% cacao dark chocolate, but that was it. And, to my surprise, I didn’t miss it. I cut out all processed carbs and for the most part all starches as well, except for a very lightly roasted potato or sweet potato. You may notice that the word “ketones” appeared in the above quote, which likely makes you think of the very popular ketogenic diet. There are similarities between what the author suggests and the Keto diet, as it is commonly known, but the bottom line was to cut out the sugar completely and keep the starches as low as possible. This

22 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Health

also meant no processed carbs such as bread, crackers, and the like.

I think it’s safe to say that for most of us, cutting out sugar completely would make a huge difference in our health. We know so much more now about sugar’s effect on our bodies, and, simply put, sugar feeds cancer. That one phrase was enough to push me to make the difficult decision to cut it out and see what happened. I am happy to report that I did begin to lose the visceral fat (my midsection measurement went from 37 inches to 35 inches, which is the number Dr. Wadia-Ells indicates is the highest we should allow it to be.) So, I am not finished—I am a work in progress. But I’m headed in the right direction. I will add that I am active and exercise regularly, but I sit a good portion of the day for my work, and that is a challenge. My husband and I also practice intermittent fasting fairly regularly. However, I have done those things before with only “limiting” my sugar, and I did not see the results I am seeing now. Adding a prebiotic and probiotic has helped to reduce bloating as well.

We are all a work in progress in one way or another. I would venture to say that if we all eliminated sugar from our diets (including sweetened coffees, creamers, sodas, juices, etc.), it would make a huge difference in our weight and in our body composition. That alone would help to prevent many diseases, including breast cancer, which is on the rise. If we can prevent cancer from happening, we won’t have to worry about how to treat it. To me, that’s a plan I can embrace.

Charleen K. Miele, LPC , is a Licensed Professional Counselor who started her journey as a teacher, church music director, and fitness instructor. Charleen works with clients both in person and via telehealth and has recently added Trauma Informed Breathwork to her work. She offers her clients the opportunity to experience IFS and/or breathwork through in-person and online sessions and is currently offering group breathwork sessions online and will be hosting workshops and group sessions in person in the new year. Life coaching and spiritual life coaching, including breathwork and IFS work, are also available both as individual sessions and as packages of two, four, or six sessions. Charleen will soon be offering self-paced online courses as well as interactive groups that will meet for a series of weeks and will include lectures, discussions, journaling, and experiential somatic work through breathing and movement. Visit Contact Charleen at or call 860.614.8382. Located at 171 Market Square #102, Newington, CT. See ad on page 13 >

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Combat Menopause Belly the Healthy Way

“Our research is increasingly showing that it isn’t so important how much fat a woman is carrying, which doctors typically measure using weight and BMI, as it is where she is carrying that fat.… Almost 70% of post-menopausal women have central obesity— or excessive weight in their mid-section…. Our analysis showed an accelerated increase of visceral abdominal fat during the menopausal transition of 8% per year, independent of chronological aging.”

—Samar El Khoudary, PhD, MPH

Are you in midlife and think you may be menopausal? Do you struggle daily with extra belly fat and have no clue where it came from? Do you feel like you’ve tried just about everything to lose your excess pounds, but nothing seems to work? You can take comfort in knowing you have a lot of company and there is hope—lifestyle changes can combat midlife weight gain and retention. The information here should clear up some of your confusion, and, armed with this helpful information, you will move forward more easily on your journey to fewer belly pounds, improved overall wellness, and greater self-love.

Midlife and Central Obesity: A Few Helpful Numbers

Many women in their 50s tend to experience unanticipated abdominal weight gain, either when they are menopausal (12 months after their last period), perimenopausal (4–12 years before menopause, when monthly cycle changes begin), or postmenopausal (after the 12-month point of menopause). For simplicity’s sake, these are all referred to as menopause in this article. They gain an average of 1.5 pounds per year. Almost 67% of American women ages 40–65 and nearly 74% over 65 are considered obese.

The body mass index (BMI), a measure of weight relative to height, is the accepted medical standard for classifying according to body composition: normal (18.5–24.9); overweight (25–29.9); obese (over 30); extremely obese (over 40). BMI, however, does not indicate body fat location.

“Central obesity” focuses primarily on where fat is stored, not merely on BMI or the number on the scale. It is examined via two measurements: waist circumference (WC) and WC/hip circumference ratio (WC/ HC). WC is determined by snugly placing a measuring tape horizontally around the abdomen, just above the upper hip bone. A woman’s WC should be 35 inches or less. If it is below that number, WC/HC becomes important and should be 0.8 or less.

Menopause, Central Obesity, and the Risks

Although women in midlife generally experience both menopause and increased belly fat, the processes by which the latter occurs are not fully known. Researchers consider multiple possible factors: genetics (genetic predisposition, ethnicity, reversible epigenetic changes (the impact of behaviors and environmental factors on how genes operate)], external [poor nutrition, inadequate physical activity, medications (steroids, insulin), diseases], and hormonal.

To begin combatting central obesity, learn some of these key hormonal changes that underlie it and many other menopause symptoms:

• Androgens: Circulation of these male characteristic hormones decreases. Their higher levels relative to estrogen production, however, are believed to cause fat accumulation as increased luteinizing hormone induces their secretion from the ovaries and adrenal glands.

• Cortisol: During perimenopause, the body shifts toward the production of both insulin and this other fat-accumulating, appetite-stimulating, “fight or flight” hormone. While critical for survival, energy maintenance, and emotional stability, excess levels for extended periods, especially from chronic stress (including excess cardio exercise), can cause visceral fat storage, bloating, and fluid retention.

• Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): Roughly 75% of postmenopausal women exhibit DHEA insufficiency. There is increasing evidence that menopausal production of low amounts of this precursor to estrogen and testosterone by the adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes contributes to central obesity, reduced insulin secretion, and greater insulin resistance.

• Estrogen/Estradiol: Lower production of estrogen, a fat-mobilizing hormone, causes decreased thermogenesis (resting energy expenditure and fat mobilization) and increased

24 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Feature

brain signals of hunger that increase appetite, caloric intake, and weight gain.

• Growth Hormone (GH): Deficiency of this hormone is associated with increased body fat and reduced lean body mass. It declines with lower estrogen production, partly due to excess insulin in the blood.

• Insulin: This is a fat-storage hormone, and abdominal fat is loaded with insulin receptors. With increased belly fat, more insulin is required to move blood sugar into the cells, which in turn can cause prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

• Progesterone: Both estrogen and progesterone decline, but the latter declines at a faster rate to produce “estrogen dominance,” according to John Lee, MD, who pioneered the use of transdermal progesterone cream and natural bio-identical hormones. Some experts view progesterone insufficiency as the most significant issue for most menopausal women.

During midlife and menopause, determining how to reduce the dangerous belly fat that envelops your visceral organs, increases body-wide inflammation, and accelerates aging, is one of the most important first steps you can take toward better physical and emotional health. Specifically, in postmenopausal women, central obesity has been associated with a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease (high cholesterol/triglycerides, hypertension, atherosclerosis, blood clots, stroke/ heart attack), cancer (breast, colon, gallbladder), insulin resistance/diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and all-cause mortality.

Lifestyle Changes for Decreasing Your Menopause Belly

Though change can be complex and difficult to embrace, you might try some of these critical lifestyle modifications to begin your journey to greater midlife vitality:

1. Alter your mindset by journaling the compelling reasons you want to improve your health.

2. Explore diagnoses that may be causing your central obesity (pre/diabetes, hypothyroidism, candidiasis/leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, depression).

3. Whenever possible, opt for natural remedies instead of certain medications (prednisone/corticosteroids, antidepressants, anxiolytics, diabetes drugs).

4. Reduce stress and increase sleep.

5. With herbs or a detoxifying drink (hot/cold lemon water, green tea), prime your body for weight loss by cleansing it of cell-crippling toxins and boosting your body’s seven elimination pathways.

6. Adopt a menopause modification dietary program that includes reducing calorie intake and intermittent fasting.

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7. Add daily 20-minute, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts (to lose fat and increase muscle to burn more calories).

Some Scientifically Proven Supplements to Combat Your Menopause Bulge

Certain dietary supplements can promote belly fat loss. The appropriateness of a particular product is highly individualized, and getting results can require experimentation and patience. Scientific studies indicate that supportive options include:

1. 5-HTP and PGX Fiber: Promote satiety; reduce food intake

2. AMPK Activators: Stimulate energy production; berberine, resveratrol, curcumin, ashwagandha, Chinese gynostemma extract

3. Chromium (Chromemate): Increases insulin sensitivity and lean body mass

4. Low-Carb Meal Replacers/Protein Powders: Especially grass-fed, organic whey protein

5. Probiotics: Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose and fat metabolism

6. Natural Bioidentical Progesterone Cream: Helps regulate fat cells; diuretic; reduces bloating

7. White Kidney Bean Extract: Limits carbohydrate digestion and absorption.

Though you might find midlife and menopause extremely challenging, you have many proven ways to address your excess belly fat and other symptoms. And you don’t have to go it alone! You can start today to lose weight and recapture your vitality.

Submitted by Erika Dworkin, BCHN (Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®), Wellness Guide and former owner of the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe in Manchester, CT (www.cthealthshop. com), which operated for 65 years. See this full article online at To read more about this topic, contact Erika in November to get a copy of her chapter in the 25 practitioners’ collaborative book, The Energy Medicine Solution: Mind-Blowing Results to Live Your Extraordinary Life. All statements in this article are practice- or scientific evidence-based, and references are available upon request. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, are for educational purposes only, and are not intended to take the place of a physician’s advice. Erika is available for nutrition consultations and to speak to groups, in person or on Zoom. She can be contacted by phone at 860.646.8178 or by email at Ask about her office hours by appointment, FREE 20-Minute Wellness Assessments, and FREE Wellness Chats! See ad on page 39 >

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Are You Ready to Heal?


was. I wanted it more than anything, and I tried everything. Well, everything that I knew of. Turns out, I wasn’t truly ready, and I had a lot to learn.

I had been sick my entire life. At infancy, specialists told my parents I likely wouldn’t survive. Childhood was riddled with allergies, migraines, and extreme car sickness. Adolescence added insurmountable fatigue, strange bone pains, nerve shocks, tendonitis, menstrual irregularities, and poor dental health. My 20s brought gastrointestinal issues, depersonalization, and plantar fasciitis. My 30s were a smattering of all of it. After attaining “regular” status in the allopathic medical system and then earning a BS degree in nursing, my belief system was that help only came in a bottle with a child-proof cap. Yikes.

By 40, I was completely broken. I was single, unable to earn, and unable to care for myself.

Are You Open to Healing?

Mentally, I was open. I realized that my lifelong belief system and approach to health had gotten me to that low point, and I knew I was going to pivot. I began a tour of alternative medicine, but I still thought of it as medicine. I was searching for someone to give me the thing that was going to get me back to work next week. Sigh.

When I found AmpCoil, I was only able to get to the practitioner once per week. There’s an interesting thing that happens when using AmpCoil routinely; it’s an opening up, a receptiveness, that we in the AmpCoil community refer to as “the shift.” Because I could only go once a week I didn’t see the next-weekback-to-work turnaround, but I did see the shift. Energetically I was different, and this beautiful new energy started showing up all around me.

Is Your Body Capable of Receiving Treatment?

I used my IonCleanse® foot bath for a year without ever really knowing if it was working. The problem

was that I was muddy. I use this term to describe the state of having so many body systems and infections out of control, requiring so many interventions, that it’s nearly impossible to determine what’s working and what’s not. After enough time, I was able to feel the positive results of the detox bath and other interventions, because I was no longer so darn muddy.

Does Your Body Have All the Tools It Needs to Do the Job?

While energetically open and pretty well detoxed, I made the switch to Anthony William’s “Medical Medium” protocols. I was already eating healthier than anyone I know and using $400 a month in herbals and supplements, but I had plateaued at a place where I was still unable to work or function predictably. A dozen subtle changes I made in the switch to MM protocols provided the nutritional tools I was lacking and removed a few barriers I was unaware of. With all of this on board, my physical body began to respond rapidly.

Is Your Mind Totally on Board?

In the background of the physical support was the EMDR trauma therapy I had begun. This has been perhaps the most fascinating part of the journey. I learned that the child within may not be ready to move forward. I’ve learned to care for her and help meet her needs until we’re ready to move forward together. I’ve had many breakthrough sessions where my physical symptoms change immediately post-session and do not revert back.

I don’t provide therapy services, but I do strongly encourage clients to begin this work when it feels right. I find this is often the missing piece of the holistic healing puzzle.

Combined with gentle body movement, these foundational practices ready the mind-body-spirit for healing.

“I realized that my lifelong belief system and approach to health had gotten me to that low point, and I knew I was going to pivot. I began a tour of alternative medicine, but I still thought of it as medicine. I was searching for someone to give me the thing that was going to get me back to work next week. Sigh.”

Angela’s 25-year background in nursing, 46 years living with chronic illnesses, and a 6-year journey back to health, make her a natural Wellness Guide. While every individual is unique, her services lay a foundation for healing to occur, and this applies broadly. Work with Angela remotely or visit her wellness lounge at 2 Park Place in the center of Granby, CT. For more information or to schedule, call 860.856.8567 or visit

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Unexplained, Unexplored? Or Flat-Out Ignored?

The diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” has never felt right to me, especially when up to 30% of fertility struggles have this diagnosis. There’s always an underlying dysfunction when the body is not capable of doing what it is made to do. ALWAYS! Reproduction is vital to keep the human species going. It is a foundational requirement for humans. Not all humans reproduce, but we are made to be able to do so.

“Each case of infertility needs to be uniquely reviewed to identify if there is a single cause, several causes, or no identifiable cause. Both partners should be evaluated, as in the U.S., about 9% of men and 11% of women in their reproductive age experience fertility problems.”

In a previous article, I explored the difference between unexplained and unexplored infertility. Categories for unexplored infertility were the importance of the male factor evaluation, immune system abnormalities, adrenal and thyroid organ dysfunctions, gut health, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxin exposure. All these categories impact the success of becoming pregnant from one month to the next, though they are rarely investigated by a medical doctor or fertility specialist.

Infertility Evaluations of Both Partners

The following standard evaluations are performed when infertility concerns arise.

•Male partner standard evaluations include:

• History: Prior paternity; undescended testicles at birth; trauma to testicles; medical and surgical review; medication, alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use

• Examination: Testicular abnormalities; varicocele; absences of vas deferens

• Semen analysis:

WHO Semen Analysis Reference Ranges

Parameter Normal

Semen volume>1.5 mL

pH 7.2 or more

Sperm concentration15 million/mL or more

Total sperm number39 million or more

Total motility >32% progressive motile, >40% progressive and nonprogressive

Vitality 58% or more live spermatozoa

Sperm morphology4% or more

•Female partner standard evaluations include:

• History: Prior pregnancies and outcome; medical and surgical review; sexual dysfunction; medication, alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use; menstrual disturbances

• Ovulation: Urine luteinizing hormone ovulation predictor kits; mid-luteal serum progesterone

• Ovarian reserve: Cycle, day 3— follicle-stimulation hormone; estradiol levels; clomiphene citrate challenge test; antral follicle count

• Uterine and fallopian tube: Hysterosalpingogram to test tubal patency and uterine contour; follicular phase transvaginal ultrasound

• Eumenorrhea, or regular menstrual cycles by history, is a highly accurate ovulation marker.

Behind Unexplored Infertility

Unexplored infertility categories exist because of how our medical system is organized and now trained. Gone are the days when doctors learn, focus, or frankly even consider the physiology of the body. Physiology is “the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.” Physiology identifies the cause, THE WHY, of how the body functions and what creates a disease state. Doctors are now trained to focus on the disease state and how it can be corrected with medication and surgery, not what inherent functional disorder may be creating the disease state in the first place. This is the difference between being a country that offers sick care instead of a country that provides health care. Rarely are the basics of lifestyle, food, sleep, community, and mental well-being ever discussed, though those are the exact physiological problems causing the majority of disease.

Another downfall of mainstream medicine is isolating organ systems to fit a specific treatment within a specialty scope of practice. For example, reproductive health is typically isolated to the reproductive organs. Though nutritional deficiencies can explain

28 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Feature

some infertility struggles physiologically, these are rarely, if ever, looked at by mainstream medicine. Exploring underlying dysfunctions that may not be isolated to the reproductive organs specifically can explain away many “unexplained infertility” diagnoses. Even more importantly, though, it can heal this disheartening diagnosis and result in the conception of a healthy baby. Pretty awesome that the body can cure itself when given what it needs.

The Frustration of the Flat-Out Ignored

After working with patients struggling to conceive with conventional methods like timed intercourse or medicated natural cycles, advanced reproductive technologies (ART) such as IUI or IVF, and some natural-only attempts, I started to see the missing pieces. It was clear that for many patients’ unexplained infertility was simply unexplored infertility. Unfortunately, now I am seeing patients with flat-out ignored reasons that could be the WHY behind their fertility struggle.

Keep in mind that the flat-out ignored reasons are due to the fact that these are reversible causes of infertility and do not interfere with the success of IVF. If you can get pregnant via IVF, mainstream medicine tends to overlook what can be corrected prior to this profitable procedure. Another significant reason these are flat-out ignored is because of the need for more large-scale studies to prove that preliminary study findings were accurate.

To emphasize the dysfunction in our current medicine model: If this were an herb used for thousands of years that showed the slightest negative impact on fertility in a research study, it would be undeniably blacklisted and ruled not safe until further studies are done. But for the very commonly used drugs listed below, we are advised to continue taking them as usual because no study has truly shown detriment to your fertility or pregnancy outcomes.

Potential Causes of Infertility

Let’s expose some known potential causes of infertility you were likely never told could be creating your inability to conceive or carry to term.

Night Shift Workers:

• Male: Night-shift work showed a four-fold increase in male infertility, including lower sperm production and testosterone levels.

•Female: Increased likelihood of fertility treatment by 27–40% with 2.3 fewer mature eggs when working the night shift. Irregular menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances, and lower estrogen levels were seen for night-shift female workers.

The night shift is also known as the “infertility shift” due to the higher rates of infertility among women who work nights. If you work the night shift and are trying to conceive, you may want to consider changing your schedule.

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• Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)—paroxetine and escitalopram:

•Male: SSRIs could cause dose and duration-dependent reversible adverse effects on male fertility parameters. A decrease in the number and viability of sperm and a disruption of sperm morphological structure were seen with SSRI use. It is advised that male patients avoid SSRIs.

•Female: Experimental findings suggest that paroxetine and escitalopram may have a negative effect on the ability to conceive due to their stimulatory effect on uterine tube motility. This is the tube in which the egg meets the sperm to become fertilized.

This in no way implies that depression isn’t a serious condition that outweighs any side effects of the medication. However, please consider that there are alternatives to correct the physiology of why depression is present in the first place rather than simply using pharmaceuticals to keep more serotonin around the receptors.

• Acetaminophen/paracetamol:

• Male: Lower chances of female partner pregnancy each month, called fecundability. Lowers testosterone to luteinizing hormone and inhibin B to follicle-stimulating hormone ratios indicating anti-androgen action, and decreases prostaglandin levels.

•Female: Maternal use negatively impacts male embryo reproductive organs, leading to decreased fertility for the offspring.

• NSAIDs—aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, diclofenac, indomethacin:

• Male: Lowers testosterone and prostaglandin (PG) levels. Prostaglandins are the primary component of seminal fluid facilitating sperm transport within the female reproductive tract by inducing peristaltic contractions and sperm motility.

•Female: A 2015 study showed that diclofenac reduced ovulation in 93% of women taking it and a 75% reduction in ovulation for those taking naproxen. NSAIDs can result in luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (LUF) and lower progesterone production. Although “this process is reversible, a woman is not going toget pregnantif she continues to take NSAIDs, and doctors need to advise women to stop taking these drugs if they want to be fertile,” says Sami Salman, MD, from the University of Baghdad. Ibuprofen was not included in this 2015 study.

Another study showed the use of ibuprofen as early ovulation prevention in IVF cycles to reduce

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the number of canceled cycles due to ovulation prior to retrieval. They used NSAIDs to prevent ovulation. If it works as an ovulation inhibitor for IVF, it can do the same each month when you are trying to conceive naturally.

• Antihistamines—fexofenadine, diphenhydramine, chlorphenamine, loratadine, cetirizine):

•Male: Lower sperm count and quality of sperm.

•Female: These may affect both ovulation and implantation.

• Histamine, like prostaglandins, is crucial for reproduction from sperm production, releasing the egg, fertilizing the egg, implanting the embryo, and early embryo development to making the placenta. These are all essential for a successful term pregnancy, of course. Histamine has an intimate relationship with estrogen levels as well. So how can removing histamine or blocking it from receptors not negatively impact the success of pregnancy? If you regularly take antihistamine medication and are struggling to conceive, consider alternatives to allergy and acid reflux symptoms.

Don’t Settle for Unexplained, Unexplored, or Flat-Out Ignored

How can 1/3 of fifteen percent of the population simply not have a reason for their lack of conception or loss of conception? Unexplained infertility can be further explored by examining diet choices, lifestyle habits, and sleep habits, which can improve a couple’s chance of becoming pregnant once corrected. These are unexplored reasons for infertility in many couples; they are also known to have a significant impact on your overall health.

As for the flat-out ignored causes of infertility, it’s crucial that you spend some time learning about the medications you take. Consider searching their side effects from the most commonly used search engines, as there are algorithms used in favor of Big Pharma on those search engines. Find a trusted practitioner who will not ignore potential reasons for your infertility struggle, will look at physiologic reasons for your struggle, and truly cares about your health and the health of your baby.

Dr. Nicole Kerr, ND, Lac, operates an all-natural fertility clinic in Wallingford, CT, Fertility Oasis. At Fertility Oasis, Dr. Kerr teaches her patients the importance of preconception care and about all treatment options available to couples struggling to conceive. Dr. Kerr addresses male and female infertility factors to offer comprehensive fertility care to her patients. Fertility Oasis, 857 N Main St Ext Suite 1, Wallingford CT, 203.265.0459. See ad on page 37 >

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System Ears Sinus Lungs
Ileocecal Valve Throat
Small Intestines Large Intestines
System Food Allergies
Ess. Fatty Acids
System Carbohydrate Metabolism The Bio-Tracker checks the following.... IMAGINE the possibilities of a machine that provides detailed information on your Cellular Health ~ receiving answers to many years of Health Issues ~ IMAGINE This is possible with the Bio-Tracker system which Bear
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Inhale Allergies Body Organs Adrenal Glands Thyroid Glands Pituitary Gland Fibrous Tissue
Gallbladder Urinary Bladder Reproductive

Neurofeedback or Psychotherapy? How to Decide Which Treatment Is Right for You

“Some people may not know this, but the brain is a bustling, flashing hub of electricity. Second by second, it generates electrical signals called brain waves. Dysfunction often stems from disproportionate amounts of these waves.”

If you ever feel like life is more overwhelming and stressful than it used to be, you’re probably right—and you’re not alone. That’s according to scientific research. A recent study from Penn State University researchers found that for most of us, daily stressors have increased sharply from the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.

For those with psychological and neurological conditions, the effect of these added stressors is only compounded. Fortunately, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people are seeking treatment for these conditions.

However, one of the most common questions we get from our patients is about which treatment is right for them. The effectiveness of both psychotherapy and neurofeedback has been supported by numerous studies, showing how each of these treatments can benefit people with an array of conditions.

Sometimes, neurofeedback is effective all on its own. Other times, neurofeedback should be complemented with psychotherapy. In this article, we’ll briefly explore these treatments and offer insights about when it might be beneficial to combine them.

What Is Neurofeedback?

I always begin my explanation of neurofeedback the same way: The functioning of the brain and our behavior are intrinsically linked. Changes in our behavior can change our brain. Likewise, changes in our brain can change our behavior.

Some people may not know this, but the brain is a bustling, flashing hub of electricity. Second by second, it generates electrical signals called brain waves.

Dysfunction often stems from disproportionate amounts of these waves.

Neurofeedback, a specialized subset of biofeedback, trains the brain for optimal performance by measuring and resetting waves. Our neurofeedback practitioners use a quantitative electroencephalograph (EEG) to analyze brain wave activity, send a feedback signal through audio or video, and, ultimately, reset the balance.

Essentially, neurofeedback therapy can teach your brain how to self-regulate and control functions. It harnesses the link between brain function and behavior to promote healthy changes in your life!

This modality is helpful for a variety of conditions, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, and more.

Notably, neurofeedback therapy is pain-free, drug-free, and completely non-invasive—which every patient is relieved to hear!

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy—sometimes called counseling, therapy, psychosocial therapy, or talk therapy— can treat people with a wide variety of mental illnesses and emotional challenges. Using this modality, we aim to help you eliminate or control troubling symptoms so you can heal from past traumas, function better, and increase your overall well-being.

During psychotherapy, you’ll learn about your condition and explore your moods, feelings, thoughts,

32 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Health

and behaviors. Over time, our psychotherapy practitioners can support you in gaining control of your life and responding to difficult situations with constructive, healthy coping skills.

What Is an Integrated Approach?

In many cases, neurofeedback or psychotherapy alone can be as effective as medications, such as antidepressants. However, depending on a patient’s specific circumstance, one of these treatments on its own may not be enough to alleviate the symptoms of a health condition. For example, a therapist-guided treatment plan alone may fail to solve the underlying pathology of certain mental conditions.

At the same time, while neurofeedback can improve your quality of life, it is also important to identify the underlying, pent-up emotions that may emerge throughout the process.

When Is an Integrated Approach Most Appropriate?

We’ve found that pairing psychotherapy with neurofeedback often helps our patients better cope with the transformative, positive changes that occur. Still, as a rule of thumb, there are certain conditions, such as ADHD, where neurofeedback is effective on its own. These patients may not experience further benefits from psychotherapy, so they may choose not to combine the two treatments.

On the flip side, there are also conditions where psychotherapy can be an integral accompaniment to neurofeedback. These include traumatic brain injuries (TBI), PTSD, anxiety, and more.

Next Steps

It’s crucial to recognize that each of us is unique—especially when it comes to what’s happening in our brain. That’s why our expert practitioners work individually with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your treatment or the treatment of a loved one, please contact us to schedule a consultation at no charge.

We’re here to help.

Jake Williams, MA, LPC is an experienced therapist, neurofeedback provider, and cat lover. He has dedicated his life to helping people resolve traumatic experiences and overcome challenges created by focus or anxiety. See ad on page 7 >

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Peptide Therapy to Reduce Pain and Accelerate Healing

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Patel for sciatic pain for many years. The injections she provides for me are tremendous, as some days I can’t bend over to tie my shoes or even walk up the stairs due to pain. A few days after the injection, I have no pain. She has been a savior and is highly recommended for pain issues.”

—Christine, Patient Testimonial

In the groundbreaking book, Why We Age—and Why We Don’t Have To by Dr. David Sinclair, a leading world authority on genetics and longevity, Sinclair reveals a bold new theory for why we age. He writes, “Aging is a disease, and that disease is treatable.”

This eye-opening and provocative work takes us to the frontlines of research that is pushing the boundaries on our perceived scientific limitations, revealing incredible breakthroughs that demonstrate how we can slow or even reverse aging. The key is activating newly discovered vitality genes, the descendants of an ancient genetic survival circuit that is both the cause of aging and the key to reversing it. Recent experiments in genetic reprogramming suggest that in the near future, we may not just be able to feel younger but actually become younger. Dr. Roshni Patel, right here in Farmington, CT, believes this is attainable and is working with patients to achieve it. This is the new field of high-performance medicine.

Peptide Therapies

One of the therapies Dr. Patel researches and uses is called peptide therapy. There are over 7,000 known peptides within the human body, and though some may be similar, each is responsible

for facilitating a different response and action within the body. The unique property of peptides can be harnessed and used to treat specific conditions. Optimal health and performance can be achieved through this cutting-edge form of modern medicine.

The term “peptide” refers to a short string of amino acids, usually comprised of between two and fifty amino acids. A variety of peptide protocols are available, each designed to achieve a specific goal, such as improving sleep or reducing fat. Because they are smaller and more easily absorbed by the body than proteins, peptides may be easier to utilize. As they penetrate more easily, they’re able to enter the bloodstream more quickly.

In addition to being designed with performance in mind, Dr. Patel’s Peptide Protocols are a breakthrough in the industry. The peptides in peptide therapy can signal optimal health improvement messages to the body by binding to receptors on the cell surface. During the correct administration of peptides, it communicates with different parts of the body using specific amino acid sequences called peptides.

In addition to over 7,000 naturally occurring peptides, over 2,400 have been identified in the human body. Taking peptides is generally safe and

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well-tolerated since most occur naturally in the body. The synergy and effectiveness of each peptide are enhanced when administered together in specific combinations, as discovered by Dr. Patel.

Some of the benefits of peptide therapy may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Accelerates healing processes

• Boosts hormone levels

• Builds muscle mass

• Decreases joint and muscle pain

• Enhances cognitive function and memory

• Helps reverse symptoms of sexual dysfunction

• Improves sleep quality

• Increases levels of energy, stamina, and strength

• Lowers blood pressure

• Promotes healthy immune function

• Reduces signs of aging

• Stimulates hair growth

Get the Care You Deserve

The Center of Excellence in Pain and Regenerative Medicine is a leading provider of quality regenerative medical procedures that provide lasting results for repair and rejuvenation. Using only the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies and therapies, our experts offer a higher standard of care to patients suffering from joint pain, back pain, the signs of aging, and more. Established in 2019, our primary goal is to provide regenerative and concierge-based pain medicine. We aim to make a difference in how we practice medicine by spending the extra time to educate, heal, and care for our patients.

Dr. Roshni N. Patel is an Interventional Pain Management Physician and she founded and established a pain management center at Grove Hill Medical Center and practiced in New Britain before moving on to open the Center of Excellence in Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Farmington, CT. Her practice offers interventional pain management and regenerative medicine procedures for patients seeking pain relief and improved quality of life. Dr. Patel is quadruple board certified in pain medicine, headache medicine, neurology, and brain injury medicine. She uses your body’s natural healing ability to repair damage to bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments non-surgically. With her quadruple board certifications, Dr. Patel is one of only two physicians worldwide in advanced regenerative pain management techniques. Call 860.397.6179 to book a consultation and visit See ad on page 8 >


A Spiritual Winter

“We often question so much of what has come before us. Embracing these times in our lives with curiosity and compassion may not be easy unless we have found a spiritual companion or director who can help us be with the not knowing, be with the darkness, and be with the nothingness that often accompanies this winter of the soul.”

Winterhere in the northeast is a time of barren trees, gray colors, and cold, biting wind. It appears that everything is dormant. The leaves are off the trees, and the flowers have withered and turned brown. Many days, the sky is gray. Often our spirits, our essence—our soul, if you will—also go through a period of winter. Perhaps due to decisions we make, perhaps due to events out of our control. Sometimes we go through a spiritual winter for no reason except as a season of life. This is called many things, such as the dark night of the soul, where we remain engaged in our lives but unmoored, with no purpose, no meaning, and a loss of connection to our spiritual self.

The Winter of Our Physical World

When our physical world is in winter, it is a time of reflection and rest. We may not be as active as at other times of the year. The shorter hours of sunlight often make it seem our days are shrouded in darkness. We long for spring but must endure the cold. But there are miracles happening beneath the surface. Science has measured that beneath the ground, nutrients are being created by microbes and fungi so when the plants are ready to emerge in the spring, they have nutrients available to them.

So then, when we feel lost, perhaps without purpose and our lives feeling devoid of meaning, what is really happening? This is often a period not of depression, but of stripping away of long-held beliefs. We often question so much of what has come before us. Embracing these times in our lives with curiosity and compassion may not be easy unless we have found a spiritual companion or director who can help us be with the not knowing, be with the darkness, and be with the nothingness that often accompanies this winter of the soul.

There have been several times in my life when I have been in this winter. As someone who also had periods of depression, there is a difference. My spiritual winters, my dark nights, were periods in my life where I felt incredibly lost. It was as if there was something calling me, but I could not hear it. I felt as if the beliefs I had grown up with were no longer my truth, but I did not have a sense of what was my truth. I felt as if I was searching for a key to unlock a door that would allow me to emerge into a new world, one of sunshine and warmth and growth and color…spring.

You Can Find Your Why in Your Winter

These years of my life are what called me to become a spiritual counselor, someone who companions others through their spiritual journey. It may include dismantling and healing old wounds from a religious upbringing, it may mean exploring and contemplating the “why” of life. The process of uncovering what spirituality is to each of us because it is very personal and can be very different. It often means becoming comfortable with not knowing the answers, but developing an inner guidance system, wisdom, that is the anchor to our essence and our spirit. As I get older, I find myself more curious than ever as I companion others through their journey.

There is no easy way through winter. We endure the cold and seek warmth and companionship. We rest in what brings us comfort and joy when we are able. We watch the days with curiosity, watching the subtle changes as we move into spring. We notice the hours of light lengthen, the sun feels a bit warmer and brighter. We are mindful and compassionate to all that is happening outside, and within.

36 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Purpose

Unlock the Door to Spring

If I have learned anything on my journey, it is that I do not have all the answers, but I know there are ways to navigate life. The times when we are in the flow of spirit and everything is going wonderfully are glorious! The periods when all seems to be unraveling can be difficult without support and companionship. I do not believe we are on this earth to receive answers to all our questions, but rather to become comfortable with the mystery of life. To see that there is beauty in the not knowing, the darkness, and the unfolding of what emerges after winter. To know that the process of a spiritual winter brings us to a place where perhaps there are no more questions, but an acceptance of the mystery of life.

The seasons change and winters come and go. Our spiritual winters will also come and go, and we build resilience and tools to be our own friend during those moments of not knowing. Fellow travelers show up in our lives to be our companion, to hold space as we search for the key to unlock that door to spring.

Ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and as a certified Interspiritual Counselor, I currently offer spiritual coaching and creativity sessions in person in my Bethany office, as well as by phone and Zoom. You can learn more about me at, email me at lauri@ or call 203.435.5650. See ad on page 23 >

3 Forest Park Drive, Farmington, CT • 860.778.0315 abundanthealthct abundanthealthmassagect CT LICENSE #5956 Book Your Appointment Online Kristina E. Mozzicato, LMT, BCTMB Board Certified, Cupping & MedicuppingTM Therapist Certified Consulting Hypnotist VOTED A 2020, 2021, & 2022 10BEST MASSAGE THERAPY PRACTITIONER Kristina E. Mozzicato, LMT, BCTMB, Certified Cupping & MedicuppingTM Therapist Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner < PAGE 18 “Achieve Healthy Weight Loss with Hypnosis” BY KRISTINA MOZZICATO, LMT 857 N. Main St Ext, Suite 1 Wallingford, CT (203) 265-0459 Dr. Nicole R. Kerr, ND, LAc Call For Free Consultation A Family Can Finally Be Yours! Unlock the miracle of fertility. The newest member of your family may be closer than you think < PAGE 28 “Unexplained, Unexplored? Or Flat-Out Ignored?” BY DR. NICOLE KERR, ND, LAc Proven solutions using acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition to heal the whole person. Specializing in Women’s Health & Nutrition 203/698-0793

Bashert: Meant to Be

“There is a flow we tap into when we’re in sync with the universe… Sometimes we just need to be quiet and calm enough to experience that flow. We are supported in many ways—we’re not just dropped onto this earth with no guidance.”

When I was a teenager, I often heard my mom say, “It was bashert.” Saying it seemed to finalize a conversation with head nodding and a collective “oooh.” The loose translation of this Yiddish expression is “meant to be.” It was used commonly to denote two people finding one another—finding their soulmate and to mark a fortuitous occasion or a series of events. In my own vernacular, I would say it was like going with the flow. If all systems are “go,” the world is aligned and everything runs smoothly, we would experience a perfect, easy situation like water rolling downstream. What a great feeling it is to have no resistance and feel the power of the energy of the universe. You know it when you experience it. It could be fleeting—we only wish we could constantly live in that state of being.

The Perfect Day

In contrast to my hectic, over-planned schedule, I recently had a perfect day. I was half an hour late to drive to Brooklyn to my great-niece Fern’s second birthday party. They had recently moved and I had no idea where I was going, so I plugged in my GPS and followed directions to several highways and over bridges, got stuck in traffic, and somehow managed to arrive early. I found a free parking space on the next block instead of paying $35 at the local parking garage. Being twenty minutes early, I was able to help set up for the party.

Just the day before, a friend from Stamford I hadn’t seen for a while invited me to come to a small impromptu gathering. By some strange coincidence, I was driving to New York that very day and going right by her exit. After little Fern’s party, I was able to stop at my friend’s home, reconnect and help her

prepare for her party. It was a wonderful, heartfelt visit. My trip home was uneventful and I arrived to pick up my dogs at a friend’s house on time. It was all so perfect—it was bashert.

Everything Is Energy

There is a flow we tap into when we’re in sync with the universe. That flow was there when I was twenty-two and was in the middle of getting my second of ten Rolfing® sessions, when I knew I would become a Rolfer and do this work for the rest of my life. Sometimes we just need to be quiet and calm enough to experience that flow. We are supported in many ways—we’re not just dropped onto this earth with no guidance.

Everything is made up of energy. Remember in science class, rubbing your hands together briskly and feeling the energy between them? When I was a Girl Scout, I was told to hug a tree if I was tired while hiking in the woods because it would invigorate me. The branches reach up toward the sun while the roots dig deep into the earth. The trunk is a shaft of energy.

The food we eat can give us that same boost of energy if we make good choices and eat fresh, plant-based, not overly processed, dead foods. Relying on sweet or sugar-laden foods for a boost creates the opposite reaction (a sugar high that leads to a sugar low) as well as an inflammatory response in the body. Achy joints and stiff muscles are a by-product of what you consume in many cases.

Balance, Unblock, and Shift Your Intention

I recently went through a 90-day eating challenge that led me to change the way I eat. Participants were asked to not give up certain foods but to

38 NATURAL Nutmeg JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2023 Health

take a break from eating certain things in a particular order. Come to find out, my mind ran my consumption, and my consumption ran my body. Previously addicted to sugar and cheese, I am now not eating them, have lost weight, and have more stamina and self-control than ever before in my life. I don’t have cravings and love the freedom I continue to experience.

I find that the more neutral and freer from chronic imbalance my body is, the better I feel. That’s what I tell my Rolfing® clients. The more out of balance a person is, the less their energy can flow and the more they feel blocked. That’s when we feel stiff, have pain, and get fatigued easily.

The process of becoming aware of your own participation in your health is a magnificent journey. Seeing how the systems all work together and how we have some control over ourselves is the first step. May I suggest you slow down a bit, challenge yourself, and reap the benefits of your new awareness? It is time. This a wake-up call to shift your intention. It is bashert—meant to be!

Sharon Sklar is in her 42nd year of private practice as a Certified Advanced Rolfer and has been voted one of Natural Nutmeg’s 10Best Bodyworkers for the last four years.

Sharon works with direct manipulation of the soft tissue of the body and movement re-education over a ten-session series to help her clients feel freer, get more balanced, and reduce chronic pain. Great for athletes, children, and adults recovering from injuries, stress, or traumas of life. State licensed. Call 860.561.4337 for more info or to schedule a consultation. Inquiries are encouraged!

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Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

“Surrounding yourself with disarray can be overwhelming in the physical sense, but there’s much more to it. “Stuff” takes up energy space, too— energy that could be used on things that really matter to you.”

When you think about your unorganized home, how does it make you feel? Stressed, anxious, and maybe embarrassed? Oftentimes you may not even realize that your “stuff” is affecting other aspects of your life—your work, relationships, and even your mental health. When the stress of your environment spills over into other areas of life, you’re not fully being present or showing up in the world the way you’re meant to. Surrounding yourself with disarray can be overwhelming in the physical sense, but there’s much more to it. “Stuff” takes up energy space, too—energy that could be used on things that really matter to you.

You get home from a busy day and you’re greeted by a mess. It’s overwhelming. You think to yourself, “there are too many things to do, not enough time, and I don’t even know where to begin.” So instead you distract yourself with something else, but your messy home is taking a mental toll on you, and the unfinished tasks are constantly in the back of your mind. Instead of catching up with your partner or enjoying family time, you’re disengaged and irritable. You may not be aware, but your mood and energy are affected by what you surround yourself with.

3 Tips for Small Steps to Big Change

The good news is, this IS something you can control and change. Even if the task seems too big and you’d rather run and hide, you can take baby steps to make small, but impactful changes in your home. Here are three tips to shift energy and create instant relief:

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

• You’re creating a routine for yourself the moment you wake up. This keeps the momentum going throughout the day.

• It takes discipline. Discipline and structure help create new habits and give you a sense of accomplishment.

• It looks good! When you walk into a clean bedroom you feel refreshed, not dragged down.

2. Load Your Dishwasher Every Night and Unload Every Morning

• Creates structure and alleviates frustration. Washing at night and unloading in the morning means your dishes and dishwasher are always available to you. How annoying is it when you need a clean dish, but it’s in the dirty washer? Or when you need to put your dirty dish in the washer, but it’s filled with clean ones!

• Easy cleanup throughout the day. You won’t have dishes piling up in the sink because the dishwasher will be available. Now all those dirty dishes are where they belong and you’re not staring at the overflowing sink.


Put Your Dirty Clothes in the Hamper

• Remember that everything has a home. Dirty clothes belong in the hamper, not on the floor, staircase, bed, or couch.

• Peace and calm when you walk into your home. You can walk freely through your home without a sense of dread and feeling like all you ever do is pick up.

Notice how you feel when you walk into your home after implementing these changes. Once the shift in energy has taken place you will feel accomplished, empowered, and proud of yourself. As you start reaping the benefits from these small, quick changes you’ll want to keep going. You may be inclined to tackle other aspects of disorganization that have been bothering you—cleaning out your inbox at work or decluttering that linen closet that hasn’t been touched since you moved in.

Clearing your space helps clear your mind, and the downstream impact of that is priceless. Take baby steps and see if you feel more focused, energized, motivated, and empowered. You’ve got this! If you’re interested in making some fundamental changes, creating new habits, and falling in love with your space, please contact me.

Chelsie Kirk is a home organizer with a passion for minimizing clutter and creating beautiful spaces that bring joy to your life. She can be reached at or by phone at 860-510.1431. See ad on page 11 >

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Autism Parenting: How Am I Going to Do This?

The months and years following my son’s autism diagnosis were a mad dash to learn and do as much as possible as fast as possible. From scouring the internet in search of information and filling out endless applications and intake forms to meeting with doctors, therapists, and educators, I was always on the go, searching for the next person, program, or medication to help my son.

At various points along the way, some well-meaning people advised me to slow down. “This is a marathon, not a sprint.” While I understand the intent behind the sentiment, it was plain wrong. Marathons have one-size-fits-all routes, break stations, people cheering you on, and a finish line. Autism parenting is exactly the opposite.

For me, it was a never-ending experience of white-knuckling it through the next meltdown, the next IEP meeting, the next new doctor/therapist/ medication, the next day.

And after nine years of white-knuckling, the same question kept repeating in my exhausted brain.

How Am I Going to Keep Doing This?

The refrain got louder as my son entered his tween years and things got harder, not easier as I had secretly hoped they would. As the refrain got louder and my anxiety and fear were at an alltime high, I decided to reach out for help.

I tried therapy. And while the therapists were nice, they didn’t know the first thing about autism. I found this so frustrating.

I joined parent support groups. And while it was nice to know that I was not alone, other people understanding my struggles was not helping me manage the challenges of my day-to-day life.

It was not until I stumbled upon life coaching that I finally found something that worked. Coaching gave me the tools and strategies to challenge my limiting beliefs, understand my triggers, process my emotions, and support myself when needed. And here is what I learned: Autism is hard, and I was making it so much harder by blaming myself, believing every negative thought that popped into my brain and catastrophizing about it, and neglecting my own self-care because I thought it was selfish or a waste of time.

This was, in a way, great news! If I was making the experience harder on myself, then I had the power to make it easier. And so this became my new mission—to answer the question that had been haunting me for years: How am I going to keep doing this?

The answer to HOW is the framework for my coaching program, which is based on my deep belief that while autism may be a part of your life, it does not get to control it—you do. You get to decide how you show up in your life and how you parent, even when your life and parenting look nothing like you wished or expected.

Even then.

You have more power than you think, and I want to show you how.

The Autism Mom Coach is a 1:1 coaching program founded by Lisa Candera, a certified life coach, podcaster, lawyer, and full-time single mother to a teenager with autism. Lisa also hosts a podcast, The Autism Mom Coach, where she shares practical, actionable tips to support parents raising a child with autism. Lisa is currently accepting applications for 1:1 clients. To learn more about my 1:1 coaching program, visit my website and schedule a free consultation:

“Coaching gave me the tools and strategies to challenge my limiting beliefs, understand my triggers, process my emotions, and support myself when I needed it.”



Acupuncture of Greater Hartford

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Lisa Candera, CLC

The Autism Mom Coach is a 1:1 coaching program founded by Lisa Candera, a certified life coach, lawyer, and full-time single mother to a teenager with autism. Lisa also hosts a podcast, The Autism Mom Coach, where she shares practical, actionable tips to support parents raising a child with autism. Lisa is currently accepting applications for 1:1 clients. To learn more about her 1:1 coaching program, visit her website and schedule a free consultation:


The Sacred Self, LLC

Charleen K. Miele, LPC Newington, CT • 860.614.8382

Licensed Professional Counselor (IFS level 2 trained); Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator; Life, Spiritual Life, and Wellness Coach. Somatically release stored trauma and foster healing as you discover your sacred self within.


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treatment for erectile dysfunction, Peyronies’ disease, scar tissue, and pain management). We offer affordable programs that integrate holistic modalities to treat, prevent, and heal the root cause of our patients’/clients’ ailments. Handicap accessible.


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Mica DeSantis is a Reiki master and energy healer who specializes in helping people realize their dream of parenthood.


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A tidier and decorator by nature, Chelsie started helping fam people with their home needs at the age of 16. Chelsie transforms people’s homes to a place that brings a great sense of pride and comfort by decluttering, organizing and decorating.


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James Osborne is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Professional Counselor, Board Certified PTSD Clinician, and a Fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association with over 40 years of clinical experience.

Local Experts In and Around Connecticut


Tamara Sachs, MD

Functional Medicine & Integrative Care LLC 15 Bennitt St., New Milford CT 860.354.3304 •

Dr. Sachs prevents and treats chronic illness by uncovering and correcting the underlying root causes of your health concerns while remaining respectful of the uniqueness and complexity that make us human. She comprehensively and thoughtfully creates personalized plans explaining why and how each area of your healing will be addressed.



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Brenda Sullivan, herbalist and maker of herbal products, uses lavender, one of her primary crops, to make natural soaps, soothing salves, aromatic oils and more. She loves knowing the medicinal benefits of herbs, because it ensures her recipes are made with only the best ingredients.


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Abundant Health Massage Therapy & Wellness

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Kristina Mozzicato is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork by the NCBTMB and has been practicing massage for the past 12 years. She provides professional, therapeutic, customized sessions. In addition to massage, she offers cupping, medicupping, body contouring, Himalayan salt stone massage, and Reiki sessions. Convenient online booking.


Jake Williams, MA, LPC

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Jake is an experienced therapist, neurofeedback provider, and cat lover. He has dedicated his life to helping people resolve traumatic experiences and overcome challenges created by focus or anxiety.


Erika Dworkin, BCHN®

Certified in Holistic Nutrition Vitathena Wellness

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Through education, Erika empowers her customers to make the decisions that best enable them to maximize their well-being and longevity. She offers private nutrition consultations and speaks regularly about various health topics.

Grant’s Nutrition & Wellness

Jane Grant, RD CD-N Berlin, CT • 860.357.2282

Jane is trained in integrative and functional nutrition utilizing a personalized, holistic approach to chronic disease and weight management. Integrative and functional nutrition combines the very best of modern science, clinical wisdom, and integrative therapies to address the root cause of disease and promote abundant health.

Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Board Certified in obesity medicine, Dr. Sobo believes that the best of both medical and nutritional approaches to medical care is more effective than either approach alone. Dr. Sobo offers eight loss programs, IV vitamins, allergy evaluation and desensitization, stem cell treatments, bioidentical hormone replacement, PRP, and more.


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Tara Cornish is an IIR Certified Reflexologist and Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher since 2005. She also offers reflexology lymph drainage and energyfield measurement. These therapies are non-invasive and safe. Tara has seen amazing benefits using holistic approaches to help heal, relax, renew, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.


Center of Excellence in Pain and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Roshni N. Patel Farmington, CT • 860.397.6179

Dr. Roshni N. Patel offers interventional pain management and regenerative medicine procedures for patients seeking pain relief and improved quality of life. Dr. Patel is quadruple board certified in pain medicine, headache medicine, neurology, and brain injury medicine. Dr. Patel is one of only two physicians worldwide practicing in advanced regenerative pain management techniques.


Rolfing®—The Art and Science of Body Change

Sharon Sklar, BFA, LMT, Cert. Adv. Rolfer West Hartford • 860.561.4337

Rolfing®—The Art and Science of Body Change. A dynamic 10-session bodywork series that eases pain, improves movement, and restructures your body when you feel “out of whack.” A hands-on and educational approach that establishes order and balance after life’s injuries, stresses, and accidents. Since 1981.


Imagine Float 290 West Main St., Avon 860.255.7771 •


Lauri Ingram Hamden, CT • 203.435.5650 Services available in person, and via Zoom/Skype.

Lauri Ingram is an ordained interfaith/ interspritual minister, offering spiritual counseling, crystal dreaming, crystal light, and color therapy, along with workshops and ministerial officiant services.


Kristina Arlene Oxford, CT • 860.593.8224 •

Sound Healing, Reiki and Mindfulness together in one sixty minute deep relaxation experience! BioStress Relief is a traveling stress relief clinic designed to reduce anxiety, stress, pain and tension. Private sessions take place in your home or office or at our studio. Group Sound Healing and Stress Relief Workshops available!


April Beaman, RDH, CTT

CT Thermography Farmington and Glastonbury, CT 860.415.1150 • CT thermography specializes in medical thermal imaging. Breast thermography is a compression and radiation-free screening tool that’s used to monitor breast health to detect physiological changes that may be early warning signs of a disease process. As a Certified Thermographic Technician, I help empower women to take a proactive approach following their thermography screening for optimal breast health.


Sacred Rivers Yoga

East Hartford, CT • 860.657.9545

Paula Scopino, E-RYT 500-Hour, C-IAYT, CT Licensed LMT, YACEP, is the owner/director of Sacred Rivers Yoga and Allied Health Therapies and “Sacred Rivers Yoga for Every Body,” a Yoga Alliance 200- and 500-hour registered school, as well as a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga herapy.)

West Hartford Yoga (WHY)

West Hartford, CT • 860.953.9642

WHY is a locally owned studio welcoming all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. They offer in-studio and virtual classes—power, gentle, restorative, yin, kids—along with workshops, intro series, free yoga for cancer and recovery, and a 200-hour power yoga teacher training. WHY is grateful for the continued support of our community.

HECK REMOVAL SERVICE (860) 372 7900 Hecks Things and Things Indoor Flea Market in Berlin Save the Planet, Shop Second Hand! Saturdays 9am-5pm 46 Harding St Berlin 860.259.5548 Heck Removal Services Where the Heck Does All This Stuff Go? Heck Removal Services is a company based on recycling.  We Reduce, Recycle and Repurpose everything we can, and this is where most of it goes.  Taking Away What You Don’t Want! @HECKSTHINGSANDTHINGS Call or Text Today for a Free Estimate! 860.372.7900 SAY YOU SAW US IN NATURAL NUTMEG!

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