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Nature’s Virus Killer

not a sniffle!” she exclaimed. Businesswoman Rosaleen says when people around her show signs of cold or flu, she uses copper morning and night. “It saved me last holidays,” she said. “The kids had crud going round and round, but not me.” Attorney Donna Blight tried copper for her sinus. “I am shocked!” she said. By Doug Cornell “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” cientists have discovered a cold never got going. That was A man with trouble breathing natural way to kill germs fast. September 2012. I use copper in the through his nose at night tried copper Now thousands of people nose every time and I have not had a just before bed. “Best sleep I’ve had in are using it against viruses and bacteria single cold since then.” years!” he said. in the nose and on “We can’t In a lab test, technicians placed 25 the skin. make product million live flu viruses on a CopperZap. Colds start health claims,” he No viruses were found surviving soon when cold viruses said, “so I can’t after. get in your nose. say cause and Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams Viruses multiply effect. But we confirming the research. He placed fast. If you don’t know copper is millions of disease germs on copper. stop them early, antimicrobial.” “They started to die literally as soon as they spread and He asked they touched the surface,” he said. cause misery. relatives and Some people press copper on a lip New device puts copper right In hundreds friends to try it. right away if a warning tingle suggests where you need it. of studies, EPA and They reported unwanted germs gathering there. university researchers have confirmed the same thing, so he patented The handle is curved that viruses and bacteria die almost CopperZap® and put it on the and textured to increase instantly when touched by copper. market. contact. Copper can That’s why ancient Greeks and Soon hundreds of people had kill germs picked up on Egyptians used copper to purify water tried it. The feedback was 99% fingers and hands after and heal wounds. They didn’t know positive if they used the copper you touch things other about microbes, but now we do. within 3 hours after the first sign people have touched. Scientists say the high conductance of unwanted germs, like a tickle The EPA says copper of copper disrupts the electrical balance in the nose or a scratchy throat. still works even when Dr. Bill Keevil: in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in Early user Mary Pickrell tarnished. Copper quickly kills seconds. said, “I can’t believe how good CopperZap is made cold viruses. Tests by the EPA (Environmental my nose feels.” in the U.S. of pure Protection Agency) show germs die “What a wonderful thing!” copper. It has a 90-day full money back fast on copper. So some hospitals tried exclaimed Physician’s Assistant Julie. guarantee. It is available for $79.95. Get copper for touch surfaces like faucets Another customer asked, “Is it supposed $10 off each CopperZap with code NATA22. and doorknobs. This cut the spread of to work that fast?” Go to or call MRSA and other illnesses by over half, Pat McAllister, 70, received one for toll-free 1-888-411-6114. and saved lives. Christmas and called it “one of the best Buy once, use forever. The strong scientific evidence gave presents ever. This little jewel really Statements are not intended as inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When works.” product health claims and have not been he felt a cold about to start he fashioned Frequent flier Karen Gauci had been evaluated by the FDA. Not claimed to a smooth copper probe and rubbed it suffering after crowded flights. Though diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any gently in his nose for 60 seconds. skeptical, she tried copper on travel disease. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The days for 2 months. “Sixteen flights and ADVERTORIAL

Copper can stop a cold before it starts


October 2021



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letter from publisher

Living Simply Living simply is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo da Vinci The Natural Awakenings motto is, “Feel good, live simply and laugh more.” I’ve adopted it as my own, and it’s the reminder I share at the end of this letter each month. But I have been so intent on achievement, productivity and success for the majority of my life and career that I’m struggling with what simplification looks like for me. During my lifetime, the pace and intensity of daily living seems to have increased dramatically. Maybe life was even more stressful in prior generations for prehistoric humans fighting to survive daily, civilizations battling plaques, invasions and ruthless monarchs or all the strife, turmoil and challenges we’ve faced in the relatively short history of the United States. Yet, with all the challenges of living throughout history, a case can be made that all the trappings and consequences of modern-day living have resulted in a more complex and psychologically challenging existence today, more than ever before. While “progress” hurls the globe into an even more intense and challenging future as we contemplate our mortality and consider our purpose for being here, perhaps there’s still time to reflect and take action toward living in a simpler and more meaningful way. Living simply may be a gateway to uncovering deeper meaning because it invites each of us to evaluate what really matters on a personal basis. Rather than blindly chasing the proverbial American dream, laden with financial achievement and material possessions, how much more rewarding and valuable could our journey be with “more time, more money and more freedom to live a more meaningful life,” where that ultimate meaning is self-defined? That question is inspired by the blog, and is referenced in this month’s feature article. Living more simply can be accomplished in a lot of ways, and is unique for each of us. Not only can it impact our personal journey toward more time, money and freedom, it can also contribute to positively impacting nature, climate and the shrinking world around us. Whether it is decluttering a room, moving to a more restful locale, buying from a local farmer or working for sustainable corporate reform—by turning to simpler, sustainable and more conscious ways of living, we can collectively have a positive impact, because we all ultimately strive for the same thing—to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

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Fresh Approaches to Autumn Flavors


Simple Steps to Well-Being

18 LESS STUFF, MORE JOY Ways to Live Simpler and Lighter on Mother Earth



Lifestyle Choices to Lower Disease Risks

26 WATER SCARCITY WOES A Global Problem That’s Getting Worse

28 CANNABIS AND CANINES How Cannabidiol Benefits Dogs

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news briefs

- FALL 2021 Inner Peace Holistic Expo Hamburg Field House Pine Street Hamburg 19526 For Directions: November 6th & 7th | Sat. 10am-6pm • Sun. 10am-5pm

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For more information or booth rental, call Nancy @ 610.401.1342

Advanced Thermal Imaging offers Screenings in Mechanicsburg


fter 16 years of serving patients in Columbia, Pamela Howard, DC, CTT, of Advanced Thermal Imaging, has moved her operations solely to her Mechanicsburg location, conveniently Dr. Pamela Howard accessible from Interstate 81, the PA Turnpike off Route 15, just north of Dillsburg and south of Harrisburg. Her practice of digital infrared thermal imaging, also known as thermography, provides a non-invasive, painless, nonradioactive screening of the body that acts as a biomarker for early identification of problem areas in both women and men that could signify current or future disease. Howard’s commitment to help others learn about their health by providing a screening service to as many women as possible remains, and all patients, both new and returning, are invited to schedule their yearly screenings at the Mechanicsburg location. Location: 550 Coventry Dr., Mechanicsburg, PA. To schedule an appointment, call 1-866522-3484 or visit See listing, page 34.

On the Spiritual Path ? Need Answers ? PSYCHIC ANGEL READINGS & SPIRITUAL SUPPORT via email · phone · zoom · in-person

Nourish Your Soul with Catherine M Laub

Psychic Medium, Best Selling Author & Mental Health Speaker

Working with Catherine was such an awesome experience. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable with my newest chapter in life. Her gift and heart for people is so evident and her bubbly spirit is absolutely contagious. I have no doubt that she will help hundreds of people who need guidance in their life!


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H2L Studio Offering Personal Training


2L Studio will be offering personal training sessions starting in November which can be customized to meet individual goals and cater (L to R) Myka Mills, to any injuries or Lauren Roy and limitations. Three Amanda Martin certified personal trainers are now on staff at H2L. Myka Mills is an ACSM/ACE-certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. A seasoned strongman competitor, Mills won the distinction of Pennsylvania’s Strongest Woman in 2009. Lauren Roy is an AAAI/ ISMA-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and a certified sports nutrition consultant. Amanda Martin is an ACE-certified personal trainer with certifications as a sports performance specialist and fitness nutrition specialist and has an undergraduate degree in exercise science and coaching from Shippensburg University. Free consultation. Location: 2151 Fisher Rd., Ste. 103, Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 717-697-4425, email Info@ or visit See ad, page 17.

Dogs Need Massage Too


awn Tule, licensed massage therapist and owner of Mella Luna Studios, is offering an online class via Zoom from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., October 20. She calls it, “A great bonding experience and Dawn Tule way to help keep your animal friends healthy and happy! Participants will learn massage techniques to use on their dog. Topics include why massage is helpful, when to not use massage, different massage techniques and emergency acupressure points. Handouts are included. Cost is $40. Location: 9 N. Baltimore Ave., Mt. Holly Springs. Register by Oct. 14 at 717-486-7823, email dtulemassage@yahoo. com. For more information, visit MellaLuna See listing, page 33. October 2021


news briefs

Align, Divine and Unwind at Ascension Holistics


essica M. Miller, owner of Ascension Holistics, is a 550-RYT registered yoga teacher and reiki master teacher, certified in foot and full-body reflexology, with more than 30 years working with gemstones. She will host an open house from 1 to 4 p.m., October 16, to introduce the center. She states, “I am open in my new wellness center with online, private, small group and corporate services available.” They offer holistic techniques for balance, growth, empowerment and stress management, including aura scans, gemstone and tarot sessions, handmade reiki-blessed jewelry, healy sessions, healy for the home, meditation, reflexology, reiki, yoga classes, yoga clinic, yoga nidra, moon phase meditation classes. Sessions are by appointment only. One-on-one, small group, special and corporate event sessions are available. Location: 1004 E. Walnut St., Palmyra. For appointments and more information, call 717-856-7367, email Info@ or visit See event listing, page 30.

coming in november

Conscious Dying plus Brain Health


South Central PA

Grand Opening at ReikiSpace


eiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place is expanding, and the grand opening of EnLIGHT10 will be held at 6:30 and 7:45 p.m., October 28. There will be live harp music with Brandy Yavicoli, exquisite food by Sara Cuthbert, door prizes and more. EnLIGHT10 offers sessions with the area’s elite healers and readers in a quiet and private unique space. Owner Rickie Freedman says, “In these challenging times, ReikiSpace consciously chooses to be an example of saying, ‘Yes!’ to creatively expanding and thriving!”

Location: 2793 Old Post Rd., Ste. 10, Harrisburg . For more information, call 717599-2299, email or visit See ad, page 9.

Yoga, Herbs and Lifestyle Practices for Immune Health!


illsburg Yoga owner Emily Gilmore will present a discussion of healthy, mindful and holistic practices to bolster natural immunity from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., November 6, online. The workshop will include a guided yoga practice. Gilmore is currently studying vitalist herbalism through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism to integrate the philosophies of yoga and herbalism in her teaching and work toward fostering an environment where people can make connections and develop stronger relationships with themselves, with others and with the Earth, our home. Preregister (required) at DillsburgYoga. com/event-details/yoga-herbs-lifestyle-practices-for-immune-health. For more information, call 717-502-2870 or email Emily@


Coming in January 2022

Herbal Studies Certificate Program With 6th generation local folk herbalist Susanna Reppert Brill. One full day per month for 10 months in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Call for more info & to register: 717-697-5111 ·

Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your modus operandi and change your world. ~Annie Lennox


ff e Now o


LAN I M P ULTS S CON -house ur in with o dontist Perio

Colonial dental Group

"We must be the change...." ~ Ghandi


Now offering consultations and second opinions with Dr. Tammy. 4940 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-901-7045 • www. com


October 2021


news briefs

There’s an App for That

T Celebrating our 18th YEAR of offering Yoga to Central PA








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he Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation has created Smartphone Apps for Your Outdoor Adventures, a compilation of 180 apps to guide people on outdoor adventures through 121 state parks and more than 2 million acres of forest ( The guide features links to easily download the app of choice, including the cost of the app, user rating and associated website. Compiled in chart form, the apps are sorted according to subject, such as stargazing, nature identification, fishing, boating, hunting, trails, weather, scavenger hunting apps and more. Apps can be valuable tools to help users plan ahead to unplug while outdoors, tracking physical health goals or for finding a moment of Zen. The foundation also offers publications on how to get started with horseback riding, crosscountry skiing, hunting, fishing and where to find them. Other topics include How to Choose a Water Purifier and Pet First-Aid. For more information, visit


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Exercise More to Counter Risks of Poor Sleep

Eat Strawberries to Improve Blood Vessel Health

Poor sleepers can cut their health risks by exercising more, reports a new study of 380,055 middle-age people in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Both physical inactivity and poor sleep are independently linked to a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and death, but Australian researchers found that more exercise lowers the consequence of poor sleep. People that ate better, drank less alcohol and were more physically active also tended to sleep better. The lower the sleep score, the higher were risks of death from any cause, including cardiovascular disease and ischemic stroke. Those at the bottom of the scales with both poor sleep scores and little physical activity had a 57 percent higher risk of death from any cause. People that were younger, female, thinner or better off financially tended to have healthier sleep scores, as did those that ate more fruits and vegetables, spent less time seated, had no mental health issues, never smoked, didn't work shifts, drank less alcohol and were more physically active.

Drink Green Tea to Ward Off Flu

charlotte may/

Green tea, a staple of Japanese culture now enjoyed in many American homes, contains compounds called catechins that have significant antiviral activity against influenza, report researchers from Thailand’s University of Phayao in the journal Molecules. They analyzed eight studies involving 5,048 people and found that gargling or drinking green tea reduced the risk of influenza by 33 percent in randomized controlled trials and by 48 percent in longitudinal cohort studies.

Consider Barberry to Reduce Diabetes Markers Barberries (Berberis integerrima), the tart, red fruits that grow on bushes, have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for digestive issues, and now evidence has emerged from Iranian researchers that barberry extract can help lower Type 2 diabetes markers. For eight weeks, 30 patients were given 1,000 milligrams of barberry extract daily, along with the standard anti-diabetic medication metformin, while another 35 patients were given only metformin. Afterwards, fasting blood sugar levels were significantly lower among the barberry group as were HbA1c levels, which measure blood sugar levels for two to three months. petra kopásková/

anete lusina/

A new study from Chicago’s Illinois Institute of Technology demonstrates that strawberries increase flow in blood vessels and reduce systolic blood pressure. In the randomized, controlled, double-blind trial, overweight and obese adults with moderately high cholesterol were assigned to drink either a beverage containing 25 grams of freeze-dried strawberry powder or a similar drink without the strawberry powder twice daily for four weeks, followed by a four-week washout period. An hour after consumption, the strawberry powder improved flow-mediated dilation, indicating healthier blood pressure function; systolic blood pressure was lower even four weeks later.

blue bird/

health briefs

October 2021


conscious eating

Fall Fruits for Savory Dishes fresh approaches to autumn flavors

beton studio/

by April Thompson


ove over, summer berries and stone fruits—‘tis the season for a cornucopia of fall fruits, including crunchy apples, chewy figs and tart pomegranates. By taking a page from the playbooks of orchard chefs, home cooks can flex the unique flavors and health powers of these autumn delights with savory mains and sides. Fall fruits boast many healthful properties, from the apple’s plentiful soluble fiber and vitamin C to heart-healthy lycopene and beta-carotene found in orange-skinned persimmons. Pears are also loaded with pectin, which helps lower cholesterol, fight diabetes and promote gut health. Opting for light, savory prepara14

South Central PA

tions of fruit such as seasonal salads and soups over sugary desserts makes them an even healthier choice. Healdsburg, California, restauranteur Kyle Connaughton creates dishes highlighting different fruit varieties for his restaurant’s 11-course menu, which changes daily. “This region was actually known for its heirloom apples and cider-making long before it was known for wine. We have these incredible heirloom fruits, including experimental varietals from the 1800s that no one even knows what they are. So many varietals got lost in the quest to grow fruit bigger and faster,” says Connaughton, who runs SingleThread Farms with his wife Katina. Their 25 acres include an heirloom fruit orchard, olive trees, beehives, grapevines and chicken coops that supply fresh ingredients to their three-Michelin-star restaurant. “Some pear varieties are very crisp and dense, and poach and roast well, whereas other soft-skin varieties are better pureed into drinks or sorbet,” says Connaughton. He creates dishes that celebrate all of the season’s bounty, and in California, fall brings persimmons and Dungeness crab. “Persimmons have a fibrous texture that don’t blend well into sauces and don’t freeze well for things like sorbets, which we like to make with other fall fruits like pomegranate. We prefer to use them in savory dishes, like a first course of cold steamed crab with persimmon.” The orchard also grows Asian pears, which SingleThread Farms tends to use raw, often paired with raw fish. “Asian pears are very crisp, but not incredibly sweet, with an undertone of acidity. It has the watery crunch of a jicama that makes a nice backdrop for raw fish dishes like sashimi,” says Connaughton. While the restaurant’s innovative menu focuses on small bites in curious combinations, the Connaughtons frequently have a simple family meal before the dinner service. In autumn, they will often toss together a salad featuring local goat or blue cheese; bitter chicory, frisee or radicchio greens; roasted fall hazelnuts or walnuts; and figs, persimmons or pomegranates from the orchard, served with a vinaigrette made with pomegranate molasses and macerated shallots. The pink-fleshed, mountain rose apple, an autumn specialty of the Hood River Fruit Loop region of Oregon, often makes its way into salads at the dinner table of Katrina McAlexander, a thirdgeneration farmer and owner of Grateful Vineyard, in Mount Hood. This 51-acre orchard and vineyard, brewery, winery and tasting room boasts more than 500 fruit varieties, including 150

marina gorskaya/ Image courtesy of USA Pears marina gorskaya/ Image courtesy of USA Pears marina gorskaya/

kinds of apples alone. Grateful Vineyard hosted the cooking competition show Top Chef this year for a Fruit Loop challenge, with competitors coming up with savory dishes such as pear risotto and scallops with an apple shallot relish. McAlexander’s fall salads often feature fennel, herbs and arugula, topped with croutons made from leftover pizza dough. Pears and apples from the orchard also get pickled, a nod to McAlexander’s Swiss heritage. One of the vineyard tasting room’s signature dishes is an orchard pear pizza, with Anjou pears, caramelized onion and other savory ingredients on a base of olive oil and a long-ferment crust. The kitchen also uses pears in a vegan ceviche, tossing them with red onion, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and lime. As the weather starts to shift, fruit adds a nice dimension to warming soups for chilly fall days. Adding cooked apples or pears to classics like puréed carrot or squash soup provides an extra dose of sweetness and fiber; sneak in fall greens like kale for even more nutrients. Fruits also help fill out hearty grain bowls alongside fall veggies like carrots, arugula and sweet potato, particularly paired with nutty grains like farro. Connect with Washington, D.C., freelance writer April Thompson at

Pear and Lentil Salad Salad: A few handfuls of arugula A few handfuls of spinach ½ pear, sliced into thin slices 2 Tbsp chopped pecans ¼ cup cooked lentils ¼ cup pomegranate seeds ¼ cup feta or goat cheese Dressing: 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard ¼ cup olive oil 2 Tbsp maple syrup ¼ tsp cinnamon Salt and pepper Pour a desired amount of dressing onto the salad and toss. Store the rest in the fridge.

Pear Barley Salad Salad: ⅓ cup walnuts 1 cup uncooked barley 1 cup cooked chickpeas 2 green Anjou pears, divided ⅓ cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes ¾ cup crumbled feta ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley 1 handful baby arugula Dressing: 3 Tbsp red onion, minced ¼ cup apple cider vinegar ⅓ cup olive oil 2 tsp maple syrup 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp dried oregano ½ tsp sea salt ¼ tsp pepper Cook barley according to package instructions. Drain. Toast walnuts in a small skillet. Let cool. Add minced onion in a small bowl with the vinegar and let marinate while you prep the salad. Chop 1-½ pears and save remaining half for fanning and decorating the salad. Add cooked barley, chickpeas, pear, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, parsley and feta to a large bowl. Mix the remaining dressing ingredients with the vinegar and red onion, and whisk until combined. Pour dressing over salad mixture and toss to coat. Taste and season with additional salt and pepper, if needed. Recipe by Brittany Mullins (@eatingbirdfood), courtesy of USA Pears.

Recipe by Maria Roberts (@spinach4breakfast), courtesy of USA Pears.

October 2021


fit body

WALK ABOUT Simple Steps to Well-Being by Laura Paisley Beck stead of drive, go for it. If you’re stuck indoors, schedule 15-to-20-minute walks in your calendar.” It’s important to put it in the calendar because, he says, “You have to make it real.” McClerkin recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking a day to increase blood flow throughout the entire body, especially the legs.

grigory bruev /

Oh, the Places to Go


eople that wear a fitness watch get a little buzz on the wrist as a reminder to get more steps in each hour, but many ignore the simple opportunity that exists to exercise upright for free anytime and anywhere. “Yes, we take walking for granted,” says Alexia McClerkin, a Houston chiropractor whose clients include professional and elite athletes. “Most people only walk as far as it takes to get to their car.”

Sitting is the New Smoking According to On Your Feet America, Americans sit 10 hours or more each day, and that sedentary habit is considered hazardous to our health. It may contribute to climbing obesity rates in the U.S., currently at 44.5 percent among those ages 40 to 59. Today’s most common preventable diseases are directly linked to obesity, the key word being “preventable.” Walking briskly daily has proven to increase metabolism, lower both blood pressure and resting heart rates, and burn calories. Other benefits include improving mobility, equilibrium and stamina. Benjamin Horning, a Laguna Hills, California, chiropractor and author of A Kid’s Guide to a Healthy Spine, says, “I’m a big believer that movement is life. I recommend that if you can move, get moving. Walking is a good starting point. If you can walk in16

South Central PA

In the U.S., dogs and humans face similar obesity statistics with similar obesityrelated health issues like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Taking dogs out for brisk walks helps prevent and reduce those risks. Horning says that people may not realize how walking a dog conditions their own bodies. With natural surfaces like grassy or gravel trails and dirt paths, “there are so many neurobiological adjustments you’re making,” he says. Every nature walk provides an opportunity for our bodies to practice balance and sharpen its reflexes.

Foundation Fundamentals “Proper shoes make a world of difference,” McClerkin says. They can help prevent plantar fasciitis, hammertoe and many other causes of pain and discomfort. Anya Jensen, of, a shoe review website, suffered painful foot health issues and discovered the lifechanging results of wearing “barefoot” shoes, which have a flat sole and high flexibility. Now she makes it her mission to educate others that fashion doesn’t have to compromise health. “Walking was an important part of my health journey,” she says. “The feet literally are your foundation when you’re walking. Walking in

pointed-toed shoes, you’re missing out on so many benefits for your physical health.” Jensen walks with her kids daily in nature and is proud of their mobility. “With the kids, we need a destination and we pack snacks,” she says. “I like how the world has opened up to us because we’re prepared. We’re wearing the right shoes. We can encounter hills, rocks or the right tree.”

yoga pilates fitness guide

Heads Up

MECHANICSBURG H2L STUDIO 2151 Fisher Rd., Ste. 103 • 717-697-4425 See ad, page 17.

McClerkin and Horning both ask patients to be mindful of their limitations when taking on a new physical activity and to be careful to prevent injuries when adding brisk walks to a daily routine for the first time. “Too heavy a walk on cement and other hard surfaces like roads can cause shin splints,” McClerkin says. “Walk on a track to prevent injuries from an uneven surface.” “Just be responsible,” says Horning. “Walking is so beneficial. The basics of health just can’t be ignored or taken for granted.” Humans walk upright on two feet, unlike any other animal on Earth. Walking allows us to connect with our bodies and environment in a very special way, something we can take advantage of instead of taking for granted. Let’s go for a walk. Laura Paisley Beck is a freelance writer in Madison, Wisconsin. Reach out at

Tips for Healthy Walking n Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. n Fuel up with whole foods like fruit

and nuts.


PHYSICAL THERAPY CAMP HILL ZANG PHYSICAL THERAPY 3514 Trindle Rd. • 717-440-6197 See ad, page 10.

PILATES CAMP HILL ABSOLUTE PILATES 3514 Trindle Rd. • 717-585-2592 HARRISBURG ABSOLUTE PILATES AND BARRE 4411 Linglestown Rd. • 717-516-1592 MECHANICSBURG ABSOLUTE PILATES AND BARRE 132 Walden Way • 717-585-2592

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YOGA STUDIOS DILLSBURG DILLSBURG YOGA 5 Harrisburg Pike • 717-502-2870 LEMOYNE JUST PLAIN YOGA 1200 Market St. • 717-975-YOGA See ad, page 12. LYKENS WILD ONE YOGA, LLC 527 Market St. • 717-559-3346 MECHANICSBURG H2L STUDIO 2151 Fisher Rd., Ste. 103 • 717-697-4425 See ad, page 17. MT HOLLY SPRINGS MELLA LUNA STUDIOS 9 N. Baltimore Ave. • 717-486-7823

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n Stretch before and after walking. n Wear proper shoes with good arch

support and wide toe boxes.

n Wear wicking clothing layers,

reflective for dark hours.

n Invite canine friends. n Have a regular walking buddy to

keep each other committed.

n Keep the pace/heart rate up, perhaps

using a fitness watch to stay on track.

n Consider adding poles for a full

body workout and increased stability. October 2021


Less Stuff, More Joy Ways to Live Simpler and Lighter on Mother Earth by Ronica O’Hara


hen holistic wellness coach and personal trainer Sergio Rojas saw his contract with a trucking company terminated by the pandemic, he and his wife Krista turned it into an opportunity to step away from a life of too much stuff and over-scheduled activities. “When life gets too complicated and there’s too much going on, you get stressed and irritated easier,” he says. “You don’t feel connected to yourself.” The couple sold their 4,200-square-foot house in Dubuque, Iowa, along with 85 percent of their belongings and spent eight months living out of suitcases exploring the southeastern United States and Latin America with their 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. “We wanted our kids to see what it’s like to downsize, to live with less,” says Rojas. After considering Vancouver and Miami, they settled in the Atlanta area in a townhouse half the size of their Iowa home 18

South Central PA

not far from extended family. “A simpler life lets you focus on what’s important,” he says. “We have deep, deep conversations with our kids, and dinner can be a two-and-a-half-hour experience, with a game of cards and singing songs.” Not everyone moves in such dramatic fashion toward a simpler lifestyle, but thanks in part to the lessons of COVID-19, intentionally living with less is gaining currency across the country. “The pandemic gave us an uninvited sample of a more minimalist and simple life, and we have all become acutely aware of what feels good to let go of and what’s really important to us,” says minimalist blogger Ema Hidlebaugh, of According to research from the multinational consulting firm Accenture, the pandemic made consumers more mindful of purchases, more conscious of food waste and more interested in sustainable, local options. Other polls found that two out of

cups. As one woman told her, “I’ve just realized I’m working my fingers to the bone to provide a home for my furniture!”

three Americans adopted more eco-friendly habits during the pandemic, and that 52 percent are open now to living in a van. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for simpler living; each person crafts what best fits their values and needs. Three common strands have emerged: minimalist simplicity—living with less clutter and busyness; ecological simplicity—living with the sustainability of the planet as the priority; and conscious simplicity—driven by deep personal and spiritual values. The approaches can overlap, yet each has its unique flavor. None has an end stage: All are dynamic explorations and encourage continual experimentation and growth.


Minimalist Simplicity

With time, they often merge together. In an in-depth study published in the International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology, people living long-term minimalist lifestyles reported spending more time with family and friends, volunteering, engaging in pro-ecological behaviors, making sustainable and ethical purchases, and choosing to spend money on experiences rather than material objects. They described their mental space as a feeling of clear-headedness, spaciousness and lightness, and some said that stripping back to minimal possessions enabled them to strip back to their true identity. Moving toward simplicity often starts with a decision—sometimes thrust upon us—to reconsider how to spend our energy. “Whatever you own, owns you,” counselled pacifist, mystic and environmental activist Peace Pilgrim in the 1980s—a sobering thought, given that the average American household is estimated to hold 300,000 separate items, from T-shirts to coffee

Minimalism involves “owning less, practicing sufficiency and improving the quality of life by not indulging in consumerism,” says Aniruddha Pangarkar, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, whose study on the topic appeared in the Journal of Business Research. “By practicing minimalism, consumers can achieve life-goals through experiencing well-being, satisfaction, happiness and peace.” A 2019 YouGov survey reported that 17 percent of Americans describe themselves as minimalists, 23 percent would like to become one and 31 percent have no interest in the idea. Historically, minimalism in America goes back to the Quakers and Henry David Thoreau’s writings, but it gained new life in 2014 with Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She says holding each object and asking, “Does it spark joy?” If it doesn’t, thank it and toss it, she advises. After her Netflix series ran in 2019, thrift stores reported a dramatic upswing in donations. Because research suggests that clutter is linked to depression, fatigue and higher levels of stress, decluttering alone can be lifechanging. Journalist Ellen Pober Rittberg, of Brooklyn, moved into a one-room studio when she downsized from her house. “I could have chosen a one-bedroom apartment, but it would have meant more places to put things that I probably didn’t need to acquire,” she says. Asking if something “sparks joy” can also be applied to everything from friendships to jobs to food and finances, whittling away what is not essential. As millennials are discovering, renting instead of owning a home frees up weekends for fun instead of home repairs. Using Lyft or Uber and mass transit saves money otherwise spent on car loans, repairs and gas. Spurning designer brands opens up funds for trips to Yellowstone or Iceland. “Even though everyone embraces minimalism differently, each path leads to the same place: a life with more time, more money and more freedom to live a more meaningful life,” advise Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus in their top-rated blog, which has 20 million followers. “Getting started is as simple as asking yourself one question: How might your life be better if you owned fewer material possessions?”

Ecological Simplicity This green approach means “to choose ways of living that touch the Earth more lightly and that reduce our ecological impact on the web of life,” writes eco-activist Duane Elgin in his seminal book Voluntary Simplicity. Half a century ago, the Whole Earth Catalog kicked off the movement with its Earth-centered living strategies. Today, thousands of websites and books offer stepby-step ecological advice, recycling has become commonplace, electric cars are the hottest sellers and according to the National Retail Federation, 70 percent of American consumers value sustainability in products. October 2021


“With conscious simplicity, we can seek lives that are rich with experiences, satisfaction and learning, rather than packed with things,” writes Elgin. Sometimes passion is the driver. Alex Honnold, the renowned rock climber profiled in Free Solo, lived in a van for 10 years while scaling Yosemite’s El Capitan and other formidable peaks. He donates one-third of his income to global solar power initiatives. Millennials like him are finding stuff less enticing: The Harris Group reports that 72 percent of them say they would rather spend money on experiences than material things. A study from San Francisco State University found that the happiness of buying something new like a car or a laptop fades over time, while spending money on an experience provides joy long after the experience has ended. Deeply held values can mandate a simpler life. Ross Martinie Eiler found his calling 15 years ago when he read about the voluntary poverty of the Catholic Worker Movement, which offers hospitality to the homeless in 178 centers worldwide. “It struck me as an authentic way of living that’s true to the beauty and goodness of the religion,” he says. Today his life is built around the Bloomington, Indiana, Catholic Worker community. He, his wife Andrea and their four children live communally in four houses with other members and guests, sharing meals, belongings and easy-going conversations with the homeless. He tunes pianos part time for money, half of which he donates to the community. For fun, he pounds the keys in a rollicking boogie-woogie band. The committed communal life isn’t always easy. “Every day there’s a new challenge that needs a new approach. Against my will, I’ve been forced to become a better person,” he chuckles. “I have little money on paper—I’m probably in the bottom 10 percent—but I don’t need anything. And yeah, I feel it’s very right for me.” chinnapong/

Lowering our impact on the planet means living more simply with less. Among other strategies, this means going without household plastics or lawn chemicals; gardening and buying local produce in season to lower shipping emissions; choosing equipment and clothes made to last many years; and reducing energy consumption at home, work and on the road. Sustainable living can be as simple as using a personal mug when ordering a latte or as complex as joining a stockholders’ rebellion to force sustainable corporate policies. It also can mean returning to the simpler practices of yesteryear, such as line-drying clothes and bonding more closely with the natural world. For Barbi Gardiner, owner of The Outdoor Apothecary, in Plainfield, Connecticut, embracing a simpler, sustainable

lifestyle after leaving a high-pressure job meant “adopting a do-it-yourself attitude” that included starting a permaculture garden, composting, raising chickens, foraging and cooking wild food, and creating healing remedies from homegrown and foraged herbs. “Nature is the medicine for what ails us,” she says.

Conscious Simplicity Deeply held values, not money and possessions, shape this form of simpler living, sometimes called soulful or conscious simplicity. Its focus is on life-enhancing experiences, inner growth, spirituality, natural health, creativity, nurturing relationships and social action. Owning bling has little allure. 20

South Central PA

Denver-based health writer Ronica O’Hara can be contacted at

Living Lighter Checklist Some Ways to Up Our Game in Simpler Living MINIMALIST SIMPLICITY



n Buy only what we truly need

n Eat more plants, less meat

n Spend on experiences, not stuff

n Prune clothes and books

n Grow our own food

n Minimize shopping online

n Declutter, category by category

n Compost food scraps

n Repair, don’t replace

n Go plastic-free in the house

n Detox social media accounts

n Purchase for quality, not quantity

n Conduct a home energy audit

n Scale back TV and cable

n With each new purchase, give

n Install solar for home energy

n Savor nature with a daily walk

n Use green cleaning supplies

n Plant trees locally

n Save water with toilet and

n Volunteer often

n Choose paperless receipts n Digitalize books and movies n Use a budgeting app to

lower expenses n Reduce food waste n Go slow: slow food, slow fashion n Consider moving into a

smaller space n Unsubscribe from catalogs

and retail emails n Give away clothes not worn

for a year n Re-examine social commitments n Use reusable tote bags

for shopping n Eliminate duplicates n Drive less and walk, bike and

ride mass transit more

shower eco-devices n Air-dry clothes n Switch to an electric or

hybrid vehicle n Buy quality clothes in

natural fabrics n Recycle whenever possible

n Commit to a cause n Use holistic medicine

practitioners n Take a personal growth course n Meditate or pray daily n Explore yoga, tai chi or

a martial art

n Buy pre-used items

n Take up a creative pursuit

n Use reusable bags and

n Explore the local area

food containers n Make DIY beauty products

and cleaners n Volunteer for local eco-activities n Boycott products that

endanger wildlife

n Sign petitions or organize drives n Get involved in a worthy cause n Invest to delegitimize fossil

fuels and deforestation n Donate to worthy environmental

or social causes

n Campaign for environmental

policies and candidates


away something old

and offline

October 2021


healing ways

Healthy Breast Basics Lifestyle Choices to Lower Disease Risks by Sandra Yeyati


South Central PA



ne in eight women in the United States develops breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. “Notably, only five to 10 percent can be blamed on inherited gene mutations, and merely 13 percent of women with breast cancer have a first-degree relative with a history of disease,” says Kristi Funk, a board-certified breast surgeon in Santa Monica, California, and medical director of “It’s empowering to realize that the causes for the vast majority of breast cancer are under our control in the choices we make every day.” “Whenever you lift fork to mouth, you move closer to cancer, or farther away,” says the author of Breasts: The Owner’s Manual—a vegan proponent. “Plants, legumes and whole grains provide nutritional armor for your cells, decreasing cancer risk. They release molecules that scavenge free radicals, eliminate carcinogens, prevent and repair DNA damage, identify and destroy harmful cells, inhibit the supply of blood to tumors, stimulate the immune system, regulate hormone metabolism and reduce inflammation.” Funk recommends regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, soy, ground flaxseed, berries, matcha green tea, mushrooms, turmeric, aloe vera, garlic, onion, chives and cacao. Functional doctor Elizabeth Boham, the medical director of Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, proposes a balance of animal and vegetable protein, as long as the animal sources are good, like eggs, salmon or grass-fed beef without antibiotics. “Organic, non-GMO soy like tofu

or edamame may decrease a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but avoid bad soy that’s added to processed food, including soybean oils and soy lecithins,” she advises. “I also suggest cutting back on dairy for women at high risk of breast cancer because it naturally contains growth hormones, which may cause things to grow in our body that we don’t want to grow.” Citing a clear association between alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk, Boham recommends eliminating or moderating drinks to no more than five a week. She also highlights the importance of seven to nine hours of sleep and relaxation techniques to improve stress response. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important. “Our body fat is where hormones get turned into estrogen, which has been associated with an increase in breast cancer,” Boham says, adding that 35 grams of fiber per day will feed healthy bacteria in the gut which helps eliminate used-up estrogen and other toxins. “Avoid xenoestrogens, too, which can act on the estrogen receptor, such as BPA in plastics and store receipts, parabens in skincare products and pesticides and herbicides on lawns and in non-organic foods.” Boham suggests eliminating refined and processed carbohydrates like bread, white rice and cookies, which cause blood sugar to spike and the body to produce insulin, the hormone that lowers blood sugar after every meal. “Over time, people develop insulin resistance, causing it to produce even more insulin to do its job. Those high levels of insulin can encourage cancer growth,” she explains. Carlos Garcia, M.D., director of the Utopia Cancer Center (, in Oldsmar, Florida, and author of Cancer is a Symptom, uses liver and gallbladder flushes, colonic irrigations and coffee enemas to help the body purge toxins. “Gut flora imbalances compromise the immune response and nutritional absorption. Yearly colonic irrigation with recolonization is essential in the prevention of disease,” he explains. Some women experience breast tenderness or pain and lumpy, bumpy breast tissue; having dense breasts can increase breast cancer risk, Boham says, noting that too much caffeine or an iodine deficiency can exacerbate these symptoms. She recommends consuming less coffee and more iodine-rich foods like nori, kelp powder or seafood. According to Boham, there isn’t enough good research to say that we should never wear underwire bras, but good lymphatic flow and circulation to the area is important and can be facilitated with daily movement, exercise and sweating to remove stuck toxins and support the detoxification system. Boham says many women find their breast cancer during a self-exam. “Know your own body. If something looks or feels different, if you feel a lump that shouldn’t be there or see a shift in the skin, a dimpling or a pulling, have it checked. It’s often nothing, but you could find the cancer early, which makes all the difference in the world.”

A Life Changing

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Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer and editor. Reach her at October 2021


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photo credit: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

therapy spotlight

Using Thermography for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment


by Sheila Julson

reast thermography is a form of thermal imaging that uses an infrared camera to sense heat and record patterns of inflammation and blood flow on or near the surface of the skin. Because it is noninvasive and does not involve radiation, thermography can be used as a risk assessment tool by identifying where inflammatory problems are developing. Techniques such as mammography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rely primarily on finding an existing physical tumor. Thermography works by detecting the heat produced by increased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes associated with a tumor’s growth. By tracking variations in normal blood vessel activity, it may locate areas that suggest a precancerous state of the breast. Breast thermography is performed in a temperature-controlled setting. Patients will disrobe from the waist up, allow the surface of the breasts to cool to room temperature, and then raise their arms to have the images taken. On the thermogram images, “hot spots”, or inflammatory responses from the body, appear red compared to surrounding tissue, which shows as yellow, green or blue. The first session provides a baseline, or “thermal thumbprint”. Patients return for subsequent sessions to check whether patterns have changed.

Breast thermography dates to 1956, when Dr. Ray Lawson, a Canadian surgeon, published “Implications of Surface Temperatures in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.” This paper included a picture of a large breast mass demonstrating temperature variation with surrounding breast tissue. Lawson’s hypothesis kicked off decades of research to advance breast thermography as a supplemental risk assessment tool for preventive wellness. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared thermography for use with another screening or diagnostic test such as mammography. It should not be used in place of mammography to detect, diagnose or screen for breast cancer.

Local Resources

Advanced Thermal Imaging is located at 550 Coventry Dr., in Mechanicsburg (1-866-5223484; See listing, page 34. Aqua Blue Wellness Center is located at 2435 Old Philadelphia Pike, in Smoketown (717656-8615; Shalom Thermography is located within Heath Chiropractic & Wellness Center at 14 W. Main St., in Landisville (717-530-5555;

coming in the november mental health issue

Brain Health

plus: Conscious Dying

October 2021


green living

Water Scarcity Woes A Global Problem That’s Getting Worse by Jeremiah Castelo


By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in areas of water stress as people will be unable to access the water they need. Climate change, population growth, agricultural demands and mismanagement of water resources all contribute to the growing water crisis. The world’s population will rise to 9.7 billion by 2050, leaving even more people in water-stressed conditions. An estimated 60 percent of all surface water on Earth comes from river basins shared by separate nations and almost 600 aquifers cross national boundaries. In places where water is already scarce, this can lead to geopolitical conflict. Three in 10 people on Earth currently do not have access to safe and clean water. According to the World Health Organization, 2.1 billion people do not have access to a safely managed water source. An estimated 263 million people must travel over 30 minutes to access water that isn’t clean, and 159 million still drink from untreated surface water sources. 26

South Central PA

den VIII/

ater scarcity is a legitimate concern. It is true that the hydrologic cycle, the process in which the Earth circulates water throughout its ecosystems, is a closed-loop cycle that neither adds nor takes away water. In theory, the amount of water on Earth will always remain the same. But problems occur when the hydrologic cycle is disrupted, causing some regions to grow arid while others get constant floods. The human activities that disrupt that process include the building of dams, the industrial pollution of waterways, the paving of roads, excessive drilling and bottled water privatization. Here are 10 of the most alarming water scarcity facts that the world is currently facing.

One in three people worldwide does not have access to a toilet. Around 2.3 billion people lack access to even basic sanitation services, forcing them to either practice open defecation or use pit latrines and buckets. Fecal contamination in the water supply is a major cause of deadly waterborne diseases such as hepatitis A, norovirus and E. coli. Annually, 1.6 million people die from waterborne diseases. Of the 5 million people that become ill from bad water, most are children. Water privatization causes harm. When corporations site water bottling operations in developing countries like India and Bolivia, they significantly deplete supplies needed by local farmers. In the U.S., when a struggling public water or electricity utility sells their rights to a private corporation, household water and sewer services typically become, respectively, 59 percent and 63 percent more costly. In the U.S., 2.1 trillion gallons of clean water is lost each year due to poor infrastructure, including old, leaky pipes and broken water mains. David Le France, CEO of the American Water Works Association, estimates that repairing America’s water infrastructure will be a trilliondollar program. Due to divided efforts in governmental decision making, adequate policies and budgeting are often difficult to come by.

trifonenko ivan/

Often, water burdens fall upon women, some of whom walk four miles a day just to fetch water that is likely contaminated. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, it takes about six hours to carry a 44-pound container of water from a source that often has the potential to make them sick, according to the Global Water Institute. One-third of the world’s largest aquifers are water-stressed. Underground aquifers are naturally replenished through rainfall and surface water, but a deficit occurs when more water is pumped out than

replenished. Eight of the biggest aquifers, including those in Saudi Arabia, northwestern India and Pakistan, are not being replenished at all. Meeting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals for the water crisis will cost $114 billion per year. Attaining these critical goals will be timeconsuming, expensive and may face political division. Yet the cost of not doing so is also high. Addressing healthcare needs due to water-related diseases and poor sanitation costs $260 billion globally each year. Water scarcity is real. To ignore it or to assume that it is only a problem of the

developing world is to be blind to the reality that the rest of the world is experiencing. Excessive water consumption and poor water management are factors that can be controlled. Supporting clean water initiatives will certainly help the movement against the global water crisis. Finally, educating ourselves and raising awareness is a task we should all take on. Jeremiah Castelo is the founder of World, which publishes information on water scarcity and purification methods. This article is excerpted and reprinted with permission.

Water Scarcity Solutions

1 2

Save Water Limit the use of water and of washing machines. Take short showers instead of full baths. Educate Empower people to help by showing them how to prevent and mitigate water scarcity problems now and in the future.


Recycle Water Learn about and employ available technologies to recycle rainwater and other water used at home.

4 5

Support Water Conservation Allocate money and time to help water conservation efforts around the world. Improve Farming Practices Farming and irrigation practices and technologies need to become more efficient.


Use Fewer Chemicals in Farming To ensure clean water and reduce water shortages, farmers need to decrease their use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which leads to groundwater pollution.


Improve Sewage Systems Improving sewage systems in underserved areas will help to provide clean drinking water and prevent disease and water scarcity.


Better Water Distribution Infrastructure To prevent severe water shortages in times of drought, efforts are needed to connect poor people in developing countries to public water supplies.


Support Clean Water Initiatives Donate money, time and skills to organizations worldwide that are working to bring clean water to areas that don’t have it. Source: Conserve Energy Future at

October 2021


natural pet

How Cannabidiol Benefits Dogs by Caroline Coile


truck with severe arthritis, Topper, a 7-year-old Ibizan Hound, was in such pain he could hardly walk. He had to be carried outside to eat or use the bathroom, and medication wasn’t working. On a friend’s recommendation, his owner, Christy Moore, of Florence, Arizona, gave him cannabidiol (CBD). “Within three days, he could walk on all four legs and I was crying tears of joy,” she recalls. “It was the miracle we needed.” Topper is among the thousands of furry family members that have found relief with CBD, one of 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis (hemp) plants. Success stories abound of how CBD has helped dogs overcome anxiety, reduce seizures and even beat cancer. Cannabinoids, including CBD and the psychoactive compound THC, are substances that mimic the naturally occurring chemicals produced in all vertebrates. Receptors for these endocannabinoids are found throughout the body, especially in the brain, nervous system and immune system, as well as the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, intestinal tract, muscles, bones and both the reproductive and circulatory systems. They

act as master regulators that signal other systems when to speed up or slow down, working to stabilize the body and return it to homeostasis. Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant affect these same receptors, each in slightly different ways. Unlike THC, which is toxic for dogs at prescribed human dosages, the most significant, documented side effects of CBD are diarrhea and changes in some liver enzyme values after several weeks. The main concern with CBD is that it inhibits cytochrome P450, a chemical in the body responsible for metabolizing most drugs. That means CBD could affect the effective potency of a prescribed drug.

What Research Shows

While thousands of reports on CBD’s effect on laboratory animals and humans have been published, only a few have been conducted with dogs or cats. Still, CBD seems promising for arthritis, anxiety, itchiness and possibly seizures, cancer and other maladies. ARTHRITIS: In a Cornell University study, some dogs were initially so decrepit that their owners considered euthanasia, but after just days on CBD

ITCHINESS: An Australian study found CBD reduced itchiness, inflammation and skin lesions by 51 percent after eight weeks of treatment. An American study also found CBD significantly reduced reports of itchiness. CANCER: Cannabinoids are reported to induce cancer cell death and prevent metastasis. A Cornell University study found that CBD along with a standard chemotherapy drug reduced cancer cell proliferation in vitro more than the chemotherapy drug alone. Anecdotal reports from veterinarians have claimed CBD shrunk cancer cells or put dogs into remission. BEHAVIOR: Despite those reports, no controlled study has shown CBD to be more effective than prescription medications in reducing anxiety. A University of Kentucky study found physiological measurements of anxiety in response to noise were not significantly different for CBD versus a placebo, and were worse compared to trazodone (a drug commonly prescribed for anxiety). A University of Western Australia study found shelter dogs with aggressive tendencies exhibited less aggression toward humans after two weeks of taking CBD. SEIZURES: Many anecdotal reports hail CBD’s success in combatting seizures in dogs, but the single controlled study delivered only moderate results. A Colorado State University study found CBD only worked with some dogs, and it reduced, but didn’t eliminate, seizures. OTHER: Evidence from laboratory animals supports CBD’s effectiveness in promoting bone healing, fighting infection, treating inflammatory bowel disease, slowing degenerative myelopathy, quelling nausea and relieving pain.

Choosing Wisely

Broad-spectrum products work better than isolated CBD because they use the whole cannabis plant. Choose those 28

South Central PA


Cannabis and Canines

they were trotting around and even climbing stairs. A Baylor University study found similar improvement.

with third-party certificates of analysis of potency and testing for heavy metals, mycotoxins or pesticides. Avoid human edible products that often contain ingredients such as xylitol that are toxic to pets. Aim for about 0.1 to 0.2 milligram per kilogram of a dog’s weight, given twice daily by mouth. Work up gradually, but beware that more is not always better with CBD, because sometimes the response is biphasic—it doesn’t work if they get too little or too much. Discuss CBD with a veterinarian, but realize that not all of them are familiar or comfortable with the subject. CBD, like many

supplements and drugs designed for humans and used on canines, is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Overall, the evidence is compelling that CBD can help some conditions. The endocannabinoid system is the largest system in the body and the least explored. CBD is not a miracle drug, but it may be the miracle our four-footed friends need. Caroline Coile, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer of 34 books, thousands of magazine and web articles, and an app, All About Dogs. Learn more at

Cannabidiol for Dogs by Dianne Wagman


annabidiol (CBD) does not make a dog intoxicated. Although CBD comes from cannabis plants, it does not produce the same euphoric intoxication as cannabis or THC. Preclinical and clinical research suggests that CBD may help treat medical conditions such as anxiety, inflammatory diseases and chronic pain. CBD is available in oral capsules, oils, tinctures, topical patches and edible products. Only high-quality CBD products should be purchased from reputable manufacturers and distributors.


CBD in correct dosages can be beneficial for dogs of most ages and sizes. For puppies teething, a drop on the fingertip rubbed on the gums can aid with pain and inflammation from new teeth coming in. However, CBD use is not suggested for calming active and healthy puppies. Puppies are full of energy and need lots of play time to build healthy muscle, connective tissue and healthy bones. In middle-aged dogs, it can help with anxiety or stress, aid in appetite, antiseizure, metabolism, immune response, affects from cancer or treatment side effects; sleep or help keep dogs calm while recovering from injury.

In older dogs it can help aid with pain management from arthritis, joint inflammation, loss of appetite, affects from cancer or treatment side effects, antiseizure, anxiety, mood, memory, movement and coordination.

Risks and Side Effects

While most animals tolerate CBD well, it can lead to adverse side effects in some breeds like collies. Possible side effects include drowsiness or fatigue; dry mouth; diarrhea; nausea; changes in mood, such as increased agitation and irritability; interactions with prescription or over-the-counter drugs; increased risk of sedation, drowsiness; increased or decreased appetite; and liver damage due to drug interactions. Levels higher than .03 percent of THC can cause liver damage. Those considering using CBD for their dog or pet should speak to a doctor or expert first. Dianne Wagman, VT, CMG, aPHR, is president and CEO of Hounds N Herbs, LLC. located at 2519 S. Queen St., in York. Olde Tollgate Village Shopping Center. 717-8049111. For more information, visit See listing, page 34. For more, see “CBD for Dogs” on page 32.

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Online: Dog Massage for Pet Parents – 6:308:30pm. With licensed therapist Dawn Tule. Learn massage techniques you can use on your dog. Learn why massage is helpful, when to not use massage and practice different massage techniques. $40. Via Zoom. Mella Luna Studios: 717-486-7823. Register:

Spirit of Oneness: Workshop Lineup – 10:30am5:40pm. Empaths with Eileen Strange; Psychic Gallery with Vanessa Codorniu; Intuitive Children with Tara Soto Regester; Therapeutic Music with Brandy Yavicoli; Hypnosis with Lynn Ralston; Sacred Geometry with Shawn Warnick; Moon Energy with Natalie Toma. Scottish Rite Cathedral, 2701 N 3rd St, Harrisburg. Spirit of Oneness: Music Lineup – 10:30am-6pm. Alan Dynin, Jazz Pianist; Collette Eckert, Acoustic; Janie Womack & Jody Echterling, Acoustic; Emmanuel Nsingani, Jazz Guitarist; Big Sky, Acoustic Band; Bumbada, Spiritual Drumming Troupe. Scottish Rite Cathedral, 2701 N 3rd St, Harrisburg.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 Spirit of Oneness: Workshop Lineup – 10:30am4:45pm. Communicating with the Other Side with Judy Kay; Psychic Gallery with William Stillman; CBD with Rolling Acres CBD; Reiki with Rickie Freedman; Traveling to Egypt with Bel Jones; Flowing with Personal Energy with Jofa Kauffman. Scottish Rite Cathedral, 2701 N 3rd St, Harrisburg. Spirit of Oneness: Music Lineup – 10:30am-5pm. Joe Cooney, Soft Rock; Charles Lee, R&B; Amanda Sachs, Jazz Vocalist; Kevin Neidig, Acoustic; Flowering Shimmies, Belly Dancing Troupe. Scottish Rite Cathedral, 2701 N 3rd St, Harrisburg.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6 New Moon Guided Meditation – 7-8pm. Set intention with this New Moon Guided Meditation. We will talk about what it means to work with moon phases in your meditation practice. Then experience a smudge ceremony with sage and gemstone cleansing. Followed by a guided new moon meditation. $20. Ascension Holistics. 1004 E Walnut St, Palmyra. Register: AscensionHolistics. com/book-here..

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7 Knowledge is Power: Essential Oils Raindrop – 6pm. Is it right for you? Learn about the Essential Oils Raindrop process and how it can benefit you. Free. The Center of Balance, LLC, 29 N Jefferson St, Greencastle. Registration required: 717-6431404.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 Outdoor Yoga at The Winery at Long Shot Farm – 10-11am. No need to pre-register for this all-levels yoga class. Please bring a yoga mat or large towel. $10. 1925 McClures Gap Rd, Carlisle Mella Luna Studios: 717-486-7823. Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Padre Pio Channeling – 10am-4pm. With Pat Cassel. Messages from Archangel Michael and the Angels and


South Central PA

savethedate WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20

potent healing energies from Mother Mary and Padre Pio are awaiting you. $100/hr, $60/30 mins. Gracefull Heart, 1953 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle. Preregister: 717-240-0400 or FUNraiser Labyrinth Walk for the Mateer’s – 10am-4pm. Norma & Joe Mateer have worked diligently to maintain their exceptional yard and labyrinth. Now they can use a little help. love meditation, sound healing, labyrinth walk and reiki. Love donation. 1408 Farmhouse Ln, Middletown. Reiki by Rickie: 717-599-2299.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10 Teatime with Tigerlily: That was Then, This is Now – 1-3pm. Susan Aughinbaugh presents an astrological view of world events. Learn how planets and alignments of 2020 can help you prepare for the future. Tea and snacks provided. $40. Mella Luna Studios, 9 N Baltimore Ave, Mt Holly Springs. 717-486-7823. Register:

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 Private Numerology Readings – 11am-6pm by appt. With Jofa Kauffman. 3 choices of readings. Will be contacted by Kauffman directly to set up a time for your reading. Provide your date of birth and full name as it appears on your birth certificate. $30 & up. Reiki by Rickie, ReikiSpace & Learning Place, 2793 Old Post Rd, Ste 10, Harrisburg. 717599-2299.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15 The Center of Balance Closed – Oct 15, 16 & 30. Closed for training; no services available. The Center of Balance, LLC, 29 N Jefferson St, Greencastle. 717-643-1404. Restorative Yoga with Reiki – 6-7:30pm. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in relaxing yoga poses using props and bolsters designed to release all tension. Enjoy the healing benefits of reiki energy. Space limited. $25. Mella Luna Studios, 9 N Baltimore Ave, Mt Holly Springs. 717-4867823. Pre-registration required: MellaLunaStudios.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17 Healing with Sacred Geometry Tools – 1:303:30pm. Introducing copper sacred geometry tools created by Marlin Peters. They activate Life Force Energy for pain relief/healing and can also trans-

Full Moon Guided Meditation – 7-8pm. Held every full moon. Set intention with this Full Moon Guided Meditation. We will talk about what it means to work with moon phases in your meditation practice. Then experience a smudge ceremony with sage and gemstone cleansing. Followed by a guided full moon meditation. $20. Ascension Holistics. 1004 E Walnut St, Palmyra. Register:

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21 Knowledge is Power: Reflexology (Foot & Body) – 6pm. Is it right for you? Learn about reflexology for foot/body and how it can benefit you. Free. The Center of Balance, LLC, 29 N Jefferson St, Greencastle. Registration required: 717-643-1404.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 Angelic Light Weaving – 1-5pm. A healing modality that uses energy transmitted from the angelic realm. The hand motions are encoded with information containing sacred geometry, colors and shapes known as light language. $150. Reiki by Rickie, ReikiSpace & Learning Place, 2793 Old Post Rd, Ste 10, Harrisburg. 717-599-2299. Intuitive Tarot Readings – 10am-4:30pm. With Judy Winfrey. Receive messages that offer clarity and guidance which can help you with everyday life as well as help open you to your own potential. $80/50 mins. Gracefull Heart, 1953 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle. Pre-register: 717-240-0400 or Info@

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27 Shamanic Journey and Sound Healing Around the Stargate – 7-9pm. With Linda Gareh-Applegate, Holly Blyler, Sharon Askey. Relax, rejuvenate and rebalance with potent sound healing. Sound can provide an opportunity to breakdown patterns no longer serving you. $20. Gracefull Heart, 1953 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle. Pre-register: 717-240-0400 or

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 Healing Through Your Akashic Records – 1-5pm. With Bill Sanda. The Akashic Records are an energy field that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey, and those records are available to guide you through your present challenges. $50. Reiki by Rickie, ReikiSpace & Learning Place, 2793 Old Post Rd, Ste 10, Harrisburg. 717-599-2299.

ongoing events


sunday Weekly Celebration Service – 10am. In person Sunday Service with proper covid precautions at Unity of Harrisburg. Replay video is available at noon each Sunday on YouTube: “Unity of Harrisburg.” 927 Wertzville Rd, Enola. 717-732-9773.

monday Beginner Group Reformer – 9am. Join us for a group reformer class to help learn the basics of Pilates. Move better feel better and be healthy. First class free. Absolute Pilates, 132 Walden Way, Mechanicsburg. 717-585-2592.


savethedate SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Full-Body Reflexology Certification Class – Nov 6-7. 10am-4pm. Learn techniques in the Natural Electro-Magnetic Process for head-totoe alignments including hips, tailbone, shoulders, pelvic and much more. These techniques help to align the body and, in most cases, offer immediate relief of pain. Full-body reflexology will teach you techniques to promote healing of the body in a natural and restorative way. NCBTMB provider #155, 12 CEUs. $425/ course; $50 certification. Health Quest Holistics, 1517 N 7th St, Lebanon. 717-228-0612.

savethedate SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Inner Peace Holistic Expo – Nov 6 & 7. 10am-6pm, Sat; 10am-6pm, Sun. Holistic and natural products and services for a healthy mind, body & home, spiritual readings, crystals & gemstones, jewelry, massage, reiki, CBD products, pet wellness and more. $5/weekend, free admission for veterans. Hamburg Field House, Pine St, Hamburg. 610-401-1342.


savethedate SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13 Cumberland County Women’s Expo – 9am2pm. The Women’s Expo brings together women of all ages for shopping, entertainment, education, information and demonstrations. $5/ at door, free/pre-register online. Carlisle Expo Center, 100 K St, Carlisle. 717-285-1350.

tuesday Meditative Yoga – 10-11am. With Nancy Bie. Suitable for all levels. In this class move through gentle yoga poses, use breath work, and relax in the stillness of yin poses to create a meditative state. $10. Mella Luna Studios, 9 N Baltimore Ave, Mt Holly Springs. Register: 717-486-7823. Align & Unwind Yoga – 6-7pm. Also Thurs. This style embodies form functionality paired with breathwork and intention setting to create a powerful and transformative experience. We will discuss what it means to work with the power of intentions and the breath in your practice. Bring your own mat. $20. Ascension Holistics. 1004 E Walnut St, Palmyra. Register:

wednesday Self-Care in Nature – 10am-6pm. Our gates will be open for you to come walk the property, which includes a labyrinth and forest trails. Come enjoy being in nature. Free. Amethyst Retreat Center, 44 Buffalo Creek Rd, Duncannon.

thursday Gentle Yoga – 6-7pm. With Lisa Stets. This gentle flow yoga class is designed to increase balance and flexibility and help you find your center. Modifications are offered to be adaptable for all levels. $10. Mella Luna Studios, 9 N Baltimore Ave, Mt Holly Springs. Register: 717-486-7823.

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy® Addresses: Digestive disorders like IBS, Crohn’s, heartburn, elimination disorders and more; Women’s disorders like endometriosis, prolapse, infertility, PMS, depression with menstruation, as well as others; Men’s disorders like BPH, prostatitis, kidney disorders, some cases of infertility.

NOTE: For guidelines and to submit a classified listing, email Publisher@ Listings are $25 for up to 25 words, or $1 per word over 25 words. Deadline is the 1st, for the next month.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY START A CAREER YOU CAN BE PASSIONATE ABOUT – Publish your own Natural Awakenings magazine. Home-based business complete with comprehensive training and support system. New franchises are available or purchase a magazine that is currently publishing. Call 239-530-1377 or visit NaturalAwakenings. com/mymagazine.

ENERGY WORK BRENNAN HEALING SCIENCE – Create a bridge to your health through your vital energy system. Understand your energy field, understand yourself. Experience transformational healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Visit and Asha Scatchard, 717-843-5672.

HELP WANTED SALESPERSON/COMMUNITY LIAISON – Natural Awakenings is looking for experienced people with a passion for healthy, holistic and sustainable living to earn a generous commission working to grow the print and digital services of Natural Awakenings South Central PA as an independent contractor. Relationship-oriented sales, part-time or full-time, overachievers welcome! Email your resume to SONNEWALD NATURAL FOODS – Are you passionate about healthy and regenerative living? We are looking for individuals who are highly motivated, self-managing and team oriented! Applications available at See ad, back cover.

10 off


first private session

Studio also offers: Kundalini Yoga | Workshops Wellness Programs | Trainings

Bee Present Wellness 309 3rd St., New Cumberland

Jaque Hanson, CMT, E-RYT

717-448-1281 | |

Bee Present Wellness October 2021


Visit us online @

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CBD for Dogs for all local

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An extended version of the article from Dianne Wagman, President/ CEO of Hounds N Herbs, in York, provides a more detailed explanation of CBD and THC.

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NPR science correspondent Michaeleen Doucleff visited the Yucatan, Arctic Circle and Tanzania to explore how they raise happy, helpful children – with connection, responsibility and more ways to contribute.

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healthy kids Talking to Kids About Climate Change It’s important to have open, empathetic conversations with children about what’s happening on the planet with climate change, without over-dramatizing or sugarcoating the facts, yet inspiring them to be part of the solution.

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South Central PA

Intuitive flashes of knowing come easier when we’re free of anger or fear, and can be cultivated with meditation, creative projects, time in natu re and s o c i a l media sabbaticals.

wise words Hunter-Gatherer Parenting

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inspiration The Power of Intuition

Buy Nothing, a group formed to reduce waste through sharing, has grown to four million members in 44 countries. Local groups provide a free platform to give, ask, borrow and lend items. Food, clothing and toys are popular, with the proviso that nothing can be bought or sold.

global brief Global Industries Turn to Solar Power Production costs for solar energ y have dropped by 90 percent since 2009. New, more efficient s ol ar p anels w i l l lower costs even more. Solar economists in Finland say, “We’re going to see solar power plants all over the world.”

community resource guide


Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, visit and click on the “Advertise” link, then submit an “Advertising Inquiry Form”. To view a media kit, click on the “Advertise, then Overview” links.


Carolyn Romako & Pamela Howard 940 Century Dr, Ste D, Mechanicsburg 717- 610-4911 • We’ve been Central Pennsylvania’s center for compassionate, thorough and evidence-based acupuncture for 6 years. New location with new practitioners and services, including pain management, sports medicine, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopausal and fibromyalgia.

GIDDINGS ACUPUNCTURE PRACTICE, LLC AND ZEN & NOW APOTHECARY Rhonda Giddings 4814 Jonestown Rd, #101, Harrisburg 717-657-1951 •

A practice of healing art techniques from acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, herbs and energy work to help patients and clients reach their individualized optimal health and vitalized longevity.


Dawn R. Tule 9 N Baltimore Ave, Mt Holly Springs 717-486-7823 • Dawn provides compassionate service to deepen the understanding between you and your pet, whether in physical form or in spirit. Gain insight into what your animal friend is thinking and feeling.

BODYWORK ARVIGO MAYA ABDOMINAL THERAPY® 309 Third St, New Cumberland Jaque Hanson • 717-448-1281

The Arvigo ® session is a noninvasive treatment that repositions internal organs that have shifted by opening the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and Chi. Infertility, digestive and other benefits. Visit for details. See ad, page 31.


Nancy Bittinger 616 W Main St, Mechanicsburg 717-386-8279 • Bowenwork is renowned for its effectiveness in stimulating true healing from within. Through gentle yet powerful moves, even chronic problems “unwind” and balance is restored.


Louise Kemper, RMI, Artist Leslie Kemper Punt, BCE,CCH, RMI 29 N Jefferson St, Greencastle 717-643-1404 • We offer reiki, massage, reflexology and hypnosis to facilitate wellness in mind, body and soul. Find the perfect gift in our unique retail shop featuring the grounding and balancing energies of stones and arts. See ad, page 23.


Rachel Benbow, LMT, BA, MLIS 3540 N Progress Ave, Ste 106, Harrisburg 717-831-6936 • Rachel relieves pain and frees blockages using CranioSacral Therapy or massage. From stress reduction, to illness/injury/surgery recovery, to management of autism/ADHD, your therapeutic experience is individualized. MSG009527.

DENTISTRY – HOLISTIC HERSHEY DENTAL ASSOCIATES, LLC Ryan Buehner, DMD, FAGD, AIAOMT 273 Hershey Rd, Hummelstown 717-220-1792 •

Provides full service family dental care, mercury-/metal-free options, f luoride-free, safe mercur y removal, biocompatibility testing for dental material sensitivities, in-office ozone treatments, clear aligner orthodontics, Bruxism/ tooth grinding guards. See ad, page 9.

Carol Layton, DMD, MAGD, AIAOMT, NMD 273 Hershey Rd, Hummelstown 717-220-1792 •

Provides full service dental care, mercury/metal free, including s a f e r e m o v a l o f m e r c u r y. Biocompatibility testing for individual choice of materials; use of ozone for protection. See ad, page 9.

SUSQUEHANNA DENTAL ARTS Dr Owen Allison, DMD 100 S 18th St, Columbia, PA 17512 717-684-3943 or 717-285-7033

A full-service family dental practice providing 100% mercury-free restorations, quality non-surgical periodontal care, INVISALIGN, implant retained dentures and partials. See ad, page 23.


Tammy del Sol, DMD 4940 Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg 717-901-7045 • Our focus on Wellness educates and motivates patients to care for their overall health. We no longer place mercury fillings, nor encourage ingestion of fluoride for children or adults. We educate and safely serve our patients and protect the environment. See ad, page 11.


Sharon Askey 1953 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle 717-240-0400 • Gracefull Heart provides a peaceful, loving and supportive space to assist in your journey toward wholeness/ healing. Crystals, books, gemstones, jewelry, statues, incense, oracle cards (plus sample decks), crystal and metal singing bowls, pendulums and much more. See ad, page 12.


Leia Anderson, BA, MS, ND 1524 Cedar Cliff Dr, Camp Hill 717-494-4500 • Leia is part of a unique, collaborative naturopathic practice in central PA. Her passion is providing safe, effective and individualized care for the whole family. See ad, page 2.

October 2021



Heather DeLuca, BS, ND 1524 Cedar Cliff Dr, Camp Hill 717-494-4500 • Heather is part of a unique, collaborative naturopathic practice in central PA. She provides a safe, effective and affordable alternative to conventional health care. See ad, page 2.


Jessica Shoemaker, BS, ND 1524 Cedar Cliff Dr, Camp Hill 717-494-4500 • Jessica is the owner of Natural Paths to Wellness where nutritional therapies, alternative modalities and functional medicine testing are combined to create an individualized holistic approach to health. See ad, page 2.


Ashlyn Zikmund, BS, ND 1524 Cedar Cliff Dr, Camp Hill 717-494-4500 • Ashlyn's enthusiasm for wellness and nutrition makes her a tremendous addition to NP to W. As a Naturopathic Doctor, she partners with patients to solve difficult acute and chronic health issues. See ad, page 2.



Sarah will design your optimal nutrition plan for managing your weight, food allergies or sensitivities, or medical condition while helping you to improve your relationship with food. She breaks down the plan you need to follow to accomplish your health and wellness goals into reasonable action steps providing support along the way. See ad, page 2.

Rickie Freedman, Reiki Master/ Teacher, P.T., offers the Gentle Touch, Deep Healing and Balancing of “Reiki by Rickie” sessions, as well as unique Therapeutic Massage including Indian Head Massage and Chakra Foot Massage. She teaches Reiki classes and workshops on stress management, positive attitude and more. See ad, page 9.

Sarah Glunz, MS, CNS, LDN 1524 Cedar Cliff Dr, Camp Hill 717-494-4500 •


Dianne Wagman, President 2519 S Queen St, York 717-804-9111 • Your local source for raw and all organic natural pet foods, with a full line of organic pet supplies including pet CBD, nutritional supplements, cookies and treats, grooming supplies and apparel, bioDOGradable waste bags, de-shedding tools and gifts. Now open. See website for hours.



3514 Trindle Rd, Camp Hill 717-440-6197 •


6416 Carlisle Pike, Ste 2000 Mechanicsburg, PA • 717-791-4500 I n - s t o r e N a t u r e ’s Marketplace features natural foods, supplements, herbal remedies, and foods for special dietary needs. See ad, page 3.

Zang PT is proud to help people regain an active lifestyle. Eliminate the need for pain, medication, injections and even frequent doctor’s visits. See ad, page 10.

coming in the november mental health issue



South Central PA


Brain Health

Rickie Freedman, ReikiSpace & Learning Place 2793 Old Post Rd, Ste 10, Harrisburg 717-599-2299 •


Rev Dan Landis 927 Wertzville Rd, Enola 717-732-9773 • We are a Spiritual Center focused on practical spiritual tools and processes that guide us to a more successful life. We honor and respect all people.


Pamela Howard, DC, CCT 550 Coventry Dr, Mechanicsburg 866-522-3484 • Thermal Imaging offers a safe, non-invasive way to visualize potential health concerns; providing early warning signs for a proactive approach to health, including breast health. Visit website for more information.

VETERINARIAN – INTEGRATIVE HEALING CREATURES HOSPITAL (Formerly Avian And Feline Hospital) 3300 Hartzdale Dr, Camp Hill 717-730-3755 •

Our passion is pets. Holistic and traditional services tailored to meet pets’ needs (homeopathic, herbal, nutritional and behavioral). Unique services offered include acupuncture, cold laser therapy and veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM). See ad, page 29.


Sharon Askey 1953 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle 717-240-0400 • Gracefull Heart offers many services to assist in maintaining wellness: Sacred Spirals Healing, Dominus Cervix™ Stargate sessions, reiki sessions, aura photography and AmpCoil™ sessions. We offer reiki classes and a diverse schedule of workshops. See ad, page 12.


A RAY OF HOPE IN CHAOTIC TIMES By Monte Leach and Marc Gregory


ven in these chaotic and perilous times, there is reason for hope. Humanity finds itself at a major crossroads: Do we choose the path of selfish separatism and inequality based on greed and competition, leading to the destruction of ourselves and planet Earth; or the path of cooperation and sharing leading to global peace and prosperity? Here to help us make the correct choice stands a group of Teachers unparalleled in their enlightenment and wisdom, unequaled in their ability to love and to serve. They are the Masters of Wisdom. At their head stands a being of the most extraordinary compassion and insight: Maitreya, the World Teacher. As the one awaited under various names by all major religious traditions, and as a Teacher for all humanity, Maitreya is here — along with the Masters of Wisdom — to guide us safely into the future. The existence of these great Teachers was first made known in the West in the late 1800s by Helena Blavatsky, who lived among the Masters of Wisdom in the Himalayas for three years. In the early 20th century, Blavatsky’s work was continued by Alice A. Bailey, and, more recently, by British esotericist and artist Benjamin Creme. All three of these authors and educators were trained by, and worked directly with, the Masters of Wisdom. According to the Ageless Wisdom tradition, as it is known, these highly advanced Teachers have lived in the remote areas of the world through the ages, helping and guiding humanity from behind the scenes. Through his work over many years, Benjamin Creme made it known that at this critical time for humanity and the planet, the Masters of Wisdom,

headed by Maitreya, are coming forward now to live among us and teach us directly.

The path to peace and justice Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom are teachers in the broadest sense of the word. They have attained mastery over themselves, and as enlightened individuals devote all their time and energy in loving service to humanity. They are not here to establish a new religion, but to show us how to live together in peace. This is simpler than we imagine, Maitreya has said. The key is an equitable sharing of the Earth’s resources among all the world’s people. Through sharing we lessen global tensions, generate greater trust and cooperation among the nations — and begin to build a world where all have the basic necessities of life and live in balance with the environment. Unless we share the world’s resources, there will never be economic and social justice in the world. Without justice, no peace. Without peace, little hope for the future, as we have weapons that can destroy all life on Earth — weapons that almost surely would be used in any future widescale conflict. With the future of the planet at stake, what will it take for us to abandon competition, conflict and division, and begin to manifest the grand ideals of sharing, justice and peace? What’s needed is a change of attitude, a change of consciousness — above all a change of heart in humanity. It is that which Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom can inspire.

It is a monumental task to be sure. Fortunately, we have the help of monumental figures living among us now — a circumstance, according to the Ageless Wisdom tradition, that has never before taken place in recorded history. This group of enlightened teachers, as they touch the hearts of people everywhere, will galvanize us into action, helping us to lead our leaders toward the creation of a just and peaceful world. In the millions across the globe who are increasingly voicing their concerns for the health of our planet and demanding change in our political, economic and social systems, we see this needed change of mind and heart already beginning to take place. At this crossroads for humanity, the path ahead is up to us. Maitreya has said, “Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, my friends, shall we anchor them in the world.” For free information: 888-242-8272


DOWNLOAD! In The World Teacher for All Humanity, Benjamin Creme discusses the extraordinary ramifications of Maitreya’s appearance and teachings. Awaken to a world of infinite possibility if we’re all willing to share! 35 October 2021


South Central PA

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