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Musician with a Cause

Jack Johnson Tours with the Planet in Mind

The Power of Your Story

How Telling Your Truth Sets You Free

Your Soul Signature

Panache Desai on Love's Reality

JUNE 2014 | New York City Edition |

One of America’s top stress experts says...

STRESS CAUSES PAI N! STRESS KI LLS! SAY NO TO STRESS. Do you have any symptoms of stress? Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Suicidal thoughts, Feeling overwhelmed, Out of control, Weight issues, Panic attacks, Hyperventilation, Headaches, Worry, Anger, Guilt, Hostility, Physical tension, Insomnia, Teeth-grinding, Fatigue, Phobias, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Allergies, Back pain, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT ? Free yourself of stress. Discover the 9 Natural Steps. A unique LifeReStyle process: The Solution to fortify, empower and break the cycle of stress and thrive. “Well researched and scientifically proven to relieve stress and improve health” The American Institute of Stress


New York City Edition

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THE TOXIN DESTROYER Intravenous Ozone Therapy

All Toxins, Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast and Parasites are Destroyed by Ozone Therapy, Safely!

A frequent guest on the Gary Null Radio Show, Dr. Howard Robins has been helping people using Ozone Therapy for over 21 years and is considered by many to be foremost clinical expert in North America on Bio-oxidative Therapies for the SAFE treatment of diseases and illness with over 175,000 treatments performed. DIV Ozone Therapy has successfully treated Herpes I and II, HIV, all forms of Hepatitis, Diabetic ulcers/neuropathy, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Candidiasis, MS, RA, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Shingles,

Dr. Howard Robins

Acne, Psoriasis, HPV and now RSD/CRPS just to name a few diseases and conditions.

Please call and speak to Dr. Robins to find out more about this amazing treatment and/or go to

When all else has failed DIV Ozone Therapy may be your only hope and the answer! The Healing Center

$50 off Initial Consultation with this Ad

The world leader in Bio-oxidative Therapies 200 W. 57th St. • New York, NY 10019 (corner 7th Ave by Carnegie Hall)

212-581-0101 natural awakenings

June 2014



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Inspired Living. What does that mean to you? Does that mean traveling to uplifting places, or practicing daily meditation? To me, inspired living comes from the simple things in life that bring each individual person closer to their soul signature and the ability to recognize that uplifting joy in others. It causes an intoxicating feeling inside ones heart center, leading to a higher vibration within ones self. In this issue, we hope to "inspire you" with exceptional articles, individuals and events to encourage your growth, closer to your soul signature! We always welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing about your inspired journey :) Feel Good, Live Simply, Laugh More, Tina Woods

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New York City Edition


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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


POWER OF STORY How Telling Our Truths Can Set Us Free by Judith Fertig

19 THE BIONIC COACH High-Tech Boosts Healthy Routines


by Linda Sechrist


Stand Up Paddleboards Spell Family Fun


by Lauressa Nelson


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Jack Johnson Plans Shows with the Planet in Mind by Meredith Montgomery



Setbacks Make Boys Into Men


by Nick Clements


UNLIMITED POTENTIAL with Panache Desai by April Thompson

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June 2014



newsbriefs Hamsa by Celine Leora Expands Product Line

T While we sleep, our immune system recovers and prepares for the day ahead. If your mattress is filled with airborne allergens and chemical toxins, your immune system will battle these rather than repair itself. Regular bedding & mattresses are laden with polyurethane foam, toxic flame retardants, and water or stain resistant chemicals.

Organic Innerspring Mattresses Our cotton innerspring mattresses are made with organic cotton batting and organic wool — free from chemicals and pesticides! Great for those who are chemically sensitive or allergic to latex. A good fit for families on a budget because an innerspring is generally less expensive than a latex mattress.

Natural Latex Organic Mattresses When it comes to latex there’s “natural” and then there’s “all natural”. We sell only “all natural” latex mattresses so you sleep chemical-free. Beware mattress stores online and in your neighborhood selling “natural” or “green” or “sustainable” foam mattresses. This is “green wash” marketing hype.


TheCleanBedroom TM

The Finest Organic Mattresses & Bedding in the World, all in one place

Manhattan at 230 5th Ave | 212.889.1091 Greenwich at 79 East Putnam Ave | 203.292.9275


New York City Edition

wo dynamic new beauty and skin care options are being offered by Hamsa by Celine Leora, a Florida-based designer. The expanded natural product line made in the USA now includes a paraben-free body lotion and body wash that embodies the serenity and richness of three key ingredients, and a new fragrance founded on essential oils from around the world renowned for their healthful properties. The body lotion and wash is used to refresh and revitalize the spirit with the scents of green tea, cucumber and shea butter. It awakens the senses while calming the mind with Hamsa’s signature exotic fragrance. Layering these new Hamsa by Celine Leora products with the original perfume creates a longer lasting scent. The concentrated fragrance product includes the essences of white lotus flowers, which Aromatherapy Times cites as a spiritual and healing elixir to enhance meditation and serenity, calm the mind, improve concentration and hasten recovery from illness; frankincense, capable of improving spiritual awareness and meditation abilities plus boost mood according to’s medical review board; black currant, which studies published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and others show can heighten sensuality and has been used to treat autoimmune and circulation disorders, hair and nail problems, premenstrual syndrome and inflammatory disorders; and coffee, with its calming and brainactivating properties that can reduce depression, respiratory issues and nausea per Mayo Clinic and Harvard School of Public Health studies. The fragrance bottle carries the powerful ancient symbol of the Hamsa, which promotes peace and prosperity. These components symbolize Eastern Middle Eastern and Western cultures and spiritualism. Hamsa is the name for a type of amulet intended to be used for protection and good luck. Its symbol is meant to foster love, peace and harmony among people of different faiths and cultures. For more information, to find the nearest retail location or order products online, call 786-361-9291, email or visit See ad, page 18.

Deep Trance Meditation in NYC


ouglas James Cottrell, Ph.D., is a gifted trance clairvoyant, intuitive, spiritual healer, teacher and author from Canada. Douglas James Cottrell He is one of a select few who demonstrate the range of abilities studied by Noetic Sciences (the study of consciousness), including clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing, remote viewing, prediction and prophecy. The New York Edgar Cayce Center welcomes Cottrell June 13 to 24 for deep trance meditation (DTM) events and workshops where he will share extrasensory information and energies for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Cottrell was inspired by the American psychic Edgar Cayce, who was also known as “the Sleeping Prophet,” to seek help for his handicapped daughter from a contemporary trance clairvoyant with similar ability. When the information obtained proved beneficial to his daughter, Cottrell began conducting experiments in DTM and remote viewing, aided by his family doctor and his chiropractor. They confirmed that what Cottrell was seeing was not imagination or conjecture. In this DTM state, he can contact the Higher Mind, or God Mind, from which all knowledge existing in all time may be accessed.  His DTM events in New York City will feature predictions about Earth changes and the economic outlook. His workshops will include intuitive and psychic abilities, ESP for remote viewing, psychometry, telepathy, opening your third eye, angels and orbs, energy healing, and more. For information and to obtain tickets, visit or call 212691-7690. See ad on page 9. 10% OFF all Douglas Cottrell NYC events for Natural Awakenings readers! Register online by June 6 using code AWAKE at

Celebrate Life Festival


elebrate Life Festival (CLF), one of Europe’s largest spiritual events with more than 1,000 attendees live and online, invites you to join the Mystical Summer School - Renaissance of Spirit, from July 24th to August 3rd, 2014. In the eleventh year of the CLF, people from all over the world will study the mystical principles in a dynamic mix of exploration and celebration, exercises and encounters and develop a culture that places awakening in the center of everyday life. Join this growing movement either in person in the north of Germany or through web-stream. All the presentations will be either in English or German with simultaneous translation. Attendees of the live web-stream are invited to interact by sending in their questions, which will be forwarded to the presenters. The Celebrate Life Festival is a non-profit event. All proceeds go to carefully selected charitable projects, which will be introduced at the venue. Be part of the global researcher community as a teacher and student, so that by using the insights of mysticism we can find out together, what an awakening in everyday life in the 21st century looks like.

Celebrate Life Festival will be held near Hamburg, Germany. For more info visit For news and updates follow CLF on Facebook @Thomas Huebl and Twitter @ThomasHuebl_en. See ad on back cover.


• All kinds of Arthritis, Joint Pain, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia • Deal with the root cause of your pain, helping you to Heal your body by turning on your inner health programming. • We use the best of holistic approach and modern medicine. • We create an individualized action plan and help you to stay focused on reaching your goals. We offer Comprehensive state-of-the-art arthritis care, Intravenous vitamins, Health coaching, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Energy therapy. Introductory offer: 30 minute "Life without pain" session with Dr. Yelena Sokolova, valued at $195, for $55! Call 888-648-3535 to reserve your spot.

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June 2014



Yummy Berries Cut Heart Attack Risk by a Third


ating three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries a week may help women reduce their risk of a heart attack, according to research from the University of East Anglia, in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health. The berries contain high levels of powerful flavonoids called anthocyanins, which may help dilate arteries, counter buildup of plaque and provide other cardiovascular benefits. Published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, the study involved 93,600 women ages 25 to 42 that completed questionnaires about their diet every four years for over 16 years. Those that ate the most berries had a 32 percent reduction in heart attack risk compared with those that ate them once a month or less, even if they ate a diet rich in other fruits and vegetables. “This is the first study to look at the impact of diet in younger and middleaged women,” remarks the study’s lead author, Aedín Cassidy, Ph.D., head of the university’s nutrition department. “Even at an early age, eating more of these fruits may reduce risk of a heart attack later in life.”

Saw Palmetto Combos Combat Enlarged Prostate


hree studies published in 2013 support the effectiveness of saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) extract for the treatment of prostate inflammation and other symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly called enlarged prostate. In addition, both lycopene, a dietary carotenoid with strong antioxidant value, and selenium, an essential trace element that promotes an optimal antioxidant/oxidant balance, have been shown to exert beneficial effects in BPH. Researchers from Italy’s University of Catania studied 168 patients with prostate enlargement among nine urological medical clinics. Those taking a combination of saw palmetto, selenium and lycopene experienced greater reductions of inflammation markers and reduced risk of prostate cancer after three and six months of treatment. In an Australian study from the University of Queensland’s School of Medicine of patients with BPH, 32 men took an encapsulated formula containing saw palmetto, lycopene and other plant extracts, while 25 men were given a placebo. After three months of treatment, men receiving the herbal formulation experienced a 36 percent reduction in related symptoms, while the placebo group showed an 8 percent reduction. The herbal supplement group also showed a 15 percent reduction in daytime urination frequency and an almost 40 percent reduction in nighttime urination frequency. The long-term effectiveness of saw palmetto supplementation was reinforced in a Russian study of 38 patients with early prostate enlargement. After 10 years of receiving 320 milligrams of saw palmetto extract per day, researchers found no progression of the condition among the patients. 8

New York City Edition

Tapping Acupressure Points Heals Trauma in Vets


motional Freedom Techniques (EFT) may be an effective treatment for veterans that have been diagnosed with clinical posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. EFT involves tapping on acupressure points while focusing on traumatic memories or painful emotions in order to release them. As part of the Veterans’ Stress Project, an anonymous clinical study comprising more than 2,000 participants, 59 veterans with PTSD were randomly assigned to either receive strictly standard care or also experience six, hour-long, EFT sessions. The psychological distress and PTSD symptoms showed significant reductions among veterans receiving the EFT sessions, with 90 percent matriculating out of the criteria for clinical PTSD. At a six-month follow-up, 80 percent of those participants still had symptoms below the clinical level for PTSD. According to Deb Tribbey, national coordinator for the Veterans’ Stress Project, PTSD symptoms that can be resolved with the combined therapy include insomnia, anger, grief, hyper-vigilance and pain. For more information, visit or



Harvard Medical School study found that how well women age in their 70s is linked to the way they ate earlier in life. Researchers started with 10,670 healthy women in their late 50s and followed them for 15 years. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the results saw fewer chronic diseases among women that followed diets heavy in plant-based foods during midlife; these women were also 34 percent more likely to live past 70. Those that ate most similarly to the Mediterranean diet had even better outcomes—a 46 percent greater likelihood of living past 70 without chronic diseases. Eleven percent of the subjects qualified as healthy agers, which researchers defined as having no major chronic diseases, physical impairments, mental health problems or trouble with thinking and memory. According to lead author Cecilia Samieri, Ph.D., midlife exposures are thought to be a particularly relevant period because most health conditions develop slowly over many years.

Mindfulness Meditation Reduces the Urge to Light Up


indfulness meditation training may help people overcome addiction by activating the brain centers involved in selfcontrol and addictive tendencies, suggests research from the psychology departments of Texas Tech University and the University of Oregon. Scientists led by Yi-Yuan Tang, Ph.D., studied 61 volunteers, including 27 smokers, randomly divided into groups that either received mindfulness meditation training or relaxation training. Two weeks later, after five hours of training, smoking among those in the meditative group decreased by 60 percent, while no significant reduction occurred in the relaxation group. Brain imaging scans determined that the mindfulness meditation training produced increased activity in the anterior cingulate and the prefrontal cortex; regions associated with self-control. Past research led by Tang showed that smokers and those with other addictions exhibited less activity in these areas than those free of addictions. The current study previously determined that myelin and brain cell matter in these two brain regions increases through mindfulness meditation.

Beets Beat Down Blood Pressure


wo small studies have linked beets with lower blood pressure. A study from the University of Reading, in England, served beet-fortified bread or bread without beets to 23 healthy men. Those that ate the fortified bread experienced reduced diastolic blood pressure and less artery stiffness during the six hours afterwards. Australia’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute studied 15 women and 15 men, divided randomly into groups that consumed either 500 grams of a placebo juice or beets with apple juice. During the 24 hours after consumption, the researchers noted a statistically significant reduction in systolic blood pressure of four to five points among the men drinking the beet juice.

natural awakenings

June 2014


What is your Personal Year in 2014? A Numerological View by Greer Jonas


n numerology, numbers are everything. They are the frequency and vibration of how we see the world and how the world sees us. With a simple calculation of your birthday month and day, added to “2014”, you can find what the theme of this year is for you. This is called your personal year number. As we meet the half-way point in June, you can observe how you have faired so far and discover your challenges and opportunities moving forward.

2014 – The Spiritual Year of the 7 Before we go into the meaning of each personal year, let’s take a look at the vibration of 2014 – which is the universal year of the 7 (2+0+1+4=7). The seven is the number and energy of spirituality – of looking at the world beyond the mundane, earthbound parameters. It is a more reflective time for all of us. It is also taking a unique step out of the norm. So if your birthday was April 1. You would add 4+1+2+0+1+4 = 12 (2+1=3). Your personal year is a 3. Three is the personal year of creativity and self-expression. It is a time to take yourself out there in the world and share your voice. With the universal year of 7, you might find yourself in a quieter, more soul searching place or looking at your creations in a very unique way. Make sense?   What is your personal year in 2014?
 To discover more about your year and how to enhance it, visit   Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, painter and teacher living in New York City. She works with clients in NYC and around the world, by appointment, by telephone and Skype. To schedule a reading or get a class schedule, please contact or visit 10

New York City Edition

Dr Mariana Boneva Introduces Revolutionary Skin Resurfacing Procedure Dr. Mariana Boneva developed her passion for skin care after a tragic accident caused serious injury to her face. Rather than opting for the recommended plastic surgery, Dr. Boneva began working hard to expand her skin knowledge during which time she discovered the secret of using light based and aesthetic laser procedures. She pioneered the most advanced laser treatments 2D and 3D Skin Rejuvenation in Manhattan. Her latest treatment, called Skin Resurfacing, is especially for people who have not seen success with other treatments. Dr. Mariana According to Dr. Boneva, epidermal cells are anchored together Boneva in two ways: microscopic fibers called tonofilaments run between individual cells, helping anchor them together and an extracellular substance that surrounds each cell, acting as a sort of “glue” to further keep things together. Over time, these cells are invisibly shed through the body’s natural means of exfoliation. Speeding this process up can instantly restore a more youthful glow to the skin and address other subtle signs of the aging process. The new procedure consists of three stages: 1. Vibradermabrasion: breaks the tonofilaments. 2. Deep Chemical Peel: dissolves the “glue”. 3. IPL Skin Rejuvenation: penetrates deep into the epidermis, boosting collagen reproduction and in turn providing a faster, healthier and complete healing of the recovering new skin. This unique combination can truly retexturize your skin restoring its radiance and youthful appearance. Realistic goals that can be achieved with this treatment include: • Correct sun damage • Improve rough skin and scaly patches • Reduce acne scarring • Fade age, liver spots, and freckles • Reduce or eradicate wrinkles

• Shrink large pores • Improve dark skin discoloration • Remove stubborn blackheads • Reduce excessive skin oils

After the treatment you have to be religious about wearing sun protection (SPF30+) to maintain good results. She states “My goal is not only to correct skin’s imperfections, but to create actual improvement in patients’ self image.” Dr. Boneva's office is located at 353 Lexington Ave. For more info visit or call 212-371-6097. See ad page 17.

Jumpstart your nutritional health, using an effective program specifically designed for your individual needs. One degree of change creates a ripple effect on your life. Are you ready to get started? I'm here for you, call me.

Dolores C. Perri, MS, RD, CNS 212-787-2404 • Alternative Health Center, 140 West End Ave Suite1F, New York, New York 10023

globalbriefs Father Factor

Involved Dads Make for Smarter, Happier Kids It’s well known that involving fathers from the start in children’s lives has a significant positive impact on their development, including the greater economic security of having more than one parent. Yet, there’s more to the “father effect”. Numerous studies have found that children growing up in a household with a father present show superior outcomes in intelligence tests, particularly in nonverbal, or spatial, reasoning that’s integral in mathematics, science and engineering. The IQ advantage is attributed to the way that fathers interact with their children, with an emphasis on the manipulation of objects like blocks, roughhousing and outdoor activities, rather than language-based activities. A study of Chinese parents found that it was a father’s warmth toward his child that was the ultimate factor in predicting the child’s future academic success. A recent Canadian study from Concordia University provides new insights into a father’s impact on a daughter’s emotional development, as well. Lead researcher Erin Peugnot concluded, “Girls whose fathers lived with them when they were in middle childhood (ages 6 to 10) demonstrated less sadness, worry and shyness as preteens (ages 9 to 13) compared with girls whose fathers did not live with them,” he says. Source:

Love Matters

Connectedness Ranks Above Power and Fame It seems that fame and fortune are less important to us than our connections with fellow human beings, after all. A study conducted by and in 2012 and 2013 applying their proprietary Values Profile Test with 2,163 people showed they only moderately valued money and power, at best, which took a backseat to social values on a personal level. This revelation comes on the heels of another study on career motivation that similarly showed a drop in participants’ consuming desire for money and power in the workplace. The researchers at assessed 34 separate facets within six categories of values—social, aesthetic, theoretical, traditional, realistic and political. The five top-scoring facets were empathy, family and friends, appreciation of beauty, hard work/ diligence, altruism and the importance of helping others. Financial security came in 24th place and power was near last at 29th in importance. Ethics/morals placed 10th.

Enter the Rewarding World Massage

Therapy Our 7 month program is starting June 2014 • Weekend Part–time Program offered annually • Financial Aid & Scholarships for those who qualify • Come visit! Tours available daily

For information on graduation rates, median debt of graduates from this program, and other important information visit our website at or call us at 914.241.7363.



For more information, visit natural awakenings

June 2014


Get Inspired in the Bedroom

Seven Affordable Ways to Clean Up and Green Up the Bedroom By Chris Chamberlin


dults spend about one-third of each day in bed. This should be a time of rest and recovery for the mind and immune system, but modern bedrooms are often a nightmare of offgassed toxins and airborne allergens. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors,” leading to a host of physical ailments, from asthma and headaches to respiratory disease and cancer. The boudoir’s biggest boogeyman is the conventional mattress, typically comprised of oil, polyester, flame retardants, polyurethane foam and chemicals. Replacing a conventional mattress with a pure cotton, organic cotton or natural latex option will make an immediate difference—but it’s a significant investment. So here’s a little inspiration for seven additional (and more affordable!) ways to clean up and green up the bedroom:

1. Mattress Topper: A pure wool, latex, cotton innerspring or natural rubber mattress topper is an affordable option to buying a new mattress. Mattress toppers provide a barrier of protection from a conventional mattress, and offer extra cushioning, soft comfort and additional pressure point relief. A topper goes right on top of the mattress and then the mattress pad and fitted sheet go over both the topper and the mattress itself, holding the topper in place. Tip: Mattress toppers can be easily rotated and help to add longevity to the mattress. 2. Pillows: Choose pillows made with 12

New York City Edition

untreated cotton, organic cotton (better), buckwheat hulls (great neck support), wool (best at moisture wicking) or natural rubber (97% natural latex)—they provide superior support and protection from dust mite allergens, offering relief to allergy and asthma sufferers. Tip: Remember to replace pillows every two years for continued correct support. 3. Bedding: Natural and organic

bedding use materials raised and processed without chemicals, and the soft, gentle fibers provide greater comfort than man-made fabrics that don’t breathe well. In addition, organic blankets and pure wool comforters are warm and cozy without overheating. Tip: According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s important to wash bedding often in hot water at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill dust mites. 4. Furniture: Crafted to be beautiful, functional and kind to the earth, ecofriendly bedroom furniture—like a bed frame, side tables and dresser—is usually crafted from solid, sustainable wood, without harmful chemicals and with no worry of off-gassing. Tip: Whenever possible, purchase furniture made in the U.S., and as local as possible. 5. Air Purifier: Breathing clean air is of great benefit to overall health, and an air purifier’s sole purpose is to clean the air. Choose an air purifier that uses HEPA filtration, which eliminates 99.97% of all particles three microns in size or larger, making a difference that’s immediately noticeable; if possible, have one in each

room or install a whole-house purifier. Tip: For truly miraculous results, invest in a hospital-grade unit. 6. Dog Bed: Don’t forget Fido! Conventional dog beds are as unhealthy for dogs as conventional beds are for dog owners. Eco-friendly alternatives are crafted of all-natural or organic cotton, with removable covers that can be easily laundered in hot water. Tip: Dog beds aren’t just for dogs, of course—choose an organic or all-natural bed for each indoor animal. 7. Fresh Air: The EPA and the National Lung Association recommend regularly opening windows to recycle the air; for those with seasonal allergies, a window guard stops pollen, dust and dirt particles from entering the bedroom. Tip: An unmade bed allows the bedding to air out and breathe—so consider this permission not to make the bed every day. Chris Chamberlin is co-founder of The Clean Bedroom, the country’s premier resource for allergy-free, eco-friendly mattresses, bedding and accessories. Celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year, The Clean Bedroom has sleep showrooms in Greenwich, CT, Wellesley, MA, Portland, ME, Kittery, ME, New York, NY, Santa Monica, CA and Austin, TX, where customers can test-drive (or test-nap!) an organic mattress. Online, on the phone and in each showroom, the company’s trained organic mattress specialists help match customers with their ideal mattress, without pressure or marketing hype. For more information, visit or call 207-438-9778.

Overcoming the Pain of Shingles and Genital & Oral Herpes From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City

Did You Have Chickenpox or a “Cold Sore”?

and genitally! Recurrent outbreaks may occur from time to time, especially in times of stress, using alcohol, or when eating foods high in a protein called L-arginine, found commonly in nuts and chocolate, among other foods.

Most everyone answers “yes” to this question. If you answered yes, then you have a herpes infection. Both types of viral infections are easily transferred by contact It Can Be Eliminated! with someone that has a current outbreak. Treatments with antivirals can reduce You likely may have both! Dr. Howard Robins outbreaks and may alleviate the severity of Herpes zoster (HZ), commonly known symptomatic episodes but will not get rid of the as shingles, is a viral disease characterized by a painful infection. Medical ozone is the only medicine known to skin rash with blisters in a limited area on one side of destroy and rid the body of this horrible infection. the body, often in a stripe. The initial infection causes the Please don’t believe the commercials on television saying illness chickenpox, which usually occurs in children and you can never get rid of it. Though with no promises or young adults. Once the chickenpox is gone, the virus is not guarantees, medical ozone has been used all over the eliminated from the body and can go on to cause shingles. world to treat infections that normally cannot be fixed, HZ is not the same disease as herpes simplex type 1 and i.e., herpes in all its forms. Medical ozone is a gas that 2, despite the similar name, though both HZ and herpes when it enters the body intravenously acts like “glue” to simplex belong to the same viral family. all viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold. It destroys or HZ becomes dormant in some of our nerve cells inactivates them so the body can remove them completely. without causing any symptoms. Many years after a Most importantly, medical ozone does it without chickenpox infection, the virus may break out of nerve cells harmful adverse reactions or side effects so typical with and cause a viral infection of the skin in the area around pharmaceuticals. In more than 50 countries, over 45,000 the nerve. The virus may spread from one nerve to another physicians have been using it worldwide for over 70 years causing a painful rash. Although the rash usually heals to successfully and safely treat diseases such as herpes. within two to four weeks, most people experience nerve So, don’t give up hope and don’t wait! It is absolutely pain for months or years, a condition called “postherpetic possible to eliminate herpes from your body. To learn more neuralgia.” In the past, outbreaks usually occurred in the about medical ozone therapy, visit elderly, but now it is common for anyone at any age that is or buy a copy of Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine, under great stress or has a compromised immune system. available at, which has testimonials on its Herpes simplex 1 and 2 cause the oral or genital forms of benefits and effectiveness. what we commonly simply call “herpes.” It also spreads in a way similar to the HZ virus. Herpes simplex is a viral disease caused by both herpes simplex virus type 1 and For more information, call Dr. Howard Robins at 2. Oral herpes, the visible symptoms of which are often 212-581-0101. Robins is considered the foremost clinical called cold sores or fever blisters, is an infection of the expert on the use of medical ozone in North America, face or mouth. Oral herpes is the most common form with more than 22 years of clinical practice and 185,000 and genital herpes is the second most common form of treatments performed. Bring in this article or the ad from infection. However, both types can be found both orally page 3 for a $50 discount off your initial consultation. natural awakenings

June 2014


DONT LET GUM DISEASE KILL YOU! Recently, there have been no shortage of studies proving a direct link between the bacteria in gum disease causing heart disease, as well as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and chronic inflammation. It is now believed that maintaining good health of your gums, doesn’t just save your teeth, but actually extends your life span.


trangely enough, most of the symptoms of gum disease are not painful and you may not know you have it until you have lost a considerable amount of bone around your teeth.

Some of the signs to look for are: • Bleeding gums when brushing, flossing or eating hard foods • Pus oozing when you press on your gum • Persistent bad breath • Mouth sores • Gums that are pulling away from the teeth • Swollen or red gums • A change in your bite • A change in how your partial dentures fit • Loose teeth 14

New York City Edition

Periodontal disease is all about bacteria living under the gum line around the roots of your teeth. The bacteria eats the food that you eat and sends waste products around the gum and destroys first the gum attachment to the teeth, creating deeper pockets around the teeth. A normal space between the gum and the teeth is 3 mm. A pocket with gum disease can be 4,5,6 or 10 mm deep. Eventually the bacteria attacks the bone and the teeth start to get loose. Traditional treatment of gum disease ranges from deep cleaning to periodontal surgery. The surgery involves cutting and repositioning the gum tissue to eliminate the deep pockets. What follows is a long and uncomfortable healing process. Fortunately, for many people there are non surgical options available. It is almost impossible for anyone to keep a deep pocket clean of bacteria. Multiple studies have validated the successful use of ozone to destroy the bacteria deep in the pocket, first as a gas then in

the form of ozonated oil placed gently under the gums to remain to continue wiping out bacteria and speed up healing. With repeated applications and some fine tuned home care, it is possible to help you shrink those pockets. So, not only do you get rid of the bacteria, but actually change the architecture of your gums so that they don’t shelter bacteria. Sadly, this treatment is not yet widespread and there are fewer than 100 ozone dentists in the entire country. And of those, only a percentage practice Minimally Invasive Ozone Dentistry (MIOD) where extra measures are taken to preserve healthy gum and tooth structure.

Dr. Silver

If you or someone you may know are considering having this very positive experience, please call 212-924-6890.

Minimally Invasive Ozone Dentistry M.I.O.D.

Free consultation and Exam valued at $325

Dr. Peter Silver

For over 18 years, Dr. Peter Silver, DDS, has been practicing MIOD in Greenwich Village, near Union Square. MIOD is the use of specialized techniques that allows your teeth and gums to be healed in the most gentle manner possible. Traditional dentistry attacks cavities by removing healthy tooth structure along with the decay. Dr. Silver uses Ozone gas to eliminate the bacteria, leaving your healthy tooth structure unharmed.

In many cases, no drilling or injections are needed, because Dr. Silver uses an air/powder spray to remove the decay that doesn’t cause any discomfort. For more extensive restorations, pain free injections are given and you are profoundly numb so that nothing will bother you. For those with any dental anxiety, we have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which helps you relax in our extra soft chairs. We also offer Relaxation Dentistry (Sleep Dentistry) for those patients who want a completely alternative visit. After wiping out the bacteria, a remineralization solution is placed on the tooth, so it can start healing itself immediately. Then a tooth colored restoration is placed and your tooth is ready for chewing!

212-924-6890 • 24 East 12th Street Suite 305 • Between University Place and Fifth Avenue Dr. Peter Silver is a founding member of the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry. 15 natural awakenings June 2014


How Telling Our Truths Can Set Us Free by Judith Fertig


fter his deployment in Iraq, U.S. Marine Captain Tyler Boudreau returned home in 2004 with post-traumatic stress syndrome and an emotional war wound that experts now call a “moral injury”. He could only sleep for an hour or two at night. He refused to take showers or leave the house for long periods of time. He and his wife divorced. “My body was home, but my head was still there [in Iraq],” he recounts. At first, Boudreau tried to make sense of his conflicted feelings by writing fiction. Then he wrote a detailed, nonfiction analysis of his deployment, but that didn’t help, either. In 2009 he wrote a memoir, Packing Inferno: The Unmaking of a Marine, that came closer to conveying his personal truth. “I needed to get back into the story,” he says, so he could pull his life back together in Northampton, Massachusetts. Like Boudreau, we all have stories— ongoing and ever-changing—that we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives. They can help us heal and powerfully 16

New York City Edition

guide us through life, or just as powerfully, hold us back. In 1949, Sarah Lawrence College Professor Joseph Campbell published The Hero with a Thousand Faces, in which he outlined a master monomyth. It involves leaving everyday life and answering a call to adventure, getting help from others along the way, facing adversity and returning with a gift, or boon, for ourselves and others. It’s a basic pattern of human existence, with endless variations.

Power to Heal the Body

How does telling our truth help heal our body? Professor James Pennebaker, Ph.D., chair of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, is a pioneer in the mind-body benefits of story, which he explores in Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions. In the late 1980s, while consulting for the Texas prison system, Pennebaker discovered that when suspects lied while taking polygraph tests, their heart rate rose, but when they confessed the truth, they

relaxed. “Our cells know the truth,” writes microbiologist Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., who also blogs at, in Secrets of Your Cells, “Our physiology responds to what we’re thinking, including what we don’t want people to know.” When we are afraid to tell a story and keep it in, “Our cells broadcast a signal of danger,” she explains. “Molecules of adrenalin, along with stress hormones, connect with receptors on heart, muscle and lung cells—and in the case of longterm sustained stress, immune cells.” We experience increased heart rate, tense muscles, shortness of breath and lower immunity when we’re stressed. She notes, “When we release the stories and feelings that torment us, our cells respond with great relief and once again become havens of safety.” We need to tell our stories even in facing life-threatening illness, and maybe because of it. Dr. Shayna Watson, an oncologist at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, in Canada, encourages physicians to listen to patients. “In the name of efficiency,” she reports in an article in Canadian Family Physician, “it’s easy to block out patients’ stories and deal only with the ‘facts’, to see the chat, the time and the stories as luxuries for when there is a cancellation. The study of narrative tells us, however, that in these easily neglected moments we might find more than we expect; there can be understanding, relationship building and healing—the elements of our common humanity.” A current problem is but a dot on the entire timeline of a person’s existence. By keeping their larger story in mind, patients can find a wider perspective, with the strength and resolve to heal, while the physician can see the patient as a person, rather than a diagnosis.   

Power to Heal Emotions

“Telling your story may be the most powerful medicine on Earth,” says Dr. Lissa Rankin, the author of Mind Over Medicine, who practices integrative medicine in Mill Valley, California. She’s tested the concept firsthand. “So many of us are tormented by the insane idea that

we’re separate, disconnected beings, suffering all by our little lonesome selves,” she observes. “That’s exactly how I felt when I started blogging, as if I was the only one in the whole wide world who had lost her mojo and longed to get it back. Then I started telling my story—and voilà! Millions of people responded to tell me how they had once lost theirs and since gotten it back.” They did it by telling their stories, witnessed with loving attention by others that care. “Each of us is a constantly unfolding narrative, a hero in a novel no one else can write. Yet, so many of us leave our stories untold, our songs unsung,” remarks Rankin. “When this happens, we wind up feeling lonely, listless and out of touch with our life purpose. We are plagued with a chronic sense that something is out of alignment. We may even wind up feeling unworthy, unloved or sick,” says Rankin, who blogs on related topics at

Power to Heal a Family

Sometimes, writing a new story can help keep families connected. Kansas City, Missouri, author and columnist Deborah Shouse took an unplanned and unwanted, yet ultimately rewarding journey with her mother through Alzheimer’s disease. Shouse discovered that as her mother was losing her memory and identity through dementia, crafting a new narrative helped

“By sharing our stories together and finding common ground, we lay the groundwork for world peace and much more.” ~Rev. Patrick McCollum her family hold it together, a process she details in Love in the Land of Dementia. “You have to celebrate the person who is still with you,” Shouse says, noting we may discover a different, but still interesting, person that communicates in ways other than talking. She recommends employing a technique she calls The Hero Project, which she developed with her partner, Ron Zoglin. It uses words, photos and craft supplies in what Shouse terms “word-scrapping” to generate and tell a new story that helps keep the personal connection we have with our loved one and make visits more positive. She shares more supportive insights at Sharing an old story may also provide a rare link to the past for a person with dementia. “Savor and write down the stories you’re told, even if you hear certain ones many times,” Shouse counsels. “By writing down the most oftenrepeated stories, you create a legacy to share with family, friends and other caregivers.”

Power of the Wrong Story

Our thoughts are a shorthand version of a longer life story, says author Byron Katie, a self-help specialist from Ojai, California, who addresses reader stories via blog posts at Sometimes we tell ourselves the wrong story, one that keeps us from realizing our full potential, while making us miserable at the same time. Examples might include “I will always be overweight,” “My partner doesn’t love me” or “I’m stuck here.” Katie’s book, Who Would You Be Without Your Story? explores how we often take what happens in our lives, create a story with negative overtones, believe that version of the story and make ourselves unhappy. “The cause of suffering is the thought that we’re believing it,” she says. By questioning our stories, turning them around and crafting new and more truthful ones, we can change our lives.  

Power to Heal the Community

Humorist, speaker, and professional storyteller Kim Weitkamp, of Christiansburg, Virginia, knows that the power of story creates wider ripples. She sees it happen every time she performs at festivals and events around the country. “It is naturally in our DNA to communicate in story form,” she advises. “The power of story causes great revelation and change in those that listen.”

natural awakenings

June 2014


She cites supporting studies conducted by psychologists Marshall Duke, Ph.D., and Robyn Fivush, Ph.D., at the Emory Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life, in Atlanta, Georgia. “They found that children—at ages 4, 14, 44 or 104, because we’re all children at heart—are more resilient and happy and rebound faster from stress when they know their family stories. They know they’re part of something that’s bigger than themselves that people in their family have kept going,” says Weitkamp. “When people leave a storytelling event, they leave telling stories,” she says with a smile, “and that results in happier and healthier families and communities.” Judith Fertig tells stories about food at from Overland Park, KS.

filmreview Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago Director/Producer Lydia B. Smith Showing at: Quad Cinema 34 West 13th St, NYC June 6-12 500 miles on foot. Bunk-beds. Stunning landscapes. World-class snorers. Kindness from strangers. Spiritual transformation. By following the personal, unscripted journeys of six diverse pilgrims ages 3-73, Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago paints an authentic picture of the ancient spiritual pilgrimage in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago. Universal themes are presented by pilgrims who seek to redefine the way they live their lives, deepen their relationship with themselves, and rediscover their connection with the world in which they live. Out of such self-awareness inevitably emerges open-mindedness and selflessness, as pilgrims help each other reach the finish line. Generosity emerges in touching moments of kindness. The Camino is the great equalizer, where our differences become irrelevant and our similarities apparent. The Camino is often referred to as a ‘metaphor for life’ in that each person must determine and find their own way – what’s right for one may not be for another. Walking the Camino isn’t about getting people to walk the Camino; it is about encouraging and inspiring people to live out their true life’s purpose and calling. In the end, the audience leaves having had a Camino experience themselves: one of awakening to their unique spiritual calling in life. Although it is being self-distributed by a small non-profit with essentially no budget, it is one of the top ten grossing documentaries of 2014. Come see why this film is winning awards and selling out in theaters across the country. June 6-12 ONLY Quad Cinema. Q+As all screenings. Smith, a Camino veteran herself, is a Religious Science Practitioner trained at Agape & has been in the film industry for almost 30 years. Pre-order the DVD at

IRISH PSYCHIC HEALER ON-LINE WORLDWIDE 60% to 90% of all medical complaints are mind related Ref; Dr.Herbert Benson/Harvard Medical Listen to live radio healings amazing phenonomen contact;


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The Bionic

COACH High-Tech Boosts Healthy Routines by Linda Sechrist


hen President John F. Kennedy said in 1961 that the U.S. should commit to sending a man to the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade, few suspected the bounty of technological spinoffs that such National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space missions would yield. Today, many of NASA’s research advancements, as well as technologies developed outside the space program, are put to good use in everyday life. Of particular interest are products used in fitness workouts. ABI Research, a technology market intelligence company, revealed the growing popularity of consumer health and wellness technologies in its latest market projections for wearable, health-related devices. Estimates are that 80 million wearable monitoring devices, including heart monitors and biosensors that read body temperature and motion, will be sold by 2016. When Clint, a global market research firm, conducted its most recent Fitness and Technology Survey, its findings showed technology at work. Based on 745 online interviews with people in seven countries, 72 percent of exercisers embraced some type of technology, including smartphone apps, to support their fitness routines two or more times a week. In recent years, amateur and profes-

sional athletes have increasingly benefited from technological advances that help them chart, improve upon and customize their fitness routines. Tracking fitness progress and weight loss is now just clicks away with personal devices such as a Wi-Fi scale, which accurately measures weight, body fat percentage and body mass index. Online graphs chart the individual’s progress. While the typical setting for measuring blood pressure and heart rate used to be in a physician’s office, hospital or pharmacy, new digital wrist blood pressure and heart monitors now allow exercise enthusiasts to do it themselves, wherever they are, helping ensure they are not exceeding the safety parameters of their fitness programs. User-friendly digital pocket pedometers and wireless activity-during-sleep wristbands both work in conjunction with a downloaded app to allow self-monitoring. Exercisers can track steps; distances walked cycled or swum; calories burned; total active minutes; and how long and how well they sleep. In some U.S. fitness centers, members have an option of working with an automated, virtual, personal trainer. This almost-do-it-yourself approach to professionally guided fitness begins with a survey of an individual’s lifestyle and goals to create a personalized fitness regimen. Each time exercisers go to the center, they

insert a key into a “smart trainer”, generating the day’s 30-minute customized workout. The technology focuses primarily on helping clients manage weight and maintain muscle. Other technologies, such as medicalgrade, pneumatic [air] compression boot systems, are facilitating at-home recovery for hip and knee surgery patients and quicker muscle recovery for serious athletes. Air-filled chambers remain inflated as pressure cycles sequentially move from the foot up the leg. The cycles flush out waste and replenish blood supplies to the muscles. More complex bio-analyzing systems retrieve feedback from the body’s electromagnetic fields, the multiple energy meridians and the frequencies of the body’s cells and organs. “Such systems are largely used by chiropractors, naturopaths, physical therapists and acupuncturists,” says Loran Swensen, CEO of Innergy Development, which owns AO Scan, maker of the Magnetic Resonance Bio-Analyzer. For people that struggle with traditional workouts or physical limitations, whole-body vibration technology may be a solution. “When you stand on the oscillating platform, the body reacts to the vertical vibratory stimulus with an involuntary muscle contraction; depending on the speed, muscles can react up to 23 times per second,” advises Linda Craig, co-owner of Circulation Nation, in Greer, South Carolina. Similar platforms are becoming commonplace in chiropractic practices. Consumer applications of medical devices have led to the home use of additional sophisticated technologies like laser therapy. Successfully used for more than 30 years in Europe to treat trauma, inflammation, overuse injuries and cosmetic issues, as well as to provide pain relief and healing, some forms have recently been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. With 129,397,925 gym members worldwide according to a recent International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association report, it’s safe to predict that consumer demand ensures even more significant technological advances are in our near future. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings.

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June 2014


This Way to Pain Relief



Natural Awakenings NEW Natural Pain Lotion

PADDLE-HAPPY Stand Up Paddleboards Spell Family Fun by Lauressa Nelson

Works Faster Lasts Longer NOW WITH Hemp & Sea Buckthorn Oils

STOPS PAIN PLUS can quickly relieve:

• Arthritis • Neuropathy • Back Pain • Neck Pain • Hand Pain • Knee Pain • Foot Pain • Stings • Carpal Tunnel • Fibromyalgia • Sciatica • Tendonitis • Headaches • Cramps • Sports Injuries & much more

STOPS PAIN PLUS also helps to:

• Stimulate Energy • Increase Circulation • Detoxify & Revitalize Sore Joints, Muscles & Tendons • Promote a Healthier Quality of Life

4-oz spray $19.99

8-oz spray $34.99 shipping $5/up to 8 bottles

Shop online today at or call: 888-822-0246 20

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ost kids growing up in Chattanooga have crossed the Tennessee River via the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge; far fewer have been on the river beneath it,” remarks Mark Baldwin, owner of area paddle sports outfitter L2 Boards. Using stand up paddleboards (SUP), he loves guiding adults and children on their own up-close discoveries of the river’s cliffs, caves, fish, turtles and birds. Waterways are enchanting at any age, and SUP recreation naturally tends to inspire creative quests. Its physical and developmental benefits are a bonus. “The stand up paddleboard is the bicycle of the water. Because paddleboarding can be done at any age and fitness level, the whole family can enjoy it together,” says Kristin Thomas, a mother of three in Laguna Beach, California, SUP race champion and executive director of the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association. “Children are fascinated by the play of the water and the motion of the board. Parents can acclimate an infant to flatwater paddling by simply creating a well of towels onboard, with the baby snuggled between the feet, looking up at them,” advises Lili Colby, owner of MTI Adventurewear, near Boston, Massachusetts, which makes life jackets for paddle sports. She

notes that U.S. Coast Guard law requires that children 30 pounds and under wear infant life jackets to provide special head and neck support that turns a baby’s face up with an open airway within three seconds of entering the water. It’s a good idea to first practice paddling short distances in shallow waters near the shore. Toddlers are more likely to lean overboard to play in the water, Colby cautions, so engaging in nature-inspired games along the way will help occupy them onboard. “Young children introduced to water sports in the context of positive family interaction typically become eager to paddle on their own,” observes Tina Fetten, owner of Southern Tier Stand Up Paddle Corp., who leads a variety of SUP experiences throughout New York and northern Pennsylvania. “If they are strong swimmers, I bring them on a large board with me and teach them the skills for independent paddling.” Although SUP boards look like surfboards, stand up paddling is commonly taught on flat water, making it easier and more stable than surfing. Still, swimming competence and adult supervision are prerequisites to independent paddling according to paramedic Bob Pratt, co-founder of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, which

leads water safety classes in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. “Parents should outfit all children with a life jacket, Coast Guardapproved for their age and weight, as well as a leash, which attaches to their ankle and the board with Velcro straps,” Pratt says. “If children fall into the water, a tug of the leash enables them to quickly retrieve their largest floatation device, the board.” Experts agree that success is relatively easy, so children build confidence quickly. The sport can be adapted to suit individual needs and positions, including moving from standing to sitting or kneeling, says Fetten, who teaches adaptive SUP lessons in a community pool. As she sees firsthand, “All children, especially those with disabilities, benefit from the empowering feeling of attaining independent success.” “A water-based sport is the healthiest outlet children can have,” attests Wesley Stewart, founder of Urban Surf 4 Kids, a San Diego nonprofit that offers free SUP and surf clinics for foster children. “Being on the water requires kids to focus on what they’re doing and has the ability to clear their minds and give them freedom. It’s like meditation. Plus, SUP is a low-impact, cross-training cardio activity; it works every part of the body.” Beyond the basic benefits, SUP keeps children engaged by offering endless opportunities to explore the geographic and ecological diversity of different types of waterways. SUP activities and levels can grow along with children; teens can try yoga on water, competitive racing and the advanced challenges of surfing. Fitness is a bonus to the rewarding ability to propel one’s self through the water.

Sunday July 27 from 10 am to 5 pm


Psychic Fair

Pre-book your favorite reader online! For info go to Hotel Pennsylvania New York City

SUP enthusiast Lauressa Nelson is a freelance writer in Orlando, FL, and a contributing editor for Natural Awakenings.

or call 914-422-1784

Tired of being tired? Get sick often? Are you or someone you care about feeling stressed lately?

We have the solution. It’s called Pranic Healing Pranic Healing can detect the blockages in the body, remove them and replace with healthy revitalizing energies that can regenerate the physical body. It is a simple yet powerful and pain-free healing modality.

Come and Join Us for a Free Meditation and Healing Where: The Center for Pranic Healing When: Every Wednesday night (7:30-9:30)

The Center for Pranic Healing is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization with the prime objective of promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being through Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, meditation, study and service. Love donations are welcome. The Center for Pranic Healing • 420 Valley Brook Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

201 - 896 - 8500 • natural awakenings

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Musician with a Cause Jack Johnson Plans Shows with the Planet in Mind by Meredith Montgomery


inger-songwriter Jack Johnson’s touring concerts have almost always doubled as fundraisers for local environmental nonprofits. “Early on, we recognized that we could not only fill a room, but also raise funds and awareness for nonprofit groups we believe in,” says Johnson. Then, as he started playing larger venues, “I realized the power of touring to connect our fans with local nonprofits in every town we played.” Johnson and his wife, Kim, also founded two environmentally focused charitable foundations, and during the past five years, all of his tour proceeds have been donated to them, in turn going to hundreds of environmental education nonprofits worldwide. The enabling commercial success began in 2001 when his 22

New York City Edition

debut album successfully established this Oahu, Hawaiian’s trademark mellow surfrocker style. Since then, he’s released five more studio albums, including the most recent, From Here to Now to You. “While I have so much gratitude for the support our music receives, for me, music has always been a hobby, a side thing. It grew into a way to work in the nonprofit world. Being engaged in environmental education almost feels like my real job, and the music’s something we’re lucky enough to provide to fund related causes,” says Johnson. As the size of his audiences grows, so does the size of his potential environmental footprint. On the road, Johnson’s team works with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance to fuel all tour trucks, buses and

photos courtesy of Emmett Malloy


generators. Comprehensive conservation efforts including refillable water bottle stations, plus organic cotton T-shirts and reusable or biodegradable food service ware are standard at his shows. “We try to be environmentally conscious every step of the way,” says Johnson. “Our record cases and posters use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. We record albums in my solar-powered studio. It’s an ongoing learning process and conversation as we find even better ways to do things.” Johnson’s team often requests increased recycling efforts and use of energy-efficient light bulbs at venues, advancing long-term eco-changes everywhere they perform. He explains, “Our thinking is that once they change the light bulbs for us, they’re not going to go back to the old light bulbs after we leave. Many venue managers tell us they have stuck with the improvements because they realize that they’re easy to do.” Marine pollution and single-use plastics are issues high on the musician’s environmental list, but the topic he’s most passionate about is food. In his home state of Hawaii, 90 percent of food is imported. “The idea of supporting your local food system is a big deal in our family and we take that point of view on the road because it’s a vital issue anywhere you go,” he says. At each tour stop, all of the band’s food is sourced within a specific radius. Johnson also works with radio stations to promote regional farming, helping to build community and fan awareness of the benefits of supporting local farms. At home, Johnson has solar panels on the roof and drives an electric car. The entire family, including three children, participates in recycling, worm composting and gardening. “It’s fun to take what we learn at home on the road and bring good things we learn on the road home,” he says. The Swiss Family Robinson is one of the family’s favorite books. “We love figuring out ways to apply ideas,” he remarks. “For our first water catchment system, we got 50-gallon drums previously used for oil and vinegar from a bread bakery and attached spigots. The kids were so excited to watch them fill the first time it rained.” Johnson finds that all of the facets of

his life work together. For example, “Music is a social thing for me. I get to share it with people. Surfing is where I find a lot of balance; it’s a more private time. But I also come up with lyrics and musical ideas while I’m surfing.” Johnson’s approach to inspiring all generations to be conscious of the environment is to focus on the fun, because it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the big picture. Understanding that his own kids are among the future stewards of planet Earth, he works diligently to instill values of creativity and free thinking. Johnson reflects, “When I look at things that are in the world now that we would have never dreamed possible when we were growing up, I recognize how much can change in one generation. Looking for answers that aren’t there yet— things nobody’s thought of—that’s what’s going to solve problems.” Meredith Montgomery publishes Natural Awakenings of Mobile/Baldwin, AL (

Color this Concert Green Greening up music fests not only lessens their impact, it also encourages educated fans to take new ideas home with them. Here are just some of the up-and-coming innovations being incorporated into local venues. Carpool parking Compost programs, including cutlery/service ware Event shuttle service Free water refill stations Local vendors Locally sourced foods Online ride-share booking program Onsite recycling Onsite sales help fund eco-projects Public bike racks Stadium solar panels Staff bikes and e-golf carts


JOURNEY TO MATURITY Setbacks Make Boys Into Men by Nick Clements


e all know hard-charging young men that have their foot planted firmly on the accelerator. They claim that easing off would damage their career and be an admission of failure. They are wrong. Those enjoying early successes can grow up overstressed by trying to stay on the fast track at any cost. These alpha boys are doing what they think others want them to do. In many cases, they are influenced by subtle and overt pressures from parents, peers and celebrity lifestyles, as well as advertising and video games. As a consequence, these men, obsessed with superficial goals, are emotionally stunted, controlling and unable to form long-term relationships. The good news is that if they can recognize these symptoms and want to change, they may be ready to mature into an alpha wolf, a whole different kind of man. An essential catalyst for this change usually comes from experiencing personal wounding: being overlooked for a promotion, feeling redundant, losing a friend or status or perhaps sacrificing a former identity to parenthood. Ultimately, the true test is how he faces such failure and deals with his emotions without labeling himself as weak. The hallmark of mature manhood is how a guy acknowledges his diminishment, not how he manages success. When he stops hiding from himself, signs of his emerging as a mature hero, an alpha wolf, will appear.

He’ll recognize that he makes mistakes, absorb and acknowledge his vulnerability, admit he doesn’t know all the answers and become comfortable with this loss of control. These are the lessons a man must learn to become a more realistic, whole and three-dimensional individual. How he reacts to setbacks and takes responsibility for his actions molds character and helps him take his rightful place in society, rather than a false position. Instead of being obsessed by competing for things and one-upmanship in the material world like an alpha boy, the alpha wolf grows up by adding strong spirituality and compassion to his life skills. He sees the bigger picture, and by viewing people as friends rather than rivals, is better able to forge mature, loving relationships and be a better father. Our sons need to be exposed to emotionally intelligent role models and discussions of attendant values and traits. It’s not a simple or easy path, but it’s an essential process for boys and men that benefits them and everyone in their lives. Nick Clements is an inspirational speaker, workshop leader and author of a trilogy of books on male spirituality and rites of passage, including his recent novel, The Alpha Wolf, A Tale About the Modern Male. He also blogs on masculinity at Learn more at

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June 2014



CoSM Plans New Sanctuary of Visionary Art in Wappinger


his summer will bring big changes for Chapel of Sacred Mirrors—known as CoSM—a church and events center dedicated to contemplation and encouraging the creative spirit. Inspired by and built around The Sacred Mirrors, a series of artworks by Alex Grey, CoSM has moved much of its operations out of Chelsea in NYC, where it began, to a pastoral setting in Wappinger, NY. Now, Alex and Allyson Grey Entheon, proposed sanctuary of visionary art at CoSM are set to begin building Entheon, a new sanctuary of visionary art. Your new location is 40 acres— We talked to the Greys in May, quite a change from the city. as engineering drawings were being What’s it like there? completed. “Right now, Entheon is what’s CoSM in Wappinger is a more tranquil on our minds,” Alex told us. “We’ll initiate setting than the club and gallery district of the first stages of building this summer, Chelsea.  and, Goddess willing, the exhibition will The Wappinger native people lived open on the autumnal equinox 2015, and on the CoSM site long ago, and so the first the exterior sculptures will be placed by thing we did was create a special cairn the end of 2016 or sooner.”  to honor the Wappinger. The primary

Why did you move CoSM out of NYC, and what was your vision in creating the Wappinger location?

CoSM’s mission is to build a sanctuary of visionary art to inspire and evolve the creative spirit. We knew we couldn’t build an enduring sanctuary in a New York City rental—our lease was up in five years—and so we looked for a permanent location. The move to Wappinger fulfilled our vision of an inspiring, permanent offering to share—a spiritual, interfaith pilgrimage site for generations to come.   24

New York City Edition

building on the site is a 10-bedroom, Victorian-style country house erected in 1862. In 1959, the property was gifted to the United Church of Christ, and it became a retreat center and summer Bible camp for many churches and school groups. Since CoSM moved to Wappinger in September 2008, we’ve restored three buildings: an office, a guest house for ceremonies and guests, and a studio where, as ministers of the church, we hold a residence, office and studio to serve CoSM. The town approved CoSM’s plan

to transform the 1882 carriage house into a sanctuary of visionary art—CoSM’s first temple and fourth restored building.

So that’s Entheon. Tell us about the name and the temple.

Entheon means “a place to discover the God within.” At CoSM, Entheon will be a sanctuary of visionary art. We’re scheduled to break ground this year. The ornamental architecture of Entheon points to the transcendent unity of all sacred paths. A continuous band of identical godheads will surround the building, with symbols of 30 world wisdom traditions above each cosmic eye. The many eyes on the roof represent consciousness. DNA dragons, symbolizing consciousness evolution, emerge from the Angels of the Four Directions and ascend to the One, represented as the steeple head.   

Describe your artist retreats.

When artists come to CoSM for a retreat, we spend an hour in consultation with them, focusing on their work and future. Consultations are open to visual artists, dancers, musicians or performance artists. We can also consult on life and career development.  This summer we will co-lead three workshops open to serious artists at any level of experience. The Body & Soul Drawing Intensive focuses on the figure and the invisible energy that we imagine in and around the body. The Painting Intensive is seven days of painting immersion. Participants will begin two pieces, a self-portrait and a work in their own style and design. Each day includes lectures, presentations by class members, and group critiques. The Anatomy Intensive is taught according to the e’corche method that Alex taught for ten years at New York University’s art department. Participants can expect to draw and sculpt a figure—the skeleton and all muscle groups. All our summer intensives—small classes with personal attention—were filled by mid-December. However, registration is still open for our 24th  annual five-day Visionary Art Intensive, which will be held in June at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. This workshop focuses on

accessing visions and turning those visions into images, and it includes discussions on how art can be a spiritual practice and how to become a great artist. You can sign up online at  

What other types of events and courses can people sign up for?

For 11 years, CoSM has held an unbroken chain of Full Moon ceremonies, where artists, philosophers, musicians, poets, dancers, performance artists and many creative friends introduce their particular creative ability in 10 minutes or less.  We also host Art Church one Sunday afternoon each month. We treat art as a spiritual practice that includes music, learning and art making. Participants bring their own art supplies. Art Church is CoSM’s most intimate event. We encourage people to try it even if they haven’t made art since kindergarten. One Friday or Saturday night each month, we host Visionary Salons, which feature a variety of special guests who share their work in interviews, workshops, screenings and concerts.  Our most heavily attended events are our Celestial Celebrations, held on the Saturday closest to an equinox or solstice. These are full-scale events including electronic and ambient music, a fire circle, a laser light show, tarot reading, body painting and ecstatic dance.   This summer we’ll begin our new Friday night dinners featuring a chef from the culinary institute. We’ll post details soon at

How can people visit or shop at CoSM?

CoSM is open to the public Friday through Monday from noon until 6 p.m., when the Mushroom Café and CoSM Shop are open for snacks and visionary products. Sometimes special events and rentals preclude visits from guests, so check the website before you come. Rooms in the CoSM guest house are available 365 nights a year. For information, go to  Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) is located at 46 Deer Hill Rd. (off Wheeler Hill Road), Wappingers Falls, NY. For more info, call 845.297.2323 or visit See ad on inside front cover.


Publish Your Own Magazine

Natural Awakenings is Looking for Passionate Publishers for EXPANSION into the Following Available Markets: • Mobile, AL* • Little Rock, AR* • Los Angeles, CA • San Francisco, CA • Riverside, CA • Ventura, CA • Sacramento, CA • Wilmington, DE • Miami/Florida Keys* • North Central FL* • Orlando, FL*

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•Meaningful New Career •Proven Business System • Exceptional Franchise •Low Initial Investment •Home-Based Business Support and Training For the last 20 years, Natural Awakenings has been committed to providing our readers and advertisers with the tools and resources they need to live a healthier, more balanced life. No publishing experience is necessary… we offer a complete training and support system for turn-key publishing of your magazine. Explore the possibility of making a contribution to your community as a Natural Awakenings publisher.

Visit Our Website or call 239-530-1377 natural awakenings

June 2014



Unleashing Unlimited Potential with Panache Desai by April Thompson


orn into an East Indian family in London, England, Panache Desai grew up steeped in spiritual practices like meditation. Though recognized by spiritual teachers as possessing a special gift, Desai rejected his spiritual foundation as a teenager, trading it for the excitement of London’s rave music scene of the 1990s before moving to America. It wasn’t until he was 22 and living in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice Beach that the pain of the way he had rejected his true inner nature reached a crescendo. In opening himself up to the possibility of the divine, Desai underwent a spiritual awakening that has led him to dedicate his life to helping others make their own journey from self-rejection to contentment. Unaffiliated with any one religious or spiritual tradition, Desai works with simple, yet powerful principles of energy to help free people from self-imposed limitations and unlock their potential. His first book, Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy, just released, is a departure from his earlier focus on creating meditation CDs and other audio recordings. 26

New York City Edition

What was the key turning point in embracing your life’s calling? Every time I would visit a spiritual teacher as a kid, they would say, “We’ve been waiting for you.” But I just wanted to be normal and was also skeptical; not every wellintentioned person is necessarily leading you home. I reached a turning point when I knew something had to change. I told myself that if this thing called God really exists and if I’m here to be a messenger, I have to experience it personally. In that moment, I began to undergo a transformation that culminated in a direct experience of the divine; an infinite ocean of energy vibrating with unconditional love. I felt part of what every spiritual teacher has been telling the world for thousands of years: that the true nature of reality is love, a love that expresses itself through all life forms. That experience allowed me to accept my role of helping others see and achieve their potential.

How does the universal energy you speak of affect us and how can we shift our dance with it? We are vibrational beings inhabiting a

vibrational universe. Yogis and mystics from traditions throughout time have known this. The subtlest form of vibration is the soul, which is overlaid by the emotional, with the physical as the outermost layer of energy. Because the emotional layer can accumulate a density that enshrouds our soul’s light and potential, it’s important to address it. Energy is like water—it wants to flow and can shift states at any moment. Judging or rejecting any aspect of our genuine identity disrupts that flow of energy. For example, if instead of being available to feel your anger when it arises you repress or deny it, that accumulating emotion acquires density and over time, becomes rage. But if you can learn to slow down and lean into the emotion, the anger can wash through and out of you and energy again flows freely. By allowing ourselves to acknowledge, experience and release these emotions without judgment, we are clearing the obstacles to our authentic self, what I term one’s “soul signature”.

How is discovering our soul signature related to finding our calling?

The soul signature is our purest potential expressed. You can have a calling to be a writer, but unless you are connected to who you are at the deepest level, your writing won’t have the same impact. Accessing our soul signature is a process. We didn’t end up where we are overnight, and it can take time to get back to that place where we can express our truest selves by working with the techniques of energy transformation described in my book.

What are good first steps for someone newly initiating a spiritual practice? The most powerful tool is our breath. Witnessing and honoring our breath in every moment allows us to transform every day into living meditation. Find author blogs on how individuals live their soul signature at Panache Connect with freelance writer April Thompson at

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natural awakenings

June 2014


calendarofevents NOTE: If you would like to add your event to our calendar, please email for guidelines. View our entire calendar on our CityGuide online at







The team at inSHAPE, trainers in NYC since 1997, presents the following free events in June. Raffles and giveaways at all! All Tuesdays in June at Jack Rabbit UWS 6:30-8:00 pm Warm up in the shop’s studio, then out to Riverside Park for a boot camp session. Each week gets progressively more challenging. Wednesday, June 4 at Athleta UES 6:00-7:30 pm 30-minute civilized boot camp in store, followed by a demo & overview of inMOTION, our new exercise app. Light snacks & mocktails after.  Wednesday, June 18 Online Open House 7:00-8:00 pm Our inMOTION exercise app is the answer to your daily exercise needs! This online overview will teach you how it works, how to master the moves it gives you & finally see those results you desire. More info & RSVP at

3.30pm EST

A LIFE CHANGING SOULFUL EXPERIENCE Buddha Maitreya the Christ invites you to join him live online from your computer, laptop or ipad for his Worldwide OM Pyramid Meditation & Teaching. This is a bridging process between Christ and humanity that allows for healing and evolutionary change to take to take place - providing a realization of God’s reality in a state of consciousness and a Science of Redemption - changing people’s circumstances for the better and saving the process of the future. “Meditation is really one of the key things that is involved in the Process of God and allowing the Earth to come under the Law of Love.” – Buddha Maitreya the Christ Offering $15.00 per each 2 hour event. Easy registration - click on the OM Meditation link at 1-877-444-SOUL (7685)


1:00-3:10-5:20-7:30-9:40* Come embark upon a journey with six pilgrims ages 3-73 as they embark upon one of humanity’s most timehonored traditions, Spain’s ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Be inspired to begin your own journey with this award-winning, transformational documentary. Q+A with Filmmakers after every screening (*9:40 intro only) Director/Producer Lydia B. Smith on Fri 6/6 & Sun 6/8 Co-Producer & Feature Pilgrim Annie O’Neil at all Q+As Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th St, NYC Purchase Tickets: ShowDate/18 Special group rate for groups of 10 or more call 212-255-2243

SUNDAY, JUNE 1 Drums Along the Hudson: A Native American and Multicultural Festival –11am-6pm. This free, multicultural, family-oriented festival includes exhibitions of world dance and drumming traditions. It is a celebration of Native American heritages, culture and art with the diversity of New York City itself, with the underlying theme of environmental appreciation and education. Be sure to visit the Environmental Tent that includes an appearance by Captain Planet! Indian Road Lawn in Inwood Hill Park, New York, NY. 212-627-1076 x10, dah@ or

TUESDAY, JUNE 3 Summer on the Hudson: Pilates in the Park – 6:307:30pm. Join instructor Melissa Ricci, CPT, PMA from Base Fitness® for a flowing, multi-level Pilates mat class that will tone and balance your muscles, align your body, strengthen your core and give you renewed energy. The Plaza at 66th St, Riverside Park South, New York, NY. Call 311, zhen.heinemann@ or

THURSDAY, JUNE 5 The Jewels in Your Horoscope – 7-9pm. There are more than 12 kinds of people, so how can astrology really work? Pamela Cucinell, a certified astrologer, demonstrates the relevance of the ancient art of astrology in contemporary life. In this lively interactive workshop, Pamela uses down-to-earth explanations to give tangible information. Register at least 48 hours before the workshop with your birthdate, plus time and place of birth, to receive a printout of your unique horoscope. Pamela will use the horoscopes


New York City Edition

of pre-registered participants to demonstrate how much knowledge can be gleaned from this map of the “celestial DNA.” $35. MetaCenter, 214 W 29th St, 16th Floor, New York, NY.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7 5Rhythms Dance/Movement Class – 10am12pm. This class, facilitated by 5Rhythms® certified teacher Margaret H. Wagner, is a dynamic movement practice. It’s a practice of being in the body that ignites creativity, connection and community. Using musical beats from around the world, it is a body and soul workout for young and old, survivors of bum knees, bad backs and broken hearts! Students move through the energies of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. $20; $15 for full-time students with valid IDs. New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th St (between 7th and 8th Aves), New York, NY. 203-209-0047, margaret@ or

SUNDAY, JUNE 8 Traditional Japanese Reiki 1 Class – 3-9pm. Begin your Reiki Practice. Become attuned to Reiki energy for use on yourself and others. Jyogan Hakata-Kohler is a Buddhist lay teacher and Reiki Shihan (teacher) who studied Reiki while living in Kyoto, Japan with Buddhist Priest and Reiki Shihan Hyakuten Inamoto. You will learn to practice Reiki directly from its roots in Japan. For more information, visit Class limited to 7. $195. Namaste Bookshop Healing Center, 2 W 14th St, New York, NY. 212-645-0141, or

MONDAY, JUNE 9 Senior Sit and Get Fit – 11am-12pm. Seniors, get low-impact exercise in this aerobics class, done while seated! Persons with disabilities are welcome. Recreation Center membership is required. Chelsea Recreation Center, 430 W 25th St, New York, NY. 212-255-3705 or

TUESDAY, JUNE 10 Hearing the Yes Behind the No: Getting What You Want Without Regretting it Later! – 7pm. Sometimes, it is hard to hear a no. And a no can take various forms such as: our partners saying “not tonight” or from a colleague voting down an idea at work to our kids acting out. In this interactive workshop, learn some simple steps to help you hear what others are saying yes to when they say no and find win-win solutions in which everyone’s needs matter. If you’d like greater clarity on an actual situation, bring it with you! Dian Killian, Ph.D. (author, certified trainer—Center for Nonviolent Communication, former director of The Center for Collaborative Communication). 92Y Tribeca Classroom, Lexington Ave at 92nd St, New York, NY. 212-415-5500 or

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 Summer on the Hudson: Salute to the Sun Yoga – 6:30-7:30pm. End your day with relaxing Hatha Yoga in a beautiful sunset setting. Suitable for all fitness levels. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring your own mat. The Plaza at 66th St, Riverside Park South, New York, NY. Call 311 or email zhen. or

markyourcalendar JUNE 13-24, 2014 DOUGLAS JAMES COTTRELL AT EDGAR CAYCE CENTER NYC Join this gifted trance clairvoyant, intuitive, spiritual healer and teacher from Canada as he shares extrasensory information for physical, mental and spiritual well being. • Deep Trance Meditation Events: Earth Changes & Economic Outlook. • Workshops include: Intuitive & Psychic Abilities, ESP, Telepathy, Opening Your Third Eye. 10% OFF all Douglas Cottrell NYC events for Natural Awakenings readers! Register online by June 6 using code AWAKE at Edgar Cayce Center 241 West 30th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC 10001 212-691-7690

See more page 9

SATURDAY, JUNE 14 5Rhythms Dance/Movement Class – 10am-12pm. This class, facilitated by 5Rhythms® certified teacher Margaret H. Wagner, is a dynamic movement practice. It’s a practice of being in the body that ignites creativity, connection and community. Using musical beats from around the world, it is a body and soul workout for young and old, survivors of bum knees, bad backs and broken hearts! Students move through the energies of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. $20; $15 for full-time students with valid IDs. New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th St (between 7th and 8th Aves), New York, NY. 203-209-0047, margaret@ or


SUNDAY, JUNE 15 Summer on the Hudson: Let’s Dance – 6-9:30pm. Learn to dance like a pro at these salsa, cha-cha and bachata lessons and group social dances led by master teachers from the Piel Canela Dance and Music School, and featuring DJ Ray Colon. Pier I, Riverside Park South, New York. NY. Call 311 or email zhen.

MONDAY, JUNE 16 What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do – 7pm. Are you dissatisfied with your current job or career path but don’t know how to get where you want to be? In this workshop, uncover new career possibilities, and take the first step in finding a career that makes you happy. Sharon Good, Certified Life, Career and Creativity Coach. 92Y Tribeca Classroom, Lexington Ave at 92nd St, New York, NY. 212-415-5500 or

SATURDAY, JUNE 21 5Rhythms Dance/Movement Class – 10am-12pm. This class, facilitated by 5Rhythms® certified teacher Margaret H. Wagner, is a dynamic movement practice. It’s a practice of being in the body that ignites creativity, connection and community. Using musical beats from around the world, it is a body and soul workout for young and old, survivors of bum knees, bad backs and broken hearts! Students move through the energies of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. $20; $15 for full-time students with valid IDs. New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th St (between 7th and 8th Aves), New York, NY. 203-209-0047, margaret@ or Introduction to Massage Therapy Seminar –10am4pm.  One-day seminar explores Massage Therapy as a career.  Receive a 90-minute massage from student and sample a class. $50. Finger Lakes School of Massage. Register: 914-241-7363 x14.  Info:

SUNDAY, JUNE 22 Advanced Certification in Prenatal Massage – June 22 and 29. 9:30am-5:30pm. Learn prenatal massage for each trimester of pregnancy, physiology of pregnancy and postural changes and techniques.  Prerequisite: LMT. $400.  Finger Lakes School of Massage. Register: 607-272-9024 x29. Info: Monthly Reiki Share with Jyogan Hakata-Kohler – 5:30-8pm. This Reiki Share (led by Jyogan Hakata-

Featuring alternatives such as Home Schooling, Educational Resource Centers, Alternative Schools, Democratic schools, Montessori, Waldorf. Charters. Keynote will include Summerhill School’s Zoe Neill Readhead and Brooklyn Free School; 60 amazing workshops. Group, student and home school rates starting at $100 for 4 days! Child care. Tesla will do limo service from the LIRR! Last year people came from 25 states and 10 countries.


“I attended my first AERO conference last year and it was the first time I felt such a profound sense of belonging to a community of educators.” Alex, Puerto Rico

Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 Seventh Avenue, NYC 10001

LIU/Post, Brookville, LI, NY

click on "Psychic Fair" Reader spots available 516 621-2195

SUNDAY JULY 27 10am to 5pm


Presented by the creators of the Awaken Wellness Fairs

Kohler, Namaste Bookshop’s resident Reiki Teacher) is open to anyone, even if you have never tried Reiki before! It is in the same style as the share held in Kyoto, Japan at Dai Zen In Temple with Hyakuten Inamoto (Jyogan’s teacher). Everyone will receive group-style Reiki (one person lies on the table as others give Reiki).  And, a basic Attunement to the Reiki Energy will be given to all who attend. $20. Namaste Bookshop Healing Center, 80 5th Ave, Suite 1104, New York, NY. 212-645-0141,, or

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25 Sunrise Tai Chi – 6:30-7:30am. Come enjoy a Tai Chi class with the sunrise! Suitable for all levels. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring water. Please check for rain and weather/air advisory. Robert Martinez, certified Tai Chi Instructor. Linden Terrace in Fort Tryon Park, New York, NY. 212-795-1388, or

SATURDAY, JUNE 28 5Rhythms Dance/Movement Class – 10am-12pm. This class, facilitated by 5Rhythms® certified teacher Margaret H. Wagner, is a dynamic movement practice. It’s a practice of being in the body that ignites creativity, connection and community. Using musical beats from around the world, it is a body and soul workout for young and old, survivors of bum knees, bad backs and broken hearts! Students move through the energies of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. $20; $15 for full-time students with valid IDs. New York Live Arts, 219 W 19th St (between 7th and 8th Aves), New York, NY. 203-209-0047, margaret@ or

SUNDAY, JUNE 29 Achilles Hope & Possibility (5M) – 9am. This event, which brings together athletes with disabilities and ablebodied athletes, is a celebration of running with a very special flavor. Cash prizes, free T-shirts for kids, and more—all promise a great day in the park. Kids’ races traditionally include many participants with disabilities as well. Central Park, New York, NY. 855-5MYNYRR, or

markyourcalendar AUGUST 8-17 KIDS YOGA TEACHER CERTIFICATION Spread Joy! Visit Lehigh Valley, PA for 10 days & complete your 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certification with an accomplished Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) with Yoga Alliance. This energizing training is for anyone who cares for children, including teachers & teaching assistants, health care professionals, youth leaders, & yoga teachers. You’ll meet others with a passion for yoga & children. Together you’ll learn tools & activities to safely share yoga with kids. You will leave a Kids’Yoga Teacher. Dancing Elephant KidsAnd Family Yoga is committed to your success.

Lehigh Valley, PA 484-554-4601

See ad page 6

Register Early and Save!

natural awakenings

June 2014



4766B Bedford Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn 11235 • 718-648-8877 Yelena Sokolova, MD - a boardcertied Rheumatologist - created a powerful transformational Life without Pain program. This program is designed for people who are determined to overcome pain, enjoy a healthier body, and are serious about achieving the positive results fast. If you are tired of empty promises – find out about the dierence that a passionate doctor, who focuses on YOUR needs could make.

FACE LIFT MASSAGE MASSAGE FOR HEALTH & FITNESS 109 West 38th Street Suite 401, NYC 10038 646-320- 8999 •

Our signature massage for rejuvenating maturing skin. This treatment lifts, tones, and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized massage strokes leaving a glowing look for days. Regular and frequent treatments over time help your muscles to be firmer and tighter. We include a massage feet, shoulders, neck and scalp in this ultra-luxurious treatment. Series is recommended for best results. Series of 3, 5, 10, 15.


Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Spa and MediSpa 194 Riverside Boulevard, NYC 10069 212-580-0900 • Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Kogan has been practicing Western and Eastern Medicine for over 10 years. She has been taking care of New Yorkers since 2001, combining traditional medicine and holistic healing. Her work has been featured in the press repeatedly and can be seen at


272 N. Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY 914-241-7363 • Join us for a transformative experience as you develop your intuitive and scientific abilities to heal through therapeutic touch. Classes taught to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Financial aid available for full and part-time programs.


New York City Edition


210 Fifth Ave. Suite 1102 New York, NY 10010 212-532-3030 • Mauricio is a cross-cultural hair artist who provides a holistic approach to the beauty industry—one that focuses not only on the physical but also on the overall well-being of his clients, through unique services, truly organic products, a tailored experience and Zen-like environment that all work together to support the mind, body and soul. Mauricio’s private hair studio mission is to be the first of its kind: an innovative eco-friendly hair studio and ‘inner beauty salon’ that seeks to unlock every guest’s beauty. Natural color services are available for both pregnant and everyday clients.


Christina Scali & Laura Pica, Founders Find us on Instagram #thecurioustree Artfully hand-crafted, natural soaps and organic scrubs for all skin types! At The Curious Tree our mission is simple: to change the world in small but powerful ways. We take pride in making natural and organic products that are good for you and harmless to our environment. We also believe in giving back, that’s why 5% of proceeds and 1/10th of our stock goes to local charities & food banks. That’s good karma every time you scrub! Join our movement and choose from 40 different scents by shopping online at Use coupon code GOODKHARMA10 for 10% off!


57 West 57th St. New York City, NY 10019 & Shokan NY 212-813-9461 • Holistic dentist & author, Dr. Zeines, takes into consideration the whole persons balance of physical, environmental, mental, emotional & spiritual needs so you receive a more complete dental health evaluation & treatment. Dr. Zeines is available for phone consultations.

NUMEROLOGY GREER JONAS greer@numerology4yoursoul Understanding the numbers in your name and birthday can help you discover more about your life’s purpose, the unique gifts you were born with, and the challenges in your life. If you are looking to reinvent yourself through a name change or finding a successful business name, numerology can be invaluable.Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, painter and teacher living NYC. She has been practicing numerology and teaching classes for more than twenty years.

NUTRITION & LIFE COACH DOLORES C. PERRI, MS, RD, CNS Alternative Health Center 140 West End Ave Suite 1F, NYC 10023 212-787-2404 •

Dolores Perri is the official nutritionist and coach for the Natural Living Running and Walking Clubs. She also appeared regularly as an expert on alternative health and anti-aging on many radio and TV shows. All areas of nutrition, with a focus on detoxifying the body and strengthening and optimizing the immune system is her specialty. She will take a detailed medical and nutritional history, which determines a most important tool for diagnosing health challenges. Get healthy, get lean. Let her show you how nutrition can and will make a difference.


24 East 12th St., Stuite 305 212-924-6890 • Located in an easily accessible area by Union Square, Dr. Peter Silver practices Minimally Invasive Ozone Dentistry. Ozone is used to kill bacteria in cavities and gum disease, while speeding up the healing of your tissue. Dr. Silver also practices Guilt-Free dentistry, where you are never made to feel uncomfortable about the condition of your mouth. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, Dr. Silver uses laughing gas and does sedation dentistry as well.

OZONE THERAPY DR. HOWARD ROBINS The Healing Center 200 W. 57th St., Suite 807, New York, NY 10019 212-581-0101 • If you have a disease or condition that you haven’t been able to get rid of, Ozone Therapy will most likely be the answer, even for people that have suffered for years and have lost all hope. If you are questioning if your condition can be treated, call or email Dr Robins contact information above.


1225 Park Avenue, (North Location) Ste 1D New York, NY 10128 101 W 12th St (South Location) New York, NY 10011 212-741-2229 Village Obstetrics™ minimally invasive practice offers a rare blend of highly sophisticated medical care and the personal touch of a small private practice and two physicians, Dr. Jaqueline Worth & Dr. George Mussalli. The philosophy of Village Obstetrics™ is one of deep respect for the natural process of pregnancy and birth. Yet as expert doctors we recognize that at times carefully selected treatments are needed. We call our approach “minimally invasive obstetrics”.


Manhattan- 230 5th Ave 212-889-1091 Greenwich- 79 East Putnam Ave 203-292-9275 WHY AN ORGANIC MATTRESS IS RIGHT FOR YOU

Our cotton innerspirng mattresses are made with organic cotton batting and organic wool — free from chemicals and pesticides! Great for those who are chemically sensitive or allergic to latex. A good fit for families on a budget because an innerspring is generally less expensive than a latex mattress. Organic Innerspring Mattresses

While we sleep, our immune system recovers and prepares for the day ahead. If your mattress is filled with airborne allergens and chemical toxins, your immune system will battle these rather than repair itself. Regular bedding & mattresses are laden with polyurethane foam, toxic flame retardants, and water or stain resistant chemicals.

Our cotton innerspring mattresses are made with organic cotton batting and organic wool — free from chemicals and pesticides! Great for those who are chemically sensitive or allergic to latex. A good fit for families on a budget because an innerspring is generally less expensive than a latex mattress.


Natural Latex Organic Mattresses


When it comes to latex there’s “natural” and then there’s “all natural”. We sell only “all natural” latex mattresses so you sleep chemical-free. Beware mattress stores online and in your neighborhood selling “natural” or “green” or “sustainable” foam mattresses. This is “green wash” marketing hype.

Beauty Plus Aesthetics 353 Lexington Ave, Suite 1603, NYC 10016 FIND A HUGE SELECTION OF THE BEST ORGANIC MATTRESSES IN THE WORLD 212-371-6097 Beauty Plus Aesthetics emphasizes the uniqueness of each person. 3 main principles govern their approach: Holistic – a person’s body, mind & emotions. Personalized – treatment plans molded to each client’s lifestyle & body type. Coherent–interrelated advice & treatments. Dr. Mariana Boneva pioneered the most advanced laser treatments 2D and 3D Skin Rejuvenation in Manhattan. Her goal is not only to correct skin’s imperfections, but to create actual improvement in patients’ self image.

TheCleanBedroom TM

The Finest Organic Mattresses & Bedding in the World, all in one place

Manhattan at 230 5th Ave | 212.889.1091 Greenwich at 79 East Putnam Ave | 203.292.9275


241 West 30th St., 2nd Floor New York, NY 10001 212-691-7690 • Holistic health and personal growth resource in midtown Manhattan since 1997. This non-profit Center offers: NYC’s largest selection of Cayce remedies & books, with affordable instruction on using them to bring body, mind and spirit back to a natural state of health. Wellness Services including chiropractic, massage, spiritual & energy healing, psychic & intuitive readings. Workshops and courses on psychic & intuitive development, akashic records, prophecy, past lives, Reiki, more.

NAMASTE BOOKSHOP & HEALING CENTER 2 W 14th St. New York, NY 10011 212-645-0141

Namaste Bookshop and Healing Center offers a unique and large selection of Eastern & Western philosophy books, tarot cards, crystals, pendulums, calendars, wind chimes, incense, greeting cards, yoga accessories, meditation cushions, instructional & music CD’S & DVD’s, salt lamps, and 20 sections of books- including Spanish.. The event space,  in the same building above the bookshop, holds classes, workshops, and book signings as well as provides rooms for regular readers and practitioners.

NEW YORK OPEN CENTER 22 E. 30th St. New York, NY 10016 212-219-2527

The Open Center presents programs of exceptional depth and integrity, concentrating in five major areas: Contemplative and Spiritual Traditions; Health and Wellness; Psychology; Society and Ecology; and Creativity and the Arts. Programs and teachers focused on understanding health and mind-body healing, depth psychology, mystical and esoteric traditions, compassionate dying, socially responsible investing, humanity's impact on the earth and renewable energy, untapped sources for creativity in the arts and what we can learn from world cultures.


250 W 49th St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10019 212-974-2288 • Reflections Center for Conscious Living is an urban oasis nestled among giant financial institu-tions, Times Square, Broadway theaters and luxury high-rises in Hell’s Kitchen, midtown Manhattan. We welcome and invite you to transcend the tensions of city life and join us for a “just right” yoga class with some of the best teachers in NYC, an illuminating talk, or a super cool dance party. Come to Reflections and celebrate all of who you are. 

SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE PO Box 237047, New York, NY 10023 Jose Mestre, 347-306-0729 Marshall Stackman, 212-600-1992

STWS is a nonprofit that offers holistic/integrated healing modalities to people affected by 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, the BP oil spill in the Gulf, as well as armed forces personnel and veterans. Over 3000 people have gone through our programs including over 1200 NYC firefighters. SWTS also offers Yoga by Donation classes that are offered on a donation basis to the 9/11 community, all firefighters & their immediate family members, people who have been affected by Sandy military personnel and veterans. More information online.


214 W. 29th St., 16th Floor New York, NY 10001 212-736-0999 • The META Center is an upscale space rental and event facility in New York City focusing on Multidimensional Education, Transformation & the Arts. It offers conference rooms and private consultation rooms for day, evening and weekend rentals plus a full program of events If you’ve got an event dedicated to the Healing Arts, Personal Growth, Transformation, Creativity or the fostering of Metaphysical Education, the META Center is the Place To Be! This upscale facility includes Conference Rooms and Private Consultation Rooms.

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT SIERRA BENDER® 888-794-3330 • Sierra Bender, a modern day Renaissance woman and leading pioneer in the Women’s Empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship movement for over 25 years. She is the founder of the SBEM Core Institute, Sierra Bender Empowerment Method®(SBEM), Boot Camp for Goddesses® internationally renowned retreat, and author of Goddess to the Core. She’s been featured on Oprah Radio, CBS, Univision TV, USA Today, Marie Claire, Shape, Body & Soul, Yoga Journal, Fit Yoga and other media outlets in Australia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, U.K., Germany and the U.S.

natural awakenings

June 2014




24 July - 3 August 2014

Join the Mystical Summer School and experience a Renaissance of Spirit.

”Mysticism is the science of awakening“ Thomas Hübl

Natural Awakenings NYC June 2014