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Dale Ludwig Holiday Greetings from the IHSADA!! We made it through the fall seasons and are fully immersed in the winter season already. Hopefully your fall seasons were successful and the winter season is off to a good start. I, along with some of the other Executive Board members, were able to get to the District meetings across the state this fall. It was great to get out and see how each district runs its meeting. There is a lot of tremendous work going on in each district so please continue to work for our kids and each other. Thanks for all you do!! The Executive Board and District Directors have been hard at work preparing for the State Convention in March. Brent Buttjer, 2nd VP, is in charge of the convention agenda and programming so if you have any ideas for sessions or topics, I would encourage you to contact him. We have secured the Keynote Speaker for the Monday morning General Session. It will be a great kickoff for our sessions for Monday into Tuesday. The National Convention in Denver is upon us and there is a contingent of Iowa ADs, Boys Association and Girls Union people going. It should be an educational time as well as a great time to socialize and grow in our profession. As the holiday season approaches, I would encourage all of us to take some extra time for ourselves, friends and family. You have earned this time. The past 2 years have been very trying times, but through it all we have persevered and hopefully come out on this side better people. I continue to be amazed by the generosity of people in the AD world and their willingness to help each other do our jobs better and smarter for the benefit of our kids and schools. Please continue to do great work. Enjoy the holiday season and the needed break and rest. God Bless All of You and your families!!

Dale Ludwig

IHSADA President


Season's greetings to all!!. After we left the 2021 IHSADA State Convention in Coralville, I was positive we were coming to the end of the Pandemic. How wrong could I be. Here we are over 8 months later and we have experienced two new variants (Delta/Omicron). Today my thought is “What Is Next”? Regardless of the conditions, our teachers, coaches, support staff and administrators will meet the challenge!! Thank you for your leadership during these difficult times!! Please take some time for yourself and your family during the holiday season!! I want to take this opportunity to identify important happenings with the IHSADA.

IHSADA Membership: Membership has gone well. Online registration has been extremely helpful with accuracy and efficiency. We presently have 331 working members of which 93 are Retired ADs (62 Lifetime, 31 Yearly). This is ahead of last year's pace regarding membership. We have also registered 306 as members of the NIAAA, which is an increase of 20 members from last year. Thanks to all who have joined this great organization. It is not too late. Join today at the IHSADA Website-Membership. Student Scholarships: Approximately 5 years ago the IHSADA broadened its scope on Student Scholarships by offering one male and one female $500 scholarship for each of the five Districts. Please see a related article for the details. This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of a worthy individual. I encourage you to find that worthy student and have him/her submit an application. Even submitting an application is a worthy life lesson for students to understand the need to put themselves out there and make their accomplishments known to the education world. Last year’s recipients, Brady Ramker of Waverly-Shell Rock and Abby Meyer of Sumner-Fredericksburg, received the Section IV Scholarship (IA, MN, MI, IN, & WI) for an additional $1500.00. Everyone agreed at the Section IV meeting that one state had never received both the male and female Section Scholarship!! 2022 State Convention: The State Convention is set for March 27-29. 2nd Vice President, Brent Buttjer of Dallas Center-Grimes is putting together an outstanding convention! Currently, there are 280 working members registered to attend our State Convention which will make this convention one of the largest attended in recent years. We will be publishing our State Convention Schedule of Events in the near future. One highlight of the convention will be our Keynote Speaker - Dr. Joe Sanfelippo of Fall Creek, WI., a renowned nationwide educational innovator and speaker. IHSADA Website: I encourage everyone to take a look at the Website. Nate Boock of Ballard is our Social Media & Website Manager and has done an outstanding job of bringing the site up to date and making it highly informational. You will find a vast amount of information: forms of all types, upcoming events, professional development opportunities, award recognitions, calendar of events and Association history. Retired Athletic Director Inclusion: 2022 will mark the 54th year of the IHSADA. The 50th anniversary has passed but the energy to include Retired membership continues. I encourage all Retireds to register yearly using the Website. This allows us to keep our records up to date. Examples of changes are cell phone numbers, addresses and your years of service. Currently we have only 45 of the 93 retired members registered. This will be the 6th year of identifying the AD Emeritus Award winners. This award recognizes ADs who have served a combination of Years of Service and Years of Membership equaling 65 years. Congratulations to this year’s deserving recipients: Larry Moklestad of Boone, Mitch Osborn of Harlan and Marv Reiland of Iowa City West. Presently, we have recognized 21 Athletic Directors as AD Emeritus. Retired ADs are invited to take part in our State Convention free of charge. On Sunday, March 29th there will be a Retired AD Breakfast and a trip to the vendor hall followed by an opportunity to attend the Opening General Session of the 2022 State Convention. Please join us and stay in touch with your fellow ADs. Our Retired AD Committee is open to all ideas on how to make our convention more inclusive. More details will be available in our February Newsletter. We are trying to identify as many past/retired athletic directors as possible. You can help us identify past athletic directors and their contact information by contacting Gary Schroeder at or myself at Due to the Pandemic, last year I encouraged Retired ADs to reach out to an AD in your school district and let them know that you are thinking of them during this troubled time. They have been dealing with COVID-19 issues for over 18 months and once again variants pose another disruption in the coming months. Thank you to the IHSADA Leadership Team: Executive Board, District Directors and our Conference Representatives. Thanks for your extra time and leadership!! Thank you to all our athletic administrators around this great state for the “Good Work” you do for your students, school and community!! You truly make a difference in the life of many!!

I wish you a

From the Executive Board and District Directors 54th Annual IHSADA State Convention...March 26-29, 2022






Iowa City West








Despite our opponent’s opening blitzkrieg, I had good reason to believe we would not be embarrassed. West Virginia head coach Bobby Bowden was a close friend of mine. He had too much class to run up the score against me in front of my hometown fans. Our team played its heart out. With one and a half minutes left in the game, we were losing 34-7. Then, with West Virginia's first team still in the game, Braxton scored a touchdown in the closing seconds to make the final 41-7. Looking back, I realize the final score was meaningless. As that great football aficionado Gertrude Stein once noted, “A loss is a loss is a loss.” But at the same time, I was piqued that Bobby had run up the score against us. He didn't have to keep his first team on the gridiron after it had sealed the win. When we met at mid-field, I said, “Bobby, I thought we were friends. How could you let your team keep piling on points like that in front of my family.” Bobby calmly replied, “Lou, it's your job to keep the score down, not mine.

You can only coach one football team and that’s yours. You can’t coach yours and mine. If you don’t want to get beat badly, get better athletes, coach better, or change the schedule.” Bobby was right, and his advice was some of the best I’ve ever received. Remember, if

you have a problem, it’s your problem. Solve it. Don’t blame other people. Don’t burden people with your complaints. Ninety percent of the people you meet don’t care about your troubles. The other 10 percent are glad you have them. Lou Holtz..from Winning Every Day



Meeting at Marriott, West Des Moines A. Called to order at 4:12 B. In attendance: Buttjer, Hulshof, Kirtley, Bissen, Deam, Linde, Boock, Ludwig, Scheiffer, Lammers, Johnston, Schroeder, Garvis, Lipovac, Schultz Minutes from last meeting Bissen approved, Linde second; all approved. Bissen: Financials A. Membership report :208; 173 paid B. Sent email to those not registered for IHSADA and convention C. Real Funds to date $61,380.00 D. Payschools 115 have used E. 60 Retired members F. IHSADA Financial Statement 1. First Bank Hampton - $6,534.00 Hope to close out this month and move to GWB. 2. Great Western Bank $58,788.25 3. Schwab Account- $103,416.91 4. Total- 168,739.16 5. IHSAA and IGHSAU usually contribute $5K to convention What to do with extra money A. Send rotating members of board to national convention every year B. Help pay for LTI 1. Courses 2. Test 3. Project C. Scholarship for new people to go to state convention D. Bissen, Kirtley, Schieffer on committee to determine costs for each of these suggestions Motion from Linde, Second for Kirtley to approve financial statement, all in favor Google folder: Schultz presented and navigated through resources

COVID A. Have a back-up in case Hyatt changes B. Impact of OSHA mandate on educators C. Individual concerns D. Way we organize may affect organization of convention E. Stay in contact with Hyatt F. Proceed as planned; change if needed G. Final Forms H. Linde on hold; waiting for Renner to get back I. Moving forward with AMP Language A. Ludwig went over proposed language: Proposed Constitution Language B. Discussion occurred over working and active C. Repetition of parts: is it necessary D. Revise the constitution; bounce off other members if looking at striking language E. Voting members: motion made by Kirtley; second by Huff; roll call: Cook: not present; all present members voted 6-0 to accept language Conflict of Interest: A. Person should recognize it him/herself B. May be asked to leave the room by the board C. Review by the board if necessary D. Be honest with the board and open with the membership E. Leave as a united front to public F. Review each case at the end of the year Asst. LTI Position A. Open it up to membership B. Harley send an email to C. Two names brought up: D. Tim Pezzetti E. Jason Schroeder F. Bring names to next meeting Linde - Business Manager A. Final Forms B. Sent info to Renner C. Easy transition D. Pay with credit card E. Vendors starting to communicate with Linde F. Clothing is closed

Huff A. Awards B. Media Awards C. Without Mark, no info is carried over D. Information not available E. PDF file made for awards with pool; sent to senior directors; Huff can’t locate it F. Nominees are available for each without the carry-over G.NIAAA awards by January-need to be on agenda; scholarship due on Jan 13th Tharp contacted Schieffer about sharing awards A. Medicine B. Media C. Members of board want Harley to collect more information Schroeder A. Welfare 1. Ken Schreiber-cancer 2. George Long Memorial -donated $1825 to the IHSADA B. Emeritus/Emerita 1. 3 available 2. Records not accurate 3. Adding 2 that will meet criteria next year that are lifetime members H. Newsletter 1. All ready to go 2. Need message from Pres and Harley District meetings A. Discuss with directors what they want to talk about B. Issues assembly topics C. Harley talk to IHSAA about data gathered at district meetings Student Scholarships A. State award names: Huff motion; Buttjer second; all in favor B. None in yet LTI A. Summer Institute: most states that have them don’t have summer activities B. Webinars/on-line C. Date D. Deam is checking with instructors E. Variety of levels offered at state F. 9 classes locked in for the convention G. June 18-22...national coaches association: Deanne Kramer nominee from Iowa H. CAA offered I. Include that they have to enter NIAAA membership number...member number should be included in Final Forms

Evaluator Training A. finished last weekend B. Went well C. 11 present D. 2 LTI plus evaluator renewal E. Variety of projects presented F. Continue to promote Send out information to membership about offerings Mentoring Program A. Resource folder B. Drop items in folder for others to use C. IBCA using our mentor program as a guide to mentor basketball coaches Website A. Boock will update info when it is sent to him B. Up to date so far C. Add resource folder-protected link so not everyone can get in National Convention A. National Convention Schedule B. Delegate Assembly: Ludwig, Kirtley, Buttjer, Schultz, Schieffer 1. Will be assigned to cover things 2. Date? C. Spreadsheet needs to be filled out D. Iowa Party E. Scholarships: Moe, Anderson, Clark, Loria, Chapman, possibly one more State Convention A. Buttjer B. Keynote- Joe Sanfelippo; Fall Creek, WI superintendent C. $9500 D. Linde motion to approve keynote, Boock second, all in favor E. Carver- school law F. Other speakers? Ludwig (Jeff Cook joined the meeting at this time) A. Convention favor B. Small 6 pack soft cooler with logo C. $12-$15; spend more to make it nicer? D. Deckers, Iowa Sports, BSN were sponsors prior E. Sponsorship could be added to vendor level F. Linde and Ludwig will discuss FFA A. State v local control B. IHSAA and IGHSAU is not in control of FFA

IGHSAU A. Harley will communicate with them about printing B. Kirtley printer Sutherlands from Montezuma C. Heidi will continue as liaison D. Heidi and Schultz will communicate E. Deadline January F. Harley will talk with Heidi about cost Meeting adjourned at 6:55: Motion by Linde; second by Cook; all in favor






Waverly-Shell Rock



Dallas Center-Grimes

Iowa City West

JEFFERY COOK Pleasantville

Athletic Director Evaluator Approval Renewal Training: November 12 & November 13, 2021 The 2nd IHSADA Evaluator Approval Renewal Training was held on November 12 & November 13, 2021 at the Hall of Pride and Norwalk High School. Thirty Athletic Directors have completed the training , the first two years of the initiative. The training consists of: • Course Introduction •

Origins of the Course & Course Overview

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

National Core Responsibilities & Standards

• LTC Course 707: Assessment of Interscholastic Athletic Programs and Personnel (Instructors 2021: Lyle Fedders & Scott Garvis, Instructors 2020: Casey Hack & D.J. Erkenbrack) • LTC Course 723: Administration of Professional Growth Programs For Interscholastic Athletic Personnel (Instructors: Tim Pezetti & Brian Petersen) •

IHSADA Workshop:

• Comparison of the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC) & Core Responsibilities with the Iowa Teaching Standards. •

Identification of Artifacts/Data Points in each of the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC).

Share & Review Current Individual Formal Evaluation Tools Implemented by Athletic Administrators.

• Small Group Collaboration of a redesign of present evaluation tools incorporating the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC) & Coaching Core Responsibilities. • Final Project: The submission of a formal evaluation tool that incorporates the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC) & Coaching Core Responsibilities.

The course meets the requirement for evaluator renewal recertification of Athletic Directors following initial certification as an evaluator through the Department of Education. The recertification is specific to evaluations of athletic coaches. The training focuses on the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC). The NSSC were introduced in 1995 with the intent of identifying the knowledge and skills that coaches need to work effectively with athletes. The SHAPE America Task Force’s third revision of the standards identified seven Core Responsibilities. Under each of the Core Responsibilities, a set of Standards (42 total) identify knowledge and skills (or competencies) to improve the sport experiences for all athletes and to elevate the profession of coaching.

The concept for the creation of an IHSADA evaluator training course, specific to Athletic Directors, was a goal of Al Lammers during his term as IHSADA President. The training development committee consisted of Al Lammers, Harley Schieffer, Bill Watson, Aaron Stecker, Brad Rose, Tom Lipovac, Scott Garvis, and Jayson Campbell. “We must get our players to believe that the best way to improve the team is to improve themselves, and in so doing, we must not lose sight of the fact that the same principle holds true in regards to the coach.” John Wooden

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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and it looks like work. Thomas Edison

Cass Burkhart, Westwood-Northwest Ken Schreiber, St. Albert Catholic-Southwest Al Lammers, Norwalk-Central Troy Becker, Cedar Falls-Northeast Alan Ling, English Valleys-Southeast


Eric Maassen, Sheldon-Northwest Allen Naugle, Southwest Valley-Southwest Holly Anderson, Ankeny Centennial Northview-Central Scott Kriegel, Center Point-Urbana-Northeast Nathan Carlson, Mid-Prairie-Southeast

Terri Weeks Ballard

Administrative Assistants of the Year

Connie McGinnis Shenandoah

...From the ARCHIVES




Tricia Applegate, Central Decatur

Mark Hurley, Des Moines East

Maury Anderson, Bellevue

Larry Raabe, Glenwood

Dan Graves, Des Moines East

Brent Von Essen, Glenwood





OF THE YEAR Kim Sheppard Decorah

Derek Martin, KMA Radio Shenandoah James Nelson Waterloo Courier

Jennie Edmundson, Sports Medicine Athletic Training Services Council Bluffs Dr. Mike Kenkel Glenwood

LEADERSHIP A leading architect once built a cluster of office buildings set in a central green. The landscape crew asked him where he wanted the sidewalks between the buildings. His reply: “Just plant grass between the buildings.” By late summer the new lawn was laced with pathways of trodden grass. The paths followed the most efficient line between the points of connection, turned in easy curves rather than at right angles and were sized according to traffic flow. In the fall the architect simply paved in the pathways. Not only did the paths have a design beauty, but they responded directly to user needs. Christopher Williams

of the A.D.

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