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Hard Hats, Sledgehammers, & Lunch Pails….Accepting the Risk of Leadership Brent Buttjer


I am honored and humbled to accept the President’s gavel for the 2023-24 school year!! The IHSADA has had tremendous leadership over the last fifty-five years and I am excited to step up to the plate and work alongside our experienced Exec Board and our talented Jr. and Sr. Directors to provide leadership to OUR association.

Every Athletic/Activities Director receiving this newsletter leads in your communities. You are the face of your schools and I am very in tune to the challenges you face but also the special gift that each of you has to offer your kids, coaches, and directors. Thank you for having the courage to do what many think they can, but few actually do. It takes a very unique individual, one who embraces the lifestyle of being an Athletic/Activities Director, to do the job that we do and do it well.

The lifestyle of the Athletic/Activities Director doesn’t come with a lot of recognition and “thank you ’s” nor do we expect that. We are behind-the-

scenes people (until something doesn’t go well!) Just know that your work is seen by this association and we are here to support you in any way that we can.

I’ve always felt leadership requires some risk. I’d like to challenge you to take a risk and explore your weaknesses. Close holes in your game by adding tools to your toolbox! There isn’t one AD out there that came into the profession knowing everything they needed to know to do the job.

If you need help with event management, checklists, sportsmanship, fundraising, handbooks, or how to run a track meet, get yourself into the IHSADA website under AD toolboxes and pick up some ideas. If you need help with evaluating or an evaluation tool, get yourself signed up for the Evaluator Training Course. If you need professional development in other areas, the IHSADA and NIAAA offer 55+ LTI courses that will help close those holes in your game. We offer several LTI courses at our state convention

in March. We expect our coaches to stay current and clinic with others; why would we not expect the same professional development from ourselves?

Many of our districts are under construction. Some with real construction projects and many with significant challenges that feel like construction projects. I believe that as long as you are willing to put on a hard hat and pick up a sledge hammer, the work that you do will be productive for those that you serve. There is no substitute for hard work, be blue collar! I am very aware that with the hard work comes sacrifices. Do me a quick favor and text or call someone that has helped you get to where you are today and tell them how much you appreciate their support……these are the people that fill your lunch pail!!

Have a great rest of the spring and a successful but relaxing summer! Keep rising!! Butch

With the 2023 IHSADA State Conven on in the books, it’s me to turn our a en on to preparing for the 2023-24 School Year. The IHSADA is well underway in making those plans under the leadership of President Brent Bu jer of Dallas Center-Grimes. We had our first Execu ve Board mee ng on April 29th and the IHSADA has an ambi ous agenda for the coming school year.

The newest member of the Execu ve Board is 2nd Vice President Tonya Moe, Linn-Mar. A message is provided by Moe in this newsle er.

A great big thank you to Past President Erin Kirtley for her outstanding service this past year. Kirtley provided steady leadership through her work with District Directors for their fall mee ngs and prepara on for the IHSADA State Conven on. Major changes during Erin’s tenure was the revamped State Conven on Program and the move to a Saturday through Monday format for the State Convenon.

Here are the athle c administrators who will make up the leadership team and will provide some thoughts of how the IHSADA can grow and improve as an organiza on.

Brent Bu jer of Dallas Center-Grimes becomes the 55th President of the IHSADA and has launched an aggressive agenda for 20232024. Brent has worked to iden fy and address the current issues facing Athle c Directors.

Ma Weis of West Delaware will serve as the 1st Vice President and also work toward idenfying current issues facing Iowa AD’s.

Tonya Moe of Linn-Mar becomes our 2nd Vice President who has the primary duty of developing the 2024 State Conven on Program. These three leaders will make a great team!!

A huge thank you to Ma Weis as the team leader in the development of the 2023 State Conven on. Conven on planning is a gigan c task that takes a great amount of me and energy. Great job Ma !!

“Good Work”

“Good Work” is serving others and making a difference in the lives of many. “Good Work” is serving as a leader of your school and community. “Good Work” is being the face of your school district. Thank you to all our Iowa Athle c Directors for responding to and mee ng all your challenges!! That is “Good Work”!!

State Convention Highlights and Information Post Conven on Survey Results from 162 of the 292 members who completed the survey.

77% of our members favored the Saturday through Monday format over the previous Sunday through Tuesday format.

Our Keynote Speaker, Jimmy Cassas, received a 95% favorable ra ng and Lindsey Fennelly, our Monday Brunch Speaker, received over 91% favorable ra ng.

Our Vendor Hall received over a 90% approval ra ng. Great job by IHSADA Business Manager, Mike Linde of Van Meter.

The Hya Regency Hotel and Conven on Center received over a 95% approval ra ng for outstanding service and food service. Thanks to Heather Hancock and Shannon Arnold, Co-Event Managers for an outstanding job!!

Our Video format used for the Hall of Fame Banquet was reviewed very favorably by our members who a ended the event. Each inductee presented a video clip of approximately 5 minutes. Thanks to our Video Produc on Crew for a great presenta on.

Once again in 2023, our Hall of Fame Banquet was not a ended by over 50% of our members as was the Athle c Director of the Year Banquet and the Monday Brunch. This is a disappointment due to the empty seats at each of those meals. We asked our membership in a Pre Conven on Ques onnaire to indicate if they planned to a end a par cular conven on event. The ques onnaire was sent to those a ending in an effort to avoid the waste of food and avoid unnecessary cost of unconsumed meals. We must, as an organiza on, be be er regarding this issue in the coming years. If you have sugges ons on how to address this situaon, please let me know.

Membership also asked for the IHSADA to be diligent when selec ng issues for Popcorn and Mini-Sessions. Again, sugges ons are welcome.

Thanks to the IHSAA Execu ve Director - Tom Kea ng and the IGHSAU Execu ve DirectorJean Berger for providing our 1st General Session with current informa on and to their staff for providing Mini and Popcorn session presenta ons for all the Iowa Athle c Directors during the conven on. Each organiza on provides the

state Athle c Directors with outstanding guidance and support throughout the school year. To all staff of the IGHSAU & the IHSAA, thank you for your leadership.

Retired Athletic Directors

We asked our Re red Athle c Directors to register for membership and register to a end the state conven on by using the Final FormAMP link to the IHSADA Re red AD Registraon Form. We hope to improve and standardize this process and make it more user friendly in the 2023-24 school year. We have grown to 63 Life me members with 38 yearly members for a total of 101 members. That represents a growth of 5 members from last year. Please reach out to the newly re red athle c directors and those who have not yet joined the IHSADA. Invite them to become a member of this great organiza on. There is much to be learned from those who have preceded you!!

Evaluator Approval I Course:

The 2023 IHSADA Evaluator Approval I Course has been scheduled for Thursday, November 16th and Friday, November 17th. We will connue to use a Thursday/Friday format for the course. Our Execu ve Board felt that this professional development offering should avoid the use of a weekend.

Evaluator Approval II Course:

I am excited to announce the addi on of a second Evaluator Approval Course. This was done as a joint effort of the Department of Educa on and the IHSADA to con nue to provide staff development opportuni es to AD’s when evalua ng staff. This course will con nue to focus on the en re process of hiring, evalua ng and improving the performance of coaches. Evaluator Approval Co-Coordinators Tom Lipovac of Perry and Al Lammers of Norwalk have done a great job spearheading this ini a ve!!

Both courses will use a 9:00 AM start for our Thursday mee ng schedule which will allow the class to end by 3:00 PM on Friday and will be held at the same loca on. Each of the two courses will be offered as a one hour Cer ficate Renewal course especially designed for Ac vity/Athle c Administrators. This is a great opportunity for those seeking renewal credit and for those looking to grow professionally!!

Registra on opportuni es for these two Evaluator courses will begin in late August and early September.

I have been an AD for 17 years and honored to be the recipient of the HS Athletic Director of the Year award for 2022-23. I am very excited to be serving as the 2nd VP for the upcoming school year and working with all the other members of the IHSADA. We have already started planning for the 2024 AD Conference but if you have any topics or issues that you would like to see offered in the break out sessions or mini-sessions please email me at

Thank you!!

The IHSADA is excited to announce that we will be offering scholarships for up to three (3) current Athletic Directors to attend this year's conference at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida, from December 15-19, 2023.

The IHSADA scholarship will cover your registration fee, shared hotel accommodations, up to $500 for airfare, and one LTI class onsite. This is a great opportunity for our members to network, enhance your professional development, learn from industry experts, and gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in Athletic Directorship.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must attend the first time attendee session, opening general session, 4 out of 5 mini-sessions, exhibit hall, and the state party. You will also be asked to give a brief presentation about your experience at the IHSADA business meeting at the State Convention in March 2024. Look for future information in May from Harley Schieffer, Executive Director.

pursuit of a definite goal. It recalls cherished memories of experiences with coaches that worked, drilled and planned daily to develop the athle c ability you possess. Coaches who taught you the power of teamwork.



The foremost prize that every athlete desires to win is his or her monogram, be er known today as a “Le er”. The young athletes who bear this stamp of achievement on their chests have earned the respect and praise of their peers and community.

Anything you possess is valued by what it costs, and this is the reason most people treasure their school Le er so highly. To earn a Le er you must first earn the right to wear it, which means you have paid for your Le er with me, effort, sweat and sacrifice.

A Le er represents long hard days of prac ce and the grueling contests. It represents loyalty and the unselfish faithfulness of each athlete while in

It represents each individual game, specific opponents, and the strategic moments of every contest you took part in. It reminds you of the trips you made, the jokes that were cracked, scenes in the locker form, all the sore muscles, and the sounds of the crowd. All this and more is represented in your Le er

Lastly, your Le er is the stamp of approval or seal of recogni on from your alma mater signifying your athle c achievement. Your Le er represents the purpose and the ideals for which your school stands. You are the proud possessor of something that every student and every follower of athle cs envies and admires. The Le er is yours to wear whenever and wherever you choose. When wearing your Le er always conduct yourself in a manner reflec ng the ideas and spirit of your school. Your Le er should be a perpetual spring of inspira on and a constant stream of pleasant memories.

All you need for the youth sportsandactivitiesyoulove the most! The Bound app givesHighSchoolsportsfans a pro experience–including everything you need to follow your school, size up the competition and see how your teams and athletes stack up all season long. Stophuntingaroundthe web searching for schedules, rosters, standings and stat leaders. With Bound you can track the action all season long. With game previews, rosters, box scores, and recaps you’ll get everything youneed.



Learn from the pros, observe them, seek them out as mentors and partners. But remember that even the pros may have leveled out in terms of their learning and skills. Some mes even the pros can become complacent and lazy.

Leadership does not emerge from blind obedience to anyone. Xerox’s Barry Rand was right on target when he warned his people that if you have a yes-man working for you, one of you is redundant. Good leadership encourages everyone's evolu on.

Discipline or Punishment: The Difference


natural tendency to make mistakes, and learning from mistakes is what makes them be er. But the way you correct them determines how well they will turn out in the future. This is where punish-

One of the outcomes of par cipa on is the

ment and discipline come in, as they are used interchangeably for correc on. However, many people parents/guardians, teachers and coaches inclusive do not understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

What is Punishment?

Punishment means making a student pay for his/her mistakes. Some mes, the desire to inflict punishment springs from a place of frustra on. It is about controlling instead of teaching how to control themselves. And this is o en melted with hos lity that changes how a student thinks. A student who receives punishment may begin to think, “I am bad.” Instead of thinking he/she made a bad choice, he/she may end up growing into a less empathe c adult in the future.

What Is Discipline?

Discipline teaches students how to manage their behavior, solve problems, deal with uncomfortable emo ons, and self-reflect to iden fy loopholes during character forma on. Discipline helps kids learn from their mistakes and teaches them socially appropriate ways to live. The goal is to give kids a clear nega ve consequence that will help them make be er decisions in the future.

Discipline takes an authorita ve approach. It involves giving kids clear rules and consistent nega ve consequences when they break the rules. The consequences could also be me-sensi ve. So while punishment may involve a coach removing an athlete from his role as a starter or captain for the season, discipline might be taking away his/her role for 1-2 games or more when the player refuses to adjust his/her behavior.

The Benefits of Discipline

· Discipline is proac ve; rather than reac ve. It minimizes dependency and ensures students are ac vely learning from their mistakes.

· Posi ve reinforcement (praise and reward systems) encourages good behavior to con nue and provides students with clear incen ves to obey the s pulated rules. It also helps students develop acceptable behavior in the future.

· While discipline permits appropriate amounts of guilt, it is not about shaming. And that is crucial. A student who has good self-esteem is less likely to make poor choices. Instead, he/she will have confidence in the ability to correct and manage his/her behavior with dialogue and open conversa ons

Don’t be afraid to challenge the pros, even in their own backyard.

A Lighter Side...

I. Mee ng started at 10:05

In a endance: Kirtley, Schieffer, Kea ng, Schroeder, Bu jer, Deam, Weis, Egbert, Huff, Lipovac, Zoom-Ludwig, Bissen, Schultz

II. Minutes mo on by Egbert, second by Bu jer, mo on carried

III. Treasurer Report

A. Bank acct: 65,867

B. Schwabb: 97,817

C. Lots of outstanding payments from vendors as conven on nears

IV. Wrestling le er

A. Talked about considering 4 classes

B. Talk about this in district mee ngs

C. Kea ng input: Wrestling advisory: more qualifiers would accomplish their goal as opposed to addi onal classes

D. Wrestling advisory s ll needs to discuss how it went this year

E. IHSAA have not go en many surveys back, par cularly AD’s; once they get those and hear back from advisory commi ee, they will discuss plans for next year

F. 4 classes has not been brought up by AD’s or wrestling advisory commi ee

G. This was brought up by Lewie in the advisory commi ee and voted down again, would rather have more qualifiers

H. Kea ng will share results of state wrestling tournament survey with IHSADA board

I. Kirtley explained process girls went through

J. Wait to discuss this ll fall mee ngs when we know what surveys said and advisory commi ee discuss

V. IHSADA representa on on voice

A. How do we make ourselves heard

B. Be er communica on with those on advisory commi ees

C. Sugges on: find out who AD’s are that sit on advisory commi ees and see if they can report on mee ngs to someone on the board; use newsle er or Final Forms to distribute informa on

D. Do we take input from outside sources…people that are not school related

VI. Compara ve informa on

A. Membership fees

B. LTI costs

C. # of schools versus number of members

VII. President’s report

A. Tonya Moe is only candidate

B. Porter took a superintendent posi on

C. Give a write-in op on when vo ng

D. Bissen said we can send a vote out through AMP

E. Respond to President’s dinner

VIII. Execu ve

A. Membership: 343

March 8, 2023 @ IGHSAU EXECUTIVE

B. NIAAA: largest it has been 352

C. State conven on registra on: 295

IX. First VP Report-Bu jer wants to see All-In

X. Welfare

A. Stover wife passed away

B. No other informa on

XI. Newle er

A. Will go out tonight

B. Send to Sco to rearrange

XII. Re red AD’s-Sent out schedule

XIII. Partner’s Brunch-Tara Chris ansen

A. No invites sent

B. Partners may a end



A. Lowest # was 510 on Monday…requirement and first me on Monday a er

B. 616 5 people; change requested

C. Request for 799; addi onal people added-Sco Garvis and Jason Schroeder

D. Can Julie change 616 to 799 LTI course

E. Rolls for Sat morning instructors

F. Instructors will get lunch

G. Sign-in table closer to rooms

H. Someone show up to take a class, how do we enter that on AMP

I. Way to take credit cards on site?


A. Larry Mocklested will go into HoF at next na onal conven on

B. 3 out of 7 from Sec on 4

XVI. Make-A-Wish

A. Giving campaign-stays in Iowa Make-A-Wish

B. NIAAA-food campaign

C. Second year with them

D. Limit them to 10 minutes

E. Add her to General Session 3 a er Gipper Harley will introduce the rep and Mary needs to make a

F. Possibility of VENMO

XVII. Clothing closed Feb. 20

XVIII. Stecker takes Sec on 4 posi onDec. of 2023 ll 2026

XIX. 5 state exchange

A. Bu jer, Kirtley, Weis, Garvis (presenter)

B. Schieffer not going

C. Rooms are reserved

D. We are the host in 2024

XX. Historians Report

A. Everything ordered

B. Have rings and plaque

C. ADOY award is out-Moe needs to bring that to the conven on

D. Years of service info sent in

E. MS ADOY, HOF awards ordered

F. guests…Huff is collec ng # from a endees

G. Emeritus and Emerita is ordered

H. Bob White Award…always be thinking of someone for this

I. Voice over for HOF video-34 minutes

J. HOF interviews on Sat morning

XXI. Student Scholarships

A. Smock-Linnville-Sully

B. Ryan Keller-Center Point-Urbana

C. District awards presented

D. Garvis order plaques for state

E. Checks sent to award winners

XXII.Business Manager report

A. Booths set up Frid

B. Vendor hall Sat

C. Hospitality

D. Add 200 lunches for vendor luncheon for vendors

E. Badges ordered for vendors

F. Door prizes

XXIII. Conven on Favor

A. Trophies plus

B. Portable speaker with light

C. Logo on it

D. Done next week

E. $3500

F. 380 speakers ordered

XXIV. Website- Nate will send daily update at conven on

XXV. Conven on

A. Weis went over program order

B. Send errors to Mary

C. Room arrangements-overflow to Homewood and Druery Inn

D. Mee ng with Hya within the next week

E. Survey on meals

F. Schultz-prin ng update

G. Winker-U of I students

H. District Mee ngs

1. How to get info to and from execu ve board

2. Erin, Brent, and Ma will create agenda

I. Redo scripts for general sessions

J. Remind AD’s to bring door prizes

K. Any ideas for Linde’s vendor hall give-aways, contact Linde

L. Admin asst program ready to go

M. Social gatherings-keep on second floor

N. A re schedule updated

O. Pins ordered

P. Thursday Execu ve mee ng at 4:00

XXVI. Mee ng Adjournment at 1:53 mo on Weis, second Schroeder, mo on carried

...From the ArChIVeS

NIAAA Quality Program Award

Scott Garvis Newton HS 2015

Thank you freebies—As o en as your budget allows, give a new cap, T-shirt or a sweatshirt to members of your custodial staff and grounds crew. These are the people who keep the school looking nice, who line the fields and set up the courts for athle c contests and who assist with prepara ons for rallies and dances. Custodians and grounds personnel who feel appreciated can contribute migh ly to the success of an ac vi es program. It’s no news that posi ve reinforcement of desired behavior works to make people feel that they are appreciated. Personal thank you notes and le ers of commenda on to the Administra on and Board are helpful, but nothing works be er than three or four student leaders going to the custodians and sincerely thanking them for their help while handing each employee a spanking new gi from the Student Council.. 99NUGGETS by Bob Burton

Best Responses to Upset Sports Parents

Excerpt: Control Your Off the Field Concerns: Proven Remedies for Coaches & Athle c Directors to Solve Your Toughest Challenges. Consider this scenario. It wasn't the best game your team ever played. And before you can turn to them to try to smooth over the loss, you are confronted with an irate, in your face, father (or occasionally a mother). In language too salty for a marine drill sergeant, you are given a tongue lashing on everything from your @#%^*& lack of ability as a coach to why his superstar child is not playing the right position, receiving enough playing time, etc. While your insides are rattling with angry emotions, you catch the faces of the kids on your team whose jaws have dropped open.

These situations can be handled in several ways. First, if the parental behavior is repetitive or consistent, the governing sport association needs to intervene according to their procedures. Don't hesitate to pursue this before things get even more out of hand.

Secondly, as a coach you need to muster all your self-control capabilities so as to react rationally and not emotionally to the parent. Taking time to cool off before any response is essential. “Stepping back” and analyzing the situation (What is this all about?) from the distance can create more calm. Talking to yourself in calming ways or using physical selfrelaxation techniques can defuse your emotion. Then approaching the parent again about the concerns may be productive and might even get you an apology.

Finally, the situation should be addressed with the team. Having a team meeting as soon as possible (but after you have calmed down) is important. Holding the meeting where there is some quiet and privacy. Don't try to punish or isolate the player for the parent's bad behavior. It is useful to begin the meeting by acknowledging the emotions that were raised by the fuss (“I was pretty surprised and upset by what happened... I wonder if any of you are feeling the same way.”) Without naming the parent or making other references to him or her, discuss with the team that people get upset sometimes and act very excitable when they do.

After the meeting, privately assure the player of the irate parent that you are not upset with him/her and that they are still a valued part of the team. Try to use the incident as an opportunity for coaching the team in some important life skills.

Examples: Here are some potential situations with parents of athletes you may have had to deal with and some response suggestions. In most circumstances, the player should not be present at any of these discussions. These issues are between the parent and coach and should be conducted in private.

Your coaching sucks. Why are you running this system? Acknowledge what the parent is saying. Let them know you heard them. You might say, “Yes, that approach could work in certain situations” or “that's a great suggestion. Maybe we'll implement it later.”

As the coach, you need to add the explanation for why they are using the system they are. Reply with: “With the type of competition we play, your suggestion doesn't fit in with the overall scheme. Or you could say, “that's not a play or strategy that we have worked on. Maybe that's something we might add to the playbook in the future” - assuming the suggestion has at least some merit.

My kid is better than John Doe or Jill Smith. Why isn't my kid playing more? Acknowledge the strengths and positive attributes of the kid. Tell why you think the player ahead of their son or daughter makes a more significant contribution. Follow up by saying what future plans you have for their kid and reiterate the good points that he or she brings to the table.

We've had it with you coach. Either X,Y, or Z happens or my kid will transfer to another school. First, if the parent is really that upset, acknowledge their anger and ask to meet with them privately at a later time. Offer a specific time and place. Wait several days after a game. At the start of the meeting, let the parent vent. See if there is anything valid they are saying and address it. If they are way off base, help them see where they are incorrect in their thinking. If they have anything meaningful to say, reply with: “I'll take that under consideration.” At some point, if they refuse to calm down or threaten to transfer, you should calmly say, “If that's your choice, and you feel that is best for your son or daughter, I'll go along with that.”

The parent's kid may not fit into the program anymore anyway, so them leaving may be best for all concerned. But if the parent is simply being difficult, let them know it is their decision and say, “I'd hate to lose X and let's try to work through this.” The goal is for the parent to think you sincerely don't want to lose their kid.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Pre Convention Planning Meeting

Hyatt Ballroom - 4:00 PM

A. Convention/IHSADA Banners and Signage (Linde/All)

a. 9:00 - Meet in main lobby to put up banners etc - Friday AM

b. Registration Packets (Johnston & Bissen)

c. Registration (Two Areas)

i. Fill Packets at 11:00 Meeting Friday AM

ii. Badges & Lanyards

iii. Sale of Raffle Tickets - Retired ADs (Litterer, Clark, Fitzpatrick, Steffen

iv. Each Director gets $50 worth to sell (3/$5)

v. Convention Meals (Kirtley & Schieffer)

a. Please let Erin know if anything chances with #’s attending

b. Shannon Arnold - Hyatt Staff Introductions/Instructions

Convention Assignment List (Weis)

a. Set up for each of the General Sessions - District Directors from ????

b. Name Plates for the Head Tables

c. Guest Tables Reserved??

d. Presidents Night Report (Ludwig)

e. Will stream in the Iowa Game after formal banquet part ends.

Treasurer Report (Feb. 10th)

a. Bank Account- $67,217.76 (March 22)

b. Schwab- $94,573.87 (March 22)

LTI Report (Deam)

Administrative Assistants Attending - (Schroeder & Lori Clark)

a. 33 Attending

b. Retired AD Session Plans (Schroeder/Schieffer)

c. Gary is going to look into emeritus status- Estimated 20 for the brunch

d. Historians Report (Huff, Hulshof, & Schroeder)

e. Confirm Awards ceremonies and events

i. Trophies plus is going to bring along when they arrive.

2023 IHSADA Convention Program (Hard Copy will be presented) (Weis)

i. Speakers/Sessions/Meeting Rooms/Audio-Visual Needs (Buttjer & Schieffer)

Make A Wish Foundation - Carol Tebockhorst Coordinator

i. Corn-Hole tourney proceeds will go to MAW foundation

ii. Carol will be available for one day. May be here Sunday.

iii. Location of Make A Wish Promotional Table in the Ballroom East Wall

iv. Convention Photography - Scott McWherter (Schieffer)

v. IT Report - Garvis & Eric Hagen of Encore (Schieffer)

vi. University of Iowa Duties & Responsibilities (Winker)


i. Vendor Hall Report (Linde)

a. Pretty much full. Room for 1.5 more.

b. Convention Favor Booth

c. Manned by Garms & DeJong (Krejci & Thomas)

d. Voting Plan for 2nd VP

e. Who is counting before Business meeting? (Ludwig - Past President & Buttjer - 2nd Vice President)

f. Going to push out through a google form on Sunday.

g. Hospitality Room Plans

h. Friday- Ballroom after Presidents Program w/ Karaoke

i. Saturday - Vending Hall and 2nd Floor

j. Sunday- 2nd Floor

k. Banners/Flags/Signage/Name Plates/Podium Signs - Saturday AM (All)

l. Business Meeting Plan

m. Secretary's Report: (Schultz) - Hulshof will fill in for Mary

n. Executive Directors Report- membership: NIAAA and IHSADA (Schieffer)

o. Financial Report (Bissen)

p. NIAAA Update (Garvis)

q. 2nd VP Results (Weis) District Meeting Proposal (Buttjer)

a. Pay Mary $500 stipend for developing program and brochures from scratch. Motion by Gary, 2nd my Erin, Unanimous. Additional Items -

First convention program to list AD’s currently holding certification? (Answer on page 4)
O r W n …and I Quote
Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.

March 27, 2023 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING Hyatt Regency Hotel 7:30 a.m.

Erin thanked the board for the support through the last two years……..Moving forward for the 2024 conven on.

President’s Banquet – DJ for next year.

Registra on – Iowa kids great, Judge helping, AMP made it smoother 291 a ended and 40 did not a end.

U of I tournaments – Bags Tournament went way past 10:15 PM. They didn’t mind going late.

Registra on for admin assistants – They don’t come all at the same me.

Raffle Sales – good

Vendor Hall – Couple of tweaks, liked being fed, adjust the hall and move siding to the outside – two beverage things on the side, ming of lunch for admin assistants take a look at

Signage – Ask Luke/Kylie about storage signs. Mike will take bags home to fix. Vendor looking at making bag sets.

Ice Cream Social sign didn’t get put out.

Signs Needed – Re red AD Booth, Accordion type backdrop will replace black one in the main ballroom – Store the signs be er in the back of ballroom – Replace IHSADA sign with our new logo

Use small backdrop for headshots

Sco (Photographer) – Pay $400.00.

Any benefit in a second photographer or having all photos at the end.

Ballroom and banquet set-up – 42 unique people a ended last banquet

Change the Awards Ceremony – buffet, add the dressing into the program (formal a re, casual, etc.)

Hall of Fame – Videos were great, have videos for the AD of the Years, brings equity to the MS AD of the Year

Find a sponsor for the videos possibly due to the cost it could be.

Authen c Brand, Perry – possible sponsor

Banquet and Dinners – President’s social and banquet – Detail in the program about who that is for. Invite only –

Social Gatherings In Ball Room – keep the games playing, any benefit to bringing in a FAT ming, track wrestling, Bound to create a work session environment.

Hospitality Room – Very mild on Sunday night due to games

District Mee ngs – Good conversa on, recorders will submit to Brent, can possibly use that as the 5-state exchange me, a endance was good in most rooms, recorders were to get head counts in each session

Ice Cream Social – Get signs out. Is placement good? Placement of the freezers for next year. Gluten free for those that need it.

Look at Sunday morning gap in the vending hall. There is a 3-hour window that is bare in there.

Breakout sessions – Move admin assistants program off of Sunday. Present possibly at school for Admin Assistant of the Year. Look at moving admin assistants off of Sunday.

Ques ons about the legal session and if it will come back. (possible popcorn session)

Speakers for LTC classes. Cannot hear very well. Possibly look at purchasing some and some presenta on clickers.

Next mee ng is April 26 at 9:30 AM at the IGHSAU. Mo on by Linde. Second by Bissen.