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NOV/DEC 2022

June 23, 1972

Greetings IHSADA Members! I hope this newsletter finds everyone in good health and great spirits heading into the holidays. I’d like to congratulate the many Athletic Directors and their coaches on the success of their programs through the finale of fall sports. Many competitive records were set and broken, and memories were made all season long. More importantly, your athletes continued to find success in the classrooms and volunteering within your communities.


PRESIDENT Winter sports are now in full swing, and with the addition of girls wrestling as the newest sanctioned sport for the IGHSAU, over 2200 high school and over 700 junior high girls are now officially participating across our state. While it may add a few more nights to the supervision calendar, I think most would agree that continuing to find ways to give kids connection through sport is one of the most important things athletic administrators can do.

Thanks to the nearly two dozen athletic administrators who participated in the IHSADA Evaluator Approval Training at the beginning of November. Our Executive Board has received positive feedback from those who attended, and we look forward to building on this experience for more ADs this next year.

who is hesitant about their new role. While you as an administrator are likely not getting much thanks yourself, modeling gratitude is one of the most consistent and effective qualities we can engage in as leaders.

A reminder that the NIAAA National Convention will be held in Nashville this December 9th-13th. Members of the IHSADA Executive Board, the IHSAA, the IGHSAU, and IHSADA members from across the state will be attending courses, listening to speakers, and enjoying the nationwide fellowship that occurs at this event each year. We are excited to hear Iowa’s own Abby Hughes deliver the National Student Scholar recipient speech at the opening session of the convention. Needless to say, there are many things we continue to celebrate as we transition to colder weather. While the nights in the gym may feel longer, I want to encourage each and every one of you to take a moment each day to stop and thank someone. Whether that is the custodian who helps at events, the student manager who helps with laundry, the ticket taker giving up a night with their family, or the new shot clock operator

All My Best,

So THANK YOU for showing up each and every day, even when it’s hard.

Erin A Women’s Sports Foundation Report July 2019

The Rising Trend of U.S. Public Schools Dropping all Sport Programs Has Leveled in Recent Years: Although the percentage of schools indicating they did not offer interscholastic sports has increased substantially since the turn of the new millennium (11.3% during the 1999-2000 school year versus 22.0% during the 2009-10 school year), the current study found evidence that this trend has not continued to increase between the 2009 -10 and 2015-16 school years (23.5% during 201516 school year) demands that come with the world of athletics today.

It is hard to believe but as we enjoy the fall season, it reminds us that the winter seasons are upon us and the Holidays will soon be here. We have had a great fall with Cross Country and Volleyball having spectacular State Events and Football now moves to the Dome. How lucky our student-athletes are to be able to experience these great events!! Please take some time for yourself and your family during the holiday season!! I want to take this opportunity to identify some important happenings with the IHSADA. Final Forms-AMP Introduction Presently, we are using a new communication program called Final Forms-AMP. AMP stands for Athletic Management Program and it will be used to register our membership, to register for LTI Classes/Evaluator Approval Training, and to communicate with our members, sponsors, vendors, and presenters. We will use Final Forms AMP to register all our Retired Athletic Directors in the coming weeks. District Meetings The early part of October is an exciting time for me personally since I get a chance to attend the five IHSADA District Meetings. I want to thank the District Leadership Teams for setting up these great professional development opportunities. Thank you to the staff of the IGHSAU and the IHSAA for their outstanding presentations-Informative and thoughtful as always!! Over 370 AD’s from all parts of the state had a chance to gather with their colleagues to exchange ideas on how we can make things better for our students!! IHSADA Membership Membership has gone well. Final Forms-AMP has been extremely helpful with accuracy and efficiency of the process. We presently have 385 members of which 97 are retired members. This is well ahead of last year's pace regarding membership. We have also registered 265 as members of the NIAAA, which is an increase of 35 members from last year. Currently, there are 252 members registered to attend our

March 25th thru the 27th State Convention. Thanks to everyone who has joined this great organization. It is not too late. You can join today by clicking on the following link at the IHSADA Website to become a Member.

for the IHSADA is $106.00 per night. You will notice that they allow the same rate for a couple of days before the start of the convention and a couple of days after the convention.

2022 National Convention December 9-13 are the dates of the National Athletic Directors Conference in Nashville, TN. Iowa will have a sizeable delegation attending. This is a tremendous professional development opportunity for all attending. Keynote speakers, Breakout Session, and a fantastic exhibit hall feature some of latest ideas and trends in high school activities. The

Student Scholarships Approximately 5 years ago the IHSADA broadened its scope on Student Scholarships by offering one male and one female $500 scholarship for each of the five Districts.

IHSADA will sponsor 3 scholarships to members to attend and the IGHSAU will offer 4 scholarships for female athletic administrators to attend. Safe travels to all attending!! 2023 State Convention Date Change A major change will be moving to a Saturday, Sunday, & Monday format. We will open our convention on Saturday, March 25th and end on Monday, March 27th. Our Executive Board felt that we may keep more of our membership at the Convention rather than having to return home for spring events with this change. As always, we will survey our membership and discuss the pros and cons of the date change!!

To see what is possible, we must refer to Abby Hughes of Glenwood High School. After her nomination by Athletic Director, Jeff Bissen, Abby was the District, State, Section IV and National Student Scholarship winner last year. Abby received over $5,000 of scholarships. Wow, what an honor for an outstanding student-athlete!! As a culmination of her achievement, Abby will present her award winning essay to the National Athletic Directors Conference in Nashville on December 11th. This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of a worthy individual. I encourage you to find that worthy student and have them submit an application. Even submitting an application is a worthy life lesson for students to understand the need to put themselves out there and make their accomplishments known to the education world. You can find the Student Scholarship Application Form on the IHSADA Website

Make Room Reservation for the State Convention at the Hyatt Several members have been asking about rooms for the IHSADA State Convention. Here is a link to make IHSADA State Convention Room Reservations from March 25th27th. The room rate

National Athletic Directors Conference

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center Nashville, Tennessee December 9-13, 2022

Retired Athletic Director Inclusion 2023 will mark the 55th year of the Iowa Athletic Directors Association. The 50th anniversary has passed but the energy to include the Retired Membership continues. I encourage all Retired Members to register yearly with the IHSADA. Yearly registration allows us to keep our records up to date. Examples of changes are cell phone numbers, address changes, and your years of service. You can register for membership using the IHSADA Website. This will be the 7th year of identifying the AD Emeritus Honorees. This award recognizes ADs who have served a combination of Years of Service and Years of IHSADA Membership equaling 65 years. Presently, we have recognized 24 Retired ADs with the AD Emeritus Award. Our Retired ADs will be invited to take part in our State Convention free of charge. On Sunday, March 25th there will be a Retired AD Brunch followed by a trip to the vendor hall followed by attending our opening General Session. Please join us and stay in touch with your fellow ADs. Our Retired AD Committee is open to all ideas on how to make our convention more inclusive. More details will be available in our February Newsletter. We are trying to identify as many past/retired athletic directors as possible. You can help us identify past athletic directors and their contact information by contacting Gary Schroeder at or to myself at I am encouraging Retired ADs to reach out to an AD in your school district and thank them and let them know that you are thinking of them. It means a lot! Final Thoughts!! Thank you to the IHSADA Leadership Team: the Executive Board, our District Directors, and our Conference Representatives. Thank you for your extra time and leadership!!


Thank you to all our athletic administrators for what you do for your students, school, and community!! You truly make a difference in the life of many!!


Hawkeye 10 / little hawkeye / Mississippivalley / Mississippi-Mississippi / Missouri river / north central / north iowa cedar league-central / northeast / raccoon river / southeast / upper iowa / Wamac west / wamac east / West central / Western val-

Designated as the NIAAA/IHSADA Convention Fundraiser

From the IHSADA Executive Board


Athletic Director

EMERITUS Harley Schieffer 30/35


Active AD/IHSADA Member

Fred Hildebrandt 23/42

Title IX is the most commonly used name for the federal civil rights law in the United States that was enacted as part (Title IX) of the Education Amendments of 1972. It prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives funding from the federal government. This is Public Law No. 92‑318, 86 Stat. 235 (June 23, 1972), codified at 20 U.S.C. §§ 1681 –1688.

Title IX was established in 1972 to provide everyone with equal access to any program or activity that receives Federal financial assistance. This means that federally funded institutions, such as public schools, are legally required to provide girls and boys with equitable sports opportunities. Before Title IX, one in 27 girls played sports. Today that number is two in five. While we still have far to go before every girl has equal access to sports, especially girls of color, it is clear that we are making headway. The summer of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the world watched as woman after woman broke barriers, shattered records and won titles across a multitude of sports. It was clear American women dominated the Olympic scene. In an article by the Los Angeles This article published on September 2nd, 2016 Foundation CEO Donna Lopia has generated in the United opportunities to women in this Another article, appropriately when you give female athletes WSF’s first President, Donna de Title IX on women’s sports. funding and institutional a 545% increase in the percentage sports and a 990% increase in the high school sport.”


Times, former Women’s Sports attests to the change Title IX States by saying, “We give more country, and it’s not even close. titled ‘Amazing things happen the same funding as men,’ Varona, praises the effects of “Since 1972, thanks to increased opportunities, there has been of women playing college percentage of women playing

Title IX is a terrific model for the rest of the world to follow as Lopiano notes: “We have the largest base of athletic development. Our women are going to dominate, not only because of their legal rights but because women in other parts of the world are discriminated against.” A very unfortunate, but true fact. It is evident that the impact of Title IX is long-term and far-reaching. Now that the door is “open,” more women and girls are taking advantage of the opportunity to play sports and carrying the lessons far beyond the field of play. For the Women’s Sports Foundation this is essential to our mission of creating leaders. Sports help girls find success on the field, in the classroom and in boardrooms across the country.

...and I Quote

We are born with our eyes closed and mouths open, and we spend our whole lives trying to reverse that mistake of nature. Dale E. Turner

I’ve heard that if fog prevents a small-boat sailor from seeing the buoy marking his course, he turns his boat rapidly in small circles, knowing that the waves he makes will rock the buoy in the vicinity. Then he stops, listens and repeats the procedure until he hears the buoy clang. By making waves, he finds where his course lies. Often the price of finding these guides is a willingness to take a few risks, to “make a few waves.” A boat that stays in the harbor never encounters danger-but also never gets anywhere. Richard Armstrong

Issues Athletic Directors Need To Address 1. Finding Qualified Coaches The top concern among AD's is finding qualified coaches to lead student-athletes. Despite the fact that many schools successfully find coaches outside of their schools, most athletic directors would prefer to hire teachers to lead their programs. But, funding issues (we'll get to funding) led to a decline in coaching stipends, and teachers started to decide it was no longer worth putting in the extra hours. “Coaching stipends need to have a system that gives an increase to coaches for staying on the job for a longer period of time,” said one athletic director. “Parent expectations are way too high and put undue pressure on the coaches.” 2. Budget & Fundraising High school athletics programs continue to seek new methods

for handling funding challenges despite some budgets beginning to rebound Roughly one in five schools reports an increase in their athletic budgets. While school budgets have yet to return to their pre-recession levels, there are signs of improvements. Because of the current budget situation, coaches, athletes and AD's are thinking outside the box to bring funding into the program. 3. Additional Responsibilities With budgeting concerns around athletic programs, the reality is AD's are being asked to assume additional responsibilities while continuing to direct the program. While some athletic leaders have long combined athletic and assistant principal responsibilities, other duties may now include: Directing all activities including band, plays and anything that falls under the umbrella of extracurricular activities.

...From the ARCHIVES Secretaries Round Table & reception established @ state convention 1997

Jay Hyber

Scheduling all building use, which includes athletic facilities and the entire school complex. Undertaking jobs far removed from athletics, such as the director of transportation or the director of testing. If there’s a need in the district, it could be added. 4. Outside Influences AAU Basketball, travel hockey, travel baseball, speed coach, shooting coach and sports performance coach. Activities outside of the high school program. These are all outside factors that coaches and athletic directors have to be aware of when working with athletes when it’s their turn. S & C Coach of Guyer High School (Denton, TX), Kyle Keese understands the importance of this balancing act. “One of the biggest challenges I face is making sure I am careful with programming. Kids are doing so many activities outside of our doors these days. You have to be cognizant of what all they are involved in. The biggest opportunity is that you get to build a relationship with kids, and they know you are looking out for them and doing what’s best for them.” 5. Parents While most parents appreciate the opportunity that their child has within an athletic program, AD's may face a few who cause major headaches. This phenomenon has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and some might say it’s worse now than ever.

District Directors and Executive Board Meeting

November 15, 2022 @ IGHSAU Office


Call to order 9:31

In attendance: Schultz, Gordon, Scheiffer, King, Schroeder, Weis, Buttjer, Huff, Ludwig, Clark, Eichhorn, Egbert, Melchert, Hulshof, Riley, Kirtley, Bissen, Frey, Smith, Johnson II.

Membership A. 395-more than in past B.

252 registered for state convention


$61380-real funds

D. All-In 17 conferences E.

Harley notified conference reps


Final Forms 1.

Harley is going to schedule a time with Julie to show us capabilities-possibly prior to Thanksgiving


Members can be grouped

G. Retired members a little slower with registration 1.

63 lifetime


$45 annual


Contact information

III. Financial A. First Interstate - $50,729.99 B.

Schwab Account- $92,442.03


Total- $143,172.02

D. 2500 from Golf to Brinkmeyer IV. Google Folder A. Encourage dropping resources in B.

Share admin asst sheet so Gary can get awards

V. Contact information-all correct VI. Business A. Bundle donations B.

Tier donations


Ad space in program-know anyone that wants to sponsor let Mike know

VII. Asst Historian A. Mark has resigned as an AD and education and taken a new position B.

Work part time at school


Position available after the convention

D. Any interest-contact Huff VIII. Clothing items A. Brian Petersen works with Deckers B.

Sent in Oct.; reopen on Feb 1


Be in before convention

IX. Historian A. Award winners selected today B. X.

Categories sent out

Student scholarship A. Deadline Jan. 13 B.

Changes to form


7 entries all female

D. Encourage students to apply E.

Naming of scholarship-responsibility of district to name the award after someone


Donation of $7000

XI. Communications with IHSAA A. What we could do together


Meet with IHSAA and IGHSAU to discuss issues, awards, unified voice


Harley sent info to IHSAA Proposal: Joint Proposal

D. Do we want to pursue it? E.

Harley will follow up with Todd and Jean

XII. Welfare A. No medical issues or passings lately B.

Gary sends cards out to families of those that passed


District directors/Exec brd families send a plant

XIII. 7 Emerita; 2 Emeritus: years of service sometimes hard to figure XIV. Newsletter A. Should be out Friday B.

Trying to cut down pages


Anything to add, get it to Gary

XV. Committee Breakout A. Financial 1.

How to save on money for meals at the convention-make meal attendance part of convention registration




Give money back to membership


Help pay for classes, CAA test, evaluator training, etc


Raise membership dues?


501C3: can’t show too much profit, show you are a benevolent giver


Increase dues-Current 80 NIAAA, 80 IHSADA, 100 convention-we need to show membership where this money is going-possibly raise to $275


Possibility of offering financial support for new coaches and officials-need basis-reach out to coaches associations


Need to consider mission statement to develop ADs

Round Table


More involvement with the New AD Workshop


This can be part of joint meeting proposal


Include AD workshop


Beyond the Bench-possibility through Bound for new AD

Awards 1.

Volunteer awards


Encourage ADs to nominate


No one carries over to next year-no pool to pull from


Put it out on social media


Change google form-instead of letter of recommendation, add a box on google form to explain why they are deserving


AD Asst




Hall of Fame

XVI. Issues Assembly A. This will be 3rd year B.

Took place of Cracker Barrel


Good discussions-what direction do we want to go

D. Time to come together as districts again? 1.

Who is returning? Resigning? Retiring?


New ADs where they are at?


Time to nominate awards for next year?


Fill secretary position for next year


AD scholarship


Student scholarships


Discuss contest changes you need for following year


Discuss plans for fall meeting-speaker?


LTC discussion

10. Needs to be recorded by district secretary and sent to Schultz E.

JH AD still need to meet


Give and Take

G. Submit questions prior to discuss H. Make changes on program to reflect this I. XVII.

Weis and Schultz come up with agenda for this time and bring to January meeting District Meetings

A. Exec comm discussed B.

Each district reviewed how things went


Jean and Tom are contacts for organizations

D. Vendor space E. XVIII.

Time of meetings 9:00 for all LTC

A. Classes are on the program B.

Deam looking for more people to step up to teach


Egbert and Deam set up meeting for mental health LTC class

D. Iowa offers a lot more than others in the area for LTC E.

Some have CAA exam offered more than once a year


Couple Nebraska ADs want to come to our convention

G. Morningside credit XIX. Mentoring A. Lipovac covers B.

Communicate with new ADs in your district


Lipovac sent email this morning

XX. Website-Schultz read Boock’s notes from Monday night XXI. National Convention A. Attendees B.

Send email out to district to see who is going


Harley recorded attendees

D. Communicate with each other while there E.

Scholarship winners 1.

IGHSAU sending 4 females


IHSADA sending 3 if replacement is made for Norem


Turn receipts in to Bissen

G. State Party Dec. 11, 7-10 H. Record attendance I.

Iowa gift for National convention: 150-200

XXII.State convention A. Program updated B.



Contact 2nd VP candidates to see where we stand

D. 255 already registered E.

Harley will send link to hotel for state convention


Wishes for convention favors

G. Make-A-Wish: $55K made nationally; money is sent to local chapters if they are available H. Badges-Schultz I.

Projectors-Linde will look for these versus renting from hotel


Winker confirmed U of I students are good to go


Meals-part of registration


Discussions continue with Hyatt

M. District Directors for President’s Dinner

N. Make sure hospitality areas covered O. Make sure ballrooms are cleared out by certain times P.

Network and have social time together

Q. District Directors meeting at 11 of Friday-need to know duties for convention XXIII.

Junior High updates in January


Meeting adjourned at 12:19; Motion to adjourn Ludwig, second by Huff, motion carried


March 20, 2011 • Athletic Administration

Balancing the athletic director job with family by Dr. David Hoch Our position as athletic director is extremely time-intensive, demanding and unforgiving. It’s not uncommon to have contests scheduled every day of the week, some during the evening in either the stadium or gym, and even some on Saturdays. Our one free day of the week is Sunday. If lucky enough to have an assistant or game manager, we might consider squeezing in a little relief. But most of us won’t have that kind of luck and will be forced to attend the event. On those rare occasions such as attending a national or state conference, we have to prepare detailed, step-by-step instructions for one or two days of coverage in our absence.

Many of us unintentionally short-change our families. With all of our school and athletic department obligations, we really have little time for anything else. It might take weeks of juggling our schedule and making allowances just to celebrate a birthday for a family member. Quality time? What’s that? Since establishing a balance between your family and position is a difficult and delicate problem, you’re not going to find athletic directors offering any special insights. But are there any good solutions out there for the rest of us caught in this trap? Advice from ADs Bill Bruno of Brick Township, N.J.; Jon McHugh of North Shore, Ill.; David Lutes Nashville, Tenn., are ready to share their

Vanilla of Burgettsown, Pa.; Patrick of Kent, Wash., and Mike Ellson of experiences.

If you have children of your own, it may be next to impossible to attend their games or musical performances. Game management and various meeting responsibilities may create huge hurdles in your attempt to be supportive of your offspring. Bill Bruno, for example, relies on assistants, game managers and friends to be of help so he can partake of his son’s activities. Since Jon Vanilla’s and Mike Ellson’s children attended the school where their fathers were the athletic director, they were often in attendance at the games with their dads. As a matter of fact, Jon used his children’s interest to make them unofficial assistants. Since Jon didn’t have an adult assistant, it was a great way to keep his children involved and to share time together.

Of course, both Jon and Mike were also present at all of their children’s own home athletic events. Another benefit that Jon and Mike stressed about having their children right there whenever they were needed: They both got to know their children’s friends and are generally privy to what is going on in each of their lives. Even if your children attend other schools, you can take them to your contests, let them get involved and spend time with you. If you are attending to game management responsibilities, it’s important to establish predetermined meeting points and a method to get in touch in case of an emergency. For non-athletic activities, Patrick McHugh tries to develop “shared activities” with his children. For example, he and his oldest son play the same musical instrument and take lessons together in order to improve and to spend time together.

Balancing the athletic director job with family Patrick McHugh was quick to add that regular exercise is important because it makes him more cheerful and energetic around the house. However, the trick is to find the time to work out in an already packed schedule. A possible solution is to find an activity that your wife or kids can also enjoy and take part in, enabling them to accomplish two goals — quality family time and a workout. Explaining the job All of the AD’s expressed their appreciation of supportive and understanding spouses and how vital this was in their survival. But what if your wife or husband does not have an appreciation of athletics and is clueless as to what your position involves? What do you do? As obvious as it may seem, you have to sit down and explain your position and what it entails to your spouse. Bring them along to some contests to actually see what is involved and show them that not just anyone can be thrown into your position during a game. As you know, your position involves planning, details, decisions, and possibly dealing with emergencies, all of which takes training, years of experience and perhaps a little luck. Everyone quickly and clearly expressed that they loved what they did and understood the limitations and pitfalls of the position. Bill Bruno pointed out that it also helped to have his wife as a coach and, therefore, totally comprehensive about his involvement and responsibilities. Of course, you also have to do your part to create quality time with your family by thinking ahead and finding someone to cover for you on special family occasions — a time without cell phones and other distractions. This time must be totally devoted to your family. I never answer the phone at home. My wife and children developed a fail-safe system many years ago in order to preserve my time at home. Even if I am sitting right there, the standard response is, “We are sorry, he isn’t home.” In addition, they never offer to have me return the call. Protecting Sundays We disconnected from our Internet server several years ago out of necessity. Coaches, parents and even fellow athletic directors began expecting me to answer their email messages on Sundays. They became an enormous intrusion into my limited family time. Everyone can expect a fairly prompt reply from me during the week, and that’s reasonable. But I will guard my time at home, and that means not replying to off-hour emails. In David Lutes’ words, “Sunday is a special day” for his family and they try to always make the evening meal the center place of the week for them. Not that they don’t try to have meals together throughout the week, but on Sunday there are no interruptions, games to attend or other responsibilities. This is strictly family time. While it might mean going to school an hour earlier on Monday, David does not even bring paperwork home to cause a distraction to this family on their one day together. After talking with this group of athletic directors, it became very clear that establishing a balance between their position and family is a constant battle. It takes effort, creativity, and a commitment to avoid short-changing your family. But it’s a battle that you can’t lose. You have to find a way to spend some quality time with your family.

Sports Law Issues Impacting Athletics By Lee Green J.D. on May 20, 2015

Transgender Policies for Athletics Programs The development of fair, practical and legally sufficient policies regarding the i n c l u s i o n o f transgender athletes in school sports activities is one of the latest civil rights challenges facing educational institutions. In April 2014, the OCR issued an updated policy guidance clarifying that the civil rights guarantees in Title IX extend to all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The inclusion of transgender students in the new guidance reflects evolving legal standards nationwide, both

So many times we get caught up in what is going around us that we fail to think about other people and how much we depend on each other or even what we’re missing in our own lives-sometimes, we forget how grateful we should be for who, how, what, and especially, where we are in our present life. Let's make the most of out of it. Imagine there is bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. It allows no overdraft. Every evening it deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every cent of course! Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes it off as lost, whatever you have failed to invest to good purpose. The loss is yours. There is no drawing against the “tomorrow.” You must live in the present on today’s deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and access. The clock is running. Make the most of today!

MOTIVATION To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.. To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize the value of ONE DAY, ask a daily wage laborer with kids to feed. To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are wanting to meet. To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train. To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who wrongfully ended his best relationship. To realize the value of ONE MILLI-SECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.

What district(s) has the most MS/ JH AD’s of the Year with 10? [Answer: Page 3]

Treasure every moment that you have! Treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend the time. Remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present!!