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April 2018 | South Jersey Edition |

New Hope for Vertigo/Dizziness Sufferers with Sound Wave Treatment A

Revolutionary Treatment Gives South Jersey Teacher His Life Back

ll George Stoutt wanted to do was stop the merry-goround and get off. The walls in his home would spin when he began having vertigo, or dizzy spells, last year. Simple acts like standing up, lying down, getting out of bed, stretching, kneeling, or even picking up his head triggered the episodes. Each lasted from 20 minutes to two hours, and they were getting worse. “To avoid falling, I held onto rails going up and down stairs,” he says. “I walked deliberately, slowly, and was careful when leaning over. Sometimes, I could hardly stand.” It was more than annoying. It was dangerous. In fact, fall-related injuries, such as breaking or fracturing a hip that are caused by vertigo or imbalance are a leading cause of death and disability in the elderly. George’s experience is by no means unusual. Surveys conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that 35 percent of adults who are 40 or more years old, which totals about 69 million

Americans, experience some form of vertigo. Approximately 12.S million Americans over the age of 65 have a vertigo or balance problem that both significantly interferes with, and poses a major threat to, their lives, according to National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

As a full-time teacher for learning-and physically-disabled middle schoolers, George knew he had to find a solution quickly, otherwise he would miss work. So, he did what many people do and visited a neighborhood urgent medical treatment clinic and described his symptoms to the doctor on duty.

“I feel lightheaded, wobbly, every step I take has to be deliberate and I’m unable to focus. It’s like I had a glass of wine or two,” he said. The doctor arrived at a diagnosis and told George that he probably had an infection in his inner ear that was causing the problem. The physician prescribed an anti-histamine to dry up moisture in his ear canals. “But I didn’t want to take anything with side effects, like drowsiness,” he says. George simply didn’t believe medicines were the answer. He left traditional physical medicine and quickly decided to schedule a visit with the Sandoz Chiropractic practice in Mount Laurel. He didn’t know it at the time, but his ticket for the merry-go-round was about to expire. Dr. John Sandoz himself stayed late one evening to consult George and his wife, Linda. She always accompanies him on such visits, because as George says, “I’m 66 years old and she asks all the right questions. “Dr. Sandoz spent considerable time with us, listening

Sandoz Chiropractic Center . 856-206-9560 . SandozChirop 2

South Jersey Edition

to my experiences and symptoms,” George says. As part of a comprehensive examination, Dr. Sandoz performed a specialized series of x-rays of George’s head and neck. After extensively analyzing the images, Dr. Sandoz reviewed his diagnosis with George and Linda. “The Atlas vertebra at the top of my neck was way out of alignment,” George says. “It was clear to me that I didn’t have a problem with my inner ear, it was coming from the top part of my spine.” Dr. Sandoz explained how that particular vertebra, called the Atlas, supports the head and must be aligned and

“It was clear to me that I didn’t have a problem with my inner ear, it was coming from the top part of my spine.” centered over the spinal column. George’s x-rays showed that it wasn’t. The solution? Dr. Sandoz recommended a multi-phase treatment based on years of proven success across a wide range of vertigo diagnoses. Treatment began by aligning and centering George’s Atlas vertebra with percussion sound waves that gently ease the vertebra into place and restore body

Drs. Joshua and John Sandoz balance. There was no manual manipulation, no “twisting or cracking my neck,” George says. It was painless. As a supplemental treatment, Dr. Sandoz prescribed robotic muscle therapy that measures and targets muscle spasm trigger points. The therapy successfully relaxed

and lengthened the tight neck muscles that were pulling on the vertebra. The results? “I was amazed,” George says. He felt an improvement so believed he was finally on the right track. The merrygo-round stopped. Progressive improvement continued

during an ongoing course of treatment over the next few months. Now, George follows through, going once a month to protect and maintain his progress. If he feels a tinge of vertigo before a visit, treatment resolves that. “I’ve had no serious bouts of dizziness,” George reports. “I’ve gone from barely being able to stand without being dizzy to no symptoms.” Dr. Sandoz says, “If left untreated, vertigo and muscle spasms can affect other parts of a body, then the body starts to compensate, making things worse.” George encourages people who experience and suffer with dizziness and vertigo to

“I’ve gone from barely being able to stand without being dizzy to no symptoms.” contact Dr. Sandoz and discuss how this natural, non-invasive treatment may help them. The healing regimen of percussion sound wave treatment, robotic muscle therapy and, in some cases, laser light therapy, relieves symptoms and corrects the causes of vertigo. For more information about this unique treatment, contact Dr. John Sandoz or Dr. Joshua Sandoz and the Sandoz Chiropractic Center at 2057 Briggs Road, Suite 204, Mount Laurel. The phone number is 856-206-9560. . 2057 Briggs Road, Suite 204 . Mount Laurel April 2018


Passionate about Your Total Wellness


revention is the hallmark of good healthcare. As your proactive partner in health, I am devoted to helping you and your family stay healthy. At The Institute for Medical Wellness, we integrate traditional family care with holistic and complementary medicine to treat the whole person for a healthy heart, mind and body. Our balanced, caring approach empowers you to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal by addressing the root cause of illness – not just medicating symptoms.

Steven Horvitz, D.O. Board Certified Family Practice

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South Jersey Edition

102 Centre Blvd Ste 1, Marlton, NJ 08053 Phone: 856.267.5019 Website:

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publisher’s letter



hat Will Your Contribution Be?

When Earth Day approaches every April, I like to reflect on the ways in which I have done my part to love and nurture our “mother” and then make a plan to improve on those efforts in the coming year.

Michelle Vacanti, Publisher

My favorite contribution this past year was replacing plastic wraps and containers with beeswax wraps. They’re great for wrapping leftovers, kids’ lunches, fruits and vegetables, etc., and they’re natural. I even have one folded up in my handbag for happenstance take-home necessities. And they make great “Green” gifts as well.

Implementing little habits like these, I’ve noticed a downward trend in our overall household consumption and disposals. And I have to say, it makes me feel good even though I accept that my individual efforts may not have a significant impact on our planet’s health. This issue is dedicated to Earth. We want to provide information, ideas and resources that will spark inspiration for all of us to make responsible choices both globally and locally. One way to start local is consider taking action to help protect and preserve our own natural wonder, the Pinelands. The Pinelands make it possible for us to enjoy over a million acres of farms, forests and wetlands in the nation’s most densely populated states. I shudder to imagine what South Jersey would be like with its potential destruction. It’s a cliché but true that progress starts with the individual and results in collaborative efforts that have the power to effect change. What will your contribution be this coming year? Please share, I would love to start a Reader’s Green Tips section.

SOUTH JERSEY EDITION PUBLISHER Michelle Vacanti EDITORS Michelle M Probola Randy Kambic DESIGN & PRODUCTION Suzzanne M. Siegel CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Giulia Eve Flores Jennifer Lesser Michelle M Probola Mica McCullough SALES & MARKETING Michelle Vacanti

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And don’t forget to participate in our local Earth Day events… Michelle Vacanti

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South Jersey Edition

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26 HEALTHY CLIMATE, HEALTHY PEOPLE Why a Warming Planet is Harming Our Health


30 PLASTICS WARS Celebrate Earth Day Locally and Globally

32 HEALTHY HOUSE Easy Ways to Green It Up


Yoga Poses to Stay Pain-Free




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Good Food Choices Enable Global Health

38 INTO THE WOODS Nature Helps Kids Build Skills and Character

40 NATURE’S REMEDIES How Animals Self-Medicate


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news briefs

Learn How to Make a Window Herb Garden


utgers Master Gardeners of Camden County will host a make and take workshop on the basics of herbs from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on April 18 at the Camden County Parks Environmental Center. Attendees will spend a fun evening learning about herbs and creating their own herbfilled window boxes to take home. Cost: $20. Location: 1301 Park Blvd., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-2167130, email or visit

Walk in the Wild’s Frog and Toad Exploration


alk in the Wild invites you to join them at Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust at 7 p.m. on April 15 for an evening of frog and toad exploration. Attendees are asked to meet at the Willoughby House and to dress appropriately for a night walk. New Jersey is home to 17 species of frogs and toads each of which can be identified by their characteristic calls. Since they are primarily identified by their vocalization, the walk will begin at night when they begin their calling. Guests will enjoy a short discussion, listen to recorded tapes of calls and then walk down to Old Pine Farm’s waterfront area to experience the sounds firsthand. Leader Carl Ford, who holds a degree in horticulture from Rutgers University, has spent his years as a nurseryman in Salem County. After retiring, he spent 10 years as a citizen volunteer in the Calling Amphibian Monitoring Project (CAMP) to identify and estimate numbers of each species over a predetermined 15-mile route in Cumberland County. Cost: Free. Location: 340 Pine Ave., Deptford, NJ. For more information, call Charles White at 856-217-9138.

Illuminate Festival Comes to South Jersey


lluminate Festivals will host a one-of-a-kind get together from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 5 at the Collingswood Community Center. Attendees will spend the day exploring the best of local holistic practitioners and perusing an array of crystals, oils, spa products, unique jewelry and more.

Cost: $4 online; $6 at the door. Location: 30 W. Collings Ave., Collingswood, NJ. For more information, visit See ad on page 9.

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. ~Jean-Jacques Rousseau 8

South Jersey Edition

Fermented Food & Beverage Supply Launches Online Store


ermented Food & Beverage Supply Shop has announced the launch of their online store with a promo code of 10 percent off for Natural Awakenings readers. Locate their ad in this month’s publication for more details. Fermented specializes in an array of home fermentation products including beer, wine, cheese, yogurt, sourdough, kefir, kombucha and much more. They also offer different classes and workshops to provide the knowledge to pursue any fermentation project. As of February, Fermented is now open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Extended hours and the launch of their online retail store now make it easier than ever to begin health-minded fermentation projects such as increasing the number of probiotics in your diet to brewing your own beer. Fermented has something for everyone. Location: 900 Rte. 54, Hammonton, NJ. For more information, visit FermentedNJ. com. See ad on page 36.



Rizzieri Aveda School Offers Special Pricing for Cosmetology Program


he Rizzieri Aveda School is looking for individuals with a passion for creativity, who want a rewarding career with infinite growth potential. The school is offering a one-time special pricing model for their full-time Cosmetology program beginning April 23. Individuals who register for April’s class will receive a free kit valued at $2,500. This exclusive offer is in addition to their in-house scholarships and comprehensive financial aid plans. Enrolling in April will enable students to finish training in just 10 months. Now is your chance to join a recession-proof industry where the career possibilities are unlimited, and success is achieved by your own imagination and drive. Excel in a career with workplace flexibility, high-energy environment, and endless opportunities to maximize earning potential. Location: 8102 Town Center Blvd., Voorhees, NJ For more information, call 856-552-2270 or email See ad on page 11.

It was life changing for me. It was literally life changing! ~Daniel Weisman


HOURLY PRIZES • FUN • COMMUNITY 100+ Vendors Offering: Inspiring Lectures (see full schedule online)

Healthy Food Samples Natural Products for Personal & Home Care Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, More Angelic & Intuitive Readings Yoga & Meditations

April 27-29

Fri 5-9pm, Sat 10-6pm, Sun 10-6pm Daily and Weekend Passes This Expo was one of best that we’ve ever participated in, and you gave us so many opportunities to promote our business. We have never sold as much at ANY Expo as we have at yours... while having FUN! ~ Expo Vendor

SKIP THE LINE! Buy tickets online at: FREE WORKSHOPS ALL DAY! Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Hall D & E, 100 Station Ave, Oaks, PA Sponsored in part by April 2018


news briefs

Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden


he Horticultural Society of South Jersey welcomes Keith Monohan for a program entitled Plants and Insect Hotels that Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden. Held at the Carman Tilelli Hall, the event will begin at 7:15 p.m. on April 10. An award-winning sustainability advocate, Monohan’s work focuses on the sustainability of private and community gardens. As co-founder of the South Jersey Seed Circle Library, he helped initiate a Plant One for the Pollinators program that freely distributes and encourages homeowners to plant flower seeds that are beneficial for pollinating insects. Monohan is also head of the habitat program at the Collingswood Community Garden, where he was instrumental in the design and construction of a habitat plot that includes a stately insect hotel. Cost: Free. Location: 820 Mercer St., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-287-5959 or visit

Stress Detox Workshop Teaches Contemporary Methods


ive in Joy Yoga & Wellness will host a spring stress detox from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on April 8 at their Audubon studio. Attendees will learn how to use evidence-based, contemporary methods for the relieve of stress and anxiety at virtually any time or place. Devpreet Kaur, a certified clinical trauma professional and a member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals, will be on hand to teach body-mind techniques, breath and self-soothing methods, emotional freedom, mantra meditation for anxiety and gong savasana—an energetic release and nervous system restoration practice. Kaur will also provide reference materials for home practice. Cost: $30 pre-registration, $35 at the door. Location: 118 W. Merchant St., Audubon, NJ. For more information, visit LiveInJoyYoga. com. See ad on page 14.


South Jersey Edition

Live in Joy Yoga to Host Bhakti Retreat at Nature Preserve


ive in Joy Yoga & Wellness will host a weekend retreat of bhakti and bliss with Yvette OM. Held at the Temenos Nature Retreat, a 56-acre nature preserve, the event will run April 20 through 22. OM, a deeply intuitive and heartYvette OM centered Kirtan artist, singer-songwriter and teacher, uses sacred sound and mantra at gatherings to bring people to a deeper sense of their own essence and expanded joy of life. “We couldn’t be more excited about this retreat,” says Julie Fischer, co-founder of Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness. “OM is one of the most inspiration and talented people I’ve been privileged to meet. People from all over come for her extraordinary music, mantra or to learn to play an instrument and leave with so much more!” The Temenos Nature Retreat is the perfect setting for discussion, mediation, contemplation, nature walks, yoga, delicious vegetarian meals and for participating in making a lot of music with OM. There will be break times to commune with nature, contemplate and enjoy meals. There will also be optional early-morning meditation and yoga. This retreat is suitable for both newcomers and seasoned lovers of music and chant. “When we take that primal dive into the bath of sacred sound and song, we cannot help but know ourselves again,” says OM. “There is nothing more valuable than showing up, together, whole, bold, brilliant and seen!” Location: 1564 Telegraph Rd., West Chester, PA. For more information, call 856-546-1006 or visit or See ad on page 14.

New Location for Embodying Wellness


ulia Gandy, owner of Embodying Wellness, is pleased to announce the opening of her new location at 505 South Lenola Road in Moorestown. An 18-year veteran of the wellness industry, being in an American Disabilities Act-compliant building makes Gandy’s dreams come true of helping people of any mobility access her services. Whether you are wheelchair bound, elderly, have Parkinson’s or MS, fibromyalgia or are fighting cancer, you will have a full spectrum of wellness services available to help you live your best and most powerful life without being pulled by life’s daily challenges. After figuring out what pulls you out of your peace, you will have multiple tools to be the calm in the center of any storm life brings. Modalities available are massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, innerpeace building skills and HeartMath coaching and training. Check out the calendar section for her HeartMath class on April 22. For more information, call 609-634-2396 or visit See ad on page 33.

Celebrate Colonial Earth Day with the Pennsauken Historical Society


he historic BurroughDover House will host its annual Colonial Earth Day event from noon to 4 p.m. on May 6. The event will feature the beautiful grounds and nature trail of the colonial farmhouse with games and activities for the entire family. Wildlife rehabilitators and educators of Freedom Center for Wildlife will bring live animals for an educational program about native wildlife and habitat. Crafts and demonstrations will illustrate the relationship of humankind with the natural environment over the past 300-plus years since colonial settlement. Refreshments will be available.



April Full Time Cosmetology and Full Time Skin Cal l t oday t o s chedul e a t our : 856.552.2270


Cost: Free. Location: 9201 Burrough Dover Ln., Pennsauken, NJ. For more information, visit HistoricalSociety.

Earth Day Native Plant Sale at Pineland Preservation Alliance


he Pinelands Preservation Alliance will host their annual native plant sale from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 21 at their Southampton offices. Attendees will be able to browse native gardens and purchase beautiful plants including sweetpepper bushes, bonesets, cardinal flowers, persimmons, pitch pines and much more. Stop by the Native Plant Society of New Jersey table, the Master Gardeners of Burlington County table or the Pollination Station to ask experts all your plant questions. There will also be a free drawing for a PPA prize pack. Proceeds from the event go towards furthering PPA’s mission to protect and preserve the Pinelands. Plants are supplied by Pinelands Nursery, Fernbrook Nursery and Good Hosts Plants Nursery.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at 8 5 6 - 5 5 2 - 2 2 7 0 / 8 2 0 0 To w n C e n t e r B l v d , V o o r h e e s , N J 0 8 0 4 3

Own Your Solar, No Out of Pocket Costs!

M.ROSENBLATT ROOFING & SIDING Residential • Commercial • Industrial

Weathering Storms. Protecting Dreams.

856-751-8656 215-288-5500

Location: 17 Pemberton Rd., Southampton, NJ. For more information, visit April 2018


health briefs

Food Sensitivity Vs Food Allergies Food sensitivity and food allergies are two very different things. Dr. Julia Snyder, a board-certified doctor in family medicine, holistic and interactive medicine, explains the differences. The most common reason people react to certain foods is a true food allergy. A food allergy is mediated by the fast-responding antibody IgE. This may result in an immediate and intense reaction, such as anaphylaxis. The most common symptoms of a food allergy include tingling or itching in the mouth, hives, itching and swelling of the lips, face, tongue and throat. Treatment usually involves avoiding the culprit foods, using medications as needed and possibly desensitization through allergy shots. Food sensitivities, on the other hand, are less understood and methods for accurate testing are still being researched. A food sensitivity is thought to be a chronic, low-level allergic reaction and can have a delayed response of one to three days after eating a triggering food. Symptoms may include arthritis, IBS, migraines, asthma and chronic fatigue, amongst others. There are other assays of food sensitivity as well. A recent study in BMJ Gastroenterology showed that a leukocyte activation Dr. Julia Snyder test found that people who had IBS and followed a rotation diet based on their testing had improvements in symptom severity. To determine if a food sensitivity is present, IgG/IgA testing can be used to support a diagnosis based on symptoms. If symptoms are present, this testing can be useful for confirmation and can be the basis for an elimination diet to improve the situation. Resource: R-Health. Location: 1040 Kings Hwy. N., Cherry Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-523-4323 or visit See ad on page 17.

Nature Videos Calm Prisoners

Maximum-security prison inmates in Oregon that spent an hour a day for a year watching nature videos were involved in 26 percent fewer violent acts compared with fellow inmates, and reported feeling significantly calmer, less irritable and more empathetic. The University of Utah study, published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, states, “An estimated 5.3 million Americans live or work in nature-deprived venues. Such removal from nature can result in an ‘extinction of experience’ that can further lead to disinterest or disaffection toward natural settings, or even biophobia (fear of the natural environment). People that infrequently or never spend time in nature will be deprived of the numerous physical and emotional benefits that contact with nature affords.”

Ma ke a ever y day h e a lthy day!

A Harvard study of 325 women undergoing fertility treatments found that those consuming the most produce high in pesticide residues, such as strawberries, spinach and grapes, were 18 percent less likely to become pregnant and 26 percent less likely to have a live birth compared to women eating the least amount of pesticide-laden produce. Study co-author Dr. Jorge Chavarro suggests that women trying to conceive should eat organic produce or low-pesticide choices like avocados, onions and oranges. 12

South Jersey Edition

All kind of people/


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 Fat Dissolving Injections  Acne Solutions

Ad size: 7.5” wide x 4.75” high

April 2018


health briefs

How Mala Beads Enhance Meditation The mala necklace or bracelet is a strand of beads that have been used since the 10th century to aid in meditation. Akin to rosary beads for prayer, mala necklaces aid in focused counting, breathing and relaxation during meditating and mantra repetition. By ancient tradition, mala strands are composed of 108 beads. Considered a sacred number in Hinduism, it is thought that the one represents your own ultimate truth, such as God or the universe, the zero represents spiritual emptiness or humility, and the eight represents the timelessness of infinity. The larger central focal bead is known as the guru and is often accented by a tassel. Symmetrical distances between the embellishment—or spacer beads—depend upon the traditional style you choose which can be Mantra, Tibetan or Zen. Wearing Guru beads that boast rare and one-of-a-kind focal vintage beads allows you to reflect your own special spiritual style. Mala beads made by SunGlow Chakras are very unique and are made with all natural Earth-honoring components such as wood, ceramic and semi-precious stones. Gemstones help to enhance chakra energies and your sense of well-being. Whether you order an already made piece or you have a special request, SunGlow Chakras will aid in meditations for years to come. Resource: SunGlow Chakras. Location: 713 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ. For more information, visit See ad on page 18.

Posture Alignment Yields Back Pain Relief Rarely is the site of pain the source of the problem. When it comes to back pain, try this simple analysis: stand comfortable in front of a mirror and assess if one hip or shoulder is higher or closer to the mirror than the other.

Check if your knees are bow-legged or are turned in or out instead of pointing straight ahead. Lastly, check if you can see the back of one or both of your hands. If you answered yes to any of the above, your musculoskeletal system is likely out of alignment. This can lead to herniated or bulging discs, scoliosis, stenosis and more. Imbalances such as the ones listed above create wear and tear on your body similar to how a car out of alignment will wear down its tires. If you replace the tires without correcting the alignment, you will ruin the new tires as well. The same is true for your body. The goal of surgery, medications, injections and bracing is to stop the pain, but it doesn’t correct the imbalances at the root of your pain. Aligned by Design, Inc. is offering a free 20-minute consultation about postural therapy. They also host weekly postural alignment classes at Yoga for Living, in Cherry Hill. Check the calendar listings for more details. Resource: Aligned by Design, Inc. Location: 571 Hopewell Rd., Marlton, NJ. For more information, call Deb Freeman at 856-295-6604. See ad on page 42.


South Jersey Edition

Come to experience the joys of yoga and the profound benefits of regular practice!

WHOLE BODY DENTISTRY Could Your Dentistry be Affecting Your Overall Health? Experience The Difference Of Biological Dentistry

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Clear Gain

A study published in the journal Science found that forests across Asia, Latin America and Africa release 468 tons of carbon per year, equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the annual U.S. carbon footprint. Thus, tropical forests may no longer be acting as carbon sinks and could be releasing more carbon than they store. Lead author Alessandro Baccini, with the Woods Hole Research Center, in Massachusetts, says, “These findings provide the world with a wake-up call on forests. If we’re to keep global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels, we need to drastically reduce emissions and greatly increase forests’ ability to absorb and store carbon.” Researchers think nearly 70 percent of this loss of carbon storage capacity is caused by small-scale degradation from logging, drought and wildfire. Researchers say that policies to curb deforestation, reduce degradation and restore the integrity of the land could turn forests back into carbon sinks.

Distributed Power Energy Users Control Own Supplies

Some municipalities spend between 20 and 40 percent of their annual budgets on the energy needed to operate wastewater treatment plants. The city of Thousand Oaks, California, has transformed their biggest energy user into an energy generator. Across the U.S., energy users of all sizes are taking control of their power supply and relieving stress from the grid. That’s the idea behind distributed energy. Atlantic Re:think and Siemens have partnered to explore this burgeoning energy revolution. View a video at TheThousandOaksSolution.


South Jersey Edition

Solar energy is now the cheapest form of new energy in dozens of countries, with record-setting solar farms being built worldwide. Researchers have been investigating ways to make transparent solar panels that resemble glass that could be used as window panels at the same time as converting the light that shines on them into electricity. “Highly transparent solar cells represent the wave of the future for new solar applications,” explains materials scientist Richard Lunt, Ph.D., from Michigan State University. “We analyzed their potential and show that by harvesting only invisible light, these devices have the potential of generating a similar amount of electricity as rooftop solar while providing additional functionality to enhance the efficiency of buildings, automobiles and mobile electronics.” As reported in Nature Energy, his team has developed a transparent, luminescent, solar concentrator that looks like clear glass, covered in small, organic molecules adept at capturing only ultraviolet and near-infrared wavelengths of light. The visible light that enables human vision isn’t obstructed, so we can see through the cell. If scaled up to cover the billions of square feet of glass surfaces throughout the U.S., it could potentially supply about 40 percent of our country’s energy needs.


Tropical Forests Releasing Excess Carbon

Dirk Ercken/

‘Sink’ Setback

Window-Like Solar Cells Could Power 40 Percent of U.S. Needs

Scientists’ Security

France Welcomes Beleaguered Climate Researchers

French President Emmanuel Macron awarded 18 climate scientists from the U.S. and elsewhere millions of euros in grants to relocate to his country for the rest of Donald Trump’s presidential term. Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” grants are meant to counter Trump’s intent on the climate change front following his declaration to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. One winner, Camille Parmesan, of the University of Texas at Austin, who is working at an experimental ecology station in the Pyrenees charting how human-made climate change is affecting wildlife, says that in the U.S., “You are having to hide what you do.”

Big Pants Production/

global briefs



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event spotlight


Sue Greenwald Follows Her Expo Dreams


ue Greenwald has always been passionate about new ideas, healthy lifestyles and spiritual development, “walking the talk” by teaching yoga for 17 years and becoming a certified holistic health counselor, energy healer and ordained minister. She even operated a wellness center that offered yoga, dance, healing energy treatments, massage and a variety of spiritual and self-development classes. The Empowered Light Holistic Expo started as an idea that grew and wouldn’t leave. Regularly pulling together gatherings, such as writers groups, networking groups and classes of various types, Greenwald began to imagine how she’d operate an expo as well as other larger events. “I love the dynamic that comes from working with like-minded people,” she explains, “but my first reaction to these wonderings were, ‘No way! You don’t know anything about expos, and where would you find the time?’” Greenwald listened to the negative voice for six months. During that time her expo ideas grew into a mild obsession, and

Sue Greenwald she realized that this wasn’t just a crazy idea—it was a dream she needed to pursue. Knowing that the best way to manifest something is to visualize it, Greenwald created a vision of the successful expo she wanted and then took the risk of renting an enormous space at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, in Oaks, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia—big enough to hold the expo she held in her mind. She contacted a variety of holistic practitioners and vendors, beginning with the large number of contacts she had from her wellness center.

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SunGlow C h a k r a s

Greenwald learned everything by doing it. “I have a saying,” she shares. “Make a decision, then make it right.” She worked night and day, her efforts culminating in the first Empowered Light Holistic Expo in October, 2016. A true manifestation of her vision, it was a collaboration of expert speakers and vendors, promoting healthy lifestyles by offering healing products, services, inspiration and information. Now in its third year, the expo is held the last weekend of April and September in Oaks. The next expo will be held April 27 to 29. Each expo offers over 50 inspiring talks in four different rooms, with last October’s expo hosting several international speakers. The vendor floor promotes more than 100 holistic vendors. Psychic and intuitive readings are available, as well as healthy food samples. “Everyone needs something different, so the expo offers a large variety. Sometimes people need a contact, or a likeminded friend, and it’s easy to make great connections at the expo,” Greenwald offers. Response to the expo has been so positive that Greenwald is starting a similar expo in Nashville, Tennessee, this October. “I found that I was being called to move away from my wellness center and work exclusively on the expos and other events. They are my passion all day, every day, and I never tire of it,” she enthuses. Empowered Light has recently added spiritual, light-adventure retreats called Empowering Journeys to their list of events, visiting Mexico in February of 2019 for a light-adventure tour. Also being created are events called Raise Your Vibe, which focus more on workshops with a concentrated theme. Greenwald offers, “I have big plans for the expo and am trying to ensure that it has a solid foundation before it grows again. I want to make the expo an international success, where people can come for the connection and inspiration that they need. I want to make a really big impact on the world, in my own way.”

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community spotlight How did that evolve?


Albert Horner

On Becoming The Pinelands Photographer by Michelle Probola


lbert Horner has been a photographer for more than 35 years; however, he was never quite satisfied with his work until he decided to dedicate his career to photographing The Pinelands in 2005. “I think there is a lot of raw beauty in The Pinelands, and that’s what I try to photograph,” he says, adding that he originally became a photographer to show others that there is beauty everywhere if you just look for it. Horner believes that photographers who really succeed often live where they photograph. “It helps to focus on one subject and know it well,” he adds. After nine years of living and photographing the area, Horner was able to publish a book entitled Pinelands: New Jersey’s Suburban Wilderness. “I think the book in itself, which is basically nothing more than a photographic monograph of my work, shows the beauty of The Pinelands and the reason why it should be preserved forever and always.”

Is there a certain time you choose to shoot?

I choose to do my photography at sunrise for, actually, several reasons. The light is the best then as far as I’m concerned. Also, 20

South Jersey Edition

as the light progresses, you can shoot for a long period of time. The first thing I do is decide where the sun is going to come up. There needs to be a wow factor. Before I take a photograph, I envision it hanging on a wall. I use a viewfinder and if it looks pleasing to me, I will come back when I think the time is right and take the shot.

It doesn’t happen the first time, many times. I’ve had several places that I have spent a couple of years on and off revisiting locations until I got just the right photograph. People tell me my photos look like paintings and that inspires me to continue to make more and perfect my technique. If it is not art, then I don’t photograph it. There are times I have spent hours loading equipment before dawn and trekking through murky conditions to capture an exact moment in time that produces art.

You have efforts against off-roading. How did that come about?

What ultimately happened is that I became a strong advocate for The Pinelands. As I progressed, I realized that these photographs could be really helpful to help preserve The Pinelands and make people more understanding of the amazing natural resource we have in our backyard. I think of all the things, because of the physicalness of off-road vehicles and the amount of destruction that only a few of them can do at any given time; this is the now biggest threat to The Pinelands in my estimation. There is one area called Quarter Mile that has been devastated. I don’t know if it will ever return to its natural state at all, it is that bad.

What did you decide to do about it?

Why did you choose The Pinelands? I’ve been running around The Pinelands ever since I was 5 years old. I like The Pinelands so much, I even came out here when I learned to drive. I just felt more comfortable being out in the woods. As I got older, I decided I wanted to live out here. You see these little glimpses of beauty from the side of your eyes and you think “that’s really pretty” and you go back and photograph it. Timing is everything. It was just a question of learning when to shoot, not just turning the camera and taking a picture but creating a piece of art.

I realized it was an immense area—it is about 85 acres and you can clearly see it on Google Earth. So, what I did start a blog and the name of the blog is The Scar. The reason I called it that was because it appeared to be a huge scar on the land. When I finally got back there to where I wanted to photograph, I found the devastation to be so immense, I could hardly believe all the destruction I saw. Wharton State Forest along with a group of volunteers posted signs in an effort to deter the off-roading activities. There is not much more we can do. We lack the resources and manpower to enforce regulations. In the end, it is a

matter of community education. People need an intrinsic sense of caring for our natural resources to make a difference. Since 2005, Albert Horner has produced more than 150 images of the 1.1 million-acre Pinelands area, 80 of which can be found in his monograph. He is a Pinelands Preservation Alliance board member and uses his art to continuously advocate by giving presentations and spreading knowledge. For more information about Horner and The Pinelands, visit About-The-Artist.

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South Jersey Edition

Touching the Earth The Healing Powers of Going Barefoot


by Martin Zucker

elanie Monteith, of San Diego, California, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 24 and plagued by symptoms for 14 years. Simple daily tasks became challenging. She relied on walking aids and walls to keep from falling. Eventually, she quit her job. Every day tested her survival skills. Then, in late 2017, Monteith tried grounding and it changed her life. Grounding, also called Earthing, refers to the discovery of major health benefits from sustained contact with the Earth’s natural and subtle electric charge. Recent research published in the Journal of Inflammation, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, Neonatology and Health indicates that grounding stabilizes the physiology in many ways, drains the body of inflammation, pain and stress, and generates greater well-being.   Grounding can be as simple as going barefoot in nature, including the backyard, for 30 to 60 minutes once or twice a day on surfaces like grass, soil, gravel, stone and

sand. If this isn’t practical, special grounding mats and pads are available online for convenient indoor use while sitting or sleeping; people with compromised health often benefit from more time being grounded. The activity restores a primordial electric connection with the Earth that has been lost with modern lifestyles. We wear shoes with insulating, synthetic soles and live and work elevated above the ground. These overlooked lifestyle factors may contribute to increasing global rates of chronic illnesses. Grounding revitalizes us, akin to charging a weak battery, because our bodies operate electrically and our movements and thoughts are based on electrical signals. We are bioelectric beings. Eighteen years of grounding research in a variety of indoor settings, plus grassroots feedback from around the world, clearly show that our bodies operate more effectively when grounded. We sleep better, have less pain, more energy and even look better. Here are some of the documented benefits.

WAYHOME studio/

Life isn’t about functioning,

Reduction of chronic inflammation “Inflammation is intimately linked to most chronic and aging-related diseases,” says Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, who has conducted multiple grounding studies. “Grounding seems to be nature’s way to reduce inflammation.”

Enhanced blood flow Thick, sludgy blood is a common feature of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Several grounding studies have demonstrated a significant decrease in blood viscosity and enhanced blood flow. “Grounding represents a potent circulation booster; a simple, yet profound preventive and therapeutic strategy,” says integrative cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, of Manchester, Connecticut, co-author of the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Decreased stress Tracy Latz, a medical doctor and integrative psychiatrist in Mooresville, North Carolina, has found, “Patients with anxiety issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression, often benefit from grounding.”

Improved vagus nerve function The vagus nerve connects with and regulates key organs, including the lungs, heart and intestines. In one study, doctors at the Penn State Children’s Hospital, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, grounded hospitalized premature infants and documented improved vagal function that could potentially boost resilience and reduce complications. “These babies have a lot of health challenges,” observes Dr. Charles Palmer, former chief of the center’s division of newborn medicine. “It seems that they are more relaxed when grounded.” More research is needed. Within a few months of grounding both day and night, Monteith’s disease symptoms receded dramatically. Her balance and stability improved when standing and walking. She sleeps more deeply and has more energy. An eye issue for which there is no drug subsided. She says her health continues to improve and she looks forward to living each day. Troy Baker, a recovery consultant for special populations and chief program officer of the nonprofit Adapt Functional Movement Center, in Carlsbad, California, who has been overseeing Monteith’s exercise training schedule, has observed a reduction in the effects of multiple sclerosis since she started grounding. “Her body is more fluid, not as stiff. She moves much better, with increased energy and stamina.”     For more information on grounding, visit Martin Zucker, a former Associated Press correspondent, has written about alternative medicine for 40 years and is co-author of the book Earthing. April 2018


South Jersey. Then its back down the tower, and back the way that you came.


Red Trail

Franklin Parker Preserve Woodland Township (Chatsworth), NJ 6 miles (loop) This beautiful six-mile loop is in the middle of the pines, many miles from anywhere else. It snakes through pinelands, open meadows, and along old cranberry bogs. It’s flat through some areas, but hilly in others to offer variety. It also features the best trail bridge in the pine barrens (a suspension bridge) and two oversized chairs to relax in.

The Pinelands Top 5 Hikes 4

Cloverdale Farm County Park

by Mike McCormick


Batona Trail

Franklin Parker Preserve Woodland Township, NJ – 8.3 miles one way. This one requires a bit of planning, as you’ll need to park cars on each side or arrange a pickup at the end (or do 16 miles in a day), but it’s worth it. You start with the Apple Pie Hill fire tower, then cross almost immediately into the Parker Preserve. The Batona is separate from the other four trails in the Parker Preserve, so it’s often less populated than the other Parker Preserve trails. The bogs here aren’t ringed with old roads which makes you think you are in the middle of nowhere. There are tons of great little bridges over streams and old ditches, plenty of stretches of pine

forest, and the end is a hop from island to island (helped by some connecting boards) through a little swamp before exiting onto Route 72. It’s totally awesome.


Batona Trail

Carranza to Apple Pie Hill (Wharton State Forest) Tabernacle, NJ – 8.2 miles out-and-back. The Batona Trail is, hands down, the king of the Pine Barrens trails. It’s the only one in South Jersey that offers multi-day backpacking trips, and one of the few trails in the state that can be considered a longdistance trail (at just under 53 miles). This is a fantastic stretch. Starting at the Carranza Memorial, you can visit the memorial to that fallen aviation hero of Mexico Emilio Carranza. You’ll then pass through camp, follow along a swamp, and cross Skit Branch. From here, it’s swamps, Mount Korbar and finally up Apple Pie Hill after 4.1 miles. This is a great spot to eat lunch, then make sure to climb the fire tower here. From the top, you can see Philadelphia and Atlantic City, as well a massive chunk of the pine barrens. One of the best spots in

Barnegat Township, NJ 1.5 miles of trail (loop)

It’s short, but it snakes through the wellpreserved remains of a cranberry bog operation, complete with a reconstructed nature center and most of the outbuildings. Trails go around the edges of the bogs, offering beautiful views of the water and of the birds who now hang out there. It’s a great place to get some stunning pictures.


Black Run Preserve

Evesham Township, NJ 9 miles of trails (and growing). The Friends of Black Run Preserve have done an awesome job of making this preserve available to public, and are improving the trail system almost continually. Also a great spot to bird along the old cranberry bogs, do the orienteering/map course, go for a run on the 5K Trail or go for a ride on your mountain bike. Mike McCormick is a South Jersey native who has been hiking and canoeing for most of his life. He started a blog about his experiences five years ago which developed into a comprehensive website that provides hiking resources based on his extensive knowledge and experience of the area. For more information, visit

Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority. ~Bill Gates 24

South Jersey Edition

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Why a Warming Planet is Harming Our Health by Lisa Marshall


amantha Ahdoot’s son Isaac was 9 years old when he collapsed from the heat while playing clarinet at band camp. It had been a record-hot summer following a mild winter and early spring, and Dr. Ahdoot, an Alexandria, Virginia, pediatrician, had already noticed a string of unusual cases: A toddler had contracted Lyme disease in the once tick-free region of Northern Maine. A teenager had suffered an asthma attack in February, a full month before she usually started taking allergy medicine. A displaced grade-schooler from out of town arrived traumatized after fleeing a hurricane-ravaged home with her family. But it wasn’t until she saw her son laying on a gurney in the emergency room with an IV in his arm that she fully connected the dots. 26

South Jersey Edition

“I was aware that the weather had changed a lot since I was kid. But it really didn’t hit home until that day that climate change could affect my health and the health of my children personally,” recalls Ahdoot. “I realized it would be a betrayal of my duty as a pediatrician to sit back and do nothing about it.”

Health Care Alert

Ahdoot, now a vocal climate change activist, is among a growing number of healthcare professionals that have begun to reframe climate change not as a concern for elsewhere or the future, but as a pressing U.S. public

Ase/ Boris Ryaposov/

Healthy Climate, Healthy People

health issue today. In one recent survey of 1,200 allergists, 48 percent said climate change is already affecting their patients a “great deal” or a “moderate amount.” In another survey of lung specialists, 77 percent said they were seeing patient symptoms grow more severe due to worsening climate-related air quality. In a sweeping review published last October in The Lancet medical journal, a team of healthcare professionals proclaimed that the human symptoms of climate change are “unequivocal and potentially irreversible,” noting that since 2000, the number of people in the United States exposed to heat waves annually has risen by about 14.5 million, and the number of natural disasters annually has increased 46 percent. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also begun to weigh in with a Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative to help local health departments brace for everything from the hazardous air quality associated with more forest fires to the spread of vector-borne diseases like Zika and West Nile as the range and season of mosquitoes and ticks expands. Meanwhile, groups like the newly formed and expansive Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, to which Ahdoot belongs, are being proactive. Its doctors are greening their offices, swapping cars for bikes, buses or carpooling, lobbying lawmakers and encouraging their patients to undertake measures to prevent the problem from worsening. In the process, they say, they might even improve their own health. “We want the public to understand that climate change is not just about polar bears or receding glaciers in the Arctic, but also about our children and our health here and now,” says Ahdoot.

Mega Pixel/

Flora and Fauna Issues

During the past century, average temperatures have increased between 1.3 and 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit, with annual increases accelerating in recent years as 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017 all set records for ambient heat. Such rising temperatures, combined with increased rain and record-high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, can have a significant impact on plants— both those that irritate or nourish us, says Howard Frumkin, a medical doctor who co-authored the Lancet report and teaches environmental and occupational health sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle. Wild, allergy-inducing plants like ragweed and poison ivy are flourishing. Poison ivy is growing faster, larger and more toxic as excess carbon prompts it to produce more of its rash-inducing compound, urushiol. “We are seeing the season for ragweed productivity expanding, with pollen levels rising higher and earlier and lasting longer by several weeks,” advises Frumkin. In 2016, residents of Minneapolis, Minnesota, endured a ragweed season that was 21 days longer than in 1990. Other, desirable crops, like grains, do worse in hotter carbonrich climes, producing less protein and other nutrients, Frumkin notes. Meanwhile, bugs are thriving, with longer seasons and wider ranges in which to reproduce. Mosquitoes’ capacity to transmit dengue fever— the world’s fastest-growing mosquitoborne illness—has risen by 11 percent since 1950, more than half of that just since 1990, according to the Lancet report. Further, the tick that carries Lyme disease is now present in 46 percent of U.S. counties, up from 30 percent in 1998. “My physician colleagues used to treat two or three cases a month during tick season,” says Dr. Nitin Damle, a physician at South County Internal Medicine, in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

We want the public to understand that climate change is not just about polar bears or receding glaciers in the Arctic, but also about our children and our health here and now ~Samantha Ahdoot “Now each of us sees 40 to 50 new cases each season.”

Heat Pollution

Rising heat can also aggravate lung conditions because it promotes the production of ozone, a major lung irritant. With prolonged heat often come wildfires. When one burned for three months in North Carolina in a recent summer, researchers discovered that residents of counties affected by the smoke plume showed a 50 percent increase in emergency trips due to respiratory illness. Like Isaac, more kids are ending up in hospitals due to soaring temperatures, with U.S. emergency room visits for heat illnesses up by 133 percent between 1997 and 2006. Ahdoot recalls a young football player from Arkansas that showed signs of weakness and fatigue during practice, but wasn’t treated right away. He ended up with heat stroke, kidney failure and pulmonary edema and ultimately required kidney dialysis. “Every summer now, I see the impacts of increasing temperatures and heat waves on kids,” she says. Climate change can also impact mental health, according to a recent review by the American Psychological Association. Exposure to natural disasters can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Plus, according to research institutions including the University of California, San Diego, and Iowa State University, chronic heat, especially at night, can interfere with sleep and even lead to aggressive behavior. Then there’s the worry about what to do about it, and whether it will be enough. “When you talk with people about what is affecting them, climate is definitely one of the things stressing them out,” says Thomas Doherty, Psy.D., a psychologist

in Portland, Oregon. “There’s a sense of mystery and powerlessness around it that weighs on people.”

Fresh Perspective, New Hope

Mona Sarfaty, a family physician who is now director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, attests that 69 percent of Americans are aware that climate change is occurring, and more than half agree that human activities are at least partly to blame. Yet only a third believe it could ever harm them personally. “So much of the early focus was on the receding glaciers and the penguins,” she says. “People today still think it will affect ‘those other people over there,’ but not them.” She agrees with the recent focus on imminent health issues, and is encouraged that a growing number of healthcare professionals feel it’s their duty to inform their patients about climate change to mobilize action. “When you talk about climate change not only in terms of the health impact it has on individuals and families, but also in terms of the real-time benefits of taking action against it, people are a lot more interested in doing something,” says Sarfaty. For instance, shifting to clean energy sources like wind and solar instead of coal can effect better air quality and easier breathing now. Cycling or walking to work rather than driving can reduce carbon emissions, boost feel-good brain chemicals and keep weight in check. Writing letters to editors or attending rallies to urge lawmakers to pass climate-friendly policies can not only fend off the anxiety and depression that comes with feeling helpless, but also effect real change. Ahdoot is taking these steps now. She has solar panels on her roof, is assisting the local hospital to reduce its carbon footprint, takes public transportation to work and encourages her kids to walk whenever possible. “I don’t feel powerless at all. I feel empowered and optimistic,” she says. “The more we know, the more we are moved to act. We can all do something small every day to protect our climate.” Lisa Marshall is a freelance health writer in Boulder, CO. Connect at April 2018


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Paul Hawken Shares a Plan to Reverse Global Warming by Linda Sechrist


or author Paul Hawken, a leading environmental entrepreneur working with a coalition of research fellows, advisors and expert reviewers, the climate goal is drawdown, or reversing global warming—the point in atmospheric time when the concentration of greenhouse gases peaks and begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. Hawken edited Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, a compendium of the 100 most substantive solutions that already exist.

Are you optimistic about achieving the goal?

Why is drawdown the goal? If we don’t name the goal, we are unlikely to achieve it. To date, language like mitigation, stabilization and reduction has been used to address climate change. These goals are not particularly ambitious and will do little to preserve civilization. Those verbs are about slowing the amount of released gases, but do not reverse them. If you are going the wrong way down a road which heads straight over a cliff, slowing down is not a helpful goal. We need to turn around, and that is what drawdown research is all about.

Why and how did you do the research? We wanted to know if it was game over with respect to global warming, or could we reverse the buildup of greenhouse gases with techniques and practices already underway? We gathered a qualified and diverse group of 70 researchers from around the world to identify, research and model the 100 most substantive existing solutions. They modeled the impact the solutions will have if they continue to scale in a rigorous, but reasonable way, and what the cost and profits would be. All carbon data was based on peer-reviewed science. Economic data came from respected international institutions like the World Bank. The goal of the 28

South Jersey Edition

tion is the most powerful lever available for breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty while mitigating emissions by curbing population growth. Ranked seventh, family planning, particularly in low-income countries, impacts world population. For women to have children by choice rather than chance and to plan their family size and spacing is a matter of autonomy and dignity. Together, these two solutions would account for significant reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. The United Nations estimates a difference between the high and median population projections in 2050 of 10.8 billion versus 9.7 billion. The difference is almost entirely determined by availability of family planning.

book was to present the findings and describe the solutions in ways that fascinated and informed, accompanied by images that enlivened and inspired.

What are the top 10 solutions? The top 10 solutions, in order, are: refrigerant management, wind turbines, reduced food waste, plant-rich diet, tropical forests protection, educating girls, family planning, solar farms, silvopasture—the intentional combination of trees, forage plants and livestock as an integrated, intensively managed system— and rooftop solar. All 100 are listed at

Did any of the solutions surprise you? None of the solutions surprised us, but their rankings did. For example, educating girls, number six, has a dramatic bearing on global warming. Women with more years of education have fewer, healthier, children and actively manage their reproductive health. Educated females realize higher wages and greater upward mobility, contributing to economic growth. Educa-

Drawdown is not about optimism, hope or pessimism. It is a reality project. The science on climate change is amazing, if not stunning. It is the best problem statement humanity has ever created, which I see as a gift, not a curse. Global warming is feedback from the atmosphere. The Earth is a system, and any system that does not incorporate feedback fails. It holds true for our body, ecosystems, social systems and economic systems. The knowledge of global warming and its potential impacts is creating huge breakthroughs in energy, transport, agriculture, housing, urbanization and materials. If it wasn’t for the science of climate change, we would be destroying our planet faster than we already are. Focusing repeatedly on the problem does not solve the problem. Diagnosis is not prognosis unless we give up. The science of what will happen if we do not act has been here for a long time. What Drawdown points out is that humanity is on the case. The plan we refer to in the book’s subtitle is not our plan; we found a plan being activated by the collective intelligence of humanity. This is a different story than one of gloom and doom. It is a story of innovation, creativity and generosity—that is who we are. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings.

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Green Fair 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 21 Winslow Township invites you to their 5th annual Winslow Township Green Fair. The event will feature arts and crafts, face painting, balloon twisting and other family friendly activities. Adults are encouraged to take part in blood pressure checks, the shredder truck, unused prescription drug drop off, tree seedling giveaways and much more.

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earth day events

PLASTICS WARS Celebrate Earth Day Locally and Globally


arth Day, on April 22, will serve again as a galvanizing force on ways to save our planet. With the theme of End Plastic Pollution, the Earth Day Network (EDN) is setting a specific focus this year on the importance of reducing the use of plastics and finding more Earthfriendly alternatives ( The nonprofit notes that of the approximately 300 million tons of plastic annually produced to make bags, bottles, packages and other commodities worldwide, only about 10 percent is successfully recycled and reused. The rest ends up in landfills or as litter, leaching dangerous chemicals into soil and water, endangering humans and wildlife alike. EDN asks everyone to pledge to switch to sustainable alternatives, subscribe to its newsletter, spread the word via social media, educate and mobilize citizens to demand action, and donate to support the adoption of a global framework to regulate plastic pollution that will engage individuals, companies and governments worldwide. Further, EDN is extending people’s ability to take personal responsibility by self-rating and guiding their involvement via practical toolkits. “People can create and follow a plan to reduce their plastic footprint and also share that data to help others via 30

South Jersey Edition

the Billion Acts of Green online campaign,” says Valeria Merino, vice president of Global Earth Day, adding that participants will be able to create an ongoing record and track their commitments. The initiative is also providing materials, tips on organizing cleanup events and social media tie-ins.

Help South Jersey celebrate and forward progress in sustainability efforts by participating in these local Earth Day 2018 events: Cape May County Zoo’s Earth Day Fair 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 21 Join all of your favorite furry friends at Cape May County Zoo’s Earth Day Fair. Start with a 5K race and one-mile fun run before enjoying live music, children’s story time, inflatable obstacle courses, an interactive drum circle, hands-on educational exhibits, naturalist hikes, delicious food and crafts. Pre-registration donations will benefit the Cape May County Park and Zoo Trust Fund. The first 150 runners will be awarded commemorative t-shirts for their participation. Location: 707 U.S. 9 N., Cape May Court House, NJ. For more information, call 609-456-5271 or visit

Location: 125 S. Rte. 73, Winslow Township, NJ. For more information, visit Go Green Event 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 21 Haddon Township will host their annual Go Green event. Check website for updated information. For more information, visit ACUA Earth Day Festival 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 22 At the Atlantic County Utilities Authority’s 28th annual Earth Day Festival, guests can look forward to wind, solar and wastewater facility tours, recycling tours, mini yoga sessions, landfill hayrides, seedling and seed packet giveaways and more. Free workshops will be taught on many subjects including beekeeping, homestead herbalism, native plants for pollinators and more. Entertainment includes an interactive program on turtles, a comical exploration of renewable energy sources and music by Valerie Vaughn. Location: 6700 Delilah Rd., Egg Harbor Twp., NJ. For more information, visit Green Festival 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 28 Celebrate all things green at Collingswood’s 10th annual Green Festival. Spend the day exploring local sustainable food, organic gardening, water conservation, renewable energy, environmentally friendly construction and much more. Learn about smart green living from local activists and enjoy al fresco dining and live music from local restaurants. Attendees will also enjoy special presentations and exhibits from experts and environmental advocates, a bike-share tent

and fun kids’ activities like face painting, sidewalk chalk drawing, and arts and crafts. There’ll also be free paper shredding, an electronic recycling drop-off and more.


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Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Festival 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 28 The 9th annual Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Festival will be held at the Croft Farm. South Jersey’s largest eco-friendly event, this year’s theme is Reduce PlasticFantastic! Attendees are encouraged to celebrate, learn and grow by visiting the more than 100 Earth-friendly vendors, educational and nonprofit groups and entertainment stages. Start the day with the family fun bike ride before enjoying the many delicious and healthy food options.

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drinks. Recycle or repurpose those already on hand to store craft items, small toys or office supplies.

green living

Healthy House Easy Ways to Green It Up

by Avery Mack


iving green isn’t difficult or expensive. Start small, one room at a time.

In the Kitchen Defrosting trays have been available for a while, and although they aren’t a miracle solution, they are eco-friendly and easy to clean; thawing most meats, seafood and vegetables usually takes just 30 to 60 minutes. It’s one way to avoid using the microwave. Most cutting boards of sustainable bamboo or cork originate in China, creating a big carbon footprint. Glass boards are breakable and hard on knives. Consider planet-friendly boards made of recycled cardboard and food-grade plastic combined with flax husks. A countertop convection oven set about 25 degrees lower circulates heated air to cook food 25 to 30 percent faster and more evenly than a conventional oven; it uses less energy and has fewer emissions. Foods come out crispier, which also makes

for great veggie chips. A conventional oven is still best for soufflés, breads or cakes that rise as they bake. Replace chemical-coated nonstick pans, disposable parchment paper and aluminum foil with reusable, eco-friendly, U.S. Food and Drug Administrationapproved silicone mats. They are easy to clean, affordable and available in many sizes and shapes. Run the dishwasher when full and at night. Off-peak hours won’t cut the electric bill, but are more efficient for the power plant, reducing its energy footprint. Skip the garbage disposal to save water and energy. Use food waste for plantnurturing compost. Plastics numbered 1, 3, 6 or 7 are prone to leaching into food or

Join Our Growing Community! We are focused on all things holistic, green, sustainable and like-minded! Whether you’re a professional business owner, service provider, entrepreneur, or just someone who’s looking for a heart-centered community to connect with,

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South Jersey Edition

Keep floors clean and healthy by leaving shoes at the door. They track in dirt, pesticides, chemicals, pet waste and leaked fluids from vehicles. Slippers or socks with a grip sole keep feet warm and prevent falls. Bamboo flooring is sustainable and eco-friendly, but is also shipped from China. Using local products reduces shipping costs, supports American businesses and can give the home a unique design. “Logs salvaged from the bottom of the Penobscot River turn into flooring, ceilings and accent walls,” advises Tom Shafer, coowner of Maine Heritage Timber, in Millinocket. “The cold temperature preserves the wood and gives it a natural patina. It’s now available in peel-and-stick, affordable planks called timberchic. Planks have an eco-friendly, UV-cured finish.” For more flooring tips, see Tinyurl. com/Eco-FriendlyFloors.

In the Bathroom

Instead of air freshener sprays, hang petand child-safe plants. Use fast-drying towels up to four times before washing. Hand towels see more frequent use, so change every other day. Longer wear makeup stays longer on a washcloth; to prevent reintroducing germs to the face, use a facecloth only once. All-natural cleaning products are easy to find or make. For some tips, see Tinyurl. com/LovelyEcoLoo.

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From sheets and bedding to a fluffy robe, choose eco-friendly organic cotton in white, or colored with environmentally safe, non-metallic dyes. Blue light from a smartphone, computer, tablet or TV can foster sleeplessness. “I keep all devices out of my bedroom and block all unnatural light,” says Leslie Fischer, an eco-minded mom and entrepreneur in Chicago, who reviews mattresses for adults and babies at SustainableSlumber. com. “I sleep on a fantastic mattress that won’t fill my room with pollution.” A good pillow is a necessity. Citrus Sleep rates the Top Ten Eco Options at Mattresses should be replaced every eight years. In the U.S., an average of 50,000 end up in landfills each day. California law requires manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for mattresses and box springs. An $11 recycling fee, collected upon each sale, funds the Bye Bye Mattress program. Connecticut and Rhode Island also recycle them. “An alternative is extending mattress use with a topper,” says Omar Alchaboun, founder of topper-maker Kloudes, in Los Angeles.

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What and Where to Recycle

Find out where and what to recycle at Enter the item and a zip code or call 1-800-cleanup. Going green is money-saving, environmentally wise and coming of age, which makes eco-friendly products easier to access. Earth Day is a perfect time to make simple changes that can have long-lasting and far-reaching results. Connect with the freelance writer via

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Gardening ASANAS Yoga Poses to Stay Pain-Free


by Marlaina Donato







Strike a Pose

Doing yoga regularly will condition the body, but incorporating asanas, or poses, while gardening can be both a fun and practical way to avoid overstressing certain muscle groups and keep the spine and hamstrings supple. Using props in the garden environment such as fences, a wall or a chair can provide convenient support. Feel free to perform all poses before or after gardening, and all except numbers one and five in the garden.

ardening is good for body and soul, but long hours and repetitive movements can negatively impact even the fittest body. While stiffness and pain patterns might manifest in the lower back, shoulders, legs and hands, performing a few yoga poses can lessen pain, increase flexibility, boost stamina and prevent injury. “Every action needs a counter action for structural balance to be maintained. Repetitive movements can tighten fascia, restrict movement and compromise nerve impulses,” explains Asheville, North Carolina, yoga teacher and back care specialist Lillah Schwartz, author of Healing Our Backs with Yoga: An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief. “What goes into spasm tends to remain in spasm,” observes Schwartz, who has helped many people overcome back pain and other chronic structural issues. Practicing yoga before, during or after spending time outside also promotes mind-body awareness which helps us tune into our body’s natural rhythms and prevent physical problems in the first place. Here are some basics to consider when working in the garden.

close to and bracing against a wall or fence

Be Aware

To reduce pain:

Great agility and strong muscles cannot compensate for being in one position too long, over-reaching or fatigue. “Listen to your body’s messages such as, ‘It’s time for a rest,’ or, ‘That’s too heavy,’” recommends Schwartz. Remember to take regular breaks to rest, stretch and drink water. 34

South Jersey Edition

1. Downward Facing Dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) with feet placed against a support

2. Warrior 1 pose (Virabhadrasana I) 3. Straddle Forward Fold pose (Prasarita Padottanasana) 4. Standing Scissor Twist (Parivrtta Hasta Padasana) standing 5. Locust pose (Salabhasana) 6. Squat Pull Spinal Traction (Ardha Malasana in traction)

Take a Breath

“Conscious breathing involves both the body and the mind. Long, slow inhalations and exhalations help us tune into our body,” says Schwartz. “Using long breaths when stretching in the garden can help muscles find relief.” n Stop and breathe. Take slow, deep breaths with a pause (inhalation retention) between inhalation and exhalation. n Don’t resist the pain or allow self-judgment. n Wait for a release.

photos by Michelle Van Sandt

Subbotina Anna/

fit body

Enjoy Being Outside

Bringing mindfulness to garden work not only helps prevent injury, but helps make it a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few more tips. n If rising early, begin time in the garden with a Warrior 1 pose while facing east. n Be mindful of feeling the breeze when it brushes the skin and pause to breathe deeply. n Notice the music of the birds or other pleasing sounds in the surrounding environment. n Stop to drink some water and take pleasure in the garden’s beauty and bounty. Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at

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Foods that Go Easy on Water

Changing Our Diet to Cool the Climate

Good Food Choices Enable Global Health by Judith Fertig


hree years ago, the New York Times added a new word to the world’s food vocabulary: Climatarian (n.) A diet whose primary goal is to reverse climate change. This includes eating locally produced food (to reduce energy spent in transportation), choosing pork and poultry instead of beef and lamb (to limit gas emissions), and using every part of ingredients (apple cores, cheese rinds, etc.) to limit food waste. Changing our food choices to support this model can have a ripple effect. Researchers at the University of California, Santa

Barbara, in a 2017 study published in the journal Climatic Change, looked at how diets impact personal health, the healthcare system and climate. They found that adopting a more plant-based diet reduces the relative risk of coronary heart disease, colorectal cancer and Type 2 diabetes by 20 to 40 percent. National annual health care costs could drop from $93 billion to $77 billion. Direct greenhouse gas emissions could annually drop 489 to 1,821 pounds per person. Such an approach involves considering the related water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint—the



Classes, expertise & supplies for making your own beer, wine, mead, cider, cheese, yogurt, kefir, tempeh kombucha, sourdough & more! 900 Route 54, Suite A-4, Hammonton, NJ 08037 (609).666.5274 | | Wed-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 Check us out online:


South Jersey Edition

Hydroponic greens are hands-down winners. The Shelton Family Farm, near Whittier, North Carolina, weekly produces 10,000 to 12,000 heads of hydroponically grown Bibb lettuce. The controlled environment and carefully engineered nutrient delivery systems maximize all resources. “It’s an enclosed system that runs 24/7, and it’s highly efficient from a waterusage standpoint because we recycle the water,” says William Shelton Jr., a fourthgeneration family farmer. “The only water that’s actually consumed is what’s taken up and transpired through the plants.” In a moderate climate, energy costs to recycle the water and keep the plants at an even temperature are moderate, as well. Dry-tilled heirloom tomatoes, okra, melons and quinoa are drought-tolerant and only use available rainfall.   

Foods that Go Easy on Greenhouse Gases

Plants beat meat. “Livestock farming produces from 20 to 50 percent of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions,” says nutritionist and climate activist Jane Richards, of GreenEatz, in Mountain View, California. “You can reduce your footprint by a quarter by cutting down on red meats such as beef and lamb.” An exception is the vegetarian staple of rice. According to researchers at Project Drawdown, a climate solutions organization in Sausalito, California, rice cultivation is responsible for at least 10 percent of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and up to 19 percent of global methane emissions. New farming techniques, like mid-season draining of the rice paddies, could cut methane emissions by at least 35 percent. Richards notes, “Meat, cheese and eggs have the highest carbon footprint; fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts, much lower. The carbon footprint of a vegetarian diet is about half that of a meat-lover’s diet.”   Root crops such as carrots, radishes, potatoes and beets have a lower carbon footprint than above-ground plants due to

Ekaterina Markelova/

energy required to cultivate, harvest and transport food—plus processing associated food waste. Here are some top choices.  

conscious eating

less food waste. A beautiful beet is easier to grow than a bell pepper that blemishes more easily. Seasonal, regional fruit, vegetables, herbs and honey have a lighter carbon impact because they are transported shorter distances. Usually what grows best in a region and is consumed locally is also best for the climate. Foods naturally suited to their environment grow and taste better, and are packed with more nutrients, reports Sustainable Table, an educational nonprofit that builds healthy communities through sustainable eating habits (

Hopeful Developments

New agricultural developments can also benefit our climate environment. According to Project Drawdown research, perennial grains and cereals could be pivotal in reaching soil, carbon and energy targets. The Land Institute, in Salina, Kansas, has been working with the Rodale Institute, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, to develop a perennial wheat that would not have to be planted from seed each year.

This would save soil, carbon and both human and machine energy. Kernza, a new perennial grain proven to prosper in natural grasslands like the Great Plains, is not yet widely distributed. Maria Speck, author of Simply Ancient Grains, advises, “With up to 15-foot-long roots, it can be harvested for five years and uses less fertilizer than conventional wheat. Kernza tastes almost like a cross between rice and wheat—sweet, grassy, mesmerizing.”

Michael Pollan, author of Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual and creator of the film Food, Inc., suggests we keep it simple: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Climatarians would add another guideline—eat as locally as possible. Judith Fertig writes cookbooks plus foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (

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healthy kids


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INTO THE WOODS Nature Helps Kids Build Skills and Character

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South Jersey Edition

by April Thompson

movement is afoot to get kids grounded in nature. Wilderness awareness programs, also known as primitive skills or Earth-based education, teach life-changing survival skills that build courage, compassion and camaraderie. “We help youth experience a true aliveness in nature. Kids gain knowledge of the outdoors and increase awareness, confidence and self-reliance, while having fun, positive experiences,” says Dave Scott, founder of the Earth Native Wilderness School (, in Bastrop, Texas. They often go on to enthusiastically share what they’ve learned about natural flora and fauna with their families.

Experiential Learning

Youth engaged with organizations like this one enjoy gaining nature-oriented survival skills, such as making bows, baskets, shelters and fire. “By making a bow out of a particular type of tree, children discover what type of habitat the tree prefers and how to harvest it sustainably. Indigenous skills like animal tracking also help them relate to wildlife and develop empathy for animals,” says Scott.

“When you learn to trust rather than fear nature, you’re more likely to take care of it,” adds Rick Berry, founder of 4 Elements Earth Education (, a Nevada City, California, nonprofit that helps kids and adults connect with planet Earth via immersion in nature. Leaving room for spontaneity and improvisation is important. While infusing indigenous knowledge into their curriculum, wilderness programs emphasize universal principles such as deep understanding of local environments and life’s interconnectedness. “Fire making is for everybody. Shelter making is for everybody. We are all caretakers of the land,” says Berry. Physical and other challenges, such as walking blindfolded through the woods, heighten sensory perception while building confidence. “The landscape is a great teacher with its uneven ground and obstacles, posing an opportunity to learn agility, practice balance and ultimately, expand awareness,” says Simon Abramson, associate director of Wild Earth (, in High Falls, New York.   Nature-immersion programs like Wild Earth’s further help kids sharpen their

observation skills through activities like learning to identify birdsongs and trees. During a popular activity called “sit spot”, children learn to sit quietly, listen and observe from a specific location they may revisit over the course of a day or year to witness nature’s varied beauty. Another time, they may try “foxwalking”, creeping silently and slowly, or test their “owl vision”, using peripheral vision. For younger kids, instructors may incorporate such skills into a game like “coyote or rabbit,” where by staying still, they can avoid detection by a predator. Kids learn to listen both to nature and their own inner voice, which can be challenging in the midst of dominating peers and authority figures. “We build on the tradition of vision quest, in taking time to get quiet in nature and hear what the heart is saying,” says Berry. Activities may be patterned after

natural cycles of the seasons, the four directions and diurnal rhythms. On a bright morning, emphasis is on high-energy, outward-facing activities; day’s end brings a pause to reflect, glean and share what participants have made and learned.

Lasting Life Lessons

Mother Nature’s lessons can be hardearned, but the outdoor trials that kids experience are often their most honored and memorable moments. Whether youths try out a wilderness program for a season or stay on for years, Earth-based learning can have an enduring impact. They help foster healthy relationships not only with the Earth, but with other people, according to Samuel Bowman, a program coordinator with the Wilderness Awareness School (Wilderness, in Duvall, Washington.

Team-driven activities like building a communal shelter can help kids learn how to work through conflict, listen to others and appreciate differences. “The kids that have come through our programs prove to be creative problemsolvers prepared to handle just about anything. They have focus and commitment, and tend to be service oriented,” observes Abramson, noting that 60 percent of their instructors are alumni. “Thinking back on kids we’ve worked with, you can often see their wilderness journey reflected in their paths as adults, how they are making choices with their heart and pursuing their passions,” concludes Berry. Connect with April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

You will not solve global climate change by hitting the delete button. ~Tom Brokaw

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natural pet

Nature’s Remedies How Animals Self-Medicate by Sandra Murphy

Every species embodies a solution to some environmental challenge, and some of these solutions are breathtaking in their elegance. ~Linda Bender, Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals


rom birds and elephants to dolphins, animals, whether by instinct or learned behavior, have discovered ways to cope with parasites, pests, aches and pains. This science of self-medication is called zoopharmacognosy (zoo for animal, pharma for drug and cognosy for knowing). At home, a dog or cat that eats grass is practicing it to eliminate parasites or hairballs. Donald Brightsmith, Ph.D., of Texas A&M University, directs the Tambopata Macaw Project in the lowlands of southeastern Peru, studying the many macaws and other parrots that gather clay to eat as a supplement. First thought to help remove toxins from their bodies, clay adds needed sodium to their diet, researchers now believe. A pregnant elephant in Kenya’s Tsavo Park was observed by ecologist Holly 40

South Jersey Edition

Dublin, Ph.D., to travel miles to find a tree not normally eaten. Four days later, the elephant gave birth. Dublin discovered that Kenyan women make a drink from the same leaves and bark to induce labor. While studying Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) in the Sabangau peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, primatologist Helen MorroghBernard, Ph.D., of the University of Exeter, UK, observed an orangutan chew the leaves of a plant that were not part of its usual diet until it formed a lather. The orangutan spit out the leaves and used the lather much like humans apply a topical pain reliever. While animals have been known to eat certain plants when ill, hers may be the first sighting of an animal creating a salve. Nearby villagers grind the leaves to make

a balm for sore muscles and inflammation. Morrogh-Bernard believes humans learned this topical application from apes and passed it down through the generations. In the Red Sea, bottlenose dolphins rub against bush-like gorgonian corals covered by an outer layer of antimicrobial mucus that may protect them from infection, according to dolphin researcher Angela Ziltener, of the University of Zürich, Switzerland. “It’s amazing how much we’ve learned, but forgotten,” says Ira Pastor, CEO at Bioquark Inc., in Philadelphia, a life sciences company developing biologic products to regenerate and repair human organs and tissues. “We live with other organisms which from a health and wellness perspective are much further advanced than humans. No other species tries to cure with any single solution. Nature employs multiple options. We’re not appropriately imitating nature yet. We need to do more.” Cindy Engel, Ph.D., of Suffolk, England, author of Wild Health: Lessons in Natural Wellness from the Animal Kingdom, says, “Animals rely on plants to provide them with the essentials of life, making their health intimately dependent on plant chemistry to provide everything they need to grow, repair damage and reproduce.” She continues, “Wild animals carry diseases that affect livestock and humans. It’s sensible to explore why they’re successful in fending off the worst effects in order to find ways to improve our own health, instead of just trying to eradicate the disease. We can learn from behavioral self-help strategies animals employ.” Accomplishing this is more difficult than ever, she believes, because today’s severely shrinking habitat makes it hard to find truly wild animals and plants. “Over the last 100 years, we’ve done a horrible disservice to all life by destroying habitat and exploring only a small percentage of what nature has to offer,” agrees Pastor. “As patents expire, pharma has to change. It’s important to develop botanicals. We’re advised to vary our diet and exercise, yet take the same dose of the same

We feel the answers for the future will be found in the past, not in chemical factories.

"Hybrid Programs

Designed to REDUCE Pesticide Usage"

~Ira Pastor pill daily. We’ve studied dead organisms under microscopes, but living organisms, even as small as microbes, can communicate helpful positive reactions.” Western medicine has strayed from what nature offers to keep us healthy. Now is the time to take care of both the planet and all living beings on it. “We’ve discarded thousands of years of evidence,” says Pastor. “We cannot destroy the bounty of possibilities.” Connect with freelance writer Sandra Murphy at

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down. ~Robert Benchley

• Organic Components • Reducing Pesticide Usage • Responsible Solutions • Environmentally Friendly • All Services Guaranteed

Back Into Your Lawn!

We are pleased to offer a HYBRID lawn care program that is effective and environmentally responsible. Our program utilizes a combination of organic fertilizer/bio-stimulants and compost teas with a focus on decreasing pesticide usage and synthetic fertilizer.


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inspiration Postural Alignment Therapy


Do you have back/joint aches and pains? Do you lack flexibility? Is your balance compromised? Do your shoes wear unevenly? Do you see an osteopath or chiropractor yet still have these problems? Would you prefer exercises to treat the cause, instead of treating the symptom with pills, injections, manipulation, or worse‌surgery? Marlton and Cherry Hill locations For weekly class information visit For free phone consultation contact:

Deb Freeman, PAS Aligned by Design, Inc. 856.495.6604

Earth Day

should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our planet a more

sustainable and livable place. ~Scott Peters


Live life as you were designed...

INDIGENOUS WISDOM Elders Urge Us to Reimagine Life


by Anita Sanchez

irst, 27 indigenous elders from 23 North American tribes, two African tribes, a Tibetan Buddhist and a Sami from Finland gathered at Turtle Mountain, in Dunseith, North Dakota, in 1994. Recently, 13 elders from 10 tribes from Russia, Columbia, South Africa and the U.S. gathered in Kauai, Hawaii. Other such gatherings, too, are participating in a shared prophecy supporting world salvation. They offer humanity four sacred gifts of wisdom rooted in their life experiences. This is our invitation to receive them.

Power of Healing

Power to Forgive the Unforgivable

Power of Hope

Forgiveness is releasing ourselves from the prison of pain, hurt or mistreatment. It takes courage and self-love to do this. The reward of this act is freedom to use our energy to create what is life-giving to our self and the lives of those we touch.

Power of Unity

This is a time for us all to become and remain united and steadfast, repairing the world from the misuse of power and greed. When we choose to stand in the circle of unity, there is strength. Each of us has an important part to play in the circle of life to sustain precious relationships among people, Earth and spirit for ourselves, our children and future generations. 42

South Jersey Edition

Indigenous elders tailor their healing practices to the whole human being, using good medicine, defined as anything or anyone that brings into positive alignment the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Healing can take many forms, based on tradition, the healer, patient and nature, yet four basic elements or practices are consistent: listening, supportive relationships, unconditional love and committing to creative, positive action.

Hope springs from the choice to tap into an infinite energy source. It may not be understood by modern science, but indigenous wisdom keepers behold an inner certainty of something bigger than us all. When we open ourselves to hope, it is possible to release the pressure and desire to try to know something about everything, and instead free our imagination to create expansive possibilities. Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., is a transformational leadership consultant, speaker, coach and author of the new book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, from which this was adapted. For videos and a song, visit

calendar of events Email for guidelines. We advise confirming in advance directly with the business or organization.



Whitesbog Egg Hunt – 1-2pm. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646.

Breast/Body Thermography – 7pm. Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DIT) may be your best opportunity for early detection of disease and dysfunction. With Leslie Bowden, Certified Clinical Thermographer. Discover what others already know about this painless, non-invasive, no radiation health screening. Find out what a thermogram can do for you. Hosted by Women’s Wellness Connection of SJ. Sponsored by DeCotiis Chiropractic Wellness. LourdesCare, 1 Brace Rd, Cherry Hill. RSVP, Judy: 609-221-2285 or

Community Herbalist Course: 1-Yr Certified Course – 1-3pm. Want a new career? Do you connect with Phyto Chemistry? Master Herbalist and President of the South Jersey Chapter of the American Herbalist Guild will teach you how to be a practicing herbalist. $1,200. Spirit To Sole Connection, 23 N Centre St, Merchantville. 856-834-0883.

MONDAY, APRIL 2 20% Off a 1-Hr Reflexology Session – 10am-6pm. Reflexology is relaxing, re-energizing and detoxing to the body. Book your appointment to get spoiled. Jeannie has 46 yrs of experience with reflexology and body balancing. $64. Spirit To Sole Connection, 23 N Centre St, Merchantville. 856-834-0883.

TUESDAY, APRIL 3 What Causes Chronic and Recurrent Back Pain Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Whatever your diagnosis, if you have chronic or recurrent back pain this class is for you. Class will focus on the cause, treatment, and prevention of chronic and recurrent back pain and experience gentle exercises and stretches proven to mitigate such pains. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Pre-registration suggested: 856-404-7287 or

savethedate SJ Holistic Chamber of Commerce Meeting 6:30-8:30pm Meeting begins promptly at 6:30pm; casual networking: 8-8:30pm. Topic: HeartMath: A science-based approach to becoming the best version of yourself through emotional awareness. Learn about the research HeartMath Institute has conducted over the past 25 yrs and the easy-toapply tools that can help us keep our emotional energy clear which, in turn, helps our clients and the longevity of our careers.

Beneficial Bank 1901 Rte 70 E, Cherry Hill Moorestown Intuitive Tuesday Circle: Herbs to Guide Astral Projection – 7-9pm. Learn to develop your astral projection abilities with the aid of herbs to explore techniques with your psychic abilities. $15. Spirit To Sole Connection, 23 N Centre St, Merchantville. 856-834-0883.

Your Home Herbal Medicine Chest – 7-9pm. A wonderful introduction class to plant remedies for the whole family. Herbalist Jeannie Francis will guide you into the world of healing with Phyto Chemistry. Each class will focus on different aspects of health. $145/6 classes, $40/class. Spirit To Sole Connection, 23 N Centre St, Merchantville. 856-834-0883.

THURSDAY, APRIL 5 Introduction to Trail Running – 7-8pm. Join our experts as they show you all the skills and equipment you’ll need to make the most out of every trail run. Get tips on the fastest ways to get up hill and the safest way to descend in both gradual and rocky terrain. Free. LL Bean at Sagemore, 500 S Rte 73, Marlton. Register: 856-810-5560 or Music of the Spheres: A Sonic Sound Healing with the Planetary Gongs of Earth, Jupiter & Neptune – 7-9pm. With Michele Halliwell. Be guided to relax and connect the body and mind, through breath and visualization. $30/advance, $35/at door. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800.

FRIDAY, APRIL 6 Make Crystal Bracelet Infused with IET – 7-9pm. With Christine Juckett & Lisa Pero. Learn about Integrated Energy Therapy, receive a 5-min Empowerment Session and make your own energy healing crystal bracelet. IET draws negative emotions out of the body, opening the flow of vital life force. Limited to 10. $35. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379.

SATURDAY, APRIL 7 Pemberton Twp. Superhero Run 2018 – 8am1pm. Superhero Run through the dirt roads of the Whitesbog Village and Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Angelic Reiki with Complementary Intuitive Message – 9am-4pm. Reserve your 60-min session with Susan today. Relax Mind & Body, 621 S Main St, Williamstown. 856-693-1016.

Save Gas and Time when you

Call Ahead savethedate Qi Revolution Apr 7-9. 9am-6pm.

A 3-day event designed to help unlock your healing power and create your best life. Teachings give you energy using the most effective breathing techniques, qigong and food-healing science. Receive a university-style education in natural healing arts. $149

Somerset Cultural Center 800-298-8970 Oldmans Creek Preserve Workday & Walk – 10am-12pm. Oldman’s Creek Preserve, 21 Main St, Auburn. More info: Tuning Forks Demystified – 11am-12pm. Learn how they help in clearing energy blockages and strengthen overall health. $25. Individual appointments may be scheduled 12-6pm. Sunshine Learning Center, Mullica Hill. Register: 856-981-6775. Reiki Level I Certification Class – 11:30am3:30pm. Learn the basics of reiki that you can use for yourself, pets, family members, plants and many other uses. Receive the Reiki Level I Certificate, manual and attunement.  $165. Earth Angel Healing, 1500 N Kings Hwy, Ste C211, Cherry Hill. Registration required: 856-693-3411. Paws and Feet Pub Crawl for AWA’s Homeless Pets – 12-6pm. Held at select venues in Haddon Twp and will benefit the homeless pets waiting for their forever homes at The Animal Welfare Association. $25. Details: Conscious Coloring for Kids – 1-3pm. For kids ages 4-11. Children will enjoy an hour yoga session along with their choice of coloring sheet. We will have a calming, meditative experience without feeling rushed or pressured. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. Un-Tie the Knots: The Art of Twisting for Teachers – 2-6pm. Twisting poses have several benefits pertinent for the health and balance of the spine. Learn how to safely teach binding poses and how to modify binding poses for all levels. $60. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or

SUNDAY, APRIL 8 Yoga Core Conditioning – 9am-1pm. Program designed for teachers who wish to place a greater emphasis on the core of the body during a yoga class. $60. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444  or

April 2018


Pine Barrens Time Machine: Small Group Bus Tour – 10am-3pm. Join former social studies and science teacher, John Volpa, for a journey exploring the region’s geologic past to the present. $60/ person. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or Eckankar Light and Sound Service – 11am12pm. Service includes a reading from the ECK writings, singing HU, followed by a discussion on this month’s topic: Problem Solving and Divine Love. Open to all spiritual backgrounds and faiths. Free. Acu-Health Center, 100 W Camden Ave, Moorestown. More info: 800-870-9139 or Blueberry Music Jam – 11am-2pm. Stop into the historic village of Whitesbog to listen to the tunes of local musicians; the open music jam is acoustic. Free. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Interpretive Trail Hike – 1:30-2:30pm. Join an RNC naturalist for an interpretive hike through our varied habitats. Pace is easy and suitable for adults and teenagers. Free; donations encouraged. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Pre-register: 609-261-2495.

savethedate Spring Stress Detox 1:30-4:30pm Join Devpreet Kaur, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, yoga and meditation teacher to experience evidence-based, contemporary methods for relief from stress and anxiety that can be used virtually any time or place. Relax, release and renew you while you learn body-mind techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), mantra meditation and gong savasana for release, relief and nervous system restoration. $30/pre-registration, $35/at door if available.

Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness 118 W Merchant St, Audubon 856-546-1006

savethedate Book Signing:

Lisa O’Brien & Maryann Kelly,

Chapter Authors 3-5pm

Lisa and Maryann were selected as chapter authors in the #1 book series, Your Shift Matters, Surviving to Thriving that was published on Mar 14. Lisa’s chapter is “Let Go and Let God.” Maryann’s chapter is “The Thunder of Intuition.” Hear about both of their unexpected detours from their former roles. 

Halo Wellness, 968 NJ-73, Marlton 856-574-4433 44

South Jersey Edition

Candlelight Restorative Yoga – 6:30-8pm. With Linda Sheehan. Using blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks, straps and other props to support the body, restorative yoga works to bring profound shifts to the central nervous system, promoting deep restfulness, physical healing and greater well-being. $20. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006.



Mind Body Spirit Event – 11am-4pm. Eileen Toth is exhibiting original gemstone jewelry and scheduling tuning fork sound therapy sessions. Free. Marriott Courtyard, 1251 Hurffville Rd, Deptford. For details: 856-383-1004 or

Sciatica Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Pelvic musculature imbalances often lead to sciatica. We will be experiencing exercises and stretches helpful not only in relieving sciatic pain but also in addressing other types of pain created by a misaligned pelvis. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Pre-registration suggested: 856-404-7287 or Bike Maintenance Basics: Level 1 – 6:30-8pm. Routine bike maintenance keeps you riding smoothly and prolongs the life of your bike. Join us for this introductory class to help you take care of your bike. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. Free Public Education Workshop at NHIC – 6:45-8pm. Join Sarah Outlaw, Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist for a free workshop on The ABC’s of Eating Right: What to Eat & Why. Free health screenings. Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey, 1050 Kings Hwy N, Ste 200, Cherry Hill. RSVP: Plants and Insect Hotels that Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden – 7:15pm. With Keith Monahan, an award-winning sustainability advocate. His work focuses on the sustainability of private and community gardens. Free. Carman Tilelli Hall, 820 Mercer St, Cherry Hill. 856-287-5959.


Hike the Batona Trail – 8:30am. We’ll keep a moderate pace between frequent stops for stories and exploration of Pine Barrens flora and fauna in wetlands and uplands. Guided by naturalist John Volpa. Ages 16 & up. $45/person. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or

Kirtan with Steven Groff & Friends – 7:30pm. Join musician and teacher Steven Groff and band for a lively, welcoming style of kirtan for all to join in. Kirtan is a practice that expresses love through music and song. $15. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006.

SUNDAY, APRIL 15 Come Meet the Practitioners: Healing Space Acupuncture and Wellness – 5-8pm. Complimentary meditation sessions and chair massage. Refreshments provided. 504 White Horse Pike, Collingswood. 609-458-0340. Walk in the Wild: Frog and Toad Exploration – 7pm. NJ is home to 17 species of frogs and toads, each of which can be identified by its characteristic calls. Since they are identified by their vocalization, the walk will convene when they begin calling. Will have a short discussion, listen to recorded tapes of calls and then walk down to the Old Pine Farm waterfront area to experience some of these firsthand. With Carl Ford. Free. Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust, Willoughby House, 340 Pine Ave, Deptford. To register: 856-217-9138.

SJ Seed Circle Library – 7-8pm. This is the last session for the Spring/Summer seeds. Stop by to get your seeds. Seeds for early season varieties like green leafy vegetables as well as seeds that benefit from an early start indoors like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant available. Free. Collingswood Public Library, 771 Haddon Ave, Collingswood.

Sonic Sound Healing with the Planetary Gongs – 7-9pm. With Michele Halliwell. An exploration of sound into higher states of consciousness through the precisely tuned frequency of Earth, Jupiter and Neptune. Sound energy of the gong moves through your vibratory field, opening, clearing, recharging body, mind and spirit. $30. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379.



Pinelands Commission Meeting – 9:30am-12pm. The Pinelands Commission is the state agency that oversees conservation and development within the Pinelands boundaries. They hold a regular monthly meeting that is open to the public. 15 Springfield Rd, Pemberton. Pinelands Preservation Alliance: 609-859-8860. Agenda:

Stenosis Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. Stenosis is difficult, no doubt about it, and it can take time but you can find relief by correcting the musculoskeletal imbalances that created the stenosis. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Pre-registration suggested: 856-404-7287 or

Shinrin Yoku Wellness Walk – 10am-1pm. This guided nature connection walk incorporates the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates as “forest bathing” or “nature immersion.” Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. REI Running Basics with Black Girls Run! – 6:30-8pm. Whether you are a beginner or starting again, join REI and Black Girls Run! for some technique insights and info on running clothes, shoes, and accessories to get you on the road or trail. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938.

SJLWT’s Annual Dinner at Auletto’s – 6-8pm. Enjoy a delicious Italian dinner and silent auction of fine art pieces by dozens of local South Jersey artists. SJLWT fundraiser. $40/person. Auletto’s Banquet Hall, 1849 Cooper St, Deptford. More info: Make Your Own Zen Garden – 7-9pm. In honor of Earth Day, bring Mother Earth indoors to help you meditate and relax. We’ll use succulents, sand, rocks and shells to create a beautiful zen garden. $25. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. Preregister:


Bhakti Immersion Retreat Apr 20-22 6-10pm, Fri; 9:30am-10pm, Sat; 10am-4pm, Sun. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 Make & Take Workshop: Herb Window Box – 7-8:30pm. Join Rutgers Master Gardeners of Camden County for a fun evening of learning herb basics and creating your own make and take home an herb filled window box. $20. Camden County Parks Environmental Center,1301 Park Blvd., Cherry Hill. For more info & to register: 856-2167130 or Camden. Foundational Tai Chi & Qigong – 7:30-8:30pm. With Ben Kipnis. Learn a combination of basic tai chi and qigong meditation. Gentle movements, stretching, and breathing. Six 1-hr classes. $99. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. Preregister:

THURSDAY, APRIL 19 Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network Presentation – 6:30-8pm. Delaware’s Bayshore hosts one of nature’s most amazing stories; spawning horseshoe crabs and migrating shorebirds. Join Laura Chamberlin from to learn more. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. Favorite Local Bike Trails – 7-8pm. Looking for new rides to take your favorite bike out on? Join LL Bean for this free in-store clinic to learn about a variety of great local trails for your mountain bike or cruiser. LL Bean at Sagemore, 500 S Rte 73, Marlton. Register: 856-810-5560 or Awakening with the Angels – 7-9pm. Each month explore with the Angels as Rita takes you through meditations, invocations and attunements with various beings of a high vibration. Wisdom downloads, and interactive messages activate the class to receive blessings and healing. $25. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. Pre-register: Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls – 7-9pm. With Michele Halliwell. Resonate in rhythm with your being to find your true sound essence through the sacred sounds of the crystal bowls that take you on a vibratory journey into deep meditative states. $25/advance, $30/at door. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20 PPA’s Earth Day Native Plant Sale – Apr 21 & 22. Fri sale is member only. Trees, shrubs and wildflowers native to the Pinelands will be for sale. PPA Headquarters at Bishop Farmstead, 17 Pemberton Rd, Southampton. More info: Spiritual Wisdom Discussion Class – 11am-12pm. Learn techniques to open your awareness of your spiritual life beyond the physical. Join us in this month’s topic: The Spiritual Law of Connecting Diamonds. Free. Mt. Laurel Community Center, 100 Mount Laurel Rd, Mount Laurel. More info: 800-870-9139 or

With Yvette Om. Immerse in a retreat-style weekend of Bhakti, and its devotional practices of mantra, kirtan and vibration. Discussion, meditation, contemplation, nature walks, movement in music, yoga, delicious vegetarian meals and making lots and lots of music.

Temenos Retreat Center, 1564 Telegraph Rd, West Chester, PA. More info: 856-546-1006 or

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 Journey Between Two Rivers Hike – 9am-2pm. Join Pinelands Adventures Naturalist, John Volpa, for a 4-mile hike at an easy pace between the Mullica and Batsto Rivers. $35/adults, $20/ages 8-15. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or Continuing Education Class: Introduction to Oncology Massage – 9am-3:30pm. This introductory courses describes the 3 main forms of cancer treatment. Have the opportunity to practice low-impact techniques that can benefit cancer patients. $75. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or Spring Festival – 10am-3pm. Eileen Toth exhibiting in the Greenhouse original gemstone jewelry, crystal suncatchers, and hand-carved wooden bowls and cutting boards. Free. Bast Brothers Garden Center 1214 Ellis Mill Rd, Mullica Hill. For details: 856-383-1004 or Naturalist-Led Saturday Walk – 10:30-11:30am. Join an RNC naturalist for a themed hike around the preserve. Suitable for adults and interested teenagers. Free, but donations encouraged. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Preregister: 609-261-2495. Family Yoga – 12-1pm. We will have fun exploring partner poses, focus activities, creating art and of course pampering each other while relaxing to some nice music. $15/parent & child pair. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006.

SUNDAY, APRIL 22 HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage: Calling All Caregivers – 8:30am-4:30pm. Learn techniques to keep peace and joy in your life, or to bring it back. It empowers people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices. CEs for Massage Therapists. 505 S Lenola Rd, Ste 124, Moorestown. To register: Using Yoga Support Items for a More Authentic and Enjoyable Experience – 9am-1pm. Learn to appreciate the value of yoga support items in habitual asanas and use them to evolve into more challenging poses. $60. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or

Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level – 9:30am-5:30pm. Learn this powerful hands-on healing technique that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good. The technique was channeled from Angel Ariel by Stevan J. Thayer. Receive manuals, attunement and certificate. $222.  Earth Angel Healing, 1500 N Kings Hwy, Ste C211, Cherry Hill. Registration required: 856-693-3411 or John McPhee Pine Barrens Today Tour: Small Bus Tour – 10am-3pm. Join Pinelands Adventures on a small group driving tour to visit many places described in John McPhee’s landmark book The Pine Barrens. $60/person. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or Blueberry Music Jam – 11am-2pm. Stop into the historic village of Whitesbog to listen to the tunes of local musicians; the open music jam is acoustic. Free. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646. Energy Awareness Roundtable (EAR) – 12pm. With Lisa Miliaresis, medium & author. Like-minded people gather to discuss energy awareness in a guided group roundtable. Lisa can offer interpretation and suggestions to help individuals develop their own practice. Children should be accompanied by a parent and be of an appropriate age to comfortably understand the concepts presented. $30. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. Info: Lisa@2Communicate. net. Register: LL Bean Earth Day Hike & Trail Clean-Up – 122pm. Take some time on Earth Day to honor nature and the outdoor spaces that we love to use. As we enjoy the beautiful scenery on this leisurely hike, we will be picking up trash along the way. Rancocas Nature Center, 794 Rancocas Rd, Westampton. Register: 856-810-5560 or

TUESDAY, APRIL 24 Scoliosis Class – 5:30-6:30pm. With Postural Alignment Specialist Deb Freeman. If waiting, bracing, or surgery do not seem like great options to address your scoliosis this class is definitely for you. Will talk about and experience how addressing the shoulder and hip misalignments will allow you to enjoy diminishing scoliotic curvature and pain. $13. Yoga for Living, 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill. Pre-registration suggested: 856-404-7287 or Free Public Education Workshop at NHIC – 6:45-8pm. Join Sarah Outlaw, Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist for a free workshop on Weight Management and Detoxification. Free health screenings. Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey, 1050 Kings Hwy N, Ste 200, Cherry Hill. RSVP: Discover the National Parks – 7-8pm. Come out for a presentation filled with National Park wonders that will awaken the wanderlust in you. Cindy Slawski, an avid outdoorsperson and traveler, will share tips, photos and highlights to get you started on the trip of a lifetime. Free. LL Bean at Sagemore, 500 S Rte 73, Marlton. Register: 856-810-5560 or

April 2018


9th Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Festival – 10am-2pm. Family Fun Bike Ride kicks off the festival (8am, ride); must wear helmet. Includes: Local entertainment; plant exchange; green vendors & crafters; delicious healthy food; guided trail walk and more. Rain or shine. Free admission. Croft Farm, 100 Bortons Mill Rd, Cherry Hill. More info:


THURSDAY, APRIL 26 Hiking the Camino de Santiago 101 – 6:30-8pm. Interested in learning about the Camino de Santiago? Join hikers from American Pilgrims on the Camino to learn more about it. Free. REI Marlton, 501 Rte 73 S, Marlton. 856-810-1938. Tick Identification and Prevention – 7-8pm. Safety is always a top priority. Come learn how to prevent your exposure to ticks and how to safely remove them when you are on an outdoor adventure. Free. LL Bean at Sagemore, 500 S Rte 73, Marlton. Register: 856-810-5560 or


savethedate Empowered Light Holistic Expo Apr 27-29 5-9pm, Fri; 10am-6pm, Sat; 10am-6pm, Sun. Enjoy inspiring lectures, meditations, yoga, alternative healing treatments like reiki, massage and reflexology, as well as angelic and intuitive readings. Try healthy food samples, and purchase natural products for personal and home care. Empowered Light Holistic Expo will focus on healthier lifestyles, including food, physical activities, stress reduction and self-care.

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Halls D & E, Oaks, PA Sue Greenwald: 484-459-3082.

savethedate Harmonize Your Home with Dowsing Apr 27 & 28 7-9pm, Fri, 9am-4:30pm, Sat. Discover how to apply ancient dowsing techniques to enhance energy flows in your home and surroundings. Includes how to assess, locate and clear blockages with stones, crystals and other earth energy-supporting methods. Lots of hands-on experience included! Instructors: Paula Anderson and Rose Young.

Acu-Health Center 100 W Camden Ave, Moorestown 856-222-9444 More info:

savethedate Bridging to Your Higher Self: 5-Wk Series Saturdays, Apr 28, May 5, 12, 19, June 2

Industries in the Pines: Small Group Bus Tour – 10am-3pm. The Pine Barrens are a post-industrial forest. It has been said that by 1850 no trees existed between the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean due to over harvesting and industry in the Pine Barrens region. $60/person. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or

Law of attraction, visualization, energy healing, mindfulness, forgiveness; we have all read the books, listened to downloads and watched the shows. We know what we should be doing but may know not how to take action in our own lives. You can live life as it was meant to be, through your Higher Self. Using the TRUTH method, we will identify actions that easily fit into your daily routine to create the foundation to help you start bridging to your Higher Self. 1.5-hr John of God Crystal Light Healing Bed or reiki session included to help clear the blockages that are keeping you stuck.

Tuning Forks Demystified –11am-12pm. Learn how they help in clearing energy blockages and strengthen overall health. $25. Individual appointments may be scheduled 12-6pm. Sunshine Learning Center, Mullica Hill. Register: 856-981-6775. Pine Barrens Discovery Tour (Walk and Paddle) – 1:30-4:30pm. Canoe along the perimeter of a Pine Barrens lake, conduct a water quality survey and try dip or seine netting to find out what fish, frogs, and bugs can tell us about their Pine Barrens home. $35/adult, $20/age 8-15. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or


Yoga for Living 1926 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill 609-230-0389 Register:

Yoga for Special Needs Population – 2-6pm. This advanced training will focus on yoga techniques, methodology and modifications to assist specialized populations dealing with different challenges. $60. Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, 1600 Haddon Ave, Camden. To register: 856-580-6444 or

savethedate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Enter the Cosmic Rhythm with easy, gentle movements that help improve health & well-being. Free morning practice, but your registration holds your spot as space is limited.

April Moonlight Walk – 7pm. Come explore the village and the bogs by moon light. An experienced guide will share insights about Whitesbog and the nature that surrounds us with a different topic each month. Whitesbog Preservation Trust, 120 W Whites Bogs Rd, #34, Browns Mills. 609-893-4646.

New Egypt, NJ Must register for details: 609-752-1048 or  Spring Birding – 10am-12pm. Join South Jersey Land and Water Trust staff member Michael Hogan for a guided tour. Timber Creek Park, Gloucester Township. More info, Michael Hogan: 609-476-2086, Steel Wheels (Walk or Roll) – 10am-12pm. Join naturalist and guide John Volpa as he leads a stroll designed especially for individuals with limited mobility and senior citizens, including those requiring wheelchairs, walkers or canes, on the Atsion Lake Recreation Area ADA trail. $25/adult, $15/ ages 6-15. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or

SUNDAY, APRIL 29 Pine Barrens Ghost Towns: Small Group Bus Tour – 10am-3pm. Barbara Solem, author of Ghost Towns and Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, will take participants on a tour of many of the forgotten industrial towns that once thrived in the Pine Barrens. $60/person. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or Goshen Run Naturalist-Guided Tour Paddle – 1:30-4:30pm. The seemingly untouched upper reaches of the Mullica River create a magical atmosphere as we paddle 3.5 miles through a contiguous Atlantic White Cedar Swamp. Pinelands Adventures, 1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong. Preregistration required: 609-268-0189 or

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South Jersey Edition


plan ahead



Fee for classifieds is $1 per word per month. To place listing, email content to Deadline is the 10th of the month.

savethedate Yoga Cape May – May 4-6 Holistic yoga retreat. Let’s spring into spring. Refresh, renew, relax and get your zen on. Deepen your experience with yoga and meditation practices for all levels, drum circles, heated pool and hot tub, and more. Includes nutritious vegetarian meals, workshops and playshops. $299/person, all inclusive. $100 deposit will hold your spot.

Karen Manette Bosna: 609-827-8886 or


savethedate Illuminate Mind Body Spirit Festival – 11am-6pm Explore the best of local holistic practitioners, and learn what works for you. Find crystals, oils, spa products, unique jewelry and more. Free workshops all day. $4 discount online, $6 at door; Free for active & veteran military, emergency response personnel & children 16 & under.

Collingswood Community Center 30 W Collings Ave, Collingswood


Mediumship Gallery – 1-3pm. Lisa Miliaresis is a psychic medium, speaker, author, and reiki master. Join us for this gallery where Lisa will impart wisdom and messages from the other side. $50. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. Pre-register:

SUNDAY, MAY 6 Colonial Earth Day at Historic Burrough-Dover House – 12-4pm. Features the beautiful grounds and nature trail of the colonial farmhouse, with games and activities for the whole family. Wildlife rehabilitators and educators of Freedom Center for Wildlife will bring live education animals. Crafts and demonstrations. Free; donations accepted. 9201 Burrough Dover Ln, Pennsauken. For more info:

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22 World Drumming with Shawn Hennessey – 6:308:30pm. In this incredible evening of high vibration, we will explore many different drumming techniques from around the world and experience “singing while playing” and your own soul’s rhythms and sounds as improvisation is encouraged. All skill levels welcome. $25. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006.

Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority. ~Bill Gates

Transform your physical, emotional and mental lead into spiritual and energetic gold!

FOR RENT MASSAGE THERAPY STUDIO FOR RENT – Seeking experienced, NJ-licensed MT to rent/ sublet studio space at holistic healing center in Hainesport. Reasonable rates, great location. Willow’s Touch Massage: 609-781-9410. OFFICE SPACE –Integrative Physician looking to share office space in the Voorhees-Cherry HillMarlton area. Call 856-669-9118. YOGA, PILATES, DANCE OR RELATED WORKSHOPS – Studio space for rent in Hainesport. Great location on Rte 38. 267-664-3236.

FOR SALE 1,600-SF COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IN HAMMONTON’S ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT – Where the train stops and all of the main South Jersey arteries meet: White Horse Pike, Black Horse Pike, AC Expressway, Rte 206, Rte 54, Philly-AC Rail line. Ideally suited for holistic businesses, events or studio work. Corner location, Open floor plan and easy parking. Enormous income-generating potential! Info: 215-499-7385 or

Multi-Passionate Artist Airbrush & Traditional Brush Face Painting Pregnant Belly Painting / Belly Blessing Airbrush / Glitter / Henna Tattoos






Combining the intelligence of the Soul (psyche) with vital Life Force energies, the Elements, Earth Structures, Cosmic Dynamics and Sacred Councils, ALL UNIQUE TO YOU, in individually tailored sessions for Magical Transformation. Beyond the Miraculous lies the Mystical and Magical, these are the Evolutionary Energetics of our time.

WANT TO GET IN FRONT OF A HOLISTIC AUDIENCE? – If you have healthy products, lifestyle choices or healing services, join the Empowered Light Holistic Expo April 27-29 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks PA. We attracted over 4,000 attendees in October 2017, from PA, NJ, NY, DE and MD, and anticipate even more this spring! Vendors come from across the country! The Expo is promoted via billboards, print ads and color program distributed throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.





Claim your Imagined Life NOW!

Andrea Regal • 856 904 5566 •

Linda Krause-Maldonado (267) 252-9530 April 2018


on going events

tai chi


Discover the Serenity of Tai Chi Chih (Joy thru Movement Class) for Beginners – Ongoing classes. Need better balance, concerned about high blood pressure, quality sleep a challenge? Bruni Square, 1351 Rte 38, Hainesport. For more info & registration: 609-752-1048 or

sunday Back to the Mat & Big Beginnings Yoga – 9-10:15am. Registered Yoga Teacher Melody will help you to gently and safely move through asanas (yoga poses) that increase flexibility, strength and stamina in both your body and mind while building confidence and harmony within your being. $15/ drop-in or class card. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. Meditation – 10am. Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center, 215 Highlands Ave, Ste C, Haddon Township. 856-780-5826.

monday God: An Open Forum – 6:30-8pm. 2nd Mon. Are you aware of God? How would you define your relationship? What role, if any, does He play? Have your thoughts and feelings shifted during the years? An open discussion about what might be a critical awareness as we navigate our journey. $15. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. Monthly Meditation/Mini-Workshop – 6:308:30pm. 1st Mon. Explore meditation, energy education/topics and reiki. Please arrive on time so the meditation is not disturbed, and refrain from alcohol the day of the workshop. $15. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. Working Session Meeting: Sustainable Haddon Heights – 7pm. 1st Mon. Meetings are open to all interested volunteers. Haddon Heights Public Library, lower level, 608 Station Ave. Wild Soul Movement – 7-9pm.Unique movement class incorporating mantra, meditation, stretching and yoga to promote self-love and healing. With Christine Juckett of Lady of Sanctuary. $25. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. Yoga Flow – 7:15-8:15pm. With Katie. An all-levels yoga practice that links breath and movement as you flow from pose to pose. Awaken your strength, energy and flexibility in a relaxed atmosphere. $10. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236.

markyourcalendar Discover the Serenity of T’ai Chi Chih (Joy thru Movement Class)


For beginners and seniors. Need better balance, concerned about high blood pressure, quality sleep a challenge?  Space limited.

Country Lakes Clubhouse 69 Tensaw Dr, Browns Mills For more info & registration: 609-752-1048 or Kids’ Yoga – 4-5pm. A fun and engaging class exploring yoga poses, cooperative games, breathing and relaxation exercises and convey lessons in self-expression, body-awareness and social skills. Non-competitive. Age 4-11. First class free. Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness, 118 W Merchant St, Audubon. 856-546-1006. Tranquil Tuesdays – 6-7pm. Take a break from the stress of the week and join us for a tranquil hour of meditation and mindfulness practices with nurturing aromas of pure essential oils. Free. Infuse, 107 S Rte 73, Marlton. 856-452-5511. Knee Self-Massage Class for Pain Relief – 6-7:30pm. 2nd & 4th Tues. Also 11am-12:30pm, 1st Thurs. Proven simple self-massage technique teaches you how to eliminate knee pain immediately. Massage applied to your thigh (quadriceps) muscle, while in a seated position. Wear comfortable clothes with easy access to your thigh. No jeans please or bring shorts. Easy to learn, immediate benefits. $15/ drop-in. Holos Touch LLC, 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 6, Haddon Heights. Registration: 856-428-5486, Down to Earth Yoga – 6:30-7:30pm. A practical and realistic practice, using straightforward poses and clear alignment cues to developmental and physical confidence and awareness. Class touches on the natural world and its seasonal changes. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. Holistic Chamber of Commerce Cherry HillMoorestown – 6:30-8pm. 3rd Tues. Regular chapter meetings. $5/members, $10/nonmembers. Details about meetings, including current meeting location & topic: Moorestown. 

Weight-Loss Seminar – 7pm. With Dr Mike Lanzilotta. Lose weight, be healthy, feel good. Make the decision to improve your health and regain your energy. Our program gives you the tools for long-lasting results. Come to our seminar and learn about the entire process. Doctor supervised, oneon-one personal evaluations. No drugs, surgery or injections. No special shakes or prepackaged food. Lose up to 20-35 lbs in 6 wks. South Jersey Spine Center & Weight Loss Clinic, 133-B Jackson Rd, Medford. To reserve a spot: 609-654-1330.

wednesday Natural Health: Fresh Organic Produce Delivery – Wed & Fri. Delivery times vary. Laurel Hill Plaza, corner of Blackwood-Clementon Rd & Laurel Rd, Lindenwold. For more info: 856-784-1021. Mid-Day Meditation – 12pm. Also held Fri. Join us for a 10-min meditation. On Wed the focus is love; on Fri, peace. Each week we raise the love and peace vibration personally and globally. Treat yourself to a mid-week refresher. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379.

markyourcalendar T’ai Chi Chih

(Joy thru Movement Class

Begins May 16. 1pm For beginners and seniors. Need better balance, concerned about high blood pressure, quality sleep a challenge? Space limited. $64/8-wk class; $12/drop-ins. 

Hainesport Twp Bldg, Hainesport For more info & registration: 609-267-7114 Kick your Asana Yoga: Beginners Class – 4:30pm. Gentle yoga classes focus on breath, alignment and building core strength in a small cozy setting. $15. Creek Mercantile, 118 Creek Rd, Mount Laurel. 856-235-1830. 609-444-9069. Yoga with Stacey – 6-7:15pm. All levels yoga for flexibility, relaxation and well-being. $10. Just Breathe, 2800 Rte 130, Ste 100, Cinnaminson. org


Yoga Flow with Tricia – 7:30-8:45am. Be guided through a flow of yoga postures to warm the body, then move to the floor for deeper stretches. Regular class rates apply. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. Knee Self-Massage Class for Pain Relief – 11am12:30pm. 1st Thurs. Also 6-7:30pm, 2nd & 4th Tues. See Tues listing. Holos Touch LLC, 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 6, Haddon Heights. Registration: 856-428-5486,

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 48

South Jersey Edition

Lunch Yoga – 1-2pm. With Katie. Relax the mind and body with a mid-day stretch and gentle Yoga practice. Leave the class feeling refreshed and recharged for the remainder of the day. $10. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. Gentle Vinyasa Flow Class – 6:30-7:30pm. Promotes balance and relaxation through slow mindful movement with an emphasis on body and breath awareness. Begins with centering and breath awareness, slowly moving into poses and sequences that match breath to movement creating a moving meditation that slows the mind and relaxes the body. Ends with deep relaxation and meditation. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236. Yoga Basics and Restore – 6:30-7:30pm. 1st & 3rd Thurs. With Nicole. A sweet and calming class designed to gently increase strength and flexibility. Combines basic postures with restoratives focused on breath and body awareness. Leave with a calm mind and lifted spirit. Suitable for all levels. $10/ drop-in. Sol Yoga at Vacanti Jiu Jitsu, 1351 Rte 38W, Hainesport. 267-664-3236.

friday Yoga with Props with Theresa – 11am-12pm. A gentle form of yoga using a variety of props, including chairs, the wall, blocks, straps and bolsters. Props helps participants find more space, freedom and stability. $10/class. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. Mid-Day Meditation – 12pm. See Wed listing. The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford. 609-975-8379. Happy Hour Yoga with Dana – 6-7pm. Take time at the end of the week to relax your mind, reconnect with the breath and realign your energy. Unique theme each week. Regular class rates apply. The Sanctuary for Yoga, 43 S Main St, Medford. 609-953-7800. Friday Nite Fitness Hike – 7pm. Brisk pace, 8-10 miles. Work up a sweat exploring the sand roads and trails of Brendan Byrne State Forest. Be prepared to walk at an average of 3.5 mph, with few breaks. Meet at the Campground, Glass House and Coopers Rd, Woodland Township. Leaders, Bob Hodges: Shaman-Based Cosmic Sounds Class – 7pm. For pranic power, well-being and family healing. Sei Jun Kan Korean Karate Studio, Cooper Corner Plaza,  201 Kresson Gibbsboro Rd, Voorhees. More info, Dana Reynolds: 856-993-1786 or Essential Oils 101 – 7-8pm. Learn the basics of essential oils. Attendees receive 10% off all customized purchases. Excludes merchandise. Free. Infuse, 107 S Rte 73, Marlton. 856-452-5511.

saturday Pet Adoption Day – 11am-2pm. PetsMart, 62 Centerton Rd, Mount Laurel. More info, Burlington County Animal Alliance:

community resource guide Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, email to request our media kit.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS RENEÉ ROBERTSON, LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST Restoration-You Inc. 720 E Main St, Ste 1-D Moorestown, NJ 856-437-0430

What if there was a much easier way to deal with stress and anxiety? Have your Bars run, gentle touch on 32 points on the scalp that starts a flow of energy and erases years of fixed points of view, judgments, negative feelings and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Sessions include powerful tools to use in everyday situations. Energetic Massage and Bodywork for Women.


Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine 24 Nautilus Dr, Ste 3, Manahawkin 609-978-9002 504 Hamburg Tpk, Ste 202, Wayne 973-790-6363 639 Stokes Rd, Se 202, Medford 609-654-5900 Dr. Bartiss is both conventionally and holistically trained giving patients the best of both worlds and the freedom to choose. ICAM’s HEART Program addresses the body’s basic needs in terms of hormone rejuvenation to include adrenal, thyroid, sex and growth hormones as well as the essential neurotransmitters. As an active and founding member of the American Association of Ozonotherapists, Dr. Bartiss is an expert in various forms of bio-oxidative therapies that include ozone, hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet phototherapy and highdose vitamin C. These and other powerful therapies are offered by only a few hundred medical practitioners throughout the country. See ad on page 19.

point. click.

ANCESTRAL HEALING DANA REYNOLDS, MA/M ED Mount Meru Holistic Earth South Jersey & Tri-State area 856-993-1786

Need generational healing? Inhome or in studio treatments available. Won Ki channeling sessions immediately begin to address disharmony, blockages, imbalance and lack in the mind-body continuum. Learn to release and heal your entire family of life’s stresses, conflict, chronic pain/illness, accident, addiction and negativity by tapping into nature’s vital Ki or Qi energy. Shaman sounds classes for ancestral elevation and healing held weekly at Sei Jun Kan Karate Studio in Voorhees. Call for info on Qi sessions or sound classes. Visit website for testimonies.


Angel Intuitive, Medium, Artist, Author, Reiki/IET The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S Main St, Medford, NJ 08055 Ph/text: 856-220-2955 Facebook: Energy of Angels Got Angels? Yes, you do! Find out more by connecting with them via your own customized Angel Art, private Crystal Singing Bowls with the Angels session or Angel Crystal Grid Reading. Using art and sound, Kristy McAdams helps you deepen into your connection with the angels to enhance your life. See ad on page 31.


Ayurvedic Healing Practitioner Registered Yoga Teacher Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness 118 W Merchant St Audubon, NJ 08106 856-816-4158 Utilizing the principles of ayurveda, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and herbs for natural healing and self-care to support your body in returning to its natural healthy function. Reiki session, ayurvedic cooking classes, restorative yoga and private yoga sessions. See ad on page 14.

April 2018


BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE RESTORATION THERAPY DR. CAMILLE SEMPLE-DALY, DO Replenish Center 215 Sunset Rd, Ste 204 Willingboro, NJ 08046 856-380-1330

Don’t wait any longer to restore your hormone balance. Symptoms due to menopause, andropause, PMS, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, etc., should not negatively impact your quality of life. Regain your vitality and zest naturally with individualized Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT). Dr. Camille Semple-Daly is board certified in OB/GYN and Aesthetic Medicine. She has practiced Functional and Integrative Medicine for over a decade and has helped thousands of men and women restore balance with BHRT. See ad on page 13.


Institute for Complementary & Alternative Medicine 24 Nautilus Dr, Ste 3, Manahawkin 609-978-9002 504 Hamburg Tpk, Ste 202, Wayne 973-790-6363 639 Stokes Rd, Se 202, Medford 609-654-5900 Dr. Bartiss is among a small group of physicians that pioneered the early “integrated” health care system. As a conventionally and holistically trained physician, he offers the best of both schools of medicine. Dr. Bartiss’ “HEART” Program (Hormone, Endocrine, Adrenal Rejuvenation Therapy) addresses hormone imbalance and focuses on restoring his patients to optimal levels. The simple explanation of this program is that when the endocrine system is balanced, a person is less likely to become ill, over-weight and emotionally imbalanced. ICAM patients report an improved quality of life, both emotionally and physically. See ad on page 19.


Dr. DeCotiis specializes in wellnessbased Chiropractic care: helping the body to function at its personal best while reducing internal and external stresses. We individualize care to optimize performance of body systems by reducing nerve damage, improving spinal alignment, posture, ergonomics, sleep habits, hormone balance and improving overall health through exercise, weight loss, detox and supplementation.


South Jersey Edition


The Strawbridge Professional Center 212 W Rte 38, Ste 100 Moorestown, NJ 08057 856-273-1551 Dr. Bidwell is dedicated to providing patients the best possible spinal healthcare including chiropractic adjustment, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, hot and cold therapy, cervical and lumbar traction, and stretching and strengthening exercise instruction. Her adjustments techniques consist of diversified, activator, arthrostim, SOT blocking, craniosacral work, active release technique, and PNF stretching. See ad on page 38.


13 Wynwood Dr, Pemberton, NJ 08068 609-351-5878 Feeling sick, uncomfortable at home and no one has answers? Could be Geopathic Stress Zones. We dowse and remotely transmute and convert to positive, uplifting energy, permanently! Privacy guaranteed. Details at “Geopathic Stress: Fast and Effective Clearance.”

ENERGYWORK DR. KEVIN GYURINA, DC, CCWP, RM The Healing Space Wellness Center 504 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ 08107 609-361-4401 •

As above so below. Whatever the challenge or problem may be, it is expressed throughout all the layers of your body, mind and spirit. Dr Kevin combines advanced chiropractic techniques with life coaching, quantum energy healing, reiki and advanced detox, vitamin, mineral and herbal protocols to address multiple areas related to the pain. Unique, exciting and impactful results provided in one place from one doctor.


Experienced Energy Intuitive and Yoga Teacher 856-261-0554

Lisa O’Brien is an experienced yoga teacher, Reiki Master and energy intuitive offering private and group sessions. She specializes in clearing blockages and negative programs out of the energy system for healing and advancement on one’s path.


Carmen Renee is a Lightworker who specializes in assisting others bridge to their Higher Selves. Through her own experiences and connecting with her Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, Carmen developed the TRUTH method: Transcendent joy; Restore your energy; Use your Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels; Tap into the power of presence; Honor the body that holds your Spirit. Whether you are well on your journey or just getting started, TRUTH will help you tap into and grow your connection with your Spirit.


Kiel’s Healing & Back To Nature Oils 856-491-6422 Reiki & reiki certifications, molecular light therapy, hand-blended essential oils, elixir, wild-foraged medicinals, guided meditations, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan retreats. Come back to your true nature, accelerate your life path! Kiel Gerhard is a certified Reiki Master, plant medicine maker, and a service-driven spiritual practitioner, who has catapulted thousands of people onto a life-changing journey of spiritual awakening and growth. Contact Kiel to schedule an appointment to realign the self, connect to Source, and activate your Highest Service. See ad on page 23.

ESSENTIAL OILS YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Marilyn York Independent Distributor #489656 877-436-2299

Essential oils: revered for thousands of years for their naturally enhancing support of body, mind and spirit. Become a Young Living Essential Oils Member/Customer, and/or an Independent Distributor.

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Call 267-664-3236 to join us next month


Lotus Living Space Feng Shui, Physical Radiesthesia, Energy Therapy, Shamanic Healing 201-993-6588 A healthy body, mind and spirit need a balanced and positive environment. Karin is a certified Feng Shui Master and Professional Dowser for Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Frequencies, Energy Intrusions and Product Sensitivities. She also offers IET, Shamanic Healing and Psychopomp work to heal mind and spirit.

HEALING MODALITIES SARAH OUTLAW, CBHC, MH, NRT Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey 1050 N Kings Hwy, Ste 200 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 856-667-6805

Safe, natural solutions for many health problems. Get to the root of your symptoms and heal your body with Nutrition Response Testing™. Sarah Outlaw is a Master Herbalist and Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner offering a non-invasive, advanced form of muscle testing for food sensitivities, chemical and metal toxicity, and immune system issues for all ages. Individualized, targeted nutrition programs designed for every client. See ad on page 19.

HEALTH COUNSELING LIESHA GETSON, BCTT, HHC Health Through Awareness 100 Brick Rd, Ste 206, Marlton 856-596-5834

Liesha Getson is a Board-Certified Thermographic Technician, Holistic Health Counselor, a Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner. Liesha is a founding partner of Health Through Awareness in Marlton, a cooperative wellness center that provides a variety of alternative services to facilitate healthy living including nutrition and lifestyle counseling, reiki, thermography, infrared detoxification and biopuncture. See ad on page 35.


Laurel Hill Plaza, corner of Blackwood- Clementon Rd & Laurel Rd, Lindenwold. 856-784-1021 For a complete selection of vitamins, homeopathics, body care, bulk herbs, bulk grains, packaged foods, frozen foods, organic produce, snacks. Open 7 days. Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm; Sat, 10am-8pm; Sun, 10am5pm. See ad on page 15.


Julia Gandy 505 S Lenora Rd, Ste 124, Moorestown 609-634-2396 A full spectrum of wellness services are combined to help you live your best, most powerful life without being pulled by life’s daily challenges. Modalities employed are massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, innerpeace building skills and HeartMath Coaching and Training. After finding out what pulls you out of your center, you’ll have tools to be the calm in the center of the storm. See ad on page 33.


Hypnosis Healing and Beyond 13 Wynwood Dr, Pemberton, NJ 08068 609-351-5878 Hypnoanalysis and Sound Healing can be of great help with stress and anxiety relief, memories, limitations, blocks, fears and obsessions. We rebuild positive values including self-confidence, self worth, living now and imaging goals. Help provided with mindfulness and selfhypnosis training, higher self and spirit communication. Appointments: days, evenings, weekends.


Institute for Medical Wellness 110 Marter Ave, Ste 408, Moorestown, NJ 856-231-0590 •

ad on page 4.

Board-Certified Family Medicine blending traditional family care with a holistic focus and preventive, nutritional and integrative approach. We look for causes and triggers for disease before reaching for the prescription pad. Same and next day appointments are available. See


Health Through Awareness 100 Brick Rd, Ste 206, Marlton, NJ 08053 856-596-5834


Chairman, Medical & Dental Division, International Hypnosis Federation 214 W Main St, Ste L4, Moorestown, NJ 08057 856-231-0432 • Dr. Jaime Feldman, one of the pioneers in an advanced technique called “Advanced Parts Therapy,” has been able to unlock the subconscious and remove unwanted behaviors: stop smoking (guaranteed), weight loss, stress, depression, pain and anger management, and more. Outstanding success in curing phobias and deepseated trauma, and treating the immune system to put cancer into complete remission. See ad on page 21.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

Health Through Awareness takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. Dr. Philip Getson is a board-certified Family Physician and certified by four Thermographic Boards. He specializes in thermography, an early diagnostic tool for many health conditions including breast health. With the mission of providing a balanced approach to wellness, the center offers diet and lifestyle counseling, thermography, the area’s most unique infrared detox sauna (The POD), reiki, a smoking cessation program, physician standard supplements and ongoing wellness classes. See ad on page 35.


Phone coaching at its best 973-444-7301 • I am an experienced and certified Law of Attraction life coach. I can coach you on how to attract what you want - both materialistically and emotionally, and how to feel happier and more excited about life!

April 2018


MASSAGE FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT DOROTHEA ATKINS, TH.D., RN, LMT Holos Touch LLC 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 6, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 856-546-7500

MEDICAL SKINCARE AND COSMETICS DR. ANAMARIA NEWPORT, DMS, DMD, MHS, PAC 17 White Horse Pike, Ste 10B Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 856-323-8885

Experience and learn simple yet effective pain relief methods in individual or group sessions. Dr. Atkins’ advanced muscle release treatment and self-care education has proven published results for the past decade. Other services include certified manual lymph drainage, and relief for various chronic conditions. See ad on page 29.

Dr. Newport is a discerning artist, highly experienced master cosmetic injector, and renowned dermatology speaker with 10+ years of extensive medical training. Her continuous dedication for skincare, surgery, dentistry, and cosmetic procedures are enhanced by combining the use of the latest technology and her unique homeopathic style. As an artist, she is genuinely passionate about bringing out the unique beauty in each one of her patients. Look no further for your organic skincare specialist, offering the purest treatments achievable with our personalized natural products.


Affordable relaxation offered at Rizzieri’s Alumni Spa. Staffed by recent Rizzieri graduates, the Alumni Spa is the perfect place to make an appointment with a Licensed Massage Therapist at an attractive price point. Spa experiences are offered in 50-min or 80-min sessions and are customized based on personal needs and preferences. Services include: Swedish massage, reflexology, hot stone, maternity massage, deep tissue, and stress relief wraps. Open on Wed and Fri, 4:30-9pm; Sun, 9am-4pm with prices starting at $45. Call for an appt. See ad on page 11.


Lori Dye, LMT, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner Washington Professional Campus 860 NJ-168 Blackwood, NJ 08012 Located inside Performance Chiropractic & Wellness Center 856-401-9550 We are not machines, we are human! Even though we are certainly built like them. We need to treat ourselves with a little extra TLC from time to time. It is important to listen to our aches and pains & emotional stress. It is our body’s natural way of saying “I need attention!” Allow yourself to follow your intuition and set aside some time for healing and regeneration today. I look forward to meeting you and helping to guide you along in your journey healing mind, body and spirit.

MEDIUMSHIP EXTREME COMMUNICATION Lisa Miliaresis, Medium & Author 856-439-6475

Lisa offers private channeling, group channeling and private counseling session for those looking for direction to develop their own personal practice.

South Jersey Edition

Intuitive Advisor, Medium & Soul Coach The Blessed Self 609-353-7210 Facebook: The Blessed Self Twitter: @Kimara_Medium Internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Soul Coach, Kimara empowers clients to discover purpose, develop intuition, and find clarity. Connect with loved ones who’ve crossed over to experience joy, healing, closure and forgiveness. Phone, video, and in-person sessions, workshops, retreats, private and group readings are available.

NATURAL HEALTH STORE Open Tues-Fri, 10am-7pm & Sat, 10am-3pm 703 Stokes Rd, Store #4, Medford, NJ 08055 609-714-8666 Facebook: Nutrition Works of Medford Natural health store supplying supplements, sports nutrition, pain management, gluten-free and vegan items, health/beauty, homeopathics and so much more. See ad on page 39.


It is a known fact that millions of women after the menopausal transition, undergo changes in their vaginal health and suffer from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. The changes in vaginal health is due to declining estrogen levels. Current management of these symptoms include Estrogens and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. Not all women can take estrogens for symptomatic relief. The MonaLisa Touch therapy is an effective in-office, non-hormornal therapy, with no downtime. Most women have called it life changing. It is similar to the annual pelvic exam. Many women have reported symptomatic relief after the first treatment. See ad on page 4.

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. ~George Carlin 52




8102 Town Center Blvd, Voorhees, NJ 08043 856-983-1680 Facebook: Rizzieri Alumni Spa


MELISSA JOSSELSON, ND Naturopathic Doctor Marlton & Haddonfield, NJ 856-472-9495

Holistic health care for all ages and a variety of health conditions. Find the cause of your health issues and heal using safe, natural and nontoxic therapies. See ad on page 32.


Numerologist & Empowerment Coach 609-417-4526 Join the region’s leading numerologist as you discover your life’s purpose. Encoded in your name and birth date are your lessons, talents and desires. Traci will help you realize your full potential.


1005 Atsion Rd, Shamong, NJ 08088 609-268-0189

ecology forest tours.

A nonprofit Initiative of Pinelands Preservation Alliance. Recreational activities include guided/unguided river paddling, camping, hiking and small group history and


Marlton and Cherry Hill, NJ 856-495-6604 There’s hope and healing for chronic and recurrent pain. Stop treating your symptoms, get to the root cause of your pain, and get back to living a pain free lifestyle without drugs or surgery. Contact Deb Freeman, Postural Alignment Specialist certified by Egoscue University for information. Proven. Effective. Life changing. See ad on page 42.

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Eileen Toth, Traditional Usui Reiki Master and Tuning Fork Sound & Vibration Energy Healing Therapy. Helps in clearing energy blockages and strengthen overall health. Call or email for details and to schedule appointments.



Andrea Regal Subtle Energy Therapist 856-904-5566 You are so much more than you know! Discover how your greatest challenges reveal your Soul purposes! Learn how to move past the defenses (no longer needed) in your mind, body and energy field to live from your authentic Self. Transmute the fears and pains opening the portals to you multidimensionality. For as you evolve, you evolve the planet! 30+ years’ experience counseling and teaching the energetics of mind, body and soul interconnection. See ad on page 47.

Earth Angel Healing, LLC 1500 Kings Hwy N, Ste C211, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 856-693-3411 Michelle is a certified Reiki Master/ Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Master/Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Sound Healer, Crystal and Energy Intuitive Healer for all ages. Michelle assists her clients with discovering their own innate ability to heal their mind, body and spirit. She offers several classes, one-on-one sessions, group sessions, distance energy healing sessions and much more.

Awaken your senses

THE SLEEP BRACELET Wearers have experienced:

· Falling asleep faster · Increased quality sleep · Waking up more refreshed

while clearing your mind ® Ja’Mi Products aromatherapy essential oil body and room sprays assist in healing the mind, body and soul. Balance the physical and metaphysical energies of the body, hydrate skin, balance chakras, awaken the senses and clear your mind to manifest love, peace and prosperity. 15% off all sprays with online code: NA18

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Sold exclusively online at If you choose to return your Philip Stein goods, please do so within 30 days of receipt in perfect condition and in the original packaging.

Available online and at Whole Foods Markets, Spas, Wellness Centers and other retail locations. April 2018



SELF-REALIZATION ANDREW J. ASSINI, MA, LCADC, LAC Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom 856-595-2220

on page 42.

Tired of the same old talk therapy? Looking for something more? Conscious Contact Healing & Wisdom offers a spiritually-grounded and holistic approach to wellness and awakening for motivated individuals. There can be an end to suffering, and it can begin today. See ad


Aw a r e n e s s Coaching, with Maryann Miller, and Intuitive Guidance, with Susan Drummond, are offered at The Center and as private sessions in your home or over the phone. If you are feeling out-of-sorts, have a free consultation to determine the unique approach for your unique journey. See ad on page 17.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT DR. CAMILLE SEMPLE-DALY, DO Replenish Center 215 Sunset Rd, Ste 204 Willingboro, NJ 08046 856-380-1330


End yo-yo dieting with our safe and effective Physician-Supervised Weight-Loss Program. Our program is designed to identify the root causes of your weight concerns, individualize a plan to reverse the imbalances identified, and help you to quickly and safely lose the excess weight. Finally, we will transition you to a healthier lifestyle to keep you at a healthier weight. Dr. Camille Semple-Daly is board certified in OB/ GYN and Aesthetic Medicine. She has practiced Functional and Integrative medicine for over a decade. See ad on page 13.

A transformational holistic wellness center designed to assist you with symptoms from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors in life. Dorothy, a holistic health facilitator, hosts educational lectures, seminars and meditation sessions to assist in your healing process. Symptoms we work with include: stress, depression, anxiety, migraines, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, arthritis. A wellness massage therapist and yoga therapist are also available.

1368 Rte 38 E, Hainesport, NJ 08036 609-261-1955 

WHOLESOME GYNECOLOGY AND INFERTILITY WOMEN FOR WOMEN MEDICAL ASSOCIATES Jewel Amui-Bellon, M.D. 102 Centre Boulevard, Ste I Marlton, NJ 08053 856-267-5019

Dr. Jewel Amui-Bellon is a well-respected, board-certified OBGYN in Marlton, NJ. She provides excellent individualized gynecologic and preventative care for women. In addition, she is committed to providing a wholistic, gentle, and compassionate way to conception for women who have been told they cannot carry out successful pregnancy outcomes. The oldest women was 56 years old at conception and successfully delivered a bouncy baby boy. See ad on page 4.


Energy Coach, Reiki Master, Wild Soul Movement Teacher Wild Soul Movement is a program that uses sensuality, movement, and mantras to cultivate body connection, trust, love and acceptance. Become the living, breathing embodiment of feminine truth and power. Group and private classes available. See website for class locations and times.


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South Jersey Edition

The Sanctuary for Yoga 43 S Main St, Medford, NJ 609-953-7800 Tricia Heiser, founder of The Sanctuary for Yoga, is an experienced yoga teacher, reiki master, certified angel card reader and intuitive soul coach. She helps people who feel lost or out of sorts to regain balance in their lives so that they can live with clarity, wisdom and purpose. Group and private yoga classes/reiki sessions and reiki attunements available.

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Why don’t we use antibiotics to treat sinusitis anymore? Because they make the problem WORSE.

Try the products recommended by ENT specialists! Sinus Relief – eliminate bacteria & fungus Sinus Support – relax, moisturize & heal damaged nasal tissues Congestion Relief – clear congestion & relax inflamed membranes Super Neti Juice – deep antimicrobial cleaning Herbal Neti Soother – soothe & restore the sinus tissues


Order online at or call 800-991-7088

with coupon code SINUS20

We get calls every day from sinus sufferers like you thanking us for bringing them our fine products. Nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers proclaim, “I can breathe again”. Check-out our website & see all of the wonderful products that we offer to help you maintain your health naturally. Here at Nature’s Rite, we’re ridding the world of sinusitis… one nose at a time. Why don’t we heal yours next?

April 2018


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Natural Awakenings South Jersey April 2018  
Natural Awakenings South Jersey April 2018