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Old municipal building up for sale

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Jade McClune

Since the completion of Council's new office block on Rakotoka Street the grand old municipal building in the centre of Swakopmund has struggled to define its place. The sale of the old heritage building by way of closed bid auction is now on the cards again. At its last meeting, Swakopmund Town Council approved a recommendation to set a minimum price of N$14.5 million for the sale of the property located at Erf 989. In December 2013 the property was valued by Mr Abel Schoeman, an appraiser appointed by the High Court, in the following way: N$8 million for 2 147 m² of land; N$6 075 000 for the main building; and N$150 000 for other improvements, to arrive at a total value of N$14 225 000. The Trust Estate Co valued the property at around N$14.5 million. In January 2010 the Trust & Estate Company had assessed the same property to be worth N$11 880 000, whereas Nasikama Property Valuation Consultants set the value at N$18.3 million. On 28 January 2010 Council set an upset price of N$15.1 million, but this was later repealed in June 2011 and a new minimum price of N$20.1 million was set. Council noted that the “new owner will have to invest considerable funds in order to renovate the building, which is deteriorating,” but, as the property is a listed building, any future alterations and renovations will have to comply with the Town Planning Scheme and would be subject to conditions and requirements set by the National Heritage Council. The NHC prohibits the demolition of any building in the conservation areas, which is older than 50 years, without the written consent of Council. Continues on page 2

FOR SALE: Old municipal HQ

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FATAL: Rescue workers remove the body of one of the three victims that died in a head-on collision on the B2 road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund on Saturday evening.

Road carnage Claims four lives

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Afrikanerkultuur in die woestyn

Piquet Jacobs and Madelaine Laubscher Coastal road users appear to have dropped their guard pertaining to road safety and are dismally failing to adhere to road regulations after the festive season. This gross negligence is evident in recent driving behaviour and has led to a sudden increase in fatal accidents which claimed the lives of four passengers over the weekend. A white Nissan 1400 (N 2230 S) crashed into a police bakkie (POL 7146) at the Narraville bridge on Thursday night at approximately 21:28. Emergency services responded and had to remove the trapped driver of the Nissan bakkie with the Jaws of Life. The driver sustained severe facial injuries and was transferred to Windhoek for treatment. The cause of the accident is unknown. The driver (aged 32) of the Nissan apparently failed to see the police bakkie which was waiting to turn right into the direction of Narraville and then crashed into it. The passenger (aged 31) of the Nissan was removed from the vehicle by paramedics and received treatment for shock and injuries to his chest. He was taken to the Walvis Bay Hospital and was then transferred to the Welwitschia

Page 10 Hospital where he is being treated for hemothorax (internal bleeding in the chest cavity). The Boost for Desert presence of petrol leaking from one of the Lion and Rhino vehicles presented a fire risk and fire brigade conservation officials were on alert at the scene. A blue Corolla (N 18155 WB) crashed into Fish Eagle Take Away on Friday morning at approximately 06:00. A customer seated at one of the tables inside the take away sustained injuries. The collision caused him to be trapped between Page 11 the car and some of the tables. St Gabriel Community Ambulance Services crew members Kudus kies arrived on the scene and stabilised the trapped and nuwe bestuur injured customer. He was then transported to the Page 19 Walvis Bay State Hospital for treatment and was later transferred to Windhoek. He sustained a left leg fracture. Two other customers narrowly escaped injury. The driver was transported away from the scene under the guidance of police officials. Continues on page 2



Road carnage An accident involving two vehicles occurred in Kuisebmond in Frankie Abrahams Drive on Friday. The passenger of a Nissan Navara sustained injuries and according to reports fled the scene of the accident prior to the arrival of medical personnel. The rest of the injured were transported to the Walvis Bay State Hospital by the St Gabriel Community Ambulance Services. Another fatal accident occurred on the B2 route, approximately one kilometre from Karibib on the way to Usakos. A sedan vehicle overturned after the driver apparently lost control while travelling with five occupants (including two children). The driver was apparently flung from the vehicle and was fatally injured. The rest of the injured were transported to Usakos State Hospital for further treatment and management. Three people lost their lives in a head-on collision on the B2 route on Saturday night. An eyewitness reported that a Toyota Cressida with registration (N 4344 WB) travelling from Swakopmund tried to overtake a vehicle and crashed into a VW Polo Vivo (BX 27 BW GP) around 21:00.“It happened so fast, I couldn't believe it. There was a loud noise followed by dust and flashing lights. We stopped immediately. A passenger from the Cressida fell out of the car and the driver started shouting for help

Continued from page 1 because he couldn't get out of the car. The next moment a car travelling from Walvis Bay approached with great speed and stopped just in time and narrowly avoided causing another accident” recounted an eyewitness on the scene. A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Kuisebmond on Monday morning at around 00:19 and sustained minor injuries. According to West Coast Safety Initiative, a motor vehicle accident occurred on the C33 route outside Karibib towards Omaruru near the airbase. There was limited information available, but no serious injuries were reported. Another accident reported by West Coast Safety Initiative occurred on the B2 route between Swakopmund and Arandis approximately 20 km from Swakopmund while travelling towards the coast. The driver of a sedan vehicle with three occupants allegedly lost control. The car overturned, some of the occupants were thrown from the vehicle and were scattered across the road. The Swakopmund Fire and Rescue Services made use of the Jaws of Life to remove a trapped occupant from the wreckage. E-Med Rescue 24 stabilised the injured at the scene before transporting them to Swakopmund for hospitalisation. One person was transferred to Windhoek due to injuries.

Old municipal building up for sale Continued from page 1 The municipality will consider making alternative parking space available as there is limited on-site parking at Erf 989. A Council resolution taken on 28 November 2013 said that in the absence of on-site parking Council would in future adopt a policy whereby, for the Conservation Area, business enterprises can acquire and develop alternative parking at a cost and location determined by Council. Parts of the old municipal building are currently occupied by the National Housing Enterprise, which will continue to lease the management committee room until November 2014 for a monthly rental of N$4 101. The Electoral Commission of Namibia will use Room 20 until 2 March 2014 as part of the ongoing voter registration campaign. The background to the auction is that the Ministry of Safety and Security had first applied in 2011 to buy the property, but for unspecified reasons, the ministry cancelled their application in August. The property was then sold by closed bid to Luxury Investments 111 (Pty) Ltd for N$21.6 million, but the sale fell through and was cancelled in April 2012. Full possession of Erf 989 will only be given on transfer of the Deed of Sale, Council said last week. If the latest move to sell by closed bid is not successful the municipal engineering department would continue to hold responsibility for the maintenance of the building.

Development of DRC to cost N$453 million Jade McClune Despite financial hurdles in its path, Swakopmund Town Council is pushing ahead with financing the installation of basic service infrastructure for poorer residents on the outskirts of the tourist town. At its first session for the year Council indicated that the cost of installing basic civilian infrastructure in the DRC will likely exceed N$453 million. Council agreed last week to use N$10 million from the Build Together Fund “as a temporary advance recoverable from the sale of erven after the formalisation of DRC”. The funds will be used to finance the first phase of construction. A further N$10 million will also be made available through the Property Development Fund, which expects to raise around N$123 million by March this year from erven already sold. Commentators after the meeting said they hope that the speeding up of construction could help defuse a potentially explosive situation ahead of elections this year, given that the residents of the areas have repeatedly clashed with the political authorities over the provision of basic services. The N$26.5 million contract recently awarded to Lüderitz-based Strydo Construction for the installation of water and sewerage services to certain parts of the DRC will, however, have to be financed from Council's own reserves until funding from central government becomes available. Council records indicate that five tenderers complied with the requirements, but said “it should be noted that the above estimate provides for the use of only one tenderer for all works.” Council said that despite the fact that the construction time may be reduced by bringing in more contractors the expected cost is likely to increase by N$4 million for every additional contractor, given the preliminary and overhead

costs associated with each operator. In November 2013 Council indicated that it intended to use savings earmarked for the development of infrastructure at Tamariskia Extension 3, including streets, water supply and sewerage works to pay instead for the development of infrastructure at the DRC area. At the time Council had resolved that “unused funds on all completed capital projects” should be allocated to the provision of basic services infrastructure at the DRC. The last meeting indicated that it is not yet certain when the funds for the Mass Housing Programme, launched by President Pohamba in December last year, will be made available to the local authorities. Given that the tender for the DRC would lapse on 31 March, the municipal leaders of the resolved to use available funds “on a temporary advance basis.” “To implement the available compliant tenders while the rates are still valid, and thus to accelerate the construction of services infrastructure within DRC”, the management committee recommended that Council approve the diversion of the funds on a “temporary basis” until the financing from the promised Mass Housing Initiative becomes available. Council thus decided that “permission be granted to Build Together beneficiaries to whom loans were allocated to utilise the funds for the construction of their houses”. As of November 2013, the resources of the Build Together Fund amounted to N$19 million, of which N$3 894,280 were “advances still payable to beneficiaries”.

Erongo Governor - "we must up our performance” Bernabé Blaauw WALVIS BAY OFFICE T 064 20 5854 F 064 20 4813 E ADVERTISING CLASSIFIEDS MARKETING / SALES Jacqueline Farmer 081 147 7653 JOURNALISTS Madelaine Laubscher 081 602 2918

Piquet Jacobs 081 370 6992 SPORT Otis Finck 081 299 1211

SWAKOPMUND OFFICE T 064 461866 F 064 46 1824 ADVERTISING MARKETING / SALES Jenny Jackson 081 149 2155 MARKETING Mikkie Kriel 081 286 9519 JOURNALISTS Marshallino Beukes 081 605 2595

Anri Jacobs 081 605 2595 PRO-PRINT Jenny Jackson 081 149 2155 Moya Davids 064 20 5854

The Governor of the Erongo Region, Mr Cleophas K Mutjavikua, gave the Municipal Council of Walvis Bay a congratulatory pat on the back for the investors that it managed to facilitate. He however cautioned them that, "this should not put you in a comfort zone. If the percentage of our performance was 51% or 55% we must up it further to 90%." The Governor delivered his Annual Address for the first time right after the first Ordinary Council Meeting of the Municipality of Walvis Bay, which took place last Tuesday evening at the Kuisebmond Council Chambers. The Governor remarked that the year 2013 was a challenging year to everybody in the region and that the drought experienced in the communal areas has affected those that reside in the urban centre as most of the urban centre residents depend on food supply from family members in the rural areas Governor Mutjavikua remarked that the function of governance in the region must be taken more serious and that those in governance bodies or the local authority need to understand that it is not about which position is occupied, but it is about delivering services to the Namibian people. "It is about effective and

efficient management of public affairs. During 2014, the Namibian people will demand services from us and if we don't deliver they will demonstrate and cause socially undesirable chaos. Let us rather be pro-active and be on top of our national assignment." He remarked that the role of local authorities in the contemporary era has changed rapidly and that other co-functions that were not traditionally under its domain must also be taken on. Investment promotion and the creation of a conducive environment in a local authority area had become more important than ever before. Regarding economic development the Governor said that Namibia weathered the global crisis and rebounded strongly with economic growth of 6% in 2010, the year after the start of the economic crisis. This solid growth was maintained at around 5% in 2011, 2012 while

the formal figure for 2013 is not available yet. He noted that value must be added to the process of accelerating land delivery for industrialisation. Negotiations for land like the 400ha portion of Farm 58, Walvis Bay that was requested by the Ministry of Trade and Industry should be expedited for employment creation. It is very important for those in the local authority to avoid bureaucratic tendencies and move fast with game-changer projects like the Industrial Estate. Such a project will open doors for lots of downstream industry formation and thus job creation and poverty alleviation. Regarding the deepening of the Harbour, he said more spin-offs are going to be there at the disposal of Walvis Bay's residents to reap the benefits. The Governor expressed the hope that the upgrading of the Walvis

Bay Airport will add value to the myriads of opportunities that is awaiting the region. He is of the opinion that this project is very important, not only as an emotional symbol, but to connect Namibia to the world. It will accelerate the services industry, movement of goods and especially fresh fish and oysters. Governor Mutjavikua remarked that the mushrooming of informal settlements is a reality that is confronting the regional and local authority as a collective leadership and that a strategic shift must be made to address this problem head on. He cautioned that the plans to expand the residential areas must be made known to the residents and they must be allowed to make suggestions. He referred to the fishing industry and said that last year was a reasonably good year for the fishing Industry and the programme of

the Ministry of bringing in new entrants was commendable. Some serious labour upheaval was experienced and he hopes that this year all parties will embrace the process of collective bargaining. In his closing remarks he said that the work at one of the mega mines, Husab, is progressing well and that it was a major relieve, especially after the closure of Areva Trekkopje Mine. Rössing is also doing well as well as Langer Heinrich under the current low uranium price. He also expressed the hope that Walvis Bay will receive a “share of the cake” after the Erongo Region hosted major tourism activities last year. He concluded by saying that it is the hope of the Office of the Governor that those in public office will beef up their working together (as public offices) for the good of their people.



Mr Doeseb, The Mayor and Governor with some of the recipients and representatives at the ceremony on Thursday evening at the Walvis Bay Town hall.

Photo by Piquet Jacobs

JJD surprise Erongo's top achievers Piquet Jacobs The top 10 Gr 12 achievers in the Erongo region were generously rewarded for their hard work at an award ceremony held at the Town Hall on Thursday. Each candidate received N$10 000 from business tycoon Mr Johnny Johnson Doeseb towards assistance in realising their plans towards studying for the coming year. The top performer, Quinton Gertze from Da Palm Secondary School in Otjimbingwe, was present to receive his award. He was accom-panied with his proud parents. Khadisjah Goses, from Coastal High School was also present to receive her award. The other candidates could not attend the ceremony because of prior commitments with their respective tertiary institutions. Four of the candidates to receive awards matriculated at Kuisebmond

Secondary School, two at Coastal High School, two at Namib High School, one at Westside High School and the top performer from Da Palm Secondary School. Mr Doeseb delivered an encouraging speech and expressed his expectations of them to succeed in whatever they plan to do, “I want you to achieve greatness” he said. He also put emphasis on the concept of being successful, “The key is to have perseverance, and to be humble, to work hard and to never forget where you come from. Being successful does not necessarily mean being rich, but to reach your goals the honest and respectful way, that is true success” he concluded.

PSS honours High School Students Private School Swakopmund held its annual prize-giving ceremony in the Horst-Fritze School Hall last week. The students were awarded prizes for their academic achievements, their performance in sports and cultural activities as well as for services delivered in 2013. The master of ceremonies for the evening was the High School Phase Head, Mr Mark Stanton, who created a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, which was much enjoyed by an appreciative audience. Throughout the evening quiz questions relating to the evening were posed at the students, this contributed to

the lively atmosphere. The top achievers in each grade were Paul Doyle (Grade 8), Jana Schutte (Grade 9), Natalie Visagie and Lara Winterbach (Grade 10), and Aidin Gibbons (Grade 11). Twenty scrolls and colours were awarded. An enthusiastic audience applauded Jaydee Nel, the winner of the Arts and Culture Trophy. The siblings, Eric and Daniela Kolb, were awarded the trophies for Best Male and Best Female Sports Achievement, while Nino Kutz won the trophy for Sportsman of the Year. Ms Urda Witte, who matri-

culated at PSS in 2008, delivered a motivational speech and gave especially the Grade 11 and 12 students some thoughtful advice: one should not become disheartened when the future does not always work out the way as planned. According to Ms Witte, this is not such a big issue - one should rather concentrate on the type of person one wants to become, since personal principles determine who one is. PSS wishes its High School students all the best for a successful 2014 school year.

Standard Bank Namibia awards top performing learners Standard Bank Namibia awarded cash prizes worth N$260 000 to 104 top performing Grade 10 and 12 learners of 2013 in the country at a recent prize-giving ceremony held in Windhoek. This forms part of Standard Bank's longstanding partnership with the Ministry of Education in investing a total of N$1.3-million towards education over a five-year period through its Academic Excellence programme. As a Corporate Social Investment initiative, Standard Bank Namibia's Academic Excellence programme is

incentive driven and rewards the top three best performing Grade 10 and 12 learners in each region with a cash prize. The top performer in each region for both Grade 10 and 12 received N$4000, while the first runner-up received N$3000 and the second runner-up N$2000. The school of the top performer in each region was awarded a cash prize of N$1000. “I have no doubt that today's

award ceremony will encourage learners across Namibia to aim for the sky in all their endeavours. And I also believe that all our prize winners will be ambassadors of their respective regions and will continue to do us proud by one day becoming valuable and great leaders in Namibia in their respective fields they venture into. We are really proud of you and confident that your role in


the future will contri-bute to the enhance-ment of our economy and in turn our people,” said Standard Bank Namibia's Head of Marketing, Thaddius Maswahu. Standard Bank Namibia’s 'Investing in Academic Excellence' programme aims to enhance the academic performance of learners at schools in Namibia across all 13 regions.




Private School Swakopmund Big Walk

Anri Jacobs

Otjomuise Primary School benefits from “Reading for Life” Project

Private School Swakopmund (PSS) held their annual Big Walk on 25 January. Waltons sponsored this year's event and every child who finished 10 or 15 KM (walking on the beach) received a stationery gift. The winners took home prize money as well. The Walk serves as an annual fundraiser for the school and is regarded as a great “kick off" for the new year. Every year, at 8am, over 280 children, teachers and friends, plus an estimated 100 parents start walking from Long Beach to Swakopmund. Everyone agreed that the morning was perfect. Great weather and great spirits along with each grade dressing up for the big walk contributed to a fun filled day. Some dressed up as clowns, Dalmatians, Ninjas, Smurfs and many more. The event was concluded with a scrumptious braai.

The Trust, together with Book Den cc launched a “Reading for Life” Project in June 2013. This project was initiated to contribute towards children's education.

Pro-Ed tieners word Zero Hero's

At the same time a reading culture amongst children supported by the Trust is enhanced. Donations of three hundred and seventy two (372) good quality second hand reading books and eight (8) Bibles were received from Book Den cc clients and Ms Nangula Uaandja. The books were handed over to Otjomuise Primary School that is part of the projects supported by the Christina Swart-Opperman Aids Orphan Foundation Trust on 31 January 2014. The “Reading for Life” Project will continue until 2021. Furthermore six soccer balls, six netball balls and nineteen tennis rackets were donated by Mr Nico Engelbrecht from Pennsylvania, USA. The Trust donated twenty four tennis balls and two hundred and twenty five packets of crayons. The beneficiaries were Grade 1 learners of Otjomuise Primary School.

Dit is weer tyd vir dié jaarlikse Alco Free Feb, 'n inisiatief wat in 2010 deur South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD) begin is en ten doel het om bewustheid oor die gevare van drankmisbuik en veral dronkbestuur te bevorder. Pro-Ed neem vanjaar weer deel en daag ander skole en die gemeenskap uit om dieselfde te doen. “Ons poging is hoofsaaklik op die tieners ingestel omdat dit is waar ons as opvoeders 'n verskil kan maak”, sê mnr Deon Prinsloo, departementshoof van die hoërskool-afdeling van Pro-Ed. 'n Soortgelyke inisiatief het in 2008 in Australië begin nadat dit oorspronklik in 2006 in NieuSeeland ontstaan het. Vir die maand van Februarie (want dit is die kortste maand) word mense dus die wêreld oor uitgedaag om hulle lewers 'n blaaskans (of is dit 'n ruskans) te gee en geen alkohol te gebruik nie. Vir die wat dit te moeilik vind is daar 'n 10-dag uitdaging en die tieners kan Zero Hero's wees deur die Alco Free Teens te ondersteun . Lapelknopies is by die skool beskikbaar teen N$30 en word gedra om aan die dui dat jy die uitdaging aanvaar. Alhoewel nie elke ongeluk toegeskryf kan word aan alkoholmisbruik nie, is dit nietemin 'n bydraende faktor in 65% van motorongelukke. Volgens statistieke wat verkry is van die MVA

Fund het 556 mense verlede jaar hulle lewens verloor op ons paaie. Daar was 'n totaal van 3198 ongelukke aangemeld vanaf Januarie tot Desember en 5 527 mense is beseer. In die tydperk 22 November tot 29 Desember 2012 was daar 343 ongelukke in Namibia waartydens 725 mense beseer en 70 oorlede is. Alkoholmisbuik is moontlik ons land se grootste sosiale uitdaging. Dit vernietig gesinne, dra by tot sinnelose geweld, verkragtings, tienerswangerskappe en veroorsaak te veel ongelukkigheid in mense en kinders se lewens. Alco Free Feb is wonderlike manier om almal net weer te herinner dat alcohol nie iets is om ligtelik op te neem nie. Deelnemers laas jaar het na die maand gesê dat van hulle gewig verloor het, ander het meer geld gespaar, party het meer energie gehad en nog ander het beter geslaap. Ons hoop om dit ook hier in Namibië 'n jaarlikse instelling te maak. Vir meer inligting oor die SADD se inisiatief besoek Om meer uit te vind oor Pro-Ed se uitdaging, skakel 405-689.


Mr Paul Sauerwein and Dr Swart-Opperman, (back) Ms Izan Engelbrecht (seated) and Grade 1learners of Otjomuise Primary School.


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Learning Right Kiddies Annual beach cleanup The Learning Right Kiddies Centre in the coastal town of Swakopmund held their annual beach cleanup last Saturday. There was an excellent turnout by the parents, along with their children. The beach cleanup was part of the school's early childhood awareness on littering and pollution, as participating children were as young as three years of age. The gathering took place at the Vineta Beach, opposite Wurstbude where we made our way along the beach to the mole. Children playfully collected litter under the watchful eye of the teachers and parents, who were also doing their part for a cleaner, safer coastline and environment. Our aim is to establish values of caring for our coast very early during childhood development to develop them into true COASTODIANS. Children will not only develop responsible behaviour of cleaning up the beach but also

acquire the sense of not littering at all, towards ensuring a sustained future for our coast. The occasion also provided the opportunity for playful bonding of children with their parents. The children were thereafter spoiled with more playful time in the portable kiddy pools and jumping castles. Parents could socialise around the barbeque stands, doing it the proudly Namibian way of “braai” with a supple mutton chop and sausage with our famous “rooster broodtjies” The organizers thanked Nacoma for the very lovely T-Shirts, Refuse Solutions for the skip, who have also decided to become a part of our cleanup and will be sponsoring our skip for the next 3 years and RO3 Water for their generous sponsorship of water.

Setting an example

KEEP IT CLEAN: All the participants of the beach clean-up exercise

HELP FOR MARIENHEIN HOSTEL: Two young people from Swakopmund handed over items to the boys of Marienhein hostel on the 29 January. After hearing of the devastation of fire at the Marienhein hostel the head girl of Westside High Micay-lynn Beukes and the Junior Mayor of Swakopmund Ashley Koopman collected clothing and stationery from members of the junior council and learners from Westside and donated the items to the boys that lost their belongings in the fire.





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Swakopmund Residents Association News The big year-end tourist rush is something of the past; once again the Municipality excelled themselves in keeping the town clean which was complimented by the tourists in general. This however excludes certain rezoned to “institutional” to be able areas which need desperate atten- to give it to the ruling party for N$ tion, like the amphitheatre and the 30 000 which prompted an parking lot at Woolies where the objection from our association loiterers have settled again and are a based on the fact that valuations real nuisance. Is there a law deman- from registered neutral valuators ding their removal?, same applies placed the value of the erf at for the street hawkers who operate between N$ 2 100 000 and N$ 2 600 outside legality. The lawns along 000, taxpayers' money is being the walkway from the Mole north- squandered here in excess of ±N$ 2 wards have not been mowed for 000 000, money which is despeweeks, and are much neglected. rately needed for amongst others Although the grass is exorbitantly the burning issues at the DRC. The high watering still goes on accele- rezoning manipulations in favour of rating the growth, a lawnmower is Swapo can in no way be condoned needed at the moment not exces- by us, council has once again proved that preference is given to sive watering. Thanks to the unselfish efforts of the ruling party and thereby disthe Neighbourhood Watch no crime qualified itself as a custodian of or housebreaking was reported taxpayers' interests. The history of during the holidays. The effecti- the proposed sale of this erf dates veness of the organisation has back to the year 2001 and reveals encouraged the inhabitants of that the councillors of the ruling Tamariskia to launch their own party bent backwards to accommoorganisation, which was suc- date their party's interests and ignored the accountability to all cessful. Well done! The registration of voters has be- residents of Swakopmund. A typical gun and the teething problems example of self enrichment which is hopefully sorted out. The location not in line with democratic laws. We of registration offices as well as the are not against Swapo obtaining an criteria to get registered has been erf, but it must be done at a market thoroughly published in the local related price. media. Although there is still time Council furthermore decided to sell until early February to register we the old municipal building at a urge the public not to wait till the reserve price of N$14 500 000, by last days and get caught up in cues. closed bid. The building lies within the conservation area and certain Go and register now! The ordinary council meeting regulations will have to be adhered which was scheduled for the 30th of to. Very good news for SwakopJanuary was advanced at short mund, hope is being created that the notice to the 28th, yet it produced building will be restored to its some interesting points for public's former beauty and one of the attention. The intended sale of erf various eyesores will vanish. 3486, measuring 4 363 sqm to The financial statement for the Swapo party was brought up after a SAIMSA games held during strong objection against the October is still outstanding. Enquitransaction by our association was ries with the finance department of lodged. The said erf was leased to the municipality have revealed that the party in 2001 for a period of 9 the statements have been compiled years and 11 months, on condition and after scrutinising by the Manthat Swapo create a training centre agement Committee should have for artisans and construction been presented at the last council workers, this however never mate- meeting. We waited in vain for the rialised, instead offices being leased mayor to announce how the N$2 to trade unions were erected, crea- 000 000 taxpayers' money have ting an income for the owners. The been utilised in that project having land was zoned for light indus-trial in mind that Mayor Kambueshe purposes, but used for office pur- once again in his opening speech poses whereas the original contract committed council to transparency. stated that it be used for institutional The report is still outstanding. purposes. During February 2011 Lutz Hecht on behalf of Swakopmund council decided to have the erf Residents Association

So ry ons!!!!!!!!!!

Namib Times Facebook Reader’s Comments THREE DEAD IN ACCIDENT ON THE B2 A head-on collision on the B2 (between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund) claimed the lives of three persons (two females and one male). Gregory Irvin Lewin Itz sad was at the scene, duty calls, if only the drivers of Namibia can adhere to traffic law of the road to avoid such incidents...together we can make a difference!!! K'Liente Eye-Gates Amaviller Maybe now they'll understand the need of dual carriage between Swakop and Walvis bay. These leaders put money first before human lives. Spend money and save families. Money can always be made but a lost life will never b recovered. Naomi Marlene Gaven Although everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and I have the utmost respect for that, I think its a bit irresponsible to assume it is the driver in the WB car who caused the accident. Lets wait until we get all the facts, and not be judgemental. We don't even know in what condition that person is, he/she has family who reads these comments, and they are not in a very good space right now. Let's rather empathise with them. Rona Botha Ash With all due respect, I have seen how WB people drive, how cautious they are. I have lived in and seen how Gauteng people drive and take chances. I rest my case Maria Nenna Shilongo Izyl miryam van ellewee, you are a bitter and judgemental soul. How dare you insult the Namibia nation at large that they don't know how to drive. Is it only Namibia with accidents. Namibia statistic wise is not even in the top 40 countries with the highest accident rates. I am not condoning accidents nor those at fault. But where does Swapo fit in all these. Does Swapo drive. What of the countless accidents where only foreigners are involved. Repent and rather be constructive then judgemental and destructive. We are all humans and sinners and imperfect and prone to err including yourself. How do you cast stones as if you don't live in a glass house???? Let us come up with meaningful suggestions. Blames won't solve anything nor improve anything. Next time bitter comments must be kept to oneself!!! May their souls rest in peace and God have mercy on all of us. Please Lord forgive us. Izél Miryam van Ellewee I will bet you that the persons at fault is the driver of the WALVIS car!!! Namibians can't drive anymore. No one in this country knows the traffic rules and laws, no one respects themselves never mind other people's property and RIGHT to live, no one takes accountability for their actions and no one loves their neighbour as they should love themselves .... !!! Namibian drivers are terrible! Namibian police doesn't enforce driving rules. No one cares about the law or fear punishment because our government (SWAPO) is pathetic, they can't enforce the law if God himself came down and delivered the guilty into their hands!!! Every one just does what ever the hell they want and OTHER people pays the price for these wicked piece of shit human beings...... May the innocent parties Rest in Peace! Confucius Fixi Koopman Maak die pad breed genoeg. st speed reducers by langstrand se afdraai. op wat spend die government my tax geld? Neilo Van Wyk Tragic and when this fruitless bloodshed on our roads stop? People please wake up and follow the rules of the road. Senseless is all I can say. May their souls RIP. Valencia Dixon Izel, Please just migrate to another country! All the roads of Namibia need to be widened. LIKING the update creates awareness. Thersuan Duwayne Zane Fortuin Solution : reduce speed, put 60 speedbumps on the road between WB & SWK , every 500m should be 1. Dandago Gawanas No comment, since 1 Jan till nw, only 32 days but hw many people died nw..kom ons buig tot ons kniee en begine bid. May ur souls rest in peace. Patrick Koopman Its a pity the drivers who causes the accident always survives. I suggest the Swk-Wb roadblock should be permanent. Drunk driving, unlicenced drivers increases when the festive season ends. David Phatkop Ya-Shikwaya God wat have we done, the road become a blood shed this day, drivers lets drive responsible and carefully. My their soul rest in peace. Vanessa Jacobs Izel Are you a judge now you already found the guilty party and sentenced them but now Swapo is also at fault whatever they did. Mxm poor soul. Let the right people do their job and dont let bitterness and anger cloud your judgement. In our beautifull country we dont need this negative attitude like yours. Martina Lackey People, why does everyone blame the road? it is the driver of a car that causes an accident. Sad but true. May these people rest in peace. Tragic

Hammer Kam'dulunge Haikali Let us just change our driving attitudes, they plays a major roles here. Michael Witbooi The saying speeds kills is a not a saying it's a true reality!!!!..... speed kills...... really it kills......SAD! God be with the ones staying behind? Michaela Vondrousova My question is: why are the cops not ensuring that people are not speeding, overtaking in the wrong spots, etc. ??! I googled the most dangerous roads in the world and this road (between Walvis and Swakop) is the 11th on the list. Cops need to start fining people. Pure and simple. Helen Nieuwoudt The authorities can build roads and make laws but that is of zero significance if people still break the rules of the road or speed.....RSA has the same problem look at our statistics. Duelette Schoonwinkel Its so sad. Im sure this accident could be avoided. Be patient on the road. Rona Botha Ash This road needs to be widened, at least by one more lane, to make it easier to overtake, which I'm positive, is where and why most accidents happen. And don't tell me it can't be done, as there is more than enough space, the fat cats just need to make do with a smaller cut of tax payers money for a while. Lives are more important than their over the top lifestyles Frans Penny I suggest a two way road btween the two coastal towns. Bare in mind the number of cars on the road are on increase on a daily basis. We should juz adhere to the rules of the road ad as well as the praying to god to be with our road users. James Nampala Why cnt they limit all cars in Namibia to a speed of 120 km/h as a maximum speed? Rollin Van Wyk Accidents r unexpectable its sad to hear how road users drove n ignore road signs,,,,n there is no need to blame officers because thre r road sign who can guide u how to drive,,were not to overtake n speed limits eg....... so why ignoring them???????? lets prevent ths by chnging t way we used t road n respect t next road users. Michael Thiessen Everybody says a duel carriage way will help. I don't really think so, people will speed more then, the solution is to brim the speed limit down to 80km and have more traffic cops on the road Granville Louw Its really sad how many lives have been lost in this few weeks of the new year on our roads across the country , my question is why can't there be permanent road blocks through out the year. Why only over the holidays. Veronica Bothma Daar moet permanent verkeersmense op die pad sigbaar wees. Daar was n swart Polo wat vandag op al die volstrepe en bulte teen n baie hoe spoed verby gevat het en een keer ook amper kop aan kop veroorsaak het. Ons het verkeer geskakel......... hulle het nie gereageer nie. Gehoop hulle sou hom inwag in Walvis....... Maar geen reaksie....... HJJ Mouton God have mercy on us...VERY SAD INDEED. NAM TOPS LIST OF MOST CAR ACCIDENTS IN THE WORLD..RIP Sabe Elombo This is tragic. We pray that their souls may be taken into God's hands. I extend sincerest consolation to the our fellows whose loved ones perished or got injured in this tragedy. God will give you strength to endure through this volatile experience. Naemi Mum's Angel thats the way they were supposed to leave this planet...otherwise they would not be dead....if God say yes no human will say no dear u know that death can push someone e.g. Being told by yo mum to stay home t night in a certain night but since yo last day has approached u will have to go,what will happen ....stabed to death.....we should take things of the world ......and stop blaming people though one is to be blamed...may their souls rest in eternal peace...we all walking dead on this planet only that no one knows the day of his/her departure....Amen




Fashion for Africa Anri Jacobs “I did not choose the life of fashion designing. It is in me and I was born with it” says Bernadette Shalumbu. According to her, fashion is the designer's unique ideas and this defines a designer or an individual's personality. “I think in Namibia the fashion taste is more influenced by the western culture. Thus my designs are African modern, embracing African fabrics to create modern fashion trends,” she added. For her the best part of being a fashion designer is turning design ideas into reality and seeing someone wearing it. Bernadette started off by designing matric farewell dresses and then moved to a more African modern design style. She says the time it takes to complete a design depends on the urgency. “Sometimes a customer approaches me for a dress they need in a few days and then I can go with very little sleep to complete it. I think it's all about being passionate, because most of the time I look forward to seeing the design completed and in a way it's rewarding” she says. Some of Bernadette's favourite designers are her grandmother, her sister and Pia Ausiku. “My grandmother is my inspiration as she has been making clothes for years and now that she can no longer due to age, I believe it's my responsibility to keep the talent shining.” Bernadette use to make clothes for herself but officially started working in 2006 after completing a part-time course in Fashion Designing. She is mostly inspired by African prints fabrics and mostly works with cotton fabrics, colourful and bright colours. Although she hasn't worked alongside any other designers at a design level on projects, she has worked with other Namibian fashion designers to host fashion shows. For the future Bernadette plans to have her clothes in some of the Namibian boutiques and to sell her designs to the international market. “We have an ongoing agreement with La boutique at the Vineta Shopping complex, to sell my clothes so everyone can have a look at my work here.” When asked what she believes makes a quality article of clothing she replied, “It’s a combination


Bernadette Shalumbu of the uniqueness and the quality of the fabric used.” Bernadette believes in her own work and agrees that she considers herself to be an artist. “I believe an artist is a person gifted with unique ideas and they use certain forms to bring these ideas to life. Being unique as a designer, customer satisfaction, being organised and good time management are some of the most important trades of a fashion designer. Bernadette hopes that all young talented fashion designers out there will not give up on their dreams, because they can be achieved through hard work and encourage them to take up a course or acquire some training in Fashion Designing.

GOtv launches in Swakopmund Mavourlene Gaes

GOTv digital television was officially launched in Walvis Bay in December last year and had their launch in the coastal town of Swakopmund on Thursday last week. The organisers say that GOtv provides the best solution for television consumers to enjoy uninterrupted viewing ahead of the analogue switchoff in Namibia scheduled for 2015. GOtv also provides a range of options to select from, that are not only affordable and accessible, but relevant as well to television lovers. The General Manager of MultiChoice Namibia Mr Roger Gertze, said that the launch of GOtv positively contributes towards creating employment, empowering retailers, agents as well as small and medium business enterprises (SMEs) through the sales and take-ups of payments for GOtv subscribers. Accor-ding to Gertze, viewers can now watch GOtv without using a satellite dish with the GO-tenna, that will enable them to connect their GOtv decoder and antenna themselves. The current single price offer of just N$499 includes a GOtv decoder together with an outdoor antenna and a one month subscription to GOtv plus. The launch took place at Pick 'n Pay and everyone was clearly having fun, especially with the many prizes that were given away on the day. Multichoice also gave away two school stationery hampers to two West Coast FM listeners, as well as five shopping vouchers worth N$200 each. They also gave away GOtv kits for free to anyone who purchased their decoders. A model displaying a Shalumbu creation

* AUCTION - Bay Auctioneers, Every Saturday, Corner of Rikumbi Kandanga and 6th Street, Opposite Sea Pride. * Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * 4 Feb.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Harvest Time Community om 09:00. * 2 Feb.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - SA Border War Commemoration 09:00. * 7 - 8 Feb.: NPS - Interhouse Athletics - Fast & Furious * 12 Feb.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 28 Feb.: NPS Introduction of Debutants (Cheese & Wine) * 4 March.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Temple of Truth om 09:00. *12 March.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 28 March.: NPS - Talent Show - Feeling famous. * 1 April.: Interkerklike gebedskring - V.G.K kerk om 09:00. * 9 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Monthly meeting at 19:00. * 26 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - 99th Anniversary, battle of Trekkopje. * 27 April.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Annual wreath laying ceremony by M.O.T.H. and German tradition verband Trekkopje 11:00. * 6 May.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Katolieke Kerk om 09:00. * 14 May.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 3 June.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Lutherse Kerk om 09:00. * 11 June.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 30 June.: NPS - Praise & Worship - Forever Faithfull * 1 July.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Rynse Kerk om 09:00. * 1 July.: NPS - Official opening - “Formal & Flashy”. * 2 July.: NPS - Fountain of knowledge & SA Dance Show * 3 July.: NPS - Mr & Miss NPS - “Feeling Fabulous”. * 4 July.: NPS - Gala evening - “Flourishing at Fifty”. * 5 July.: NPS - Mr & Mrs 50. * 9 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 12 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Wreath laying ceremony at M.O.T.H Monument Usakos 11:00. * 13 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Delville Wood Remembrance Church Parade 09:00 * 16 July.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Delville Wood Remembrance day. * 5 Aug.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Metodiste kerk in Kuisebmond om 09:00. * 13 Aug.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 2 Sept.: Interkerklike gebedskring - Christen Gemeente om 09:00. * 10 Sept.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole Centre- Monthly meeting starts 19:00. * 4 Oct.: NPS - Festival Day - Festival Fiesta *************

SWAKOPMUND * Infinity Lounge - Karaoke night every Thursday. * Markets at the Last Resort Centre, starting on the 8th from 10am until 3pm. They are situated at 5 Libertine Amadhila street, one street up from the Jetty. * Swakopmund Toastmasters meets every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismark Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 20:30. * EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: SHALOM MARKET 12 kms eastwards outside Swakopmund along the Swakop river. * 9 Feb.: M.O.T.H. Escarpment Shellhole - Annual wreath laying, first at 10:00 at Swakopmund Cemetary for W/W1 Allied &Axis Forces, and Secondly at 11:00 at the Germann Marine Monument, Swakopmund. * 14 Feb.: Informations vortrag: Hilfe und Heilung auf dem Weg durch die Lehre Bruno Grönings um 19 Uhr, The Marble room im Hansa Hotel, geistigen. ***************

ART EXHIBITIONS * Every Saturday: Open Air Arts Exhibition at the Mole next to Tennis courts in Swakopmund. Oil paintings - weather permitting. * Permanent Collection: Woermannhaus Gallery in Bismarck Street. Fine collection of the Swakopmund Arts Association’s “South West Masters’’ and contemporary Namibian art works. Open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. * Swakopmund Museum: Open daily, including Sundays 10:00 - 17:00. * Sam Cohen Library: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 13:00/15:00 – 17:00 and the second Saturday per month 09:00 – 13:00. * Die Galerie, Walvis Bay: Exhibition of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00. Saturday - 08:30 12:30. * Art Stop Gallery, Swakopmund: Fine collection of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery hours: 09:00 - 19:00 Monday - Sunday. Shop No.2 Brauhaus Arcade. * Woermannhaus - Art Gallery: Namibia - Our country-Our people * Permanent collection & selected art on offer till end of February.



Afrikanerkultuur in die woestyn Anri Jacobs Die 17de Januarie was 'n suksesvolle naweek waar verskeie onderwerpe en toesprake gelewer is en inderdaad postitiewe veranderinge vir die Voortrekkers en lig op hul toekomsplanne geplaas is. Wat 'n voorreg was dit nie, om opnuut lewe in die majestieuse Namib woestyn te kon herontdek. Volwasse Voortrekkers van regoor Namibië, asook eregaste van SuidAfrika, was betower deur Tommy Collard se fenominale kennis en insig oor ons Namib woestyn. Sy span van Living Desert Tours het hul, op hul kniëe in die sand van die oudste woestyn ter wêreld, in verwondering stil laat raak met al die lewe in die duine wat mens andersins nie van weet nie. Die Namibiese Voortrekkers het ook geskiedenis gemaak en die boeke is herskryf toe mnr Nico Tromp, as Hoof Beskermheer van die Voortrekkers in SuidAfrika en Namibië, deur die Voortrekkers se Hoofleier dr Danie Langner, ingehuldig is tydens 'n swierige funksie by die Seaside Hotel. Dit is die eerste keer in die geskiedenis dat 'n Namibiër vir dié besondere posisie benoem is. Mnr Nico Tromp was die eerste President Verkenner in Namibië en het sy Voortrekkerloopbaan met passie uitgeleef. Die Voortrekkers se vorige hoofbeskermhere was 'n galery van goewerneur-generaals, presidente, eerste ministers en

ministers. Die Namibiese Voortrekkers is baie trots op Nico Tromp en weet dat hy hierdie posisie met uitnemendheid sal beklee. Die benoeming en inhuldiging van beskermhere van 'n kultuurorganisasie soos die Voortrekkers is nie maar sommer net nog 'n moet-doengebeurtenis nie. Beskermhere is veral simbolies van die nuwe strategiese ruimtes waar in Afrikaanse kultuurorganisasies hulself bevind. Aangepas om te oorleef Niemand kan 'n reisiger kwalik neem wanneer daar met die eerste oogopslag gedink word die Namib woestyn is 'n dor en leë landskap sonder lewe nie. Gelukkig is die eerste indruk heeltemal verkeerd. In die Namib is daar nie net 'n ryke verskeidenheid van lewe nie, maar het diere en plante hulself aangepas om wonderbaarlik in die woestyn te oorleef. Afrikaanse kultuurorganisasies bevind hulself vandag in vele opsigte in 'n woestynlandskap. Vir dekades was die staat vir Afrikanerkultuur soos 'n veilige oase. Die Voortrekkers se hoof beskermhere was 'n galery van goewerneur-generaals, presi-

New Office and Warehouse for Jack's Trading CC at the new industrial area, ERF 4481, BEHIND WEIGHBRIDGE, OPPOSITE NARRAVILLE LOCATION Big Sale for New Year until February 15th 32.5R N$75.99 42.5R N$77.99 Various Lip Channels & Steel Bars are also available. Contact Person: Steven/Obama Tel:064-221699 Fax: 064-220699 Email: We open from Monday until Saturday !!!

dente, eerste ministers en ministers. Die verhouding tussen staat en kultuur het voordele gehad, maar daar was ook groot nadele. Afrikaners se politieke party, kerk, koerant, skool en kultuur was benoud en ideologies verweef. Toe rusies, twiste, partypolitiek en skeuring in Afrikanergeledere sy kop uitsteek, het ook die Voortrekkers nie daarvan gespaar gebly nie. Soos wat die beklemmende nasionalistiese bande in die negentigerjare skiet gegee het, het Afrikaners hulself aanvanklik in 'n kulturele woestyn bevind. Getalle het gekrimp, hulpbronne het opgedroog en kulturele selfvertroue was min. Byna onsigbaar, soos die koffieboonkewer, het Afrikaners stadig maar seker deur middel van innoverende planne, hoëfunksieprestasies, deursettingsvermoë en onbeperkte energie by die nuwe woestyn omgewing aangepas. Afrikaners het gevind dat selfs in die warm sandduine daar genoeg koelte is vir taal en kultuur. In die koelte van woestyn bossies het Afrikaners ook genoeg gemene delers gevind om met ander taal- en kultuurgemeenskappe saam te werk om Afrikaans in die woestyn te laat blom. In die woestynlandskap is dit kultuur en ekonomie wat mekaar wedersyds aanvul. Kultuur-organisasies sal nie net oorleef nie, maar van krag tot krag gaan as hulle daarin

slaag om as kulturele entre-preneurs finansiële hulpbronne en kundig-heid in gemeenskappe te ontsluit. Kulturele entrepreneurskap is die enigste manier om Afrikaanse kultuurerfenis suksesvol en volhoubaar te bevorder. Afrikaanse kultuurorganisasies, soos die Voortrekkers, sal vir jong Afrikaners relevant bly as hulle met die bewese s u k sesrese p van kultuur , avontu ur en n a tuur 'n brug b o u tussen d i e ekono miese en kulturele wêreld . Veral om-dat jong Afri-kaners in die wêreld van werk hulself toe-nemend as entre-preneurs sal moet onderskei. Afrikaners het in twee dekades ontdek dat die woestyn lankal nie meer 'n plek van bedreiging is nie. Dit het 'n plek geword waar Afrikaners nie net die vermoë ontwikkel het om te oorleef nie, maar om voluit te leef. Fyn kyk en fyn trap Een van die belangrikste en eerste oorlewingslesse in die Namib is fyn kyk en fyn trap. Fyn kyk verryk 'n reisiger se woestyn ervaring wanneer jou oë inge-

stel is op die kleurpalet van sandduine, die lugspieëlingop die horison en die verskeidenheid van woestyndiere, reptiele en plantegroei. Fyn trap help jou om nie oor die pofadders in die sand te struikel nie. Op die oog af lyk Afrikaner organisasies een en dieselfde, maar fyn kyk help om raak te sien dat Namibiese Afrikaners lankal nie

aan hulself dink as die vyfde provinsie of die verlengstuk van SuidAfrika met sy probleme nie. Namibiese Afrikaners het in twee dekades eie kultuurvoete gevind, eie kultuurorganisasies gestig, monumente en terreine gebou, kultuurfondse geskep, eie helde ontwikkel en antwoorde vir hulle uitdagings gevind. Namibiese Afrikaners is nie net staatkundig nie, maar ook kultureel onafhanklik. Die ontwikkeling van netwerke en vennootskappe vra van kultuurorganisasies 'n fyn trap om nie die eiesoortige uitlewing van kultuur dood te trap nie, maar raak te

sien en te waardeer. Die verskeidenheid verryk en verdiep Afrikanerkultuur in Suider-Afrika. Kulturele volwassenheid 'n Besoeker aan die Namib kan nie anders nie as om hom te verwonder aan die gebalanseerde verweefdheid van woestyn habitatte waar dier en plant van mekaar afhanklik is. Die balans t u s s e n eiesoortigheid e n v e r weefdheid is 'n voor-waarde v i r ' n florerende kultuurorganisasie. Afrikaners se kulturele band word nie deur staats-grense beperk nie. Enersyds bind kultuur saam, bring kultuur bymekaar, vorm kul-tuur oor grense waardes, tradisies, onthou stories en karakter. Andersyds kan kultuur nie beperk word, beklem word of gestandaardiseer word nie. Om die fyn balans tussen eiesoortigheid en verweefdheid te handhaaf, is dit nodig om 'n nuwe kulturele volwassenheid te ontwikkel. Kulturele volwassenheid wat kultuur desentraliseer deur ruimte te bied vir die ontwikkeling van 'n eie identiteit, eie besluit en aanvaarding van eie verantwoordelikheid. Ook 'n kulturele volwassenheid wat kultuur nie privatiseer deur net op my eie klein kultuur-

hoekie te fokus nie. Kulturele volwassenheid beteken juis om wyer te kyk as die eie deur medeverantwoordelikheid te neem vir die behoud van Afrikaanse taal en kultuur in veral skole en universiteite. Hierdie opvoedkundige instellings is immers die lewensaar van gesonde kultuurgemeenskappe. Kulturele volwassenheid bied aan organisasies die vermoë om goeie verhoudings met die staat en ander instellings te handhaaf, sonder om 'n kritiese ingesteldheid prys te gee of geboelie te word. Kultureel volwasse gemeenskappe neem oor grense hande, vestig suksesvolle vennootskappe en netwerke, kan akkommodeer en saamwerk tot voordeel van Suid-Afrika, Namibië en al hul mense. Dit is die kulturele volwassenheid wat nodig is vir Afrikanerkultuur om in die woestyn te floreer. In die woestyn is groot getalle nie die belangrikste sukses faktor vir 'n florerende kultuurgemeenskap nie. Meer belangrik is aanpasbare kultuurorganisasies wat met selfvertroue inhoud gee aan nuwe ruimtes en oor grense brûe kan bou. Kultuurorganisasies wat nie werk vir 'n beter verlede nie, maar met koppe wat nuut dink en hande wat dienend na 'n beter toekoms vir ons kinders reik. Die woestyn is 'n plek van groot ruimtes en onbeperkte horisonne. Die toekoms lê oop.



Boost for Desert Lion and Rhino conservation Madelaine Laubscher

The handover ceremony of two Toyota Land Cruisers sponsored to the Desert Lion Conservation Trust and Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) by NAMSOV Community Trust took place on 27 January 2014. The Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta attended the event along with the managing director of Bidfish, Mr Jan Arnold, Chief Executice Officer of SRT Ms Marcia Fargnoli and Ms Tuna Willem and Jerome Mouton from NAMSOV. According to Ms Willem of NAMSOV, the branding of the research vehicle was attended to and most of the sponsors have been accommodated. “Printworx in Swakopmund are thanked for their assistance. The full sponsorship for the vehicle, training of guards from the community and collars are N$1 200 000,” she said. According to information provided, humanlion conflicts are arguably the biggest threat to lions in Namibia and elsewhere in Africa. There is a need for proactive management of human-lion conflict to ensure the long term conservation of the species. In 1998 an intensive research project was started on the desert lions, termed the Desert Lion Conservation project with the aim to collect sound scientific data, address human lion conflicts and to develop a conservation strategy. “Lions are fitted with radio collars and are tracked and observed to record behaviour, movements, grouping patterns, reproduction

and mortality. Lions are tracked using GPS and satellite technology, a light aircraft (fitted with radiotracking equipment) and by vehicle. Direct observations and monitoring lions in the field for extended periods are the primary means of collecting data. Lions over the age of two years are marked or radio collared, and individual records are kept of all lions in the population. Emphasis is placed on monitoring lions that disperse and occupy new habitats and on those that live near local communities.” “Human-lion conflict is addressed by developing localised conflict management plans. As a species, the lion is highly adaptive and resilient. Current research findings demonstrate that Desert lions can survive in extreme conditions. They do not need to drink water and feed on gemsboks, ostriches, and occasionally on seals. They breed rapidly under ideal conditions and are quick to expand into areas of suitable habitat. The value of the unique Desert lions to the Namibian tourism industry is of great significance. However, to ensure the long-term conservation of Desert lions, we need to monitor their population ecology and manage human-lion conflict.” “The Desert Lion is a prominent feature in Namibia and is highly

One of the donated vehicles

CONSERVATIONISTS: (fltr) Mr Jan Arnold, Driver, Deputy Minister Shifeta, Ms Marcia Fargnoli (STR) and Mr Jerome Mouton (Namsov CEO) valued, both aesthetically and financially by the growing tourism industry. Namibia has received international recognition (e.g. CITES) for successful conservation efforts such as the communal conservation programme that led to significant increases in wildlife numbers especially in the arid areas.” “With the growing wildlife populations the conflict between lions and the local people has intensified as lions are killing livestock more regularly. In protection of their livestock farmers often shoot, trap or poison lions. These local communities bear the costs of living with lions but do not share equally in the benefits from tourism and they receive little assistance

in managing conflicts. The goals are to collect baseline ecological data on the population dynamics, behaviour and movement of lions, monitor key ecological and biological parameters of the desert lion population, monitor the frequency and impact of conflicts between people and lions, develop and implement human-lion management plans at local community level, develop and promote specialised lion ecosafaris and other forms of sustainable utilisation, to collaborate with government, local communities and NGO`s to further lion conservation and to make important information available to the world through publication and the internet. More information can

be found at www. This project is driven by Dr Phillip Stander.” Mrs Fargnoli from SRT said “we are extremely grateful for the donations. The desertadapted black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis) surviving in the Kunene Region (former Damaraland and Kaokoland) in the arid, north-west of Namibia are the only rhino worldwide, surviving on communal land with no formal conservation status. Furthermore, they are the largest truly free-ranging black rhino population left in the world. However, in the early 1980's in this vast, beautiful and spectacular desert, a savage slaughter of desert wildlife took place. As the number of rhinos shrank, resulting in their near extinction, a Trust was formed with the aim of ensuring protection of the remaining rhinos while affording elephant and other wildlife the chance to recover to sustainable numbers. With the help of international funds, Save the Rhino Trust Namibia was officially registered as Welfare Organization number W.O. 1982.” “Initially, a combination of ex-poachers and members of the local community were employed by Save the Rhino Trust to monitor and protect the rhino. These men had extensive knowledge of the habits of these animals

and the rugged terrain they inhabited. The aim of preventing the extermination of the endangered black rhino on communal land has been enthusiastically supported by chiefs, headmen and the local communities. Since the Trust was formed, there has been close collaboration with Government, the local communities, and both national and international partners. This coalition has been central in achieving the aim of enhancing security for the rhino, monitoring and researching the rhino population, and providing benefits to the

community through conservation and tourism.” “SRT has an administrative office in Swakopmund and field bases at the Ugab River, Wêreldsend, Mai Go Ha (Palmwag) and Mbakondja. The organisation consists of a committed staff of local Namibians who have spent the better part of their lives living with black rhinos in the Kunene. These dedicated people constantly monitor on foot, with camels, by air and by vehicle in a concerted effort to protect these rare and critically endangered animals,” she concluded.




VACANCY Mature Lady with the following experience, to start with immediate effect.. * Grade 12 * Computer literate (MS Word, Excel, Outlook) * Experience and knowledge in Pastel Accounting * Debtors * Creditors * Good customer relation and communication skills. The successful candidate will report directly to the Manager.

Vacancy: Night security Applicant must comply with the following criteria · Working shifts incl. weekend shifts · Bilingual – English & Afrikaans · Previous experience · Sober habits, loyalty and honesty · Will assist reception if necessary · Good people skills · Own transport Hand CV’s in at Lagoon Chalets, Meersig or email:

Salary commensurate with experience. Please E Mail your CV to: or

Hydraulic Services cc Reg. No. CC/99/1260 P.O. Box 2746, 255 10th Str, Walvis Bay, Namibia Tel: +264 64 207400/3 Fax: +264 64 207402 Cell: 081 129 7407, 081 335 5557 E-Mail: Website:


STOREMAN Requirements: * Grade 12 plus 5 years experience in Hydraulic Parts. * Must be Namibian Citizen * Must have a valid drivers licence Please fax your cv to 207402 or mail it to

NOTICE CONSENT USES, ERECTION OF BUILDINGS AND USE OF LAND IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Town Council considers the following consent uses, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtained from the General Manager: Engineering Services. Erf 3398, Mondesa: Special permission to erect townhouse and residential flats.

Komatsu Namibia Mining Equipment (Pty) Ltd Invite suitable qualified and committed candidates to apply for the following vacancy for long term employment at our Swakopmund Branch – Husab Mining Site

VACANCY: DIESEL MECHANIC / MILLWRIGHT / AUTO ELECTRICIAN The objective of Komatsu Namibia is to continuously improve and support current and future customers by safely ensuring high equipment availability and reliability at optimum costs. Main Responsibilities: · Maintain, repair and fault finding on Komatsu equipment · Inspection of equipment and to submit a comprehensive report · Maintain a high OEM standard on earthmoving equipment · Comply with risk policy, practices and procedures Requirements: · Competency Diploma in Earth Moving Equipment/ Millwright/ Auto Electrician or Diesel Mechanic · At least 5 years' electrical truck experience in a mining and construction environment – Preferably with a strong Komatsu Electric Driven Mining Equipment background · Grade 12 with N3. N4 – N6 will be an edit advantage · Sound knowledge on electrical problem solving and hydraulics on Dump trucks · Valid code CE driving license · English literate · Work independently and be able to function under pressure · Good customer relation skills · Must be Computer literate MS Office & SAP Experience will be an advantage. Benefits: A comprehensive market related package for the ideal candidate Closing date: 14 February 2014 Only short listed candidates will be contacted Submit a comprehensive CV and copies of relevant documentation to Komatsu Namibia or e-mail: or Contact details Tell: 064 416 700 or Fax 064 416 706

Contact Person: Mr. A. Van der Westhuizen Tel: +264 (64) 4104403 (Town Planning Officer & Special Projects) Any person having any objections to the proposed steps may lodge such objections, duly motivated in writing, with the Chief Executive Officer until 18 February 2014

NOTICE Take notice that DUNAMIS CONSULTING TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNERS, on behalf of, the owner of Erven 3327 and 3305 Etosha Street Kuisebmond, intends to apply to the Municipality of Walvis Bay for: · Rezoning of Erven 3327 and 3305 Etosha Street No. 24 and 26 Kuisebmond respectively from “single residential” with a density of 1:300 to “general residential” with a density of 1:100, · Consent to use the Erven for residential purposes with the new zoning of 'general residential' with a density of 1:100, · Consent to commence with construction while the rezoning is in process. Erven 3327 and 3305 are situated in Kuisebmond. These properties are zoned 'single residential' with a density of 1:300 and are 746m2 and 738m2 in extent respectively and currently vacant. The new density will allow for the erection of 14 dwelling units altogether. Enough parking as required in terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme will be provided in accordance with the municipal regulations. Further take note that the locality plan of the Erven lies for inspection in the Walvis Bay Town Planning Municipal Offices, Civic Centre Nangolo Mbumba Avenue Walvis Bay. Furthermore take note that any person objecting to the proposed use of land as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof with the Walvis Bay Municipality and with the applicant in writing within 14 days of the last publication of this notice (final date for objections is February 24, 2014). Applicant: DUNAMIS CONSULTINGCC P. O. Box 20541, WINDHOEK, CELL: +264 85 551 2173, FAX: +264 61 239417 Email Address:



Hydraulic Services cc

Vacancy Nictus (Pty) Ltd has a culture of excellence and therefore strives to deliver quality, value and service in the furniture industry to the advantage of all stakeholders. To succeed continuously we acknowledge the importance of our personnel and therefore strive to be a preferred employer. Currently we have a vacancy for the following:

Salesperson –Swakopmund •

Purpose of the position: Selling of furniture and household appliances • Customer care and after sales service Qualification and knowledge: •Grade 12 • Drivers license •At least two years experience in sales

The following will be to the advantage of applicants: •Knowledge of the furniture industry • Knowledge of applicable computer programmes Skills:

• Ability to negotiate & persuade • Verbal and written proficiency in English and Afrikaans Attributes:

• Customer orientated • Passionate

BUYER AND STORE CONTROL WALVIS BAY Are you passionate about customer service? If so, you are invited to join our team Key areas of responsibility will include: - Performing the entire, critical, purchase function - Ensuring that the purchasing department adds value and maximizes savings for the Company - Constant liason with Suppliers regarding agreed delivery dates/ pricing/quality - Working in a Contractually Compliant Environment - Work in progress - Store control Qualification and experience - Grade 12 - Experience in procurement environment - Excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills - Working knowledge of MS office programs - Knowledge of Syspro 6 / 6.1 - Needs to be assertive Applicants meeting the above requirements are encouraged to apply either by delivery or e-mail to: The HR Department P O Box 1492 Walvis Bay 198, 3rd Street East, Industrial Area Tel: 064 203457 E-mail: Closing date: 14 February 2014

Key performance areas:

• Follow-up and completion of sales transactions • Administrative completion of relevant documentation

• Customer service

Renet van Zyl Nictus (Pty) Ltd E-mail: Closing date: 10 February 2014 Only candidates on the shortlist will be contacted. No documents will be returned. The Nictus group and its subsidiaries honour the letter and spirit of the Namibian affirmative action and employment equity legislation.

NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION In the Magistrate’s Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No: 516/13 In the matter between: Marlize Olivia Combrinck Plaintiff and N.S.A. Clayton Passport & Visa Consultancy CC Defendant In pursuance of a Judgement in the Magistrate’s Court of Walvis Bay and writ of execution dated 29/10/13, the goods listed hereunder will be sold in execution to the highest bidder at Erf No 683, Rikumbi Kandanga Road (opposite Trust Market, next to Charlie’s Meat Market), Walvis Bay on 8 March 2014 at 10:00 namely: 1x Honda Odyssey Vehicle (Registration no N 138860 W) Conditions of sale: Voetstoots - Cash to the highest bidder. Dated at Swakopmund on 28 January 2014.

Attorneys for Judgment Creditor KINGHORN ASSOCIATES No 122 Theo Ben Gurirab Street Tel: 064 - 203905 Fax: 064 - 203858 Walvis Bay (Ref: HV/ALP2/001470)

Reg. No. CC/99/1260 P.O. Box 2746, 255 10th Str, Walvis Bay, Namibia Tel: +264 64 207400/3 Fax: +264 64 207402 Cell: 081 129 7407, 081 335 5557 E-Mail: Website:

Reg. No:75/0679

• New customer canvassing and follow-up

Namibians that comply to the above mentioned requirements, are invited to apply by submitting their CV, certified copies of qualifications and other relevant documents to:


Reg. No:75/0679

Technical Sales Representative Walvis Bay Are you passionate about customer service and have a natural talent for sales? We need you to promote our Hytec product range. Key Performance Areas include: - Servicing an expanding our existing customer base - Achieving agreed sales budgets - Compiling and following up on outstanding quotations - Maintaining up to date knowledge of our hydraulic product range - Initiating, planning and executing sales calls - Able to work without supervision Qualifications and Experience: - Post matric technical qualification will be an advantage - 5 years technical sales experience - Technical knowledge in the hydraulic or related industries - General sales administration experience - Computer literate - Knowledge of the mining industry. Applicants meeting the above requirements are encouraged to apply either by delivery or e-mail to: The HR Department P O Box 1492 Walvis Bay 198, 3rd Street East, Industrial Area Tel: 064 203457 E-mail: Closing date: 14 February 2012


SALESMAN Requirements: * Grade 12 plus 5 years experience in Hydraulic Parts. * Must be Namibian Citizen * Must have a valid drivers licence Please fax your CV to 207402 or mail it to

W/Bay Plant & Tool Hire Services cc Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire Services in Walvis Bay has vacancies for

CRANE OPERATORS 3x 20 to 60Ton 1 x 250 to 500 Ton The successful incumbent should conform to the following minimum Requirements: · Code C OR CE driver's license with valid GP · Valid Crane Operator Certificate (CULMEN) · Fitness /Medical Certificate including eye-test · Minimum 3 years' experience · Namibian Citizen · Be willing to travel out of town at times and work extended hours if required · Consistent and dependable · Sober habits · Literate in English and Afrikaans Main Responsibilities: · Safe & Efficient handling of client cargo commodities and company equipment as instructed by management · Daily & Weekly Maintenance Checks · Completion of Job Cards The Company offers: · A competitive salary commensurate to experience level · A team focused and rewarding working environment · Career development and training opportunities Written applications, including a detailed CV, certified copies of certificates and any contact references should be addressed to: The Office Administrator P O Box 1149 Walvis Bay E-mail: or fax: 064 205442 Closing date for submission of applications: 06 February 2014 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, and no documents will be returned.

Position: We seek a suitable candidate to fill the position of a

MOBILE CRANE OPERATOR at our Company. Reporting: The incumbent will report to the Manager of the Company, MrThomas Wolff Main Responsibilities: · Operating crane on various sites · Up keeping of own equipment all the time and maintaining the Mobile Crane services record. · Adhering to road and safety regulations · To perform other duties as requested by management Minimum requirements: · Valid Certificate to operate a mobile crane up to 80 ton · Must have a valid Driver's Licence · A minimum Grade 10 Education Certificate · Namibian Citizen / in possession of Namibian ID · Fluent in English and Afrikaans, both reading and writing · Previous experience operating 30- 80 ton Grove All Terrain mobile cranes will be an advantage. · Good Verbal communications skills · Ability to work independently · Sober Habits · Willing to work overtime as and when required · Willing to travel · To commence as soon as possible Remuneration: Rental Support Services offers a market related salary package as well as competitive conditions of employment Interested: Interested individuals meeting all the requirements are invited to apply, however, applicants must be prepared to undergo a rigorous assessment and interview process. Please submit your curriculum vitae and proof of qualifications with a covering letter, to E-Mail: CLOSING DATE: 14 February 2014 Please note: Only short listed candidates will be contacted



PROPERTY TIMES TO LET WALVIS BAY N$46 500 - 1250m² underroof warehouse in the heavy industrial N$7000 - Offices in the CBD. N$2300 - bachelor flat near the CBD. N$5750 - 2 bed flat, water + elec included. Please give us a call if you need us to rent out your property. Yolanda 081 147 9315 Tanya 081 427 0332 Talitha 081 337 3669


TO LET: Swakopmund. Luxury apartments, 2-3 bedrooms. Available from 1 March 2014. N$11 000 - N$ 17 500. Seaside Estates Birgit: 081 275 7827.


ROOM TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay (near Desert Store). Clean, private room available as from 3 Febr. 2014. Own shower, toilet, kitchen space. No drinkers or smokers. N$1800.00 p/m. Hot water. Call or sms 081 426 0594 / 081 269 2876.

********** TO LET: Central, Walvis Bay. Two bedroom flat ( b. i. c & stove) with garage, spacious livingroom, kitchen, bathroom. Water & Electricity excluded. Very secure. Rent is N$4500.00 p/m + Deposit. Available: Immediately. Contact: Thommy at 064-207997.

To Let Central Secure spacious 3B flat in the centre of town with Tgarage. N$7000.00 Central Secure 2B flat with sep. study/guest room in the centre of town with single garage. N$5000.00 Kramersdorf Modern spacious apartment 2B, 2B, 2G, private garden N$8000.00 Hage Heights 3 Bed with 4 garages and large erf with entertainment area N$9900.00 Long term fully furnished properties available Mile 4 – N$12 500 3B en suite with double garage Vineta – N$12 000 3B, 3B with garden, walking distance to the beach

064 – 404400 Gail Waldron

********** DRINGEND! DRINGEND!! Soek na ‘n netjiese 3 slaapkamer huis in enige area in Walvisbaai, behalwe Meersig. Moet onmiddellik beskikbaar wees. Prysklas: N$6000.00 N$7000.00. Slegs in Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 242 6437.

SOLE & EXCLUSIVE MANDATE - Meersig 3 bed, 2 bath house with lounge, Kitchen, laundry 2 garages N$ 1 350 000 Narraville 1020 m² Industrial ERF N$ 890 000-00 Saloom 081-3821888

********** FLAT TO RENT: 62 Seeadler Street Swakopmund. 1 Bedroom, open plan kitchen and living area with b.i.c. and stove. N$3800.00 incl. water and lights. Tel: 081 248 9477.

********** TO RENT: Walvis Bay. 3 Bedroom house + flat in town from February. N$6 000.00 p/m. W+E excluded. Contact: 081 128 8642. **********

TO LET Vogelstrand: Townhouse, Seaview. 3 Bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, guest toilet, double garage. N$7900.00 per month. Vogelstrand: Townhouse, 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage. N$7500.00 per month. Tamariskia: Bachelor flat with automated garage. N$3500.00 per month. Contact 085 124 9826.

********** TO RENT: Central, Walvis Bay. Spacious 3 bedroom townhouse (b.i.c.), Openplan lounge, diningroom, TV room, kitchen, 1½ bathrooms, remote garage. No pets. Approved tenants only. N$6800.00 p/m + deposit. W+E excluded. Immediately available. Contact: 081 249 0295 / 081 423 9200.


WOONSTEL TE HUUR: Walvisbaai. 1 Slaapkamer, klein kombuis, stort / toilet. Huur: N$2500.00 p/m. Deposito: N$1500.00. Water en Ligte ingesluit. Geen garage. Kontak: 081 605 7490 / 081 614 3799.


WANTED TO BUY: Looking for a house to buy in Kuisebmond / Narraville. Price class: N$180 000.00 N$220 000.00. Contact: 081 299 6260.



********** HOUSE TO LET Ocean View, nearSpar: 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, Diningroom, kitchen with inside braai, Scullery, 2 garages, Alarm. N$11 000.00 p/m. Water NOT inluded, prepaid electricity. Contact: Lindy 081 129 7093.


WALVIS BAY 20 4505


********** FOR SALE: Erf in Narraville for sale N$ 580 000 neg. Contact: 081 240 2444. **********

TE HUUR: Narraville. 1 Slaapkamer woonstel met sitkamer en badkamer. N$2500.00 p/m. Deposito onderhandelbaar. W+L ingesluit. Beskikbaar vanaf 7 Feb. 2014. Skakel: 081 327 9800.




CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE Swakopmund Tamariskia Plot and Plan for Sale. 3 Bedroom house with garage and 2 bathrooms, B/C’s for only N$980,000.00 (costs excluded) DON’T DELAY Contact Neville Smith Email: nevillesmith@cfsnami Tel: 064 - 412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017 ********** DRINGEND: Opsoek na 1 of 2 slaapkamer woonstel te huur in Walvisbaai. Enkellopend. Pet free. Skakel: 081 634 0574. **********

FAIRWAY ESTATE A beautiful corner erf, Ideal for the developer, can build 3 spacious units 1056m² N$ 1.3 million MEERSIG Family Home Ideal starter home for the beginner, spacious garden, 3 beds, 2 baths, double garage. 195m² N$ 1.65 million FAIRWAY ESTATE Urgent Sale! A perfect investment, 2 beds, bath, garage, courtyard! Tenant in place N$ 870 000 KUISEBMOND! Cash buyers only! 6 bachelor flats, all neatly tiled throughout, all with tenants in place. Total Rental income of N$ 10 800 N$ 810 000

Manuela 081 385 9179


EVELINE ROSENAU REAL ESTATES 3 x Arandis Plots for N$160 000 per plot. 450 sq.m per plot 1 x Henties Bay plot for N$325 000 488 sq.m 2 bedroom flat in Walvis Bay, New development will be completed by August 2014 N$720 000 TEL: 064 271 550 Cell: 081 463 4634 Email: ********** TO RENT: inArandis. A four bedroom house with a sittingroom, diningroom, kitchen, toilet, bathroom and a garage, Contact: 081 151 5903 / 081 309 9208. ********** DAPHNE SWANEPOEL PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND FARM OUTJO / XHORIGAS Game Farms! Two farms can be bought Together or separately! 3,400ha N$7,426,000 5,500ha N$12,012,000 Web ref 631699 ----------------FARM OUTJO / KAMANJAB Hunting game lodge!! 7073ha Price: N$28,938,000 Web ref 535852 DIETER 085 302 8813 DICKSON 085 588 6222 DAPHNE 081 129 9799


FOR SALE: New Development of flats + townhouse 1-3 bedrooms, Kramersdorf. N$960 000 - N$2 304 000 Seaside Estates Birgit: 081 275 7827.


WANTED TO RENT: in Swakopmund Town / Tamariskia / Vineta. I am looking for a Flat with 2 bedrooms to rent with build-in cupboards, alarm system and stove + garage. Price range: N$3500.00 N$4500.00 p/m. In a secure place. Contact: 081 232 7996.


MTN PROPERTIES KRAMERSDORF General business plot 1500 sq.m. N$1.8 mil. LONG BEACH Bachelor flat Open-plan kitchen Bathroom, Garage Registered CC N$650 000.00. HENTIES BAY (EXT 4) Plots from N$136 000.00.

Malakia 081 297 7253 Email:



Walvis Bay Lagoon - Bachelor Flat N$ 700 000-00 incl. costs Penni 0816095857


TE HUUR: Walvisbaai. 1 Slaapkamer woonstel met oopplan sitkamer en kombuis en badkamer. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Geen kinders. Enkel persoon: N$3500.00 p/m. W+L ingesluit. Vir 2 persone: N$3800.00 p/m. W+L ingesluit. Motorhuis apart vir N$300 - slegs vir motor doeleindes Deposito onderhandelbaar. Kontak: 081 376 2436.

********** TO RENT: A backyard Flat, Mondesa Ext.3. Build-in cupboards, bathroom. Shared outside kitchen. N$1950.00 p/m. Water included, prepaid electricity. No deposit. Now available. Contact: 081 295 5914.


MAYS TRADING CC: For Sale Light Industrial Erf N$5.7 million. Erf 4200m² boundary wall right around Erf. Newly built office space. Narraville House N$950 000.00. Good buy. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge and garage, b.i.c. Walvis Bay - N$1,9 million 3 Bedroom house, lounge, garage, 964m². Zoned, Business 1. Meersig Erf - N$1,3 million Extension 1. 1007m². Dolphin Beach Flat N$850 000.00. 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen and lounge, garage. Rehoboth Plot N$800 000.00. 5,5 hectare in Agriculture Area, Fertile ground. Swakopmund Erf N$750 000.00. Ocean View. 800m². Swakopmund, Mondesa N$1.470 Million. Erf size 1589m². 3 x 2 Bedroom flat (2 rooms, kitchen, livingroom bathroom). 2 x 1 bedroom flat (1 room, kitchen, livingroom, bathroom), 3 garages. Current income: N$15 000 p/m. Approved plans to build 15 x 2 bedroom units on erf. We are urgently looking for semi-detached (skakel huise) Houses, Flats, Erven in Narraville, Kuisebmond Walvis Bay, Long Beach, Dolphin Park for bank approved clients. Contact:

MOUNIEN 081860 1938 TRACEY 081 302 3806.

CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE RESIDENTIAL ERVEN NEAR MILE 4 Property is a great INVESTMENT! There are still nice, spacious plots available in Swakopmund’s upmarket area not far from the beach. Buy either plot & plan for approx. N$1.4 mil or plot only from as low as N$395 000 (costs and commission excluded) SWAKOPMUND OCEAN VIEW SPAR BARGAIN PLOT FOR SALE!!! MILE 4 Near Spar Supermarket Only N$650,000.00 For 875m² Commission Excl. DON'T DELAY! Contact Neville Smith Email: nevillesmith@cfsnami Tel: 064 - 412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017 ********** HOUSE TO RENT: Three bedrooms + garage House 769 (G7) to rent, Ochs Avenue, Tamariskia, Swakopmund. N$5 500.00 p/m + Dep. Water and electricity excluded. Immediately available. Contact Joseph @ 081 128 1455.

********** MTN PROPERTIES ESTATE AGENT TO LET TAMARISKIA 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen & Garage. N$3950.00 W/Incl. 3 bedrooms bic, 2bathrooms Open-plan Kitchen bic with stove, and Garage N$6300.00 W/L Excl 3bedrooms bic, 2bathrooms Kitchen bic with stove, Diningroom Lounge and Garage N$6900.00 MAHETAGO Bachelor flat N$2900.00 W/ Incl Pre-paid electricity OLWETWENI Bachelor flat N$2700.00 W/L Incl For single person only MONDESA Inside Room N$1900.00 W/L Incl Single person only 1 bedroom, bathroom and kitchen N$2500.00 W/ Incl Pre-paid electricity NARRAVILLE: Bachelor flat N$3300.00 W/L Incl. All Dep- required.

Malakia: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@


EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENT IN MONDESA Only 10 units left! Great Investment Option 1 - One bed apartment with carport – 41m² @ N$ 415 000.00 Option 2 -Two bed apartment with garage – 74m² @ N$ 715 000.00 Upmarket finishes - Porce-ain Tiles, Granite tops BIC, Fitted Kitchens, Built in Stove & Oven, Wired for DSTV. Rental income from N$ 2 500 p/m Talitha 081 337 3669

********** TO RENT: in Mondesa, Swakopmund. Two bedroom flat, single garage. Pre-paid electricity. Mondi Haven Court, Mondesa. N$5000.00 p/m. Excluding water. Call: 081 338 9265. ********** PRIVATE SALE: VINETA, SWAKOPMUND. QUIET AREA. A wonderful duplex spacious 3 bedrooms, Modern kitchen ,double Garage, enclose braai place. Future plans for entertainment could be on the Deck of Roof of Double Garage . Over seeing other scenes. You could hear the Ocean from the Complex. Registered into Close Corporation. Bargain Price N$2.2 MILLION Namibian Dollars. Occupation : immediate Available, You may Move in At any Time you wish. CONTACT:

Beaulah at or 081 450 9107 / 061-210685 Steven: stephen@reidagencies or 081 468 5992 / 061-210685. ********** CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE SWAKOPMUND FOR RENT OCEAN VIEW HOUSE Upmarket spacious double storey, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, openplan kitchen, scullery, lots of cupboards, lounge/dining, TV room, study nook, guest toilet, double garage, yard, alarm, sea view balcony, outside braai, close to shopping centre. Excellent located. N$14,500.00. IRENE 081 353 5551 / 064-412320





Classifieds CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication E-MAIL: OR

CFS PROPERTIES & INSURANCE SWAKOPMUND FOR SALE IN OCEAN VIEW The millionaires dream!!! Exquisite triple storey house with 5 bedrooms, 5 en-suite bathrooms, huge open-plan lounge / kitchen / dining room, 3 times entertainment areas, sea view from all bedrooms! 6 garages, outbuilding, separate washing room, heated swimming pool AND MUCH MORE!! Come see for yourself ONLY serious buyers to view the property, Price N$ 5.5 million (Cost excluded) negotiable Registered Contact: Neville Smith Email:

nevillesmith@cfsnami Tel: 064- 412 320 Cell: 085 370 7017 ********** ROOMS AVAILABLE in Kuisebmond. Price range: From N$1600 - N$1800.00 per month + deposit. W+E included. Available immediately. Contact: 081 147 3158 / 081 247 2717.

********** TO RENT: Kabeljou area, Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. URGENT - Bachelor Flat available for N$1850.00 p/m water and electricity included. Contact: 081 286 7210 / 081 205 9653.


TE HUUR: Narraville. 1 Slaapkamer woonstel te huur. N$3000.00 p/m + dep. Water en Ligte ingesluit. Slegs vir enkel persone. Skakel: 064-205323 / 081 675 5392.


FLAT TO RENT: Omeg Street, Vineta, Swakopmund. Fully furnished with DSTV. N$3 500.00 with deposit of N$3,500.00. Water and electricity included. Contact: 081 279 0088.


TE KOOP GESOEK: Ek soek ‘n Container huis om te koop in Kuisebmond, Walvisbaai. Prysklas: ±N$90 000.00 N$120 000.00. Kontant koper. Skakel my by 081 469 1507.

********** TE HUUR: Tamariskia, Swakopmund. 3 Slaapkamer huis in Tamariskia te huur. N$6000.00 p/m. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Kontak: Cell: 081 100 2156 Tel: 064-403 363.

********** FOR SALE WALVIS BAY: 2 Flats - Both CC. N$730 000.00 each. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 garage. Contact Du Plessis: 081 127 6049.

WANTED TO BUY: Looking for a house to buy in Walvis Bay Town / Narraville. Price range: N$400 000 to N$750 000.00. Contact: 081 385 6123.

********** TO LET: in Vineta, Swakopmund. 1 Bedroom flat. Carpot, patio. N$4500.00 p/m. W/L Incl. Seaside Estates Birgit: 081 275 7827.


TO RENT: One bedroom fully furnished flat with garage in Swakopmund (Vogelstrand) for part-time or for self catering holiday rent available. No pets. Contact: Petro Cell: 081 252 3553.

********** TO LET: VINETA. 2 Bedroom luxury apartment 2 sea side. Available from March 2014. Seaside Estates Birgit: 081 275 7827.


TO RENT: 1 x one bedroom flat, bathroom, open kitchen / lounge. New NHE Houses - Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Monthly rent: N$2800.00 + N$1800.00 deposit (negotiable). CALL: 081 235 6549.

********** FLAT TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. No.4584 Ongulumbashe Street. 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, openplan kitchen. N$2300.00 per month. Deposit compulsory. Water + Electricity included. Cell: 081 258 3134.


FLAT TO RENT: in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. 3 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, openplan kitchen and lounge. N$4000.00 p/m. W+E included. Contact: 081 481 1283.


BARGAIN! BARGAIN!! 800m² Erf for sale in Henties Bay. Ideal for either business or residential purposes. Only serious buyers can call, please. Contact: 081 203 7083.

********** FOR SALE: OCEAN VIEW. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen (BIC & stove). Open plan with huge lounge, outside braai. Double garage. N$1 800 000.00 excluding costs. Contact: 081 262 1129.


FOR RENT: Newly build bachelor flat in Swakopmund, Tamariskia 367 Kwartz Ave. 1 Bedroom, kitchen & bathroom (shower & toilet). N$3000.00 p/m. W/L Included. Available immediately. Contact details: Emma: 081 442 5050 Adolf: 081 278 0178 Imms: 081 838 0830.

FLAT TO RENT: on a daily basis in Swakopmund - Central town. 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with garage. N$1000.00 per day. Contact: 081 810 3498.


HOUSE TO RENT Swakopmund, Mondesa Near Woerman Brock: 2 Bedrooms, open plan kitchen, garage. N$5000.00 W/L Incl. Contact: 081 272 9634.


VACANCIES Vakante Betrekking: Soek “PRECISION” DRAAIER. Met ±3 jaar ondervinding. Faks CV’S na: 088 645 717. Sannah Brazilian Hair Boutique Salon & Barber Shop. We are looking for HAIRDRESSER who can start immediately. Can do the following styles Fishtail - Twist - Blowdry. We are situated in Walvis Bay Namport. Contact: 081 233 2893 / 081 639 7123. Vakante Pos: Walvisbaai. 1 x DRYWER met geldige PDP & C1 bestuurders lisensie. 1 x ALGEMENE WERKER. Moet onder druk en alleen kan werk. Moet sober gewoontes hê. Volledige CV’S kan by Hardap Freight Services (agter Shoprite WVB) ingehandig word. Vacancy: CAR WASH MANAGER. Needs Drivers license. • Be able to work with in a team • Be able to manage 10 people • Needs to work on Weekends • Knowledge of customer Service. • Age 30+ will be in you favour Send CV to: uniglobeinvestments@ Or deliver to Printworx - next to CTM in an envelope written on “Application for car wash manager.” VACANCIES: Edward Yon Construction is looking for 15 QUALIFIED BRICKLAYERS / PLASTERERS From 06.02.2014 @ N$20 per hour. Must work on his own and give good quality work. (NO Chance takers please!). Phone Owner on 081 328 9557.

VACANCIES Michelle Training Centre P.O. Box 4471 Khomashochland Road Walvis Bay. Vacancies: We are looking for TEACHERS in the following courses: 1. Afrikaans Language for beginners. 2. Portuguese Language for beginners. 3. Computer Literacy Course. Requirements: > Grade 12 certificate > Pass Afrikaans with D and above symbols > Pass Portuguese with D and above symbols > Fluent in English / Portuguese and Afrikaans > Computer Certificate / Diploma > Able to teach both youth / adults. Closing Date: 07.02.2014. For information, call 081 310 2588 for your CV’S delivery. NO SMS PLEASE!

ALL ROUNDER HANDYMAN for SWK. Workshop and building sites

SITUATION WANTED MAGGY: Is looking for any kind of job in Walvis Bay Town / Meersig / Lagoon / Langstrand. Domestic / cleaning / baby sitting / office cleaning. Can start immediately. Contact 081 682 3103. WERK GESOEK: Betroubare dame is opsoek na huiswerk vir 2 of 3 dae per week in Walvisbaai. Ek is baie hardwerkend en kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 807 3564. ASTERIA: Is looking for domestic job / ironing / baby sitting / kitchen assistant / cook in Walvis Bay / Langstrand for 2 or 3 days or whole week. I have diploma in Hospitality with 2 years experience. I am hardworking, reliable and can start immediately. Contact: 081 336 7815 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 40-jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk vir 2 of 3 dae per week of kantoor skoonmaak werk in Walvisbaai / Langstrand. Ek is baie betroubaar en hardwerkend. Ek het vorige verwysings en kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 411 0530.




BONITHA HINDJOU: Is a 21-year-old lady looking for domestic work, house cleaning, etc in Swakopmund from Mondays to Fridays. I am hardworking, reliable and can start immediately. Contact me on: 081 655 6249.

LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am a hardworking lady, looking for domestic work for 5 days a week in Swakopmund. I have 5 years experience and can start immediately. Contact: 081 789 9421.

WERK GESOEK: Ek is n 25-jarige meisie opsoek na huiswerk was en stryk - in Swakopmund of Langstrand. Vir 2 of 3 dae per week. Kan dadelik begin. Kontak: 081 336 5813.

LENNY MUTEZE: Is 23 years old, looking for domestic work in Swakopmund. I am willing to work from Mondays to Fridays. I am hardworking and can start immediately. Contact: 081 388 9830.

MARRY: Is opsoek na werk in Swakopmund. Huiswerk - kinders oppas, babas oppas. Ek is baie betroubaar, hardwerkend en kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 204 0157.

CALISTHA: Is looking for a full time job as Nanny or domestic job in Walvis Bay. Willing to do sleep-in. I am 31 years old and is very responsible and trustworthy. Can start immediately. Call me on 081 478 1005.

WERK GESOEK: Dame is dringend opsoek na werk as Reception of Filing. Ek het 4 jaar ondervinding en kan dadelik begin. 35-jarige dame is opsoek na huiswerk in Swakopmund. Kan dadelik begin. Kontak: 081 223 7031.

WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n Herero jongman (35) opsoek na werk by ‘n Besigheid. Dit kan huiswerk ook wees, soos “yards” skoonmaak, of plaaswerk soos met beeste werk, kan perd ry, windpomp regmaak, kampdraad regmaak of oordoen. Het ondervinding van 9 jaar op die plaas werk. Kan op ‘n plot ook werk. Kan trekkers ry. Ek is wat u soek. Kan dadelik begin. Skakel my by: 081 391 2845. WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk of Restaurant werk in Swakopmund. Ek is eerlik en hardwerkend en netjies. Kan ook kinders oppas. Kan onmiddellik begin. Kontak: 081 714 4158. VANESSA: Is a 24-year-old lady looking for domestic job in Walvis Bay from Mondays to Fridays Sundays. I have 1 year experience and is very reliable and hardworking. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 715 3101 / 081 448 5075. WERK GESOEK: Betroubare, hardwerkende dame is dringend opsoek na enige tipe werk in Walvisbaai. Huiswerk / kantoor skoonmaak / strykwerk. Kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 361 8463.

JOB WANTED: I am a 28-year-old lady looking for domestic work in Swakopmund for 5 days per week. I have 8 years experience in Domestic work and can start immediately. Can also work under pressure. Contact: 081 781 0932. MERCIA: Is looking for any kind of job in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. I am very hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. Can work under pressure and can start immediately. Contact Mercia @ 081 452 4064 / 081 364 9523. RINCHA: Is dringend opsoek na huiswerk vir 3 dae per week - Maandae, Woensdae en Donderdae, in Swakopmund. Is baie betroubaar, hardwerkend en kan dadelik begin. Skakel: 081 469 5705. LOOKING FOR A JOB: I am a 37-year-old lady looking for a job in Walvis Bay from Mondays to Fridays or 3 days a week. House cleaning / washing / ironing. I have experience and is English speaking. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 328 3271 / 081 218 3920.

JOB WANTED: I am a Fisheries & Aquatic SA graduate energetic lady at the University of Namibia looking for a job as Conservationist, Marine Biologist, Quality Controller, Laboratory Technician or as a Science Teacher. Please contact me on 081 378 0794 / 081 426 0594. EMILY: Is ‘n 43-jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk in Walvisbaai / Langstrand. Kan ook goed na bejaardes omsien en kinders oppas. Kantoor en gaste huis skoonmaak. Baie hardwerkend en betroubaar en kan dadelik begin. Het 4 jaar ondervinding. Kontak: 081 626 0234. JOB WANTED: I am a young lady looking for domestic job from Mondays to Fridays in Walvis Bay. I have 4 years experience and can start immediately. Contact: 081 352 9536 LOOKING FOR JOB Hardworking Diesel Mechanic / Truck Driver is looking for a driving position in Walvis Bay. I have CE Code 11 PDP and can start immediately. References available. Contact: 081 393 1233 / 081 861 7724. JOB WANTED: I am a 26-year-old lady looking for any kind of domestic job anywhere in Walvis Bay - Lagoon Meersig - Langstrand. I can start any time. Contact 081 634 4621 / 081 320 7713. ELMA: Is ‘n betroubare dame is opsoek na enige tipe werk in Swakopund. Het gasvryheid ondervinding en verwysings. Skakel gerus: 081 303 8312. JOB WANTED: I am a 25-year-old lady looking for domestic job / ironing / washing / house cleaning from Mondays to Wednesdays in Walvis Bay. Can start immediately. Contact: 081 218 8894.



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

AUCTIONS ROSSMUND PROPERTY AUCTION!! A Landmark, “Old Rossing Country Club” with all fixed improvements will be put up for auction on Monday,17 February 2014 @12:00 on site. Location: Swakop, “Rossmund” S 22*38'14” E14*39'63” Directions: 8 Km from Swakopmund / before Swakopmund on the B2 main road; turn south on the D1901 for 3km and the property will be on your right hand side. Follow auction signs. Registration: The 100% members interest in NamibseeRusoord cc will be Auctioned Zoning: Farm Lands, Municipality of Swakopmund Size: 37 Hectares Compromises: Restaurant and Bar with fully equipped Kitchen, Cold room, Freezer room, Reception, Conference Room, Functions Hall (250 pax) with own Bar, Billiards room with two full size snooker tables, various offices and store rooms, Laundry. ½ Olympic size swimming pool, kiddies pool, braai facilities, ablution facilities, shop. 3x Tennis courts, Bowling field, 2x Squash courts. 22 Guest rooms, with own bathroom and underroof parking. 2 x 3 Bedroom Houses. Batchelors Flat. Basic workers houses. 4 Two room workers houses. Workshops and store rooms. Own water supply from the river. Enclosed Recovery Sewerage System. Remarks: This is an all in one Sports, Recreational and Accommodation Facility.Partially renovated; just need to complete. Various other potential if you want to follow your dreams. Open day: Friday, 7thFebruary 2014 from 10:00 till 13:00. All interested parties are invited to an open day to view the property and familiarise themselves with the improvements. No unscheduled visits will be allowed. Conditions of sale: 10% Deposit of auction turnover as well as 3%+VAT buyers' commission payable on the day of the auction. Photos: For enquiries please contact: Alex McDonald 081 128 6821 Office: 061 259 607 Email:


AUCTIONS PROPERTY AUCTION!! WALVIS BAY INDUSTRIAL Industrial building on Auction, Walvis Bay Erf 4965, with all improvements will be put up for auction on Friday 21 February 2014 @12:00 on site. Location: No. 22 Ben Amathila Street Heavy Industrial Area Walvis Bay Zoning: Industrial Bulk: 1 Built area: Approximately 50% of the allowed 75%. Compromises: Offices, Workshops, Storerooms, Take Away, Laundry and Sheds. Areas: Office Complex 1077m² Garage 77m² Workshops 1348m² Storerooms 184m² Equipment shed 1079m² Boundary walls 100m² Paved area 945m² Remarks: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain an Industrial property of this nature close to the new upcoming Northern HarbourDevelopment of Walvis Bay. This N$30 Milliard Harbour development to come will add instant value to this investment. Conditions of sale: 10% Deposit of auction turnover as well as 5%+VAT buyers' commission payable on the day of the auction Photos: For enquiries please contact: Alex McDonald 081 128 6821 Office: 061 259 607 Email:

TRAINING NIRVANA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Training Academy 1st Course (SHEOMTRAC SAFETY OFFICER TRAINING) in Namibia (Walvis Bay) will start on 10 February 2014. Seats are limited. Please register to avoid any inconvenience and disappointment on or before 7th February 2014. For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our Walvis Bay branch: Mrs. Bottros 081 711 6373 Mr. Japhta 081 318 0811

SERVICES FURNITURE REMOVAL At The Coast Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email:

UITBOU VAN GRAFTE: Pre-cast or Bricks. Kontak: 081 618 8363.

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication






TUTALENI OLD CROOK SOCCER TEAM GENERAL MEETING Sunday 9 Febr. 2014 16:00 Behind Tutaleni Police Office. Contact for further info: Reuben Nangombe 081 727 5720 P.K. Morgan 081 631 0372 Rommie Xaweb 081 617 7008 Reuben Haraeb 081 147 7681

DE VRIES PLUMBING SERVICES Contact us for all your plumbing needs New/Replacement Bathroom & Kitchen Installations General Plumbing Maintenance Marius 081 212 2541

BAYJOINERY & RENOVATION SERVICES CC: We offer the following services: - Built-in cupboards, any kind of wood - Wooden gates, electrical with remote control - Manufacture solid wooden furniture to your specifications - Construction of new buildings - Extension and renovation of existing dwellings - General Maintenance - Expert tiling, painting, plumbing, roofs and interlocks / pavers. Call DEREK on 081 252 6095 for quotations or email:

ANNA CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION Constructions, Renovations, Roofing, Paving & Tiling.

TRANSPORT: 3-Ton Lorrie beskikbaar vir: - Huistrekke - Rommel - Tuinvullis - of enige ander behoefte. Skakel: 081 465 5992.

TRAINING OPTIMUS TRAINING Bookkeeping Training: Basic - N$950 (Cashbook, Debtors, Creditors and Reconciliations) Advance - N$950 (GL Accounts, Vat & Import Vat, Trial Balance and Reconciliations) Accounting - N$950 (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow & Forecasts) BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY FOR A GREAT FUTURE CONTACT: Irene 081 170 0774

MILESTONE TRAINING CC: > Customer Care > Frontline Etiquette > Receptionist > How to prepare yourselves in an interview > Office Administration Make a difference in your career: Work on your Passion, attitude and energy. All School drop outs welcome. Cost: N$1250.00. Includes: Material and note pad. Call as from 17:00 on 081 322 0177.

SERVICES Touch of Serenity VALENTYNSDAG 14 FEBRUARIE Bederf jou Valentyn met 'n pragtige bos blomme! Bestelling tot Maandag – 10 Februarie! Ons doen aflewerings in Swakopmund en Walvisbaai Skakel: 081 777 0116 Email:

GAS REFILL: on Fridges, Aircons car + house @ N$450.00. Contact: 081 618 8363 PRIVAAT BOEKHOUER: Ek doen privaat boekhou werk. Submit en hanteer ook alle VAT transaksies. LEONIE 0812621129 LAPTOP REPAIRS: On-site repairs whilst you wait! - Screen Replacements - Virus Removal - Data Recovery on Faulty Harddrives Call: 081 352 4524.

Uitbou van Grafte: Pre-cast or Bricks Kontak: 081 618 8363

* Stomach * Love handles * Saddles * Buttocks * Bra fat * Arms and knees

NON-SURGICAL PAIN FREE LIPO We Don’t Shrink fat cells “We BURST them!”

* Lunch time Lipo (Only 20min per session) * N$ 250 per session * No Excercise - No Diet * Lose 1 to 3 cm per session (60ml fat per session) * FDA Approved * Money back guarantee 5 Libertina Amathila Street Erf 348, Swakopmund

Call now for a free consultation +264 81 127 1984 EMPIRE BRICKS & ELECTRICAL: We believe everyone should own a home. Empire Bricks and Electrical Products: · 9” Block · 6” Block · 4.5” Block (new) · Super Brick · STD Brick · Face Brick · Interlocks (new) - Delivered: Other Services: Electrical Installation and Repairs. Office: 064-221565 (Jerry) Yard: 081 621 7765 (Charl) Electrical: 081 801 7331 (Karl) Projects: 081 621 7765 (Giel).

081 207 7651

Bay-Route Shuttle Services operate on an hourly basis Between Airports-WB-Dolphin/ Longbeach-Swkp In a 24 hour day ØDoor-to-Door Pick-ups @ N$70 ØStaff Transportation @ N$750 ØScholar Transportation @ -N$650 round-trip - N$450 one-way ØStudent & Pensioner Specials

Need a quick pick-me-up at a cheap rate, where safety is still the main priority? Give us a call!!

PRODEL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS: For all your renovations and construction needs with personal attention. Call for a free quote JOHANN STEYN 081 128 0848. TRADITIONAL DOCTOR KALENGA: He can help you through: Pregnancy - Education Court Cases - Love Affairs - Marriage Problems - Bad Luck - Businesses - Protection at Home - Removal of Tokoloshi - Mens’ Power Sexuality - Exams Job Problems etc. Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. CELL: 081 201 7887.

H.F. TRANSPORT Building Rubble, Garden Refuse, Furniture Removal etc. Anything else.... 4-Ton Truck.

HENK 081 780 4155. KITCHEN ELEGANCE For professional kitchen, bedroom and bathroom re-modelling. We do cabinets, blinds, tiles and flooring OR any other joinery needs. Quality workmanship guaranteed. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. Contact us on 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519. Visit us at www.kitchenelegance

Contact details: FILLIPUS: 081 128 1814 Email:

INTERLOCKS & PAVING: Ek doen interlocks en Paving @ N$22.50. Skakel JOHAN by 081 333 7734.

VERF: DAKLEK / SKADE / OORDOEN. Verf, Seël, Herstel en Oordoen van DAKKE en MURE. Geskrewe Waarborg en Gratis Kwotasies! 081 454 6870. Alle Bouwerk, Herstelwerk en Instandhouding van huise en geboue in Walvisbaai, Swakopmund, Langstrand en Hentiesbaai. Inspeksie verslae.

081 454 6870. TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck - Luck Muti Love Problems - Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself - Work problems Promotions - To get tenders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP - Remove tokoloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power sexuality - Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D Fiskaal Street, Tutaleni Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149. OPTIMUS ACCOUNTING SERVICES: ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS for Sole Proprietors & CC’S (Dormant and Operational) Management Accounts / Cashflow Business Plans Monthly Bookkeeping Get a quote today! We are the best by far. CONTACT: Irene 081 170 0774.

Touch of Serenity VALENTINES DAY 14 FEBRUARY Spoil your Valentine with a pretty bunch of Flowers!! Place your order for flowers before or on 10th February! We deliver in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay! Contact: 081 777 0116 Email:

+264 64 205537 +264 81 270 4395 www.carloshuttlenamibia

Daily scheduled shuttles : Walvis Bay - Windhoek Walvis Bay Depart Windhoek: 7am and again 14:30 Depart Walvis Bay: 7am and again 14:00 Depart Swakopmund: 8am and again 15:00 Pensioners only N$150.00 door-to-door 85Years and older = FREE OF CHARGE Private transfers and chauffeur services to any destination. Airport transfers and chauffeur services within city. *Special rates on transfers to Sossusvlei and Etosha*


Contact details: Tel: 064-221287 Fax: 064-221290 Cell: 081 143 3924 P.O. Box 2214 E-mail: Situated at Erf 4441 New Industrial Area next to Weighbridge Walvis Bay


OTHER PRODUCTS FOR HIRE: * Grinders * Generators * Welders * Sanders and lots more We deliver & collect

Contact us at Tel: 064-21 5400 Cell: 081 122 5554 Fax: 064-21 5444 email: saleswb@




Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

SERVICES SERVICES FIX-IT-ALL: Bank approved * Building, Plumbing and Electrical * Kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards. * Paving/Interlocks, Tiling, Painting, Sealing And Installing. Professional and guaranteed workmanship with a smile. * We also MOVE-IT-ALL (Furniture or Rumble) Call: 081 278 8092 or 081 612 3519 for more info. Best prices in town! CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANINGAND PROTECTION: Are your carpets dirty? Non-Toxic, Quick Drying. Your carpets stay cleaner for longer! For a free quote & enquiries, phone CHEMDRY CLEANING on Tel: 209292 or 081 124 4747. Walvis Bay / Swakopmund. Africa’s largest specialist Cleaning Organisation Drier, Cleaner, Healthier! We Service The Coast! WSK Customers welcome.

COASTAL PAINT WORKS: Enige Verfwerk, binne of buite. Seël en verf van dakke. Walvisbaai - Hentiesbaai. Kontak: 081 618 2217.

BAARD GROUP Baard Transport / Block & Brick

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810 · Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · De-watering · Hiring of ear th moving Equipment “The Service Makes The Difference”


TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: He helps with different types of problems such as court cases, love affairs, marriage problems, weak erection for men, vagina tightness, house problems. All types of STDs but not with Aids. Headaches, pain, chest pain, changing of bad luck, spiritual, Job problems, business improvement, any type of good luck. Never give up your lifeyour Doctor is there for you. Call DOCTOR MOYO 081 339 5913 House Number 471 Mandume Yandemfayo Str Mondesa Swakopmund.

A To Z CLEANING SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR CLEANING NEEDS. WE CLEAN: Lounge Su ites/ Loose Chairs/ Matrasses Carpets / Loose Rugs Blinds Accessible Windows Descale / Steam Clean Bathrooms / Ablution Blocks Machine Scrub Tiles WE OFFER: Daily / Weekly / Monthly Cleaning Contracts For Offices / Shops / Factories / Body Corporates Etc. Once Off Cleaning For Houses / Flats & Buildings Before And After Occupation. - Exterior Spray Cleaning TV LINK AND - Exterior Walls Of ELECTRICAL CC: Buildings / Flats / Houses GoTV Decoder + All Our Cleaning ProceGotenna + dures Are Done UNDER 1 month’s viewing SUPERVISION By Owner Or Supervisor. all for only CONTACT: N$499.00. COENIE BRAND · DSTV installations 081 129 7988 · Decoder testing JENNY BRAND · Move of dish · Fault finding or extra TV 081 148 5036 OFFICE 205036 points · TV’S, Hi-Fi’s, DVD NO 3 LAGOON STREET players and a lot more. · Stock Fabulous Aire & FAX 220878 Fragrances that Purify, EMAIL FINANCE Revitalise, Humidify and AZWVB@IWAY.NA refresh the air that we EMAIL OPERATIONS AZC@IWAY.NA breathe. · Photo copies · Faxes · Internet facilities · Game zone - come and play playstation 3 and HEALTHY LIVING Xbox games instore. NAMIBIA · Recharge vouchers. Are you having weight Multichoice accredited loss problems? installer. Think no further! We are in Libertina Amathila Str. (Opposite Pure Hoodia Gordonii * Proven appetite Multichoice Office). suppressant Visit our website at: * No side effects www.tvlinkandelectrical .com Take control of your Phone TV LINK AND eating habits with ELECTRICAL at Hoodia TODAY!!! 064-406032 or 406097 Info / Orders @ Swakopmund. 081 333 2455.


HAIR / BEAUTY JUSTINE/AVON: Pragtige pryse te wen. Beide boekies is propvol “specials”. Kry ‘n boekie by CTM Swk, Oneka, J&J Cash Loans, Lagoon Chalets Restaurant, Dolphin Coffee Shop, Sentrum Apteek. Baie meer specials by my kantoor van 10-2. Alle orders moet by my kantoor afgehaal word. ASB Moenie 9 die aand en naweek-aande bel nie. Kontak: Hannah Carter 081 124 2151.

SANAH BRAZILIAN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC: We offer genuine Brazilian Hair @ affordable prices. 10 inch - N$ 1150.00. 12 inch - N$1350.00. 14 inch - N$1450.00. 16 inch - N$1650.00. 18 inch - N$1700.00. 20 inch - N$1900.00. 22 inch - N$2000.00. 24 inch - N$2200.00. 26 inch - N$2400.00. 28 inch - N$2750.00. Visit us at Namport or contact us on 081 233 2893 or 081 639 7123.

JUSTINE / AVON: Valentynsdag Special!!! Cantare EDP 50ml - N$250 1 x Bella EDP + Bella room / Spuitgoed - N$350. Cantare / Golden Evening Bag - N$190. Encryption Mans EDP 100ml - N$220. Encryptian Mans EDP 50ml - N$180. Icon Man Black EDP Mans 30ml - N$59. 2 x Justine Tissue Oil 100ml + Seep - N$200. Verskeie gesigrome / cleansers. 2 Strandsakke Blou en Wit Sterk - N$180. Alle voorraad moet gaan. Wil nuwe stock hê. Ruby EDP plus selfoonsakkie - N$235. Avon produkte - half prys ou stock. Bel en vra of ek het wat jy graag wil hê teen ‘n laer prys. Beperkte voorraad op sekere items. Skakel Hannah 081 124 2151 - Boekies by Dolphin Lagoon Restaurant, Sentrum Apteek, J+J Cash Loans, Hair Creations.

CARS For Sale 2005 IVECO - 20 seater New Engine. Good condition. N$130,000.00.

Carlo 081 410 0837 FOR SALE: 1999 Hyundai Elantra 1.6, G2. 350 000km. N$27 000.00. 1999 Opel Corsa Sedan 1.3. 33 000km. N$31 000.00. Call: 081 261 6263.

CARS FOR SALE: 2007 GWM D/C White Bakkie 2.2 mpi with canopy. 80 000km on the clock. Very good running condition. N$60 000.00 only. Contact: 081 270 7769. FOR SALE: VW Kombi 2.6 Exclusive Mint touring condition. Spotless 100k. 081 638 6300. TROK TE KOOP: 4-Ton Nissan Cabstar. Ideaal vir ry van vullis + trekke. Goeie toestand. Prys: N$45 000.00 onderhandelbaar. Skakel HENK by 081 780 4155. FOR SALE: Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition 4.7L 4x4. Leather seats. Very neat car. 150 000km. Only N$60 000.00. CALL: 081 285 9839. FOR SALE: 2012 Ford Fiesta 1.6i Sedan. 25 000km on clock. Aircon, P/S. N$155 000.00 only. Contact: 081 270 7769.

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE TE KOOP: Oztent RV 4. Soos nuut. N$7000.00. Cell: 081 124 8072. FOR SALE: Old wheeler Car – Selling “as is” - N$50 000.00. Two Door with basin and toilet Caravan – Selling “as is” - N$35 000.00 Contact 081 279 0088 FOR SALE: Single bed with mattress. N$1300.00. Baby camping cot. N$1000.00. Pram with car seat. N$1200.00. All in excellent condition. Contact: 081 653 5965.

GENERATOR TE KOOP: Honda, 6kw, Petrol. Soos nuut. N$7000.00. Cell: 081 124 8072. FOR SALE: 2008 Scancia Horse G420 with trailer. In excellent condition. Price: N$750 000.00 excl VAT. Contact: Owner on 081 223 3333.

GARDENING FOR SALE FOR SALE: PALMS for sale, big and small, and can dig and plant. 081 638 6300.

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

LOST / FOUND / REWARD OFFERED STOLEN: Reward Offered. Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad SL 500 and Samsung Sync Master T260 LCD Screen. Stolen goods. Easy to identify. Laptop’s keyboard is defective. Call: 081 329 7730.

HOUSEHOLD/ FURNITURE GOODS FOR SALE: Brand new Plasma TV / LCD - box never been opened. N$3800.00. Macbook Pro 13 (Laptop) N$ 8500.00. Iphone 4S - N$ 4500.00. Samsung S4 - N$6200.00. 3 x New Black/chrome bar chairs, in box, never been used. N$400.00 each. Sleeper Couch/Seat, fold out into a normal height bed. N$2800.00. Defy tumble - N$2500.00. LG Microwave 42L N$900.00. All in very good condition. Contact: 081 251 9444.



CONTAINERS available TO RENT / BUY Call COWBOYS, your storage solutions in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 146 4770 / 064-418 150.

Vacancy: Looking for a “PRECISION” TURNER with ±3 years experience. Fax CV’S to: 088 645 717.


VACANCY Senior Admin Clerk

EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION IN WALVIS BAY: Bay self-contained rooms with TV. For 1, 2 or 3 persons from N$450.00 per room. Contact: 081 755 2813.

For our shortterm division : Commercial & Personal Lines. Requirements > Grade 12 > Shortterm Experience in Commercial & Personal Lines compulsory > Computer Literate > Presentable, good customer relation and communications skills. Email CV to


Pot Belly Piglets for sale. N$400.00 each. Tel: 081 127 6714 Tel: 081 278 7050

We buy gold and silver jewelry for cash, even if its broken. Contact: 081 344 3794. We do business in Swakop, Walvis, Henties and Arandis.************** Sida ge !uni-/gurib tsi silver i tsi ra //ama khoâ iga xawe haúre sida #harukub ge Swakop, Walvis, Henties, Arandis. Tsin ai hâ. //Na //nawa !goas ge a: 081 344 3794***************** Atulanda eogold, silver nee-jewelry kutya yateka kutya inayiteka. A tumonika konnumbe ! 081 344 3794 Omahala ongaashi, Swakop, Walvis, Henties, Arandis************** Turanda ongonda okesha nandee mbajateka turanda 081 344 3794. Tuungura ombusness mo Swakop, ombae, Henties, Arandis



FOR SALE: in Swakopmund Telefunken 32 inch Flatscreen TV. N$2500.00. Kelvinator Stove. N$2000.00 neg. Contact: 081 200 4722.


SPEED BOAT in mint condition with 150 hp V6. Full house with all extra’s. 081 638 6300.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BUSINESS PARTNER WANTED: A highly profitable company seeks partner/Distributors to expand multi-million, turnover business in your area/town. If you are ambitious, hardworking and business minded, do not hesitate to liaise with us. You can do it part-time or full time. Benefits involve: 43% profit Monthly bonus of U$50-150 000 Talk to us about health and beauty. Attend an introductory business opportunity meeting in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Call us on: SWK - 081 351 0957 W/BAY - 081 757 4876


SUZUKI SWAKOPMUND VACANCY • Driver required • Valid code 8 drivers licence • Mototrade exp., natis documents etc • Minimum grade 10 Must reside in Swakopmund Email CV to Or deliver to Suzuki, Burgerspark no. 2 Einsteinstreet. Swakopmund Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted Closing date 07/02/2014 Excellent Fires Namibia We are seeking for 50 young energetic guysBetween 18-21 –To be trained as fires Technician Grade 10-12. NO-Drinking an No Smoking Drivers License would be a preference. Computer Literacy would be A Plus CONTACT081 279 0088 DROP CV IN THE CV BOX AT EXCELLENT FIRES SWAKOPMUND

Looking for FRONT END LOADER DRIVERS at Baard Group. Must have a license to operate a front end loader. Please bring your CV to our office next to the horse stable's in Walvis Bay. NO CV's WILL BE RETURNED. Please do not mail or fax CV's. Closing date: 10 February 2014 Vacancy: Beach Lodge is urgently looking for a suitable candidate to fill the following position: Driver / Security Guard (Night Shift only): The successful applicant will report directly to the General Manager. Applicants must comply with the following criteria: · Namibian Citizen · Age Group 25+ · Valid Code B (08) Driver's Licence · Bilingual (English & Afrikaans) · Previous experience in the Security Industry is a pre-requisite · Good people skills and a team player · Be prepared to work on weekends, public holidays, etc · Must have solid traceable references Applicants must personally hand in CV's at Beach Lodge, 1 Stint Street, Vogelstrand, Swakopmund during office hours. No telephonic enquiries or faxed CV's will be accepted! Only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview!

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THE BOARD, MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF NOVANAM unites itself in deep sympathy behind The Honourable Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, as well as all the Esau Family and Friends, in this time of sadness on their loss of ANDREAS, brother, father and friend.



Vir enige gebed wat u nodig het 24-uur per dag 7 Dae per week Kontak: PETRUS KLEIN 081 417 5441

Brian Harold O’Niel * 11 - 06 - 1953 + 01 - 02 - 2014 Those we love are never really lost to us we feel him in so many special ways through friends he always cared about and dreams he left behind, in beauty that he added to our days... in words of wisdom we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone... Those we love are never really lost to us for everywhere his special love lives on. Rest in peace our brother, uncle & friend

Looking for our owners!

Monday 3 February (St.Blaise, St.Ansgar): TURNING TO GOD. When I lie down in sleep, I wake again, for the Lord sustains me. I fear not the myriads of people arrayed against me on every side. Psalm 3: 6-7. Loving God, help me to remember that You are with me, day or night, waking or sleeping. Tuesday 4 February: WE DO NOT KNOW GOD’S PLAN. If only I had died instead of you.... 2 Samuel 19:1. Dear God, may Your Love and Mercy be felt by all those who have lost children. Wednesday 5 February (St.Agatha): GETTING TO THE STARTING LINE. I said, “I confess my faults to the Lord” and you took away the guilt of my sin. Psalm 32:5. Thursday 6 February (St.Paul Miki and Companions): NEEDING GOD’S FORGIVENESS. Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you, leave there and shake the dust off your feet in testimony against them. Mark 6:11. Lord Jesus Christ, open my heart to your Word. Friday 7 February: UNCOMFORTABLE WITNESS. John had said to Herod, “It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife.” Mark 6:18.


FOUND in Strandlopertjie St. Hage Heights

Male cat found in Smarag St. Vineta.

Male Maltese, missing since December near Swakopmund Primary School in Vineta

Young, striped grey, female found at 53 Libertine Amathila st. Swakop. Has stitches

Dark brown oldish male dackel found in Lumen St. Vineta.

Snowy - White female kitten with off-white tail and blue eyes missing since 26/12/13 from Oester street in Henties Bay

Jessie is still missing Puppy picked up at the Police Station in town

From: Audrey, Denise Andrè & family MEMORIAL SERVICE: Tuesday 4 February 2014 15:00 In the Chapel at Swakopmund Cemetery Contact details: Mornè - 081 302 5705 Anchen - 081 257 1980

Tuxedo female cat, found in Lüdertiz st. Swakop

If you know us or our owners please contact the SPCA in Swakopmund at Tel: 064 - 404419

The reward for N$1000 is still valid for her safe return. People should immediately call 081 799 4655 or 081 216 6175 and not try to catch her unless they know what they are doing. Rather follow her at a distance or stay with her. If you know where we are of have seen us please contact the SPCA in Swakopmund at Tel: 064 - 404419



Kudus kies nuwe bestuur Otis Finck

Kudus Rugbyklub het verlede week hulle Algemene Jaarvergadering gehou en sowat veertig spanlede asook belangstellendes het ' n nuwe bestuurskomitee vir die jaar gekies. Die voormalige voorsitter Chandler Plato het uitgewys dat dit beslis nie 'n maklike taak is om 'n span te bestuur nie en het 'n beroep op nuutgekose lede gedoen om te doen wat van hulle verwag word en ook vir samewerking gevra. Die tesourier Burchell Sitzer het die finansiële verslag voorgelê en dit is deur die lede aanvaar. Sitzer het daarop gewys dat 2013 'n swak finansiële jaar vir die span was in vergelyking met 2012. Die klub het N$9 083 ontvang vanaf die Namibiese Rugby-unie in 2013 en moes die meeste uitgawes self dek. Kudus Rugbyklub het ook geen hoofborg vir die afgelope jaar gehad nie maar het verskeie borge ten opsigte van truie en vervoer ontvang. Allister Carolissen is genomineer en toe eenparig as Kudu Rugbyklub Voorsitter verkies vir 2014. Hy het die klublede bedank vir hulle vertoue in hom en gesê dat hy uitsien na die uitdagings wat voorlê en dat daar 'n harde taak op alle nuutverkose bestuurslede wag. "Hierdie jaar begin

klaar beter vir ons as klub omdat ons dit reggekry het om die Algemene Jaarvergadering soos wat beplan was kon laat plaasvind. Ek belowe dat besluite geneem sal word met die klub se belange in gedagte" het hy gesê en uitgewys dat spelers en ondersteuners vinnig is om klippe te gooi en dat daar 'n groot gebrek aan ondersteuning bestaan en dat daar van sommiges verwag word om al die nodige werk te doen. Carolissen het ook gesê dat die bestuur alles in hulle vermoë vir die klub kan doen maar dat die spelers die werk op die veld gaan doen en die uitslae vir die klub bring. Alle nuutgekose bestuurslede is genooi om so gereeld as moontlik 'n draai by die oefenveld te kom maak. "Klubs sukkel maar gewoontlik aan die begin van die jaar maar ons gaan beslis slaggereed wees met die afskop van die liga." Ten slotte het Carolissen vir Enzio Coetzee, Kevin Zaal en Chris Klaasen (nuwe spelers) amptelik by die span verwelkom en aangekondig dat die sowat N$40 000 wat benodig was om vir spelers se gimnasium fooie te betaal ingevor-

der is en dat daar gewerk word om so gou as moontlik die skrummasjien te herstel en beskikbaar te hê vir oefensessies. Derek Klazen wat die klub se beskermheer is, is gekies as ondervooorsitter. Hy het die lede bedank en belowe om alles in sy vermoë te doen om die klub te help. Hy het ook 'n beroep op alle klublede gedoen om te verenig onder die vaandel van die klub en gevra dat die spelers sal speel om te wen. Chandler Plato is as hulp-sekeretaris gekies. 'n Klubsekretaris sal nog gekies word. Donald De Koker vervang vir Burchell Sitzer wat vir die afgelope ses jaar as tesourier gedien het. Anthony Jevu gaan as skakel tussen spelers en die bestuur dien. Mario Mouton, James De Koker en Burchell Sitzer is gekies as addisionele lede op die bestuur. Collin Steves is gekies as wedstryd sekretaris Kudus Rugbyklub het ook 'n Besigheidseenheid in die lewe geroep met die doel om na die finansiële welstand van die klub om te sien en om fondse te bewillig en donateurs te oorreed

Dominic double clinch derby for Blue Waters in quick succession while Mutelo blocked a Donald Geiseb attempt in the dying moments of the match. African Stars scored a 2-1 away win against Blue Boys in Swakopmund. Edy Mangoumou gave Stars the lead. Jordan Haimbili equalised for Blue Boys. Pat Uanivi cleared a Milton Chapo shot off the line. Substitute Riaan Cloete scored the winner for Stars midway through the second half. Tigers regained their lead at the top of the MTC Premiership with a 2-1 away victory against Rundu Chiefs. Tigers took the lead through Benson Shilongo. Rundu Chiefs equalised and Protash Kabwe handed Tigers the winner in the second half. Orlando Pirates were dealt a 2-0 defeat by Civics. Civics took the lead before halftime through an Erwin Afrikaner goal. Maxwell Plaatjies made it 2-0 in the 56th minute. Ramblers beat United Stars 3-1 in Rundu and moved out of the relegation zone.

IN BEHEER VAN SAKE: Die nuwe Kudu bestuur om te belê in die klub. Die totstandkoming van die eenheid is eenparig deur Kudu lede aanvaar en bekragtig.

Kudus Rugbyklub se Jaareindfunksie vir 2014 sal op 4 Oktober plaasvind en die Algemene Jaarvergadering is geske-

duleer vir 11 Oktober. Die klub is besig om n ses-'n- kant raak rugby toernooi vir Saterdag te organiseer en daar

word beoog om vir Dolphins, die Erongo Rugby Akademie en Walvisbaai Rugby te betrek.

Achmet Abrahams wins January Seniors Golf Day Last Thursday we had our first month-end competition for 2014. What a great turnout with 22 golfers arriving for the big golf day, or was it for the halfway breakfast. It was also a real pleasure to have our sponsor, Ryno from Ocean View Spar, join us for the morning's golf. Ryno is one of those lucky natural golfers, who plays once a year, but still is able to hit the ball a mile. Generally this month's competition results were rather average. The only excellent score and winner for the day was Achmet Abrahams with 39 points. In second place and winner of the count-out on 34 points was Gerd Vogel. In third place was Willem

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Engelbrecht. With Achmet's win he has moved to the top of the Seniors Ladder. Question is though can he stay on top for the next two months to take home the trophy. The “JoCo” prize went to UK visitor Keith Lester. I guess he was influenced by the recent performance of his cricket team. A special thank you to Tienie and Tom for cosponsoring the day's golf, and for putting together an interesting program for the past month.



Otis Finck

Dominic double clinch derby for Blue Waters LHU Blue Waters defeated Eleven Arrows 2-0 in Kuisebmond on Saturday. Nigerian striker Edom Dominic, who joined Blue Waters on transfer from Arrows in the beginning of the 2013/2014 season, scored in each half and secured the victory for his new club.

The game was off to a slow start with both teams cautiously testing each other. The first real goal scoring opportunity presented itself to Arrows Mwanei Mapenzi whose shot went narrowly wide in the 17th minute. Arrows keeper Fanuel Merero denied Blue Waters’ Paulus Job in the 23rd minute. Referee Reinold Shikongo issued a yellow card to Blue Waters’ Gregory Auchumeb for a foul on Donald Geiseb in the 26th minute. An alerted Jealous Mutelo, who made his return as goal keeper after a prolonged 10 game absence due to injury, again denied Geiseb in the 29 th minute. Arrows defender African Jossob stopped Hendrick Somaeb in his tracks with a goal saving tackle in the 33 r d minute before Edom

Dominic scored his first goal for Blue Waters in the 35t h minute. Dominic's effort spurred his club mates into action. Blue Waters attacked and created numerous scoring opportunities but failed to convert any of them into goals. Enrico Hoebeb came close and nearly extended Blue Waters' lead after receiving a through pass from Somaeb in the 38th minute. Paulus Job wasted a chance in the 42nd minute and blasted another attempt over the crossbar before the end of the first half. Arrows keeper Merero denied Hoebeb in the 50th minute. Merero held on to a well struck rocket from Tobias Mekondjo, orchestrated from outside of the box in the 55th minute. Jossop again managed to save Arrows some blushes by clearing a Somaeb header from the goal

ON TARGET: Blue Waters striker Edom Dominic (in blue) tussles for the ball with Eleven Arrows Richard Tjitavi in Kuisebmond on Saturday. Dominic scored both Blue Waters’goals in the 2-0 victory against Arrows line in the 59th minute. On the other end Meroro were called into action and pushed an Enrico Hoebeb shot over the crossbar in the 73rd minute. He also

blocked a well struck and goal bound Tobias Mekondjo curling free kick in the 78th minute. Referee Shikongo handed Arrows

defender Richard Tjitavi his marching o r d e r s f o r remonstrating in the 80th minute. Dominic struck again in the 82nd

minute after he found himself on the receiving end of a defence splitting pass and in the right place to deceive Merero and

successfully put the ball into the back of the net. Merero denied Somaeb twice in oneon-one situations and Continues on page 19

Britten Ready for South African Challenge Walvis Bay teenager, Brendan Britten has left for South Africa where he will play the two top amateur tournaments on the South African Golf Calendar. After completing his matric at Walvis Bay Private High School in 2013, with a credible pass mark, Brendan Britten now turns his attention to the number one passion in his life, golf. Brendan has been a member of the Namibian Senior National Team for the past three years and will once again be in the national ranks at the Zone VI tournament to be played in Stellenbosch during April 2014. Before then however, he has the exciting challenge of playing in the South African Amateur Stroke Play Championship from 4 to 7 February. From 23 to 28 February he plays in the flagship event of the South African Amateur golf scene, the South African Amateur. These tournaments both have a truly international flavour with top amateur players from Scotland, France and other countries also participating. Britten is excited about the challenge which he sees as a chance to measure where his golf

is at present, and also to gauge how the swing changes he is working on with top South African Coach Llewellyn van Leeuwen, have impacted his game. When speaking to him over the weekend, he said he was happy with his game and positive about the tournament. When asked about his future plans Britten said he was going to use this year as preparation for his future in golf and will, finances permitting, play in as many tournaments as possible in South Africa this year. His aim is to be at a level early next year to be competitive in the Sunshine Tour “Q School” where the top thirty players receive their Tour Cards. Britten wishes to thank the following who have supported him thus far in his golf career, Walvis Bay Golf Club, Gert Olivier from Walvis Bay ProShop & Driving Range, Johan Esterhuize of BRG Biokinetics and Christelean Botha of Chamore Travel Agency.

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