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Port of Walvis Bay pivotal for Zambia-US copper trade

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8 330 tons of mining equipment discharged in Port of Walvis Bay

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Court Report Inside

IPC suspends Ciske Smith-Howard The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) suspended its Regional Councillor for the Swakopmund Constituency, Cllr Ciske Smith-Howard. The suspension sent shockwaves throughout the party, and there are also concerns that this could start cracks in the seams of the IPC. Howard-Smith confirmed her suspension to the media, but at the time on Wednesday was still waiting for her suspension letter. Reports state Smith-Howard was suspended following a meeting with IPC top brass in Windhoek, including the party’s leader Dr. Panduleni Ithula. Namib Times could establish through reports that Smith-Howard called for the suspension of the IPC’s Henties Bay Councillor, Siegfried Garoëb. Garoëb was dismissed from the Henties Bay Municipality in 2018 for dishonesty, and Smith-Howard argues he is not suitable to serve as Councillor. Smith-Howard is also the Chairperson of the Eronto Regional Council and has wasted little time since her election in November 2020 to serve both the community of Swakopmund and the wider Erongo Region. During the Covid-19 peak earlier this year she under her “Ciske’s Covid Task Force established two Covid-care centres for people waiting to be hospitalised, and organised soup kitchens. Her latest initiative is a project whereby landmark buildings in Swakopmund is illuminated by night in different colours to commemorate the people who died of Covid-19. News of her suspension was greeted with different opinions yesterday. Mostly in her support, and others stating they don’t hope this will start to form cracks in the unity of the Independent Patriots For Change and the party’s future which could include a win in the national and presidential elections in 2024.

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Sitzer new Junior Mayor

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Sports News Cllr Ciske Smith-Howard

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Swakopmund’s GRN buildings a disgrace Sharlien Tjambari Municipalities and Town Councils are not responsible for run down government houses, flats and buildings. This must be reported to the Ministry of Works and Transport. This was made clear by the spokesperson of the Municipality of Swakopmund, Ailie Gebhard recently, after the newspaper made inquiries regarding so many dilapidated Government properties at Swakopmund. “If a building is found to be a danger, then owners are informed to correct such a danger. If the owners fail to do so, then the building occupation rights are removed through a council decision,” Gebhard said. The government flats on Harder Street in Vineta is a disgrace. The flats are in a terrible condition. The roof is dilapidated and residents battle with sewerage water when sewer lines overflow from the property. In the case of rains, the roof cannot protect the building's interior and the situation worsens each season. Another building of concern is the head office of the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Swakopmund which is suffering structural decay as a result of neglect.

22 OCTOBER 2021

Namdeb extends diamond mining at Oranjemund by another 20 years Namdeb announced its long-term business plan earlier this month, confirming it would mine diamonds on land at Oranjemund for another twenty years. Had this plan not been developed, the mining of land diamonds would have ended at the end of 2022. News of the extension of the mine's life to 2042 is secondary employment, and the town of welcomed news for technical service providers Oranjemund could have become a ghost town and other contractors from across Namibia, overnight. including those operating from Walvis Bay (some It would have reduced the country's Gross 600 contractors are currently working at the Domestic Product and Government income in mine). the form of royalties and taxes would have been For the job seeker in the mining industry the news impacted. is also welcomed as another 600 jobs will be Government as the majority partner in Namdeb added to Namdeb's existing staff complement of 2 had to make a sacrifice as part of this long-term 100 (1 500 employees + 600 contractors). plan. It had to cut its royalty rate from 10 % to 5 % The launch of the long-term business plan was for the period 2021 to 2025. launched at Namdeb headquarters in Windhoek This royalty reduction would free up last Thursday with delegations of the de Beers approximately N$40 billion for Namdeb, and Group, Namdeb, Debmarine Namibia, the enable the company to invest in its mining Namibia Diamond Trading Company, and the operations. Over this twenty years period another Chamber of Mines of Namibia in attendance. 7,8 million carats of diamonds will be mined on The list of Government delegates included the land at Oranjemund, generating a gross income Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo, of N$159 billion. and Finance Minister Iipumbu Shiimi in Burger said production will ramped up by attendance. Minister Alweendo deliver the approximately 160 % of the current capacity over keynote address, followed by the CEO of the period of the next two and a half years. It Namdeb, Riaan Burger, and the CEO of De Beers, requires a capital spending of N$1,8 billion. Bruce Cleaver, also addressing guests. Government revenue would amount to N$40 Minister Alweendo said the closure of the mine at billion over this twenty years period, according the end of 2022 would have had devastating to Burger. consequences for the entire Namibian economy. It The life of mine extension by another twenty would have led to direct job losses, loss of years will also afford Oranjemund time to diversify its economy and the //Kharas Region will also benefit. Cleaver in his address said another 600 jobs will be created and Namibia would remain relevant for another two decades as one of the world's foremost diamond producers and exporters.

Covid-19 Safety Saves Lives...

Workers want Walvis Bay Salt to shelf retrenchment plans Employees of Walvis Bay Salt who are members of the Mine Workers Union of Namibia demand their employer shelf plans to retrench a number of its workers. Walvis Bay Salt recently announced the retrenchment of 25 workers as the company has increased production efficiencies and these positions became redundant. The Company plans to hire these retrenched workers from time to time on a non-permanent basis it the need arises. In a petition the workers not only demands the retrenchment plans are shelved. They also want Walvis Bay Salt not to proceed outsourcing these jobs after the retrenchment. Furthermore, workers want to see a process of “insourcing” where casual workers are given permanent employment. The Mine Workers Union gave Walvis Bay Salt until day end today to respond to these demands.

22 OCTOBER 2021



8 330 tons of mining equipment Drinking water from waste water on the cards........ discharged in Port of Walvis Bay A delegation of the Walvis Bay municipality, led by Mayor Trevino

A total of 8 330 tons of mining equipment, destined for Zambia and also Namibian mines, were offloaded in the port of Walvis Bay the past week. The cargo was discharged from the general cargo ship Top Elegance. Top Elegance docked in Walvis Bay on 15 September after a one-month passage from the Port of Longkou in China. The vessel departs Walvis Bay today (22 October 2021) heading for the Port of Luanda in Angola, according to a media advisory by Namport.

Water works at Windhoek with the Goreangab dam in the background

Forbes and the CEO Mr Muronga Haingura, is on a familisarisation visit to Windhoek to acquaint themselves with the operations of the city's Gammams and Goreangab wastewater treatment plants. Windhoek is rehabilitating its waste water to drinkable water for approximately five decades already, and is regarded as a leader in this field in Africa. Welcoming the delegation, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the City of Windhoek, Mr Mujiwa Mayumbelo, praised the continuing good relations between Windhoek and Walvis Bay. The City of Windhoek and Walvis Bay Municipality cooperate in many areas. This includes capacity building through training and interest to extend their cooperation to include areas of water security, emergency services, land delivery, and housing. It was also said by Mayumbelo a tri-partite inter-municipal agreement would soon be signed between City of Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund to further the scope of collaboration between the three biggest local authorities in Namibia. With regard to water treatment, the Gammams wastewater treatment plant has a daily output of between 32 000 and 38 000 cubic metres per day. Through funds by Germany the plant will be upgraded and expanded and grow the output to 50 000 cubic meters per day. Germany's Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) will fund the project at a cost of N$10 million.


22 OCTOBER 2021

Walvis Bay Court Report

Court Swakopmund Court Report Magistrate Court Dago Jacobs Harmse (20), appeared on a charge of possession of dependence producing substance. The matter was postponed to 2 November for plea. The accused is at large, and a warrant of arrest has been issued. James Tourob (22) and Bryan Oxurub (29), appeared on a charge of possession of suspected stolen property. The matter was postponed to 1 November for fixing of trial date. The accused are on bail. A 17-year-old boy, appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 2 November for fixing of trial date. The accused remains in custody. Prescilla !Ndarises (42), appeared on a charge of malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 2 November for fixing of trial date. The accused is at large, and a warrant of arrest was issued. Imma Weyulu (29), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 1 November for fixing of trial date. The accused is on bail. Paul Uiseb (22), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 4 November for fixing of trial date. The accused is on bail. David Erasmus (30), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 2 November for fixing of trial date. The accused remains in custody. Dylan Goaseb (18) and a 17-year-old boy, appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 4 November for fixing of trial date. Dylan Goaseb is on bail while the 17-year-old boy, was released in care of guardian. Jonas Uunona (48), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 1 November for plea. The accused is on bail. Riaan Nanus (26), appeared on a charge of assault on a member of the police The matter was postponed to 2 November for fixing of trial date. The accused is on bail. Robert George Maletzky (36), Fritz Evansen (40) and Reinhod Julius Rheeder (52), appeared on a charge of possession of suspected stolen stock. The matter was postponed to 16 November for legal aid. Maletzky and Evansen have been warned while Rheeder has been summoned. Henzil Gawaseb (21), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 3 November for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Emilie Nambungu (29), appeared on a charge of murder read with provisions of the domestic violence act. The matter was postponed to 16 November for legal aid. The accused remains in custody. Richard Goabab (53), appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed

to 23 November for legal representation. The accused remains in custody. Frankie Karob (31), appeared on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor and reckless or negligent driving. The matter was postponed to 27 October for fixing of trial date. The accused is on bail. Terence Guibeb (30), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 1 November for tracing of accused. The accused is at large, and a warrant of arrest was issued. Leonard Nghilifavali (34), appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and assault by threat. The matter was postponed to 28 October for fixing of trial date. The accused remains in custody. Alexandra Cloete (20), appeared on a charge of failing to ascertain injuries sustained- road accident. The matter was postponed to 26 October for plea. The accused is on bail. Ennes Hansen (22), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 25 October for fixing of trial date. The accused remain in custody. Selma Kamati (23), appeared on a charge of culpable homicide. The matter was postponed to 25 October for plea. The accused has been warned. Eliaser William (42), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 26 October for fixing of trial date. The accused remains in custody. Luciano Meyer (22) and Fransiscus Jager (18), appeared on a charge of possession of dependence producing substance. The matter was postponed to 23 November for legal representation. The accused remains in custody. Hester Steenkamp (39), appeared on a charge of theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 17 November for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Kashikumbe Ndalifiwa (21), appeared on a charge of robbery. The matter was postponed to 29 November for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Johann Steyn (46), appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 17 February 2022 for trial. The accused is on bail. Thomas Naimbanga (33), David Amutenya (31) and David Shikufinda (33), appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 21 February for plea and trial. Thomas Naimbanga and David Shikufinda are on bail while David Amutenya hasbeen warned. Cornelius Fredericks (35), appeared on charges of dealing in cocaine and the contravening of section of the prevention of organised crime act, act 29 of 2004. The matter was postponed to 15 November because the docket was not at court.

Underaged boy (17), Assault with the intent to do Grievous Bodily harm read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003. (April 2021) The matter is postponed to 9 March 2022. Plea and Trial. Hipwadilo Simon (44), Assault with the intent to do Grievous bodily harm (July 2021) The matter is postponed to 8 March 2022. Plea and Trial. Ronnies Garoeb (31), Two counts of Possession of drugs (April 2021) The matter is postponed to 8 March 2022. Plea and Trial. Underaged boy (17), Contravening the Immoral practices Act 21 of 1980 as Amended (August 2021) The matter is postponed to 24 November 2021. Legal Aid. Frans Kanyerera (28), Assault common read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003. (October 2021) The matter is postponed to 2 November 2021. Plea and Trial. Pension Bees (26), Theft (October 2021) The matter is postponed to 23 November 2021. Further Investigation. Sylvanus Nghipundjwa (49), Drunk Driving (October 2021) The matter is postponed to 26 October 2021. Plea. Evelyn Genius (41), Perjury (October 2019) The matter is postponed to 20 October 2021. Plea. Engelbrecht Romario (23), Drugs (October 2020) A warrant of arrest was issued. At large. Shirunga Pinias Malakia (35), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (13 September 2020) The matter is postponed to 17 March 2022. Trial partly heard – Continuation of trial. Sitali Karuihae (27), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm, Theft, Trespassing (January 2021) The matter is postponed to 18 November 2021. Mental Observation Report in terms of Section 79. Llewellyn Beukes (30), Refusal to provide a breath specimen (April 2021) The matter is postponed to 21 February 2022. Ndjimbu Hosea (26), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (March 2021) The matter is postponed to 16 March 2022. Trial. Bjorn Markowitz (40), Pointing a firearm read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act of 2003 (May 2021) The matter is postponed to 24 March 2022. Plea and Trial. Filipus Nuuyoma (39), Furnishing False Information (September 2021) The matter is postponed to 2 February 2022. Plea and Trial. Petrus Shaanika (33), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft, displaying a licence disc not applicable to a vehicle, Housebreaking (October 2021) The matter is postponed to 22 November 2021. Furhter investigation. Kesmodel Mesuw (23), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm, Theft (September 2021) Further Investigation. Gerson Haidilu (29), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (August 2020) The matter is postponed to 18 November 2021. Trial Partly Heard.

22 OCTOBER 2021


A New School

A new school for pre-primary learners was completed this month by Tutungeni Precast and handed over to HappyDu, an Italian non-governmental organisation operating a number of schemes in Namibia. In fact, Tutungeni's construction team has moved on to Rundu to complete another of these projects in time for next year's school-opening. The magic of the collaboration between HappyDu and Tutungeni, lies in the affordability, speed and versatility of the buildings Tutungeni is offering. Namibia's housing backlog can be addressed by cutting red tape and accepting innovation. Especially in the low-cost housing categories, there are many innovative, off the shelf, answers for the shortage of thousands of units for the poorest of the poor, while these building methods can provide immediate solutions to catastrophic events like resettlement after shack fires and natural disasters. In this regard Tutungeni Precast came up with such an alternative building method some years ago already and went through the laborious process of getting all the required certification from a number of local authorities in an effort to roll out some serious numbers. In fact, with Swakopmund's Municipality as the latest subscriber, township life at the coast is set to change forever and with a little help from friends (in the financing business or perhaps employers providing housing for employees) decent living conditions in the informal settlements are now a very real possibility. To take the concept of precast buildings further and to demonstrate the worth of the methodology, the managing director of Tutungeni, Mr Wessel Loubser, is now busy with the construction of yet another school in Swakopmund's Mondesa Suburb. Funds for the school was donated by an Italian nongovernmental organisation, HappyDu (www. happydu.org) who, are no strangers to Namibia. A similar structure for pre-schoolers and after school care were erected by Tutungeni in the Havana-township in Windhoek. In the same fashion a number of government schools in remote areas were erected, while farmers and industry has called in the expertise of Tutungeni. Most importantly, Tutungeni's contribution to cheaper, durable housing, that is designed for individual taste, style and affordability is cutting it with banks and urban authorities alike. Swakopmund, Windhoek, Rundu, Rehoboth and a number of other jurisdictions are comfortable with the Tutungeniproduct, as long as all certification is in place and the structures have been signed off by structural engineers. At least one commercial bank is on board and willing to finance such houses, subject to some very normal commercial conditions.

In Namibia, where acess to affordable housing remains an almost insurmountable task, the Tutungeni concept might just be the answer to persistent socioeconomic challenges. Namibians demand housing and a place to call home. With the number of structures already erected in urban areas, the Tutungeni Building concept has now evolved into a bankable investment for venture capitalist to consider. "Of course,", said Mr Loubser, "we will listen to prospective investors who might be interested in investing in our company. That is business and we offer a proven concept, with a back-up of history, all the negotiations with local authorities, banks and engineers. It is, in the light of the housing backlog and the variety of housing needs that exists, perhaps one of the best investment opportunities one can think of. Just recently, the Minister of Fisheries, Mr Derek Klazen, mentioned that donating tins of fish as social responsibility is not always the answer. Perhaps the big players in the fishing industry should invest in housing for certain categories of workers and get workers out of the ghetto's they are now living in." Tutungeni Precast's flagship projects remain the two schools that were build in Windhoek and at Swakopmund for the Italian NGO, HappyDu. These projects were done cheaply, in budget and on time, demonstrating the effectiveness of the building innovation. After all, it is precast, it is plastered, painted and properly roofed to last a lifetime. What is more, Tutungeni delivers a product that is affordable and it can be financed, insured and as it is modular in design, it can be added on to. Tutungeni's houses comes with water and electricity connections, basic finishes as to customer's request and within local authority specs. Tutungeni has a portfolio of projects that varies from schools, clinics, tourism, housing for labourers, store rooms, shops and temporary shelter at mines that were later turned into proper houses. If the Tutungeni building concept was utilised in Walvis Bay, when 134 ghettos were destroyed in a massive fire last year, the comparative example could be considered that many more houses could have bee built in a fraction of the time it took to house the victims, said Mr Loubser. "In the main, the Tutungeni-structure is built on a normal foundation and surface base with prefabricated panels that is then plastered and painted over. The roofing structure is designed from light steel galvanised steel, and at the coast we use fibre cement roofing plates. The speed and durability are in the simplicity of the structures," he said. As these houses are built in modelled sections, owners can add to structures as and when the need arises.



22 OCTOBER 2021

Port of Walvis Bay pivotal in Zambia-US copper trade

NOTICE FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Environam Consultants Trading cc (ECT) hereby gives notice to all potentially Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 of 6 February 2012) for the following: PROJECT NAME: Proposed Terminal at Namport for Storage and Handling of Industrial Minerals, Base and Rare Metals PROJECT LOCATION: Portion of Erf 1920 within the Walvis Bay Port PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project is composed of the following amenities: · Storage and Handling of Industrial Minerals, Base and Rare Metals. PROPONENT: BigenKuumba Terminal

A shipment of 8 500 metric tons of break-bulk copper cathodes was exported through the port of Walvis Bay recently, destined for the United States. According to the Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) this is the second of its kind export through Walvis Bay. The bulk carrier vessel Unisea loaded the copper cathode. within SADC, further reads the statement. Break-bulk cargo shipments are on the increase as there is a global shortage of cargo containers. The copper cathodes were Namibia has four transport corridors that connects it to other produced at the Mopani Copper Mine in Zambia and SADC countries namely; Trans Kunene connecting Namibia to Angola, the Walvis Bay Ndola Lubumbashi Development transported to Walvis Bay by road. Corridor connecting to Zambia and southern Democratic “Due to the ongoing global shortage in containers, it has Republic of Congo, Trans Kalahari Corridor connecting become a phenomenon for shippers to opt for their Namibia to Botswana and lastly the Trans-Oranje Corridor consignments to be carried by bulk vessels to ensure continuity responsible for connecting Namibia to the Republic of South of operations and less dependency on containers”, Namport Africa. explained in a statement. The Namibian ports are not only strategically located, but the With Namibia's ports being strategically located along the West Ports Authority has furthered this advantage by investing into Coast of Africa, and supplemented by the country's excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment in order to road infrastructure which is rated number one in Africa, the provide a superior customer service experience to everyone country continues to play a leading role in the facilitation of making use of its facilities at both ports. trade via our transport corridors serving hinterland markets

REGISTRATION OF I&APs AND SUBMISSION OF COMMENTS: All Interested and Affected Parties (I&Aps) are hereby invited to register and submit their comments, concerns or questions in writing, kindly contact: Email: colin@environam.com Fax: 061 258 470 or Mobile: 0814584297 on or before 04 November 2021. Date and venue of public meeting will be communicated to registered I&APs.




21-Oct GRT




22 OCTOBER 2021



Doughnut Bar will open its doors to the public soon Sharlien Tjambari

The 1877 Doughnut Bar which is situated on the Swakopmund Jetty, will open its doors to the public on 29 October this year. The Bar sells doughnuts that are not oily but fresh, soft in the inside with a crunchy crust. Karen who is ambitious with everything she does, says her motivation to open the 1877 Doughnut Bar was her son, “a couple of months ago my son said he has been everywhere in Namibia and could not find a decent doughnut, that is when the idea was born”. She said, when making doughnuts, not only the dough must be perfect, but all the ingredients must be well coordinated with each other. She uses eleven different types of ingredients when making a doughnut, so her doughnuts are not ordinary. She said: “This is the only way to create a perfect taste experience for our customers and to keep our customers happy. We give you a taste that was forgotten in time”. According to Karen, the yeast she uses originates from her great-grand-mother from the 1800s. Karen and her husband André said they make their doughnuts according to the German craftmanship and tradition. They said: “the traditional way of doughnut making is very time consuming. You will never forget this taste. These doughnuts will be your reference for every doughnut that you will eat for the rest of your life. We only produce

products of the highest quality, quality you can taste and fall in love with”. Karen is a qualified gourmet cook and has years of experience in the Guest industry. She was introduced to the world of cooking and baking by her mother as a child. When she was 6-years-old she baked her first cake which was a bit firm, but with a very nice taste. The shop not only sells doughnuts but cakes as well. Cakes are baked on request and are also baked according to the German craftmanship. Karen said: “We use fresh cream and butter. The price depends on the cake”. The 1877 Doughnut Bar offers free deliveres if you place an order of N$500 or more in Swakopmund or you can pick up your order. Orders are placed a day before you can pick it up. They deliver doughnuts and cakes to you for your Doughnut party, Birthday, Company functions, Wedding, Christmas, New Year parties etc. Visit the 1877 Doughnut Bar websites at 1877Doughnut-Bar.com or at 1877-Doughnut-Shop.com for online shopping and more information or simply call them at +264 81 396 9585 for orders.


22 OCTOBER 2021

Sitzer new Junior Mayor

The new 2022 Junior Town Council of Walvis Bay Rudi Bowe

Jasmine Sitzer from Duneside High School was elected as the new Junior Mayor of Walvis Bay. Inês Martins from International School of Walvis Bay as her deputy and the Head Prefect of The Dolphin Schools, Nadine Willemse, as the junior Chief Executive Officer. The Junior Council is not ceremonial leaders, but community activists who contributes to the development of their community and are structured to help mould children into great leaders. The three determined ladies was sworn in with 32 other new members of the Junior Town Council members that are drawn from various schools within the boundaries

of Walvis Bay and will serve for a period of one year. Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay Saara Mutondoka reminded the junior councillors to adhere to the principles and rules set out in the code of conduct. “Acknowledge the responsibilities of the position you serve in and strive toward implementing it with integrity. Mutondoka said, “Junior council mem-

bers are expected to act responsibly at all times and not to engage in any activity that might bring the name of the junior town council and the Walvis Bay town council into disrepute.” “It is my hope that you will use this opportunity to become excellent ambassadors for your schools and that you will serve your community with dedication and pride,” Mutondoka said. The rest of the junior executive council mem-

bers are: Killian Beukes (Deputy CEO), Andreas Gabriel (Public Relations officer), Shaiden Solomon (Deputy Public Relations Officer), MC Marshall Tsowaseb (Human Resources), Nikita Fransman (Deputy Human Resources), Sunsunet van B l e r k ( Tr e a s u r e r ) , Jenni-Lee Beukes (Secretary) and Hiliya Nuukula (Deputy Secretary). Thes enior members are Claudia Shivute, Georgia Coomber,

Mia van Wyk, Bianca Ama-kali, Muyenga Katjapire and Rebbeka Hau-kongo. The junior councillors that were sworn in are Liam Allen, Ronaldo dos Santos, Lydia Gururas, Sinclair Halupe, NelaoHangula, Kurtley Jacobs, Josephine Lifumbela, Leon Liyebelo, El-Shakai Mugabe, Emilia Ngeno, Sonia Nghilunanye, Taimi Nghuutoola, Julian Pick, Jazzman Pieters, Dominikus Placidus, Mary Vries, Michaela Yala and El-Zanna Zaahl. Jasmine Sitzer said in her acceptance speech she is honoured and privileged to have been elected as junior mayor of Walvis Bay. Sitzer said, “My goal is not just too only empower and Uplift the youth but also to empower councilors to come out of their comfort zones and invest in the platform they are given.” “You see, I believe that life is not measured by the amounts of breaths we take, it is moments like this that take our breath away, I will use

all the breaths I take to take your breath away,” Sitzer said. The new Junior Mayor said when she first heard that she is to be the next junior mayor, “I was exhilarated, and a few hours later, reality struck and I asked myself how am I going to pull this off, then I remembered that I have an amazing team of councillors.” The new Junior Chief Executive Officer Nadine Willemse said she believes that this impressive group of councillors is and will be the best that Walvis Bay has ever encountered. Willemse said, “My goal is not just to empower and uplift the youth, but also to empower councillors to come out of their comfort zones and invest in the platform they are given.” According to Willemse the year will be a busy one as they planed the following; A talent show, a Superhero and Disney Day project where councillors dress up as Superheroes' or Disney characters to

visit orphanages to entertain children, embarking on an education campaign, are some of the projects the new junior council is planning. Other projects include a debate and spelling bee, clean ups, fun walks, run or cycle events and a movie night. The outgoing Junior Mayor Kristine Shetuyenga said serving on council has helped her and the councillors grow mentally and prepared them for their next journey. Shetuyenga said, “We interacted more with the youth than we initially anticipated. This was due to the challenges brought on by Covid-19 and our commitment to make sure that we serve the youth.” She shared with the new councillors the journey won't be easy and that they should remember, it is not about the title but about the people you serve. “The youth of Walvis Bay is counting on you. Let you be the change we desire to see and the voice of the voiceless,” Shetuyenga said

22 OCTOBER 2021



JFTC donates desks and chairs to Flamingo Primary Rudi Bowe

The Jumbo Fair Trade Committee (JFTC) consisting of factory workers from Jumbo Charcoal in Okahandja and Walvis Bay donated 80 school desks with 160 chairs to the value of N$160 000 toFlamingo Primary School in Walvis Bay.

Principal of Flamingo Primary Emsie Orusand the Chairperson of the Jumbo Fair Trade Committee with one of the school desk and chair that was donated to the school

Flamingo Primary School learners at new desks and chairs

JFTC manages funds raised through the production of Fair Trade charcoal supplied to Jumbo Charcoal factory with the aim to improve the well-being, health, education and lifestyle of employees, their families and the community, through the execution of fair trade projects. Chairperson of the Jumbo Fair Trade Committee, Jenny Paulse said after visiting the school, they observed that some learners were using desks and chairs that are normally used in a school set up. Paulse said, “Every year a certain percentage of the charcoal sold to companies abroad, is allocated towards the committee. The committee members then check where the need is in Walvis Bay, where they have a depot, or Okahandja where Jumbo Charcoal's head office is located.” Ms Paulse said “JCFTC also gave donations in the form of textbooks to eight government schools in Okahandja, the installation of community taps at Nau-aib, shelter for the Okahandja State Hospital, mattresses and beds to charcoal burners on various farms, English literature classes and a vegetable garden for Jumbo Charcoal employees in Okahandja, and most recently, desks and chairs for Flamingo Primary in Walvis Bay. Paulse challenges local companies to help schools not only Flamingo. “There are so many other schools that we as business can look after. “Let us start fighting for our future teachers, lawyers and doctors and to ensure that our children have a safe space when they attend school.”

The committee also visited other schools in Walvis Bay to see where else they can assist in the future. The Principal of Flamingo Primary, Emsie Orus,said that the new school desk and chairs are for four finished class rooms that were built by a group of parents with the schools management and board. Orus said, “The group decided not sit and wait for the Government to build the classrooms at the school. They started with fundraising to build the seven classrooms needed at the school and with the little money that was raised, small contribution from some of the parents and generous contribution from companies, the building of the four classrooms were done. The Principal expressed her gratitude to Jumbo Fair Trade Committee for the donation of the school desks and chairs. “You can be ensuried that we provide quality education in a conducive environment.” “We will look after the donated items to make sure that future generations can also make use of it. We want you to visit after a year, and see how we have taken care of your donation,” Orus said. Orus challenges the business community to help the school that educates 80% of disadvantage families. “We have in-complete classes. Children sitting in garages, it's not a pretty picture. We have qualified teachers that provide quality education and we want to ensure we have a con-ducive environment for our children. The need at the school is still very big.”


22 OCTOBER 2021

NOTICES NOTICE CONSENT USES, ERECTION OF BUILDINGS AND USE OF LAND IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Municipal Council considers the following consent uses, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering & Planning Services. Benguella Butchery herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for special consent for the operation of a butchery on the premises of Erf 622, Hidipo Hamutenya Number 54, Mondesa Extension 1. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge such objection/s in writing and within 14 days, from the date of the last publication, to the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant, during normal business hours. Closing date for objections or comments is 15 November 2021. Contact Person: Charlene Hartung, Cell: 081 446 1185, Email: pa@benguellabutchery.com or Mr. J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning) jheita@swkmun.com.na Tel: +264 (64) 4104403.


Notice is given that an application in terms of

the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licencing Committee, Region Erongo. 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Nigel Martin, P O Box 2668, Walvis Bay. 2. Name of business or proposed business to

NOTICE CONSENT USES, ERECTION OF BUILDINGS AND USE OF LAND IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Municipal Council considers the following consent uses, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering & Planning Services. P.R.O. Housing CC herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for special consent to operate a Resident Occupation: Administrative Office on the premises of Erf 4456, (Daffodil Street), Swakopmund Ext.9. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge such objection/s in writing and within 14 days of the last publication, to the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant, during normal business hours. Closing date for objections or comments is16 November 2021. Contact Person: Mr P R Ockhuisen, Cell: 081 122 7756 Email:hrockzen@gmail.com or or Mr. J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 4104403.

which application relates: Z.T.S Trading Enterprises. 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: No.6 Willie Botha Street, Narraville, Walvis Bay. 4. Nature and details of application: Special Liquor Licence. 5. Clerk of the Court with whom application will be lodged: Clerk of t h e M a g i s t r a t e ’s Court, Walvis Bay. 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 3 November 2021. 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 12 J anuary 2022. Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Committee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.

22 OCTOBER 2021




Hi Step Hydraulic Services CC offers the positions of HYDRAULIC TECHNICIAN, HYDRAULIC FITTER and STOREMAN at our Walvis Bay Offices. Minimum Qualifications 1. Grade 12 2. 5-10 Years' Experience as Hydraulic Fitter / Technician; 3-5 Year's Experience as Storeman 3. Code BE Driver's License Applicants should be of sober habits & be able to work unsupervised. Hydraulic Positions – Applicants should be able to do hydraulic fault finding, pipe bending, have an in-depth knowledge of all types of hydraulic pumps, motor and valve repairs. Storeman Position Applicant should have a good knowledge of how to effectively run a store, be computer literate & have knowledge of Pastel. Market Related remuneration will be offered. Completed CV's to be forward to heidi@histep.com.na or hand delivered to Rössing Street New Industrial Argon Properties Unit 1 Closing dates for CV's 15 NOVEMBER 2021

1. Full names: Mona Maritz 2. Id no: 35081000345 3. Occupation: Pensioner 4. Last address: Henties Bay 5. Only if deceased was Surviving Spouse: N/a married in community of property: Number: 1682/2018 Notice is hereby served that the SUPPLEMENTARY FIRST AND FINAL Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above estate is lying for inspection at the office of the Master of the High Court Windhoek and in the Magistrates office of Swakopmund for a period of twenty-one days from date of publication of this notice. EXECUTRUST (Pty) Ltd. P.O Box 32098 Windhoek Tel: 061-258438 REF.: A.P VAN STRATEN

POULTRY MEAT INSPECTOR [PROCESSING PLANT / QUALITY ASSURANCE] Namib Poultry (Pty) Ltd is a fully integrated broiler production operation established in 2012 and situated 30 km north of Windhoek on the A1 Highway on the farm Klein Okapuka. Namib Poultry (Pty) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer with the following vacancy available at our state-of-the-art Processing Plant. Interested and suitably qualified candidates as well as candidates from the designated groups are invited to apply. PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE POSITION The main purpose of this job is to ensure that adequate on-line process Quality Control and Food Safety is performed in the respective production work areas. This includes the monitoring of carcass inspection points and product returns as well as Halaal Compliance. KEY FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES · On-line monitoring of processing and product inspections against Quality Standards. · To ensure that QA checks are carried out on time at specified intervals. · To ensure adherence to Food Safety procedures and protocols. · Testing of incoming raw materials and packed finished goods. · Follow-up and investigation of customer complaints and product returns. · Ensure product temperature and cold chain is maintained. · Monitor condition and temperature settings of delivery vehicles for loading. · Ensure process data is recorded and remedial action taken as required. · Monitor personal hygiene of production food handler personnel in plant. · Monitor housekeeping practices in all work areas and report deviations. · Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. MINIMUM QUALIFICATION, EXPERIENCE AND COMPETANCIES · Grade 12 (NQF 4) passed with minimum requirements. · PME / PMI certificate in Abattoir Hygiene and Poultry Meat Inspection · Extensive formal training in Food Safety and Quality Assurance best practices. · Minimum 4 years' working experience as a Poultry Meat Inspector / Examiner and/Or Quality Controller in a high-throughput poultry processing facility. · Computer literate · Proficient in English being bilingual will be advantageous. · Namibian citizen or eligible to apply for permanent residency. · Proven on-the-job trainer background · Must be able to work shifts, weekends, overtime and on public holidays. The company offers a competitive salary and market related employee benefits. Candidates who qualify for above position, should send a short CV to the HR department. Email: HRsalaries@npi.com.na ONLY SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONTACTED FOR INTERVIEWS, NO DOCUMENTS WILL BE RETURNED. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 27th October 2021

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63(2)(b) of the Local Authorities Act, 1992 (Act 23/1992 as amended), that the Council of Walvis Bay intends to lease the Tennis Courts as well as a portion of land situated on Erf 2188, Kuisebmond, approximately 3788m² in size, to Playtime Sports

Development Trust for a period of five (5) years. Description Tennis Courts as well as a Portion of land situated on Erf 2188, Kuisebmond, Area 5084m² Rental Amount N$7557.03 plus 15% VAT (escalating with

10% per annum) Full particulars pertaining to the lease will lie for inspection by interested persons until *Tuesday, 2 November 2021 at room 230, Municipal Offices, Walvis Bay. For more information Mr Daniel Mouton can be contacted at telephone (064) 201 3239 or 081 124 0401 during office hours. Written objections, duly

motivated to the intended transaction must be received by the undersigned before or at 12:00 on *Friday, 5 November 2021. Agosthino Victor General Manager: Community & Economic Development Municipal Offices Civic Centre Nangolo Mbumba Drive Private Bag 5017 Fax: (064) 2099714

SHIFT MANAGER: BREAD - (KLEIN OKAPUKA FARM) An excellent career opportunity exists for interested and qualified candidates to apply for the abovementioned position at Namib Mills (Pty) Ltd. PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: To manage the production team in the Bakery to ensure quality output and production. RESPONSIBILITIES: · Monitor productivity levels of the personnel by means of production reports and physical inspections, timeously follow-up on any discrepancies. · Continuous conformance to product quality requirements. · Ensure adherence to all existing production documentation and requirements. · Corrective action to prevent recurrence of nonconformance to quality requirements. · Provide assistance with the management of raw materials and equipment. · Provide assistance with the managing and changes of product quality parameters. · Assist in conformance to quality requirements, satisfactory yields, and cost effectiveness. · Ensure product availability with consistent quality at all times. · Assist with the implementation and maintenance of a system whereby the cleanest possible conditions are maintained whilst contamination and infestation are eradicated. · Plan production runs to ensure product availability and consistent quality. · Plan the activities of the bakery personnel in accordance with production goals, availability of raw materials and manpower. · Oversee and manage inventory.

· Communicate maintenance requirements with workshop personnel. · Assist with new employee appointments. · Continuous personnel performance feedback. · Initiating disciplinary enquiries, handling of grievances and the output of all staff. · Ensure compliance to Company standards and procedures. · Ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards and procedures. · Supervise staff to ensure good quality of work. · Ensure team commitment to bakery procedures. · Productivity and efficiency of staff performance. · Provide in-house training to make personnel susceptible to proper housekeeping as and when required. · Daily accurate production reporting. · Maintain all production reports. · Accurate personnel administration. · Manage systems that are in place. · Maintain consistent Bakpro quality. · Provision of good quality and housekeeping standards. · Provision of acceptable hygiene. · Compliance with International Standards Organization standards. · Compliance with statutory requirements.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: · Position requires a minimum of 6 years post qualification experience in a similar position. · Diploma/Advanced Certificate in Production Management and Processes. · Specialised training in Plant Bakery or confectionary practices. · Bakery production experience. · Computer literate with good mastering of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. · Proficient in English. · 2 Years' relevant experience in FMCG production. · 1 Year experience in a FMCG supervisory position. · Willingness to work shifts, overtime, public holidays, and Sundays. · Namibian Citizen or eligibility to work in Namibia. · Valid Driver's license. REQUIRED SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES: · Knowledge of best practices · People Management skills · Achievement orientation · Leadership skills Namib Mills (Pty) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. CV'S WITH FULL DETAILS CAN BE FORWARDED TO: E-mail: hr1@namibmills.com.na (not larger than 2MB) Subject line for applications should be: NMOPSBB001– SHIFT MANAGER BREAD (KLEIN OKAPUKA) Only applications with this subject line will be considered IT IS IMPERATIVE TO NOTE THAT ONLY SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES WILL BE CONTACTED FOR INTERVIEWS

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS: 03 NOVEMBER 2021 Dortmund street, Northern Industrial P.O. Box 20276 Windhoek, Namibia Tel: +264 61 290 1000 Fax: +264 61 262 678 www.namibmills.com


22 OCTOBER 2021

Classifieds E-MAIL: smalls@namibtimes.net OR smallswk@namibtimes.net

NOTICE ATTENTION Mr. M. Valombweleni, ID 73091000125 regarding the purchase of a Rossi 12Ga Shotgun S/N 5GW094500 at ELNA Sporting Supplies on 25/06/2016 Notice is hereby given on 20/10/2021 on a public platform regarding licencing and collection of this purchased shotgun that if this firearm is not collected within 3 months ( on or before 25/01/2022 ) the firearm will be considered abandoned and forfeited back to ELNA Sporting Supplies and any monetary value thereof. Should you wish to contact us regarding this matter you may contact us on +264 20 2644 2) ATTENTION Mr. N. Shilyomunhu, ID 60051300567 regarding the purchase of a Uzkon 12Ga Shotgun S/N 143006 at ELNA Sporting Supplies on 11/07/2015: Notice is hereby given on 20/10/2021 on a public platform regarding licencing and collection of this purchased shotgun (as we do not have your contact details) that if this firearm is not collected within 3 months (on or before 20/01/2022 ) the firearm will be considered abandoned and forfeited back to ELNA Sporting Supplies and any monetary value thereof. Should you wish to contact us regarding this matter you may contact us on +264 20 2644



Online Auction Online Bidding Auction Weekly Register & View here: venduehost.net/249 AUCTION ENDS MONDAY @ 10h00 WE COLLECT FOR AUCTION


Traditional SERVICES

MAMA SINDI A well known South African female doctor Sangoma from Kwazulu natal (Durban) is here to heal, treat and solve your problems. Lost lovers will be back to you, women problems, work, lucky charms, protection and many more. Located Lagoon, Walvis Bay Mama Sindi 081 327 4512 Dr Dube. Lowest consultation fee of N$50. Will tell you all your problems before you ask him anything. Powerful muti for manhood enlargement (Kuzakuza). Strong on relationship & marriage matters. Fix broken relationships. He will show and explain your future and fortune telling. Diseases like Asthma, Epilyps, minor stroke, Cancer in early stages. Weight loss. Love felihle kakhulu. Women tightening. In Both Walvis Bay & Swakopmund and also in Arandis on Appointments. Call 0817647849

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication





MALAWIAN TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Oupa Savala The old man is in Walvis Bay with over 30 years experience and specializes in various problems or diseases Such as bringing back lost lovers in 5 days To bind your lover and stop him/her with cheating on you. To get a woman or man of your choice. Removal of bad luck, to win any complicated court cases 100% protection of bodies and houses from witchraft Winning contracts and tenders, rejuvenate men during sex and boostking weak erections Penis enlargement, headaches, backache, pain, recovering stolen goods, stopping or prolonging menstruation And many more complicated problems and diseases You will not regret for more information call The Old Man Oupa Savala 081 844 3255

DR FAMBA WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU Well experienced traditional Doctor who destroys all types of witchcraft power that is happening in people's life and he brings back all your luck which is taken through witching he genuinely helps with the following problems: 1. Removing bad luck completely 2. Brings back lost lover 3. Destroys tokoloshi in your life 4. Restoring birth rights lucky 5. Stop bad dreams 6. Breaking the chains of family problems and diseases 7. Provide powerful protection against your enemies 8. Blocking your partner not to cheat on you 9. Cure all witchcraft diseases 10. Brings back financial happiness 11. Job opportunities 12. Customer attraction boost your business 13. Promotion 14. Tracing stolen properties 15. Winning gambling 16. Winning love partner 17. Cure weak erection 18. Treating cancer, TB, diabetes, Epilepsy, stroke, Bp, womb pain, joint pain, gout. 19. Hip and manhood enlargement 20. Removing black spots on your skin 21. Stimulate sexual desire and long lasting in bed. Don't hesitate to contact him now to witness the end of your problems. Contact: 081 396 1919

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck Luck Muti - Love Problems - Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself Work problems Promotions - To get tenders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP - Remove tokoloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power sexuality - Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D, Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149

MALAWIAN TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Doctor Bomba Bazuka – the name is enough The doctor is in Walvis Bay with 40 years experience and has done wonders and great things in many SADC countries, such as bringing back lost lovers in 4 days. Removal of bad luck, very tough and challenging court cases, binding your love and to be your only. And to get a man/woman you want of your choice. Pregnancy problems, jobs and promotions, business, protection of bodies and houses from witchcraft, protection of kraals farms from thieves, wining tenders, and contracts, revenge kapsule, rejuvenate mens power during sex, magic wallet and get rich within short notice. Chest pains, headache, swollen legs and feet, epelipsy, drinking/smoking, to be released from prison, manhood enlargement. Hips/breast. I know you have been let down by others but now your time has come. Come and experience the wonderful miracles happening in your life and you will never regret. Call/sms Bomba Bazuka: 081 602 7102

MALAWIAN TRADITIONAL DOCTOR GOGO DIMBA The name that carries weight. Is in Walvis Bay with over 40 years experience. And is specializing in various problems and diseases such as! Bringing back lost lovers in 4 days, binding your lover to be yours only and to stop him/her from cheating. To get a man or a woman of your choice Removal of Badluck Cleaning out your complicated and challenging court cases Jobs and promotion pregnancy problems Winning tenders and contracts Rejuvinate mens power during sex and to boost weak erections Penis enlargement – revenge Recovering your stolen property. To stop woman from prolonging menstruation and many more complicated problems and other diseases. experience wonderful miracles happening in your life, you will never regret. Come and visit a doctor with a difference for appointment call 081 327 4510 Dr Vuyo Mukwena. A very powerful Traditional & Sangoma. Free Consultation. He deals with all relationship problems: lost lovers, attract the right man/woman of your future. Sexual boosters and male enlargement & enhencement. Size matters, sweet women. Issues of luck and jobs, promotions, salary negociations. Financial miracles, short boys, unfinished jobs. Healing of diseases and many more. Call for appointments on 0817645932

DR KAMUZU Traditional doctor newly arrived. Pay after success. Lost lovers, marriages, diseases, man power. Finance, unfinished jobs. Protection now in Walvis Bay and in Swakopmund on request. 081 777 4547 Traditional Dr Herbalist Dr Lovemore Ben Banda (The old man) From Malawi is in Walvis Bay with 30 years vast experience in various problems & diseases such as bringing back lost lover, to get a new job, to win court cases, to clean out bad luck from your body, to pass exams, to pass driving, to protect your body from withcraft, to boost small business to be big business, to be liked with people, to win cntractors, to win a woman or man of your choice, to stop smoking and drinking, alcohol and drugs, divorce, stop your lover to be stingy with money, to make you sleep nicely in your house, to stop bad dreams, a man to be strong in bed during sex, a woman to have feelings for a man, headaches, swelling of your body, madness, epilepsy, joints pain, pregnancy problems, if you need a new baby, period pains, to recover stolen property, BP, ulcers, diabetes, asthma, and many more… Come and experience wonderful miracles happening in your life, you will never regret. Contact: 081 643 1482 sms or call find the Old man in Kuiseb, Mass Houses, at NHE 6751, Johannes Nakuafila Street.

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR KALENGA: He can help you through: Pregnancy - Education Court Cases - Love Af-fairs - Marriage Pro-blems Bad Luck - Bus-inesses Protection at Home Removal of Toko-loshi Mens’ Power - Sexuality Exams Job Problems etc. Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. Cell: 081 201 7887 DR ABU YAKEN DR LOVE Dealing with only love problems Expert in lost lovers Marriage problems Call love line 081 862 1832 NYASA HERBALS AFRICAN CLINIC Dr Banda 081 740 7321 Specialist in various forms of African Traditional healing, spells, spiritual healing solutions to assist you with any challenges you might be facing. reconciliation with lost love (lover) Attract the right man or woman for love & marriage. Strong lucky charms for work & promotion. Get the job of your choice & qualification (you will be the favorite candidate amongst all short listed Win tenders, get loans approved, start your own business & attract customers/clients Healing chronic diseases such as epilepsy, asthma, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and more. Using purely organic herbs. Indegenous Southern African mixtures & ancient healing methodologies, will also assist you with lifestyle habits changes to deal with addiction & weight loss Guguda - men enlargement in 3 sizes, medium, large & extra large, with proven results & testimonies Prayers, healing, fortune telling, dream interpretations. Finance, pregnancies & more Visit him in town, next to Choppies, Supermarket Call, text, whatsapp 081 740 7321

INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Dr. Oupa Chimeza the Giant, stop suffering and crying There is hope, Oupa Chimeza is in Walvis Bay with very strong medicine from Malawi, he has 23 years experience in various problems and diseases. He is professional in bringing back lost lovers within a short time, pregnancy problems, court cases, job problems, stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Hips enlargement, debts, BP, stroke and many more, come and experience wonderful miracles happening in your life. Call Oupa Chimeza 081 558 7112

PROPERTIES TO RENT Walvis Bay Office space to rent N$ 6 000.00 p/m Water included Prepaid electricity Contact: 081 124 3904 TO RENT: Narraville 1 bedroom flat with built in cupboards in the room & kitchen Separate toilet and shower N$ 3 000.00 p/m Water incl Deposit 1000.00 in 2 months Available immediately Contact: 081 124 2817 081 127 9503 TO RENT: Kuisebmond 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Water incl. N$ 2000.00 p/m Deposit N$ 1 000.00 Contact: 081 402 7738

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: ACADEMIA STUDENT ACCOMMODATION Fully furnished, walking distance from UNAM, DSTV, Wi-Fi, water and electricity included N$ 2 700.00 p/m Call: 081 128 8924 TO RENT WALVIS BAY FLAT IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE. Lounge, kitchen, one big bedroom, build in cupboards, bathroom and toilet. Water included, prepaid electricity. N$ 5000.00 p/m Call: 081 252 7474 MNK Property Real Estate cc To Let Jabulani, Lapaloma No1 1Bedroom, Bathroom, Small Kitchen Water Inclusive, Prepaid Electricity N$1500.00 1Bedroom, Kitchen, Toilet, Water Inclusive & Prepaid Electricity N$3000.00 Kabila Park Flat 1bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, water inclusive prepaid electricity N$ 2500.00 Mahetago 3Bedroom, 2Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen & Double Garage Water Inclusive, Prepaid Electricity N$5800.00 NHE House 2bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen water exclusive prepaid electricity N$ 4500.00 WalvisBay, Kaberjou St, Kuisebmund 1Bedroom, Bathroom. Water Inclusive, Prepaid Electricity. Price N$2500.00 Walvisbay Town, Hillside 2Bedroom, 1Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Garage, Water and Electricity Excluded. Price N$ 4200.00 X2 NB: 100% deposit payable but negotiable All these properties are immediately available Viewing can be secured strictly on appointments. For viewing contact the numbers below Office @ 064 402112 Matty @ 081 244 6995 Cell @ 081 626 8486 TO RENT: Narraville 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1 open plan kitchen and lounge together N$ 2 950.00 p/m Deposit N$ 1 000.00 Water incl. Contact: 081 402 7738 APARTMENTS TO RENT IN NARRAVILLE, WALVIS BAY MONTHLY RENT: N$ 3995 *2 bedrooms with bic *1 bathroom *Open plan kitchen with bic and lounge area *Single garage with laundry facilities *Small back yard *Pre paid electricity *Running water excluded Deposit: N$ 3995 (payable Over 3 Months) For More Information Contact Susan Curtis Estates 081 146 6218

22 OCTOBER 2021



Classifieds E-MAIL: smalls@namibtimes.net OR smallswk@namibtimes.net

TE HUUR: Narraville, Aalwyn Str nr 13 2 slaapkamer woonstel sitkamer, oop plan kombuis. Toilet & shower. N$ 4 700.00 p/m W/E ingsl. Deposit N$ 2 000.00 (motorhuis uitgesluit vanaf huur) Kontak: 081 578 2854

TO RENT: Lagoon area One bedroom flat N$ 4 700.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 216 5758

TO RENT: Narraville Walvis Bay Bachelor flat ideal for one person, one bedroom with open plan kitchen and bathroom N$ 3 200.00 p/m N$ 1 000.00 deposit required. No garage. Water incl. Electricity incl. Available immediately Contact: 081 250 8702 081 442 8436

TE HUUR: Walvisbaai, Lagoon area klein vol gemeubileerde bachelor woonstel vir enkelpersoon. Veilig en privaat Water, krag en tv ingesluit N$ 3 200.00 p/m Plus deposito afbetaalbaar indien nodig. Geen binne parkering Nie geskik vir kinders of troeteldiere Beskikbaar 1 November Kontak: 081 247 1687

TO RENT: narraville Bachelor flat available 1 November 2021 N$ 2 800.00 p/m Electricity and water incl. Alarm & bic Contact: 081 459 7331 081 833 1323

MTE PROPERTIES Narraville HOUSE TO LET Two-bedroom house available to rent. The house is situated at Pleinstreet 87(behind Narraville Primary School. The house has an open plan kitchen, sitting room, shower and toilet. There are build-in cupboards in the kitchen and bedroom. NO GARAGE Water included but prepaid meter installed Rent: N$ 3 800 per month Contact: 0814554176 Narraville GARAGE TO RENT A single garage opposite the municipality in Narraville available to rent. Rent: N$ 500 per month Contact: 0814554176 TO RENT: Neat & private one bedroom backyard flat Spacious open with built in cupboards, bathroom & kitchen. W/E incl. Extras: camera & detector for security... Aluminium windows & door. N$ 3 600.00 p/m single N$ 3 900.00 p/m for a couple. No pets. Serious and sober people only. Available immediately. Walvis Bay, Narraville Contact: 081 229 7390

Accommodation ZzZ Guesthouse Windhoek West: SPECIAL! Per room per night: Single:N$400 and Double: N$500 Comfortable Accommodation with Double or Queen beds, Ensuite bathroom, DSTV, Aircon, WiFi, BBQ areas, Swimming pool and safe parking. Bookings: 081 4777 414

SPECIAL at Toermalyn Narraville - To Let

LONGBEACH FULLY FURNISHED FLAT FOR SALE - N$ 1 050 000.00 (including furniture) - 2 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - Open plan kitchen/living area - Courtyard with a deck looking out at the ocean - Single garage - CC registered - Levies N$ 1797.00 - Please contact 0813471061 for any further information

MNK Property Real Estate cc For Sale Mondesa House 2bedroom, bathroom, kitchen 490 000.00 Mahetago Sectional title near FNB Mondesa 2Bedroom, 2Bathroom, lounge, Kitchen N$ 560 000.00 NHE House House 2Bedroom, 2Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen N$ 740 000.00 Negotiable Jabulani House 2Bedroom, Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen with outside room N$ 595 000.00 Tulinawa 3Bedroom, 2Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen with 2Batchelor flats N$ 800 000.00 Tamariskia 3Bedroom, 2Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Double Garage, With a Flat of 1Bathroom and Kitchen N$ 1 800 000.00 Narrville Apartment for Sale 2Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Open Lounge Kitchen, N$ 580 000.00 NHE House, Kuisebmund 2Bedroom, 1Bathroom, Open Plan Kitchen N$600 000.00 Arandis 3Bedroom, 1Bathroom, Lounge and Kitchen N$350 000.00 House 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lounge kitchen, garage N$690 000.00 For viewing contact the numbers below Call Matty @ 081 244 6995 Cell @ 081 626 8486 Office @ 064 402112

NO administration fees required B Floor Units with garage and court yard – N$4350 Outside Units with large courtyard – N$4850 Units with courtyard N$4550.00 *pre-paid water & electricity *no administration fees required *deposit payable over three months

CONTACT: 0811505020 To Rent: Kabeljou/Walvis Bay - One bachelor flat available, bedroom and open plan kitchen and sitting room, free wi fi and secure parking N$3000.00 only (Water and electricity included) 0812867210 / 0812059653

Pelikan Platz Narraville To Let - Special Sign lease agreement for 12 months and get: 1 month rent for FREE Water incl, Full Deposit payable, Admin Fees

Units price from N$4500.00 Cell: 081 1505020 TO RENT: Walvis Bay, 6th Street 69 A freestanding 2 bedroom house, bic, open plan kitchen, living room, indoor braai, full bathroom, remote single garage, alarm/burglar bars N$ 6 000.00 p/m Plus deposit Excludes water Pre paid electricity Available immediately NO PETS Tel: 081 653 7990

WANTED BEST CASH PRICES PAID ON THE SPOT FOR ALL KINDS OF YOUR GOLD RINGS BANGLES, CHAINS COINS, ETC EVEN FOR THE BROKEN ONES WE ALSO BUY CUT DIAMONDS Please visit DESERT JEWELER & CURIOS Prior calls are essential Cell: 081 408 1550 We have moved to 85 Hage Geingob str Walvis Bay OPPOSITE International School of Walvis Bay *** If you don’t want to sell your items, YOU CAN PAWN your gold and diamond jewellery or even a car

ON SHOW Walvis Bay VILLA TAMARIN UNITS FOR SALE 2 bedroom units N$ 780,000.00 3 bedroom units N$ 980,000.00 AMAZING OPPORTUNITY ! 26 - 31 October 2021 10am – 4pm Sam Nujoma Str, Close to Casa Mia Hotel Walvis Bay CONTACT Charleen 0811635000 Jeanette 0811495000 Garath 0852645000 Christo 0811435000 www.seeff.com For sale: 2 Bedroom flat centre of town, Walvis Bay near all schools BIC, BIS, aircons outside braai blinds burglar bars alarm N$ 800 000 0812220783 Walvis Bay FOR SALE 3 Bedroom house Olympia 2.7 Mil 2 Bedroom flat Klein Kuppe N$ 1.1 mil 3 bedroom flat Otjomuise with parking N$ 695 000 2 bedroom flat Swakop N$ 620 000 Swakop erf 5 minutes to the sea 745 m² N$ 850 000 Plot and Plan Okahandja 3 bedroom & Garage N$ 998 000 Call 0812154506 FOR SALE: Tamariskia: Dante Square One Price: N$570 000 negotiable A neat and cosy townhouse offers: 1 bedroom Bathroom Lounge open plan kitchen Contact : 0812961679 for viewing



PROPERTIES TO RENT TE HUUR: Narraville 1 slaapkamer woonstel Oop plan kombuis en sitkamer N$ 3 000.00 per maand W/K ingsl. Vir 1/2 persone Onmidellik beskikbaar Kontak: 081 477 1477

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am a 30 year old hardworking and trustworthy lady looking for domestic work in Swakopmund only, I have experience and can start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 867 0194 WERK GESOEK: Elaide is opsoek na huiswerk in Swakopmund vir 3 dae of ‘n week. Ek kan enige dag begin, ek is ‘n hardwerkend en 38 jaar oud. Kontak: 081 771 0290 WILLEMINA: I am a 38 year old woman looking for domestic work, ironing, cleaning, washing or guesthouse work in Swakopmund. I am hardworking with 10 years of experience and ready to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 265 0832


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TO RENT: Narraville 1 bedroom flat for single person or couple Built in cupboards in bedroom, fully tiled Build in stove with extractor fan fully tiled Aluminium windows, DSTV Dish, outside braai, outside braai interlock yard. Alarm system. W/E incl. N$ 3 800.00 p/m No deposit Rent payable upfront No garage + no pets Available 1 November 2021. Contact: 081 247 5248



TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Kabeljou area, Walvis Bay One bedroom backyard flat with garage Open plan kitchenette / lounge BIC in bedroom and kitchen N$ 3 350.00 p/m Water incl. Deposit N$ 2 500.00 Pre paid electricity Property secured with boundary wall and alarm system. For viewing and queries 081 397 8061 081 285 0579


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TO HIRE CONTAINERS TO BUY / RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office or ablution alterations. Cowboys. 064 418 150 or 081 146 4770

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22 OCTOBER 2021

ISWB visits charity organisations Rudi Bowe

The grade 9 learners of the International School of Walvis Bay(ISWB) did their part at World Food Day by visiting and sponsored various items and food to charity organisations at the coast. The learners were divided into four groups that visited and spent time with the people and donated various items to Promiseland, SPCA, Kavita's Kitchen and Ruach Elohim charity organisations. Ms Luischen Sirakis from ISWB said the groups collected an overall amount of about N$8 000 by selling cupcakes and hot chocolate and used the money to buy products the charities needed. According to Ms. Sirakis, “Dischem Swakopmund allowed one group to place donation boxes in the store to collect items for Ruach Elohim, while Metro Walvis Bay sponsored the ingredients for the cupcakes. Ms Sirakis said, “What a wonderful experience it was for these students and our community members demonstrating their open hands and caring hearts.” “It was a remarkable school effort and everyone supported the learners,” Ms Sirakis said.

The learners in their groups were: Wavey Crew: NelaoAngula, Nathan le Roux, Alison Jalon, Laura Hidengwa and Janeta Mwapopile Purity: Talitha de Klerk, Raquel Theron, Johannes Nuujoma, Gita Peliganga and Nolan du Plessis AHPG: Turee Perestrelo, Rayne Binneman, Precious Nangolo and Sinclair Halupe The Promise: Cesar Fernandes, Kundayi Muganga, Monica David and Florence Simon

NOTICE OF THE CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Homebased Business (Barber Shop) ON ERF NO: 452 TOWNSHIP/AREA: Narraville STREET NAME & NO: 243 Sam Nujoma Avenue. In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish on the site a/an: Homebased Business (Barber Shop). Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the applicant, in writing, not later than 5 November 2021. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: Mr Jonathan Dean Smith, P O Box 8094, Narraville email: snoepie7777@gmail.com

22 OCTOBER 2021



Namib Diesel Social Squash League champs crowned The 2021 Namib Diesel Social Squash League hosted by Buccaneers Squash Club in Walvis Bay was won by Woerrman Brock Hardware & Building Supplies for the second time in a row. Special thanks to Namib Diesel for the sponsorship and confirmation by Mr. Jaco de Witt at the prize giving that they shall do so again next year. No doubt everyone will be eagerly looking forward to it. In the final round of the Namib Diesel Social League Woerrman Brock Hardware & Building Supplies beat Bitstream 20-10, Namib Ventures beat Namib Diesel 18-12, Supatronix beat Gateway Logistics 16 – 14 and Lagoon Chalets beat FCS 24-6. All the participants thanked Buccaneers for making it possible. It was a great success and are looking forward to next year's Namib Diesel Social Squash League. The Supatronix Double's league will commence soon The final points standing was as follows:Woerrman Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 148 points, Lagoon Chalets 119 points, FCS 116 points,Bitstream 109 points, Gateway Logistics 107 points, Namib Ventures 96 points, Namib Diesel 90 points and Supatronix 55 points. Prizes were dished out to the following:Namib Diesel Trophy 2021 – Woermann Brock Hardware and Building Supplies 2nd Place - Lagoon Chalets. 3rd Place – FCS Most improved players - Ladies: Andrea Louw; Men: Cecil Humphries Sportsmanship - Lady: AnetWolmarans; Men: Lesley Bosman Best team spirit: Supatronix Best dressed:Bitstream Drama Queen Award: Luke Allen

Supatronix: Gerhard Lottering, Lindsay Lottering, Bertus Fokkens, Jose de Brito, Chrijzaan Dreyer and Victor Rigby

Woerrman Brock Hardware & Building Supplies; Brandon Grane; Carla Venter; Danie Jansen; Bitstream: Ricardo von Stein and Jakkie Nel Esmarelda Dames; Christopher Hill and Hendrina Louw

Lagoon Chalets: Mark Rees,Sharde Fisher, Heibri-Ann Hartung, JC Platt and Ryan Gruhn

Marsh Namibia Tees It Up At Rossmund For more than a decade Marsh Namibia, one of the leading insurance brokers in Namibia, has been sponsoring the Rossmund Club Championships. Due to the challenging time of Covid -19, the competition was postponed this year and only took place over the past week. It was inevitable that the wind played a role this time around. The South Wester stamped its mark on day one of the competition with sandy winds of around 40kmph. This caused considerable havoc with the firstround scores especially on hole number eight. In the A Division, Chris Durant managed to post a gross score of 76 three shots ahead of nearest rival Hans Naobeb, while well-known names such as Kevin Wentzel and Stephanus Bonifacius could only manage an 80 and 82 gross, respectively. Day one B Division honours went to Helmut Ndjendja carding an 84 gross with Miguel Tordesillas close on his heels with an 86; in the C Division Athol McLean and Sebulon Tsuseb were neck and neck on 94 gross. Justin Naobeb lead the Juniors Division and Mariena Ludwig had her nose in front by the Ladies Division. Day two brought much improved weather conditions although some of the golfers were still a bit disorientated and did not manage to improve their scores – there were 2-clubs coming from Stephanus Bonifacius and Dean Kock. The leader however managed to keep his cool and played some consistent golf to shoot a second round 76 gross with Kevin Wentzel and Stephanus Bonifacius coming into the mix with a 77 & 78 gross respectively. David Peake set the cat amongst the pigeons in the B Division carding an 86 gross but failed to topple the leader Helmut Ndjendja who came into the clubhouse with an 80 gross. The C Division leader Athol Mclean shot an 87 gross to give him the division title and in the Ladies Division - Justine Shikulo had the best round of the day with a 107 gross. Marlene Bougaard from Marsh Namibia was on hand from the sponsor to assist at the prize giving. Results: Overall Gross and 2021 Club Champion is Chris Durant 152 with Kevin Wentzel 157 second place. The Overall Net winner is Willie van Zyl 144 c/o, with Helmut Ndjendja 144 second. A Division Gross winner Stephanus Bonifacius 160, with Hans Naobeb 166 second and the Nett winner is Andrew van Schalkwyk 150, with Des Benson 154 second. B Division Gross winner is David Peake 177, with George Murasiki 179 as the runner up and the Nett winner is Achmet Abrahams 154 with Marco Swarts 156 the runner up. C Division Gross winner is Athol McLean 181 with John Horne 189 second and the Nett winner is Sebulon Tsuseb 153 with Richard Matzi 160 second. The Ladies Gross and 2021 Club Champion is Tiekie De Wet 224 with Mariena Ludwig 225 second and the Nett winner is Justine Shikulo 155. The Junior Gross Winner was Justin Naobeb 151.

FCS: Louw Greyvenstein, Robert Schaaf, Zola Nel and Alan Hartung

The Rossmund Golf Clubs Mens' Club Champion Chris Durant with Marlene Bougaard from Marsh Namibia

The Rossmund Golf clubs Ladies Club Champion Tiekie De Wet with Marlene Bougaard from Marsh Namibia


22 OCTOBER 2021

namib times Sport

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PEOBCC 1 Coastal T20 champions Rudi Bowe Pro-Ed Old Boys Cricket Club (PEOBCC) I from Swakopmund clinched the Coastal T20 Cricket League in their maiden appearance in the league. PEOBCC defeated the defending champions Blue Waters Cricket Club (BWCC) with 46 runs in final of the Coastal T20 Cricket League played last Sunday 17 October 2021 at the ProEd Academy Sports Field in Swakopmund. PEOBCC won the toss and elected to bat first and set up a score of 188 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in their allotted 20 over's. BWCC could only manage 142 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in their reply. Pro Ed Old Boys CC I beat Sparta CC I in their semi-final at the Pro-Ed Academy fields in Swakopmund to advance to the final, while Blue Waters CC I beat Pro Ed Old Boys CC II in the second semi-final at the cricket oval in Walvis Bay, for a spot in the finals. As from tomorrow 23 October all coastal cricket team will participate in the T10 competition.

The T20 Coastal Cricket League champions, Pro-Ed Old Boys Cricket Club I. Photo contributed

Jaco de Witt, Grant Mather and Morne Roux our own Trevor Noah

PAR 3 competition at WBGC The Walvis Bay Golf Club held the popular PAR 3 competition last week at their Golf course. Braving Walvis Bay the somewhat ideal weather conditions more aligned for wind surfing than golf, 34 players participated on a great format of golf from different tee off positions. The winner of the day was Grant Mather with the first prize and the trophy on a best gross of 63. The best Nett was won by none other than one of the sponsors, Boel Grobbelaar on 57.5, the prize for the second best Nett went Poena Johnson on 60 with Emile Vilbert on 61 in third spot with Wynand Breytenbach [61.25], Amandio Sardinha [62] and Wayne Hart [62.5] in forth, fifth and six respectively. There were two lucky draws which were convincingly won by last year's winner, Tienie de Wet and Andre Burger, who is now becoming the luckiest golfer in the club. Jaco de Witt was at the prize giving to hand out the prizes and on the photo are Jaco de Witt, Grant Mather and Morne Roux our own Trevor Noah. It is reported that this event will be staged again next year, without the small print of 'weather permitting'. Our thanks go to Jaco de Witt, Boel Grobbelaar and Pieter Hamman for their wonderful sponsorship for the event. On the point of sponsors we have had a few over the past few weeks and the club is now the proud owner of a sod cutter and a new lawn mower for the aprons. We

have acknowledged the sponsors on the social platforms and we are truly spoilt when it comes to sponsors and to all of them, we are very grateful. Today Friday 22 October is the 12th Annual CHAIN Golf Day fund raiser. It will be another exciting day full of fun and great prizes. Your presence and participation will be highly appreciated. Proceeds from the golf day will be utilised for the day-to-day operations and up keeping of the C.H.A.I.N. facility. A Club Sponsored Competition will be held tomorrow, Saturday 23 October. The NGK Meersig fund raiser will be held on 5 November at the WBGC and for more info please contact Kurt Brits. The CONCORD YELLOW BALL will be on 30 October. The 27 hole event, with one each of better ball, one score and both scores to count on each of the nine holes. Tee off will thus be earlier. The calendar until the end of November is as follows 5 November NGK fund raiser 6 November Club Comp 7 November Sages 13 November NAMIB MILLS 19 November WBPHS stadium golf 20 November MULTI-SAVE 27 November ITGURU

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