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Dormac Marine Engineering completes giant 500 000 liters diesel storage tank

inside Action against Covid-19 corruption culprits

Company demonstrates Walvis Bay remains Airlink direct a leading marine industrial & engineering hub flight between Cape Town and Walvis Bay as Page 2 from 2 March ‘21 End of

The 500 000 liter diesel storage tank leaves the workshop of Dormack Marine Engineering in Walvis Bay yesterday, for installation at the premises of Hangana Seafood Processors Hangana Seafood Processors took delivery of a gigantic diesel storage tank at its premises in Walvis Bay yesterday. The gigantic structure was constructed by Wal- Construction of the 500 cubic metres diesel storvis Bay-based Dormac Marine Engineering age tank commenced in October last year, and is Continues on page 2 Namibia.

“Iconic” Hansa Bäckerei faces final close down Sharlien Tjambari One of the landmark businesses in Swakopmund, Hansa Bäckerei, faces financial dire straits and could close down. That is according to the owner, Mr Gerhard Pohl who confirmed this iconic bakery faced financial difficulty for quite some time now. The Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions since the end of March last year has made the situation worse, whilst the market environment has also changed. All major supermarket outlets have their own in-house bakeries, and locally produced products faces increasing competition from imported products. Commenting on a question whether the bakery might close down, Pohl confirmed the possibility. “We are considering closing down but that decision is still pending. The past year was financially and emotionally strenuous on all of us”.

Airlink's first direct flight between Cape Town and Walvis Bay is scheduled for 2 March this year, this privately-owned regional flight operator announced in a press statement earlier this week. This new scheduled direct route is the fourth for Airlink to Namibia with other flights linking Johannesburg and Cape Town via Windhoek and a direct flight Johannesburg to Walvis Bay. “This new service is ideal for business and a leisure traveller with the port city of Walvis Bay being an important economic hub and gateway to some of Namibia's prized tourist destinations, including the Namib Desert, Swakopmund and the Skeleton Coast. Walvis Bay, Langstrand and Swakopmund are also home to regular flyers commuting between Namibia and South Africa,” explains Airlink CEO, Rodger Foster, in the statement. Airlink will operate three scheduled flights between Cape Town and Walvis Bay every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. *The flights depart Cape Town at 14:00 with the time of arrival at Walvis Bay at 16:15. *The return flight departs at 16:50, arriving in Cape Town at 19:00. Airlink offers affordable fares, a 20kg free economy class checked in luggage allowance plus a 15kg sporting equipment allowance. Onboard, passengers are treated to a complimentary light meal and refreshments. There is generous leg room and either an aisle or window seat (no middle seats). For reservations book direct at flyairlink.com or contact the call centre at +27 11 451 7300 press 1 to make a booking, change, cancel, make payment, name change or assistance with a web related booking or contact your booking agent.

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Child Road Safety remains a priority

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19 FEBRUARY 2021

Dormac Marine Engineering Continued from page 1 one of the first major projects undertaken by Dormac Marine Engineering since its full return to the Namibian market. The tank was constructed in one of Dormac Marine’s workshops. Engineers were left with an error margin of only a few centimetres. The work was critical. The slightest measurement error in the design would have meant the storage tank would be too large to leave through the workshop’s equally gigantic entrance once the metal fabrication work concluded.. Clearly Dormac Marine Engineering executed a superb job. The completed storage tank left the workshop yesterday morning on a multiaxel abnormal cargo low-bed trailer of Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire. The low-bed trailer’s axles can individually turn, ensuring it can manoeuvre its giant load in confined spaces

and manage tricky corners. The first task was to remove two giant doors of the workshop. That required a 150 tons mobile crane. The tank was then lifted in a twin-lift by two of Dormac’s overhead cranes and kept suspended. The low-bed trailer was manoeuvred into the position inside the workshop. The cranes then moved the tank into position over the low-bed trailer, with an astonishing few centimeters clearance space between the tank and the trailer’s loading surface. Once in position, the tank was lowered on the lowbed, and secured by chain. Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire then delivered the tank to Hangana’s premises by abnormal load convoy. With this project, Dormac Marine Engineering proved Walvis Bay remains a key stakeholder in marine industrial and engineering work, including large scale metal fabrication. On the pictures: the 24 tons storage tank was suspen-ded from the overhead cranes in the workshop and then lowered onto the multi-axel abnormal load low-bed trailer. The storage tank leaves Dormac’s workshop. A proud moment for the Dormac Marine Engineering team

CEO of August 26 Colonel Kaxuxwena dies at age 63 Governor Andre warns of action against those who committed acts of corruption with Covid-19 funding

Retired Colonel George Kaxuxwena, the chief executive offi-cer of the Namibian Government's Ministry of Defense-owned August 26 Holdings has died. Col Kaxuxwena passed away on Tuesday night in a Windhoek hospital, at the age of 63. The late Colonel Kaxuxwena held a Master of Science in Defence Studies from the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies at the University of Madras in India. Kaxuxwena had a passion for educating the less fortunate in the spheres of sanitation, and food sciences as well as children's education.

Sharlien Tjambari The Governor of Erongo, Cllr. Neville Andre, called upon the Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia (ACC) this week to probe alleged corruption and other malpractices that occurred in the Erongo Region's Covid-19 infrastructure funding projects. The investigation must target both public officials and private sector individuals. Governor Andre during January visited three schools in the Omaruru education circuit to see these schools are geared up for Covid19 safety protocols when learners returned. He expected to see ablution facilities constructed by Government-funded Covid-19 infrastructure grants. He also expected to see personal protection equipment (PPE) and other items for Covid-19 safety procured under Government's Covid-19 infrastructure grants. Instead, the Governor realised in some instances the infrastructure is not in place, or only partially in place or procured. In some instances, payments were made, but those who had to

deliver the goods or services allegedly did not perform. “Clearly what we gathered on the ground was that there is serious lack of monitoring development projects. We have also found that payments were signed off but does not corroborate with the actual progress of the work we witnessed. There are clear incidences where bribery by some of the contractors are suspected. We have learnt that in some instances officials were bribed with offers for fish, if they signed off payments without the work delivered in full”, Cllr. Andre explained during a media briefing at the Office of the Governor of Erongo in Swakopmund earlier this week. Governor Andre called

on Government officials to desist from any forms of corruption or related malpractices. At the same time, he warned both Government officials and private sector individuals that they will be held liable if an ACC probe finds any traces of corruption or other criminal-related discrepancies. “I would like to extent a warning to private companies, that approach government officials to indulge in corrupt practices or to desist from such practices if confronted with it. I would also like to extent a stern warning to anyone who involves themselves in any corrupt practice within our region. My Office will cooperate with all relevant institutions, such as the ACC, to bring such culprits to

book”, said the Governor. A statement reads: Corruption is perpetrated and causes economic damages when principles of good governance and systems are not being adhered to. Both in public and the private sector there is a need for commitment to the principles of good governance, whereby those entrusted with fiduciary responsibilities display a degree of loyalty, honesty, transparency, and accountability. It is against this back-ground that my Office must ensure that incidences of corruption do not take place in the region and in doing so uphold the principles of good governance. My Office is serious and committed to root our corrupt practices

from this region. We can no longer tolerate a situation where public monies, earmarked for development, ends up into the coffers of unpatriotic Namibians. These individuals in turn deprive the Namibian child of quality education and proper

Governor Andre

infrastructure to learn in a productive and conducive environment. This needs to stop, and the process starts here today with this submission to the Anti-Corruption Commission”, the Governor concluded. In attendance at the

briefing was the Chief Public Education and Corruption Officer of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Mr. Tobias Amoonga, and the Director of Education in Erongo Region, Mrs. Ernfriede Stephanus.

19 FEBRUARY 2021



Namibia Medicines Regulatory Council recalls Grand-Pa tablets and powders from Namibian Market Eileen van der Schyff

The Ministry of Health and Social Services announced in a statement on 12 February 2021 the recall of Grand-Pa tablets and powders from the Namibian market. The Namibia Medicines Regulatory Council (NMRC) initiated the recall of this medicine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). After the product failed stability studies at 30 degrees, the medicine is not fit to be stored under the climatic Zone IV of Namibia. It was decided that this medicine must not be imported or used within the country until further communication from the office of the Registrar of Medicines. Stability studies prove the quality of a drug and serve as a basis for determining specifications and shelf-life information. Long-term studies and investigations on the influence of storage time, temperature, humidity and light on a product determines temperature

sensitive products. Follow-up studies can be done even after the approval of a drug to make adjustments to country of distribution, labeling or shelf-life. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline describes the following climate zones: · Zone I: “temperatures” 21°C/45% RH (relative humidity) · Zone II: “subtropical” 25°C/60% RH · Zone III: “hot/dry” 30°C/35% RH · Zone IVa: “hot/humid” 30°C/65% RH · Zone IVb: “hot/very humid” 30°C/75% RH


Namibia National Cancer Registry Needs The Position Of NFCPT On The 2020/2021 Wage Increment Your Support The Cancer Association of Namibia (WO30) manages the Namibia National Cancer Employee Strike Registry. This registry is a national, population-based, dataset of all Namibian citizens diagnosed with cancer since 1984. The aim of the registry is to capture all cancer cases to ensure quality data for planning purposes and advocating for better treatment programmes in our country. In 2016 a 5-year report spanning 2010-2014 was published. During 2020 an interim report covering the period up to 2017 was published. However, the publication of a comprehensive quality report was delayed due to Covid-19. We have now finally been able to resume data capturing of the tremendous backlog in files received from pathology reports locally and that of Namibian cancer patients in South Africa. The Cancer Association of Namibia is now working towards publishing a quality report of cancer incidence in Namibia up to December 2019.

Urgent Request We respectfully ask all Namibians who have been diagnosed with cancer between 2017 and 2020 to contact the registry department and ensure your diagnosis is captured. Please note that we handle this very sensitive information with the strictest of confidentiality and is only for the use of planning in the office of the chief executive officer and advisory to the minister of health. We guarantee and respect your privacy. Please submit your name, contact details, type of cancer and Namibian ID number to canreg@can. org.na Our team will do the rest. I thank all Namibians in advance for your support. Together we CAN make a difference with regard to cancer in our country! Rolf Hansen -CEO of CAN and Director of the Namibia Nation Cancer Registry.

It is our established customs that wage negotiation for the upcoming financial year is considered based on the preliminary performance of the previous years. In this case, we have considered 0% increase on wage for 2020/21 financial year. This was done considering the performance of 2019/20 financial year where we recorded a decline in both revenue and cash. However, based on the preliminary performance results for 2020/21, we have engaged with the Union representative (NAFAU) on an urgent notice to counter offer the employees' salary and benefit adjustment for the 2021/22 financial year. This include 7% job Grade A, 6% Grade B and 4% Grade C as well as 2% on housing while medical aid remained unchanged. In addition, NFCPT offered to provide a once off cash payout 3% for job Grade A and 2% for Grade B & C on the basic salary. This offer was however objected and declined NAFAU, demanding that employees should be paid once off cash to the amount of N$12 000 each. They further demanded that salaries and benefits for the 2021/22 financial year should be increased as proposed. Regarding abolishment of the retirement annuity, both parties have agreed to consult pension funds in view to identify the one that offers the best pension benefits within the next 3 months. The employees through NAFAU are demanding wage increment of 10% job Grade A, 8% Grade B and 6% Grade C as well as 10% on housing allowance and 70/30 medical aid contribution for the 2021/22 financial year. Whereas they are still demanding a wage increment of 48-57% job Grade A, 18- 42% Grade B and 7-17% Grade C, 10% housing allowance, 80/20% medical aid employer contribution for 2020/21 financial year as well as the termination of retirement annuity. This is the first time in 5 years that we have not increased annual wage. A principal decision that was taken to give the organisation breathing space for it to recuperate and reverse the negatives.


19 FEBRUARY 2021

Deep Yellow proceeds with DFS in Erongo…after highly successful PFS Uranium developer and explorer Deep Yellow Limited says it is advancing directly to a Definitive Feasibility (DFS) Study at its Tumas Project in the Erongo region, after completing a highly successful Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS). The Tumas Project comprises of Tumas 1, Tumas 1 East, Tumas 2, Tumas 3, Tumas 3 East and Tubas deposits in the Deep Yellow's 100%-owned Reptile Tenements in Erongo. Commenting on the encouraging results and successful completion of the Tumas PFS, Managing Director John Borshoff said “The completion of the Tumas Pre-Feasibility Study marks a major milestone for Deep Yellow as we advance our exciting Namibian project portfolio towards production. “The highly positive outcome of the PFS, underpinned by impressive economic numbers, has resulted in the board approving the immediate commencement of a Definitive Feasibility Study, representing a significant step forward in the corporate evolution of Deep Yellow.” Borshoff added. The Tumas PFS focussed on Tumas 1 and Tumas 3 deposits. The Borshoff led company said it understands what it takes to successfully explore, develop and run a global uranium operation, with the majority of the Deep Yellow team ex-Paladin Energy. This is the same team that built and operated two innovative conventional uranium operations, including the Langer Heinrich mine, taking Paladin from a market capitalisation of A$2 million to A$4 billion, pre-Fukushima. In 2016, current management took over the reins at Deep Yellow and focused on building the size of the Reptile Resource towards its stated exploration target. The Tumas Scoping Study (SS) was completed in January 2020, with results outlining a project with clear potential to meet the Deep Yellow's investment criteria. Following completion of the SS, Deep Yellow immediately commenced the PFS, which evaluated the potential of calcrete-associated uranium deposits located within the Tumas palaeo channel and the potential viability of mining and processing the Tumas deposits, contained within a 30km radius of a proposed purpose-built processing facility. “Impressively, the PFS only utilised 50% of the total mineral resources available on the Tumas Project and established a maiden ore reserve estimate which includes 40Mt of ore at an average grade of 344ppm U3O8, containing 31Mlb U3O8 of probable reserves. The completion of the PFS delivered results which are in line with, and in some cases better than, assumptions from the SS, highlighting a strong economic case for Tumas,” Borshoff said. Said Borshoff added “Tumas is an exciting development opportunity and one of very few globally over the last four years that has progressed from brownfields exploration to completion of a PFS, now moving on to a

John Borshoff the Managing Director of Deep Yellow Limited DFS. This is a testament to the entire Deep Yellow team, who have proven uranium credentials and understand what it takes to develop a world-class uranium operation.” “The company is managing the progression of the Tumas project in line with forecasts highlighting significant improvements in the uranium price which are expected during 2022, following realisation by nuclear utilities of the looming uranium shortage expected from 2023/24…Development of the Tumas project is a critical element in the execution of our stated dual pillar growth strategy and we are extremely pleased with the ongoing success we are experiencing advancing this highly prospective project,” said Borshoff. “The impressive results from the Tumas PFS clearly justify advancing this project to a DFS status, appreciating that uranium prices are expected to improve strongly over the next two to three years. With this approach, the Company has a significant opportunity to continue diligently advancing the Tumas Project in a cost-effective and timely manner.” “As previously indicated, our overall aim is to establish a multi-platform, 5-10Mlb per annum, low-cost uranium producer, with the expectation of each project achieving a minimum 2-3Mlb per annum production capability. We remain on track with this strategic objective and look forward to commencing the DFS and continuing to advance the company towards establishing itself as a tier-one uranium producer,” Borshoff concluded.

19 FEBRUARY 2021


MVA Fund – Child Road Safety Remains Priority During Covid-19 The commencement of the 2021 school year warrants reinforcement of basic road safety education by road safety partners, parents/guardians and schools to support a safe return to school for all children. Taking centre-stage in awareness raising initiatives at national level, Covid-19 has led to unprecedented changes in our lives and has placed other public health concerns such as road safety in limbo. Therefore, in tandem with promoting adherence to Covid-19 protocols and guidelines, addressing road safety risks remains a priority as schools return to a new normal. Although there is a notable reduction in injuries and fatalities involving children between the ages of 0 to 15 in 2020, crash statistics recorded by MVA Fund indicate that children of this age group remain vulnerable road

users. The Fund's comparative crash statistics for 2019 and 2020 show that 379 children were injured in road crashes, which is a reduction of 31% from 550 recorded in 2019, while fatalities also decreased by 24% from 85 to 65 in 2020. These figures are overtly high, considering the Covid-19 restrictions on movement and school operations in 2020. To counter the worrisome trend of children perishing in road crashes, the MVA Fund continues to roll out school activation initiatives as outlined in its strategic plan to ensure the reduction of injuries and fatalities among schoolgoing children. The Fund therefore calls for strengthened road safety com-

pliance by all road users to make the journey to school safer. Thus, motorists are requested to slowdown, be alert and obey speed limits around school vicinities. At the same, those responsible for transporting children to and from school are also advised to plan and prepare their journey to avoid engaging in dangerous driving habits such as speeding. Similarly, children cycling or walking to school should exercise extra caution and be visible to motorists at all times. The Fund further reminds the public to report all crashes to its new Accident Re-sponse Number 9682, as doing so could save a life!



19 FEBRUARY 2021


Elamba Combined School Proud Recipient Of A Brand New Admistration Block The Namibian Ports Authority, through its Social Investment Fund (NSIF) recently handed over an administration block valued at N$740,000 to Elamba Combined School in Tsandi, Omusati Region. The school, which has been in operation since 1979, is home to 302 learners ranging from Grade 0 to Grade 9. Prior to the assistance from the NSIF, the school used an old dilapidated building as an administration block, built by community members many

moons ago. Speaking at the handover, NSIF representative, Mr Elias Mwenyo, reiterated the important role Namport plays, through its Fund, in driving the Government's agenda of achieving Vision 2030, which is to improve the quality of life of the people of Namibia to the level of their counterparts in the developed world. Talking to Mr Salomo Shipopyeni, Principal of Elamba Combined School, he said that, “with this donation, we are now able to render superior services to our learners as we now have the needed resources”. The administration block is fitted with a production room, individual offices for the Head of Department, office for the principal, a counselling room for learners, a staff room as well as ablution facilities for the teachers. Mr Shipopyeni further thanked Namport and urged the sponsor to continue giving back to the society as they have indeed positively contributed to the school attaining its educational goals. “We are one of the few schools that have this state of the art building within our region and it is all thanks to Namport”, the principal further said. The Namibian Ports Authority established its Social Investment Fund

in 2006 on four pillars namely; Entrepreneurial and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development, Health, Education and Environment and it is through these focus areas that the footprints of Namport have been and will continue to be felt throughout the country. The Fund has thus far invested more than N$25 million in various projects with the majority of the beneficiaries being the education sector. These projects include, but not limited to, the purchasing of 25 desktop computers for Hungua Primary School in Opuwo with a price tag of N$200,840, science kits valued at N$34,000 for Flamingo Secondary School in Walvis Bay, to mention a few. In the coming weeks, the Fund will hand over school furniture to the Onawa Secondary School in the Omusati region valued at N$163 848 ,as well as inaugurating 2 classrooms at the Five Rand Primary School in the Otjozondjupa region in the month of March. The classrooms were constructed at a cost of N$ 300,000. Namport remains grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist the Namibian nation as resources permit.

19 FEBRUARY 2021



Orano Mining Namibia donation handover release Orano Mining Namibia has donated small material masks suitable for preschool children and 10 sanitizer dispensers (tippi taps) to two kindergartens in Arandis. The Asser Kapere Pre-Primary School and Rainbow Kindergarten combined cater for 100 children, and their needs to keep the children safe during the ongoing Covid-19 challenge came to the attention of Orano through the office of the Arandis Town Council. The masks were produced by hand by TruHope Community Trading, an SME based in Swakopmund, and the tippi taps were made by students at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), based in Arandis. The combined value of the donation is N$11 500. On the photo from left to right: Orano Mining Namibia Managing Director Tommie Gouws, Frieda Kamati of Rainbow Kindergarten, Mayor of Arandis His Worship Erastus Kandenge, Loveness Likando of Asser Kapere Kindergarten, and the Deputy Mayor of Arandis, Hon Cecilie //Hoabes

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Daycare Centre ON ERF NO: 335 TOWNSHIP: Meersig STREET: 2de Straat Noord No.6. In terms of the abovementioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/ establish on the site a: Place of Instruction Day-Care Centre Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 119, Civic Centre, Walvis Bay. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with the grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay, and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 12 March 2021 NAME AND ADRESS OF APPLICANT: Theresa Blaauw, Postal Address: 3555 Vineta, Swakopmund Email: dianieke@iway.na

NOTICE OF THE CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Home Based Office (Cash Loan) ON ERF: 7534 TOWNSHIP/SUBURB: Kuisebmond STREET: . In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish on the site a Home Base Office (Cash Loan) . Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the applicant, in writing, not later than Friday, 5 March 2021. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: Mr N.P. Lazarus, P O Box 7301, Walvis Bay


19 FEBRUARY 2021

19 FEBRUARY 2021





MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A MAGISTRATE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 Notice is hereby given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Magistrate of the District of 1. Name and postal address of applicant: H & H Athena Trading CC, P O Box 10084, Windhoek. 2. Name of business or proposed licensed business to which application relates: H & H Athena Trading CC. 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: Erf 4828 c/o Sam Nujoma Avenue & Swakopmund Airport Road. 4. Nature and details of application: Transfer of Liquor License from Yambeke Restaurant to H & H Athena Trading CC. 5. Where application will be lodged: Magistrate, District, Swakopmund. 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 18/02/21 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Magistrate of the District, to reach the Magistrate not later than 7 days after the date on which the application is lodged.

Consent Use: Industrial Activities Container Terminal and Related, Associated and Ancillary Activities Location: Unnamed Street on Farm 139, east of Walvis Bay Extension 14 [between the railway line/Narraville and the C14/Airport Road] In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that Stewart Planning, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to establish a Container Terminal and related, associated and ancillary activities on Erf/Portion 2 of Farm 139 Walvis Bay Town and Townlands. Plans may be inspected, or particulars of the application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 and 105, Civic Centre, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay. Any persons having any objection or comments to the approval of this consent use application must lodge such objection/s, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and Stewart Planning, P O Box 2095, Walvis Bay, in writing, not later than Friday 5 March 2021. MUNICIPALITY: Manager: Town Planning Section Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay dtjarokua@walvisbaycc.org.na or 064 2013 3348 jlawrence@walvisbaycc.org.na or 064 201 3229

APPLICANT: Bruce Stewart Stewart Planning P. O. Box 2095 Walvis Bay bruce@sp.com.na 064 280 770

The Municipality of Henties Bay an equal opportunity employer invites application for the following vacancies: 1. POSITION INFORMATION Office Office of the Chief Executive Job Title Secretary to CEO Grade C3 Salary Scale N$190 236.28 – 198 079.85 MAIN PURPOSE OF POSITION To provide a full secretarial support service to the CEO, by attending to all administrative matters that arise in the day-to-day activities of the CEO's office, while maintaining a professional image of the office. JOB SPECIFICATIONS Minimum Educational Qualification

· 3 year Secretarial /Information Administration Diploma or equivalent plus, two (2) years secretarial experience in a support role to a senior manager OR · Grade 12 plus 5 years relevant experience

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, Attributes)

· Sound communication and interpersonal skills · Good organizational skills · Ability to take own initiative and be a self-starter. · Ability to maintain confidentiality. · Sound computer literacy · Good command of both written and spoken English. · High degree of integrity and diplomacy · Well-groomed and neat appearance · Friendly and welcoming demeanour · Minute taking skills ·Code B Drivers licence will be an added

Special Requirements

advantage ·Ms Roseline Williams ·064 - 502018 Contact details Applicants who meet the above requirements should submit their applications with a Covering Letter, CV with Certified supporting documents to: Enquiry Person

Totus Consulting Group, on behalf of its client, a main operator in the Fishing industry and equal opportunity employer, is looking to fill the following vacancy: FOREMAN – PROPERTIES MAINTANANCE Closing date: 25th February 2021.

Follow the provided link to apply: https://www.tunacor.com.na/vacancies/

The Human Resources Manager Municipality of Henties Bay Cnr of Dr Nicky Iyambo Avenue and Jakkalsputz Rd, Henties Bay P.O. Box 61 HENTIES BAY No facsimile nor e-mail transmissions will be accepted. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted, and no documents will be returned. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS:

12 March 2021


19 FEBRUARY 2021

NOTICE OF CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME Consent: For a Service Station on Erf/Erven/ Portion/Farm No: Remainder Erf 5433 Township/Suburb: Walvis Bay Street Name & No.: C14 Road (Dunes Mall) In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that Stewart Planning have applied to the Municipality of Walvis Bay for permission to erect/establish a Service Station next to the Dunes Mall on the Remainder of Erf 5433 Walvis Bay situated along the C14 Road. Particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objections to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the Municipality of Walvis Bay and Stewart Planning, in writing, not later than Friday, 12 March 2021. Stewart Planning Town & Regional Planners P. O. Box 2095 Walvis Bay +264 64 280 773 otto@sp.com.na

General Manager: Roads & Building Control (Town Planning) Municipality of Walvis Bay Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay

NOTICES & VACANCIES NOTICES & VACANCIES ESTATE LATE Number: E 2018/2020 1. Full name: Joseph Robert Platt 2. Identity Number: 50101600569 3. Occupation: Pensioner 4. Last address: Walvis Bay 5. Only if deceased: Widowed was married in community of property. Debtors and creditors in the above estate are requested to forward their claims and pay their debts to the undersigned within a period of 30 days from date of publication of this notice. EXECUTRUST (PTY) LTD P. O. Box 32098 Windhoek REF: A P Van Straten

NOTICE CONSENT USES, ERECTION OF BUILDINGS AND USE OF LAND IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Municipal Council considers the following consent uses, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering & Planning Services. Hawks Pub & Grill herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for special consent to operate a Place of Amusement - Pub & Grill & Dance Bar on premises of Erf 3995 (Einstein Street) Swakopmund Extention 10. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge such objection/s in writing and within 14 days of the last publication to the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant, during normal business hours. Closing date for objections or comments is: 5 March 2021 Contact Person: Mr P Eastes, Cell: 081 636 7977 Email: sharkystrading@yahoo.com or Mr. J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning) jheita@swkmun.com.na / Tel: +264 (64) 4104403.

NOTICE CONSENT USES, ERECTION OF BUILDINGS AND USE OF LAND IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Municipal Council considers the following consent uses, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering & Planning Services. Lathco Logistics cc herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for special consent to operate a Resident Occupation - Administrative Office on the premises of Erf 4433 (c/o Acacia & Carnation Street) Swakopmund Extention 9. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge such objection/s in writing and within 14 days of the last publication to the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant, during normal business hours. Closing date for objections or comments is: 12 March 2021 Contact Person: Mrs T. Hough, Cell: 081 350 4560 Email: t.s.liesching@gmail.com or Mr. J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning) jheita@swkmun.com.na Tel: +264 (64) 4104403

MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (Regulations 14, 26 &33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998 particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licensing Committee, Region Erongo. 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Streethouse Entertainment, Swakopmund (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 8495 Bachtbrecht, Namibia 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Streethouse Entertainmment Swakopmund (Pty) Ltd 3. Address/Location of premises to which application relates: Shop No.211 - 213 Platz Am Meer, Swakopmund, Namibia 4. Nature and details of application: Liquor license 5. clerk of the court with whom application will be lodge: Court of the Magistrate, Swakopmund 6. Date of which application will be lodged: 24 February 2021 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which applicant will be heard: 10 14 April 2021 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the committee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.

19 FEBRUARY 2021



Classifieds E-MAIL: smalls@namibtimes.net OR smallswk@namibtimes.net



WEES GEWAARSKU!! “Nuwe motor scam aan die kus” In die gange van die hof kry die meesterbruin van die scam ‘n naam. MARKGRAFF. Jy en jou familie het julle wit Renault by ‘’n handelaar in gegee omte herstel. Die handelaar het julle daar weg gejaag nadat die voertuig reeds total uitmekaar gehaal was. Jou seun en my driver het die voertuig in die gehawende toestand vir een kilometer gesleep tot my perseel met die doel omte verkoop. Na dit ‘n jaar en ‘n maand verkoop het daag jy by my op en meld aan my jy will die voertuig self herstel, jy het slegs’n meter met die voertuig gevonder en weer koue voete gekry. Markgraff in die kort tyd in my stoor steel jy my sleepwa se parte en en sit onder jou Renault se engine parte!! Dis ‘n baie slegte voorbeeld vir jou seun! Dis hoekom hy die geld gebruik het na sy goed denke.Volgende keer betrek ons vir Mev Markgroff. Groete tot dan..........

“Naukloft Nama”

EDU CARE 2021 INTAKE! EKKLESIAJOECRUSHER MULTI-EDUCARE CENTRE DAY CARE AND PREPRIMARY REGISTRATIONS ON:Seasonal greeting caring parents. Welcome to the New Year! Come and register TODAY and NOW, for your child's cosy care, grooming and superb pre-primary mentorship! There is a NEW DAWN and HOPE of life after COVID-19 pandemic, so child's education will never be compromised. Age Group: Babies Full-Time / Casual 6 months - 3 years and Pre - primary 3-6 years Location: Between Sandfontein and No. 17 Makriel Street, behind Sardyn Street near Independence Market area, Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay Call: 081 734 6906 /

SERVICES CARPETS, MATS, RUGS: Karakul, Persian, etc. I specialize in repairing and cleaning your precious valuable carpets. Send or bring your loose carpets, all carpets, also cleaning inhouse, homes, offices etc! Also all mattresses, couches and sofas. Contact: 081 611 0361




Construction of houses Are you a Government employee with a plot? We can construct a house for you within your qualifying amount. Call us on 0813500310 for more information.

SERVICES Self-defence, Confidence, Respect, Improved Concentration, Improved school results, Coordination & Exercise Beginners Classes start during February 2021 Time: 17h30 –18h15 Tuesdays and Thursdays All ages 5 and up Venue: Main road 4B, Meersig For enrolment message your email address to: The Walvis Bay Goju Ryu Karate Club at: 0812779268 We will send all info

SERVICES Accounting services at affordable prices. We specialise in the following: Monthly bookkeeping /full accounting; VAT Audits/VAT+Imports/Paye /Salaries/IRP5's / Monthends/ Management Acc's/ Income Tax/Provisional Tax/CC Registrations, cash flow reports, Business Plans. Keep your records and taxes up to date and contact us for all your accounting needs on 081 333 5230 or visit our website on www.sraccounting services.com


NAMIBIA GARDEN SPECIALIST SERVICES Landscaping & plant doctor Originalpalm & tree trimming Planting grass and flowers Painting: house, palm trees and thatch roofs Cutting big trees Training companies of original palm tree trimming, painting and cutting. Contact: 081 274 8447

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



SERVICES TRANSPORT WALVIS BAY Hyundai with driver available 6 days a week. Book Upfront! Contact: 081 255 5809 TRANSPORT SERVICES: Swakopmund We provide transport for children to and from school everyday and adults to and from work, according to your schedule Monday to Monday 24/7 services. Contact: 081 676 1863 JTC JoeCrusherNuts Traders & Consultants Engineering Services ·Projects and casual Independent manual lathe-work machinist @ (machine shop) Contact: +264 81 734 6906 / +264 81 464 5100 E-mail: joecrushernuts@gmail. com

OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: + 264 814093522 email: nktransportnam @gmail.com

*Construction *Painting *Paving *Slasto *Swimming Pools *All electrical work *Building and renovating all types of buildings *Sealing of any kind of roofs Call: 081 211 6686 Anywhere along the coast




NYASA HERBALS AFRICAN CLINIC Dr Banda 081 740 7321 Specialist in various forms of African Traditional healing, spells, spiritual healing solutions to assist you with any challenges you might be facing. reconciliation with lost love (lover) Attract the right man or woman for love & marriage Strong lucky charms for work & promotion Get the job of your choice & qualification (you will be the favorite candidate amongst all short listed Win tenders, get loans approved, start your own business & attract customers/clients Healing chronic diseases such as epilepsy, asthma, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and more. Using purely organic herbs. Indegenous Southern African mixtures & ancient healing methodologies, will also assist you with lifestyle habits changes to deal with addiction & weight loss Guguda - men enlargement in 3 sizes, medium, large & extra large, with proven results & testimonies Prayers, healing, fortune telling, dream interpretations. Finance, pregnancies & more Visit him in town, next to Choppies Supermarket Call, text, whatsapp 081 740 7321

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DR KAMUZU 081 777 4547 Traditional doctor newly arrived. Pay after success. Lost lovers, marriages, diseases, man power. Finance, unfinished jobs. Protection now in Walvis Bay and in Swakopmund on request. 081 777 4547

MALAWIAN TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Oupa Savala The old man is in Walvis Bay with over 30 years experience and specializes in various problems or diseases Such as bringing back lost lovers in 5 days To bind your lover and stop him/her with cheating on you. To get a woman or man of your choice Removal of bad luck, to win any complicated court cases 100% Protection of bodies and houses from witchraft Winning contracts and tenders, rejuvenate men during sex and boostking weak erections Penis enlargement, headaches, backache, pain, recovering stolen goods, stopping or prolonging menstruation And many more complicated problems and diseases You will not regret for more information call The Old Man Oupa Savala 081 844 3255

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19 FEBRUARY 2021

Classifieds E-MAIL: smalls@namibtimes.net OR smallswk@namibtimes.net




INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Dr. Oupa Chimeza the Giant, stop suffering and crying There is hope, Oupa Chimeza is in Walvis Bay with very strong medicine from Malawi, he has 23 years experience in various problems and diseases. He is professional in bringing back lost lovers within a short time, pregnancy problems, court cases, job problems, stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Hips enlargement, debts, BP, stroke and many more, come and experience wonderful miracles happening in your life. Call Oupa Chimeza 081 558 7112

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TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck Luck Muti - Love Problems Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself - Work problems - Promotions - To get ten-ders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals Sexual transmitted sickness all sickness Asthma, BP Remove to-koloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power sexuality - Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D, Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149


PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Viringa Street, H/no 2298 Kuisebmond 1x bedroom (inside room) wide enough Toilet and kitchen sharing Room is very clean N$ 1 200.00 p/m Water incl. Contact: 081 285 9342 FLAT TO RENT MEERSIG: Separate entrance, 2 bedroom BIC, electric stove, single garage Prepaid electricity, water included. No pets. N$ 5 500.00pm Avail: immediately Contact nr: 0812604328 FLAT TO RENT: 1 Bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen with BIC N$ 4 600.00 p/m Hermes. Prepaid Electricity. Call 081 347 6741 or 081 304 8518. TE HUUR: SWAKOPMUND GARAGE / MOTORHUIS TE DANTE SQUARE VREDE REDE STR. GESKIK VIR 2 VOERTUIE OF STOORPLEK. N$ 850.00 P/M KONTAK: 081 260 6999 TO RENT: WVB Hannah’s Cottages Sam Nujoma 214 modern 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining room Big courtyard at the back Garage. Dishwasher, blinds, G4S and water included. Pre paid electricity. Quiet safe complex N$ 6 100.00 p/m Deposit payable over 2 months. Available 1 Feb 2021 No pets, No agents Contact Frank/Hannah 081 124 2151 TO RENT: near Venus Flat available Single person or couple N$ 3 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Garage available. For viewing: 081 240 6293

TO RENT: Hermis 2x slaapkamer woonstel N$ 5 000.00 p/m Koopkrag 3x slaapkamer huis te huur N$ 8 000.00 p/m Koopkrag Kontak: 081 818 9168 081 303 9490 TO RENT: Kabeljou, Kuisebmond house available for rent as from 1 March 3 bedroom (main bedroom has ensuite) 2 bathrooms, a large living room. Dining room and a spacious kitchen 1 single garage and big yard N$ 4000.00 payable in 2 months N$ 6 300.00 p/m W/E excl. Contact: 081 286 3062 for viewing

Freestanding House in Walvis bay Lagoon, Thomas Morris No. 33 N$ 7 500.00 + Deposit Available immediately 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms with main ensuite Living room Water and Electricity excluded There is flats as well at the back with a Bing single garage which can fit two cars, a bathroom, kitchen and living room for 3, 500 only... Option 1: Rent a house and flat for N$ 11,500.00 Option 2: Rent out house alone without flats NB We won't put tenants in the back the flats will stand empty for N$ 8500.00 Option 3: Rent house for N$ 7, 500.00 and we will put tenant on the flat for 3,500.00 you save 1000.00 Options 4: Let negotiate.. Call:0811002079 Danie

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



GRANNY/BACHELOR FLAT TO RENT WALVIS BAY On suite full bathroom Small kitchen Private entrance Secure parking Free wi-fi INCLUDING: electricity N$6500.00 plus deposit VERY SPACIOUS PLEASE CALL: 081 254 8142 TO RENT: 2 BEDROOM GARDEN FLAT TO RENT WALVIS BAY ·On suite full bathroom ·Private entrance ·Secure parking ·Free wifi ·INCLUDING: electricity ·N$7500 plus deposit ·VERY SPACIOUS, WITH PRIVATE COURTYARD ·PLEASE CALL: 081 254 8142 TE HUUR: Narraville Mermaid str 2 slaapkamer huis Ingeboude kaste in kamers en kombuis Alarm ingesluit – kan oordra aan nuwe huurders en betaal self per maand Water ingsl Koopkrag N$ 4 500.00 p/m N$ 2 500.00 deposit Kontak: 081 578 2854 To Rent Fairways W/B, 1 bedroom flat N$4900.00 p/month Water Included Prepaid electricity excl. Deposit required. Contact 081 333 5230 Walvis Bay Hermis 3 Bedrooms,2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge& dining room. Garage park 4 cars. Inside&outside Braai. Prepaid Electricity. Water billed. N$ 8000-00 p.m+ Deposit Call : 081 256 1560 TO RENT: Hermis One bedroom flat available N$ 3 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Outside room N$ 2 200.00 p/m W/E incl. Inside room N$ 2100.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 422 6419 TO RENT: One bedroom bic Open plan kitchen (bic) One toilet and shower N$ 2 500.00 p/m Deposit N$ 2 000.00 Water included. Pre paid electricity. Dobama Street, Near Katutura Car wash Contact: 081 312 7298

TO RENT: 2 bedroom flat to rent in Walvis Bay, walking distance to Duneside High School and Welwitschia Hospital. Corner unit with BIC’s and stove, open plan kitchen and lounge area, balcony & undercover parking for N$ 5 000 p.m. (W&E excluded). Available 1 March 2020. Contact 085 746 1350.

PROPERTIES FOR SALE FOR SALE: Kuisebmond 3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with big, bic, lounge, double garage and with rental income N$ 16 000.00 p/m N$ 1 45 million Contact: 081 124 2497 FOR SALE: Otjomuise Extension 5 Windhoek. Brand new house going for N$ 1, 650 million Double storey 4 bedroom two bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining room, high boundary walls. Electric fence. Automatic gate and double garage. Contact owner: 081 365 5860

TO RENT: Tamariskia 2x bachelor flats 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Small open plan kitchen / sitting room, BIC in bedroom and kitchen, BIS in Kitchen and alarm system available. N$ 3 500.00 p/m without garage, including water and shared pre-paid electricity. N$ 4 000.00 p/m with garage, including water and shared pre-paid electricity. Available immediately. Contact: 081 414 5504 / 081 233 4411 MTE PROPERTIES Narraville GARAGE TO RENT A single garage opposite the municipality in Narraville available to rent. Rent: N$ 500.00 p/m Contact: 0814554176 Mondesa FLAT TO RENT A 2-bedroom flat is available to rent. It has BIC in the kitchen. Ideal to share with a friend. Rent: N$4 200 per month (water and electricity included). Deposit: Will be required Contact: 0814554176 ROOM TO RENT A single room available with outside toilets at Desertflats. Rent: N$1 600 per month (water and electricity included). Deposit: Will be required Contact: 0814554176


ON SHOW SPECIAL N$ 1.630 MIL. ONLY 1.8% COMMISSION. Lagoon no. 33 co Sam Nujoma and 5th road. House with 2 offices. See Video on Facebook KURT WORLD ESTATES. CALL KURT 081 242 6713 MNK Property Real Estate cc For sale - Mondesa Single quarter 1bedroom, bathroom,open plan kitchen N$ 130 000.00 Old Municipal house 2bedroom, lounge, kitchen, outside toilet N$ 400 000.00 Meduletu - House 2bedroom, bathroom, kitchen N$ 500 000.00 Jabulani - House 2bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen With 2bachelor flats N$ 750 000. 00 Mahetago Sectional title near FNB Mondesa 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lounge, kitchen, garage N$ 570 000.00 House 3bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, double garage with 2 Bachelor flats N$ 800 000.00 Matutura - Vacant plot 480m² N$ 420 000.00 Arandis - House 3bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen N$ 350 000.00 Contact: Matty @ 081 244 6995 Or Office @ 064 402 112 House For Sale – Tamariskia (Ext. 35) Newly build, spacious Threebedroom house with BIC. Open plan living with kitchen (built-in stove) & lounge area, 2 full bathrooms and single garage. N$ 950 000.00 Please contact: 081-324 8928




C l a s s i f i e d s VACANCIES E-MAIL: smalls@namibtimes.net OR smallswk@namibtimes.net CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

PROPERTIES WANTED WEEPIWA REAL ESTATE CC House needed Fairways x Meersig Pre approval clients Please contact Elizabeth 081 294 9233 WANTED TO RENT: Looking for a freestanding 2 bedroom house with boundary walls. From end of February 2021 N$ 4 500.00 p/m Town or Narraville Contact: 081 373 9611



Looking for a qualified tailor (Walvis Bay) to do sewing work on weekends but should be flexible to work during weekdays if required. Applicants can email their CVs to kneshanisk@gmail.com, for more infor contact 0814061194.

JOB WANTED: I am a married man looking for work, like security or any other work, in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. I have 30 years experience. Contact: 081 207 5980 081 295 2790

JOB WANTED: We are two ladies looking for domestic work, both aged 25. In Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 274 6190 081 654 0864

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT WALVIS BAY TAKE AWAY MENU Spring Rolls N$ 12.00 each Sweet and sour Pork N$ 140.00 Kung Pao Chicken N$ 140.00 Stir fried Ginger Pork N$ 140.00 Salt and pepper ribs N$ 140.00 Stir fried mushrooms with pork N$ 160.00 Stir fried beef in oyster sauce N$ 160.00 Sweet and sour fish N$ 160.00 Stir fried calamari with cumin seeds N$ 160.00 Yang Zhou Fried rice N$ 50.00 Egg fried rice N$ 30.00 Stirfry noodles with Pork N$ 60.00 Dumplings N$ 4.00 each Contact: 081 835 8580 FOR SALE: Hang glider MAGIC 4 good condition including harness with chute and variometer. Ideal pilot weight 65 80 kg. Soar dune 5 and 7 in a w/sw wind. N$ 8000.00 Tel: 061 241 829 AFRICAN LEATHER CREATIONS: SPECIALS ON VELDSKOENE Come to our shop and see!!! Next to Karakulia, Swakopmund. Tel: 064 402 633

CARS FOR SALE: 1 kr, 1.3 (3 cylinder) engine complete with gearbox for sale. For a Toyota vitz, Belta or Passo. N$ 9 000.00 neg Serious buyers only. Contact: 081 236 8241 FOR SALE: Suzuki Grand Vitara 1600 cc 4x4 Escudo 1x front diff Contact: 081 247 2077

JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady looking for work, Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. Housekeeping, babysitting. Contact: 081 493 8071

JOB WANTED: I am a 23 year old lady looking for Walvis Bay. Mondays to Fridays or 3 days a week. I am very hardworking and trustworthy. Ready to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 822 1948

VACANCY: Swakopmund I am looking for an experienced SUSHI CHEF. Please contact (only sms) Maureen: 081 733 1111

CONTAINERS CONTAINERS TO BUY / RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office or ablution alterations. Cowboys. 064 418 150 or 081 146 4770

WANTED BEST CASH PRICES PAID ON THE SPOT FOR ALL KINDS OF YOUR GOLD RINGS BANGLES, CHAINS COINS, ETC EVEN FOR THE BROKEN ONES WE ALSO BUY CUT DIAMONDS Please visit DESERT JEWELER & CURIOS Prior calls are essential Cell: 081 408 1550 We have moved to 85 Hage Geingob str Walvis Bay OPPOSITE International School of Walvis Bay *** If you don’t want to sell your items, YOU CAN PAWN your gold and diamond jewellery or even a car WANTED: We pay cash for your fridge, deepfreezer and furniture. Phone 081 255 5809

JOB WANTED: I am a 23 year old lady looking for babysitting work or domestic. I am kind and innocent young lady with no criminal records. Ready to start as soon as possible, Contact: 081 345 7633 JOB WANTED: 2 ladies are urgently looking for domestic work or housekeeping in Swakopmund, we are ready to start as soon as possible. Contact Thabitha: 081 694 3516 Kaiyere: 081 608 2227 JOB WANTED: I am a 40 year old lady, a graduate looking for work as a palliative care giver, home based care in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 655 3231 JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old young hardworking lady looking for any kind of work, as a domestic worker or office cleaning in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 739 4534 JOB WANTED: I am a bilingual, 35 year old lady looking for domestic or office cleaning work in Swakopmund.I am available only on Fridays. References are available. Contact Silvia at 081 200 6382. JOB WANTED: I am a 30 year old woman looking for domestic work, washing and ironing for 5 or 3 days per week in Swakopmund, I am available to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 647 7506 JOB WANTED: Georgia Kahiriri, 26 year old lady is urgently looking for domestic work from Monday to Friday or 3 days a week in Swakopmund, Long Beach and Walvis Bay only. I am very hardworking and trustworthy. Contact: 081 694 5733 JOB WANTED: I am a 46 year old woman looking for domestic work in Swakopmund and Long Beach, I can also do office admin and ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 872 3301 / 081 714 3781

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old hardworking and trustworthy lady looking for work in Swakopmund for a few hours a day (from 2 to 6 everyday) I have experience and references and can start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 654 7161

VACANCY: CASHIER Suitably qualified and highly motivated candidates are invited to apply for the following position at Fortune Foods, in Walvis Bay: QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma EXPERIENCE Experience in a similar capacity (cash handling) SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR POSITION - Ability to communicate and interact with the public - Be self-motivated and organised - Knowledge of basic computer and mathematical skills - Good interpersonal and analytical skills MAIN COMPETENCIES - To receive, issue and control all cash by processing customer's transactions and rendering superior customer service - Cash up at the end of the day - Any other tasks that might be required LICENSE REQUIRED Code B driver's license (preferred) The interview could include a practical test Closing date: 1 March 2021 All CV's to be mailed to: abram@transcomservices.co.za

VACANCY: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT Suitably qualified and highly motivated candidates are invited to apply for the following position at Phoenix Capital, in Walvis Bay: QUALIFICATIONS Accounting Degree/Diploma / NQF 6 Equivalent EXPERIENCE 3-5 year working experience in an accounting / bookkeeping role SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED FOR POSITION (COULD HAVE BEEN GAINED BY COURSE OR SPECIFIC ON-THE-JOB TRAINING) Excellent computer skills with minimum 3-5 years working knowledge of: - Accounting Software - Excel (Spreadsheets) - Word (Word Processing) - PowerPoint (Graphs & Presentations)MAIN COMPETENCIES - Accurate capturing & recordings of supplier invoices - Supplier Payments - Payroll Processing and management - Supplier Reconciliations - Petty cash Handling - Asset Management - General Ledger Management - General Office Administration - VAT & PAYE Reconciliations and Submission to Receive of Revenue - Customer Queries - Month-end Financial Reporting - Financial Year End - Knowledge of Supply Chain Management - Attention to detail and high level of accuracy - Problem solving skills - Competent to manage a wide range of priorities under pressure - Excellent interpersonal / communication and organisational skills - Excellent English literacy skills LICENSE REQUIRED Code B driver's license (preferred) The interview could include a practical test. Closing date: 1 March 2021 All CV's to be mailed to: abram@transcomservices.co.za


19 FEBRUARY 2021

19 FEBRUARY 2021

Sport News:

From left: Armando Pedro, Tostao Imbili, Temba Nghitaunapo, Robert Shimooshili (seated), Lucky Shipanga and Paulus Shipanga

New coach at Blue Waters Former national team player and Black Africa coach, Paulus Shipanga has been appointed as the new coach of coastal giants, Blue Waters Football team. Coach Paulus Shipanga signed a three-year contract. The former Blue Waters player returns to his hometown to take charge of the club that birthed his successful football career. Despite being one of the youngest local coaches in the country, Shipanga already has a league title to his name with his time as the coach of Black Africa. Former Blue Waters striker, Armando Pedro, will serve as his assistant. Club chairman, Robert Shimooshili, welcomed the new coaches and urged all Omeya supporters to support the duo. “Paulus and Armando are sons of Blue Waters and it is a pleasure to have them leading the team. We believe they have the pedigree to return the team to its former glory days. We wish them well,” said Shimooshili. Shipanga said he is glad to be back home and looks forward to managing the team. “This appointment is a milestone in my coaching career and I am ready to help the team on a technical and professional level” Shipanga said.

SFC 1 emerges victorious Boosted by home turf advantage, Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC 1) emerged victorious in the Category B Final and with SFC 1 and SFC 2 equally shared the first spot in the youth division as both teams won three games each with SKW youth team second. Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW 1) defeated Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) in the Bank Windhoek Fistball National Cup Tourna-ment final over the weekend in Swakopmund. SKW 1 beat CFC 1, who dominated the opening tournament over the past three seasons. The National Cup Tournament, divided into two groups, saw seven participating teams compete for top honours. CFC 1, SFC 1, SFC 2 and SKW 2 battled it out in Group A. As the current Bank Windhoek Fistball League Champions, CFC 1 cruised through the group stages and qualified for the semi-finals. They were followed by SFC 1, who beat club mates SFC 2 and rivals SKW 2 in their semifinals journey. After that, the hosts, SFC 2, played SKW 2 for the Category B bragging rights. Group B, played in a round-robin mode, comprised SFC 2, SKW 2, and SFC Old Boys. Contrary to all expectations, SFC Old Boys won both encounters, while SFC 2 and SKW 2 took second and third place in the Category B. CFC 1 and CFC 2 battled it out in the semi-final's stages. After some initial difficulties, CFC 1 outplayed its counterpart and advanced into the final. SKW 1 also qualified for the Category A finals after defeating SFC 1, who also lost against CFC 2 in the game for third place, thus, SFC 1 had to settle for the fourth place. SKW 1 started on a high note in the final encounter and quickly took a 3:0 lead against arch-rivals Cohen Fistball Club. Without their star player, Rico-KühnleKreitz, CFC never got into the match. Michael Baas from SKW 1 was in top form and kept his team at a distance with his serves, which resulted in a three-point lead at halfime. CFC 1 came close to two points in the second half but could not turn the game around. CFC 1 made too many errors in the defence and build-up, which ultimately sealed their first defeat after 26 games won in a row. The final score was 24:20 in favour of SKW 1. Next on the Bank Windhoek Fistball League is the opening tournament, which will take place on Saturday, 13 March 2021, in Windhoek.




19 FEBRUARY 2021

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Swakopmund Boxing Gym “Training like a World Champion” Rudi Bowe

Swakopmund Boxing Gym: A flow of fresh air in Namibian boxing …André Borchert living the dream. André Borchert a certified fitness trainer, Blicense and a certified personal trainer, recently opened the doors of a Boxing Gym in the coastal town of Swakopmund, where the reception from boxers, trainers and the general public has been overwhelming. Borchert described the gym as “Old School Boxing and Training like Rocky” onto the local scene as an imperative turning point in the way boxing is managed. The Gym is open for men and women across all age groups with different goals for fitness, professional boxing and personal training. Borchert said, “I want to work with everyone and anyone who has boxing development at heart. Therefore, my motto for normal trainees is: "Training with fun, motivation and results" and the motto for professionals: "Only with sweat and hard training that goes beyond your limits, you can become a world champion 'Training like a World Champion.'” According to Borchert, “Boxing is a comprehensive full-body workout, otherwise you can't call up the needed performances in the ring.” Borchert explains, Fitness boxing is good for women and men who want to be physically fit, for the everyday life. This workout is also very suitable to burn a lot of calories and lose weight. In fitness boxing, the participants also learn boxing, but this is not so much about the technical accuracy of the punches and the hardness of the punches, what you would need in a competition to be able to really beat someone in the fight with a knockout.

Callanetics slim, healthy and beautiful one hour training approximately 45 exercises without weights full body workout power and endurance for the whole day at work private stretching! Deep muscle training! Strengthening tightening of your bud, Legs, Arms, Middle spin, Core, Pain solving, Tension, Blockages and physically fit up to an old age. Borchert trained for 4 years with a boxing world champion Christian Pawlack from Germany who is the Reigning World Super Middleweight Champion (WBU), Intercontinental Champion of the Boxing Federation (WBCA and GBA) and German Super Middleweight Champion (BDB). On what inspired him to set up his own gym, in 2019, on holiday in Swakopmund for 4 weeks, he already had the impression, that in the field of boxing there is nothing much There. “I got so many confirmations by so many people here in Swakopmund who told me when I open a boxing club that they would join. That's when I put my dream into practice. It wasn't easy to get so many new punching bags and equipment in such a short time. After all, there is no used equipment here, as it is in Germany.” Boxing is a big Hobby here in Namibia and if you have sponsors it would help the boxing club grow bigger and faster. The newly established Swakopmund Boxing Gym is situated at the corner Bohrstrasse and Einsteinstrasse in the coastal town with different time slots from 09:00 until 10:00 and 15:30 to 19:00 on Mon and Wed and 17:00 to 20:00 on Tues and Thur Fridays will only be on appointment.

André Borchert with some of the Gym members

AEGIR Marine Walvis Bay Golf Open The Walvis Bay Golf Club hosted the AEGIR Marine Walvis Bay Open over the past weekend.

It was touch and go if the rain would come and put a literal damper on the event but even the bit of drizzle on Sunday morning did not hamper the players, and the scores showed as much. After day one the leader board was well congested at the top with Willie Else and Kevin Wentzel tied on 73 with Jaco Greeff one back. There were a few 75's and 76's. So it was all up to Sunday mornings round to sort out the winner and eventually experience reigned and the winner was stalwart Kevin Wentzel, winning by two shots on 145 from Willie Els who played consistent golf to end on 147. The best net was won by Tienie de Wet winning the count out from Uwe Bachmann jnr on 140. The 'a' division best gross was also won on a count out by E Kutara from L Nande both on 140. Best net in the 'a' division was won by Jaco Greeff on 143 with C Durant as runner up on 150. The 'b' division best gross was won by H Ndedja on 157 with D Hambondi runner up on 162. Best net was won by J Katti on 146 with Andre Burger

runner up on 148. Best gross in the 'c' division was won by Wynand Breytenbach on 181 with Bertie Coetzee jnr as runner up one shot back. Best net was won by Potch Alchin on 153 and Clive Laurence won the count out on 154 to end runner up. Well done to the winners and thanks to the full field for playing. On the photo is Kevin Wentzel receiving the trophy from Grant Mather from AEGIR MARINE. There were good comments received about the condition of the course and greens and after being closed for a few weeks it was indeed a great effort by the greens team and Captain Pieter Fox and Grant Mather. Well done guys a stellar effort on all counts. The course in now opens and please remembers to support the Artisan Bakery Wednesday competition. Also please remember that green fees on a Friday afternoon after 13h00 and on Sundays are half price so get a few rounds in now while the weather holds. Please note that the Rotary Club fund raiser which was scheduled for this Friday 19th has been postponed until further notice. The calendar for the next few weeks is as follows Saturday 20 Feb. Fox Designs Monthly Medal Saturday 27 Feb. Braai Master ind s/ford Friday 5/3 Lions fund raiser 3 ball alliance Saturday 6 March Fox Designs Monthly Medal Saturday 13 March Walvis Bay Pairs better ball Saturday 20 March Best Drive ind s/ford Friday 26 March Avis Car WBHS better Ball Saturday 27 March KWV/CIC ind bogey +

André Borchert with boxing world champion Christian Pawlack from Germany

André Borchert with a young female boxer at the Gym

André Borchert owner and trainer at Swakopmund Boxing Gym

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