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Etosha Fishing imports 3 300 metric tons of frozen pilchards for its cannery As part of its ongoing operations, one of the oldest pelagic fishing companies in Namibia, Etosha Fishing, confirmed this week the import of 3 300 metric tons of frozen pilchard which would be worked at the company’s cannery in Walvis Bay. Importing frozen fish and adding value to the product locally is an established business strategy for Etosha Fishing which since 2010 has imported an estimated 50 000 tons of fish for local value adding. The latest import shines a very positive light on the pelagic fishing sector which since 1996 has been battling the odds to stay afloat. Some of these odds included a zero total allowable catch (1996), low annual total allowable catches for nearly two decades now and a recently announced 3 years moratorium on pilchard catches in Namibian waters are some of the odds the pelagic sector is battling. In a statement this week Etosha Fishing said despite a three year moratorium imposed on pilchard catches by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources last year, the Company with the move to import frozen pilchard and canning it locally secured employment for all its seasonal workers. Workers can be assured of a job until at least mid-December this year, according to the statement. In addition hopes are

also high for a contract with the Glenryck- and Lucky Star brands to can pilchards for the Glenryck and Lucky Star for 2019. That would mean securing jobs for another year. “Our cannery has been fully operational since January and we anticipate continuing normal operations for the remainder of the year. I am also confident that we will be operational until the end of 2019,” Etosha Fishing Managing Director Pieter G r e e ff i s q u o t e d . Greeff gave the assurance despite no Namibian pilchard catches, the import and local value adding will keep all job activities unchanged. The first bulk shipment of 3 300 metric tonnes of frozen pilchard was received by Etosha Fishing last week. The company’s world class cannery has been working uninterrupted since January and the latest import of frozen fish keeps the production schedule rolling. Greeff in his statement also confirmed the Company also conclu-

The removal of asbestos roof sheeting is a dangerous business. Workers of Adcon was seen yesterday dressed in safety gear to protect themselves again asbestos fibre as they were removing the roofing sheets of an old house in Walvis Bay. Adcon, in conjunction with Wesco, is also soon to commence with the removal of the asbestos sheeting on hundreds of houses at Arandis. Asbestos is associated with a variety of fatal lung diseases, including the feared asbestosis. Asbestos roofing was very popular in the construction industry of yesteryear, but as its health dangers became known it is not used any more.

ded this year's wage agreement with the Namibia Seamen and Allied Workers Union ( N A S AW U ) . T h e wage agreement covers all seasonal landbased employees. “We had to devise various plans and business strategies to ensure that our cannery remains operational, even if it means we only operate at a break-even level. If we had to close down our cannery as a result of the moratorium on Continues on page 2


Justice for Sedick

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Namibia Marine Phosphate celebrates court victory Successful appeal could now lay the table for marine phosphate mining Namibia Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd regards the matter as concluded and welcomes the opportunity to resume working with the Namibian Government to establish a marine phosphate mining industry for Namibia. That is the message after the Company won an appeal in the High Court of Namibia earlier this month that the Minister of Environment and Tourism erred in withdrawing an environmental clearance certificate issued by the Environmental Commissioner in September 2015 for marine phosphate mining to go ahead. In a statement Namibia Marine Phosphate's Executive Management says: “The Company advises that on

Friday May 11, the High Court of Namibia ruled that the Minister's decision to withdraw the Environmental Clear-

ance Certificate issued to the Company by the Environmental Commissioner on 5 September 2016, is no decision

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at all and must be set aside. The Company thus succeeded in its appeal. Details of the Continues on page 2

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Namibia Marine Phosphate Continued from page 1 judgement will be provided on the Company Website in due course. With this matter concluded, the Company now welcomes the opportunity to resume working constructively with the Namibian Government in order to take the project forward and to resolve any residual stakeholder concerns or mis-information regarding the project development, within the framework of the Namibian legislation and the conditions of the Environmental Clearance Certificate. To date some N$780m has been invested in the project to support exploration as well as technical, economic and environmental studies. Further development of the project will require an estimated capital investment of N$5.2 billion and is projected to yield Government revenues of approximately N$728m per year in tax and royalty payments (N$ 14.95 billion over ML tenure of 20 yrs.). The Company remains committed to the principle of co-existence in the marine environment and to the responsible development of the Sandpiper Phosphate Project in Namibia, in the interests of all stakeholders.” Meanwhile, the lawyer representing the fishing associations that wants to stop the future of marine phosphate mining, on account that it would destroy fishing biomass in the ocean, said it might be a little too early for Namibia Marine Phosphate (Pty) Ltd to lit the celebratory fires. The High Court's decision that the Minister erred will be appealed.

18 MAY 2018

Etosha Fishing pilchard catches, it would spell the end of Namibia's pilchard industry. Restarting the factory would be too costly,” said Greeff. Greeff also expressed Etosha Fishing’s support for the three year moratorium on Namibian pilchard catches. He expressed hope it allow time for the pilchard resource to recover. “With Namibia's pilchard resource under pressure for the past decade now, the company has imported in excess of 50,000 metric tons of frozen pilchards for processing on local soil since 2010, which has been sustained local jobs and continues to serve as a significant boost for the local economy of Walvis Bay. In recent years the company also made substantial investments in thawing equipment in, order to process the imported frozen pilchards more efficiently. Etosha Fishing has been canning pilchards for the revered Lucky Star brand since 1999 and last year secured a contract to can pilchards for the Glenryck brand. In terms of local product innovation, the company broke ground in 2013 with the introduction of Namibia's first canned horse mackerel product range called EFUTA Maasbanker. It was the first local canned product to receive the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) Standard Mark of Conformity product endorsement. The range of products, which includes horse mackerel in tomato sauce, chilli sauce and brine, is Halaal certified and is a proudly Namibian product displaying the Team Namibia logo. It was successfully introduced to the Namibian retail market in 2014 and showed tremendous uptake, with sales increasing from an ini-tial 80,000 trays (960,000 cans) sold in the first year to an estimated 400,000 trays (4.8 million cans) sold annually

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In order to sustain operations at its cannery, Etosha Fishing has imported in excess of 50,000 metric tonnes of frozen whole-round and cutlet pilchards since 2010. This year's first bulk shipment of 3,300 metric tonnes were offloaded at the Port of Walvis Bay during the second week in May

It's business as usual at Etosha Fishing's cannery thanks to its continued imports of frozen pilchards for local processing. The company has been canning pilchards for the African market leader, Lucky Star Pilchards, since 1999 and have now also secured a contract to can pilchards for the Glenryck brand at present. Etosha Fishing continues to invest heavily in product innovation with the launch of an EFUTA Maasbanker curry flavour imminent and product testing of a minced horse mackerel product also currently under way. Furthermore, Etosha Fishing utilised its own refrigerated seawater trawling vessel for the landing of wet horse mackerel for land-based processing in line with the company's horse mackerel quota. Planning is under way to build an onshore facility to freeze horse mackerel not suitable for canning. “Despite the current pressures of a dwindling pelagic resource, Etosha Fishing is determined to

Despite the demise of Namibia's pilchard resource over the past decade, Etosha Fishing continued to invest in its cannery to ensure it remains a world-class factory. This thawing equipment allows for more efficient processing of imported frozen pilchard for the local and international markets remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable resource management, job creation and industry development,” says Greeff. He notes that the company will also continue

to import frozen pilchard in order to remain afloat and will continue to develop and diversify its horse mackerel products”, the statement further reads.

18 MAY 2018



Justice for Sedick Eileen van der Schyff

The family of the late Sedick Brenner, the 20-year-old man whose body was found on the beach at Langstrand on 2 May this year, appeals for people to come forward with information in order to form a complete picture of the circumstances under which he died. The right information is believed to be out there, which could lead to the conviction of persons whom the family believes were responsible for Brenner's death. An autopsy confirmed Brenner died by drowning. A docket for an inquest was opened and was forwarded to a local magistrate to rule whether a further investigation is needed to establish the circumstances under which he drowned and whether people can be held criminally liable. The family is now appealing for people to assist with any form of information. A statement received from the family reads: “The Namibian police at Walvis Bay confirmed the cause of death as drowning, and a docket for inquest has been opened. However, the family wants more information around the cir-

cumstances leading to the young man's mysterious death. The family asks the assistance of the residents of Narraville, Walvis Bay and Langstrand by checking their surveillance footage from 1 May from 5pm to 2 May 7am. Maybe there is a chance his car has been captured by any of the cameras. The car a silver March with registration number, N 25854 WB, is pictured here. It is requested that anyone with information please contact Sergeant Kapanza - 081 231 7437 or 081 361 1974 and Gadija - 081 220 0430. The bereaved family further wants to thank those who have come forward with information willingly, and they thank the public for their assistance, time and prayers.�


18 MAY 2018

Court Walvis Bay Court report 7 May 2018 Andrew Narrib (44), Theft (25 May 2017) case struck from the roll. Benjamin Naruseb (29), Assault (23 February 2018) case withdrawn against accused. Wandero Zemburuka (18), Malicious damage to property (16 April 2018) case is postponed to 9 May 2018 accused released in the custody of a guardian. Rodger Namibeb (19), Dealing in drugs (8 May 2018) matter is postponed to 23 August 2018, accused remain in custody. Leonard Wayne Daniel Brockerhoff (21), Use of a vehicle without the owner's consent (2 May 2018) matter postponed to 9 May 2018 accused remain in custody. Epafras Nakaleke (36), Theft (10 May 2018) matter is postponed to 4 July 2018 accused remain in custody. 8 May 2018 Joel Nangolo (29), Housebreaking with the intent to commit a crime (July 2016) found guilty and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. Thando Shivute (22), Thando Mbali (28), Dealing in drugs (September 2017) matter is postponed to 29 May 2018 and Warrant of Arrest issued. Betuel Kaenandjama (29), Reinhold Hamalwa (24), Corruption (October 2017) both charges were struck from the roll. Reginald Conradie (31), Jerome Vos (18), Theft of motor vehicle (November 2011) both charges were struck from the roll. Simon Heita (45), Possession of stolen property (March 2018) matter is postponed to 3 September 2018 accused released on bail of N$1 500. Elrico Rooinasie (26), Theophells Rooinasie (22) Both of the accused on a count of fraud and a count of possession of stolen property. (November 2016) Both of the accused bail amount of N$5 000 is extended to 12 September 2018. 9 May 2018 Ella Ketu Linea Mangudu (26), two counts of abortion. (August 2017) Case withdrawn against accused. Nelson Andima (25), Assault common read with the combatting of Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003. (October 2017) Found guilty. Heskiel Nangolo (24), Assault. (January 2018) Case withdrawn. Hilarius Kashuupulwa (35), Andreas Shatumbu, Theft (July 2017) both of the accused were found not guilty and discharged. Nghitecka Simpson (49), Common Assault. (October 2017) Case was withdrawn. Lawrence Katambo (28), Drunk driving. (March 2018) Fined with an amount of N$7 000 or 24 months

imprisonment and driver's license suspended for 24 months. Case finalised. Hendrika Elia (27), Theft. (January 2018)Matter is postponed to 23 May 2018. Wandero Zemburuka (18), malicious damage to property. (April 2018) Matter is postponed to 16 May 2018. Leonard Wayne Daniel (21), Use of vehicle without owner's consent. (May 2018) Case was withdrawn. Kaulungunja Katjivelua (30), Assault common read with the Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2013. (May 2018) Matter is postponed to 17 May 2018. Hipundjua Bertha (26), Housebreaking. (April 2018) Case is transferred to Omaruru Court. The accused remains in custody. Adolf Gaogoseb (23), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (January 2018) Matter is postponed to 17 May 2018. 11 May 2018 Nico Doeseb (42), Theft by false pretences. (July 2016) Bail of N$5 000 is granted. Matter is postponed to 12 June 2018. Teofelus Uugwanga (47), Dealing in cocaine. Possession of cocaine. (March 2017) Matter is postponed to 31 July 2018. Magnus Kotze (29), Failure to provide a specimen of blood or urine. (August 2017) Case withdrawn against the accused. Underaged boy (17), Theft. (March 2018) Accused placed in the care of a guardian. Omega Hoebeb (18), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft. (March 2018) Accused is charged and warned to appear in court on 4 June 2018.Placed into custody. Warning of guardian. Kaeundja Kaveombisire (22), Forging and uttering. (April 2018) Warrant of arrest issued. At large. Stephanus Johannes (38), Drunk driving. (May 2015) Found guilty. Accused was fined with N$9 000 or 12 months imprisonment and driver's license immediately suspended for a period of 3 months. Tangeni Ndeshimona (19), Furnishing false information. (May 2018) Matter is postponed to 25 June 2018. Eldo Engelbrecht (26), Theft (March 2018) Accused found guilty. Sentenced with a fine amount of N$2 000 or 30 days imprisonment. Philipus Heita (30), Theft (April 2018) Accused was found guilty. 8 months imprisonment. Eliaser Kakondo (31), Reckless driving. (March 2017) Matter is postponed to 4 September 2018. Lyslas Haikali (47), Linus Shilongo (55) Theft. (March 2018) Bail of both the accused extends to 7 June 2018. 15 May 2018 Tangeni Shikemeni (29), Housebreaking with the intent to commit a crime unknown to the state. Malicious damage to property. (August 2017) Bail amount of N$500 is extended to 14 June 2018.

Sophia Angula (26), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (December 2017) Accused found guilty. Fine amount of N$2 000 or 4 months imprisonment. Case finalized. Timoteus Haipinge (41), Theft from a motor vehicle which was properly locked. (April 2018) Warrant of arrest issued. Accused at large. Jackson Situmbeko (40), Drunk driving. (May 2018) Bail amount of N$8 000 is extended to 14 June 2018. Final remand. Reginaldo Boois (23), malicious damage to property read with the Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003. (May 2018) Accused was sentenced with a fine amount of N$4 000 or 8 months imprisonment. Eva Maria Philemon (36), Reckless or negligent driving. (November 2011) Matter is postponed to 13 June 2018. Maurice Diergaardt (26), Housebreaking with the intent to steal. (August 2016) Case withdrawn against the accused. Martha Itana (26), three counts of theft by false pretences. (November 2016) Matter is postponed to 21 June 2018. Paticia Naris (27), Ill treatment of children. Child neglect. (Bail amount of N$1 000 is extended to 15 May 2018. Alfeus Mdalumbumba (24), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft. (December 2014) Accused was found not guilty and discharged. Under age girl (17) Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (January 2018) Accused placed under the care of a guardian. Kennedy Shikongo (24), Abel Protasius (22) Willem Hiapinge (19), Treodore Tobias (21), Jeremiah Simon (20), Robbery (May 2018) Bail of N$5 000 granted to all of the accused. They are warned to appear in court on 22 October 2018. Emily Gawases (27), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (May 2018) Bail amount of N$1 500 granted. Claudine van Wyk (35), Assault by threat and assault common read with the provision of the Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003. (November 2015) Accused was found guilty. Fine amount of N$2 000 or 6 months imprisonment. Hans Gariseb (35), Common Assault and Assault common read with the provision of the Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003. (November 2016) Case finalised.

18 MAY 2018



ACC marches onwards despite many challenges Theft at the municipal bungalows at Swakopmund and a Walvis Bay company which used forged pre-approval documents for fishing rights to swindle someone out of more than N$1 million in cash are part of 85 cases handled in the 2017/18 financial year by the Anti-Corruption Commission in Erongo. Of these 85 cases, a total of 23 are currently heard in criminal courts, 56 are ongoing investigations and six new cases were reported during this mentioned financial year. These statistics were revealed this week at the ACC’s annual media information day, held at the Governor’s office in Swakopmund. The ACC’s senior investigation officer for Erongo, Frieda Kanyama presented the information. Despite the successes in investigating cases of corruption and bringing it before criminal courts, Kanyama admitted this week also there are steep challenges for the ACC in Erongo. These challenges include a shortage of personnel, as the Erongo office currently only has four investigators and the number of corruption cases reported each year are on the rise. Another major challenge, she explained is the fact that there remains a misunderstanding among members of the public what conduct constitutes corruption, what conduct is ordinary criminal cases that can be investigated by the Police or even cases, such as labour cases, which can only be handled by the line authorities like the Ministry of Labour. A number of the cases reported and investigated during the 2017/18 year have been referred to various agencies like the Police, certain Government Ministries, the Ombudsman and even to civil courts, as the merits of the cases cannot be prosecuted under the Anti-Corruption Act. Some of the other cases under investigation include irregularities at the Usakos town council and also an investigation into possible fraudulent administrative processes that allowed a Chinese company to export wood from a protected tree species through the port of Walvis Bay that originated in either Zambia or the Democratic Republic of Congo. The wood has been seized by the port authorities until the ACC completes its investigation.

Now in its 7th year of existence, the internship program of Kraatz Marine – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – is host to 11 more Namibian students from the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), bringing the total of participants to 80 since inception. Over the next six months, the 11 NIMT students will acquire relevant practical skills in Boiler Making & Welding, as well as Fitting & Turning. Kraatz Human Capital Manager, Roberto January: “Regardless of the challenging economic times, we remain committed to contributing to skills development and growth of the Namibian economy. Established seven years ago, the Kraatz Internship Program has played a critical part in enriching participants with the necessary skills and experience required for the labor market. This

speaks directly to the O&L Group purpose 'Creating a future, enhancing life' which Kraatz is very passionate about. The program enables students to do their job attachment to gain practical experience in preparation for the job market. The students receive on-thejob training and mentoring from Master Craftsmen with years of experience in the Industrial, Marine and Off-

shore industry.” O&L Group Director: Human Capital, Berthold Mukuahima: “Kraatz' internship program has proven to be a great success over the past years. The O&L Group is extremely proud of the commitment of Kraatz management and employees

to keep this program alive and through it contribute to ongoing skills development which is absolutely commendable.” The Kraatz Internship Program offers job attachment not only to students in their 3rd levels but gives opportunity to level 1 students

as well. The level 3 students stay with the company for a total of 12 months, which is required by NIMT to qualify or trade as level 4. Students will be rotated to give them the exposure within the Marine & Offshore and Industrial Divisions respectively.

18 MAY 2018


Military units for Botswana Defense Force discharged in the port of Walvis Bay

More military vehicles and equipment for the Botswana Defense Force (BDF) were discharged in the port of Walvis Bay since the beginning of May. The equipment consists mostly of light transport vehicles, field ambulance units and what seems to be field kitchen units. The vehicles were assembled in convoys and driven to Botswana.

Friday 18 May Low Tide: 05:14 High Tide: 11:18 Low Tide: 17:47 Low Tide: 23:41

Sunday 20 May High Tide: 00:40 Low Tide: 06:59 High Tide: 13:05 Low Tide: 19:40

Saturday 19 May High Tide: 06:03 Low Tide: 12:07 High Tide: 18:39

Monday 21 May High Tide: 01:53 Low Tide: 08:08 High Tide: 14:18 Low Tide: 20:54

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18 MAY 2018



New curriculum will allow learners to excel Melba Kaure

The Minister of Education Arts and Culture Katrina HanseHimarwa (pictured left) says the revised curriculum for senior secondary learners will allow them to excel.

105 000 visitors to Cape Cross and Naukluft Park during 2017 Statistics by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism indicate that during 2017, a total of 105 263 visitors, both local and international, visited the Cape Cross Seal Reserve and the Namib Naukluft Park. These visits generated tourist revenues to the tune of N$5,9 million. These figures were recently provided by the Governor of Erongo, Clr Cleophas Mutjavikua during his State of the Region Address (SoRA).

She explained this at the recent opening of the 13th Mathematics Congress held at Swakopmund. The Congress was held at the theme: “High Quality Math Teaching Matters: Sharing knowledge to improve teaching”. The congress assisted in equipping secondary mathematics teachers with knowledge and information to cope with the revised curriculum which is to come into force in 2019. “In the past, the education system inhibited learner abilities and categorised them into either standard grade, higher grade, core extended- or higher level. By doing so we limited if not suppressed learner potential”, said Hanse-Himarwa. “The new secondary curriculum offers at NSSCO level the mathematics that allows everyone to take part and excel. In the Grade 12 year, which follows the NSSCO level, the AS level is designed in such a way to prepare learners for mathematics-related careers”, she said. ·The material discussed and learned at the congress will also be loaded on the Kopano virtual learning platform. The platform is the brain child of University of Namibia staff members Marcus Mbambo and Ndumba Kamwanyah. Kopano allows for teachers to access readily available information and content accumulated from the teaching fraternity from across the nation. Note: The congress received a sum N$300 000 in sponsorships. Sponsors were Walvis Bay Salt Refiners, Langer Heinrich Uranium, the Pupkewitz Foundation, Hansa Hotel Swakopmund, Casio electronics, Namibia Publishing House, Shopper Trading and Solutions, Pearson Namibia and Simply Sales.


18 MAY 2018

Group of Israeli private investors shows interest The Erongo Region is set to become the future agronomic hub of the country, following confirmation that a group of Israeli private investors is looking into constructing a second desalination plant on the coast near Wlotzkasbaken north of Swakopmund. This desalination plant will be key to feeding water into a 420 kilometre long pipeline, which will provide enough water to put as many as 300 000 hectares of land under irrigation. During his State of the Region Address (SoNA) last week, the Governor of Erongo Clr Cleophas Mutjavikua confirmed the Erongo Development Agency (EDA) engaged a group of Israeli private investors to set up the desalination plant at Wlotzkasbaken, the site where Namibia's first and only desalination plant is currently located. The EDA is an umbrella investment promotion entity that was set up by the Office of the Governor, the Erongo Regional Council and several local authorities in the Region. The main aim of EDA is to bring investment to the Region to bolster employment opportunities, industrial and infrastructure development. The desalination project is known as the Erongo Water Utility. The Israeli's, whom have proven themselves over decades as the masters in transforming arid desert land into green bread baskets, are expected to operate the plant over a twenty year period on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BoT) basis. That is recovering their investment over this period with capital gains and also at the same time transferring the plant into Namibian ownership in five-year increments until full Namibian ownership is achieved at the end of the twenty year period. “Water will be channelled from the plant throughout the region for agricultural irrigation”, Clr Mut-javikua explained. The pipeline will feed water to so-called Agricultural Green-scheme substations. The pipeline will be running from Wlotzkasbaken southward to Walvis Bay and eastwards and northeast to reach all major

centres: Arandis, Usakos, Karibib, Spitzkoppe, Uis, Omatjete, Okombahe, Tubusis and Omaruru. The total area to be developed as irrigation schemes along this pipeline will reach 300 000 hectares. In addition, this pipeline will also provide water for industrial development and to provide potable water for human consumption, explained Governor Mutjavikua. “Subsequently, this will boost agriculture productivity, create agribusiness, enhance food security and increase employment opportunities”, said the Governor. Adding the 300 000 hectares under irrigation will also unlock potential for Namibia to start producing animal fodder for the local animal husbandry sector. Alex Silheu What is the quality of the Desalinated water, and is it actually fit for crop irrigation? Which is then consumed by the population? Werner De Villiers Punzul Once the water is desalinated it is almost purer than normal drinking water, and very rich in minerals. So in a measurement its a brilliant idea. But would have been even better if the Namibian government did this years ago. Christian Erasmus Should this project not have been advertised as per the new Procurement Act of Namibia? Musa Manyando Investments are never ad-vertised..these Israeli are puttig capital on the table for investment. Christian Erasmus Musa Manyando thanks, do you think that the development of this project will be conducted by this act or do you think that because it is an investment it can be done outside of the act? Christoff Coetzee Good development for producing Namibian food. Louise Von Wielligh For the ignorant ones Israel is the leading country in the world when it comes to water purification, desalination and the irrigation of arid areas. Cleo Nawinda Omake let's change The Namib onto a green horizon... Lars Kulikowski Why do we need investors to build this? Come SWAPO etche.. Karim Visagie The Zionists are buying there way into Walvis Bay. We shouldn't let these people into our country. Their government is commiting crimes against humanity and their mass murdering innocent civilians in Palestine. Get rid of them they are bad for business we got the Chinese already that's enough for us. Sem Iyambo I fully support you. Rita Sowden I support Isreal.

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Place of Instruction (Training Centre) ON ERF: 2979 TOWNSHIP: Walvis Bay STREET: c/o Theo Ben Gurirab Ave & Circumferential Road. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Tertiary Educational Institute on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 119, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and undersigned, in writing, not later than 1 June 2018. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Janine de Klerk, Jessica Moses, P O Box 249, Walvis Bay


18 MAY 2018



Walvisbaaier wen Kwêla toekenning Johnny Davids ‘n boorling van Walvisbaai is by die ATKV-Mediaveertjies vir sy uitstekende werk en deursettingsvermoë vereer as die beste aanbieder van ‘n joernaalprogram in Suid Afrika. Johnny het na die geleentheid almal bedank wat’ n rol gespeel het in sy loopbaan en lewe. Hy het begin deur te sê “Al die Eer aan my Hemelse Vader, Here Jesus Christus. My vrou, Liezel, dankie vir die understanding dat ek baie weg van die huis af kan wees om te doen waarvoor ek so lief is. Ook my boys, thanks” “Paul, Jaco, Therese en die hele Kwêla span, baie dankie vir die geleentheid om deel te kan wees van Kwêla. My familie en vriende, dankie vir die ondersteuning. Karen Meiring, baie dankie vir die ondersteuning al die jare om op KykNet te kan aanbied. Dankie aan almal wat my geleenthede bied en skep in die Afrikaanse mediabedryf. Die Supersport familie, baie dankie. Dis vir my ‘n eer en ‘n voorreg om die toekenning te kan ontvang.”

Pebble Foundation Charity Drive Goes Coastal Rudi Bowe

Why are we called the Pebble Foundation and what is the pebble campaign? The character of the foundation is built upon the famous quote by the late Muhammad Ali: 'It is not the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out, it's the pebble in your shoe.” The excitement was in the air for the team of phenomenal Walvis Bay volunteers, Beverly, Michelle, Felicity, Nadine and Libeth, as the Pebble Foundation visited the coastal town of Walvis Bay on Saturday 12 May, to share its vision, ideals and to promote the pebble campaign. The multiple award winning singer and volunteer of the

Pebble Foundation Ann Singer, entertained the Walvis Bay community as they donated more than 500 sanitary pads that will be for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged girls in the communities. We are thankful to our sponsors, The Namib Times, Be You Consultancy, Her Style Fashion Boutique CC, Alexis Antonia Virtual Assistants and Nature Bloom Florist and Décor

for the generous support toward the realisation of the charity campaigns. As from 1 June donation boxes will be at Dischem store at Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay for any one and every one to donate as the foundation is still in need of sanitary pads for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged girls in the community. Beebi- Noor the founder of Pebble Foundation said that they would like the community to be-

come monthly donors as this is an ongoing campaign. If you would like to donate you can contact Berverly Khik-hoeb at

0814493462 or sent an e-mail to or find us on facebook; Beebi Noor (The Pebble Foundation) The next

stop will be Rosh Pinah in June. The Pebble Foundation is humbled by the kindness of the Walvis Bay community members, companies

and the fishing industry. The foundation will start with the distribution of the sanitary pads in July 2018.


18 MAY 2018

33rd KÜSKA starts on 26 May

Swakopmund wouldn't be the same without its week of KÜSKA Carnival activities! And this year is a very special one as we are celebrating the 33rd KÜSKA Carnival! we would highly appreciate if you would allow some space in your events calendar, to announce to the public our KÜSKA dates for 2018. The MOTTO (slogan) for this year is Lasst Die Puppen Tanzen…, meaning “Let the puppets dance/Laat die poppe dans”. On Saturday – 26 May at 11h11 - we will start the festivities with the so called “Narrenwecker”. The term translates into “Jokers/Jesters wake-up call” and it is the kickoff event of the carnival. It takes place on the main street of Swakopmund and there will be live music, food, drinks and a short program, that will give an indication on what can be expected from this year's KÜSKA. It is also where tickets sales for the carnival starts. Tickets will be available from 11h110 at the “Narrenwecker” and then again from on Monday, 28 May at Swakopmund Brauhaus between 11h30-15h00. You can also contact Margit at wmcllp@ The next event is the Prinzenball (Royal Ball) on Friday 15 June in the Haus Der Jugend. During this evening the new KÜSKA Prince and Princess will be presented and the Swakopmund city council will symbolically hand over the keys of the town to the royal couple. On Saturday, 16 June at 14h00 we celebrate the KÜSKIKA - a children's carnival promising to be

fun filled and entertaining with fancy-dresses, music and games to play. During the week we celebrate the Ladies Night (18 June), International Evening (19 June), the Mixed Evening (20 June) and the German Evening (21 June). Our Ladies Night takes place only every second year, so this is a great opportunity for the ladies to have a wild-one and enjoy an exclusive program! All of the above event take place in the Haus Der Jugend and doors open at 19h00, while the program starts at 20h11.

Tickets are available on the 26 May at the Narrenwecker and then again from on Monday, 28 May at Swakopmund Brauhaus between 11h30-15h00. On Friday, the 22 June we move into the hall of the SFC to celebrate the Maskenball (Fancy-Dress Party). Tickets are available at the doors and to dress-up is

compulsory. Entrance will only be allowed from the age of 18 years and identification documents must be provided. To end this fun-filled week on a high note the popular Umzug (float procession) through Swakopmund will take place on Saturday, the 23 June, followed by the famous Kehraus in the SFC Hall.

18 MAY 2018




18 MAY 2018

An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Strip-Strip-Hurra! Es muss nicht immer... Möchten Sie zeigen, wie sinnlos und unnütz manche Dinge im Leben sind? Melden Sie sich bei Susann

Kinghorn; Tel. 405183 oder 081 2538850; Mail: susannking

oder bei Martin Weigand, der mich im Juni vertreten wird: Cell 081 600 5131; Mail: We i g a n d M @ Im “Crazy Horse Saloon” steht die meistbesuchte und am schärfsten beobachtete Badewanne der Welt. Die berühmte StripKünstlerin, die in diesem Gefäß allabendlich vor übervollem Haus ein Vollbad gestaltet, wird von über 100 Scheinwerfern sorgfältig ausgeleuchtet. Den starken Besuch kann man sich damit erklären, dass die meisten Gäste des Etablissements zu Hause keine Badewanne haben. Zeichnung: Manfred Schmidt Folge 5 Die Freude am (aus Amerika zu uns gekommenen Striptease scheint mir überhaupt auf diejenigen beschränkt zu sein, die irgendwo zu kurz gekommen sind. Doch zurück zu den nackten Tatsachen. Der zweite Teil des “Crazy Horse” Programms begann mit dem vielgerühmten “Bad der Braut”, interpretiert von Fräulein Veronika Baum. Die Silhouette der Braut in Kranz und Schleier wurde von hinten auf eine Leinwand geworfen. Dazu erklangen aus den Lautsprechern Orgelmusik und das Geräusch laufenden Wassers. Die Illusion war vollkommen. La jeune marièe legte im Zeitlupentempo ihre festliche Garderobe ab. Stück für Stück entfernte sie die Einzelteile mit so apathischer Langsamkeit, dass jedem Bräutigam dabei mit Sicherheit der Kragen platzen würde. Als die Braut endlich badefertig war, bekam sie zunächst Rot- und dann Grünlicht. Wie eine Verkehrsampel. Dann ging die Leinwand in die Höhe. Man sah Veronika in der Wanne sitzen. Das Wa s s e r g u r g e l n

brach ab, die Orgel lief w e i t e r. D i e b r a u t steckte ein Bein in die Luft und säuberte es sorgfältig. Dann erhob sie sich unter den Klängen eines Hochzeitsmarsches. Was dann kam, ahbe ich nicht mehr gesehen, weil am Tisch vor mir eine Dame ohnmächtig wurde. Der Gatte und ein Kellner hoben sie hoch und trugen sie hinaus, wobei in der Dunkelheit für etwa 800 Mark Getränke umgestoßen wurden. War das nun ein Trick der Dame, um ihren Mann herauszulocken, oder ein Trick der Geschäftsleitung, um den Konsum zu heben? Ich weiß es nicht. Als die Braut ausgebadet hatte, trat ein Schauorchester auf, und dann bot eine junge Dame namens Poupèe la Rose vier Minuten lang zuckend und wippend ihre diversen Blößen dar. Als Poupèes Popo die Bühne freigab, wurde eine Pause von weiteren 45 Minuten angekündigt. Da bin auch ich gegangen, denn es war bereits kurz vor eins. Wer alle acht Striptease-Nummern von jeweils 3 bis 5 Minuten Dauer sehen will, muss fast 4 Stunden lang in drangvoll fürchterlicher Enge ausharren. In der Nähe des Ausgangs hängt ein alter Kupferstich an der Wand, eine Darstel-

lung von Sündern im Fegefeuer. Das ist wohl ein diskreter Hinweis für Leute, die zu zahlen vergaßen. Daneben stand der Geschäftsführer. Als pflichtbewusster Reporter fragte ich ihn: “Könnte ich vielleicht in der großen Pause ein kleines Interview mit Ihren Künstlerinnen in der Garderobe machen? Ich bin Journalist.” Er glaubte mir kein Wort und sagte: “Es ist unseren Darstellerinnen strengstens verboten, hier Bekannschaften zu machen. Es sind ehrbare Mädchen, die sich solide verheiraten wollen. Viele von ihnen haben schon sehr interessante Ehen geschlossen!” Dass die Strip-Artistinnen eine Ehe interessant zu gestalten verstehen, glaubte ich ihm ohne weiteres. Der Herr wollte aber damit sagen, dass seine erfolgreichsten Schützlinge Großindustrielle ehelichten. Er sah mir wohl an, dass ich nicht zu dieser soliden Gesellschaftsschicht gehörte. Deshalb kann ich den Lesern leider kein Interview mit einer Stripperin bieten. Aber wahrscheinlich hätte ich doch nur erfahren, dass sie allesamt als Hobby gute Bücher, Tiere und klassische Musik lieben. Ende

Trudi Gsteu an ihrem 21. Geburtstag mit ihrer Klasse. O-Ton: „Ek kan nie glo ek is onderwyser nie. Super!“ Foto: Privat! Swakopmund ...ein runder Geburtstag sein, um jemanden zu ehren! Dieser Tage feierte Trudi Gsteu im engsten Familien- und Freundeskreis Geburtstag. Braai im Swakop-Rivier, gute Getränke selbstverständlich sowie beste Laune und herrliches Wetter gratis noch

dazu, so beging die allseits bekannte ehemalige Lehrerin ihren Ehrentag. Mit 21 Jahren und damit kaum älter als ihre Schüler beginnt sie als Biologielehrerin für 24 Jahre an der HPS, wechselt dann für sieben Jahre an die St. Pauls ( Bio Matrik) und unterrichtet anschließend an der

Made in Namibia Preisausschreiben Sie können zwei tolle Preise von dem Kleinbetrieb “Made in Namibia” gewinnen, wenn Sie die folgenden drei Fragen zu den dort erhältlichen Produkten bis zum 28. Mai beantworten und an susann senden: 1. Welche drei natürlichen Ingredienzen sind in allen Desert SecretProdukten enthalten? 2. Welche besonderen

Knöpfe, typisch namibisch, werden für alle Lederwaren in dem Geschäft verwendet? 3. Wie lautet der Slogan der Produkte, die von Natura Africa in Swakopmund hergestellt werden? Zu gewinnen sind: 1. ein lederner Kulturbeutel für Männer (von COSDEF in Swakopmund handgearbeitet) mit einer Männerseife und einer Körpercreme im Werte von N$ 790,-; 2. Eine lederne Kosmetiktasche für Frauen (handgearbeitet von

COSDEF) mit einer handgemachten Seife, einem Marulaöl und einem Lippenbalsam aus dem Öl der Kalaharisaat (von Natura Africa hergestellt) im Werte von N$ 690,Wer die Antworten herausfinden möchte, der schaue in dem Laden in der Libertina -Amathila-Straße vorbei. Es lohnt sich!

PSS in Swakopmund die Klassen sieben bis zehn in Afrikaans, Biologie und Englisch. Und auch heute ist sie noch als PensionsAushilfe an der Namib High School tätig. Als ein Highlight in ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn führt sie im Jahr 1995 die 42köpfige Delegation aus Namibia zur Welt-Gymnaestrada ins Berliner Olympiastadion an. Die lebensfrohe Trudi betreibt seit mehreren Jahren das Gästehaus ChalaKigi. Die Namensgebung dafür ist originell: Ihre vier Enkel Charlotte, Laurence, Kiron und Gia haben dafür jeweils ihre ersten Buchstaben „abgegeben“. Trudi ist außerdem sehr unternehmungslustig, reist viel zusammen mit ihrem Mann Karl in der Weltgeschichte herum und engagiert sich in ihren wenigen freien Stunden u.a. als Gymnastikleiterin im Prinzessin-Rupprecht Heim in Swakopmund. Wir wünschen Trudi weiterhin Gesundheit und viel Lebensfreude. Martin Weigand

Werbung Ein Raum ohne Bücher ist wagen wie ein Körper ohne Seele und gewinnen!

18 MAY 2018



An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Ein Kindergarten sagt Tschüß Locker vom Hocker Diskrepanz und Ineffizienz

Swakopmund "Ilse Schnoor - Moment, wer war das noch? Ach so, Tante Ille, klar, kennen wir. Wir waren bei ihr im Kindergarten und jetzt sind es unsere eigenen Kinder." So in etwa spricht man von der Erzieherin, die Ende März im Georg-Ludwig Kindergarten aus dem langjährigen Dienst verabschiedet wurde. Wo kam sie eigentlich her? Tante Ille ist in KölnEhrenfeld aufgewachsen und ließ sich zur Kindergärtnerin ausbilden (damals hieß das noch

Hortnerin, sagt sie!). Sie arbeitete auf Juist in der Nordsee für die Kindererholungsprogramme. Nach einem Tapetenwechsel ins Hotelgewerbe nahm sie eine Arbeit in der Jugendpsychiatrie in Süchteln bei Mönchen-Gladbach an. 1968 reiste sie mit einer Freundin nach Südwestafrika aus und wohnte noch im alten Georg-Ludwig Kindergarten von Swakopmund hinter der Polizeistation. So machte sie den Umzug in den neugebauten Kindergarten mit und gründete dann auch eine eigene Familie. Nach einer kur-

Ille Schnoor mit den beiden Kindern Tjian Harms und Morgan Prillaid im Arm. Fotos: Privat! zen Aushilfe im Kükenstall nahm sie wieder eine Stelle im evangelischen Kindergarten an. Sie wird allen in Erinnerung bleiben als Erzieherin mit einer besonderen Liebe zu Kindern und als loyale Kollegin. Und jetzt kommt's: "Tante Ille , wie alt bist du?" GROßES Staatsgeheimnis ! Das Georg-LudwigKindergarten-Team

Der Georg-Ludwig-Kindergarten heute

Worte der Woche Zungenbrecher Krokodil Das Krokodil ist meistens träge, sein Kiefer scharf wie eine Säge, es geht sehr gern ins Wasser und ist ein Menschenhasser.

Es weiß genau: Aus seiner Haut, die ihm der Mensch vom Leibe klaut, macht dieser Schuft das, was ihm passt, weshalb das Krokodil ihn hasst. Alfons Pillach

1.Kleine Nussknacker knacken knackig. Knackiger knacken große Nussknacker. 2. Klitzekleine Katzen kotzen klitzekleine Kotze. Klitzekleine Kotze kotzen klitzekleine Katzen. 3. Hans hört hinterm Holzhaus Hubert Hansen heiser husten. 4. Hundert hurtige Hunde hetzen hinter hundert hurtigen Ha-

sen her. Hinter hundert hurtigen Hasen hetzen hundert hurtige Hunde her. 5. Der Leutnant von Leuthen befahl seinen Leuten, nicht eher zu läuten als der Leutnant von Leuthen seinen Leuten das Läuten

Liebe Küstenleser! Die meisten Menschen werden mit der Fähigkeit zu hören, zu sehen, zu riechen, zu schmecken und zu fühlen geboren. Nicht alle aber erblicken das Licht Welt im direkten Sinne, oder haben aus diversen Gründen die eine oder andere Sinneswahrnehmung nicht mit in die Wiege gelegt bekommen. Manche wiederum verlieren durch Umstände oder Alter eine Sinnesempfindung. Ich kenne zum Beispiel eine in Swakopmund lebende Dame, die als Kind nach einem Sturz vom Pferd ihren Geruchsund Geschmackssinn verlor. Eine Windhoekerin wiederum konnte nach dem Ausrutschen in der Badewanne nicht mehr riechen und schmecken. Man stelle sich vor, den würzigen Duft einer Omumbiri, jenem Parfüm der Himba aus dem Harz der namibischen Myrrhe, nicht mehr in der Nase wahrnehmen zu können. Oder aber eine Zunge, die den herben Geschmack der goldgelbenen Marulafrucht nicht mehr erkennt. Eine Freundin hat einer genetischen Augenkrankheit zufolge ein stark reduziertes Blickfeld, das stetig kleiner wird. Das heißt, wo Sie und ich einen ganzen Witgatbaum sehen, hat sie lediglich ein Blatt vor Augen. Gar nicht einfach, sich davon ein Bild zu machen, nicht wahr! Als Studentin hatte ich einen Freund, der nicht hören konnte. Um mit ihm verbal kommunizieren zu können, musste ich meine Worte visuell sehr deutlich formen, da er mir - wie

Weg mit dem Plastik!

Ein fettes Nilkrokodil, das zur größten Krokodilart gehört, bei Namutoni. Foto: Susann Kinghorn

es sich für einen verliebten Mann gehört quasi (fast alles) von den Lippen ablas. Einerseits können all diejenigen, deren fünf Sinnesorgane noch intakt sind, sicherlich froh und dankbar sein. Andererseits war ich manchmal richtig neidisch auf meinen tauben Freund, weil sein Seh- und Tastsinn so viel ausgeprägter war als meiner. Seinem scharfen Raubtierblick, den er intensiv auf die Umwelt heftete, entging nichts, und er

für sich allein, - und nicht für mich, bekümmert sein. - Beschwer die Götter nicht mit Klagen! - Der Vorteil, den sie dir versagen - und jenem schenken, wird gemein, - wir dürfen nur gesellig sein.” Ja, das ist der andere Vorteil eines Mangels, gerade in unserer indi-

“Dir, spricht der Lahme, beizustehn? - Ich armer Mann kann selbst nicht gehn; doch scheints, daß du zu einer Last - noch sehr gesunde Schultern hast. - Entschließe dich, mich fortzutragen: - So will ich dir die Stege sagen: - So wird dein starker Fuß mein Bein, Mein helles Auges deines sein.” CF Gellert konnte Dinge fühlen, vidualisierten Welt, wo die unsereins nur mit Menschen ohne nengenug Phantasie erah- nenswerten Verlust immer egoistischer lenen kann. ben und dabei vereinIn meinem Leben habe ich auch schon oft er- samen. Wer ein Handifahren müssen, dass cap hat, der lebt autogerade diejenigen, de- matisch in einer Symnen es körperlich/ geis- biose oder Verbuntig an etwas man-gelt, denheit mit anderen. sei es, dass sie ein Bein Er/Sie hat eine ausgeverloren haben oder ei- prägtere Kontaktfreunes fehlenden Chro- digkeit bzw. ist eher mosoms wegen etwas auf andere Menschen eingeschränkter den- angewiesen, was meiken, als die so genann- ner Meinung nach viel te Norm es erfordert, so attraktiver und gesünunendlich viel mehr der ist als die Sozialifreudig-dankbar sind s i e r u n g m i t d e m als die-jenigen, denen Smartphone, die bei nichts fehlt. Und dazu vielen Erdenbewohfallen mir plötzlich die nern den geselligen letz-ten drei Strophen Kontakt zu den Mitvon Christian Fürch- menschen ersetzt hat. tegott Gellerts Gedicht Bei den Tieren ist diese “Der Blinde und der Symbiose selbstverständlich, in unserer Lahme” ein: Du hast das nicht, was zivilisierten Welt oftandre haben,-und an- mals verlorengegandern mangeln deine gen. Gaben; - aus dieser Unvollkommenheit - ent- Ihre Susann Kingspringet die Gesellig- horn ohne Horn, dakeit. Wenn jenem nicht für mit einer Liebe die Gabe fehlte, - die zur Geselligkeit - in die Natur für mich er- Maßen! wählte: - so würd er nur


18 MAY 2018

WALVIS BAY * Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * Every Sunday Lunch - Potjiekos at MOTH CENTRE. * Everyday Pub lunches available. * 5 Junie: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by Harvest Time Community. * 13 June: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00. * 24 June: Lagoon Park Family Market, from 9am - 1pm. Join us for some lovely 'Classics in the Park'. * 30 Junie: Huis Palms basaar. * 30 June: Bethel Congregational Church Senior Women's Fellowship present JENNA LEIGH BILONG, presenter of E-News. Theme: “Hide behind your lipstick” at Narraville Town Hall at 15:00. * 3 Julie: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by Temple of Truth. * 11 July: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00. * 15July: MOTH Wreathlaying ceremony at memoral at Usakos/ Delville Wood 11h00. * 7 Aug: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by V.G.K. Kerk. * 8 Aug: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00 Moth Congress venue to be confirmed * 4 Sep: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by St. Petrus Rooms Katolieke Kerk. * 11 Sep: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00. * 22 Sep: MOTH Parade International Day of Peace 21st. * 2 Okt: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by Maranatha Lutherse Kerk. * 5 -7 Oct: 9th Fish Eagle Rally at Walvis Bay – Sparta United Club. * 21 Oct: MOTH Parade at Shellhole Remembrance of Battle of El Alamien 11h00. * 6 Nov: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by Rhynse Kerk. * 11 Nov: MOTH Rememberance Day Parade at Harriers Park Memorial. * 14 Nov: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00. * 4 Des: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 Methodiste Kerk. **************

SWAKOPMUND * Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous helpline 081 243 2649. * Bridge: The Swakopmund Bridge club meets every Monday evening at 19:00 at Lions Old Age Home. Contact: Ed Barbour 064405 604. “The Swakopmund Rotary Club: Meets every Tuesday evening from 17:45 in the conference room of the Hotel Deutsches Haus. Contact 081 645 0888. * “The Swakopmund Lions Club: meets every 3rd Thursday of the month from 17:30 in the Lions/Den c/o Rhode Allee and Lüdritz Street. Contact: 081 205 6162/081 335 8899. * Swakopmund Toastmasters: Meet every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismarck Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. * Up to – 30 June: Woermannhaus-Gallery: Group Exhibition – Swakop Caleidoscope - Woermannhaus Gallery Mon – Fri. 10:00 – 12:00, 15:00 – 17:00, Sat: 10:00 – 12:00. * 27 May: Sunday Market at the Green Center, 5 Libertina Amathila Ave from 9am–1pm. Entrance opposite A La Mer Guesthouse. Arts, Crafts, Food, Drinks, great atmosphere and much more! Contact Bea 081 692 9072. * 15. Juni: Küska - 33. Swakopmunder Karneval - Prinzenball at Haus der Jugend. * 16. Juni: Küskika. * 18. Juni: Damenabend. * 19. Juni: International Evening. * 20. Juni: Mixed Evening. * 21 Juni: Büttenabend. * 28 Aug: Cake Sale to be held in front of Standard Bank from 08:00, organised by The Organisation for Caring for People with Disabilities. For more information please contact Almut 081 299 1902 or Carol-Ann 081 209 8169. * 23 & 24 Nov: Advent Market at the LIONS Old Age Home. Friday from 15:00 and Saturday from 08:00, organised by the Organisation for Caring for People with Disabilities. To book your stall / for more information please contact Almut 081 299 1902 or Carol-Ann 081 209 8169.

18 MAY 2018


AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER invites suitably qualified individuals to apply for the position of: TECHNICAL FOREMAN THE SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE WILL: Possess the following experience and Qualification: · N3 or higher Electrician or Millwright qualification · At least 5 years experience in a production environment in a supervisory position · Experience in alteration, installation, maintenance, repair and analyzing highly complex electronic, mechanical equipment, P.L.C. experience · Basic refrigeration experience · Excellent communication skills · Reliable and able to perform well under pressure · Required to work overtime / Standby duties · Exposure to Ulma, Bizerba and Scanvaegt and Tunnel Freezer equipment will be an advantage · Knowledge of ISO systems will be an advantage · Supervision of Technical Department · Knowledge MS Word and Excel will be an advantage In exchange for a proactive and an enthusiastic professional approach, the Company offers a remuneration package commensurate with the position and the candidate's experience. Interested candidates must apply in writing by forwarding their CVs to: Fax No: 064 – 216901 or e-mail to: CLOSING DATE: Thursday, 24 MAY 2018 Please note that only short listed applicants will be contacted.




In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No: 1009/2018 In the matter between: Gunnar Jensen Building Materials Trust t/a PennyPinchers Timbercity Walvis Bay Execution Creditor and Martin Mathinus Birisamub t/a Martek Builders 1st Execution Debtor In execution of a Judgement granted by t h e M a g i s t r a t e ’s Court in Walvis Bay on 3 November 2017, a sale will be held on 1 June 2018 at 10:00 at No 130, 6th Street, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia, of the under mentioned movable property of the Execution Debtor:

In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No: 180/2018 In the matter between: Benguella Enterprises (Pty) Ltd Execution Creditor and Benguella Ship Supplies CC 1st Execution Debtor Melvin Levy Cloete 2nd Execution Debtor In execution of a Judgement granted by the Magistrate’s Court in Walvis Bay on 13 February 2018, a sale will be held on 1 June 2018 at 10:00 at No 130, 6th Street, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia, of the under mentioned movable property of the Execution Debtor:

In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No: 181/2018 In the matter between: Gunnar Jensen Building Materials Trust t/a PennyPinchers Timbercity Walvis Bay Execution Creditor and Benguella Ship Supplies CC 1st Execution Debtor Melvin Levy Cloete 2nd Execution Debtor In execution of a Judgement granted by the Magistrate’s Court in Walvis Bay on 13 February 2018, a sale will be held on 1 June 2018 at 10:00 at No 130, 6th Street, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia, of the under mentioned movable property of the Execution Debtor:

1 x Ford Laser Colour - White Sedan Licence Nr: N 21414 WB Reg Nr: RCD965H VIN: AFATLDM44TR134794 Engine Nr: F6144573

Terms “Voetstoots’’: Cash to the highest bidder. Signed at Walvis Bay on 11 May 2018. Sgd J P Van Zyl MALHERBE ASSOCIATES INC Legal Practitioners for Plaintiff 171 Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay Ref: PVZ/al/PEN1/ 0015

1 x Nissan NP 200 Licence Nr: N 8466 WB Reg Nr: RZY845H VIN: ADNUSN1D5U0055038 Engine Nr: K7MF710UH07479

Terms “Voetstoots’’: Cash to the highest bidder. Signed at Walvis Bay on 11 May 2018. Sgd J P Van Zyl MALHERBE ASSOCIATES INC Legal Practitioners for Plaintiff 171 Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay Ref: PVZ/al/BEN2/ 0006

1 x Nissan NP 200 Licence Nr: N 8466 WB Reg Nr: RZY845H VIN: ADNUSN1D5U0055038 Engine Nr: K7MF710UH07479

Terms “Voetstoots’’: Cash to the highest bidder. Signed at Walvis Bay on 11 May 2018. Sgd J P Van Zyl MALHERBE ASSOCIATES INC Legal Practitioners for Plaintiff 171 Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay Ref: PVZ/al/PEN1/ 0049



18 MAY 2018 INSULATED PANELS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA CC 1ST EXECUTION DEBTOR ROBERT HAROLD MOMSEN 2ND EXECUTION DEBTOR In Execution of a Judgement granted against the abovenamed Execution Debtor/Defendant by the above Honourable Court in the above mentioned suit, the undermentioned goods will be sold by Public Auction by the Deputy-Sheriff for the district of Swakopmund

at the premises of Bay Auctioneers, 5 Mchugh Street, Swakopmund on Saturday, 2 June 2018 at 10:00 or so soon thereafter as may be 1 x Dining table with 8 chairs 2 x Carpets 1 x Garden table with 4 chairs 1 x LG double door fridge 1 x Bosch dishwasher 1 x Samsung microwave 1 x 2 Piece lounge suite 1 x LG Television 1 x Salton gas heater 5 x Chairs 2 x Drawer chests

1 x Round half barrel table 2 x Bedside tables 2 x Bed lamps 1 x Foot stool 1 x Samsung front loader washing machine 3 x Bookshelves 1 x LG DVD player 1 x Ottoman cube 1 x Small bookshelf 2 x Office Chairs 2 x Office desks 1 x Acer Laptop 2 x Drawer cabinets 1 x Wooden cabinet 1 x Electrolux tumble dryer 3 x Tool shelves with

assorted tools & tool boxes 1 x Kenwood vacuum cleaner 1 x Ryobi saw 1 x Golf club set Voetstoot and Cash to the Highest Bidder Dated at Swakopmund on 8 May 2018. KINGHORN ASSOCIATES C/O THEUNISSEN, LOUW & PARTNERS Legal Practitioners For Plaintiff Schutzen Haus 1 Schutzen Street Windhoek Republic Of Namibia

18 MAY 2018

NAMIB TIMES NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. CASE NO: 486/2017 In the matter between: Charlies Meat Market CC Execution Creditor and Benguella Ship Supplies CC 1st Execution Debtor and Melvin Cloete 2nd Execution Debtor In execution of a Judgement against the above Defendant granted by the above Honourable Court on 12 June 2017 the following goods will be sold in Execution on 1 June 2018 at 10h00 at the following address: No. 130, 6th Street, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia: “Voetstoots and Cash” to the highest bidder, viz: 1x KIA Pick Up N 9491 WB, white Engine number J 2719469 3x AEG deepfreezers 1x Ocean deepfreezer 1x Defy deepfreezer 1x Double handle trolley 1x TCS scale 1x Karcher wap 1x Karcher vacuum 3x Chairs 3x Big cooking buckets 1x Mobi pallet jack 3x Office table 3x Chairs black 1x 3 Drawer cupboard 2x 1 Seater couch 1x 2 Seater couch 1x Round office table 1x Black chair 2x Red chairs 1x 4 Drawer file cabinet (large) 1x 4 Drawer file cabinet (small) 1x Dell laptop 1x Defy bar fridge 1x Small coffee table 1x Sunbeam heater 1x Large 2 door cupboard 1x Eaton battery backup 1x Rexel schredder 1x Mcel water disposal 1x Defy microwve 1x Grey defy bar fridge 1x Samsung screen flat 1x LG computer box 1x 4 Drawer cupboard (small) 1x Large table 6x Office chairs 1x Round table round corner 3x Chairs 1x Nescafe coffee machine 1x Pineware kettle, white 1x Sunbeam cordless kettle 1x Sunbeam kettle white 1x Addis Diy bin 1x Dell laptop 1x Office table round corner 1x Office chair 1x Mellerware fan 1x Sony CD player 1x Office table small 1x Acer laptop 1x Office table 1x Normal chair 1x Black office chair 1x Dell laptop 1x Round office table round corner 1x Office table 1x 3 Drawer cupboard 1x Black chair 1x Samsung screen & box computer 1x Office table large 1x Black chair 1x Black large 1x Eaton battery back up Assorted office equipment Dated at Walvis Bay on 16 May 2018.

J H OLIVIER JAN OLIVIER & CO Legal Practitioners For Plaintiff 131 Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay (Ref: JHO/pvw/CHA3/ 0044)



18 MAY 2018

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CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email:




CAT FOUND - do you know this very lovable ginger cat? Please contact Walvis Bay SPCA 064-204041



UP FOR ADOPTION Found: at Little Foot Nursery. Husky male Please contact the SPCA in Swakop-mund to claim your dog 064 404419

GERMAN COURSE FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!!! Limited space available. Register no to qualify for a discount. Experienced mother - tongue teacher. Contact: 081 607 2685 PROSPERITY HOTEL SCHOOL Register anytime and start Hospitality classes. 1. Waiter / Bar / Waitress 2. Housekeeper / Cleaner Registration fee N$1000 and copy of ID 2xMonths 3. Chef/Cook/Events Decor and Receptionist Registration Fee N$ 2500 and copy of ID 3x Months 4. Computer Class Registration fee N$ 250 or N$ 500 full 1xMonth Find us in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund at 0818851466 Windhoek at Star Hotel in Khomasdal at 0814628224. We also provide trained staff to all establishment.



Dr Christoff Coetzee is relocating consulting rooms to Mediderm. Rooms are in the Swakopmund Medical Centre across the street from Mediclinic Swakopmund. Contact at 064 40 40 80.


PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES Call now for your family outdoor photo shoot. Contact: Retha 081 150 3417

Found: in Tsavorite Str. on 15/5/18. Black & white male Please contact the SPCA in Swakopmund to claim your dog 064 - 404419


Found: at Henties Road near Ocean-view on 27 April. Male Please contact the SPCA in Swakop-mund to claim your dog 064 - 404419

ALFRED is up for adoption to the highest bidder (All bids are nonrefundable and all funds generated will go to the Walvis Bay SPCA). Send BID, your name & the bid amount e.g. BID, name N$ .... to 081 476 4830 (Walvis Bay SPCA)

ANIMALS Found: on 9 May. Please contact the SPCA in Swakop-mund to claim your dog 064 404419

MISSING AFRICAN GREY Lost in Fairways area. Reward Offered. If found, please contact: 081 561 5648 / 081 415 0150 / 081 205 9691


Spiritual Healer and fortune teller The only family that has been practicing this for over 70 years solver of all problems Testimonies A.S Pastel Windhoek Money and years wasted to so many traditional healers but he solved my problem within 3 days now my business is back and I win a lot of tenders. Thank You Dr. Hamisi Maryann, Walvis Bay My Mzungu husband was on the way of divorcing and now after I visited Dr Hamisi there is no more divorce and am loved again. Thank you Dr Hamisi David, Rundu I was framed for wrong doing by my company mates and was in court, he made me win the case and was promoted immediately. I love the way he does his job with prayers. Thank you Dr Hamisi, I recommend anyone to you! Henry, Swakopmund My wife used to cheat on me when I visited Dr Hamisi, he locked them in bed for 12 hours using his powers till I asked him to release them. Thank you Dr Hamisi, I don't believe how quickly you solved my problem. For appointments: 081 301 2280 Swakopmund, Namibia

SERVICES CAR KEYS: We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag ECU’s, all cars make & models. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES. SMS / CALL WHATSAPP: 0813746444 Dr. Jumah The Witchdoctor Practising as: Jumah African Traditional Healing Methods He is an expert and experienced Traditional medicines and practitioner of herbs of different types He is an expert and experienced in: Natural and artificial diseases, witchcraft and magical diseases, weather and created diseases, african and foreign diseases, love issues and problems, marriages and financial issues and problems, court cases, farm and home protection, livestock development and protection, body protection, confining and catching thieves, employment and business opportunities, luck and lucky charms, gambling and lotto, charms of any kind, talismanic rings and belts, sea workers protection, sea lag diseases and many more... Come in Walvis Bay town centre close to Multi save Shopping centre at Berani court in Hage Geingob street Consultation fee is N$ 100.00 Marriage counseling, stress and depression counseling, business counseling and consultation and plans are also done at a fee. Call today Dr. Jumah the witchdoctor of all times 081 880 5300 / 081 640 9818 Come and see the best doctor! You will live a healthy and successful life in 2018 and beyond! BRIAN FORD PIANO SERVICES: (Factory-trained piano rebuilder / technician / tuner) Hire, rental, repairs, regulating, tuning. Contact: 081 296 4154 Email: pianoworkford@ DIERKING ELECTRICAL & MAINTENANCE Don’t DIY Call The Electric Guy Need someone to check your electrical needs? Faulty geyser Power tripping? New installments? Call Michael Dierking Now 081 317 2914

18 MAY 2018



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TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck Luck Muti - Love Problems - Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself - Work problems - Promotions To get ten-ders and to boost your business People don’t want to pay you back - Pregnancy Problems - Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP Remove to-koloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power se-xuality Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D, Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149

Traditional doctor Traditional Doctor Banda Registered healer in Walvis Bay. Under nyasa herbals cc - He cast out spells: he heals diseases, instant results guaranteed, work calling back, lost lovers, work, promotion, attraction protection. He is very powerful. Get the job of your choice, get married keep your relationship faithful. Remove bad luck, chase away tokoloshes, pregnancy, win in life financial intelligence And business expansion. Size in men, women matters. Fortune telling. Call for appoinment +264 81 740 7321

DR RINGAZI Pay after success same day results. Bringing back lost lover the same day, get a lover of your choice, get married quickly to a man or woman of your choice, stop your partner from cheating and him or her to love you only, get attracted to a rich man or woman, all pregnancy problems, financial problems, magic ring for money, chitaka wallet, clear debts, manhood enlargement m to xl, hips and breast enlargement, bad lucks and many more. Call Dr Ringazi: 081 204 9299

DR CHITAMBE Traditional doctor with a difference with a difference, he is in Walvis Bay, but can also be found in Windhoek, he travels all over Namibia upon invitation. Lost love, jobs, removing witchcraft, cleaning bad luck, lucky oil, lucky charms, broken marriages and love, cases, diseases plagues, sleepless nights, nightmares, translating dreams and bringing good life, stopping accidents, magic and bad omen. Call now Dr Chitambe: 081 259 5465

TO RENT: Tamariskia, Two bedroom, sitting room, open plan kitchen, one bathroom, single garage, bund wall, both garage and gate on electric motors. Available from the 1st June 2018 for N$6000 per month (water and electricity excluded). Contact 081 122 8068 / 081 280 1145

TO RENT: Vogelstrand Swakopmund 2 Bedroom apartment available, fully furnished, 1 bathroom separate toilet, small garden, single garage, outside braai. N$ 8000.00 p/m W&E included. Prepaid electricity 081 260 8400 081 240 5364

FLAT TO RENT Central Walvis Bay Modern and spacious 2 bedroom flat, open-plan kitchen / living room, full bathroom, single garage – remote doors. Free water, pre-paid electricity. Outside braai with small court yard Rent N$7900 Deposit required Available : 1 June 2018 Contact: 081 124 5889

Ons verwyder bourommel, tuinvullis, trekke. Langstrand, Dolfynstrand, Swakopmund, Walvisbaai. Ons laai self! Kontak Maryka: 081 333 4211 FOR ALL YOUR WELDING JOBS/ SWEIS WERK: ·Security doors & gates ·Burglar windows ·Root trusses & shades ·General repairs on: trailers, concrete mixers & equipment ·Handy/ odd jobs Contact Mr Lenny: 081 300 6094 / 081 434 9570 TRUCK For all your transport needs, please contact us, we will gladly help you. Rubbish removal, building rubble removal, furniture transport, bricks transport. Please contact: 081 408 3963 / 081 284 5265 DR ZANIA Pay after success, same day results. Bringing back your lost lover the same day, get a lover of your choice, get married quickly to a man or woman of your choice, stop you partner from cheating and make him / her love you only, get attracted to a rich man or woman, all pregnancy problems, financial problems, magic ring for money, chitaka wallet, clear debts, manhood enlargement 5 cm to 30cm, hips and breast enlargement and many more. Contact Dr Zania: 081 254 9875

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR KALENGA: He can help you through: Pregnancy - Education Court Cases - Love Affairs - Marriage Problems - Bad Luck - Businesses - Protection at Home - Removal of Toko-loshi - Mens’ Power - Sexuality Exams Job Problems etc. Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. Cell: 081 201 7887 Traditional Doctor Moyo Tired of running up and down, going everywhere but not achieving your real goals, here is your doctor to prove everything for you. He helps with different types of problems such as court cases, love affairs, marriage problems, weak erections which is unable to satisfy your woman, vagina tightness for man to feel always attracted to you house problems, all types of transmitted sickness, high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, chest pains, chasing of bad luck spirits, job problems, stop lover from cheating you [man or woman] Business improvements, all types of good luck. pregnancy problems, have protected life, never give up your life, your doctor is here to cleanse and lift you up. Come at 471 Mandume Ya Ndemufayo Street Mondesa Swakopmund or call Doctor Moyo 081 339 5913 SERVICES Easy pass driving school is offering driving lessons in Swakopmund. Book 5 hours and get 1 lesson free Book 10 hours and get 2 lessons free N$ 100.00 per hour and call us anytime during the day 081 576 7274

MONARCH LIFEGUARD & EMERGENCY TRAINING SERVICES We offer short courses on special!! Lifeguard, sea rescue and safety, search and flood emergency response, basic swimming, sea survival, swimming instructor, vessel fire fighting and flood control. Contact: 081 432 3851 Walvis Bay M S ELECTRICAL: Operate in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. We repair: * Geysers * Washing Machine * Microwaves * Stove, Aircons, Fridges * Electric Motors, 3-phase and single 3-phase * Battery chargers and welding machine * Electrical on houses * Vacuum cleaners and compressors * Any electrical appli-ance we’ll fix it. * Installations of security alarm in houses / premises. *CCT.V camera, door motoring, remote gates and electrical fencing. All electrical appliances have 3 month guarantee. You call - we come and fix. Contact: Mr. Sylveners 081 299 9960. DR KING SWALE Pay after success Bring back your lost lover the same day, get married quickly to a man or woman of your choice, stop your partner from cheating make him or her love only you, pregnancy problems, enlargement from 5cm to 30cm, boost your breasthips, win casino-gambling, financial problems, remove badluck with cyola, get job quickly and many more. Call: 081 640 2926 B&B ELECTRIC Pieter: 081 129 7349 Andrew: 081 659 8496 Electrical maintenance, new installations and additions, kitchen renovations (electrical)

BIBLE STUDY: How to rule over sin and satan, and over come many problems and addictions. Call today Apostle Hans: 081 228 6523 LAUNDRY SERVICES We make your laundry our business. We do the following: Wash/Dry/Fold/ Ironing/Steam. Special rates to our visitors in Swakopmund. We collect and deliver free of charge Same day service! We are just a tinkle away. Call: 081 170 1546 081 250 4743 Dream Cars Namibia CC - Are you struggling to sell your car? Need money urgently? We buy and sell cars. We do Car Sales and Marketing. Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Windhoek If we cant buy it, we can get the buyer. Please contact 081 421 6162 DR VICTOR MZWIRE OSMAN For the first time ever, Dr Victor from Kirimanjaro Tanzania. If you tried and failed and you wanted to give up - here is he answer, love & relationship, business, work, lucky, difficult matters. Call for appointment and consultations. Call Dr Victor: 081 277 9626

CLEANING SERVICES Swakopmund Door to door we clean, offices, houses, gardens, 7 days a week 10:00 am - 16:00 pm everyday Closed on Saturdays We are just a tinkle away... Janine: 081 277 0623 081 170 1546

PRODEL RENOVATIONS: Back by popular demand! For all you Renovation and Construction needs JOHANN STEYN 081 128 0848

TO RENT: Fairways, Walvis Bay - 2 Bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen, build in stove, lounge, garage. W+E and alarm included. N$7000.00 + deposit. Contact Jolandie: 081 147 7626 Langstrand – To Let. Fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen and lounge. Single garage and balcony with braai and sea view. Unfortunately no pets. N$ 5500 P\M. Water & Electricity excluded. Available immediately. Contact: 081 256 7472. TO LET: Tamariskia, Swakopmund Bachelor flat ideal for one person or a couple with built in cupboard, stove and oven, automated garage in secure complex. PRICE: N$ 4200.00 p/m Including water. Contact: 085 124 9826 via whatsapp: 081 273 9389. TO RENT: Narraville 1 Bedroom. N$3000.00, W+E included. Available 1 June 2018 For viewing, contact: 081 229 0899 TO RENT: Walvis Bay: Two bedroom flat from 1 July. Great location! Neat and spacious two bedroom, BIC, kitchen, bathroom, open-plan sit/lounge, indoor braai, remote garage and gate, alarm system. Prepaid electricity, water excluded. DSTV available. Sorry, no children and no pets. N$5500.00 plus deposit. Semi-furnished option also available. Contact: 081 250 4694 / 064 203 342 TO RENT: One bedroom flat available for rent in Kuisebmond, Omugulugombashee Circle Street. For N$3000.00 p/m + deposit: N$2000.00 W+E included. Own bathroom with open-plan kitchen. Contact: 081 286 2506 / 081 856 8528

TO LET: Walvis Bay, 69B, 6th street, near Venus. Freestanding 1 bedroom flat with BIC, open-plan kitchen, lounge / TV room, full bathroom, outdoor BBQ, remote garage, own entrance. Approved tenants only. Not pet friendly. N$5800.00 p/m + deposit, prepaid electricity, excluding water. Available immediately. Contact: 081 653 7990 TO RENT: One bedroom flats with open-plan kitchen / living room with toilet & bathroom. Immediately available in Kabeljou area, Harder Cresent str. N$3800.00 p/m, W+E included + deposit of N$1000.00 Contact: 081 205 8023 / 081 241 7015 TO LET: Huge 3x bedroom house situated fairly central with BIC in all rooms. Main bedroom with on suite bathroom includes a bath and shower. Extra bathroom with bath, shower & toilette. Alone standing additional toilette, kitchen with fitted BIC, induction stove top & oven. Huge entertainment area with BIC, lounge and diningroom. Also has a study room. W+E included for only N$14 500.00. Deposit extra and terms thereof negotiable. Contact Jaco: 081 223 8701 / Marie: 081 297 3178 TO LET: HOUSE IN WALVIS BAY, LAGOON AREA Spacious 4 bed, 1 bath, many garages plus outside room, interlocked big yard. Available from 1 June. N$8650.00 Contact: 081 128 3807 TO RENT: Narraville 1 Bedroom flat, toilet + shower, kitchen and small living room. N$3000.00 p/m No deposit Available 1 June Contact: 081 277 7372

TO RENT: Bachelor flat to rent. Rent: N$3000.00 p/m Deposit: N$1500.00 W+E included. Open for viewing anytime. Contact: 081 124 3381 Modern Duplex House for rent in Fairways, Walvis Bay 3 Bedrooms with bic, all rooms are ensuite, separate guest toilet, openplan modern kitchen, lounge and dining with indoor braai, double garage, full alarm system, garden with huge potential and small courtyard. Available from 1 June 2018, N$16 500.00 p/m, excl water and electricity Contact 081 128 3273 for viewing as from 7 May 2018 FLAT TO RENT: Narraville Single person only. Available 01/06/2018 Central Narraville Separate entrance. Deposit: N$3000.00 in advance, monthly rental - N$3000.00. W+E included. Kitchen (double sink), with bic, bedroom (bic), shower / toilet & hand basin, fully tiled. Parking inside yard. No children or pets. Contact: 081 244 1320 FOR RENT: 2 bedroom house in Mondesa, close to Woermann for rent. Water incl N$ 4500.00 p/m Contact: 081 612 6820 TO RENT: Two bedroom house to rent in Matutura, Price N$5500.00, Deposit N$5000.00 (can be paid in 2 installments) Water included (up to N$250-00), Pre-paid electricity Available immediately Contact: 081 215 1276 TO RENT: Room to rent in Kuisebmond. Water and electricity included. N$2350.00 Contact: 081 209 4486


18 MAY 2018

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TE HUUR IN LAGOON AREA, WALVISBAAI Klein vol gemeubileerde enkel woonstel. Water, ligte en gedeeltelike DSTV ingesluit. Geen binne parkeering. Jammer, geen troeteldiere of kinders nie. Onmiddelike beskikbaar of 1 June. N$3600.00 vir een persoon en N$3900.00 vir 2 persone + dep. Kontak: 081 2471687

FOR RENT: Walvis Bay, Kuisebmond, pluto Street. 2bedroom, G4S, Wi-Fi, hot water, DSTV, BIC, prepaid electricity. Water excluded N$ 5000.00 p/m N$ 5000.00 refundable deposit18 Contact Jesay for viewing: 081 223 3370

TO RENT: 25 Marconi Road, Hermes, Walvis Bay 2 Bedroom flat available from 1st of June. Deposit – N$2000.00 Price – N$4200.00 W+E included. Contact: 081 737 2570 TO RENT: Meersig 1 Bedroom flat in complex, open-plan kitchen / lounge, bathroom, BIC + stove, no garage. N$4500.00, deposit neg. Prepaid electricity. Available end of May Contact Liesl: 081 232 2474 / Deano: 081 247 2669 TO RENT: Narraville 1 Bedroom flat, openplan kitchen with BIC in room and kitchen + stove. Rent: N$3000.00 p/m Deposit: N$1500.00 Available 1 June 2018 Contact: 081 578 2854 FLAT TO RENT: Central Walvis Bay 2 Bedrooms, open-plan kitchen, garage. Water and electricity included. Full deposit payable. Rent: N$6000.00 Call: 081 279 3178 TO RENT: TAMARISKIA One bachelor bedroom to rent for a single person W & E included. N$ 3000.00 p/m Deposit: N$ 1500.00 Contact: 0841 258 2960 TO LET: Kramersdorp N$ 8 000.00 + Dep Spacious 3 bedroom Townhouse with Lounge, dinning and separate kitchen. Garage and pet friendly garden. Available immediately phone Erika 0812870420 to view HOUSE FOR RENT: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage, outside bedroom in Kramersdorf Contact: 081 202 1205

SWAKOPMUND TO LET VOGELSTRAND - 2 BEDRM,2 BATH RM,2 GAR(,lock up and go ) N$ 6800 pm VINETA HOUSE - 3 BEDRM, FURNISHED, 2 GARAGES, NEAR MALL N$12,000 pm OCEAN VIEW - flatlet 1 bedrm, bath, unfurnished, beautiful N$ 4 500.00 p/m Kramersdorf – Bachelor, furn, no gar, w/lights incl, N$ 5 000.00 p/m Mile 4 – unfurnished, 2 bedrm duplex, 2 bath ,1 gar N$ 6 700 p/m Vogelstrandt – 3 bedrm, 2 bath rm, 2 gar, 50 m from beach, pool N$ 8800 pm For sale Tamariskia: house 2 b/rm, bath, garage, yard N$ 925,000 Tamariskia: new house ! 2 bedrm, 2 bath, 2 garages N$ 1.3 mil Mondesa: house, 2 bedrm, bath, open plan, garage, near W&B N$ 980,000 JP VAN DER WALT 081 127 2736 CAPRICORN ESTATES House For Rent 3 Bedroom house for rent in Narraville, opposite De Duine High School. 2 bathrooms and an extra toilet. Kitchen and lounge and a garage. N$ 8000 water included. Deposit negotiable. Available immediately. Contact 081 400 4655 via sms.

TO RENT: Walvis Bay Industrial Area - Syncrolift 2nd Street East Office space and warehouse available. Contact: 081 124 3904

TO LET WALVIS BAY TRUDAN COURT 2 Bed, 2 bath apartment, fully furnished, indoor BBQ, small garden. Secure complex With single garage. Talitha 081 337 3669 Rhoda 081 413 1313


SWAKOPMUND 600m²- N$720 000.00 687m² - N$747 000.00 932m² N$1 800 000.00 DOLPHIN BEACH VACANT PLOT 4,000m², General Residential. N$9 000 000.00 SWAKOPMUND MONDESA SELF CATERING B&B 5 Bed, 5 bath, open Plan kitchen / living, store room, double garage, walled, alarm. N$1 380 000-00 SWAKOPMUND LOCK-UP & GO! Awesome 3 bed, 2 bath, modern kitchen, lounge, with indoor BBQ, under floor parking. N$1 765 000.00 LONGBEACH 3 Bed, 2 bath, openplan apartment, double garage. CC registered. N$1.3 MIL ARANDIS Price reduced! Vacant plot, 462m². N$ 95 000.00 GOGGA 081 169 6215

FOR SALE 2 Bedroom free standing townhouse in Hermes, very quiet area. Open-plan lounge, dining area and kitchen, single garage, built-in cupboards, one spacious bathroom, newly renovated interior, spacious yard, pet friendly, alarm installed. N$1,100 000.00 Only serious buyers, please contact: 081 200 6543

FOR SALE ARANDIS VACANT ERVEN 450 m² - N$100 000-00 each OR 2 bedroom house with own plot from only - N$410 000-00!!! ROSALIN 081 412 4246

FOR SALE: One bedroom flat for sale in Swakopmund CBD, BIC, balcony and walking distance from the beach. N$ 950 000.00 Contact: 081 200 0265


CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


FOR SALE: Walvis Bay, Narraville 2 or 3 Bedroom – N$850 000.00 – N$1.3 mil Contact: 081 255 7511 FOR SALE: Mondesa 2 bed flat, kitchen, sitting room and garage. N$ 700 000.00 Neg Contact: 081 210 1876


MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FOR SALE NARRAVILLE 4-Bed, 1 bath house, separate toilet, lounge, kitchen, tandem garage & big yard - N$1 580 000.00 3 Bed, 2 bath house lounge with Indoor BBQ, kitchen & dining area, double Garage N$1 250 000.00 2 Bed, 1 bath house, big yard N$995 000.00 Angelika 081 562 2186

BUSINESS FOR SALE BUSINESS FOR SALE Restaurant in Walvis Bay, fully equipped. As running concern, registered in CC. Special liquor license. Ideal location, 76 seats including bar + outside. Low rent + overheads, good turn over. Price reduced! Contact: 081 223 7899


FOR SALE: Nissan Hardbody 3.3 v6 4x4 dbl cab, Model: 2002; Km: 283000; 1 owner from new; Regular serviced Replaced timing belt; new 4x4, front wheel inserts; exhaust; 4 new tyres. ½ ton Box trailer included. Everything in very good working condition and in everyday use. Price: N$ 95000.00 Call:085 122 2414 for more details

HOUSE FOR SALE!! Swakopmund Ocean View close to Spar. Only N$1 850 000.00 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with shower and bath. Spacious kitchen with granite top & 2 bar chairs. Lounge with cladded wall for tv & mounted unit for DSTV etc. Dining room with inside braai. Scullery Double automated garage. Security: Alarm system installed. Beams on all sides of the house. Contact 081 487 1960 CENTURY REAL ESTATE Plot and plan – Karibib – N$610 000.00 – N$970 000.00 Well design 2 & 3 bedroom houses. Contact Evy: 081 255 7511


FOR SALE: Whirlpool Dishwasher, Excellent condition. N$ 1500-00 Tel: 081 127 3033


LE MORGAN URN Features: *8 Litre / 32 Cup *Variable Temperture *1800 Watt Concealed Water *Easy-View water level window *Cool touch - two way flow tap *Secure locking lid *Boiling dry protection. Price: N$1000.00 Contact: 081 200 4126

CARS FOR SALE Toyota Etios Cross 1.5 XS HB 451 2015 model, only 60 000 km. One owner, like new. N$140 000.00 – Silver Contact: 081 269 5583 / 081 294 3059

FOR SALE: Bass boat-16ft Piranha Legend,2014 model (winning prize at 2014 Zambezi classic), With fish finder, life well, bilge pump and troll motor With Mercury 90 Hp outboard 2-stroke engine Only 11 hours on engine. Only used a few times (excellent condition). Price 100 000.00 Call: 085 122 2414 for more details FOR SALE Toyota Corolla 1.6, 2008, 95 000 km for N$70 000.00. Toyota Hilux 2l, 2012, token, for N$160 000.00. All cars in good condition. Contact: 081 408 3969 / 081 249 0618 FOR SALE: Second Hand 2x Headlights with chrome plate 1x Grill with chrome plate 2x Fog light chrome plate For Toyota Corolla 2014 model, new shape. Contact: 081 232 7926 CAR FOR SALE: Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 2.5 Diesel Colour: White Exras: Canopy Good condition Service record available Price: N$ 165 000 Neg Contact: 081 127 0833 CAR FOR SALE: Chevrolet Cruze 10 300 Kilos Model: 2014 Colour: Red Good condition Swakopmund N$ 87 000.00 Contact: 081 207 0655

WANTED Transport Required for a tutor from Longbeach to Swakopmund. Pick up address in Longbeach, drop off - Woermann Brock, Mondesa Time - 17:30 Days - Mon, Wed, Fri Anyone commuting from Walvis Bay and interested, please call 0812519444

WANTED: Looking for a 5 in 1 woodworking combination machine with scoring blade. Contact: 081 232 7926 WANTED: We are looking for used curtains - different sizes! E-mail:

TO HIRE HUUR ‘n TROKKIE 3,5 t / 4t Ek verwyder bou rommel / vullis / huistrekke / kantoor trekke. Enige tipe vragte. Bel my gerus. Ek laai self. Eugene: 081 611 1111

VACANCIES YEHUDA EMPLOYMENT SERVICES 187 Sam Nujoma Ave, Town Centre (next to Accommodation) Job placements: Are you looking for work in the hospitality industry as Chef/Cook, waiter/waitress, professional cleaner, Office Administrator, Front Office, Housekeeper, Barman, Sales person, Cashiers get recruited, get trained and placed in jobs #SMS your name and town to book your place Walvis Bay 081 360 8335 NO CALLS

18 MAY 2018


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR


CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of work in Walvis Bay. Weekends and after hours. Waitress, bar and cooking. I can also do catering & decorating for any event. I can start immediately. Queen: 081 293 0296 JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of work in Swakopmund. Hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, cashier and shop assistant jobs. Contact: 081 404 9780 JOB WANTED: A 25 year old lady, looking for any kind of work. In Walvis Bay. I have experience in stock control, sales representative, cleaning houses, ironing and washing. I am currently studying. I need the money to pay for my studies. Contact: 081 675 9074 JOB WANTED: A 35 year old lady, looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay town, Meersig, Lagoon or Narraville. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday’s. I am reliable, hardworking and ready to start immediately. I do cleaning and ironing very well. I have 7 years experience. Contact Rauha: 081 319 3552 JOB WANTED: I am a 24 year old bornagain lady. I am looking for domestic work, day-care or pre-primary work. In Wa l v i s B a y o r Swakopmund. Contact: 081 273 2664 WERK GESOEK: Ek is `n 26 jarige dame, opsoek na huiswerk. Vir Maandae tot Vrydae. Kook en skoonmaak. Kontak: 081 404 2961 JOB WANTED: We are two young ladies looking for domestic work in Lagoon, Langstrand and Meersig. Monday to Friday’s and another one Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday’s. Willing to start immediately. Contact: 081 654 2425 / 081 465 6281 JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of work in Swakopmund. Hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, cashier and shop assistant jobs. Contact: 081 404 9780 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk, strykwerk, was en skoonmaak werk in Swakopmund. Drie of twee dae, kan onmiddelik begin. Kontak: 081 211 2303 WERK GESOEK: Ek is 54 jaar oud en is dringend opsoek na huiswerk, ek kan ook inslaap werk doen. Ek het ook diens gedoen by n ouetehuis, kan ook dadelik begin werk en baie betroubaar. Skakel: 081 781 1148

JOBS WANTED WERK GESOEK: Ek is `n 28 jarige dame, opsoek na huiswerk, kinders oppas of stryk werk. Vir 5 dae `n week. In Walvisbaai, Langstrand & Swakopmund. Kontak: 081 564 9588 JOB WANTED: I am a 29 year old lady, looking for domestic work. Friday and Wednesday's. I am honest and hardworking. In Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 441 0427 / 081 293 7523 JOB WANTED: A 24 year old young lady looking for domestic work for a whole week, have 3 year experience and ready to start anytime. Contact: 081 480 0051 JOB WANTED: I’m 35 year old looking for panel beater work in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. I have more experience Contact: 081 418 4211 JOB WANTED: I’m a 21 year old lady looking for domestic work in Swakopmund Monday to Friday, ready to start immediately. I can only speak English Contact: 081 552 5851 / 081 273 6321 JOB WANTED: My name is Loide, aged 35, looking for work. I have 8 years experience in assistant kitchen and cleaning and industry hospital. I am in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 841 5440

VACANCIES VACANCY We are urgently looking for insurance brokers to market products of Sanlam, Momentum, Metropolitan and Old Mutual. Requirements: At least 1 year experience in the insurance industry. Grade 10 or 12 Tel :0856570359 E-mail: triumphproperties VACANCIES: Vacancy for Argon & stick welders / boiler makers and pipefitters but must be coded. Email or call: monteiro. / 081 235 0448 VACANCY: Dringend opsoek na n debiteure en krediteure klerk in Swakopmund. Kontak: deon@dmaconsolidated.


namib times notice Please note that due to the Public Holiday on Friday 25 May 2018 - our Friday edition will move to Thursday 24 May 2018.

Closing time for advertising bookings: Tuesday 22 May at 16:00 All adverts to reach us by latest Wednesday 23 May 2018 at 10:00


18 MAY 2018


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Voting has started for RASA 2018 AWARDS Namibian Sport Stars are nominated for the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 third edition of Regional Annual Sports Awards (RASA 2018), scheduled to take place in Johannesburg on the 26 May, hosted by South Africa at Birchwood Hotel.

The Namibian nominees for RASA 2018 is Charlize Van Zyl, Gymnastics and Delano Muller, Kickboxing, Junior Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year, Helalia Johannes, Athletics and Julius Indongo, Boxing Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year, Lahja Ishitile, Athletics and Johannes Nambala, Sportswoman and Sportsman with Disability of the year with Nestor Tobias, Boxing Coach of the year and the Namibian U20 National Rugby Team as Sports Team of the Year. Stanley Mutoya, the AUSC Region 5 CEO says he is excited to see the RASA brand grow the manner in which it has since its inaugural edition in 2016. “Today we have 9 member countries taking part in the third edition, a serious growth, because in 2016 we only had 5 member countries taking part. This is an indication that we have a good product to commercialize and know the corporate in our region will be keen to partner with us” As per the AUSC Region 5 Awards Rulebook, the primary mandate of the AUSC Region 5 is to encourage all ten member countries to host national sport awards preceding the RASA. The winners at country level are automatically entered as RASA nominees. All these nominees are already winners in their own right, and now it's all about triumph at the regional level. Since the inaugural edition in 2016, the RASA event and the excitement it brings has grown at country level during the hosting of national awards. Winners of national sport awards look forward to be paired with. There are talks to have more activities during the RASA week to further give this event more excitement and opportunities for the nominees and corporate interact with local hosting country's citizens by giving back in social responsibility initiatives. The 2018 RASA will see two new editions to the basket of excitement. The Nelson Mandela Centenary celebration will form part of the activation plan. Nelson Mandela played a pivotal role in the liberation struggle of South Africa and is revert internationally as an icon and a sport legend. We are exuberated that his legacy and the celebration of 100 years will be part of RASA 2018 event. Also, for this third edition of RASA 2018, a regional boxing bonanza and Regional Professionals Boxing seminar will be part of the activities that will take place, leading up the night of glimpse and glamour where the winners from the 2018 edition will be announced. The hosting of RASA in 2019 will start going on rotational basis, and member countries will host in an alphabetical order starting with Namibia. “We once again extend the Region's gratitude to the government and people of the Republic of South Africa for stepping up and offering to host the second edition RASA,” concludes Mutoya. The Nominees Are: Junior Sportsman Of The Year 1. Teboho Lelimo, Chess, Lesotho 2. Thandolwethu Motsa, Taekwondo, Kingdom eSwatini 3. Delano Muller, Kickboxing, Namibia 4. Karabo Sibanda, Athletics, Botswana 5. Kennedy Luchembe, Athletics , Zambia Junior Sportswoman Of The Year 1. Tshegofatso Tsiang Tennis, Botswana 2. 'Malillo Phera, Chess, Lesotho

3. Charlize Van Zyl, Gymnastics Namibia 4. Carlota Munave, Taekwondo, Kingdom eSwatini 5. Lubuuto Bwalya, Chess, Zambia 6. Tanyaradzwa Muzinda, Motorcross, Zimbabwe Sportsman Of The Year 1. Ofentse Bakwadi, Karate, Botswana 2. Peter Banda, Football, Malawi 3. Julius Indongo, Boxing, Namibia 4. Luvo Manyonga, Athletics South Africa 5. Sibusiso Matsenjwa, Athletics, Kingdom eSwatini. 6. Patson Daka, Football Zambia 7. Samson Muripo, Karate, Zimbabwe Sportswoman Of The Year 1. Onkemetse Francis, Chess, Botswana 2. Neheng Khatala, Athletics, Lesotho 3. Tabitha Chawinga, Football, Malawi 4. Helalia Johannes, Athletics, Namibia 5. Caster Semenya, Athletics, South Africa 6. Phumlile Ndzinisa, Athletics, Kingdom eSwatini 7. Mupopo Kabange, Athletics, Zambia 8. Helen Costa Sinclair, Bodybuilding, Zimbabwe Sportsman Of The Year With A Disability 1. Keatlaretse Mabote, Athletics, Botswana 2. Johannes Nambala, Athletics, Namibia 3. Dyan Buis, Athletics, South Africa 4. Mcebo Dludlu, Athletics, Kingdom eSwatini 5. Elford Moyo, Wheelchair racing, Zimbabwe Sportswoman Of The Year With A Disability 1. Nonofo Zingwa, Special Olympics, Botswana 2. Lahja Ishitile, Athletics, Namibia 3. Illse Hayes, Athletics, South Africa 4. Phenduliwe Mavuso, Athletics, Kingdom eSwatini 5. Margaret Bangajena, Wheelchair racing, Zimbabwe Sports Team Of The Year 1.Botswana 4 x 400 meters Men Relay, Athletics, Botswana 2. Namibian U20 National Team, Rugby, Namibia 3. Springbok Sevens Team, Rugby, South Africa 4. Sihlangu Semnikati – Football, Kingdom eSwatini 5.Zambia Football U20 National Team, Football, Zambia 6. Zimbabwe Rugby Sevens, Rugby, Zimbabwe Coach Of The Year 1. Mogomotsi Otsetswe, Athletics, Botswana 2. Griffin Saenda Junior, Football, Malawi 3. Nestor Tobias, Boxing, Namibia 4. Jean Verster, Athletics, South Africa 5. Thabo Vilakati, Football Kingdom eSwatini 6. Beston Chambeshi, Football, Zambia Journalist Of The Year 1.Ramajake Monamane, Lesotho 2. OG Molefe, South Africa 3.Ntokozo Magongo,Kingdom eSwatini 4. Mathews Kabamba, Zambia Sportsperson Of The Year 1. Karabo Sibanda, Athletics Botswana 2. Bernadetta Mzika, Football, Malawi 3. Luvo Manyonga, Athletics South Africa 4. Tony Tsabedze, Football, Kingdom eSwatini 5. Samson Muripo, Karate, Zimbabwe Voting has began and to vote for our sport personalities you can go to story.php

Charlize Van Zyl

Danny Boy ready for Jo’burg fight

Melba Kaure

The current IBF Lightweight Africa Champion, Albinius 'Danny Boy' Felesianu, will be in action on 25 May against South Africa's Willis Baloyi in the Africa Rising boxing tournament. The tournament is part of the celebration of Africa Day, and the venue is the Portuguese Hall in Johannesburg. This will be the second time that Felesianu fights in South Africa. The fight between Felesianu and Baloyi will be decided over six rounds and serves as the golden opportunity to prepare the Swakopmund based boxer for his upcoming IBO Intercontinental title fight at the Dome on 3 August. An opponent is yet to be announced. “Like in all my fights: I am prepared for this one. Although I am currently battling a flu, I will emerge victorious”, a confident Felesianu said. Felesianu's manager is Mr Buttons [The Dome Swakopmund] but fights under Kalakoda Promotions. The fight slated for August will be promoted by Legacy Promotions and Kalakoda. The fight between Felesianu and Baloyi will be broadcasted live on NBC 6 for local supporters to watch.

18 MAY 2018




Standard Bank Annual Angolink Betterball Better Ball A large field of 40 players turned up to play in the Angolink Betterball day last week. Morne Roux handed out the prizes at the prize giving. There was a small twist in the better ball format in that there were two scores to count on stroke 1 and stroke 2, a bit of spice on the day.

Winners -Standard Bank Betterball Standard Bank held their Annual Better Ball Scramble Drive Competition on Saturday 12 May with cool weather conditions. A great field of 37 golfers took to the fairways in search of one of the coveted prizes on offer. As always it was a great day of golf and a big thanks goes to the sponsor for their continuous support of golf at Rossmund. Nearest to the Pin prizes went to: No 3: H Ndjendja; with No 7: 12 and 16 all going to T Shitaleni. Winners: 1st: B Saunderson/M Polster 50pts 2nd: M Sevelus/S Gawanab 49pts rd 3 M Swarts/T Haimbondi 4th S Massipa/ T Gurirab 5th: H Ndjendja/T Shitaleni 48pts 6th: D Benson/D Kock 46pts 7th G Louw/H Naobeb In the interim our bowls section was busy taking part in the 40th Namibian National Bowls Championships returning home with a total of 6 Gold Medals - well done to all our successful bowlers Piet Apppollis; Otto Krahenbhul; Axel Krahenbhul and Avril Kotze you are all stars and we are proud of you. “Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. What child does not grasp the pleasure-

principle of miniature golf (putt-putt)? Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five”. Coming Events: Saturday 19 May – Destination Swakopmund will sponsor something different being a Betterball – Yellow Ball Competition – so get on the thinking caps and decide who will play the “odds” or the “evens” for those extra points. Sunday, 20 May will be the Monthly SAGES sponsored this time around by Dr Silvio Suardi. Wednesday 23rd May we will have some Absolutely Perfect Water on offer. Friday 25th May, Remember the big one – the Channel 7 Golf/Sport and Funday - for more details and/or to enter a team contact Gert Cloete Cell: 081 129 1955 or Gerhard Byleveld Cell: 081 210 3060. Saturday 26th May – Monthly Medal sponsored by Novanam – an up to date Merit List has been posted in the Pro Shop.

SSFD football league kick-off Rudi Bowe

The Southern Stream First Division (SSFD) football league's first round will kickoff tomorrow with two games at the Kuisebmond Stadium in Walvis Bay and one game at the Mondesa Stadium in Swakopmund and on Sunday two will be played at the Kuisebmond Stadium. The SSFD is been divided in a Coastal Stream and an Inland Stream. The reason for separation of the Southern Stream First Division in to two groups is the fact that there is not enough time to play the First Division League. The league will run from 19 May with the last league games being played on 24 June. The two streams will consist of six teams. The teams that will play in the Coastal Steam are Spoilers FC, Northern Stars FC, Westerns Spurs FC, PC Blue Boys FC, Flamingoes FC and Khomas Nampol FC. This weekend fixtures are as follows:

Saturday Northern Stars FC vs Spoilers FC at the Kuisebmond Stadium at 12:00 Western Spurs FC vs Khomas Nampol FC at the Kuisebmond Stadium at 14:00 Sunday Northern Stars FC vs Khomas Nampol FC at the Kuisebmond Stadium at 12:00 Western Spurs FC vs Spoilers FC at the Kuisebmond Stadium at 14:00 P C Blue Boys FC vs Flamingoes FC at the Mondesa Stadium in Swakopmund at 14:00 On Wednesday Northern Stars FC vs Western Spurs FC at the Kuisebmond Stadium at 19:00

Again, it was the juniors who won the day with Willie Els and Jonathon Mather comes in with 59 point far ahead of second place. Johnny Borges and John Sardinha with 54 points. Third place with 53 points were Deville Dreyer and Rocco Viljoen. Nearest to the pin went to Piet van Niekerk. Rumour has it that a certain player took his putter [aka 90 degree flat wedge] from about 100 meters out and promptly played a fresh. Good news for the club is that Willie Els has been selected to play in the junior British Open in July. Mooi gedaan Willie ons is omtrent trots. We are hosting Tsumeb and we have a list on the board so please get your team together, and enter soonest. Just for the Tsumeb event, I will be running with this so if you have any ideas and or thoughts please let me know. On 25th there is a fun day at Rossmund and they have a Renault up for grabs on number 3 for the first hole in one, a great prize so if you feel lucky please enter their competition. Calendar for the next few weeks is as follows. 19/5 Piscs Medal Fri 25th Nine Hole Club practice from 13h00 Sat 26th Tsumeb at home 2/6 Sanlam Cancer Day 9/6 Dulux round two 16/6 PISCS medal 23/6 Supertronix Day

Jonathon Mather, Morne Roux and Willie Els


18 MAY 2018

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Gold for Emile Pitt Inline Hockey gears up for the Africa Cup

Rudi Bowe Emile Pitt from the Swakopmund Gymnastic Club won the only Gold medal for Namibia in the Junior MAG category for Vault at the 14th African Gymnastics Championships that was hosted at the Dome in Swakopmund. Emile Pitt became the first Namibian male ever to win a Gold medal at an Africa Gymnastic Championship Emile is a 17-year-old Men's Artistic gymnast from Swakopmund, Namibia, with real potential to compete at world events, such as the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, Commonwealth Games and even possibly as a floor and vault specialist at the Olympic Games in the future. Emile was born in Omaruru and moved to Swakopmund to live with his aunt Johanna Pitt after the death of his parents. He started his Gymnastic career in 2011 when his aunt introduced him to gymnastics. He is one of the kids that are at the Dongina Risser Gymnastics Foundation, a charity organisation which helps children in Swakopmund with an interest in gymnastics to give them the best chance to succeed in gymnastics, school and in their future careers. Emile was invited by Bart Connors and Nadia Comenech for a training trip to the USA where he will also be vetted for potential training options at a high-performance club in Norman, Oklahoma, or other similar facility in the USA. In order to further his goals Emil received a scholarship from a University in the USA. To train and study in the USA was just a dream for Emil and this dream has become a reality. He, however, still need N$10 000 to go to the USA and therefore plea to all companies to help him to make this dream to train and study in the USA reality. Persons and companies that are interested to assist Emil with a donation can contact Dione Dichtl at 0811284373 or

Media Release The Africa Cup Inline Hockey Tournament will take place on Monday, 21 to Saturday, 26 May at The Dome in Swakopmund with Bank Windhoek once again be a major sponsor. In its second consecutive year, the tournament is billed a truly international event with players from Namibia, South Africa, Brazil, India, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain and Italy, having confirmed their participation. Seven teams will compete in a total of 26 games during the week. Each game will consist of a sevenminute warm-up; five-minute halftime and 2 x 18minute stop time periods. All teams will play each other in the round-robin stages. “After the round-robin stages are completed, the seventh seeded team will be eliminated from the competition on Friday evening. The top four teams will move on to the semi-finals, where the winners will play for gold, the runner-up for silver and the third seed for bronze. Seeds five and six will have a playoff contest for the fifth place,” said the tournament's organiser, Dave Hammond. The Namibian men's national team are the defending champions. At the inaugural championship event held at the same venue in 2017, the Namibian men's team beat the Labeda Bulls, a team consisting of American, Canadian and Spanish National players with a few local men in the mix, to win the championship. Two local and three international referees will officiate the matches to maintain the world-class standard of the tournament. They will also conduct a two-day international referee clinic before the tournament commences, aimed at developing and improving the skill set of local referees. Attendees have been specifically selected and will be put through their paces with practical and theory sessions. Entry fee is N$50 per day or N$200 for the week and tickets are available online on TIXSA, The Dome's ticketing platform or from the box office stationed at the event. The entire tournament with live commentary will be streamed by TeeVee, a local company

with extensive experience in broadcasting action sports. Last year, over 8000 online spectators tuned in while another 800 sat rink side per day. To date, the tournament has had more than 300000 YouTube views worldwide. “These numbers have shown us that this tournament has both local and international appeal. Bank Windhoek believes that sport brings people together and because this tournament contributes to sport and youth development in our country, we are pleased to be associated with it. We wish all the participants the best,” said Bank Windhoek's Head of Corporate Social Investments, Sponsorships and Events, Sanet de Waal. “I would like to thank our Africa Cup Committee and our volunteers for all the long hours and relentless work they put on this project. We are a team of people who believe in this sport and without each one of you, none of this would be possible. That being said, our sponsors have given the sport of inline hockey the opportunity in this country to expand and grow. The true meaning of development is being done through inline hockey under the guidance of the Namibia Ice and Inline Hockey Association (NIIHA). Special thanks to all the sponsors who have believed in our sport and for helping us reach our full potential. We are still working on a plan to host bigger and more prestigious international tournaments while Namibia climbs the world rankings,” said Hammond. Other sponsors include: BON Hotel Swakopmund, OTB Sport, Zest, Red Bull, Naukluft Water, Avalife, Pharmacy@Lady, Hippos Adventure Tours, Starling Trading Namibia, Coastal Pirates, TeeVee Namibia, Events & Corporate Gear, Namibia Media Holdings and Nautilus Studios. For more information, visit http://africacup. or take a look on our Facebook and Instagram pages or please contact Dave Hammond at cell: 081 593 3514 or send an email to

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