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Floating classroom alongside

Skok toe twee inside bekende Walvisbaaiers Truck op een dag sterf Floris Steenkamp

Floris Steenkamp The world's oldest remaining full-rigged tallship, Sorlandet, arrived in the port of Walvis Bay earlier this week. Also called a floating school, the vessel accommodates up to seventy trainees between the ages of fifteen and seventy years of age to sail the world's oceans to experience traditional life aboard a tall ship. Experiences include being able to overcome one's fear of climbing the tall masts to manage and operate the tall ship's intricate network of sails. You can also be taught the art of being a helmsman, lookout, safety officer and participating in active sail manoeuvres, according to information obtained from Google. The ship's owner, a non-profitable organisation, makes an income to maintain the ship in seagoing order by inviting up to 170 paid passengers aboard and alongside as many as 200 guests can be accommodated. The call at port of Sorlandet is very special: she was built in 1927 in the Norwegian city of Kristiansand, a twin city of Walvis Bay. Since, she also earned a few accolades, which include: the first Norwegian training ship that crossed the Atlantic (1933), the first tallship in the world to offer sail training for women (1981) and she participated in the first tallship international race in 1956.

Ordinary Namibians the heroes in Uis water crisis Erwin Leuschner Namibians from all over the country, especially from the coastal towns, have come together to assist the residents of the small settlement Uis in their water crisis. “We are extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity of the Namibians,” said Uis resident Basil Calitz to namib times. Stories emerged this wasting no time in and bottled water in was the first newsweek of Walvis Bay, m a k i n g t r a n s p o r t , order to alleviate the paper to report on the S w a k o p m u n d a n d water containers and s u f f e r i n g o f U i s deteriorating water Henties Bay residents even cash to fund fuel residents. namib times situation at Uis in the

Inwoners van Walvisbaai is Woensdag met die treurige nuus begroet van die dood van twee baie bekende inwoners van die dorp. Mnr. Pieter Simon, ‘n bekende in motorsportkringe en die algemene motorbedryf, het Woensdagoggend aan ‘n hartaanval gesterf, kort nadat hy in die hospitaal opgeneem is omdat hy gekla het dat hy nie goed voel nie. Enkele ure daarna het die doodstyding wéér gekom. Dié keer was dit die tragiese nuus van die dood van mnr. Dewald Visser, wat vir baie jare op Walvisbaai as skipper gewerk het. Hy is van die bekende Visser-skippersfamilie wat diep spore in Walvisbaai se visbedryf getrap het. Volgens familie het mnr. Visser Woensdagoggend by sy huis op Mosselbaai aan die Kaapse Suidkus gekla dat hy onwel voel [Hy bly sedert 2002 nie meer permanent op Walvisbaai nie]. Hy sou juis gister sy geneesheer gaan sien, want hy het ‘n geskiedenis van hartsiekte. Sy gesin is dorp-toe. Hulle het hom met hul terugkoms tuis dood in die stort aangetref.

Wyle mnr. Piet Simon last quarter of 2016. In a matter of months the water situation went from a potential threat to an all out disaster which need urgent intervention. It is commendable the manner and intensity with which ordinary Namibians extend a helping hand to their fellow countrymen suffering from this disastrous water shortage.

Wyle mnr. Dewald Visser

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Erongo top scholastic performer in 2016 Page 3

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More than 50 000 litres of potable drinking water, coming from Henties Bay, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Windhoek and even Gobabis, was delivered in Uis this week after the most recent water crisis went viral across the country. Yesterday the small settlement in the Erongo Region has been without any water Continues on Page 2

Rossing Marathon in February

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13 JANUARY 2017

Namibians the heroes in Uis water crisis Continued from Page 1 coming from their taps for at least 13 consecutive days. The recent water crisis went viral after namib times reported on the situation, prompting a whatsapp message which was sent out in the beginning of the week calling on Namibians passing through Uis to drop off water. “Most of the old people at Uis don't have the resources or strength to carry a 5 litre water can,” the message read. Shortly afterwards Pieter Erasmus from the Lions in Henties Bay organised a truck carrying 20 000 litres of water to Uis. The driver Daan Kotze delivered the load on 10 January. Another truck carrying 16 000 litres of water came from Windhoek. In total, more than 52 000 litres as well as an additional 150 five litre water bottles have been delivered in Uis with more water expected to be delivered this weekend. “It is absolutely amazing how Namibians have come together to assist the residents,” Calitz continued. One water tanker supplying the residents has been stationed in the so-called bo-dorp. “The water containers are meant for residents without any income to at least receive water during this crisis,” Calitz said. Uis received water from the Nei-Neis aquifer located in the Omaruru River. Due to the ongoing drought most boreholes have run dry, while the infrastructure distributing the water to the settlement is also dilapidated. “I was at Nei Neis this week and saw that the pump has been repaired. It is pumping water and we should get some water again soon. I do not know how much water is being pumped,” Calitz explained. According to him even if it should rain in the catchment area and the river would carry large amounts of water, the ongoing crisis would not be alleviated immediately. “I was told that it would take at least six months for the boreholes to receive water. We are in for a long run,” he added. The Uis settlement Council has in the meantime issued a public notice to all residents informing them that water can

only be collected at the tanks between 16:00 and 19:00 – afterwards they are “locked”. “Each household is strictly permitted to collect (a) maximum of 100 litre (4 x 25 litre containers) per day,” the notice reads. Any person found stealing water and/or vandalizing water tanks “will be dealt with accordingly.” The extent of the water crisis in Uis was also recognized by John Mutorwa, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, during a field visit in 2016. During a press conference after the field visit he described the situation as dire and said that the national water utility NamWater is busy drilling new boreholes to alleviate the situation in Uis. Other Namibian towns, especially in the northwestern part of the country, are also affected by water shortages. Opuwo is affected by low pressures in the system.

Richard (Citi) Karelse * 07-05-1984

The Lions in Henties Bay were amongst the first answering the call to deliver water to the droughtstricken settlement Uis – a truck carrying 20 000 litres arrived on Tuesday. Photo contributed

Truck in Usakos falls on side - diesel spill Erwin Leuschner cleaned up A truck carrying about 27 tons of building material fell on its side in the main road of Usakos on Tuesday afternoon. According to Francois Cronje Pitbull Tow-In, the truck fell on its side while turning from the mainroad left onto the road leading out of town to the B2 highway. “We worked until about 12:00 to clean up the scene,” he said. According to him a large amount of diesel spilled from the truck onto the road. While the truck and its flatbed trailer were in the meantime removed from the scene, the heavy container was left behind until a crane was sent to lift it. This is the first time since the arrestor bed on the outskirts of Usakos has been constructed that a truck fell on its side in the town. Usakos is prone to similar incidents due to the steep downhill slope leading to town when entering from the coast. Photo by West Coast Safety Initiative

+ 03-01-2016

Psalm: 34 vers 5

Dienstye Vrydagaand die 13de om 19h00 by huis no. 15 Brandberg str. Kuisebmund

Begrafnis Saterdag 14de om 09h00, by huis no. 15 Brandberg str.Kuisebmund

Kontak: Darlene(Ma) 081 7887220 Dannyboy(Pa) 081 8902788

Tax fraudsters out Piquet Jacobs on bail 8 of the 13 accused for defrauding the Walvis Bay office of the Receiver of Revenue of N$2,220 781-16 was awarded bail earlier this week.

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It is alleged that 4 officials of Inland Revenue forged Pay as You Earn (PAYE 5) certificates in the names of some twenty one family and friends between April 2013 and November 2016, resulting in undeserved tax refunds. Investigations were done by police leading to 13 arrests. Bail was refused with their first appearance before Magistrate Vicky Nikolaidis. All of the 13 accused appeared before Magistrate Rhivermo Williams on Tuesday for bail application, bail of N$10 000 each was awarded to Morné Feris, Willemina Visagie, Quinton Matthews, Marlon Prins, Roselli Leonardo, Velnancio Muller, Patrick Titus and Lukas Shailemo. Inland Revenue officials; Henry Visagie, Jaqueline Imbili, Michael Maclobo, Anna Mutilifa and Jeanette Garoes still remains in custody.

Gedenkdiens Donderdag 12 Januarie 14h30 NG Kerk Meersig Roudiens Saterdag 14 Januarie 11h00 Windhoek Kapel Pionierspark

13 JANUARY 2017




Erongo features prominently in 2016 schools and learner performance profile Floris Steenkamp

Not only did the Erongo Region emerged as the top performing Region in the 2016 Grade 12 school academic year, but three private schools feature among the top 20 top performing private schools in the country as well as two schools are also among the top 20 in the category for state schools. In addition the top performing HIGCSE student is a pupil of the Walvis Bay Private High School, Renate Potgieter. Among the twenty top performing Government schools in the country, Namib High School ranks 6th and Kuisebmond Secondary School 17 t h . Kuisebmond Secondary School made a remarkable improvement in this regard from the 51st position in 2015 to 6th in S2016. Three Erongo private schools also strutted

their stuff as top twenty performing private high shools. Duneside Private School is in 8th position (up from 10th position in 2015), followed by Karibib Private School in 13th position (up from 19th position in 2015). Walvis Bay Private High School is in 16th position, down from 15th position in 2015.

Photos by Erwin Leuschner

* 04-11-1948 + 11-01-2012

DESERT CREEK SPUR John, Lisa-Anne, Clive, Tristan, Tannan, Jason, Loraine, Jaron and Bryan


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IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO NOTE: • Bulbs from the 1mLED Campaign are clearly marked, "NOT FOR SALE". • Always verify authenticity of the LED installer by requesting for his/her Campaign ID Card and Namibian ID Card. • Make sure you sign the Data Gathering Form to verify that you have received the LED Bulbs. • Report any suspicious acts to the local police or LED Champion in your region.

13 JANUARY 2017


Court Walvis Bay Court report 5 January 2017

Joel Derrick (30) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (12/2016). Matter postponed to 15 February. Accused in custody. Stephen Beukes (23) appeared on a charge of theft from the employer by the employee (3/2015). Accused found guilty. Fined N$2 000 or 3 months imprisonment.

Accused out on bail. Chellen Neumbo (31) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (11/2016). Matter postponed to 14 February. Accused in custody. Kensley Awarab (22) appeared on a charge of rape (10/2016). Matter postponed to 20 February. Accused out on bail. Chellen Neumbo (31) appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property (3/2016). Matter postponed to 14 February. Accused in custody. Rudolf Dennis Khairaseb (21) appeared on a charge of theft (1/2017). Matter postponed to 9 February. Accused in custody. Micheal Snyders (38) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (9/2016). Case against accused withdrawn. Timo Ainaseb (18), Vaino Shikongo (18) and Lisias Angula (18) appeared on charges of robbery (8/2016). Matter postponed to 28 March. Accused out on bail. Samuel Theophilus (32) appeared on charges of possession of suspected stolen property and housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (10/2016). Waylon Strauss (29) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (10/2016). Matter postponed to 27 March. Accused out on bail.

9 January 2016

10 January 2017

Simon Lebeus Afunda (30) and Lucas Johannes (26) appeared on charges of possession of cocaine (2/2016). Matter postponed to 9 January. Accused out on bail. Jeanette Candy Garoes (42), Lukas Shailemo (29) and Anna Marie Matilifa (50) appeared on charges of fraud and corruptly using office or position for gratification (12/2016). Matter postponed to 10 January. Accused in custody. Samson Uirab (52) and Deon Savage (51) appeared on charges of theft from the employer by the employee (12/2016). Matter postponed to 16 February. Accused in custody. Jacobs Nghifikwa (24) appeared on a charge of robbery (1/2017). Matter postponed to 15 February. Accused in custody. Likius Tonata Thomas (26) appeared on a charge of dealing in cannabis (1/2017). Accused found guilty. Fined N$15 000 or 18 months imprisonment.

6 January 2017

Simon Lebeus Afunda (30) appeared on a charge of possession of cocaine (2/2016). Matter postponed to 19 January. Accused out on bail. Jarrol Blake (25) appeared on a charge of possession of cocaine (2/2016). Matter postponed to 11 April. Accused out on bail. Vernesto Puleinge (28) appeared on charges of fraud (10/2016). Matter postponed to 8 February.

Ndemupa-Ondjolo Matheus (25) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (7/2016). Matter postponed to 17 January. Accused out on bail. Natasha Nandjembo (28) appeared on a charge of theft (10/2016). Matter postponed to 9 Match. Accused out on bail.

Swakopmund Court Report Magistrate Court Karrel Julius Pendukeni (30) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 14 February for other reasons. The accused is out on bail of N$2000. Victor Nelumbu (39) appeared on a charge of fraud. The matter was postponed to 1 March for plea and trial. The accused is out on bail of N$5000. Elton Somaeb (27) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 28 February for other reasons. The accused is out on bail of N$2000. Deon Cloete (37) appeared on a charge of harvesting rock lobsters with carapace size less than 65mm in length. The matter was postponed to 18 January for plea. The accused is out on bail of N$2000. Daniel Pienaar (55) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 13 February for legal representation. The accused is out on bail of N$4000. Ricardo Oor (44) appeared on charges of dealing in cocaine, possession of cocaine and possession of counterfeit money. The matter was postponed to 30 January because the accused was absent. The accused remains in custody. Iipinge Petrus (36) appeared on charges of attempted murder and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 31 May for plea and trial. The accused is out on bail of N$1500. Bennie Josua (29) appeared on a charge of

receiving stolen property. The matter was postponed to 25 January because the accused was absent. The accused is at large and a warrant of arrest was issued against the accused. A seventeen year old boy appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 21 February for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. A sixteen year old boy appeared on a charge of possession of a dependence producing substance. The matter was postponed to 8 February for juvenile pre-community service. The accused was released in care of a guardian. A seventeen year old and a sixteen year old boy appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 8 February for juvenile precommunity service. The accused was released in care of a guardian. Mervin Gawanab (31) appeared on a charge of assault by threat. The matter was postponed to 1 February for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Dennis Tsuseb (23) appeared on a charge of dealing in potentially dangerous dependence producing drugs. The matter was postponed to 15 February for lab results. The accused remains in custody. Ndeutala Nghilifavali (33) and Moses Mwapopya (23) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 21 February for further investigation. The accused remains in custody.

Michael Goseb (26) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 29 March for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Ephraim Iyambo (45) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 25 January for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Tommy Russel Stuurmann (28) appeared on a charge of dealing in potentially dangerous producing drugs. The matter was postponed to 13 January for bail application. The accused remains in custody. Benjamin Ambambi (29) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 5 April for Prosecutor General's decision. The accused is out on bail of N$5000. Sedrico Swaartbooi (18), a seventeen year old boy, Herbert Brandt, a sixteen year old boy and another seventeen year old boy appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 18 January for fixing of trial date. All the accused are out on bail of N$1000 each. Elvis Naobeb (35) appeared on a charge of dealing in potentially dangerous dependence producing drugs. The matter was postponed to 19 April for lab results. The accused is out on bail of N$800. Glen Van Neel (32) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to16 January for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Brian Links (35) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 22 February for further investigation. The accused remains in custody.

Trans Namib train derails Piquet Jacobs

TransNamib workers had their hands full on Monday afternoon, when a TransNamib business class couch left the track as it was entering the Walvis Bay station. No injuries were recorded, as the the coach was empty at the time the incident happened. Damage to the rail was repaired and did not disturb the flow of trains or traffic.

13 JANUARY 2017




FNB Walvis Bay takes Kids Haven by the hand Piquet Jacobs

FNB Namibia's Walvis Bay branch took it upon themselves to take the Kids Haven by the hand for the year in terms of assistance towards any needs the children should have. They started off by donating a large amount of stationary and school supplies for the children who will soon be starting school. FNB commits to adopting the shelter for the year and take them by the hand.

LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A MAGISTRATE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Magistrate District of 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Irmgart Wagner t/a Khan Village Cafe P.O. Box 85 Usakos 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Khan Village Cafè 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: Erf 393 Theo Ben Gurirab Street Usakos 4. Nature and details of application: Restaurant Liquor Licence & any related Business thereto 5. Clerk of the court with whom application will be lodged: Swakopmund 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 28 December 2016 Hearing date: 8 February 2017 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Magistrate of the District, to reach the Magistrate not later than 7 days after the date on which the application is lodged

As the Angels sing heavenly praises for you from above, As the dawn touches the Earth with its soft rays, As one chapter of your life starts anew, We Pray that God will grant you your heart's greatest desire Your presence endows peace upon us all as refreshing as the morning dew. May the Lord's veil of protection keep you warm when dread makes you shiver. Happy Birthday

Petronella van Wyk (BABELOE). From your loving husband Baron van Wyk, all your children and adopted children, grandchildren and adopted grandchildren.

15 January 2017

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Self Catering ON ERF: 2528 TOWNSHIP: Flamink Street Kuisebmond In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Self Catering Unit on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 3 February 2017. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Ambrosius Swartbooi, P.O. Box 3678 Wlvis Bay

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Kaemy Academy Pre-Primary School 2576/49 TOWNSHIP: Kuiseb Tunacor Street


In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Day-Care & Pre-Primary School on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 27 January 2017. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Emily Shuuya, P.O. Box 5754 Walvis Bay


13 JANUARY 2017

The general cargo vessel Atlantic Challenger arrived alongside in the port of Walvis Bay late yesterday to offload six brand new locomotives for the national rail carrier TransNamib. The shipment comes from Brazil, industry sources indicated yesterday. The Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) invited namib times to witness the offloading of the locomotives. Fri 13 January 2017 High Tide: 04:04 Low Tide: 10:01 High Tide: 16:18 Low Tide: 22:19

Sun 15 January 2017 High Tide: 05:25 Low Tide: 11:24 High Tide: 17:39 Low Tide: 23:34

Sat 14 January 2017 High Tide: 04:45 Low Tide: 10:43 High Tide: 16:59 Low Tide: 22:57

Mon 16 January 2017 High Tide: 06:05 Low Tide: 12:05 High Tide: 18:19 Low Tide: –

Port Log

13 JANUARY 2017




13 JANUARY 2017

Erongo NamPol: 2017 so far “blessed” The year 2017 has so far in the Erongo Region been close to crimefree with no serious incidents being reported. “This year we are blessed,” said Detective Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu, regional crime investigations co-ordinator for Nampol, to namib times. No murder, rape or similar crime has been reported. Sean Wolf We are barely 10 days into the new year ! Good though , hope we can keep it up

Was the recent holiday season good or bad for businesses in Swakopmund? While many residents conclude there was a significant reduction in holiday makers and subsequently less business, tour operators describe the recent season as good. Daverine Van Wyk It's because most of the business owners randomly decided overnight to put up their prices and don't consider the Swakopmund residence that has to support them every day. I have notice that most of the holiday goers brought their own stuff with them to avoid paying triple of what they would have spend generally. They have also mainly only made use of the cheaper activities of what Swakopmund had to offer over the holiday. My personal opinion is that most of the people decided to spend their December holiday somewhere ells as to spend it in this "Expensive Town".

Ingo Irle Gruniz, Bacchus, Oldie Lounge, Eclipse, Bundu 'n See, Lighthouse, Naps...all parties anymore...nothing for the youngsters no more...season was a third less visitors than previous years... Sean Wolf I think in general that there`s simply less money around to spend and one of the other factors is that over the last few years your middle class is getting smaller and smaller . Werner van Zyl Let's not forget about the ridiculously expensive accomodation. Cota Tanja Kahatjipara Same old Season,Just more Crime setters and Price Hikes at businesses

TransNamib diesel engines a pollution nightmare Jacques Marais of namib times took this picture on Sunday afternoon of this freight train of Trans Namib underway to Walvis Bay w i t h a b i g b l a c k c o l u m n o f s m o k e v i s i b l e f ro m k i l o m e t re s a w a y. “I first thought the train is on fire, as the smoke was thick and black. When closer, I discovered to my disbelief this is actually smoke from the exhaust system of the locomotive.” Ernest Osborne I've never seen exhaust emissions like that from any of our South African Transnet diesel locos. Speaking under correction but they also use mainly class 33 and 34 locomotives like we do. Any diesel engine with emissions like that needs work done on th3 fuel system urgently. It looks like an over fuelling problem which can eventually cost an engine overhaul if not checked out in time. One can't do a cowboy job on these modern engines. The maintainance has to be done properly or it's problems. Ann Coetzee Surely this kind of rail transport equipment needs a warrant of fitness test at least every six months. This is really disturbing and not acceptable. Wonder if anything will be done about this? I hope so. Pieter Burger Op daai spoor het ek self dalk nog met daai lokomotief gery, toe dit nog SAR was, dis

'n 33 klas diesel lokomotief, filters is vuil, bel Wallisbaai diesel loko en rapporteer dit, dit is baie abnormaal dat dit so moet rook Pieter Burger Drawer en assistent sit weer en vrek en kyk nie na sy turbo meter nie, wonder of hulle ooit nog meter lesings neem op die ritte Paul Banchek It is dirty diesel you are using why not purify the feul first then use it ahve a look at the feul injectors as well clean and reset the nozzles Jim Jones Enjin is in sy happy kanon in.Makeer ringe en nuwe injector tips.Fuel pompe moet ook gestel word. Limbandungila Smolly Joseph Injectors need really attention and engine timing it might be wrong Janine Andrews Die treine kry sommer papwiel ook want dis van China. Lol Ger Ka Tiriri what the hell are you doing to us and mother nature?

Clifford Strydom dies One of Namibia's leading aviation businessmen, Mr. Clifford Strydom, passed away in Swakopmund on 24 December last year after a long illness. The late Mr. Strydom is one of the founders of local aviation business Bay Air Aviation. Brendon Strydom RIP Dad Ingrid Compion love you my he did so very much xxx Ronel Louw Always friendly, always cracking a joke, always positive. Thats how we will remember Cliff!! Rik-Jan Kraak Will never forget you Clifford. We had real good times. All the best to the kids, Ingrid and Yolandi. Terry Mendelson Strydom Our darling brother, taken far too soon ! May your dear soul rest in peace. Love you Cliff, Neil and Terry Sharon Nolte R.I.P Clifford you will be surely missed in the Aviation Industry. Llewellyn Majiedt RIP Cliffie! Yolandie and the kids find the strength and consolment in the Lord,

as he with guide you and carry you through this time. Brett Southworth RIP CLIFFIE. SKY Was and still is your home. Eugene Viljoen RIP Cliffie Annie Breitenbach Goeie mense!!Dink an jou Yolandi Strydom,RIP Cliford! Bella Badenhorst Sal jou altyd onthou as n positiewe en hardwekende mens. Susan de Meyer RIP Clifford!! Silvio Suardi RIP Clifford Gail Myburgh Sterkte Yolandi Andreas Fuhs Sad news. RIP Cliffie. Marc Eadie RIP Cliff Juanita Berry Landsberg RIP my Cuz. You will always be remembered....

More than 3 kilograms cannabis recovered Big drug bust in Walvis Bay: The Drug Law Enforcement SubDivision together with the Tutaleni criminal Investigation Unit managed a break-through in the drug trade in Walvis Bay recently. According to Detective Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu two suspects were arrested after being in possession of cannabis valued at N$32 750. Jan Boshoff Cannabis isn't even a big deal,no wonder the States are legalizing it.And more and more places are open to it.Rather make alcohol illegal. Shawn Thomas When will our Namibian law on drug be renewed because those caught dealing in drug get bail and fined so easy like buying canddy in a connershop everybody is wanting to sell illegal drug to make quick cash Llewellyn Denzil Bjorn Jeneke Tru... Say No More Go Liste Uba ChiDevi thts really bad nowerdayz to b cought wth drugs Cota Tanja Kahatjipara Lol Big Drug Bust....N$32 750 Value,then state gives Bail or fine to the offenders..pitty what our community has to bare

Owner of this container advised to remove it from Erf 5932 Leticia Eberenz-Manuel owns an Erf in Ocean View Extension 23, Erf no 5932 and since last year in February someone placed a container on her Erf without her permission and to make matters worse, her neighbours have been using her Erf as a dumping site. Harald Blum Lay a claim on the container for storage fees,, and sell it off! Chris Barrington Put a notice on it stamped by the Police to remove within 15 days or the owner will forfeit the container and you claim it.... !!!! Eldo Hammerslacht Tiesa ek kom haal dai container vrydag.dis al n jaar op jou erf so dit beteken dis joune.inbox my maar jou prys.ek is reeds opsoek na een.ek ry vrydag met die lorrie af Swakop toe Wallace Beukes Daai lyk soos n 6 meter. Dit gaan gewoonlik vir 22 tot 26 duisend afhangende die toestand.. Chris Barrington Meer soos 18,500. Kry hulle in Walvis. Wallace Beukes Sell it and use the monye to clean your erf... Traughod Tee Iindongo Place a remove in 15 days notice and auction it of my darling don't waist time. Frieda Sukona Uanongovandu Ndjoze Dnt give yourself a headache involve the police they will help you free and charge Shireen van Wyk Ja mk oop vkoop di inhoud en darna container my skat Charlotte Nyemwatja Eto sit net die container op auction skat!! Letischia Eberenz Soek iemand Milly J De Klerk-Williams Maak oop en kyk wat is daar in.

Another arrest for DUI on Sunday evening The driver of a Toyota FJ Cruiser was arrested on Sunday evening after he was involved in an accident on the C34 salt road leading to Henties Bay from Swakopmund. According to Swakopmund Senior Traffic Official Trudi Xoagub the driver tested positive during a breathalyser test. The reading was 0.94 milligrams per 1000 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 0.37. According to the West Coast Safety Initiative no injuries were sustained. The exact cause of the accident is not yet known. It is alleged that the driver lost control over the vehicle whereafter it overturned. Ben J De Wet Selfs nugter bestuurders verloor beheer oor hierdie voertuie


13 JANUARY 2017


13 JANUARY 2017

VACANCIES NIMT MARCH INTAKE 2017 The Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) is able to offer governmental loan assistance training positions to a limited number of first year candidates who want to become qualif ied artisans and are interested in following a four year training route in one of the following disciplines/trades: Fitting & Turning; Welding/Boilermaking; Electrical; Diesel/Petrol Mechanics; Autotronics; Instrumentation; Plumbing/Sheetmetal; Carpentry/Joinery; Bricklaying/Plastering; Air-conditioning/Ref rigeration; Clothing Production; Electrical Millwright For all the trades Grade 12 is a pre-requisite for acceptance. To qualify: 1. 2. 3. 4.

The applicant’s parents may together not earn more than N$750,000.00 per annum The Applicant must be a Namibian Citizen and not employed. The applicant may not have obtained a NSFAF loan in the past. He/She has to attach to this advertisement certified copies of: On registration, (1, 3 & 6 March 2017) the following fees have to be paid: His/her National Cambridge/NSSCO Grade 12 Certif icate with pass marks in Mathematics, Science and English. Any other qualification e.g. N1, N2, N3 etc. Testimonials ID Card or Passport of applicant and both parents Full Birth Certificate Drivers licence (if any) Latest payslip of both parents or pension card or death certif icate

Governmental/Loan Assistance Trainees: Non-refundable registration fee: N$2,000.00 Additional: Accommodation/Transport: N$4,500.00 per semester (Only if you stay in NIMT’s rooms/use NIMT transport) Annually a repayable loan to the amount of N$16,000.00 could be obtained from the GRN, but only for those trainees who hav e been accepted by the NIMT - in order to pay their part of their training costs. If a loan from the NSFAF was obtained previously, then NIMT needs written confirmation from the NSFAF that your training at NIMT will be funded.

The NIMT does not provide a trainee with neither Accommodation nor Pocket Money

Private Sector sponsored trainees:

Closing date: 10 February 2017

Training fees: N$20,000.00 Additional: Accommodation/Transport: N$ 4,500.00 per semester (Only if you stay in NIMT’s rooms/use NIMT transport)

Training to start on: NSC Keetmanshoop: 1 March 2017 NNC Tsumeb: 3 March 2017 NET & NBCT Arandis: 6 March 2017

Private Sector sponsored trainees to finalise registration with the NIMT also before closing date. If you are interested and comply with the above requirements, kindly complete the undermentioned coupon and mail/fax it with the abovementioned documentation to: The Executive Director: NIMT Priv ate Bag 5025 Swakopmund

Fax: (064) 510 369 E-Mail:

NOTE: Only applications with all the required documentation will be considered. All documentation will become the sole property of NIMT and will only be returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope accompanies your documentation. Only short listed candidates will be informed telephonically and through an advert in the newspaper!

APPLICATION FOR A NIMT TRAINING POSITION (Indicate first and second choice only by inserting 1 and 2 in the blocks below.) Under-mentioned trades are offered at NIMT, Arandis

Under-mentioned trades are offered in Arandis, Tsumeb and Keetmanshoop. Clearly indicate your choice of campus/training

Please indicate: Private Sector Candidate: GRN Loan Assistance Candidate:


Instrumentation Mechanic

Auto/Diesel Mechanic

Plumbing/Sheetmetal work


Air-conditioning/Ref rigeration

Fitting & Turning

Clothing Production




Millwright (Electrical)

Only in Tsumeb


Only in Tsumeb

First Names:


Address (P O Box) Town

Fax: This must be a reliable contact number.


Highest Educational Qualification Name of School attended: Subjects




Mathematics Physical Science English NOTE:

SWAKOPMUND * Bridge: The Swakopmund Bridge club meets every Monday evening at 19:00 at Lions Old Age Home. Contact: Ed Barbour 064-405 604. * Swakopmund Toastmasters: Meet every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismark Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. * Every Saturday: Flea Market & fresh produce outside Wild Rocket Cafe Kriess Arcade from 08:30-12:00. * Public Lecture: “Post-Mining Restoration in Namdeb’s License Areas” By Herta Kolberg Date: Tuesday, 17th January 2017 at 18h00 in the Swakopmund Museum lecture hall Free Entrance, Donations welcome


ID/Passport No.

Telephone No:

* Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * Every Saturday: Braaivleis at MOTH Centre. * Every Sunday: Potjiekos available at MOTH Centre. * 2 Feb: Karate beginners classes start at 17h30 till 18h15. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Contact Goju Ryu Karate Walvis Bay Admin for registration at 081 277 9268 or email: Lagoon Park Walvis Bay Flea Market Sunday 26 February from 9am - 1pm, with the theme ‘Summer Lovin’. ***************


Bricklay ing/Plastering




This ‘Application Form’ will be classified as null and void if it is not properly completed and/ or if all the required documentation is not attached.

* Every Saturday: Open Air Arts Exhibition at the Mole next to Tennis courts in Swakopmund. Oil paintings - weather permitting. * Permanent Collection: Woermann Haus Gallery in Bismarck Street. Fine collection of the Swakopmund Arts Association’s “South West Masters’’ and contemporary Namibian art works. Open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 12:00 and 15:00 - 17:00. * Swakopmund Museum: Open daily, including Sundays 10:00 - 17:00. * Sam Cohen Library: Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 13:00/15:00 - 17:00 and the second Saturday per month 09:00 - 13:00. * Die Galerie, Walvis Bay: Exhibition of Namibian and South African Artists. Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:00. Saturday - 08:30 - 12:30.

13 JANUARY 2017



Oncologist available for consultations in Swakopmund The Namibian Oncology Centre is pleased to announce that our Oncologists will be conducting monthly visits to the coast as of January 2017. The Oncologists will be based at the consulting rooms of Dr Merwena Basson and Dr Melanie Horn (Swakopmund Family Practice), Unit 5 Propark, 5 Cottage Ave. Swakopmund (opposite the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital). Dr Marthinus Kahl will be making the first visit to Swakopmund on Wednesday 18th January. Should you wish to make an appointment please contact us: Tel: 083 330 5015/6 (this is a local landline number) or e-mail:

NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS Estate late Christiaan Arnoldus Reichert In the estate of the late Christiaan Arnoldus Reichert (Estate Number 620/2016), Identity Number 470914 0044 5, divorced, who was ordinarily resident at, 16 Lagoon Mansions, Walvis Bay and who died at Windhoek on 26th of January 2016. All persons having claims against the above estate are hereby called upon to file their claims with the undersigned within 30 days from the date of the publication hereof. Jan Hermanus Olivier (Executor) Jan Olivier & Co Office No 1, CafĂŠ Treff Plaza P O Box 2303 Swakopmund Tel 064-400942


VACANCIES Plant Hire Manager Requirements: 1. Build a profitable business. 2. Generate new customers, developing long lasting relationships. 3. Run an efficient, safe and effective operation by properly managing our equipment and vehicles 4. Previous experience working as a hire manager is essential ideally hire, rental or construction environment.

Construction Surveyors Requirements: 1. Surveyors must hold a minimum Diploma of Surveying or equivalent and have previous experience in the construction sector. 2. Have a good knowledge of total station, gradienter, air level and other instruments. Must use them very well. 3.Demonstrated experience in civil engineering surveying

Crane Operators, Excavator Operators Requirements: 1. Must have years of operating experience 2. General Earthworks experience in Construction 3. Exceptional communication skills 4. Excellent problem solving capabilities and enthusiasm

Civil Engineering Foreman Requirements: 1. Effectively managing a team of laborers; keep them motivated under pressure. 2. Rich civil engineering experience and be capable of dealing with all aspects of groundwork and civil engineering. 3. The ability to read and follow construction drawings 4. Strong communication Skills and a good enthusiastic attitude to work

Mechanic Requirements: 1. Performs repair or preventative maintenance on electrical, diesel and gasoline vehicles, including compactor, excavator, crane, dumper, diesel tank, water tank, bulldozer and other engineering vehicles. 2.Minimum of 5 year of prior experience as a technician working on heavy equipment. 3. Valid driver license.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2017 Only applicants with inherent requirements of the job will be considered. Please send CV to the e-mail:

13 JANUARY 2017



10 tips for writing a successful CV When it comes to applying for a new job, your CV could be just the ticket to get you that initial foot in the door and secure an interview – but how do you ensure your CV is added to the interview pile rather than thrown straight in the bin? Putting together a successful CV is easy once you know how. It's a case of taking all your skills and experience and tailoring them to the job you're applying for. But what if you don't meet the right criteria? Well, the following tips will help you get started in creating a successful CV and securing your first (or next) arts job. Get the basics right There is no right or wrong way to write a CV but there are some common sections you should cover. These include: personal and contact information; education and qualifications; work history and/or experience; relevant skills to the job in question; own interests, achievements or hobbies; and some references.


Keep your CV updated It's crucial to review your CV on a regular basis and add any new skills or experience that's missing. For example, if you've just done some volunteering or worked on a new project, make sure they're on there – potential employers are always impressed with candidates who go the extra mile to boost their own skills and experience.

Stunning Finishes

Presentation is key A successful CV is always carefully and clearly presented, and printed on clean, crisp white paper. The layout should always be clean and well structured and CVs should never be crumpled or folded, so use an A4 envelope to post your applications. Always remember the CV hotspot – the upper middle area of the first page is where the recruiter's eye will naturally fall, so make sure you include your most important information there.

double garage 60% sold out.

Stick to no more than two pages of A4 A good CV is clear, concise and makes every point necessary without waffling. You don't need pages and pages of paper – you just keep things short and sweet. A CV is a reassurance to a potential employer, it's a chance to tick the right boxes. And if everything is satisfied, there's a better chance of a job interview. Also, employers receive dozens of CVs all the time so it's unlikely they'll read each one cover to cover. Most will make a judgment about a CV within sections, so stick to a maximum of two pages of A4 paper. Understand the job description The clues are in the job application, so read the details from start to finish. Take notes and create bullet points, highlighting everything you can satisfy and all the bits you can't. With the areas where you're lacking, fill in the blanks by adapting the skills you do have. For example, if the job in question requires someone with sales experience, there's nothing stopping you from using any retail work you've undertaken – even if it was something to help pay the bills through university. It will demonstrate the skills you do have and show how they're transferable. Tailor the CV to the role When you've established what the job entails and how you can match each requirement, create a CV specifically for that role. Remember, there is no such thing as a generic CV. Every CV you send to a potential employee should be tailored to that role so don't be lazy and hope that a general CV will work because it won't. Create a unique CV for every job you apply for. You don't have to re-write the whole thing, just adapt the details so they're relevant.

Mr M. Davids: 0812494949

Swakopmund Municipality Sale of 50 “single residential” erven located in Extensions 34 & 35, Matutura Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 63 (2) of the Local Authorities Act, Act 23 of 1992, as amended, that the Municipal Council of Swakopmund offers the under-mentioned erven zoned “single residential” for sale by means of a closed bid to the highest qualifying bidder:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Making the most of skills Under the skills section of your CV don't forget to mention key skills that can help you to stand out from the crowd. These could include: communication skills; computer skills; team working; problem solving or even speaking a foreign language. Skills can come out of the most unlikely places, so really think about what you've done to grow your own skills, even if you take examples from being in a local sports team or joining a voluntary group – it's all relevant. Making the most of interests Under interests, highlight the things that show off skills you've gained and employers look for. Describe any examples of positions of responsibility, working in a team or anything that shows you can use your own initiative. For example, if you ran your university's newspaper or if you started a weekend league football team that became a success. Include anything that shows how diverse, interested and skilled you are. Don't include passive interests like watching TV, solitary hobbies that can be perceived as you lacking in people skills. Make yourself sound really interesting. Making the most of experience Use assertive and positive language under the work history and experience sections, such as "developed", "organised" or "achieved". Try to relate the skills you have learned to the job role you're applying for. For example: "The work experience involved working in a team," or "This position involved planning, organisation and leadership as I was responsible for a team of people". Really get to grips with the valuable skills and experience you have gained from past work positions, even if it was just working in a restaurant – every little helps. Including references References should be from someone who has employed you in the past and can vouch for your skills and experience. If you've never worked before you're OK to use a teacher or tutor as a referee. Try to include two if you can.

13 14 15 16 17

Erf #

Area m²

Upset Price

9088 9089 9090 9091 9092 9093 9094 9095 9096 9097 9098 9099 9100 9101 9102 9103 9105

518 375 375 375 375 398 830 472 370 368 372 370 370 370 370 370 375

189,070.00 136,875.00 136,875.00 136,875.00 136,875.00 145,270.00 302,950.00 172,280.00 135,050.00 134,320.00 135,780.00 135,050.00 135,050.00 135,050.00 135,050.00 135,050.00 136,875.00

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

Erf #

Area m²

Upset Price

9106 9107 9109 9110 9111 9112 9113 9114 9115 9118 9120 9121 9122 9123 9126 9127 9128

375 375 375 381 404 571 667 748 783 558 540 540 540 557 997 666 609

136,875.00 136,875.00 136,875.00 139,065.00 147,460.00 208,415.00 243,455.00 273,020.00 285,795.00 203,670.00 197,100.00 197,100.00 197,100.00 203,305.00 363,905.00 243,090.00 222,285.00

35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Erf #

Area m²

Upset Price

9129 9130 9131 9132 9133 9134 9135 9136 9137 9138 9139 9140 9141 9142 9143 9144

554 540 540 540 540 540 654 644 598 603 538 540 528 657 540 558

202,210.00 197,100.00 197,100.00 197,100.00 197,100.00 197,100.00 238,710.00 235,060.00 218,270.00 220,095.00 196,370.00 197,100.00 192,720.00 239,805.00 197,100.00 203,670.00

General: The Conditions of Sale, as well as a site plan must be obtained from Room BO-22 A, Ground Floor, at the Municipal Office Building. In order to take part in the bi d a registration fee in the amount of N$3 000.00 is payable as set-out in the Conditions of Sale document. The submission of bids must comply with the process prescribed in the Conditions of Sale document and erven are allocated on the basis of 1 erf per person (married cou ples are regarded as one person irrespective of the marital regi me) and only natural person may participate in the sale. The prospective purchaser or duly appointed proxy must attend the registration for the sale in person, with the necessary documents at the Mondesa Multi-Purpose Centre on Friday, 27 January 2017 between 07:00 and 08:30. Only bids on municipal bid forms will be accepted. A pre-sale information session is scheduled for Tuesday, 24 January 2017 at 19:00 at the newly constructed Mondesa MultiPurpose Centre. Objections: Full particulars of the above properties will lie for i nspection by interested persons at the Mu nicipal Office Complex situated at Rakotoka Street, Swakopmund , Room BO-22 A, between 07:30 – 16:00 weekdays until Friday, 20 January 2 017. Any person objecting to the proposed sale may lodge such objections i n writing, duly motivated, to the Acting Chief Exe cutive Officer, not later than 12:0 0 on Tuesday, 24 January 2017. A h ard copy of the objection must be hand delivered at the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and a postal addre ss and telephone number must be indicated. No electronic objections will be accepted. Enquiries: Ms Margaret Sheehama Ms Ba rbara Ramos Viegas Ms Ai na Uushona

064-4104213 064-4104215 064-4104216

msheehama@swkmu auushona

The Municipality of Swakopmund is not obliged to accept the highest, or in fact, any closed bid offer received in respect of any of the erven and reserves the right to withdraw any or all the erven from the closed bid sale. NOTICE NO: 1/2017

M P C Swarts Acting Chief Executive Officer


13 JANUARY 2017


TOYOTA PRIUS RACKS UP AWARDS The Toyota Prius has been named the Best Family Car in the UK Car of the Year Awards 2017, proof positive that the world's most successful hybrid has evolved into a car that ranks as Britain's best all-rounder: smart, practical, spacious, reliable and genuinely fun to drive. The independent award judges, numbering some of Britain's most experienced and best-respected motoring journalists, had wide-ranging praise for the multiaward-winning fourthgeneration Prius, which was launched last year. Their opinions confirm Toyota's success in transforming Prius' dynamic performance and its driver appeal, true to its mission to create "ever-better cars". John Challen, Managing Director of the UK Car of the Year Awards, declared: "The Prius story continues - and it's one that gets better with every release. The shift from 'hybrid' car to mainstream is complete."

His fellow judges hailed Prius as 'a car you'd want to own rather than just benefit from its low emissions' and acclaimed it for offering 'everything you need in a family car - spacious, enormous boot, plenty of standard equipment and those all-important fuel economy figures'. Many of the qualities that make Prius a stand-out choice as a family car can be attributed to the Toyota New Global Architecture-based platform on which it is built. TNGA gives the car a lower centre of gravity, which directly contributes to better handling response and stability. The driver sits lower in the car, which makes for a more rewarding and engaging experience at

the wheel. TNGA is not just about dynamic quality however. It allows designers the freedom to craft a car with richer visual appeal, with lower lines overall and a more athletic profile. Interior packaging is more rational too, with the best possible use made of the space available. Familyfriendly boot proportions have been secured thanks to a more compact (yet energyrich) hybrid battery and a double wishbone suspension system features which don't intrude into the loadspace. All these developments have not compromised Prius' fundamental low emissions and high fuel efficiency. In fact, the n

gains made in performance with the new model are greater than any previous improvement between Prius generations. Official test figures show combined cycle fuel economy of 3 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 output of 70 g/km. NCAP NAMES PRIUS THE SAFEST LARGE FAMILY CAR Safety is a prime concern for family moto-

rists, and an area where Prius has excelled, winning the award for the best-performing large family car in EuroNCAP's 2016 test programme. Toyota is particularly proud of this recognition, as it strives to develop 'always safer cars' with a particular focus on active safety, through the spread of the 'Toyota Safety Sense' package.

This package was an important contributor to Prius' strong performance in the EuroNCAP tests. Each year, EuroNCAP publishes a list of the cars that have performed best in their respective categories. This is the second time a Toyota received such a title, with the Verso being 'Best in Class' in the small MPV segment back in 2010.


13 JANUARY 2017

RELIEF FOR TOYOTA GAZOO RACING SA AS DE VILLIERS/ VON ZITZEWITZ COMPLETE MARATHON STAGE; LOWER ALTITUDE BECKONS The Argentine town of Abra Pampa isn't much more than a spec on the map, but at the end of Stage 8 of Dakar 2017, it served as a makeshift bivouac for Toyota Gazoo Racing SA. The team was forced to complete an entire service on the side of the road near the town, as a massive landslide prohibited them from reaching the official bivouac at Salta. The result was that January 10th turned out to be one of the longest days on this year's race, and even Nani Roma, competing in his 22nd Dakar, said this year's race was "the toughest I've ever seen." Roma and navigator Alex Bravo (#305) successfully completed the second part of the marathon section, which consisted of Stages 7 and 8, run consecutively with no assistance allowed in between. The first part of the route took the race crews to a bivouac at the Bolivian town of Uyuni, while the second part Stage 8 - brought the Dakar back to Argentina, with a scheduled bivouac at the city of Salta. The Toyota crew posted the 7th fastest time on the day, 14:26 behind stage winner, Sebastien Loeb (Peugeot). They dropped

to fourth in the overall standings as a result, with Peugeot's Cyril Des-pres moving up into third place. It was a better result for Giniel de Villiers and navigator Dirk von Zitzewitz (#302), despite having to fight with their backs to the wall because of the extreme altitudes experienced on the stage. The Toyota Gazoo Racing SA crew went 5th fastest on the day, losing just shy of twelve minutes to the stage winner. This leaves them in sixth place in the overall standings. "The turbo-charged cars definitely had a big advantage on the stage," said De Villiers from the makeshift service point at Abra Pampa. "But we managed to restrict our time loss, and from tomorrow we're down at lower altitudes, so we'll be looking to get into the thick of the fight." De Villiers was also relieved to be done with the tough marathon section, and neither of the two Toyota Hilux race vehicles required serious

repairs after Stage 8. This was a relief for the technical crews, who found themselves facing not only a roadside service, but also a massive drive over treacherous terrain to reach the bivouac in the early hours of the following morning. With so many race and support crews stuck away from the bivouac, the organisers had no choice but to cancel Stage 9. All crews will follow the liaison route to the Argentine town of Chilecito, where racing will resume with Stage 10 on January 12th. "This makes it even trickier for us," said Toyota Gazoo Racing SA Team Principal Glyn Hall after learning of the stage cancellation. "There are few stages at low altitude, and we need every race kilometre to make up time. Add to that the fact that Stage 9 was slated to be a stern test for the navigators, and it could well have been a turning point for us in the race."


13 JANUARY 2017


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

NOTICES EDUCATION COURSES TRAINING Coastal Auctions Swakopmund First Auction of the Year Tomorrow Saturday at 10AM No reserve Prices! For further details phone 064 463 113 / 081 129 4030


JJ's Care Centre Walvis Bay Monday to Friday 0-5year Day Care Grade R Grade 1-12 Impak education Homework centre Exam preparations Tutoring Also accommodating Special needs: Specialised Grade 1-12 Tutoring Speech therapy Home based care therapy Stimulation/activities Full Day Care Limited Space! Kim Koch 0814790725 Aftercare and Homework Assistance Available: For children grade 1-10 I am situated close to Dolphin School and Walvis Bay Primary School. Na-sorg en huiswerk klasse beskikbaar van Grd 1-10. Geleë naby Dolphin en Walvisbaai laerskool. Kontak: 081 473 7325

GERMAN COURSE FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!! limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mothertongue teacher. Contact: 081 607 2685

Joseph Driving School in Swakopmund We offer driving lessons for N$100 or pay more than ten hours and get one hour free. NaTis test Swakopmund and Karibib Please contact 081 418 3595 081 435 8852

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY A Tour Operating Company with great potential give a ONE TIME ONLY OFFER for Business Investment Opportunity Serious Investors Only Contact 081 161 2500



Registration Open 23 January 2017 Mondays & Wednesdays

Time: 17:30 Swakopmund Town Hall All ages +5 years & adults

*Rental of Front End Loaders and Tippers *Removal of Building Rubble / Rubble *Earthworks / Filling Please Contact: Office: 064 217 901 Cell: 081 128 3806



085 124 2938 THERESA SWART

081 234 0134

CHARITY’S DAYCARE CENTRE We are more than a daycare, fun, nurturing, early learning environment with individual attention! Age: 6 Months - 6 years, infants toddlers, pre-school & after school care grade 1-3. Hours: 7 am - 5 pm. Mondays to Friday’s year round, only closed on public holidays and December. Limited space available. Located next to Venus Shopping Centre, walking distance from flamingo. Contact Charity: 081 221 4736 / 064 220 890

Bay kids academy Registration still in progress, from the age of 1-6years. Come and register your child, before the 2nd of February. We are situated in Sardyn str Kuisebmund For more information call:081 305 3214 or email BRIGHTER BEGINNING HOMEWORK & LEARNING CENTRE A homework centre in Kuisebmund. We assist your children with their homework, school projects. We also assist with writing, reading skills. We have many more activities to improve their education. We cater fro grade 1-7. Contact: 081 786 2610 Richard Allen Day Care Places available for Kids Contact 064 403 002 081 611 1369 081 803 8295

Accredited First Aid Courses Knowledge of First Aid is essential in any environment. Such knowledge may prevent the loss of LIFE if correctly administered. We use the latest international recognized First aid protocols and training equipment available. Registrations with Min. of Health and Social services and the Min. of Labour and Social Welfare Courses: • Class A – 3 day course • First Responder First Aid – 1 day course Course date: 17/01 till 19/01/2017


BAARD GROUP Baard Transport / Block & Brick Female found by Woerman Brock in Vineta Swakopmund

Contact: Harriet.Beukes 0811482522 Email: savemednamibia8

COMPUTER COURSES FOR ADULT BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED: Learn computer skills and improve your job opportunities! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced IT-specialist as teacher. Contact: 081 776 1680

GERMAN BEGINNERS COURSE FOR KIDS Ages 4 to 10 year All are welcome Have fun while learning to speak German!! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mother-tongue teacher. Courses for Adults available too. Contact: 081 607 2685

Cupboard World's Birthday Special: Up to 15% discount! Kitchens, Fitted wardrobes, Flooring, live and upcoming developments and Cross country installations. Contact Riaan: 081 222 1299 or

Male found nearby new Pro-ed school at myl 4 Please call SPCA Swakopmund 064 404 419

HAIR / BEAUTY SANAH NAIL TRAINING We offer a 3 day nail course training on nails cut, file and polish to a dorning nail with extravagabt design artificial nails and treatment to promise nail growth. All this for N$1500.00. Plus a free nail starter kit with UV lamp and certificate. Contact: 081 233 2893 Do you want to earn extra money? Join us for 3 days nail training, for only N$1200.00. We give a kit and a certificate. Hurry, only limited seats available. We also sell colour gel by order for only N$100.00. For booking call: 081 233 5391 / 064 200 120

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810 · Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · Hiring of earth moving Equipment “The Service Makes The Difference”

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE ALSO OPEN BETWEEN 13:00 - 14:00 HENNIES WORKSHOP Vir enige restorasie of klein hestel werkes in en om die huis kan on teen lae koste doen. Dit sluit bouwerke in. Spesialiseer ook in die volgende: Aluminium vensters, Aluminium deure, Aluminium hekke (verskillende patrone en grotes), verskillende garage deure met motors Metaal werke: Mild steel en of stainless steel Sliding gates, veiligheids hekke, diefwering, bakkie rails Motorherstel werke: Engine overhauling, services, clutch and brake systems, exhaust systems. (werk aan alle tipe motors). Ek is 24/7 beskikbaar by die volgende nommers: Hennie: 081 276 7661 / 064 200 802 Email:



AFRICAN TRADITIONAL DOCTORS WITH A DIFFERENCE AND WORKS WITH MIGHT A COLLABORATION OF TWO POWERFUL TRADITIONAL DOCTORS. Dr Sugover & Dr Yusuf Arafati 100% Guarantee. They have both vast experience of more than 20 years. Specialists in: Calling lost lovers, keep a lover to yourself, (no sharing). Attraction for both men and women, marriage to come quick. Pregnancy problems and to get children, lucky charms, business matters, protection, financial remedies, remove with poisons in your body or house deputes, court cases, promotion and work related matters, pass interviews and get a job quickly. Heals and improves conditions and diseases like: Asthma, eqilypsy, swollen of glands / stomach / legs. Wounds, mental diseases, witchcraft diseases, special help for exam and people with addiction of drugs and alcohol. Make 2017 a successful year. Located at Berani Guest House, Hage Geingob Street. Contact: 081 740 7321 / 081 343 1134

Dr SALANJE pay after success same day results Bring back your lost lover the same day, Get a lover of your choice, get married quickly to a man or a woman of your choice. Stop your partner from cheating and make him or her to love you only. Get attracted to a rich man or woman. All pregnancy problems. Financial problems. Magic ring for money. Chitaka wallet. Clear Debts. Manhood enlargement 5 to 30cm Call or whatsupp 081 896 0220

MS ELECTRICAL: Operate in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. We repair: * Geysers * Washing Machine * Microwaves * Stove, Aircons, Fridges * Electric Motors, 3-phase and single 3-phase * Battery chargers and welding machine * Electrical on houses * Vacuum cleaners and compressors * Any electrical appli-ance we’ll fix it. All electrical appliances have 3 month guarantee. You call - we come and fix. Contact: Mr. Sylveners 081 299 9960.

QUATTRO’S SECURITY CONSULTANTS CC Roberto Bertolini Cell: 081 850 0248 Mail: Alarm installations Gate motors Electrified fencing CCTV installations Access control

ROOF REPAIRS The RAIN is on the Way. Roof repairs and renovations, four layer painting work, with 8 year roof repair and painting guarantees. Call Gunther anytime, 081 638 6300

WC CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION We offer: - Construction - Painting - Paving - Slasto - Lapas - Plumbing - Tiling - Electrical and all types of roof structures - Maintenance on all buildings & structures 24/7 service Contact: 081 211 6686 064-205470

Specialized Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning For effective cleaning please call Lida Coastal Hygiene for a free quote The Chem-Dry method: Stays clean longer, Dry Faster, Healthier, No bad odours Treat your carpets! Please book to avoid disappointment. Tel 064 209 292

African Traditional Doctor King Arinafe Pay after suces result. bring back lost lover the same day. good luck married, pregnancy problems. Stop your partner from cheating. Enlargements M,L,XL hips and breast enlargement. To win gambling, casino and magic wallet. Bind bad luck. Protect your property, Financial problems, court cases, pass exams, boosting your business and many more. Call King Arinafe 081 329 6488

BEL N LORRIE 3.5 / 4t Vragte Bou rommel verwyder Tuin vullis / vullis Enige tiepe vragte, ek laai self. Kontak: 081 142 6033 / 081 308 4566 SPECIAL SERVICES: CONTAINERS TO BUY/RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office, ablution etc alterations. Cowboy's: 064 418150 / 081 146 4770


13 JANUARY 2017

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Over Namibia Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email: N$150/hr Computer Repairs I fix broken and second-hand computers, laptops and networks. Hardware and software installation and repairs. Experienced IT technician on call 24/7 Contact : 081 776 1680 TWAMANGULAUKA cc Are you searcing for Cleaners or Nannies? Then Search no more, because we are here tof you. For trained and specialized Nannies and Cleaners contact Sylvia 081 229 6181



EMBIDA CONSTRUCTION For all your construction needs with personal attention: In plumbing, painting, tiles, interlocks, roof and many more. Call for free quote: Andrew: 081 148 9348 / Mathew: 081 814 4056 We bring along our materials to do your needs.

Building Plans (Draughting). Industrial, Commercial or Residential. From new developments too everyday alterations plans needed. Contact: Juan Kinnear 081 258 8214.

Ingersoll Rand Compressor (XP1060) 1100CFM, 7Bar, 4792 Hours N$250,000.00 – Karibib Area Contact: 081 232 7510



CALL 0812 332148 BAKKIE FOR SALE: Ford Courier 1995 4x4 3 Litre V6 uprate engine Engine needs attaction. N$40 000.00 o.n.c.a. Contact: 081 280 2401

Building & Renovations Painting,paving, shop fittings, ceilings, Tiling, partitioning.precast and maintenace . 081 624 7180



2nd Hand Shop We buy and sell anything of value

1999 Toyota Hilux 2.7i 4x4, D/C with aluminium canopy. Good condition N$135 000 Contact: 081 129 3361

only ID required 0811475475 0811475333 064220387


FIND US @ 97 Sam Nujoma Str Walvis Bay

FOR SALE Leaving Namibia Tel: 064-571 189/0813629545 Building Materials Heavy wooden beams, planks, windows, doors, roof tar roll, swimming pool 3,2 x 3,2 with filter, Mercedes & many parts, furniture, 2000 brand new clay tiles for roof, big steel fireplace - brand new, shelves, awning for Combi or Buggie, big car coolbox 220 Volt, 12V, Gas, deepfreeze, double door fridge (new), new white bath, 3 white washbasins (small & big), trailer with fastening belts, Wolf electric lawnmower, flatstones (40m²), big round garden table with benches. Everything very cheap!

ITEMS FOR SALE SWAKOPMUND CALL 081 567 4522 1 x Pie Warmer Stainless Steel N$1250.00 // 1 x Ocean 210lt Gas Fridge/Freezer N$2500.00// 1 x LG 34 inch LCD TV N$2500.00 1 x Cadac ScottleBraai with Gas Bottle N$850.00 // 8 x Fishing Rod’s 14”Foot from N$350.00 each // 4 x Yokohama 225x55x18 Bakkie SUV Tyres with 18inch MAG Rims [like new] N$5000.00 // 1 x Anvil Free Standing Chips Fryer like new N$5500.00 // 1 x Defy Build-In Oven with extractor thermo-fan & 4 plate Hub like new N$2500.00

TE KOOP Queen size bed te koop. So goed as nuut. Prys: N$5000.00 Skakel: 081 576 9555



2015 VW Amarok Trendline. 21 500km. Very good condition. N$290 000.00 negotiable. CONTACT: 081 858 0670

FOR SALE: 2 Foton lorrys for sale. One running and the other can be used for parts. N$ 40 000.00 Contact: 081 286 8685 CAR FOR SALE Daihatsu Charade 2007 model 84000 km Service history, no rust, ideal student car. N$45 000.00 ABS, aircon, CD player / radio, central locking and immobilizer, electric windows and mirror, mag rims and new tyres. Contact: 081 280 2401 FOR SALE Isuzu KB300LX 4x4 d/c Diesel, Unichip installed. 147000km, 2006, perfect running condition, extra canopy, extra tralies, extra set mud terrain tyres (used), 1 original roll bar, 1 modified roll bar. Tyres are brand new. N$125000 voetstoots. Serious buyers only. Call: 081 283 1161

Gardening & Palms for sale, Swakopmund Big and small palms, And planted. Also Garden designs and Irrigation. Palm and tree removal, pruning. 30kg Pure matured cow manure bags delivered. Over Christmas. Gardening and rubble removal. Call Gunther: 081 638 6300

FOR SALE YUMMY EATS Kuisebmond We bake cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats for birthdays, kiddies parties, weddings, anniversaries and any other occassions, variety of flavours, beautiful decorations. Do not hesitate to contact us: 081 430 1904


Walvis Bay


needs withrenovations personal For all your attention. needs and construction Call forattention. a with personal free Callquote for a JOHANN STEYN free quote 081 128 0848 / JOHANN STEYN 081 128 435 0848. 0622 081


Units FOR SALE – Narraville Ideal for the Beginner or Investor 1 bed Flat N$ 280 000.00 1 Bed Flat N$ 380 000.00 2 Bed Flat N$ 450 000.00 Contact: Hettie 081 270 4333 Jackie 081 246 3590 Karien 081 250 4690 Ruth 081 240 7350


LEHMANN PROPERTIES Narraville: Big 5 bedroom house converted to one bedroom flats. Ideal for big family or investors! Only N$1.3 mil Contact Nicolaas: 085 651 1992

FOR SALE Mahetago House 3bedroom,2bathroom, lounge and kitchen bic with 1 bedroom flat,open plan kitchen and a double garage - N$ 1,1 000 000 HADA MA HOA FLATS 4BEDROOM FLATS, EACH WITH OWN BATHROOM WITH OPEN PLAN KITCHEN WITH HIGH BOUNDRY WALL IDEAL FOR FUTURE INVEST MENT N$1,1 000 000 Mahetago (Woerman Brock area) 2bedroom, 1 bathroom,lounge,kitchen bic 2flats 1bedroom open plan kitchen and tandem garage - N$1,030 000 Mahetago Guest HouseWoerman Brock area 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms,3 guest rooms,1storeroom, Lounge, Kitchen, double garage, Enough parking space ,Fully registered Guests house Tamariskia Newly built 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Lounge kitchen, entertain, indoor braai, double garage. N$ 1 650 000 Tel: 064-402112 Fax: 064-403396 Matty: 081 244 6995

Selling below valuation Huge Family Home (Newly Built) for Sale in Fairways. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathroom, tandem garage, walkin closet, built in braai. Only 1.570 mil Call owner: 081 223 0909 FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR

WALVIS BAY 20 4505


Roof repairs & Home renovations By the Austrian Master builder, plumbing and electrical work, geyser replacements. No job to small, modern bathrooms, swimming pools, metal work, wood work, etc. Call Gunther anytime, 081 638 6300

CAR KEYS We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag ECU’s, all cars make & models. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES SMS / WHATSAPP / CALL: 081 374 6444



We Do : House and Flat Maintenance. All Electrical, Geysers, Stoves, Plumbing, Windows and Doors, Paintings, Signwriting call Deon 081 882 3417 Erwin 081 779 0321




CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

MEERSIG Modern sunny home offers 3 bedr, 3 bathr, open plan living area, fitted kitchen, garden and double garage. A must view. N$2 160 000 FAIRWAY ESTATE BRAND NEW . Spacious duplex townhouse, 2 bedr 1 bathr, open plan living, fitted kitchen, guest toilet, enclosed court yard and single garage. Well priced. N$ 1 240 000 FAIRWAY ESTATE SECURE COMPLEX

For the beginners. Modern 2 bedr unit with l bathr, lovely open plan lounge to fitted kitchen, interleading garage and enclosed yard. N$895 000

Joey 081 129 3293




Tuka Properties cc For Sale: New Sectional Title units in Mondesa-Swakopmund starting from N$603,000 to N$730,000 Seagull Haven Apartment Ocean View Swakopmund 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, small courtyard and single garage N$1.5 mil with furniture Kuisebmund- Walvis Bay 2 bedroom 1 bathroom double garage plus 2x1 bedroom flats N$1mil Narraville- Walvis Bay 3 bedroom house 2 bathroom, lounge, kitchen and dining room 3 garages with a 1 bedroom flat and a 2 bedroom flat selling for N$1.4 mill Eyuva Village Kuisebmund: 2 bedrooms flat, 1 bathrooms, single garage, selling for N$450,000 Kuisebmund Walvisbay: 4 x 1 bedrooms Flat, all for N$870,000 For more info call 081 241 5447 / 081 275 5508 // 081 378 9008 // 064 - 461 998 email: website:

DR SAM NUJOMA PLAZA Brand New, upmarket & modern offices / shops available in safe & secure 3 storey complex. Situated in the centre of town opposite 3 banks with entrance from 2 different streets. Each unit has own garage and extra garages also available. Book yours now! Selling from N$ 1 080 000-00 each! Perfect location - perfect investment. Claudia 081 169 6227 Hannelie 081 124 2292

Walvis Bay FOR SALE A classic older home, spacious affordable. Well looked after centrally situated, offering 3 bedrooms, two garages and an outside room. Roof recently replaced.Large erf with lots of potential to expand. N$1 770 000.00

Please contact Elmari - 081 250 7176 HOUSES FOR SALE HENTIES BAY *Brand new single title deed within secure complex. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, tandem garage, completed and ready for occupation. N$ 1.0 mil. *Three bedrooms, double garage, two bathrooms, under construction . N$ 1.2 million. Contact Developer: 085 124 9826. SWAKOPMUND HAGUE HEIGHT 5 Bedrooms, two sitting rooms, kitchen and scullery, indoor and outdoor braai, fully burglar proof, alarm system, one bedroom flat, 4 automated garages, establish garden. All brand new carpets, brand new blinds, brand new granite kitchen. N$ 3.0 mil. Contact: 085 124 9826

For Sale Ocean View Swakopmund 2 Houses on a 982m² First House: 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms, 3 Garages Kitchen Lounge Dining Room, In and outside BBQ plus Second House: 1 x Double Storey 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Open-Plan Kitchen Lounge, in-side BBQ, big Garage and much more Price N$3,5mil [neg] Contact 081 786 0089

Malakia Properties For Sale Tamariskia 3 bedroom bic, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen dining room, Lounge Single Garage plus Flat with 2 bedroom bathroom and open plan kitchen and double garage with boundary wall N$2.1 mil Tamariskia Ext 3 3 bedrooms bic, 2 bathrooms Kitchen vic with stove, Lounge, Double Garage N$1.65mil Mahetago Near Complex Woermannbrock Guest House: 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, Store rooms, Lounge Kitchen, Double garage, extra parking area Generate monthly income of N$12000.00 for N$1.58mil Mondesa: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, Kitchen Lounge Boundary wall N$750 000.00 Malakia 081 297 7253 email: malakiaproperties

Various Vacant Erven - Longbeach, Walvis Bay – Residential, ·550m² @ N$ 700 000-00 Dolphin Beach, Walvis Bay – Residential ·609m² @ N$ 730 000-00 Meersig, Walvis Bay, Residential, ·514m² @ N$ 750 000-00 ·750m² @ N$ 810 000-00 ·1250m² @ N$ 1 350 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227 PROPERTY FOR SALE Langstrand Proper Modern and stylish 3 Bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms, indoor braai, tandem garage fits two vehicles with extra space for quad bikes or trailer, paved yard, low maintenance, ideal lock up and go, N$1 740 000. No agents. Alta: 081 243 8000


13 JANUARY 2017


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR


WALVIS BAY Meersig SOLE MANDATE! 4 beds, 2 bath with 2 x double garages Huge open plan kitchen/lounge/dining & entertainment room. PLUS 2 guestrooms / offices & 1 bed flat with kitchen / lounge with own entrance. ONLY N$3 750 000-00! WALVIS BAY Meersig 3 beds, 2 baths with huge entertainment Area, store rooms, servants room & 2 x tandem garages, PLUS 2 bed, 1 bath flat. ONLY N$2 950 000-00 WALVIS BAY Central SOLE MANDATE! Walking distance to schools and town Spacious 4 bed, 2 bath family home on huge 1125m² erf. Huge entertainment area. N$ 3 150 000-00 WALVIS BAY Central Ideal for developer Selling far below valuation! 3 bed house with flat and 3 garages, 1250m² erf & can be rezoned to 1:150. N$ 1 690 000-00 WALVIS BAY Fairways 2 bed, 2 bath unit in stunning Newly built complex, with open plan kitchen / lounge 1 garage, with small courtyard N$ 1 190 000-00 WALVIS BAY Lagoon Walking distance to schools, town and lagoon, 3 bed, 2 bath house with BBQ, laundry, outside room, huge store room & 2 garages. Our Prime area! N$ 1 980 000-00 WALVIS BAY Central PRICE REDUCED !!! CC Registered Fairly new complex , safe and secure 3 bed, 2 bath unit with open plan kitchen / lounge 1 garage & small courtyard, ONLY N$ 1 080 000-00 Joey 081 278 0518

BY OWNER – FOR SALE or FOR RENT 1) Meersig - 2 X 2 bedr. units on 1 erf selling at N$1,550,000.00 2) Meersig – 1 x 5 bedr. 4 bathr. house selling for N$2,995,000.00 or to rent for N$15,000.00 pm 3) Meersig – 1 x 3 bedr. house, 2 bedr flat selling for N$1,950,000.00 4) Dolphin Beach – 1 x 3 bedr up-market unit selling @N$2,250,000.00 or rent N$16,000.00pm 5) Henties Bay – Sun Bay Development. Vacant Erf – 486m², 2nd Row from sea selling @ N$950,000.00 Please contact Leon or Anita on 081 124 6722 / 081 272 9733

WALVIS BAY CBD 2 bed unit in complex with balcony & single garage. N$ 810 000-00 Dassie 081 200 3946

PROPERTIES FOR SALE BY OWNER (PROPERTIES SITUATED IN WALVIS BAY) For Sale: Industrial property (lease in place) 2544m² / large yard space For Sale: Commercial property / centrally located 1250m² / Ideal for developer For Sale: 6m Office container (toilet, aircon, electric fittings) To Let: Office space / First floor / 100m² N$6000.00 per month (excl. Water, Electricity, Refuse) / Ample parking Please contact: 081 712 8571

SWAKOPMUND 3 Bed, 3 bath, open plan, indoor BBQ with double garage. N$ 2 015 000-00 3 Bed, 2 bath, indoor BBQ, entertainment Area, guest toilet & double garage. N$ 2 050 000-00 3 Bed, 2 bath, huge Open plan, indoor BBQ, laundry room, & double garage. N$ 2 150 000-00 NEG 3 Bed, 2 bath, open Plan, store room, in & Outdoor BBQ, double garage, entertainment Area, erf 1049m². N$ 2 250 000-00 4 Bed, 2 bath, open Plan, separate lounge, Double garage, outdoor BBQ, erf 1610m². GOGGA 081 169 6215

For Sale Ocean View Swakopmund 2 Houses on a 982m² First House: 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms, 3 Garages Kitchen Lounge Dining Room, In and outside BBQ plus Second House: 1 x Double Storey 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Open-Plan Kitchen Lounge, in-side BBQ, big Garage and much more Price N$3,5mil [neg] Contact 081 786 0089

Swakopmund CBD – Neat and Cosy 3 bed, open plan lounge & diningroom with fire place N$ 1 550 000.00 Ref: RL 1473396 Ocean View Modern and Spacious 3 bed en-suit, indoor BBQ & 3 garages N$ 2 100 000.00 Ref: RL 1473415 Kramersdorf Elegant and Spacious 3 bed, Study and Tandem Garage N$ 1 950 000.00 Ref: RL 147 3408 Tamariskia Good Investment 3 bed, 2x Tandem Garage and 2x Flats N$ 1 600 000.00 Ref: RL 1473398 Heidi 081 169 6214


Kuisebmond TAKAYALA COURT Newly built modern and spacious townhouses! ·80m² unit with 3 bed, 2 bath, open plan kitchen / lounge and garage selling at N$ 775 000-00. ·90m² unit with 3 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, lounge and garage selling at N$ 990 000-00 ·125m² unit with 3 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, sitting room, lounge and garage selling at N$ 1 055 000-00. Ready for occupation! Claudia 081 169 6227

USAKOS 3 Bed, 1 bath with kitchen, lounge, single garage & 2 outside rooms. N$ 535 000-00 (Ref: RL 1473493) SWAKOPMUND 1032m² Vacant Erf N$ 1 070 000-00 (Ref: RL 1473494) HENTIES BAY 2 bed, 2 bath townhouse in secure complex with kitchen / living area, indoor bbq & single garage. N$ 1 220 000-00 (Ref: RL 1473470) HENTIES BAY 863m² Vacant Erf (walls on 3 sides) N$ 610 000-00 (Ref: RL 1473480) Tania 081 169 6216

ALEX COURT WALVIS BAY Brand new double storey Development in CBD! 1 , 2 and 3 bed units with garage selling from only N$ 625 000-00! Construction commences on 80% Guarantees and 12 months to completion! Bargain of the year – do not miss out!! Claudia 081 169 6227

Walvis Bay – Charney Court Newly Built Modern, upmarket & spacious double storey 3 bed, 2 bath townhouse with open plan kitchen, huge living & dining area. Enclosed courtyard with private garden & garage. N$ 1 395 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227


P.A.M Tree Villas Kuisebmund Sole & Exclusive Mandate Free-standing houses located 5km from the Walvis Bay City Centre . Choose your own house & plot! Selling from N$ 615 000-00. Angelika 081 562 2186 Dassie 081 200 3946

Walvis Bay, Kuisebmund Newly built 3 bed, 2 bath house on a corner plot with guest toilet, kitchen, lounge & garage. Own spacious yard! Construction to be complete early 2017. N$ 1 200 000.00 Claudia 081 169 6227

Walvis Bay CBD Modern & Spacious Double Storey Unit. Excellent finishes, safe & secure complex. 204m² 3 bed, 3 bath townhouse with kitchen, diningroom, living area, guest toilet, indoor bbq, own courtyard & double garage. N$ 2 200 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227

WALVIS BAY FAIRWAYS Stunning newly built upmarket house Exquisite finishes. 4 beds, 3 baths, 2 garages, study, entrance hall, Much more!! Beautiful view, next to golf course N$ 3 000 000-00 Joey 081 278 0518

Kuisebmond Newly Built, lovely and spacious 3 bed house with kitchen, lounge and garage on big erf! Selling for N$ 985 000-00! Claudia 081 169 6227

HENTIES BAY “HUISIE BY DIE SEE” 2 & 3 Bed houses, each with own plot! Choose from 4 different house types to suit your needs best! GET YOURS FROM ONLY N$ 526 000-00 NOW!!! Emily 081 293 0335 Tania 081 169 6216

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


Walvis Bay CBD – PRICE REDUCED!! Sole & Exclusive Mandate – Only 2 left!! Spacious 160m² 3 bed, 1 ½ bath townhouses. Kitchen, spacious sitting room / lounge & garage. A rare find at N$ 855 000-00 each! Claudia 081 169 6227

SWAKOPMUND POPULAR RESTAURANT, CENTRALLY SITUATED! Excellent Income! All Furniture, Equipment & Stock Included. N$ 1 495 000-00 Tania 081 169 6216

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Walvis Bay Industrial Area Syncrolift 2nd Street East Office space available. Contact: 081 124 3904

WALVIS BAY CBD PELICAN PARK MALL – TO RENT Brand new 3 storey mall in the CBD! Ground Floor shops & First & Second floor Offices. Completion May 2017. Extra garages & roof parking. Book yours now! From N$ 8 500-00 p/m Yolanda 081 158 3463



Walvis Bay CBD Modern & Spacious Double Storey Unit. Excellent finishes, safe & secure complex. 183m² 3 bed, 3 bath townhouse with kitchen, dining room, living area, guest toilet, indoor bbq. Own courtyard & double garage. N$1900 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227

Karibib - Sole Mandate 2 – 3 bed houses, each with own plot!. Choose from 6 different house types. Selling from only N$ 450 000-00 Emily 081 293 0335 Dassie 081 200 3946

Okahandja - Otjihua Village Brand new housing development consisting of 437 units! Phase 1 & 2 selling now & selling fast! Selling from N$ 480 000-00 only! Don't delay – phone today! Claudia 081 169 6227 Joey 081 278 0518

WALVIS BAY Walking distance to the Lagoon. Spacious 3 bed, 2 bath family home In and outside BBQ, 2 garages, alarm & outside beams. N$ 1 990 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227

HOUSE TO RENT: Walvis Bay Neat and spacious 3 bedroom, build-in cupboards, huge kitchen, open-plan lounge and dining area, foyer, bathroom with shower, separate toilet, laundry, outdoor braai, interlocks, burglar bars, alarm. Garden with shed. Garage. Behind W’Bay High School. Rent: N$9500.00 + deposit. W+E excluded. Immediately available. Contact Ina: 081 250 4694 / 064 203 342 /

To Let Mondesa Mile 4 flat 1Bedroom flat, lounge, kitchen,bathroom N$4900.00W/inclusive and pre-paid elect Oletweni House 2bedrooms,bathroom, lounge and kitchen W/incl and pre-electricity N$3850.00 Ocean view 3Bedrooms,2Bathrooms, lounge,kitchen and double garageW/L excl pre-paid elect N$ 9 900.00 Tel: 064-402112 Fax: 064-403396 Matty: 081 244 6995

Coastal Estates To Let Swakopmund 3 Bedroom House 2 garages N$12,500.00 5 Bedroom House 5 bathrooms Garage N$20,000.00 Flat Central Furnished 2 Bedrooms tandem garage N$8,500.00 Flat Central Furnished 2 Bedroom Sleep 6 2 garages N$ 11,900.00 Call Jan 081 270 8005 Hannes 081 149 8777 Irma 081 368 4469 TO LET: Swakopmund Store/Workshop in industrial area. 108m² Including W.C - N$5000 p/m Available from January 2017 Contact: 081 122 7882

OF PROPERTIES TO LET SONJA +264 81 830 3471 LUISE +264 81 653 0765 OFFICE +264 64 464 033

KURT WORLD ESTATES TE HUUR Nuwe dubbel verdieping huis naby skole en lagoon 3 bed, 2.5 bad, 2 motorhuise en baie groot erf N$15500 pm. *Nuwe huis naby skole Walvisbaai met dubbel volume leefarea kombuis met ingeboude gas / elektries stoof en opwas area. 3 Bed, 2 bad, 2 motorhuise met klein erf - N$10500 pm *Langstrand Groot huis met see uitsig en toegang. 5 Slaapkamer, 3 badkamers, 2 leefareas, swembad Motorhuis kan 3 parkeer vanaf 1April vir N$20 000 pm. *OU INDUSTRIELE GEBIED 300m² werkswinkel met kantoor van 1 Apr vir - N$14000 pm. Geen admin fooie slegs Deposito en seelregte aan krediet goedgekeurde kliente Groot verskeindenheid KUS Eiendomme te koop besoek KURT WORLD ESTATES BY PROPERTY24.CO.NA VIR ONDER 3% KOMMISSIE OF BEL 0812426713 AS U EIENDOM HET OM TE VERKOOP. TO LET: TAMARISKIA, SWAKOPMUND *1 Bedroom flat with cupboards, stove and oven, bathroom, alarm system and automated garage in secure complex. N$4900 p/m Including water. *Bachelor flat with cupboards, stove and oven, bathrooms, alarm system and automated garage in secure complex. N$ 4200 p/m Including W+E Contact: 085 124 9826 Woonstelle te huur Narraville: 1. 1 Slaapkamer, oop plan kombuis, sitkamer, badkamer en motorhuis. Water ingesluit - N$5000 2. 1 Slaapkamer, kombuis area, badkamer en motorhuis. Water ingesluit - N$4000 Contact: 081 308 0075


13 JANUARY 2017

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR



TO RENT: Meersig Ext 1, 400m from Lagoon, Double Story 4 bedroom freestanding house, 2.5 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor braai, entertainment areas. Scullery, kitchen, dining & Living room, double garages. W &E excluded. Rent: N$11000 Available 1 February Contact: 081 214 0780 / 081 357 8441

TO LET SWAKOPMUND N$12,000-00 Luxury apartment 2 bed, 2 bath furnished. Available immediately SWAKOP INDUSTRIAL N$13,000-00 2 Offices plus boardroom, 2 kitchens, 175m² ground floor warehouse SWAKOP INDUSTRIAL N$38,400-00 500m² Warehouse, 736m² yard space, 2 offices. 24 month contract WANTED: ALL TYPES OF PROPERTIES TO LET SONJA +264 81 830 3471 LUISE +264 81 653 0765 OFFICE +264 64 464 033

1 Bachelor Flat for Rent in Narraville: Koraal Street; House no 18. The place consist of an ensuite sleeping room and kitchen/living room. Cost: N$3000 (Price include water, but Not electricity). Deposit: 4000 (NOT negotiable) Available immediately. For viewing appointment pls Contact: 081 65 90 222




TO RENT: Sharing I am looking for a single lady with sober habits to share a 2 bedroom flat in Narraville. It is a open-plan kitchen, build-in stove, built-in cupboards, own backyard and remote control gate. Price: N$3000.00 p/m W+E included. Available immediately. Contact: 081 636 7255 / 081 205 8203

TO RENT: Vogelstrand, Swakopmund 2x2 bedroom apartment available from 1 Feb. 17 Fully furnished 1 bathroom separate toilet Small garden, single garage Outside braai. N$ 7 500 p/m - Water incl. Contact: 081 240 5364 081 260 8400

TO LET: In Centre of Town - Business premises / workshop 250 sqm at N$75.00 per sqm. Also equipment for sale. KSS 315 circular metal cut off machine 380v - N$13 000 Drill press - geared 380v N$9500 Contact: 081 128 3343

TO LET - WALVIS BAY CENTRAL N$ 21 000 - Office space. N$ 29 166 excl VAT – 233m² offices FAIRWAYS N$ 12 500 – Upmarket 3 Bed, 2 bath house with double garage MEERSIG N$ 12 500 – 3 bed, 2 bath with double garage NARRAVILLE N$ 3 150 – 1 Bed flat with bath w&e incl N$ 3 500 – 1 Bed flat with bath w&e incl KUISEBMUND N$ 1 400 - Single Room INDUSTRIAL N$ 12 530 – 180m² warehouse N$ 10 260 – 171m² warehouse with office N$ 11 722 excl VAT– 204m² warehouse with office Rhoda 081 413 1313 Merle 081 726 1990 Malakia Properties To Let: Jabulani Outside room with private bathroom N$2400.00 W/L incl single person only Olwetweni Inside room N$15000.00 w/l included N$1900.00 w/l included Outside room N$2300.00 W/included All Deposit Required Malakia 081 297 7253 email: malakiaproperties@

TO RENT: Narraville Central Area - Near Shops Single person only (no children or pets) Bedroom - BIC & floor tiled, toilet/shower (fully tiled), kitchen (floor tiled). Rent: N$2700.00 p/m + Deposit: N$2700.00 W+E included. Available from 01/02/2017 Contact: 081 244 1320

TO LET: WB - BAY MANOR (close to SPAR, C/O Sam Nujoma and 8th Road): Bay Manor No.17. Townhouse. 3 Bedrooms with bic, 2 bathrooms, large open-plan living area with built-in braai and modern kitchen, 3 garages with remote controlled garage door and laundry area, N$8700 per month (+1month's Dep). W&E excluded. Contact Marika at 081 127 4080.

To Rent: Accademia Hurry up! Book 2017 student luxury fully furnished accommodation Walking distance from UNAM, WIFI and DSTV. Very Safe. Call 081 128 8924

TO LET Walvis Bay New Industrial Area Brand New 204m² Warehouse with office. N$ 11 220-00 p/m exclusive of VAT. Rhoda 081 413 1313 Merle 081 726 1990 TO RENT: Walvis Bay Nearby Namib Times 1 Spacious bedroom flat, open-plan sitting room with kitchen and bathroom with shower and space for washing machine. No pets. Single person - N$4200 Couple - N$4600 W+E included Deposit: N$2500 Immediately available Contact: 081 236 8780 TO RENT: Kramersdorf A plush Old style home recently renovated. It is a 3 bedroom home with 1.5 bathrooms, has a large open plan kitchen with lockable pantry and large diningroom and living room, it has a very spacious courtyard and a large double garage, full alarm, old style burglar bars throughout. N$ 12000 p/m Excluding W+E Available 1 April Contact: 081 638 6300 TO RENT: Walvis Bay Central, No. 57 Moses Garoeb Str (Close to Duine Side High School) 2x Spacious and neat 2 bedroom flats, excellent for a family. Built-in cupboards, water included, pre-paid electricity, garage optional, free WIFI. Rent: N$6000 Deposit: N$5000 (may pay in 2 installments) Viewing time: 13h00 - 14h00 and 17h30 - 19h00 Available from 1 February 2017 Contact: 081 122 0840 / 081 469 3888 TO RENT: 2 Bedroom backyard flat, with kitchen, each bedroom has en suite bathroom, secure parking for 1 vehicle in interlocked yard with boundary walls, and secure gates. Himalaya Street Kuisebmond. New extension. Immediately available. Contact: 081 612 1255 TE HUUR: Narraville `n Woonstel te huur vir enkel sober persoon. Kontak: 081 286 1102 WAREHOUSES AND OFFICES TO LET :111m² + 114m² units Immediately available 230m² + 240m² units – available January 2017 For more info, contact Charmaine 081 625 9607

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication




Saamry Geleentheid Gesoek van Swakop na Walvis daagliks. Die vertrek tyd van Swk 07:00 soggens en van Walvis 17:00 saans. Skakel my asseblief baie dringend by 081 805 3564 / 081 799 7703

VACANCIES: The Wreck Restaurant is looking for suitable candidates to join our team and fill the following positions: Front of House: ·Waiters The successful applicants will report directly to the Restaurant Manager and will be employed on a fixed term contract basis which will be explained during the interview. Applicants must comply with the following criteria: ·Namibian Citizen/Permanent Residence ·Must be absolutely passionate about people ·Age Group 21+ ·Bilingual (English & Afrikaans) ·Experience in a similar field in a restaurant or hotel environment is a pre-requisite ·Good people & communication skills and a team player ·Be prepared to work on weekends, public holidays, etc ·Be computer literate (Word, Excel, Outlook, Restaurateur/InnKeeper) ·Must have solid traceable references Applicants must personally hand in CV's at Beach Lodge, 1 Stint street, Vogelstrand, Swakopmund during office hours or email CV's to No telephonic enquiries or faxed CV's will be accepted! Only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview!


TO RENT: Kuisebmund Omugulumbaselee Circle Str, Erf 4572/33 1 Bedroom flat, open-plan kitchen, own bathroom. Rent: N$3000.00 Deposit: N$2000.00 W+E included Contact: 081 286 2506 / 081 202 2171 TO RENT: Vogelstrand Swakopmund 2x 2 bedroom apartment available from 1 Feb 2017 Fully Furnished, 1 bathroom separate toilet, small garden, single garage, outside braai. N$ 7500.00 p/m Water included. Prepaid electricity Contact: 0812608400 0812405364


Sel00221 TO LET: Lagoon 2 Bedroom backyard flat, fully furnished with tandem garage and separate entrance. W+E included. For single person or couple. Sorry no pets or children. N$5500.00 Immediately available. Contact: 081 148 2521 Bachelor flat to rent in Hermes, with built in oven, stove and cupboards, fan, WiFi, DSTV connection, very neat and cozy. N$ 4,500.00 per month (W&E included) Immediately available Contact details: Constance: 081 124 8112 To Rent Swakopmund Centre of Town 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom Big Garage Centre of Town N$6600.00 per month w/L excluded Call 081 242 3568 Swakopmund Twee Slaapkamer woonstel te huur, met enkel badkamer en enkel garage. N$6000 per maand and N$6000 deposito, water & eletrisiteit uitgesluit. Skakel 081 122 4224 TO RENT: Narraville W+E included Rent: N$2900.00 p/m Deposit: N$2000.00 Available 1 February Contact: 081 227 2919

To Rent Swakopmund Central Town 2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Double Garage N$6800.00 p/m w/l excluded Contact: 081 242 3568 To Rent: Long Beach 2 bedroom Flat, Garage, BIC, W&E excluded. Available from 1 February 2017 for N$6000.00 Please call: 081 847 0090

Accomodation Available Skoon, veilige studente akkomodasie beskikbaar in Pretoria. Kommune met ensuite badkamers. 7km vanaf TUKS. N$4200 per maand Deposito N$6300.00 Gratis internet en bediende. Slegs vir persone met sober gewoontes. +27 82 554 2913 Solly’s Accomodation Rehoboth : offer safe fully furnished luxury rooms & self-catering family apartments, Wi-Fi, DSTV. Breakfast also available. Call 081 128 8924 NTB reg GHO01025

PROPERTIES WANTED TE HUUR GESOEK: Swakopmund Opsoek na 2 slaapkamer huis of woonstel in kompleks vanaf 1 Jan. 2017 Prysklas: N$ 5 000.00 N$ 5 500.00 Kontak: 081 243 0646 081 470 9806 LEHMANN PROPERTIES Property Wanted: Do you want to sell at Long Beach or Dolphin Beach? Or any other area? Price doesn’t matter! Contact Nicolaas: 085 651 1992 Malakia Properties : we are looking for properties to sell or let in Swakopmund, Wlavis Bay, Arandis, Henties Bay, Otjiwarongo, tsumeb, Omuthiya, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Omaruru, Oshakati. We have a cash/bank approved buyers, call Malakia 081 297 7253 email: malakiaproperties

ACCOMMODATION YOSHI GUESTHOUSE In Walvis Bay, centre of town, own bathroom, self-catering, sparkling clean, secure parking, quiet environment, conference facility, DSTV, free wifi. Call: 081 148 6387

WANTED WANTED: Five to six (5-6) 16” Land Rover Series 3/Defender rims. TODAY ONLY. Call: 081 124 7687

VACANCIES NAMIBIA PROTECTION SERVICES VACANCY: Manager - Walvis Bay Requirements *Namibian Citizen reside in Walvisbay * Computer Literate *Minimum of 10 years management experience is a prerequisite * Experience in Human Resources Management * Experience in Security/police/army will be added advantage * Customers relations background with innovated ideas *Strong personality, sober habits and good communication skills *Be motivated and create new ideas and opportunities amongst employees and clients *Applicant will have to work long hours and not necessarily office hours Remuneration A market related salary package will be offered Company vehicle for official duty. Employment agreement is applicable after 3 months Send CV (shortened) to, or Fax to 061-230719 Closing date: 20 January 2017

ERONGO AXIS SECURITY CC WALVIS BAY OFFICE We have the following vacancies available in our Walvis Bay Guards / Response Officers / Operators / Supervisors Minimum Requirements: *Grade 10 or Grade 12 *Driver's License valid for more than 6+ Months *Previous experience in security will be an added advantage. Send your full CV to opsmanager@security. or hand delivered: Hage Geingob Street No 59 No faxed CV's will be accepted. Vacancy for Hotel Manager in the North 5 years experience in Hotel Management Computer Literate Preferable the age between 40-50, Sober Habits Drivers License, No Dependants Must be healthy and fit Free of debts General office work Day to day inspections on the premises Meals and accommodation will be provided. Just short listed candidates will be accepted EMAIL: ngandu@iafrica.


13 JANUARY 2017


In stiller Trauer nehmen wir Abschied von

Harald Stauder "Stepke” Wir bleiben uns nah, auch wenn wir Abschied nehmen müssen. Denn das, was uns verbinded, wird stärker sein als das, was uns trennt. In Liebe Loslassen, wo wir festhalten möchten. Weitergehen, wo wir stehen bleiben möchten. Das sind die schwierigsten Aufgaben, vor die uns das Leben stellt.

VACANCIES Vacancy Available Fast Signs Swakop Applicator: Requirements: Looking for a female between 18-30. Must be able to work under pressure. Experience in application in signs will be an advantage, but in house training is available. If interested contact: 081 744 4774 VACANCY: Male Kitchen Assistant needed. Must have at least 2years experience. Email: NO FAXES – will be deletedprobstbakery@iway. na or bring to Probst Restaurant, 12th Road Walvis Bay VACANCY: All Rounder Handyman needed in Swakopmund For workshop work and building sites. Sms me your work experience or email, and I will get back to you. 081 638 6300 Lindley Education is looking for a 3x tutors in the areas of: Mathematics Physics, Accounting Requirements: Symbol B or higher, experience and good communication skills, ability to explain in English and Afrikaans, punctual and reliable integrity Only restricted to WALVIS BAY. Submit CV's to

We are looking for a friendly hardworking, motivated Male or Female, age 35 – 50 for SUPERVISOR in Café, Please send CV with references to

Dein Dicka und Ellen Manfred, Estelle und Kinder Silke, Deon und Dane Ulla, Chris, Helmut und Heidi



JOB WANTED: I am a hardworking mature lady and is urgently looking for work, office cleaning, filling or messenger. I am honest and reliable. Contact: 081 288 6708

JOB WANTED: I am a lady, looking for work, any kind of work. General skills, do laundry work, washing and ironing, general housekeeping and office cleaning. Contact: 081 339 3310

JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady looking for work. Am honest, trustworthy and have experience for 5 years of catering and hospitality. Can do the following: House keeping, cashier, stock control. Sales lady at a butchery, bistro in coffee shop and waitress. Can start anytime in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 634 1138 LAIMI: I am looking for domestic work or any kind of work. In Walvis Bay, but not for the kind at town, Meersig, Lagoon and Narraville. I am 36 year old. For 3 days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s. I have 10 years experience. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 413 6628 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk of kantoor skoonmaak werk. Maandae tot Vrydae. Kontak: 081 871 9130 JOB WANTED: I am a 36 year old lady, looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay. Ironing and cleaning or any kind of work. I am ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 284 4265

WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk, kantoor skoonmaak werk. Maandae tot Vrydae. Ek is betroubaar en hardwerkend. In die dorp, Langstrand, Lagoon. Ek kan enige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 632 8928

JOB WANTED: I am Genny. I am looking for any kind of work. I am hardworking and ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 280 0655

JOB WANTED: I am a lady, looking for domestic work or to clean in offices. I am a hardworking. I am available to start immediately. Contact: 081 719 2110

JOB WANTED: I am looking for work. I can speak and read English. Housekeeping and at hotels. In Walvis Bay / Swakopmund. Contact: 081 374 8488 / 081 267 3785

JOB WANTED: Female, 29 years old, matriculated, secretarial and office administration certificate and extensive experience in hospitality. looking for a full time position in all related fields. Skills: Cashier, front desk and general office administration. Contact: 081 756 3115

JOB WANTED:I am 24 year old men, looking for work in factories. I have experience in packing, scalling and filleting. In any company in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 242 4097

JOBS WANTED I am a lady of 45 years old and is looking for domestic work anywhere in Swakopmund / Walvis bay. I completed a course in Domestic Science and therefore I am qualified en experienced. I am hardworking and selfmotivated and can start immediately. Contact: 081 238 7838 JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady, looking for work, washing, ironing, cleaning the house or selling in the bars or shops. In Walvis Bay. From Monday to Friday’s. Contact: 081 331 4241

JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic work. Monday’s to Friday’s. Housekeeping job or in restaurants or any kind of job, cleaning work. In Walvis Bay, Dolphin Part or Swakopmund. Contact: 081 319 9504

Ek is opsoek na werk, enige soort werk, Was, stryk, huisskoonmaak. Ek is baie betroubaar en kan dadelik begin werk in Swakop of Langstrand van Maandag tot Vrydag. Contact: 081 211 2303

JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old young lady, hardworking, looking for domestic work or in a bar/shabeen, cleaning or ironing. 3 Days a week, in Walvis Bay, Longbeach, Meersig, town and Lagoon. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 816 6719 / 081 578 2927





JOB WANTED: I am a 39 year old lady in Walvis Bay. I am looking for any kind of work, especially domestic work and in restaurants or hotels. I have a certificate in catering and services as well. I am a hardworking lady, friendly and trustworthy. Contact: 0814909713

Ek is 45 jaar oud en dringend opsoek na werk in Swakop Kantore skoonmaak, kinders oppas of huiswerk en Huisskoonmaak werk. Ek is hardwerkend en baie skoon en netjies en baie vriendelik Ek het goeie verwysings. Ek kan Dinsdae, Woensdae werk en kan onderhandel oor Donderdag. Contact: 081 872 4020

JOB WANTED: I am Sonia looking for any kind of work. At Long Beach, office cleaning or domestic. Very hardworking. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 627 3744

JOB WANTED: I’m a 30 year old lady, looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay, Meersig, Lagoon or Long Beach. From Monday’s to Friday’s or 3 days a week. I also have experience in plumbing and pipe fitting and I have a level 3 certificate. I’m reliable, hardworking and ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 321 3406 I am looking for a Job as Debtors/Creditors Clerk. I am 43 years old looking for a job as assistant bookkeeper or as debtor clerk. I am having more than 7 years experience in capturing of invoices, cash books, transactions, stock ext on pastel, monthly returns of VAT PAYE and Import Vat prepare of Salary on Exel sheet and prepare documents for auditors for yearly financial statement and management account for the bank wen enquired. Please contact me on Contact: 081 777 9719 WERK GESOEK: Ek is `n 27 jarige dame, opsoek na huiswerk / kinders oppas, dorp, Narraville, Meersig en Lagoon. Contact: 081 814 7056 I am 29 years old and is looking for a job at a Kinder Garten. I have experience and I am a 2nd year student at Montessori teacher Collage. I have experience in the following: receptionist and Cashier work. Contact: 081 642 2754

WERK GESOEK: Ek is `n 47 jarige dame, ek is opsoek na werk. Van Maandae tot Vrydae. In die dorp, Langstrand, Meersig en Lagoon. Ek is hardwerkend en betroubaar. Contact: 081 331 3766 I am looking for a Driving Jof or Operating Job or Feul and Dump Truck I got a Code C valid PdP and valid Truck Operating Certificate Please call me 081 229 4154

WERK GESOEK: Jong dame opsoek na huiswerk in Walvisbaai. Het verwysings. Kontak: 081 891 2740 / 081 357 1252

VACANCY WANTED IT TECHNICIAN: male 23 years old matriculated, more than 3 years work experience in IT plus extensive personal IT knowledge. Looking for full-time position in all related technical fields. SKILLS: disassembly / repairs of laptops, PC’s, network equipment & servers. Install/repair software. Trouble-shoot hardware / software issues. remote support & technical assistance. Sales / marketing & generating quotes for clients. Tel: 081 776 1680 I am a 39 year old woman looking for any kind of domestic Job at a private company/house/hospital / school, even at the office. I have 10 years experience in cleaning. Contact: 081 314 2627 I am a lady looking for domestic work in Long Beach or Office Cleaner. I have experience I can do washing Ironing Cleaning. I am hardworking and can start immediately. Contact: 081 767 8857

WERK GESOEK: Jong betroubare dame, is opsoek na skoonmaak werk of kinders oppas, werk in restaurante. Net in die dorp, Meersig, Langstrand. Kontak: 081 340 6390 / 081 614 3210

JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of domestic work. Contact: 081 833 7496

JOB WANTED:I am a young woman, looking for office administration or reception work. I am honest and trustworthy and hardworking. I can start immediately. Contact: 081 561 2340

WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na n Dame vir Huiswerk vir 3 dae in die week in Swakopmund Jabulani. eposrosemarys of skakel 081 273 2688

WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk vir Dinsdae, Woensdae, Donderdae, net stryk werk vir Saterdae. Kontak: 0813407255/081 3311993 WERK GESOEK: Ben, 40 jaar oud, is opsoek na welding werk in Walvisbaai. Het jare ondervinding en is bereid om enige tyd te begin. Kontak: 081 261 1209 A 30 years old man looking for a job as a Taxi Drywer in Swakopmund. I do have a driving licence with Code B with PA. Please call me at 081 206 5310 Ek is n 34 jarige dame wat opsoek is na huiswerk, kindersoppas werk, kan ook met bejaardes werk, in Swakop of Langstrand. Ek kan enige tyd begin werk. Skakel my asb 081 666 1549 I am 22 years old and is looking for a Domestic work in Swakopmund, I am hardworking and trustworthy, I can work 3 to 5 days in the week. Please call me 081 809 2011 JOB WANTED: A 33 year old woman is looking for work in Walvis Bay. I am ready to start immediately. I have grade 10. Contact: 081 296 9314 JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic work. Monday to Friday’s, from 13:00 to 17:00 and Saturday. Contact: 081 470 5757 Ek is opsoek na HUISWERK vir 4 dae per week. Ek kan enige tyd begin werk in Swakop Skakel my asseblielf 081 351 1384 Ek is baie dringend opsoek na INSLAAPWERK, ek het goeie verwysings en kan dadelik begin. Skakel my asseblief by 081 343 3692 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk in Walvisbaai, Lagoon of Langstrand. Vir `n week. Ek het ondervinding en is bereid om enige tyd te begin. Ek is 31 jaar oud. Kontak: 081 848 4849


13 JANUARY 2017

namib times Sport

Send your sports news to

Swakop Electrical Supplies cc FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS Phone 064 462 106/7 e-mail :

Rössing Marathon National Championship 2017 12 January 2017 Namibian athletics' national marathon championship, the Rössing Marathon, takes place in Swakopmund on Saturday, 11 February 2017, as part of the mine's drive to promote healthy habits and support positive lifestyles in the community. The day is sponsored, for the 26th consecutive year, by Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium Mine and hosted by Swakop Striders Athletics Club and includes two running events open to the general public – the 42.2 kilometre full marathon, and the shorter 10 km run. Last year's winners were the married couple Reonard and Alina Namupala (NDF sport club), winning in 2:22:04 and 2:41:11 respectively, with Alina registering an amazing fourth consecutive win. The 10 km Run was won by Jeremia Shaliaxwe (Namibian Police sport club) in 29:19. The first prize for the marathon is N$10 000 each for the men's and ladies open winners – with the Namibian marathon winning athletes also each receiving an extra N$20 000 inkind development bonus

during their reign as Namibia's national marathon champions. There are also cash prizes for runners finishing second (N$5 000), third (N$2 000), fourth (N$1 000) and fifth (N$500) in the marathon – the day's main event. An extra N$1 000 cash bonus is up for grabs should the marathon records be broken in the open categories. The Rössing Marathon record of two hours, eleven minutes and twenty-three seconds (2:11:23) by Luketz Swartbooi was set in 1992. The total prize monies for the event in 2017 amount to more

than N$70 000. The Uranium Relay for Erongo mine workers (mine contractors included) over ten kilometres (four runners, running 2.5 km each) and 5 km Fun Walk is back on the programme this year with proceeds collected from participation in both events going to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) for the fight against cancer in Namibia. The Uranium Relay will have three categories - ladies, men and mixed (two ladies and two men) with a first prize of N$1 500 in each category (N$1 000 for

second place and N$500 for third place). The 5 km Fun Walk is popular with families, corporate entities for team building, and the otherwise healthconscious public. The route is planned to include a stretch along the scenic, northern beach walk of Swakopmund. The Fun Walk includes an exciting competition for best themed/most original costume, funniest hat, youngest walker (excluding toddlers in prams & pets), oldest walker, tallest walker and cutest pet walker. The coastal community especially is invited to show their support for the fight against cancer in Namibia by coming up with creative themes for the competition. Page 2 of 3 This year the venue for the Rössing Marathon moves over from the Vineta Central (main) sports fields to the Vineta North sports field (north of The Dome) with registration taking place at the venue on Friday, 10 February, from 18.00 to 21.00. All participating athletes will receive a race number and T-shirt (on a first-come-firstserved basis) during registration. Entry forms and more information are available on the Rössing website at or contact Frank Slabbert of Swakop Striders at tel. 064 405788 (h) / cell 081 240 3383 or Botha Ellis of Rössing at tel. 064 520 2426 (w) / cell 081 286 0456. Entry fees for the Rössing Marathon are N$60 for Namibian and SADC runners and N$100 for non-SADC runners; For the 10 km Run it is N$40 for Namibian and SADC runners and N$60 for non-SADC runners; For the Uranium Relay event registration is N$80 per team and for the 5 km Fun Walk, N$10 per walker (any other donations to the CAN are welcome). The kick-off times on Saturday, 11 February are as follows:

Rössing Marathon – 7.00 10 km Run – 7.15 Uranium Relay – 9.00 5 km Fun Walk – 9.00 The cut-off time for the marathon is 12.00, with the main prize-giving ceremony at 12.30. Rössing Uranium creates positive social impacts where we operate, helping to improve living standards, health and wellbeing, and education in our host communities. As part of the Rio Tinto Group, our approach equips our partners to reap sustainable benefits long after our operations close. The theme for this year's Rössing Marathon is "Join the race, stay healthy!" Contacts

Rossing Marathon Men’s open winner 2016 Reonard and Alina Namupala

13 january namib times e edition  

13 january namib times e edition

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