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Leopard attacks tourist in Gaub pass in the safety of his overlander Floris Steenkamp

A German tourist was seriously injured in an attacked by a leopard in the Gaub River pass early on Thursday morning. The victim, identified as 61-year old Hardy Specker, was due for surgery at the Welwitschia Private Hospital late yesterday due to the serious nature of the injuries he sustained on his scalp, face and neck. Specker’s life partner, Petra Windmeisser (60) explained at 01:00 on Thursday she and Specker was asleep in their camper truck when they heard something at the

window. The window was open and Specker decided to close it. The next moment I heard a loud bang against the truck and my husband was screaming. She could see how he is pulled

out the window and instinctively she grabbed him by the feet and pulled him back in the truck. “He was bleeding profusely. I tried to stop the bleeding and Continues on page 2

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Namport’s Drydock Hosts the Rt Margo Tug Boat

Fight against corruption not only Government's Floris Steenkamp problem Locker President Hage Geingob on Wednesday in his fourth State of the Nation Address (SoNa) recognised the pivotal role vom Government plays in Namibia's ongoing fight against corruption, but assured citizens there is visible progress to root out this social evil. The Head of State also urged Government Hocker

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The overlander truck yesterday at the Welwitschia Private Hospital. The blood spatter is a horrendous reminder of the incident, but also the brute force with which the leopard lunged at Specker.

ministers, the media and the citizenry to do their part responsibly to root out corruption. SoNa provides the Head of State of Namibia each year the opportunity to provide the Namibian Parliament and the nation it represents a snapshot of the nation's wellbeing when it comes to what the President termed “the thematic pillars”. These pillars are: effective governance and service delivery, economic advancement, social progression, infrastructure development and international relations and cooperation. This was President Geingob's fourth SoNa, following his first address of this kind on 21 April 2015. On the issue of corruption, which in effect manifests in all the thematic pillars President Geingob quoted Transparency International which in 2017 ranked Namibia 53 out of 176 countries Continues on page 2

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Fifth Desert Festival

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13 APRIL 2018

namib Leopard attacks tourist times Continued from page 1

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at the same time tried to make a phone call from our satellite phone to emergency service, but there was no reception”, explained a visibly and audibly shocked Windmeisser. Several stressful hours followed for Specker and Windmeisser. He was lying in the truck, losing blood rapidly. They couldn’t open the door of the truck to go outside, as they could still hear the leopard walking on the roof of the vehicle. Windmeisser then started to blow the truck’s horn and flashing the lights in order to scare away the leopard and a desperate attempt for someone to come and help. Miraculously a passer-by’s attention was drawn at around 07:00. The emergency services was notified who arrived at the scene without delay and transported the badly injured Specker to Walvis Bay. In the couple’s darkest hour there was some rays of hope yesterday. They are from Lake of Constance in Germany and was befriended there with Mrs. Alexandra Bauer who moved to Swakopmund a year ago. Bauer came to Walvis Bay yesterday to support the couple. ·Specker and Windmeisser are seasoned travelers in Southern Africa and has been returning here frequently for the past ten years.


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Restaurantier commits suicide A well-known personality in Namibia's restaurant industry, Mr Walter Swarts has died. Swart's body was found in his Meersig-home in Walvis Bay on Tuesday morning. He committed suicide.

Fight against corruption not only Government's problem Continued from page 1

globally and fifth in Africa as the least corrupt country. The President remarked in this instance that a new Africa is on the march and that Namibia and the continent is “winning the fight against corruption”. But, warned the President the fight against corruption also asks for the increased involvement of other variables in the fight against corruption. The Head of State singled out government ministers, the media and the citizenry in this regard. With regard to government ministers: the President urged ministers to respond when allegations of corruption are made against them. He added he and his wife, Madam Monica Geingos in the past, and as recently as a few days ago, are frequently accused of corrupt activities. “I continue to respond to queries from the media and expect ministers to do the same”, he said. On the issue of the media, President Geingob said despite more than 60 corruption cases investigated and handed over to the Prosecutor-General by the Anti Corruption some media continues to advocate little if any is done to curb corruption in Namibia. The President urged the media to commit to objectivity in this regard by reporting on successes against corruption and to promote mechanisms put in place to combat corruption. On the citizenry, President said ordinary Namibians can join the fight by reporting corruption. He said there are mechanisms in place to protect whistleblowers. The President made specific reference to whistleblowers protection and witness protection legislation that was passed in 2017 and soon to be implemented. He also made reference to the new Public Procurement Act of 2016. The Act is the latest weapon in Namibia's arsenal to combat corruption at Government procurement level. Since the Act came into force in 2017, eleven instances of tender irregularities were picked up. Ten are under investigation by the Central Procurement Board and one is already in court for prosecution.


13 APRIL 2018


Namport's Drydock Hosts The Rt Margo Tug Boat Since last week, the 28 meter long RT Margo Tug boat has been docked at the EBH dry dock for maintenance and repair purposes. The highly manoeuvrable Tug has three propellers with 60 tons bollard pull which allows the tug boat to be steered sideways. The vessel is normally operated in Limbe, Cameron for terminal work and will be docked here for the next two weeks. Speaking to the Fleet Superintendent from Kotug, Mr Jasper Visser said “the reason we choose to come to Namibia is because of the safe environment the country has to offer as well as the availability of space”. The Port of Walvis Bay enjoys a reputation of efficient operations, competitive pricing, secure facilities and rapid turnaround of vessels with no congestion. The 10 year old tug which was built in Singapore is owned by Kotug International from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The RT Margo in for service

Stolen TV recovered

Work in full swing on the RT Margo Stolen TV at Walvis Bay Police Station. Contact Detective Sergeant Amgabeb at 081 243 9220/ (064) 219027 at the Walvis Bay Police station, and supply the necessary details to claim back your stolen tv.

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Home Based Business (Dog Groomer) ON ERF: 1640 TOWNSHIP: Walvis Bay STREET: Moses Garoëb Street 66. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Dog Groomer on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 3 May 2018. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Ruzinda Carstens, P O Box 1587, Walvis Bay


13 APRIL 2018


Swakopmund Court Report Regional Court Immanuel Nowaseb (28) appeared on charges of rape and assault by threat. The matter was postponed to 24 April for other reason. The accused remains in custody. Michael Kauhona (36) and Malakia Iputeni (37) appeared on charges of robbery, housebreaking with intent to commit the offence of robbery and possession of a fire-arm without a license. The matter was postponed to 27 July for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Logan Pretorius (25), Sandra Riobo (18), Ashley Andre January (31) and Curnen Nathan Vries (21) appeared on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder. The matter was postponed to 19 April because the trial was partly heard- defence case. The accused are on bail of N$2 000 each.

Magistrate Court Joseph Isack (23) and Salom Shapomba (36) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 25 April for fixing of trial date. The accused are on bail. Mateus Theodor (38) and a 15-year-old boy appeared on a charge of dealing in dependence producing substance. The matter was postponed to 21 May for tracing of accused. Mateus Theodor is on bail of N$1 000 and the 15-year old boy is at large. A 17-year-old boy appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The

matter was postponed to 3 October for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Gavin Tjiuongua (29) appeared on a charge of theft. The case was withdrawn against the accused because of a lack of evidence. Ryno Kubas (33) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 8 May for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Joseph Iileka Isack (24) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 21 May for further investigations. The accused remains in custody. Dawid Goa-Eiseb (31) appeared on a charge of murder. The accused is at large and a warrant of arrest was issued. Willem Kinda (26) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 28 May for typing of record. The accused remains in custody. George Lameka (21) appeared on charges of assault by threat and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 9 July for plea. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Immanuel Beukes (22) and Innocence Aubeb (21) appeared on a charge of attempted murder. The matter was postponed to 8 May for plea and trial. The accused is on bail. Fritz Meriri (47) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 18 June for legal aid. The accused remains in custody. Pinehas Nuuyoma Pinehas (32) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive blood-alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 25 June for lab

results. The accused is on bail. Nairobi Beukes (30) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed 3 May for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Elvin Tourob (31) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 16 April for plea. The accused remains in custody. Titus Hamutenya (25) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 24 April for plea. The accused is on bail. Elifas Shivolo (47) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 16 April for plea. The accused is on bail of N$8 000. Josef Demuimba (45) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 24 April for plea. The accused remains in custody. Rodney Mokatu (29) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 7 Amy for further investigations. The accused remains in custody. Otto Gonteb (22) appeared on a charge of malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 16 May for legal representation. The accused remains in custody. Errol Arendse (39) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 23 April for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Doreen De Klerk (24) appeared on a charge of treatment of neglect of children. The matter was postponed to 23 April for tracing of accused. The accused is at large and a warrant of arrest was issued. Phumlani Hajisi (26) appeared on charges of malicious damage to property and theft. The matter was postpone to 23 April for tracing of accused. The accused is at large and a warrant of arrest was issued. Jim Leon McClune (26) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 26 June for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Morgan Enzio Mouton (29) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 6 June for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Joshua Hecht (39) appeared on a charge of fraud. The matter was postponed to 2 May because the accused was absent. The accused remains in custody. Phillipus Hashiyene (37) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 16 April for plea. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Elaiser Silvanus (27) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 23 May for further investigation. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Paschke Russell John (49) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 8 August for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$8 000. Steven Nimingombe (43) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 23 May for plea. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Baretta Bock (25) appeared on charges of reckless or negligent driving and failing to ascertain injuries sustained. The matter was postponed to 24 May for further investigations. The accused remains in custody. Fillipus Mwashekuna (45) appeared on a charge of assault by threat. The matter was postponed to 3 May for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Ortner Rikambura (29) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 9 May for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Owen Kufinya (31) appeared on a charge of remaining in Namibia after expiration of visitor's entry permit. The accused was found guilty with evidence. The accused was sentenced to pay a fine of N$3 000 and 12 months imprisonment. Gerson Fliede (27) appeared on charges of assault by threat and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 16 April for plea. The accused remains in custody.

************* Walvis Bay Court Report 9 April Fransiska Ndala (31), Martha Kapembe (36) Sabina Hosea (33) All three appeared on a charge of theft. (January 2016) Bail of N$2 000 extended to 28 May 2018. Jereth Revastion Mission (20) Malicious damage to property (April 2017) Case withdrawn. Ignashow Mcbrown (24) Possession of drugs (July 2018) Bail of N$700 extended to 13 June 2018. Ronald Stevens (44), Hilario Morkel (34), Jabix Apolis (38), Jan Matthys (44), Romeo Isaaks (33) Rodger Damonze (37) Harvesting of rock lobsters for recreational purpose by means other than diving from shore using artificial breathing apparatus (May 2018) on bail. Petrus Vashoka (27) Use of a vehicle without the owner's consent. Reckless and negligent driving. Accident (May 2018) Case is postponed to 22 May 2018 Underage boy Theft (April 2018) Placed in the care of a guardian. Revaldo Unaeb (20) Theft (April 2018) Bail of N$500 granted. Williams Tjivatjie (34) Assault (April 2018) Fine of N$1 000 or 60 days imprisonment. John Koita (36) Failure to pay maintenance (May 2018) Bail amount of N$2 000 granted and transferred. Kondeni Haimbodi Kondja (32) Theft (February 2018) Remain in custody. Lee awardo Sitzer (22) Assault (March2018) Session cancelled.

13 APRIL 2018

5 arrested for copper wire theft Five men were arrested on Wednesday morning with stolen copper wire in an area close to the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC) in Swakopmund where new residential plots are serviced. On the right: The suspects allepictures of the power gedly stole the kiosk affected and copper wire and the spot where it was also three copper water taps from the removed premises of Gererai Electric Company. They took the opportunity when guards on the premises changed shifts. The electrical contractor is contracted to construct a power kiosk and main electrical cabling which have to be handed over to ErongoRED once the development is completed. The suspects, Eddy Ewald (23), Jason Hoeseb (25), Perus Daniel (18), Moses Ndaipanda (24) and a minor boy of seventeen were arrested with 1 bundle of copper wire and 3 copper taps. The suspects set the copper wire on fire, in an attempt to melt the plastic wire casing and lay bare the copper. According to Detective Inspector Daniel Gurirab of Namibian Police, the copper taps were recovered intact, but the copper wire was damaged and rendered useless. The value of the copper was set at N$41 274. The investigation into the incident will now determine who is the rightful owner of the stolen items and whether additional charges [malicious damage to property] will be added. ¡ The theft of copper is a crime which affects everyone. It sabotages service delivery to the nation in that as a result people suffer power outages, communication breakdowns and it slows down development progress.




13 APRIL 2018

Queen Elizabeth here soon The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth calls at the port of Walvis Bay on 26 April as part of a world cruise between Hong Kong and Southampton in the U.K. Queen Elizabeth is currently en route from Hong Kong to Cape Town and is expected alongside in Cape Town on 23 April. From Walvis Bay she will be northbound to the Canary Islands and Madeira and then the last leg to Southampton.

Friday 13 April High Tide: 01:58 Low Tide: 07:59 High Tide: 14:17 Low Tide: 20:06

Sunday 15 April High Tide: 03:01 Low Tide: 09:03 High Tide: 15:23 Low Tide: 21:12

Saturday 14 April High Tide: 02:29 Low Tide: 08:30 High Tide: 14:50 Low Tide: 20:39

Monday 16 April High Tide: 03:34 Low Tide: 09:36 High Tide: 15:57 Low Tide: 21:46

Port Log


13 APRIL 2018


Tackle substance abuse Young Namibian Entrepreneur making at the Coast a difference Rudi Bowe

Rudi Bowe

Several young people who include entrepreneur, Andrew Angula from AJ's Auto Styling, Pupkewitz Nissan Walvis Bay, Slam-Dunk Body Works, Bay Area Car Group and Noreldo Swartz teamed up to make a difference for vulnerable children in Walvis Bay.

Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay, Penelope Martin and Workshop Facilitator Tony Jarman with Workshop attendees Women's Action for Development (WAD) recently hosted an antisubstance abuse and gender based violence (GBV) workshop in Walvis Bay. Although a disappointing 15 participants attended only, it nonetheless was a learning curve for those who attended. Some of the topics covered were anger and stress management, the twelve steps to breaking a habit, the Combating of Rape Act, the socio-economic impact of substance abuse and possible solutions to gender based violence. The Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay, Clr. Penelope Martin, said at the occasion society's behaviour needs to be looked at when tackling GBV, and that residents of Walvis Bay face numerous social evils like drug- and alcohol abuse as well as GBV. “It is time we take responsibility for our actions. We cannot expect government and the police to do everything. We need to stand up and do something”, said Clr. Martin. The state of a home is a reflection of the state of a society. Clr. Martin encouraged everyone to assume a meaningful role in shaping their communities. “Let's not forget that the children is watching us and model our behaviour.” Martin added everybody has to take introspection and ask the following two absolute critical questions: ·What behaviours are being displayed by our fathers, brothers and sons towards the women in their lives? ·How are our mothers, sisters and daughters able to survive in their own homes, where they are supposed to feel most safe?” Facilitator, Tony Jarman, explained the main aim of the workshop is to try and make a difference in Walvis Bay. Those who attended made use of the opportunity to take a pledge never to entertain substance abuse of any kind in their lives. Jarman leads a group of people who regularly conducts workshops to teach people against substance abuse and to help addicted people to find help.

These companies with their staff are organisers of three Charity Breakfast Runs, during which people can donate items of their choice which can benefit children at the Sunshine Kids Centre. The first of three Runs was held recently. Through people of the drag races goodies to the value of N$2 500 were collected. Then cam the Charity Breakfast Run which involved motor- and bike enthusiasts of all walks of life. They departed from the Dunes Mall to Afrodite Beach for a photo shoot and a most enjoyable social event. Last Thursday the donation was

handed over to the Sunshine Kids Centre. Sunshine Kids Centre Director, Elsa Murangi, expressed her gratitude and said that it is amazing to see that young people also doing their part in their community and she hope that other young people will follow suit. The Deputy Mayor, Clr. Penelope Martin, said on behalf of the Municipality of Walvis Bay and the Walvis Bay Child and Family Centre, that they are thankful and that it warms her heart to see young people blessing others and supporting fellow community members.


13 APRIL 2018

NB SCAM ALERT!!! All efforts now abandoned to salvage stricken Japanese tuna fishing vessel For centuries since the dawn of seafaring, the Namibian coast has seen its fair share of shipwrecks. The latest one now is the Japanese tuna long liner fishing vessel Fukuseki Maru.Fukuseki Maru ran aground in the Cape Cross area in the night hours of 21/22 March this year with 80 tons of frozen tuna aboard. Despite several attempts to re-float her, with the assistance of the power salvage tug SA Amandla, the entire salvage has now been abandoned. Mr Paul van der Merwe of Walvis Bay Diving and Launch confirmed this yesterday and said the next focus now would be a wreck recovery. “It is an unfortunate situation. We must be realistic, however, that the vessel cannot be re-floated again”, he said. The salvage operations to date is estimated to have already cost nearly N$50 million. It was explained the Department of Maritime Affairs will now issue a wreck recovery notice to the vessel owners for insurance purposes. A whole new process will now start to get a wreck recovery operation in motion. Mariette Brand sniff! dit is so sad! ek sou haar maar daar gelos het, sy het tog maar haar laaste 'crew' gedra tot daar, en mense kan haar prag bekyk van alle kante af! History made with a little bit of sadness at the end! Neville Fourie Good, they were probably running in shore at night dragging net's and ducking back out to deep water before they got caught, but karma caught them and now they cannot get away. Gregory Baumgarten Neville, I agree with you bro. That's what happens in angolan waters. Monolito Du Toit Maybe you should look up the words long liner. Seriously people do a little bit of research before hitting your name with a plank Sharn Leary 50 million, i some how dont think so and for what i may ask as the ship has not moved? The cost of the vessel is about that or less ! Chris Wildblood What was the captain thinking? surely the Namibian coast is easy enough to miss. We all know it's there and we're not in the 18th century. Franz Vernon Muller What were they doing there in the first place, catching our kabeljou or

what? Otto Bertolini How much is this vessel worth if refloating has run to 50 million? Need to find me a Japanese partner Retha Booysen van Rensburg Meer van die Chinese gemors moet op d rotse loop! Ons "goewerment" se oë is bot toe vir die gevare van hul vriendskap met China. Jens Unterlerchner the ocean gives and the ocean takes. Mike Lynch Good sink them all, fished out their own waters now plundering Africa. Hannes Swanepoel A new jewel in the skeletons coast shipwreck crown. Chrys Sky'wker Sikosi Snr Economically strategic plan, insurance will cover. Next topic please. Natangwe Shiwaya All these nonsense only happening now after the food from Japan given to the politicians. Gary Bowler Good work for some, and excitement. Makey Makey And the cost of the vessel is how much? Gary Bowler Yup, all good. Cheryl Hart Survivors?

Dear all - Please be aware of a certain "Raymund van Wyk". He calls and states that he is from FNB Walvis bay. He tries to use different means to scam money out of people. He phones from this number 0813326267 or this one, 0813635154. He would try to lure his victims into giving their usernames and passwords over the phone. A BANK WILL NEVER REQUIRE YOU TO PROVIDE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD OVER A PHONE. Cameron 'Urs Truly' Pieterse Namibia should start registering sim cards. ID and Residential address required. No more funny scams. Jay Nyendwa Like in Zambia. Sim cards are registered with national ID. Foibe Naita Nashinge Like before please! Glynnis Grane He called me this morning. He uses the namib times for leads. Wilhelmus Kempen Claassens Please. Can he phone me. Tsenaye Tc Windhoek But Namibians also how many times are you told never to give passwords or login details to anyone Namibians are easy targets for crime the level of gullability here is too damn high! Mam'selle Luiperth The FNB, Police department as well as MTC is aware of the scam and the number they are suing. Why dont they just trace the guy and deal with him. Period. Mechil M Edom H also called m at work on the landline asking if am aware tht the systems of fnb hve changed i said no then h asked m 2 take my phne so h can give m the new codes, told him my phne s on charge far from m just 2 hear wht h wud say nxt h said il hold just go get th phne then u enter ur cellphne banking pin I quickly hung up h neva called back again.

13 APRIL 2018

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Home Based Office (Printing) ON ERF: 100 TOWNSHIP: Kuisebmond STREET: Khomashochland Street. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Printing Office on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 3 May 2018. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Abiatar Valilifu, P O Box 4582, Walvis Bay




13 APRIL 2018

An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Bunte Welt des PSS-Basars In Wien mit Trio Feminale Swakopmund(sk) Man betritt das Gelände der Privatschule Swakopmund und fühlt sich in eine wohlige Wolke eingebettet. Überall wimmelt es von aufgeregten, fröhlichen Kindern und Jugendlichen, die mit Begeisterung einen bunten Basar gestalteten. Nicht zu vergessen sind selbstverständlich auch die Eltern und Lehrkräfte mit ihrem Beitrag zu einem Fest, das seit 20 Jahren jährlich gefeiert wird, nämlich seit den Anfängen dieser renommierten Schule, die von Elternhand aufgebaut wurde. Was 1998 mit

Trio Feminale in leutseliger Laune auf der Swakopmunder Jetty. Foto: Johanna Schindler PSS-Schüler Karin Schommarz und Tinaye Murasiki, beide in der 11. Klasse, vertreten die Fußballmannschaft der Niederlande - auch wenn das Land noch nie einen Weltmeistertitel errungen hat. Karin mag die entspannte Atmosphäre in kleinen Klassen an ihrer Schule, und Tinaye, der die PSS seit der ersten Klasse besucht, hat auch nur Gutes über die Privatschule zu sagen. Fotos: Susann Kinghorn

Swakopmund (sk) Sowohl Inländer als auch Küstenbewohner dürfen sich auf Musik des Walzerkönigs, Wienerisches, Operetten- und Salonmusik freuen. Am 21. April tritt das KüstenFrauen-Ensemble zum 25. Jubiläum der “Hörerinitiative” im Ballsaal des ehemaligen Hotels Grüner Kranz, jetzt „Imagine Games Cafe“, im Grüner-Kranz-Komplex in der McAdamstraße im südlichen Industrieviertel in Windhoek auf. Kleidung: Formell oder

Abend-Dirndl. Das Trio hatte bereits zum 20. Jubiläum der Privataktionsgruppe zugunsten des deutschen Radiosenders erfolgreich aufgespielt, und auch dieser elegante Abend mit einem österreichischen DreiGänge-Menü verspricht gute Unterhaltung und Genuss. Beginn ist um 19 Uhr , und die Karten zu N$ 350,- pro Person können im Juweliergeschäft Herrle & Herma im SANLAM-Zentrum in der Independence Avenue in Wind-

hoek oder in Swakopmund am Ankerplatz erworben werden. Damit die Küstenbewohner nicht zu kurz kommen, wird am Montag, den 30. April, zum Vollmond, Wienerisches und mehr um 17h30 Uhr bei einem Glas Wein und Snacks im Innenhof von Otto Günther angeboten. Karten zu N$ 80,- sind bei Otto Günther oder an der Abendkasse erhältlich. Es wäre ratsam, sich in beiden Fällen vorher Karten zu besorgen, damit ein Sitzplatz garantiert ist.

Worte der Woche Willos Geiriseb und Valerik Hilbert, beide in der Klasse 7D, schienen ihren Spaß am Kuchenstand zu haben, der eine wahre Augenweide war und die Geschmackszellen ordentlich zum Tröpfeln brachten. 7 Schülern im Deutschen Pfadfinderheim begann, hat sich heute zu einer stattlichen Institution für etwa 400 Schulpflichtige gemausert. In einem Gespräch mit Schulleiter Hein Daiber, der seit nunmehr zwei Jahren die Zügel der PSS in der Hand hält, und seiner Frau Metti in der Kaffeestube des Basars ergab sich das Bild einer Ausbildungsstätte, die immer wieder auf harmonischem Wege das Ziel entspannter und gleichzeitig motivierender Bildung anzustreben versucht. Der ehemalige Personalmanager und Unternehmensberater scheint als Fädenzieher der privaten Ausbildungs-

stätte seine Berufung gefunden zu haben. Das 20. Jubiläum der Privatschule Swakopmund wird nicht im großen Stile gefeiert, da die PSS im Juni bereits in einem Festakt zur PASCH-Schule ernannt wird. PASCH steht für die Initiative „Schulen: Partner der Zukunft“, die weltweit mehr als 1800 Schulen vernetzt, an denen Deutsch einen besonders hohen Stellenwert hat. Dafür ist 2019 - zum 21. Bestehensjahr und zur “Volljährigkeit” dieser Institution - ein stilvolles Event geplant. Doch zurück zum Basar! Dieses jährliche Volksfest hat wieder einmal gezeigt, wie dynamisch es hier zugeht. Ein Dank geht an das Personal, die Eltern,

Benjamin Bailey (links) und Dandrè Steenkamp, Klassenkameraden in der 7E, versuchten sich beim “Russland-Stand” in einem eher heißen als kalten Krieg mit Kissen gegenseitig zu Fall zu bringen. Schüler und allen vo- nistration), Dagmar ran an den Basar-Aus- Wacker, Carin Burger schuss, bestehend aus: und Adriaan Viviers Kate Düvel (Essen), (Reklame und DekoChantel Kutz (Deko- ration) und Vaida van ration), Metti Daiber der Merwe (Stände und und Ursula Malan (Ver- Sonstiges). losung sowie Admi-

Die einzigen Tiere, die nicht aussterben, sind die schwarzen Schafe. Manfred Sinner Das schwarze Schaf zu sein, ist gar nicht so übel. Vor allem dann, wenn man sich die weißen Schafe einmal etwas genauer angesehen hat. Anonym Ihr lachad mi aus, weil i andersch bin. I lach eich aus, weil ihr älle gläisch säid. Das schwarze Schaf auf Schwäbisch

Das schwarze Schaf

Der 7-jährige Thies Spenger aus der ersten Klasse durfte sich beim Glücksrad-Stand einen Preis aussuchen. Auf die Frage, was er an der PSS am meisten genießt, antwortete er ohne Umschweife: “Die Pause!”

Ob solch ein Eheresultat den Trotzkopf von dem Vater hat, ob er gar mehr noch mutterstreitig, das bleibt erfahrungsmäßig streitig. Illustration: Robert Högfeldt


13 APRIL 2018


An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Du sollst nicht töten Locker vom Hocker

Der 1959 in Kochel am See geborene deutsche Schriftsteller eines Syriers und einer Schlesierin, Friedrich Ani, hat diese Kurzgeschichte verfasst, die hier in zwei Episoden wiedergegeben wird Folge 2 Ist das eine Wahrheit? Erklärt der apokalyptische Reiter im Kopf des 17-jährigen Felix seine Untaten? Andere Jugendliche spielen ebenso Computer, rasen auf dem Weg zum Erwachsenwerden wieder und wieder innerlich gegen die Wand und kommen dennoch unversehrt aus ihrem Zimmer und erkennen die Unterschiede. In der Untersuchungshaft begann Felix, in der Bibel zu lesen. Einen Computer vermisste er nicht, er schrieb sanftmütige Briefe an seine Familie. “Auf meine Stirn tritt kaltes Metall. / Spinnen suchen mein Herz. / Es ist NDein Licht, das in meinem Mund erlöscht,” dichtete Trakl. Ist das eine Wahrheit: Aus Verzweiflung verabreicht eine 31-jährige Mutter in einem Dorf in SchleswigHolstein ihren drei bis neun Jahre alten Kindern Tabletten und erstickt sie, nachdem sie eingeschlafen sind, mit einer Plastiktüte. Fünf Jungen: Jonas, Justin, Ronan, Liam, Aidan. Im 450Seelen-Dorf kannte man sie alle, man wusste: Liam war mit einem Herzfehler zur Welt gekommen und Autist. Steffi, seine Mutter, versucht, ihm beizustehen, wo es nur ging, gern hätte sie genügend Geld für eine Delfintherapie zusammengebracht, unermüdlich sammelte sie Informationen übers Internet. Unermüdlich? Niemand ist unermüdlich, schon gar nicht eine Mutter, die fünf Jungen versorgen muss, tagein, tagaus. Du sollst nicht töten. Du sollst nicht töten.

Edler Adler mit gewaltigem Schrei

Das erlöschende Licht im Mund einer Mutter. Wie dunkel muss es sein, um das eigene Kind mit einer Plastiktüte zu ersticken? Das erste Kind, dann das zweite. Dann das dritte. Dann den kranken Liam, der so sehr in sich eingekapselt lebte, dass er vielleicht den Kummer, der seine Mutter auffraß wie ein Krebs, gar nicht bemerkte. Irrglaube. Jedes Kind nimmt den Kummer der ganzen Welt wahr, das wusste Steffi genau, auch wenn es später hieß, sie sei psychisch lrank und schuldunfähig. Und so erstickte sie den armen Liam und noch das fünfte Kind, dann rief sie einen Arzt an und bekannte ihre Schuld. Nach Auffassung des Untersuchungsrichters stellte Steffi “eine Gefahr für die Allgemeinheit” dar, deswegen wurde sie in einer psychiatrischen Anstalt untergebracht. Aus dem Feuer und der Wolke und dem Dunkel sprach der Herr zu Moses mit großer Stimme und schrieb auf eine steinerne Tafel: DU SOLLST NICHT TÖTEN. Drei Babys tötete eine 28-Jährige in einem kleinen sächsischen Dorf, eines nach dem anderen, immer sofort nach der Geburt, niemand hatte bemerkt, dass sie schwanger war, nicht einmal ihr Freund. Ist das zu glauben? Kann das eine Wahrheit sein? “Soziale Verwahrlosung”, “Depersonalisation”. Wähnen wir uns in der Obhut solcher Erklärungen in Sicherheit? Schuf Gott das Hormon Oxytocin, das der

medizinischen Forschung zufolge die Bindungsfähigkeit der Mutter zu ihrem Kind gewährleistet? Vergisst Gott das Hormon bei manchen Müttern, oder hat er es bei ihnen falsch dosiert? Und handeln diese Frauen dann nicht nur gegen ihre Kinder, sondern vor allem gegen sich selbst? Ist das, was sie planen und schließlich in die Tat umsetzen, eine Art erweiterter Selbstmord - mit dem Unterschied zum klassischen Modell, dass sie dabei selbst am Leben bleiben? Warum auch immer: weil ihre Kräfte nicht mehr reichen? Weil sie wissen, sie würden den Rest, die Selbstabschaffung, später erledigen, in der Stille einer Arrestzelle, am Gipfelpunkt der Vereinsamung? Der Kindsmord, sagt die Literaturwissenschaftlerin Elisabeth Bronfen, sei eine “Chiffre dafür, was es bedeutet, radikal verlassen zu sein, der Welt entrückt, nichts mehr da. Die Zerstörung des Kindes heißt, jegliche Bindung zu dieser Welt zu kappen.” Wenn das zutrifft, was bleibt dann einem Mörder, außer sich selbst umzubringen, um die elementare Vereinsamung ein für alle Mal zu überwinden? Du sollst nicht töten. In der Geschichte des Christentums war auch der Selbstmord eine Zeit lang geächtet, eine Todsünde, die Leichen von Selbstmördern wurden geschunden, verbrannt, auf keinem Gottesacker begraben. Heute ist der Selbstmord keine Schande, er ist ein Tabu - und

doch ein tägliches Ereignis, überall auf der Welt. Einsamkeit gebiert Täter, Hass gebiert Täter, Dummheit gebiert Täter, blinder Gehorsam gebiert Täter. Wir erheben die Hand gegen uns selbst, wenn wir vor lauter Schatten in uns keine Luft mehr kriegen; gegen den nervigen Nachbarn, der zufällig unseren Weg kreuzt; gegen den dunkelhäutigen Fremden, dem wir endlich volltrunken heimleuchten; gegen den unbekannten Soldaten, der angeblich unser Feind ist. DU SOLLST NICHT TÖTEN. Warum steht da nicht: Du DARFST nicht töten? Weil Gott von Anbeginn an um unser armseliges Ringen wusste, um unsere mickrigen Strategien der Selbstbehauptung, um unser Scheitern? Angesichts der Welt und derer, die sie Tag für Tag sehenden Auges und klaren Verstandes Stein um Stein zerstören, erscheint das sechste Gebot in manchen Nächten wie ein hämisches Echo des Schweigens Gottes im Brunnen des Hains. “Und ich sah die schwarze Hölle in meinem Herzen.” Georg Trakl, “Offenbahrung und Untergang” ENDE

Liebe Küstenleser! Hierzulande wird er häufig als Fischadler bezeichnet, dieser majestätische Greifvogel aus der Familie der Habichtartigen, der meist in den Kronen hoher Bäume nahe an Gewässern sitzt. Es handelt sich jedoch um einen Schreiseeadler (haliaeetus vocifer). Seeadler sind wesentlich größer als Fischadler (Pandion

Ich bin absolut vernarrt in diese Raubvögel, die mit ihrem gelbschwarzen Schnabel und weißdunklen Kontrastgefieder nicht nur anmutig anzusehen sind, sondern absolute Freiheit für mich symbolisieren. Interessant finde ich, dass die Internationale Union zur Bewahrung der Natur und natürlicher Ressourcen (ICUN) den Bestand

seeadler-Weibchen wiegt ein ganzes Kilo mehr als ihr männlicher Gegenpart und hat eine Flügelspannweite von bis zu 2,5 m das Männchen höchstens 2 m. Es freut mich, dass der

Auf Beute wartend: ein Schreiseeadler-Pärchen am Hausdamm der Farm Nr. 143 namens Ohakaua südwestlich von Otjiwarongo, auf der sich die Otjiwa Game Ranch befindet. Foto: Susann Kinghorn haliaetus) und sehen auch anders aus. Der falsche Name hat sich eingebürgert, weil der Schreiseeadler im Englischen als Fish Eagle und im Afrikaansen als visarend bekannt ist.

Möchten Sie mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen? Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn; Tel. 405183 oder 0812538850; E-Mail: Sitz gerade!

der Schreiseeadler als nicht gefährdet einstuft, da es NOCH (ich sage, NUR noch) 100 000 bis 200 000 Paare gibt. Vergleichen wir diese Zahl einmal mit den aktuell 7,5 Milliarden Menschen, die diesen Erdball zerquetschen. Übrigens, bei Säugetieren und vielen Vögeln sind häufig die Männchen größer als die Weibchen. Bei Raubvögeln, Reptilien und Gliederfüßern hingegen ist es meist umgekehrt. Das Schrei-

Schreiseeadler eines der Wappentiere Namibias ist und seine unverkennbaren Schreie, die wie eine Freiheitsinjektion bis ins Knochenmark wirken, treffend „die Stimme Afrikas“ genannt werden.. Ihre Susann Kinghorn, die in ihrem nächsten Leben ein Schreiseeadler sein möchte, der sich von hoch oben mal so richtig die Kehle sauberschreien will.


13 APRIL 2018

NOTICES & VACANCIES ENVIRONMENTAL & REZONING NOTICE Primeline Investments CC (the proponent) intends to construct and operate a new four (4) storey hotel with ancillary and related facilities in Meersig, Walvis Bay.

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY PUBLIC NOTICE CONSTRUCTION OF ILLEGAL STRUCTURES (BACKYARD SHACKS) IN WALVIS BAY Notice is hereby given in terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, Building Regulations, Cabinet Directives, letter of undertaking by NHE as well as the Deed of Sale that no illegal structures (Backyard shacks) are allowed at houses constructed under Mass housing and all new housing developments in Walvis Bay. Therefore, this Public Notice serves as a notification that all illegal structure in the following Extensions be demolished with immediate effect:-

· Extension 3 Kuisebmond · Extension 4 Kuisebmond · Extensions 5, 6 and 7 Kuisebmond · Extension 6 and 7 Narraville In addition, the Municipal Council of Walvis Bay and National Housing Enterprise will serve official notices on all house owners in the above-mentioned Extensions for the illegal structures to be removed. Property owners ignoring the contents of this notice risk the prospect of legal action being taken against them. Jack Manale Manager: Housing and Properties Tel: (064) 201 3338 Email:

The hotel will provide accommodation, sell meals and liquor to guests and the general public, and will be licenced to operate a casino. Draft plans of the hotel indicate 68 bedrooms, a restaurant, bar, conference venue, casino, and smaller ancillary and related facilities. The proposed site is Erven 980, 991, 992, 993 and 1288 in Kovambo Nujoma Drive and Harmony Street, Meersig Extension 1. Plans and particulars of the hotel are available in the Background Information Document (BID) which can be downloaded from: The construction of a hotel is a listed activity in terms of the Environmental Management Act (Act No. 7 of 2007) and may not be undertaken without an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC). Notice is hereby given that Stewart Planning – Town & Regional Planners have been appointed to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the project and intends to submit the following: · Application to the Environmental Commissioner for an ECC to construct and operate a hotel in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GG No. 4878 – 6 February 2012) and the Environmental Management Act; · Application to the Municipality of Walvis Bay to consolidate and rezone Erven 980, 991, 992, 993 and 1288 Meersig Extension 1 from “Single Residential” to “General Residential 2” with consent for a Hotel and Place of Amusement (Casino) in terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme; and · Consent to commence with construction while the rezoning is in progress. The public consultation process in terms of the Environmental Management Act will be used as input to the above town planning procedures. Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are hereby invited to register and submit their comments and concerns regarding the proposed hotel and rezoning to Stewart Planning. To register, please submit your name, surname, address, comments, and contact information to Stewart Planning by mail or e-mail. The closing date for registration and submission of comments is 7 May 2018. Contact information: Stewart Planning Town & Regional Planners P. O. Box 2095 Walvis Bay Email: Email: Website: Tel: +264 64 280 770

13 APRIL 2018

N O T I C E S & V A C A N C I E S



MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY An equal opportunity Employer The Municipal Council of Walvis Bay offers the following opportunity to Namibian Citizens


TECHNICIAN: WWEM (PATTERSON GRADE LEVEL C3) Purpose of the Job To render defined technical services, including design and drawing functions and project management/quality control to the Department Water, Waste & Environmental Management (WWEM) in planning & monitoring the construction, maintenance and operation of the sewer reticulation, sewage purification, purified effluent and water reticulation, solid waste collection and disposal and related structures and systems. Key Performance Areas · Planning, Design and Project Management · Building plans approval and relaxation with regard to WWE services · GIS service and data collation in support of computerised infrastructure data · Oversees the drawing office/administration/ provide assistance to in-house employees · Daily care of equipment and vehicle · Staff supervision and related administration Qualifications and Experience · 3-year Diploma (T3) in Engineering or equivalent plus 3 years' experience in either or all of: project management, drafting, design, surveying, CAD/GIS services in a Civil Engineering environment, preferably water or sewer. OR · B-Tech in Civil Engineering or equivalent qualification plus 2 years' experience in either or all of: project management, drafting, design, surveying, CAD/GIS services in a Civil Engineering environment, preferably water or sewer. · AND · Code B Driving License Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, Attributes) · Conscientiousness and ability to give attention to detail · Computer literacy · Sound customer service orientation · Ability to meet deadlines Closing date: Thursday, 19 April 2018 Remuneration The remuneration package will be market related, inclusive of competitive service benefits. Applicants are advised to apply by forwarding a cover letter, a comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualifications and any other relevant documents to: The Manager: Human Resources Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay Hand delivered applications can be submitted at the entrance of the main building (front desk of the Security Officer) or via Courier Services to Municipality of Walvis Bay, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Civic Centre, Walvis Bay. Further information is obtainable from the Assistant HR Practitioner, Mr Absalom N Iiyambo at telephone number 0642013231. E-mail and fax applications are not acceptable NOTICE NO: MWB-047/2018


13 APRIL 2018

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

NOTICE ROSSINI Lothar Steak Restaurant Eisbein Essen Friday - 19h00 Rinder voulachen Essen Saturday - 19h00 Reserved your table. Original German Bratwuvst home-made 5th Road / Union Street. Contact: 081 223 7899

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13 APRIL 2018

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OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email:

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Bachelor flats to rent in Kuisebmond, Makriel Street. W+E included. Immediately available. 2x N$2300.00 + 2x N$2900.00. Deposit neg. Contact Mrs Issac: 081 314 9294 House To Rent in Tamariskia Swakopmund 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom plus 1 Garage, Immediately available. N$6500.00p/m water included Deposit [neg] Please call 081 100 2156 064 403 363House To Rent in Tamariskia Swakopmund 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom plus 1 Garage, Immediately available. N$6500.00p/m water included Deposit [neg] Please call 081 100 2156 064 403 363 FOR RENT, SWAKOPMUND Newly built house in Tamariskia Ext 3 with modern finishes FOR RENT. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and BiC. Rent N$8000.00 per month. Water included, prepaid electricity. Alarm optional. Garage under construction. Deposit N$8000.00 payable in the first 2 months. Available from 1st May 2018. Call 0816182630 for viewing. TO RENT: Walvis Bay, Hermes Bachelor flat to rent, fully furnished, water included, prepaid electricity. N$3200.00 + N$3200.00 deposit. Available 1 May 2018. Contact: 081 272 4003 TO RENT: Fairways – Walvis Bay - 2 Bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms, openplan kitchen, built in stove, lounge, garage. W+E and alarm included. N$7000.00 plus deposit. Contact Jolandie: 081 147 7626

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Swakopmund Tamariskia: Three bedroom house available as from the end of April 2018, for N$11 000.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 159 8755 / 081 435 1012. TE HUUR: Windhoek Finkenstein Manor, Afree - oord Slegs een persoon, moet ouer as 50 jaar wees Woonhuis op eie erf, hoe sekuriteits gekwalifiseerde suster aan diens. 2 slaapkamer, kombuis Groot toe braai. Rolstoel vriendelik Prys onderhandelbaar Kontak: 081 274 7366 081 377 4667 To Let: Bachelor unit with own yard and parking space up for rent in Mondesa for N$3300. Rates and Water inclusive, pre-paid electricity. Deposit equivalent to the rental amount but payable over 2-3 months. Contact: 0813051332 or To Let: Back yard flat to rent for N$4800: 2 bedrooms, dining, lounge, braai area, private space, shared garage. Deposit of N$4800 payable over 2months. Contact: 0813051332 or Pam Golding Properties Retail shops to let, centre of town From N$180.00 p/sqm Elné 081 343 1429 TO RENT: Swakopmund 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage, open plan, no animals N$ 7 000.00 p/m Plus deposit Also for sale N$1, 480 mil. Contact: 081 231 7098 TO RENT: Kuisebmund: 2 Bedroom free standing house for rent, bathroom, kitchen and Lounge. N$ 4300 p/m + deposit. Water included. Call 081 659 5587. TO RENT: Room to rent in Walvis Bay town, behind Municipality, with kitchenette and shower room, water + electricity included. Rent: N$3000.00 + N$3000.00 deposit required. Immediately available. For more info contact: 081 277 9268

PROPERTIES TO RENT House to rent: Narraville Modern newly renovated house - 3 Bedrooms; 2 Bathrooms; Open plan kitchen, dining area and entertainment area; Lounge; Laundry; Double garage; well-maintained garden and interlocks Price N$8500, Water and electricity excluded Call 081 200 6543 to arrange viewing. OFFICES TO LET SWAKOPMUND 4 interleading offices / practice rooms to let in 14 Windhuker Street Contact: 081-272 9736 TO RENT: 138 sqm warehouse with office space to rent in Swakopmund Industrial area (Einstein Street) N$4,900.- per month excluding VAT. Please contact 081 2564947. TO LET: TAMARISKIA *2 bedrooms with cupboards, kitchen with stove and oven, one automated garage in secure complex. N$ 6100.00 p/m including water and municipal charges. Contact James : 0812739389 OR 0816254105. *Bachelor flat with cupboards, kitchen with stove and oven, one automated garage in secure complex. N$ 4200.00 p/m including water and municipal charges. Contact James : 0812739389 OR 0816254105. Flat to Rent Swakopmund near Platz am Meer Fully Furnished 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom separate toilet open plane living area and Kitchen backyard with outside braai. Single garage N$ 8000.00 p/m W/E incl. Tel: 0812608400 Tel: 0812405364 TO RENT: 2 Bedroom, lounge and kitchen, new house at Matutura, Swakopmund. Price: N$4700.00, including water and prepaid electricity. Contact: 081 124 8739 / 081 294 9278

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication




FLAT TO RENT: Narraville, No 2 Kudu Road 2 Bedroom, W+E included. N$3500.00 p/m + deposit payable in 2 months. No children. Contact: 081 147 7969


CFS PROPERTIES CC SWAKOPMUND TO LET: HOUSE Tamariskia, Swakopmund. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen / lounge / dining, alarm & burglar bars, pre paid electricity, no garage, free standing, pet friendly, deposit required. Immediate available. N$6,160.00 HOUSE - Ocean View, Swakopmund. 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen / lounge / dining, alarm & burglar bars, single garage, free standing, pet friendly, pre paid electricity, deposit required. Immediate available. N$8,000.00 Call Irene @ 081 353 5551 / 064 412320 Please send message to: BACHELOR FLAT TO RENT: Narraville, Walvis Bay One bedroom, an openplan kitchen, toilet and shower. Strictly for a single person. N$3200.00 p/m, W+E included. N$1500.00 Deposit. No garage. Available immediately. Contact: 081 250 8702 / 081 442 8436 BACHELOR FLAT TO RENT: Narraville, Walvis Bay One bedroom, toilet & shower. Strictly for a single person. N$2200.00 p/m, W+E included, N$1000.00 deposit. No garage, available immediately. Contact: 081 250 8702 / 081 442 8436 TO RENT: 3 Bedroom house to rent in Narraville, Sam Nujoma Avenue 171 with fitted kitchen, build in cupboards and one garage. W+E included. No deposit payable. N$8500.00. Available 1 May 2018. Contact: 081 128 8919 / 081 244 7081

TO RENT: Tamariskia, Swakopmund. 3 Bedroom house, garage, BIC, burglar bars, bathroom, open-plan sitting room & dining room. N$7500.00 p/m + deposit. Payable in 2 months. Immediately available. Contact: 081 147 7969 TO LET LANGSTRAND Fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms, open-plan kitchen and lounge. Double garage and balcony with braai and sea view. Water included in rent. Prepaid Electricity. Unfortunately no pets. N$8000p/m. Available immediately. Contact: 081 256 7472. Two Bedroom Flat for rent - Mondesa Tulinawa N$ 4800.00 p/m Water and electricity included. 50% Deposit required. Available immediately. Two Bedroom House for Rent - Mondesa Tulinawa N$ 4500 p/m Only water included, 50% deposit required Available 1st May 2018 One room with own bathroom rent Mondesa Tulinawa N$ 2800.00 Water and Electricity included 50% deposit required. Available from 14th April 2018 One room with own bathroom rent Mondesa Tulinawa N$ 2500.00 Water and Electricity included, 50% deposit required. Available from 14th April 2018 For viewing call. Nono 0817578801 Dea 0812393717 TO RENT: 2 bedroom house to rent in Walvis Bay, Kuisebmond. Pluto street house 5972. 2 bathrooms, g4s, alarm, hot water. DSTV Dish Build in cupboards water is excluded. N$ 5 000.00 p/m Contact: 081 285 2272 081 223 3370


TO LET SWAKOPMUND CENTRAL N$ 5400 – 1 bed flat, 1 bath, open-plan kitchen/lounge, with garage, imm avail N$ 7300 – 1 bed, 1 bath, basement parking, basic furniture, water incl, imm avail N$ 8025 – 2 bed, 1 bath, with sunroom, openplan kitchen / lounge, furnished & water incl, avail 1st of May 18 N$ 8500 – 3 bed flat, 2 bath, double garage 3rd floor, imm avail N$ 10 000 – Furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 garage, Imm avail N$16 500–3 Bed, 3 bath, 3 Garages, ground floor, sea view flat ROSSMUND N$ 7150 – 1 bed, 1 bath, kitchen/lounge and single garage,furnish /unfurnished, W&E Included, avail imm VINETA N$8500 – 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 garage, open-plan kitchen/lounge & dining avail 1st of May 18 N$ 13 500 – 3 Bed, 2 bath, 2 garage, alarm, imm available N$22 000 – 3 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, lounge, dining, BBQ area, PLUS a bachelor flat, 2x scullery / laundry, jacuzzi & office space, with 5 garage, imm avail MILE 4 N$8000 – Fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, open-plan kitchen / lounge, single garage, avail 1st of May 18 N$9200-Fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, open-plan kitchen/lounge, single garage, imm avail OCEAN VIEW Townhouses: N$11 000 3 bed, 2 bath, indoor BBQ double garage Houses: N$11 800 3bed, 2 bath, double garage, Indoor BBQ, imm avail N$16 000–3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, openplan kitchen / lounge with 2 bed flat, water incl, avail 1st of May 18 N$19 000 – Furnished, 3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, open-plan kitchen / lounge, scullery & indoor BBQ, Imm avail HAGE HEIGHTS N$ 11 000 - 3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, imm avail MONDESA N$4950 – 2 bed, 1 bath, no garage, avail 1st of May 18 N$5000 – 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage, avail 1st of May 18 N$6100 – 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage imm avail N$7150 – 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage, imm avail N$7150 – 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage, imm avail LONG BEACH N$7000 – 3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, openplan kitchen / lounge / dining, indoor BBQ, imm avail N$11 500 – 3 bed, 2 bath, Open-plan kitchen / lounge / dining, Indoor BBQ, Single garage, avail Imm N$12 000 – 4 bed house, with 3 bath, guest toilet, open-plan kitchen lounge, Indoor BBQ, with bachelor flat and double garage, imm avail ARANDIS N$ 3750–2 bed, 1 bath no garage, imm avail N$ 4500 – 2 bed house, open-plan kitchen / lounge PLUS bachelor flat, imm avail Call Lucille 081 169 6216 Erika 081 158 3464 064 464 033


13 APRIL 2018

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

PROPERTIES TO RENT TWO BEDROOM FLAT TO RENT IN KUISEBMOND 2x Bedroom with BIC, kitchen with BIC, stove and oven, own toilet with hot water, burglar door and windows. Rent: N$3500.00 p/m, water included, deposit – N$3500.00 – pay instalments. Available immediately. Contact: 081 659 5587 TO RENT: Kuisebmond A room with build in cupboards and alarm system. Preferable for single, with sober manners. Rent: N$2450.00 p/m, W+E included. Contact: 081 745 8244 RENT REDUCED IN WALVIS BAY Union Street – House No 63 New three bedroom house out of which one en-suite, tandem garage, open-plan kitchen, built in braai, BIC, pet friendly, three toilets, prepaid meter, fully alarmed. Rent: N$7500.00 p/m, excluding (W+E). Meersig – 3 Minute Walk to Lagoon: New two bedroom house, single garage, open-plan, kitchen, built in braai, BIC, small pet friendly, three toilets, prepaid meter, fully alarmed. Rent: N$5900 p/m, excluding (W+E). One month deposit and references required. Call: 081 378 7347 / 081 697 8588 / 064 204 986 or Email to: FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. WOONSTEL TE HUUR IN LAGOON AREA, WALVISBAAI Vol gemeubileerde enkel woonstel bestaande uit kombuis, slaapkamer en badkamer. Beskikbaar 1 Mei. Veilig en privaat. Water, krag en gedeeltelike DSTV ingesluit. Jammer, geen kinders of troeteldiere. Onderdak parkering opsoineel. N$4200.00 p/m + dep, vir enkel persoon. N$4600.00 vir 2 persone. Kontak: 081 247 1687 FLAT TO RENT IN NARRAVILLE One bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. N$2800.00 per month + N$1400.00 deposit. Water and electricity included. Contact: 081 819 2808 / 081 805 6073


KUISEBMOND, WALVIS BAY Newly built houses each on own erf!!! ~ 2 Bed, 1 bath without garage from N$ 630 000.00 ~ 2 Bed, 1 bath with garage from N$ 690 000.00 ~ 3 Bed, 2 bath without garage from N$ 750 000.00 ~ 3 Bed, 2 bath with garage from N$ 825 000.00 ~ Located within Walking Distance from beach ~ Each house on its own 300m² to 525m² plot Call Claudia at 081 169 6227 to book viewing or for more information! FOR SALE: Vacant Erven Mile 4 1247 sqm – N$1450 000.00 1040 sqm – N$800 000.00 Meersig Ext 2 N$650 000.00 – 596 sqm L & C Rental Estate CC Carlo: 081 253 7777 Linestie: 081 675 5551 FOR SALE: LONG BEACH APARTMENT: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage, open plan kitchen and lounge, indoor braai, balcony, N$ 1.35 million, neg. Contact: 0813051332 or Malakia Properties JABULANI Good Investment General monthly income of N$23 000.00 N$1.45mil TAMARISKIA PLOTS N$480 000.00 House 3 bedrooms, bathroom, open plan kitchen and double garage N$ 1.9 mil Walvis Bay 2 bedrooms, bic flat, bathroom, kitchen, bic with stove Unit one Edelweiss heights Parking area under roof N$ 800 000.00 Malakia Office 064-406783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email:malakiaproperties INVEST NOW IN THIS! 2 Bedroom townhouse which consist of fitted open-plan kitchen, lounge, bathroom and garage. For only N$700 000.00 Contact Ndeshi for viewing: 081 326 8742 / 081 288 0787

PROPERTIES FOR SALE Corner Property for Sale in Narraville, Walvis Bay 531 square meter – N$1 080 000.00 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Lounge, Dining, Kitchen, & Single Garage. Boundary Wall & Yard 85% Paved. Contact Owner – 081 127 4667 (only serious buyers) For Sale Swakopmund Vineta - House Corner erf of 937m² Close to all amenities 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Main bathroom a shower Second bathroom a bath Spacious OP Lounge, Dining Room and Indoor braai, kitchen, scullery / laundry, tandem garage, burglar bars, alarm, outside toilet, outside under roof braai, garden enclosed back yard. Plus flat, bedroom, bathroom with shower kitchenette, lounge N$2 600 000.00 Call Jan 081-270 8005 Hannes 081-149 8777 Irma 081-368 4469 CFS PROPERTIES CC FOR SALE HOUSE: TAMARISKIA SWAKOPMUND N$1,135,000-00 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, dining/lounge/kitchen, alarm, burglar bars, security doors, free standing, single garage. HOUSE: TAMARISKIA SWAKOPMUND N$1,520,000-00 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, dining/lounge/kitchen, alarm, burglar bars, single garage. Plus: 2 Bedroom flat with bathroom, lounge/dinging/kitchen, single garage. Plus: Extra spacious bedroom with bathroom. Irene 081 353 5551 064 412320 Walvis Bay, Central, Priced for Fast Sale! N$1460 000 CC reg. Only 4 Units in Complex! Spacious and Neat Unit, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open Plan Living and Dining Area, Large Double Garage and Private Courtyard! Leading Real Estates, Frans 081 122 1687

BUSINESS FOR SALE BUSINESS FOR SALE Restaurant in Walvis Bay, fully equipped. As running concern, registered in CC. Special liquor license. Ideal location, 76 seats including bar + outside. Low rent + overheads, good turn over. Price reduced! Contact: 081 223 7899


CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FOR SALE: 1x Bergmann Jackpot Machine, 1x NG Jackpot Machine. All N$70 000.00 neg. Contact: 081 286 4508 FOR SALE: New large red blasting cabinet + 1 bag glass beads. N$10 500.00 Contact: 081 625 9580




FOR SALE: Swakopmund Chevy spark 2010 47 900 km N$ 38 000.00 NOT NEGOTIABLE Contact: 081 687 3209 081 288 5309

WANTED: I am looking for a car to buy. It must be a Corolla or Toyota Tazz. Any Toyota Corolla or Runx. For N$40 000.00. Contact: 081 332 4353

FOR SALE: Toyota Corolla 1.6 i 1996 model Excellent condition N$ 47 000.00 neg. Contact: 081 614 4441

WANTED: I am looking for second hand clothes for girls age 9, 15, 17, adults size 34, 36. Boys from 5 years, adult age from 20 years and for 6 months. Contact: 081 809 0240

MEAT Game Fresh from farm Order you carcasses a week in advance Contact Meisie 081 248 8230


WANTED: I am looking for a 1 bedroom flat, with BIC to rent in Narraville. Price range: N$2500.00 N$3000.00. Water and electricity included. As from end of May 2018. Contact: 081 200 4126 / 081 252 9546 WANTED: Urgently looking for a serviced erven / vacant land, around 300 to 500 sqm. Swakopmund, Walvis Bay or inland Cash buyer for up to NS 200 000 Please call 081 311 8540

TO HIRE LIVE STOCK FOR SALE 60x Kommersiele bonsmara koeie met kalfers N$7800

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ITEMS FOR SALE SWAKOPMUND CALL 081 567 4522 1x 250 lit concrete mixer with Honda petrol driven engine N$ 4 950.00 •2 x Defy Chest DeepFreezers from N$2200.00 •1 x Samsung Side by Side Fridge / Freezer metalic 550lt [just like new] N$5850.00 •5 x Fridges from N$1500.00 [each] •1x Craydon Professional Potato Peeler Machine [like new] N$2850.00 •2 x Casio Cash Registers from N$850.00 [each] •1x Anvil Gas-Operated Professional Chip-Fryer 20lt N$5500.00 •5 x TV [Box Type] Starting price from N$650.00 5 x Fishing Rod’s & reels from N$350.00 [each] Call 081 567 4522 For Sale 2 Post Bozel Lift Needs motor & attention N$ 3,000.00 as is Contact: 081 268 7978

Swakopmund: 4x4 Nissan Np300, Double cap Model 2013; Full service record; in good condition N$130 000.00 neg. Contact 081 606 5372 081 604 6999 2012 Mitsubishi Pajero Sports 4x4 , 7 Seater 124 000 km N$270 000 Contact Owner – 081 127 4667 (only serious buyers)

FOR SALE: 2014 Toyota Hilux 2.0 bakkie. Low mileage, petrol. Price: N$145 000.00 neg Contact: 081 442 8436 FOR SALE: Toyota Etios Cross 1.5 XS HB 451, 2015 model, only 60 000 km, one owner, like new, silver. N$140 000.00 Contact: 081 269 5583 / 081 294 3059 FOR SALE: VW Kombi T5 TDi 2010. 197 000 km. Extras: canvas seat covers, towbar. Excellent condition, complete service record. Only driven inland. N$195 000 neg. Tel: 081 275 3939

15x Bonsmara slag tollies N$4500 10x Slag koeie N$3500 30x Dragtige kommersiele koeie N$6000 50x Stoet boerbok ooie N$1300

HUUR ‘n TROKKIE 3,5 t / 4t Ek verwyder bou rommel / vullis / huistrekke / kantoor trekke. Enige tipe vragte. Bel my gerus. Ek laai self. Eugene: 081 611 1111

30x Stoet dragtige boerbok ooie N$900 20x Swart kop dorper ooie N$950 50x Wit brahman met kalvies N$9000 Skakel 0813041660


VACANCIES VACANCY - OTB SPORT Assistant Manager Swakopmund The Assistant Manager supports the Store Manager in ensuring that all store operations and processes are carried out effectively and in a professional manner. Requirements: Post Grade 12 Qualification Grade 12 Mathematics Physically Fit & Assertive Enjoy Communicating Fluent in English Resident in Swakop Prior Retail Experience would be beneficial If interested, please send CV with motivational letter to:

13 APRIL 2018


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

VACANCIES Der Deutsche Schulverein Swakopmund sucht Personen, die die Räumlichkeiten des DSS nutzen wollen um ihr Wissen/ Hobby anderen Erwachsenen oder Kindern beizubringen. Ob im schulischen, künstlerischen, musikalischen oder handwerklichen Bereich, spielt dabei keine Rolle. Bitte melden Sie sich bei Stephanie, 081-127 4615

VACANCY SALES REPRESENTATIVE HONEST -VIBRANT -NAMIBIAN CITIZEN -FLUENT IN ENGLISH AND AFRIKAANS -REFERENCE REQUIRED -DRIVERS LICENCE PLEASE FORWARD CV'S TO: THE MANAGER P.O. BOX 4032 WALVIS BAY MOLENZICHT PHARMACY SWAKOPMUND RE: Pharmacist Position We are looking for a motivated, qualified and registered. Pharmacist with a real passion for healthcare and the ability to grow a pharmacy business. The pharmacist should be eperieced in maintaining administrative records such as pharmacy files and patient profiles and provide patients with excellent customer care by accurately dispensing prescribed medication. The candidate must have the ability to advise patient on medication brands, medication storage and health care supplies In return company offers market related package. Interested candidates can forward curriculum vitae to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

JOBS WANTED WERK GESOEK: Ek is `n 34 jarige dame, baie dringend opsoek na werk. In Meersig, dorp, Lagoon, Langstrand. Dit kan vir die hele week of 2-3 dae `n week. Ek rook en drink nie. Ek is betroubaar en kan enige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 621 6162 / 081 483 7400



JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of work in Walvis Bay. Weekends and after hours. Waitress, bar and cooking. I can start immediately. Contact Queen: 081 293 0296 / 081 648 1093

JOB WANTED: I am a 36 year old man, looking for a suitable job as waiter, cook, tour guide or any other work. I have a certificate in Hotel and Catering supervising (I.C.M) U.K. I have 3 years experience in hospitality industry. 081 449 4085

WERK GESOEK: Ek is `n 45 jarige dame, opsoek na enige huiswerk. Maandae tot Vrydae of 3 dae `n week. Of stryk werk, ek kan enige dae stryk werk doen. Dit moet in Walvisbaai, Lagoon, Meersig, Langstrand en in die dorp. Ek is onmiddelik beskikbaar. Ek het verwysing. Kontak: 081 224 3542

JOB WANTED: Martin a 31 year old guy staying in Swakopmund. I am looking for painting work, willing to start anytime. I have experience for 8 years in painting and I provide the following services: Painting, skeeming, ceiling cleaning and ceiling painting. Contact: 081 327 0944

JOB WANTED: I am a 30 year old lady, looking for domestic work or any cleaning work. From Monday to Friday's. Contact: 081 251 6170 JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady, looking for domestic work or any cleaning work. I can also work in an Old Age Home. Monday to Friday's. Contact: 081 785 9433 JOB WANTED: I am a 20 year old male, looking for work, yard cleaning, window cleaning, shop assistance, dish washing at restaurants or floor cleaning. I am very good in this. I can start immediately. In Walvis Bay and Long Beach. Contact: 081 488 1641 / 081 770 0010 JOB WANTED: I am looking for general work in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. From Monday to Friday's, 08:00 to 17:00. Or I am looking for cleaning offices, shop keep and restaurant. Contact: 081 376 4435 WERK GESOEK: Ek is Sherly, opsoek na stryk werk. Vir 1 – 5 dae. Ek het ook ondervinding met ou mense omsien. Skakel: 081 479 6823 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk vir 2 tot 3 dae. Ek is onmiddelik beskikbaar. In Walvis Bay. Kontak: 081 400 3062 JOB WANTED: I am a 22 year old, looking for work in the Red House, even to stay with a kid. Contact: 081 326 4214 JOB WANTED: I am a 36 year old lady, looking for domestic work. Contact: 081 347 1873 WERK GESOEK: Erenfriede 39 jarige dame is opsoek na huiswerk. Maandae tot Vrydae. Kan ook bejaardes sorg. Kontak: 081 680 8999 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk vir 3 dae `n week. In die dorp, Meersig, Lagoon, Narraville. Maandae, Woensdae en Vrydae. Ek is 50 jaar oud. Kontak: 081 876 2641

WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 41 jarige vrou opsoek na huiswerk of kantoor skoon maak werk in Vineta, Kramersdorf of Ocean View. Dinsdae, Donderdae en Saterdae. Ek het verwysings. Kontak: 081 338 3668 WERK GESOEK: 2 dames is dringend opsoek na enige tipe werk. Kan onmidellik begin, kantoor skoon maak, kinders oppas of inslaap werk. Maandae tot Vrydae. Kramersdorf, Vineta, Ocean View of Tamariskia. Kontak: 081 818 5244 081 714 1992 RENATE: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk of kinders oppas. Ek is 52 jaar oud en het goeie verwysings. Ek is baie hardwerkend en baie lojaal. Baie dankie. Maandae tot Vrydae. Kontak: 081 867 7728 TANGI: Looking for any kind of work in Swakopmund. Selling products, working in a restaurant, domestic work. I know well how to clean and iron. Ready to start anytime. 081 678 8181 SABINA: Ek is ‘n 37 jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk of strykwerk in Swakopmund. Maandae tot Vrydae. Ek kan Saterdae ook werk as dit nodig is. 081 202 6018 JOB WANTED: My name is Christina Goeieman, I am 37 years old. I am looking for office cleaning or any type of work. I am hardworking, I am very calm, work well under pressure, relate well with people at all levels and I am highly organised, I am trustworthy, honest, diligent and resourcefully with good communication skills. Can say, I am flexible enough to take up challenges that is in my range and I will also never take up a challenge that I know I could not succeed in. I do not drink or smoke. 081 385 1705 JOB WANTED: Hardworking Riaan is looking for work as an assistant mechanic. I have 15 years experience in service and repair of cars & trucks. I can even work as a general worker and all rounder handy man. Strictly in Walvis Bay. Riaan: 081 279 3848

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady, looking for domestic work or restaurant or in the bar. Only in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 785 3730 / 081 492 5971 JOB WANTED: I am a 22 year old lady, desperately looking for any kind of work. I can work for long hours. In Walvis Bay, Langstrand and Swakopmund. Contact: 081 318 7171 JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of work. Willing to start immediately. Even in a daycare. Contact: 081 749 7269 JOB WANTED: A 26 year old hardworking lady, looking for any kind of work, in restaurants, hotels, cafes and takeaways. Have previous work experience in housekeeping, cleaning, ironing and cooking. I have a certificate in hospitality level 1-3. I can start immediately. Only in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 440 0255 JOB WANTED: I am a 21 year old lady, looking for work in Walvis Bay. I am a hardworking person, self discipline and willing to start immediately. Contact: 081 674 2700 JOB WANTED: A 35 year old lady, looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay town, Meersig, Lagoon, Fairways, Long Beach. Monday to Friday’s. I am hardworking, do not smoke or drink. I am a responsible married woman. I can start immediately. Contact: 081 249 0696 / 081 285 4486 JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic work or guesthouse. I have experience of 3 years. I am living in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 476 2556 JOB WANTED: I am looking for administration work, receptionist, data capturer, typist, record clerk, secretary. I have relevant experience. Or any other related work. Contact: 081 296 6317 JOB WANTED: I am a young lady, looking for domestic work, babysitting, cleaning offices, any general work. I can start immediately. Contact: 081 775 7204 JOB WANTED: I am a 22 year old lady, looking for domestic work, cleaning offices or babysitting. I can start immediately. Contact: 081 395 2535 / 081 887 3647


Competition tightens as teams fight for top spots The eighth round of the Bank Windhoek National Indoor Hockey League took place over the weekend in Windhoek. As expected, competition was tough as teams fought for top honours with only three weeks remaining until the league ends. As things stand, Mad Maroons dominate the Men's Premier League with a ten point difference ahead of Saints who are only two points clear of University of Namibia (UNAM) in third place. In the Women's League, UNAM have increased their lead with two points at the top of the log with Saints in second place. Men's Premier League Saints 2 took on Deutscher Turn und Sportverein (DTS). After suffering a defeat in the previous round, DTS came out all guns blazing and defeated a shell-shocked Saints. The final score was 9-0 in favour of DTS. Darren Roberts, Percy Barthram and Leonard Fick each scored for DTS. In a club versus club battle, Windhoek Old Boys' (WOBSC) Mad Maroons (MM) and Burgundy Bullets (BB), fought for bragging rights within the club. MM had to win with a bonus point to keep up the pressure on Saints 1, who is currently placed second on the log. The day belonged to MM as they won the encounter 5-2. Bucko Bartlett and Siyabonga Martins both scored a couple a pieces for Mad Maroons. Teams returned for epic

matches on Saturday evening. The first match was between DTS and MM. The latter needed a good performance against one of its greatest rivals and ended the first half drawn at 3-3. In a tightly contested affair, MM emerged victorious towards the end of the game. The final score was 6-5 to Mad Maroons. Siyabonga Martins was in top form and scored five goals for MM. BDO Wanderers faced UNAM for a true test of character match as both clubs wanted to show their intent of winning the league. It was a gruelling affair, which UNAM eventually won 4-2. Four different UNAM players registered their names on the score sheet. WOBSC Burgundy Bullets faced Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in what became an interesting battle between the two sides. The game was tough and showed the major improvement of NUST attributed to the NUST Hockey Programme over the last couple of years. It ended in a 2-2 stalemate. UNAM was the next student team that took on WOBSC BB. UNAM was


way too strong for the Bullets and comfortably scored the bonus point vic - tory winning 6-1. UNAM's Sashin Chioza scored twice. BDO Wanderers took on NUST in a match that proved to be a one-sided affair. BDO Wanderers completely overran the NUST defence and won the match 13-1. BDO's Owen Hatten scored five times. On Sunday morning, the two educational institution rivals, UNAM and NUST battled it out for supremacy. UNAM was expected to easily win the encounter but NUST were stubborn on the day which made UNAM work harder for a bonus point victory. They eventually won 6-2. Women's Premiere League Competition was fierce in the Women's Premier League as none of the teams wanted to taste defeat. UNAM kept up the pace with Saints as they beat a stubborn NUST side who would not relinquish the bonus point without a fight. UNAM could only manage to score four goals which was a single goal shy to qualify for a bonus point. The final score was 4-0 in favour of UNAM. The other game saw WOBSC take on DTS. WOBSC had all their world cup players and big guns back for the weekend's game and the results showed this as they won comfortably with a score of 8-0. Men's First League BDO Wanderers played NUST and won the game 5-0. In the other game, NUST also struggled against DTS and lost 7-0. Men's Second League UNAM proved to be too strong for Gurus whom they defeated 5-0. DTS beat WOBSC Young Guns 4-2. DTS later dropped momentum as they lost 6-3 against new comers 062-Okahandja (OKH). Women's First League UNAM played the Masters but their experience showed as Masters won 32. BDO Wanderers faced United and won 2-1. In the Masters league, Saints took on Coastal and claimed a 5-2 victory. The next games for the Premier, First and Second Leagues will take place this coming weekend at the Wanderers and DTS indoor hockey fields in Windhoek and The Dome in Swakopmund. For more information regarding the Bank Windhoek Indoor Hockey League fixtures, please contact Ruan Oosthuizen on Cell: 081 323 8484 or by sending an email to


13 APRIL 2018

Florida Nadula Augustus

Johan Laubscher

* 18-08-1981 + 04-04-2018

* 17 Junie 1961 + 04 April 2018

Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd” Memorial Service: Friday, 13 April 18:00 at Anglican Church (Holy Redeemer), Kuisebmond Walvis Bay Funeral: Saturday, 14 April 07:00 at House No. 58 Johannes Nampala Avenue, Kuisebmond Walvis Bay

“Rus Sag” Ons gaan jou baie mis. Jy was altyd in ons gedagtes en harte. Sal altyd wees. Rus in Vrede

Contact: Ernestu Augustus: 081 209 8060 Nelson Heita: 081 251 1591

Met Liefde van Wenshan Chen jou Vrou, Familie en gesin Happy Birthday to our Guardian Angel – Winston Groenewald Today, 67 years ago a boy was born to stand tall amongst a crowd whom made us proud. That boy is you my dear Husband, our dear Father and our beloved Grandfather. There is no day that goes by without missing you, without thinking of you, without remembering beautiful moments you built with us and for us. Your courage, your peaceful being, your caring nature, will always remain with us. We still remember witnessing how you stood strong for your fellow beings, how dedicated and committed you were towards time….time for us and time for others. We miss that almost smile, which spoke unspoken words that you are okay. We miss our talks, we miss touching your hand just to give you that reassurance that we are by your side, that all will be well. We will always miss the hand, that blessed hand of yours, which gave us reassurance that you are by our side. We miss you in more than ten thousand ways!

Dirk F Uys * 10-01-1954 + 01-04-2018 God looked around his garden and found an empty space Then He looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest God’s garden must be beautiful He only takes the best

Today on your first birthday in Heaven, we will celebrate you and be reminded of how blessed we are to be associated with such a humble being like yourself. You never made a big thing about your own birthday, but made it rather about us and your fellow beings. Today, we will walk tall, we will celebrate the essence of you and the way you lived your life. We know that you are resting well and you are flying high up there celebrating in the best way we can only dream of. Know that we are at peace with the words of the song we greeted you with….”Heaven needed a Hero like you”.


Forever in our hearts, love always, Paula, Children & Grandchildren

Your wife Rhoda with Bianca, Andre, Biandre and Boeta

* 04-03-1947

+ 07-04-2018

Roudiens Vrydag, 13 April 20:00 by Huis No.20 Brandberg Straat, Kuisebmond Begrafnis Saterdag, 14 April 09:00 vanuit Goeie Herder Rooms Katolieke Kerk, Kuisebmond Kontak Ivan: 081 208 5992 Antie Siena: 081 332 1799

Saturday 14 April Time: 15:00 at W/Bay Community Church

Rest in peace, lots of love

PAL. I. S. Szabo * 14-07-1936 + 09-04-2018 Memorial Service: Friday, 13 April 19:00 at Nr. 125 Hillside Christian College, Theo-Ben Guirirab Street (near Bank Windhoek), Walvis Bay

Funeral: Saturday, 14 April 10:00 at Nr.125 Hillside Christian College Theo-Ben Guirirab Street (near Bank Windhoek), Walvis Bay Contact: Gina: 081 308 0563 /Tangeni: 081 243 2932

13 APRIL 2018




Bank Windhoek Fistball Namibia in final League resumes The Bank Windhoek Fist-ball League enters its second round this coming weekend at Cohen Faustball Club (CFC) in Windhoek. The first matches are scheduled to kick CFC 1. off at 08:30 on Saturday, 14 April. “In the preliminary round, three sets are In Group A, defending champions Sport played in which each set counts as a point. Klub Windhoek (SKW) 1 and the sur- The two best teams of each group will prise team of the first league round, meet in the semi-finals while the third and Swakopmund Fussball Club (SFC), as fourth placed teams play an intermediate well as the hosts CFC 2 and 3, will battle round which is based on the best out of it out for top honours. SKW 1 is expec- three sets. The final as well as the last ted to top the group while the remaining placement matches are based on best out teams will compete for the second spot of five sets,” said Namibia Fistball Assoto qualify for the semis. ciation's Media Officer, Helmo Minz. CFC 1, SKW 2, Deutscher Turn und Next on the fistball calendar is the Coastal Sportverein (DTS) and CFC 4 will face Indoor Classic tourney scheduled to take each other in Group B. CFC 1 and SKW place on Saturday, 12 May at SFC in Swa2 has been tipped as the two favourites kopmund. in this group to make it to the semi- For more information, please contact Helfinals. However, this time, SKW 2 mo Minz at Cell: 081 233 0232 or send an could maintain the upper hand against email to

Gladiators out of 2018 AFCON Qualifiers

The Brave Gladiators lost 2-0 to Zimbabwe's Mighty Warriors on Sunday at the Rufaro Stadium in Harare to bow out of the Africa Women Cup of Nations qualifiers 4-0 on aggregate. It was a game of two halves with the visiting side putting pressure on the home side to try and get an early goal as Spain-based Zenatha Coleman caused some problems for the Mighty Warriors' defence. But the second half belonged to Zimbabwe who came back a more determined side to grab two goals through Emmaculate Msipa in the 74th minute and Mavis Chirandu in the 85th minute. Namibia could have taken the lead as early as the 7th minute when Colemam's effort from a free-kick went inches wide. Coleman continued to haunt the Mighty Warriors but Chido Dzingirai was up to the task. Namibia's coach Brian Isaacs conceded defeat and said it was always going to be difficult for them as they were trailing Zimbabwe by two goals from the first leg. "When we arrived here we had a mountain to climb because in the first leg we lost 2-0 and today again we created a lot of chances but we failed to convert them. Zimbabwe got a few chances and they converted them. "Overall my team has performed well, in Namibia there is no women's league, so they are not playing in a women's league so it was difficult for me to prepare the team. But overall our performance was excellent; it's just that we failed to convert our chances. So good lucky to Zimbabwe," Isaacs said.

Namibian Cricket history has been rewritten as Namibia has qualified for the CSA Sunfoil 3 day Cup Final. The Namibian senior men's team will play against KwaZulu-Natal in a bid to be crowed CSA Sunfoil champions.

Namibia has finished at the top of pool B, ahead of Free State, KZN Inland, Easterns, Eastern Province, Boland and Gauteng. This was a superb achievement as the team has earned us the right to play KwaZulu-Natal, who topped pool A. The team is at Kingsmead, Durban for the final with the first day that started yesterday. The final will take place over 4 days from 12 - 15 April. The playing times are as follows: First 09:00 – 11:30 Second 12:10 – 14:25 third 14:45 – 17:00.


13 APRIL 2018

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Fifth Desert Sport Festival

The fifth Desert Sport Festival, an innovation of Walvis Bay Private High School, was held at the Private schools sport field last week saw 13 schools with more than 570 athletes from Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe participated in the Sport Festival. The athlete's from Walvis Bay Private High School, Tsumeb Gymnasium, Windhoek High School, Pro-Ed Academy and Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaat Skool from Namibia, Hoërvolk Skool Heidelberg, Randburg High School, Wolmaranstad High School, Stoffberg High School, Worcester Gymnasium, Elspark High School and Vredendal High School from South African and Kyle College from Zimbabwe participated in rugby, hockey and netball matches during the course of four days. The main sponsor of the festival was BUCO Hardware Walvis Bay that contributed an amount

of N$250 000 with First National Bank (FNB) Namibia avail an amount of N$100 000. BUCO served as co-sponsors for the first 4 years of the festival. BUCO Hardware Walvis Bay Manager Johan van den Berg said that the decision that they got involved with schools was that they believe in developing learners and that the learners are the future of our country and that the development of the learners can make a positive impact on the town and country. The event concluded with legends like Marius Joubert, Ian Macdonald and Danie van Schalkwyk.

The WBPHS Board Chairman Wynand Breytenbach, Principal Estelle Eigelaar, Johan van den Berg BUCO Walvis Bay Manager and Festival Director Henjan van der Hyde

Canoe Combat explodes once SFC VIKINGS vs ERA again at Dolphin School

The SFC Vikings Rugby Club will play their 3rdrugby match of the season against the Walvis Bay based team Erongo Rugby Academy this coming Saturday 14th April 2018 at their home grounds at the SFC sporting grounds.

Eileen van der Schyff

The Canoe Combat event of this pristine school, attracted large crowds on Saturday, 7 April as it was again time for their annual Canoe Combat festival. This event has proven to be successful every single year, however this year turned out to be an even bigger success. Sixteen teams battled it out on the water, with ten paddlers per team, of which two are women. Paricipants are mainly students of the school and old students. Out of the top four, the Wave Blazers of Fox Fishing were once again unbeatable. The second place went to Hangana, and the third place was taken by the Vasbyters of Namib Desert 4x4 club. The best dressed team was Super League of Allan Hartung, and the team with the best spirit was the Vikings of Lotter Kroch/Steward Planing.

The story of how this event came into existence is bittersweet. Five years ago, The Dolphin School's Incredible Canoe Combat evolved from what started out as “The Dragon Boat Races”. It changed to Canoes when the Dragon Boats were destroyed in an accident on their way to Walvisbay. Dolphin Schools would like to thank all their participants, who's support is crucial to the success of this event and a special thanks to Buco, the main sponsor of this event.

The SFC Vikings won their first game against Walvis Bay Rugby Club 33 – 0 and lost their second match against Dolphins Rugby Club 9 – 16 Dolphins managed to score a winning try in the last few minutes of the game. The SFC Vikings has been training intensely these last 3 weeks in preparation for their game against ERA and is hoping for a win on

Saturday on their home ground. The SFC Vikings would like to invite all rugby lovers and supporters to come and support these two clubs on Saturday at the SFC sports grounds. Game kicks off at 15:00 and promises to be a great game of rugby. For any further details regarding the SFC Vikings Rugby Club or the game on Saturday, please con-

tact Mr Jaco Barnard at 081 284 7556 or Mr Morne Visser at 081 1445 957 or like us on Facebook to get updates on games or the club. Gate entry is N$20 per person and N$10 per car. Children under the age of 12 get free entry. A cash bar will also be available on the day. We hope to see everyone there for an action packed game of rugby.

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13 april namib times e edition

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