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Black weekend Erongo men continue the scorch of rape and murder of women and children

Two more arrested for elephant tusk

Isaac Chikosi Three Erongo females, one who is an eight years old girl, suffered violence and rape at the hands of men over the weekend. This latest wave of gender-based violence comes only days after a Walvis Bay man slit his girlfriend's throat during a domestic argument. The month of Sep- and fell asleep. A man She fled. A television tember is today in its identified as Freshly set valued at N$8 000 tenth day, and the Claasen (24) took was also smashed by victim tally now a d v a n t a g e o f t h e the perpetrator during stands at four females woman and raped her. the violent domestic in Erongo either kil- One of the woman's dispute, according to The Namibian Police’s unit for protective resources continues to deal ivory smugglers a devastating blow. Two more men (pictured led, assaulted or ra- friends discovered the latest police report. above) were arrested on Friday in Walvis Bay after they tried to sell ped. All by men to Claasen having sexual In the wake of incian elephant tusk and a pangolin skin to undercover police officers. whom they entrusted intercourse with the dents over the weekThe duo, Tgingeje Muhuka and Mbinao Kenahama, made a first their lives. sleeping woman and end, the debate must appearance before a magistrate in Walvis Bay yesterday (pictured In one of the inci- sounded the alarm continue: how and above). dents two men, aged which led to his arrest. when will Namibian 67 and 51, made a In Swakopmund a thir- men come to the table It brings the number to five, people arrested the past few days in Walvis Bay for first appearance in ty-years-old man from and end the scorch of the illegal possession of elephant tusks and in the latest case of a pangolin skin. the Omaruru magi- the Matutura suburb violence against our During the course of last weekend, Walvis Bay residents Mike Lusse (60), Dirk strate's court yester- made a first appear- nation's vulnerable. Vermeulen (51) and Edgar Clark (41) were arrested after the trio attempted to day following their ance in the Swa- These are our children, sell two elephant tusks to an undercover police officer at a house in Walvis arrest for the repeated kopmund magistrates women, the disabled Bay’s Fairways Estate. The last two arrests were carried out on Friday night during an undercover rape of an eight year court for an incident on and the elderly. police operation. The two were arrested near the Yianni Savva building. old girl at Uis. The Saturday night during men promised their which he allegedly victim money and tried to suffocate her over a period of days with a blanket. had sexual inter- The couple had an course with her. argument which led to The grandmother of the perpetrator bethe victim left the girl coming aggressive. in the men's care and The victim tried to they allegedly mis- avoid an escalation of used this position of the domestic dispute trust to commit sex- and went to sleep. The ual crimes. perpetrator followed In a second incident a her and then tried to woman fell victim to suffocate her with a Hundreds of fishing industry workers lodged a peaceful march to the offices of the Ministry of Envirape at Arandis on blanket. ronment and Tourism in Walvis Bay yesterday, to deliver a petition to the Minister of Environment and Saturday night. The The victim managed to Tourism not to grant an environmental go-ahead for marine phosphate mining. “Fish is for Life. woman excessively free herself and therePhosphate mining is not”, workers chanted and displaying placards which in no uncertain terms says consumed alcohol by saved her own life. phosphate mining is not welcome in Namibia. Seen here: Tunacor workers during the march.

Protest against phosphate mining “enviro-clearence”

inside Salt truck veers off the road

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Matric Farewell

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Kings bow to Namibia at the Coast

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Reader’s Contribution:

A Canine's adventure: From Damaraland to Cape Cross Annelien Robberts

Damaraland's enigmatic ruggedness is a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Enthusiasts come in many shapes and sizes. Take Bran, for example. Bran is a border collie. He lives in Windhoek with his owners, Jill and John. Recently, his human, John, an archaeologist, went on an exhibition to Damaraland where he camped out nearby the Messum Crater. John's furry companion usually accompanies him on his trips, and this trip was no different. The Messum Crater is a well-known geological hotspot in Namibia – a sought-after destination for plenty of travellers. This is where Bran's adventure kicked off more than three weeks ago. Early one morning when the sun has not yet set the untamed landscape ablaze, John let an over-excited Bran out of the tent. John knew the hyenas in the area were well aware of them, because he had seen tracks around his tent in the mornings. A friend of his had mentioned to keep his dog inside the tent at night, because the hyenas would not let a domestic treat pass them by. The dog dashed out, hurrying after something he had heard, and disappeared. John went on an extensive search in the area, but all in vain. Bran was gone… Devastated and heart-broken, John contacted Swakopmund SPCA who made it their mission to find Bran and bring him back safely. He was amazed by their network on Facebook and Whatsapp. The message of Bran spread like a wildfire. An aerial survey was launched in search of the beloved K9. One of the volunteer pilots who landed at the Save the Rhino Trust camp confirmed what they already knew – the presence of the large hyena population. There was not much hope. Other than the menacing predators, Bran had no access to water or food. How could a domestic animal survive in this harsh environment? “Bran is a sweet-natured dog

and absolutely not aggressive,” stated Jill. John nonetheless believes that it is his friendliness that was his salvation, because after three weeks of extensive searches, a traffic cop from Henties Bay spotted Bran integrated with a pack of jackals in the Cape Cross Seal Reserve. His quad bike got stuck in the salt pans and he contacted MET to come out. Volunteers at the SPCA did not give up and the rescue operation was well on track. Jill said that the upliftment and support from the community were truly a goosebumps-worthy experience. When a car went to fetch Bran, the collie did not think twice to part from his jackal friends to reunite with his original pack. He jumped right into the car. With the jackals, Bran at least had access to seal meat. The jackals know where to dig for fresh water, which means that Bran could survive. “We do not know how he managed to survive in Damaraland. He probably licked the moisture caused by the fog from his fur for hydration,” John speculated. “We are guessing that he is fluent in jackal now.” Jill and John are overjoyed that their dog is back home. “If only he had a GoPro camera attached to him for these past three weeks,” Jill said. “People we did not even know jumped in to help. Miracles do happen!”

S.A. Rugby legend Chester Williams dies

“Not you too Chester!” Namibians and South Africans woke to the extremely sad news on Saturday morning of the death of rugby star Chester Williams. Williams suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 49, only months after the death of one of his 1995 team mates, James Small, on 10 July. The words spoken above was that of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa when he was informed of the death of Williams Williams is the fifth member to die of the famous “Class of 95”, the South African Springbok rugby team that won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The first to die was the coach of the 1995 bok team, Kitch Christie in 1998. In 2010 bok Ruben Kruger died of brain cancer and in 2017 Joost van der Westhuizen died of a motor neuron disease. This year it was the passing of Small and Williams that shook Southern Africa’s rugby fraternity. A moment of silence was held on Saturday at the stadium of the Walvis Bay Private High School where Namibia’s rugby world cup team played the Southern Kings in a pre-warm-up world cup match. On the picture above from the Namib Times archives: Chester Williams (right) during a visit to Walvis Bay in March during a legends evening at the 6th Buco Desert Sport Festival that was hosted at the Walvis Bay Private High School. Williams is seen here with Stefan Terblanche (left) and centre Dr Rudi van Vuuren (Namibian rugby legend).




Salt truck in accident

Thanks to professional work from Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire and the assistance of a front-end loader the truck was recovered and the road could be re-opened. Below: the accident resulted in several salt trucks not able to continue with salt transportation for several hours. Many tourist vehicles also had to turn around to Walvis Bay, as the road clo-sure prevented them from visiting popular photography spots at the salt pans and the Paaltjies parking area. A salt truck veered off the salt pans road on Friday. The recovery of the truck required a 150 tons mobile crane of Walvis Bay Plant & Tool Hire. The road had to be closed for more than an hour for the recovery operation. That resulted in many tourists using the road daily having to turn around and salt transportation to the port of Walvis Bay was also brought to a total standstill as a result. Although the truck's mechanical horse was significantly damaged, the driver emerged unscathed.

Shock at sudden death of Narraville resident Family and friends of 36-years-old Laurencia Pretorius are still struggling to come to terms with her unexpected death over the weekend. Pretorius complained on Saturday night that she was experiencing anxiety. Her eldest daughter was at her matric farewell (SS De Duine). Pretorius said to friends who were with her at her house in Narraville at the time she wanted to go to the bathroom. There she collapsed and was later taken to the Welwitschia Private Hospital where she died at around 02:00 on Sunday.



Clock Tower at Mole against corSharlien Tjambari ruption


Swakopmund Court Report

Josef Hainghome (21), appeared on a charge of Murder. The suspect is on bail for N$500. Matter postponed to 4 December 2019 for Prosecutor General's decision. Wencher Haraeb (43), appeared on charges of Rape. Bail was set at N$2 000. The matter was postponed to 4 December for Prosecutor General's decision. Jeffrey Ellis Geinub (42), appeared on one count of contravening a Road Traffic Act, by furnishing false information. The accused was granted bail for N$2 000. Charles Matsuib (33), appeared on a count of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and assault by threat. Accused read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act. Act 4 of 2003. The matter was postponed to 14 October 2019. Accused remains in police custody. Nolan Beukes (31) and Ignatious Jahs (32), appeared on a charge of Theft. The matter was postponed to 11 February 2020 for plea and trial. Joshua Hecht (39), charged with a count of fraud. Accused absent. Warrant of

arrest issued. Mike Kalumba (26), appeared on charges of dealing in drugs and possession of dependence producing substance. Trial partly heard. Accused is on bail. Linus Shaalukeni (30), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Bail was set at N$1 000. Zelda Lourens (46), appeared for passion of cocaine. Accused is on bail for N$2 000. Matter postponed to 13 February 2020 for plea and trial. Johannes Namadhila (36), appeared on charge of falsifying/counterfeiting license number of license mark. Bail was set at N$2 000. Matter postponed to 30 October 2019. Accused is on bail. Asser Nekongo (26), appeared on charges of culpable homicide and reckless or negligent driving. Matter postponed to 5 November 2019 for further investigation. Paulus Amalovu (43) and Riaan Haita (22), each appeared on charges of fraud. Bail was set at N$3 000 for each of the accused. The two accused remain in police custody.

The Anti-Corruption Commission's (ACC) Swakopmund's Office unveiled the ACC's Clock Tower at the Mole near the Swakopmund Museum on Friday, 6 September with the main aim of creating awareness and to solicit support on corruption. Posters with corruption messages designed by four learners who were winners of the ACC pos-

ter competition which was held in 2015, Setson Neumbo, Revaldo Gertzed, Justin Brandt and

Martin van der Merwe are on display on the clock. The Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission Paulus Noa said the event signifies an important role that local authorities in partnership with ACC play in the prevention against corruption. Noa further said: “The need for Namibians in all sectors of society to the prevention and fight against corruption cannot be overemphasised. It is a policy commitment of our government to uphold values of good governance, through the prevention and fight against corruption in all spheres of society”. According to Noa, fighting corruption, particularly at local authority level, is the most su8itable path to economic growth, employment creation and proper basic service delivery.

Walvis Bay Court Report Leonard Hamukoto (49), Mass over-loading (April 2019) The case was with-drawn against the accused and warrant of arrest was cancelled. Johannes Silas (32), Drunk driving (September 2019) The accused was found guilty and sentenced. Shoopala Gerhard Fillemon (25), Lameck Ndeipanda (31), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (July 2019) The matter was postponed to 4 December 2019. Plea and Trial. Godfried Makusha Mbudhi (35), Drunk driving (August 2019) The matter was postponed to14 November 2019. Hardley Geriseb (50), Breach of Pro-tection Order – Combating of the Do-mestic Violence Act 4 of 2003 (Decem-ber 2018) A warrant of arrest was issued and the accused is at large. Frank Albertus Joseph (42), Theft (July 2019) The matter is postponed to 10 October 2019. Legal Aid. Underage boy (16), Possession of drugs (July 2019) The matter was postponed to 2 October 2019. Juvenile – Pre-trial community service. Released in the care of a guardian. Underage boy (17), Theft (July 2019) The accused was found guilty and sentenced. Harlod Mukwene (34), Assault by thread read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act 2003. (September 2019) The matter was postponed to 5 September 2019. Bail application – Continuation of Trial. Toivo Mudjamima (46), Theft (August 2019) The accused was found guilty. Ashley Gaseb (27), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft (September 2019) The matter was postponed to 10 October 2019. Cornelius Bester (29), Use of a vehicle without the owner's consent. (September 2019) The accused was found guilty. Immanuel (32), Corruption (February 2017) A warrant of arrest was issued and the accused is at large.





N$1,1 million for workers

At a handing-over ceremony on 22 August 2019 the trustees of the Embwinda Fishing Workers' Trust received a cheque for N$ 1, 1 million from Cadilu Fishing to distribute to the employees of Embwinda Fishing. Mrs Mbumba, representing the shareholders of Cadilu Fishing who is a Right holder and shareholder of Embwinda Fishing, handed over the cheque at the occasion and said that Cadilu is pleased to recognise and reward the employees. “In today's tough economic climate, it is so much more gratifying to be able to give back to our hard-working employees. It is thus with great pleasure that we recognise our employees' contributions to the success of Cadilu Fishing and Embwinda Fishing. We thank you for your commitment.” Fransisco Fransisku, trustee of the EFWT, conveyed the gratitude of the employees and said that they appreciated the gesture by Cadilu Fishing. “We are grateful to Cadilu Fishing for the funds received and for recognising our contributions as employees. We also thank Embwinda for creating a conducive workplace.” In recognition of the employees of Embwinda who catch and process Cadilu's quota, Cadilu founded the Embwinda Fishing Workers Trust. Through this trust, employees collectively hold a 12% interest in Cadilu Fishing (Pty) Ltd which enables them to collect dividends based on Cadilu's economic performance. The Embwinda Fishing Workers Trust is managed independently by trustees who are employees of Embwinda and appointed by them. From Cadilu's 2018 income, the trust will distribute N$1.1 million to the employees of Embwinda. Each of Cadilu's eligible employees receives an equal amount from this dividend and may utilise their funds based on their needs and wants.



Three container ships

Three container ships are calling at Walvis Bay this week, all scheduled alongside at the new container terminal. Maersk IYO and MSC Weser are alongside on Wednesday (September 11), followed by Border on Thursday.

Tuesday 10 September Low Tide: 07:30 High Tide: 13:53 High Tide: 19:54 Low Tide: 02:00

Thursday 12 September High Tide: 02:38 Low Tide: 08:33 High Tide: 14:56 Low Tide: 20:53

Wednesday 11 September High Tide: 02:06 Low Tide: 08:04 High Tide: 14:27 Low Tide: 20:25

Friday 13 September High Tide: 03:08 Low Tide: 08:59 High Tide: 15:23 Low Tide: 21:19

Port Log





10 SEPTEMBER 2019 Sharlien Tjambari

A matric farewell is the most memorable night for any Grade 12 learners. It signals the final big moment when the end of twelve years at school looms on the horizon. It is an event which serves not only as a big moment of pride for the school and the learners, but also an exciting and proud moment for parents. The Swakopmund Secondary School (S.S.S.) Matric Farewell took place on Friday night (6 September) at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre. The matrics pulled out all the stops to look at their very best in glamorous garments and suits. Some 90 matrics attended the farewell. The red carpet was the moment of truth as learners arrived for the farewell.

SSS Matric Farewell

Leticia, Theresia, Rudy and Lola rocked up looking faboulous Edison Kurangera the Deputy Head Boy, Johanna Ipangelwa the Head Girl and their Principal Mr Sinvula Simbanga

Ukarapo Karita and his friends were looking forward to the main event

Left to right: Shop Steward Mr.Pius Mumbala; NAFAU Branch Organiser Mr. Nenghwanya Natangwe; BFC/BSP Managing Director Mr. Andries Olivier and HR Officer Mrs. Vyhodia Forbes.



Class of 2019 S.S. Duinesig Matric Farewell The matric farewell of S.S. Duinesig took place at the Atlantic Hotel on Friday night and what a memorable event that was. The Grade 12’s oversaw no detail to look at their very best and learners made a great effort to arrive in style. The fun already started at the school where the individual arrivals were greeted with much cheer and fun fare. From there they formed a convoy to the hotel where the farewell ball was held. The matric farewell is the learners’ last bit of fun before the year end examination preparations will go into full swing and when it would mean hours behind the books. Learners at the conclusion of the event thanked everyone who were involved with the preparations for the big moment. Recognising the hard work that went into everything and the attention to detail, learners felt this was just the glitter cap they needed to cap their school career.






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VACANCY Branch Administrator - Temp Key Responsibilities: Debtor / Creditor reconciliations and payment Monthly financial trading reconciliation Wage Input Controlling Data Capturing Administrative duties / P.A to Branch Manager Adhoc administrative support to other various departments when required Key Performances: Maintain accurate filing system for confidential documentation Maintain high level of professional and confidential standard on all divisions / departments of work. Providing accurate monthly financial breakdown of expenses Qualifications: Bookkeeper Proficient in all Microsoft Office Package Matriculated / Grade 12 Requirements: Minimum of 5 years' experience of similar field Namibian Citizen Valid Driver's Licence - Code B High-Level Admin abilities Highly organized, flexible, multi-tasker and process of good work attitude. Able to work independently with high degree of accuracy and confidentiality Pleasant personality, trustworthy, self disciplined and motivated with good interpersonal skills. All CV's must be e-mailed to: Closing date for Applications: 12 September 2019 Start Date for Vacancy: Immediately Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

NOTICES MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (Regulations 14,26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Magistrate of the District of Erongo. 1.Name and postal address of applicant:

LA Marmite Royale cc, P.O Box 96143, Windhoek. 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Erich’s Restaurant. 3. Address/location of pre-mises to which application relates: Erf no. 214, No. 21, Daniel Tjongarero Avenue, Swakopmund. 4. Nature and details of application: Transfer of a special liquor licence from Stephanie Nickol K l e i n t / a E r i c h ’s Restaurant to LA Marmite Royale cc. 5. Clerk of the court

with whom the application will be lodged: Clerk of the Magistrate's Court, district Swakopmund. 6. Date on which the application will be lodged:13 September 2019. Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Magistrate of District, to reach the Magistrate not later than 7 days after the date on which the application is lodged.





Namibia secures third spot in Lusaka for Sevens team In recent years, Namibia has only sporadically any high expectations when taking part in sevens rugby tournaments in Africa. So there may be reason for cautious optimism following last weekend's visit to the Zambia International Sevens in Lusaka.

The team led by Aurelio Plato ended the tournament in third position. In the semi-final, the Namibians were beaten 17-12 by the Gaborone Spartans, before they won 26-21 against Zambia Nkwazi in the extra time in the Plate Final. Namibia registered three wins and one loss. Coaches Les Bougard and David Philander's men broke the knot against Malawi (53-0), Botswana (17-12) and the Shermanators (31-5) but was defeated 2410 by Zambia Nkwazi, the tournament's

championship team in 2018 and 2017, avenged the Namibians in the plate final. The Gaborone Spartans finally secured the gold medals as they clinched the final against the Zimbabwe Cheetahs 26-14. It was the Spartans' second victory against the neighbouring country, after their groupmatch result of 15-5. Namibia is expected to be one of the countries to compete for the Africa Sevens Championships in Johannesburg in November. The big prize will be qualifying for the 2020 Olympics for the winning team.

Namib Diesel Social Doubles Squash League 2019 The Namib Diesel Social Doubles League 2019 is going strong with some very lengthy and competitive matches played.

Erongo Netball Team The Senior Erongo netball team took part in the annual Debmarine Namibia Cup on 30-31 August at the Khomasdal Stadium in Windhoek. All 14 regions participated in the tournament. The Omaheke Region with Omusati second and Kavango East third. Unfortunately the ladies did not make it to the semi-finals. They only got two wins against Kavanko 22 - 6 and Otjizondjupa 26 - 21 and lost against Khomas 13 - 17, Omaheke 17 - 24 and Omasati 15 - 26. The players are very positive about the future and firmly believe that they will bring the cup home next year. The Management and players would like to thank the sponsors who made it

possible for the team to compete at the Debmarine Namibia Cup. Bachmus Oil & Fuel Supplies - toxics for the team, Western Industrial Supplies and all the cash donations we received. The players that were on duty in Windhoek are: Ashiay Otta, Meriam Mueze, Salinde Tjihuno, Geraldine Kasume (Vice Captain, Aili Alfeus, Gerlance Nangombe, Penah Mushimba, Veueze Tjazao, Salome Swart (Captain), Sussana Shipingana, Gwyneth Kasuto and Hendrina Louw with Aune Ekandjo as the coach and Caylene Dirsuwei the Team Manager.

The players mean business and have their eyes fixed on the trophies, Gateway Logistics is hanging on to the number one slot, with Namib Diesel and Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies right on the heels in the A Section. Supatronix holds a flimsy lead in the B Section, but with Namib Diesel, Bitstream &Woermann Brock all still having a match in hand the whole scenario could possibly change by end of today's final round. A Section FCS beat Bitstream 3-0, Imanuel/Lino stilled the racket on the court with some superb play. Gateway Logistics beat Radio Electronic 3-2. Emil/Dylan held it together and took an excellent humdinger of a match. It seems Michi/Joe enjoy 5setters, they just have to figure out a way to swing it around in their favour. Supatronix beat Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 3-1. Les/Ze were over the moon with this win. Namib Diesel beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 3-1. Brandon/Robert pushed themselves at the start of the match and ended off cruising to victory. Radio Electronic beat Namib Diesel 3-1. Try as much as Brandon/Robert could they stalled n spluttered against Michi/Joe whose A game was on. Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies beatBitstream 3-0. Trevor Grane and Dirk gelled well together and left Angie/Jan lagging. Gateway Logistics beat Supatronix 3-0. Win or lose Emil/Dylan would have shot to the top, but they did in style. Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers beat FCS 3-2. 2love down, Chris/Michael were determined not to go down 3zip. That determination pushed them to an excellent win against Imanuel/Oompie. Bitstream beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 3-1. A good wind for Angie/Jan who've left it a bit late to fight for a place at the top. Namib Diesel beat Supatronix 3-1. Fine-tuned and on their game Brandon/Robert all but drained Ze/Les. FCS beat Radio Electronic 3-2. Michi/Joe back to the norm. Imanuel/Lino pulled off an excellent win in what was a superb match. Gateway Logistics beat Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 3-2. Another great match that went on for like ever. Knowing that every point counts, Emil/Dylan brought out their best to down Trev/Dirk. B Section Radio Electronic beat Gateway Logistics 3-1. Ricardo/Zola kept their charge and outshone Tilden/Lindz. Namib Diesel beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 3-0. Jaco/Shawn made it look easy against Patrick/BykesMuashekele. This is possibly due to the fact that Bykes has not been seen much on the squash courts lately. Supatronix beat Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 3-1. Chelsea probably felt like she was playing against 3 in the 3rd game. She and Trev were 9-4 up and Trev made 5 unforced in a row, which let Wynie/Jaco in to take the game. After that they took control of the match. To the Ladies n Co. the snack that has been provided after play has hit the spot every time. Bitstream beat Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 3-1. Clever doubles play saw Sharde/Diana take down Trev/Chels. Supatronix beat Gateway Logistics 3-0. Firstly apologies to Supatronix for the typo for their match against Radio Electronic, they won 3-0. And not one to pull any punches, Wynie/Jaco continued their winning ways against Lindz/Tilden. Namib Diesel beat Radio Electronic 3-0. It's always entertaining squash when Jaco/Shawn play. They did their thing to stay on Supatronix heels whom they play next. That should be a very interesting match. Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies beat Gateway Logistics 3-1. Trev/ Chels nailed a much needed win against Lindz/Tilden. Namib Diesel beat Supatronix 3-1. It was full steam ahead for Jaco/Shawn who took down the top dogs Wynie/Jaco, which means Namib Diesel, will probably take the top slot this week, as Supatronix has a bye. Bitstream beat Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 3-1. To keep them in contention, Sharde/ Diana made sure they took out Patrick/Willie. The leaderboard at present looks as follows:A Section: Gateway Logistics 19; Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 16; Namib Diesel 14; Supatronix 12; Radio Electronic 12; FCS 12; Bitstream 8 & Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 7. B Section: Supatronix 19, Namib Diesel 18, Bitstream 14; Woermann Brock Hardware & Building Supplies 11, Walvis Bay Ship Chandlers 7, Radio Electronic 4 & Gateway Logistics 2.



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Kings bow to Namibia at the Coast Rudi Bowe

Namibia's world cup preparations have been boosted by back-to-back victories in the country. Namibia's senior national rugby team on Saturday defeated Southern Kings by 21-17 points at the Walvis Bay Private High School's field (Naartjie Park), in their final warm up match before leaving for Japan on 12 September to compete in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. It was a third victory for the team that will play in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan this month. Cliven Loubser opened the scoring for the Namibian with a penalty kick 16 minutes in the game for a 3-0 lead. Demetri Catrakilis equalised the scores in the 22 minute also with a penalty kick. Namibian Winger JC Greyling scored Namibia's first try 32 minutes in the game. Loubser missed the conversion leaving the home side with a five point lead In the 39th minute of the game Alandre van Rooyen scores right under the poles for the Kings. Catrakilis easily converts to take an 8-10 lead. Loubser slots a penalty in the dying minutes of the first half to reclaim an 11-10 lead at break. Four minutes in to the second half Loubser extends the home side's lead as he converts a penalty. Namibia lead 14-10. A success rolling maul sees Louis van der Westhuizen dotting down for the home side second try. Loubser converts to give Namibia a 21-10 lead. The Kings fought back in the last ten minutes of the game with Bobby de Wee scored a try, converted by Bader Pretorius to left the score at 21 -17 to secure victory for the World Cup-bound Namibia. The team recently returned from their high-intensity training camp in South Africa ahead of the 2019 Japan Rugby World Cup, which kicks off on 20 September. Namibia will play in Pool B, alongside Italy, South Africa, defending champions New Zealand and Canada. They will play their first match against Italy on 22 September. Their second match will be against South Africa on 28 September.New Zealand will be their third opponents on 6 October. Canada and Namibia will then clash on 13 October in their last group match.

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