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Africa's First Salt Conference Sharlien Tjambari in Swakopmund The first Salt Conference on the African Continent covering key trends and developments, challenges, and influencing factors shaping world salt supply and demand, took place in Swakopmund on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Andre Snyman the Managing Director of Walvis Bay Salt Holdings said the purpose of the Annual Salt Conference annually is to bring all the role players together in the salt industry across the world. “The main biggest benefit for us is that we can develop the salt market for Namibia in terms of more international export clients and the other main factor is the fact that we can learn from new developments in the

world about salt and learn about new opportunities as well,” Snyman said. While sharing a brief overview of the salt market in terms of production, Snyman said the annual salt production in Namibia is near to 1.3 million tons per annum. According to Snyman, Walvis Bay Salt annually produces 1.1 million tons of crude salt depending on the evaporation rate and Swakop Salt produces 120 000 tons. Snyman mentioned that salt is Namibia's biggest export product in terms of volume and exports through the Port of Walvis Bay alone are between 800 000 and 900 000 tons per annum. Namibia exports salt to Southern Africa – going into the clinical industry, but also for industrial markets. Namibia also exports its salt to West Africa, East Africa, and neighbouring countries. According to Snyman, Namibia also Andre Snyman the Managing Director of exports on a regular basis to North the Walvis Bay Salt Holdings Continues on page 2

Sun Halo Sun Halo as seen through the lense of Olga Nesterenko in Swakopmund on Friday, 3 November.

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Lichtenstrasser Found Guilty

Erongo Region Poised to Lead Green Hydrogen Revolution EIF and Fichtner GmbH Embark on Feasibility Study

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Sports The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) has News joined forces with Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG to initiate a Eileen van der Schyff

groundbreaking feasibility study on green hydrogen production in the Erongo region. This initiative is part of the "Green, Resilient Recovery Rapid Readiness Support in Namibia" (NAM-RS-004) project. Continues on page 2

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10 NOVEMBER 2023

Africa's First Salt Conference Continued from page 1 America. “We are hoping to open up entrance into Brazil.” Like many other industries, the Salt Company faces huge challenges that hamper production such as dust storms, which cause dust particles on the salt. “Because our salt is open, we are going to construct an 18 000 square m2 warehouse in the port, that process has already started and will take a year- to protect the integrity of our product in the portso that is what we are going to do to mitigate the risk of population in the port.” Snyman said another challenge that they are faced with is climate fluctuations. The volume of the ocean is expanding, and it is projected a medium sea level rise by 2050 impacting all low-lying salt fields across the world and this is something that needs to be watched. Snyman said, unfortunately, there is not a lot from a salt field perspective with rising sea levels that one can do, “unfortunately, we see already signs all across the world on lowlying areas where there are more instances of where the waves in springtime are causing damage to the operations and there is not a lot one can do about that.” Veston Malango, the Chief Executive Officer for the Chamber of Mines of Namibia said it should be noted that although an industrial mineral, salt is a unique mineral, unique in several ways from the rest. According to Malango, the

mining industry is often reminded that minerals are a depleting asset, especially when new policy considerations are being made. However, salt is an exception. Contrary to public perception, salt is a renewable natural resource, a renewable mineral. “With global warming, there is no talk of a drop in ocean levels, the opposite is often the case. The real concern is a rise in ocean water levels.” Malango further stated that salt is a low-cost and high-volume commodity, implying a high sensitivity to logistical costs which can easily be more than the value of the product itself. “This Forum is an opportunity for Namibia to learn experiences from other saltproducing countries on how efficiencies can be enhanced to remain competitive. I am pleased to note that all major players in Namibia are actively here, i.e., Walvis Bay Salt & Chemicals, the Salt Company, and Prime Salt at Cape Cross, the first two being major players at the Chamber of Mines of Namibia.” Mining is the backbone of the Namibian mining industry, contributing 12.2% to GDP, over 50% of foreign exchange earnings, is an important source of taxes, royalties, and export levies for the government, provides employment opportunities, and above all, mining creates a multiplier effect in the economy.

Erongo Region Poised to Lead Continued from page 1

The Erongo region, situated in the Central Hydrogen Valley, which includes the Erongo, Khomas, and Otjozondjupa regions, is set to play a pivotal role in Namibia's journey towards green hydrogen production. This region boasts a substantial workforce and excellent infrastructure, with road, rail, and port facilities connecting these areas. Additionally, the abundant solar resources in the region make it an ideal location for green hydrogen projects. The feasibility study, a critical step in assessing the viability of green hydrogen production, will examine various aspects, including technology, costs, and environmental and social impacts. This study aims to identify the most promising ideas

while discarding unfeasible options, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. On October 26, the EIF and Fichtner representatives paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of the Erongo region. During this visit, they provided a detailed overview of the expected outcomes of the feasibility study. Christina Mansfeld, a representative of Fichtner, highlighted the study's focus areas, which include environmental and social impact assessments, solar PV and onshore wind potential, hydrogen production potential, and associated estimated production costs. The study will also explore ways to integrate green hydrogen and its derivatives into the economic and social fabric of the central hydrogen valley. Neville André Itope, Erongo Governor, emphasised the need to assess both negative and positive

cumulative environmental impacts and biodiversity preservation in the region. The "Green, Resilient Recovery Rapid Readiness Support in Namibia" (NAM-RS004) project is one of six readiness programs implemented by Namibia and various stakeholders. It is executed by the Office of the President's Performance Delivery Unit (PDU), with support from the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF), the National Planning Commission (NPC), and the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). The project received funds valued at USD300 000 from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) readiness program, through the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism as the National Designated Authority (NDA) to GCF, with EIF as the delivery partner.

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Swakopmund Resident Expresses Frustration Sharlien Tjambari with Police Actions Rex Godwill Mkimugelo, a resident of Swakopmund since 2003 and a Tanzanian National, has voiced his frustration and disappointment with the Namibian Police due to the torment and emotional abuse he has endured from them over the past five years while attempting to reclaim his confiscated belongings. Mkimugelo's ordeal began when he was arrested in connection with rhino poaching in the Karibib area. The reason for his arrest was that his car had allegedly been used by a neighbour who was renting a property from him in Swakopmund during a rhino poaching incident in 2015. On the day of his arrest, the Mondesa Police in Swakopmund reportedly confiscated all his belongings, including documents and artwork. They claimed that these items were purchased with proceeds from rhino poaching. Shockingly, eight years later, his belongings remain in storage at the Mondesa Police Station. Mkimugelo alleges that even though he was informed that the rhino poaching incident occurred in the Karibib District, the case was sent to Okahandja, where he was detained from the day of his arrest until 2017 when the Magistrate in the Okahandja District Court provisionally withdrew the case. Although Mkimugelo appeared with three other accused individuals, he claims that only his belongings were confiscated, while those of his co-accused remained untouched. He explained, "nothing was taken from my neighbour on the day of his arrest. I had a bakkie that my neighbour borrowed from time to time, and every time he returned it, so I trusted him with the vehicle. I never suspected that he was using my vehicle for poaching. It was the bakkie linked to the rhino poaching that led to my arrest." Since the provisional withdrawal of his case in October 2017, Mkimugelo has been fighting to recover his confiscated belongings. During a visit to the police station, he was shown where his items were stored, but to his dismay, his Mitsubishi Pajero Vehicle, also confiscated, has been left to rust at the police station over the past eight years. Despite his efforts, Mkimugelo's request to regain his property has hit a dead end. The magistrate handling his case could not assist

him because none of the items confiscated from his residence were presented as evidence during court proceedings, and there was no mention of the seized items during the hearings. This left the magistrate unaware of the situation. Mkimugelo's only desire is to retrieve his belongings. He wishes to appeal in the high court but lacks the financial means to hire lawyers. He recounts the two long years during which his life was on hold while behind bars for something he did not commit. To compound his predicament, the police refuse to return his belongings, claiming they are part of an ongoing investigation. Among the items confiscated from Mkimugelo are a Mitsubishi Pajero station wagon, a generator, a fridge, five Hisense 32” television sets, one 42” television set, a queen-size bed, music amplifiers, and two cell phones. The police allege that all these items were purchased with proceeds from rhino poaching. Mkimugelo, an artist, earns a living from his paintings sold in various galleries in Swakopmund. He also runs a buy-and-sell business, where he buys products like mobile phones and television sets, reselling them to provide for his family. He is married to a Namibian woman. Responding to inquiries about the delay in returning Mkimugelo's belongings, the Namibian Police's Spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, stated, "This case was initially provisionally withdrawn due to incomplete investigations. However, it has since been completed, and the docket was sent back to the PG's (Prosecutor Generals's) office for decision." Shikwambi added that the docket will return to the court roll, and the accused individuals will be summoned to appear in court. She confirmed that the exhibits are indeed at the Mondesa Police Station and are considered proceeds of crime, which is why they will not be handed over until the case is resolved.

Sanitation Challenges in Erongo Region Sharlien Tjambari

While hygiene and sanitation are important components for the wellbeing of people, about 53% of the rural areas in the Erongo region do not have toilet facilities. This was said by Neville Itope, the Governor of the region at the 7th edition of the Africa Sanitation and Hygiene Converence (AfricaSun) in Swakopmund on Monday, 6 November. Itope pointed out that approximately 10% of households in the Erongo region lack toilet facilities, with only around 5% in urban areas having this issue, while a staggering 53% in rural areas face a similar challenge. He also emphasised the disparity in access to flushing toilets and regular garbage collection between urban and rural areas in the Erongo region. “Similarly, there is still a clear difference of flushing toilets and regular garbage collection in urban and rural areas in the Erongo region,” Itope said. To address the sanitation issue in the region, Itope mentioned the construction of dry pit latrines in rural areas and improvements in sewerage systems in settlement areas. He added,” Our population in the Erongo region is growing at a rate 1.3%, with a concentration of residents in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, the main economic towns.” He went on to say that this population influx has led to the growth of informal areas, further intensifying sanitation needs in these towns. Itope expressed the region's active engagement with the central government to strengthen the enabling environment for providing comprehensive social services throughout the region. Itope commended the Namibian Government for its commitment to improving sanitation through various initiatives,

including budgetary allocation, the establishment of a dedicated sanitation department streamlined to regional and local authority levels, the development of strategic and local sanitation plans, and the implementation of bottom-up approaches for sanitation programs. According to Itope, sanitation is not only vital for health and environmental well-being but also serves as a wise economic investment and a driver of social development. He emphasised that sanitation is achievable. “It is on this basis that the Namibian Government prioritises sanitation, not only at a theoretical level but in the day-to-day work of our government,” he concluded.


10 NOVEMBER 2023

Deadline For Mandatory Sim Card Eileen van der Schyff Registration The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) has issued a crucial reminder to all stakeholders regarding the impending deadline for mandatory SIM card registration, set for 31 December. This important directive is in full accordance with Section 77 of the Communications Act (No. 8 of 2009). Statistics reveal the progress made in SIM card registration over the past few months. As of 15 June, Namibia had approximately 2 760 804 active SIM cards across all licensed networks, with 795 991 SIM cards registered, representing a 29% registration rate. By 30 September, this rate had increased to 33%, with around 924 453 registered SIM cards out of approximately 2 789 580 active SIM cards. Katrina Sikeni, Executive: Communications and Consumer Relations at CRAN, provided insights into the registration status of major service providers, stating, "MTC has the most active SIM card subscribers totaling approximately 2 353 298, of which 799 797 SIM cards are registered to date nationwide. W h e r e a s Te l e c o m Namibia Limited reports 429 732 active subscribers, with approximately 117 585 registered as of 30 September 2023.” Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd accounts for 5 437 active SIM cards, of which 5 152 SIM cards are registered. UCOM Mobile Namibia (Pty) Ltd stands out as having registered all of their 1 113 active subscribers.

Sikeni explained, "The current SIM card registration rate of 33% as of 30 September may be attributed to, among other things, resistance from local authorities to avail registration points, power outages in remote areas, and slow customer uptake." In response to these challenges, CRAN has called upon Regional Governors and Chief Regional Officers to provide free venues for SIM card registration in local authorities and assist with information dissemination and community awareness. It's essential for users to register their SIM cards with their respective mobile service providers, as unregistered SIM cards will be suspended for three months after 31 December. During this suspension period, customers attempting to use the service will receive a warning message but won't be able to use the service. Sikeni clarified, "During the three-month suspension period, the service may be reinstated, and the customer can retain the mobile number linked to the SIM card, once the customer provides the necessary information for SIM card registration. If the suspension period expires without registration, the mobile service provider will cancel the service and number. The

customer must then purchase and register a new SIM card, which shall result in the customer losing the previous mobile number." Namibia's mandatory SIM card registration aligns with international best practices, bringing the nation in line with 157 other countries that have already implemented this measure. The advantages of SIM card registration include aiding crime investigations involving mobile devices and providing consumers with a digital identity. Additionally, it enables increased access to digital and online services, supporting virtual education, mobile banking, and online shopping. Consumers can register their SIM cards with their subscribed service provider by providing their full name, proof of residential address, and identity number through a copy of their Identity Document or passport. It's crucial for both Namibian nationals and foreigners during their stay in Namibia to adhere to the SIM Registration Conditions. Sikeni urgently appeals to ICT consumers to register their SIM cards before the 31 December deadline to fully enjoy the benefits of ICT products and services and avoid the risk of losing their numbers.

Accountants in the Dock for Fraud, Theft Leandrea Mouers

A former employee of the Fisheries Observer Agency made her first appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court this week, on charges of fraud, forgery and uttering a forged instrument. It is alleged that between December 2022 and October 2023, Andrea Esterhuizen (32), while employed as an accountant at the Fisheries Observer Agency, allegedly unlawfully and intentionally manipulated creditors' bank accounts by replacing them with her personal accounts. According to the police incident report, she allegedly transferred N$316 767.74 into her personal accounts through electronic fund transfers, using the funds for personal gain. No funds were recovered, and she has since resigned from the Fisheries Observers Agency. During the court proceedings, before magistrate John Sindano, Public Prosecutor, Annakleta Kandjimi stated that they seek to remand the case to 15 February 2024 for investigations, and that bail be set at N$30 000. Her lawyer, Jo-Marie Koekemoer agreed with the date but said the accused can only afford N$10 000. Bail was however set at N$15 000, which the accused has since paid, and her case has been remanded to 15 February 2023. Esterhuizen was also issued a warning to appear in court on 15 February 2023 at 9:00, as failure to do so may result in a warrant of arrest to be issued, and bail provisionally

cancelled and provisionally forfeited to the State. In a separate incident, another accountant and business owner found himself in the Walvis Bay Court for charges of theft, after he wrongfully, unlawfully and intentionally stole N$70 421.95 from a local business. It is alleged that the accused told the business that the money was for tax purposes. Shane Matyn Swartz made his first court appearance this week, in front of magistrate John Sindano. Public Prosecutor, Annakleta Kandjimi stated that it was the accused's first appearance for the charge of theft. “State seeks to remand the case to 15 February 2024 for investigations, bail of N$10 000 is recommended with reporting conditions on Fridays between 8:00 and 20:00 in the evening.” Llana Fouche, the lawyer representing Swartz stated that he will report at the Walvis Bay Police Station. The case was thus remanded to 15 February 2024, with bail granted of N$10 000. Swartz was also issued a warning to appear in court on 15 February 2023 at 9:00, as failure to do so may result in a warrant of arrest to be issued, and bail provisionally cancelled, and bail provisionally forfeited to the State.


10 NOVEMBER 2023

Swakopmund Psychiatrist in Court for Assault


Swakopmund Psychiatrist, Dr Pieter van der Westhuizen appeared on a charge of Assault – Common at the Swakopmund Magistrates Court on Monday this week. The case was postponed to 7 February 2024 for further investigation. Dr van der Westhuizen was granted bail.

Swakopmund Court Report Magistrate Court Thelevin Kairi (21) and Michael Swartz (24), appeared on a charge of attempted murder. The matter was postponed to 13 December for fixing of trial date. The accused are on bail. Branden Seibeb (31), appeared on a charge of robbery. The accused is at large, and a warrant of arrest was issued. Kleopas Paulus (40), appeared on a charge of malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 5 February 2024 for plea and trial. The accused is on bail. Pieter Senegal (51), appeared on a charge of possession of potentially dangerousproducing drugs. The matter was postponed to 2 October 2024 for plea and trial. The accused has been warned. Enes Hansen (23), appeared on a charge of robbery. The matter was postponed to 29 January 2024 for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Enes Hansen (23), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 7 February 2024 for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Rodney Geingob (27), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 12 December because the docket was not at court. The accused is on bail. David Geiseb (24), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 18 January 2024 for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. David Ihuema (25), appeared on a charge of possession of dependence-producing substance. The matter was postponed to 13 December for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Asser Gariseb (38), appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 24 January 2024 for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Natangwe Thomas Kapingana (43), appeared on two counts of theft charges and a charge of Contravening of section 4 (b) (i) read with sections 1,5,6 and 11 (1) of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 29 of 2004. The matter was postponed to 22 January 2024 for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Lorenzo Morkel (24) and Ricardo Arnold (25), appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 12 February 2024 for plea and trial. The accused are on bail. Chris Kheibeb (37), appeared on charges

of theft and malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 23 November for plea. The accused remains in custody. Felix Amagulu (31), appeared on a charge of robbery with aggravating with aggravating circumstances. The matter was postponed to 16 January for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Robert Maletzky (44), appeared on a charge of Nature Conservation Ordinancehunting huntable game. The matter was postponed to 29 July 2024 for plea and trial The accused is on bail. Joseph Amutenya (46), appeared on charges of assault common read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, act 4 of 2003, and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 23 July 2024 for continuation of trial. The accused is on bail. Wischell Brown Gertze (27), appeared on charges of assault by threat read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, act 4 of 2003, and assault common. The matter was postponed to 6 March 2024 for record to be transcribed. The accused is on bail. Andreas Byl (25), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 22 July for plea and trial. The accused is on bail. Aurora Khoeses (34), appeared on a charge of fraud. The matter was postponed to 6 December for prosecutor general's decision. The accused is on bail. Chris Wallie Blom (21), C-Jay Van Wyk (18) and a 17-year-old boy, appeared on a charge of malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 2 May 2024 for plea and trial. The accused are on bail. Collin Boois (36), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 2 April 2024 for legal representation. The accused is on bail. Richard Richie Katjiparatjivi (39), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 29 November because the docket was not at court. The accused remains in custody. Sylvia Andreas (31), appeared on a charge of theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 29 Febraury 2024 for legal aid. The accused is on bail. Joseph Hailumba (42), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 22 February 2024 for further investigations. The accused remains in custody.

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Tragic Death by Electric Shock in Karibib Eileen van der Schyff

Spokesperson of the Erongo police, Inspector Ileni Shapumba, has released a report detailing an unnatural death incident that occurred in Karibib on Wednesday, 8 November. The incident reported involved the death of 53year-old Augustinus Gauseb, known as Pule, due to an electric shock. The incident transpired at approximately 16:00 at the Usab location, Karibib. The circumstances surrounding this tragic event indicate that Mr Gauseb was using an electric meat cutter to prepare meat for a client in his home. It is alleged that the cutter's blade disengaged or slipped out of position, prompting


the deceased to act. In response to the malfunction, Mr Gauseb switched off the machine and proceeded to unplug it. Unfortunately, he failed to switch off the wall plug before unplugging the appliance, resulting in a fatal electric shock. Despite the quick response of his wife to

turn off the power, Mr Gauseb fell to the ground. He was promptly transported to the Karibib State clinic, where local nurses and paramedics from Lifelink 999 provided medical attention. Regrettably, his injuries were severe, and he was pronounced dead at the clinic.

Bids are invited through the Request for Proposals (RFP) Method for the Provision of Consultancy Services for an Independent Condition Survey of Namport's Civil Engineering Infrastructure Using the Struman Structures Management System.


The Consultant will be selected under the Quality Cost Based Selection Method (QCBS).


The Bids are open to all eligible Namibian entities or persons (“Consultants”) who wish to respond. Namibian Consultants who do not have the requisite expertise locally may collaborate with foreign consultants/specialists that have done similar works before.


Interested eligible bidders are requested to visit the Namport website at https://www.namport.com.na/Procurement/ for details of the bidding requirements. Bidders must register as suppliers, express interest in a specific bid, make a payment of the bid levy (nonrefundable) N$300.00 and submit the proof of payment to procurement@namport.com.na in order to be granted access to the bidding documents. The Namport Banking Details are available on the Procurement Portal on the website.


Bids must be delivered to the following address: The Tender Box, Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) Reception, No. 17 Rikumbi Kandanga Road. Electronic submission of bidding documents will not be accepted.

All enquiries related to these bids must be directed in writing by email to the following contact details: Tender and Contracts Administrator Owiike Amunkete Tel.: +264 64 208 2217 E-Mail: o.amunkete@namport.com.na or procurement@namport.com.na or

Procurement Manager Melani de Klerk Tel: +264 208 2319 Email: m.deklerk@namport.com.na


10 NOVEMBER 2023

Lichtenstrasser Found Guilty Rudi Bowe

Former Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) employee Ernst Lichtenstrasser has recently been found guilty in the Windhoek High Court for the double murder of the institute's two top executives,Executive Director Eckhart Mueller, and his Deputy, Heimo Hellwig, back in April 2019. He was also found guilty on a charge of defeating the law and five other charges related to weapons and ammunition as well as a charge of illegal possession of a shotgun, illegal possession of ammunition and obstruction of justice. This since he buried the 9 mm Beretta pistol, with which the murders were committed, in the desert. Lichtenstrasser has been on trial for the deaths of two of his superiors at NIMT, by gunning them down at Institute at Arandis on 15 April 2019. During the trial, which started in February 2021, Lichtenstrasser denied guilt on all charges."When you connect the dots, it only points to one person and that is the accused."This is

how Judge Christie Liebenberg's verdict sounded when he found Lichtenstrasser guilty of the murders of Mueller, and Hellwig, in 2019. Liebenberg found it unlikely that the DNA found on Lichtenstrasser's clothes, at the murder scene and on the gun's holster, which was found with the Beretta pistol, could have matched if Lichtenstrasser had not been present at the murder scene.“The recording that Liebenberg allowed after an internal hearing is also, according to him, a full admission of guilt” said high court judge Liebenberg. Liebenberg stated that there is no doubt in his mind that Lichtenstrasser is guilty of the horrendous killings. “While there was no eyewitness to the brutal murders, the evidence adduced during the trial esta-

blished the guilt of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt.” According to Liebenberg, Sinkala's report made broad references to events in Lichtenstrasser's life and did not consider his state of mind on the day of his guilty plea.“The last three complaints, all of which relate to a gun that Lichtenstrasser stole from the safe of a gunsmith, Hendrik de Villiers, are not, according to Liebenberg, a duplication, as they are the result of three respective intentions to commit crime” the judge added. “Although the breakingdown of a body of evidence into different components is quite useful, one must guard against a tendency to focus too intently on the separate and individual parts thereof, instead of evaluating it together with the rest

of the evidence. When dealing with circumstantial evidence, the court should not approach such evidence on a piecemeal basis and subject each individual piece of evidence to a consideration of whether it excludes the possibility that the explanation given by an accused is reasonably true,” Liebenberg said. Liebenberg further said that in following a holistic approach in assessing the evidence as a whole and when full regard is had to the merits and demerits of both state and defence witnesses, as well as the probabilities, then he is satisfied that Lichtenstrasser's version as regards to events which led to the murder of the deceased persons is not only improbable, but false beyond a reasonable doubt. “With regards to the confession, the

Former Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology employee Ernst Lichtenstrasser surrounding his son in the head and body is judge said what is staseemed to have ex- a testament of acts ted therein was from acerbated the insur- committed with direct the mind of someone mountable situation, intent, the judge conwith full knowledge of he found himself in.” cluded. the events which ocLiebenberg added that Lichtenstrasser is recurred, and not from when the accused left presented by Legal the insinuations planhome, he not only had Aid lawyer, Albert ted in his mind by his with him his licensed Titus, and the state by interrogators, like the 38 revolver, but also an deputy prosecutor accused wanted the unregistered 9mm pis- general Antonia Vercourt to belief. From tol, ultimately used in hoef. Court proceethe evidence presenthe killing of the de- dings will resume on ted, it is possible to ceased persons. The 14 November this infer that the accused's judge said this un- year with the state actions were pre-planl i c e n s e d w e a p o n calling witnesses to ned and appear to have would, therefore, not aggravate its sentence. taken form after the have been linked to the Lichtenstrasser will argument with his accused, and was then be able to call his wife. He had reached abandoned and buried own witnesses to the end of the road in in the desert. resisting his transfer, mitigate his sentence The manner in which before a date for while circumstances the deceased were shot sentencing will be set.



10 NOVEMBER 2023

Bringing Light to Communities The Road Ahead Sharlien Tjambari

The participants of the Peer Interaction Workshop for Officers in Charge at Correctional Facilities. Photo Leandrea Mouers

Correctional Services Converge to Tackle Various Challenges Leandrea Mouers

Correctional Services, which include that of Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Eswatini, converged to share best practices and how to manage new and emerging challenges. One of these emerging issues is that of the LGBTQI+ in Correctional Facilities. This is according to Deputy Commissioner – General Sam Shaalulunge, Head of Sub-department: Correctional Operations. “It is an emerging issue. We are well aware that it is a community that we have to handle in a way that is quite new to the correctional service. Because on one side you must make sure that LGBTQI+ inmates are also protected as a vulnerable group, and on the other side, the protection might also impact on their rights because you have to, for instance, isolate them from others, and for them, staying isolated is also not a good thing.” He added that it is an issue that we need to ponder on and see how best serve this community. “It is a tricky situation, but a solution will be where we best serve both parties. This is where we do not impact on the security of our facilities; a balance will be best. That means, policies to be will need to be established or developed, to serve both the correctional facilities and this community, in the best way that we can.” Shaalulunge added that Namibia currently has 4 900 inmates in the 14 correctional facilities across the country. “One of these is a female correctional facility, which houses 140 females. Our facilities are not overcrowded, as our capacity is around 5 400 in terms of bed space.” However, this is not the only challenge faced by correctional facilities but is also includes violent extremism and radicalisation, violence within our correctional facilities, lawsuits against our services, increase in gangsterism, an upsurge in drug related offences and the complicity of officers in institutional incidents. The Peer Interaction Workshop for Officers in Charge that is set to conclude today (Friday) was hosted to enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of correctional systems in these countries. Deputy commissioner Kapalu Luneta, Zambia Correctional Services and Director: Human Resources added that the workshop is a great platform to share best practices and learn from each other. “Each country has unique situations, different situations, thus solutions will also be different. We share common challenges, but the solutions are different. In Zambia, overcrowding and infrastructure is a challenge for us; we do not have as much infrastructure as we would like to have.” In his remarks, Commissioner General Tuhafeni Hamunyela, the Commissioner General of the Namibia Correctional Facilities read by deputy commissioner

General Shaalulange explained that at the 19th Session of the Namibia/Zambia Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security (JPCDS) in 2015 led to a resolution for Namibian and Zambian Correctional Services to organise workshops and seminars for Officers in Charge to address correctional facility management issues. “Namibia hosted the first workshop in 2016 with 59 participants from both countries. Zambia eventually hosted the second workshop in 2022, with 63 participants, further strengthening cooperation between the two countries' correctional services.” The main aim of the workshop is to convene to discuss mutual problems, share best practices, deliberate and share solutions to emerging and new problems facing correctional facilities and create long lasting relations and networks. “By comparing practices and outcomes across different correctional systems, Officers in Charge can identify areas for improvement and set goals for their own institutions. This benchmarking process can drive innovation and continuous improvement within the correctional field.” The Peer Interaction Training Workshop covered topics such as the management of Correctional Facilities, which include challenges and best practices; working with Female Offenders; Management of Women's Penitentiary Settings; Overview of the Offender Risk Management Correctional Strategy; Education as a Rehabilitation Tool for Juvenile Offenders; Humanisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration; Staff Training and Development as a Tool to Enhance Transformation; Management & Wellness of Officers. Additionally, Erongo Governor Neville Andre, emphasised the importance of a rehabilitation-focused correctional system. He highlighted the effectiveness of rehabilitation in reducing recidivism and successful reintegration into society. “There is a need for collaborative efforts among SADC Member States to share best practices, resources, and knowledge to create a uniform approach to rehabilitation. Such harmonisation could lead to benefits for individuals, regional stability, and economic growth by reducing recidivism rates and promoting public safety. To realise this vision, open dialogue and partnerships among SADC Member States are crucial for developing comprehensive rehabilitation frameworks tailored to specific needs and resources in each country.”

In the Erongo region, there are over 10 000 homes in peri-urban and rural areas that require electrification which will require an investment of nearly N$500 million to electrify these homes. This was said by Zoe Nambahu, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors-Erongo RED during Erongo RED’s Annual Shareholders Summit in Swakopmund recently. According to Nambahu, one of the major concerns that was raised by Erongo Red's shareholders during last year's engagements was electrification requirements in the region. Nambahu stated that, while the company has made efforts to electrify certain areas in the region – there is still a lot to be done. “Given our limited resources, it has become increasingly challenging to address the electrification requirements and balance sometimes competing shareholder expectations in addressing electrification requirements in various towns and settlements. If we pool our limited resources and expertise, we can mitigate the issue of electrification. An example of this type of partnership was the collaboration with the Swakopmund Municipality to electrify

homes in the DRC settlement.” According to Nambahu, Erongo Red and the Swakopmund Municipality together with the community successfully launched the electrification project in DRC, Swakopmund. This project is ongoing. Nambahu emphasised, “as the board, we are delighted with partnerships of this kind and look forward to more similar collaborations. Universal access to electricity is a challenge that requires all our concerted efforts.” She stressed the importance of pulling together the limited resources to accelerate access to electricity. “This is to ensure that we achieve the Government's target to speed up electrification and ensure all households in Namibia are electrified by 2040.” In conclusion, Nambahu stated Erongo Red has recently recei-

ved a grant of N$4.5 million for peri-urban electrification at the Harambe informal settlement in Karibib from the Ministry of Mines and Energy. “Our technical teams are busy with the discussions, and this is scheduled to be completed next year.” The Governor of the Erongo Region, Neville André Itope said recently he also had the opportunity to light the communities of the DRC through a partnership between Erongo Red and the Swakopmund Municipality as well as through the TIDRED Program with the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF). “I therefore want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Erongo Red for these good gestures. More still needs to be done to light communities in both the rural and informal settlements in the urban areas.”

Governor of Erongo Region Neville Itope seen earlier this year switching on the electricity for the DRC people to mark the commissioning of the electricity in DRC


10 NOVEMBER 2023


european foundation for the care of newborn infants

15 Years

small actions BIG IMPACT: Immediate skin to skin care for every baby everywhere

Swakopmund Milk Bank: Nurturing Hope on World Prematurity Day Eileen van der Schyff

In commemoration of World Prematurity Day on 17 November, the global spotlight turns towards the critical issue of preterm birth and the impact it has on the lives of infants and their families. Dr. Sebastian Gericke, a renowned Swakopmund Paediatrician, and the founder of the Human Breast Milk Bank in Swakopmund, shares his insights on the significance of this day, emphasising the vital role of the Swakopmund Milk Bank in preterm care. World Prematurity Day serves as a platform for various essential purposes: 1. Raising Awareness: The prevalence of preterm birth and its associated risks are brought to the forefront on this day. Premature birth remains a leading cause of infant mortality and disability worldwide. By shedding light on this issue, the aim is to inspire early prenatal care and the adoption of risk reduction strategies. 2. Sharing Knowledge: Heightening awareness about preterm birth provides the opportunity to educate families and healthcare providers about the latest breakthroughs in neonatal care. The dissemination of knowledge holds the potential to enhance outcomes for premature infants. 3. Advocating for Support: Premature infants often require specialised medical care, which can place significant financial strain on their families. World Prematurity Day presents an occasion to advocate for increased support, both in terms of healthcare infrastructure and financial assistance for families affected by preterm birth. DONATION IS FREE AND SIMPLE Registration involves: Lifestyle eligibility questionary Finger prick for HIV and Hepatitis B We give: bottles and storage container You need: breast pump & home freezer space

Enquires: Dr. Gericke Rooms @ 064 406 664



4. Celebrating Progress: With time, medical advancements have substantially improved the survival and long-term prospects of premature infants. This day offers a chance to celebrate the progress achieved in neonatal care while highlighting the ongoing need for research and development in this critical field. Dr Gericke highlighted the role played by the Swakopmund Milk Bank in preterm care. “The milk bank sources, screens, pasteurises, and provides breast milk, all free of charge to newborns in need, in collaboration with Mediclinic Swakopmund. This invaluable support contributes significantly to the health and development of these vulnerable infants,” Dr Gericke said. Dr Gericke extends an invitation to mothers who wish to donate breast milk to contact his practice at 064 406 664.



10 NOVEMBER 2023

Laerskool Top Students Awarded Leandrea Mouers

Maxuel Boerssen and Jordyn Maasdorp were awarded as the junior and senior dux learners at Laerskool Walvisbaai's annual prize giving ceremony.

Scenes from Laerskool Walvisbaai prize giving ceremony.

Photos contributed

Anel Zwemstra

Boerssen was awarded for his academic achievements from grade 1 until grade 4, while Maasdorp was awarded for his academic achievements from grade 5 until grade 7. Anel Zwemstra received the award for being the most versatile learner. Zwemstra is the deputy head girl of the school, vice-captain of the under 14 hockey team, Krappe cheerleader during the athletics, she participated in the ATKV Redenaars for Afrikaans 1st language as well as NAPSO Culture Festival. At this festival she was awarded silver for Afrikaans gedigte, gold in Recorder, Daimond for the school choir. She is a grade 4 UNISA

Maxuel Boerssen

Jordyn Maasdorp

recorder player, played in the hockey 7's league, plays chess with the highest achievement of gold, placed for the Circuit Science Fair, participated in Mr and Miss Laerskool Walvisbaai, participates in robotics after school, assisted Mrs Stuart in the repainting of the tennis court wall and she's an active participant in the Voortrekker community. Zwemstra also received the top academic achievement in grade 7, Esjay Freeman received the top academic achievement in grade 6, Daniela van der Westhuizen was the top academic achiever in grade 5 and Jeanine Janse van Vuuren was the top academic achiever in grade 4.


10 NOVEMBER 2023

Nuwe Laerskool Prefekte vir Pro-Ed Akademie Pro-Ed Akademie in Swakopmund het onlangs hul nuwe laerskool prefekte aangekondig. Hierdie leerders gaan op 'n kamp vroeg volgende jaar waar die hoofleiers gekies sal word. Die nuwe laerskool prefekte is Sebastiaan Cloete, Paul du Plessis, Hendrik Espag, Hendré van

Niekerk, Christiaan van Staden, Jandro Vi s s e r , F r a n s l o Wiese, Juané Baard, Marnelle Esterhuy-

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zen, Mincke Kruger, Peyton Nell, Jocelyn Petrick, Megan van Schalkwyk en Allet Vihemba.




10 NOVEMBER 2023

Assistance for Usakos Secondary School Leandrea Mouers

NamPower, through its social responsibility arm, the NamPower Foundation, repainted the hostel and dining room of Usakos Secondary School and donated 50 mattresses to the school. The project, which involved an investment of N$498 000, was the brainchild of the school's staff and school board members, who aimed to restore the school to its former glory. Dr Simeon Amunkete, the senior manager for human capital at NamPower, emphasised the utmost importance of preserving our educational infrastructure, stating, "Our educational infrastructure is very important, and it's cheaper to preserve it than to destroy and start from scratch. Revamping this educational resource was much needed and is important to NamPower. We are delighted to hand over this revamped school infrastructure to further cultivate an enabling environment for the students at the school to excel in their studies. The project included the repainting of the girls' and boys' hostels, the kitchen, the dining hall, and the donation of 50 mattresses to the

school." He added that the NamPower Foundation has and continues to support worthy projects nationwide, with a significant focus on education, as it is one of the most important pillars for socio-economic development and the greatest equaliser of society. "The Foundation has been assisting the sector through infrastructural development and renovations, donating computers, providing stationery and furniture to schools and kindergartens, among other initiatives. All 14 regions of the country have benefited from the support directed towards the education sector thus far." He encouraged the students and teachers to take care of the refurbished infrastructure. "Please guard the buildings at all times, especially against vandalism, and ensure that the facility is wellmaintained at all times so that it can serve the current and future students of Usakos Secondary School." Theresia Goagoses, the Walvis Bay Circuit Education Inspector, on behalf of the Erongo Education Director and Omaruru Circuit, expressed her gratitude

NOTICE OF THE CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Home Base Office (Cash Loan) ON ERF NO: 9091K TOWNSHIP/AREA: Kuisebmond STREET NAME & NO: Samuel Maharero Street. In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Wal-vis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish on the site a/an: Cash Loan. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the applicant, in writing, not later than 1 December 2023. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: N Y Masiye, P O Box 5392, Walvis Bay

towards the Foundation, saying, "This gesture has given us a renewed sense of hope. No one wants to work or be productive in a dilapidated space; hence, we appreciate this good-will. I am sure that with the revamping of these premises, our productivity levels will soar, leading to improved results from our students.”

The Usakos Secondary School received assistance valued to almost N$500 000 from the NamPower Foundation. Photos contributed

10 NOVEMBER 2023


NOTICES & VACANCIES NOTICE OF THE CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Accommodation Establishment Self Catering ON ERF NO: 77 TOWNSHIP/ AREA: Dolphin Beach STREET NAME & NO: Sandpiper Street 8. In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish on the site a/an: Accommodation Establishment Self Catering . Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the applicant, in writing, not later than 1 December 2023. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: C J Lucky Shipale, P O Box 96511, Windhoek email: DLUnit6@gmail.com

NOTICE OF THE CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Self Catering Unit ON ERF NO: 402 TOWNSHIP/AREA: Langstrand STREET NAME & NO: 17 Haub Street, Langstrand. In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish on the site a/an: Self Catering Unit . Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the applicant, in writing, not later than 1 December 2023. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: Mr Liam Jacobus Smith, 17 Haub Street, Langstrand email: amorigerber@gmail.com


10 NOVEMBER 2023

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10 NOVEMBER 2023


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Lodge Service Assistant Gecko Ridge Lodge situated near Swakopmund has the above excellent employment opportunity for someone with the following experience: Ÿ Reception and Guest relations Ÿ Housekeeping Ÿ Bar Ÿ Kitchen and waitering experience. A person should be multi skilled and should be able to work in a team. Apply before 10 November 2023 Forward your documents to: geckoridge.nam1@gmail .com Only short listed candidates will be contacted

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am a 27 year old lady looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay, Langstrand I have experience for 4 years. I am ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 468 8651 081 797 3362 JOB WANTED: Two ladies aged 35 & 36 are looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay, for 5 days a week. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 468 5375 081 331 2061 JOB WANTED: I am a lady looking for domestic work, taking care of kids, cleaning washing and ironing. Mondays to Fridays. Contact: 081 857 3660 JOB WANTED: I am a 43 year old lady looking for domestic work in Swakopmund, I am hardworking ad ready to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 285 8016

JOB WANTED: I am a 40 year old lady looking for waitress work in Swakopmund, I am trustworthy and can start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 302 4784 JOB WANTED: I am a 29 year old hardworking woman looking for any kind of cleaning or office work in Swakopmund, Long Beach, Rössmund or Mile 4, I am also a holder of computer literate certificate. Contact: 081 739 4534 / 081 780 6580 JOB WANTED: I am a 37 year old highly eligible and resilient female on quest seeking for a prospective domestic work in relevance to babysitting, cleaning and ironing with relevant experience of 5 years in rendering immaculate and radiant service, willing to work through 7 day shift or 3 day service rendering in Swakopmund. Contact Rosalia conveniently on: 081 568 1201 JOB WANTED: I am looking for any kind of job, babysitting, cleaning, domestic, cashiering and security in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. NO JOKES! Contact: 081 317 2458 MBINOO NORKEY: I am a 20 year old lady looking for work, babysitting or domestic in Swakopmund, I have studied care giver / nursing for 6 months. I can take care of old people and I am educated. Contact: 081 261 9992 / 081 229 1744 JOB WANTED: I am a 32 year old lady looking for domestic work around Walvis Bay. I have 8 years experience. I am trustworthy, hardworking and willing to start anytime. Contact: 081 689 8528 JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady looking for domestic work around Swakopmund, I work well under pressure and I am ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 803 8510

Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Town Council considers the following consent uses, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering and Planning Services. Fabulous Car Rental herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for special consent to operate a Resident Occupation: Administrative office on the premises of Erf 331, Lavender Street, Matutura Extension 1. Any person having any objections against such application should lodge such objection/s in writing and within 14 days of the last publication to the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant, during normal business hours. Closing date for objections or comments is 1 December 2023. Contact person: Mr Fillemon Musheko Cell: 081 672 4191 Email: fillemonmusheko@gmail.com Or Mr. J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 4104403.

Saturday 11 November 2023 10:00 am at My Fathers House Fellowship Walvis Bay

Contact Yolanda 081 243 3648




10 NOVEMBER 2023

NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS Kaoko Green Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd hereby gives notice to all potential Interested and Affected Parties, that an application for an Environmental Clearance: Environmental Management Act, 7 of 2007 and Regulations 19 and 21 of the EIA Regulations (January 2012) will be made as per the following: PROJECT AND APPLICANT: Kaoko Green Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd - The Proposed “/hao” Waveroller Pilot Project for the Generation of Electricity by Utilizing Namibia’s Ocean Waves using Waveroller Technology on Ocean Water. NATURE AND LOCATION OF THE PROPOSED ACTIVITY: Kaoko Green Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd intends to apply for an ECC for their proposed pilot project for the generation of electricity by utilising Namibia’s ocean waves using Waveroller technology on ocean water. The proposed project is located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1 km from the coastline, near Wlotzkasbaken, Erongo Region, Namibia. INDEPENDENT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT PRACTITIONER: I.N.K Enviro Consultants cc NOTIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION: Please contact I.N.K:. Tel: +264818035825. Email: ikatali@inkenviroconsult.com. Register as an I&AP with I.N.K as per above. A Background Information Document is available. Comment period is from 10 November to 07 December 2023. DETAILS ON THE PUBLIC MEETING: Date - Friday, 01 December 2023. Venue Erongo Regional Office in Wlotzkasbaken. Time: 15h00

Our client a substantial contributor in the Namibian Fishing Industry, and an equal opportunity employer has a fixed-term vacancy in Walvis Bay for a

Senior Payroll / HR Officer You possess the following knowledge / abilities / skills Grade 12 + at least 10 years' experience in payroll administration in the fishing industry. You are an expert on the Namibian labour legislation and the Social Security Act. You are a master of the Sage VIP Payroll and HR system. You are an expert on the Jarrison time-keeping system and are advanced on working with excel. You are very knowledgeable about HR and payroll processes and standards. You are very detail orientated and systematic in your approach. You tend to plan your daily activities and execute your work professionally. You are highly conscientious and deadline driven, as well as rule following. You are very stress resilient and you are willing to work overtime. You wish to execute the following responsibilities Manage and execute the payroll. Manage the time keeping process. Manage statutory processes and ensure compliance. Conduct all administration on the payroll. Ensure to adhere to the control processes. Ensure timeous management reporting. Manage and report overtime costs. Manage and give input into budgets. Ensure management of deductions are correct. Manage and administer journals. Ensure correct processing and printing of payslips. Assist with HR administrative tasks. Other related tasks. Our client offers a market related salary Commencement of work is preferable 2 January 2024 Preference is given to applicants living in Walvis Bay Kindly submit your CV to brandbox@iop.com.na by not later than 15 November 2023 ONLY E-MAILED APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED / ONLY SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES WILL BE NOTIFIED / CANDIDATES WILL UNDERGO PSYCHOMETRIC EVALUATION / NO DOCUMENTS WILL BE RETURNED

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer seeking to employ an:

HUMAN RESOURCES PRACTITIONER (Grade D1) We are seeking a motivated individual as Human Resources Practitioner. As a member of the team, you will oversee and manage the Human Resources and Payroll departments to ensure the efficient and effective management of the organization's workforce. Key responsibilities include strategic management; budget and forecasting; HR reporting and payroll; full recruitment process; performance management; training; employee relations; policy development, implementation, and communication; AA reporting; vessel crew rotation; wage negotiations. If you honor our values We care● We serve● We think smart● We grow people● We talk to each other● We walk the talk

And have the following skills: • A Degree in Human Resources Management • Minimum of 5 years’ proven experience as HR Practitioner in a manufacturing environment • Good computer skills on an advanced level (MS Office & VIP) • Good knowledge of various legislations • Must be able to manage a small team. • High ability to think analytically and creatively to resolve problems. • Able to take initiative and decisions. • Have a high attention to detail and accuracy • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills • Have high integrity and adhere to principles and values. • Be able to cope with a demanding work life. • Must have excellent numeric and verbal abilities (preferably multi-languages) • Must have excellent planning, organisational and administrative abilities. • Must be able to cope with pressure and setbacks. • Must be a Namibian citizen with a valid driver’s license. Please email your resume, cover letter, and any relevant supporting documents to: recruitement@gendev.com.na by no later than 17 November 2023. IN THE SECOND ROUND, CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED NO DOCUMENTS WILL BE RETURNED

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10 NOVEMBER 2023

Wouter van Wijk wins MULTISAVE MEDAL A big field of 37 players turned out for the MULTISAVE MEDAL over the past weekend at Walvis Bay Golf Club. Winning the trophy and thus the MULTISAVE MEDAL was Wouter van Wijk on 70, winning the count out from Amandio Sardinha who ended as runner-up for best nett. The 3rd nett prize went to Wynand Breytenbach on 72 with the best gross on the day was won by Grant Mather on 72 whilst Wilma de Wet won the Stapleford competition on 36 points, also winning a count out from Pieter van Niekerk, who ended second. There were three two clubs by Pedro Fernandes, Wouter van Wijk and Attie van der Westhuizen who chipped in for a five pointer. There was a glitch about who was the winner of the pot and eventually Emile Vilbert was declared the “winner”. Amandio Sardinha was on hand to present the prizes to the winner. MULTISAVE have committed to being back next year, and a great thank you to Family Sardinha for this sponsorship. Together with the MULTISAVE MEDAL, the final and 3rd/4th place play-off of the AEGIR MARINE MATCHPLAY took place.


School News

The final was won by Wilma de Wet who after being a few holes down rallied back to beat Pieter Fox on the last hole in the final of the AEGIR MARINE MATCHPLAY with Grant Mather beating Tienie de Wet to end third and fourth respectively. The wooden spoon play play-off of the AEGIR MARINE MATCHPLAY was won by Andre Burger who beat Koot Potgieter 1 up. Grant Mather did commit that AEGIR MARINE would indeed be back next year. The 5th leg of the BATTLE OF THE CLANS was won by the Porras, who collected the 10 points on offer whilst Jacks and Jill collect 9 point to end second. The log as it stands after the 5th leg, and with two legs to go, is as follows. Monkeys – 39, Old Boys - 31,5, Porras – 31, Wed School - 29,5, Sluggers - 28,5, Tigers - 24,5, Jacks & Jills – 23, Sun Hackers - 20,5, JWM – 19, Brady Bunch - 18,5 This weekend in the NAMIB MILLS better ball competition,

Walvis Bay to Honour Simon Photo contributed The Municipality of Wa l v i s B a y w i l l honour former Namibian professional b o x e r, H a r r y 'Terminator' Simon with a street name in his hometown, Walvis Bay. This comes after the Municipality of Walvis Bay received motivational proposals from individuals to consider naming a street after Simon, who is arguably considered the best boxer ever to come out of Namibia. Harry Simon (born on 21 October 1971) is a two-weight world champion, having held the WBO junior middleweight title from 1998 to 2001 and the WBO middleweight title in 2002. He will be the first Namibian boxer to have a street named after him. Simon, with a record

Former Namibian professional boxer, Harry 'Terminator' Simon of 31 fights and 31 wins, is undoubtedly the finest boxer to come out of Namibia. Simon will become the second athlete from Walvis Bay to have a street named after him, following Paralympian gold medalist Johanna Benson, who had a street named after her in Kuisebmund, Walvis Bay, following her gold medal win at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. Walvis Bay Mayor,

Trevino Forbes said legendary world boxing champion Harry 'Terminator' Simon will finally have a street named after him in his hometown. Mayor Forbes confirmed that the application has been approved by the Suburb and Street Naming Committee at the harbor town's municipality. "We will soon release the date for the unveiling of the street, 'Harry Simon Street'.”

Rally Enthusiasts in for Final Treat Rudi Bowe

Wouter van Wijk receiving the MULTISAVE MEDAL trophy and prize from Amandio Sardinha

Grant Mather hands the AEGIR MARINE MATCHPLAY trophy to the winner Wilma de Wet

Junior Tennis Shines Bright The Trustco NTA Junior Masters tennis tournament, held on November 3rd and 4th, 2023, cemented its reputation as the foundation from which young Namibian future tennis stars are launched.

The past weekend once again proved the NTA Trustco Junior Masters as the pinnacle of junior tennis events on the annual calendar. This esteemed occasion is by invitation-only, with players earning their spot based on ranking points accumulated throughout the year. Following an intense first round of matches, the official start of this annual event unfolded on a lovely Friday evening at the Central Tennis Courts in Windhoek. During the opening ceremony, Lucky Gawanab, the vice-president of

the NTA, expressed his gratitude towards Trustco for their unwavering support. "As a tennis association, we are deeply honoured to have the steadfast backing of our main sponsor, Trustco. You have been walking this journey with us for years now. The progress of junior tennis owes much to your genuine support. Thank you once again," he shared. On a scorching Saturday afternoon, the intense competitive atmosphere of junior tennis was undeniable as the on-court action grew increasingly

Walvis Bay Motor Club and the Namibia Motor Sport Federation (NMSF) will host the 6th leg of the National Rally championship, the M+Z Swakop Rally 2023 in and around Swakopmund on 17 and 18 November.Organisers and committee members are hard at work to ensure that sponsors, spectators and participants will have an unforgettable experience at the M+Z Swakop Rally 2023. The rally, sponsored by M&Z Motors will start at M&Z Motors Swakopmund at 18:00 on the Friday afternoon and end at the paintball -centre and on Saturday. It will start at 10:00 and end just after 17:00 at the paintball -centre. The different classes that will pull up at the starting point are, S1, S2, S4, CR2 and Cr1vehicles. The organisers called on the public to adhere to the safety officers' and marshals' directions at all times for their own safety, while at the same time enjoying every moment along the tracks. heated. With the balance of power constantly shifting over the past few months, the topranked players concluded their rivalry for the year. Participants of all ages, ranging from under 10 to under 18, representing their various age and gender categories, joined in the exciting event. "Congratulations to all the junior masters players! Every single one of you displayed unwavering commitment, exceptional sportsmanship and your dedication shone brightly on the courts throughout the year. We extend our gratitude to the NTA for once again teaming up with us in nurturing the growth of junior tennis in

Namibia," remarked Neville Basson, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Trustco. D a n i ë l d u To i t , Chairperson of Junior Te n n i s N a m i b i a , reflected, "It continues to be a privilege to stand alongside Tr u s t c o G r o u p i n ensuring that junior tennis remains at the forefront of junior sports in Namibia. This partnership allows us to cultivate tennis from its very roots, reaching communities far and wide across the country. Trustco, thank you - we are inspired by the knowledge that we have your support," he concluded. Trustco, in support of

the NTA, congratulates all the players and the podium winners, you all gave a good account of yourselves and displayed exceptional sportsmanship. Once again, our heartfelt thanks go out to all tennis enthusiasts, supporters and parents. You play a significant role in propelling the success of junior tennis in Namibia. Tournament Results: Under 10 Boys 1st Shafishina Shimali 2nd Breyton Bezuidenhout 3rd Christiaan du Plessis Under 10 Girls 1st Janice Bezuidenhout

Send all your Sport News to: Rudi Bowe email: journalist5@namibtimes.net


10 NOVEMBER 2023

namib times Sport

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Coastal Schools End League on a High Rudi Bowe The Namibia Schools Cricket League ended on a high for four coastal schools over the past weekend. Photos contributed The U/19 & U/11 teams from Pro-Ed Academy, U/15 team from Flamingo Secondary School and the U/13 team from Walvis Bay Private School, and U/11 team all ended as runner ups at the just ended U/19 team from Pro-Ed Academy National Schools Cricket Leagues in the deferent age groups. The U/19 & U/11 teams from Pro-Ed Academy in Swakopmund lost in against Windhoek Gymnasium in Windhoek and Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool in Walvis Bay respectively. The U/15 boys from U/13 team from Walvis Bay Private School Flamingo Secondary School in Walvis Bay did very well in their first year in the league. They however lost in the final a g a i n s t Wi n d h o e k Afrikaanse Privaatskool in Tsumeb. Walvis Bay Private School U/13 cricket team also went all the way to the final, but could not win their last and important match against the U/13 boys from Gobabis Gymnasium Private School in U/11 team from Pro-Ed Academy Gobabis

U/15 boys from Flamingo Secondary School

Luminaires Direct Swakopmund Antonius Gardens Hendrik Witbooi Street swk@ld.com.na 064 403 355

Decor Blue House oek dh Centre Win eet

13 Voigts Str ial ustr Southern Ind a hn@ld.com.n 8 081 145 773

Luminaires Direct Windhoek 36 Cobalt Str eet Prosperita whk@ld.com .na 061 236 691

Where Sport and Camaraderie Unite About 140 participants eagerly laced up their running shoes to embark on the third Trail Run hosted at the Moonraker Outdoor Adventure Rest Camp On the crisp morning of 4 November 2023. Photos: Gondwana Collection The Gondwana MoonSchaarrenbroich , 3 . raker Ridge Trail Run is Olavi Uushona part of the larger Francesca AnneseGondwana Adventure Mouton event series, which includes the Moon Valley Marathon scheduled for 29 March 2024. Gondwana Moonraker Ridge Trail Run Results: 20km Trail Run; Rank Men Women, 1. Thomas Miller Risa Dreyer, 2. Pierre van Rensburg Marietjie de ChavonnesVrugt , 3 . Everhardy Loubser Jamie Vinson. The 5 and 10km runners 10 km Trail Run; Rank Thomas Miller won and hikers took off at Men Women, 1. Josia the 20km race in an 6:45. Kalwenya Helena Iipinge, amazing time of The day started of with a spirited start as the 2. Martin Kalwenya Anne 1:31:33. 20km runners of the Gondwana Moonraker Ridge Trail Run took off at 6:30 AM, quickly followed by the 10 and 5 km participants. Under the lively theme 'Gondwana goes bananas,' a bountiful supply of bananas added to the familial fun and conviviality of the event. Following the race, runners, many joined by their families and friends, savoured live music and relished a delectable Spitbraai lunch. For our younger visitors, the animals at Moonraker Farm became a day's highlight. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the unwavering support of our event sponsors, with special thanks to King Price Insurance, Nova This 10km hiking group was happy to reach 103.5, StaminoGro, Norflex Gel, and OSH-Med the finish line. International, along with the generous contributions from Checkers, Namibia Breweries, and Coca Cola.

The winner of the ladies 20km race, Risa Dreyer (r.), ran part of the route with Pierre van Rensburg (l.), who finished second in the men's category

The Gondwana HR team goes 'bananas'

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