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Parking system collapses Sharlien Tjambari

Swakopmund's new parking management system was suspended indefinitely. The suspension comes a mere eight days after its launch on 1 August this year. Namibia Parking Solutions was behind the project. The municipality of Swakopmund confirmed this earlier this week when namib times communicated some issues around the implementation of the management system to a municipal official. One of the questions raised by the newspaper is whether any Council by-law makes provision for the implementation and operation of such a system. To date no reply was received, other than news of the suspension of the system. Members of the public raised several concerns. Firstly the rates charged are too steep and many expect if you pay for parking there should be service. A wheelchair bound resident said there are too few parking spaces for the disabled in the cbd (where the management system is applicable) and since he pays for parking now he wants to see more parking spaces for the disabled spread over the cbd area that distances are shortened for people with limited abilities to move on

their own. The spokesperson of the Swakopmund Municipality, Aili Gebhardt officially confirmed the suspension of the parking management system. “Kindly note that the parking management system that commenced on 1 August in Swakopmund has been suspended until further notice. Council hereby apologises for the inconvenience caused to the public”, Gebhardt is quoted. According to Gebhardt, the system did not work out well. Gehbardt was willing to say that the management system was implemented prematurely, before all processes were properly in place. Although the coming of the Parking Management System was already announced at the beginning of July, many residents only learnt of the finer details when they parked their vehicles in the cbd area on 1 August. Some motorists received fines for not paying, adding to the negative perceptions. It was also understood the car guards who were absorbed into the management system as

full-time employees are not happy and said promises were broken. On the other hand, the management system’s main aim is to reduce the time period motorists park in the cbdarea as it creates a low turnover of vehicles which is not conducive for the local businesses who needs a turnover of customers. Many parking bays are occupied by people working in the cbd, meaning that particular parking bay is not feeding shoppersing opportunities to the businesses in the area.

Stefan Ludik spends night in dog kennel Fundraiser for Walvis Bay SPCA collects more than N$100 000 Namibian grown celebrity, Stefan Ludik, spent a night in the dog box in Walvis Bay. Don’t worry - it was for all the right reasons! Read all about this on page 7 of today’s edition. Pictured here: Stefan Ludik on the picture with Walvis Bay Mayor Alder-man Immanuel Wilfried.

Number system for Walvis Bay taxi’s Floris Steenkamp Taxi operators in Walvis Bay will soon be compelled to have numbers on their vehicles, for the purposes of traffic control and to assist the different law enforcement agencies with crime prevention. A source in the municipality of Walvis Bay disclosed this week a system for applications for the numbers is almost ready to go live. This source however, was only willing to say that each taxi will be required to carry this unique number in the form of a sticker – one on both front doors and one on the roof. “Each taxi will have a unique number. An application form will be completed by the owner of the

taxi and the information will be captured on a database. The information would be traceable by law enforce-ment by means of this unique number”, it was explained. The source added the numbers will be a prescribed size in order to assist with the visibility thereof both by day and by night and the number must be on the roof to assist law enforcement by surveillance cameras.


“We have the wind and sun”

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Angler’s Kiosk’s success

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Locker vom Hocker

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10 AUGUST 2018

namib Residents of 5th Street times SERVING THE COASTAL COMMUNITY SINCE 1958 namib times is registered as a newspaper by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication

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want an end to this

Despite earlier complaints, these two houses remain partly demolished in Walvis Bay‘s 5th Street. The owner or owners of the houses started to demolish the houses months ago but the worked stopped half way. Not only are these ruins an eye sore, but it also have become a hideout for criminals who roam the area at night looking for opportunities to break in or steal. Several complaints have fallen on deaf ears of the owners and the municipality is urged by residents in the area to take these owners to task at last. A representative of 518 Neighborhood Watch, the group which is responsible for the area’s community policing, welcomes the request by residents of the area and also calls upon the local authority to compel these owners to clear up the rubble.

Natis employee up for corruption Walvis Bay: An official of Natis at Walvis Bay is facing prosecution for corruption or fraud, after he was found to have certified two vehicles roadworthy without these vehicles subjected to a roadworthy test.

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Mushandikwe Mashialeti (32) was arrested on Tuesday and made a first appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrates court on Wednesday. An investigation into the alleged incidents is ongoing and could at a later stage also involve the owner or owners of the vehicles.

10 AUGUST 2018



Electricity Supply Industry Forum - Swakopmund

Wind and sun in abundance Sharlien Tjambari

Erongo's Governor Clr. Cleophas Mujtavikua questions why Namibia is a nett electricity importer. That is given the fact that the country can produce renewable energy. We have sufficient wind velocity for wind energy generation, also here in Erongo. Our country is blessed with sunshine for solar energy production, Governor Mutjavikua said yesterday at the opening of the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) Forum in Swakopmund. The Forum creates a ration and distribution was Energy Minister regular platform for in Namibia. Tom Alweendo who key players in the Clr Mutjavikua said touched upon the delielectricity industry, electricity supply shor- cate relationship betincluding Govern- tages is a very serious ween cost reflective ment, regional elec- issue and apart from tarrifs and the influtricity distributors, hampering economic ence of electricity cost Nampower and other development it can al- on vulnerable segpower producers to so pose a security ments of Namibian sotake into perspective threat. ciety and economic deopportunities, trends The guest of honour velopment. and challenges faced and keynote speaker at With regard to the inwith electricity gene- the opening yesterday fluence of high electri-

city costs on the poor and pensioners, Minister Alweendo said Government is developing National Electricity Tariff Support Mechanism which aims to assist households on electricity connections below 15 Amps. A concept in this regard is currently tested in Northern Namibia. On the other hand, no economic sector be that public or private will be able to carry out their respective mandates indefinitely, unless the electricity sup-

ply network is maintained. Cost reflective tariffs are the only option in this regard, said Minister Alweendo. “For the electricity sector in particular, a sustainable future must be a priority. Energy is quite literally the lifeblood of modern society as it exists today. For us in the electricity supply industry, our relevance is based on ensuring that electricity is available on demand to all our citizens at an affordable price without compromising the ability of future ge-

nerations to do the same�, explained Alweendo. Urbanisation, a reality for Namibia, is partly fueled from rural communities with no access to electricity. Rural electrification is expensive and needs to be funded from among others cost reflective tariffs. According to Alweendo Namibia is also making strides towards self sufficiency in terms of electricity generation. A total of eighteen independent power producers (IP-

Picture: LĂźderitz wind farm when it was still under construction

P's) already signed power purchase agreements with the national power utility Nampower. These IPP's in total is expected to generate 171 megawatts from renewable sources. Namibia's Cabinet also adopted the National Integrated Resource Plan (NIRP), which aims to identify and adopt cost effective and cost efficient electricity generation options, in order to meet the country's electricity needs over the next 20years.


10 AUGUST 2018

Court Walvis Bay Court Report Walter Hoffmann (27), Dealing in drugs. (August 2016) The matter is postponed to 26 November 2018. Michael Sunny Gonteb (28), Dealing in drugs. (July 2017) The matter is postponed to 21 November 2018. James Jonas Shingwete (24), Drunk driving. (June 2018) Matter is postponed to 22 October 2018. Immanuel Angombe (22), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (June 2018) The matter is postponed to 27 September 2018. Sydney Rhode (26), Assault commonly read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act. (June 2018) The case was finalized. Silence Chiradza (30), Sjimon Nashongo (26), five counts of theft and possession of stolen property, (October 2017) The matter is postponed to 5 February 2019. Joey Yon (42), Assault by threat read

with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003. Malicious damage to property read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003 (December 2017) The case was withdrawn against the accused. Samuel Newaka (34), Paulus Nakale (32), Robbery (March 2018) Warrant of arrest issued. Kurt Coetzee (22), Housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. (July 2018) The matter is postponed to 30 August 2018. Richard Isaacs (25), Drunk driving. (August 2018) The accused was found guilty. Petrus Iyambo (42), Drunk driving. (August 2018) The accused was found guilty. Isaac Seppe (28), Robbery (September 2017) The matter was post-poned to 10 September 2018. Asser Kandali Amunyela (33), Possession of a firearm without a license.

(February 2018) The matter is postponed to 4 October 2018. Joaky Petrus (29), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (June 2018) The matter is postponed to 14 August 2018. Roger van Wyk (31), Drunk driving and negligent driving (July 2018) The matter is postponed to 11 September 2018. Tulela Wapulile (24), Attempted murder. (July 2018) The matter is postponed to 30 August 2018. Jesaya Haikali (29), Drunk driving (August 2018) The matter is post-poned to 20 August 2018. Gideon Benade (37), Drunk driving (August 2018) The matter is post-poned to 14 August. Tawii Martin ingashipwa (22), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft. (August 2018) The matter was postponed to 6 September 2018. Libolius Ndeiweda, Theft (August 2018) The matter is postponed to 6 September 2018. Leandro de Wee (37), Drunk driving (August 2018) The matter was postponed to 5 September 2018. Shacaunyn Boois (22), Theft (August 2018) The matter was postponed to 5 September 2018. Deon Titus (46), Possesion of drugs (September 2017) The matter is postponed to 21 August 2018. Calvin Wamunyima (30), Malicious damage to property. (November 2017) The accused was found guilty. Gideon Daniel (24), Rudolf Ambunda (21), Theft (March 2018) The matter was postponed to 13 September 2018. Jeremia Nikanor (40), Assault commonly read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act 2003. (July 2018) The case was withdrawn against the accused. Victor Haindongo (39), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (July 2018) A warrant of arrest was issued. Samual Boois (29), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (August 2018) The matter was postponed to 6 September 2018. Anne Marie Moolman (53), Remaining in Namibia after expiration of visitors entry permit. (August 2018) The accused was found guilty. Rhode Sydney (26), Jerome Vos (26), Theft by false pretences. (August 2018) The matter was postponed to 12 September 2018. Daniel Albinus (23), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. (August 2018), The matter was postponed to 13 September 2018. Xavier du Plessis (19), Drunk driving (August 2018) The case was finalised. David Ndengu (40), Drunk driving. (August 2017) The matter was postponed to 13 August 2018.

10 AUGUST 2018



Coastal resident first to win MTC car Recharge for N$10 or more and your are entered automatically into the competition Rudi Bowe

MTC is thrilled to give away the first car of the MTC Recharge and Win Campaign to Mr. Roberto Rejoice Gurirab, a resident of Walvis Bay. Roberto, who is now the proud owner of the first of 19 brand new Toyota Hilux 2.4 pickups (bakkies), said he is incredibly happy and thanked MTC for what they are doing for their customers. The General Manager of Product Solutions at MTC, André De Jager, explained the “Recharge and Win Campaign” will run until 30 August. After Gurirab, three more MTC users won cars. But don’t stop trying! There are still fifteen Toyota Hilux bakkies up for grabs. The competition is open to all MTC customers. De Jager further explained that once a customer recharges with N$ 10 and up, he/she will automatically be entered into the draw and become a potential winner. The draw will be conducted on a daily basis. MTC's Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo, is quoted: “We value our customers for their unwavering patronage. This campaign is testament to our customer re-investment strategy of giving back to our loyal customers and showing appreciation as we have always been at the forefront championing the generous culture

Behind Angler’s Kiosk’s success

Press Release The angling industry at the coast continues to gain popularity. More individuals, both locals and visitors fish for sporting and recreational purposes. Jana Kruger grasped the opportunity to cater for the needs of anglers and despite economic circumstances forcing many anglers to cut back on the activities she remains focused on making a success. Kruger (31) lives her suit the convenience of Kruger also took the dream. She is the sole anglers. Assisted by opportunity to thank owner of Angler's one full-time em- her regular customers Kiosk, a convenient ployee, Anglers Kiosk and expressed renewed one-stop stop for all is not only a supplier of commitment to grow angling needs. Ang- fishing gear, but you Angler’s Kiosks estaler’s Kiosk is well can also have your blished customer base. known to most ang- fishing rods repaired. A dream manifested: lers. It does not matter Many anglers can tes- Asked why she chose where you are head- tify of Kruger’s exem- this particular business ing out to for a day of plary skill of restoring venture, Kruger replied fishing, a stop at used fishing rods to tip- that she has always Anglers Kiosk is part top condition. been passionate about of the day. Whether Anglers Kioks is also a fishing from an early you buy bait, hooks, source of information age. She added that the line or sinker, Anglers on tides, fishing con- daily functions of the Kiosk is always on its ditions and the “grape- business allow her to post. That includes vine” of where the best gain first-hand expebeing open at times to fishing spots are. rience in her pursuit of

perfection within the industry. “I started this business for self-investment and financial independence,” she explains. Born at Grootfontein, Kruger later moved to Windhoek for greener pastures. In 2009, she relocated to Walvis Bay due to her dear affection for the coast. The move was the right choice as it offered her the opportunity at last to live her dreams of being in the angling industry. In Walvis Bay she secured employment at Angler's Kiosk until the passing of the previous owner in 2012. I had to make a decision. I had two choices. Either buy the business

or move on. The latter was not an option. I was willing to take the risk. I bought the business with the financial assistance from B a n k Wi n d h o e k ' s Emerging Small and Medium Enterprises (ESME) Finance Branch,” she explained. That was in 2015 and Kruger never looked back again. B a n k Wi n d h o e k ' s ESME Finance Branch is mainly focused on empowering women and young entrepreneurs who contribute to Namibia’s economy. “Kruger demonstrated her knowledge of the business and displayed her passion to make it a success. Her business continues to grow and

we are pleased to have contributed to this,” said Bank Windhoek's ESME Finance Branch, Credit and Sales Manager, Aune Hamukonda. Trials faced: Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires commitment and hard

work. The most common challenge experienced is the lack of funding. “Working with limited capital was challenging”, said Kruger. Adding planning and discipline are key ingredients to her success so far.

Jana Kruger

10 AUGUST 2018


Three vehicle carriers to call for the remainder of August Three roll-on roll-off ships (ro-ro's or vehicle carriers) are calling at Walvis Bay this month to discharge vehicles. These vehicles are mainly second hand and destined for neighbouring countries. Countries like Botswana also utilises vehicle ships to bring in vehicles for its military via the port of Walvis Bay. A convoy of brand new military vehicles for the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) left Walvis Bay on Tuesday underway to Botswana and was part of a recent consignment of imported vehicles. The ro-ro's expected for the month are: Grand Orion which is expected alongside tomorrow, followed by Morning Cornet on 21 August and Swan Ace on 31 August.

Friday 10 August High Tide: 02:24 Low Tide: 08:30 High Tide: 14:55 Low Tide: 20:54 Saturday 11 August High Tide: 03:13 Low Tide: 09:15 High Tide: 15:40 Low Tide : 21:40

Sunday 12 August High Tide: 03:58 Low Tide: 09:58 High Tide: 16:23 Low Tide: 22:25 Monday 13 August High Tide: 04:42 Low Tide: 10:40 High Tide: 17:06 Low Tide: 23:09

Port Log

10 AUGUST 2018



Walvis Bay S.P.C.A. Lock Up and Bail Fundraiser with Stefan Ludik

Stefan Ludik arrives at the Walvis Bay S.P.C.A. to get locked up

Stefan’s “home” at the Walvis Bay S.P.C.A. Stefan Ludik, famous T.V personality, Manager of “Elvis se seun”, band member and songwriter, kindly agreed to team up for a fun filled fund raiser for the Walvis Bay S.P.C.A.

The Walvis Bay Mayor Immanuel Wilfred made sure there is no way Stefan Ludik can escape his punishment

He got accused of all kinds of different things, like being too good to his animals. He was flown in and locked up at the Walvis Bay S.P.C.A. for 22 hours. Bail was set at N$50 000. Businesses and individuals were asked to contribute towards his bail money. All funds collected will go to the Walvis Bay S.P.C.A. At the time of his release a whooping N$101 300 was received. The Walvis Bay S.P.C.A. would like to thank every single person who made a donation towards their Lock up and bail fundraiser, Bail money exceeded their wildest expectations and donations are still streaming in! For those who still want to contribute towards the bail money, you can still do so by contributing to: Walvis Bay S.P.C.A Bank Windhoek, Account Number: 1075093302, Branch code: 481872, Reference: Stefan Bail.

Visitors coming to pledge their support


10 AUGUST 2018

Drone owners and operators need to register with Civil Aviation Authority More and more residents from the coastal towns are complaining about drones hovering over their properties. Many report these incidents to namib times and the main concern for people are their privacy and safety. Because of these complaints namib times took "Insiders" the possible link between armed the matter with the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and gangs who target people who withdraw money some very interesting facts surfaced. The most important is that all drones need to be registered with the The Namibian Police keeps its options open as to whom can be behind two NCAA. There are laws governing the conduct of drone operators incidents in which people were robbed of large sums of cash, only a short while and owners and depending on the purpose of the drone, registration after leaving the banks where they withdrew the money. The Police has two is conducted. suspects in custody and now hopes to get a better understanding as to how these Private drone owners must apply for a Letter of Approval (RLA) from the Executive Director of the Namibia Civil Aviation Autrobbers pinpoint their victims. hority. On the application details must be provided for the purpose In the latest incident a 48-year-old woman from Okahandja fell victim to armed of the drone flights, the intended duration of these flights, including robbers in Walvis Bay last Tuesday after she withdrew N$98 000 to purchase a a map with the intended flight areas, safety management plan and vehicle at local import car dealer Jan Japan Motors. The incident follows only a documentation of the air-craft which shows the technical standards few weeks after a woman withdrew a large sum of cash and was attacked and of the drone. The cost for such a letter of approval for private drone robbed of the cash at her Hermes home only a short while later. In the incident on owners is N$1 200. For commercial, multi copter owners it is a bit Tuesday the woman upon walking into Jan Japan was hit with a blunt object more complicated and significantly more expensive. They have to where after a person grabbed her handbag containing the cash. According to apply for operator certificates (ROC). For the application you must Police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu the incident happe- present a formal letter of application to the Executive Director of ned at 13:30. The person who assaulted and grabbed the handbag was seen run- the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) detailing the purning towards a white Toyota Conquest with the registration mark N12354WB. pose of the drone flights and their intended duration, an aviation With the assistance of members of the public and members of the Walvis Bay that license, proof of registration of all drones, RLA for every single responded without delay, the Conquest could be followed to a location at Kui- drone, operations manual according to the specifications of the sebmond where the vehicle came to a screeching standstill and four suspects were NCAA and proof of payment of N$4 500. In addition, written permission must be obtained from the property seen fleeing the vehicle. owners (individuals, authorities, organisations), before each flight. On Wednesday two suspects were arrested after buying plane tickets to fly from This applies to both private and commercial drone aviators. All Walvis Bay to Ondangwa. They appeared in the Walvis Bay magistrate's court on granted permits must be carried with the drone owner or operator Friday on a charge of armed robbery. The accused are Kristian David (29) and when drone flights are conducted. Martin Shikongo (29). The other two suspects are still on the loose. Drone flights in Namibian National Parks are prohibited. Drone In the meantime the Police also established the getaway vehicle was rented from a noises and movement can disturb wild animals and it is believed car rental company at Ondangwa. It is also suspected the registration mark poachers also use drones to track down animals to poach. This proN12354WB that was fitted on the getaway car does not belong that particular hibition is inapplicable in a radius of 9.3 kilometers around protecvehicle. “We believe that these thugs don't operate in isolation. They have people ted areas. The maximum altitude allowed for drones to fly is 45 on the ground who identify people who are withdrawing large sums of cash. It can meters and drones are allowed to operate only within direct range be bank employees. It can be security guards operating at the banks. It could be of sight. people hanging around in the public areas around the banks who cooperate with For the outer bounds of airfields, a distance of 9.3 kilometers must someone inside to identify people withdrawing large sums. It is also a possibility be observed. For the safety of uninvolved persons and other objects that these thugs are in contact with people waiting in vehicles to follow their would- such as vehicles, buildings and roads, a distance of 50 meters must always be maintained. Drones are not allowed to fly over crowds be victims or it could also be that a person close to the car dealership's operations, and public roads are not allowed to be used as take off and landing notify criminal gangs of clients who confirmed they are purchasing a vehicle and sites. that the person is then followed. Once the money is withdrawn, they strike”, a Furthermore, drone flights are not permitted at night time. Special retired criminal investigator said yesterday upon inquiry. legislation ensures that each commercial drone may only be registered under one Letter of Approval. Caboy Katanga Jan Japan are causing Ju Lie You are talking, Namibia is non Every commercial drone can be assigned to only one pilot. this because they are the one that don't sonso. And just before you think all these rules and regulations are want to accept EFT's they are telling you Samuel Samuelino But i believe they are unnecessary, look at an incident over the weekend in which it is beto go withdraw the money and come pay accepting EFT now or its only Ondangwa lieved two drones laden with explosives was used in an assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. A “flying in cash at their dealer shop. I can testify brunch that do. device” carrying explosives, detonated during a speech he was that cos in December I wanted to buy a Mekondjo Johannes The main problem delivering in Caracas. Maduro on Saturday evening was addresvehicle at Jan Japan but they didn't wan- here is the Banks. If a client is withdrawing sing a crowd at a military parade, celebrating the 81st anniversary ted to accept money transfer but after sort large sum of money, why don't they do the of the National Guard. A flying device approached and exploded in of arguments with them they finally transaction at a private area/room. The mid-air, according to Venezuelan officials. agreed that I must go withdraw 50000.00 thief's stand in queues like other clients and Footage of the event, which was broadcast on live television, shows in cash and other 50 000.00 I must trans- when they see you withdrawing the money, Maduro look up mid-speech, while his wife Cecilia Flores, who is fer in to their account. than they go out first or after you. I have standing behind him, flinches. I think the police must get hold of this Jan seen this myself a couple of times and have For a few seconds, no one appeared to react, as they seem to be proJapan's so they can explain why they informed the police. I was followed a cou- cessing what has happened. “Seconds later, there was a second explosion,” Maduro said in a national address recounting the incidon't want to accept EFT's and if their ple of times too. reasoning is not having concrete reasons Samuel Joas Sometimes is the employees dent. Then, the crowd disperses and people flee.” Source: Moses Kalola The community of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay comthey better ship out of our country in the bank themself. They even selling scrap cars that one will Simon Petrus Mupupa Yes, I agree. Arm plain of petty things, now if I get a license to fly my drone, how will it just drive a month if long and it's gone for yourself to the bones and when those improve their privacy and safety? Unnecessary for me. good. shadows of their former self come to rob Ann Van der Schyff Old fashioned word for drone flying over your house and hovers right in front of your front door trying to take photos of I don't know who gave the trading license you, then simply pump the entire Magazine the inside of your house, was peeping Tom's. It is creepy and only to this people cos they are dirtying our into the stinky, skiny body-like until they someone with a sick mind will do that. It happened to me. country they make our country their feel their last breath exiting. Jens La Barré Like there is any practiical way the Civil Aviation Autdumping site Karim Visagie Should have used ewallet. hority will be able ton monitor and control this. With what resources? What a joke.

10 AUGUST 2018



Feeding Scheme Namib Primary School

A huge thank you to Mr Immanuel Kahuika, parent of McConnel Kahuika, in Gr. 1A, at Namib Primary School. He donated, out of his good heart, a stove towards the feeding scheme. Mr Kahuika's motto in life is: “Blessed to be a blessing.� Good luck Mr Kahuika. Namib Primary herewith applaud First National Bank and Steven's Trading, for their generous donations of N$5 000 and N$1 000, respectively, in aid of the feeding scheme at our school. Thank you and may God bless your esteemed companies.


Narraville Primary news

10 AUGUST 2018



Kilian Beukes (bronze); Raquel Strauss (silver); Kurtley Jacobs (silver)

Jaren Farmer (2nd Prince), Emilio Joseph (Mr NPS), Keanu Roubain (1st Prince)

10 AUGUST 2018



Wine tasting with Herco Marketing

The Herco Marketing team Virgile Merller, John Engels, Wotan Coetzer, Charne De Waal, Reccado Appolis, Robert Moyce and Chris Gellert Herco Marketing held their Coastal Wine show on 1 August in Swakopmund's Strand Hotel, and on 2 August at Protea Hotel in Walvis Bay. Wine tastings are events designed to give enthusiasts the opportunity to sample the range of wine. Various wine companies from South Africa had an opportunity to showcase their products at the wine tasting event in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Wineries such as De Krans, Landskroon, Lanzerac, Darling Cellars, Robertson Winery, Bosman Family Vineyards, Glen Carlou, Boekenhoutskloof, Henkell and Fair View were present. At wine tastings, one can learn from fellow tasters, as well as make friends who share the same interest in wine. Guests from all walks of life were seen tasting wine and friends chatting with a lot of laughter.

10 AUGUST 2018


An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste

Reges Treiben beim Kirchenbasar der DELG in Swakopmund Swakopmund (sk) Regine Heiser, die man gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann Horst als Hauptorganisatoren des Kirchenbasars bezeichnen darf, kann ihre Freude kaum verbergen: “Wir hätten nicht gedacht, dass so viele Besucher kommen, zumal zeitgleich die Eröffnung des Domes stattfand. Knapp 300 Essen wurden verkauft, im letzten Jahr waren es 219.” Regine ist voll des Lobes über die Unterstützung aus der Gemeinschaft: “Es blieb wirklich nichts übrig vom Essen, und wir konnten diesmal auch keinen Kuchen mehr verteilen, weil alles ‘abgegrast’ war”. Der Flohmarkt hatte eine Auswahl für Alt und Jung, es wurde feste gestöbert und gekauft. Auch der Büchermarkt und Frischproduktstand erfreute sich großer Beliebtheit. Zum Mittagessen gab es ein Braai mit Fisch oder Schweinefleisch. Am Feuer und in der Küche ging es hoch her. Die Familien haben im Gemeindegarten etwas Sonne getankt. Die Jugend tobte sich auf den Hüpf-burgen aus. Der Kettistand und das Dosenwerfen waren der Renner. “Wir dürfen auf ein erfolgreiches Fest zurückblicken”, begeistert sich Regine. “Und dank der vielen Spenden und Hilfe, haben wir unser Ziel erreicht, ein Fest für und mit der Gemeinschaft zu sein.”

Bei den Kinderbelustigungen lässt es sich gut aushalten. Von links: Natalie Flaßkamp und Stefanie de Wet mit Tochter Lisa. Fotos: Susann Kinghorn

Genießen bei Rotwein und Kaffee in vollen Zügen den Kirchenbasar: (von links) Olga Nell, Mark Guttzeit, Herbert Blasberg und Evelyn Kretschmer.

Hatten am Kaffee- und Kuchenstand alle Hände voll zu tun: (von links) Wiebke Rückert, Alexandra Bauer und Sonja Weiss.

Bei diesen Herren der Schöpfung hing der Rauch in Schwaden über den Bratrosten und Pfannen. Dafür gab es bei Horst Peter Hof (Hofie) und Rolf Schmidt (rechts) die lekkerste Boerewurst, köstlichen Fisch und Schweinekoteletts zu essen.

Das Ehepaar Neele und Josef Nambili mit ihren Kindern Lineekela (10), Benaiah-Ileni Jürgen (5) und Laeli-Jay (3). Neele spielt in der deutschen Kirche in Walvis Bay Klavier und arbeitet halbtags an der International School in der Hafenstadt. Ihr Mann und sie lernten sich während seiner Ausbildung zum Kapitätleutnant in Flensburg kennen und sie leben nun in Kuisebmond, wo sie auch einen Kindergarten auf ihrem Grundstück gegründet haben. Die Hamster Pre School ist ohne jegliche finanzielle Unterstützung von dem Ehepaar selbst aufgebaut worden.

Die Plotterschtorie In der nächsten Woche dürfen Sie wieder eine der beliebten Plotterschtorie von Tina Schröder auf diesen Seiten lesen. Vergangene Woche habe ich vergessen, die Fototitel unter den Bildern zur Farm Birkenfels auszuwechseln, sodass noch die

alten Bildunterschriften von Farm Klipdrif zu lesen waren. Ich bitte um Entschuldigung und nehme an, dass Sie alle erkennen konnten, dass es sich auf den Fotos um die wunderschöne Farm Birkenfels handelt. Susann Kinghorn

Tina Schröder

10 AUGUST 2018


An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Locker vom Hocker Welcher Moringabaum? Sant’ Anna in Camprena Swakopmund (sk)Wer hat nicht schon von dem Wunderbaum Moringa gehört? Dieser Baum der Unsterblichkeit, so genannt, weil er selbst unter widrigsten Umständen wächst, kann laut indischem Volksglauben bis zu 300 Krankheiten heilen. Ja, und genau aus Indien stammt dieser Meerrettichbaum mit dem baobabähnlichen, wuchtigen Stamm. Moringabäume gelten als nährstoffreichstes Gewächs der Erde. Allerdings gilt dies wohl nur für den Moringa oleifera aus dem Himalaja, dessen getrocknete Blätter als Pulver und auch in anderer Form unter anderem beim Farmganic in Swakopmund verkauft werden. Der namibische Moringabaum mit dem wissenschaftlichen Namen Moringa ovalifolia

scheint diese heilenden Eigenschaften nicht zu haben. Allerdings sind die Studien dazu sicherlich noch lange nicht abgeschlossen. Die südasiatischen Moringabäume der Familie der Bennussgewächse sind selbstverständlich schon lange auch nach Namibia eingeführt worden, aber der kleinere Moringa ovalifolia, auch Flaschen- , Gespensteroder Märchenbaum genannt, ist der einzige einheimische seiner Art in unserem Land. Das Pulver des indischen Wunderbaums ist reich an Calcium, Magnesium, Calium, Eisen, Vitamin A, B2, E und C, ist eine reiche Proteinquelle und enthält sämtliche Aminosäuren, die der Körper braucht. Moringa ist reich an Antioxidantien und krebshemmenden Senfölglykosiden und ist daher auch als Heilmittel zu betrachten, das begleitend zu vielen Therapien eingenommen werden kann.

Worte der Woche

“Unmäßigkeit, mein lieber Freund, ist ihre Krankheit ohne Frage”, so sprach der Leibarzt, und es scheint, hier helfen nur noch Fastentage.” Illustration: Robert Högfeldt Dr. Wald Wenn ich an Kopfweh leide und Neurose,mich unverstanden fühle oder alt, dann greif ich nicht zur Pillendose, dann konsultiere ich Dr. Wald. Er ist mein Augenarzt, mein Psychater, Möchten mein OrthopädeSie und Menschen mein Internist. Er hilft mir sicher über jeden Kater, ob er den verantwortlichen aus Kummer oder Kognak ist. Umgang der Keule Er hält nicht vielmit von Pülverchen und Pillen, doch umsomehr von Sonne und von beibringen? Melden Sie Licht. Behandelnsich wird erbei michSusann stets im Stillen und ein Honorar verlangt er nicht. Kinghorn;Tel. 405183 Er bringt mich immer wieder auf die Beine, den Blutdruck regelt er und das Mail: Gewicht, oder 0812538850; wirkt gegen Herzinfarkt und Gallensteine, susannkinghorn@ nur Hausbesuche macht er nicht.” Anonym

Liebe Küstenleser! Es gibt einen hervorragenden Spielfilm, der 1996 von dem britischen Regisseur Anthony Minghella gedreht wurde und der bei der Oscarverleihung ein Jahr später neun Academy Awards gewann. “Der englische Patient” spielt sich in den letzten Tagen des II. Weltkrieges in Italien ab, unter anderem in einem auf der Leinwand düster wirkenden Bergkloster. In dieses Kloster hat die kanadische

etwa 6 km entfernt von Pienza. und ist von gesunden Zypressen und Olivenbäumen umgeben. Welch architektonisches Wunderwerk ist dieser massive Bau der Olivetaner (ein Zweigorden der Benediktiner) aus dem 15. Jahrhundert, beeindruckend in seiner schlichten Robustheit, seiner stabilen Einfachkeit. Wo sind die Zeiten der Mönche, der Enthaltsamkeit, der Ruhe und Besinnlichkeit hin? Die ehemaligen Schlafzellen der Mön-

Eingebettet in das archaische Kloster-Fluidum einer längst vergessenen Zeit der Entsagung und des Vita contemplativa wurde ich reflexhaft in das vulkanische Granitgestein des Erongogebirges hineingeschleudert. Dort, wo das andere Ende meiner Nabelschnur liegt.

Ein Moringa ovalifolia am Ostende des Erongogebirges etwa 35 km von Omaruru entfernt. Im Hintergrund ist der prominente Kranzberg zu sehen. Der Geister- oder Gespensterbaum ist ein 2 bis 6 m hoher, sukkulenter Baum mit stark flaschenförmig verdicktem Stamm, heimisch in Namibia und im südwestlichen Angola. Foto: Susann Kinghorn

Weg mit Plastik! Möchten Sie dafür plädieren, dass auch der volleren Figur gebührend Beachtung geschenkt wird? Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn; Tel. 405183 oder 0812538850; Mail: susann

Das italienienische Kloster Sant’Anna in Camprena Foto: Susann Kinghorn L a z a r e t t s c h w e s t e r che, spartanisch einge- Dort, wo ich den ZauHana sich mit dem richtet, dienen auch ber der Ewigkeit spüre, “englischen Patienten” heute noch als Bleibe, der in der so genannten zurückgezogen, der allerdings für Touris- zivilisierten Welt durch durch Brandwunden ten, die totale Ruhe Hetze und ephe-me entstellt ist und sein suchen. Und die finden Flüchtigkeit größtenGedächtnis verloren sie hier, wo Mönche teils zugeschüttet worhat. Hana kümmert sich einer Lebensweise as- den ist. Dort, wo die bis zu seinem Tod ketischer Ideale und lauten Menschen mit rührend um den schwer spiritueller Ziele folg- ihrer rastlosen Jagd verletzten Patienten. ten, abgekehrt von der nach Geld, Macht und Ich hatte kürzlich die westlichen Welt des Anerkennung mich Gelegenheit, mir das fordernden Remmi- nicht mehr erschüttern Kloster, das ich bisher demmis, des “Ich will können, weil ich um nur aus dem Film kann- jetzt sofort und ohne mich herum Zufriete, anzusehen. Sant’ Pause Spaß mit viel denheit spüre und Anna in Camprena liegt Radau haben, und zwar dankbar bin, dass das wunderschön in die dalli”! Schicksal mich in dieToskana-Landschaft Warum habe ich mich ses Land geführt hat eingebettet, weithin hier an diesem alten, bzw. dass mein Vater sichtbar auf einem schlichten Gemäuer sich damals als EthnoHügel südlich des mitten auf dem schö- logie-Student an der Dorfes Castelmutio, nen Land zwischen Humboldt-Universität dem Park Val d’Orcia in Berlin entschlossen (Orciatal) und der hat, ins südliche Afrika durch Erosion gepräg- auszuwandern. ten mittelitalienischen Ein kleines Stückchen Landschaft Crete Se- meines Herzens habe nesi in der Toskana so ich allerdings auf dem wohl gefühlt? Weil es kleinen, bunten Friedmich in meinem uner- hof mit den gepflegten messlichen Heimweh Gräbern neben dem ans Campen in Na- Kloster Sant’ Anna in mibia erinnert hat. Am Camprena verloren, Lagerfeuer sitzend, weil ich dort denselben umringt vom Zirpen flüchtigen Moment der der Grillen und dem totalen Loslösung von Ruf des Fleckenuhus, allen irdischen Gütern erfahre ich denselben erfahren durfte. inneren Frieden, den Ihre ich an diesem Ort tiefer Susann Kinghorn Spiritualität empfand.


10 AUGUST 2018

NOTICES & VACANCIES NOTICES & VACANCIES NOTICE CONSENT USE IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Municipal Council considers the following consent use, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering Services. Erf 5740, Swakopmund: Special permission for a Resident Occupation - Administrative Office. Any person having any objections to the proposed activity may lodge such objections, duly motivated in writing, with the Acting Chief Executive Officer until 6 September 2018. (Contact Person: Mr J T Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 410 4403.

10 AUGUST 2018



NOTICES & VACANCIES WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Home Based Business (Administrative) Creation and Sign business ON ERF: 2163 TOWNSHIP: Walvis Bay STREET: Robert Forbs 20. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/ establish a Home Base Office on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 24 August 2018. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Christa Coetzee, Robert Forbs 20, Walvis Bay


MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY An equal opportunity Employer The Municipal Council of Walvis Bay offers the following opportunity to Namibian Citizens DEPARTMENT OF WATER WASTE & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT


10 AUGUST 2018


NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No: 617/2017 In the matter between: In Country Estates CC Execution Creditor and Elred Cevin Harding Execution Debtor

Purpose of the Job: To plan, manage and administer the Liquid Waste Sections, with the view to provide a high quality cost effective and safe Sewerage Reticulation network and Purification Works/Plant to all residents in the Walvis Bay District.

In execution of a Judgement granted by t h e M a g i s t r a t e ’s Court in Walvis Bay on 17 July 2017, a

Key Performance Areas: · Purification process · Reticulation pump stations · Sewerage reticulation network · Liaison and communication · Financial control and administration · Staff supervision


Qualifications and Experience: · A 3 year National Diploma or a B. Tech (Civil or Mechanical) or equivalent qualification as required by the Engineering Council of Namibia to register as a Technician plus 7 years' experience in waste water reticulation and purification of which at least 4 years should have been on a technical supervisory level with a proven track record in completed projects. Construction and design experience will be an added advantage. · Code BE Driving License Remuneration The remuneration package will be market related, inclusive of competitive service benefits. Applicants are advised to apply by forwarding a cover letter, a comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualifications and any other relevant documents to:

In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No: 190/2018 In the matter between: Hendrik Cornelius Hugo van Schalkwyk t/a Sentrum Pharmacy Execution Creditor and Benguella Ship Supplies CC 1st Execution Debtor Melvin Levy Cloete 2nd Execution Debtor

The Manager: Human Resources Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay Hand delivered applications can be submitted at the entrance of the main building (front desk of the Security Officer) or via Courier Services to Municipality of Walvis Bay, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Civic Centre, Walvis Bay. Further information is obtainable from the Assistant HR Practitioner, Mr Absalom N Iiyambo at telephone number 064-2013231. E-mail and fax applications are not acceptable Closing date: Friday, 24 August 2018 NOTICE NO: MWB-092/2018

sale will be held on 7 September 2018 at 10:00 at No 130, 6th Street, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia, of the under mentioned movable property of the Execution Debtor: 3 x Office Desk 4 x Office Chairs 1 x File Cabinet 1 x Acer Flatscreen Computer & Mouse & Keyboard 1 x Proline Box Computer 1 x HP Printer, Fax, Scan 3 x Office Chairs 1 x File Cabinet

In execution of a Judgement granted by t h e M a g i s t r a t e ’s Court in Walvis Bay on 27 March 2018, a sale will be held on 7 September 2018 at 10:00 at No 130, 6th Street, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia, of the under mentioned movable property of the Execution Debtor: 1 x Nissan NP 200 Licence Nr: N 8466 WB Reg Nr: RZY845H VIN:ADNUSN1D5U005

1 x Office Desk 1 x 2 Piece Lounge Suite 1 x Coffee Table 1 x KIC Fridge 2 Door Terms “Voetstoots’’: Cash to the highest bidder. Signed at Walvis Bay on 7 August 2018. Sgd C Feris MALHERBE ASSOCIATES INC Legal Practitioners for Plaintiff 171 Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay Ref: PVZ/al/INC1/ 0012 5038 Engine Nr: K7MF710UH07479 Terms “Voetstoots’’: Cash to the highest bidder. Signed at Walvis Bay on 7 August 2018. Sgd C Feris MALHERBE ASSOCIATES INC Legal Practitioners for Plaintiff 171 Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay Ref: PVZ/al/SEN1/ 0034

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT DEPARTMENT: FINANCE ACCOUNTS CLERK REPORTING TO: FINANCIAL MANAGER JOB REQUIREMENTS Minimum Qualifications & Experience · Grade 12, 20 points · Qualification in Finance and Accounting will be an added advantage · Minimum of two (2) years' experience in similar position · Computer literacy · Accpac knowledge will be a strong advantage · Young Graduates encourage to apply Competencies, Skills & Abilities · Well spoken · Good communication and interpersonal skills · Multi-tasking a key requirement · Results orientated · Integrity · Strong organisational skills and ability to prioritize workload · Able to communicate verbally and in writing in English Key Performance Areas · Invoicing and reconciling customer accounts · Prepare Customer Statement · Processing of receipts and bank statement entries · Reconciliation of income statement accounts · Debt collecting · Capturing of stock receipts · Perform stock counts · Provide administrative assistance to Senior Management · General administrative duties

Applicants meeting the requirements are invited to submit a comprehensive written application accompanied by a recent CV and certified copies of supporting documents to: No 98, Ben Amadhila Avenue, Walvis Bay (Old Etale Fishing building), P O Box 658, Walvis Bay YOUTH AND PREVIOUSLY DISADVANTAGED PERSONS, IN PARTICULAR WOMEN AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITY ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO NAMIBIAN CITIZENS. SHOULD YOU NOT BE CONTACTED WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF THE CLOSING DATE, KINDLY REGARD YOUR APPLICATION UNSUCCESSFUL. Closing date for applications: Friday, 17 August 2018

10 AUGUST 2018



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COURSES JOB ENTRY LEVEL COURSES ·Marine Passenger Safety Management ·Marine Fire Prevention & Firefighting ·Nursing assistant ·Pharmacist assistant ·Medical Administration ·Child Day Care ·Personal Development & Life Skills ·Caregiver courses & many more SMS/Whatsapp: Windhoek: 061-244794, 081 419 0718, Ondangwa / Ongwediva / Oshakati: 081 295 3458 Walvis Bay / Swakopmund: 081 271 2004 GERMAN COURSES FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!!! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mother tongue teacher. Contact: 081 607 2685

TRAINING COMPUTER SCHOOL We do training of the following computer programs Excel basic and advanced M.S word basic and advanced, basic and advanced Pastel Accounting. Moses Garoeb Street 24, behind Police Station, Walvis Bay 081 373 8837 NAMIB INSTITUTE FOR DRIVING TRAINING IN SWAKOPMUND Take your first step to get your driving license, learner license classes every week (5 days) . Place: 137 Anton Lubowski street, Kramersdorp Date: Monday to Friday Time: 17h30 to 19h30 Contact Freddy Lawrence: 081 684 2061 / 085 384 2061

For bookings and further details.

HEALTH MASSAGES: Treat yourself to a personal massage in the comfort of your own home. I do: Foot massages back & full body massages For further info and price list please Contact: 081 655 1554



el’s Health & Skin Care Clinic

M ag d

Tobias Hainyeko Street 16 Am Strand 5, SWAKOPMUND Telephone 064 404571 Cell 081 355 4520 (Established 1991) BUSINESS HOURS: MON – FRI: 08h00 – 17h00 SAT: 08H00 – 13H00 Cidesco Qualified Therapist ·Deep cleanse & facials ·Specialised facials ·Chemical peelings ·Pepita (microdermabrasion) ·Medical needling ·Mesotherapy ·Tinting ·Brow shaping ·Manicure & pedicure ·Shellac gel system (also acrylic) ·Body wraps ·Body peelings ·Endermologie® ·Manual lymph draining ·Bootpress lymphatic drainage ·Swedish massage ·Bellabaci massage ·Light therapy ·Waxing ·Electrical epilation STOCKIST OF: Decleor, DMK, Environ, Guinot, Heliocare Lamelle, Neostrata, RVB make-up. GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE.



Tel: 064 220 004 Fax: 064 202 441 c/o Nangolo Mbumba & 10th Rd Walvis Bay (Old Parade)

Your ONE STOP Pet Shop for all your Pet’s needs

PRODEL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS: For all you Renovation and Construction needs

JOHANN STEYN 081 128 0848

OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email: UNO TRUST BUILDERS AND RENOVATORS P. O. BOX 650 SWAKOPMUND Tel: 064 461 844 Building, renovating, painting, maintenance, roof sealing paving, plumbing etc. Sound construction methods and proper workmanship by experienced team guaranteed. Contact J Harteveld: 081 148 1939

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication





DB AGENCIES: Swakopmund Roadworthy, police clearance registrations, renewal of vehicle licences. We also buy and sell cars for cash. Danie Murray: 081 336 2599

TV LINK AND ELECTRICAL cc your Multichoice installer winner 2017 at the coast we do DSTV Installations, Televisions Mounting, Fault Finding, Surround Sound Connections, CCTV Installations, Electric Fencing, Camera Cleaning, Hotel Distribution, TV's Sales, RC Airplanes & helicopter Phone 064 406032 cellphone 081 7479191 27 Libertina Amathila st, Swakopmund

MS ELECTRICAL: Operate in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. We repair: * Geysers * Washing Machine * Microwaves * Stove, Aircons, Fridges * Electric Motors, 3-phase and single 3-phase * Battery chargers and welding machine * Electrical on houses * Vacuum cleaners and compressors * Any electrical appli-ance we’ll fix it. * Installations of security alarm in houses / premises. *CCT.V camera, door motoring, remote gates and electrical fencing. All electrical appliances have 3 month guarantee. You call - we come and fix. Contact: Mr. Sylveners 081 299 9960.

MALAWIAN TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Bomba Bazuka – the name is enough The doctor is in Walvis Bay with 40 years experience and has done wonders and great things in many SADC countries, such as bringing back lost lovers in 4 days. Removal of bad luck, very tough and challenging court cases, binding your love and to be your only. And to get a man/woman you want of your choice. Pregnancy problems, jobs and promotions, business, protection of bodies and houses from witchcraft, protection of kraals farms from thieves, wining tenders, and contracts, revenge kapsule, rejuvenate mens power during sex, magic wallet and get rich within short notice. Chest pains, headache, swollen legs and feet, epilipsy, drinking / smoking, to be released from prison, manhood enlargement. Hips/breast. I know you have been let down by others but now your time has come. Come and experience the wonderful miracles happening in your life and you will never regret. Call/sms Bomba Bazuka: 081 602 7102

ZENITH TRADING ENTERPRISES CC Offers the following services at the coast: * Construction (Small Projects) * Renovations (Painting, Tiling, Paving & Roof Sealing) * Electrical (Installations & Maintenance) * Plumbing (Installations & Maintenance) * Burglar Proofing (Doors & Windows) Call us for any handy man work or maintenance at affordable rates, available 24/7. Contact: 081 370 2055 DIENS: 3 Ton trokke te huur. Ons laai tuin vullis, bou rommel en doen trekke. Langstrand, Swakopmund, Walvisbaai, Dolfynstrand & Hentiesbaai. Kontak Maryka: 081 333 4211 ACADEMIC TUTORIAL CENTER ·Tutorials ·Proposal / Thesis Writing ·Proof reading & Editing ·Assignments ·CV Writing ·Job hunting & interview coaching….etc SMS/WHATSAPP: Windhoek 081 631 9179 Walvis Bay / Swakopmund: 081 771 0289 YUMMY EATS KUISEBMOND We bake cakes, cupcakes for birthdays, baptisms, bridal baby shower and other occasions. Different flavours available. Do not hesitate to contact me call, or whatsapp: 081 430 1904 CAR KEYS: We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag ECU’s, all cars make & models. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES. SMS / CALL WHATSAPP: 081 374 6444 THE HONEY POT SEWING CENTRE Tel: 202 818, Walvis Bay Expert service in general tailoring- One day alterations, Duvet Covers, Curtains, Wedding Dresses and others.

Versatile business 108 5th street walvis bay, namibia Contact: 081 853 2464 Regno: cc/2016/11482 Versatilebusiness30@ Business plan (ordinary) : 1 week 2018 fish quotas & fishing rights application: Letter of intent from the vessels Ngos, pty, trustees registration: 4 days only Business plan for quotas + pty registration Loan application dbn, sme ,fnb (can assist without collateral ) etc :1 week Company registration cc1. Including tax registration Letter of accounting officer Closed corporation and social security etc... Marriage domicile application Tax registration and good standing: 1day Tax consultant, tax /vat returns & penalty waving / revisions / resubmission/ refunds Financial statements per financial year Provisionals Social security good standing & registration : 1day Work permits from 3 months up to 2years :assignments all levels of studies & projects and researches …. Tendering: variable : Logo designs: 1 day DOCTOR NYAMBE Pay after success Bring back your lost lover same day Get married quickly to a man or woman of your choice Stop your partner from cheating make him or her love you Pregnancy problems, enlargement from 5cm to 30cm Boost your hips, breasts, win cassino gambling Financial problems remove bad luck with iyola Get job quickly and many more 081 368 7335

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10 AUGUST 2018

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PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Flats to rent, Kabeljou area, Mola Mola Crescent Str, erf 3574/31, Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay A big bedroom, open plan kitchen, bathroom and garage with G4S. W/E incl. Available immeidately. N$ 3 000.00 p/m Contact: 081 413 1320 TO LET: LAGOONWalvis Bay One bedroom back-of-thehouse flat, kitchenette with built-in cupboards, living area, bathroom and remote controlled garage, own entrance, in a secure beautiful area just two minutes away from the lagoon. N$ 4 000/m incl. water. Pre-paid electricity. Deposit of N$ 4000 needed. No pets please. Contact 081 655 6880 TE HUUR: Hermis 2 slaapkamer woonstel Onderdak Parkeering W/E incl. N$ 6 000.00 p/m No pets. Available 1 Oct. 2018 Bachelor flat N$ 4 000.00 p/m Deposit same as rent. Available 1 Sept. 2018 Contact: 081 814 1473 081 142 6948

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


To Let, Mondesa Container house 1 bedr, bathr, kitchen N$ 2200.00 W/Excl prepaid elec Kabilla park flats 1 bedr, bathr, kitchen (Bic) N$ 3300.00 W/L Incl Dune Ridge Court flats 1 bedr, bathr, kitchen N$ 3200.00 W/Incl prepaid elec Jabulani Flat 2 bedr, bathr, open plan kitchen, garage N$ 5000.00 W/Incl prepaid elect Tamariskia 2 bedr flat, bathr, lounge, kitchen, garage N$ 5000.00 W/Incl prepaid elec House 2 bedr, 2 bathr, lounge, kitchen, garage N$ 6500.00 W/Incl prepaid elec Vineta House 3 bedr, bathr, lounge, kitchen guest toilet, garage N$ 7500.00 W/L Excl NB: 100% deposit payable but negotiable All these properties are immediately available viewing can be secured strictly on appointments. Office @ 064 402 112 Matty @ 081 244 6995 Cell @ 081 626 8486

TO LET KUISEBMOND Shop space ranging from 30m² to 100m² in different areas in Kuisebmond Please call Yolanda 0811583463 To view all properties Vineta: Motor huis met alarm vanaf 01 September 2018 vir 6 maande (moontlik langer). N$ 750.00 p/m. Kontak 081 412 8868 TO RENT IN KUISEBMOND: 1. 2 bedroom house Open plan kitchen / living room One bathroom N$ 3 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Deposit N$ 2 000.00 Contact: 081 402 7738 TO RENT: Room to rent 2817 Lark Str. Preferably for 1 person. N$ 2 550.00 p/m W/E incl. No deposit. Call: 081 249 8989


PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Hermis 2 bedroom flat, one bathroom, open plan kitchen, lounge Parking space. available 1 September N$ 6 000.00 p/m Plus deposit W/E incl. Contact: 081 399 1823 081 149 4669 BIG FAMILY HOUSE TO RENT: Narraville, Kokerboom Str. 3 rooms with built in cupboards 2 sitting rooms + double garage W/E incl. Price N$ 10 000.00 p/m Deposit can be paid off Available 1 Aug 2018 Contact: 081 129 9322 081 331 9249 TE HUUR: 2 slaap kamer huis in Narraville, Firefish Str. N$ 5 000.00 p/m W/L ingsl. Koopkrag. Losstaande huis. Beskikbaar einde van die maand. Kontak: 081 200 3741

TO LET TAMARISKIA, SWAKOPMUND 2 bedr flat with bathroom, kitchen with stove, oven, all cupboards, one automated garage, in secure complex available immediately. N$ 6100/M incl. water CONTACT: 085 590 5577 VOGELSTRAND, SWAKOPMUND 3 bedr. town house, 2 full bathr, guest toilet, big kitchen with stove & oven, all building cupboards, indoor fire place, outdoor braai, double automated garage, alarm system in secure complex. Available 1 July. Rent: N$ 9200/month. CONTACT: 085 590 5577

TO LET WALVIS BAY – CBD N$5990 – newly renovated 3 bed flat with single garage Water included Please contact Yolanda 0811583463 to view Zu Vermieten: Swakopmund Werkstatt / Lagerhalle 135 sq.m Mit alarm Nachfragen: 064 463 224

House to Rent. N$ 6000.00 p/m Swakopmund Mahentago. Behind Woermann Brock. 3 Bedrooms. 1 Bathroom. Kitchen. Lounge. Dining Room. Garage (Drive Through) Entertainment Area. Available Immediately. Water Included. Prepaid Electricity. Deposit Required: 2 Months payable. Contact: 081 330 2977 / 081 387 7335 To rent in Walvis Bay behind Laerskool 1 Bedroom Flat with own entrance kitchen and shower room 1 Garage Own Pet friendly yard Very safe with burglar bars Water and electricity included To rent for N$4500 per month for one person Additional person cost N$500 extra per month N$4500 Deposit required!Available immediately For more info message 081 277 9268 Business property with 1200m² yard in centre of Walvis Bay to rent: It has a 3 bedroom House with flat and 1 Garage Can be modified into an office or Restaurant with lots of parking/yard space Prepaid Electricity, Water excluded N$10 000.00 per month Deposit required Contact: 081 277 9268


10 AUGUST 2018


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR




1. Vineta Gemeubileerde 1 slaap kamer tuinwoonstel vanaf 01 September 2018 vir 3-34 maande. Daarna vanaf 01 Maart 2019. N$ 4 300 p/m - eie ingang. TV, Alarm, W/E ingsl. Slegs persone met sober gewoontes is welkom. Kontak: 081 412 8868

Woonstel te huur Swakopmund Kompleks Naby Shoprite (Beskikbaar 1 September 2018) 1 Slaapkamer Oop plan kombuis / sitkamer met balkon Badkamer – bad en stort Tendem garage (parkeer 2 motors) N$ 5 400.00 per maand. Water ingesluit Kontak / Tel: 081 140 5776 (na 17:00)

TO RENT: 2 bedroom flat in Edelweiss heights Walvis Bay. Secure underground parking 24 hours security guard. Excluding W&E N$ 5600.00 p/m + N$ 5600.00 deposit required Contact: 081 253 7640 / 081 127 9120

TO RENT: Tamariskia - Pelican village -Swakopmund. 3 bedroom flat, 2 And half bathroom, open plan kitchen, garage, own yard, water included, balcony, available now for N$ 7 200.00 p/m plus N$ 5,000 deposit. Call Jones 081 122 9080 TO RENT: 1 bedroom flat with extra sunroom, bic, lounge, open plan kitchen, bathroom with bath/shower and garage. Close to Lagoon and Park - with a view, on 2nd floor, very secure. N$ 5 750.00 p/m Plus deposit. Contact: 081 243 9544 TE HUUR: Hermis 2 slaapkamer woonstel Onderdak Parkeering W/E incl. N$ 6 000.00 p/m No pets. Available 1 Oct. 2018 Bachelor flat N$ 4 000.00 p/m Deposit same as rent. Available 1 Oct. 2018 Contact: 081 814 1473 081 142 6948

EMMA NANGOLOKAMATOTO PROPERTIES TO RENT Town 2 bedrooms freestanding unit, open plan kitchen, garage N$5 500.00 Contact Emma on 0811228067 TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Amitist Cresent 2x Bachelor flats for N$ 2 300.00 p/m 1x bedroom flat for N$ 2 700.00 p/m Half deposit with water bill included. Pre paid electricity. Contact: 081 283 4769 ROOMS TO RENT: Outside rooms to rent available at Sea Point. Small kitchen, shower and toilet. Hot water. N$ 2 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 762 6462

TO LET WALVIS BAY - CBD Various sizes shop/offices available in the Pelican Mall Please phone Yolanda 0811583463 to view TO RENT: Swakopmund 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bathroom, big living room with indoor braai, kitchen, and garage. N$ 9500.00 p/m Contact: 081 240 2949 / 081 386 5985 FLAT TO RENT WALVIS BAY CENTRAL !!! 2 x Bedroom flat; Full Bathroom; Lots of build in Cupboards; Open Plan; Tandem Garage Outside braai; Small Courtyard; Water & Electricity included DSTV - Mini Bouquet N$ 7800.00 Deposit required. Available – Immediately FULLY FURNISHED N$ 8700.00 p/m Contact: 081 124 5889 / 081 237 4243 TO LET: LAGOONWalvis Bay One bedroom back-of-thehouse flat, kitchenette with built-in cupboards, living area, bathroom and remote controlled garage, own entrance, in a secure beautiful area just two minutes away from the lagoon. N$ 4 000/m incl. water. Pre-paid electricity. Deposit of N$ 4000 needed. No pets please. Contact 081 655 6880 TO RENT: Walvis Bay, 69B, 6th Street Spacious 1 bedroom flat, open-plan kitchen / living room, full bathroom, single garage, alarm, prepaid electricity. N$5 000.00 p/m + dep Water excluded. Immediately available, not pet friendly. Contact: 081 653 7990

TO RENT: Spacious one Bedroom backyard flat in Tamariskia with Build in cupboards , Open plan kitchen\living area, Alarm and Garage. Rent N$ 4500 water included prepaid electricity. Deposit payable in two months, Available from 1 September. Call: 0812926886 FOR RENT: MONDESA, SWAKOPMUND, CORNER OF INDEPENDENCE & HELLAO STREET. 1 Bedroom bachelor flat, spacious bedroom, own bathroom & kitchen. Water included ( hot water) pre-paid electricity. Very decent and available immediately. N$ 2700.00 p/m + deposit N$ 1000.00 Contact: 081 422 8080 TO RENT: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, single garage house in safe complex, available immediately. N$ 7200.00 p/m Contact: 081 641 1242 TO RENT: House to rent from 1st September 3 bedroom, BIC with garage Tamariskia, close to Cottage Hospital, schools and shopping mall. N$ 6000.00 p/m plus 50% deposit, water Included. Electricity prepaid Employment reference needed. Contact Ronny: 081 202 6727 TO RENT: Apex park Tamariskia Double story Apartment 3 Bedroom, with BIC in all rooms en-suite bedroom, open-plan kitchen with BIS, a lounge, single garage (double garage per request) water/electricity excluded. Available immediately N$ 7 000.00 p/m Contact: 081 747 8829

PROPERTIES FOR SALE TAMARISKIA BEST INVESTMENT! 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Patio Open-plan Kitchen/Dining room Lounge, Single Garage Big erf to build a flat N$1070000-00 REF:RL1474157 REDUCED PRICE!! PRICED TO GO! 3 Bed, 2 Bath house with Lounge/ Dining Room & 3 GARAGES. Plus: Spacious 2 Bedroom Flat N$1450000-00 REF:RL1474155 BRAND NEW & MODERN! – EXT 3. REDUCED PRICE!!! 3 Bed, 2 Bath house with modern kitchen, Lounge/dining room, guest toilet, 3 garages & BBQ. N$1650 000-00 REF:RL1474189 ROSALIN 0814124246 FOR SALE: ACADEMIA Urgent private Sale. 3 Bedroom House with bic (lounge, kitchen, pantry, bath/wc/basin). 3 Bedroom Flat (lounge, kitchen, passage, separate bath/wc/basin, separate wc/basin). 1 Garage. 2 IBR Carports, 1 Shade net Carport. Burglar bars. Security doors. Fair condition. Some maintenance. Close to big high schools, shopping centre and service station. Two dwellings on one property. Sizable plot ideal for further developments. N$2 800 000 neg. Selling below valuation. Contact Ursula: 081 271 9339 BRAND NEW HOUSES FOR SALE HENTIES BAY Sold by developer, no commission. Brand new sectional title, 2 bedr, 2 bathr, 1 automated garage, alarm system with building cupboards, stove and oven, fridge, washing machine and microwave. PRICE : N$ 850'000.00 Free standing, single title deed, 3 bedr, 2 bathr, all build-in cupboard, automated double garage, alarm system on 700m² of land yet in secure complex, electric fence, automated gate. PRICE : N$ 1 350'000.00 CONTACT : 085 590 5577

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

PROPERTIES FOR SALE HOUSE FOR SALE!! Swakopmund Ocean View close to Spar. Only N$1 800 000.00 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with shower and bath. Spacious kitchen with granite top & 2 bar chairs. Lounge with cladded wall for tv & mounted unit for DSTV etc. Dining room with inside braai. Scullery Double automated garage. Security: Alarm system installed. Beams on all sides of the house. Contact 081 487 1960 FOR SALE: 3 bedroom house, open plan kitchen with BIC, dining room, living area with laundry and 2 ½ bathrooms and single garage. Two bedroom flat with kitchen & dinning and bathroom and one bachelor bedroom flat with kitchen and bathroom. Erf size is +/- 680 square meters. Location Jabulani Price N$1 400 000.00 Mil Contact: 081 149 1382 or 081 153 3939 FOR SALE: Tulinawa, Swakopmund 3 bedroom, 1 garage, large open area, BIC / BIS, alarm secure area. N$ 1 mill Excluding cost, negotiable. Contact: 081 339 6523 / 081 143 8794 HOUSE FOR SALE Narraville 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge, dining area, inside braai. Single garage Boundary wall No agents. N$ 1 090 000.00 Contact: 081 364 2477 USAKOS HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER Erf no 221 Rogan Str, 639m² - 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, enclosed stoep room, lounge, diningroom, kitchen & outside porch with single garage, outbuilding with toilet, fully fenced. N$550 000.00 neg Contact: 081 129 8848 FOR SALE 2 Bedroom free standing townhouse in Hermes, very quiet area. Open-plan lounge, dining area and kitchen, single garage, built-in cupboards, one spacious bathroom, newly renovated interior, spacious yard, pet friendly, alarm installed. N$1,100 000.00 Only serious buyers, please contact: 081 200 6543

PROPERTIES FOR SALE FOR SALE: 2 BEDROOM HOUSE: KUISEBMOND Huge Corner Erf – (Can build a block flats) Double Garage, BIC Kitchen,. Lots of potential! N$980 000.00 (negotiable) Call: 085 550 2288 Malakia Properties ARANDIS 2 bedrooms, bathroom Open-plan Kitchen, plus Two flats with 2bedrooms, bathroom Open-plan kitchen each Generated monthly income N$ 8000,00 N$ 680 000.00 Long Beach 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Open-plan Kitchen, dining room, Garage N$ 1.15mil TAMARISKIA 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms Kitchen bic with stove, Guest toilet, Lounge and Tandem Garage N$ 1.6mil MONDESA 2 bedrooms bic, bathroom Kitchen bic with stove, lounge , Plus 2 bachelor flats, Tandem Garage N$ 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen and Lounge N$670 000.00 Section title 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen, lounge and Garage N$ 680 000.00 TULINAWA 2 bedrooms, bathroom Kitchen and Lounge N$ 690 000.00 Malakia Office 064-406783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email:malakiaproperties

FOR SALE WALVIS BAY MEERSIG Modern, stylish, NewlyBuilt, 3 bed , 2 bath House with open Plan Kitchen/lounge, Granite tops, Indoor BBQ, Foyer. BIC in all rooms & kitchen. N$2150000.00 REF:RL1473880 Sumari 0816273181 Florian 0814600045 TE KOOP: 4 slaapkamer, 2 badkamers, groot braai area. Nuwe kombuis en badkamer, 1000 m² erf met planne vir woonstel. N$ 1 850 000.00 Kontak: 081 403 4513

PROPERTIES FOR SALE FOR SALE: Walvis Bay House with 8 outside rooms + one bedroom flat. 3 bedroom house with entertainment, inside bbq, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 garages + 8 outside rooms with toilet + 1 bedroom flat. Near Dunes Mall. Can make for B & B N$ 2.5 million. Contact: 081 351 3225

SWAKOPMUND MONDESA EXCELLENT VALUE! Neat 3 Bed (B.I.C), 1 Bath, Open Plan Lounge/ Kitchen (BIC in kitchen) N$824000-00 REF:RL1474089 ARANDIS CHEAP! CHEAP!! Well looked after 3 Bed, 1 Bath Open plan Lounge/Kitchen, Enclosed Patio Single Garage. Size of Erf: 391m² N$364000-00 REF:RL1474210 ROSALIN 0814124246 1. SWAKOPMUND: OCEAN VIEW Plot and plan for sale Erf 6237. Size is 522m². N$ 800 000 negotiable. Plan approved by Municipality. 2. LANGSTRAND Ext.2 3 bedroom in a quiet complex for rent. N$ 7 500 excluding water and electricity. Deposit payable in 2 months. Available immediately. 3. WALVIS KUISEBMOND: 3 bedroom home, 2 full bathrooms, beautiful crafted kitchen, garage and boundary wall for sale at valuation N$ 980 000 excluding costs 4. WALVIS BAY: Erf 349m². Free standing 3 bedroom house with BIC in fairways ...Main bedroom with full en suite bathroom. Open Plan with indoor braai. Double garage N$ 1 750 000 excluding Costs.. 5. WALVIS BAY: MEERSIG Erf no. 715 PLOT FOR SALE, 892m². Church Street N$ 850 000 Negotiable 081 219 2646 FOR SALE: Mondesa (opposite Tulinawa School) A neat two bedroom house for sale, rooms and kitchen with BIC, lounge, toilet room and geyser available. N$ 675 000.00 cost excluded Contact: 081 250 8488 HOUSE FOR SALE: Swakopmund Tamariskia 672m² N$ 1 550 000.00 Neg 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, both with shower and bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining room & 1x garage. 2 bedroom flat with spacious kitchen, bathroom and double garage. 081 370 7010


10 AUGUST 2018

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR



Vacancies available for a new Lending Business in Walvis Bay 1.PRINCIPAL OFFICER: Will be responsible for the day-to-day administrative duties, i.e. ensuring that all the filling and recordkeeping of documents are adhered to; Will be responsible for the completion of quarterly financial and statistical returns; Will be the Financial and Administration Officer of the business charged with collection and accounting of all monies received; Must maintain proper set of accounting records and will be the prime contact person of the business. Will prepare annual financial statement/accounting records for Sole Proprietors and will ensure compliance with all statutory requirements. Proficiency for in English and Afrikaans is required. Qualification: A Diploma or Degree in Finance or Accounting. 2.CLERICAL ASSISTANCE: We need service of a very organized person. Must be Computer literate and have good written skills; good telephone manner. The responsibilities include filing, dealing with correspondence, maintaining data using computer or manual systems, and other general office duties. Qualification: Grade 12 plus certificate in Office Administration. Interested candidates are invited to send their CV to

FOR HIRE: 1 Ton bakkie with driver for smaller pick ups and deliveries such as garden refuse, loose furniture etc. Reasonable rates and same day response! Contact: 081 336 2599

HOUSEHOLD/ FURNITURE ITEMS FOR SALE: 1 x Kelvinator build-in oven & hob like new N$ 1650.00 1 x Defy slim line 600 multi function stainless steel eye level oven with warming drawer. N$ 1250.00 5 x Fishing reels & rods N$ 350.00 each 1 x Whirlpool 460 Lit. Deep freezer N$ 3650.00 with 6 months guarantee Contact: 081 567 4522

TE HUUR: 4 Ton en 1.7 Ton Vrag Motors te huur vir trekke, bourommel basies enigiets. Ons laai self op en af. SwakopmundWalvis-Henties maar ook enige plek regoor Namibia Kontak 081 285 4321



MOTOR CYCLE FOR SALE: KX 250 for sale N$ 30 000.00 Non neg. Contact: 081 268 7978 / 081 343 1429

SERVICES FOR SALE: 2004 VW Jetta 4 TDI. 340 000km. Very good condition. Price: N$70 000.00. Contact: 081 122 5271 FOR SALE: white 2013 Nissan NP 200 56000 km Extras, canopy, radio, cd player. Mint condition. N$ 90 000.00 neg. Contact: 081 449 3134 SELF CATERING: 3 bedrooms, big living area with indoor braai, and 2 bathrooms. Can accommodate 8 people, walking distance to Platz Am Meer. N$ 1600 per night Contact: 081 240 2949 / 081 386 5985


Vacancy: *Salon Haarlekin* is looking for a qualified hairdresser to join our team. If you are interested please send your CV to deltavanderploeg@gm or drop it off personally at Hendrick Witbooi 5 (Next to Oscar and Olive) N & T HAIR SALON & BARBERSHOP Looking for 2 ladies and 1 barber. One lady for hair plating and one for doing nails. The salon is situated in Lukas Ashipal Street House no 4446 - 9 Kuisebmond For more information contact Thabitha: 081 615 0417


FOR SALE:2002 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 diesel N$ 45 000.00 Contact: 081 150 4498 081 147 7648 FOR SALE: Land cruiser S/N untag N$ 40 000.00 onco Contact: 081 148 2636

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FOR SALE: 1x 2008 Scania P380 1x 2011 Volvo 440 fmx 1x Super link 1x 6 Axle interlink (50 ton) Phone 081 129 9884


FOR SALE: Cd’s available Disco mpansula SONIC WITNESS, KETNEY, ORDEKA Walvis Bay: 081 698 4478 Young ones at Swakop 081 410 5533 Otjiwarongo 081 862 8480 Tsumeb 081 631 7524 Windhoek 081 658 2191 Otavi - Ausi Hotto 081 224 8006 Price N$ 150.00 per cd

Traditional Doctor Moyo Tired of running up and down, going everywhere but not achieving your real goals, here is your doctor to prove everything for you. He helps with different types of problems such as court cases, love affairs, marriage problems, weak erections which is unable to satisfy your woman, vagina tightness for man to feel always attracted to you house problems, all types of transmitted sickness, high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, chest pains, chasing of bad luck spirits, job problems, stop lover from cheating you [man or woman] Business improvements, all types of good luck. pregnancy problems, have protected life, never give up your life, your doctor is here to cleanse and lift you up. Come at 471 Mandume Ya Ndemufayo Street Mondesa Swakopmund or call Doctor Moyo 081 339 5913

JOBS WANTED JOB WANTED: I am a 44 year old woman looking for domestic work, I have 5 years experience, in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 318 5672 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 39 jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk, kantoor skoon maak werk. Maandae tot Vrydae. Langstrand of Walvisbaai. Ek kan enige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 237 0363

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication




VICTORIA: I am a 24 year old girl who stays in Walvis Kuisebmond, urgently looking for work. Preferably, Mr Price, Woermann Brock, Mr Price, Jet or any other stores, restaurants, hotels wherever. I am ready to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 740 6630 081 299 7939

JOB WANTED: I am looking for work as a truck driver, I have 11 years code CE DGP. Contact: 081 481 8843 081 122 4482

JOB WANTED: I am a 29 year old lady looking for domestic work, cleaning and ironing in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 205 0454

JOB WANTED: Looking for work in a take away, baby sitting, ironing, washing, waitress, hotels and guesthouses. Contact: 081 462 7914

JOB WANTED: I am looking for housekeeping or guesthouse work. I am available anytime. Contact: 081 388 6864 081 808 1784

JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay from Mondays to Fridays. I am ready to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 297 9167

JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady looking for domestic work. I have experience in hospitality. In Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 417 1143

JOB WANTED: I am a lady looking for waiter work, I am currently busy with job attachment in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 400 9569 JOB WANTED: I am a 27 year old lady looking for domestic work. Cleaning offices. With grade 10 & 12. Contact: 081 240 8608 WERK GESOEK: Dame 29 jaar baie betroubaar en hardwerkend. Kan dadelik begin, kan Engels en Afrikaans praat. Vorige werk gewer het verhuis. Kontak: 081 262 5637 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk vir ‘n hele week of 3 dae. Strykwerk in Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 593 8628 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk 2 of 3 dae ‘n week. In Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 286 9719 JOB WANTED: I am a 47 year old woman looking for domestic work, washing, ironing or even babysitting. Contact: 081 670 6567 JOB WANTED: I am a 39 year old lady looking for domestic work or take away work. I also have certificate in plumbing and pipe fitting. I am honest and friendly. Mondays to Fridays or 3 days a week. Contact: 081 211 9380 JOB WANTED: Lady 30 years of age looking for domestic work or receptionist. Am very friendly and honest. I can start anytime. Contact: 081 420 1942 WERK GESOEK: Betroubare dame soek werk in Walvisbaai of Langstrand. Kan ook kantoor skoon maak. Kontak: 081 423 8520 081 236 5680

JOB WANTED: I am looking for work as Assistant Chef with experience. Contact: 081 204 7227

JOB WANTED: A 38 year old lady is looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay, Lagoon, Town or Narraville. Ready to start immediately, very hardworking with 7 years experience. Contact: 081 285 8016 WERK GESOEK: Ek soek werk vir 3 dae of ‘n hele week. In Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 374 4155, 081 249 7096, 081 490 3373 WERK GESOEK: Betroubare 45 jarige Magdelena is opsoek na Donderdae en Saterdae huiswerk. Ek drink of rook nie. Dorp, Lagoon, Meersig. Ek is eerlik, hardwerkend en netjies. Ek het verwysings. Kontak: 081 471 8044 JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay. Mondays to Fridays. Can start anytime. Contact: 081 743 2109 JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay, Dolphin Park, Langstrand. I am trustworthy and reliable, willing to start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 439 0825 JOB WANTED: I am a 32 year old lady looking for any kind of work, domestic or babysitting work. Walvis, Swakop or Langstrand. Contact: 081 618 8194 WERK GESOEK: Ek soek huiswerk vir 2 dae. Dinsdae en Donderdae. Langstrand, Dolfyn, Dorp of Meersig. Kontak: 081 649 5096 WERK GESOEK: Ek soek huiswerk vir 2 dae, Dinsdae en Donderdae. Langstrand, Dolfynstrand, Dorp of Meersig. Kontak: 081 649 5096

JOB WANTED: I am a 32 year old lady looking for domestic wok in Swakopmund from Monday to Friday or garden work on Saturday. Contact: 081 261 6678 JOB WANTED: I am 25 year old lady looking for domestic work. I have grade 10, I can do anything. Wash, iron and clean houses from Monday to Friday in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 893 3673 / 081 458 7746 WERK GESOEK: Senselina Aebes is opsoek na huiswerk vir ‘n week of 3 dae, kan enige tyd begin in Swakopmund. Kontak: 081 758 4280 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n middeljarige vrou opsoek na huiswerk vir 2 of 3 dae of van Maandag tot Vrydag in Swakopmund. Ek kan enige tyd begin, geen drink of rook. Skakel: 081 218 0139 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 31 jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk vir Maandag tot Vrydag kan eenige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 800 2391 WERK GESOEK: Rinola Renate Garas 53 jaar oud is opsoek na huiswerk, kinders oppas of groot (ouer) mense na sien in Swakopmund. Ek het ondervinding vir baie jare in huiswerk. Skakel: 081 867 7728 / 081 203 4132 WERK GEASOEK: Ek is ‘n 47 jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk vir 5 dae in ‘n week of kinders oppas in Swakopmund. Kontak: 081 209 1618 JOB WANTED: I am looking for domestic work, office work or nursing and palliative care in Swakopmund, Langstrand or Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 766 3015 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 28 jarige jong vrou opsoek na huiswerk vir 3/5 dae in ‘n week, ek is betroubaar en netjies in Swakopmund, kan enige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 288 1058

10 AUGUST 2018


WALVIS BAY * Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. Karate beginners classes will start on 3rd July 2018 at 17h30 till 18h15. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Meersig, Mainroad no 4B, Walvis Bay. Contact 081 277 9268. * Every Sunday: Lunch - Potjiekos at MOTH CENTRE. * Everyday: Pub lunches available. * 4 Sep: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by St. Petrus Rooms Katolieke Kerk. * 11 Sep: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00. * 22 Sep: MOTH Parade International Day of Peace 21st. * 28 - 30 Sep: Moth Club 65th Birthday Celebration. * 30 Sep: Lagoon Park Market from 9am - 1pm. Wear your Lederhosen and Dirndl and join the 'Oktoberfest' themed Family Market! * 2 Okt: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by Maranatha Lutherse Kerk. * 5 -7 Oct: 9th Fish Eagle Rally at Walvis Bay – Sparta United Club. * 21 Oct: MOTH Parade at Shellhole Remembrance of Battle of El Alamien 11h00. * 27 Oct: St Peter Roman Catholic Church Narraville Bazaar on Church Grounds. * 6 Nov: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 by Rhynse Kerk. * 11 Nov: MOTH Rememberance Day Parade at Harriers Park Memorial. * 14 Nov: MOTH meeting at Escarpment Shellhole 19h00. * 4 Des: Interkerklike Gebedskring biduur om 09:00 Methodiste. **************

SWAKOPMUND * Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous helpline 081 243 2649. * Bridge: The Swakopmund Bridge club meets every Monday evening at 19:00 at Lions Old Age Home. Contact: Ed Barbour 064405 604. “The Swakopmund Rotary Club: Meets every Tuesday evening from 17:45 in the conference room of the Hotel Deutsches Haus. Contact 081 645 0888. * “The Swakopmund Lions Club: meets every 2nd Thursday of the month from 17:30 in the Lions/Den c/o Rhode Allee and Lüdritz Street. Contact: 081 205 6162/081 335 8899. * Swakopmund Toastmasters: Meet every first and third Monday of the month at the Atlantic Villa Boutique Hotel 24 Plover Street, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. * 18 Aug: Arts Association Swakopmund presents “Textures & Textiles” group exhibition. Exhibition opening: 5pm at the Woermannhaus Gallery. * 26 Aug:Sunday Market at the Green Center, 5 Libertina Amathila Ave from 9am–1pm. Entrance opposite A La Mer Guesthouse. Arts, Crafts, Food, Drinks, great atmosphere and much more! Contact Bea 081 69 29 072. * 28 Aug: Cake Sale to be held in front of Standard Bank from 08:00, organised by The Organisation for Caring for People with Disabilities. For more information please contact Almut 081 299 1902 or Carol-Ann 081 209 8169. * 29 Sep: Flea Market at Haus der Jugend, Swakopmund presented by The Organisation for Caring for People with Disabilities. * 23 & 24 Nov: Advent Market at the LIONS Old Age Home. Friday from 15:00 and Saturday from 08:00, organised by the Organisation for Caring for People with Disabilities. To book your stall / for more information please contact Almut 081 299 1902 or Carol-Ann 081 209 8169. ***************

UIS * 24 - 27 Aug: Namibia Land Rover Festival at Uis. ************

ART EXHIBITIONS * Every Saturday: Open Air Arts Exhibition at the Mole next to tennis courts in Swakopmund. Oil paintings - weather permitting. * Permanent Collection: Woermann Haus Gallery in Bismarck Street. Fine collection of the Swakopmund Arts Association’s “South West Masters’’ and contemporary Namibian art works. Open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 17:00.


10 AUGUST 2018




Netbal by Pro-Ed is gesond Multisave Better Ball An average size field of 38 players took to the course for the battle this past weekend in the Multisave Better Ball.

Die Netbal spelers van Pro-Ed Akademie “Vlieg hoog met jou voete plat op die aarde!�

Die afgelope 3 jaar het ons baie moeite en tyd in ons sport oor die algemeen gesit. Ons is baie trots op ons vordering en ons voel dat ons harde werk, baie ure en goeie organisasie vrugte afwerp. Ons het ongelooflike afrigters wat verskriklik baie ure vir ons spanne in sit en hulle eie tyd opoffer vir ons skool se sukses. Ons is baie dankbaar vir hulle. Ons is veral baie trots op ons netbal spanne se prestasies hierdie jaar. In die NAPSO liga het ons onder13 en onder

17 spanne met die goud weggestap en in die Nasionale liga het al vier ons spanne die semifinale gehaal (o12, o13, o15 en o17). Die o13's het weer goud verower, o12 en o17 het met 'n brons medalje weggestap en ons o15 span het 4e geeindig. Ons is dankbaar vir al die seeninge en weet waar ons talente vandaan kom. Ons aanvaar niks as vanselfsprekend en weet ook die enigste plek waar sukses voor werk kom is in die woordeboek.

Corporate Bowls league Rudi Bowe

With multipliers on the par 5's and both scores on the par 3's made for an interesting result. Winning the day on a good 66 points were Deville Dreyer and Kevin de Reuck. Second on a count out was John Sardina and Herman Smidt and losing the count out was Johnny Borges and Michael de Barros. Kevin Wentzel and Andre Burger were 4th. Closest to the pin on 7 was Koot Potgieter and on 11 it was Stanley Gawanab. Longest drives went to Jason Barnard and Tinus Alberts. Thanks to the Multisave team of John, Nardo and amend for their continued support and sponsorships towards the club. Johnny G won the Sages on Sunday past with 43 points, seems time for him to have a handicap cut. Also seems that he had a good weekend as rumour has it that he gave a certain guy a whitewash on the pool table on Friday night. As expected, he has not stopped crowing about this win all weekend. Added to this he also took money off our own KP. Good weekend Johnny, hope the luck holds. Please don't forget that we have the WBGC vs Tsumeb over the weekend of 25/26 august. This event is kindly sponsored by Jaco and Boel and will be a great event as it always is. The Annual General Meeting is set for 21 August and all members are requested to please note this date as your attendance is important. The list of nominations is on the board so please fill it in and make sure that the person nominated duly signs acceptance of the nomination. Many thanks to OMSIC for their sponsorship for the whole year of the WEDNESDAY 9 hole competition, always nice to get a quick nine in before the sun sets The draw is climbing steadily as it was again not won on Friday as Andre Ceronio was not at the club so it is up to 2 400 this Friday. Please don't forget that from last week the new membership list kicked in, the members draw will be for fully paid up members, partly payments will not qualify. Get your subs paid soonest to be in the draw. Calendar for the next few weeks is as follows. 11/8 MAGIC DISCOUNTERS 10/11 Tsumeb Sages 17/8 MOEDERGEMEENTE fund raiser 18/8 PISCS Medal 21/8 AGM 25/8 MARSH 1/9 DESET IRON AND STEEL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS The RACE TO CAPE TOWN cuts off at the end of August and only the top 40 will make the cut so this is the last few weeks left to make sure you qualify. Thanks to all the 106 members who have paid subs to date. There are still a few outstanding and these need to be settled by the end of September. Annual green fees should have been settled by the end of July. If you have queries on these, please let me know.

The Sentrum Corporate Bowls League hosted by the Namib Park Bowls Club will start today at the coastal city of Walvis Bay.

This will be the 20th year that the Corporate Bowls League will be held in the harbor town with Sentrum Pharmacy is the main sponsor of the event for a second year. The league will be played every Friday evening and will run for the next 6 to 7 weeks with the final and the price giving on 21 September . This year 20 corporate team registered that is two teams more than last year. This year also saw 4 new comers with a team from Namib Times for their first time ever. It is not about the price, it's for the trophy, team spirit and to relax after a hard working day. The event will start at 17:30 with the opening and the first game to start at 18:00. The Teams are; BACHMUS OIL ROUND TALBE


The winner's are Deville Dreyer and Kevin de Reuck and Amandio Sardinha in the middle

10 aug namib times e-edition  

10 aug namib times e-edition

10 aug namib times e-edition  

10 aug namib times e-edition