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Shameless plundering

inside New Terminal Open Day

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Body of baby on dump site Floris Steenkamp The plundering of the coast's natural environment and natural resources continues. In the latest trend people are entering the Namib Naukluft Park near Swakopmund and destroy various forms of vegetation for firewood. Pictures here show where a Tamerisk has been plundered and bundled for firewood. This is one of dozens of examples. A tour operator at Swakopmund confirmed they have been contacting the Ministry of Environment and Tourism's officials at Swakopmund numerous times over the plundering of the vegetation in the Park, but their complaints fell of deaf ears.

How not to do it.......

Hands off our white mussels

Floris Steenkamp

Only hours after the Namib Times reported on Tuesday of Fermar Seafoods CC harvesting tons of white mussel on the beaches between Pelican Point and Paaltjies (the local name for the border with Sandwich Harbour), the Ministry of Fisheries cancelled the business' exploratory fishing right to harvest clams and white mussel.

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Locker vom Hocker

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Environmental clearance for Walvis Bay dump site Global Rudi Bowe

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Deputy Sheriff attaches TransNamib property TransNamib had to learn the hard way this week that an emolument attach order against an employee's salary is not to be taken lightly. The national rail carrier failed to pay over the amount they deducted from the employee to an attorney's trust fund. That resulted in the Deputy Sheriff on Tuesday attaching all of TransNamib's office furniture at the Walvis Bay railway station. Namib Times learnt reliably the amount for which the rail carrier was taken Continues on page 2

Waste removal fees paid by ratepayers must be re-invested in better and sustainable waste disposal infrastructure and techniques. This was the call recently by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, during a visit to the Walvis Bay municipal dump site. The Walvis Bay municipality applied for an environmental clearance certificate from the environment ministry for the dump site. A clearance certificate was granted. The approval was granted in terms of Government Gazette No. 6753, dated 1 November 2018. Continues on page 2

parkrun phenomenon

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9 AUGUST 2019

TransNamib property Continued on page 2 to task stood at N$8 000, but additional costs incurred pushed the total amount payable to N$18 000. “TransNamib paid the same day and the furniture was returned. It is just shameful that funds of an already burdened state-owned-enterprise is squandered as a result of administrative negligence”, remarked a source close to the incident. Note: if a person incurs bad debt, the creditor can approach a court for the issuing of an emolument attachment order. In terms of this order, a monthly amount that may not exceed a certain percentage of total disposal income can be deducted against the debtor's salary. Refusing to deduct the money or failing to pay over the money to the attorney who obtained the order is therefore regarded as a bad idea.

Water crisis in Usakos Sharlien Tjambari

The Usakos Town Council refuses to sell water to some houses in the community, since the introduction of the pre-paid water system six years ago, left many houses with overdue water accounts from previous house owners. Municipal accounts of many residents in the mining town run between N$10 000-40 000. These accounts were never closed after these peoples' forefathers died in the early nineties. Namib Times visited a few residents in the Hakhaseb location in Usakos to get a grip on the severity of the situation. An unemployed lady in her late thirties told the Namib Times she inherited the house she now lives in, from her grandfather who died in 1993. The last time she got a statement from the council was in 2015. The account was in arrears of N$28 814. “How am I going to settle this account if I don't find a job? I try to find a job but have no luck.” The lady said. She said the little money she gets form her family members, she uses to put food on the table for her children and for electricity. “To live without water is not easy”, she said. Many houses in the Hakhaseb community don't have water, toilets don't work, and they are blocked. Not only is the smell terrible, it is unhygienic, especially in a country where Hepatitis E is a problem. “We go into the bushes because we can't use already blocked toilets that can't flush. The residents in this community explain that using the bushes as a toilet is not safe at night. This is especially true for old ladies and young girls. An elderly lady said that the water situation is really a serious matter. “This water situation is very worrisome. The fact that the council does not hear us out is a major problem. They hardly come to us to hear our concerns. We have attempted to see management numerous times, but our meetings are always postponed. We are tired of this.” Said a senior citizen. Another affected resident, a young lady, said she inherited her house from her parents. Water to her house was disconnected, the pipes were cut, and her toilet pot was removed by council years some years ago already, but the bill is already at N$40 000, “How is this possible? I would have understood if the pipes were connected to the house. We need help! How can the council charge me for water, but I don't even have water pipes anymore?” Residents in Hakhaseb and the informal settlements in Usakos says the council pays no attention to them. Decisions are made at the top levels without consulting the community. Namib Times is still waiting for a reply from the Usakos Town Council.

Narraville Primary School Apology We humbly want to apologise for the mistake in the Namib Times edition of Tuesday, 6 August. The sponsor of the sport wear is not NAROSA, but Narraville Community Project. Please kindly accept our humble apology.

Hands off our white mussels Continued on page 2

He further explained he employs two teams of people to harvest the clams and he is renting a premises from a well-known fishing company in Walvis Bay where the clams are packed, frozen and exported to Asia. Namib Times obtained pictures taken in secret which shows thousands of white mussel offloaded and packed at Fermar's premises every day for many months already. Fernandez also explained to the newspaper the clam resources is adequate to start a fishery. He expressed confidence white mussel would become a quota specie. Fernandez also produced a letter in which the Permanent Secretary of fisheries, Dr. Moses Maurihungirire, granting Fermar Seafoods an exemption on the size of white mussel they can harvest. The Minister of Fisheries seemingly is not sharing Fernandez' white mussel dreams, as the exploratory license was summarily cancelled this week. Fernandez also confirmed that personally to Namib Times.

Environmental clearance for Walvis Bay dump site Continued on page 2

During a recent visit to the Walvis Bay landfill site, the Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta said the dump site might not be perfect, but expressed satisfaction with interventions at the facility to keep environmental impacts at a low. He also expressed satisfaction that all procedures were followed properly by the municipality to apply for the clearance certificate. The Minister assured checks and balances would be carried out by his Ministry on an ongoing basis and also said new, more detailed regulations for waste management is in the pipeline. It was at this point Shifeta called on the municipality to continuously reinvest waste disposal charges collected from rate payers into proper waste management infrastructure and techniques.

Handing Over of IGA's Materials and Equipment Isaac Chikosi

A hand over ceremony was held on 1 August at the Ministry of Mines & Energy Building, Swakopmund. The ceremony was an occasion to hand over Income Generating Activity (IGA's) materials and equipment. The Income Generating Activity (IGA) Grant is a funding in form of materials and equipment given to small community members to start up small businesses and projects. According to the Governor of the Erongo region, Cleophas Mutjavikua, in a speech read on his behalf, “This encourages community members to embark on economically viable projects that could be sustained in the long run.” The central focus is to alleviate poverty and to contribute to the development of human resources says Mutjavikua, by empowering people to identify their economic needs and explore ways and means of fulfilling those needs; by developing self-confidence and ability to undertake income generating activities through appropriate and adequate training and motivation; by providing opportunities for continuous upgrading of vocational knowledge and skills for gainful employment and by developing a team spirit for working together for sustainable social and economic growth. “It is my sincere wish that this materials and equipment will be utilised optimally for the purpose they are meant for”, Mutjavikua said.

9 AUGUST 2019



Terminal open day....

These two young men stood where President Hage Geingob just a day earlier unveiled the plague to signify the inauguration of the new container terminal.

Some 1500 people visited the new container terminal on reclaimed land in the port of Walvis Bay on Saturday to see for themselves this marvelous project. Everyone were impressed by the sheer size of the ship-to-shore cranes.

Namport staff members also attended the terminal open day


9 AUGUST 2019

Newborn found at Walvis Eileen van der Schyff Bay dump

Court Swakopmund Court Report Magistrate Court Jonas Mozito (28), appeared on a charge of theft. The accused was found guilty and sentenced to pay a fine of N$500 or a term of three-month imprisonment. Wellem Geiseb (46), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 11 September for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Showen Van Wyk (23), appeared on charges of possession of suspected stolen property and possession of dependence producing substance. The case against the accused was withdrawn by the state because there was no docket and no witnesses. Fidel Castro Che Quevara (34), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 10 September for mental observation. The accused remains in custody. Victoria Van Der Bank (34), appeared on a charge of fraud. The matter was postponed to 16 September for legal aid. The accused is on bail of N$3 000. Fish Heinrich (32), appeared on a charge of indecent assault. The matter was post-

poned to 9 September for legal aid. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Rudolf Madjiedt (40), appeared on a charge of theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 19 August for fixing of trial date. The accused is on bail of N$5 000. Gideon Israel (45), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The case was withdrawn against the accused. Fillipus Hekandjo (30), appeared on charges of assault by threat and malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 22 August for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Erasmus Nauyala (20), appeared on a charge of robbery. The matter was postponed to 25 November for continuation of trial. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Simon Hamata Hamukaku (30), appeared on a charge of theft of a motor vehicle. The matter was postponed to 17 September for legal representation. The accused is on bail of N$8 000. Absalom Desmond Hoaeb (28), appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 8 August for sentence. The accused remains in custody.

Walvis Bay Court Report Graham Cloete (44), Jade Blanden (36), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft (November 2017) The matter was postponed to 21 August 2019. Legal Aid. Kurt Coetzee (22), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft (July 2018) Bail refunded and the accused remains in custody. Jansen Gordon (42), Theft by false pretences (January 2019) The case was withdrawn against the accused. David Nepela (40), Kevin Zashirwa (21), Edsan Riajurua (29), Lucky Mulefas (29), Failure to pay maintenance (February 2011) The matter is postponed to 5 December 2019. Plea and Trial. Roydes Rose (26), Possession of drugs (July 2019) The accused was found guilty. Sakeus Alfred (25), Theft (July 2019) The accused was found guilty with evidence. Scbaston Eixab (19), Malicious damage to property (July 2019) The accused was found guilty and sentenced. Underaged boy (16), Theft (July 2019) The matter was postponed to 7 August 2019. Screening of Juvenile Accused Person. Jansen Gordon (42), Theft by false pretences (January 2019) The case was withdrawn against the accused. Complainant

not at court. Sakalia Shipange Sakalia (33), Failure to pay maintenance (February 2017) The matter was postponed to 2 October 2019. Plea and Trial. Shelden Gom Khaiseb (18), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. Malicious damage to property. The accused was found guilty with evidence. Simon Moses (25), Rape (September 2018) The matter is postponed to 31 October 2019. Lab Results (Final Remand). Petrus Helao Hilundwa (26), Wilfred Uunona (30), Theft (July 2014) The case was withdrawn against the accused. No Prima Facie Case. Max Nashilongo (40), Murder (October 2018) The matter was postponed to 21 August 2019. Legal Aid. Petrus Doeseb (34), Saymore Chiradza (29), Possession of suspected stolen property (August 2018) The matter was postponed to 7 August 2019. Fillemon Shikulo (30), Drunk driving (March 2019) The accused was found guilty and sentenced. David Davido Kamati (28), Rape (March 2019) The matter was postponed to 19 November 2019. P.G. Decision Fontein Kazonganaga (35), Rape (June 2019) The matter is postponed to 19 November 2019.

An autopsy must determine whether a newborn whose body was found on the Walvis Bay dumpsite was as a result of a stillborn or whether the child was murdered shortly after birth. The gruesome discovery was made by workers of the dumpsite on Wednesday, 7 August. The lifeless baby was wrapped in a brown towel and placed inside a plastic bag. It is suspected that the mother gave birth to a full-term baby boy between Tuesday and Wednesday before dumping the baby at the dumping site. The baby was declared dead by a doctor at the Walvis Bay state hospital. The body was taken to the Police Morgue for a post-mortem examination to determine if the baby was killed before he was dumped or whether he was stillborn. Family members who suspect a relative or friend who was pregnant gave birth but now is without a baby must contact Detective Chief Inspector Shangula at 081 667 6820 or Detective Warrant Officer Kalipi at the Gender Based Violence Division at 081 296 2322.

Assault most reported case in July Isaac Chikosi

With 14 cases of House breaking recorded at Mondesa Police Station, Assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm was highest with 21 cases recorded at the station last month only. These statistics were presented by Constable Kauyova from Mondesa Police Station during a meeting between church leaders and Nampol representatives. Out of the top 12 cases reported at the station, domestic violence follows closely with nine cases reported and seven cases of robbery within the month of July. In addition to this, four cases of fraud including ATM fraud were recorded at Mondesa Police Station.

Church Leaders asked to work with Police Isaac Chikosi

Church leaders was asked for betterment and cooperation with the community in a joint meeting between the Church leaders and Nampol this past weekend at Vrede Rede Primary School in Swakopmund. A strong message was delivered by Warrant Officer Ileni Shapumba around the fact that churches are not separate from communities, the reason everyone needs to work together. Inclusive in this meeting were representatives from the Swakopmund municipality and from the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Warrant Officer Ileni Shapumba, Unit Commander for Community Affairs in the Erongo Region addressed the leaders of various denominations and congregations on contemporary issues pertaining crime and disorder. He specifically highlighted those in the Mondesa and DRC settlement areas. Shapumba reiterated the fact that the police and the church should work hand in hand to achieve and maintain peace and stability. Shapumba raised concerns on the ongoing complaints from members of the community in the residential areas where some of these noisy churches operate into the late nights and early morning hours. Shapumba said that everyone in the community has rights and that it is important to keep others in consideration. “We need to regulate our activities and make sure they are in compliance with the law.” Shapumba said. He gave his opinion on the existing argument where people compare the noise emanating from churches and the noise created by shebeens. “Churches cannot compare themselves to shebeens. A church is a place of order and morality, therefore not comparable to night life at all.” Furthermore, Shapumba raised his concerns around the sporadic mushrooming of churches because the proper channels are not followed. After this Shapumba touched a more serious matter. He warned the leaders against concealment of crime in cases reported to them in their capacity of leaders. Sometimes pastors are aware of domestic abuse and violence but choose not to report such issues. “The police are appointed by law to investigate any offence or alleged offence. When people come to you and report such offences, you should report this to the police or advise whoever is reporting the matter to do so.” Shapumba said. Numerous reports of church patrons mugged or robbed on their way back home from services in the wee hours of the morning have also been reported. Shapumba urged the leaders to consider their flock in this regard and avoid bringing the good name of the church into disrepute. A social worker representing the Ministry of Health and Social Services also aired her concerns stating that many people, especially children reach her office after having first reported their problems to their church leaders. She encouraged individuals present not to assume that all issues affecting people can be handled completely inside church. By this saying that all necessary stakeholders are necessary to give the correct support and assistance to those in need. Station Commander of the Mondesa Police Station Inspector H Uugwanga emphasised her concerns over the increase in the trend of informal adoption of children. This rings especially true for teenage girls taken into the homes of church elders of leaders. “Even if you see that the children are in need, it is important to follow the proper channels of adoption with social services.” Uugwanga said.

9 AUGUST 2019



9 AUGUST 2019

6 NAMIB TIMES ANTONIUS RESIDENZ TRUST ONE BEDROOM FLAT FOR SALE N$830,000-00 "The Lifelong Right of Occupation" of flat nr 2 48.96 sq.m Situated in the heart of town 22 Daniel Tjongarero Ave, Swakopmund

New terminal to start operations on 23 August

Retirement Home: 65 years and older to qualify For enquiries and conditions, contact the Manager at Antonius Residenz Old Age Home tel. (064) 403415 Monday – Friday between 08h00 - 16h00 Or email:

ANTONIUS RESIDENZ TRUST ONE BEDROOM FLAT FOR SALE N$860,000-00 "The Lifelong Right of Occupation" of flat nr 7 51.70 sq.m Situated in the heart of town 22 Daniel Tjongarero Ave, Swakopmund Retirement Home: 65 years and older to qualify For enquiries and conditions, contact the Manager at Antonius Residenz Old Age Home tel. (064) 403415 Monday – Friday between 08h00 - 16h00 Or email:

ANTONIUS RESIDENZ TRUST ONE BEDROOM FLAT FOR SALE N$610,000-00 "The Lifelong Right of Occupation" of flat nr 12 37.25 sq.m Situated in the heart of town 22 Daniel Tjongarero Ave, Swakopmund Retirement Home: 65 years and older to qualify For enquiries and conditions, contact the Manager at Antonius Residenz Old Age Home tel. (064) 403415 Monday – Friday between 08h00 - 16h00 Or email:

The port of Walvis Bay closes between 17 and 23 August this year to migrate all shipping containers and relevant other plant and equipment from the existing container terminal to the new container terminal on reclaimed land. The new container terminal will commence operations on 24 August. Pictured above: the new terminal was inaugurated by President Hage Geingob on 2 August. Two tugs are seen observing the moment with a water salutation.

Friday 9 August Low Tide: 04:42 High Tide: 11:01 Low Tide: 17:01 High Tide: 23:30

Sunday 11 August Low Tide: 07:00 High Tide: 13:24 Low Tide: 19:19 High Tide: 01:35

Saturday 10 August Low Tide: 06:00 High Tide: 12:23 Low Tide: 18:19 High Tide: 00:41

Monday 12 August Low Tide: 07:46 High Tide: 14:09 Low Tide: 20:04 High Tide: 02:00

Port Log

9 AUGUST 2019



Paratus expands its Mobile LTE network to Walvis Bay and Swakopmund speeds to contend with the demand on bandwidth. We certainly want to take

Windhoek, Namibia – 07 August 2019: Paratus Namibia announced the completion of the initial phase of its National Mobile-LTE rollout plan. Paratus will be launching LTE in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund this week. Paratus has invested in its very own independent Mobile-LTE network to be able to offer both consumers and businesses an alternative to current offerings. By independent, it means Paratus infrastructure from end-to-end and not being reliant on any other service provider in the country. After the completion of the Trans Kalahari Fiber (TKF) connected directly to WACS in Swakopmund and extending to Buitepos border to the east of Namibia, Paratus was able to offer customers higher capacity at far more affordable prices. “We have also established more network redundancy to international traffic out of the country delivering a reliable and redundant service,” says Paratus Namibia Managing Director, Andrew Hall. “Paratus currently offers one of the most affordable rates on data top-ups at merely N$15 per gigabyte. With the launch of our Mumwe product, a first of its kind in Namibia, we are now able to allow our customers to tap into one centralised

data pool from multiple technologies using either Mobile-LTE, Fixed-LTE, Fiber or a WiMAX connection,” he explains. Paratus has deployed its own Fiber network in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund and can now also provide WiMAX services to both towns. “The expansion of our Mobile-LTE network to the coast provides our customers with the option of enjoying the same great service, even when travelling away from home,” he concluded. For more information contact any one of the two outlets at the coast. The Paratus office in Walvis Bay is situated on the corner Hanna Mupetami and Moses Garoeb Street and can be reached by phone on +264 83 300 1850. TV Link is an official Paratus reseller in Swakopmund and is situated in the Tivoli Building at 27 Libertina Amathila Avenue and can be reached by phone on +264 64 406 097.

Paratus bridges the West coast and the East coast of Africa A route that would normally take more than 60 hours to

drive with a car, can now be done in about 31 milliseconds on the new Paratus Africa fiber network that stretches from the West coast to the East coast of Africa. The Trans-Kalahari Fiber (TKF) network extends 4160 kilometres from the West Africa Cable System (WACS) cable landing station in Swakopmund to the EASSY cable landing station in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Moreover, the route is under one single Autonomous System Number (ASN), a feat that has been eluding most African operators. The fiber network interconnects with selected operators in various countries en route to ensure reliability in the overall management of the fiber network across the continent. Paratus Group COO Schalk Erasmus says this project is part of Paratus Africa's aggressive infrastructure expansion strategy with Nimbus Infrastructure. “Nimbus Infrastructure is a Paratus Africa strategic partner and a significant shareholder in Paratus Namibia.” Paratus started with construction of the cable route from Windhoek to Swakopmund in

2017 and at the end of April 2018, completed the second-phase route from Windhoek to the Botswana border. Part of the capital used for this project through Namibia was funded by Nimbus Infrastructure. “This is a huge milestone and a massive achievement. We can now deliver WACS capacity to land-locked countries in which we have operational branches including Botswana and Zambia,” he says. Operators on both the east and west coast of Africa are dependent on undersea cable access and when outages occur, are mostly reliant on alternative cables on the same side of the continent. Erasmus says this new route will allow operators to think differently about their requirements for diverse routes within and around the African continent. “Paratus Africa will continue to extend fiber routes with own infrastructure builds in order to maintain uptime, reliability and scalability to its clients, should there be any degradation in service levels. We believe that the fiber optic network provides high-quality reliability and scalability with high access

advantage of the countless opportunities in Africa and we're therefore engaging

other land-locked nations to leverage our fiber backbone and WACS capacity,” he concludes.


9 AUGUST 2019

Usakos Community Hall revamped Sharlien Tjambari

Orano Engine One Stop Service Station in collaboration with Erongo Marine Enterprises handed over the newly revamped townhall in Usakos, the Hakhaseb Community Hall on Friday, 2 August. The once vandalised a p p e a l e d t h e

(fltr): Paul Ndjambula of Erongo Marine Enterprises, Irene Simon Kurtz the owner of Engen 1Stop Service Station, the CEO of Usakos Ivin Lombardt and Usakos Mayor Akser

town hall in the mining and central services town now shines bright with a coat of rainbow colours. Erongo Marine Enterprises spent over N$200 000 to renovate the only town hall in Usakos. They did this as their way to give back to the community. Not only was the town hall painted, it was totally revamped on the inside also. The bathroom, backstage rooms, windows and ceilings were all fixed within a timespan of one week. A team from Aveng Coastal Construction was set out to do the fencing and interlocks this past week. The team will even plant some trees. The Managing Director of Erongo Marine Enterprises, Martha Umati

community of Usakos to look after the refurbished town hall. “We wanted to have the hall ready for this weekend because of the Orano Engen One Stop Usakos Festival taking p l a c e . We a l s o sponsored a total of N$50 000 towards the Soccer Tournament, it is our great privilege to bring joy to communities”, said Umati. The Chief Executive Officer of Usakos also witnessed the event and stated that initiatives like this bring hope and the community of Usakos must cherish the hall, look after it and make sure nobody vandalises it. The Hakhaseb Community Hall was constructed in the early 1980's.

NOTICE Please take note that Van Der Westhuizen Town Planning & Properties CC on behalf of the owner/s of Portion 134 (a Portion of Portion 40) of Farm No. 163, Swakopmund here-with intend to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for the following: S P E C I A L C O N S E N T TO O P E R AT E A “TOURIST ESTABLISHMENT” ON PORTION 134 (A PORTION OF A PORTION 40) OF THE FARM NO.163, SWAKOPMUND Any person having any objection/s or com-ment/s against such application should lodge such objection/s or comment/s in writing within 14 days of the last newspaper publication to both the Chief Executive Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant during normal business hours. Closing date for objection/s or comment/s is 23 August 2019. Contact Person: W v/d Westhuizen Tel: 081 244 4441 Email:, P O Box: 467, Swakopmund

PUBLIC NOTICE: ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE APPLICATION THE CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF A NETWORK TOWER IN SWAKOPMUND (HAGE HEIGHTS) Iin terms of the Environmental Management Act (Act no. 7 of 2007) as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (Government Notice No.30 of 2012), notice is hereby given to all potentially interested and affected parties that an application for Environmental Clearance Certificates will be made to the Office of The Environmental Commissioner for the following activities: Project Description: Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction and Operation of a Network Tower in Swakopmund at Hage Heights (22°38'5.29"S 14°31'55.73"E) Proponent: PowerCom (Pty) Ltd. Environmental Assessment Practitioner: PHIM Consulting Engineers A Public Meeting regarding the proposed projects is to be held at the Westside High School Hall, Vineta, Date: 21 August 2019 at 18h00. All interested and affected parties are hereby invited to register with PHIM Consulting Engineers. Background information can be requested and any comments, issues or concerns related to the project can be submitted to PHIM Consulting Engineers. All comments/concerns must reach PHIM Consulting Engineers by close of business on 23 August 2019. For further information regarding the project and/or to register as an interested/affected party, please contact: Shapua Kalomo PHIM Consulting Engineers Tel: 081 1482667 Email:

9 AUGUST 2019


Dwergieland Brokkies Dwergieland kleuters besoek die slang park, auqarium en museum in Swakopmund op 2 Augustus. Uitstappie baie geniet. Oupa en ouma dag was 26 Julie kleintjies vermaak hulle oupas en oumas met sang en gediggies.



9 AUGUST 2019

Narraville Primary School News

Big Walk Consolation prize winners

Top 10 lucky draw winners


Performer - Vivian

We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their contribution towards the success of our Big Walk. Your generous gesture is highly appreciated. SPONSORS: 1. Temple of Truth Church 6. Nova Gate 2. NAMPORT 7. Olive Joy 3. NAMPOST 8. Neo Paints 4. Home Corp Swakopmund 9. Tobi Hair Salon 5. Wellco Trading Enterprises * Traffic Department * Vivian (Performer) Consolation prizes for parents

9 AUGUST 2019



Sandra Malan's road to success Appointed sales manager at Novel Ford in Walvis Bay Sandra Malan's adventure in the vehicle sales sector started out as receptionist at Volkswagen (Autohaus) thirteen years ago. A work adventure that soon took her

from that position to vehicle sales repre-

sentative and later as sales manager at

Pupkewitz Nissan and then branch manager. She recently joined Novel Ford at Walvis Bay as sales manager. “My advance through the ranks provided me with the opportunity to get to know the vehicle market well and slate my career skills”, explains Malan. “It is a real honour to work with my mentor, Mandie Holloway, once more (Holloway and Malan worked together at Autohaus). We are a winning team and look forward to work with Novel Ford clients at the coast. Ford is a formidable vehicle brand and I am super excited to take on this market”, said Malan during an interview this week.


9 AUGUST 2019

An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste “Strategisches Tor zu internationalen Märkten” Walvis Bay (MW) „Das neue Container-Terminal im Hafen Walvis Bay ist hiermit eröffnet!’ Stolz und Genugtuung schwingt in der Stimme des Präsidenten Dr. Hage Geingob mit, als er am 2. August die feierliche Einweihung dieses nun abgeschlossenen Großprojektes vornimmt. Vorausgegangen waren viele Jahre der Planung und Bauarbeiten. Die beiden ProjektVerantwortlichen E l z e v i r G e l d e rbloem für Namport und ein weiterer Vertreter für China Harbour Engineering Company CHEC haben diese große Herausforderung durch enge und konstruktive Zusammenarbeit sehr gut gemeistert. Das Projekt wurde geboren, als im Jahr 2008 deutlich wurde, dass das bestehende Container-Terminal bei steigendem Umschlag nicht noch weiter ausgebaut werden könne. Der Baubeginn erfolgte nach diversen Optionsprüfungen und anschließenden Ausschreibungen im Mai 2014 mit der Firma CHEC. Dabei galt es, neben der „eigentlichen” Arbeit (Landgewinnung im Meer für eine neue - künstliche - Insel und Errichten der Infrastruktur darauf) auch auf so wichtige Aspekte wie die kulturellen Unterschiede zwischen den chinesischen Firmenangestellten und den lokalen Beschäftigen Rücksicht zu

Und last, but not least: Im Norden der Stadt, im Nordhafen, südlich der Guano Insel, wurde eine neue Öltanker Jetty mit zwei Entladeplätzen ( Benzin, Diesel, Kerosin) gebaut, die ebenfalls in Kürze d e n B e t r i e b aufnehmen wird. Der Anschluß an ein Tanklager mit einer Lagerkapazität von 75.000m³ ist gegeben. Kavin Harry, amtierender CEO von Namport, hierzu: „Unser erklärtes Ziel ist es, Walvis Bay zum bevorzugten Tor für das südliche Afrika auszubauen”. In seiner Ansprache übermittelte der Botschafter der Volksrepublik China, Zhang Yiming, persönliche GeburtstagsGlückwünsche des Staatspräsidenen der VR China („gewissermaßen im Auftrag von 1,3 Milliarden Menschen“) an Herrn Dr. Hage Geingob und äußerte darin seine Zuversicht für weitere gute Zusammenarbeit zwischen den beiden Ländern. „Dieses Container-Terminal ist einer der wichtigsten Erfolge zwischen Namibia und China hinsichtlich der Zusammenarbeit auf dem wirtschaftlichen Sektor.” Bis zur geplanten Wiederinbetriebnahme am 24. August wird der Betrieb im Hafen für ca. 10 Tage u.a. wegen der Verlegung von über 3000 Containern ruhen.

Das erste Container- Schiff, die „Maersk Karun“, legt am frühen Morgen des 2. August zum Löschen ihrer Ladung am neuen Container Terminal an. Fotos: Martin Weigand auch der Ausbau der Fernstraßen von Walvis Bay über Swakopmund, Henties Bay, Uis, Khorixas nach Kamanjab in den Norden. Indes geht der Ausbau des Walviy Bay Hafens weiter: Laut Gelderbloem sollen nicht nur die bestehenden Liegeplätze modernisiert, sondern auch der Raum für weitere Trockenhäfen geschaffen werden. Erst kürzlich wurde der Trockenhafen für Simbabwe eingeweiht; für Sambia und Botswana existieren Li Yi, Vize-Präsident von CHEC, übergibt einen Scheck in Höhe von entsprechende Troeiner Million NAM Dollar als Spende an Präsident Dr. Hage Geingob ckenhafenanlagen in für die Dürrehilfe. Der Präsident: „Wo bleiben all die namibischen Walvis Bay bereits. Firmen?” Und für die DR Kongo logien eingesetzt, um, Fischereihafen zu einer liegt ebenfalls schon 2,8m hoher Sicherohne zusätzlichen Per- Express-Drehscheibe ein Antrag vor. Hierheitszaun, Pumpstasonalaufwand, die f ü r i n t e r n a t i o n a l e durch werden die Lietion für FeuerlöschContainer-Abwicklun- Märkte macht.“ feranten-/Kunden-Bewasser, 600m Quai, gen zu optimieren. Ziel Gleichzeitig wird die ziehungen gefestigt - 4 moderne STS Kräne ist es, dass alle be- logistische Anbindung und damit letztendlich ( Ship-to-Shore), teiligten Stellen online über Walvis Bay nach das Geschäftsvolumen - eine separate AnlegeZugriff auf die Abläufe Simbabwe, Botswana, erhöht. Auch Raum für stelle für Passagierhaben, somit immer Sambia, Malawi und die Wartung der Öl- Martin Weigand schiffe mit einem sepaalle auf dem selben DR Kongo sicherge- bohrplattformen wird raten Ausgang für die Informationsstand sind stellt. In diesem Zu- zukünftig ausreichend Passagiere in die Stadt, und dadurch die ge- sammenhang steht zur Verfügung stehen. - 12 Millionen verlegte samte Bearbeitungszeit Interlocks, alle hergedeutlich verkürzt werden kann. Die Gesamtkosten betrugen 4,2 Milliarden NAM Dollar, wobei davon knapp 3 Mrd. NAM Dollar durch die African Development Bank zur Verfügung gestellt wurden, der Rest durch GRN und Namport. Dr. Hage Geingob weiter in seiner Rede: “Der heutige Tag ist der Höhepunkt einer langen Vision, die Walvis Bay von einem bei der Wiedereingliederung nach Namibia geerbten Mit den Schiffssirenen und Wasserfontänen der Hafen-Schlepper wurde die feierliche Eröffnung des neuen Terminals begleitet.

Präsident Hage Geingob enthüllt die Gedenktafel. „Wir sind dabei, unser namibisches Haus zu modernisieren“. Links im Bild Frau Nangula Hamunyela, Direktorin Namport. nehmen und eventuelle Probleme zu lösen. Des weiteren waren Umweltaspekte ( u.a. als Stichwort: die Lagune mit den unzähligen Wasservögeln als RAMSAR Schutzgebiet) ein weiterer Schwerpunkt. Die geotechnischen Bedingungen stellten eine zusätzliche Herausforderung dar. Im folgenden eine Auswahl der bedeutendsten (Einzel-) Arbeiten: -ZIEL:Kapazitätserweiterung von 350 Tausend auf über 750Tausend TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit = Standardcontainer) - dafür waren notwendig bzw. wurden gebaut: - 40 Hektar neues Land (als Insel) durch Landgewinnung im Meer für ein modernes Container -Terminal, - ein Verwaltungsgebäude am Quai, eine Werkstatt für Wartung, eine Tankstelle, ein knapp 4km langer und

stellt auf der Großbaustelle von einer einheimischen Firma, - Raum für eine neue Waterfront auf dem Gelände des neuen Terminals ist auch vorhanden; der Baubeginn ist (noch) offen - u.v.m. Es wurden über 600Tausend Arbeitstage durch namibische Arbeiter geleistet und weitere mehr als 30Tausend Tage durch namibische Subunternehmer. Die Dauer der unfallfreien Zeit beträgt 5 Millionen Stunden (!). Laut dem Abteilungsleiter Information/ Kommunikation von Namport, Victor Ashikoto, werden moderne Software und Techno-

9 AUGUST 2019



An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste

Quiz: Ice and Spice

Bei schönstem Sonnenschein kann man im Ice & Spice Cafè draußen sitzen, während der Woermannturm über einem thront. Foto: Susann Kinghorn Swakopmund (sk) - Das Ice&Spice Cafè Eiscreme-Arten gibt es Z w i s c h e n p l ä t - von Edith und Paul im Sportiment des scherndem Was- Stroh ist durchaus Ice&Spice Cafès? serspiel und einem einen Besuch wert. Zu gewinnen sind: alten Anker kann Beantworten Sie die 1. Ein Mittagessen für man mit tropfendem folgenden drei Fragen 2 Personen im Werte Kinn an einer Gar- bis zum 12. August, um von N$ 220,-; nele schlürfen und e v e n t u e l l i n d e n 2. Kaffee und Kuchen einen frisch zuberei- Genuss von einem für eine Person im teten Salat genießen. Preis zu kommen. Werte von N$ 76,-; Der Cappuccino ist 1. Seit wann gibt es das 3. Zwei Waffeleise mit auch nicht zu ver- Ice&Spice Cafè? je zwei Kugeln für 2 achten und an jedem 2. Wo genau befindet Personen im Werte von Mittwoch gibt es ein sich das Ice&Spice N$ 68,-. paar Sonderangebo- Cafè? Schicken Sie Ihre Antte für Senioren Wieviele verschiedene worten an susannking Ich dachte du bist in die USA zurückgekehrt.

Kurze Zöpfe, lange Wörter

Möchten Sie zeigen, dass weder der britische Außenminister Boris Johnson ein Vertreter der feinen englischen Art ist, noch der amerikanische Präsident Donald Trump ein Diplomat - sich demnach also nicht nur äußerlich ähneln. Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn; 0812538850; susannkinghorn

Worte der Woche

Freiheit macht selbst aus Raupen Schmetterlinge! Henrik Ibsen Schweb' wie ein Schmetterling, Stich wie eine Biene! Muhammad Ali Wir staunen über die Schönheit eines Schmetterlings, aber erkennen die Veränderungen so selten an, durch die er gehen musste, um so schön zu werden. Maya Angelou (19282014),US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin, und Menschenrechtlerin Ich werde mich indessen in das Gras legen und meine Nase oben zwischen den Halmen herausblühen lassen und romantische Empfindungen beziehen, wenn die Bienen und Schmetterlinge sich darauf wiegen, wie auf einer Rose. Georg Büchner (1813 - 1837), deutscher Schriftsteller, Naturwissenschaftler und Revolutionär

Konstantinopolitanischeduddelsackpfeifenröhr lifabrikantentochter. Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänstellvertretersgattin. Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-Hyperaktivitätsstörung. Grundstücksverkehrsgenehmigungszuständigkeitsübertragungsverordnung. Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabe nübertragungsgesetz.

Locker vom Hocker Der Schwiegermutterstuhl

Liebe Küstenleser! Eine interessante Optik weist der Schwiegermutterstuhl-Kaktus (Echinocactus grusonii) auf: Er ist fast rund mit einer leicht abgeflachten Oberseite - geradezu ideal dafür, seinen Allerwertesten nach anstrengender Arbeit erschöpft ’raufplumpsen zu lassen. Doch dieser wohlgeformte

zerstörerischen, sich rasant vermehrenden Menschen an - weshalb Echinocactus grusonii in der Roten Liste gefährdeter Arten der IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) als vom Aussterben bedroht eingestuft wurde. Dabei hat die Natur dieser Pflanze mit den Stacheln einen bewun-

Kaktus kann wachsen. Sie helfen also auch bei der Verbreitung. Trotzdem schafft es homo sapiens sapiens, selbst dieses hübsche

Diese drei Kakteen der Art Echinocactus grusonii, auch Schwiegermütterstühle” genannt, befinden sich in einem Rundbeet aus zirka 30 Kakteen der gleichen Art auf der Khan River Lodge etwa 20 km nördlich von Wilhelmstal. Foto: Susann Kinghorn Sitz hat so seine Tü- dernswerten Mecha- Lebewesen seiner Ecken. Er ist nämlich nismus des Überlebens xistenz zu rauben. Das nicht kuschelig weich geschenkt. Sie reflek- ist auch deshalb schagepolstert wie die ge- tieren nämlich auch das de, weil der Kaktus mütlichen Puffs, deren Sonnenlicht und schüt- zudem hochmusika(un)dankbare Aufgabe zen die Pflanze damit lisch ist - nun, zu(je nach Perspektive) vor Sonnenbrand. In mindest die Dornen. es ist, der variations- eisigen Nächten hinge- Nicht etwa nur desreichen Palette von Po- gen halten sie die Kälte halb, weil Schwiegerpos eine optimale ab. Nebelschwaden mutter in den höchsten Wohlfühlfläche zu kondensieren an den Tönen singt, wenn sie schenken. Der kugeli- Dornen zu Wasser, das sich versehentlich dage Kaktus mit dem der Kaktus dann auf- rauf setzt, sondern weil weiteren deutschen nehmen kann. Außer- man die größten ExemTrivialnamen “Gold- dem bleiben sie auch plare früher als Gramkugelkaktus” hat näm- im Fell von Tieren hän- mophonnadeln verlich Stacheln. Wenn gen, die vorbeistreifen. wendet hat. man weiss, dass diese An anderer Stelle fall- Ihre eigentlich harmlose en sie heraus, ein neuer Susann Kinghorn Blätter waren, die sich erst im Laufe der biologischen Entwicklung der vererbbaren Merkmale von Lebewesen zu Dornen und dann zu Stachel entwickelt haben, könnte man sich ja noch einbilden, auf damals weiche Blätter zu fallen. Doch der Evolution war es wichtiger, das Überleben dieser verwundbaren Kakteen zu schützen, als uns eine komfortable Sitzgelegenheit in der Natur zu spendieren. Obwohl die Dornen unserer runden Kakteenpracht tatsächlich verhindern, dass sie in ihrem kargen Lebensraum zum gefundenen 1999 malte der 1987 in Tübingen geborene Fressen für Tiere wird, Künstler Roland Spohn dieses Bild einer kommt die Evolution armen Schwiegermutter auf einem "Echileider nicht gegen den nocactus grus(el)onii”.


9 AUGUST 2019

Media release

BAN warns against surcharging The Bankers Association of Namibia learnt that some merchants continue to add a surcharge (additional fee) to card transactions or are setting minimum or maximum transaction amounts as condition for accepting debit or credit cards for payment. Such practices have a negative impact on consumers and are in direct violation of VISA International Operating Regulations and MasterCard. Acquirers and Merchants must comply with all card operating rules and regulations to protect the integrity of the payment systems.

Merchants are reminded that they are required to: • Treat all debit and credit card payments like any other method of payment without addi-

tional costs (surcharges) added to the value. • Honour valid debit and credit cards in their acceptance category regardless of the dollar

amount of the purchase. Acquiring banks are reminded to ensure: • Merchants do not differentiate methods of payments by impo-

sing a surcharge fee on any card payments. • Merchants do not impose a minimum or maximum purchase amount for the acceptance of card transactions. “Carrying around large amounts of cash pose a risk to the individual. With a debit or credit

card, you can pay for goods and services in a safe and secure manner. Cards also offer a fast and convenient way to shop. Penalising consumers for using payment cards is not only in contravention of card operating rules, but also unfairly shifts the cost of electronic payments onto the consumer” says Sarel van Zyl, BAN Chairperson. The public is encour-

aged to report any noncompliance with this notice to the Payments Association of Namibia (PAN). If PAN becomes aware of a merchant's non-compliance with any operating rules and regulations, PAN may notify the acquirer of such non-compliance and the acquirer must promptly ensure the merchant discontinues the non-compliance practice immediately.


TOWN & REGIONAL PLANNERS REZONING NOTICE Take notice that Stewart Planning – Town & Regional Planners intends to apply to the Walvis Bay Municipality for the following rezoning application in terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme: 1) Rezoning of Erf 3225 Narraville Extension 6 (No. 37 Raja Street) from “General Business” with a bulk factor of 2 to “General Residential 1” with a density of 1 dwelling unit per 150m2. It is the intention of the owner to develop 5 dwelling units (flats) on the property which is permitted with the current zoning, however, there is no need for business rights. Therefore, the purpose of the application is to change the zoning of the property to fit the residential nature of the development. Particulars of the application may be inspected at the Town Planning Section of the Municipality of Walvis Bay, Room 101, First Floor, Civic Centre, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay. Any person having any objections/comments to the proposed use of land or the erection and use of the proposed buildings may lodge such objection/comment, together with grounds thereof, with the Walvis Bay Municipality and Stewart Planning, in writing, before or on Friday 23 August 2019. Municipality: Chief Executive Officer Manager: Town Planning Section Municipality of Walvis Bay Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay

Applicant: Stewart Planning Town & Regional Planners P. O. Box 2095 Walvis Bay

9 AUGUST 2019




NOTICE Please take note that Van Der Westhuizen Town Planning & Properties CC on behalf of the owner/s of Portion 134 (a Portion of Portion 40) of Farm No. 163, Swakopmund herewith intend to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for the following: SPECIAL CONSENT TO OPERATE A “TOURIST ESTABLISHMENT” ON PORTION 134 (A PORTION OF A PORTION 40) OF THE FARM NO.163, SWAKOPMUND. Any person having any objection/s or comment/s against such application should lodge such objection/s or comment/s in writing within 14 days of the last newspaper publication to both the Chief Executive Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant during normal business hours. Closing date for objection/s or comment/s is 23 August 2019. Contact Person: Tel: Email: P O Box:

MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (Regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licencing Committee, Region Erongo. 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Theophelus Angula. 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Big Boys Lounge. 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: Erf no 5439K (a portion of Erf no 4172), Kuisebmond. 4. Nature and details of application: Special Liquor Licence. 5. Clerk of the court with whom application will be lodged: Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Office. 6. Date on which

application will be lodged: 9 August 2019. 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 9 October 2019. Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Committee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63(2)(b) of the Local Authorities Act, 1992 (Act 23/1992), as amended, that the Council of the Municipality of Walvis Bay intends to lease a Portion of Farm 38 to Samate Investment CC for establishment an equestrian park. DESCRIPTION Portion of Farm 38

AREA 35ha

LEASE PRICE N$6 880.00 plus 15% VAT per annum

Full Particulars pertaining to the lease will lie for inspection by interested person until Tuesday 27 August 2019 at room 30, Municipality Offices, Kuisebmond. For more information Mrs D Muller can be contacted at telephone (064) 2013232 during office hours. Written objections, duly motivated, to the intended transaction must be received by the undersigned before or at 12:00 Friday, 30 August 2019. A VICTOR GENERAL MANAGER COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Municipality Offices Civic Centre Nangolo Mbumba Drive Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay Fax: (064) 209714

W v/d Westhuizen 081 244 4441, 467, Swakopmund


9 AUGUST 2019


ESTATE NOTICE In the estate of the late Etresia Cornelia Doulina Steyn, Id no: 310711 0038 6, of No 7, Ludwig Schröder Flats, Swakopmunhd, who died on 23 October 2018, and who was widowed. Master’s Ref: E34/2019

Has the following vacancies:

Security Guards (Swakopmund) Comprehensive CV's should be submitted via e-mail, fax or hand delivered: e-mail:, or fax 064)209423, or Hand deliveries to Swakopmund Office, Quantum Park, Unit 5, Swakopmund

Closing Date: 23 August 2019 Main Responsibilities · Executing loss control, safety and security tasks as per operational procedures stipulated in client contracts Minimum Requirements · At least one year (1) experience within the security industry. · Grade 10 or higher · Valid police clearance certificate · Hardworking and Reliable with sober habits · Good Health, Physically fit and a good employment record (Proof to be provided) · Willing to work after hours as much as possible · Namibian Citizen Good communication skills, verbal and written · Willing to undergo polygraph tests if and when required

In return the company offers a market related salary and excellent working environment. Only complete and typed CV's will be accepted. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and no CV's or documents will be returned “Securing your Valuables”

In terms of Section 35(5) of Act 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that the FIRST & FINAL Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above estate will be open for inspection of all persons interested therein for a period of twenty one (21) days from date of publication hereof at the office of the Master of the High Court Windhoek and the Magistrate’s Court Swakopmund. Should no objection thereto be lodged with the Master concerned during the specified period, the executor will proceed to make payment in accordance with the account. H E AHRENS Agent of the Executrix c/o KINGHORN ASSOCIATES Haus Altona 2 - 6 Tobias Hainyeko Street P O Box 1455 Tel: 405051 Swakopmund (Ref: HEA/AV EST 193/0001-50)


9 AUGUST 2019


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

HAIR & BEAUTY THE VIRGIN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC We supply Argan oil infused and sulphate free hair care products Ideal for home and Salon USE -Sulphate free -Gluten free -Argan oil infused -good for keratin after care products - buy 10 items or more & get 30-45% DISCOUNT RETAIL PRICES Shampoo 350ml N$ 100.00 Conditioner 350ml N$ 100.00 Argan oil serum 100ml N$ 190.00 oil serum 30ml N$ 100.00 Argan oil hair treatment 500ml N$160.00 Argan oil treatment 200ml N$ 100.00 Bouncy curl activator 280ml N$ 110.00 VH silicone hair serum 60 ml N$ 80.00 HAIR COLORING PRODUCTS Bleaching Powder 500g N$140.00 Bleaching Peroxide 1000ml N $80.00 100ml permanent Hair colour creams N$ 80.00 Peroxide cream 100ml N$ 60.00 Purple Shampoo 280Ml N$ 180.00 Red Shampoo 280Ml N$ 180.00 Black and Brown Shampoo 280ml N$ 180.00 Colour Conditioner 280ml N$ 180.00 VHB ARGAN OIL HAIR CARE Deluxe Shampoo 300ml N$ 130.00 Deluxe Conditioner 300ml N$ 130.00 Argan Curl Defining Cream N$ 130.00 Revitalizing Deep treatment N$ 180.00 Deluxe hair mask 250ml N$ 130.00 Deluxe hair and body serum 100ml N$ 210.00 SWAKOPMUND BRANCH: Shop 5 Stadtmitte building Next to FNB Burea de change Tobias Hainjeko Street Swakopmund. Namibia Tell: 064 402 444 Cell: 081 288 4920 Email: thevirginhairboutique Facebook and Instagram @The Virgin Hair Boutique Cc

HAIR & BEAUTY THE VIRGIN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC We supply the following on retail and wholesale Prices -Raw Unprocessed virgin hair -Affordable Remy human Brazilian hair -Lace Closures and frontals - Ready to wear wigs -Sulphate free hair care products -Re usable 3DMink fur lashes -Wig making equipments and accessories We also custom make wigs at affordable prices Visit us at SWAKOPMUND BRANCH: Shop 5 Stadtmitte building Next to FNB Burea de change Tobias Hainjeko Street Swakopmund. Namibia Tell: 064 402444 Cell: 081 288 4920 Email: thevirginhairboutiquecc Windhoek Cell: 081 663 0808 Ondangwa 0813709449 Follow us on Face book and instagram @ The Virgin Hair Boutique Cc

COURSES JOB ENTRY LEVEL TRAINING· Medical Studies Child Day Care Business Management Maritime studies Hospitality & Tourism Logistics & Supply Chain Beauty Therapy Health & Safety Windhoek: 081 419 0718, 061 244794, Walvis Bay: 081 271 2004, 081 771 0289 Oshakati: 081 719 5204, 081 295 3458 GERMAN COURSES FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!!! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mother tongue teacher. Contact: 081 607 2685


CLASSES CLASSES: Arts & Crafts Classes and additional maths extra classes for the Holiday. Date: 12th August to 2nd September 2019 Time: arts and crafts 08:00 to 13:00 Maths extra classes: 14:00 to17:00 Address: union st 49, Walvis Bay Close to the horse stables Contact: 0813597626 Email: Thelma.Kleinhans Cheap and affordable Limited space available. A great way to keep the young ones busy and productive during the holiday CLASSES: Edu Care distributors Walvis Bay Educational Care Academy Tutoring for all subjects Gr 7 – 12 & open learners We cater for your needs of your children “Last trimester for 2019” Limited spaces are available Hurry Up!! For more information Contact: 081 868 1995 Next to Photo Volker Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay


If it's PROFESSIONAL SERVICE and PERSONAL ATTENTION TO DETAIL you're looking for, look no further!!! Call me for a FREE QUOTATION! JOHAN 081 442 7021 TV LINK AND ELECTRICAL cc your DSTV installer at the coast we do -DSTV Installations -Televisions Mounting - WIRELESS ALARMS SYSTEMS -Fault Finding -Surround Sound Connections -CCTV Installations Phone 064 406032 cellphone 081 1504804 27 Libertina Amathila st, Swakopmund We also offer: Bookkeeping service up to trail balance as well as Cleaning and management of property in Swakopmund and Langstrand phone 081 1504804

Quality Repairs And Cooling Services


BAARD GROUP Baard Transport / Block & Brick

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810 · Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · Hiring of earth moving Equipment “The Service Makes The Difference”


Repair On: *Stoves *Wash machine *Fridges *Micro ovens *Dishwasher *Tumble dryer Swakop/ Walvis/ Henties/ Arandis. Contact: 081 840 5302 / 081 688 9145

*Construction *Painting *Paving *Slasto *Swimming Pools *All electrical work *Building and renovating all types of buildings *Sealing of any kind of roofs Call: 081 211 6686 Anywhere along the coast Computer Coding Academy (Swakopmund) Earn an International Computer Qualification. Write Apps for mobile phones and tablets. Write programs for desktop computers. Build websites, and MUCH more! Full Time, Part Time and Flexi Time. Flexible payment options available.

Call +264817672838 or

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



CAR KEYS: We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag all car makes and models * We also offer auto air-conditioning services, auto electrical and in-car entertainment. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES. SMS / CALL WHATSAPP: 081 374 6444 SERVICES EDU CARE BOOKS & EDUCATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR Bookshop & copy centre Photo copying Binding documents Laminating Scan to file Email services Fax services Internet (wifi) All school text books Study guides / teachers guide Namcol examination booklets Stationery Educational materials School stationery pre packs Gr 1 - 12 Already packed, you are welcome to do a 50% deposit (lay buy) Diaries 2020 on order A4 Diaries A5 Diaries Management Diaries School diaries Pocket diaries Personal organisers Refill packs Desktop blotters Wall calenders Desk calenders For more info Contact: 081 868 1995 Email: Sam Nujoma Avenue Walvis Bay Next to Photo Volker VERVOER DIENSTE Vervoer maandeliks vanaf Narraville to by u Werk Oggend vanaf 5uur Tot 8uur Namidag vanaf 17:00 tot en met 20:00 Skakel die volgende Nr:081 3089159 G.L Vervoerdienste Gerrit 081 311 0407 Walvisbaai Vervoer van volgende Meubels, tuinreste Bou rommel Skole is ook welkom en huise Personlike toesig met laai Gratis kwotasies Billike pryse

SERVICES We do removal of: BUILDING RUBBLE RUBBISH and GARDEN REFUSE. Call me for SERVICE guaranteed!! JOHAN 081 442 7021

OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: + 264 814093522 email: nktransportnam JETS TRANSPORT 2019 SPECIALS Are you travelling or sending your parcel? We transport people between Walvis Bay and the north every day and back. WALVIS BAY N$ 300.00 SWAKOPMUND N$ 300.00 ARANDIS N$ 300.00 For safety and Good Service of our Customers, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Arandis, We will pick you up from home. We also transport church groups or any type of trip in Namibia. Bookings: Call Sem: 081 800 7765 We also sell Car LED BULBS, H1, H4, H7, H11, H3, 16, H8 and more… only for N$ 499.00 (GET FREE PARK LIGHTS) PER PAIR and park lights for N$ 80.00 FOR BULBS CALL: JAMES: 081 209 5555 JETS TRANSPORT, YOUR DESTINATION PARTNER NATIS CONSULTANT Marianne Groenewald 081 294 5996 groenewald405@gmail. com License renewal Roadworthy Special permits Change of ownership Import cars & trucks Police clearance Custom number plates To relive your stress to stand in a que, rather contact me! DOLLA DIENSTE Verwyder van tuin afval. Instandhouding van tuine en vele meer Walvisbaai en Swakopmund Kontak: 081 833 0898

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Meersig, ext 1 Walvis Bay Bachelor flat available N$ 3 900.00 p/m Deposit payable in 3 months. Safe parking W/E incl Contact Mr Smith 081 658 8889 085 258 8889

TO RENT: Narraville 2 bedroom flat with open plan kitchen and lounge. Immediately available. Pre paid electricity Water excl. N$ 3 500.00 p/m Deposit negotiable. Contact: 081 439 2663 IN HERMIS, W/BAY Near Dunes Mall Available immediately Bed room (3) Double garage - electric Alarm g4s monitored Separate kitchen, Indoor braai, Build in stove. 2 bathrooms Guest toilet down Pre-payment meter All for N$ 8 500.00 p/m Interested Contact: 081 359 2615 TE HUUR: Narraville. Een slaap kamer woonstel onmidellik beskikbaar N$ 3 800.00 p/m N$ 1 000.00 deposit W/L ingsl. Gas geyser en gas stoof. Maak net die bottel vol as jy in trek. Kontak: 081 699 6768 TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay In the Namsov area, near Shopping centre Modern 3 bedroom house with extra living area. Double garage. N$ 6 500.00 p/m Plus N$ 3 500.00 deposit Available from 1 Aug. 2019 For viewing contact: 081 441 7332 TO RENT: Narraville 2X Bedroom flat, open plan, kitchen, bathroom. BIC in bedrooms. No garage W/E incl. N$ 4 300.00 p/m Available immediately Contact: 081 450 7439 081 220 5705


9 AUGUST 2019

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

TO RENT: The Docks Stern 2 - Walvis Bay Modern 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, guest toilet Open plan kitchen, lounge dining room. Enclosed patio braai. Courtyard. 1 garage plus carport Water incl. Pre paid electricity. N$ 8 000.00 p/m Plus N$ 8 000.00 deposit Available 1 September Contact Hannah: 081 124 2151 HANNAHS COTTAGES WVB Sam Nujoma 216 to rent Modern three bedroom, bic, 2 bathroom, kitchen, dishwasher, bic, lounge Double garage. Big courtyard. Water incl. G4S Pre paid electricity N$ 7 000.00 p/m Deposit payable over 2 months Available 1 September Contact Hannah: 081 124 2151 TO RENT: Narraville, Seewier Str. Bachelor flat Bic in kitchen bic in rooms N$ 3 500.00 p/m Plus deposit No garage. Available 1 October 2019 Contact: 064 200 579

TO RENT: Kuisebmond One open plan bedroom flat with own shower & toilet. N$ 2 300.00 p/m Water incl. Pre paid shared electricity. Deposit N$ 1 000.00 payable in two months Available 1 Sept. Contact: 081 353 5893 TO RENT: Namport, Kuisebmond Walvis Bay – 2 bedroom flat Open plan kitchen, living room, toilet & shower N$ 3 700.00 p/m W/E incl. Plus deposit Inside room available N$ 1 900.00 p/m Contact: 081 244 1265 081 450 0868

TO RENT: Kabeljou, Kuisebmond Walvis Bay One bedroom flat, open plan kitchen and sitting room Secure parking with free wifi N$ 3 000.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 205 9653 081 286 7210 TO RENT: Narraville 2 bedroom house with open plan sitting room, parking, burglar door. Burglar bar + bathroom. N$ 3 700.00 p/m No deposit Available immediately W/E incl. Single or couple required with one child (0 - 12 years) Cell: 081 621 3599 RENT REDUCED TO RENT: Up market – Meersig, Live in style. Two new large houses 3 bedrooms including (insuite) Open plan, indoor braai, bic, fully alarmed, burglar bars, large pet friendly Double garage Inner courtyard N$ 8 300.00 p/m W/E excl. N$ 9 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Call: 081 378 7347 081 141 2377 064 204 986 Email:manzur@iafrica.c TO LET TO LET TO LET TO

WALVIS BAY 20 4505 TO LET KUISEBMUND Bachelor flat N$2300pm

water included 1-bedroom unit @ N$ 2400.00 pm. NARRAVILLE 2 Bed unit N$5500pm FAIRWAYS 3 Bed unit N$7500pm MEERSIG 3 bed house N$10500pm

2 bed unit N$4500pm

Dianne 081 239 6323


TO RENT: Walvis Bay 3 bedroom house for rent N$ 7 500.00 p/m W/E incl Plus alarm NB: 2 people can share house Contact Cony: 081 422 6419





TO RENT: Brand New! Spacious one bedroom flat, bic, kitchen Shower and toilet W/E incl. Kuisebmond Contact: 081 332 8061

PROPERTIES TO RENT TE HUUR: Meersig 3 slaap kamer huis 2 flats 200m² workshop N$ 18 000.00 p/m Water incl. Elect excl. Contact: 081 285 9657 TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Kabeljou area Steenbra street, erf 1458 Available anytime One bedroom backyard flat with open plan kitchen / lounge. BIC in bedroom and kitchen. N$ 3 000.00 p/m Deposit N$ 3 000.00 Water incl. Pre paid electricity Property secured with boundary wall and alarm system For viewing and queries Call: 081 285 0579 TO RENT: Narraville 1 bedroom flat with separate kitchen and living room In a safe complex. N$ 3 000.00 p/m No deposit required Call: 081 284 3016 TO RENT: 1x Flat available 1 bedroom with open plan kitchen, lounge. Pre paid electricity. Water included. N$ 3 550.00 p/m 1 Single room with kitchen, toilet and shower. W/E incl. Contact: 081 287 9342 TO RENT: Great Location Walvis Bay Furnished 2 bedroom flat Neat and spacious two bedrooms, bic, 1½ bathroom, open plan sitting room / lounge. Indoor braai. Remote garage and gate. Alarm system. Pre paid electricity. Water excl. No connection fees DSTV and Wi-Fi available Sorry, no children or pets N$ 5 500.00 p/m Furnished N$ 6 000.00 p/m Plus deposit Contact: 081 250 4694 203 342 WAREHOUSE TO RENT, STORAGE SOLUTIONS Einstein street, new industrial area 133 m² prepaid electricity N$ 6 100.00 p/m (incl. VAT) Available from 01 August 2019 Contact Chris: 081 758 4048

PROPERTIES TO RENT DOUBLE GARAGE TO RENT, STORAGE SOLUTIONS Einstein street, new industrial area 16 meters x 6 meters x 2.8 meters height N$ 2 750.00 p/m (Incl. VAT) Available from 01 September 2019 Contact Chris: 081 758 4048 To rent in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay, Kabeljou Suburb One Bedroom flat, kitchenette, shower and toilet (very cozy). Water included, Pre-Paid electricity Price: N$ 3,000.00 Deposit: N$ 2,000.00 Immediately available – life time rental opportunity!!! Contact details: 0811220814 0811248112 TO RENT: Swakopmund Motorhuis / Werkswinkel 135 m² Groor deure 3,60 x 3,50 m en 3,00 x 3,00 m. MC Hugh str.4 Tel: 081 240 6171 FLATMATE WANTED TO RENT A 2 BEDROOM FLAT WITH BIC. N$ 2 000.00 + deposit (can be paid in 2 installments) Near the mall, SWK Hage Hights. NHE House in Mondesa N$ 4 000.00 Contact Zee: 081 265 6383 Narraville FLAT TO RENT A big one-bedroom flat available to rent. The flat is situated at Plein street 87 (behind Narraville Primary School). The flat has an open plan kitchen, sitting room, shower and toilet. There are build-in cupboards in the kitchen and bedroom. NO GARAGE Rent: N$ 3 000.00 per month (water included). Deposit: Will be required Prepaid electricity installed. Contact: 081 455 4176 To Rent :2 Bedroom back yard flat to rent in Lagoon Walvis Bay as from 01 September 2019 BIC – open plan sitting room with kitchen Single garage – own entrance N$ 5000-00 per month water included – Deposit N$ 3500-00 Pre-paid electricity Please contact - 081 248 6297 for viewing

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: ACADEMIA Immediately available. Fully furnished Student accommodation, walking distance from UNAM, DSTV & Wi-Fi. Call: 081 128 8924 TO RENT: Free standing 1 bedroom flat available in Vineta. Bathroom, with both bath and shower, open plan kitchen, remote control garage door and gate, water included and electricity pre-paid. Single person or couple. No children, no pets. N$ 4 600.00 p/m + deposit. Contact: 081 127 0833 TO RENT: Kuisebmond Very spacious 1 bedroom flat, with open plan, bathroom and bic W/E incl. N$ 3 900.00 p/m Plus N$ 1 500.00 deposit can be paid in instalments Contact Klaudia: 081 124 8480 TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Diamond Str 2 bedroom, open plan kitchen with bic and lounge N$ 3900.00 p/m Water incl. Pre paid electricity Contact: 081 268 8086

PROPERTIES FOR SALE HOUSE FOR SALE!! Swakopmund Ocean View close to Spar. Only N$1 700 000.00 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with shower and bath. Spacious kitchen with granite top & 2 bar chairs. Lounge with cladded wall for tv & mounted unit for DSTV etc. Dining room with inside braai. Scullery Double automated garage. Security: Alarm system installed. Beams on all sides of the house. Contact 081 487 1960 FOR SALE: Swakopmund Town centre / Kramersdorf 2-3 bedroom townhouses, double garage from N$ 1 640 000.00 Vineta Villa - 4 bedrooms, pool, sauna, entertainment, 3 garages. Town - 3 bedroom house with additional 5 single rooms with bathrooms. Contact Birgit: 081 275 7827 Seaside Estates

PROPERTIES FOR SALE FOR SALE: OMARURU Small B&B, 3 bedroom main house + 2 separate guestrooms on a 1600m² property. (Option For Rent) Contact: 081 416 0747 email: toptrade3000@gmail. com Private Sale: Narraville, Walvis Bay N$ 900 000.00 (Transfer fees included) House for sale – Semi detached. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Main bedroom with ensuite bathroom Kitchen and Lounge Approved plans for a Double Garage 1.8 m High Boundary Walls Extra: Backyard Bachelor Flat with monthly rental income of N$3200.00 No agents please. Contact: 081 469 3909 / 081 339 0108 Private Sale: Narraville, Walvis Bay N$ 900 000.00 (Transfer fees included) House for sale – Semidetached 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Main bedroom with ensuite bathroom Kitchen and Lounge Approved plans for a Double Garage 1.8 m High Boundary Walls Extra: Backyard Bachelor Flat with monthly rental income of N$3200.00 No agents please. Contact: 081 469 3909 / 081 339 0108 OMARURU WILDLIFE ESTATE 12,6 ha Plot with bush bathroom (Reed): flush-toilet, shower, hand-basin, hotwater stove (donkie), platform for tent(s) N$ 950,000.00 o.n.c.o. Tel. 081-1276317 CFS PROPERTIES SWAKOPMUND FOR SALE Residential erven. Starting price from N$492,000.00 Plot and house plan options starting from N$1,257,000-00 TO LET: TAMARISKIA Townhouse: 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, lounge/dining, bic, alarm, water & electricity excluded, courtyard, close to amenities, deposit required, available immediate. N$6,000.00 Irene 081 353 5551 Chantelle 081 207 2105 064-412320



PUBLIC AUCTION Every Saturday @ 10am

STOCK WANTED Do you have any unused items? Let me know. We can auction itfor YOU! Contact Jan Tel: 064 463 112 081 127 1031 19 HIDIPO HAMUTENYA STR.

SWAKOPMUND CARITA’S SOPKOMBUIS KUISEBMOND Is dringend opsoek na ‘n werkende deepfreezer vir ons sopkombuis. Dit sal hoog waardeer word. Dankie byvoorbat! Kontak: 081 316 3453 THIS ‘N THAT We buy and sell second hand furniture Call or visit us in Sam Nujoma Ave Between Magic & Fashion world - In Walvis Bay For all your unwanted furniture We pay cash for second hand furniture and household appliances Els: 081 255 5809 Lawrence: 081 324 1285



9 AUGUST 2019


Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

VACANCIES HAIRDRESSERS WANTED: SWAKOPMUND Styles n' Smiles hair and beauty salon is looking for experienced hairdressers and barbers to rent chairs or work on commission in a fully equipped salon situated in Mondesa. We have space for: x3 hairdressers x2 barber x2 nail technician x1 makeup artist Contact 081 229 0763 or 081 377 0720 Vacancies: Walvis Bay Otjitundu Travel Tours & Safari CC Post 1 – Marketing manager – Must be qualified For in and out of country Responsible person which can attract business to company Tourism knowledge No chance takers With all qualifications on travel agency 2 years experience Post 2 – Reservation manager To ensure all reservations are recorded following established procedures with full and clear information Accounting knowledge is a must Manage bookings At least 2 years experience Post 3 – Site Agent (5 – 7 years exp) Make sure key material are delivered on schedule Should maintain standards, health & Quality of the environment Market related salary Willing to work with other businesses in and out of country, all SADC countries CV's to be emailed to: P. O. Box 2919 Walvis Bay, Namibia Do you know the AVON products? Want to earn EXTRA money? Let me help you sign up with AVON and earn EASY MONEY! Flexible hours, work from home or anywhere, very little cost to start & very easy to start. Ladies between the age of 23 & 50 please sms your name, age & town to 0813992662.


2009 GWM Multi-wagon Voetstoot (AS IS) Price: N$35 000 (neg) In Walvis Bay Contact: 081 216 0420 / 081 576 9555 FOR SALE: Microbus 2.6i Model 2002 good condition alarm central locked ideal is good for kids transport. Price N$ 55,000 negotiable service records available 081 852 0363 / 081 820 2536 FOR SALE: Nissan Bakkie Excellent condition 69 000 km on meter N$ 45 000.00 negotiable Walvis Bay Contact: 081 284 3016

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE HARRY’S GARAGE: Swakopmund Vehicles for sale: 1. Iveco Truck with High up, good condition. N$ 105 000.00 2. Mercedes Benz for spare parts. 1999 - 2000 Model C180. 3. Toyota Hilux Bakkie White colour, single cab 2005 Model N$ 60 000.00 4. Ford Ranger 2.2 Bakkie White colour, single cab 2003 Model N$ 40 000.00 5. Citi Golf 1 White colour 2000 Model N$ 28 000.00 6. 1700 Opel Corsa Bakkie Diesel 2000 Model Vehicle as is N$ 25 000.00 7. John deere Tractor N$ 50 000.00 Contact Harry: 081 129 1385 Lizan: 081 230 4814 FOR SALE: Wooden Clothing racks for sale, better suited for retail environment. WhatsApp +264812369221 for pictures. FOR SALE: Walvis Bay Konica Minolta Bizhu C220 Printer, fax, scanner, copier combination Good running condition Price negotiable N$ 11 500.00 Please contact T. Hermann 064 2211 77

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

JOBS JOBS JOBS WANTED WANTED WANTED WERK GESOEK: Olivia is opsoek na huiswerk of enige skoonmaak werk ek is betroubaar en hardwerkend. Ek kan enige tyd begin in Swakopmund. Kontak: 081 273 6946 JOB WANTED: Veronica a 21 year old woman, looking for domestic work in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 685 1739 JOB WANTED: I am a hardworking lady looking for domestic work, guest house or any kind of work only in Nonidas, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. I can work under pressure, ready to start anytime I am serious, no jokes please contact: 081 807 3107 JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old looking for domestic work or office cleaning work only in Swakopmund, I can start any time please contact me if you need someone: 081 038 4794 JOB WANTED: A hardworking and honest lady is looking for domestic work anywhere in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 216 7914 / 081 216 7915 JOB WANTED: I am a 17 year old vibrant, hardworking young lady looking for any holiday work in tourism, waitress, I can speak German. Contact: 081 294 6287 WERK GESOEK: Selma s op soek na inslaap werk in swakop,langstrand of walvisbay ekt verwysing skakel my asb kan onmidlk begin het sober gewoontes 0817349626

JOB WANTED: I am a 33 year old man with 8 years experience and assistant pastry chef in Lodges and hotels. Looking for hospitality work. Contact: 081 770 0373

WERK GESOEK: Ek is 'n dame opsoek na werk as 'n ontbyts dame, kan goed kook. Kan lekker lasagne, omelettes en spaghetti bolognaise maak. Kontak: 081 606 0995

JOB WANTED: I am a 21 year old lady looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay. I am willing to start anytime. Contact: 081 265 2261

JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady looking for work in Walvis Bay. I am ready to start immediately Mondays to Fridays. Contact: 081 796 0240

JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old young lady looking for work I have 3 years experience in cashier, office cleaning, domestic work and nanny. I have a certificate in home based care. Can start anytime. Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 736 1817 081 606 3037 JOB WANTED: I am a 31 year old lady looking for domestic or sewing work in Walvis Bay. I have experience for 5 years. Contact: 081 352 5549 081 221 0051 WERK GESOEK: Ek is 'n 32 jarige dame opsoek na huiswerk. Ek kan ook na kinders of bejaardes omsien. Ek is baie hardwerkend en altyd op tyd. Kan onmidellik begin. Kontak: 081 202 6587 JOB WANTED: I am a 32 year old lady looking for domestic work. Town, Lagoon, Meersig or Langstrand. I am a hardworking person. Contact: 081 320 6254 JOB WANTED: I am looking for office administration work, marketing, driver of compact operator. Can start anytime. Contact: 081 220 1295

JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay or Langstrand. I have 2 years experience. Can start anytime. Contact: 081 240 3099

IRENE: I am looking for any type of work, domestic or office cleaning. Langstrand, Dolphin Park, Walvis Bay. Can start ASAP. Contact 081 781 6058

JOB WANTED: Two young ladies aged 25 is looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. Contact: 081 298 8113 081 757 0858

JOB WANTED: A 27 year old lady is looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay, Langstrand or Narraville. I have 5 years experience in cleaning, ironing and taking care of kids. Mondays to Fridays. Can start anytime. Contact: 081 323 6813

WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n jong dame opsoek na huiswerk of kinders oppas werk. Vir drie dae of ‘n week. Ek is baie betroubaar. Kontak: 081 561 5850

JOB WANTED: A 29 year old lady is looking for domestic work, Mondays to Fridays. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 796 0240 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk of kinders oppas. Ek kan na oumense ook sien. Ek is 36 jaar oud. Kontak: 081 639 7052 JOB WANTED: I am a 35 year old lady looking for domestic work, laundry work, cleaning windows, yard cleaning. Mondays to Fridays. Contact: 081 488 1612 JOB WANTED: A 40 year old lady is looking for domestic work, tuckshop. I speak English and Portuguese. I can wash and iron, ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 842 0242 JOB WANTED: I am a guy looking for weekend work. I have previously worked at printline as applicator, I have experience in working at a till, levelling, sign writing etc. Contact: 081 200 0983 WERK GESOEK: Betroubare 46 jarige dame is opsoek na huiswerk. Maandae, Dinsdae, Woensdae en Vrydae asook Saterdae strykwerk. Ek is bereid om enige tyd te begin. Dorp, Meersig, Lagoon, Dolfynstrand, Langstrand. Geen Narraville. Kontak: 081 648 0404 WERK GESOEK: Twee persone is opsoek na huiswerk in Walvisbaai. Bernadette: 081 401 8060 Magdalena: 081 755 0249 JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady looking for domestic work or office cleaning in Walvis Bay. I have worked in hospitality industry i have experience. Contact: 081 491 0836



Traditional Dr Herbalist Dr Lovemore Ben Banda (The old man) From Malawi is in Walvis Bay with 30 years vast experience in various problems & diseases such as bringing back lost lover, to get a new job, to win court cases, to clean out bad luck from your body, to pass exams, to pass driving, to protect your body from withcraft, to boost small business to be big business, to be liked with people, to win cntractors, to win a woman or man of your choice, to stop smoking and drinking, alcohol and drugs, divorce, stop your lover to be stingy with money, to make you sleep nicely in your house, to stop bad dreams, a man to be strong in bed during sex, a woman to have feelings for a man, headaches, swelling of your body, madness, epilepsy, joints pain, pregnancy problems, if you need a new baby, period pains, to recover stolen property, BP, ulcers, diabetes, asthma, and many more… Come and experience wonderful miracles happening in your life, you will never regret. Contact: 081 643 1482 sms or call find the Old man in Kuiseb, Mass Houses, at NHE 6751 Johannes Nakuafila Street.

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck Luck Muti - Love Problems - Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself - Work problems - Promotions - To get tenders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP Remove to-koloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power sexuality Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D, Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149

MALAWIAN TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Doctor Bomba Bazuka – the name is enough The doctor is in Walvis Bay with 40 years experience and has done wonders and great things in many SADC countries, such as bringing back lost lovers in 4 days. Removal of bad luck, very tough and challenging court cases, binding your love and to be your only. And to get a man/woman you want of your choice. Pregnancy problems, jobs and promotions, business, protection of bodies and houses from witchcraft, protection of kraals farms from thieves, wining tenders, and contracts, revenge kapsule, rejuvenate mens power during sex, magic wallet and get rich within short notice. Chest pains, headache, swollen legs and feet, epelipsy, drinking/smoking, to be released from prison, manhood enlargement. Hips/breast. I know you have been let down by others but now your time has come. Come and experience the wonderful miracles happening in your life and you will never regret. Call/sms Bomba Bazuka: 081 602 7102

Malawian tradition doctor Oupa Nandora (The old man) From Malawi is in Walvis Bay with 30 years vast experience in various problems & diseases such as bringing back lost lover, to get a new job, to win court cases, to clean out bad luck from your body, to pass exams, to pass driving, to protect your body from withcraft, to boost small business to be big business, to be liked with people, to win cntractors, to win a woman or man of your choice, to stop smoking and drinking, alcohol and drugs, divorce, stop your lover to be stingy with money, to make you sleep nicely in your house, to stop bad dreams, a man to be strong in bed during sex, a woman to have feelings for a man, headaches, swelling of your body, madness, epilepsy, joints pain, pregnancy problems, if you need a new baby, period pains, to recover stolen property, BP, ulcers, diabetes, asthma, and many more… Come and experience wonderful miracles happening in your life, you will never regret. Contact: 081 760 6553 sms or call find the Old man in Kuiseb, Mass Houses, at NHE 6751 Johannes Nakuafila Street.

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR KALENGA: He can help you through: Pregnancy - Education Court Cases - Love Affairs - Marriage Problems - Bad Luck - Businesses - Protection at Home - Removal of Tokoloshi - Mens’ Power Sexuality - Exams Job Problems etc. Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. Cell: 081 201 7887


9 AUGUST 2019

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR




Dr Chivela Chivias The best healer of all times. I have best experience since I have been treating people for so many years and through my experience I can help people with the following. Lost lover. Divorce cases. Is your love life falling apart. Do you want your love to grow stronger? Is your partner losing interest in you? Dr can strengthen bonds in all love relationships and marriage. Create loyalty and everlasting love between couples. Financial problems, clear debts, magic wallet . Bank loans, house bond, property by using short boy. Promotion at work and be a boss at work. Bring out any kind of unwellness such as bad luck and bad spirits. Whatever kind of problem you have do not hesitate to contact Dr Chivela no matter how difficult or how far you are. Call +264814526252 email chivelachivias@gmail. com

KING DR AKHICHO Stop crying and suffering now! The old man with 65 years experience from Swaziland is here. Help to solve any kinds of problems with 100% guaranteed. Are you stressed to get money? I challenge you Bring back lost lover Stop your lover from cheating on you. Quick marriage & divorce Pregnancy same day. Financial problems welcome Magic ring & magic wallet Court cases big or small mens penis enlargement all sizes 16cm - 18cm - 25 cm Enlarge hips & breast. Wining competition, lotto, casino To be strong in bed to get more rounds. if you failed from other doctors, don’t lose hope come to me. Call King Dr Akhicho. 081 318 2508

Dr BANDA. NYASA HERBALS CC Dr Banda is hailed as a Herbalist of the year in 2007, 2008 & 2015. He has more than 20 years of Experience in Arabic healing/ Central, East & Southern African Herbs & Astrology. He opened up in Ormonde, they are astrologer, Herbalist Healer & Researcher. They are the Proud winners of the East/Central African Control Counsil Award for a life time Achievement in Astrology & Herbal Healing. Specialises in the following : 1. Bring back lost lovers, even if lost for a long time. Just from 3 days. 2. Remove badluck, witchcraft, Tokoloshes & Demons from your body or your home. 3. Ensure that promotion you have desired for a long time at work or in your career. 4. Herbal medicine for enlarging the Penis in both length & girth permanently. 5. Herbal therapy for controlling early ejaculation & increase sperms count. 6. Guarantee you to win that troubling court case, no matter what stage. 7. Attract customers to your Business & turn your trade into a favourite. 8. Eliminate in family fights between Children & Parents, in laws, Husband & Wife to ensure peace & harmony at home. 9. Quit Alcohol, smoking & Drugs using purely herbal therapies with no side effects. 10. Heals most chronic Diseases & advice on lifestyle Diseases. Healing using Organic Herbal supplements. Diseases like: Epilepsy, Fits, Asthma, Bed wetting, Shingles, Unhealed wounds, High & Low blood pressure, Sugar Diabetes, Heart Diseases, effects of Cholesterol, swollen (Glands, Stomach, Legs, Lungs) & many more. Now the Doctor is here in your Town for the first Time. Call for Appointment & Consultation. All his works are 100% guaranteed. If you have tried a lot & failed, don't give up, simply turn to the Young African Celebrated Doctor from Malawi now here in Namibia. Dr BEN (BANDA) 081 740 7321

TRADITIONAL DOKOTA THE HEALER DOKOTA BABA CHANDE The powerful traditional healer who never fail no matter how big is your problem in spiritual and traditional way don’t let your problems give you stress day and night. I am here to help you... To bring back your lost lover no matter for how long you break up. To stop your love cheating on you. Remove bad luck from your body. Promotion at work Do you want to win the divorce or stop the divorce Misunderstandings in your relationship To chase away the bad evils in your house. To boots your business to have more customers. Protection of your property. To sell your property very fast. To win tenders with your business. Magic wallet and magic stick. Protection of your body from your enemies. Women and men who don’t produce. Financial business matters. Pregnant problems Debt account loan Gambling and casino To see your enemies in the mirror And many more Cell: 081 222 1065

DR GONONDO & PROFESSOR KOIKOI OLD MAN Stop Suffering I am old enough, I don’t have time to play with people who have serious problems. I work with experience and do not rush for persons money without helping first. Don’t loose hope because another doctor failed you, I am here to help! The only miracle water from the volcanoes. Are you stressing of money? Love / relationship, bring back lost lover Lost properties Job searching & promotion Court cases Bad luck Unhappy marriage Pregnancy problem same day We can also help with Binding properties Remove evil spirits Get rid of your enemies Finish unfinished business with 69 years experience & magic wallet Spirits powers for pastors, sangomas, political leader, win lotto, pass exams, gambling etc. Only man you can trust or quick & effective results 100 % guaranteed. Treat you overt he phone using name & surname Service delivery accepted Call Dr Gonongo & Prof Koi Koi 081 560 4942

DR KAMUZU 081 777 4547 Traditional doctor newly arrived. Pay after success. Lost lovers, marriages, diseases, man power. Finance, unfinished jobs. Protection now in Walvis Bay and in Swakopmund on request. 081 777 4547

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

9 AUGUST 2019


Traurig nehmen wir Abschied Von Frau

G. Boysen Unsere aufrichtige Anteilnahme gilt der Familie Einwohner, Geschäftsfßhrung und Personal, Swakopmund Lions Pflegestation, Altersheim, Lions Village und Vorstand und Mitglieder Swakopmund Lions Klub


DEATH NOTICES In loving memory of

Elizabeth Booysen (nee Brockerhoff) better known as Motchen or Ouma Mot Born on 13.11.1937

Died on 04.08.2019

May her soul rest in peace

Funeral Service: Saturday 10 August 2019 Time: 08h00 from the residence of Otto Ochs, 111 Baumgarten Ave Tamariskia, Swakopmund Church service will be at the Tamariskia Catholic Church Time: 09h00

For more information call Erna at 0812011556 of Magriet at 0812952150


9 AUGUST 2019


Namibia vs China Boxing bonanza Harry Simon Junior will fight Philip Musariri from Zimbabwe at the MTC Sunshine Promotions scheduled "Namibia vs China" Boxing bonanza on August 24 in Ongwediva. Harry Simon Junior, a professional boxer, who goes by the name Harry “Pretty Boy” Simon Junior is considered one of the country's best forwards in boxing. Harry Junior is ready to create some long-lasting memories as he climbs through the ropes for his tenth professional fight against Zimbabwe's Philip Musariri the Ongwediva trade show. Harry Junior as an amateur has 87 fights with 86 wins and one loss under his belt and his professional record stands at 3 wins from 3 fights. All the pre-fights are part of an evening of world-class boxing fights and spectators will surely get value for their money. The main fight of the event is between Mike Shonena and Youli Dong of China. Tickets are available at Computicket at N$100 for regular admission, or N$10 000 for a table for important guests.

Harry “Pretty Boy” Simon Junior

Rossmund continues onslaught Rudi Bowe Rossmund Bowling Club continued their medal onslaught as Graham Snyman, and Diana Viljoen clinched the Men & Women Aramex Champion of Champions held at Rossmund the past weekend. Men Gold - Graham Snyman - Rossmund Silver - Kiewiet Rust - TransNamib Bronze - JP Fouché - Eros Women Gold - Diana Viljoen - Rossmund Silver - Huipie van Wyk - Omeya Bronze - Heleen Rust - TransNamib

Women's Gold winner Diana Viljoen and men's Gold winner Graham Snyman

World Dressage Challenge The 2019 World Dressage Challenge was recently held at the Gymkhana Club in Windhoek. The World Dressage Challenge offers two age g r o u p s , Yo u t h classifying riders between 12 and 16 years of age and Seniors older than 16. Further tests can be ridden in five performance levels, namely Youth, Senior 1, Senior Two, and Prix St George and

Intermediate. Wo r l d D r e s s a g e Challenge happens on 31 December and 1 January each year and serves as a basis for riders to test their skills against others across the globe without having to leave their home country. The pair judged by Thomas Kessler, FEI four star judges from

Germany and local FEI judge Brigitte Davidow were unable to perform to their best in both the Senior I and Senior II tests. Sumari Piepmeyer with her horse Katiti Legolas from Reiterverein Swakopmund provided the Overall Best Score of 64.107 of a windy and chilly weekend's procee-

dings. Nadine Flemming on Seeis Shelton scored 63.036, Kirsten Chiappini on Play-boy 58.393 and Mar-lene Reisenauer on SeeisEymet scored 55.179 in the former. Their Senior II score of 58.667 could not match that of Flem-ming's 62.955. As the only rider in

The WDCH 2019 Team

2019 WDCH Sumari Piepmeyer with Brigitte Davidow and Thomas Kessler

the Prix St. George, 18-year-old Flemming rode her very last event on Seeis Shelton before leaving for studies in Europe. She scored 60.735. The competition also offers a team event, which consists of a maximum of four riders with the best three scores flowing into the final tally. Namibian Team consisting of Kirsten Chiappini with her horse Playboy and Nadine Flemming with her horse Seeis Shelton are from the Gymkhana Club in

Windhoek and Marlene Reisenauer with her horse Seeis Eymet from Reitgemeinschaft in Klein Windhoek). The Namibian team was ranked 29th of 528 riders from 36 nations that competed in the 2018 Wo r l d D r e s s a g e Challenge. The individual rankings are as follows: Prix St. George: 75. Nadine Flemming (Seeis Shelton) Senior II: 29. Nadine Flemming (Seeis Shelton) 69. Sumari Piepmeyer (Katiti Legolas)

Senior I: 26. Camille Detavernier (AmaarShatina) 53. Kate Alison (CallahoEryka) 91. Sumari Piepmeyer (Katiti Legolas) 94. Kirsten Chiappini (Playboy) 125. Angela DauPretorius (Merlot) 151. Werner Bartsch (Aragon) 161. Karin Schommarz (Bellissima Beau Cheval) Youth: 57. Linda Freyer (Claratal Chromatic) 85. Carmen Piepmeyer (Jason)

9 AUGUST 2019




Kudus ends with a draw Rudi Bowe

Kudus ends the 2019 rugby league in a dramatic fashion as the harbour town men were involved in a dramatic 38-38 draw against Trustco United in Windhoek on Saturday.

The Under 15 Rugby team of Pro-Ed academy with their coaches Leon Visagie and Riaan Hennop

Kudus could no longer reach the top four was trailing 10 – 12 at halftime. Five before the final whistle United was leading 35 – 24, Kudus struck back with avengeance and scored two tries by fullback Lloyd Jacobs and left wing Cameron Stevens. Kudus centre Aurelio Plato covered both tries to give them a share of the

spoils. Kudus scored five tries coming via Chess Lawrence (2), Rayton Paulse, Cameron Stevens and Lloyd Jacobs with a try and conversion. Aurelio Plato scored a penalty and three conversions. United's tries were scored by Shaun van Rooi, Dean Blom, Jandre Lamprecht, Carlton Stevens, Hanreco

Pro-Ed and WBPHS in finals Rudi Bowe

The Under 19 A and 15 B teams of Pro-Ed Academy and Under 19 B team of Walvis Bay Private High School (WBPHS) went through to their different league finals of the Metropolitan Board Schools Rugby Trophy competition after winning their semi-final matches over the past weekend. The Under 19 A team of Pro-Ed beat De Duine 51 – 10 in the Under 19 A league semifinal and will play against Moria Academy. Moria Academy beat Elnatan 43 – 12 in their semi-final game, the Under 15 B team of ProEd will play against Windhoek Gymnasium's Under 15 B team in the Under 15 B league final. WBPHS II Under 19 team will play against Windhoek High School's IV team in the Under 19 C league final. The Under 19 Super League final will be between Windhoek High School and Elnatan. All games will be played tomorrow at the Hage Geingob Rugby Stadium in Windhoek.

The semi-final results last Saturday were as follow: U-14A - WAP 10-11 WBPHS U-19D - HTS II 21-3 Rehoboth I U-15B - Tsumeb Gym 13-17 Windhoek Gym U-15B - Agri College 14-24 Pro-Ed U-19C - HTS I 17-24 WBPHS II U-15A - WHS 10-15 Moria U-19B - Agri College I 23-32 Windhoek Gymnasium II U-19A - De Duine I 10-51 Pro-Ed I U-19A- Elnatan I 12-43 Moria I U-19S - Tsumeb Gymnasium I 32-21 WHS I U-19S – WAP I 20- 12 Windhoek Gymnasium I

Spitzkoppe Run and Mountain Bike Challenge 2019 The Rock Spitzkoppe Community Run and Mountain Bike Challenge, a highlight on the local sporting calendar, will take place on Saturday, 14 September 2019 at Lloyd Jacobs from Kudus on his way for his try. Spitzkoppe in the Erongo Region. Entries are open and an estimated 500 entries are expected this year. Entries are limited due to the constraints presented by the remote venue and the desert environment, so athletes are encouraged to enter soon to avoid disappointment. The Rock is a unique event, as it takes place within the domain and with the blessing and support of the local Spitzkoppe Community, represented by the ≠ Gaingu Conservancy and the !Oe-≠ Gan Traditional Authority.

In contrast to many other sporting events of this nature, the focus for The Rock is not on profit, but on sustainable development for the local community through sport. The main headline sponsors for the event for this year are Orano Mining Namibia and RMB Namibia who came on board this year for the first time. Other event partners include the community and the Spitzkoppe Community Campsite. INFORMATION: Namibian Adventure Organizers/namibianadventureorganisers

SPUR T20 Social League Champions Rudi Bowe

The coastal SPUR Social League will come to an end over the weekend at the Walvis Bay Oval at the Lagoon. Last year's runners up, PPS Knights claimed the first position with an average overall score of 174 and automatically qualified for the final on Sunday 11 August at 11:30. Fuel Pump Repair Warriors (FPRW), the 2018 champions and Spur bronze medal winners of 2018 will battle it out tomorrow for a place in the final against PPS Knights. Fifth on the log FPRW beat second on the log Namibian Radio Services (NRSA) with 9 wickets. Third on the log Spur beat fourth on the log Walvis Bay Strikers with 23 runs in their play-off games last Saturday at the Oval in Walvis Bay.


van Zyl and Jan Theron. Captain Winmar Rust succeeded with four conversions. The Final log standing for the 2019 rugby league are: 1 FNB Unam 48 2 FNB Wanderers 47 3 Trustco United 47 4 Rehoboth 31 5 FNB Western Suburbs 28 6 Kudus 23 7 Reho Falcon 1


9 AUGUST 2019

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“Le Tour de Narraville” Clash of the Titans Rudi Bowe

The sixth annual “Le Tour de Narraville” with a new exciting night race will happen over the weekend of 30 -31 August in Narraville, Walvis Bay. The Marathon is sponsored by Marathon Sugar and the co-sponsor is Guans Packaging. The cycle tour and running event is a fundraising initiative for the Uniting Reformed Church in Narraville. The event will take place over two days. All the races will start and end at the church in Plein Street Narraville. The event kicks off on Friday 30 August. A first for “Le Tour de Narraville” made possible by four sponsors, will be a 70 km night ride only open for experienced riders. The unchanged routes in the main event will be on Saturday, 31 August consisting of a 65 km race through nature's most challenging obstacles, a 25 km beginner's ride, a 10 km kid's ride, 10 km run and 5 km fun walk. Registrations can be done online at: and late entries can be done on Thurs-day, Friday and Saturday before the start of the events at the Uniting Reformed Church.

Refreshments and very attractive lucky draw prices will be available during the day at the church. Entry fees and starting times: Cycling: Night and Day Combo - N$400 70 km Night ride only - N$200 - 18:30 65 km Main ride - N$200 - 07:00 65 km E-bike ride - N$200 - 07:00 25 km Beginners - N$150 - 07:15 10 km Kids ride - N$100 (150 above 18 years) 07:20 Runners: 10km - N$70 - 07:30 5km - N$25 - 08:00 can register, pay and participate at 07:35 on event day. Under 6 and over 65 free entry (excluding Combo cycle event).

Global parkrun phenomenon Contributed

Windhoek joins the global parkrun phenomenon as from this weekend. Swakopmund was the first town outside South Africa to join this global phenomenon when in April 2017 almost 200 participants took part in the first event. Walvis Bay then followed in February 2018 in which an overwhelming 338 participants took part. parkrun fever has now firmly entrenched itself in Namibia with the capital, Windhoek becoming the third town to host a weekly parkrun with the inauguration event to be hosted by Southern African parkrun CEO and running legend, Bruce Fordyce and Gill Fordyce COOtomorrow, Saturday, 10 August. The parkrun concept is simple – turn up every Saturday at 08h00 and walk, run or volunteer. All events are 5km, free, open to everyone, and are safe and easy to take part in. The only requirement is that you have to register once off, beforehand on the website Says Fordyce: “parkrun is all about inclusiveness and wellbeing. There are no winners. It is just you and the clock. We want as many people as possible to feel part of a real local community brought together by our events, as well as the global parkrun family.” parkrun as a concept had humble beginnings when only 13 runners participated in the first parkrun in London's Bushy Park in 2004. Since then the event has spread to 21 countries worldwide, with neighbouring South Africa first adopting the concept in November 2011 when

only 26 participants arrived at the first event. Now more than 50,000 participants pitch up every Saturday morning to run or walk 5km in 212 different locations across South Africa including Namibia and iSwatini. At present the Namibian parkruns are hosted as a separate region within South Africa, but according to Fordyce, when there are several local parkruns, Namibia will establish its own identity. The first Windhoek parkrun will take place on Saturday, 10 August at 08h00 at the Windhoek Golf and Country Club, in Windhoek. There is no cost involved and participants are only required to register for the first run. In order for your time to be registered, participants are required to bring along a printed copy of their registration barcode. According to Michelle Wilson, parkrun Ambassador Namibia, the event is organised in its entirety by volunteers. If people wish to become part of the volunteer team, they can email windhoek helpers or contact the Event Director for Windhoek parkrun, Sammy Gorman on 081 438 1889 or to register visit the Windhoek parkrun website at or contact Michelle on 081 360 7007.

Swakopmund-based boxer Albinius 'Danny Boy' Felesianu will take on Zimbabwean opponent Peter Pelembe for the vacant World Boxing Organisation (WBO) African Lightweight title in a boxing bonanza known as Clash of the Titans tomorrow Saturday, 10 August at Ramatex in Windhoek. Felesianu, the current International Boxing Federation (IBF) Africa Junior Lightweight champion, has a record of 19 wins (7 via knockout), 2 losses and 1 draw from 22 bouts will dedicates the fight to the late Theo-Ben Gurirab who had taught him to remain humble. Felesianu said “I'm prepared and ready as I have been waiting for many years for this opportunity and it has always been my dream to fight for a WBO title.” Felesianu added that he is fit and don't have to struggle with his weight and that this fight is very important for him as it is a WBO title fight and if he win this fight he will be ranked as one of the top 10 boxers.

Bruce & Gill Fordyce

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