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Rough sailing for Pres. Geingob and Swapo in the 2019 Elections Amidst a poor performance this is the best remedy for our Namibian House The Namibian House, a popular metaphor coined by President Hage Geingob when he took office as the country's third Head of State in 2014, can at last come to full potential.

President Hage Geingob will be leading Namibia as Head of State for the next five year political cycle 21 March 2020 to 21 March 2025, following his victory in the 27 November Presidential Election. The 2019 Elections are regarded the most tightly contested Namibian election since the 1989 Constituent Assembly Election in which Swapo could only gather 57 % of the national vote. Continues on page 2

Alex and Justice create art pieces from rolls of wire

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Passenger ship Albatross called at Walvis Bay

For the first time since Namibia's post-independence politics the ruling Swapo Party will not be the only decision maker in the Namibian house, as the opposition deprived it of it two thirds majority in the National Assembly during the 27 November Presidential and National Assembly Elections. Continues on page 2

President Geingob elected second term as Head of State


When President Geingob inaugurated the new container terminal on reclaimed land in the port of Walvis Bay during August this year, little did anyone know that his popularity as President of the Republic of Namibia would take such a dip that he actually lost the Presidential race against independent candidate Panduleni Ithula in Erongo and also the Khomas Region. Not only was it President Geingob who had to keep afloat in stormy waters, but the Swapo Party of Namibia also took a dent at the 2019 polls, with the ruling party losing its two thirds majority in the National Assembly. President Geingob’s popularity took a dive from 86,7 % in 2014 to 56,3 % in the 27 November Elections.

Train and car collide

Eileen van der Schyff A seven-seater laden with passengers was hit by a train in Swakopmund on Friday night. The accident was on the Newton Street railway crossing. One of the passengers was seriously injured and had to be evacuated to a Windhoek medical facility. The other patients were admitted to the Swa- gency Services to the Swakopmund state hospital kopmund state hospital and was evacuated from for medical treatment from where the passenger the scene of the accident by Code Red Emer- who was seriously injured was transferred to the gency Services. Many of the injured were trea- Windhoek state hospital for specialist interted by paramedics on the scene. vention. Considering the mechanisms involved What is known at the moment is that the seven the passengers in this seven-seater were very seater did not stop at the railway crossing and lucky. The impact did not damage the train or was flung off the crossing when it was involved cause it to derail. Motorists are again warned to in a side impact collision with the train. stop at railway crossings and not to take chances. According to Police reports the four injured pas- Vehicle accident on rail crossings at the coast sengers were transported by Code Red Emer- remains a big problem.

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Xmas lights on

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What’s next for Godwin?

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Fruit & Veg City Walvis Bay now OPEN every Sunday from 08:00 - 13:00



Amidst a poor performance this is President Geingob elected the best remedy for our Second Term as Head of State Continued from page 1 Namibian House Continued from page 1 Just like a real house, the metaphorical house is not healthy if only the father takes decisions and the wife and children have to live with these decision whether they want or not. Swapo lost its two thirds high ground in the National Assembly by a very thin, yet a decisive, margin of less than one percentage point. One way forward is for Swapo to consult with the opposition parties in the National Assembly. It is expected to create a healthy, balanced and more broad-based debate on Namibia's challenges. Apart from consulting with political opponents, Swapo can also rely on various forms of coalitions with some of the opposition parties if it wants to steer decision making. The opposition parties, with the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) as the official opposition, will be controlling approximately one third of the National Assembly (33 seats against Swapo's 66 seats), come 21 March 2020 when the new five-year Parliament takes the reins. But what counts for the goose, counts for the gander. Equally opposition parties too can form coalitions of sort to steer decision making and even lobby for Swapo parliamentarians to vote for or against decisions in the National Assembly. And then: voters who think it is time to rest must understand it is not yet over. The Regional Council and Local Authority Council elections is slated for the first quarter of 2020 and it there where opposition parties are determined to further diminish Swapo's overwhelming political might. Opposition parties are fired up and wants to break Swapo's majority in the fourteen Regional Councils and the various local authority councils (the City of Windhoek, towns, villages and settlements). The Swapo Party is expected to gear up for next year's elections leaving not a single stone unturned to reverse the opposition's unprecedented gains in the 27 November elections. Opposition parties need to understand now, better than ever, very hard work lies ahead if the gains of 27 November is to be further capitalised upon. That includes absentee voters, people with invalid voter cards and prospective new voters that must realise the time has come that each and every vote counts – whether you are a Swapo voter or an opposition voter. And that is what it is all about: democracy for a better Namibia where of the country's 2, 4 million people can feel at home [and relevant] in the Namibian House. The Electoral Commission of Namibia announced the election results on Saturday evening in what can best be described as neutral and business-like. The crunch moment, at the Commission's headquarters in Windhoek was attended by President Hage Geingob, the other presidential candidates, all political parties, ECN personnel, members of the diplomatic corps and also international election observers. All attention was cast on the Chairperson of the ECN, Advocate Notemba Tjipueja who declared the elections free and fair and then went on to provide a detailed breakdown of the electoral profile (voter turnout, age analysis of voters etc.) A total of 820 227 voters cast their ballots in the National Assembly Elections. The Swapo Party of Namibia was declared the winner with 65, 5 % of the vote and 63 seats in the National Assembly (536 861 votes) and the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) the official opposition with 16, 6 % and 16 seats (136 576 votes). All People's Party (APP) 2 seats in Parliament; Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) 1 seat; Lanless People's Movement (LPM) 4 seats; Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) 2 seats; National Unity Democratic Organization of Namibia (NUDO) 2 seats; Rally For Democracy and Progress (RDP) 1 seat; Republican Party of Namibia (RP) 2 seats; SWANU of Namibia 1 seat and United Democratic Front (UDF) 2 seats. The Congress of Democrats (CoD), Namibia Democratic Party (NDP); Namibia Patriotic Front (NPF) and the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) did not receive seats in the National Assembly as these parties could not get enough votes. The total of 14 210 voters who voted for these parties which did not get seats in the National Assembly were pooled and divided among the bottom performing parties which did make it to the National Assembly. A full extraction of the ECN's statement appears on page 5 of today's edition.

The President faced a steep challenge from independent candidate Dr Panduleni Itula, but who at the end had to concede defeat with only 29, 4 % of the vote against Dr. Geingob's 56, 3 % of the vote. Here are few facts that emerged from the Presidential Elections. Facts that will be re-evaluated by all political parties in the run-up to next year's Regional Council and Local Authority Elections. ·President Geingob's overall popularity plunged from 88 % in the 2014 Elections to 56, 3 % in 2019. The President's popularity plunge runs semiparallel to the Swapo Party of Namibia's plunge from 82 % in 2014 to 65, 5 % in 2019. ·The Erongo Region and the Khomas Region are the only two of the country's 14 Regions where Itula was victorious attracting the most Presidential votes. ·President Geingob's popularity only remained more or less consistent in Kavango-West and Kavango-East, compared to the 2014 Elections. All the remaining regions saw President Geingob's support severely spiralling down. In Kavango-West President Geingob attracted 88, 11 % of the vote, comparted to 2014 when it was at 94, 36 % In Kavango-East, President Geingob attracted 79, 60 % of the vote (86, 28 % in 2014). In the traditional Swapo super-strongholds, also known as the “Four O's”, support for President Geingob plunged. In Omusati President Geingob attracted 74, 56 % (99, 19 % in 2014); Ohangwena 72, 29 % (99, 15 % in 2014); Oshana 49, 56 % (97, 40 %) and Oshikoto 63, 01 % (98, 49 % in 2014). Other Regions (2014 results in brackets after the 2019 figure: Karas 38, 11 % (86, 28 %); Hardap 40, 75 % (82, 87 %); Erongo 35, 68 % (91, 25 %) – lost to independent candidate Panduleni Itula who attracted 47, 92 %); Khomas 35, 15 % (90, 59 %) – lost to independent candidate Panduleni Ithula who attracted 49, 46 %); Omaheke 53, 71 % (83, 02 %); Otjozondjupa 51, 66 % (86, 39 %); Kunene 44, 60 % (65, 24 %) and Zambezi 75, 01 %(92, 53 %).

Truck overturns

A Zimbabwean truck driver lost control of his truck on Friday, as he was swerving out for animals on the road. The truck overturned, totally blocking the road. The accident occurred on the B2 between Karibib and Okahandja. Brain Charumbira (26), sustained slight injuries and was transported to the Usakos state hospital.

“Meersig is becoming a frustrating place to live” Meersig residents are becoming increasingly fed-up with problems they encounter in this suburb. Some problems they say are caused by fellow residents who are not interested to clean up and keep their places tidy and also the local authority they feel is dragging feet on some issues. The major problems pointed out are: the filthy state of the tree lanes along 11th Street North and 7th Street East. People are simply dumping their household waste and building rubble along these tree lanes. Wind carries the litter back into the suburb. In other instances trucks are left parked outside premises for months on end. So much so that the graders must scrape the streets around these stationary vehicles. The municipality of Walvis Bay is also accused of not doing enough to control sand encroachments and the traffic authority is not doing enough to ensure builders are not sacrificing road safety when sand, gravel and bricks are placed on the pavements. In some instances building materials are even placed down on bends in the road, creating potentially dangerous road hazards. Other are complaining about sink holes that are left unattended for weeks and months on end. In many instances sewer water floods the streets from these sink holes. A spot on the outer bound of Meersig there is also a growing pool of water which residents say are either sewer water or semipurified effluent which is dumped there. The water is smelly and the bad odors are carried by the prevailing wind across Meersig.



Hangana Seafood gives handsome donation to Okangwati Comb. School In response to its needs, the Okangwati Combined School in the Kunene region was the beneficiary recently of a handsome donation from Hangana Seafood - a subsidiary of the O&L Group. Part of this donation included 20 desks ordered from and manufactured by O&L subsidiary, Kraatz Welding & Engineering. Situated 110km west of Opuwo, the school hosts approximately 510 learners from grades 0 to 10, with 20 teachers, three (3) cleaners and 15 institutional workers at the hostel. The larger numbers of learners are from marginalized communities, including from the Ovadhemba, Ovatua and Ovahimba. In addition to the desks, Hangana also donated stationery, balls for the school's football, netball and volleyball sport codes, cans of fish, as well as clothes and shoes for the children, donated by Hangana Seafood employees. “The trip was a very memorable experience. I thank the company for giving me an opportunity to share and care for those in need. I truly appreciate it,” said Linda Shivolo - one of the Hangana Seafood team members who travelled to the Kunene, to hand over the donation. On the pictures from top to bottom: Hangana Seafood Human Capital Manager, Bianca Muller speaking at the handover ceremony; the Hangana Seafood team that traveled to the Kunene Region, to hand over the donation. (fltr): Hermann Volkmann, Lisias Shatika, Linda Shivolo, Francois de Wit, Bianca Muller, Simon Ipumbu and Christof Kavanga; Hangana Seafood team joined by staff of the Okangwati Combined School

Alex and Justice create art pieces from rolls of wire Magic with a pair of plyers and a roll of wire. These two gentlemen, Justice and Alex, will be on the corner of Sam Nujoma Drive and 9th Road in Walvis Bay for the next couple of days to sell ornaments they create from bended wire. There is no stop to their creativity. An old bicycle’s rim becomes the frame for a tree of life, wire Christmas decor and other items that can add cheer to your home environment.




Walvis Bay Court Report

Court Swakopmund Court Report Regional Court Joseelonnia Murphy (40), Rossetta Williams (28), appeared on a charge of theft-general deficiency. The matter was postponed to 21 September 2020 for continuation of trial. The accused have been warned. Paul Kahuika (50), Vernon Christoff Van Rensburg (32), appeared on charges of fraud and theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 6 March 2020 for legal aid. The accused have been warned. Moses Amuku (34), appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 11 February 2020 for continuation of trial. The accused have been warned. Jeremia Hunibeb (38), appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 30 April for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Abdoolo Satar (73), Zaher Aboor Satar (47), Nicolene Su Allen Clayton (38), appeared on charges of fraud and money laundering. The matter was postponed to 14 February 2020 for legal aid. The accused have been warned. Nathan De Bruyn (20), Jurgen Karumbu (22), Joas Shilongo (21), Erikana Kandjimi (19), appeared on a charge of theft of a motor vehicle. The matter was postponed to 31 January 2020. Nathan De Bruyn remains in custody and the rest of his co-accused are on bail of N$4 000 each. Magistrate Court Alius Gurirab (21), appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 19 March 2020 for plea and trial. The accused is on bail N$3 000. Hilaria Seibeb (48), Desiree Afrikaner (26), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The

matter was postponed to 14 April 2020 for plea and trial. The accused have been warned. Gerald Fourie (39), appeared on a charge of assault on a member of the police force. The matter was postponed to 17 June 2020 for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Stephen Botha (27), appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 5 May for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$3 000. Raphael Kaseeb (21), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 29 January 2020 for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Cleophas Shimweneni (21), appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 29 January 2020 for accused to be rearrested. The accused is at large. Susanna Kandowa (38), appeared on a charge of dealing in cocaine. The matter was postponed to 22 January 2020 for fixing of trial date. The accused is on bail of N$3 000. Andries Geingob (42), appeared on a charge of malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 3 June 2020 for plea and trial. The accused is on N$1 000. Marius September, appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 1 June 2020. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Titus Shangengane (25), appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 26 February 2020 for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Benjamin Ambambi (31), appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 4 December because the docket was not at court. The accused is on bail of N$2 000.

Car crashes into dwelling in DRC

Ndapandula Monica (33), Drunk driving (April 2019) The accused was found not guilty and was discharged. Izack Mateus (39), Timoteus Mekondjo (39), Theft from a motor vehicle that was properly locked (May 2017) The accused was found not guilty in terms of Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Act – with evidence. They were discharged. Michael Gonteb (33), Densel Jimmy Gaoseb (28), Mateus Oxurub (57), Nature conservation Ordinance- Possession of game meat, Arms and Ammunition Act – Possession of a firearm without a licence. (October 2018) The matter was postponed to 23 January 2020. Legal Aid. Daddy Bula (41), Fraud (June 2019), The matter was postponed to 15 January 2020. Plea in terms of section 119. On bail. Moses Matheus (35), Attempted rape (July 2019) The matter was postponed to 22 January 2020. Legal Aid. Junias Afrikaner (19), Assault common read with the Provision of the Domestic Violence Act of 2003. (September 2019) The accused was found guilty with evidence. Gustaf Amutenya (32), Theft by false pretences, Anti- Corruption Act – Corruptly using office or position for gratification (March 2019)The matter was p0ostponed to 22 January 2020. Further investigation (Final Remand) Maria Make (22), Dealing in drugs and Possession of drugs (October 2019)The accused was found guilty and sentenced. David Mukulili Shapange (26), Theft out of a motor vehicle that was properly locked (October 2019) The case was withdrawn against the accused. There is no prima facie case. Gabriel Alfeus (29), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (October 2019) The matter was postponed to 5 March 2020. Plea and Trial. Festus Kambonde (25), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (November 2019)The matter was postponed to 10 March 2020. Plea and Trial. Joba Shamalaza (27), Arms and Ammunition Act – Point a firearm (November 2019) The matter was postponed to 9 March 2020. Plea and Trial. Immanuel Hoaseb (26), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft (October 2018) The matter was postponed to 4 December 2019. Bail Application. Shandre Haslund (24), Theft by False pretences (April 2019) The matter was postponed to 12 May 2020. Plea and Trial (Final Remand) Philipus Hafeni Haihambo (54), Murder read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, Act 4 of 2003 (September 2019) The matter was postponed to 16 January 2020. Legal Aid. Prince Eiseb (22), Theft (October 2019) The matter was postponed to 2 December 2019. Sentence. The accused is in custody. Michael Gunteb (30), Assault common read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act 4 of 2003. (July 2019) Bail is extended to 14 January 2020. Sasara Petronella De Wet (65), Fraud, Forgery and uttering a forged instrument (November 2019) The case was transferred to Grootfontein. Morne Llewellyn (21), Dealing in drugs and Possession of drugs (September 2017) The matter was postponed to 30 January 2020. Trial Partly Heard – Continuation of Trial.

Eileen van der Schyff

speed was a contriFortunately, no buting factor. The one was at home driver received mewhen a Volkswagen Polo crashed into a dwelling close to the DRC soccer fields in Swakopmund on Sunday afternoon. The driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle on the gravel road resulting in the crash. By the appearance of the markings on the gravel road,

dical intervention at the Swakopmund the scene before he state hospital for was transported to further treatment.

Damaged cars found abandoned on the B2 An accident on the B2 route in the vicinity of Langstrand was reported in the early hours of Sunday morning. Authorities found both vehicles abandoned at the side of the road. Both vehicles suffered significant damage. The hatchback had a damaged front side and the pick-up had damage to the left side. Source – West Coast Safety Initiative



ECN - Final Statement The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), is the exclusive body that is mandated to direct, supervise, manage and control the conduct of elections and referenda in a free, fair, independent, credible, transparent and impartial manner. With a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, we as ECN can report to the Namibian nation that our elections were free, fair and credible. We are therefore delighted to inform you that for this Presidential and National Assembly elections, the ECN registered 1,358,468 (One Million, Three Hundred and Fifty-eight Thousand and Four Hundred and Sixty-Eight) voters. The voter turnout for the Presidential Elections is 826 198 (Eight Hundred and TwentySix Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-Eight) which is 60.8% of the total number of registered voters. For the National Assembly Elections, the voter turnout is 820 227 (Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven) which represents 60.4% of the number of registered voters. Before I proceed any further, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to sincerely thank our key stakeholders, the political parties and the independent candidate as well as their supporters for the political campaigns which took place in a calm and tolerant atmosphere, ensuring that peace prevailed in the run up to the elections. As a country, we must be profoundly grateful to our Creator, for the fact that once again, our beautiful nation and its people, despite our differences and our cultural diversities, we managed to hold peaceful elections. In this regard, ladies and gentlemen we are all aware that peaceful elections without violent incidents are a rare commodity. The general adherence to the Code of Conduct for political parties was indeed welcome and points to the maturing and consolidation of democracy in Namibia. The hundreds of thousands of Namibian voters should be commended for exercsing patience in waiting for their turn to cast their vote at

various polling stations across the country. The commitment to democracy is not only demonstrated by the number or regularity of elections conducted, but more so by the way ordinary citizens are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and convenience to make sure that they register themselves as voters and turn up at polling stations to cast their vote. We are gathered here today to solemnly witness the announcement of the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections, an occasion marked by the invocation and observance of legal provisions. In terms of the Electoral Act, the announcement of results is provided for in terms of Section 109 subsection (1) for Presidential election, and Section 110 subsections (1), (2) and (3) for the National Assembly elections. Engaging in a healthy competition is a sign of a vibrant democracy. In fact, it is universally accepted that elections entail competition and choice. It entails candidates vying and canvassing votes and voters making informed choices through the proverbial ballot box. In that sense, a healthy competition is not only good for democracy, but the plurality of voices and choices is necessary if the consolidation of democracy is to be realized. It is very evident that democracy has taken root in Namibia. We must, at all costs, guard against unhealthy competition which can lead us down the path of destruction. We must jealously guard the prevailing peace and stability in our country because socioeconomic development and nation building depend on that. It is therefore heartening to witness democracy in action in Namibia. We have embraced plurality as demonstrated by the number and diversity of

the presidential candidates and political parties participating in this election. It is worth noting that for the first time in our electoral history, we have an Independent Candidate and a female Presidential Candidate. I will fail in my duty as the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia, if I omit to mention our polling officials and the sacrifices they made to facilitate the polling process. Furthermore, I wish to recognise the high level of commitment, professionalism and dedication of our Commissioners, CEO and staff. I therefore dedicate the ECN's preparedness and delivery of free, fair and transparent elections to them. The 2019 elections have also shown an increasing trend of young people willing to participate in the electoral process. A total number of 700, 648 young people representing 52% of the voters on the final register, registered themselves as voters. A further analysis has revealed that 403, 106 representing 30% of registered voters were Born-Frees, young people who were born after our independence in 1990. It also revealed that 8, 623 young persons who registered themselves as voters, and representing 0.6% of the registered voters were Millennials, while a total number of 128,190 persons who registered themselves, and representing 9.4% of registered voters were young people who turned 18 years of age since the last Presidential and National Assembly elections in 2014. In the past, young people were associated with voter apathy but the observed new trend seems to validate the effectiveness of voter and civic education campaign specifically targeting the youth. These are encouraging signs suggesting that our young people are interested in the political affairs of their country.

Every electoral processes will experience its own challenges and in the interest of transparency, the ECN advices that some of the delays experienced in the announcement of these results were due to ensuring that any discrepancies were identified and rectified. In particular, it was noted on receipt of documentations from Returning Officers in the following Constituencies: Otjiwarongo Constituency Team 303; Opuwo Rural Constituency Team 311; Moses Garoeb Constituency Team 115 and Eenhana Constituency - Team 310 That the Returning Officers of these constituencies at the time of tabulation of results at the Collation centres omitted to include the results of the respective aforementioned polling stations. Hence results from these polling stations were not included in constituency results declared by the Returning Officers at these collation centres. Following the detection of these anomalies this afternoon, the Chief Electoral Officer undertook corrective measures by directing the concerned Returning Officers to make requisite statements under oath and to rectify the discrepancies on the announcement forms and paste the rectified forms at the respective collation centres. Please allow me to make a formal announcement of the Presidential and National Assembly Elections in accordance with Sections 109 and 110 of the new Electoral Act, Act No.5 of 2014. I am delighted to announce that we have received all the results counted from all polling station from all 121 Constituencies and determined in accordance with

the relevant provisions of the Act. Furthermore, the results from the Special Voting Day conducted both at foreign missions and in-country on 13th November 2019 have been included in final count. Ladies and Gentlemen, rest assured that the ECN has honoured its responsibilities regarding the preparations and holding of the Presidential and National Assembly elections of which results I will now announce in accordance with the sections of the Electoral Act I have referred to above. 1. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: In accordance with Sections 109 subsection (1) of the Electoral Act which states that, upon receiving the results of the Presidential Elections, the Chairperson of the Commission shall in the prescribed manner announce them by making known the total number of votes counted in respect of each candidate and that the Chairperson shall also declare the candidate determined in accordance with subsection (2) to have accumulated the highest votes duly elected as President with effect from such dates determined by the Namibian Constitution. A total of eleven (11) candidates contested the Presidential Elections. I will now announce the results that candidates obtained according to alphabetic order of the parties they represented in the Presidential race and the Independent Candidate: VOTES: Apius Auchab (UDF) 115 votes (2,7 %); Dr. Hage Gottfried Geingob (Swapo Party of Namibia) 464 703 (56.3 %); Dr. Tangeni lijambo (SWANU) 5 959 (0,7 %); Dr.

Panduleni Fillemon Bango Itula (IC) 242 657 (29,4 %); Mr. Henry Ferdinand Mudge (RP) 4 379 (0,5 %); Ms. Esther Utjiua Muinjangue (NUDO) 12 039 (1,5 %); Mr. Epafras Jan Mukwilongo (NEFF) 1 026 (0,1 %); Mike Ratoveni Kavekotora (RDP) 3 515 (0,4 %); Shixwameni Ignatius Nkotongo (APP) 3 304 (0,4 %); Mr. Bernadus Clinton Swartbooi (LPM) 22 542 (2,7 %); McHenry Venaani (PDM) 43 959 (5,3 %). It is thus my honour to declare Dr. Hage Gottfried Geingob who in accordance with Section 109 (2) of the Electoral Act has accumulated a total of 464 703 votes representing 56.3% percentage of the total votes cast in the presidential race, duly elected as President with effect from such dates determined by the Namibian Constitution. 2. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS: A total number of fifteen (15) political parties contested the National Assembly Elections. We have listed the parties alphabetically together with the results they have obtained in accordance with Section 110 of the Electoral Act which empowers the Chairperson of the Commission to announce the results received from the returning officers. Subsections (1), (2) and (3) of the Act require the Chairperson of the Commission to make known the total number of votes counted and recorded for each political party and the appropriate quota determined and hence the number of seats obtained in the National Assembly according to paragraph 1 of Schedule 4 of


the Namibian Constitution, which in this case is 8 544. (Party Results - page 2 of today’s edition). Allow me at this point to express our gratitude as ECN to various role players who have assisted us in the administration of these elections, including the Government of the Republic of Namibia for the provision of the financial resources for the elections and the local civic organizations that also conducted civic and voter education. Special word of appreciation will also go to the Namibian Police for maintaining peace and providing safety and protection that rendered the electoral process the degree of fairness and freedom that is required for people to vote. The police officers were always at hand to offer the needed service to the electoral body that included the protection of our materials, staff and facilities. It would have been almost impossible to arrive at this stage without them. Indeed our men and women in uniforms are worthy of praise for their professionalism and diligence in the execution of their duties. Day and night, they were in harm's way to assist the ECN with securing both sensitive and non-sensitive electoral material during this period. Let me also thank the media for consistently providing information to the voters about every stage of the implementation of our Election calendar and the heightened interest they have shown in covering the election campaign period. We commend you for performing the role you are playing in keeping the Nation informed about the national democratic process.



Passenger ship Albatross called at Walvis Bay......

The passenger ship Albatross called at Walvis Bay on Saturday. The next passenger liner to call is Aid Amira scheduled alongside on 19 December 2019.

Tuesday 3 December High Tide: 08:08 Low Tide: 14:24 High Tide: 20:28 Low Tide: 02:00

Thursday 5 December Low Tide: 03:52 High Tide: 10:39 Low Tide: 17:08 High Tide: 23:21

Wednesday 4 December Low Tide: 02:27 High Tide: 09:22 Low Tide: 15:54 High Tide: 21:58

Friday 6 December Low Tide: 05:05 High Tide: 11:42 Low Tide: 18:01 High Tide: 00:20

Port Log






Xmas lights on

Rudi Bowe

Walvis Bay Deputy Junior Mayor Jacky Geirises switched on the Christmas decorative lights during the mayoral festival to officially kick off the festive season of unity at the town hall on Sunday. The festive season is a time for giving and receiving but a little more for the giving. It doesn't always have to be gifts shared but giving your time and energy to someone, your thoughts and ideas or even giving a hand to someone in need. Deputy Junior Mayor Jacky Geirises said at the event that although this is the festive season and a time for joyous celebration, we should still be very cautious during this time of the year. Geirises said “As we come to the end of the year we cannot forget the trials and tribulations. As a youth myself I cannot present a speech without mentioning the youth. The Junior Councils main aim is to be a voice for the youth. Furthermore stand up for the youth and to encourage them to be their better selves”. Geirises added that we need to be grateful for what they have, because not everybody has achieved what they have this year. Be grateful for your health, your family members, and the friendships you have made and most importantly the mementos of this year.

This right now is a great example of unity. Coming together as a community regardless of our race, religion, ethnic group and or financial background we need to look past these factors to come together to celebrate our differences and the love we have for each other and to begin the festive season full of joyous celebration together. As we know with unity comes power Geirese said. “The roads tend to be very busy during the festive season, so we should be very cautious during this time. We should avoid drinking and driving as this causes impairment in our mental capabilities and can results in an even higher rate of accidents,” Geirises added. Geirises and her fellow junior councillors handed out hundreds of gift packs to children. While everybody including elderly community members enjoyed live gospel music by various church groups and dance performances by community member before the Christmas decorative lights were finally switched on.



Swakopmund KIA Makietie is here Sharlien Tjambari

The Swakopmund KIA Makietie will take place this weekend from 6 -7 December at the Vineta North Sport Field. There will be various games and fun activities in store for those who would love to be part of this event. This year Swakopmund participated in the Kwêla “Dorp van die Jaar” competition which is annually hosted by Kwêla. From each province in South Africa and each town in Namibia, one town is chosen as a winner of the competition. The residents of Swakopmund made sure that Swakopmund took the title and because of this, the organisers of the Swakopmund KIA Makietie are throwing a party as a token of appreciation. The event promises to be full of highlights and you will experience amazing

local and international entertainment, fun for young and old and an overall great vibe. Enjoy performances from Juanita Du Plessis, Leah, Emo Adams, Dirk Van Der Westhuizen, Fatman, EES, Die Campels, Willem Botha and Lollos, Jezelle, Wynand & Cheree and George Longane. You will also see special appearances by television actors from Getrout Met Rugby, Binnelanders and Suidooster. Adults are expected to pay N$50, children and pensioners will pay N$30. Tickets are available at Computicket or at the gate.



Naval engineer – Project base position

Job purpose This individual will be responsible for the smooth running of the operations carried out by other subcontractors, specializing in electrical equipment and instruments. Management of international multicultural teams with pro-ven experience in similar project environment. Preparation and control of work after completion.



Education: Software: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, CATIA, Rhinoceros, MATLAB Programming: Java, VBA Degree in MSc Offshore and Naval Architecture - With focus and experience in offshore engineering and naval architecture - Experience in pipeline installations, mooring and Hydrodynamics and HSE also required.

Send CV Closing date: 13 December 2019

MUNICIPALITY OF WALVIS BAY Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63 (2) (b) of the Local Authorities Act, 1992, (Act 23/1992), as amended, that the Municipality of Walvis Bay intends to lease, by private transaction, a portion of land on Erf 229, directly next to the Northern Border of the Walvis Bay Cemetery, to Eden Nursery. DESCRIPTION Portion of land on Erf 229 AREA 3000 m² ZONING Undetermined LEASE PRICE N$1800.00/month N$270.00 (15% VAT) Full particulars per-

taining to the lease will lie for inspection by interested persons until Tuesday 10 December 2019 at room 231, M u n i c i p a l O ff i c e s , Nangolo Mbumba Drive. For more information, Ms Ruusa Kambonde can be contacted at telephone (064) 201 3307 during office hours. Any person objecting to the lease are called upon to lodge any objections to such lease with the Municipality in writing within a period of not less than ten (10) days after the last date of the second publication of this notice, being on or before 12:00, Friday 13 December 2019. Piet Van Niekerk Manager: Community Development




PROPERTY TIMES TO LET WAREHOUSE/ WORKSHOP NEW INDUSTRIAL WALVIS BAY Total 342m², ground floor 272m². mezzanine floor 70m², 2 x offices with A/C, 2 toilets, kitchenette, secure complex with 24h video surveillance and alarm Contact: 081 128 8211 TE HUUR: Walvisbaai oorkant Namib Times Woonstel agter in erf. Een slaapkamer met kaste Oop plan kombuis en sitkamer. Kombuis het ingeboude kaste en stoof. Badkamer met stort. W/L ingsl. N$ 4 000.00 p/m Deposito onderhandelbaar Kontak: 081 351 1062 3-Schlafzimmerhaus in Kramersdorf Swakopmund mit: 3 Garagen, 3 Flats, geschützter Innenhof. Alarmsystem. Geeignet als Gästehaus / Wohngemeinschaft. Ab sofort, langfristig zu vermieten. N$ 12,000.00 /Monat + Deposit. Tel. ab 14h00 : 064-402927 oder 081- 2083531 TO RENT: 4 bedroom units in Fairways 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets, open plan dining room Kitchen, Lounge, double garage. Own court yard. Inside/outside braai area. N$ 9 500.00 p/m Deposit N$ 9 500.00 W/E excl. Contact: 081 293 0251 TO RENT: 2 bedroom flat with garage on first floor In Walvis Bay Town Centre Available immediately N$ 5000.00 p/m Deposit N$ 5000.00 (payable in 2 months) For more information: 0812437598 OR 204871 LARGE PET FRIENDLY NEW HOUSES-RENT Reduced in W/B 1.Longbeach 4 bedrooms/Double Garage 7900/2. Meersig 4 bedrooms / Double Garage 8500/3. Union str no 63. 3 bedrooms / 3 Garage 7900/4.Union str no 63. 2 bedrooms/single Garage 5900/Call/Whatsapp: 0813787347/081697858 8/064-204986 or e mail na

TO LET SWAKOPMUND CENTRAL 2 Bed flat with garageN$ 5000 2 Bed flat with garage, CBD – N$ 7500 4 Bed Penthouse, with double garage N$ 16000 OCEAN VIEW 3 Bed house with double garage – N$ 10500 VOGELSTRAND Fully Furnished 2 bed flat with Double garage – N$ 9900 MILE 4 2 Bed Flat, fully furnished – N$ 7300 Call Lucille 0811696216 for viewing

TO LET: MT Flats Mahetago, Mondesa, Swakopmund Neat and secured modern single rooms. Near shopping centre / main road Rent N$ 1 300.00 N$ 1 700.00 Deposit N$ 1 000.00 negotiable Water & electricity included Contact details: 081 865 2584 RENT WANTED: Two students are looking for a spacious bachelor flat to rent for N$ 2 500.00 p/m preferably in Jabulani, Mondesa and Tamariskia ext 3. To move in December. Contact: 081 295 4485 TO LET: Elchemar court Meersig 1 x 2 bedroom apartment, automated single garage in a secure complex. Available: Immediately N$ 5 000.00 p/m + N$ 5 000.00 deposit. Contact: 081 128 6919 TO RENT: Swakopmund, Matutura Secure 1 bedroom flat, BIS, BIC, garage, water included, pre-paid electricity. Available: Immediately N$ 4 000.00 p/m + N$ 4 000.00 deposit (neg) Contact: 081 215 1276

TO LET SWAKOPMUND INDUSTRIAL 182m² Workshop/Warehouse – N$ 10500 124m² Workshop – N$ 5500 Call Lucille 0811696216 for viewing

TO RENT: Neat and private 1 bedroom backyard flat. Spacious open plan, with build in cupboards, bathroom & kitchenette W/E incl. Extras: camera & detector For security Aluminium windows & door N$ 3 600.00 p/m Single person N$ 3 900.00 p/m Couple. serious & sober people. Available immediately Call: 081 229 7390 TO RENT: Narraville, Walvis Bay Newly build bachelors flats with bic small kitchen, toilet with shower available immediately. Suitable for a working person or a couple. N$ 3000.00 p/m Contact: 081 771 0554 TO RENT: Narraville 2 bedroom apartment with courtyard and braai area with garage. Pre paid electricity. Water incl. Deposit payable in 2 or 3 months Immediately available. Contact: 081 250 1885 081 253 2303 TO RENT: Narraville Langenhoven str 146 One bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet + hot water N$ 3 000.00 p/m Plus N$ 2 000.00 deposit Contact: 081 447 3214 081 654 7097 TO RENT: Narraville 1 bedroom, backyard flat with spacious parking. Kitchen wit BIC and small lounge area. N$ 3 300.00 p/m Deposit Water incl. Electricity pre paid. Contact: 081 285 6215 081 147 5143 TO RENT: house nr, 6th Street 70 with b.i.c bachelor flat available with small kitchen, lounge area Water incl. Prepaid electricity. N$ 3 500.00 p/m Deposit negotiable. Contact: 081240 8931 TO RENT: Bachelor flat available NHE houses, near Katutura, car wash Shared bathroom, kitchen and living room. Preferably one male occupant N$ 2 200.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 277 0836 TO RENT: 1 bedroom flat opposite Hanganeni Primary School in Swakopmund, water included, pre-paid electricity. N$ 3 000.00 p/m Contact: 081 148 1332

TO LET SWAKOPMUND TAMARISKIA 2 Bed House with Single garage – N$ 7500 3 Bed house with double garage - N$ 8400 MONDESA 2 Bed house, avail end Dec 19 – N$ 4500 2 Bed house, no garage – N$ 4900 3 Bed house, avail end Dec 19 – N$ 6500 3 Bed House with Double garage – N$ 8750 Call Lucille 0811696216 for viewing

TO RENT OR FOR SALE: Swakopmund, near Mondesa Woermann. 3 Bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, single garage. N$ 6 200.00 p/m + Deposit payable in 2 months Contact: 081 313 7097 / 081 156 3969 TE HUUR: Swakaopmund, Te Dante Square, Vrede Rede Straat. Garage 22 m² alleen vir motors of stoorplek. N$ 900.00 p/m Kontak eienaar: 081 260 6999 / 081 287 6909 Malakia Properties Estate Agents TO LET, MONDESA Rooms from N$ 1 200.00 to N$ 2 800.00 TULINAWA 1Bedroom,bathroom and Kitchen N$ 2 800.00 W/Inc JABULANI 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen, Lounge N$ 5 500.00 NHE Swakop 2 bedrooms, bathroom Kitchen N$ 4 500.00 W/L Excl NARRAVILLE 1bedroom, bathroom and kitchen N$ 2 950.00 W/L Incl TAMARISKIA FLAT 2 bedrooms, bathroom Open-plan Kitchen N$ 4 500.00 W/Incl All Deposit Required Tel: 064 406 783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@

USAKOS MALL COMING SOON N$50 per m² for office or shop space, Book your Space today with Lucille 081 169 6216 or Yolanda 081 158 3463

TO RENT: Kabeljou Kuisebmond safe and secure location N$ 2 500.00 p/m Deposit required Price includes water Electricity pre paid Call: 081 278 0918 081 147 3455


TO RENT: 2x newly belt in Narraville Available immediately each flat consist of the following: One bedroom with BIC One kitchen with bic and sink, toilet and shower Going for N$ 3 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 127 9530 TO RENT: newly built Bachelor flat Kitchen and toilet near new NHE houses N$ 2 500.00 p.m W/E incl. Deposit N$ 1 000.00 Available immediately Can be used for December holiday accommodation Call: 081 637 1212 081 690 6503 TO RENT: Bachelor flat with garage N$ 5 700.00 p/m W/E incl. Lagoon, Walvis Bay Very quiet area. Sea, Park, Town, Schools walking distance Available immediately Call: 081 216 5758

OMARURU WILDLIFE ESTATE 12,6 ha Plot with bush bathroom (Reed): flush-toilet, shower, hand-basin, hot-water stove (donkie), platform for tent(s) N$ 950,000.00 o.n.c.o. Tel. 081-1276317 Malakia Properties TAMARISKIA 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Open-plan Kitchen And Garage N$ 800 000.00 3bedrooms,2bathrooms,Ki tchen bic with stove Lounge and Double Garage N$ 1.35mil 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen, dining room Lounge and Double Garage Plus: 2 bachelors flat N$ 1.6mil JABULANI 2 bedrooms, bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge N$ 680 000.00 MONDESA 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom Kitchen, Lounge & Garage Plus: bachelors flat N$ 800 000.00 NHE SWAKOP 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen, big yard N$ 950 000.00 TULINAWA 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen, dining room Lounge and Single Garage, Boundary wall N$1 050mil Malakia 064 406 783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@yah

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION @ St Peters Pastoral Centre, Narraville Walvis Bay For viewing and more information Email: Mobile: 081 407 2966 ACCOMMODATION Guest rooms available in Kuisebmond From N$ 200.00 Contact: 081 616 5586

VACANCIES Experienced Joiners needed Walvis Bay & Swakopmund

VACANCIES VACANCIES ERVTC invites the service of well experienced and qualified Artisans in the following trades: 1.Fitting and Machining Level: 2 - 4 2. Electrical General Level:1 - 4 3.Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Level:1 - 4 4. Entrepreneurship Level: 1-4 5.First Aid Level 1 - 4 6.Foundation Numeracy Skills Level 1 - 4 7. Foundational Engineering Skills And Drawing Skills Level:1 4 Suitably qualified and experienced candidates (must be a holder of Level 3 Certificate or N4 and above) should submit detailed CV's with certified supporting documents to the office. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, no documents shall be returned and no late application shall be considered. Our office is in TOM SWEMMER STREET OPPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL WALVIS BAY NO : 30, near State Hospital. Contact numbers are provided above. Only hand deliver Please!! 081 431 0571 / 081 394 8836 CLOSING DATE: 13 DECEMBER 2019



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR



WANTED: We pay cash for unwanted or broken jeweler. 9ct up to N$ 200 p/g 18ct up to N$ 400.00 p/g Contact: 081 330 2041 081 714 8936

TO HIRE CONTAINERS TO BUY / RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office or ablution alterations. Cowboys. 064 418 150 or 081 146 4770



GERMAN COURSES FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!!! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mother tongue teacher. Contact: 081 607 2685

We cater for all our Namibian Educational Needs Bookshop copy centre Photocopying Binding & documents Laminating Fax services Internet wifi Text books Stationery Educational materials Dictionaries 2020 Monthly/Year Planners School Stationery Pre Packs For Back to School 2020 Already packed Office: Bookshop centre next to Photo Volker Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 09:00 - 17:00 Saturdays 09:00 - 13:00 Contact 081 868 1995 Office: 064 221 850 WE OFFER : Tutoring classes on all subjects Gr3 – 12 Namcol / IUM (Open Learners) Please Register now Limited space for 2020


APPLY NOW To be eligible for the January 2020 intake!! ERVTC aims to provide equitable services to ensure that all students have opportunities to maximize their potentials towards becoming productive citizens of the country. ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSION *Must be 16 years and above *(Twenty two) 22 points in grade 10 with a minimum of E symbol in English, Mathematics and Physical Science. *(Twenty) 20 points in Grade 12 with a minimum of symbol in English. Mathematics and Physical Science COURSES OFFERED *FITTING AND MACHINING LEVEL: 1 - 4 *ELECTRICAL GENERAL LEVEL 1 - 4 *PLUMBING AND PIPEFITTING LEVEL 1-4 Application forms are available at ERVTC office. All copies submitted with application must be certified. OUR OFFICE TOM SWEMMER STREET NO 30, OPPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL WALVIS BAY NEAR STATE HOSPITAL WALVIS BAY. DEADLINE: 13 DECEMBER 2019 081 431 0571 / 081 394 8836


HAIR & BEAUTY THE VIRGIN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC Raw un processed virgin hair 100% cuticles aligned in the same direction Easy to colour, bleach and flat iron Last over 4-5 years with good care Prices per 100g 10-N$ 850.00 14-N$ 1 025.00 16-N$ 1 150.00 18-N$ 1 225.00 20-N$ 1 325.00 22-N$ 1 425.00 24-N$ 1 450.00 26-N$ 1 550.00 28-N$ 1 600.00 4x4 Lace Closures 10-N$ 1 250.00 12-N$ 1 300.00 14-N$ 1 350.00 16-N$ 1 450.00 18-N$ 1 550.00 20-N$ 1 650.00 Available in silky straight, kinky straight, wavy, deep waves and deep curls Shop 5 Stadtmitte building Next to FNB Burea de change Tobias Hainjeko Street Swakopmund. Namibia Tell: 064 402444 Cell: 0812884920 Email: thevirginhairboutiquecc@ We are also in the below towns Windhoek Cell: 0816630808 Ondangwa: 0813709449 Follow us on Face book and Instagram @ The Virgin Hair Boutique Cc

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



THE VIRGIN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC We supply Argan oil infused and Gluten and Sulfate-Free products Ideal for home and Salon USE -Sulfate-FREE -Gluten-FREE -Argan oil infused -Deeply Moisturizing -Ideal for all hair types - buy 10 items or more and get 30-45% DISCOUNT RETAIL PRICES Argan Oil Shampoo 750ml N$ 180.00 Argan oil shampoo 350ml N$ 100.00 Argan oil Conditioner 750ml N$ 180.00 Argan oil Conditioner 350ml N$ 100.00 Argan oil serum 100ml N$ 190.00 oil serum 30ml N$ 100.00 Argan oil Hair Mask 500ml N$ 160.00 Argan oil Mask 200ml N$ 100.00 Bouncy curl activator 280ml N$ 110.00 VH silicone hair serum 60 ml N$ 80.00 Posa Shampoo 1000ml N$ 200.00 Posa 1 minute treatment N$ 160.00 Delux VHB ARGAN OIL HAIR CARE -Argan oil infused -Add and lock in moisture Argan oil deluxe Shampoo 300ml N$ 130.00 Argan oil Deluxe Conditioner 300ml N$ 130.00 Argan Curl Defining Cream N$ 130.00 Argan deluxe hair mask 250ml N$ 130.00 Argan deluxe hair and body serum 100ml N$ 210.00 Deluxe hair and body serum 50ml N$ 160.00 HAIR COLORING PRODUCTS Go care Bleaching Powder 500g N$ 140.00 Go care Bleaching Peroxide 1000ml N$ 80.00 Go care permanent hair colours N$ 120.00 Purple Shampoo 280Ml N$ 180.00 Red Shampoo 280Ml N$ 180.00 Black and Brown Shampoo 280ml N$ 180.00 Colour Conditioner 280ml N$ 180.00 Ask for bulk prices in store Shop 5 Stadtmitte building Next to FNB Burea de change Tobias Hainjeko Street Swakopmund. Namibia Tell: 064 402444 Cell: 0812884920 Email: thevirginhairboutiquecc@ We are also in the below towns Windhoek Cell: 0816630808 Ondangwa: 0813709449 Follow us on Face book and Instagram @ The Virgin Hair Boutique Cc




Large white female Husky German Shephard dog missing since Friday. Sieera is her name. N$1000.00 REWARD

Please call Sylvia @ 081 129 7737

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810


· Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · Hiring of earth moving Equipment

PHILEO BABIES CC Intelligent electric breast pumps BPA and Fluorescent Free -Built in rechargeable lithium battery, -You can pump anywhere where you are most comfortable. No direct power needed -strong suction capabilities -ultra quiet Designed to fit every woman in whatever stage in their breast feeding journey.. Double electric breast pump N$ 1 400.00 Single Electric Breast Pump N$ 1 100.00 Manual Breast pump N$ 500.00 Each comes with 30 pack free milk storage bags valued at N$ 90.00 We do deliveries country wide Contact us: 081 227 3274 YEAR END SALE Earthmoving JCB and excavator, Toyota Double Cab D4D diesel Toyota single cab 3ltr diesel. Nissan Hardbody Np300 diesel. Offroad caravan, 6 men tent, 4 sleeping camper. All prices upon request. Contact Erasmus: 081 282 3833 FOR SALE: Golf Clubs Beginner Set Bag, Balls & Tees included N$ 3000.00 Contact: 081 344 9930

CARS FOR SALE: Walvis Bay mercedes ML 500 V8 Automatic / 4 matic N$ 580 000.00 72451 km Kontak Ronel: 081 485 1038 CAR FOR SALE: 2004 Mercedes Benz 320 E. 121 000 km Excellent condition No rust N$ 95 000.00 Contact: 081 127 5888

Baard Transport / Block & Brick

“The Service Makes The Difference”


EK HET N 4 TON LORRIE,HET JY N VRAG? Ons verwyder bou rommel, tuin rommel, enige vullis, huis trekke, kantoor trekke en ons ry lang pad. Bel dan praat ons Coenraad Fourie 081 337 0876

Quality Repair And Cooling Service Erf 626 Mandumeya Ndamfayo street no. 7 Swakopmund. Repairs on : *Washing machines *Stoves (gas and electric) *Fridges *Microwaves *Dishwashers *Tumble Dryers Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Henties Bay and Arandis 24/7 service Contact: 081 840 5302 / 081 688 9145 Email: qualityrepairswakop@ SERVICES:Moolmans Motorcycle Repairs Specializing in all types of motorcycle repairs & services Open the whole festive season offering on-site & off-site repairs Contact Jan: 0814231906

SERVICES OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: + 264 814093522 email: nktransportnam

ADELLE'S K53 DRIVING ACADEMY Police clearance Vehicle registration Roadworthy applications Appriction for special permit Application for duplicate registration certificate Application for scraping vehicles Code B, Learners classes, forklift classes Assessments all drivers Adelle: 081 882 4664 Amanda: 081 365 0478 adellesk53drivingacade SERVICES: Occupational health, safety environmental services by KMC Investment CC /2016/00619 vISO Integrated Management Services 14001, OHSAS 18001/45001 vProject Safety files vRisk Assessment vSafety Supervision “Site Specific” vAnnual Safety Audits As per Government Rules & Regulations Contact: 081 827 2401/ safetyfirst0175@gmail. com ARLEY INVESTMENTS ·CONSTRUCTION ·RENOVATIONS ·ELECTRONICS ·ALARMS ·GUARDING 081 233 9825 arleyinvestments@ ACT SECURITY SERVICE CC Company Reg no. 201708493 18 years experience Well trained security guards, full uniform. We do all kinds of guarding service @ Guesthouses, Building constructions, Patrolling party, wedding party, workshops or houses & many more.. 24/7 service, call us for holiday needed. Contact: 081 454 9210 /081 372 4160 Mr Caprianus Swakopmund.




Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


Dr Chivela Chivias The best healer of all times. I have best experience since I have been treating people for so many years and through my experience I can help people with the following. Lost lover. Divorce cases. Is your love life falling apart. Do you want your love to grow stronger? Is your partner losing interest in you? Dr can strengthen bonds in all love relationships and marriage. Create loyalty and everlasting love between couples. Financial problems, clear debts, magic wallet . Bank loans, house bond, property by using short boy. Promotion at work and be a boss at work. Bring out any kind of unwellness such as bad luck and bad spirits. Whatever kind of problem you have do not hesitate to contact Dr Chivela no matter how difficult or how far you are. Call +264814526252 email m

Malawian Traditional Doctor Gogo Paketi The doctor is in Walvis Bay with 40 years experience and has done wonders and great things in many SADC countries, such as bringing back lost lovers in 4 days. Removal of bad luck, very tough and challenging court cases, binding your love and to be your only. And to get a man/woman you want of your choice. Pregnancy problems, jobs and promotions, business, protection of bodies and houses from witchcraft, protection of kraals farms from thieves, wining tenders, and contracts, revenge kapsule, rejuvenate mens power during sex, magic wallet and get rich within short notice. Chest pains, headache, swollen legs and feet, epelipsy, drinking/smoking, to be released from prison, manhood enlargement. Hips/breast. I know you have been let down by others but now your time has come. Come and experience the wonderful miracles happening in your life and you will never regret. Call/sms 081443 0041

Traditional Doctor Moyo Tired of running up and down, going everywhere but not achieving your real goals, here is your doctor to prove everything for you. He helps with different types of problems such as court cases, love affairs, marriage problems, weak erections which is unable to satisfy your woman, vagina tightness for man to feel always attracted to you house problems, all types of transmitted sickness, high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, chest pains, chasing of bad luck spirits, job problems, stop lover from cheating you [man or woman] Business improvements, all types of good luck. pregnancy problems, have protected life, never give up your life, your doctor is here to cleanse and lift you up. Come at 471 Mandume Ya Ndemufayo Street Mondesa Swakopmund or call Doctor Moyo 081 339 5913

Traditional Dr Herbalist Dr Lovemore Ben Banda (The old man) From Malawi is in Walvis Bay with 30 years vast experience in various problems & diseases such as bringing back lost lover, to get a new job, to win court cases, to clean out bad luck from your body, to pass exams, to pass driving, to protect your body from withcraft, to boost small business to be big business, to be liked with people to stop smoking and drinking, alcohol and drugs, divorce, stop your lover to be stingy with money, to make you sleep nicely in your house, to stop bad dreams, a man to be strong in bed during sex, a woman to have feelings for a man, headaches, swelling of your body, madness, epilepsy, joints pain, pregnancy problems, if you need a new baby, period pains, to recover stolen property, BP, ulcers, diabetes, asthma, and many more…Come and experience wonderful miracles happening in your life, you will never regret. Contact: 081 643 1482 sms or call find the Old man in Kuiseb, Mass Houses, at NHE 6751 Johannes Nakuafila Street.

Dr BANDA. NYASA HERBALS CC Dr Banda is hailed as a Herbalist of the year in 2007, 2008 & 2015. He has more than 20 years of Experience in Arabic healing/ Central, East & Southern African Herbs & Astrology. He opened up in Ormonde, they are astrologer, Herbalist Healer & Researcher. They are the Proud winners of the East/Central African Control Counsil Award for a life time Achievement in Astrology & Herbal Healing. Specialises in the following : 1. Bring back lost lovers, even if lost for a long time. Just from 3 days. 2. Remove badluck, witchcraft, Tokoloshes & Demons from your body or your home. 3. Ensure that promotion you have desired for a long time at work or in your career. 4. Herbal medicine for enlarging the Penis in both length & girth permanently. 5. Herbal therapy for controlling early ejaculation & increase sperms count. 6. Guarantee you to win that troubling court case, no matter what stage. 7. Attract customers to your Business & turn your trade into a favourite. 10. Heals most chronic Diseases & advice on lifestyle Diseases. Healing using Organic Herbal supplements. Diseases like: Epilepsy, Fits, Asthma, Bed wetting, Shingles, Unhealed wounds, High & Low blood pressure, Sugar Diabetes, Heart Diseases, effects of Cholesterol, swollen (Glands, Stomach, Legs, Lungs) & many more. Now the Doctor is here in your Town for the first Time. Call for Appointment & Consultation. All his works are 100% guaranteed. If you have tried a lot & failed, don't give up, simply turn to the Young African Celebrated Doctor from Malawi now here in Namibia. Contact: 081 740 7321

TRADITIONAL DOKOTA THE HEALER DOKOTA BABA CHANDE The powerful traditional healer who never fail no matter how big is your problem in spiritual and traditional way don’t let your problems give you stress day and night. I am here to help you... To bring back your lost lover no matter for how long you break up. To stop your love cheating on you. Remove bad luck from your body. Promotion at work Do you want to win the divorce or stop the divorce Misunderstandings in your relationship To chase away the bad evils in your house. To boots your business to have more customers. Protection of your property. To sell your property very fast. To win tenders with your business. Magic wallet and magic stick. Protection of your body from your enemies. Women and men who don’t produce. Financial business matters. Pregnant problems Debt account loan Gambling and casino To see your enemies in the mirror And many more Cell: 081 436 0205 TRADITIONAL DOCTOR KALENGA: He can help you through: Pregnancy - Education Court Cases - Love Affairs - Marriage Problems - Bad Luck - Businesses - Protection at Home - Removal of Tokoloshi - Mens’ Power Sexuality - Exams Job Problems etc. Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. Cell: 081 201 7887

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck - Luck Muti - Love Problems Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself - Work problems - Promotions - To get ten-ders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back - Pregnancy Problems - Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP - Remove tokoloshi from bodies, houses Men’s power sexuality Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D, Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149 HEALTH AND TEMPERANCE Natural Cure Sena herbal is one of the giant in Natural remedies around the continent that teat and cure al deadly diseases using Organic herbs, such as canccr, BP, Diabetes, asthma, kidney stones, stroke. We also help problems such as: weak erections, restore body immunity, weight loss, clean and restore brain damaged cells and all pregnancy problems. Call or whatsapp 081 385 6200 +27 618 498 182 DR WANJA Pay after success, same day results. Bring back your lost lover same day Get a love of your choice Get married quickly to a man or woman of your choice. Stop your partner from cheating. To make your lover him or her to love you only Pregnancy problems Manhood enlargement from 5cm - 30cm Hips and breast enlargement Win gambling in casino Financial problems Remove bad luck using Lyola oil. Get job quickly and clear your debts / loans. Contact: 081 409 5373

TESTIMONY FOR NTATE DR MALENGANA UNLOCK YOUR LIFE My name is Themba from Soweto, my number is 0783238155 Am here about to tell my story about ntate Dr Malengana after my life of mysery. I had lost all my house, cars was taken by the bank after owing the bank too much to pay those fake sangomas who gave me fals hope. Then 1 day I read about tate malengana helped people who had financial problems. I called him and he explained to me about his ways and he told me to chose short boys and a short woman that help put the money in my bank account and magic rats that also brings money in my house. Then I sent my name and address to him and he told me tow ait for a few hours and to my surprise I saw money everywhere in my room, I was scared and confused I called Ntate Malegana and he told me to correct my money and to send him 10% he also helped me with my business. He can solve all private problems, you have to explain to him he can help you 100% guarantee. He is a very nice man, nothing is impossible under the sun, my life is happy Call Ntate Malengala 0812944297

DR KAMUZU 081 777 4547 Traditional doctor newly arrived. Pay after success. Lost lovers, marriages, diseases, man power. Finance, unfinished jobs. Protection now in Walvis Bay and in Swakopmund on request. 081 777 4547

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NAMIB TIMES HOLIDAY SUPPLEMENT 2019 Abu Dhabi PRO National JiuJitsu Championships Rudi Bowe

The Abu Dhabi International PRO Jiu-Jitsu championships were held 1 December in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fighters from Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Israel and Pakistan attended. The Namibians surprised everyone with their excellent performance. They won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 Bronze. Delano Müller won a gold medal and remains undefeated. He has not lost any international championship thus far. His fight lasted only 1min 15seconds. Jan Gouws was a big surprised as it was his first international and he won a welldeserved silver medal. Giano Alcock walked away with a silver medal and Lesley !Hoaëb won a bronze medal at the well organised and tough competition. The next competition will be in Stellenbosch, South Africa on 29 February 2020.

Our Holiday Supplement will appear on Wednesday 11 December 2019 Don’t delay .. book your space today!

Contact: Desiree Tel 064-205854 email: Mikkie Cell: 081 286 9519 email: Lolla Cell: 081 147 7653 email:

Lesley !Hoaëb, Delano Müller, Philip Müller, Giano Alcock and Jan Gouws





Gymnastic qualifier for the AUSC Region 5 The Namibia Gymnastics Federation recently hosted the National Tumbling, Double-mini and Trampoline competition which also serves as a qualifier for the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 competition scheduled for December 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa.

The upper level best gymnasts of the year Photo contributed

Rhythmic National Championship The Namibia Gymnastics Federation recently hosted two-day Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championship with an estimated 230 girls participated at the Jan Wilken Indoor Sports Hall in Walvis Bay. Clubs that participated were Walvis Bay Gymnastics Club, Illusion Rhythmic Club, Infinity Rhythmic Club, Ocean view Rhythmic Club, Windhoek Rhythmic Club, Elite Rhythmic Club and Pionierspark Rhythmic Club. The overall results are: Level 1 (under 6): 1 Shay-Leigh Rinelle Klassen (Walvis Bay), 2 Lexi James (Oceanview) and 3 Rhonda Awases (Walvis Bay) Level 1 (under 7): Taalia Wanona Immanuel (Walvis Bay), 2 Mieke Fourie (Windhoek) and 3 Amenenge Kafidi (Windhoek) Level 1 (under 8): 1 Kayla Kashima (Windhoek), 2 Aaliyah van Wyk (Pionierspark) and 3 Elandri Bruwer (Pionierspark) Level 1 (under 9): 1 Nicole Suren (Elite), 2 Breeze Emily Namindo (Walvis Bay), 2 Isabelle van Eeden (Elite) and 3 Emma Hess (Elite) Level 1 (under 10): 1 Jepingena Tjivikua (Elite), 2 Asnath Kandanga (Walvis Bay), 3 Charlene Hikuam (Oceanview) Level 1 (under 11): 1 Trinity Simasiku (Walvis Bay), 2 Helaria Kayambula (Walvis Bay) and 3 Rosalina Pelinganga (Walvis Bay) Level 1 (over 11): 1 Eenoshili Fenni Amboto (Walvis Bay), 2 Drew Che Dentlinger (Oceanview) and 3 Maya Mwenyo (Walvis Bay) Level 2 (under 7): 1 Carolyn Davis Thomas (Walvis Bay), 2 Lucishia Uises (Walvis Bay) and 3 Ava Orange (Illusion) Level 2 (under 8): 1 Daniela Ropafadzo Chikwara (Walvis Bay), 2 Jana Risser (Windhoek) and 3 Faith Tjikuniva Level 2 (under 9): 1 Elowisha Mentor (Walvis Bay), 2 Nazlee Schweiger (Windhoek), 2 Santa van der Westhuyzen (Windhoek) and 3 Magdan van Eeden (Pionierspark) Level 2 (under 10): 1 Helen Gower (Pionierspark), 2 Maggy Elaine Wohler (Elite), 3 Britney Fourie (Pionierspark) Level 2 (under 11): 1 Tuyeimo Ndashiiva (Windhoek), 2 Anke van Niekerk (Pionierspark) and 3 Anja van Rensburg (Pionierspark) Level 2 (over 11): 1 De-Javu Anita Haileka (Elite), 2 Savannah Filton (Elite) and 3 Erika Rasch (Windhoek) Level 3 (under 7): 1 Kara Kok (Walvis Bay) and 2 Suraya Ashikoto (Oceanview) Level 3 (under 8): 1 Taylor Fick (Windhoek), 2 Maya Kufuna (Walvis Bay) and 3 Milana Burlachenko (Walvis Bay) Level 3 (under 9): 1 Mea van Zyl (Windhoek), 2 Grace Muteka (Walvis Bay) and 3 Angodene Titus (Illusion)

Level 3 (under 10): 1 Joan van Zyl (Windhoek), 2 Lume Jansen van Rensburg (Windhoek) and 3 Emily Sparg (Walvis Bay) Level 3 (under 11): 1 Azelle van Rooi (Walvis Bay), 2 Leigh-Mari Krone (Windhoek) and 3 Jordin Leigh Burns (Oceanview) Level 3 (over 11): 1 Caitlyn Meyer (Windhoek), 2 Alexis Ivins (Walvis Bay) and 3 Malia Silver (Windhoek) Level 4 (under 9): 1 Sanelle Jansen van Vuuren (Infinity), 2 Christina Haylynn Theron (Walvis Bay) and 3 Claudette Jade Rubios (Elite) Level 4 (under 11): 1 Kechia de Koe (Walvis Bay), 2 Kaarina Uusiku (Windhoek) and 3 Ngatangue Hambeka (Pionierspark) Level 4 (under 13): 1 Shantay Hainuanyala (Walvis Bay), 2 Maya Oestlund (Windhoek) and 3 Bethany Branch (Elite) Level 5 (under 9): Micaylah Sevelus (Walvis Bay) Level 5 (under 11): 1 Ina Mai (Windhoek), 2 Rulet Tostma (Windhoek), 3 Janke Samuelson (Windhoek) and 3 Zara Kafuna (Walvis Bay) Level 5 (under 13): 1 Cursha Coetzee (Infinity), 2 Amor Maletzky (Ocean view) and 3 Talia Loock (Ocean view) Level 5 (over 15): Riquleme van Wyk (Illusion) Level 6 (under 11): 1 Naomi Raad (Windhoek), 2 Danine Derks (Walvis Bay) and 3 Amia Fernandes (Walvis Bay) Level 6 (under 13): 1 Kayla Pesch (Windhoek), 2 Manuela Kakulote (Windhoek) and 3 Caitlyn Rust (Windhoek) Level 6 (under 15): 1 Hestia van Schalkwyk (Infinity), 2 Samantha Jacobs (Infinity) Level 6 (over 15): Lourenca Schalkwyk (Windhoek) Level 7 (under 11): Annika Silver (Walvis Bay) Level 7 (under 13): 1 Augustine Evenson (Walvis Bay), 2 Kylie Meinert (Windhoek) Level 7 (under 15): 1 Marlis Gerber (Windhoek), 2 Jameela Mupia (Windhoek) Level 8 (under 13): Milah Malan (Windhoek) Level 8 (under 15): 1. Madison Rust (Windhoek), 2 Alanna Esterhuysen (Infinity) Level 9 (under 15): 1 Hilde-Marie Olivier (Windhoek), 2 Kayla Fortuin (Windhoek) Level 10 (over 15): Zandre Strauss (Windhoek) High Performance 1: 1 Peya Kashaka (Windhoek) High Performance 2: 1 Lia Kufuna (Walvis Bay), 2 Unotjari Kaurimuje (Windhoek) Pre-Junior: Joy Lana Kabooy (Walvis Bay) Junior: Shayna Schutte (Elite)

Gymnasts between 7 – 16 years from Walvis Bay Gymnastics Club (WBGC), Crete Gymnastics Club, and CHALK Gymnastics Club both from Windhoek as well as MORIA Gymnastics Club from Outjo battle it out at the Jan Wilken Indoor Sports Hall in Walvis Bay for a place in the National Gymnast team for the AUSC Region 5 competition. National Champions Girls: Trampoline; Level 2: Danielle van Rooi (Crete), Level 3: Victoria Jansen (Crete), Level 4: Hannah Cronje (Chalk), Level 5: Noa Lofty-Eaton (WBGC) Double-mini trampoline: Level 2: Tilly Parker (Chalk), Level 3: Victoria Jansen (Crete), Level 4: Hannah Cronje (Chalk), Level 5: Noa Lofty-Eaton (WBGC), Age: Noa Lofty-Eaton (WBGC). Level 1, eight years old – Louise Yates - (CHALK), 9 years old – Surne Jansen van Vuuren - (MORIA), 10 years old – Lynette Labuschagne - (MORIA), 11 years old and older – Bronwynne Cloete - (MORIA), Level 2, 7 years old and younger – Victoria Jansen (Crete), 8 years old – Alray Duvenhage - (WBGC), 9 years old – Tilly Parker (CHALK), 10 years old – Caylon Marias - (WBGC), 11 to 12 years old – Kechia de Koe - (WBGC) Level 3, eight years old and younger – Ashley Martins - (WBGC), 9 to 10 years old – Jessica Blaauw - (WBGC), 11 to 2 years old – Minki Rudolph - (WBGC), Level 4, 9 to 10 years old – Katie Wolfaardt - (WBGC), Level 5B, nine to 10 years old – Nadia Bohm - (CHALK) Level 5B, 11 to 12 years old – Hannah Cronje - (CHALK). National Champions: Boys: Tumbling; Level 1, 10 years – Franso Jansen van Vuuren - (MORIA), Level 2, 8 years old – Gabriel Gurirab - (WBGC), 9 years old – Adrian De Koe - (WBGC), 11 to 12 years old – Kerneels Labuschagne (MORIA), Level 6, 15 years old and older – Leon van Wyk - (CHALK), 11 to 12 years old – Ronald Fourie - (WBGC), 15 to 16 years old – James Cindano (Crete), Level 5A, 13 to 14 years old – Zacheo Jansen van Vuuren - points (Crete), Level 5B, 9 to 10 years old – Justinus Steenkamp - (CHALK) 11 to 12 years old – Jurian Dreyer - (MORIA), Level 6, 13 to 14 years old – Ruan Janse van Rensburg - (CHALK). Trampoline; Level 2: Ben Morkel (Chalk), Level 3: Franko Engelbrecht (Moria), Level 4: Naude Krone (Moria), Level 5: Jared Isaacs (WBGC). Double-mini trampoline; Level 2: Ben Morkel (Chalk), Level 3: Jordan Barrow (Crete) Level 4: Faith Enkali (Chalk), Level 5: Naude Krone (Moria), Age: Ronald Fourie (WBGC). Floating trophies: Trampoline; Level 2: Jessica Blaauw (WBGC), Level 3: Franko Engelbrecht (Moria), Level 4: Dylan Dreyer (WBGC), Level 5: Noa Lofty-Eaton (WBGC) Double-mini trampoline; Level 2: Arielle Briedenhann and Ashley Martins (both WBGC) Level 3: Adrian de Koe (WBGC), Level 4: Dylan Dreyer (WBGC), Level 5: Jared Isaacs (WBGC). Tumbling; Level 1: Bronwynne Cloete (Moria), Level 2: Caylin Marais (WBGC), Level 3: Minki Rudolph (WBGC), Level 4: Katie Wolfaardt (WBGC), Level 5A: Nadia Böhm (Chalk), Level 5B: Lucas Lofty-Eaton (WBGC), Level 6: Leon van Wyk (Chalk), Age: Jared Isaacs (WBGC).

Katie Wolfaardt with her floating trophy for tumbling with her national and overall trophies Photo contributed



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The new revived members of Sparta Football club Fabio Silheu, Otto Mack and President of Sparta United Recreation Club Isabel Mack, Tyrone Mouton, Filipe Clara, Raymond Coetzer, Victoe Clara, Emile Dorgeloh and Ashley Koff were absent when the photo were taken

cross-town rivals Blue Waters, where they were to be reunited with Bachman. This year a few young men revived the club to bring back the glory day of Sparta football. These men are Tyrone Mouton, Filipe Clara, Raymond Coetzer, Fabio Silheu, Victor Clara, Emile Dorgeloh and Ashley Koff. This group with the rest of the members will only participate in social games and tournaments. Development will be there main aim as they will with the help of Sparta United Recreation Club start a football academy at Sparta United Recreation Club for younger generation.

The club won their first trophy as they was the winner of the annual Football C.U.P hosted by Round Table Walvis Bay and they are certain that the next cup that will be added to their cabinet will be the SFC Christmas cup hosted be SFC in later this month. The club won their first playing kid at the annual Football C.U.P and received donations from Namibian Snoek Surprise and Exert Garage in Walvis Bay, The club are also busy to host their own football tournament. The President of Sparta United Recreation Club Isabel Mack said that the club is happy and will support the Football club like they do with the Cricket, Hockey, Netball and Rugby clubs.

Sparta Football Club revived Rudi Bowe

Sparta Football Club was restored after many years under the Sparta United Recreation Club in Walvis Bay. Sparta Football Club in the mid-seventies was arguably amongst the finest football entities at the dawn of the country's inaugural multi-racial football league in 1977 with their purple and white stripe outfits. Their aim was to sweep their opponents aside at will with a brand of football never witnessed in our neck of the woods before. Laden with predominantly Portuguese-speaking athletes and a mixture of footballers of German, English and Dutch descent, Sparta were the real deal. Like their cross-town rivals Blue Waters, Sparta benefited astronomically from European influence. The exciting Walvis Bay outfit would occasionally engage in exhibition matches against strong foreign teams made up of sailors from Spain, Norway, Japan and Brazil, anchored at the harbour town. The team always supplied the bulk of players in the then lily-white South West Africa (SWA) Invitational Eleven that competed in the highly competitive annual South African Provincial Curie Cup. The likes of agile shot-stopper Jimmy Orchard, lethal goal poachers Ronny Dagnin and Donny Renzke, attacking midfielder Ivo de Gou-

veia and elder brother Carlos (winger), as well as tough tackling burly centre back Uwe 'Etoko' Bachmann were exceptional athletes in their own right. Alongside Windhoek-based outfits Ramblers, The founder members of the club were Ivo de Gouveia, Jimmy Orchard, Ronny Dagnin and Carlos de Gouveia with the likes of Arthur de Bruyn, Bobby Kurtz, Collin Lackey and Allan Dickson all roped in to strengthen the playing personnel. Sparta FC went on to dominate the league and attracted some of the finest footballers from neighbouring South Africa – enticing them with lucrative job offers in the flourishing fishing industry. Sparta was amongst the very first sports entities to defy orders from the authorities by including players of colour in their playing squads. Sparta also won several cup competitions and was amongst the most decorated football clubs in history. Sadly, the coastal giants folded after the majority of squad members that included defender and team captain Uwe Bachman, Ronny Dagnin and Jimmy Orchard left the country for greener pastures in neighboring South Africa and thus prompting the likes of Ivo, Donny Renzke, Cruyff Kudulu and Sandro de Gouevia to jump ship only to resurface at

What's next for Swakopmund's Godwin Zollie !Awaseb Isaac Chikosi

Weighing about 75 kg and standing at 1.68metres tall, Godwin Zolile !Awaseb was born on 26 August 2000. !Awaseb has been playing soccer from the tender age of seven and since then his passion for the game has only deepened. !Awaseb says his best position is striker although he sometimes plays in the midfield. “I have a powerful strike,

and this is the position I play when representing (selected for) the national team. I'm also good at holding play and bringing

others into play”, he explains. In 2008 !Awaseb joined the Joint Swakopmund Football Club Academy, under

9s: winning the top goal scorer award (Under 11 age group); and later represented Namibia for the first time in 2013 where his

The Sparta Football team of the mid-seventies with some of the trophies that they won team finished third, !Awaseb scored 3 goals in the tournament. Adding to this, in 2016 the striker made his first senior appearance for Swakopmund Football Club in a friendly match aged 15 before heading to Mauritius the same year for the 2016 U/17 COSAFA Tournament with the National Team. The final game was a rematch between Namibia and South Africa. “I came off the bench to break the deadlock 64 minutes into the game, but our lead was short lived as South Africa equalised in the 70th minute”, said !Awaseb. Namibia was the 2016 U/17 COSAFA Champion. !Awaseb who currently plays for Swakopmund Football Club dreams of playing at club level overseas and has been accepted to train with Future Lions International Football Academy in the United Kingdom. However, he still needs to gather funds

for an air ticket and accommodation for the 18-week course which is tagged at £7500.Included in this fare, is airport transfer, accommodation, training programme and showcase matches, personalised development plan to ensure you get the most out of your experience, full gym membership, training and match kits among other

things. With an eagerness to improve his game and contribute to Namibian footb a l l , ! Aw a s e b n e e d s assistance to help him realise these dreams. Well wishers and individuals keen to help can contact the Namib Times Swakopmund Office for further information.

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