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World Aids Day

Dr Haufiku wishes to eradicate Aids in Namibia by 2030 Erwin Leuschner

An estimated 210 000 people in Namibia are infected with HIV while about 150 000 are on Anti-retro-viral treatment in the public sector. This new statistic was revealed by Dr Bernard Haufiku, Minister of Health and Social Services, at the opening of the National Aids Conference in Swakopmund.

Three days of mourning for the late Fidel Castro The Namibian Government will host a memorial service on Tuesday for the late Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution and the former President of that country who died at the age of 90 on 25 November. Three days of mourning for the late Fidel Castro starts in Namibia today until Tuesday after the memorial service at the Parliament Gardens in Windhoek. Namibia’s Head Of State Dr Hage Geingob paid a tribute to the late Fidel Castro (also see article in today’s edition).

The Ministry of Health and Social Services aims to eradicate Aids in Namibia by 2030 and at the same time end Mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2020. “Many such MOU's will follow soon. We have signed many bilateral and multi-lateral agreements in fast tracking HIV-Aids Prevention and saving lives,” said Dr Haufiku during his opening address. According to the Minister the amount of people receiving Anti-retroviral treatment does not include the private sector, which the ministry is busy integrating into its data. “We are left only with 26% or about 69 000 people, to reach our target of 90% of people estimated to be HIV positive who have not been tested yet,” he said. To achieve this goal the rate of testing needs to increase by 5.5% per annum. “This translates into testing about 18 000 people per annum or 1 400 people every month if for the next consecutive four years if we want to reach our targets,” he continued. Continues on Page 2

E-RED’s Kahimise accepts Minister inaugurates CoW job


Rubbish collected during HANcoastal clean up

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100 elders in DRC receive water containers

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Fire claims more than 10 shacks and 2 cars

new Marine Resources Advisory Council Erwin Leuschner

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The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, recently officially inaugurated the 14 new members of the Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC) board members in Swakopmund. The Council is an important entity that regularly advises the Minister on various issues.

The hunt is on for a new Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED. This follows confirmation this week that the regional electricity distributing company’s current CEO Mr. Robert Kahimise has accepted the offer as the next chief executive of the City Of Windhoek (CoW). Mr Kahimse is Erongo RED’s second chief executive, after taking over the reigns from the founding CEO, Mr Gert Coln. The date of the termination of his position is to be announced after the E-RED Board Meeting on 8 Dec.

Speaking during the official gathering recently in Swakopmund, Esau gave a short overview of the Council's responsibilities. He also summed up some achievements of the previous Council. “A properly performing Marine resources Advisory Council is critical to the successful development of the Fisheries Sector in Namibia,” he said. The new members are Dr Moses Maurihungirire (Chairperson and PS of the MFMR), Ms Anna Ndinelao Erastus (Vice-Chairperson and Director: Policy, Planning and Economics in the MFMR), Dr B.W. Oelofsen, Baronice Raschida Hans, Dr Hilkka Ndjaula, Dr Michael Akuupa, Mr Jacob Penda, Mr Miguel Tordesillas, Mr Sacky Amoomo, Mr Matti Amukwa, Mr Pieter Greeff, Ms Ndelitungapo Shiluwa and Continues on Page 2

The Travel Magic Race to Cape Town

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Wilna secures title at ladies 2016 Rossmund open Championship

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High level officials meet in Swakopmund for development and implementation of the National Action Plan Sharlien Tjambari

A high level conference about shared experiences and lessons learned on the development and implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) on United Nations Resolution 1325 aimed at accelerating the realisation of the women, peace and security agenda in Namibia was held this week at Seaside Hotel and Spa. In his welcoming remarks the Governor of The conference brought together senior officers Erongo Region Cleophas Mutjavikua said and officials from key security institutions of the Resolution 1325 is very important for the world Namibian government, experts from selected today, as women offer unique perspectives in the African countries that have walked the journey of decision-making process, from their experiences developing and implementing National Action which are often overlooked due to under- Plans (NAPS) for Resolution 1325. In a speech representation in peace-keeping because of delivered by Maureen Hinda, the Deputy Minister gender stereotypes in society, where there is of International Relations on behalf of the scepticism towards women's leadership and abi- Minister of International Relations Netumbo lities. Nandi Ndaitwah, the minister said the The Governor further said this move strengthens combinations of these institutions is a good women's networks for the promotion of gender combination as the United Nations Security equality in peace-keeping and equips participants Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 is a cuttingwith skills to encourage women to act and stand edge international legal framework that aims at up against gender based discrimination and addressing not only the unwarranted impact of positively influence decision making, especially war on women, but also the crucial role women in the area of peace keeping. should and do play in conflict management,

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The group of delegates gathered together for a group photo outside Seaside Hotel and Spa

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peace negotiations and peacebuilding, which reiterate respect of human dignity and rule of law. “Thus UNSCR 1325 specifically call for inclusive peace and security undertakings where all humans are critical actors and women and men play equal roles including decision making at national, regional and international levels. At the opening ceremony of the conference UN Resident Co-ordinator and UNDP Residents Representative MS. Anita Kiki Gbeho said Namibia has agreed to develop the NAP and the workshop was an excellent opportunity to discuss why women, peace and security is relevant in peaceful and a stable Namibia, “it also presents an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other countries, on how we respond to new and emerging threats around human security such as Gender Based Violence. She further said key findings from the SCR1325 study confirm that women's leadership and participation in the peace and security process has resulted in a 20% increase in the probability of an agreement lasting at least 2 years and a 35% increase in the probability of an agreement lasting at least 15 years “however much more needs to be done.”

Eradicate Aids in Namibia

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ADVERTISING Maghitta Visser



New Marine Resources Advisory Council Continued from Page 1

Ms Olivia Shuuluka (Secretary). “The Marine Resources Advisory Council is one of the most important entities established under the Marine Resources Act. It is specifically established to advise the Minister with regard to implementation of the Act,” Esau said. Amongst the responsibilities the Council has to advise the Minister on the setting of Total Allowable Catches (TAC), the setting of levies and fees, the expenditure of Fisheries Observer Fund and the expenditure of the Marine Resources Fund. “In making the appointments, I have put together persons of different skills and experiences which I believe are essential in the decision making process on the variety of issues that will be presented to the Council,” Esau said. The Minister congratulated the outgoing Council for their dedicated and professional approach during their tenure. “Particularly, in addition to your hard work in stabilising the TAC setting system and routine advice to me, I wish to underscore your exemplary performance,” Esau continued. In this regard he mentioned the response of Namibia on the issue of seals, particularly with regard to the on-going court case in Geneva against the EU ban on Namibian seal products; and the registration of several previously foreign flagged vessels which are now Namibian flagged. Esau thanked a few past members who have since left the Council on account of expiry of the 3year term: He thanked the immediate past chairperson of the Council, Ulitala Hivelua, who passed on about two weeks ago; Mr Festus Mungunda, the CEO of Standard Bank Namibia; Ms Sharon Neumbo, the Chairperson of the Midwater Trawlers Association; and Mr Paulus Kainge of MFMR.

In this regard he called on Namibians to “gather courage this festive season and get tested.” To lead by example Dr Haufiku also decided to publicly go for HIV testing. “I have thought of it and experienced the fear and anxiety everyone goes through. This is not a brag or a public show off, but an exercise hopefully to motivate and encourage many men to take the test,” he said. Over the past years Government made significant strides in combating the pandemic. One such achievement is the fact that only 4% of infants born to HIV positive mothers are HIX positive. “96% of these babies are born HIV negative, thanks to our strategy of testing all pregnant mothers and promptly starting those that are HIV positive on Mother to Child Prevention Regimes irrespective of the CD4 counts,” the Minister continued. Furthermore Dr Haufiku called on Namibians “to ignore and throw out of their minds the hog wash and balder dash regarding recent media reports on male circumcision. The Minister was referring to “one selfconfessed public health expert who claims that circumcision is ineffective against HIV transmission.” Various studies undertaken show that the risk of transmission from a woman to a man is less than 58% if the man is circumcised. “What more do we want?” he asked. In an effort to further address the pandemic Dr Haufiku called on the Ministry to make condoms more readily available and provide them to sex workers and everyone else who need them. For him it is not good enough to openly display condoms at receptions. They should be put in special places such as consulting rooms where there are less people, in toilets and other private places. “We want condoms and information brochures to be at every roadblock come December 2016 and beyond,” he said; and added: “Let us go to night clubs, taxis, mini busses, sport tournaments and weddings and even funerals and spread the message and distribute condoms to everyone who need them.”





521kg of rubbish collected during HANcoastal clean-up campaign Erwin Leuschner

More than half a ton of rubbish was collected in and around Swakopmund on Saturday morning during this year's clean-up campaign organised by the coastal team of the Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN). According to HAN a total of 106 clear plastic bags were filled with rubbish. Amongst the rubbish collected were ladies underwear, diapers and even used condoms. The winners of the clean-up was the Charly's Desert Tours team. The team collected a total of 152kg of rubbish and filled 23 clear bags. The runners up came from Walvisbay: Flamingo Villas. The team filled 26 bags with

a clear bag weight of 128kg. In third place came the coastal Elso Holdings team. The team collected 26 bags with a clear bag weight of 118kg. The Hotel Zum Kaiser team won the best TShirt design. The total rubbish collected weighed 521kg. HAN wishes to thank all participants and sponsors who made the event a success and the Swakopmund environment significantly cleaner.

The winner of this year's clean-up was the Charly's Desert Tours team, having collected 152kg of rubbish

In third place came the coastal Elso Holdings team

The runner's up of the clean-up were Flamingo Villas. The team filled 26 bags with a clear bag weight of 128kg

Runner's up all the way from Walvis Bay – Flamingo Villas



Court Walvis Bay Court Report 29 November 2016 A minor (16) appeared on a charge of possession of a dependence producing substance (11/2016). Matter postponed to 13 December. accused on warning. Yuefei Shen (47) and Stanislaus Limwanya (age unknown) appeared on charges of capturing, transporting or keeping game without a licence (10/2016). Matter postponed to 20 February 2017. Accused out on bail. Veronica Humphries (46) appeared on a charge of dealing in cocaine (11/2016). Matter postponed to 12 December. Accused out on bail. Johaness Kamati (age unknown) appeared on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor (11/2016). Accused found guilty.Fined N$6 000 or 12 months imprisonment. Sakeus Nalupe (40) appeared on charges of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level, no driver's licence and reckless of netgligent driving (11/2016). Matter postponed to 26 January 2017. Accused in custody. Hilma Amateta (41) appeared on a charge of fraud (10/2016). Matter postponed to 26 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Julia Nalitangwe Lilonga (36) and Angelus Frans Themba Ilonga (26) appeared on charges of bribery of public officer (12/2015). Matter postponed to 25 April 2017. Brown Wuuellyne (25) appeared on a charge of theft (1/2016). Matter postponed to 26 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Albertina Upingasana (27) was absent at his hearing on a charge of fraud (5/2016). Accused at large. Festus Sheemhama (25) appeared on a charge of robbery (7/2016). Matter postponed to 30 November. Accused on bail. Jonas Nowaseb (28) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (8/2016). Matter postponed to 24 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Frans Joseph (23) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (8/2016). Matter postponed to 26 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Keth Classen (22), Reginald Boois (23) and Ronnie Nderura (22) appeared on a charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (9/2016). Matter postponed to 24 January 2017. Accused in custody. Meurice Diergaardt (26) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (8/2016). Matter postponed to 24 Januray 2017. Accused out on bail. Leonard Haihambo (43), Deonn Fredrick Forbes (34) and Jean Fabian Dausab (34) appeared on charges of theft (9/2016). Matter postponed to 28 March 2017. Accused out on bail. Romario Karelse (20) appeared on a charge of possession of cocaine (10/2016). Matter postponed to 28 February 2017. Accused out on bail. Enkili Armas (45) appeared on charges of assault (10/2016). Matter postponed to 25 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Frederick Leech (37) and Andrew Leech (28) appeared on charges of theft and fraud (7/2016). Matter postponed to 24 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Veziruapi Mate (21) appeared on a charge of theft (10/2016). Matter postponed to 19 January 2017. Accused on warning. Niklaas Katjikura (36) appeared on a charge

of failed to display licence disc issued in respect of motor vehicle (11/2016). Accused found guilty. fined N$3 000 or 6 months imprisonment. Markus Anton (59) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level (11/2016). Accused found guilty. fined N$4 000 or 12 months imprisonment. Titus Hivulika (25) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (11/2016). Matter postponed to 12 Januray 2017. Accused in custody. Tedhlyn Khaebes (22) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to steal and theft (11/2016). Matter postponed to 30 January 2017. Accused in custody.

30 November 2016 Fanuel James Ashilungu (28) appeared on a charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances (5/2016). Matter postponed to 30 March 2017. Accused in custody. Caroline Tjikongo (32), Ermelinda Dausas (32), Theopisa Tjikongo (45) and Roman Guiseb (40) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (11/2016). Matter postponed to 17 January 2017. Accused in custody. Ben Blaauw (40) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to steal and theft (11/2016). Matter postponed to 24 January 2017. Timo Gawaseb (27) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (11/2016). Matter postponed to 1 December. Accused in custody. Selma Shilimela (34), Petrina Endjala (36), Emilia Nasheya (27) and Tobias Amiti (47) appeared on charges of theft out of a motor vehicle (12/2014). Matter postponed to 23 January 2017. Accused on bail. Joseph – Jon Levy (28) appeared on charges of theft and malicious damage to property (8/2015). Matter postponed to 15 February 2017. Accused out on bail. A minor (14) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (11/2015). Matter postponed to 26 January 2017. Accused released in the care of a guardian. Tuhafeni Kandimba (23) appeared on charges of fraud and forgery (5/2016). Matter postponed to 12 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Laven Siichafungana (28) appeared on a charge of falsifying/counterfeiting temporary driving licence mark (3/2016). Matter postponed to 7 February 2017. Accused out on bail. Alexander Kanapirua (20), Joshua Ndjarakana (21), Karinahange Muundjua (23) and Shileyn Awases (25) appeared on charges of theft (6/2016). Matter postponed to 25 January 2016. Accused out on bail. A minor (17) appeared on a charge of dealign in dependence producing substance (7/2016). Matter postponed to 10 January 2017. Accused released in the care of a minor. Heinrich Smith (33) appeared on a charge of housebraking with intent to steal and theft (7/2016). Matter postponed to 2 February 2017. Accused in custody. Festus Sheemhama (25) appeared on a charge of robbery (7/2016). Matter postponed to 6 February 2017. Accused out on bail. Wilbald Haimbodi (40) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (7/2017). Matter postponed to 4 April 2017. Accused out on bail.

Bryan Hoabeb (34) appeared ona charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (8/2016). Matter postponed to 19 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Rosemary Garises (33) appeared on a charge of dealing in cocaine (8/2016). Matter postponed to 28 February 2017. Accused out on bail. Jefta Tuamanuka Rupingana (30) appeared on a charge of indecent assault (9/2016). Matter postponed to 25 January 2017. Accused out on bail. Johannes Ngihangwa (30) appeared on a charge of possession of suspected stolen property (10/2016). Matter postponed to 22 February 2017. Icidro Visagie (24) appeared on a charge of dealing in cocaine (10/2016). Matter postponed to 23 February 2017. Accused in custody. Ben Gawaseb (26) appeared on a charge of theft (10/2016). Matter postponed to 3 April 2017. Accused in custody. Basson Salvano (23) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive blood alcohol level (10/2016). Matter posyponed to 28 February 2017. Accused out on bail. Martha Itana (26) appeared on charges of theft by false pretences (11/2016). Matter postponed to 23 January 2017. Accused in custody. Rauna Ndalimbwa (30) appeared on a charge of theft (5/2016). Matter postponed to 7 February 2017. Accused has been summoned.

Swakopmund Court Report Regional Court Michael Ikela (38) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 13 January for fixing of trial date. The accused have been warned. Bernhard Kathindi (42) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 15 February for continuation of trial. The accused have been warned. Anthony John Scholtz (62) appeared on charges of corruptly using office or position for gratification and corruptly using false document by agent. The matter was postponed to 7 Dec appeared on charges of corruptly using office or position for gratification. The accused have been warned.

Magistrate Court Gerson Geingob (34) and Diana Ingrid Geingos (33) appeared on charges of corruptly using office or position for gratification and corruptly acquisition of private interest by public officer. The matter was postponed to 6 February for record to be transcribed. The accused have been warned. Abiud Muvangua (26) appeared on a charge of fraud. The matter was postponed to 16 January for fixing of trial date. The accused have been warned. Ivan Thabang Swelo (40) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 27 February for Prosecutor General's decision. The accused is out on bail of N$3 500. Mweenda Paulus (36) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 27 February for Prosecutor General's decision. The accused is out on bail of N$2 000. Ita Alukleus (27) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 30 January for trial on defence request. The accused is out on bail of N$1 000. Abraham Itope (30) appeared on charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 20 February for legal aid. The accused is out on bail of N$2 000. Ivan Van Wyk (27) and Selvyn Booysen (33) appeared on charges of theft by false pretences and fraud. The matter was postponed to 5 December for plea. Ivan Van Wyk remains in custody and Selvyn Booysen is out on bail of N$5 000. Fillemon Sheeya (33) appeared on charges of driving with an excessive blood alcohol level and driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. The matter was postponed to 13 February for lab results. The accused is out on bail of N$4 000. Fillemon Simon (19) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 8 February for legal aid. The accused is out on bail of N$2 000. Jason Namwandi (27) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 26 January for plea. The accused is out on bail of N$1 000. Andreas Shalimba (35) and Martin Sheya (34) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 15 March for plea and trial. The accused are out on bail of N$2 000 each. Phillip Natanwe Haindongo (45) appeared on charges of corruptly using office or position for gratification and corruptly using false document by agent. The matter was postponed to 18 April for record to be transcribed. The accused is out on bail of N$2 000. Johanna Maritz (47) appeared on a charge of fraud. The matter was postponed to 28 February for further investigation. The accused is out on bail of N$10 000







Two passenger ships, Oceania Nautica and Silver Cloud, are calling simultaneously at the port of Walvis Bay on 23 December this year. These two passenger liners are followed on Family Day (26 December) by the passenger ship The World. The passenger liner Seven Seas Navigator calls on Monday (5 December). Fri 2 December 2016 High: 04:51 Low: 10:37 High: 16:54 Low: 22:53

Sun 4 December 2016: High: 06:03 Low: 11:54 High: 18:12 Low: --

Sat 3 December 2016: High: 05:25 Low: 11:13 High: 17:30 Low: 23:28

Mon 5 December 2016: Low: 00:09 High: 16:17 Low: 12:46 High: 19:03

Port Log




2 DEMBER 2016


Media release from Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama communities at the Coast

The Founding President Sam Nujoma visits Swakopmund Pharmacy A visit to the pharmacy is an everyday occurrence for most Namibians, but when you are the Founding Father of the Republic of Namibia a visit to the local pharmacy is not that simple. Janine Bock He is a Hero and a Star to me i have great Respect for our Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma thank you and RIP to President Fidel Castro you make me proud To be a Namibian i am gratefull for you courage and May God Bless you ..Proud to have had you in our leberation Viva... Wekies Uek Max imbili John Gwaniindongo Give him a plot Clifford Hall Wonder if the chemist was Peter Sander? Carola Krämer no Peter as at Mediclinic Washington Tangeni Kahenge Very welcome

Dr nuuyoma in public. that's the only way you can know your country very well and enjoy your life with community and services they are rendering to your people. Angie Guertel Just very pathetic that they had sirens blaring and driving at some horrific speed........I thought that there was a bomb scare.....or some disaster was about to go down!! No body is interested in taking his life........ So why all the hype and commotion???

Mass houses not burnt-workers “confiscate”boss’s car After tense negotiations the angry construction workers of the Delta Group, who threatened to burn down the mass houses they built on the north-eastern outskirts of Swakopmund, “confiscated” their bosses car as surety. The workers demand their wages, which they allegedly have not received since August this year. Katja Dreyer Only one month behind? Sure - let the workers explain to their children why they can't eat for a month. I am sure their landlords are very understanding towards the "sorry I can't pay my rent" situation, schools and daycares won't insist on punctual payment and who needs water and electricity? Marelize Vivier van Heerden Daar is tog van daai ministers wat eerste keuse gaan he om so veel van die huise te koop as wat hulle wil he en dan onder verhuur hulle die huise maak hulle net geld. Kuripte ou spul.....sal wat wil gee om my ousie te help so n huisie te koop maar ek mag nie. Anzell M Engelbrecht Verkoop dan di huis aan ons wat te min pay want di banke kan ons ni huis leenings gee. En betaal di werkers ons betaal huur van 6000 per maand kan dit sovel net ook aan my eie huis betaal.

Alex McDonald The Government is crippling the nation. How many more businesses do you want to close down GRN. Government must pay the contractors so they can pay the people. To many fat cats crippling our country. Amanda Fest-Visser RCC same story- Dont pay contractors who cannot pay their workers! dont even bother to reply to laywers letters and 58 workers without jobs Alex McDonald NRP also. Hundreds without jobs. Amanda Fest-Visser Alex McDonald NRP is geliwideer - RCC se voorland..... Alex McDonald Ja omdat RCC hulle nie betaal het nie. Hildegard Ferrari Shamefull, disgusting , Andrew Kotzê Vat eerder van die splinter nuwe staats voertuie waarmee daar vakansie gehou word en verkoop die.

House surrounded by sewage water Residents of Kuisebmond left with their hands in their hair when a central manhole located in the corner of their yard in Dassie street started flooding their yard with a large amount of sewage water since Sunday. Go Liste Uba ChiDevi wht are th municipalities doing in this case since they hv got night shift staffs attending to problems like this earning lots of money for nothng? Rita Sowden In Jonker Afrikaner street Hermes its the same old story. Sewage the whole street. Cannot park anywhere.

No penalty waiver for strandhotel The Swakopmund Town Council will not waive the obligatory penalty imposed on Ohlthaver&List Leisure due to the late completion of the development of the Strandhotel. O&L Leisure had requested Council to write-off the penalty to the value of N$2 141 250 in part due to “cash-flow difficulties.” Meriam Kauta Was working for strand hotel to be honest they should write it off swakopmund town is busy and small business around it is benefiting and big shops aswell.... staff get tips every single day and they contribute towards the town growth and tax aswell they have taken lots of young people off streets and all over our country.... best company to work for Christopher B They should write this off. What other developers are going to give Swakopmund the investment it needs under these terms. The message here is "develop something great for the

town and we will make it as unprofitable for you as possible.". DeWet Nel Maybe they need the money for a Christmas party, or a bonus for the senior officer? Rene du Toit Really? Just write it off or delay payments for 12months to assist them. Bernard Mbai Rules are rules nobody knows that better than O&L so I am sure they will comply forthwith cause they are responsible corporate citizens Christie Benade Very good for future investors keep it up

The article in the namib times of November 25, of instant headlined: “Kaapehi demands inclusivity in German-Namibian talks,” refers. It is not so much the content of the article that is at issue but the misleading headline. Because neither does Councilor Uahimisa Kaapehi recalls at any point uttering off the cuff any remarks that may have been interpreted to mean that the affected communities are and have been clamouring for a place around the negotiating table currently involving the Namibian and German governments, as requested by their two respected envoys, Dr Zed Ngavirue, for Namibia, and Mr Ruprecht Polenz for Germany. Nor could in the prepared statement which Councilor Kaapehi read to the two envoys, and which has been availed to the media, be found any single allusion or word that could be interpreted as exclusion of the affected communities from the ongoing negotiations on genocide. In fact, the affected communities are not surprised by this interpretation because wherever it may have ensued from, this seems to have been the picture that have generally been painted, and words echoed by the media, perhaps reflecting the uninformed and illinformed perception of the two governments that the affected communities are excluded from the ongoing negotiations between the Namibian and German government on genocide. “Dear Special Envoys, I humbly appeal to you both in this time around kindly go back to your respective governments and to call to halt the ongoing pretention engagement. Nor to entertain any hope that the affected communities shall ever dream of joining the current negotiations. The two government must just awaken from their dreams, get serious and speak to my people. Only then would the real business begins,” reads an excerpt from Councilor Kaapehi categorical. One cannot understand as categorical as this excerpt reads, what can and should be interpreted as a desire by the affected communities to join the ongoing negotiations between the two governments? Yes, the affected communities are aware that the two governments have been pretending that their current engagements are based on the 2006 Resolution on Genocide and Reparations sponsored motivated by the affected communities. Such a resolution is clear that the affected communities should in any negotiations on the matter be represented directly by their own leaders. This is not the case with the current negotiations between the Namibian and German governments, sic between these governments special envoys. Not only this but the same resolution also speaks of a trilogue, that is the affected communities on the one side, as aggrieved or affected parties; talking to the German government on the other hand, as the aggressor; with the Namibian government as a mediator, if not at best squarely behind their citizens, the affected communities who are the first and legitimate claimants in this matter. This has not pertained as yet. Thus how can the affected communities be wanting to partake in any current negotiations which do not an iota come close to any of the salient requirements and provisions of the said 2006 Resolution of the National Assembly? Simply the two governments have bypassed this resolution and have embarked on their own and there's no was the affected communities can join the ongoing negotiations. Period. The affected communities have been on record that if the two governments one day become serious about this issues, and desist from the intransigent racist attitude not to speak to “tribes”, they very well know who the leaders of the affected communities are, and where to find them. Surely these leaders would be open to speak to them but joining any current negotiations is out of the question, period! I thank you



From love to death Across the world tens of thousands of women and girls are being loved to death. Take a wide angle snapshot of these deaths and violent assaults and they become a recitation of women attacked in desperate circumstances. Strangulations, often with everyday implements such as rolling pins and dog leads, frightening acid attacks, shootings, burnings, are just some of the ways women are murdered and scarred globally. Despite only one in five global murders being female, the stories of their deaths are radically different to male murders. Men are most often killed by strangers. The reverse is disastrously true for women. One of the singularly most dangerous places for a woman is the family home. A woman's most dangerous antagonist is not the serial killer, or the criminal opportunist, or the random murderer, but their intimate partner, or another family member. In 2012, 43,600 women were killed by an intimate partner or a family member. This is an average of some 119 women killed globally every single day of the year or one every 12 minutes. It follows that the story of women's murder is not one of guns and knives in the hands of strangers, but

of brutal betrayal to both marriage vows and social mores. It is the tale of how close partners turn from love to vicious murder. Figures bear this out. Sixty per cent of homicide victims are female where the intimate partner or family member is the perpetrator. Even more disturbing, 78 per cent of all intimate partner homicide victims are female. If this is the situation, what can be done? Last year, the world was given a target. The target comes from the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and calls for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation. Reductions in all forms of violence and related death rates are also sought. Our work is united by a single intractable truth: despite fluctuating homicide rates, whether living north or south, east or west, the killings of women by intimate partners exists at similar levels in all the world's regions. In Europe, in Asia, in North America, we all have a stake in this struggle. But there needs to be a fundamental sea change in the way we view this crime.

Merlus Seafood Processors (Pty) Ltd and Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU signed a Wage and Conditions of Employment Agreement on 24 November The agreement will be effected on 1 December and will be relevant to all workers in the bargaining unit. The agreement entails an increase of 10% as well as increased death benefits for the employees. Mr Tomas Kjelgaard, Managing Director of Mer- Processors for numerous years and that there was a lus Seafood Processors said that he was very happy good working relationship between the company, with the manner in which the negotiations was employees and NAFAU. conducted and said that the proceedings was exe- Mr Kjelgaard said that this agreement will benefit cuted in a manner that portrays good faith. the employees whilst also ensuring the sustainHe said that NAFAU has been the recognised ability of the company and its goal to create new job union for the employees of Merlus Seafood opportunities.

Katrina Namweya, Rowena Howoses, Getrud Isak, Lelani Robberts, Ray Croza, Reinhold Hamukwaya



Geingob: Farewell to Castro Namibian Presidents all attended the funeral of late revolutionary, Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba. Current President, Hage Geingob, was one of the few world leaders who was given the opportunity to speak at the final goodbye of the former Cuban President.

Namibia and Cuba has always had a special bond, Castro had a hand in Namibia's Independence. When Africa was a battleground between the Cold War powers, Cuba emerged as a friend of liberation movements. Cuba's involvement in Africa went beyond the ideological standoff between right and left to a real helping hand: sending soldiers, doctors and teachers when post-colonial Africa was perhaps at its most vulnerable. “It was at a SWAPO camp in Cassinga, Southern Angola where racist South African military forces launched a brutal attack on defenseless Namibian women and children in exile. The first responders to this scene of brutality and death were the gallant Cuban forces who came to our rescue. It was in our defence in which Cuban soldiers lost their lives and limbs. After the attack, Cuba was the first country to provide education facilities at the Island of Youth for three thousand (3 000) surviving children of the Cassinga massacre.” “The legacy of Fidel is an eternally burning flame that will continue to inspire and ignite the passion of progressive forces of the world as we fight for economic justice and the realization of an equitable world order. May his revolutionary spirit consume all of us so we may continue to resist neo colonialism and remain united in. Hasta la victoria siempre!”



100 elders in DRC receive water storage containers Sharlien Tjambari A total number of 100 water storage containers of 25litres each were donated to the elderly people of the DRC informal settlement community last week Sunday, 27 November by Power Oyeno Construction Company in Swakopmund. The containers will be used for the storage of water. Power Oyeno's Managing Director Mr. Albert Antonius Paulus said since Power Oyeno is working from DRC they discovered something which needed much urgent attention within the DRC community and they realised that the methods used by the elders and the blind to collect water from the taps at the end of the streets were not only risky, but poor because by the time they reach their homes half the water has spilt on the ground or the containers are empty. “The elders needed urgent help and support, that is why we decided to identify at least 100 elders to be the beneficiaries in order to ease their burdens, the container has a cap to keep bacteria out and also a tap to make the process of pouring water is much easier” said Paulus. The 100 elders who benefited were chosen by the DRC committee. They had people lined up and they chose the people they felt were old enough, Paulus added. According to him Power Oyeno Construction Company was established in 2013 and this is their first time they are giving back to the community “this is just the beginning, we are trying to see how we can fit in the Harambee Prosperity Plan and it is our plan to give back to the community. We have plans of building schools, clinics and other community projects” add Paulus. Power Oyeno Construction Company care for the people because they are the reason why we are here and we need to make sure that we will lend a helping hand. Together with the Swakopmund Council we will be able to make the lives of Swakopmunders better because they have the right to live a decent life concludes Paulus.

Mayor of Swakopmund Mrs Pauline Nashilundo was delighted to have been part of this event, here she is seen handing over the 25ltr container to an elder of the community




Press Release

Strike gold with FNB Namibia FNB Namibia has launched their STRIKE GOLD WITH FNB CAMPAIGN, that features a countrywide Strike Gold Roadshow to encourage new and existing clients to apply for the advanced GOLD Lifestyle account, in an interactive way. “Tell us your GOLD stories, so we can start of movement of positivity and encouragement to fellow Namibians who recognise the value of achieving success,” says Tracy Eagles, Chief Marketing Officer of the FNB Namibia Group. FNB's appealing, fresh approach to banking is valued daily when customers share stories of their own experiences with the brand, either in print, or online with social media, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with word of mouth always winning out as a driver of change for consumers. “Good news is like GOLD to everyone, Namibia needs happy stories, positive reinforcement of upliftment goals, individually and corporately. For us, innovation, meaningful engagement and convenient experience has long been core to FNB's value to existing and prospective customers. How our customers win is through consistent application of our mantra of HOW CAN WE HELP YOU. If your brand equity is firmly premised on the concept of “help,” clearly you can only offer value for money products that make life easier, and support customers' goals better.”

The GOLD Lifestyle account enables customers to transact on FNB's multiple banking channels; borrow from FNB and WesBank; invest and save for a golden future and also insure assets through a variety of products on hand. Further added value with this product include 6 free FNB ATM cash withdrawals per month, cash deposits, free prepaid airtime purchases and free unlimited qualifying electronic transaction using mobile and eChannels. “Visit our branches, chat to us electronically, call us, and share your future goals

with us,' adds Tracy. “Striking gold means different things to different people, education, a home, a car, a family, healthy investment returns; your own goals are gold to you. Which means they're important to us too.” The Strike Gold with FNB Roadshow travels via Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Oshakati, to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay until 3 December. Opening a new Gold Lifestyle account offers customers a chance to win 1 of 6 Kruger Rands or a $5000 investment into your new 32 day notice account.




Standard Bank - Media Release: Harnessing Public Private Partnerships to finance infrastructure Private Partnership (PPP) framework for key socio-economic infrastructure projects and key initiatives in the country. These projects are primarily focused on energy provision, affordable housing and transport sectors. In his welcoming remarks Standard Bank's Chief Executive Vetumbuavi Mungunda said PPP's is a very important policy development that has been discussed in the country in the last 10 years. “We are here to deliberate and clarify our own PPP framework that needs to be developed and platforms like these serve as an ideal opportunity for specific engagements.” The one-day confePanellists at the recently held PPP Conference in Windhoek: (From l-to-r) Roland Brown (IJG Securities), David Humphrey rence was officially (Standard Bank SA), Saurabh Suneja (Ministry of Finance) and Jo Lomas (British High Commissioner to Namibia) opened by the Minister of Finance Calle Ensuring value for money, affordability and focussing in The conference jointly tish High Commission Schlettwein who stresgetting credible Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects organised by Stan-dard in Windhoek. This sed that the role PPP's through competitive procurement are some of the key issues Bank, PwC Namibia event served as a net- in the country cannot which were deliberated upon at this year's 2nd annual PPP and the Ministry of working platform for be over-emphasised as Finance. experts to put their it's crucial for ecoConference. nd The initiative was h e a d s t o g e t h e r i n nomic growth. The A group of 100 dele- and executives from the 2 annual Public supported by the Bridiscussing the Public Minister highlighted gates consisting of both the public and Private Partnership ministers, financiers, private sectors conver- Conference on Thurseconomic researchers ged in Windhoek for day 24 November.

value for money as one important parameter for a PPP's success. “The role that PPPs play in promoting investment, net economic gains and efficiencies cannon be overemphasised. I believe that we need to acknowledge and embrace the dichotomy that through PPPs we channel relatively expensive private capital for developing the projects that would serve the public at large, and thus where affordability will be an important consideration. Given this key consideration, a PPP project will be a suitable solution only if we are able to derive substantial efficiencies from the involvement of the private sector. We believe that Value for Money can be further enhanced by the two fundamental principles of output orientation and competitive procurement,” said the Minister. The second critical issue with regards to PPP's is affordability which the Finance Minister stated should be from the perspective of the end user and the public sector. “A critical measure of our success shall also be that PPPs provide tangible benefits to the population, and are undertaken in a manner that is sustainable and efficient.” He further stated that public funds are currently under immense pressure. In view of this, the Government has taken a pro-growth stance to accelerate growth by creating an environment for a PPP environment in the economy. The Government has made steady progress towards the PPP agenda. The National PPP Policy was approved in 2013. In line with the Policy, the Public Private Partnerships Directorate (or the PPP Unit) has been set up at the Ministry of Finance since April last year. The formulation of the PPP bill was also adopted and passed by the National Assembly. The vibrant discussions on the subject of PPP's were also held on 25 November through a breakfast networking session organised for public enterprises in Namibia.








Hickory Creek Spur - Walvis Bay - take hands with Narraville Primary by making it a memorable year end for the Grd 1 + 2 with burgers and juice

* Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * Every Saturday: Braaivleis at MOTH Centre. * Every Sunday: Potjiekos available at MOTH Centre. * 3 Des: Vlooimark aangebied deur Gereformeerde Kerk by Moth’s terrein oorkant WoermannBrock. Kontak S Vermaak tel: 202020. * 18 Dec: Christmas Carols Service at the Mission to Seafarers at18: 00. Everybody is welcome to join us. * 2 Feb: Karate beginners classes start at 17h30 till 18h15. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Contact Goju Ryu Karate Walvis Bay Admin for registration at 081 277 9268 or email: ***************

SWAKOPMUND * Bridge: The Swakopmund Bridge club meets every Monday evening at 19:00 at Lions Old Age Home. Contact: Ed Barbour 064-405 604. * Swakopmund Toastmasters: Meet every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismark Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. * Every Saturday: Flea Market & fresh produce outside Wild Rocket Cafe Kriess Arcade from 08:30 - 12:00. * Up to 5 December 2016: Photographic exhibition: Linda Louw, well-known photographer and artist. Opening by Dr. Wotan Swiegers, starting at 17.30 at the Woermannhaus-Gallery. At the same event some gallery space is reserved for a retrospective on the life and work of Koos van Ellinckhuizen, the great artist who passed away recently. * 10 Dec: Arts Association (Kunstvereinigung) Swakopmund presents “Christmas Magic at the Gallery”. Fine handcrafted items of good quality and design. From 5pm, Woermannhaus-Gallery. * 10 Dec: Otto Günther Courtyard: Otto Günther& Weylandts present their second 1 Hour Open-Air 'Sundowner Concert' featuring Namibian singer Lize Ehlers. Also exhibited will be artworks by artist Lisa Voigts at 18:30. Free Entry. Donations to CHAIN. ***************




Ideal ways to protect your banking information Plan to have a trouble-free Festive Season by ensuring your banking information is safe and protected. No-one wants to be caught off-guard – especially not during holiday season when enjoyment is all that is in one's mind. “We face the busiest shopping days of the year during the Festive Season. Normally fraudsters are also more active during this time of the year,” says Surihe Gaomas-Guchu, Corporate Communication Manager at Standard Bank. Gaomas-Guchu shares eight ways of how to protect your banking and personal information: · Carefully dispose of expired Identity documents (IDs) so they cannot be reused. This includes IDs that have been reported lost, then found or renewed/temporary driver's licenses or passports. If you are sentimental about these documents, keep them in a safe place. · When you receive a new bank card, sign it immediately and link your banking to your cell phone, so that you receive notifications when any transactions go through your account. · Report any suspicious transactions on your accounts to your bank immediately. This will enable your bank to stop access to your cards. · Keep a list of all your card numbers separate from your cards, in case your wallet or purse is stolen. · Never write your PIN number on your cards or where they are stored, as you will be liable for any transaction where a valid PIN was used. · Shred expired cards, because if someone gets hold of the card they can use it in conjunction with a fake ID to get a new one. · Never leave your ID documents where they can be stolen. · If your phone service is suddenly terminated, this could be the result of a fraudster suspending your phone contract so you don't receive texts about your bank activity. They also organise sim swaps by repeatedly calling you and hanging up in the hope you will switch off your phone so the swap can be executed. If you get numerous calls from an unknown number, call your service provider to check that they have not received instructions for a sim swap. Report lost and stolen cards to the Standard Bank Customer Contact Centre on 081 9286. If you have been a victim of identity theft contact your nearest branch or Financial

MS Surihe Gaomas-Guchu, Corporate Communication Manager at Standard Bank




An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste vom Hocker BigBand spielte zum 1. Advent auf Locker Vom Füttern wilder Vögel

Swakopmund (rb) Bei schönstem Wetter, bester Laune und restlos gefüllter Tiger Reef Bar spielte die BigBand Swakopmund am 1. Adventssonntag 19köpfig auf. Allerdings tönten keine adventlichen Klänge durch den Äther. Fetziger Bigband-Sound und rockige Rhythmen begeisterten das gut gelaunte Publikum. Die Leiterin der BigBand, Christiane Ast, verstand es, ihre Band rhythmisch und dynamisch im Griff zu haben und musikalisch das Möglichste aus jedem Spieler herauszukitzeln. Mit viel Applaus unterstützten die Zuhörer die einzelnen Soli der Musiker, wobei besonders der junge Saxophonist Ian

Die BigBand erfreute die zahlreichen Besucher mit ihren dynamischen Melodien. Foto: Raini Becker H o o k s m u t i g u n d Toll, wie jeder Ein- herzlichen Glückselbstbewusst hervor- zelne der Musiker zum wunsch, liebe Bigstach. Auch die kna- Ganzen beiträgt und Band Swakopmund, ckigen Trompetensoli das gesamte Ensemble zum 10jährigen Beund Keith Cumming eine Freude und Spiel- stehen! am Schlagzeug sorgten laune ausstrahlt. Ein für Begeisterung. tolles Ergebnis, und

WortAdventsmarkt voller Erfolg spiele

Das gesamte Team des Green Centre hat vollen Einsatz geleistet und den diesmonatigen Adventsmarkt zum absoluten Höhepunkt geführt. Nicht nur gab es 53 Stände, so viele wie noch nie,

ganz Swakopmund schien außerdem auf den Beinen, um sich diesen letzten Markt des Jahres nicht entgehen zu lassen. Die Kölner Besucherin und ehemalige Swakopmunderin Christine

Einen frohen zweiten Advent!

Sind Uhren nicht beleidigt, wenn man sie immer aufzieht? Können sich Eltern, die sich mit ihrer Tochter verkracht haben, überhaupt irgendwann mit ihr aussöhnen? Ein neues Sofa ist gut und schön, aber setzen sich alte Sofas nicht immer stärker durch? Wenn eine Hand die andere wäscht, warum Timke schwärmte: ,,Es geht es dann oft nicht ist schön zu sehen, dass sauber zu? dieser Markt keinen Trödel zulässt und wirklich auf Qualität bedacht ist.” Foto: Bea Röhrich

Möchten Sie Ihre Advents- oder Weihnachtsgeschichte mit den Lesern teilen? Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn; Tel. 405183 oder 0812538850; E-Mail:

Liebe Küstenleser! Da hüpfte er völlig verwundbar und unbeholfen vor mir auf dem Bürgersteig umher: ein winzigkleiner Wellenastrild mit Babyflaum und einem noch dunklen, wächsernen, kurzen Schnäbelchen (bei den ausgewachsenen Vögeln sind sie stechend rot). Da dieser Piepoll noch nicht flügge war, total orientierungslos schien und daher so gut wie keine Überlebenschancen hatte, fing ich ihn ein und nahm ihn mit nach Hause. Dort richtete ich ihm ein Lager aus Sand in einem Schuhkarton her. In die eine Ecke legte ich Watte, sodass er eine warme Lagerstätte hatte. Wasser bekam er auch in seinen offenen Käfig, und dann forschte ich im Internet nach, wie man solche Vogelbabys füttern muss. Auf einer Website fand ich die nötige Information. Man bereite einen Brei zu, lasse ihn abkühlen, nehme eine Einwegspritze natürlich ohne Nadel - , ziehe den Brei damit auf und füttere den Piepmatz. Gesagt, getan! Nur, das mit der Spritze hatte ich weggelassen. Der Brei kam direkt auf meinen Finger. Und was hat der hübsche Singvogel gefressen! Das arme, ausgehungerte Dingelchen konnte gar nicht genug von diesem Maisbrei bekommen. Immer wieder hüpfte er auf meinen Finger zu und knabberte die weiche Nahrung ab. Mit der Zeit wurde er immer munterer, hüpfte in unserem Winterzimmer umher, genoss die Sonnenstrahlen und unternahm sogar erste, noch klägliche Flugversuche. Auffallend dabei war, wie oft er sich putzte. Pausenlos strich er sich mit seinem Miniatur-Wachsschnabel durch das Ge-

fieder. Im Internet las ich dann auch, dass man solch ein Vogelbaby vor allem sauber halten muss. Das heißt, vor jeder Fütterung sollte man sich die Hände gründlich waschen, denn die daran haftenden Bakterien könnten ihm schaden. Auch sollte man jegliche Futterreste, die sich am Vogel festge-

über sich eine Gazehaube, die man normaleweise über einen Kuchen stülpt, damit die Fliegen sich nicht über das süße Gebäck hermachen. Um und

Erster Flugversuch meines kleinen Wellenastrilds. Fotos: Susann Kinghorn setzt hatten, sofort aus im Schuhkarton klebte dem Gefieder wischen überall Maisbrei, so und von den Krallen auch im Gefieder des entfernen. Pflegevogelbabys. Der kleine Wellenas- Meine lieben Männer trild (Estrilda astrild) hatten es sich leicht geaus der Familie der macht, dem VogeljunPrachtfinken schlief gen überall Brei hingealso in einem Karton schmiert, sodass es neben meinem Bett, sich selbst jederzeit beund morgens wurde ich dienen konnte, und von seinem fröhlichen erzählten mir stolz, wie Gezwitscher geweckt - gut er gefressen hätte. statt von diesem eklig- Was ich vergessen hatdurchdringenden Ge- te Ihnen zu sagen: Der räusch meines Digital- Piepmatz muss ganz weckers. sauber gehalten werAm nächsten Tag den!!! musste ich zu einer Und somit wurde ich längeren Musikprobe, am nächsten Morgen und da bat ich Mann weder vom Geräusch und Sohn, sich um das meines Weckers (den Vogeljunge zu küm- ich sonntags immer abmern. Ich erklärte ih- stelle!), noch vom Genen genau, wie sie es sang des Finken gefüttern sollten - vor weckt. Er lag tot im allem, dass sie ihm Schuhkarton, mit völregelmäßig jede Stun- lig verklebtem Federde Nahrung zukom- kleid. Meine Männer men lassen sollten. Als bekamen zu hören: Ihr ich nach der fünfstün- habt eben keine Ahdigen Probe nach Hau- nung, wie man Babys se kam, saß mein klei- großzieht! ner Federfreund auf Ihre seinem Schuhkarton, Susann Kinghorn

Ein Vogeljunges muss unter allen Umständen sauber gehalten werden, sonst droht ihm der sichere Tod.



An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Namibias junge “Botschafter” für Deutschland Die Worte dieser Woche Die AGDS und die Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Namibia informieren

Am 21. November verabschiedeten die Arbeits- und Fördergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine in Namibia (AGDS) und der Kulturreferent der Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Namibia Ullrich Kinne 19 Schülerinnen und Schüler verschiedener Windhuker Schulen zu einem Schüleraustausch nach Deutschland. Die AGDS ermöglicht bereits seit vielen Jahren zusammen mit dem VDA (Verein für Deutsche Kulturbeziehungen im Ausland e.V.) einer Auswahl namibischer Jugendlicher, die Deutsch als Unter-

richtsfach ab der 8. Klasse belegt haben, einen zehn- bis zwölfwöchigen Aufenthalt in Deutschland während der namibischen Sommerferien. Die 19 Deutschlernenden erleben den Alltag in Deutschland hautnah in deutschen Gastfamilien und in den Schulen der Partnerkinder und vermitteln so auch ihren deutschen Freunden und Bekannten namibische Kultur und Lebensweise. Ullrich Kinne wünschte den jungen „Botschaftern Namibias" einen interessanten und erlebnisreichen Aufenthalt in Deutsch-

land und dankte den Eltern und Familien für ihre Unterstützung. In einer Zeit des wachsenden Nationalismus und Isolationismus und zunehmender Fremdenfeindlichkeit weltweit sei es wichtig, dass junge Leute weiterhin Brücken zwischen den Ländern und ihren Menschen schlagen. Auch die jungen Leute sehen dem Austausch mit Spannung und Freude entgegen. Im Gegenzug werden Gastkinder aus Deutschland in den deutschen Sommerferien 6-8 Wochen in Namibia verbringen, um ebenso Land und Leute kennenzulernen.

Der Schüleraustausch wird seit vielen Jahren von der deutschen Botschaft finanziell und logistisch gefördert. Der diesjährige Schüleraustausch wurde mit N$ 58500 bezuschusst. Damit soll auch in diesem Jahr vor allem Jugendlichen die Teilnahme ermöglicht werden, deren Eltern sich den Eigenanteil nicht in voller Höhe leisten können. Rückfragen: Frau Monika Hoffmann; AGDS -DKR ; Tel: 061 235 959; Frau Jana Wall; Deutsche Botschaft; Kulturreferat; Tel.: 061 273114.

Adventskalender selbst gemacht Für diesen Adventskalender braucht man nichts weiter als: 12 Din-A4 Seiten Papier (möglichst dickeres Papier), eine Schere durchsichtiges Klebeband, rotes Seidenpapier, einen Farbdrucker sowie (optional und empfohlen) 24 Papprollen von ToilettenPapier (für mehr Standkraft). Probieren Sie es aus!

(Alle Zitate stammen aus dem Buch der Schweizer Autorin Maria Simmen ,So alt und noch mitten im Leben’ von 1988) “Sie kennt mich wirklich nicht, lässt sich bloß täuschen von meinen Bemühungen, ein anständiger Mensch zu sein. Aber sie hat es sich nun mal in den Kopf gesetzt, in mir die gute Christin zu sehen. Unmöglich, mich ihrer Überschätzung zu erwehren! Nie wird sie es verstehen, dass ich mich an Stelle himmlischer Freuden, die sie mir verspricht, mit der ewigen Ruhe so gut abfinden könnte.” “So geht es vielen Menschen. Werden sie alt, sucht sie die Erinnerung heim und verklärt eine frühere Zeit, in der sie glaubten, geborgen und glücklich gewesen zu sein. Wenn die tägliche Daseinssorge ihn loslässt, kann der alte Mensch zum Träumer werden, zum Heimwehsüchtigen.” “Immer wieder packt mich das Bedürfnis, möglichst viel Leben einzufangen. Schon früh erwache ich mit der Vorahnung, dass sich heute vieles ereignen werde.” “Immer wieder ist es das Stille und das Laute, das sich begegnet. Das Laute gehört dem Augenblick - das Stille trägt weiter.” “Wo gedeiht heute noch die Pflanze spontaner Menschlichkeit? Die raren Exemplare sollten unter Naturschutz gestellt wer-

Die Schweizer Schriftstellerin Maria Simmen (1900-1996)

Ihr Rezept fürs hohe Alter?

den. Ausgerottet sind sie oder am Sterben wie der Wald.” “Das Selbstgespräch wird notiert; es bringt mich mit mir selbst in Frieden. Dieses eine, dass ich mich schriftlich auseinandersetze, hat mir bis jetzt nichts und niemand rauben können. Es könnte nur eintreffen, dass mein Augenlicht noch trüber und zuletzt dunkel würde, aber daran darf ich nicht denken.” “Volle Gesundheit ist eigentlich der Ausnahmezustand für die meisten Menschen. Sie sind sich dessen zum Glück nicht bewusst, und mancher setzt die Gesundheit leichtsinnig aufs Spiel: Die Sportfanatiker, die Motorisierten, die Raucher und Trinker und nicht zuletzt die Schlemmer mit den dicken Bäuchen. Lauern darüber hinaus nicht zerstörerische Mikroben, Viren aller Art darauf, den scheinbar widerstandsfähigen Körper anzugreifen und matt zu setzen?” “ Da bin ich schon wieder auf die “IchSpur” geraten und glaubte doch eben noch, ihr entrinnen zu können. Nie komme ich von mir selbst los. Nur der Tod könnte vom Ich befreien vielleicht...Aber ich will noch leben, so sehr mich mein aufsässiges Ich manchmal verdrießt. Und doch muss ich mich immer wieder zu ihm bekennen!” “Oft frage ich mich: ,,Was war nun das

KlosterfrauMelissengeist und doppelter Korn!

Beste in deinem Leben?” Ich könnte sagen: “Alles war mir wert - weil es eben Leben war.” Aber das meine ich nicht, obwohl es stimmt, weil ich dazu stehen kann. Aber ich war immer so etwas wie eine Goldsucherin. Ich suchte im Geröllsand des Alltäglichen nach Goldkörnern, das will heißen: nach besonderen Werten.. Ich siebte unermüdlich, und was ich dabei gefunden habe, bewahre ich in der Schatztruhe meiner Erinnerungen. Von Zeit zu Zeit hole ich sie hervor und erfreue mich an ihnen.” “Wir wissen es wohl Altwerden ist kein Verdienst, höchstens, WIE wir es werden und tragen, darauf kommt es an. Ein wenig liegt es schon in unserer Hand. Ich räume ein: bis an die Grenzen, hinter der wir unweigerlich andern ausgeliefert sind. Vor diesem Letzten ist mir ein wenig bange, und ich kämpfe mit allen Mitteln, es hinauszuschieben und mir meine persönliche Freiheit zu erhalten. Ich will mich nicht aus eigener Schwachheit schwächen lassen wie der unglückliche alte König Lear. Verbissen erstreite ich mir meine Menschenwürde und wünschte, dass alle Alten es mir gleichtäten.” “Für andere sorgen, das erhält einen!”



Contact: Callie Rossouw: 081 8522956 / 061-217226




Woermann Brock, a leading Namibian Retail and Wholesale group is on the lookout for an exceptional candidate for the following position at the Coast: Key Responsibilities:


Important skills and attributes include: Confident decision-making Attend to detail with good time management Strong written and verbal communication skills At least 3 years proven account experience in a similar role The ability to multi task with deadlines and delegation to staff Great computer skills The ability to work independently Overall administrative management and financial control of debtors, creditors and bank recon clerks. Experience with Pastel bookkeeping system will be advantageous

Your duties will include: Reconciliation of Trial Balance and General Ledger. The preparation of monthly financial statements and balance sheet. We are seeking a strong people manager to lead our finance department; this will be combined with excellent Financial Accounting skills and knowledge of Namibian Auditing and Tax requirements. You need to have a financial qualification with strong supervisory skills and/or a minimum of 5 years' experience as accountant. You need to possess the skills to manage and train and develop accounts department staff and build strong relationships throughout all levels of the business.

We Offer: Competitive Salary, Medical Aid and Pension Fund. CV's to be hand delivered to Woermann Brock, Tobias Hainyeko street, Swakopmund, for attention Mrs. Grobler. No faxed or e-mailed CV's will be accepted, as screening questions need to be completed with submission of CV. Closing date 13 December 2016 at 12:00. Please visit our website for regular updates on vacant positions.







Position as Tutor Available For our Autistic son starting Grade 7 on 10 January 2017 We are looking for a person who is patient, reliable and good with special needs children. It would be an advantage if you have knowledge of Autism and the SNAP (Special Needs Adapted Program) The chosen candidate will assist our son in the classroom during school hours and about 2 hours a day with homework. The chosen candidate will have to be willing to travel to Cape Town for training. Salary is negotiable (depending on experience) Only serious candidates, please forward your CV’s to

Gecko Namibia (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Namibian-owned Company and is an equal opportunity employer. Gecko offers competitive remuneration packages, relative to the successful candidate's skills level and experience. We would like to invite suitably qualified and committed candidates to apply for the following position based in SWAKOPMUND:

PAYROLL OFFICER This full time position reports to the HR Superintendent and is responsible for accurate processing of various payrolls and provide HR support. Key Performance Areas · Payroll Administrative Duties · HR Administrative Duties · Supports the Safety, Health and Environmental systems. The following skills and experience is needed: · Grade 12 and relevant tertiary qualification · Minimum five (5) years payroll and general HR experience · Good knowledge of VIP HR/Payroll systems · Excellent computer skills (MS office) · Code B driver's license (added advantage) · Ability to work to strict deadlines to produce work of a high standard, organise and prioritise workload effectively · Effective and efficient communication skills as liaising with employees form a large component of this role Gecko offers an interesting working environment across a wide range of different projects. The remuneration will be market related in accordance with education and experience. We place high regard on good references. Please send your letter of application and CV to before Friday, 9 December 2016 Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.




Live to Ride Toy Run 2016 Please note that the toys collected at the Live to Ride Toy Run were donated to the Lions Club Walvis Bay and not the Rotary Club as reported in Tuesday’s namib times. The Lions Club will distribute the toys to the less priviledged.





(Tel) 064 203561 Walvis Bay





Next Generation Ford Fiesta - World's Most Technologically Advanced Small Car - Delivers Four Distinctive Personalities Ford revealed the next generation Ford Fiesta - the world's most technologically advanced small car - at a special Go Further event in Cologne, Germany. The next generation Fiesta is unveiled with the most sophisticated range of driver assistance technologies and connectivity features ever in a volume small car in Europe, as part of the most comprehensive and versatile line-up of variants in 40 years of Fiesta history. Ford revealed four distinctive production variants of the Fiesta, including the stylish Fiesta Titanium, the Ford Performance-inspired Fiesta ST-Line, the upscale Fiesta Vignale and the Fiesta Active crossover - the first in a new line-up of Active vehicles to be rolled out across the

Ford range in years to come. Three- and five-door Fiesta variants will deliver superior quality and refinement; feature a stylish new exterior and revolutionary interior design with more personalisation options than ever before. Ford has also further enhanced the compelling fun to drive character that has helped make Fiesta the best-selling small car in Europe four years running. "It's because we share our customers' passion for Fiesta that we've been able to take this iconic small car's lovable, fun and sporty-to-drive character to the next

level, with a greater choice of models than ever and each with a distinctive personality," said Jim Farley, executive vice president and president, Europe Middle East and Africa, Ford Motor Company. "We now have a Fiesta option for every driver, including the luxurious Fiesta Vignale and the Fiesta Active crossover, with advanced tech-

nologies and features that small-car customers could only have dreamed of just a few years ago." Among a classleading range of Fiesta driver assistance features - supported by sensor technologies capable of monitoring up to 130 metres ahead - is an enhanced Pedestrian Detection system that for the first time can help prevent colli-

sions at night; and the first Ford Active Park Assist system that can deliver brake interventions to prevent low-speed bumps when parking handsfree. Fiesta is also the first Ford vehicle to feature a premium B&O PLAY Sound System, and for the first time offers an openable panoramic glass roof. The Fiesta's sophi-

sticated SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system is supported by floating high-definition touchscreens up to 8inches, and a spacious and ergonomic interior features an almost 50 per cent reduction in centre console buttons for a more intuitive environment. Cutting-edge powertrains include Ford's multi-award winning

1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine offering up to 140 PS, and a 1.5-litre TDCi diesel offering 120 PS - the first highpower diesel Fiesta powertrain. Ford anticipates CO2 emissions from 82 g/km, supported by an all-new sixspeed transmission with innovative friction reduction technologies.


2015 Nissan Micra 1.5 Tekna Demo

2013 Nissan Navara 3.0, DCi V6 4x4 92 000km

2016 Nissan Np200 1.6 8V with AC Demo

2011 Nissan X-Trail 2.5 LE 4x4 79 000km

2012 GWM H5 2.4 FL 4x4

2016 Nissan NP300 2.5 TDi Base Demo

2014 Nissan Sentra 1.6 Acenta MT 26 000km

2012. Nissan Livina XGear 1.6 A/C

Pieter 081 146 0214

Nauchaad 081 700 2334

2014 Nissan Sentra 1.6 CVT 20 000km

2014 Honda Ballade 1.5 Eleg 5 600km

John: 081 619 8179

PUPKEWITZ NISSAN WALVIS BAY (+26464) 206-152 Cnr. 18th & 11th Road Webpage:

Tiaan: 081 453 5681



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR



WEST COAST VEHICLE CARE Please note that we have moved to new premises: Langer Heinrich Crescent, No: 9 Harbourside Warehouse, new industrial area (at weighbridge) Walvis Bay Minor Services Special! Depending on vehicle Between N$980 - N$1350 Special on from 28 November 2016 til 10 December 2016! Contact: 081 409 4298 / 081 567 7355


C/O Union Str + 5th Road Walvis Bay

@ 18H00 Venue: Namboer Windhoek


500 X Chickens of all different breeds and ages Guinea-Fowls /Quails Peacocks / Turkeys Ducks / Geese / Ostriches / Emus

Tel: 064 - 206 959 Lothar

Exhibition of Incubators, Feeders And Drinkers

Open for Brunch Lunch Dinner

Last Auction Of The Year!!!!!!!!

Monday to Saturday Daily Lunch Specials

Bar Grand Opening Party Every Body Welcome


The Rautenbach Family Practice would like to welcome Dr Suzet Young as from 01 December 2016

EDUCATION JJ's Care Centre Walvis Bay Monday to Friday 0-5year Day Care Grade R Grade 1-12 Impak education Homework centre Exam preparations Tutoring Also accommodating Special needs: Specialised Grade 1-12 Tutoring Speech therapy Home based care therapy Stimulation/activities Full Day Care Limited Space! Kim Koch 0814790725

Conditions of sale: N$1000.00 Deposit (refundable) All purchases are payable on the day of the auction.

For enquiries please contact: Zirk Coetzee 081 200 3542 Xico Coetzee 081 148 0480 Wouter Moolman 081 129 9456


Presentation: Variety of Chickens Geese Exotic Ducks Exotic Finches Lovebirds Various Turkeys Conditions of Sale: Registration is N$500.00, accompanied by positive identification and/or drivers' license. All purchases payable on the day of the auction. For any further enquiries, please contact: Wulff Izko 081 262 8545 Email: koiimasis@yahoo. com For photos visit: @Ranch.Koiimasis on Facebook



gdel's Healt a h M &

COMPUTER COURSES FOR ADULT BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED: Learn computer skills and improve your job opportunities! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced ITspecialist as teacher. Contact: 081 776 1680


COURSES GERMAN BEGINNERS COURSE FOR KIDS Ages 4 to 10 year All are welcome Have fun while learning to speak German!! Limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mothertongue teacher. Courses for Adults available too. Contact: 081 607 2685 GERMAN COURSE FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!! limited space available. Register now to qualify for a discount. Experienced mothertongue teacher. Contact: 081 607 2685

SPECIAL UNIQUE X-MAS GIFTS: · Bible verses embroidered on the scatter cushions, · Other embroidery on the scatter cushions, · Embroidery on your bed linen · White bed linen with/without embroidery and · Curtains of your choice Hotels, Lodges and Guesthouses: Your Percale White Fabric 200T/C, both 100% Cotton and 50/50 Polycotton is available for your bed linen. Make sure you place orders to avoid XMas rush. Prices are ATTRACTIVE! For more information Visit Namchoice's: Facebook Page: namchoice/ Website: www.namchoice.come E-mail address: namchoicelinen@gmail.c om Contact No's: 081 330 3328/ 081 436 3573 Or Visit our factory at: Unit No: 3 Karakulia Complex Rakatoka Street Swakopmund


SALE SALE 100% BRAZILIAN HAIR SALE 8A Quality Grade LAY BUY AT SHOPS Find us at 97 Sam Nujoma str Walvis Bay 064220387 or 7 McHugh str Swakopmund Whatsapp me for a price list 0811434368

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

HAIR / BEAUTY CHRISTMAS SALE BONANZA THE VIRGIN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC VHB ARGAN OIL PRODUCTS sulphate free gluten free -Moisture based products -IDEAL FOR SALON USE AND HOME USE -Ideal for shop owners and entrepreneurs

PRICES VALID FROM 30 NOV 07 DEC Shampoo 750ml - N$120 Shampoo 350ml - N$70 Conditioner 750ml N$120 Conditioner 350ml N$70 Oil serum 100ml - N$120 Oil serum 30ml - N$70 Oil hair treatment 500ml N$120 Argan oil treatment 200ml N$70 Posa Treatment 500ml N$90 Bouncy curl activator 280ml - N$60 VH silicone hair serum 60ml - N$50 11 in one leave in treatment 250ml - N$80 Silicone free shampoo 280ml - N$80 Silicone free Conditioner 280ml - N$80 ARGAN DELUX PRODUCTS Shampoo 300ml - N$80 Conditioner 300m- N$80 Hair mask 500ml - N$130 Hair mask 250ml - N$100 Hair and body serum 100ml - N$140 Curl defining cream 240ml - N$100 Oil refreshing spray 120ml - N$100.00 PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOUR SYSTEMS Bleaching powder (500g) N$100.00 bleaching cream 300ml N$110.00 Gocare colours 100ml N$60.00 Peroxide cream 100ml N$25.00 Peroxide cream 1000ml N$60.00 Energy Botanical hair mask set 500g - N$120.00 *SWAKOPMUND BRANCH: Tobias Hainjeko Street 328,Shop 3. Ground Floor. Anti Corruption Building. Swakopmun,. Namibia 064403880/0812884920 *WINDHOEK MAIN BRANCH: Shop F3: Park foods Shopping Mall. Khomasdal. Windhoek, Namibia 061213448 / 0816630808 Fax: +264 61 213451 Email: virginhair Email 2: virginhair *ONDANGWA BRANCH: Chris and Osho Mall, Opposite FNB. Shop no: 4 Upstairs. 065243444 / 0813709449 FACEBOOK: The Virgin Hair Boutique Cc Instagram: the_virgin_ hair_boutique_cc

HAIR / BEAUTY CHRISTMAS SALE BONANZA THE VIRGIN HAIR BOUTIQUE CC VIRGIN BRAZILIAN HAIR -per 100G You need 200 - 300 for a full head 100% Virgin Hair 10 - N$750.00 12 - N$850.00 14 - N$950.00 16 - N$1050.00 18 - N$1150.00 20 - N$1250.00 22 - N$1350.00 24 - N$1375.00 26 - N$1450.00 28 - N$1525.00 30 - N$1550.00 4x4 LACE CLOSURES 10 - N$1150.00 12 - N$1200.00 14 - N$1250.00 16 - N$1350.00 18 - N$1450.00 20 - N$1550.00 Straight, kinky straight, wavy, deep waves, curly, kinky curly

BEAUTY ON A BUDGET COLLECTION 100% high quality human hair -100% human hair 10 - N$410.00 12 - N$450.00 14 - N$490.00 16 - N$530.00 18 - N$570.00 20 - N$670.00 22 - N$770.00 24 - N$810.00 26 - N$850.00 Straight, deepwaves and body waves

HAIR / BEAUTY PPT BEAUTY CENTRE Walvis Bay We are now doing full make up for any event. Nails training N$1200.00 Eyelashes training N$850.00 Make up training N$1200.00 Eyebrows training N$400.00 We give all styles hair training Manicure N$130.00 Eyelashes N$130.00 Own nails N$100.00 Pedicure N$80.00 Eyebrows shape and tint N$60.00 We have stock for Brazilian hair 8 to 24 inch buy or lay bye today. We sell clips. Find us in hair lounge behind Woolworths & Angel salon in Kuisebmond opposite Assembly of God. Like our facebook page. PPT & Beauty centre Contact Betty: 081 605 9205. 064 221 940 Annacky: 081 361 6198 Joel: 081 231 3923




KANEKALON SYNTHETIC BRAIDS Marley braids N$140.00 Ombre braids N$80.00 3D MINK LASHES N$180.00


Scott is a male of 2 years. He is the most wonderful dog to have in the family and he is very active but he does not get along with other male dogs and he does not like cats.

Tobias Hainjeko Street 328,Shop 3. Ground Floor. Anti Corruption Building. Swakopmund. Namibia

Tell: 064 403 880 Cell: 081 288 4920 *WINDHOEK MAIN BRANCH: Shop F3: Park foods Shopping Mall. Khomasdal. Windhoek, Namibia

Tell: +26461 213448 Cell: +26481 6630808 Fax: +264 61 213451 Email: virginhairboutique01 Email2: virginhairboutiquecc *ONDANGWA BRANCH:

Ziva is female of 2 years. She is the most active girl and she loves to play. She gets along with other dogs.

Tell: 065243444 Cell: 081 3709449

Izuru is a male of 11 months. He loves to get attention. He loves to go for long walks with his partner in crime, Arista.

FACEBOOK: The Virgin Hair Boutique CcInstagram:the_virg in_hair_boutique_cc

If you are interested in anyone of them, please contact the SPCA in Walvis Bay, 064 204041 or 081 629 1190.

Chris and Osho Mall, Opposite FNB. Shop no: 4 Upstairs.




Classifieds E-MAIL: OR




Nightshade is a male of 6 years. He is a very calm cat but he loves to play and he has no problems with other cats.

Wednesday is a female of 2 years. She is a very sweet cat and she loves to be picked up and she gets along with other cats.

Toyota is a male of 11 months. He is a real relaxer. He loves to be groomed and taking long naps in the sun and he gets along with other cats. If you are interested in anyone of them, please contact the SPCA in Walvis Bay, 064 204041 or 081 629 1190.

SERVICES TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: He helps with different types of problems such as court cases, love affairs, marriage problems, weak erection for men, vagina tightness, house problems. All types of STDs but not with Aids. Headaches, pain, chest pain, changing of bad luck, spiritual, Job problems, business improvement, any type of good luck. Never give up your life- your Doctor is there for you. Call DOCTOR MOYO 081 339 5913 House Number 471 Mandume Yandemfayo Str Mondesa Swakopmund.




Dr Banda Traditional Doctor with a difference – having 17 years of experience in African traditional medicine. He is a specialist in: Calling back lost lovers, love and marriage problems, love potion. To get a lover to yourself without sharing. To get married to man/woman of your dreams. Attraction for men/women. Protection of property against thieves/witches. Bring back stolen goods. Business matters, customer attraction, financial problems. Close the hand that does not keep money. Heals diseases, like: Asthma, epilyps, mental diseases, bad smell, bad breath, arthritis, gait, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, penis enlargement, drop, gonorrhea & syphilis. Man – power, more round. To see in the mirror or on white cloth. Dreams, removal of tokolosh, removal of body poison. Protection of your home, your body. Pregnancy problems. Complicated matters. Lucky charms. To win in life. The doctor is in Walvis Bay in town – in Theo-Ben Gurirab street. Call for appointment and consultation for free on 0817407321

Dr. Jumah The Chief Traditional Doctor Court cases, love problems, marriage problems, business expansions, sea workers protection, money problems, jobs, unfinished business, all kinds of diseases, lucky, removing bad luck, home protection, property protection, livestock protection, accident protection and many more Malawis and Africans best and trusted traditional doctor Call on: 081 880 5300

DO YOU EXPERIENCE LABOUR ISSUES? Kindly Contact Heidi Rossouw Legal Office for expert labour advise in the following: *Conciliation/Arbitration; *Labour advise; *Employment Equity report / Affirmative Action; *NEEEF / BEE Certificate for tender purposes; *NEEEB; (The new Equitable economic empowerment bill); *Employment service compliance; *Draft of Contracts; *Improvement of HR department; *Recruitments; *Liquor licenses. For further detail do not hesitate to contact our office: Heidi Rossouw Tel: 064-220 280/220-282 Fax no: 064-220-283 Cell No: 081 254 8142 Email: rossouwlaw@

Dr Yusuf Arafat King Arafat the Astrologer, Herbalist, Palmist, Fortune Teller and Sangoma. He is based in Swakopmund and also available in Walvis Bay. He is an expert in lost lovers, in just same day results. Helps people get a job of their qualification. Cures and heals diseases. Shingles, losing weight, swollen glands, swollen legs. Madness mental diseases. Court cases, lotto, casino, wina mariba, gambling. To pass exams, revenge and send back the things your enemies do to you. Work problems, business, domestic matters. If you tried a lot of doctors and you did not see any change or help – please change now and turn to Dr Arafat for 100% guaranteed results. Yusuf Arafat in Swakopmund – new location. Call 081 343 1134

TRADITIONAL AFRICAN DOCTOR Powerful herbalist with strong medication to help solve your problems 100% if you fail from other Doctors come to me! Specialist in bringing back lost lovers from cheating, hips and breast enlargements, pregnancy problems, penis enlargement, financial problems, lucky charms oil using linyololo. Winning gambling and casino, court cases and many more. Contact: 081 475 6350

TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck - Luck Muti Love Problems Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself Work problems Promotions - To get tenders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP Remove to-koloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power se-xuality Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149.

DR ZAPALENI I BELIEVE QUICKNESS IS ESSENTIAL IN EVERYTHING, COME FOR QUICK RESULTS Bring back lost lover, pregnancy, promotions at work, get loans, court cases, protecting yourself and your properties, magic wallet, magic stick, for financial problems, get a men or woman of your choice, chitaka wallet, to be strong in bed, enlargement all sizes and many more. Call: 081 809 9657


Flower power Catering Andrea 0812713851 Cathy 0813472005 We pamper you affordable

HANDYMAN SERVICES For all your painting jobs, tiling, building or any renovations in and around your house, please call 081 734 3552 any time

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



10 2006-2016

We Specialize in: Alarm Monitoring (free Transmitter) (Free Response)

Alarm Response Alarm Installations Guards CCTV Investigations 24/7 Operational Room (Security System Planning)

Security Consultants Contact: Jaco/Jhyson Tel:064-204412/ Cell: 081 127 3508 email: Email: opsmanager@

BAARD GROUP Baard Transport / Block & Brick

*Rental of Front End Loaders and Tippers *Removal of Building Rubble / Rubble *Earthworks / Filling Please Contact: Office: 064 217 901 Cell: 081 128 3806

PRODEL CONSTRUCTION RENOVATIONS:& For all your renovations RENOVATIONS: needs withrenovations personal For all your attention. needs and construction Call forattention. a with personal free Callquote for a JOHANN STEYN free quote 081 128 0848 / JOHANN STEYN 081 128 435 0848. 0622 081

SERVICES COASTAL SATELLITES INSTALLATIONS (CSI) 081 653 7999 Installations, TV mounts, expora’s, smart LNB, extra views, poor signal, re-location, full kits, alarm, handy man, sales. In Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Henties Bay. Call now!! Roof repairs & Home renovations By the Austrian Master builder, plumbing and electrical work, geyser replacements. No job to small, modern bathrooms, swimming pools, metal work, wood work, etc. Call Gunther anytime Working over Christmas. 081 638 6300

OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Over Namibia Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email:

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810 · Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · Hiring of earth moving Equipment “The Service Makes The Difference”

QUATTRO’S SECURITY CONSULTANTS CC Roberto Bertolini Cell: 081 850 0248 Mail: Alarm installations Gate motors Electrified fencing CCTV installations Access control

Hennie’s Workshop 064 200 802 / 081 276 7661 - Hennie Vir enige werk in en om U huis is ons beskikbaar. Spesialiseer in volgende ook: Aluminium vensters, Aluminium hekke, garage deure + motors. Vir einge drenste of van voertuie, ek is tot U redding. So kontak my gerus by begenoemde nommers.


ROOF REPAIRS The RAIN is on the Way. Roof repairs and renovations, four layer painting work, with 8 year roof repair and painting guarantees. Call Gunther anytime, 081 638 6300

WC CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION We offer: - Construction - Painting - Paving - Slasto - Lapas - Plumbing - Tiling - Electrical and all types of roof structures - Maintenance on all buildings & structures 24/7 service Contact: 081 211 6686 064-205470


HANDY MAN IN WALVIS BAY Free quotes, best prices. Specialising in: Alarm, CCTV, DSTV, gate motos, renovations, electrical repairs and wiring, plumbing, tiling, painting and many more, you just name it. Contact: 081 247 4467

MUKUPI INVESTMENT SECURITY SERVICES Security Services We secure you value We offer lowest and affordable prices to every one, we protect malls, shops, ships, vessels, yards, buildings and many more. If you need a guard call Mr. Billylo M: 081 314 6129 / 081 290 7170 Email: mukupibillylo@ Street Hunest no. 3 P.O. Box 2905 Walvis Bay PRICES: Details of duties (day shift N$18.50 per hour) Details of duties (night shift N$19.00 per hour) Public holiday including Sunday N$37.00 per hour

DE WAAL CONSTRUCTION Services: Maintenance, plumbing, paintwork, plaster work, building work, steel construction, irrigation, repair work (roofs), paving, ceiling installations and repairs, general handy work, monthly maintenance contract available. Contact Anton de Wall: 081 708 4423

Specialized Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning For effective cleaning please call Lida Coastal Hygiene for a free quote The Chem-Dry method: Stays clean longer, Dry Faster, Healthier, No bad odours Treat your carpets! Please book to avoid disappointment. Tel 064 209 292

LUNGANDA BUILDING AND RENOVATIONS CC We do: Plumbing & painting, electrical installation, interlocking, aluminum windows and doors. Contact: 081 251 5639 / 081 423 2766 CAR KEYS We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag ECU’s, all cars make & models. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES SMS / WHATSAPP / CALL: 081 374 6444

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

IT SERVICES OFFERED IT Services offered at Competitive Rates. Specializing in repairs of Laptops, PC’s and Networks, hardware and software installation and repairs. Experienced IT Technician on call CALL : 081 776 1680

VEHICLE ASSIST No Queues, No Stress NaTis Consultant Vehicle Service Russst Proofing Contact Angelo: 081 498 6051 Email:

FOR SALE Swakop-mund NEW TYRES All Sizes Available. Best Prices in Town, Shop 16A, Woermann Brock, Vineta Shopping Centre Call: 081 243 1045 / 081 223 1042

2009 GWM Multi-wagon Voetstoot (AS IS) Price: N$55 000.00 In Walvis Bay Contact: 081 152 2956 / 081 576 9555


FOR SALE Isuzu KB280 2007 model 180 000 km N$70 000.00 negotiable Alpha Romeo 2004 model 185 000 km N$80 000.00 negotiable GWM 2008 model N$70 000.00 negotiable Toyota Vitz 2008 model 209 000 km N$35 000.00 negotiable Contact: 081 411 1213 / 081 482 9385


2015 VW Amarok Trendline. 21 500km. Very good condition. N$290 000.00 negotiable. CONTACT: 081 858 0670

2nd Hand Shop We buy and sell anything of value only ID required 0811475475 0811475333 064220387

FOR SALE 5 FT VENTER TRAILER Excellent Condition Roadworthy - Papers Available Price N$4,800 Contact 081 127 0833 Zu verkaufen: Deutsche Wolle Regia, Handarbeitsstoffe, Stickpakete, Knitpro-Stricknadeln. Telefon: Heidi, 064-464030, 0813381325. Te Koop: Ingevoerde wol, borduurmateriale, borduurpakke, Knitpro breipenne. Telefoon: Heidi,

For Sale For Sale Swakopmund Call 081 567 4522 1 x Pie Warmer Stainless Steel N$1250.00 1x Sansui 54cm TV N$850.00 1 x LG 34 inch LCD TV - N$2,500.00 1 x ScottelBraai gas like new N$350.00 1 x JVC 34”inch LCD TV & Remote 6 months old N$2750.00 4x Yokohama 225x55x18 Bakkie SUV Tyres with 18inch MAG Rims [like new] N$5000.00 1 x Anvil Free Standing Professional Gas Chip Fryer like new N$5500.00 1 x LG Grill Microwave Just like new N$500.00 Call 081 567 4522

GARDENING FOR SALE COMPOST FOR SALE Walvis Bay 081 731 0898 Swakopmund 081 127 5442 Bel `n Lorrie 3.5 / 4 T Vragte Bou rommel verwyder Tuin vullis / vullis Enige tiepe vragte, ek laai self. Kontak: 081 142 6033 / 081 308 4566 Building Plans (Draughting). Industrial, Commercial or Residential. From new developments too everyday alterations plans needed. Contact: Juan Kinnear 081 258 8214. SPECIAL SERVICES: CONTAINERS TO BUY/RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office, ablution etc alterations. Cowboy's: 064 418150 / 081 146 4770

FIND US @ 97 Sam Nujoma Str Walvis Bay

Peugeot 207 5 door HDi 1.6L for sale Model year 2007 Mileage:136 000km 5-speed manual, Diesel ABS, full service history N$ 59 500.00 Contact: 081 157 8622 CAR FOR SALE 2006 Hyundai Pick-up N$95,000 2008 Ford Ranger Lang car - N$95,000 2012 Np200 Nissan N$90,000 1993 Maxima V6 N$35,000 Contact: 081 215 7993

Items for Sale A H Tech cc Swakopmund we are selling all types of laptops and PC screens and many more, we are also selling Clothes POLO shoes and T-Shirst please call 081 326 7519 or 081 831 1748 FOR SALE: Double Door DEFY Fridge/Freezer Total Capacity: 622 L Fridge = 368 L Freezer = 254 L Price: NAD5250.00 Contact: 081 894 8284

GARDENING & PALMS FOR SALE SWAKOPMUND Big and small palms, and planted. Also garden designs and irrigation. palm and tree removal, pruning. 30kg Pure matured cow manure bags delivered. Over Christmas gardening and rubble removal, Call: 081 638 6300

PROPERTIES FOR SALE Bachelor Flat For Sale Kramersdorff /Haus Helios Sunny North Facing N$820 000 [neg] Call 081 318 8190




Walvis Bay

Units FOR SALE – Narraville Ideal for the Beginner or Investor 1 bed Flat N$ 280 000.00 1 Bed Flat N$ 380 000.00 2 Bed Flat N$ 450 000.00 Contact: Hettie 081 270 4333 Jackie 081 246 3590 Karien 081 250 4690 Ruth 081 240 7350


Private Sale Swakopmund Kramersdorf Flat on 1st Floor 3 Bedrooms, Open plan Kitchen / Lounge Many build-in cupboards, 2 Bathrooms, Storeroom, 2 Balconies Tandem Garage Price N$1.550.000 [far below valuation] Tel/Fax [064] 405 445 FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR

WALVIS BAY 20 4505


LAPTOP REPAIRS On site repairs at home/office while you wait. Laptop screen replacements, Virus removal, Data recovery on faulty hard drives Contact: 081 352 4524 / 085 647 2945

CAR FOR SALE SWAKOPMUND CHEVROLET NOMAD FOR SALE CALL 081 601 4183 CARS FOR SALE 2006 Ford Ranger 2.2 petrol with trallies N$58 000 2006 Isuzu 2.0 petrol with trallies N$67 000 2013 Nissan Np200 1.6 petrol with trallies N$60 000 2008 Toyota Yaris sedan 1.6 manual N$43000 2001 Hyundai accent 1,3 N$23 000 1995 Toyota Dyna Truck 5R engine 1.8 petrol N$35 000 2007 Golf 4 2.0 petrol automatic perfect driving condition N$28 000 gearbox need attention/ You may exchange with another car or goods like: furniture’s erven, houses or plots All prices negotiable Contact 081 258 5780 081 598 9989 // 064 406 737

Cupboard World's Birthday Special: Up to 15% discount! Kitchens, Fitted wardrobes, Flooring, live and upcoming developments and Cross country installations. Contact Riaan: 081 222 1299 or

KITCHEN ELEGANCE We do kitchen cupboards, built in cupboards and all type of woodwork. We also do 3d designs and free quotation. Contact Keegan 081 612 3519 / check out our website for more details: kitchenelegancenamibia. com



THE HONEY POT SEWING CENTRE Tel: 202 818, Walvis Bay Expert service in general tailoring - One day alterations, Duvet Covers, Curtains, Wedding Dresses and others.






CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

CENTRAL Well-kept family home offers 4 bedr, 2 bathr, open plan living, fitted kitchen, lounge, dining TV room, BBQ, hobby room, 4 garages and a Workshop. Huge erf. N$ 2 175 000 CENTRAL Modern 3 bedr Townhouse, 3 bedr, 2 bathr, spacious open plan living, fitted kitchen, BBQ, double garage. A MUST VIEW. N$ 1 570 000 LAGOON Stunning quality duplex Townhouse, 3 bedr, 2 bathr, lovely open plan living, BBQ, fitted kitchen, guest toilet, double garage and friendly garden. N$ 2 390 000 CC Reg

Joey 081 129 3293


LEHMANN PROPERTIES CC Houses for sale Narraville: Very neat 2 bedroom unit in secure complex. Ideal for young couple or the investors! Only N$690 000.00 Please call Nicolaas 081 470 5719 Own your own House: Omdel 880 in Henties Bay 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Open-plan kitchen Land: 395 mcq, Home : 47 mcq Price: N$330 000.00 Phone: 081 151 5000 / 085 129 4985

GLORY REAL ESTATE For Sale General residential plot in W’Bay, Kuisebmond Size: 1987m² Price: N$2.1 mil 2x 2 Bedrooms unit, BIC, 1 bathroom, open-plan kitchen BIC / lounge, single garage. N$605 000.00 1x 1 Bedroom BIC / openplan kitchen / lounge, single garage, bathroom N$405 000.00 Up-coming units in Swakopmund: Mondesa, close to town. 9x 2 Bedroom units, openplan kitchen with BIC, spacious living area, bedrooms with BIC, own balcony, 2 bathrooms, basement parking bay. Price: N$750 000.00 3x Bachelor pads, openplan kitchen with BIC, spacious living area, bedroom with BIC, own balcony, large bathroom, basement parking bay. Price: N$650 000.00 Up-coming apartments in Otjiwarongo 2 Bedroom units, 150L solar geysers, kitchen units with built-in stove and wave-touch controls, ceramic tiles on the floor, aluminum framed doors and windows (but the internal doors will be steel framed), celotex ceilings, BIC in the bedrooms, alarm system for each unit, 24 hour security (guard-house at entrance, boundary wall all facades, etc.) N$750 000.00 All inclusive (cc registered) Plot & Plan Kuisebmond 3 Bedrooms BIC, 2 bathrooms, double garage, kitchen BIC, BIS, lounge, double garage, high boundary wall, 1 bedroom flat. N$890 000.00 Walvis Bay, Meersig, Ext 1, Sea view House 5 Bedrooms, 2 bathroom / ownsuites, 2 full bathrooms, 1 guest toilet, spacious lounge, kitchen with BIC, BIS, gas stove also, double garage, laundry room, TV-room, inside braai, swimming pool, CCTV camera / alarm system. N$3.2 mil neg Residential plots for sale in Henties bay, Norht Dunes, near Unam campus. From N$163 000.00 N$300 000.00 Only Few Left: Selling very fast. Dolphin Beach: N$1,926,000.00 Fully furnished double storey apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, guest toilet, lounges, kitchen, BIC, BIS, double garage, and many more. Price: N$1.926.000.00 Vacant Plot, Slightly sea view Size: N$715m² Price: N$1 mil (neg) Kabeljou Str 3 Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen BIC, BIS, lounge, TV-room, double garage, 4 flats at back. Rental income: N$6800.00 p/m Big yard. For more info call: Tancy / Toini: 081 457 0543 Email: toinischoltz@


DR SAM NUJOMA PLAZA Brand New, upmarket & modern offices / shops available in safe & secure 3 storey complex. Situated in the centre of town opposite 3 banks with entrance from 2 different streets. Each unit has own garage and extra garages also available. Book yours now! Selling from N$ 1 080 000-00 each! Perfect location - perfect investment. Claudia 081 169 6227 EMIRATES REAL ESTATE Erf For Sale Kuisebmond 1978m² N$2200 000.00 Long Beach Erf For Sale: 664m² N$795 000.00 Dolphin Beach Erf For Sale Afrodite with approved plans 600m² N$1280 000.00 Narraville Stunning 3 bedroom house, lounge, kitchen, dining, garage parking for 2 cars, yard fully interlocked. N$1500 000.00 Contact Glonda / Dusty: 081 147 5143

Various Vacant Erven Long Beach, Walvis Bay Residential, ·550m² @ N$ 700 000-00 Dolphin Beach, Walvis Bay – Residential ·609m² @ N$ 730 000-00 Meersig, Walvis Bay, Residential, ·514m² @ N$ 750 000-00 ·750m² @ N$ 810 000-00 ·1250m² @ N$ 1 350 000-00 Ongwediva, Business ·579m² N$ 565 000-00 ·908m² N$ 890 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227 FOR SALE 4 Erven in Ocean View. Measuring a total of 2506m² Price: NAD750 000.00 per erf. Contact: 081 894 8284.




Classifieds E-MAIL: OR


Walvis Bay CBD – PRICE REDUCED!! Sole & Exclusive Mandate Spacious 160m² 3 bed, 1 ½ bath townhouses. Kitchen, spacious sitting room / lounge & garage. A rare find at N$ 855 000-00 each! Only 2 left! Claudia 081 169 6227 MALAKIA PROPERTIES FOR SALE TAMARISKIA 3 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen, diningroom, Lounge, Double Garage Plus: 2 Bachelor Flats with boundary Wall for N$1.9mil 3 Bedrooms bic, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining room. Lounge. Single Garage Plus Flat with 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, open-plan Kitchen and Double Garage with boundary wall N$2.1mil TAMARISKIA EXT 3 3 Bedroom bic, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen bic with stove, Lounge, double garage N$1.65mil 3Bedroms bic,2bathrooms Kitchen, bic with stove Lounge, Double garage MAHETAGO NEAR COMPLEX WOERMANNBROCK GEUSTHOUSE 5 Bedroom, 5bathrooms Store room, Lounge Kitchen Double Garage extra parking area N$1.58mil SECTIONAL TITLE 2Bedrooms bic, 2bathrooms, Kitchen bic with stove, Lounge, Garge and outside braai N$700 000.00 ARANDIS 2Bedrooms, bathroom, Open-plan Kitchen Plus 2 Flats with 2 Bedrooms bathroom Open plan Kitchen N$490 000.00 Call MALAKIA 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@

Okahandja - Otjihua Village Brand new housing development consisting of 437 units! Phase 1 & 2 selling now & selling fast! Selling from N$ 480 000-00 only! Don't delay – phone today! Claudia 081 169 6227 Hannelie 081 124 2292

PROPERTIES FOR SALE TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE LANGSTRAND Modern and stylish 3 Bedroom townhouse, 2 bathrooms, indoor braai, tandem garage fits two vehicles with extra space for quad bikes or trailer, paved yard, low maintenance, ideal lock up and go, NAD1 740 000.00 negotiable. No agents. Phone Alta @ 081 243 8000

Karibib - Sole Mandate 2 – 3 bed houses, each with own plot!. Choose from 6 different house types. Selling from only N$ 450 000-00 Claudia 081 169 6227 Dassie 081 200 3946

For Sale Ocean View Swakopmund 2 Houses on a 982m² First House: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 garages, kitchen lounge diningroom, in and outside BBQ plus Second House: 1x Double storey 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms open-plan kitchen lounge, in-side BBQ, big garage and much more Price N$3,500,000.00 [neg] Contact 081 786 0089

Dolphin Beach OCEANS 102 51 x Luxurious upmarket 2-3 bed Townhouses in secure complex. Spectacular finishes and breathtaking views! Starting From N$ 1 750 000-00. Don't delay, book yours today! Hannelie 081 124 2292

P.A.M Tree Villas Kuisebmund Sole & Exclusive Mandate Free-standing houses located 5km from the Walvis Bay City Centre Choose your own house & plot! Selling from N$ 615 000-00. Hannelie 081 124 2292


HENTIES BAY “HUISIE BY DIE SEE” 2 & 3 Bed houses, each with own plot! Choose from 4 different house types to suit your needs best! GET YOURS FROM ONLY N$ 526 000-00 NOW!!! Emily 081 293 0335 Tania 081 169 6216 FOR SALE Tandem & single garage (57m²) for sale in Walvis Bay. Centrally located in secure complex. Lock-up and go + automated access. N$200,000.00 Contact: 081 229 6132

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT Arandis Street in Kramersdorf A plush old style home recently renovated, like new. It is a three bedroom home with 1.5 bathrooms. Has a Large open-plan kitchen with lockable pantry and large diningroom and living room. It has a very spacious courtyard and a large double garage. Full Alarm, old style burglar bars throughout. The whole property Is enclosed with walls in a Very safe area. N$ 14 000/month Water and electricity excluded Contact Gunther: 081 638 6300 or Send an email to Swakopstrandrentals@ TO LET: FAIRWAYS WALVIS BAY Charming and secure townhouse to let offering the following: 2 bedrooms with BIC, 1 Full bathroom Single garage, Guest toilet downstairs, Open plan kitchen N$6 800 per month excl water & pre-paid meter. Deposit of N$6,800 available from 1 January 2017. Contact 0812598210 or 0812742308 TO RENT MAHETAGO SWAKOPMUND A Bachelor Flat, ideal for a Single Person with own bathroom and PrePaid electricity, HotWater N$2300 per month inclusive water * Only holiday room is also available Contact 081 129 7171

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Walvis Bay Industrial Area Syncrolift 2nd Street East Office space available. Contact: 081 124 3904 FLATS AVAILABLE FOR RENT: 2x 1 Bedroom flats available to rent at Meersig, 11th street north as from 1 December 2016 Each flat has a bedroom, kitchen & living area, toilet, shower and a geyser. Rent: N$3500.00 and a deposit of N$2000.00. Parking is available. W+E included. Flats are in a long boundary wall. Private entrance to the flats, no interference with the house owner. If you are interested please do not hesitate to call: 081 351 5917 / 081 143 4671 / 081 468 8971

PELICAN PARK MALL – TO RENT Brand new 3 storey mall in the CBD! Ground Floor shops & First & Second floor Offices. Completion May 2017. Extra garages & roof parking. Book yours now! From N$8 500-00 p/m Yolanda 081 158 3463

TO RENT: Lagoon Area Fully furnished 2 Bedroom flat with openplan kitchen and living room. Separate entrance, tandem garage, no pets or children, W+E and DSTV included. Limitation, couple and baby or 2 persons. Available from 2016/01. Rent: N$5500.00 Contact: 081 166 8125

TO RENT: Kuisebmond 2x Inside rooms available for a single person in a newly build house in Namport. N$1500.00 excluding electricity. Deposit: N$1500.00 required. Located in a quite and safe place. Contact: 081 367 9316 to come view.

TE HUUR: Kuisebmond, Kabeljou 1 Slaapkamer te huur. Huur N$1850.00 p/m W+L uitgesluit. Deposito: N$1850.00 Kontak: 081 242 9604

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


TO LET SWAKOPMUND SWAKOPMUND CBD N$ 9,500-00 INCREDIBLY NEAT 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT, 2 BATHROOMS WITH TANDEM GARAGE. LARGE BALCONY AND PRE-PAID ELECTRICITY ROSSMUND N$ 15 000-00 3 BED, 3 BATH DUPLEX WITH STUDY AREA AND LARGE BALCONY AND DOUBLE GARAGE AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY WANTED: ALL TYPES OF PROPERTIES TO LET SONJA +264 81 830 3471 LUISE +264 81 653 0765 OFFICE +264 64 464 033 TO LET: Near Duneside High School (Walvis bay) 1x One bedroom flat immediately available. BIC in bedroom, openplan kitchen & living area, shower & toilet. Single garage. Water & electricity & alarm included @ N$4800.00 per month. Contact: 081 122 0727 after 5h00 afternoon.




CFS PROPERTIES CC SWAKOPMUND OCEANVIEW TO LET HOUSE 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, openplan kitchen lounge dining, single garage, alarm, pet friendly,deposit required, immediate available. N$8,250.00

TO RENT: Walvis Bay In town and walking distance to shops. 1 Bedroom flat with build-in cupboards, openplan sitting room with kitchen and bathroom. Lots of interlocks. N$4500.00 W+E included. Deposit: N$4000.00 can be arrange over 2 months. Immediately available. Contact: 081 376 2436

Irene 081 353 5551 064 412320 TO LET / Walvis Bay Office space (first floor) Open plan / 100 m² Small kitchenette Communal restrooms Ample parking Available immediately N$ 7500.00 p/m excl W,E & R Call 081 712 8571

TO LET SWAKOPMUND MILE 4 N$9,500-00 FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED 3 BEDROOM APARTMENT, SINGLE GARAGE. SEA VIEWS. AVAILABLE IMMEDTIATELY SWAKOP CBD N$ 9,800-00 65M² OFFICE SPACE IN THE HEART OF TOWN, EXCELLENT VISIBILITY. EXT 22 N$ 11,000-00 FAMILY HOME WITH 3 BEDS & 3 BATHROOMS, OPEN PLAN LIVING, DOUBLE GARAGE, INDOOR BRAAI. OPEN PLAN LIVING, DOUBLE GARAGE, INDOOR BRAAI. WANTED: ALL TYPES OF PROPERTIES TO SONJA +264 81 830 3471 LUISE +264 81 653 0765 OFFICE +264 64 464 033 TO RENT: Walvis Bay New modern 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, open-plan kitchen, lounge, 1 garage. Plenty cupboards, dishwasher blinds. G4S + water included. Very secure complex. Quite complex. No animals. Profile: Husband, wife and 2 children under age of 7. Rent: N$6200 + deposit Available soon possible. Contact Hannah: 081 124 2151

TO RENT: Kuisebmond Namport 1 Spacious bedroom, open-plan kitchen, shower, interlocked and secured walls N$3 200 (neg.) Available from 01/12/2016. W&E included Contact:081 297 7866 / 081 276 6888

TO RENT Fully furnished flat with full dstv package flat consists the following: 1x bedroom on suite bathroom, 1x lounge 1x kitchenette N$ 1,000.00 Per day available immediately, terms and conditions applies contact 081 279 0088


TE HUUR: Narraville Bachelor woonstel te huur, met kombuis + I.G.K, sekuriteitdeur, diefwerings + badkamer. Huur: N$2800 p/m Deposito onderhandelbaar W+L ingesluit Vir enkel persone of twee. Skakel: 081 327 9800



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

PROPERTIES TO RENT Flat To Rent Mondesa Swakopmund Eloa Str 1 Bedroom Flat to let, Toilet, Shower, small Kitchen with open space. Water and electricity included Price N$3500 Contact 081 370 6700 Bachelor Flat for RENT Strictly one sober person @ 21Lark Street Narraville N$1900.00 N$500dep Contact 081 250 8702 Available immediately

TO LET: WALVIS BAY FACTORY PARK Workshop and Office space 114m² to let immediately available Warehouse and Office space 167,m² to let Immediately available Contact Rosetta 064 221 343

ACCOMMODATION LUXURY OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION Available in Walvis Bay, Lagoon area. For the December 2017 holiday season Queen size, extra length beds, big entertainment area available, walking distance from Lagoon, secure indoor parking, free WIFI and DSTV available. Over night accommodation: N$950 - (double room) N$750 - (single room), per night. For more information please call: 081 254 8142 ACCOMMODATION Dolphin beach: 3 bedroom house, lounge, dining, kitchen, 2.5 bathroom, guest toilet, garage and entertainment area to rent for festive season. Available immediately. N$ 2 250.00 per day. Contact: 081 233 7313 ACCOMMODATION Lagoon, W/Bay 8 -10 Sleeper Holiday Accommodation Double Story - DSTV +Wifi N$1800 per day Accommodate 2 Families 15 December - 15 January Contact: 081 295 1300 SELF-CATERING ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE SWAKOPMUND FULLY FURNISHED 2 Double Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Open-plan Lounge Kitchen with Buildt-In Braai & Style Garage. Apartment is located in Town Centre within a secure complex & 5min walk to the beach Accommodate max 4 people N$1000 per night Please contact Debra on 081 881 0595



Accomodation Available Skoon, veilige studente akkomodasie beskikbaar in Pretoria. Kommune met en-suite badkamers. 7km vanaf TUKS. N$4200 per maand Deposito N$6300.00 Gratis internet en bediende. Slegs vir persone met sober gewoontes. sannett +27 82 554 2913


PROPERTIES WANTED Wanted 2 Buy/Rent Looking to rent/buy Te huur / koop gesoek Zu mieten / kaufen gesucht Workshop with Office/s in Swakopmund with easy access and yard Please send details to WANTED: Looking for Holiday accommodation in Walvis Bay / Swakopmund / Henties Bay as from 24 - 28 December 2016 Contact: 081 838 1991 LEHMANN PROPERTIES CC Houses for sale or to let Urgently looking for residential and commercial properties for sale or to let for my clients. Any area, any price. Please call Nicolaas: 081 470 5719 DRINGEND OPSOEK NA HUIS TE HUUR Verkieslik 3 slaapkamer in Narraville. Prys klas tussen N$5000.00 - N$8000.00 Kontak: 081 301 9441 / 081 867 6301 WANTED: Looking for a house to buy in Walvis Bay. Price range: N$500 000.00 Contact: 081 727 6440 / 081 749 3075 WANTED: I am looking for an Erf or house to buy in Walvis Bay, Namport. No agent involved, only private owners. Contact: 081 271 7107

WANTED TO SWAKOP 2bedrooms, 2bathrooms Double Garage, must be PET FRIENDLY and a little garden Price between N$8000 and N$10 000 pm Please Call 081 347 2993


WANTED Saamry Geleentheid Gesoek van Swakop na Walvis daagliks. Die vertrek tyd van Swk 07:00 soggens en van Walvis 17:00 saans Skakel my asseblief baie dringend by 081 805 3564 / 081 799 7703 WANTED: I am looking for a car to buy. Must be ready to go and must be a 4x4, atleast Rav 4, mitsumbu-pa or any pick up. Contact: 081 737 2373 WANT TO BUY A CAR URGENTLY PRICE N$15,000 - N$19,000 CALL TONY 081 465 9653

VACANCIES ERONGO AXIS SECURITY CC WALVIS BAY OFFICE We have the following vacancies available in our Walvis Bay and Swakopmund Office. Guard /Response Officers Minimum Requirements: *Grade 10 *Driver's License valid for more than 6+ Months *Previous experience in security will be an added advantage. Closing date: 18 November 2016 Send your full CV to opsmanager@security Or hand delivered Hage Geingob Street No 59 No faxed CV's will be accepted.

VACANCY SALES REPRESENTATIVE -HONEST -VIBRANT -NAMIBIAN CITIZEN -FLUENT IN ENGLISH AND AFRIKAANS -REFERENCE REQUIRED -DRIVERS LICENSE PLEASE FORWARD CV'S TO: THE MANAGER P.O. BOX 4032 WALVIS BAY WALVISBAAI Ons is opsoek na `n dame wat tydelik kan uit help by `n dagsorg. Sy moet met klein kinders kan werk. Sy moet haar eie voertuig hê, sy moet kan kook. Skakel: 081 274 5644

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication




JOB WANTED: A born again lady in Walvis Bay. I am looking for work as a domestic worker, shop assistant, restaurant / butchery, guest house, company. Working hours from 07:00 to 17:00. Monday Friday’s. I have fear of God. I am ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 749 9088

JOB WANTED: I am a degree 25 year old man with 3 years experience possessing a Bcom in banking & finance. Looking for a part-time or full-time job in related fields. I am ready to start immediately. Fields of speciality include: Accounts clerk, loads officer, financial services marketer, financial analyst, banker. Contact: 081 896 3268 / 081 334 5912

Ek is opsoek na Maandag tot Vrydag Huiswerk of vir 3 dae per week. Sakel my asb by 081 488 4748

WERK GESOEK: Ek is Jacqueline, opsoek na huiswerk, stryk werk, kinders oppas. Kan onmiddelik begin. Ek is 38 jaar. Op dolfyn strand, langstrand, dorp, Meersig en Lagoon. Kontak: 081 329 1038 / 081 237 6631

Domestic Job Wanted I am a hardworking Lady and is looking for Domestic Work in Swakop I can do Washing Ironing and Cleaning. From Monday to Friday even Saturday. Please call at 081 890 6333

JOB WANTED: 23 Year old lady, looking for any kind of house work or stay with kids. There must be a place to stay. Contact: 081 587 0046 / 081 667 7156 / 081 228 7839

I am looking for Domestic work in Swakopmund from Monday to Friday I stay in New NHE Mondesa and can start immediately please call me 081 450 6292

I am Looking for Domestic Work in Swakopmund from Mondays to Fridays I can start immediately Please call 081 878 6653

Ek is dringend opsoek na Huiswerk / Take-a-way / Childcare / in Swakop van Maandag tot Saterdag Ek kan onmiddelik begin werk. Skakel my asseblief 081 302 7998

Ek soek huiswerk vir 3 dae in ‘n week in Swakop vir Dinsdag en Donderdag. Ek is 42jaar oud. Call 081 209 8647

JOB WANTED: I am a 25 year old, looking for takeaway work or cleaning work in offices & hotels. Contact: 081 863 3844

VACANCY: Supervisor and Male Security Officers needed for a security company Minimum requirements: Grade 10, previous experience as Supervisor / Security Officers. Valid driver's license, English and Afrikaans speaking. Hand deliver CV at 221 Sam Nujoma Avenue, Walvis bay, Opposite Casa Mia Hotel

I am looking for a Job as Receptionist/secretary in Swakopmund, i have 4 years of working experience and can start immediately. I am 25years old and is willing to learn, hardworking, trustworthy and honest. Please call 081496 9711

JOB WANTED: I am Susana, looking for work, housekeeping or looking after children. Only in Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 637 4790


Vacancy Available AH Tech cc Swakopmund we are looking for a salesman or saleswoman to start soon as possible for more info call 0813267519 / 0818311748

Tel: 205854 E-mail: smalls@

Vacancy Available: Industrial Sewing Machine Operators needed ASAP email: radientrading@

JOBS WANTED VACANCY WANTED IT TECHNICIAN male 23 years old matriculated, more than 3 years work experience in IT plus extensive personal IT knowledge. Looking for full-time position in all related technical fields. SKILLS: disassembly / repairs of laptops, PC’s, network equipment & servers. Install/ repair software. Trouble-shoot hardware / software issues. remote support & technical assistance. Sales / marketing & generating quotes for clients. Tel: 081 776 1680


Tel: 461866 E-mail: smallswk@

We will gladly assist you




Fire claims more than 10 shacks and 2 cars Piquet Jacobs

A shack fire caused havock in Kuisebmond yesterday afternoon when it destroyed more than 10 shacks and 2 cars. The fire burst out in the Tutaleni area, among a congested number of shacks, causing damage to 10 to 12 shacks. Residents in the area rushed to the sight to assist shack owners with removing as much of their belongings before the fire got to it. The cause of the fire is still unknown, while the fire department assesses the damage.



The Kutondokwa and Ipinge Mwiingilisa family, announce the death of our beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt and friend

Emilie Ndiili Kutondokwa (nee Ipinge Mwiingilisa) 17-09-1937


1 CORINTHIANS 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brethen, be steadfast, immovable, always abouding in the work of the Lord...”

MEMORIAL SERVICE Friday, 2 December 2016 18:00 at the Hosiana Parish, Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay

FUNERAL Saturday, 3 December 2016 Time: 07:00 from house nr 91, Nataniël Maxuilili Ave, Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay

Enquiries: Kandarie Kutondokwa - Uushona 081 811 4770 / Ndapanda Kutondokwa - Ya Otto 081 202 5957 Paula Kutondokwa - Iiende 081 231 2806 / Zola Kutondokwa - Shikongo 081 257 9079 or 064- 206746 (Home)

In Memoriam Dolf Tigler-Wybrandi 01-03-1934


Dolf, my greatest Love and Soulmate, Thank you for your part in my journey. Thank you for your unconditional love. I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Though I smile and seem carefree, I still miss you every day. With eternal gratitude and love

Princess Only a few weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to our

Beloved Boeta Franie, and now death has knocked on our family’s door again. Uncle Charlieboy we loved you and miss you already, we find solace in the fact that you are at peace, comforted by our loving Father above. Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you be not dismayed For I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous righthand.

Our sincere condolences to Aunty Karran, Miles, Jordan, Mandy & Knight and to our grandmother

From: Smeda & Saunderson Family Contact: Wilma Saunderson 0811 692184

Charles Aubrey Oliver (Charlieboy) 22-06-1954


Joh 11 vers 25 Jesus sê vir haar: Ek is die opstanding en die Lewe, wie in My glo, sal lewe al het hy ook gesterwe

Begrafnis Saterdag, 3 Desember 2016, 08:00 by die huis Ceasar Martin Str. 109 Narraville 09:00 vanuit die St. Petrus Rooms Katolieke Kerk, Narraville

Ons Geliefde Eggenoot, Pa & Oupa het ons verlaat 26-11-2016




The TRAVEL MAGIC RACE TO CAPE TOWN Namib Mills last weekend was as always a great success, with Paul and Amandio playing very well to win the day on 51 points. Thanks to Gousie and Megan and the rest of this wonderful team for the big day, and even better news is that they have agreed to be back next year. Just about all won prizes on the day and there was a consolation prize‌.no names no pack drill. The photo is of the Namib Mills team and president John. It was felt that the winners were not good looking enough to get their photo published. The weekly draw stood at a whopping N$2 100, and was won by David Peake, the second time in the life of the draw that his name came out of the bag. This week its back to N$1 000 starting money. The TRAVEL MAGIC RACE TO CAPE TOWN was won by 'OU GROTE' Frans, mooi gedaan Frans jy het dit wel verdien. Thanks to Lezane for being there to award the prize and trophy to Frans, and even better thanks for the commitment for next year. On the photo is Herman Lezane and Frans. After all the wonderful good things above I need to report bad behaviour of a member on Saturday evening. The incident is being investigated by the disc committee and action, if necessary, will be

taken shortly. Together with this all members are reminded [and warned] that the club/committee will not tolerate any type of abuse towards other members, committee and or staff. If you try to take us on be warned you will handled accordingly. Enough said. New members were approved at this weeks committee meeting Carlos de Gouveia full member [welcome back Carlos] Caroline van Wijk social member Eugene Stander social member Edward Martins full member [welcome back Eddie] Juvan Pitout junior member

Gerrit van Rooyen full member [welcome back Gerrit] Markia Neethling junior lady member We hope your stay with us will be a long and enjoyable one. This weekend will be a club competition, probably only the second one for the year. Also this weekend is the Rossmund open and to our players entering for this event go out and bring home the bacon. Sages start on Sunday at 07h30. On the subject of Sages don't forget the Jack Jordan sponsored annual Sages event on 17th and 18th, the list is on the board Next week is the last of the monthly medals sponsored by PISCS, thanks JJ and Heino.

Coastal Junior Golf Tournament on 5 & 6 December The Namibia Junior Golf Foundation will be hosting the last of the 2016 Junior golf events at the coast on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 December. The tournament is played in the mornings over 2 days with the first day being at the Walvis Bay Golf Club and the second day and prize-giving at the Rossmund Golf Club. Provision is made for junior golfers at different stages of development and skills. Golfers with low official handicaps will compete in a medal/strokeplay competition, while higher handicap players as well as players without official handicaps will play in Stableford events. There is also a 9-hole competition and some coaching each day for young beginners. This will be conducted under the supervision of Gert Olivier and Adri Pienaar. Conditions of play and Entry sheets are on the notice boards of all clubs including Rossmund and Walvis Bay. For more information please contact Gert Olivier at 0813582281 (Walvis), Gert Cloete at 081-1291955 (Rossmund) or Adri Pienaar (Windhoek) at 081-1442182,



namib times Sport

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Wilna Secures Title at Ladies 2016 Pro Tennis Academy Rossmund Open Championship rewards outstanding sponsored by the Swakopmund players Collection The Pro Tennis Academy (PTA) has rewarded their most outstanRossmund Golf Course played host over the past weekend to the 2016 Rossmund Ladies Open Championship sponsored for the second year in a row by “The Swakopmund Collection.” A field of 22 ladies from Omeya, Windhoek, NDF, Walvis Bay, Henties Bay and Rossmund entered, being an official event on the NALGU calendar there was the additional incentive of Merit List Points. This year's event included a Sunday Stableford Division with a view to attract beginners and /or senior ladies who no longer see chance for the 36 hole tournament. Play commenced on Saturday morning around 9 o'clock – the course was well prepared and in excellent condition - the weather conditions were good. Shooting an 85 gross on day one things were not all going to plan for Wilna as her nearest rivals Laetitia Brink and Adri Pienaar entered the clubhouse with the same score. Mary-Ann Boltmann gave the field a bit of a scare carding an excellent 69nett on day one. However the “Öld Lister Engine” put her head down on Sunday morning finishing with 2 shots in hand - carding an 82 gross. Our sponsors at Rossmund always manage to bring a bit of something extra for the ladies – each player received a “breakfast voucher” and enjoyed a light lunch after prize-giving. Sponsors representative Johan Kok stated in his speech that the Swakopmund Collection “like golf and ladies” so

what more reason do they need to say they will be back in 2017. NALGU President Adri Pienaar thanked the sponsor for a great tournament and their ongoing support, the Rossmund Team for making the course available and all the players for their participation. A special mention went to Marieke Neethling a 10 year old from Walvis Bay who competed for the first time on grass and in an official tournament. Adri used the opportunity to bid farewell to Laetitia Brink who together with Caro Els will be seeking fairways new in 2017 as they further their lives in New Zealand and America respectively. Results: Overall Winner (Champion) – Wilna Bredenhann 167 gross; Best Gross: Laetitia Brink 169; R/U Gross: Adri Pienaar 174. Best Nett: Mary-Ann Boltmann 149; R/U Nett: Angie Lohmann 154. Stableford: 1st: Gaby Adams 61pts; 2nd: Lynne van der Walt 57pts; 3rd: Rina Knight 53pts; 4th: Zelda Nel 51pts. Sunday Stableford Prize went to Bubble Burns with 18pts.

ding players at their yearly award ceremony last week.

During the festive event in the capital, PTA head coach and tournament director, Romeo van Wyk, recognized the academies exceptional performances as well as the winners of this year's PTA tournament series that stretched over the entire year with the season finale being played at the beginning of November. "We can look back at a very successful year. Both the academy and the tennis series have made huge strides forward and we are sure we can continue on this path next year," van Wyk said. Tresia Auala had a night to remember as she was awarded the academies most improved female player of the year after improving her game tremendously since joining the PTA at the beginning of the year. Arnaud Marais completed his jaw-dropping season after being recognized with the most improved male player of the year title. Marais' exploits included winning the midi category of the tournament series for a second time in a row. Meanwhile Dudley Minnie received the prestigious Sportsman of the year accolade. Minnie had a great series season in the advanced category after coming in third behind Cleet Farmer and Godwin Husselmann, showing great sportsmanship in the process. Faith Kahuure clinched the Sportswomen of the year title. The series top athletes also got their share of trophies. Vaniah Mumba won the mini division ahead of sibling Jaedyn Mumba. Marais got his second price of the evening as winner of the midi category ahead of Samuel Mayinoti and Eila Kambonde. Delicia Dirkse was in a class of her own in the newly formed intermediate ladies division, beating Faith Kahuure and Melanie D'Alton to the first place. Randel Kavandje held on to the top spot in the men's intermediate class, successfully fighting off a late resurgence from Mike Kambonde. The third place went to Christopher Jansen. Cleet Farmer had a less trouble defending his title in the advanced category. He was, however, given a run for his money as Godwin Husselmann, winning two tournaments, showed that he is a force to be reckoned with in the future. For more information please contact PTA head coach and tournament director Romeo at or 081 234 9523.

02 december namib times e edition  

02 december namib times e edition