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NEW YEARS RESOLUTION Now that we’ve caught up with our mates, sussed out the freshers and slipped comfortably back into the ‘college routine’, isn’t it time to consider what we actually want to achieve this year? Perhaps it’s attending all your uni classes or making a day kid friend? Or maybe it’s getting more involved in college sports or going to more intercollegiate events? Many of us take our years at university and colleges/halls for granted - we forget to remind ourselves that rarely in life are we given so many opportunities to try new things and make new friends. Don’t let another year or another opportunity slip by before you. Set your new year resolutions, achieve them and, in years to come, look back with no regrets. Welcome back NAAUCers, we’re so glad to have you back!

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CONTENTS 2. New Years Resolution

4. Keep on NAAUCING

5. NAAUC on the road update

6. Conference update

8. The full college experience

10. Earth Hour

12. Never too young to change the world

14 O-Week in Australia


KEEP ON NAAUCING Despite the holiday season, the NAAUC team has continued with all the exciting planning for 2015 conference. With the working party members now selected, our team of 28 is complete! For three full days in January the NAAUC team locked themselves in the boardroom of King’s College (University of Queensland) and examined every part of our academic program, social calendar and conference schedule. Needless to say, after 72 hours of hard work, we’re sure that you will love what we have to offer this year! From more innovative events and an all day excursion, to well recognised guest speakers and a transformation of academics – 2015 is shaping up to be speculator! So don’t wait any longer, let your college admin know that EARLY BIRD COLLEGE MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! This way they will get a discount PLUS you will get the discounted member college delegated fee.


NOTR UPDATE Hey there NAAUCers, The calendar has just ticked over to March; a time which signifies the end of O-Weeks and the start of the Academic Year in colleges all around Australia and a time which also signifies a major milestone in our NAAUC On the Road program for 2015. In the lead up to the start of this college year, members of our leadership team have traveled to 9 different colleges at 6 universities across 5 states. In its travels in 2015, NAAUC On the Road has seen the delivery of over 50 workshops and seminars to incoming Executive and RA teams; directly passing on the experience of ex-collegiate leaders to those who have just officially commenced these roles over the last fortnight. I hope that all of you who attended one of these sessions took valuable lessons away and I wish you all the best in your 2015 leadership roles. As we look forward now to the rest of the year, keep in mind that the NAAUC On the Road program is still very much available. If any issues arise within your college or leadership team or you feel that some element of NAAUC’s Academic Program could be beneficial for residents at your college, send me an enquiry at and we will work on a solution tailored to your college’s specific needs. NAAUC On everyone, Aiden Davey Vice President


CONFERENCE UPDATE Dear NAAUCers, The count-down is on for the 47th Annual NAAUC Conference! We have spent our summer in a planning frenzy, doing and talking all things NAAUC, and now we are less than 5 months out from Conference Season! January saw all of our National Executive reunited under the one roof, and after long weekend, we have fully developed the brand new academic program for the National Conference. Focusing on 5 core academic pillars of Leadership, Wellness, Identity, Diversity & Community, this Conference is cutting edge and will address the contemporary issues affecting colleges and residential halls across the nation. Additionally, the 2015 Working Party have been planning events that we are never seen before, such as NAAUC’s own Hunger Games and the inaugural BrisVegas Opening Night!! Future Delegates- don your bowler hats, pack a cigar and head to the Capitol for what is going to be a Conference like no other!  Talk to your Colleges about becoming a delegate for this 2015 Conference, as this is an experience that should not be missed!  See you in July,  Pat & Tam Conference Directors




NAAUC is Proudly using Canterbury as our preferred supplier of merchandise requirements.


Canterbury’s 2015/2016 University College merchandise range is NOW AVAILABLE! Contact Justin Lampard for all enquiries: 0410 587 248 or or



NAAUC Alumni 2009 - 2010


1. Can you give us a basic break down of your college involvment? In 2008 I became a fresher at The Women’s College (UQ). I was elected Second-Year Representative for 2009, and in 2010 became the Student Club President. I was also a delegate to NAAUC in 2009 and a member of the Conference Working Party in 2010. Anyone that I met during my College student years though will more likely remember me as ‘Ranga’! In 2012 I took on my current role as Dean of Students at The Women’s College, UQ, and am back to being referred to as Chloe, or occasionally ‘Dean Pow Pow’.. 2. Your hometown & why you decided to move into a college?  Originally from the Gold Coast, QLD, but tried to pretend I was from a country town as much as possible while at College. A friend from the year above me at school recommended (via MSN no less) that I look into Colleges because she thought I’d enjoy living at one – she was right.   3. Was college as you imagined or was it completely different from your expectations? (Would you consider those years some of the best of your life? )

delegates around the UQ Campus. Being on the working party and making the promo videos for each event was also great fun (though I wouldn’t mind if these were all now banned from the internet). 6. Did you feel as though being involved with NAAUC enhanced your time at college? Yes, definitely. It helped me appreciate all of the different factors to consider in helping to create an awesome College environment for everyone. NAAUC broadened my understanding of Colleges as a student leader, and has served me very well as Dean of Students at Women’s as well.   7. What influenced your decision or gave you the passion to return to Women’s College and become a Dean?

When I was finishing my degree (B Psychological Science (Hons)) and considering my next move, I remember thinking “it’s a shame there’s not a job that’s all about College – I’d nail that”. So I think the passion was always there to return to a college and contribute – I am just fortunate that I have been given the opportunity a few years down the track. 8. Since becoming Dean has your perspective I remember originally thinking that College would of residential colleges change? (Is there another just be the place I slept while most of my time dynamic to college that you’ve only now realised?) would be spent at uni… I was soon thrust into the world of O-Week and embraced the full lifestyle Yes, absolutely. Even through working closely of a College kid. I would definitely consider my with admin as a student leader, you really only three years at College some of the best of my life to scratch the surface of what is going on behind date – the friends I made and the experiences we the scenes. In order for Colleges to run smoothly shared were amazing and have influenced so much and be places where everyone feels welcomed and of who I am today. supported, a lot of thought, time, and energy has to go into providing the framework for that to 4. How did you first hear about NAAUC? happen. Student Leaders then need to be provided with the necessary skills and support to complete A couple of girls in the year above me (who’d been the picture. to NAAUC the previous year) told a group of us all   about it at dinner and encouraged us to apply to 9. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to all be delegates. It certainly lived up to expectations college students? and remains one of the most memorable and inspiring weeks of my three years at College. Be a good human… people remember everything!   So while I’m not saying mistakes should, can, and 5. One (or some) of your fondest memories of will be made at College, generally being a good NAAUC during your involvement. (E.g. Ball, Men human – being nice to people (both students and of NAAUC Calendar etc) staff), making them feel welcome and accepted, getting involved, and contributing to College Wine and Cheese (NAWCC) always stands out as life in a positive way– will be remembered and a highlight. I was lucky enough to be ‘The Ranga’ appreciated, always. It may also come back to help in the first ‘Running of the Ranga’ at NAWCC in you in ways you will least expect. 2010. It was a terrifying, yet awesome experience being chased by 200 tweed-clad  NAAUC


EARTH HOUR 2015 Earth Hour Invites Colleges to Turn of the Lights on Saturday 28th of March. How your college can take part in the world’s largest mass movement for the environment Now Earth Hour is celebrated in more than 160 countries and 7,000 cities and towns worldwide. The symbolic hour has grown into the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. In 2015, Earth Hour Australia will place the voices of rural and regional Australia front and centre of the campaign. By celebrating Aussie fresh produce and farming communities, Earth Hour Australia will remind Australians that global warming impacts our everyday lives, including the quality and price of the food we eat. Given the high proportion of students from rural and regional backgrounds in Australian colleges and the fact that we all eat food NAAUC is encouraging all Australian University Colleges to get behind this year’s Earth Hour.

Here are 5 easy ways your college can get involved on Saturday 28th March between 8.30 - 9.30pm 1. Hold candle-lit dining in the dining hall 2. Turn off non-essential lighting around college (talk to your building manager)

3. Encourage students to turn off the lights in their rooms 4. Screen the Earth Hour documentary at college 5. Send a group to one of the No Lights No Lycra Earth Hour dance parties (held in all capital cities) or hold your own at college if you’re in a regional area.

To find out more and download free resources for your event including the Earth Hour 2015 documentary, check out and





“In a time where we all have the latest smartphone and the newest pair of shoes, it’s simply not right to be walking past people who are sleeping on footpaths, under bridges and on park benches often with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and a small piece of cardboard which holds hope to reach out to us but which is more often than not ignored.” As young individuals, we are often doubtful of our ability to make a difference in society. Doesn’t our youthfulness perhaps deem us inexperienced and naïve? Twentyfour year old Deakin University student, Kaci Hillis, proves that age is no barrier when it comes to changing the world. Passionate about eradicating homelessness and poverty in Australia, Kaci launched her charity Opportunity Twelve Inc. earlier this year. “They are still humans just like you and I and I don’t want them to feel like they are not a part of our society or to think that their life situation is a permanent one.” The initial concept and name, Opportunity Twelve, was a beautiful combination of

Kaci’s two passions - that is, aiding the homeless and dance. Twelve stories and twelve messages were to be conveyed through the art of dance in a powerful performance to the community. Not only would this raise money for the twelve homeless performers, but it would raise awareness of poverty among our society. Determined, Kaci realised that she could not stop at only twelve individuals. She realised her ability to make more of an impact by starting a charity. The organisation has now a broader purpose of providing skills, advice and resources to those affected by homelessness as well as educating Australia about the poverty that exists in our very own community. As a reminder of how it all started however, Opportunity Twelve Inc. had kept its original name and the initial concept will now be a program run by the organisation. Chasing dreams and starting charities takes confidence, perseverance and, no doubt, some pointers along the way. To Kaci, the Australian Charities and Notfor-profits Commissions [ACNC] has truly been invaluable throughout the launch


of Opportunity Twelve. Without their support and guidance, it is possible that Opportunity Twelve Inc. may have remained merely two words and an idea. With the association now registered, there are still some behind the scene paperwork to get sorted before working to build a community of people who share the same attitude towards homelessness and poverty. In the long run, Kaci is excited to finalise exactly what and how Opportunity Twelve will achieve its purpose and make a difference in the world. Want to make a difference yourself? “Start by researching what organisations and charities are already out there

making a difference to something you feel strongly about. There is an abundance of volunteer opportunities in Australia where you can make a difference directly to your chosen cause. If you have an idea that you think may better someones life or solve a problem that is not being solved: go after it wholeheartedly. Tell your family and friends what you hope to do; this way you have a strong support base when you need some confidence in your idea (which you will!) and it also makes you accountable for your idea as you will have people constantly asking you how it is coming along.� Kaci Hillis, charity founder

To support Opportunity Twelve Inc. in its mission to alleviate poverty and homelessness in Australia, like their Facebook page at www.facebook/opportunitytwelve or email them at info@ with any questions, feedback or enquiries. If you have a suggestion or feel you could provide services, assistance or partnership in relation to Opportunity Twelve they’d love to hear from you!











NAAUC Talk March 2015  
NAAUC Talk March 2015