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national association of australian university colleges 2019 pre conference kit

Dear Delegates, Planning is well underway for our 51st National Conference at International House, University of Melbourne! Since its foundation in 1968, NAAUC has come an extraordinarily long way. From its humble beginnings as a small meeting of student presidents f rom around the country, the Association can now boast an unparalleled academic and social program, strong professional partnerships, an enduring connection with students living on-campus. Central to our enduring success is the fi r m b e l i e f t h a t t h a t o n - c a m p u s l i v i n g i s t h e u l t i m a t e manifestation of university life. T h i s i s t h e fi r s t t i m e w e h a v e s t r u c t u r e d o u r c a l e n d a r around the immediate preparation of newly elected leaders. This places you in a formidable position looking a h ea d to yo u r 2 0 2 0 te n u re . We wa n t to s e e yo u t a ke u p the ideas shared by our guest speakers, our team m e m b e r s , a n d yo u r f e l l ow d e l e g a te s . We wa n t to s e e yo u make the most of our rich and diverse academic program, and understand what makes a good social program by e x p e r i e n c i n g fi r s t - h a n d t h e e v e n t s t h a t w e p u t o n . W r i t e these ideas down, think about how your events and programs might work at your residence and see them become a reality. This is the best start for 2020 you could possibly get! The whole team is incredibly thankful for your enduring enthusiasm and involvement with NAAUC. Our programs really succeed when students, such as yourselves, invest in them, and show a genuine desire to see good ideas b e c o m e a rea l i t y. We s e e t h i s yea r a f te r yea r . I k n ow f o r sure this year will be the same! Most importantly, thank you for making a commitment to your residence – for saying “I want to make this place of mine brilliant�. It is people like yourself who really make a difference. I look forward to meeting you in December.

Jonty Boshier President

HEY THERE Delegates! W e l c o m e t o y o u r v e r y fi r s t s n e a k p e a k o f w h a t ’ s t o c o m e f o r o u r 5 1 s t N a t i o n a l Co n f e re n c e ! We ’ re s o exc i te d to h a ve you on board this journey with us as you get an idea of w h a t t o e x p e c t f o r o u r fi r s t e v e r s u m m e r c o n f e r e n c e . December can’t come quick enough! As a young leader, you have the potential to shape your residence’s narrative for not only this year, but for many years to come thereby making a lasting difference to t h o s e w i t h i n yo u r re s i d e n c e . We wa n t to h e l p yo u w i t h that! Be it through the many academics on offer, or through our fantastic social program, we want to make sure you get the most out of the conference. This year, a key part of your experience at conference will b e c o l l a b o r a t i o n . We wa n t yo u to wo r k to g e t h e r w i t h t h e NAAUC team and your fellow delegates to make this week a hub of truly progressive ideas and innovation, to take back to your residences and really set yourselves up for a n exc i t i n g te n u re . We wa n t yo u to q u e s t i o n t h i n g s a n d really push yourselves to think critically in order to spark some impactful conversations. Carrying forward f rom our academics, our social program is well underway, carried through by an incredible group o f p e o p l e k n ow n a s yo u r Wo r k i n g Pa r t y. T h e y ’ ve b e e n working tirelessly to bring you some unforgettable moments in this beautiful city. We a re a b s o l u te l y t h r i l l e d to m e e t yo u a l l s o o n a n d u n t i l then, stay tuned!

Prarthana Kanagaratnam and Tim Scott Conference Directors




HOST UNIVERSITY MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853, and is Australia’s second oldest University. The main university campus is situated in Parkville, just a few minutes f rom the city. Over 50,000 students attend the University, and over 40% of the student population are international students. Melbourne University has 10 residential colleges, with seven located at the northern edge of Parkville campus, known as ‘College Crescent’. There is student living accommodation located around the city to meet the demand of students wanting to live in residential communities.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE MELBOURNE I n t e r n a t i o n a l H o u s e w a s f o u n d e d 1 9 5 7 a n d w a s t h e fi r s t International House to be opened in Australia. International House Melbourne is part of a global network of residences, committed to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. It is Melbourne University’s second largest residential college and currently hosts over 350 students f rom over 40 countries around the world. Located on leafy Royal Parade, International House is just a short stroll f rom the Melbourne University Parkville campus. In 2019, International House will host the NAAUC National Conference f rom the 1st – 7th December.


LOGISTICS In 2019, the Conference will be hosted by International House Melbourne at the University of Melbourne f rom 1st - 7th December 2019. The last event of the NAAUC Conference is the NAAUC Ball held on the evening of the 6th December, with evening accommodation provided. There are no scheduled activities for the 7th December.

ARRANGING TRAVEL D e l e g a t e s s h o u l d fl y i n t o M e l b o u r n e Tullamarine Airport on Sunday 1st December and aim to arrive at International House between 9am-1pm. Delegates should factor in 30-45 mins of travel between the airport and International House, so we advise that your fl i g h t a r r i v e s i n t o M e l b o u r n e n o l a t e r t h a n 1pm. International House has set a strict check out time of 10am on 7th December, and with the exception of breakfast there are no planned activities on the 7th.

TRANSPORT Travel costs to and f rom the conference are not included in the conference ticket, and delegates are required to arrange their own travel. From Tullamarine airport a number of transport options are available including taxis, Uber, and the Sky Bus, which arrives at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne CBD. Delegates MUST PURCHASE A MYKI public transport card for essential travel during the conference, and are advised to top up with at least $30. These cards are available at MYKI vending machines at train stations and some tram stops, and at 7/ 11 stores. Please note that concession student fares are only available to Victorian tertiary students, and interstate students need to purchase a full-fare pass.


O f fi c i a l i d e n t i fi c a t i o n i n c l u d i n g : Australian drivers licence, or Passport, or Proof of age card (do not expect to be able to use an international driver ’s licence or student card) MYKI card Can be purchased f rom machines at tram and train stations Please puchase a MYKI card before arriving at International House if possible For more information visit h t t p s : //w w w. p t v.v i c . g o v. a u / t i c k e t s /m y k i / b u y - a - m y k i - a n d - t o p - u p /w h e r e - t o - b u y - a n d - t o p - u p /. Writing material or a laptop/tablet for academic sessions Enough clothes for a week including: Cocktail attire for Opening Dinner Cheap white clothes that can be ruined Business attire for Parliamentary debating Black Tie/Formal Attire for NAAUC Ball Merch f rom your residence for Merch Swap S c h o o l - t h e m e d o u t fi t f o r C h a r i t y F a i r C o m f o r t a b l e a n d e a s y t o m o v e a r o u n d i n c l o t h i n g ( e . g . a c t i v e w e a r/s h o r t s ) A light rain jacket (It’s Melbourne) Sunscreen and hat Towe l a n d f a c e c l o t h To i l e t r i e s Between $20-$30 for Parliamentary Debating Dinner Approximately $20 for Red Frog Charity Fair - contact your residence s t u d e n t c l u b /a d m i n i s t r a t i o n f o r s o m e m o n e y t o b i d f o r a t t h e a u c t i o n .





NAAUC strives to assist residences to become the best that they can possibly be. S t u d e n t l e a d e r s h a v e g r e a t i n fl u e n c e o n the day-to-day life of each resident. The 2019 December conference has the unique advantage of allowing residences to send its elected leaders for 2020, fully preparing them for their upcoming roles. NAAUC has been in the industry of student professional development for over 50 years, and are proud of the professional nature of all the content we deliver. Each year we are happy to boast an array of guest speakers who are industry p r o f e s s i o n a l s i n t h e i r fi e l d s . N o t o n l y w i l l delegates learn f rom other students’ experiences, but also f rom leading professionals around the nation. The NAAUC team has a combined total of over 30 years experience living in residences across Australia, meaning that the academics delivered during conference are tailored to deliver tangible skills, and relevant information to all delegates. Our aim for the 2019 conference is to deliver tangible skills; sending delegates home with clear plans and ideas for their leadership role in 2020. Idea sharing at a n a t i o n a l l e v e l i s b e n e fi c i a l f o r d e l e g a t e s t o connect with one another, and gain deeper insight into how our unique problems are o f te n q u i te s i m i l a r . We l o o k f o r wa rd to o u r most tangible, leader focused conference yet.


ACADEMICS The 2019 NAAUC academic program focuses on a number of key areas relating to students in tertiary residential living. Each day of the conference is themed and delegates will attend seminars, workshops, and panels. Each session will educate and assist student leaders in creating positive strategies to take back to their own residence. The conference also focuses on individual leadership development, and the academic program facilitates a number of seminars about the responsibilities and challenges of leadership. The academic program is designed to inspire delegates, give them the tangible skills and support to make a positive contribution to their residence, and to think critically about the needs of all students. The conference concludes with ‘ The Pitch’, where delegates will use a set step-by-step f ramework developed by the NAAUC team and pitch their idea for an event, practice, or change they wish to make at their residence and how they will go about it.

M O N D AY INCLUSIVITY T h e fi r s t d a y o f t h e a c a d e m i c program focuses on encouraging s t u d e n t s t o r e fl e c t o n h o w b e s t t o include all students at their residence. The academics explore barriers to inclusion and how best to overcome them, as well as implementing structures to best support students f rom diverse groups. The day aims to encourage r e fl e c t i o n a b o u t t h e i n c l u s i o n o f everybody in their residence, f rom international students, people with disabilities, students who don’t identify with the gender binary, those with different religious beliefs, and students who identify a s I n d i g e n o u s o r To r re s S t r a i t Islander. The seminars provide practical solutions to help foster inclusivity and initiatives on how to instigate positive cultural change.

ACADEMICS Masculinity Blurred Lines Evaluating and Fostering Diversity as a Leader Supporting Disabilities Spirituality: Fostering Dialogue Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Supporting Students and Diversity


T U E S D AY LIFE ON RES The academics relating to “Life on Res� aim to encourage delegates to critically evaluate the practices, events, and traditions at their residence. Importantly, the academics cover a number of key skills that will prepare student leaders for the year ahead, i n c l u d i n g O -We e k o rg a n i s a t i o n a n d event planning strategies. The seminars will use worked examples of alcohol and drug harm minimisation, and teach positive bystander training. The academics will facilitate ideas sharing and collaboration to foster the best outcomes for all students.

ACADEMICS O -We e k Social media Traditions and cultural change Alcohol risk management Bystander training


w e d n e s d ay M E N TA L H E A LT H A N D W E L L B E I N G An alarming number of tertiary students suffer f rom mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Over 70% of students rated their mental health as fair or poor in a recent survey by Headspace. The third day of our academic program focuses on understanding mental health conditions, practicing self care, supporting others, and what initiatives students can implement at their residence to promote positive mental health. Seminars cover topics including how to provide pastoral care, how to be an excellent Residential Advisor, and m e n t a l h e a l t h fi r s t r e s p o n d e r training. Delegates will also attend a buzz session, which includes a panel of external mental health experts who will offer industry advice and answer any questions delegates may have.

ACADEMICS Pastoral care and duty of care Supporting our leaders and self care Alcohol, addiction and drugs Mental health workshop Mental health buzz session


T H U R S D AY LEADERSHIP T h e fi n a l s e s s i o n s o f t h e w e e k f o c u s on the ‘how to’ of leadership. This is a information and skills based day to ensure delegates can work as a coherent team, and understand each other's strengths. The day explores the theme of leadership, what it really means, and how to lead effectively.

ACADEMICS Operating effectively as a team Servant leadership The truth about leadership Intercollegiate relationships Event planning and risk management R e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s o f a n o f fi c e b e a r e r Strategic planning and effective changeover Operating professionally and fi n d i n g s p o n s o r s h i p When you try your best but you don’t succeed


F R I D AY THE PITCH T h e fi n a l d a y o f t h e c o n f e r e n c e challenges students to consider what they have learnt throughout the week and how to best implement an idea at their own residence. Following a set structure delivered by the NAAUC team, delegates will decide on a practice, initiative, or event that they would like to implement at their residence and work step-by-step to plan out exactly how to deliver their idea. Delegates will present their ideas to ea c h o t h e r a n d t h e N A AU C Tea m , and troubleshoot solutions to potential constraints or problems.

Some of the executed pitches f rom previous years include: A mental health panel with experts f r o m t h e fi e l d , i n c l u d i n g a N A A U C rep, to come to the college and to have all four halls in attendance. - Gatton Halls of Residence An RA structure to bolster the student Executive in providing pastoral care for the students on each corridor. - Queen’s College A student alumni database to be created and utilised for archiving and networking purposes. - NAAUC


SOCIAL OVERVIEW T h e N A AU C s o c i a l p ro g r a m i s b ro u g h t to yo u by t h e 2 0 1 9 Wo r k i n g Pa r t y and it will deliver a wide variety of events for all delegates. Aside f rom the dynamic array of guest speakers and academic sessions lined up for National Conference, delegates should be prepared for an exhilarating social program. Every evening, we will host a different event, aiming to provide a range of engaging entertainment and networking opportunities. NAAUC aims to create events which are inclusive for all delegates, whether they choose to drink or not. Our team has a wealth of experience running a variety of events where alcohol is available but n o t t h e f o c u s o f a n e ve n t , a s we l l a s ‘d r y ’ e ve n t s . We u s e t h e conference social program to demonstrate how successful events can be organised without the focus of the activity revolving around the consumption of alcohol. These events will serve as a demonstration of event planning, displaying some of the highest standards of creativity and innovation in an inclusive and engaging manner. It is our aim that delegates can draw inspiration f rom our social program and go on to seamlessly adapt or incorporate them into their own residential culture.

OPENING DINNER SUNDAY O p e n i n g D i n n e r i s t h e fi r s t s o c i a l e v e n t o f t h e c o n f e r e n c e , a n d w i l l b e held in the dining hall of International House. There will be canapes, drinks, and entertainment. During the main meal you will hear f rom the N A A U C t e a m , a n d t h e c o n f e r e n c e w i l l o f fi c i a l l y b e g i n . W e h o p e t h a t t h e opening dinner will motivate you to make the most of the 2019 conference.

SUNDAY The Sunday night event is such a great event, but you’ve probably never heard of it. In the spirit of Melbourne hipster culture, come embark on a crash course journey that will get you through your week in Melbourne. Deconstructed coffee is just the tip of the hipster iceberg, and we’re going full titanic.


MONDAY I f y o u h a d a t i m e m a c h i n e w h e r e w o u l d y o u s t o p fi r s t ? M e d i e v a l t i m e s ? A n c i e n t E g y p t? Wo u l d yo u g o b a c k to t h e t i m e o f t h e p ro h i b i t i o n speakeasies? While NAAUC doesn’t have a time machine, we’ve come up with a very close substitute. Enjoy the night as you lose track not only the time, but also the date as NAAUC serves up history’s greatest hits.

TUESDAY Parliament House is normally reserved for ‘serious’ matters of ‘public interest’. But during Conference, we will take over the chamber to talk about the ‘real issues’ facing an important, yet underrepresented minority: residence kids. It will be a night of banter, jest, and hilarious remarks f rom your fellow delegates.

WEDNESDAY So you’ve travelled through time, and undertaken hipster education. Now is your time to show off what you’ve learnt so far. Get ready as we explore the city of Melbourne after the sun goes down and the stars c o m e o u t . O u r We d n e s d a y e ve n t i s s e t to s h ow yo u a l l t h e ve r y b e s t that Melbourne has to offer.

THURSDAY Our conference and many events held at residences across the country would not be possible without the amazing support f rom the Red Frogs! The charity fair will be a night of games and good times, with all proceeds going to the Red Frogs. The event will also include an auction with some amazing items and merch for sale, so remember to bring some cash! Remember to bring merch f rom your residence, because following charity fair you will be swapping left, right, and centre for the hottest merch f rom residences around the country. Whether a bucket hat, footy shorts, or beloved residence jumper, bring want you want to exchange and swap ‘til you drop.

FRIDAY To c a p o f f a p h e n o m e n a l we e k i t ' s t i m e to g e t d re s s e d u p a n d rea d y to party at a mystery location in Melbourne. Let's celebrate the biggest event of the social program in style. Stay classy NAAUCers.



State reps


ADRIAN OATS Victoria State Rep

TYLER KIERNAN Vice President

FLETCHER CLARKE Ta s m a n i a S ta te R e p


H O L LY S TA P L E D O N ACT State Rep

MITCH COOK Treasurer

MIA LEONI Queensland State Rep

SOPHIE SIMPSON Immediate Past Executive

SIOBHON EACOTT We s te r n A u s t ra l i a S ta te R e p

MADDIE HEDDERWICK Marketing Director

SOPHIA DAVIES N e w S o u t h Wa l e s S ta te R e p

LAUREN THOMSON Creative Director PRARTHANA KANAGARATNAM Conference Director TIM SCOTT Conference Director



REGISTRATION + FEES Registration for the 2019 NAAUC National Conference will open soon via our website www.naauc O u r s y s t e m r e q u i r e s d e b i t /c r e d i t c a r d p a y m e n t . I f y o u a r e u n a b l e t o p a y v i a card, please contact NAAUC Treasurer Mitch Cook for an invoice. If you are unsure whether you are a member, please contact







for members

for members

for members

for non-members

for non-members

for non-members




MEMBERSHIP A NAAUC membership provides your residential community with year round engagement in the fantastic opportunities.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS DISCOUNTED FEES Members receive generous discounts for both our highly sought after ‘NAAUC On The Road’ program as well as our marquee event, the National Conference.

ADVICE, SUPPORT AND REFERRAL With the extensive experience of our national network, we have access to people who have experienced almost every problem a residential community could face, and we encourage members to tap into our experience as a resource to provide effective and applicable advice. N A A U C c a n a l s o a s s i s t y o u i n r e s o l v i n g c o n fl i c t b y a c t i n g a s a n independent external mediator. As an objective liaison between residential professionals and student leaders, NAAUC can help to bridge t h e g a p i n t h e e v e n t o f a c o n fl i c t a n d h e l p b o t h p a r t i e s d e v e l o p a m u t u a l l y b e n e fi c i a l s o l u t i o n . F u r t h e r m o r e , f o r a n y i s s u e s b e y o n d o u r a d v i c e , w e c a n put you in contact with professionals, many of whom are NAAUC alumni, who may be able to provide assistance with the initial steps, f ree of charge when you have a membership.

SOCIAL MEDIA As our membership base is made up of students, NAAUC utilises social media as a means of communicating. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages experience constant student feedback and discussion on current issues experienced in residencies around Australia. This style of communication is very effective and ensures that messages to our members are received instantly. Not only this, but many use our pages as a f o r u m t o a s k q u e s t i o n s a n d fi n d o u t s p e c i fi c i n f o r m a t i o n f r o m o u r organisation about residences in certain areas. Important information and NAAUC documents are also sent to our members via email, and interested parties can have further updates by f o l l o w i n g o u r L i n k e d I n p r o fi l e a n d Y o uT u b e a c c o u n t s .

ACCESS TO OUR SPONSORS AND PARTNERS Our memberships will come with unprecedented access to access deals, goods, and services f rom our expanding sponsor and partnership base.

STATE SUMMITS Members will get special access to a sample of our c o n te n t i n yo u r S t a te o r Te r r i to r y t h ro u g h o u r NAAUC State Summits.


SCHOLARSHIPS NAAUC offers a number of scholarships to cover the cost of a delegate ticket for the 2019 conference. All scholarships require a written application. Conference scholarships do not cover the cost of personal travel arrangements to and f rom the conference. All applications require a 1-2 page summary of your suitability for the scholarship and what you hope to gain f rom attending the conference. Further information about how to apply for scholarships are available on our website. Applications close by midnight Sunday 13th October. Please submit all applications via email to the Secretary, Charlotte Maybery-Reupert, at

EQUITY This scholarship is for a student who is currently living in a residential c o m m u n i t y , a n d d u e t o t h e i r r e m o t e / r u r a l / r e g i o n a l l o c a t i o n o r fi n a n c i a l circumstances, may be unable to attend National Conference. This scholarship is available to all students who live outside capital cities, with the exception of Darwin. Applicants who hold a leadership position within their residence for 2020 will be viewed favourably, however this is not required. It is important to note that the Equity Scholarship is to the value of the full delegate fee and d o e s n o t c o v e r fl i g h t s .

INTERCOLLEGIATE This scholarship will be awarded to a student who is currently holding a position on an intercollegiate committee. That could include an intercollegiate council, intercollegiate sports or arts committee, or any other role in which the student directly works collaboratively with other students at a number of residences.

NEW DELEGATE This scholarship will be awarded to a student holding a position of leadership at a tertiary residential community in 2020. Only students who attend a residence that has not sent delegates to National Conference in the last three years are eligible.


COMMUNITY MEMBER This scholarship is designed for a student who does not hold a leadership position for 2020. The winning applicant will be an active member of their residential community, going above and beyond to help to create a positive community for all residents. The scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who demonstrates leadership and spirit, but does not hold a leadership title.

MERIT The Merit Scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who shows the greatest potential to contribute back to NAAUC. Ideally, the student will hold a position of leadership in 2020. This scholarship requires the winning delegate to undertake a research project on a trend that they have noticed in Australian university residential communities. This could include but is not limited to: pastoral care in residences, diversity in residences and the portrayal of residences in the media. The topic will be developed and written with the support of the Executive, but the applicant will need to pitch their raw idea in their application. This research will then be presented during the conference week.

It is important to note that each of the above scholarships are to the value o f a f u l l d e l e g a t e ’ s f e e . H o w e v e r , t h e y d o n o t c o v e r t h e p r i c e o f fl i g h t s a n d /o r t r a n s p o r t t o I n t e r n a t i o n a l H o u s e . Further information about the scholarships offered by NAAUC in 2019 is available on our website. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretary, Charlotte Maybery-Reupert at


Every year the NAAUC Conference is made possible by the hard work of the N A AU C Exe c u t i ve , S t a te R e p re s e n t a t i ve s a n d Co n f e re n c e Wo r k i n g Pa r t y. But the NAAUC Conference is nothing without a home. The NAAUC Annual Conference will be held in December 2020. To e n s u re t h a t p o te n t i a l h o s t s c a n p u t to g e t h e r t h e i r s t ro n g e s t p o s s i b l e bid, in 2019 NAAUC is requesting all bidding residences to complete an application form found on our website.

Before submitting your application, we encourage you to consider some of the questions included on the form, such as: Can you guarantee approximately 250 beds for a one-week period in the December university break in 2020? A re yo u p re p a re d to s h a re h o s t i n g d u t i e s w i t h a fe l l ow re s i d e n ce? I f s o, h a ve yo u co n ta c te d a n o t h e r re s i d e n ce? What makes your residence a unique and viable option to host the 20 20 Co n fe re n ce? Please list the kinds of academic spaces and rooms available at your residence.

All Applications are due by 11.59pm Monday 30th September 2019. Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing 200 faces speechless f rom an inspiring guest speaker, or a room full of delegates having the time of t h e i r l i f e a t a n e v e n t , a l l t h e w h i l e k n o w i n g y o u h e l p m a ke i t p o s s i b l e . Yo u are given the opportunity to educate, enlighten and support young leaders around Australia. Preparation is the key. In past, the winning residences have not be chosen based on their exotic location or exciting social calendar, but demonstrated their exceptional organisational skills by presenting a well laid out, informative and concise presentation. If you’re thinking of bidding your preparation should start now! When we have received your applications, we will personally review each b i d a n d c o n t a c t t h e n o m i n a te d p e r s o n to d i s c u s s yo u r a p p l i c a t i o n . We want to work with you to ensure that you have everything you need for your bid.




BIDDING TO DO LIST Rally the troops N A AU C c o n f e re n c e c a n n o t r u n w i t h o u t a n a we s o m e Wo r k i n g Pa r t y ! T h i n k o f t h e p e o p l e yo u wa n t to b e o n yo u r Wo r k i n g Pa r t y or people who can help you with preparing the ideas behind the bid. These people do not necessarily have to come f rom the host r e s i d e n c e s , b u t i t ’ s o f t e n b e n e fi c i a l e n g a g e n e a r b y r e s i d e n c e s and their students in the conference. Ask these people if they would be interested, and they can help you brainstorm. Brainstorm Think about how you would like the conference to be run. Have a brainstorm session about social events, the structure of the conference, guest speakers and locations. Who are some famous or successful Alumni f rom your residence or university? What m a ke s yo u r re s i d e n ce u n i q u e? Approach your residence S o m e w o u l d s a y t h i s i s t h e fi r s t s t e p , h o w e v e r , y o u n e e d e v i d e n c e that this is not just a spur of the moment decision, but that you have thought through the logistics. Not only do you have to sell your bid to delegates, but you also need to sell your bid to a residence. The more you show your residence staff that you are serious and that you have the support of other residents and committees, the more chance you have of winning their support! Be sure to discuss the accommodation and dining costs, logistics and any other matters you feel would be raised f rom an administrative point of view. If your residence alone is too small to host the conference, you might think to approach a partner residence to co-host the conference.


The next step Either your residence staff leadership team has rejected or a g r e e d t o y o u r p l a n t o b i d . I f a t fi r s t y o u d o n ’ t s u c c e e d , t r y again! Ask what needs to be improved to have their support and r e w o r k y o u r b i d . Yo u m u s t h a v e t h e s u p p o r t o f t h e r e s i d e n c e staff before bidding for next year ’s NAAUC Conference. Try to get written support if possible. Check with your Head of residence if you can proceed to contact potential guest speakers and sponsors and you can ask them if they have any contacts you can use.

Time to put it together Contact potential guest speakers, venues and sponsors. If you c a n p r e s e n t a b i d s h o w i n g y o u a l r e a d y h a v e fi n a n c i a l s u p p o r t , interest f rom guest speakers and venues it shows that you have considered the logistics.

Selling your bid To e n s u re t h a t yo u h a ve t h e s t ro n g e s t b i d p o s s i b l e , yo u w i l l n e e d to convince the NAAUC Executive why your bid should win. If you need any other assistance or have any questions contact Charlotte Maybery-Reupert at – we’d love give you some pointers!


NAAUC’s Alcohol Management Policy

NAAUC has a strict no pre-drinking policy. This policy is intended to apply d u r i n g c o n f e r e n c e , a n d a n y o t h e r N A A U C o r g a n i s e d o r a f fi l i a t e d e v e n t . T h i s policy also applies to all delegates, team members and anyone else a f fi l i a t e d w i t h N A A U C . All members of the NAAUC team will enforce the alcohol management policy and any non-compliance will be handled according to the following process;

Explanation of the policy to the delegate concerned, including i d e n t i fi c a t i o n o f t h e s e c t i o n o f p o l i c y n o t b e i n g c o m p l i e d w i t h . Any alcohol found in delegate’s rooms, or consumed outside p r e s c r i b e d v e n u e s w i l l b e c o n fi s c a t e d . Continued non-compliance with the policy will be discussed within the NAAUC Executive. The Executive team reserves the right to use their

To v i e w d e t a i l s o f a l l o u r p o l i c i e s i n c l u d i n g : Social media policy Delegate conference conditions of stay policy Privacy of information policy Equity policy Photography and video consent form

Please visit our website at: h t t p : //w w w. n a a u c . e d u . a u /p o l i c i e s - 2

All delegates who attend the national conference are required to read, agree, and adhere to NAAUC’s policies.


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Pre-Conference Kit 2019: Students  

Pre-Conference Kit 2019: Students  

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